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THE iyrjjEftEyPENT.
FRIDAY, . . isti.
. Prohibition
" V 'iTOB (OTIUOE, -t .,.
'' m usrr. oovKEKot, ..
P. M. WEDDELL, of, Montgomery;
L. B. SILVER, of Columbiana.
jAitTTEL E. ADAMS. f Cuyahoga.
' : J - FOR TREASURER,- . .
THOMAS EVANS, Jr., of Delaware.
J. W. ST1NUHC0MB, of Hocking...
W. B. CHADW ICJl, of Franjclin.
Platform of the National Prohibition
Adopted at the Chicago Convention, Sept
and allegiance are
. reciprocal duties, and every citiren
wiio yields obedience to the just com-
m. n rf V. r. n ... : .. . r . 1 . .
to thfull, complete and perfect pro-
p lecuon et mat govern uient in tbe en-
v joyreent of personal security, person-
; at uoerty, and private property, and
Whereas, The. traffic in intoxicating
annus greatly, impairs the personal
Security and p erso&al liberty of large
. masses 01 citizens, ana renuers pri
vate property insecure, ana
uhcrras, in existing parties are
hopelessly unwilling Coadopt an ad-
, equate policy on this qetuL.tntre-
- fore we, in national ;ecn' vention as
sembled, as citizens of this free re
i public, sharing in the duties and re
sponsibilities of its government, in
' the discharge of si .aclaraa drty..w
owe to our oountry and oh.' race,
unite in the following declaration of I
laMwaut we acKnowieage ne
patriotism and profaund sUtne-l
inanshipof those patriots who laid
. broad and deep the foundations oftfaj
covernmeUt. aeeurins at once the
rights of the States severally and their I
inseparable union by the Federal Con-1
BHiuHon, we wouia notmereiy garnun
I- f rr iZu L.I . ....1
mn piedee of fealty to the imperish-
able principles of civU and religious
Jiberty embodied in the Declaration of
American Independence and our Fed-1
ral Constitution.
1 2. That the traffic in intox'cating
leverages is a dishonor to Christian
civilisation, inimical to the best inter
ests Of societva Dohtical wroni; of un
oquaJed eflornuty. subversive of the
ordinary objects of government, riot
capable of beizg .regulated or restraiVi-1
vd by any system of license whatever,
but imperatively demanding for its
suppression effective legal -prohibition
poth by btale and National L,egisla
trim. v. r ' -
- 3. That in viem 61 Bits.' and inasmuch
as the existing political parties either
oppose or ignore this great and para
mount question, and absolute-ty refuse
to do anything toward the suppression
of the rum traffic, which is robbing the
nation of its brightest intellects, des
troying its material prosperity, and ra
pidly undermining its very founda
tions, we are a riven by an imperative
sense of duty to sever our Connection
with these political- parties, and to or
ganize ourselves ir. to aational Probr
oition Party, having for its primary
object the -entire .suppression of the
tramc in intoxicating drinks
1 t.:
4. That while we adopt the name of
the National Prohibition. Party, as ex- f-epubJiean,
pressive of ouj primary .object, and in
we denounce all repudiation of
the public d-bt, and pledge fidelity to
the principles of the Declaration of In
dependence and the t ederal Constitu
tion, we deem it inexpedient to give
prominence to other political issues.
. 5. That a Central-Executive Cow m it
tee of one from each State and Terri
tory and the District of Columbia, be
shall be to take such action as in their
judgment will best promote the in
terests of tbe party.
appointed by the Chair, whose duty
The prohibitionists of Morgan yet
County are requested to meat in
SATURDAY, JUNE 10th, 1871.
AT 10 O'CLOCK, A. M.,
For tha purpose of nominating can
didales for County Of&eers, to be
voted for at. the coming Octobsr
JSlection, towit
Hepresentatiyo, Auditor, Clerk of
the Court, Sheriff, Commissioner,
lAfirmary Director, sod Coroner.
. Every voteti inMorgatf Ceunty,
- irrespective of all. prmer political
aJliannes, and wbe ia in favor of the
Prohibition cause,-as pet forth at
tba StaU Ccnventiou, Jipld at Dela
ware, Ohio.Jn February Jast, is en
titled tova voice 40; this- Convention,
and will be enrolled as a delegate
on making,; is appearance .at Jhe
plaee of holding it on the day aoye
indicated.,'riLet every fnen.d of the
cause comvier: iV to be bis duty to
be ia attendance.
:J3y order of
ot ilorgan County,
June 3rd, 1871.
. 1 . . - -
. -- FOB EEXTIAf very desttable
dwelling House m the most pleas
ant part of the town will be rent
ed to a smay famiyftn moderate
terms.. Enquire at thisolfiye.
,Thx Teacher's .dermal InstTlnte
will not.begin until the 3Jet ot Ju
ly. This change in tbe time of
commencing tbe Institute has been
made with a view to tbe better ac
comodation of the Teachers of the
County., .
:M. McDawiil, of . the fit m. of
Barter & McDamel, of this place,
had quite an. Adventure in the.
shape ot a runaway., on Wednes
day morning, ' In cunning a square
or two, the horse, succeeded, iu
breaking tbe bugy and in causing
Mr. -Mf Daniel to receive some slight
.Thk Morgan County Medical So
ciety met on Tuesday at Dr. JRob
ertsoo's office. Five members, on
ly, were present, but yet an organ
ixation was . effected and a very
pleabant and instructive meeting
held. It is to be hoped that the
Physicians of the County will take
more interest in this matter here
after. SO DOZEN of Ladies', Misses, and .
Gents' hosiery, just received and will
be eold low at UALLIPAY S. j
most ultra on the side of the Liquor
a-rauic, to minting.
It you don't belie4 that the New
firs Hotel eels a,, good table, just
make it convenient tadrop in there
to dinner some day and be -convinced.
Thero are many "First-class
City Hotels' that are far behind it
in this particular. . .
Thi.. insurrection in. Paris, has
been put an end to tbe-Versailes
government having full control of
the city.. . . . .. : g
Waebm W. Ek&ht, few year,
ago an Attorney in SlcCocneis
villo, a brother of James L. Berry,
who was an Attorney here for some
5 ears,, was drowned last week, near
his home at ilacon City, Missouri,
while assisting In getting a fishing
net out of a river or creek in that
y.ciniry. Mr. Beny was a very
promising young man, , highly es
teemed both here and in Hissouri.
- The Public Meeting at the Good
TemjWar'e Lodge, in MeUonnela
ville, was reasonably attended on j
Tuesday evening. It Was opened
bp calling Area Alderman to the
chair and by prayer by Rev. Henry
Cooper. As previously announced,
licv. J. F. Cather delivered the ad
dress of the evening; It was one of
his ablest, efforts and could hot have
failed to have set any, even the
"VY e were in Zanesville on Friday
and Saturday of last week, and we
cannot but add our testimony to
the already established live, busi
ness character of the citr. Kail.
road connections and Home manu
factories are building up Zanesville
and giving it quite a different ap
pearance from that which it had
ten or fifteen years ago. Even at
ibis season of
the year, when the
farmers are generally busily enga
principles ged at t,beir homes. Zanesville nas a
live- go.ahiad-itiveness in iu ap
pure ;i-r t m j . r
fr"iy?- "-vihw ura.ning
j, ""J who is
' us city a lew aays will perceive.
You cannpt spend a day in the city,
if out-on the business streets, with-
out coming in contact with Noble,
bruornsey,... Monroe; Perry, and
rn county . men, who are aU
waJ8 4n hun"y to make purchas-
eB u ouraeitioa ua return noine.
Now, why is tbts,? All these coun-
ties have thriving towns in them
and plenty of business houses rea
dy to supply their citizens with
Goods. -The secret of it is right
ncre, 10 wit : .anesvuie, by rta
raiJ road and river communications
'a easy of access to the citizens of
all lhk.se counties, and then Zanes
ville men advertise extensively in
all ot tbe neighboring county pa
per, thereby placing their business
before the people. There 19 no sea
son of the year but what we can
find Zanesville business houses ex-
tensively advertised in the papers
counties above mentioned. Thev
think nothing, evidently, of oceu-
pyirg one or two columns of every
paper within a radius of fifty
rail. s. Hence their trado.
The Temperance question is still
working in the minds of Zanesville
men, and will continue to do so,
and will soon effect the organiza
tion ot a Jfrobibition
nartv in Mns-
rr. . ... ..
t'"S"'" -ine courier, tne
organ, is. out and out
the interest of the Liquor Deal
while era, and the Times takes tbe temn-
erance side of the question: Tbe
Signal, tho Democratic brirsn, and
the Advocate, a neutral sheet, both
keep quiet on the subject, or at
least express no positive opinions
it. All the best citizens are
pen in their denunciations of I be.
itTrffiorand are outspoken in the
desires tba the parties who are en
abled to soior damages sustainod
mean of the Traffic, will do so
all acknowledge that the
party .s right prin
and while they fear that i
not be abe to effect its object
re gJad to f it prosper
feeling " confiden t that its" effect An
stirring np Republican and Demo-
officials. (0 doings their duty
enforcing the present laws will
greatly mitigate tbe evils of in
temperance. This position they
occupy is but the forerunner of tbe
they will next take that of
Parties who go to Zanesville to
their Goods, will find tbe fol
lowing firms not only always pre
pared to shew then a complete
stock of Goods, but tlways accomo
dating :
For Dxr Good". MsConnell
Emerson A Harm, 94 Main st.; Wm
jjambort it Co., corner Main and
Third streets ; and Gattrell'e, cor
Mam and Fourth streets. For
Hardware, &c, V. H. Lewis & Co.,
Main street : E. K. Fillmore &
and Palmer, Milhons & Cassel,
Main street. For Hats, Caps.
rurnisnintr (joods. -McCann
Bros. & Lynn, sign of tho Black
J?ear.Main street. For Millinery
Goods, Mrs. J. K. Crumbaker, 98
Main sUjeet. For Gents' Clothing,
Chas. H. Barrett, 158 Main street ;
Z. Clements & Son, 81 Mam st.
Drugs, fancy Goods. Paints,
Dye Stuffs, Ac , Chappelear &
Gfcrioglyv79-MaiA st. For Printicg,
.binding, and Blank Hook
Manufacturing, Sullivan & Brown,
of the Court House. For Pa
Organs, and Musical Instru
ments, H. D. Munson, 108 Main st.
Books, Wall Papers, &c, W,
Hard, on Mam street. For Fur
niture, Burrough & Co., 70 Main
street. F6r Carpets,. Rugs.. Oil
Cloths, &c Eutledge -4 -Bailey, 56
street. For Tombstones,
Marble Mantles, .Ac, Townsend A
Brothers. We could mention other
business firms than -those a-
bad we space, and will proba
ds so at some future time. One
making trip- to Z&nesville and
of court-e- cannot fail to no
the accomodating officers of
-steamer Mink. Tbe Minkis
always on time, and ever ready to
accomodate anybody and everybo
and' how Jt3i a,, people otthe ValI
could, get along without ber is a-j
mystery. Charges, too. are reason
including even . meals, which
served up most- admirably by
Steward, Lewis A. Myrick, at
low rate . of 40 cents each.
you go to Zanesville, always
it a point
o patronize toe
Fbawelm Hulks,- of Chester
field, died of Consumption, on Toe
daytheSOth, aged. 47 yean. He
leaves widow and one child, a-
bout seven years old. Mr. Malka
married a sister of Hon; -VT. P.
Spragfle about eight years ago;
His remains were burned in the
AlcConnelaville CemeUry yester
day, ... :-.,. i V. .. . -
Wilton Haines, of Marion Town
shiprdicd Friday raorning of last
week, agod 61 years.? He. was a ci
tiren of Marion Township for sev
enteen ynfs .(preceding hia-death,
and for, the last .j.ine years of his
lite, was a'.'membet of the JL E.
Church. He leaves a widow and
six grown children, all but two liv
ing in Mafibn Township.- He was
burned at Chesterfield an la6t Sab
bath.,. Rev. Hock, of the Chester
field M. E. Church, preached his
funeral sermon. . ..
. James Branno, Jr.,. is announc
ed by the Zanesville Signal as pur
posing to start a Democratic paper
in thia pl.tce. Brannoa. is the fel
low that published a k'Ule oight-by-ten
sheet at Stocuport, a few1years
ago, called tne "Copperhead Yentf-
lator," and which many of the De-
mocrats of Morgan may remember.
In conducting that sheet, , and af
terwards as a correspondent ot.thp
Herald, he became so Dcboxicus to
the Renublieans that hunu literal
(y kicked out of the party, and this
accounts for bis becoming a Demo
crat. We hope be may bo able to
star.t bis Democratic paper for tire
reason - that' under his leadership
the respectable men of tbe party
will be induced to leave it and come
out for Prohibition.
: ifcCeKSElaviLH has one super
ior mechanic in the way of a house
carpenter at (past, and if yOfrdonot-
believe it, take time to call at the
new residence of R. L. Morris and
examine tbe work . there done by
Hiram HcGxatb. Tbe main part
of the building was constructed by
McGrath, Pat(eron & Sharp, but
we believe thi fine werk, snob as
tbe stairiway and tbe inside fiirah
ing was the wsrk of McGrath sole"
ly. Many, who are judges of each
matters, declare the elair-waytp
bespeak more ingenuity- and ai:!il
in the builder tban any similar
piece of work does in this vicinity
and no one, no matter how hula
versed in such matters, can falLSo-L,
perceive iu admirable points, not
McGrath has received considerable
praise for the manner in which he
has executed this work, and he un
doubtedly deserves it.
He will Le at Cuionville on the
8th and 9th of June, and at Stock
port on the lOib, with the largest
and best . assortment of Saddle;,
Harness, Bridles, Co.lars. and a
general assortment of work. Far
intra should Io)k to their interests
and call and examine his wok aud
learc bis prices. He :s carry ic?
on one 01 tha largest mannfactur
tesinthe Cocnty, and takes this
method of mtroddciug hisworlt, '-
Don't fail to call and see him. He'll
be prompt at the places designated,
and will sell the bust work at the
lowest figures
Fob Express and Farm Wagcne,
manufactured ot good, seasoned
material, finely finished, fall on La-
kens & Strong, above
McConnelsville, Ohio.
tho Bridge, I
I hey have j
hand a fine lot ot Farm Wag
ons, Four-Spring, Platform Spring, J
and Two Spring Express Wagons,
which can be bcught at Cash rates. !
jkti'an 111c, rt-painLinir, anu an liiiiua
xslacksmith Work done mccham.
cally by them. Give them a call I
Ihey are pron.pL
May 19, 1871 4 w.
iGo to Fred. Brewn's Barber
Shop for a good shavo, hair-cut or
From the Cincinnati Gazette.
DEATH IN THE CUP. Dr E. G. Dalton's Address at
Wood's Theater, Cincinnati,
on Sunday Last.
Dr. E. G. Daltcn, by mvilatiomof
iboilarailton County Temperance
committee in joint session, repeat"
ed bis lecture ; subject, "Liao.or.vs.
Life ; or, Death in Tho Cup," at
woods Abetter bunday after-
coS to a large audience, who list-
. , . , I
its entire delivery. Tbe speech is
siriKingiy interesting to the pnblic,
extracts, q; which we give below :
r acts indisputable most positive
ly show a universal, wanton .and
wicked adulteration of all sorts ol
liquors, If any man will consult
custom' iiouso books, internal reve
nue reports, and the statements of
inspectors of liquors, be will find
appalling evidences of gigantic
irauas in the production of drinks.
Facts are stubborn things. The
United States excels any otter na
tion in tee use of champagne wine,
consuming 1,000.000 baskets. ,How
much ol this is supposed to be gen
uine 7 .-he whole champagne-district
exports about 800,000 baskets.
Eussia takns 160.000 : France 162
00 ; Germany 146,000 ; England
200,000 ; other countries 10C.OOO ;
leaving oply 12,000 baskets for the
United. States.
Hence there can only be one rare
basket in 83J. A slim chance .that
to stake your money on. Madeira
prod acbs 30,000 barrels of wine, and
America .drinks 50,000. If other
countries drink of this in tho same
ratio as ours, he must beaJlucky
dog who gets a genuine drink in
In 1866, four firms in New -York
reported .to the commissioner of in
ternal revenue, 225,000 gallons of
pure spirits lor the manufacture of
bogus wines. And as this spirit
composes only 10 to 15 -of the
new liquor, from two to four mill
ions of gallons of the vile stuff from
those firms are palmed off on un
suspecting venders and drinkers.
These deadly streams are-pouring
forth from four or yo hundred such
dens in the United States. Where
are the chances for a genuine drink
of wine 7 !
There is dispatch in this businoss
worthy of a better business. The
whisky comes in under the cover
of darkness, and five or ten times
t.h nnantitv transmuted into winA
comes to the light ot day next mor
Jninz. Some of
tneso experts own jln
the buying of a barrel of whisky of
a ceuntrynran, and, before. night,
sell - him back a. barrel- of wine
made from a portion of it, at a pro
fit of .600 oer cent. : ; .
A French merchant beasted that
from two barrels in - his cellar he
could produce any kind of wine de
sired in six hours. .' '.-:;
Adulterations are omaon and
b Ure. They are the rule, 'rather
than the exception. What, then)
Mr. Wine Guzzler, are you drink
mg ? Let ui peep into your cup
of death. In that cup I see a little
whisky, , alum, Brazil wood, oak
sawdust, fiibort' hilsks, load, copp
eras, bitter almond, cherry, laurel
water. ..
In another enp of port wine, iii
faet, in all cups, Dr. Cox found Ma
ter, cider, vinegar, or a mixture of
water and sulphuric acid with-the
juice of elder berries, "privot ber
ries, logwood, alum, potash, sugar,
In that cup ot sherry Madeira b
saw water, c:der, Wort sulph. snear.
honey, orriN root.-i ppifits. These J
?,n.namon' n"i?-mot.
vile mixtures are flavored with va
rious oils, such as lavender, cloves
rosemary, to
the differ eh
In Port Cyrus Kodding found
washings ot brandy casks, elder
berries, logwood, salt of tartar
green dragon, cudbean The wine
guides, if you will consult tbtfn,
will make clear the faet of such
fearful compounds for win6 as a
bove indicated. Thousands of dol
lars have been found invested in
wine dealers' cellars for articles us'
ed in making wines, but not one
dollar for grapes or grapo juice.
Tbe frauds in boguetwines are rec-
oned at f 8,000,000 unnually in Ne
Artisans do a big'bus'nce' there
in staining and crusting buttles
and casKs- and making astringent
extracts for old rortJi It nee. and
England-are doing tbe same bnsi
ness. Where, then, can pure wino
be found ? Do you answer in the
Ohio and California wines)? .Have
not Ohio and CaJifflt'Oia a' fair
share of scoundrels ? What if there
are a few a acres of grapes grown
here, does , it lollow that our do
mestio nines are pure ? Winema-
kcrsof Ohio tell me no man will
make pure wine as lonr g he can
h a t . 6 g cents Jer
,,onn(, fgp uno, .f,i3,tt foBl
present prices of wine it would be a
losing opt-ratiou. lien make wine
for. money, and if money i? pot iu
the business, they surely : will not
prosecute it. The inferencs is that
much of the so- called domestic
winc6 aro a. hnmsug. ' 1 am also
told by grape growers that the sizo
onne vineyard bears no propor
tion to the quantity of wine pur
porting to.couio from it, unless the
wine increases as the grapes dimi
nish. If a man has armcre or two
of grapes it certainly seems plau&i
bie that hi; wine is eenuino. A
certain lankee invented bear's
grease, soeured his putent, and set
cut to peddle his right. The lucky
man who bought was alwa- advis
0 I to keep a .bon r. od- -the promises
as prirw ftrr.c cvidenca of a pencin
article. Are not some small gvnpe
p:itcbes the bear on the premises
kept for appoarances ? .
i. Ill fact .13, ne man -. :s-frtro of
pure wine unless ho makes :'. h:m-
self from tho veritable grape.
When he hips . the ruby wino-c!
saloons, in ninety-nine cafes in a
bandrcd ho swallows an infernal
compound of poisonous drugs
iho drinkers prospiscls arc no
Lsticr if he resorts to brandy.
spirit dealers recipe books reveal
to us the mode of converting bad
whiskies into fine old braiidwR.
e brandy soaker may Matter
himself that he drinks theproduet
distilled grapes, but not one per
cent. of. all the brandies in this
country -are genuine. Thev are-a
bominable compounds, trade from
recipes with no more rehationrto
wid than man to monkey, nor as
much If Darwin s theory would
prove, true.
Dr. Jox declares the best brands
fresh from tho custom hoaso, just
lmportedand duly inspected, when
encjectea to chemical tests show eJ
basis f whisky and fusel oil fixed
up with sulp., nilfie ether, prussic
UD TT 11 LI DUIU., lllbAfV CbULTl, 'lUCIOlU
pepper, tannin, sometimes a little
brandy, but often not a drop.
Abs,samo .inspector examined
two rare specimens brought to this
city by a druggist, under tbe'ap
prehetrsiCn that they were of the
brut qiiahty, but blue litmus ini
mersed became scarlet, a polish eJ
epatula in fifteen minutes was as
black as fek, rapidly corroded, land
when the-r.na was wjped off the
instrument was copper plated.
That pure brandy 4 rotn a reptuta-
house in .New lork contained
percent, of alcoholic spirits, and
the balance sulphuric nitric ether,
prussic acid, Guinea pepper, fusel
whisky, but not a drop of pure
brandy.- .
The second specimen contained
same adulterations in larger
measure .and caoutchouc beaklei.
a cautions' 'and expert druggist
gets so taken in when purchasing
medicinal brandies, what is the
drinker likely to take in when be
swallows- a brandy smash ? A
rimash up"? . . - -
If on goes for rum his prospects
not rnnch better ; for Holland
gin, or Schneider Schnapps, still
worse. Gin is made of oil of v it
roil, oil ot cassia, oil of turpentine.
of caraway, oil of almond, sul
phuric ether, extract -Of capsicum,-
grains of 'paradise, orris root, a'ngo-
lica'root. water, sugar, lead. Ac.
Gins are nearly all fearfully sick
barbarously doctored. Once
was largely used1' as' a- vehicle
medicines in certain chronic
diseases.-' If its reputation' was'very
doubtful .then what should be Us
standing -now ? June was when
Yankee might drin&New Enai
land f um and survive ftr a time;
now that liquor, is transmuted
"rot gut" and tbo imbibers die
rotten sheep.
wbisky- alone. Is there death
cup 7 Xhe fuire old Scotch
: a w- a ...
aa xrisO'WlHSkies are no more.
Heavy distillers and whisky rings
nave swallowed np tbe small fry
and bare all their own way. They
raaae tnsir whiskies or about the
same ; etfm pounds as are found in
gin. and fix the peculiar smoky taste
by-creosote. Bourbon and Monon
gahela offor a liquor no less drugg.
ed.- The old rye of our own State
is not beyond suspicion. Iromems
ber a few years ago our eastern pa
pers were filled with fearful ac
counts of the ravages of bog ebole
ra in this State, cud the great mor
tality of this fishes in some of the
streams. Investigations - into the
causes soon- dwelosed tho fearful
tru'.h that strychnia was lh iaase
of death to hogs ' and ll.-ben, and
that 'distillery dilricis and streams
draining them were onlv in fueled
Jup or about 1 per cent,
alcohol, and the balanco
An nnaijsisot lUO aistlllery swnla
showed the presence of that fatal
poioon. it unj lean used to obtain
more spirit with less coi n. Much
of, the whisky now druk is made
Or lest) of
in BUh.'.i.
red pepper, p.litory costic, potasse,
benzine, Slryt-hnia, and the like.
Such is Jersey lightning a whisky
Which is said to bo a dead shot ev
ery time at a distance of 80 yards.
woo to the man who gts the dtlti
turn tremens by tho use of nwdorn
whiskies or drugged .liquors 1 Dr.
Hays says' ui- the dark colored lees
found in the bottom ot whixky
casks, both domestic and loreign,
thero ia always a treat abundance
of copper and tin, or cOppt :' end
lead.1-is. -there no lijalb 1:1 the
whisky eip ? '
Many .almost cr wholly-discard
the use of spirits ai'd revel in a!e,
fceer, or porter. Tley boast that
thene are 1 bealthful ( and delii-iotiR.
both meat and -drink. Bat of all
human beverages none are so ter
ribly, adulterated. If you doubt
this, fust go and consult the numer
ous brewers' manuals abroad and
learn how malt liquors are made
without malt., or hops. In your
London ale and fpotter besides the
filth of tbe ?vast ---sewerage of thai
roightyeity-,'piini)od up from the
Thames, you may calculate on opi
UiDi henbane, capsicum, cocculur in-
dicus, salt of tartar, headings, gin
ger, lime, aloes, quassia, gentian.
sweet flag, wormwood, hoarhound,
bitter .granges, tobacco. alt, molas
ses, copperas, chamomile, cotiander,
paradise seed, aulph. strychnine,
and bitterbean.
Where real bops and in alt are
used these drugs are used forta'itd,
flavor and appeftrenco. !8o- authors
on brewing 'declire. This doctor
ing is not all done by brewers. A
worse mixture is made by dram
shop keepers. The least adulterat
ed" liquors from the brewery are of
ten doctored by these.deadly agents
to biing up the strength to suit
customers. ' i
Genuinebeer is as bnrd to find ss
pure ale or -'porter. JNot only are
malt and hop beer largely adulter
ated, but beers are made without
malt ot heps.' - ougar, Lonoy, mo
lasses and licruoriee are used for
malt ; alum, opium, gentian, quas
sia, aloes, coculcs indicus, amnra,
tobacco, and nux for bops ; tmltpc
tre,jalap, salt, niaracta, green cop-,
peras; marble dust, oyster shells,
egg shellssulphate of lime, harts.
born, Shavings, nut galls, potash,
soda, Ac., to prevent souring: The
oeauuiui caunnower head often
comes from green vitroil. alum and
suit. The smack of ago and tho
tingle to the palate often eoinos
from alum, aitd" now bee.4 is-made
old in a few hours by oil cf vitroil.
Take your rile, teer and porter if
you will, bet remember its strength
or.j in toxioating ' qualities may be
due to the deadly coculus indicud,
foxglove, henbane, multum and
truxvomicaarid tbe narcotic power
of opium, tobacco, grains of para
dises ? 'Smack 'your lips at tho tingle of
lime and pepper,' and exult in th.A
foam of copperas and lime, la there
not death in the beer mug ? -'
Suppose for tbeak'e-cf argument.
all liquors, are pure; even then there
death in 'the cup. There is one
agent at least opposed to life in
them all alcohol.
RTRAYBD.-A ' nuidicn?
cow with Wass knobs on her horns.
pale red cdlof, with some white
Boots on ber body.. Any mtelli-
gehoc relative o ber will be well
paid for by A. 15, Jiamraond, of
McConneleville. " '" ''
Beswick, J. 1, May 28th, 1871, at
the residence of Robert Henry, jr..
.Mr. Edward V lggeiand iliss Em
ily Taylor, both of Morean co.. O.
MILLS LINDSEYj-By the same, on
the 24th day of May, JSTl. Mr Sam
lueMJlhijinliaWaftijnd to
IF you want a superfine pair of sus
penders or a ao. 1 pair ot sock, go to
SILL'S: ,.: '
J vst the tains -Tor- warm : Weather
sketet9B Corsets at Stone's.
Keck ties at 15 cents I
Neckties at 25 cents I
Neckties at 40 cents I .
Neckties at 50 centi t ' ,
Neckties at 75 cents f 1
Neckties at 81 at KILL"S. - -' ' '
stop Awn HElu Tiiia i
You can our I lie Best and Iry
est Clears at Pat.' Slreeney'H,
door to the Post-Oilicet
IF.,yQn,want anvthing in the Notion
Line orGenta' Furnishinc Line, co to
SILL'S.' . . , .
XACE Curtains, white Mareiies
spreadssud Mustjuito Bars received at
Stone's. .-- . '.' -. , ,
WIIEN vou want rice Drv Goods or
extra 'fine Groceries, try SILL'S.
REMEMBER that at Bern is' vou can
Ice Cream both day and night.
PLAIN Ties, Fancy Ties' and Bows
every description at SILL'S.
LOOK OUT I For the r.ew ntvlo of
crochet grenadines, next week
something you have not seen yet. Go
Stone's. -
5?oixisjs for boy3, collars foryouiig
gent, collars, foij middle siged men,
collars for old men, and collars for ev
erybody at SILL'S. :
6TRAWBERRY Ice Crtam at Bern-
IOO DOZEX Ladies' IIoso for sale
at Stone's.
Go and get some of that delicions
Strawberry Ice Cream at Bemis' to
night. or.
LADncs', Misses, snd Children's Hose
from 1 up, at btone s.
Fabmibs I you will And It to your ad
vautaee to bring your Produce to us
we pay the highest market price for it.
ail A can show vou a zood assortment
it low figures of ear Dress Goods, Kan'
6y Ijooas ot all kinds, Carpets . and all
housekeepers' Goods, Groceries,. at the
very lowest rates ; Gents' Linnen, Ca-
suneres, satinets, sc., .boots & fhoes.
LAtinrsT lot of Ladies' and Gents' fine
Cambric handkerchiefs, in tho county,
at Stone's. ' ' . ' .
PARASOLS, Fans, 'silk Frinie3, and
Buttons : skeleton Corsets., and new
Etyle Hoop skirts at HALLIDATS. -
G EX TTI NE French Imported shawls
the Euno;i3 VernouB at Stone's.
BEST 20 cent coffee ia town or ar.7,
where else, at Stone's. '
GOING tq the Races ? . WL at races t
, Why the race Io .Stone's store to get
the first loo tent those beautiful fchaw lal
spring sliawls I summer ihanla ! Lace
shaw la ! Thibet ihawli I '
. Thb Erown-Manly Plow Company,
will pay cash for wrought or cast rcrap
iron. 2r,
NEW f otof Fringe.i, Gimps, Laces,
Ires.I ut.ous Tiilb ns, and trimmings
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Ona Oloves hare come. Tidies !
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Cents' t'alf and silk Gloves. Go and
S2e (hem at Sim.'s.
LOOKING Glas rir.tt9 inBrted in
old frames on short notice at Vincent's.
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FANS at Sill's ; get ono and keep
Mantel, Calendar, aud Alarm, Lar
lot receiTd direct from faetory this
r-eek, and will be tld at lowest rates.
NEW GOODS at Sill's this week !
I IQCESand Dres Linens, and the
trimmings to match, al the latest
modest Stone's. ..
8ILE Parasols. Licen rarasoU. roiift
Silk Parasols, Silk and Linen Fans, recoiv
tauitvcek ttlULLlDAI'S.i-
IvroaTED Shawls, the ''Burnous Vu
nous, jUfrt received at Stone s.
BILK Parasols. Linen Parasols. Ponees
Silk Parasols. Silk and Linen Fans. recaiY-
ed tins Mt-eiLLlA Y'a.
Atfachment Notice.
William B. Crawford, Pit 'IT. 1 Before Geo,
vs. 1 Glenn. J. P.
Amos Mnrpber, Defendant. I of Bristol tp.
Morgan eounty, unio. Un ina Z3i day or
May, 1871, aaid Justice issued en order of
attachment in tne above action lor tbe sum
of 6ight dollars and ?3.ceots. ' ' '
- WILLIAM i. CitAn i Cli-.
Erietol. Jane 3, W71 bw.
BUliltOUGII & CO.,
WL)!esle aod Retail Dealers in and maL-
C.'actarers of
: .
W O Jl K
Cuarranteed to Give l'erfcct
H e (1st c ads
Work and
To suit Purchasers.
Sde Jioom;, A'o. 70' Hain Street,
Cash paid for seasoned Lumber.
K. B.
Ahrapj M. Bingman, of -' ', ;
in tba Btnle of Iowa, Trill, take notice
that James H. Ewinjs of Uie county of
Morgan in thVStala' r,,rilu6, .Ttii on ths
26th day of April, D.,' 1871,. file Lis peti
tion in the Court of tloaioion Pleas of said
county of Morgan, against the said Abram
M. Bineman and Oliver D. T. Kinaey, sett
ing forth that the aaid defendants gavasaid
plaintiff a mortgage an the following prem
ises, te-wit : situate in aaid ronoty of Mor
gan and being in tbe north half of section
35, town 8, range U, in the Ohio Compauy's
Purchase, bounded a?a' fallows : beginning
at tba northwest et-Txer cf aaid section,
thence south 104 poles, thence east 123 and
84 lOOtbs poles to a atone which points oat
the beginnirg for aaid Lot, a white walnut
12 inches, north 87 J degrees east 70 links,
an Kim IS inches, south 75 degrees east
links, thence .east' ? and 50-lOOths poles
aatation.apojiar 7 inches, south 2 links,
fhosae north ID 1 lies to a stakA,a sugar 20.
s.uth 14 degrees, east "3 ;'j.V.?, then-e
north 81. decrees, wec't 19 sn;I I3-i00ihs
polos to a station, a. wiiite eak 14 inches,
bears eouth.M degrees, eat 8 links, thonce
wentlS poles tb a station, a white oak 20.
bears r.orth 55 degrees, west S links and a
beech 12 inches, bears smith 7 degrees, Wes:
links, thence south It poles to the place
beginning, oataming 7 and 43-100ihs a-
eres more or less, to secure tho cavment o
about l,l(C, according to certain notes re-
rcrrea urin said tuorignge, and praying
mat saia cercnuar.ts toav pave. balance
due on sai-' notes with inWet, aVnouutin
to about the sum of $SS3-0O, of this date.
that said premises may br 'scll to. psy
the Anie, and' that B1es not. ye(dse be
paic out of tbe rroceeds ol raid sale, and
that there be paid lainti8" therefrour the
further suai i($33 as part of the purch
ss'e money due him for said premises, wili
iatere6t thereon from the. 1st day of April,
D., HID. Said defeniant.Bingman will
further take notice tat -said deleridant
Emsey did.on said 26ib day of April, file
answer and cross-petition in said Court.
ing lorth that he had paid the one-ball
the note now due, and that the balance
said note is due from defend'! Bingman as
proportion, ana praying that tne undi
vided interest 01 said ismeruan in said pre
mises be url sold to sstisl'y tbe same, end
the said Abram Bingman ic notified that
is required to appeax,. and answer said
petition and cioss-petition on or before the
third Saturday afur tha 2J dayofJuna
Jit. - , ,.. , .
- - JAM3 H. XWI-VG.
Bt J. T. Crew, his Attorner.
April 28th, 1871Sw.
Attainment Aotlce.
Thomas Craw, riasntilT, "J Belore 'Wm.
vs. V.Beswick J,
Will iarn Dauherty, DePt. -J P., of Wind
sor township, Morgan county, Ohio. On
22;n d"7 of April, 1871, said Justice is
sued an order of attachment in the above
action for the sum of Tenty-four dollars
fifty cents debt, and Twenty dollars
probable costs.
Stockport, Ohio, ,Vsy 12, '71. tw.
H. hUTLfSDGE. , ,. .. F. O.B ALLEY".
Rutlcdgc & Bailey.
Alters' Block, Xo. 56 Slain Street, Zanesville, Ohio, - .
Ila've opMi a complete Stock of Velvets,' Body and Tapestry BrnsseU, Extra Sa
pr, Srperfioe?, Mediom Knperi", lngraiD, Veuetiaiw, Dutch Wool, Cottage, Hemp, .
and Rag CvrpeU. ALSO Wall Pa)era. Window nhi'd-, Matti Buks, Oil Cloths. Ac.
Ageuta or Marbleized Manilas. We iuvite Jhe 1'ubiip to t call aod examine our
stock. ' ' - - 'V ' . - June 3,1871. -
Mcti:i.snLLE m siig cakos.
Dry Goods ! Dry Goods !
W. H. & C. McCAKTY, Dealers in Dry Goods;
Xolionj Ladies' Dress CoodSj Ladies Shoesf Uc,f
11 the North side of Center Street, two-doors East of Public Square, McCon
nelsville, Ohio. . . . -
, '
X. B. None but the very best quality of gocd3 of any kind ever kept and
alwava sold at the lowest of cash tiricea. Ladies' Dress Goods made a SPECI
A1TV. April 21, 1871 ly.
, .. ,,rK;,-LV MORUIS;:::-- - .
South side of Center St., three doors Easfof Tublic Square,'McConnelsvllle, O.,
da:.ki. in ' '
11Y, NAILS, GLAbS, I'J.OWS, Ac, Ac.
X. B. Agent fir tho sale of the ''Acme ffower Sparer," an improvement
011 the '-Climax," which gave univeri satisfaction last sekson. Ap. 21 '7I-Iy.
Korth side of Center fet' , hetweenjl-ist and Penn Sts., UcConnelsville, Ohio,
Has Al trays to ORer to Ills Cuatomera tbe nestQttalltleaor ;
usually found in a first-class Family Grocery.
"N. B'. 'Flour by the sack, and all kin Js of provisions, m the market, always
on hand. Trices to suit the times. I April 21, 1871 ly.
' - : We keep ei bands, tad ere constantly receiving ' ' 7 .
We bate, also, aoaxtetisive lioeol PAIN l t. U V E S J U i'Fej, OlIS aod BKU!'
E, all of which we offer to tbe Tublic at I lie lowest market rates. Also, we fiiviiu
our ccttomers to call and examine our larce and well selected
April 23th, 1871 ly. -JOHN ALEAXXDEU. "
v. iiosEiiTsOx; :
N.' "VV". Cor. of ?ub. Squ., -SlcCoanelsville, O.,
, . .... Dealer ia
' ' ' :.- . -
' Fhvsicians' Prescriptions aareilly compountlcil, ani TaiuU mixed to order.
April 21, 1871 ly,,
V- 1
Dry Good?, Gioccrie?, Boots and Shoes,
Dealers in
,(X. W. Corner East and Centre "Streets)
' . '. f ' ' - ..; aI'COXXELS-VILLE, C'lIlO
mo! NR'GCOD3 received rega'arly." Tha-h:ghit. n."kft.jaa for COL'S IKY.
VEOD JCE io eichsnge for Uoods. .; May 4,'U. If
Morgan County bavin? purchased tbe Sill 1'roperty, the onderMirned wcuM resnecN
, . lully iulorm t'n friends, acd the publio g neraily, tbat he has
- .
Removed his T i 11 - s li o p
.' y '.: .;.. A
BiPUOpposile tbe Foundry.. lie is tbanklal forpat favors, and by a strict attention to
business, be hopes to merit and recede a liberal share of publio patronage. Special at
tention paid to JOB WOP.K and REPAIRIN G ol all kind,' in his line of b-isiness.
Any work left at Cochran, Brzraan k Co's Store, cr F. Sill 1 Co's , will receive prompt
attention. Positively no Stock used bat the best the market affotds.
McConnelsville, Ohio, May 5tb, 1371.. - L. BARTER.
"i 1 i
IIisl Dcissoai. '' A. M. Di ssiioon.
'' Eeepon hand a very large Stock of" ' ' "
C '.' i - : At their SALE ROOMS io' i - '
N. B. ' They employ none bnt first-class mechanics, and warrant all their work. T
n at form is : "Good wortr, good j ar and low prices I" April Jl, l?7l t
, ..E,D. -J0PSONACQ.,-..:.
, .. -
: Jforlh-East corner of Centre and Penn Streels,
steep constantly on band a complete assortment of Coffins, Burial Cases, Ac, and haft
in their employ Robert A. Pinkerton. who will make' tbii department ol busiuesta sp-'
cialiy. In connection with tbeir bu-'neps, tbey have fitted np a first-clasi
And are prepared to rarciah all patrons with whatever thej may want ia their LIN-E.
May 12, 1 871 ly. . . ,.
The ash & Door Factory,
Uc Conn elivi'le, Ohio, - . i
" " MOULDINGS. ALSO, ' " " ":
Plaining & Matching, Scroll Sawing; i Kipling Done to- Order.
fS Oak, Ilar and Pine Lumber bought and sold
April 21, 1871 ly J
WELLS, SvptrtTten Jent.
Dealer in Hats an J Caps, on Center St., 'east of Pub. Square, McConnelsville, 0-,-has
on hardSj at all timea, the most complete asortoiont of the
Very atest Styles of UTS and C.DPS ! .
RETT GOODS RecelTed ITIth Every Change In tne Season I
- " j
UsT The Highat QuK Price p&id for Mink, Skunk, and Coon Skins !
April 21, 1871 ly. . ?
Grocery and ProTision Store !
D. U, W. MUMMEY have on hahd. atalVtimes,
' ' ' the best of - ' ' ' '
' - " and' Jtlso
Keep a Full Supply ol All Kinds of Provisions In this Market.
N. B. Their Meat Market is open at all . hours of the day. None but the
best of Cattle killed, and consequently their beef is always of the best quality.
Flour sold by the sack at the lowest rates. April 21, 1871 -ly.

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