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FRIDAT. ..... Jane 86, IStl.
Tot oovsasoe,
QTDS027 T. STEWART, of Eum.
IMC WEDSSLL, of Montgomery.
90 boakd or rCBLIC WOSXS,
L. B. SILVER, of Columbian.
ros acraa jrnos,
A5HTEL E. ADAtfi. of Cayaboga.
THOMAS EVANS, Jr., cf Delaware.
J. W. STINCHCOHfi, of Hocking.
vom ct.uk or sursiMs cocrr.
AstZA ALDERMAN, of Morgan.
W. B.CHAD WICK, of Franklin.
KET. Tor Representative,
For Auditor.
For Clerk of the Court,
For BherifT,
For Commissioner,
For Infirmary Director,
IT. P. D E A R BOB N .
For Coroner,
Had to Pull it Down!
Hany of oar reader will remem
Iter seeing tbe following at the top
of the editorial page of the elcCea
nelaville Herald :
Rxiolvjd, Tbtt while we believe
it to be premature to urge temper
noe questions open the great State
and national parties, we strongly
urge our po.iucal conventions to
nominate for the suffrages of the
people only staunch temperance
Emolvkd, That we will support
do candidate for office at the ap
proaching fall election who habitu
ally uses intoxicating liquors as a
Ltt week the a&eve platform of
the Herald bad to be pulled down to
make way for the Republican State
ticket. The platform and the tick
t woald oot work well together.
While we are Dot informed relative
to the habits of all the candidates
on their ticket, we hnve some in
lormatiou that satinot bo gainsaid
relative to soino of them.
James William, the candidate
for Auditor f State on the Repub
lican ticket, has been a notorious
drinking man for years, and at this
time "habitaally uses intoxicating
liquors as a beverage," and ton
Herald mo well know it. Why, ir
the Herald is honest in its temper
ance pretensions, does it not refuse
to support Williams for Auditor of
State 7 If the Herald was honest
in publishing the above platform,
why does it not stick to" its plat
form, and refuse to support Wil
liams 7 All who doubt that Wil
liams is a drinking man, we refer
to Hon. W. P. Bprague and to Hon.
Richard Stanton. They will both
attempt to smooth over the matter
a little by saying : "Well, Williams
will take a drink once in awhile,
but I believe I never saw him
drank. He'll drink on Slate Con.
ventioo days, Fourth of Julys. &c.
He has no priuciple against taking
an occasional glass." Both these
Republicans know in their hearts
that Williams is a regular drinker,
but still they do not feel like say
ing so of roan that they expect to
support for office. Very naturally
they will smooth the matter over
in the way above stated, or some
similar way, but still the honest en
quirer after the truth will glean
enough from them to establish the
tact that Williams, in their opin
io, "habitually uses intoxicating
liquors as a beverage." Still the
Htralir after avowing what it
claimed to be its principles in the
above platform, tears down the
platform, and1 hoists the name of
Williams for Auditor of State.
Stephen R, Hwmer, of Musking
um oouny, 03 the Republican State
tieket for Member ot the Board of
Public Works, is another who has
habitually used intoxicating liquors
as a beverage for twenty years, if
not all his life. Mr. Hosmer is we'.l
known to many of our citisens, and
we do not suppose there is a man
in Morgan county that would dis
pute our charge against him. It is
true that he does not drink as ex
cessively as he did a few years ago,
and it is equally true that be is
well qualified to fill tbo position for
which he u a candidate : butstnl
he drinks and has done so for years
and years. The Herald men know
ibis, and yet they suppert him in
the face f their avowed determma
tion not to support any man for of
fice that ''uses iutoxiomin-3 liquors
as a beverage.
There are some others on the
- Rcpubtreaa State ticket that we are
told are drinking men, bat, so far,
we have no positive information re
lative to them-, ami, of coarse, will
not mention thorn- until we are pos
itively informed. We ask the peo
pie, however, to reflect a- iitt'.vvrrd
ask themselves if they istin concede
honesty to the 27rji in ptlibiiir.
tbo above platform. Do not the
fact prove that they were only
playing '-pretend to be temperance
for parly sake f
Tek Morgan County Republican
Convention entirely ignored tbe
Temperance question-in its resolu
tions. These wouti-De called tern
perance men of Morgan were afrai J
to avow what they privabelv elaim
to be their principles, all fo fear el
losing the Whisky vote e4 their
party ! -
Will Mr. otauum uu the people
why the Republican State fjonven
tion did not nominate a strictly
temperance ticket? Will he tell
the paople why it did not put a
temperance plank in its platform ?
If the Republican party is the av
enue through which tie Temper
ance reform is lo be effected, why
did the State Convention of the
party entirely ignore the question ?
Does not the Republican party
with all its "moral idejs' court the
VTlmky and Lager Beer TOto 7
The Court House Ring Conven
tion, alias Republican County Con
vention, met m the Tows Hall of
McComteisvine on last Saturday,
ml t a it . - L. .
ivjvjiwi, a. pursuant ie
D. C. Pinkerton called It to ord
er, after which David L. Jenkins
was chosen Chairman and Joseph
S. Yanlaw and E, M. Kennedy were
chosen Secretaries. After the ap
pointing or the ordinary Uoromit-
tees and the announcing of candid-
ate, the Convention adjourned un
til after dincer.
After dinner, the Committee on
credentials reported delegates from
every township, and then the bat
lotting for candidates commenced.
For Representative, lion Rich
ard Stanton was nominated on first
Fallot, receiving 42 votes to 18 for
T.J. Williams-ana 7 for Isaiah
Keanison. For Clerk, C. M. Rob
erts was nominated on first ballot,
receiving 5 votes to 13 for
Tibbals, of Homer township. For
Sheriff, A. D. Havener was nomiu
ated an first ballot, receiving IS
votes to 16 for J. Q. White, of
Windsor, t for W. i. Roden, of
Meigsville, and 11 for Joshua Jones,
of Malta. Far AuJiter, James B.
McGrew was nominated on first
ballot, receiving 49 votes to 17 for
Finley J. Ryan, of Bristol. Arthur
Pond was nominated for Surveyor
by acclamation, there being no oth
er applicant far the position. For
Commissioner, there were two bal
lots, resulting in the nomination of
David Smith, of Marion. J. C.
Loughridge was nominated for In
firmary Director by acclamation.
For Coroner, Alexander Higgins,
of Meigsville, was nominated, re
ceiving 44 votes to 17 for Zedekiah
Wiseman, of Malta, and 1 for Cor
nelius Head, of Morgan,
After the nominating, the Com
mittees oa Central Committee and
Resolutions reported, the latter as
follows :
Buolved, by the Republicans of
Morgan county, in Convention as
sembled at MoConnnlsville, this
24th day of June, 1871 :
1st That we endorse the Admin
istration of General Grant as being
just, wise, and equitable.
2nd, That we adopt the flatlorm
of the Republican State Conven
tion, in Columbua assembled, June
21st, 1S71.
3rd That we give the nominees
of this Convention, and ot the State
Convention, our free and hearty
support, and that we will n-te all
houorable and lair meana to secure
their election.
The reports of the above named
Committees were adopted. We oro.
muted to take down the names of
those placed upon the Central
and Advisory Committees.
Meantime Mr. Stanton, the nom
inee for Representative, had been
sent for, and he appearing at this
time in the proceedings, proceeded
to answer the call for a speech.
He stated be was not a speech-maker,
but tbat he made some pre
tensions to being a "worker' in the
nteresis of the Republican parly.
He thought the mission of the Re
publican party had not yet ended,
but that there were muitenogs to
be heard in the South yet. that
made it necessary for it to live.
prosper, and rule. He thought the
Republican party the embodiment
of the moral sentiment ot the coun
try, and the only avenue through
which a moral reiorm, sucn as me
one proposed by the Prohibition
ists, could be enected. lie stated it
was truebat the Republican State
ticket was not a temperance ticket,
and tbat he did not claim the Re
publican party to be a temperance
par'., but yet he thought the State
ticket tv be the best tbat could have
been nominated under the circum
stances, lie said he bad looked at
toe temperance question in every
conceivable light, and that his hon
est conviction wa& that he csald do
it more service in the Republican
party than-out of it. He said that
this convictiou might be a dishon
est one, but yet he though it an
honest one. He thanked the Con
vention with a full heart for the
confidence reposed ic him by mak
ing bim the nominee for Represen
tative. T. . Williams, cf Marion, was
next called upon for a speech, and
he responded with considerable
force, bat we have not room togive
wnt be said.
After resorvir.g to have the pro
ceed inga of the Convection publish
ed in the McUonnelsville HtrttJ
and the Ohio Hinlo Journal, the Con
vention adjourned.
It will he noticed that the muni
neesoflbe Convention for all the
profitable offices are the old incum
bents. Stanton, the candidate for Ropre
sentative, was the roemrmr from
this county during the last sesiion.
and was for two terms very recent
ly treasurer ot Morgan vount,and
has been recognized as a member
of the Co art Mouse Ring for ten
years past.
itoberls, the enrrdrdate for Clerk
i the presetit Clerk is a member
of the Wood A Sniacue coalition
for the purpose ot filling the offices
ot Morgan county. The two bran
cb.es of this coalition have frequent
ly quarreled as to which of tbem
should have the fattest offi'jes, but
they are always a unit on una thing,
and that is that they shall bmI go
out of the family when there is a
member thereof to- partake of the
benefUs rosuiling. Jia a conse
quence, this eoaliiion is now Siting
five of our offices, and some one or
more of them have been in office
here for the past fifteen years or
more. This coalition is a very
powerful arns ot the Co art House
Ring, and it orrly allows the other
members thereof to take what it
has not the aambers to fill.
Havener, the candidate for Sher
iff, became but recently a member
of the Ring. Two years ago, as a
People's candidate and by aid of
the democratic party, be was able to
beat tba regular Ring nominee, and
he threatening to do the same
thing agaiu this year, the Ring
concluded to kick out J. Q. White,
of Windsor, who shewed two years
lao. mat no had not sumcient
strength to entitle bim to member
ship, and take Havener in, conse
quently the nomination of Haven
er. McGrew, the candidate fof AndU
tor, 1a on of the tfldest and rfUrew
dest meiubers of the Ring, and has
been ab.'e to keep his position as
Auditor for the past eleven yean,
and we suppose will make an effort
to keep it for the next eleven.
Three years ago he was opposed in
Convention by Finley J. Ryan, of
Bristol, and came near being defea
ted. Ryan had been a soldier, and
was a worthy and competent man,
and bis friends felt very sore at bis
defeat. The Court House Ring fear
ing tbat Ryan would bolt, and
thereby defeat McGrew at the polls,
had McGrew go to Ryan and prom
ise that if he (Ryan) would remain
loyal" to the Court House Ring,
that he (McGrew) would not op
pose him (Ryaoj in the Conven
tion this year. Ryan done so, and
be result is tbat McGrew did not
keep bis word. If McGrew denies
this promise to Ryan, we refer the
people to Ryan, who asserts tbat
McGrew did so promise him lime
and again.
The rest of the ticket is compos
ed 01 candidates for what may be
called the minor offices. Pond, the
candidate for Surveyor, is the old
incumbent ; David Smith, the can
didate for Commissioner, is a very
reputable gentleman from Marion
township ; James C. Lougbridge,
candidate for Infirmary Director,
is one of the best citisens of Mor
gan township ; and Alexander Hig
gins, candidate for Conocer, is of
Meigsville township, and has been
a standing candidate for the Repub
lican nomination for Sheriff oi this
county for years. He is doubles
much elated with his success in
getting the nomination of Coroner.
It is unnecessary for us to slate
that the nominations of last Satur
day have given general and wide
spread dissatisfaction. It was ap
parent on the facti of the proceed
ings that the Convention was ruled
by the Court House King, and a man
that had not influence with the
Court House incumbents could not
muster a respectable vote for any
thing. As the saying is, "the whole
matter was cut and dried bv a
Temperance Movement in
In Pittsburgh the licenMng of
Liquer Vendors is in the hands of
the County Commissioners, and for
years back these Commisoiont-rs,
through bribery and fraud, have
exceeded their authority. Recent
ly the whole matter has undergone
ad investigation; brought about by
the temperance' Agitation that is
sweeping over the whole country,
and the result is that two of the
Commissioners of Pittsburgh have
been convieted cf accepting bribes,
and illegally granting licenses to
Liqasr Vendors, and they have
been sent to the Penitentiary there- j
for and fined $2,009each. At a re- i
cent meeug ot the Clergy of Pitts
burgh, AUegbany Uity, and the
surrounding suburbs, the following
whereas and resolutions wore enau-
imoosly passed:
Wbsreas, Bribery and public pecttTa
tion hare received a moat salutary
check in the judicial sentence of two
f our County ConrmiMioners, each to
a year's hard labor ia the bounty
Work House, and the payment of a
ddc of $2,000; therefore,
Resolved, First, That we congratu
late the people on the continued reign
of justice in our Courts of law.
Keolved, i-econd, that we express
the hope that this sentence may not
be interfered with by Gubernatorial
Jtesoired, inirct 1 bat we tender our
thanka to the noble men whose actire
and self-sacrificing labors have put
this amount of arrest upon the license
business as heretofore carried on in
this county.
Resolved, fourth, that we will here-
aftsr support to man for the office of
County 4 ommisaioner who is of doubt
ful integrity or otdoubtful temperance
habits and views. "
The fourth resolation is rather
liroUeJ 11. its reach. We should
think the Clergvof Pittsburgh, and
of a:! o'hr vicinities, would feel
the fliitth (if bhame aianti' their
cheiks by voting for men of "doubt
ful temperance habits and views' for
any office. An unprincipled politi
cian might do so and never foci a
twitch of conscience. The resolu
tions have the true ring lo tbem,
however, as far as they go.
Westland Farmer's Club.
'WMTU,Morraa Co., 0., Jobs Sitfa, 'U,
Toe Farmer's Club 01 Wesilsad Diet at
its rooms Jute S4tb, wu organ 1 tad at two
o'rlock. President Hallo well intheCbair.
It being the day of the Conntr Convention
and may of the farmers not done catting
tbeif wheat, the gathering was small esm-
?ared With the meeticg one month ago.
he qnesiifta brought op for discussion was
the beat minttr to prepare tbe gronnd for
a wheat crop sud the proper time to harr
st the crop. 7betvbjct was opened by
J. R. Hamblaion ; he - thiaks yoa shoald
plow sod for wheat, plow twice eoi harvest
earlier than farmer! asually dereatjo(t
when the kernel is oot of its milky state. J.
Thompson took similar ground.- Taylor
Strodo thinks Ha roinoos way of farming
for wheat to plow more gronnd than yon
can manors, and that ahould be sod and be
prepared elover-eod. J. Bingman took sim
ilar viewa. J. Ifendenhvll, J. Brown, W.
0. Strode and N. Ilsrt. advocated views si
milar to those entertained by Mr. Strode.
joitp wingtnso uidii ue farmers are
ewitirrgtbeir grain- too green, will shrivel.
. Kmi has good soecoss on timothy eed:
thinks 11 much the bet to cut grain green
er loan 11 is nenaiiy oxme, makes a better
grain men 10 staaa nntu it is very ripe.
joei xuug argueci mil ne nan ins Best suc
cess on eats statible for wheat eron. R.
Peas and E. Kennard thinks soceesa im
pend onhsving good ground sod well pot
: t c. 1- .i.:-.L. .i . kF
in. . uuwc kum.a .prinK me mat time
te minora for wheat, haul onsod.sDread
evenly from wagon, then plow in Fall, pul
verize well before sowing. R. Hsllewell
thin ks too roach groend is plowed for the
amount of meaure farmers make te be soe
eeetful in wheat raising, U. Kinaey says
his pianist slow his roniir Baal hit
manure, spread from wsgou en the too.
then sew wheat, and, for want ef drill, uae
double shovel plow, manure heavy aa a
preventative againat ir, as the present
croi fully proves'. The argument was kept
op among tbe members for some length of
time, as expressive 01 tmnr views aa to the
beat time of sowing, hsrvestingT and espe
cially as regaras toe proper time 10 apply
manure, whether in the spring er fall, whe
ther ss a toe dressing or plowed aoder.
KW. Thompson, the recording- Secreta
ry, aaving gane we(V V" ero9 proceeded
tw elect Bis sffceeaaor. Mr. John Hallow
ell was elected for the unexpired term.
Club then adjourned to meet the last Bat-
nrdsyofJaly, 1871.
J. H. KINSEY, Cor. Sec.
Th Geological Survey of Morgan
County will be completed this week,
every township havinj keen visited.
For the Independent.
An Appeal in Candid Men.
The people of Ohio have recently
had presented to then the party
SlatformsOR tbe Detnoeratie and
lepubliean parties. Tbe Demo
cratic party, which for six years re
fused te accept the situation, has at
last shifted its position, and become
ft party recognising the progress
made since thfl commencement ot
the eivil war. These two psrties.
in the present contest, stand virtu
ally upon the same platform nei
ther presenting a living issue.
Roth platforms, thougu containing
nothing new, are filled With bom
bast, one appealing to the ptople
for support en the gn-d it has done,
the other recalling the principles of
former day.
We feel and williuajy admit the
aervicaa the one has rendered, and
the principles the other once advo
cated. We do not live for tbe past ;
wo live for the present and the fu
ture. If a party has no record save
tbe past, it is high time it should
give Way te one that has not only
a living but a vital issue. If the
Republican party has nothing to
offer save its record and laudation
or Grant, let it go to the Wall. If
the Democratic party has tothmg
to offer save the n.eaiory ot Gen.
Jackson, let it bs burned ; for its
corpse has been exposed long en.
ough. We are all thankful for past
favors, but political parlies, if they
wish te exist, roust exert them-;
selves in favor of th good of '.he
people. The candid man will readi
ly separate words ffOrti actions.
The candid man has no confidence
in the Republican platform, when
it says, "we repeat our condemna
tion of the policy of granting sub
sidies of public lands to corpora
tions and monopolies," since every
intelligent man knows that Con
gress has not only been notorious
for granting public lands to monup'
olies, but also the public money.
Nor has he any faith in lh Demo
cratic party, when it proclaims that
"we are in favor ot strict economy,"'
so long as we have a knowledge of
the governing ot the city of
New York. Economy is a word
whose moaning is unknown to both
parties of thie Slate, the recent ses
sion of our Legislature will amply
t'-stify That lone sea-ion, tboueh
it did little or nothing for the pub
lic cood, cost the Stato the sum of
f 100.000 ! which was never known
in the State beforo ; no, not even
in war times, and this debt tbe tax
payer is made to carry I
Locking at the platform of both .
parlies, no one is able to discover
anything in them sate bombast to
blind the people, in the race for of
fice. The contest between theee
two parties is the contest for of
fice. There is, iiewever, in the field,
one party, and only one, that pre
sents a vital issue ; that prty is the
Prohibition party. It acknowledg
es ita fealty ic the great principles
underlying our rederal Constitu
tion in nnniistskablo language.
Not only does it thus corr.mend it
self to the patriot, but it also com
mends itself to every one thut is
interested in tbe welfare of his fel
low man, by presenting, or rather
seiXing an tss&e that every moral
man is interested in. iot only in
oar eotrn uy, bet fft every com ina
nity the'e is a class of individuals
that prey upon the earnings of the
people, and drive suffering and de
spair rnto natty of onr hemes.
Under the ditgffrse ef friendship,
they deal out poison- to gratify ths
appetites of reckless men, not only
causing tbem to suffer, but their fa
milies and the community at large
This evil is risantic in its propor
tions. T"he jteoe, rift account ef
th;s evil, have aftfer donble the tax
to pay 1 Against this great evil.
that greatly hinders the welfare ol
every community, the two leading
paities have nothing to say. But
the Prohibition frty proposes to
keep away temptation from those
boys that are suro to exeif power
ful inflnonce either for good or for
bad. Instead of allowing their in
fluence to be for the bad. it propos
es to cause them to exert their in
flnenco for the good.
We sppeai to every m.m fe take
into consideration the welfare ol
his race. It is not for the good of
the people to decide whether Re
poblicat or Democrat shall succeed
in the race for oifice i but it is for
the good of the people to plaoe such
men in office as have the good of
the people at heart. The candid
man is certaicly conscious that n
who votes tor either tbe Republican
or .Democratic pan v, votes tor a
party that is notoriously corrupt
Wo, then, do not hesitate to ask
every man to vote the rrohitmton
licket. REFORMER.
McConnelsville, June 27th, 1871.
For the Independent.
Farmers For Legislators.
Homs. Saturday, June 14th, 1ST1.
Ma. Ibitob- This being the dsy that
tbe Farmer's Club met, and also the dsy
thstthe &epublii-an Coocty Convention
meets, there oeing a free interchange of op
inions smonrat the farmers, and I having
thought for a long time thst I would make
aa effort to pen my views, and being urged
oy otner y eomenry, Dot Being a iarmor ana
tot a cent turned te writing, and with a lim
ited educa ion, 1 approach tbe subject with
trembling. But if yaa will grant me a
small space in your columns I will make
the effort.
As regret is felt by all the true friends of
Agriculture tbst so' few farmera should be
leund ia the Halls of Legislation. State sad
National f if M ietrne, as I see in print,
that National detriment resells front the
non.representatio of tenant farmers ia ths
British House ef Commons, an aSrmatien
I see reeeatly msde as a fsct and to be re
gretted, how much greater the loss from
the lack of agricultural representation in a
nation ef independent, thrifty, and intelli
gent termers ? It certainly is not thst there
would be the slightest difficulty in finding
men ol tbe breadth and brains ef an aver
sge Cougressmsn among tbe farmers of any
individual Slate ; but farmers are isolated,
and unable to combine with facility. They
are independent, and thus in feelingand"
ia fact, are lose inclined to-eveoh ths ft
nant hinges- ef the knee where political
thrift may follow fa wain g ; they are, com
paratively, singteatrnded and conscientious
sad therelore averse te the insincerity and
siaoesity of the gsnaa politician.- It seems
lo-me, while agrienltore is thus nnrepre
ssated, Hs interest-suffer. Ambitious law
years, seuenMirg- merchants, anpriaeipaled
speca4atrrsnd' heavy railroad monopolist
atea who de not represent tbe producing
interests', and wha-are, at best, the expens
ive goabeTweeaer ef production- anacoa
suavptieBr have aa impaling interest in see
king Legislative position, sad they there
fore obtain it, ) riends of labor t eoiam
eree baa yearly had its millions la subsid
ies, improvement of nsvgation, light boo
ses, and ether aids ; railroads have had mil
lioasof dollars of monsy. and its millions
of acres of lead, and their manager, are
permitted te water their stock and drain
the resources ef the farmera for double d.v
idends. Now, kind sirs, the farmers want
very little monev ia appropriations, ia aid
ef agTiealture, Sat they tie- need ea ex
emption frota week ef UHf adverse Legis
lation. Statesmen, understanding end con
scientiously working for their interests, we
waat preteetloa against rings bf land mo
nopolies and the tyranny of Irfight combi
nations.' Flrtners have the Slumbers,
wealth, and ability, to prefect themselves
bv acting ia concert, ia combination a
gainst combination, as a grand ring which
will overwhelm ail mercenary rings what
ever. Te the honest messes oi tns rural
papulation, both on account ef integrity
and numbers, must the country look for it
salvation from unhallowed greed aba Ina
rv ia Lorialatioa. Then. sirs, let the
agricultural classes combine sad make sore"
that their power ia felt ia the law-making
For the Independent.
Excursion and Pic-Nic.
Tbe Zion Baptist Church, of
which Dr. McSimpson is Pastor,
will visit McConhelsvi'le, on next
Friday, June 30th, and will occupy
tbe Grove, where there trill be ad
dresses by Dr. UcSimp0a, and eth
ers ; there will also ue Vocal and
Instrumental Music, Ac; A good
time generally is expected. All
well behaved and all well wishing
white citisens of UcConnelsVille
will be made welcome le join in the
enjoyments of the day. The Church
will appropriate all means, over and
above expenses, to the erection e'a
Meeting House, of which they are
greatly in need.
Chairman of Committee.
Zanesville, Ohio, June 26th, 1871.
Trustee's Sale.
By virtue bf a deed of trust anidf te file;
Hiram L. Jones, in trust by Joha Ilsncher
and Aar&h J H.ntuir him mifm. f tk
County sf ittittn, 6tate of Ohio, bearing
date March 3nd, 18, and may be found
entered on record in the Jssd records of
Morgsa county. Cbio. in Record J. pares
six hundred and torty-three and siJ head
red and lorty four, default hsving been
msde ia the conditions of said deed of
trust, 1 will sell at publie sale,
esTweselay. tbe First Day ef
AfJKsist. A. D.. 18T1. .
between the hours ef IS o'clock in tht for e'
noon, and 1 o'clock in the afternoon, of?asid
dsy, at the front door of the Court House,
ia tbe towa or McConseMrille Ohio, the
following premises and real tltste situate
in the Village of Union ville in the County
of Morgan, Ohio, and described aa follows :
to-wit Being Lot Vo, seven (7). ia said
Villsge ss marked oa the plst of said Vill
age, in township Ke. sen (IS), range elev.
en (11), section thirteen (IS), and a part of
tbe southwest fourth ef section thirteen
(13V containing twenty-six square poles
and forty -five one-hondredths acres.
Terms of Be'.e Cash on tbe dsy or sale.
HIRAM L. J0XES, Trustee, j
JonetS, 18T1 4w.
TTuirian . lisery.
Just publfrhed ia a iealei env
elope. Trice six cents. A Lec
ture on tbe Nature, T: eat men t
and Radical cure of seminal weskuess. er
Spermatorrhea, induced by self-abuse, in
voluntary emiaiinns, impotency, nervous
debilitv. and impediments to nisrrisge
gcneislly ; consumption. epil-py,nl ft.-;
mental ana pnyaicai incapacity, Ac By
tcoo. J. cuiverweu, m. u., autuor oi tne
"tireen Book," Ac.
The world-renowned anther, in this ad
mirable Lecture, clearly proves from his
own experience that thoawful consequenc
es of sell-abuse may be effectually remov
ed witbeet medicine, and witheut danger
ous surgicsl operations, botiges. instrum
ents, rings, or cordiala, pointing out a mode
of Mire at ence Certain and effectual, by
which every sufferer no matter what his'
condition msy be, may ctfre himself chea
ply, privately and railteally. This lecture
wi'll prove a boe'fi to tiio'u'sauds and thous
6eut under sesl, in a plain envelop, to
any addsess, postpaid, oa receipt of S cente
or two postage stamps.
Also, ir. tuiverweii s Marriage uuiue
price Is cents.
aaarese tne raousners,
thai. J. V. Kline Jt Cm.,
1JT Bowery, Hew York, P. O. BoxtiBs.
James flilcy,
Minrr.lv trass or
OppeHte NamWej') Grocery
O Centr$ St., MeConntttvifft, O.
Special attention given to Cobb
ling. Patronage solicited.
A a? a)
C7 m 1 A Ij .a ,
Wholesale and Refjfft
ritiTiia T
Nov. 11 ISC-ff.
garth side ef Center street, kelweea
Saet and Pean streets,
XffcConnelsTille, Ohio.
1st Jenkins imports his own goods
and is thereby able te undersell all
who porshase at second hand.
3nd. 9s has the largest establish
ment, and most complete variety ot
goods in Soutb-Eastorn Ohio, and yea
are enabled to get just what you want
do not have te take just what yea
ear gel
3rcf. living amongst as, Jenkins
helps to'emld up the business of the
cemmtftrity, and it is no more than
right that community ahtwid build
bim op instead of going off to Zanes
y ille, or some sueh point to buy your
At Jen kins' in.
J. U. EOGfiKa. K. LUl'TON. J. UAYIS.
J. Al. i UGERS & CO.,
rout St., near thi fridge, Malta, Ohio, keep constantly en hand
a-All Orders Fremptly AMende Te !
.April 1, 1871- :y.
West sitae of Bell Strett, Malta, Ohio, keep a well selected aie5r teens ef
UUBVlafi, T1IW1IE, STUTES lad XTOTI TEHII.lfiS. tkllhi ITn.YSHX,
Special attention given to the
Agent for the sal et the celebrated
sold low for cash.
gHj foofo fto.iojjs,
Cry Ooeds Merchant. South-east corner of Front and BellSta., Malta, CM, has
always en hand a complete stock of
New Goods received regularly, aa a flourishing trade demands. Tverv
thing sold at ths lowest cash figure.
trade in Stoves and Stove Trlmm'in re.
"Clipper Mower Jteaper." Everything
April iU 1871 -ly.
goof 5 lj:w,
Country Produce taken in exchange for
April 21, 1871
Vfa'y be found at hi offiee en
fllE adl'TU-sTEST COR.1ER
or TBS
Public Sdtifire
At all times, whan not absent ea Profess
ional business.
X. HAH9A. So'. Rf. XK57K0T
9a Center Street, near tbe rirblie Sqnare,
ST eeial sttentisn giv'Sa1 te Collections.
til SPIEJD1D oltilEl
lUavar Dasltxcto: thpUin,
Will make regular wees1f trips be
tween Zanesville and Pittsbure, aa
follows: Leaves 3CanpviI at 8 o'clock.
on Tuesday morningr, arM, returning,
leaves Pittsburg on Saturday evenings,
at 6 o'clock
August 19th, 1579 3m.
That JOlatt RTAt H fhe BEST
COBBLER eTerinMcCO.-itlA-
Bs has constantly en hsnf a good assort,
the at ofFine and Stogie PoSts. of his ewa
tuenufaetore, which he ia etTrrinr at the
lowest CASH rstes. Give hSni a call st his
establishment n Korth-west corner of Pub
lic sjore, McConnelsville, Ohio.
6ept.lS, l7S-ly.
asks the p-iblie te call ai4 examine bis
spscimen Photagrspbs, Ferrotypes, Ana
bfotypes, Gems, Ac., Ac, Which cannot be
aiu passed anywhere. lie h'ca perfeeteil ai
raugemenia Thereby any one can be ae
cumodated with the finest of Oil Paintings
and piclorea of India Ink Work. Koemt
over Boone's Saddler Shop, in J. C. Stone's
Building, Center Sines, M'Coaneleville,
April JMv.-
rhysician c Suteon.
Treats all liirms of acme and enronic
dieease, on new and improved prioeiplea.
Calls prnmp 'y eiienoVd to. end rbarree
reamnabk-. UFFK'K : in Mwna' New
Buildine. on (Tenter street, where be
will be foaiid when sot profusions Ily engag
ed. re. 31, IBtl.
B .
U s
w a
C "
i S
ilE'AT ! lifEAf !
such as
In Buf-keye Block,
(On Center Street,)
BSSL- Vans bnt the hst of Meals bent
nnoe nut tbe first class SroceriSS'eDd Pro-
viaiiws c-nVred lor sale !
April 28th, 1871-2mo.
Cwrsrcr market A ftth Streets,
31. GETZ, rsoPBinoa,
zaesviliJ, onio.
YV t-verv RtsWet ticked ra E!el -Ti
.Jua. S, l.M if.
a "
seeisaAi. o. a.
1. r. aevSAxavwa.
itrs7Tii-TrEs-F tlos er tii
Dsrsrs ia
Oivsn te the
Far in In?:
TvTach'nery Trade.
ia this loeslity for the sale efthe
Mowers & Reapers,
"W:0 n L D
Mower k Heaper,
sad the
Mower & Reaper,
Cook & Healing Stores,
sad odd pieces' of all the varieties of Coo
Sieves in the eoontr v ; lt iiade of Thresb-
inc Msehine Caatinn ; alsA Salt Kettles,
and SaH Flangea, Soger Ksttles, Tl, Grid
dies. 9Vi lieu, ahoot twenty different pat-
ems ef flow Point. Msebiae Tsstiiirs for
Steam hosts. Saw Mills, Stlt Works, Mow-
era and Xeapors ; also' Osst Iron t'himaey
Tops, Wmdowt'aps. fllar Window lirat
ings; and also Cast Iroa Legs for ffehoel
house Desks anc Seat.
Have constantly en hand, manofacieret
their order, alt'naasxTrafTia-ware, Hie v.
Trimmings, ATe.
Msnafseltrers ef Wster Tweers, Usadrill
Swedges, As., for Blacksmiths.
Remember the I'lao :
Seth-west Side of the Public Sqnare
mar.I9 1870 1.
flatnAT, jclt si. itft.
To be Conducted by
Frr. 1. MV tfcUCGUUV,
ATiirn rtrti?, Esr.
lTrsDoivoij; W. D. IIENKLB;
SfitteJ" Sciaodf CsVtainlaflsrirV!.
fil be present and' aHrfiat during the
first weea.
Arranremonts Car boshllng Will
nrall was
ib attend. A thorough Seview of
the Lower Branches will be arrived at.
glasses will be farmed and reeitatiop
beard, t'S object being rather the mode ef
fnstrccMotr thv.ti (be mastery ef the Bran
ches. Teschers'.' llil I,-. therefore, bring
bodks, slatta, etc.. a students.
Reading JteQ'iffy and Kidd.
Spelling Selections.
Arithnretre Bay sad Whit.-
Grammar Green and Harvey.
Geography Breskley'a and warrea'a
Phys. Goog.
Lecture aod Discussion on Theory snd
Practice at Stated Periods. TSBMS SJ.I
payable ia advance. By Order ef the Xx
eeutive Committee.
May 12, lSTL-ltw.
Are a' Decided 44iraa I
TRULY tbe old mortar of "Bad Medi
cine" is beirs broken. Medicine most hs
effcctnal ; hot it ia no longer nscwsaiily
daageroos, paiofal or disgwting. The re
manent rttrve tonic aperient aasisis tbe
procers ef digestion, sed is eondocireof
lbs most perfect physical and menial eondi-
tioos. 1 hev cure dyroeDSia. beadaebe.
sallosrness, bilioosneaa and irrega:riti(S,
bat their greatest raseess is in a'etisr as a
prettntite ot these dfeoniera. If not foond
al tbe nearest Drnrciata, saelow flfty ts.
tt fjalahar Grains O.. Msristt. Oblo.
Apili W.ii, laTt-iais.
iiooflaxd's coLtrnar.
oa rjfjj i it u
srv A TTtirt
I. Jt u ott f th r-
aiarkable facts of this remarksbla aae. suit
merely that so ms'iJJ prsetis are the vic'ims
ei ayspepnts or ttdignilioq. bat its witling
victims. Now, ee wsold not beanderatood
to say ibat any one regards dyspepsia with
teror; or feels disposed to rank it amon
the lizoriea ol lire; Far from ft. Those
ho have ezpf ienced its totftrreia vtaa'd
scoot each en idea. Mark Tapley, a be was
jolly ander all the tryio, eimmtances ra
which he was plseeJ, never had an attfk of
dyspepsia, or his jollity would have apeedw
ly lorsakea him. Kfec and women some
times suffer iu tortsrtj aseomniainlogly,
bat whoever beard of a person who eajnyed
them T Of ell the moltifarioa difeases U
which tbe homaO syteai is liable, there ia,
perhaps, none so severally prevalent ssdy
pepia. If thers isawratcbed seise tatae'
worlJ it U
A Confirmed Dytpeptie t
Bat it is nnt oar ioteotioa to descant en
:he horrors of Djspepeie. We have said1
that ditpepsia is perbspa the moat noi ver
sa I ol homun disraee. This is empbatie.
ally the ease in the United States. Wheth
er this general prevalence is doe te tbe
eharseter of the food, tbe method ef its'
pre Da ration, or the baaty manner in which
it ia anally swallowed, is nol oar province
to explain. Tbe great fact with which we
are sailed to deal Is lb:
Dyfpeptia Frtiaiii
almoat universally. Nearly every ether per.'
snnyna meet is e Victim, and apparently
a willing one ; lor were not this the case,
wtiy so fi'my sufferers, when s certain a pee.
dy and safe rsaiedy is withio tbe easy
reach of all bo deairs to avail themselves'
f it f Bat the msjarfty will not. Blind,
ed by prejodicev or deterred try some other
unexplained influence, the rifpue to ac
eept i be relief pnered theti The torn
a deaf ear to the testimony of the iboos
sods whoe sutferiogs have been alleviated,
and with strange infatoation; appear to'
elinr with desperate determination to their
rn'.t'ert tormentor. Bat says" a dyspeptic:
rtkai is this remedy T ie which we reply i
Thia ereat alletiatorbf haman suffjring Is
almost as widely known as tbe English lao.
gaag. It baa allayed tbe agonies flt thoe.
sand, and ia to-lay carrying comfort aaJ
encoaraf eaeot to tboamnds ol others.'
Tbisacknewledstd panacea ienone other
TU Dr. tittal Gtrman Bitter.
. WoeM ynn know moia ef the merits ef
this womfrrfnl medicine ties eaa be learn
ed from ibe eiperienee ef other f Try
f Mrseir, aad when it hs failed to fulfill
(he me-iflre of its efficacy given by the
proprietor, then ahandon faith fa It I
6W of al, that H&0FLAXB& Oeness
Billers ie no a lint beverage. They are
not alenholio in any sense of the term.
The are cowir-oeed wholly of the pare joiee
r visal principle o? roots. This is not a
merfasKertMMi. T extracts from which
lliey are enmnonnded are prepared by
of ih ablest (jermaa cbea;at. Unlike e-:
ny other Bitters! in the market, they ant
wh.ly free from , spirit nr-os iDered rente.
The object innt which' ho'd whh en much
tnrrr aralot preparations of thieelsas,"
nsmelv that a desirs for intoxicatins
drinks is titn'Atsteef by their ne. are not
v.lid in 'he ease of tbe German Bitters.
rto fnr frnnt enAitfrar'as or meolcatiag a
i a'te or , tre) foe iaebrtatina beveracea.
it my ho eosiSilently aH(d that their'
tenoVecy i in a diametrically opposite dt
tectka. Their effect can bis
Beneficial bn!y
In sT eo ef ibe biliary sratem. TToof .
land's German Bitters (4(f withont as e.
qnst, tin promptly and vitforoo.lv apon
is Mev; they rem-ive its tnrpd fy and
enna healtbfnl secretion nf bile 'heret
soppl jing the a'omach with the most mdis -
pensahie elements of arnnd direst mid In
proper proportions.. They give torn lo h
gtomach stimolatlag its fonetioos, and
enshtinr it to perform ita d sties as natare
designed it shoo id do.
Tkty JWiy On Ool, ;
eteanains; 'he vital fluid of all hor'fel hap.
orilies and anppUoting tbem wilb the eK
meota of geaoioe besllh fulness. Bat Tn
thst most ire ne ally prevalent, diatressicg,
and dreaoVI disesae, llyspepsis.
They Stand UnrivaltJ.
Now, there are rertsin elssees cf persons
to whom extreme Bitters sie not otiiy as
palalable.bat who Cud it impossible to'
lake tbem without - positive discern fort
Fur each Dr. Horfiind' t GtrMm Tinii bas
been specially pr pared. Tbispreparatiesi
ia not oil) palatable, -dt combines, in mo-'
dined form; all tbe virtues of tbe Uermsti
Bitterr. In cases of langaor v excessive
aVhilfty,' where the system appear to have
become rxhansttd ef its energies', fjao -xnastd'a
To'ale acts' with almost mart J
sloas effect. Itgivra'strrngtb lowrskneaa'
sd thro nVspoodenc to the wises.
Bat Dr. rih fsd's benefactions to ilieba.
man rare saw not confined te hi osier raedT
Cer&an Bitters, or lis invaluable
Tf'tt-e. ETs has prrpared anSifi r mediein,
wbieb h rapidly wimiog w'ay to popolar
favor beeaeew of ita lnrinc merits. Tbis
is sa. Haotlatid's riadophvllln'
Pills, a perfect sabeutote t merenry,
witboot any of merrary's evil qnelitie.
These woadetfot fills, which are intendeit
In act apoa the Liver,- are mainly rnmnee.
ed f Pndophyllin,- or to. ViUl Principle'
nt the Mkitdrake Boot ft is tbe medieia
al etrlaes of this health-giving plant.
Tre Ph-d'phTlia scs direct! on ibe UV
er. The extrsct of Mandrake eootaiaed f'
tbem ia skillfully combined with four ob(r
extracts, thos producing a pill that itflo
ence tbe entile digestive and alimentary
system,aod in itaaeiioh ia entirely' tree from'
oaosea. Possessing these mscb desirshle
qnalitie the PndephjIHn beeomee iovsla-'
able as a lNlsiollr PTtt -9C No'
Hoosebold stoald be witboat tbem. rkey
are perfectly safe, require belt twe lor aa
ordinary dose, sre proijipt aW tfficiert in.'
action, and whea osed' in connection wiia
Dr. llofifland's Gevmsd' Bitters, er Tooie,
mar be res?anled es eertsT soeciflcs in all
cases of Liver Complaint Dyspepsia or any'
el the disotder to which thesv.iem ie ord
inarily scTlji-ci.- The POiOPHY-'
LLVT rill act npna the stomach acd the'
hnsfeia, while tbe Bitters or Toole polity
the brood.
&&. MmttiitS.
Iiavinf rlrov'Wed internal ivmedia for die.
ne, has gWeU ths world1 one eranly for'
ex-er"l application, ia tbs wooderfol pre
i aration Known aa
Dr. UowflaWd's Grtie6ti.
rhie Oil is a eoversigo resaedy fnr pain k
arbes nf alt kinds. Rheumatism, Neural
gia, Toothache, Chilhlaios, Sprains and'
Barns, Fain in the Sack aad Loios, Ring-
I nal applicatinn. Tbe namber Of care ef
.una. a-o . Aa . aa. all tim ia it.
fected by it is estoniahing, and ibey are
iorreasiog eVary day.-
Taken internally, it ia a ear far Heart,
burns, .Sidney Dieeaaes, Sick Headaches,
Coli- Dysentery,- Cholera Jlorba', and
Cramp Pains in the stomach, Colds, As-'
thma. Ac.
Tbs Greek Oil is composed entirely of
healing gtims a"nd ssaeoiial oils. Tbe princ
ipal ingrediednt ie an oily snhetane. pro
cured io the southern part of Greece. Iuf
effect aa des-royerof pain' are truly magiv
ral. Tbontands have been' beaefitted by'
ita owe. and a trial by those who are skspt-"
ieal will thoroothiy oaovioce thsnt sf iUC
inestimabls value.
Tbea remedies will as Sbt by express to
any locality, npon epplicatfon lo tbe prin
cipal office, at the German Jledicioe, Store,
Ne C31 Arch street, Phils, .
CHAS. M. EVA VS. r.-op'r.
formerly O. M. Jacksoa k Co. .
The remsdiet are for sals by Drsgtisi-,
Btnrektvprre.aiJ tnHhrios tfeslsrf

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