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FRIDAY. . . . AnsrtiKt !, IS71.
P. M. WEDDELL, of Montgomery.
It. B. SILVER, of Columbiana.
SAMUEL E. ADAMS, of Cuyahoga.
THOMAS EVANS, Jr., of Delaware.
J. W. STIXCHC05IB, of Hocking.
vr -n . .-v. ll ra..,, ,
DE. SOLOMON HOWARD, of Athens, i
A HZ A ALDERMAN, of Morgan.
W. B. CHADWICK. of Franklin.
For Representative,
For Auditor,
For Clerk of the Court,
For Sheriff,
For Commissioner,
For Infirmary Directo. ,'
IT . P. D E ARB 0"R N .
For Coroner,
AH voters in Washington Coun
tv, who are favorable to the organ
ization of a Prohibition Party in
Fid County, arc invited to attend a
C ounty Convention, to be held at
Court noose, in Marietta, on
Friday, September 1st, 1S7U
at one o'clock P. M., fr the puBosc
of nominating candidates ios tho
following offices, to bo voted for at
the next October election, to-wit:
County Treasurer,
Clerk of Court of Common Pleas,
Prosecuting Attorney,
Two County Cornmissionneis,
County Surveyor,
Infirmary Director.
By order of
Prohibition Senatorial Convention.
The Prohibitionists of tho 14th
Senatorial District of Ohio, com
prising Washington, Morgan aud
a nnrt nf ;oble Counties, are re
quested to be in attendance on the
Prohibition Senatorial Convention
be held in Marietta, on Friday, I
September 1st, 1S71, at three o'clock,
P.M., for the purimse of nomina-
ting a candidate for Slate Senator,
to be voted for at the approaching
October election.
By order of COMMITTEE.
hibition candidate for Governor,
will be sn Marietta, and will ad
dress the people thero on the day
cf holding the abovo Conventions.
A Word to Our Cotemporaries.
In tt is week's issue of the. Iler
nld will be fmnd an article, taken
from our Taper, over which the
Herald editor puts a heading say
ing that we withdraw our charges
ncainst Messrs. Stanton and Me
Grew. In the Democrat, of this
week, will be found an article ai
sweruig our articlo quoted by the j
and in which the Deme ;
crat quotes our charges agair.s
the Re publican candidates, and en- j
dcavors to make ;t appear that we !
changed our paper to a Prohibition j
organ becanso of certain promises
made at one time by .Messrs. fct'.n
ton and McGrew.
We will sny to the Herald that
we have not withdrawn, and tr Ul not
withdraw our charges against
Messrs. btan ton and Jlcurcw,
any other of the Republican candi- j
dates, with the exception of the one i
saying that benalor bherrtau ois-;
pensed wines and brandies to bis j
at a Columbus hotel during!
the session ol the late Xfepubiican
Sttto Convention, and with the ex
ception of the one charging A. D.
Havener with being a candidate be
fore the Republican Convention of
two years ago. In a previous issue
of our paper, wo gave our reasons
for withdrawing the charges we ex
cept, and will not occupy spaco by
reiterating. All the other charges
pre true, aud wo can provi tbeta to
be so.
To the Democrat wo will say
"fgain that Messrs. Stanton and Mc
Grew made their promises, the ooe
to give a hundred dollars toward
smarting a Prohibition paper in this
County, and the other to take
twenty copies of said paper when it
was started, long beforo wo had
nyidea of publishing a Prohibi
tion paper, and that at the time we
commenced publishing a Prohibi
tion paper those promises had long
before ceased to be binding, and
thev had lost all sympathy with
the Prohibition movement. Fur-1
t her, Messrs. Stanton and McGrew
never made their promises to as,
but to other parties, and wo knew
wo commenced publishing a
Prohibition paper'i that they would
net contribute anything toward its
uppcrt unlesp, perchanee, as ordin-1
a ry subscribers.
Our reason for changing our pa-
per into a Prohibition orjran, was
we thought the principles
the Prohibition party were right,
saw that the Democratic party
was as full of corruption as tho Ro
publican party, and that both of
them were only contending for the
spoils of office. We like to work
and vote for a principle, the carry-!
out, of which will benefit man-ijority
kind; we don't care about spending
cur life in working for and voting
this or that set of men for offi-;
ters, when their only object m
Becking the offices is to get rich off:
tho salaries and stealings. We
were never offered anythine to
change our paper into a Prohibition
and we never received any-led.
thing for eo doing excepting
ordinary patronage that the people
bestowed on us; and which we
are thankful for.
While we cannot object to our
coternporarics copying from us, we
fcsk that they come as near being
honest in their deductions from the
urticles they quote from us as their
will allow.
usaociation has been formed, under
the lead of tho ''Evangelical" m;n
to is'ers and others, who propose to
interrogate the candidates and if
their responses arc notsatif factory,
to tIevoianu, but JVlr. fancrman re
Herald, joic-cd in the blissful belief that he
had Cxed seven votes sur, for the
Republican Senatorial caucr.s. It
McCook the "new departuro"
Democratic candidate for Governor
of Ohio, attempted to fill his ap
pointment to ppeak at Chillicotlie
on the 17th, with tho follow ing cf- j
ft.cj . !
pec..i Ingram to in. v.ommerca..
xniLLicoinR, August 15.-1 ne iicn.o-
eratic meeting last night proved one of ihe
-i-wi . ,,i. m,.(v,l. 1
vartr hsd swni tbaiii-rnoon i.t Ei-Scna-
tor Alien s. It seems that Ihe lmspilalilv ;
of the excellent old Benrtur wis too iiiurh
for them. iicCotik lock the smixi, !,
after tryinS to tell I ni?rth;tig jbont a twor ,
fHSS I till I IiUl I VI U Uif lit' I JUC n ' s U . ,
His friend, came to his ri.tatec with a
. . . . ..... .. l
cuss iiiui nua two uauies. nc ltukc wb.
ho!tI of rerieriiint, tut lie look too mucii
n J etiok'd up so lie couldn't pet a word
out. Afu-r couching, crying, 0., he got
one foot on the table ud inaile out to say
thr.t the population of the United States bad
iricro.i.e.l tliirty-etht inillon dollar. Af
ter that he said he was sick and piit. The
Ileum.-rary say Koss '13 giie Mt-CX'k has
spoiled nil hopes here." ;
It seeias from the abevo, and
which is undoubtedly trite, that the
Democracy of Ohio ai ': ed to
njjKrt a man lor Governor that
can't keep sober during: the cam
paign. If McCook was running
upon a pure o'.d Democratic- plat
form, we tfcotld think it would be
hard for tho better rtion of the
Democracy to. support him while
he is conductiiifi himself in the n.an
ner described above: but now thut
he has deserted t;ie principles of
the old purty. and is tryui to run
into office on Republican principles,
nick-named Democratic, vvo do not
hesitate to predict that he will ba
cutjay all true Democr.ite.
The Hrpulilirans of tlcvrland in Tronble
Tilt Canddatn litf lln Ifsisla
tnre Tk&gtA to tiie rpeal of Hit Liq
uor Laws of O'iio Ad ABll-Etpcal s
toriation formrd Senator SlitrmaD and
the llcjiuLIiran Lr;is!alive Candidates
HaTin: a "liiili Old 1 ime" on ihe Lnit
cd States Cnltrr "ShcrBan."
The Ohio Statesman, of tho 17th,
contained the following :
Tho Clevelund republicans seem
to be in u bad way over their legis
lative nominations. The five can
didates for the Senate and Houst,
it is understood, have generally
pledged themselves to tho Germans
and saloon-keepers to vote for a re-
peal of tho Liquor laws. This get
ting noised about, an anti-repeal
an independent tiektt will be put
in the field. The Herald and Leader
have pad-Iocke'd the mouths of the
Republican candidates by telling
them they must decline to answer
all questions. It looks now as if
there would be a three cornered
Legislative fight in Ciiysboxa. All
this must trouble Mr. John Sher
man, patient and bland as he is. A
few weeks ago, he captured the Re
publican candidates in Cleveland,
impressed the United States reven
ue cutter "Sherman" into his ser
vice, and took the whole batch off
to Pat-in ba3 on a champaigne
frolic. They had a "high old time,"
lasting from Saturday ever Sunday
until Monday morning, when they
returned in a hcad-cehey condition
is possible ite revcu gi uia -nioitai
el-ment" will
cfTect this calcula-
A Poor Argument.
orders not
couragemeiit to Prohibition in or
friends der to get Republicans to vote fur
parly, that would load Iheni to
j care wnich of the two hold the
; power? Besides, w hut difference is
there between these political pur
when ; ties at this time, that one cannot as
i well be trusted with the power as
j the other ? There is no such or
f ganization existing in Ohio as the
jDeniocralic party of past j-cars.
j That old party has been disbanded,
I and the one that is organized to
beeause J day is but of a few months exist
ed ence, and is but Republicanism un
Wo der a new name. The fact is they
laro two parties, holding to the
; same principles, and quarrelling as
j to which of the two shall have the
! spoils of office. But what need a
Prohibitionist caro where tho ma
in of bis foIlow-Prohibitionists
come from ? All he needs to know
; or care is that they are Probibition
fnr ists, that they are working for the
sumo object that he is. 11 ho fiuds
that tho majority are thoso who
j were his old political comrades, 60
j much the better; it does not take
! 60 long for h:m to becomo acquaint
paper, But we have an idea there
thclwillbea groat many who were
! members of the old Democratic par
have ty that will cast their votes for
Prohibition this Fall. Those who
j were Democrats fioru principle will
not bo able to support the so-called
j Democratic ticket sow m the field;
j and as great numbers of them are
temperance men, they will eventu
depra7ity tally fall into tbe Prohibition ranks.
Tho Marietta
Jlnifttr, cf
wecit, teils
1 1 ir c IT'ir-.ti "i rot.'
become Piohilitioni, i
aathey will thereby throw the pvw
cr into the hands ot the Democrats; I
that tho Democrats only civo en
t. Thin, it occurs la us. it. one of
the poorest of arguments. What
. ' , i - i
diCerenco does .t ma wh.-.-h ci
the old parties are m power c far ,
a3 the question of Prohibition o
temperance is concerned ? Neith
er ot them dare take a position ev
en in favor of enforcing the pres
ent Liquor Laws cf tba State.
Both of them, in their State Con
ventions, have eorrendered to the
lagr boer and whisky interests by
nominating lager beer aud whisky
men for important Slate cCices.
Tho Republican party has been
; most shameful in this surrender,
having not only nominated three
lager beerand whisky men for State
officers, but in certain localities,
such as Cleveland, nas pledged H
candidales for the Legislature to
;he repeal of the State Liquor l.aw
we now nave. Under such Circum
stances, what can the Lei it-vers in
the principle of Prohibition expect
I from the Republican or Democratic
The Republican party, as all know,
paid court to the German Liberals by
nominating Jacob Mueller for Lieu
tenant Governor. Thesa German Lib
erals believe in free Sundays, free La
ger, Ac. The following is a descrip
tion of one of these free Sundays, with
plenty ot Lncer sold free of all inter
feronce of officers of the law. in New
ark, Jf J., as described in last 21oa
day's New YorkA'sn:
vcBterd.v lasrer flowed 1
- - .TiisiT" in e- 1
no water on mo iiiii. in -.it..-,
..i, fi, .J,-.,.
i .u 1 '' 1 . i
, . "
"n1 undertaker Vf as given
emplovmonl. In tho afternoon
patrirk oi'ricn and Daniel 2c-
Guire, youns; Hibernians, qaar-
II . T I I 1 1 1
relied in Bloonifield avenue, and
agreed to finish with a stand-up
fight. They had several
rounds, but the police interfered
and arrested O'Brien. Snbscqueut
!v LIcGuire was arrested id Ferrv
v "
street, whero he was trying to pick
up another fight. . 11:8 lace
was frightfully beaten, and his
clothing covered with blood.
Doni Massena, an Italian youth,
who boards in Garside 6lreet, in an
organ-grinders' hoarding louse,
disputed with a brother musician.
I'ho latter seized a club and struck
him on the bead, cutting open the
In the afternoon, while Georgo
Wilson, an old man living in Shan
dley's court, was returning from a
i-aloon drunk, he chased a small
child. In running ho slipped and
tell, striking his head on the edge
of a curbstone. 11 is skull was frac
tured, and the physician pronoun
ces hie injures fatal.
The floboken Glee Club and the
Williamsburgh Arion Singing Soci
ety were entertained in Erb's Clin
ton Hill Garden. In the evening
Chinese lanterns illuminated the
garden and fireworks were sent up,
but tho chief of police put a slop to
that. Many arrests were wade for
drunkenness and breach of the
peaco. No murder, nowevor, has
been commuted, up to 11 o'clock.
How do the the temperance men of
the Republican party like the idea of
continuing: to rote for o party that up
holds such soenes, as abuve described,
on Sunday, or any oilier day, by nom
inating surh inpn as Mueller tor im
portant offices?
Williams, the Republican
Candidate for State Auditor,
Not Reformed.
Heretofore, our readers " are
aware, we have charged Williams,
the Republican candidate for State
Auditor, with beijg a notorious
drinking character. We done so
in order to 6how tho people that
tho Republican part- is disposed to
court the liquor vote and pay re
gard to the whisky and beer inter
ests equally with the Democratic
party. So far, cur charges against
Wiiiiamsj and also against Mueller,
Republican candidate for Lioutun
ant Governor, and Ilosmer, Repub
lican candidato for Board ot Public
Works, have not been denied by
any Republican paper in Ohio; but,
on the other hand, we find tho fol
lowing in tbe Prohibition Era, cf
last week, from the pen of a citizen
of Culumbas, l.ot oLiy reiterating
our charge against Wiliiar.io, but
stating that he has not reformed ia
any particular :
COLUMBUS, O., Aug. 12, 1871.
11 claim for a moment
iMhat he ha, in respect to his driiikinz
Uw.9t b'eeome'to any extenr tC
torn,e(i so that no Christian or tcm-
Editor Er.A : In an article hyaeor
respondent of the Era, dated at Medi
na, Aug. od, I noticed the following:
"And some have expressed a reluct
ance in votinc for the nominee (Re
publicanj for .Slate Auditor unless thy
car iatiafy themselves that hehas re
formed." In reply to the aLove I vou'd state
that 1 have known Dr. Williams, Re
publican candidate for Stale Auditor,
personally and otherwise, for more
l"sn 1 ZVlll-V?. , Dccn ?
riitu vi f uuiuus, aim atcoiu-
in(Jto my kcowied
in, te is not, in s
e and opinion of
any sense of th
term, a temperance man. rracticallv.
1 know he is not, and, judging from
Lis former and present places of con-
slant an.i nai.nuai rescri no man in
perar.ee man can consistently vote for
him upon grounds of temperance.
Wo have many Republicans lure
in Morgan County that havo de
clared, time aud again, that they
would not vote for such men ns
Williams, Mneller, and nosmer, no
matter what party nominated them.
Wo have often heard many of our
Republicans say "they would not
support a drinking man lor any
office." Now, fellow-citizen of t'Je
Republican p:irty, will you kei-t
your word ? Hero i- r.buiniant ev
idence th:it the Republican part
has iiorr.intited three drinking men
fr important State offices, ro Re
publican paper in the statu daring
to deny it, and you must cither fal
sify your claim to being temper
ance men, according to j our own
definition of a temperance man, or
clso j-ou will not support them.
We again call the attention uf the
McConnelsvillo Herat J t these
three Republican candidates. It
will be remembered that that pa
per had a platform ot the head of
its editorial columns before the
holding of the Republican Slate
Convention, resolving that it would
not support any man for office that
was in tho habil of using intoxicat
ing liquors a a beverage. On the
appearance of tho Republican State
ticket in tho Herald, the platform
disappeared, and on our charging
that tho reason therefor was that
tho platform and ticket would not
correspond, their platform roap-
peared with the explanation that
it had been accidentally pied. We
notice that the platform has disap
peared again, and we wonder if it
has been accidental!! vied this limo,
or if the Herald has concluded that
it wont do to longer hold up Wil
Mains, Mueller and Hosnior as tem
pera nco men. Will the Herald
statu its honest convictions relative
t3 theso men as tcmpcranco men?
Docs the Herald continue to say
that it wco't support any man lor
omen that is in the httbit of using
intoxicating liquors as a beverage?
Or, has it honesty enough to avow
that its pretenses to being a torn
perance paper, as one would be led
to believe by its old platform, were
ail enamr
The Ohio Democratic Law of
Civil Damages.
Tho Temperance Patriot
lished at X. Y.) says :
"We see by resolutions of the Cuya
hoga County, Ohio, Prohibition Con.
vention, that the Ohio Law, (the sev
enth and tenth sections of which are
now being enforced so enectually
against the liquor dealers, by holding
them responsible in damages for tbeir
inlamous work.) was passeu in 1654,
when the Democrats had a majority of
ae two-thirds in both branches of
T 1 . - i 4. .1
the Legislature, u e lea.n from the
same source that the law was amend
edinlSTO. Desiring fully and at all
times "t give the devil his due," we
would he glad to know whether the
seventh pnd tenth sections, as thy
now stand, are as they were parsed by
that Democratic legislature. Will the
TitoaiBiTios Era please inform us?"
We very willingly comply, and
we do so more readily because we
wish tu havo our readers fairly in
formed on the subject. Republican
politicians are endeavoring to de
ceive temperance voters by claim
ing the civil damage net as a Re
publican measure, and are trying
to deter them from voting the Pro
hibition ticket, because they say it
will det?at th.9 Republicans and
elect tho Democrats to power and
thus cause a repeal of this kw. So
f-r from it, the original law was
passed by the Democrats before ev
er the Republican p.irly was born,
and during the twelve years that
the Republicans held tho Leg
islature, they did liothing to
strengthen the law, but when tbty
were sent out of power, the Legis
lature improved it by amendment.
The Republican party would never
have :ssed it and have had noth
ing to do -with it as a party. If
they get the power they will be
the most likely to repeal it at the
dictation of the lager beer wing of
tho party. The following sections
aro a part of the act passed by the
Democratic Legislature of Ohio,
May 1, ISol, entitled "An Act to
provide against tho evils resulting
from the sale of intoxicating liq
uors in tho Slate of Ohio." (Swan
und Crit' l fii-hi's Revised Statutes,
pa'e 1433-4) :
fv.'Ct'oii VII That every wife.
eliiM. p.tr tit, guardian, employer,
or other pv mn, who shall bo in-
jiireil in person or properly, or
moans of support, by any intoxicat-
d person, or i:i consequence of
tho intoxication, habitual or other
wise,of any person, such wife, child,
parent, guardian, employer, or oth
er person, shall have a right of ac
tion in his or her own name, against
any person who shall by selling in
toxicating liquors contrary to this
act, have caused the ii toxication of
such person, for all damages actu
ally sustained, as well as exempla
ry damages; and a married woman
shall have the same right to bring
suit, prosecute and control tlia same, !
and tho a mount recovered, tnosai.ie
as if a feme sole, and all damages
recovered by a minor, under this
act, shall po pr.id, cither to such
minor, or to his or her parent, guar
dian, or next friend, ns tl.e court
fhall direct, and all saiH for dam
ages, under this act, 6haU bo by a
civil action, in any of tho court, ol
this State, bavic jurisdiction there
of. Section X. That for .ill Gne3 end
costs assessed against any person
or persons, for any violation cf this
act, the real estate and personal
property of such person or persons,
of every kind, without exemption.
6hall be liubio for tho payment
thereof; and all such fines and costs
shall be a lien upon such real estate
nr. til paid. And incase :;ny such
person or persons shall rent or
lease any building cr premises, and
knowingly suCer tho same to be
used and occupied for the sn'a of
intoxicating liquors, contrary to
this act, such building and premi
ses so leased und occupied, shall be
he'd liablo for, and may be sold to
pay all fines and costs assessed
against the person occupying snch
building or premises, for any vio
lation ol this act; and in case such
building or premises bulong to any
minor, insane person, or idiot, the
guardian or guardians of such min
or or minors, or insane person or
idiot, who has control cf such build
ing or premises, shall bo liable for,
and aceocr.t to such ward or wards,
insane person cr iJiot, for all dam
ages in conscqvietito cf the use and
occupation of such building and
premises, and liabilities lor such'
fines and costs as aforesaid.
This is the original text of the
two sections precisely as they first
passed the Legioluturo in 1S54
: when tho Demoo! s;ta bad a clear
i;f.t':-. Ill:
t" r.'eout two-thirds in
sn.! SenuV, over Whirrs
iol r.'il.is .-I fii bi tstr'l. Of
it tfiriiioi. bee-tiled atnythinjr
el.c but a Democratic rat ty l:nv
Tti:it party n responsible for first
plaviiij- the jirmt-ijile fn lh bttitute
book of Olno, of compensation for
tho injuries caused by tho liquor
trnffic, by n civil action tor dama
ges. The present Legislature, elect-
nrt in IRHfl rnmnoned of threo nar.
ties, KepublicanB, Dcmrcrnts, and J
Keformera, neither having control,
passed some jrood amendaaents to
th28o two sections, tho principal one
extending the provisions of Eection
tea to the judgments recovered in
civil uctions, and making them also
liens on tho dramvshop premises.
Prohibition Era.
Tho most sensible strikers we
have yet heard of are the factory
girls of Lowell. They have resisted
their employers, but unlike many
men, do not propise to sit down
waiting for their demands to bo
complied with, and in the meantime
exist on the charily of their sympa
thizing laboring friendu. They
have issued an address concluding
in this manner: "Wo are working
now at our notice can turn oiy
hands to almost anything-don't like
to bo idle, but determined not to
worK for nothing when folks can
afford to pay. Who wants help?
Wo can make bonnets, dresses, pud
dings, pies, slew, fry, knit, roast,,
make butter and ct-ecse, milk cows
and feed chicken, boo corn, sweep
out tho kitchen, put tho parlor to
rights, split wood, kindle fires,
wash and iron, besides being fond
of babies. lho lactory owners
should hold on to girls who are as
sensible as these have proved them
Selves to be.
& lo.,
Sealers in
Given to taa
Farming Implement
r.Tachinery Trade.
in this locality for tho ea!o of the
Mowers & Reapers,
Mower & Reaper,
and tho
Mower & Reaper,
Cook & Heating Stoves,
and odd pieces of all the varieties of Cook
Stoves in the country; il kinds of Thresh
ing Machine Castings ; also clt Kettles,
anil Salt Flanges, Sugar Hetties. I'ots, Grid
dles, Skillets, aliout twen'y ii;!erent pnt
ernsofriow Tointi. Machine Cainrs for
Steamboats, Saw Mills, Salt T."orks, lloir
ers and Reaper ; also Cast Iron t'iiimrcy
Tops, Window Caps, Cllsr Winuow drat
and alio ( u3t Iron Legs fur belioul
house Desks end Seats.
Have eonstaTit'y on hand, fanr-farliired
their on.cr. ail mtcnor oil in-ware, Stovt
Trimrr.rr.3, &c.
Mannfactr.rcrs cf Wnter Twcers, Mandrill
bwetljes, Ac., for Blacksmiths.
Itememher the Place :
Sotli-west Side of the Public Square
North Bide of Center Etreet, between
East and Penn streets,
LicCcnneisvi'le, Ohio,
1st Jenkins imports his own pood
and is thereby able to undersell all
who purchase at second hand.
2nd. He has the largest establish
ment, and most complete variety of
goods in fouth l:isterii I'hio, and you
areenaJded to get just what you want
do not have to take just what yu
can get.
3rd. Living amongst us, Jenkins
he lps to build up the business of the
community, and it is no more than
right that community should build
him up instead of going off to Zanes
ville, or some such point to buy your
.A-t Jenkins' in
AprU jl.lSH-tf.
5fa.r3toa.rc ! Sfobes ! Iii)to.in ! Fa.tti)ii)g Uieijsils !
Wet-eilo of Bell Street, Malta, Ohio, keeps a well selected assortment of
Special attention given to the trade in Stoves and Stove Trimmings.
Agent for the sale ot the celebrated "Clipper Mower & Reaper." Everything
sold low for cash. ! April 21, 1871 -ly.
Dry Goods Merchant, South-east corner of Front and Eell Sta., Malta, Ohio, has
always on hand a complete block of
Cay New Goods received regularly, as a flourishing trade demands. Every
thing sold at the lowest cash ligure. Country Produce taken in exchange for
goods. April 21, 1871 ly.
J. M. r.OGEUS & CO.,
Front St., near the Bridge, Malta, Ohio, keep constantly on hand
ftci, -foils, 6ii3S, Sqildtycj ?jfatojM qiiy &c
235-.41 1 Orders Proiupllr Attended Tla
April 21,'lS71-ly.
lixitledgc & Ilailey.
Alters' Block, Xo. 56 Main Street, ZanesTllle, Oblo,
ITave opened a complete Slock cf Velvets, Body and Tapestry Brnsse!.", Extra Su
pers, SrperHnes, Medium Super. Ingrain. Venetians, Dutch 'Woo!, Cottage, Hemp,
dJ Rag Carpets. ALSO Wall Papers. Window bIihuVs Matt. Eus, Oil Cloths Ac.
Agents lor Marbleized Mantles. AVe invite the Public to call anJ examine car
lock. June 3, 1671.
.mih:i.ia. tots.
Persons having STEnroscoPE-s,
and those who have none should sup
ply themselves at once with one and
some of those beautiful jS'terfosCovio
Viejis ofscenes in California, along the
Faeitic Railroad, and prominent places
of interest throughout tho United
.States. They aro hi?!;!y interesting,
and a valuable acquisition to every
tain Crm ia McConr.efcvills ?tj!et thiffl.
selves en!e acent for the sale ol the
f.irm tbe public that tie above j .r U for
at the
'?io!r;ae ami retail. Alao the largest acd
bct assortmrnt of
rmit Jars. J;Ily Tunb'fn and'tcps
Farmers and all others in want of any
thirs ia the Froit-ur line will do w.-!I to
give inea call. J. S. WILSON.
For sale bv Cochran, lioiman &. Co.
June SO 2 iv.
We are going to clear out our Tar
asols this week corao and get one
cheap at Stone s.
Xotlce to Coal C'onwunieri lu
MtCoiinelsville and Malta.
Ballot: & Martin have commenced
delivering Screaned Coal, at the
above points, and will furnish to
a!l who wish in good order and c'ry.
The coal will bo boa ltd in the
Steamer Adriatic.
July 21, '7: tf
A large and varied stock of No
tions acd Fancy Goods at Stone's.
A rmsT class article of Iiichruond
Tobacco at P. bWE'EY's$, next door
th 1'ost-otfice.
J. B. STuNE keeps a full line of
real genuine Eufl'alo work for men wo
men and children, for which he can
show the papers.
liory Handle Knives !
We have just received a large lt ef
Ivory ilandlo Table, Dessert and Tea
Knifes, which will be sold nt prices
far below any ever offered in the
place. 11. B. VINCENT JiUr.O.
ESuShawl and Sliirts at Stone's.
Toe best article of Natural Leaf To
bacco at r. Sweeney's, next door to
We intend ottering, for the coming
weeks, to the people of McConnels
villeand Malta, GREAT BARGAINS
in Summer Dress Goods, Poplins, Piq
ues, Linens, Grenadines, ice.
t'HEAT Thread, ah numbers, warrant
ed to work on any machine; tlso L:es3
Cord and Knitting Col ion, always on
hand a' bill's.
A ueicl) ill tu-lt- il L i'.ar 'i'lin.I.'ing-:,
at P. SWEENEY'S, next door to Post
office. ISoad A'otl tc.
There will t e a petition presented
to the t'ommissionners of Morgan
County, Ohio, at their next sesMon,
asl.ing for a review nnd a teration in
the road 'eadinsr from Bari.hurst's
j Jli I to Chesterfieid, commencing at
the center of the road, in front of
said mi", thence a South-wester y di
rection across Wolf Creek, thence on
binds belonging to E. K. Coa'man to
the center of the present road in
front of said E. R. t'oa'man'a house.
Aug.4,IS71 4iv
New Sty'es of Round Combs and
Ladies' Collars at Sill's.
Slicriar Sale.
A. F. Whissen vs. llrnry Vt. Sewnso.
By virtue ofs vend! exponas duly it
eueil out ol the Clerk's otlice of tbe Court of
Common Picas of Morcan County, Ohio,
in tbe above entitled action, and to nia
directed, 1 will offer f.r snle at PuMic Auc
tion, at the door of the Court House in JIc
Connclsville in said County, on
Tuesday, Hie IStli Uaj f Sep
tember, A. !.. 1S1,
at 1 o'clock, r. m., of said day, the following
described Real Eatate situate in Morgan
County and Slate of Ohio, t-wit: Lot
number twenty-eight (28) in Sanborn's
third (3) addition to the Town of Stock
port. Appraistdatf 130. Terms omh .
Sheriff of X. C, Cio;
J. T. Cirw, J Sfor riaintrf.
21 LL.A.1 EOl S.
Farm for Sale !
KO acres in Union townshin 110 of
which is cleared land, 30 acres bottom,
good frame touif, log barn, good well
r.t tbe d.ior, good coal bank. Price
$;1.000. Payment easy. Mustbe sold
r.nd somebody will gi t a bargain.
For pnrticuhir, call on E. M. fetahbe
ry, MK'nnelvilIe,JJhio.
J11I7 7th, ls71-tf.
W 9
r ,
u 3?
SS '- 3
O - s
H g
0 5
a 2
Human Misery-
Just pui'liihcd.in a sealed tar
eloce. Price six 'cnt. ALec-
tcre on the Xatn-e, TieatmeEt
r.nd Radical core of seminal weakues. nr
Spermitorrhea, induced by self-abuse, in
voluntary emissions, impot.ncy, Eervcn
debi';t, and impediments to marrinje
geneial'.y ; consumption. epilepjy, and rii;
meniul an J physical incapacity, JkJ. !
T.ob. J. Cuiverw'ell, M. D., aulhcrofthe
The world-renowned author, in this ad
mirable Lecture, r'.ecrly proTes from his
own experience that theawi'al consequenc
es of sell-abase may be effectually remov
ed without medicine, and without danger
ous surgical operation, bougies, instrum
ents, rinijs, or cordials, pointing out a mode
of -uro at once certain and effectual, by
which evcrv suHerer, no matur what hi
condition c'.av be, may cur himseil chea
ply, privatelv and radically. This lecture
wi'il prove a boon to thousaudi and thous
ands. Sent under seal, in a plain envelope, to
eny address, postpaid, on receipt of 6 cents
or two postage stamps.
Also, Dr. t'ulverwell's Marriage Guide
price 2i cents.
Address the Tublishers,
t ban. J. .'. Kline A. Co.,
13T fowerv. New York. P. O. Bo4.
rntm.EI A. SA5A. Zdltoft
AHewspaereltkPTewaiTtsMfc '
IateaM lor Poeple Nw Earth.
Inetadloc Tanners. Meehaales. Hereaants, Fro
lessloaal Ilea, Woiten. Tainkere, aod ell Man
aer of Hooast ToUm, aad & Wives, Boot, sod
Dsoeliters ot all soca.
Or les tlisa One Cent a Copy. Let there be
S30 ClaB at enrj Post OOce.
of the eam size and general character at
TUB WEEKLY, bat with a creater variety ot
miscellaaeoas reading and fcrnKntnf the eewa
to its saoscribecswtth (rester fresanes. DeeaaM)
A prrfmtnent'T resdsh'e ne-wspeper. wlta tne
larzKt eircalatloo ia the world, free, lnd
pendent, sad tesrleM In politics. AH the saws
(Tom eTarjwnera. Two cenu Cop i by Uixll,
AOciuaaBuaU,orS8 a joax.
TITS copies, one year, sepamelr a! -lrr-j-.
Fear Dellanv
Tea copies. eoe yerr. swtateir ad li wsea (aod
aa extra eopj to (lie seuex up of elao).
Eisat XI el tare.
Twenty eoplee. one year. eermratelT add. weed
(aaa aa exm copy w uiesrll7r u v . '
Tlfty enpl-. one year, to one address (and to
gtau.neesJy one yesr to retter bp of elDb,
Thirty-three Delia re.
rifty eoplea, one year, separately eddressed (acd
tbe BCUl-WeaKljoaeyearto tetter ap or eiab),
TkirtT-lTe Oellmre.
One Tiapdied eorlee, eve year, to one aditrsas
and tbe Daily lor eae year to the getter m at
ciaaj. FUty Uellmre.
One hundred eoptes. one yrar. e-parately ads
dressed (ao tbelisUis lor oce year to tne ratte
sp ol clobj. Sixty Oeitmra,
Tree copies, one year, separately addt sasad.
ttlskt Xilaret
Tea eordee, one year, eeneratety addnased (and
ad extra copy to setter up of clap),
blxteea DeUatrst
In Tost Office orders, cheeks, or drarsi on Wee
York-wliereTereoDreiuent. tf not, tnea waiiiel
It leueta contalnim laoaey. Artnrest
L W. ESTJLAWO. rwbrtsbee, W
Su afflosk lew Tra Os
v SAVED I It is one ofthere
markable (acts of this remarkaMo a-re,not
merely that so many persons are the victims
of djpepia or indigestion, bat its willing
victims. Now, we wimld not bennd-ntoorl
to my thataDy one regards dyspepsia with
fav jr, or feels disposed to rank it amon
the luxuries ol life. Far from it. Those
w!io have experienced its torments would
scout such an idea. Mark Tapley, who was
jolly under all the tryio circumstances in
which he was placed, never had an attack of
dyspepsia, or his jollity would have speedi
ly forsaken him. Mea and women some
times suffer its tortures uncomplainingly,
hat whoever beard o! a person who enjoyed
them I Of all the BiuItifarioQ diseases tj
which the human system is liable, there is,
perhaps, none eo generally prevalent asdy
pepsia. If there is a wretched being in the
world it is
A Confirmed Dyspeptic t
But it is not onr intention to descant on
ihe horrors cf Dyspepsia. We have said
that djspepsia is perhaps the most univer
sal of hamun disease?. This is emphatic
ally the case in the United Stales. Wheth
er this weneral nrevalencfl in ?na In fha
character of the food, the method of its
preparation, or the baity manner in which
it is usually swallowed, is not our nrovinra
to explain. The grest fact with which wa
are called todejl is this :
Dyspepsia Prevailt
almost universally. Nearly evety other per
son you meet is a victim, and apparently
a willing one ; for were not this the case,
why so many sufferers, when a certain spec
dy and safe reaif dy is within the easy
reach of all who desire to avail themselves
of it ? But ibe majority will cot. Blind
ed by prejudice, or deterred by some other
unexplained influence, they refuse to ac
cept the relief proffered them. They torn
a deaf ear to the testimony of the thous
ands whose sufferings have been alleviated,
and with strange infatuation, appear to
cling with desperate determination to their
ruthless tormentor. Bat ssys a dyspeptic:
What is this remedy T to which we reply :
This great alleviator of human snfjl-riug" is
almost as widely known as the K''; !'..;! lan
guage. It has allayed the apnie ft thou
sand?, and is to-day carrying comfort and
encouragement to tliousund of others.
This acknowledged pnnacea i3 none oiher
Tlum Dr. JIoofLnili German Litters.
Won'd you know mote of the merits of
this wonderful medicine than can be learn
ed from the experience of others T Try i
ycar3elf, and when it has failed to falGil
the measure of its efficacy given by the
proprietor, then abandon faith in it 1
Let it He liememlereJ,
Crst of aTI, that KOOFLAXD'S German
Bitters is not a rum beverage. They are
not alcoholic in any sense of the" term. .
The are composed wholly of the pure juice
or vital principle of toots. This inot a
mere assertion. I be extracts from which
they are compounded are prepared by one
of th? ablest German chem'Sts. Unlike a
ny other Bitters in the market, they are
wholly free from spirituous ingredients.
1'he objections which bold with so much
force against preparations of this class.
namely that a drsiie for intoxicating;
drink3 istimulaied by tbeir use. are not
valid ia the case of the German Bitters.
So far from enconregi&g or inculcating a
taate or desire for inebriating beverages,
it may be confidently aserled that their
tendency is in a diametrically opposite di
rection. Their effects can be
Beneficial Oa'y
in all cacs of the biliary system. Hoof
lacd's German Bitters stand without an e.
qua), acting promptly and tignrouoly ripen
the Liver; they remove its torpidity and
cause healthful secretion of bile thereby
supplying the stomach with the most indis
pensable elements of sound digestion io
proper proportions. They give tone to the
stomach stimulating its funclinna, and
enabling it to perform its duties as ubtare
designed it should do.
77.y Purifj t? Llood,
cleansing tbe vital fluid of all hnrtfnl imp
urities and supplanting them with the ele
ments of genuine healthrulness. Bat in
that most generally prevalent, distrwainj,
and dreaded disease, Dyspepsia,
They Stand Unrivaled.
Now. thre are certain cla3ses of persons
to whom extreme Bitters aie cot 07 nn
palatable, but who Cud it impossible to
take them without positive discomfort
Fcrsuch Dr. Jlccfiands Gn-man Tonic bus
been specially prepared. This preparation
is not ct.!y palatable, hut combims, in mo
dified form, all the virtues of the German
Bitter?, in cases of languor or excessive
debility, where the system appears to have
become exhausted of its energies. Iloa-
' (land's Tonic acts with almost marvw
I BiM.- t tYant tt fvivpa Qlrrntth tnirpalinKl
and throws despondency to the winds.
But Dr. Koofiaad's benefactions to thehn-.
man race are not confined to his celebrated
German Hitters, or his invaluable
Tonic, ile has prepartd another medicine,
which is rapidly winning way to popular
favor becnose of its iutrinsic merit. This
V3w laooCand'M PodopliTM'a
I!!, a perttct substitute for mercury,
without any of mercury's evil qualities.
These wonderful Pills, which are iattndtd
to act upon the Liver, are mInly compos
ed of Podopbyllin. or tbe Vital Principle
of the ilanjrake Boot. It 13 the nv dieir.
al virtues of this health-giving plant.
The Fhodopbyllin acis directly on the Liv
er. The extract of Mandrake contained in.
them is skillfully combined with lour oiher
extracts, thus producing a pill that influ
ences tbe entiie digestive and alimentary
system, and in its act ion is entirely free from
saasea. Possessing these much desirable
qualities, the Podophjllin becomes iuvaln
ahleasa Family PILL. tt No
Household should be without them. They
are perfectly safe, require bat two for an
ordinary dose, are prompt and efficient in
action, and when used in connection with
Dr. Hoofland's German Bitters, or Tonic,
may be regarded as certain specifics in all
c ises of Liver Omplaint Dyspepsia or any
of the disoiders to which the system is ord
inarily subject. The FO'DOrilm
LLLY Pills act upon the stomach acd the
bowels, while the Bitters or Tonic purifj
the blood.
having provided internal remedies for dis
eases, has given the world one inaiily for
externa! application, in the wonderful pre
laration koon as
Dr. Hoofland's Greek OH.
This Oil is a sovereign remedy for pains 4
aches of all kinds. Rheumatis-m, Neural
gia, Toothache, Cliilliloins, Sprains and
Burns, Pain iu the Back and Loins, B'lDg
wonn, Ac , Ac , 4c, all yield to its exter
nal application. The number of cures ef
fected by it is astonishing, and they are
ioi reasiiig evsrj day.
Taken internally, it is a cure for ITeart.
burnsj iidney Di.-ea.ses, Sick Ueadacheg,
OoIL-, Dysentery, Cholera Jiorbu-", and
Crump, Pains in the stomach, Colds, .As
lima. See.
The Greek Oil is composed entirely of
hciliug gnms ai d essential oils. The princ
ipal ingrediednl is an oily substance. pro
mred in the southern part of Greece. Its
! t fleets as des'-royerof pain are truly mgi
t al. Thousands havb been benefitted by
iis use. and a triol by th?e wbotre skept
ical will thoroughly convince them of its
inestimable value.
These remedies will be sent try express to
any locality, upon application to the prin
cipal oEice, at the German Jlediciue Store,
No 631 Arch street, Phil u
C1IAS. M. EVAXS. Prop'r.
Formerly C. M. Jackson i Co.
These remedies are for sale by Druggists..
Ci.1uii Anil tti fvl 1 f i n a tlM!dpt uw.
where. . '

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