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FRIDAY Sept. 1st, I8T1,
P. M. WEDDELL, of Montgomery.
L. B. SILVER, of Columbiana.
8AMUEL E. ADAMS, of Cuyahoga.
THOMAS EVANS, Jr., of Delaware.
J. W. STINCHCOMB, of Hocking.
W. B. CHAD WICK, of Franklin.
Fop Representative,
For Auditor,
For Clerk of the Court,
For Sheriff,
For Commissioner,
For Infirmary Director,
For Coroner,
Platform of the National Prohibition
Adopted at the Chicago Convention, Sept'r.
2, 1869.
Weibias, Protection and allegiance are
reciprocal duties, and every citizen
who yields obedience to the just com
mands of tus government is entitled
to the full, complete and perfect pro
tection of that government in the en
joyment of personal security, person
al liberty, and private property, and
Whirs is, The traffic in intoxicating
drinks greatly impairs the personal
security and personal liberty of large
masses of citizens, and renders pri
vate property insecure, and
Wberras, The existing parties are
hopelessly unwilling to adopt an ad
equate policy on this question, there
fore we, in national convention as
embled, as citizens of this free re
public, sharing in the duties and re
sponsibilities of its government, in
' the discharge of a solemn di'ty we
Owe to our country and our race,
. unite in the following declaratioa of
rrinciples :
. That while we acknowledge the
pure patriotism and profound states
manship of those patriots who laid
broad and deep the foundations of this
government, securing at once the
rights of the States severally and their
inseparable union by the Federal Con
stitution, we would not merely garnish
the eepulchers of our republican fath
er, but we do hereby renew our sol
emn pledge of fealty to the imperish
able principles of civil and religious
liberty embodied in the Declaration of
American Independence and our Fed
eral Constitution.
2. That the traffic in intoxicating
beverages is a dishonor to Christian
civilisation, inimical to the best inter
ests of society, a political wrong of un
equaled enormity, subversive of the
ordinary objects of government, hot
capable of being regulated or restrain
ed by any system of liocnBe whatever,
but imperatively demanding for its
suppression effective legal prohibition
both by State and National Legisla
tion. 3. That in view of this, and irasmuch
as the existing political parties either
oppose or ignore this great and para
mount question, and absolutely refuse
to do anything toward the suppression
of the rum traffic, which is robbing the
nation of its brightest intellects, des
troying its material prosperity, and ra
pidly undermining its very founda
tions, we are driven by an imperative
sense of duty to sever our connection
with these political parties, and to or
canise ourselves into a National Prohi
bition Party, having for its primary
object the entire suppression of the
trafSo in intoxicating drinks.
4. That while we adopt the name of
the National Prohibition Party, as ex
pressive of our primary object, and
while we denounce all repudiation of
the public d.'bt, and pledge fidelity to
the principles of the Declaration of In
dependence and the Federal Constitu
tion, we deem it inexpedient to give
prominence to other political issues.
5. That a Central Executive Commit
tee of one from each State and Terri
tory and the District of Columbia, be
appointed by the Chair, whose duty it
shall be to take such action as in their
judgment will beet promote the in
terests of the party.
Plain Speaking.
The Free Methodist believes m
smoking church members out of
tbe liquor business, especially mem
bers of its own church. In a late
article, after alluding to the people
of the business, it proceeded in the
following bold and specific terms
"Jjiquor-sellinir, is fast becoming
to bo regarded by men of principle
as a crime, and as the parent of
ensse. Those who engage in this
trafflo, whose fruits are evil, and
only evil, do by that act forfeit all
claims to admission to respectablo
society. Ham-sellers want conn
tenant and the church wants mon
ey. Hence, we see, in some instan
ees, those whose business it is to
damn their fellow-men, exerting a
controlling influence in the church,
whose professed object is to save
men. In .Rochester, N. Y., tbe
nost genteel, fashionable drarr
selling establishment, the Osborne
House, is owned by a prominent
member of the First Methodist
Episcopal Church.
Iq Wilkesbarre. Fenn., tbe lead
ing botel is owned by a leading
communicant of tbe same denorni
cation. We are not prepared to
say in bow many other places tbe
same thing exists. In these Meth
odist dram-shops, without doobt,
many a man, who would have
Phnnned the low groggery. has ta
ken the first step that led him
down to a drnnkard's grave and a
drunkard's helL The more vice
that is clad in the raiment of re
spectability, the more dangerous
does it become. It ceases to b a
wonder that the sons of devout
Methodist preachers in some cases
become inebriates when tbey can
form, in the houses of the brethren,
the terrible appetite that has prov
ed the ruin of so many of the strong
and the promising.
Bt.ut have beea scarce at all tbe wat
trfnf ptaoet ibis year. It hss aaeajio on
eooRtotJ sight to see fow wonsea laying
kefs Of CBS DB. .
Mass Meeting of the Prohibitionists.
The Ohio Statesman, ot Monday,
gives the following account of the
Prohibition Mass Meeting held at
Columbus on last Saturday :
'-The Prohibition Mass Conven
tion, at the City Hall, Saturday af
ternoon, was quite well attended.
Mr. Charles O. Fields occupied t,he
chair and stated tbe object of tbe
meeting, and Mr. W. is. Oakley
acted as Secretary.
Mr. J. A.. Spencer, of Cleveland,
had been aunounced as one of tbe
speakers, but a letter was read from
him explaining that other engages
inents prevented him from being
present, and expressing sympathy
with the Prohibition cause. This
was followed by a speech from Ma
jor Stincbcombe, the candidate of
the parly for Attorney General.
Hon. Gideon T. Stewart, tbe Pro
hibition candidate for Governor,
then addressed the meeting at con
siderable length, and quite impres
sively, the audience giving earnest
attention. Mr. Stewart expressed
his pleasure at meeting tbe friends
of tbe temperance cause, and im
pressed upon his bearers that mor
al courage was what they wanted
whether they were many or few.
He went bacfc over the history of
tbe Stat 9 for several years, referred
to the temperance cause when it
was a very insignificant movement,
and congratulated the audience on
the fact that tbis was a progressive
age. He related how the last Leg
lulature under the control of tbe
Whig party, although there was a
majority in it sympathizing with
the temperance people, was afraid
to legislate in tho interest of tem
perance, because the opposite party
might use their action as an elec
tioneering document to carry the
noxt .Legislature. Jar. bteart
spoke of tbe Main law agitation of
18o4, and endorsed the law giving
the tight of action to recover any
damages or any injury inflicted by
the liquor traffic. It is not confined
to women and ehildren only,
although mainly for their benefit.
It was passed in obedience to the
prayer of ibe women of Ohio, and
he could not think of a more touch
ing occasion than that convention
ot women of Ohio meeting here and
sending in their petitions imploring
the .Legislature to give them a Iar
for their protection against the
horrors of tbe liquor trafic.
Mr. btewart said in conclusion :
We don't care what the political
parties say we are not fighting
them; we are fighting ths dram
shops. W e will go ahead and dare
to do right. Though few in num
bers, we are gathering strength.
This is the second year of the Pro
hibition parly. Last year we cast
twenty-five thousand votes in suv-
eu States. If we do our duty we
can cast those twenty-five thousand
voles here in Ohio. (Applause.)
And if we don't cast iweotv-five
thousand, we will cast a vote that
will astonish all tbe great political
parties, that now look with con
tempt upon our movement. Why,
Prohibition is extending all over
the State, A Convention is called
for in almost every county in the
Stale; there are very few counties
that will not have their candidates
in tbe field, and from a hat I learn
of tbe progress in your county, I am
satisfied that Franklin will do her
whole duty.
The convention adjourned after
deciding to hold a meeting to nom-
nate a sandidate for Senator from
Franklin and Pickaway counties.
The celebrated John Foster
somewhere remarks that be held
there existed between man and
God countless millions of races ris
ing in successive gradation. He
held that mac formed the lowest ol
these grades, for he did not believe
thai a rational race could be created
between man and brute.
Tbe following scene seems a sad
illustration of tbe lust remark.
Looking ont from our wudow on a
certain Sabbath afternoon, we saw
a cloth spread upon the grass un
der the shade of a tree. Tbe table
was placed on the clolh, chairs ar
ranged, and the good things of
earth were soon seen spread on
the table in silver dishes ai.d cut
glass goblets. There were wine,
sugars, beer, brandy, and various
kinds of simple eatables.
Tbe family and guests to the
number ot fcil or eight gathered
round the tab'e. They were a jol
ly, fat locking company, reminding
one of the refrain of childhood.
Old King Cole." They ate, thoy
drank, tbey smoked in succession,
without the troublesome delay ol
asking a blessing, even as short as
Charles Lamb's famous "Grace be
fore meat." After eating, drinking
and smoking, tbey ate, drank and
smoked again and again.
It was plain that the physical
was gradually getting tbe mastery,
and the intellectual gradually
yielding to the power of frequent
potations. By and-bye one bead
began to droop on 'the spacious
Teutonic breast, es the sunflower
drocps towards the hour of setting
sun. The long, loud talking began
gradually fo lessen, and another
head became recumbent on the
breast. One by one yielded, until
all were asleep; and tbe scene re
called a herd of well-fed oxen, aft
er filling themselves; reposing amid
their rich pastures.
To such a pass, blotting out the
Sabbath will bring, the souls ol
men. Instead o! lifting up tbe
soul, attiring. it and spiritualizing
u lor the upper temple service, we
see tens of thousands making the
Lord's day a season for laying
aside the symbols of humanity and
rationality, and deliberately pre
paring, week after week, for assim
ilating to the crutcs.
The msane infidel eflorts put
forth with so ranch- energetic skill
and malice, at Cincinnati and Chi
cago, to wipe out the Christian
Sabbath, are fraught with perils
which awaken tbe greatest fears
for tbe future of our beloved coun
try. W Ytfrt OHtw.
How Temperance Men May
Become a Power in the
A writer is the Athens Messenger
lays down means by which Tem
perance men may become a power
in the land, as follows :
I would have you (Temperance
men) become a power in the land.
Do you ask bow that is to be ac
complished? 1 answer unhesitat
ingly, bt tbs ballot : and is no
other way I Ob, that will never
do say you. U would help the
Democrats. Or, if you happen to
live in a Democratic precinct, you
fecr it will help tbe Republicans.
Well, suppose it does; wnatofit?
Is your attachment to a party
stronger than your attachment to
the cause of Temperance ? If so,
then you are an arrant hypocrite
in donning the regalia of tbe "Sons"
or "Good Templare;" and are bear
ing false witness when you pretend
to be Prohibitionists. Have you
forgotten that we taught the four
million of liberated slaves that there
is virtue and power in the ballot?
That without the ballot they were
powerless to defend themselves
against the evil machinations of
their more enlightened while broth
ers; but with it they might protect
themselves at all timos and in all
places t
If it were true, that the ballot
could be of such service to tbe col
ored man, (and no one doubts it)
is it not also true tbat it may be
made equally serviceable in the
cause of temperance? Why is it
that less than thirty short years
since an Abolitionist could not lec
ture in this place without being
mobbed? and in those days Whits
and Democrats vied with each oth
er m displaying tbe accuracy of
their aim in hitting Abolition
speakers with rotten eggs; while
to-day you see walking ycur etreels
with tbe proud tread of freemen,
hundreds of colored citizens, who,
at tbat lime, were languishing in
tbe chains of legalized slavery !
Why this change? Was it not the
power of the Ballot that wrought
Ibis great reformation ?
Look back to the organization of
the old -'Liberty party." They
would not average ten voters in
each county throughout tbe State
for years after their organization.
but, by determined perseverance,
carelfss which of tbe other two par
lies luit'bt nave the power, tbey
gradually increased until finally
tbey carried one or two of the
northern counties, and thus found
themselves in possession ot the bal
ance of power in tbe Legislature,
with a United btates Senator to
elect. Then came the courting and
coquetting of the other two great
parties the Wbigs and Democrats
with this Goddess of Liberty who
held Ibis balance uf power ; all ot
which resulted in her uniting with
the Democracy and sending Sal
mon i. Chaso to ibe Senate of tbe
United States, and repealing tbe
so-called Black laws of Ohio. From
tbat day forward, ibe Libarlj
party became a power in tbe land ;
flirting now with tbe Democracy,
and then with the Wings, until the
demise of the old Whig party, when
she married the son and heir and
became the great Republican party;
and to-day nearly a million of en
franchised slaves cast their ballots
lo keep her in power.
Is there any reason why the
Prohibitionists shall not be equally
successful, if tbey employ tbe same
means? Lot the Temperance men
of to-day but be as true to their
cause as were the Abolitionists of
the old Liberty party, and their
triumphant success in the end is
just as cortain.
Oh, No! "Lager Beer Ain't
Those of our citizens that are
always contending that Lager Beer
ain't intoxicating, and no harm can
come of using it, will be interested
in tbe following, relative to the ex
plosion of the ferry-boat Wesifield,
at New YorK city recently, by
which one hundred lives were lost:
"It is now well ascertained that
lager beer drinking was the cause
of the terrible Westfiold disaster.
Although the boiler was defective,
a drunken engineer had been car
rying too much steam, exceeding
the amount allowed by the Inspec
tor. The testimony stows tbat ibe
boats carried lager beer from the
Staten Island breweries, and the
empty casks on board were evi
dence that the bands had drank the
beer. A witness elated that wben
he boarded the Wesifield after the
explosion, the first question was :
'Has there been any beer aboard ?'
and ascertained that there was I
The engineer drinks it whenever be
can get it, and ten years ago was
dismissed from lLo situation for
drinking. But what of ill Have
wo any right to interfere with the
"liberty" of lager beeriles I What
if hundred ol live arc suddenly
sacrificed 1 Let us save our party 1"
Pendleton Becomes a "New
In bis recent Loveiaud speech,
Geo. H. Pendleton says :
"It (the Democracy) will stand
forth now, as it always bas done,
the champion of constitutirnal gov
ernment. It will obey. It will
enforce upon all others obedience
to the constitution and all its
A tocno and newly-fledged Jus
tice of the Peace outiu Illinois was
recently called upon for the first
time to marry a couple. Ho nerv
ously looked through '-Every Man
his Own Lawyer" and '-Haines's
Towuship Laws," but failed to find
tho desired form. The crowd grew
impatient, and be told the couple
to hold np their right hands. This
done, be pronounced the following
charge: "You and each ot you do
solemnly swear that in the cause
now upon hearing you will tell tbe
truth, tbe whole truth, a&d nothing
but tbe truth, and tbat you will
love, honor, cherish and obey each
Other during the term of your nat
ural lives, so help yon God." Both
answered solemnly, "I will," and
the Justiee charged them a dollar
each, and proaoiBced them man
Pennsylvania Prohibition
The State Convention at Harris
burgh, week before last, was not
largely attended, as doubtless was
anticipated in taking the first step
towards independent political ac
tion. It probably was like the
first (Crestline) Convention held in
Ohio. But the forty or more pres
ent were of the truo grit, and at
once proceeded to nominate candi
dates. Barr Spangler, of Lancas
ter, was nominated for Auditor Gen
eral, and E. H. Wheelor, of Sharon,
Mercer County, for Surveyor Gen
eral. Kxceltent and decided resos
lutions were adopted, endorsing
the National Platform, and expos
ing the duplicity ot tbe eld party
leaders, and their subserviency to
the rum and beer interest.
Pennsylvania Prohibitionists are
now on the right ttack walking
straightforward toward the dram
shop, and no longer will be made
tbe catspaw ot political organiza
tions, whiob have no concern what
ever about the rum trafflo only as
an agent for success at elections.
Let our friends of the Keystone
State be not discouraged at "the
day of small things." We have had
tbe trials in Ohio they must expect,
but to-day are twenty times stron
ger in numbers and influence than
we were one year and a half ago.
"The good time is coming I" Pro
hibition Era.
The Banner Raised—Enlisted
for the War.
The Youngstown Courier, dis
gusted with the truckling of .Re
publican managers to the whisky
and larger beer interest, and no
longer willing to sacrifice temper
ance principles op the alter of Eo
publican expediency, has raised the
Prohibition banner, and placed the
Prohibition State ticket at its Lead.
In an editorial it says :
Prohibition. This week we float
the Prohibition banner to the
breeze. We can stand upon the
National Prohibition Platform
without our heads growing dizzy
or our hearts faint.
There is no other course left us
which we can conscientiously pur
sue. Tbe .Republicans of Mahon
ing county refused to put a tern-,
erance man in nomination for ihe
Slate Legislature, and we fell back
upon our reserved right, and not
only refuse to placo the nominee
at the head of our columns, but in
stead of the Republican State ticket
we hoist the Prohibition ticket.
Whether success or defeat occur
we pledge ourselves, this lime
forth, or until success shall be ac
complished, during every campaign
to make Ihe Prohibition issue our
We fear not our foes, who are
legion. We are upon a rock they
cannot split. We siand squarely
upon the issue, and glory in the or
ganization of an iiidejieii.li lit polit
ical prtj , whose lunUi.iiu nUl prin
ciple is the prevention of mine, by
setting lo one si Jo. aim out of sight,
one of the tli'ougt-si. teuipuiiiuus
known to fallen man, we mean
the prohibition of Ibe manufacture
and traffic in intoxicating liquors.
The Administration Prefering
Rebels to Union Soldiers.
From the Grand Army Journal, Washington,
Aug. 26.
Look at ooe Department alone
the General Postoffice Depart
ment. Yery recently, when cer
tain vacancies in the clerical force
of that Department were to bo filled,
seven honorably discharged soldiers
of tho United Slates army, who
served tbe country faithfully dur
ing the war for the Union, appear
ed among other applicants for ex
amination. 8ix of ihe seven pass
ed tbe test of Iheexaming board:
onelailed. Wben the appointments
were awarded, these six honorably
discharged patriot soldier", compe
tent and worthy though tbey arc,
were refused appointments, while a
rebel soldier who boasts of four
years service against the country, a
rebel spy, a rebel surgeon, and a
disloyalist who was once dismissed
the civil eervice for his treasonable
proclivities, were appointed. Here
was a test case, and a square dis
crimination in favor of rebels as
against Union men. This charge
we have made before. It has not
boen denied. We repeat it, and
challenge denial. Among these
four rebels is one who, on the oc
casion ol tbe threatened rebel attai-k
upou the Washington arsenal, in
eighteen hundred and sixty-one,
mounted bis horse in tins city and
rode in hot haste into Virginia to
inform his friends tbat the arsenal
was defended. The circumstances
are well-known, and tbe facts can'
not' be successfully denied. The
force tbat marched in nick of lime
to the defense of the arsenal was
the hastily-improvised Cassius 11.
Clay Legion, living members of
which are ready to tastily to tbe
facts here stated.
In the Sixth Auditor's OfiTn-e is a
rebel Major, and in the Pension Of
fice is his mother In tho latter
office the Government employs a
rebel captain to assist in the work
of paying the pelty pittance which
is awarded to in:ti'n-d '.tviferHi'T of
tuo Republic. Is uct ihe Mnrt:n le
a ri-niarkao'-e on? Think o! it,
CjmtaJen and patriots!
Those things have grown t.i.n
.-li.'.ri-ml to li- endured in sihw.s
Th..- Orsc-i A'-inv ol th- .'ti-pubiic
raines its puw-ril vou:s i-gu-f t
them. Throwing itself across Ui'
track of the faiihluss :fS. :is
are running lh rotinuy to disgr.i
and di'h'jner, the army ttomman ;
"Hail!" And woe be unto him
whe heeds not the warning.
Thi treasury building at Washington, the
largest and moat expensive granite build
ing in America, coat $8,700,000. This in
cludes all tbe appropriations for any pur
pose since it commen cement in the time of
Jackson's Presidency. The Tammany man
agers in New York, according to the bills
of Garvey, Ingersoll, Miller t Co., have
spent ever $7,000,000 more than the whole
coat of ths treasury building in fitting and
furnishing their unfinished court house,
which is only one sixth the size of the
Treasury building. Eow many millions it
has cist the city of Few York will never be
known, but items like ths above are same
isswy altTsarsr tiro tea-parw.
Dealers ia
Given to ths
Farming Implement
Machinery Trade.
iathis locality for the sale of ths
Mowers & Reapers,
Mower & Reaper,
and ths
Mower & Reaper,
iscriCTUSiis or
Cook & Healing Stoves,
and odd pieces of all the varieties of Cook
3 loves m the country ; all kinds or Tbresn
in K Machine Caalingi ; also Salt Kettles,
and Salt Flanges, Sugar Kettles, Pots, Grid
dles, Skillets, about twenty different pat-e-nsofPlow
Points, Machine Castings for
S'-eainboata, Saw Mills, Bait Works, Mow
ers and Reapers $ also Cast Iron I'himney
Tips, Window Caps, Cellar Window Grat
ings, and also Cast Iron Legs for School
house Desks and Seats.
Have constantly on hand, manufactured
their order, all manner of Tin -ware, Stovt
Trimmings, Ac.
Manufacturers of Water Tweera, Mandrill
Swedges, Ac, for Blacksmiths.
Remember the 1'laoe :
Soth-west Siilo of the Public Square
8 m
CfllNA I
North side of Center street, between
East and Penn streets,
XYXcConnelsville, Ohio
1st Jenkins imports his own goods
and is thereby able to undersell all
whu purchase at second hand.
2nd. He bas the largest establish
ment, and most complete variety of
goods in outh-Eatern Ohio, and you
are enabled to get just what you want
do not have to take just what you
ean get.
3rd. Living amongst us, Jenkins
hlps to build up tbe business of the
community, and it is no more than
right that community should build
him up instead of going off to Zanes
ville, or some such point to buy your
vkmy goods
.A-t Jenkins' in
JtyrL , WTO-If.
West side of Bell Street, Malta, Ohio, keeps a well selected assortment of
Special attention siren to the
Agent for the sale ot the celebrated "Clipper Mower & Reaper." Everything
sold low for cash. April 21, 1871 -ly.
Sty facte, ftotfoJis,
Dry Goods It erchant, South-east corner of Front and Bell Sts., Malta, Ohio, has
always on hand a complete stock of
New Goods received regularly, as a flourishing trade demands. Every
thing sold at the lowest cash figure. Country Produce taken in exchange for
goods. April 21, 1871 ly.
Sront St., near the Bridge, Malta, Ohio, keep constantly on hand
Tirol?, ftnils, 6152, Sqildtyg ftffal, frjflettj &c.
Mr All OrdeniPromptly Attended Ts!
April 21, 1871 ly.
Rutledge & Bailey
Alters' Block., If o. 56 Irlalaa Street, Zaaesvllle, Ohio,
Hsve epened a complete Stock of Velvets, Body and Tapeotry Brassel, Extra So
pers Siiporfinss, Medium Snpers, Ingrain, Venetians, Dutch Wool, Co lis ire. Hemp,
and Rag Carpets. ALSO Wall Papers. Window shade?, Matte Bags. Oil Clolbs. Ac.
ASeots for Marbleized Mantles. We invite the Pnblio to 'call and examine oar
Stock. (Jane 3, 1871.
trade in Stoves and Stove Trimmins-s.
Joofs jK)d foes, Jfc.
Idmiaislrator'i Mice.
The nnitersiened has been dulv appoint
ed and qualified as Administrator of the
estate of (iranvilla Wood, deceased, late of
Morgan County, Ohio.
Tf. C. WOOD.
Sept. 1st, 1871 Jw.
Ira Boot, of Ionia, in the State of Michi
gan, will take notice that Da rid Mummer,
of the couuty of Morgan, in tbe Slate of
Ohio, did, on tbe 8th day or Ansust, 1871,
Die hia petition In the Conrt of Cosaaaon
Pleas, within and for the county of Morgan,
Ohio, against the amid Ira Boot and the
McConnelaTille Carbon Oil Co., defendants.
setting forth that said Company ia incopor
ated under the law ol unio I mat it is in
debted to plaintiff in the asm of $1,1137.50
and interest thereon from May 1st, 1869 ;
that aaid CoroiaBy ia insolvent and ha a no
property within reach of any process of
toe court; mat aaia ira ituot is a pioci
holder therein, having twenty-one aharea
thereof of the nominal value of twenty .ens
hundred dollars ; that aaid Boot has paid
no part of the creditors of the said Com
pany, and ia liable to the creditors in the
sum of his said stock : and praying jurice-
aaent againt said Root for said sum of $1
637 60 and interest, from the 1st day of Mar,
188V; that an order of Attachment has
been sued out. and unless aaid a.oot ah all
answer Ot tbe Jlstday of next October, the
petition will be taken as true and judgement
rendered accordingly.
By E. M. BTASSiar.iie Att'y.
Sept. 1st, 1871,-6w.
Bargains I Bargains I
Have just received a full line of
Cloths. Cassimeres, Suitings, Coatings,
Ac, and tbey are prepared to make all
kinds of work on the shortest possible
notice, and warrant a ood fit and
general satisfaction. They'will say to
those that want Clothing, that tbey
have the largest and best selected
stock ever before in the market cut
and made in their own establishment.
They will cut all goods bought of them
free of charge. Don't fool your money
away before you call and examine
their stock. They have piles of goods
and must make more room. ISAAC
'JARNE will be found at all hours at
the Old Stand, one door East of Bar
ker A McCaniel'8, Center Street, Mc
Connelsville, Ohio.
tain firm ia McCooDelsvills styles them
selves sole agents for the sale ol the
lorm the public that the above jar is for
sale at the
wholesale and rsiafl. Also tbe largest and
best assortments of
Frtit Jars. Jelly TiaHrri nUnf
Farmers and alt others in want of any
tliirg in the Fruit-jar line will do Wfll te
give me a call. J. S. WILSON.
For Bale by Cochran, Bosnian 4 Co.
June 30 2w.
Wi are going to clear eut our Par
asols tbis week come and get one
cheap at Stone's.
Xotiro so Coal Cuusucirrs lu
McConuelsville and alalia
Ballot; & Martin have commenced
delivering Sereaned Coal, at the
above points, and will furninh to
all who wish in good order and dry.
The coal will be boated ill tbe
Steamer Adriatic.
July 21, '7 tf
SherlOTs Sale.
A. F. Whissea ts. Henry W. Newman.
By virtu of a Vend! exponas duly i
aned out of tbe Clerk's office f tbe Court of
Common Pleas of Morgan Comity, Ohio,
in tbe above entitled action, and to me
directed, 1 will offer fur aale at Fnblic Auc
tion, at the door of the Court House in Mc
Connelsville in aaid County, on
Tuesday the 191 ti Day f Sep
tember, A. D., lSIl,
at 1 o'clock, r. of said day, the following
described Real Estate situate in Men an
County and State of Ohio, to-wit: Lot
number twenty-eight (28) in Sanborn's
third (J) addition to the Town of Stock-
port. Appraised at 1JS. Terms easn.
Sheriff of It. C, Ohio;
3. T. Casw, A Ify for flmmtiff.
Aug. It tw,
.Shawls and Skirts at Stone's.
Ths best article of Natural Leaf To
bacco at P. Sweeney's, next door to
Gbt your Dry Goods And Star
W(frt at 1W.
Farm for feale !
160 acres in Union township 110 of
rwbicn is cleared land, 30 acres bottom,
good frame house, log barn, good well
at the door, good coal bank. Price
13.000. Payments easy. Most be sold
and somebody will get a bargain.
For particulars, call on E. U. btanbe
ry, McConnelsville, Ohio.
July 7th, 1871-tf.
p i
a '
2 O
I 8
Human V1 iserv.
duel published in a sealed ev
elope. Price six cents. A Lec
ture on the Nature, Treatment
and Bad ical care ef seminal weakness, or
Spermatorrhea, induced by seltVebuse, in
voluntsrv emissions, impolcncy, nervous
debility, and impedimenta te marriage
generally ; consumption. epilepsy, and its;
mental and physical incapacity, Ac. By
Bob. J. Culverwell, M. J., author ef ihe
"Green Book," Ac
The world-renowned author, in this ad
mirable Lecture, clearly proves from hia
own experience that the awful consequenc
es ol sell-abo.se may om eneciuany remov
ed without medicine, and without danger
ens aurgical operations, boogies, i d Strom
ents, rings, or cordials, pointing rat a mode
of tnre at once certain ana euertuai, oy
which every sufferer, a matter what his
condition mav be. may cure hiiaseli ehea-
olv. privately and radically. Tbia lecture
will prove a boon te thousands and thous
ands. Sent nn.lcr sesl, ia a plain envelope, to
any address, postpaid, on receiptor cents
or two postage stamps.
Also, Dr. Culverwell's Marriage Guide-
price IS cents.
Address the Pnblishers,
C has. J. C. Kllae A Ce ,
117 Bowery, New York, P. O. Box458S.
Sasn I MeaWorsawaTaaBSaM, aa4 all Mass
aar ef Hoaert Feiaa, e4 Wtrm, Beaak asal
PaoaatersetaUsaea. -
a Binraaxs oenaa
t teas Smaa Oae Ceat a Ceor. Maaatlt
M Clas at every to OMm.
un-vTKULY BVfl, t A T1AJU
f ate saaas slas aa
m WKUX-T. toil wltt a i
i tvioe a week luasnt ot eace saJ7.
A naMtBaaity raaSaSie aa aijaaerwaa iSat
snu weeito t. ska wjoi. ., aa.
oaa. us isartaaa la smMe. All tae mwS
twnerrtm. Tye esaa a srk SaasV
VaeM a BMaB,eM .
m pouii wmtT Tfc
Hr as iti is.
Vvaur AaUaaWM
' UINBsaaiSi
m fcaia mmmtr aa ef erabi.
V-T eeva.ew w. to eaje asanas na Ska
oaavweakly one jearj if faster aa efahik).
'ale iawIVaatly aawySrioTiliM a mi m?
uid she boDj Jar saw net aaaasa nd
. nsv awtlava.
0ae awaSraw seeaaa, saw yeas1, eeeareesrs1 aav
4j ia4 ifce jjwaj jet i rwim "
VHi Brai.wnxxT mr.
btctd tpb atoimr
a, w vm
A Hswswapsvsa'thsriisinSTlJ in.
laa si tow ato eat InssK
nsniiieeias4ic.aa fwrasastaa?
srTS sssjass, was year, saaaaesssy aewaasat,
anarat BwOaasa
Tsa si iilsa. ewe veer. smiaiKi ! asiil Csaa
aassssnwanaaarBr ew.
Walesa jaAaaw
v SAVED I It is me of there
markable facta of this remarkable age, not
merely that so many persona are the victims
of dyspepsia or indigestion, bntits willing
viotims. Now, we wsuld not be understood
to say tbat any one regards dyspepsia with
favor, or feels disposed to rank it among
the luxuries of life. Far from it. Those
who have experienced its torments would
. t i . t i m i . i
scout sucu an raea. marc tapiey, no was
jolly osder all the trying circumstances in
which he was place 3, never had an attack of
dyspepsia, or his jollity would bsve speedi-
lo in I U 3
. ivimbcu una. weu sou women some
times suffer its tortures uncomplainingly,
bat whoever beard ot a person who enjoyed
them t Of all the multifarious diseases Is
which the human system is liable, there is,
IWrbann nnna aA tranarm M w npoMlajil -. A
r f. ' " u.. . j ,it..iiu, mo
pepsia. If there is a wretched being in thr
i : i.
A Confirmed Dyiptptit I
Bnt it is not oar intention to descant ed
the horrors of Pjspepsis. We have said
that djspepeia is perhaps the most univer
sal of human diseases. Tbis is emphatic
ally the esse in the United States. Wheth
er this general prevalence is due to tbe
character or tbe food, tbe method of its
preparation, or the hasty manner in which
it is usually swallowed, is not oar province
to explain. The great fact With which we
are called to deal ia this J
Dytptpoia Prevails
almost noiversallyi'Nsarly every otW per
son yon meet is a victim, and apparently
a wining one ; lor were not this tbe case.
why so many sufferers, wben a certain spew
dy and safe reeiedy is within the easy
reaon or an wno aesire to avail themselves
of it f Bat the majority will not Blind.
ed by prejudice, or deterred by some other
unexplained influence, tbey refuse to ao-
cept tbe reliel proffered them. They tarn
a deaf ear to the testimony of the thous
snds whose sufferings have been alleviated,
and with strange infatuation appear to
clin with desperate determination to their
ruthless tormentor. But ssys a dyspeptic
What is tbis remedy f to which we reply t
This great alleviator of banian suffering la
almost as widely known as the English lans
gnage. It has allayed tbe agonies of thou
sands, sod is to-day carrying comfort and
encouragement to thousands of others.
This acknowledged panacea is none other
Than Dr. JlooKani. Gorman Bitioro.
Would you know mote of the merits ot
this wonderful medicine than can be learn
ed from tbe experience of others T Try it
yourself, and when it has failed to fulfill
tbe measare of its efficacy given by the
proprietor, then abandon faith in it I
t tf Bo Remembered,
trt ot all,, tbat HOOFLAKIfS German
Bitters is not a mm bevsrsoe. Thev are
not elcoholio in any sense of the term.
They are composed wholly of the pare juice
or vital principle of roots. This is not a
mere assertion. 1 be eatract from which
they are compounded are prepared by one
of lb? ablest German chemists. Unlike a
ny other Bitters in the market, they are
wholly free from spirituous ingredients.
The objections which hold with so much
lores against preparations of tbis class,
naaielv that a desire tor intoxicating
drinks is stimulated by their mw. are not
valid in tbe case of tbe German Bitters. -So
far from encoorsgiag or inculcating a
taste or desire for fcf srietiag beverares.
it my be confidently aeserted that their
tendency is in a diametrically opposite di-
reetios. Their effects can be
Btnofieial (SI
in all eaaea of tbe biliary srstern. If so
land's German Bitters stsad without an e
qnal, acting promptly and vigorously upon
ths Liver; they remove its torpidity and
cause healthful secretion of bile thereby
supplying tbe stomach with tbe most indis
pensable elements of sound digestion la
proper proportions. They give tone to Iks
stomach stimalattag its functions, and
enabling it to perform its duties as aatare
designed it shoald do.
TKoy Purify (is Blood,
cleansing tbe vital fluid of all hnrtfof Imp"
nrities and supplanting them with the ali
ments of genuine healthfnfsess. Bat in
that most generally prevalent, dialresstaf ,
and dreaded disease. Dyspepsia,
They Sand VnrnaUi.
Now, there are eertain classes of persons
te whom extreme Bitters are sot only ae
palatable, bnt who find it impossible!)
take them without positive discomfort
For such Dr. Eoejtand Gorman Tonic h
been specially prepared. This prepsralioa
is not only palatable, hat combims, iasso
di6ed form, all the virtue of the Uermaa
Bitters. Jn rases of languor or excessive
debility, where the system appears to have
become exhausted of its energies. Hsjs
land'l Taale acts with almost marv
elous effect. It gives strength to wraksesa
and throws despondency to tbe winds.
But Dr. Hnofiaad's benefactions te ths hu
man rare are not confined to hie celebrated
Geriasan Bitters, or bis invaluable
Tonic He bas prepared snothsr medicine,
which is rapidly winning- way to popular
favor became of its intrinsic merits. Tbia
is tw. Ilooflanal'a Padapbylllai
Pills, a perfect substitute for mercury,
without sny of snercary's evil qualities.
These wonderful Pills, which are intended
to act upon the Liver, are mainly compos
ed of Podophyllin, or the Vital Principle
of the Mandrake Root. It is the SKdicis
al virtues of this health-giving plant.
The Phodophyllin sets directly on ths Liv
er. The extrset of Mandrake contained In
them is i-killlolly combined with four eihsr
extracts, thns producing a pill that influ
ences the en; he digestive and alimentary
system,and in its act ion is entirely free from
nausea. FoMesmg these much desirable
qualities tbe Podnphyllio becomes invalu
able as a Family PILl. -t No
Household sboald be without thus. They
are perfectly sale, require bat two for aa
ordinary dose, are prompt and tfficiect in
action, and when used in connection with
Dr. HooSand's German Bitters, or Tonic,
may be retarded as certain specifics ia all
0e8 of Liver Omplaint Pyspepsisor sny
of Ibe di.ooiders to which thevtem is ord
inarily sobject The POftOPIIT
LLl.V Pill act npnn (be stomach acd lb
bowels, while the Bitters or Tonic parity,
tbe blood.
having provided intcnal remedies for dis
eases, bas given the world one manly for
external application, in the wooderfnl pre
paration known as
Dr. Hoofland's Greek Oil.
This Oil is a sovereign remedy for psios k
aches of all kinds. Rheumatism, Neural
gis, Tooihacho, Chilblains, Sprains and
Burns, Pain in the Back and Loins, Ring
worm, Ac, &o.,kc, all yield to its exter
nal application. The number of cures ef
fected by it is sstonishing. aud they are
increasing evsry day.
Taken internally, it is a core for Heart
barns, iidney Diseases, Sick Headaches,
Colic, Dyaeotery, Cholera laorbn, and
Cramps, Psios fo the stomach, Coldx, As
thma. c.
The Greek Oil ia composed entirely of
healing gtrma and essential oils. Tbe princ-
j ipal ingrediednt is an oily sunstanee, pro
' cured in the southern part of Greece. Its
fleets as destroyer of pain are truly magi
i cal. Thousands have hern benefitted by
' its use. and a trial by those whot re skept
ical will thoroughly convince mem oi lis
inestimable value.
These remedies will be sent by express to
sny locality, upon application to the prin
cipal office, at tbe German Medicine Store,
No 631 Arch street, Phila.
CHAS. M. EVANS, Prop'r.
Formerly C. M. Jackson k Co.
These remedies art for sale by Drureiits
Stnrrkseptrs, add medioiat Dsaisn avtrj

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