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A, ... Oct. ItTf.
tlO!l T. BTl WART, of Heron.
W.M. WEDD8LL, of Montgomery,
ron vord or rrsi.ic WORKS,
V. SILVER, of Colombian
AaffTJEL E. ADAMS, of Cuyahoga.
rSOXAS EVANS, Jr., of Delaware.
9. W. 6TIKCHC0MB, of Uocking.
rot stats coxxissioker or con. bphooij,
W. B. CHADWICK, of Franklin.
Trvblblllon Senatorial Tick
et 141b District.
Fcr Senator,
of Washington County.
Mergan County i'roblbition
For Representative.
For Auditor,
For Clerk of the Court.
For Sheriff,
For Commissioner,
For Infirmary Director,
For Coroner,
REMEMBER the Prohibition
Meeting in front of the Court
House, in McConnelsvlIle, on
tacit Saturday Evening. Turn
oat. Everybody ! Special Imitation
is given 10 the Ladles
Vhile our Fair was the most suc
cessful ever held m this County, yet
we fear that the organization re
ceived a blow on the last day that
it will be long recovering from.
A combination, consisting ot the
Herald And Democrat lorces, acd a
lew beer swillers acd sellers, put
their heads together to run out the
Board of Directors, James A. Mc
Cocre.ll, as President, and E. S.
Fawcett, John E.Thomas, and J.E.
XjODtfhridue. ns Managers, and John
8. Adair as Secretary. To accom
plish ths they secretly got up a
printed ticket and circulated it ex
tensively amongst their friends,
and before jny one who had the
real interests of the Society at
beart was aware of it, they had the
"ropes" bo laid as to insure their
Sinee James A. ITcConnell has
been President of the Society, he
bas mi-mfested an interest in it un
precedented. He has labored earn
estly miI zealously, and has spent
considerable ot his own private
mux oh, m the Way of furnishing
bands and learns to improve the
ground, for the Welfare of the So
ciety, And has often neglocted his
own business lr order that the bus
iness ot the Society should net Buf
fer from wnt of attention.
Messrs, Fawi-elt, ThomaE, and
Lonnlii nlire have alxu been most at
tentive to their business ts mem-,
bers of the Board, and have per
formed the duties of their offices
in a mot pra"se-wrthy manner.
Jo!m 8. Alair, vff concede, who
know anything about the matter,
hat. been the best Secretary the
Society has ever had, and is con
ceded bv th' se at the head of the
Slate Department of Agriculture to
be the best Secretary in the Slate.
That those men should be run
out of.offiVe by the lowest trick ery
an J the bnse,et of deception, hascro
ated considerable talk. Had the
combination bad the manhood to
make known their intentions to try
and defeat those men, and then bad
they succeeded, nobody would
have had ouht to say against it.
But tbey knew if their purposes
were koo n that they could not
succeed, and consequently thuir re
sort to iow trickery.
Fortunate?), however, for the in
terests of tho Society, the combina
tion selected a very good ticket, ii
we make one or two exception.
It is us follows: Edwin .S'herwood,
President; S. U. Scott, Vice Presi
dent: Istiah Kennison, J B. Goudy,
Peter Miller, James Scott, Israel
Pa i-fio i; 6, Managers. These men, if
we except Goudy, are all capable,
and he would be too il it wa. possi
ble for him to realize what he real
ly is. Tho members of the Board
'. that hold over, are Jacob M ummey,
J. A. C. Leland and James J Hull
""an. .
BELPRE, Sept. 22, 1871.
Editor Independent : In the Ma
rietta Register, ot the 21st inst., we
find a 1. article signed "Temperance,"
trona Barlow. ..lie seems t3 be much
exercised about the Prohibitionists
of Washington County. ll asks a
great many questions, and 6n s they
are '-grave questions,", and like
JSicodeuius, says "how can these
things be?" "Temperance" seems,
from the question, asked, tc be an
inquiring mind. and, judging from
his - argument, is seeking after
truth. He asks, "what do to we
Prohibition peopla mean?' We
bope first, to put men in office that
will execute laws ol uoio on the
aubject of temperance. Second, we
seek to elevate fallen humanity.
We do not seek any quarrel with
Republicans or Democrat, but we
eek to emancipate tham from their
enslavement to whisky and lager
beer influences. . Our platform is
broad enough, to unite men of all
parties who preler principle to par
ty. "Temperance" need not be
"surprised at tbe monomaniacs
that, figured id the Prohibition Con
veation," at Marietta. We are not
ashamed of "striking hands with
each men as P. T. Hart." Mr. Hart
i known by all parties aa a sound
temperance man. We are not willing
to join hands with men that belong,
to organized bodies that are seeking
to repeal all our Suaday and tem
perance laws of Oh.o, an a who
pleiWe themselves to rote for ae
mMtM fur Lejwletare, wae!
it Dot in favor of said repeal. We
do aot Ban in reference to their
political proclivities; all we wish
know it, art they in favor of Hadi
eal Temperance movement, and wil
ling to vote for. none bat sound
Temperance men. "Temperaace"
gives na credit lor being "good
aonest r.epuDiican9." "Temperanct'
says, bait, gentleman ?" Come,
"Temperance," let ns reaor togeth
er. Onr motto is, onward ! Was
that not tbedocliiueof the fiepiibli
can parly of 1861? Good s.nse
should teach ' temperance" that the
principle of the Prohibition parly
are bound (o win.
I am o alnrmisc, but allow me to
say to the old parlies, you must ac
cept the situation. Tho Prohibi
tion movement is no nmail fry" as
60 me choose to lerm it, but it has
n object in view which will ha ac
knowledged bytII parties :s lor the
good of society and the stability of
our government.
Long hat tho cry of orphans and
widows been heard from the thres
holds of our ioora, yet thero in none
to answer. Ho who was held by
nature as father. 19 no mnro that
kind parent. Eeaeon is dethroned,
and his once manly form i covered
with rags Yea iore ! lie is the
victim ol the whittkr rins." and
nna It.. 1i.a.I fsiw 1.a " T . . C . . I
. . u . Bln(v u.tou, nit bug 3Hnc Ml III.
votes, to question its anthorily. Rea-
eon may be dethroned, mothers cn-
and children made cut-cast 1
and vagabonds. Families are ruin
ed, lives of individuals are endan
itercd, and police officers are on du
ty filling our jails and work-houses
with the victims of the .nfornal
traffic. Come, then, rid kt 113 n
ti I to to put a atop to this enormous
evil. "Stand by the right." and
I victory wiU'perch upon our ban
ners. Ji. i,. UU-.M.MiUAM.
A Radical Paper on the "Teutonic
Personage" Running
for Lieutenant Governor.
Wo clip the following from the
Circleville Herald, which flies the
names of Noyes and Mueller at the
neaa 01 us iicKet. we aon l un
derstand it:
T'ais teutonic personago honored
Circleville with his presence on
Monday last, so we are informed.
We are without the evidence which
common courtesy on his part would
have furnished us.
Our Prohibition exchanges claim
that Jacob Mueller is not a fit per
son to receive the voles of temper
ance men, either of Republican,
Democratic or 1'robibition proclivi
ties, Moreover, they assert that
his personal appearance is sufficient
testimony to confirm their views of
the subject.
Although we bave regarded Mr.
M ucllcr'a candidacy with a feeling
somewhat savoring of dissatisfac
tion, it is noi our practice to con
demn a man eolely on charges prefer
red by his political enemies.
Yet, in view of the assertion's of
the prohibitionists respecting Mr.
11 u slier, it would have offered us
pleasure to contradict their state
ment at to bin personal appearance
This we are unable to do. On the
contrary, we happen to know that
Jacob was in company with e -tain
whiskey Republicans whilo iu this
11 it is the design of the Hon. Ja
cob to ignore temperance Republi
cans during tbe canvass, they may,
perad venture, ignore him on tbe
day of election.
Should our teutonic friend desire
1 he support of temperance men' be
will probably inform us and give
salislactory reasons therefor, prior
to the lO'.h of October. Candidates
are occasionally used for- trading
At tbe present writing, Jacob is
our choice for that particular duty.
What We Want.
It is one tlr'ng to pass a prohibi
lory law, and another to bave it 1
enforced. To make sure of enforce
ment, men must be elected to dis
charge that duty, having no fears
ol Rerific:ng a party by standing
firmly by their convictions. The
Prohibition party eecks to elevate
men lo office, not simply to make a
law, bet lo enforce it. If it takes
time lo bring about tbe result they 1
seek lor, why, all there s about it,
we must -Tight it out on that lino"
until we do succeed. We must
commence, or we cannot advance
Now is a good timo to fall into the
ranks, as old parly issues are cot-tied.
Your Responsibility.
m. ,s- J.. , ' 1
Die only tor your own vote, and, if-,
. . , ... . , J ,
you are right, it is the duty 01 olh-
-A.. 1 . ,
ers to come to you, not you lo go to j
them. Many rcfuso to vote an in-!
dependent ticket noder the impres- i
siou that tbey are 111 aome way ob
;iaiel to follow all the sinuosities
of part v, and change their course
1 . .
only when change becomes general.
Should men adopt this principle in
getting religion lew would ever be
It1s sometimes said : "Tour Pro
hibition Piirty is so small you can
do nothing." Whatof it? Js that
a reason why sub a party should
not exist and continue to grow?
Then minorities can ne'er rightful
ly exist 1 Then corruption, in pow
er, can never be assailed acci over
come ! Then no one ir. our Sute,
but Republicans, bare a right lo
vote at all! They, verily, never
had any snch right, till they became
a workins majority. So the Liber
ty and Free Soil parties got into
power without any auinority
Such talk is trah.
Illixoi claims the champion
sun flower meaauring five feet ia
Thi longest railroad in tbe world
is the Pacific.
Vitui is always more persecu
ted by the wicked than beloved by
the rlgbteoe.
Tib largest aa, edict ia tao worii
is the Vroiea Aeaedaav. Aev
From the Prohibition Era]
Jacob Mueller, Republican
Candidate for Lieutenant-
Candidate for Lieutenant-Governor of Ohio.
was to strike from t'.ie statute books
the .Liquor and Sunday laws. Thi
slaved, caused a fluttering among the mcm-
;f!openiy avows himself in favor of
f J . ... , . T.
the repeal of tho Sunday and Ln-
. 1 . , . , ,
.luorlaws. This fact, ol itself.f hould
' '
,ltUr " right-minded people from
voting for him. If elected, will any
on doubt but lhat he w,n us u'9
official position to oflect that object?
Ar0 tho '"Mligent, moral and re-
1 : - i - . 1 . nr.., r-
This man ii a candidate for one
of the highest and most honorable
offices in the gift of the peoj.l. lie
s a citizen of Cleveland a German
by birth and education, having re
sided here some twenty yeara.
Never was a nomination made since
the organization of tho "proud old
Republican party" that created
greater surprise and consternation
in Cleveland than that ot tin man
Mueller. The sumo "ring" that
manipulated the late Republican
nominating convention in this
county were on hand at Columbus
during the sitting of the Slate Con
vention somo in the capacity of
delegates and others as lobby mem
bers. Among this number were
Muuller, and Thicnie, eJitor of the
lY'ichter am Erie. On going to Co
lumbus, Mr. Mueller had no more
idea of beins placed on the Si etc
Ticket than he had of being shot.
The fact,' however, was disclosed
that he wanted to o to tho Sonate,
and gave tho "boys" then and
thero to understand that if they
wanted to h ecu re the latrer beer
vote of Cuyahoga County they had
:got to nominate him or some other
German. Tbo real effort sought
bers of tbo "ring." The legislative
ticket had already been made out
and could not easily be altered.
Tho "boys'" were in a dilemma;
what was to be dono? The State
ticket was about to bo made out.
and there remained but a short
time in which to decide matters.
.Mueller was to be gotten rid of.
Some one suggested Jake for .Lieutenant-Governor.
It took. Noyes
being a citizen of Hamilton County
it was no difficult mailer to obtain
the support of the delegation from
that county tor Cuyahoga's candi
date, and hence Mueller was nomi
nated with little or no opposition.
At the State Convention, howev
er, were a few sensible Republicans
from Cuyahoga County who doubt
ed the expediency of going down
into the lager beer ranks for a can
didate for tho high and dignified
office of Xicu tenant-Governor, and
remonstrated against it; but their
opposition availed nothing with the
"ring." But even tho "ring," it is
said, felt guilty of having commit
ted an outrage upon the Republican
parly, and their subsequent con
duct shows it; for no sooner was
tho act committed than lelcgr.imi
were sent to the Cleveland newspa
pers and throughout tho Slate to
this effect: "A good hill' "Muel
ler nominated for .Lieutenant-Governor!"
"A popular nomination!"'
"The German vote secured for the
Republican ticket!" .Now all this
was buncombe to force people to
believe it was a popular mov.
The qnestion here arises, Who is
Jake Mueller, the Republican can
didate for -Lieutenant-Governor'"'
The Era hnn anticipated the an
swer, lie is a German liberal, inti
dol to religion, opposed to temper
ance legisiai ion, and opposed to a
proper oii-ervnni-e of the Sabbath !
We will hero venture the assertion
that not one in five hundred of the
citizens ol Cleveland ever Baw or
heard ot hii:i until the "rin"
bioii-lil liin) to their notice. JJi
brother. 1 lio butcher, who Keeps a
meat mai Ui-t on the corner of St.
C!air and ii uerson strccls, is belter
known iiil would preside over the
Ohio Sett a to with tar more dignity
and acceptability than Jake.
What are his qualification:! ? The
fact that a candidate for offico is of
foreign birth should not of itself be
an objection to his election; but, if
he be found wanting in those essen
tial qualifications necessary to a
proper and satisfactory discharge
of his official duties, he is doubly
objectionable But we will let one
of his own countrymen Rnswcr tho
question. In a recent communica
tion in one of our daily papers from
the pen of an intelligent German,
who is well and intimately acquaint.
ed with M uellcr, it is positively as
serted that "be is unqualified, unfit
by lack of education and intelli
gence to properly and satisfactorily
discharge tbe duties of the office to
which he aspires." The same wri
ter Bays, also, that "he can neither
read nor speak tbe English lan
guage correctly: bhoulU such a
man be called to preside over the
Senate of Onio? With tbe office of
.Lieutenant-Governor our people
have always (and justly) associated
intelligence, dignity and capability
in every one of which qualities
Jake Mueller is deficient
But the great objection to the e
lection of Mr. Mueller is that he
iigic'us ueujuo 01 viiu western jie-
serve going to clothe this Atheistal
German with official power fo as to
enable hiin tbe more effectually and
successfully to strike from the stat
uto books the Sunday and Liquor
laws ? Tbe decree has gone forth
Irom this and Hamilton counties
that the laws foa-tho proper observ
ance of the Sabbath laws which
have been upon the slatuto books
from time immemorial, and which
have been sanctioned ly the intel
ligent and virtuous of all political
parties and all denominations of
Christians tho fiat, I Bay, has
jjonc forth from the Gorman Infidel
press of Ohio, and thcao laws must
be strickJii from the Statute books!
A crisis has arrived. The blow has
beea strkek, and that American
citizaa who will not strike back and
defend these laws, is not worthy of
the name ef American citizen. The
-press and tbe pulpit" should sound
tbe alarm. Let the indignation of
the people be fairly aroused (as it
bou. 1 be) and the infidel hosla will
receive a Waterloo defeat.
Tek greatest mass of iren in tbe!
world : the Mountaia of Misioari.
A eoos word for a bad eae is
vena aitea a4 eossi uu. j
ZAJiKaviLxjs acf ncss cab
V. B. LEWIS & 0.
HarHeized Mantles,
Fine ami Cominoa Fire Fronts 1
THB PFRLICare rer.:ie!ly tevltU eocaUaad a at Hftta
Sf reel. Zanesi tile, hio. Y. & 119 CO.
Sept-r.', lS7l-4wr.
Rutlcdgc & Bailey.
Altera' Block, Ko. l J ! Itreet, tMMTIO,
Ilara opoja a complete Ptock of TeWets, Bi1t ard Tagartrf Vratatlt, Itto 8
pers Siiperfiae, McJiom Snner', Incrsia, Wnrtiani, D iUa Wol, Caftaf a, Heap,
and R ig rpet. A LSO Wall Papers. Wiodo ade, Malta. Etja, Oil Clot. Ae.
-i . . i i v I jir . i t - -. .1 - . . . .
Ajfeult lor Marbleieed Mnalles,
J. M. ROGEALS. K. LU1'T05. ). AdiTlSb
J. M. i'0GEK3 & CO.,
Front St., near the EriJge, Malt, Okio, kaap eeaatafttie 09 Ittl
m All Orders Promptly Attee t
April 21, 1871 Jy.
West side of Bell Street, Malta, Ohio, keeps Well selected aMarVjktwe f
nmniEE, t:ivitj. mil? a ititi tciixi.'il niCMimni,
8 Special attention giren to the trade in Stovea e! Eteva Trfatae
Agent for the sale Ot the celebrated "Clipper Mower t Haapet.' Sverftklag
sold low for cash. 1 Ajril Jl, U71 -It.
Dry Gooda Merehant. South-east eorner of Front amd BtUSfc, Malta CJa m
always on hand a eompletefctocl of
n iKE, BOOTS A.l SUClS, &a.,&..
B ew Good received regularly,
thin sold at the lowest cash ligure.
iitmmui amuni
t O. BAlLBT.
Weii.Tilatha Fabiie te eaJI aad ataailiai
a flourishing, trade demande, evy
Country Produce Ukea in exeheaae tot
apru ai.iaw-jy.
- I
1 - 1 -zx
iiiciiras, cczais t fO.
iv o.,
9alrs la
Givea to tba
Farming IsajIcMtat
fBIacIainsry Traf.
in this locality for lis sal of the
Mowers & Reapers,
Mower & Reaper,
and tha
Mower & Reaper,
Cook & Heating Stoves,
sod odd pieces of all tha varieties of Cook
Stoves in the eountry : all kinds of Thron
ing Machine Castings : also Salt Kettles,
and8nlt Flanges, Sugar Kettles, Tols, lirid
dles. Skillets, alout twenty diffrrent pat-
- r.i - U T .. f : r...
Crc 8 III I iow loinii. ;m:iniic imiB
S team bos U, Saw Mills, Suit Works, Mow
ers and Reapers ; also Cast Iron t'himoey
Tops, Windowoaps, cellar mnaow urav
ings, and also Cast Iron Legs for SchooJ
house Decks and Seats.
Hitr constants on hand, snaaafaetnrsJ
their erder, all inauasrofTia-wrs,SlT
Trimmings, Ac.
Maaafactcrars of Watar Twsars, Maaarill
BttadM, Ac, for llaskssaiths.
Raauamhar tbe Flat :
Seta-wast Side of the rabliaftaawe
K. L. lUVll
isroiTsa in uttii ii
CfllNA t
North aide of Canter street, Velweea
Jtaat an fans streets,
(I$ZcwOiinIflTilIc Ohio.
1st. Jenkins inporta Ms o f tda
and is thereby al'e to oadertell all
who purchaae at aaaond hand.
2nd. He ha the larttl eaUbliaa
ment, and reost eomplete variatv cf
goods in otithBatterB Ohio, asi you
areaaabled to (t just what wast
do not hare so teka just erkat vaa
can gat,
helps to build up the business of tae
coiniuuiiiLj, sou is i uj aivrs uss
right that community should btild
i-'m cn inat,t nf moB oft IA Zaiataa.
ville, eraoasa raaa aeiatt Wat mi
JLt J en kins in
If ere avaeded toe ktr best rrealaaw at
taeStstt Jelrsef
5ew Tork,
Hew Jwj,
ad Iowa.
Monk Carollaie,
aai Crtf oa.
Pir. Prizes
Have i
kwea evardad rsaaeKaeaiaea
ea lae eaaibiiioss af
97. run b,
A CnL053
Tsevary fclftest prt,TH8 CHO'S
Of TBS LKilQX Of BO!Oa, was
eeDfsrred eo tbe rsameoUtiTa as tb
Orevet A Bskar flavlea Msebirsa. at tke
KseoeltiM Usrremne, PaIs, 1617. tbns
siaimf saair (rea aapanoriiy btsi an
a war rae-i&f Hae&iiiaa,
k k . ft i k i
Jsowly ani H deity tf Stitk
Trnfui Stmpkrity tf MtuKmtry.
JtttmUmf ananas ly Xa4 tmd n
ssasfs e twtad.
Wiit rrngi er eevSeatio wstAasif tant
er ittttmit.
Tassaaa rataici Ik baaatt ead IraDtei
aAef weaMsf eed JronlBf.
Besldee deiay all kisds of votk does by
cxetr Sawleg eueMaas the Klaatle SHtefa
saarhins sfirsise see eteet kaitllelea4
fjeeiaMt ZKrsIitry aad eraatMat-
ALXX MinXT Is tae Oeeera!
araai tor the salt of tbe Qeerrs A Be
bar Ahattle o Im 8Weh Maekia., aed
IkeSlaatiaBtltck. erTve 8oI Me
ektae, ia the OaaerMa of Metfaa. Atb
aa, Heckiaf . Wskietea. svosaiafsjai
aad Yiaua, ead bae hie Traealiaf Af.
eats ell (breach thaae Cossiiaa. Par.
soaesjiakiara tVet a'aaa bswisf Ms.
ahiea. jast what to mmSU tor saeiily aaa,
IbMldeaUsjaiUr. rtelayo eaa el hit
1" .
.. "
Kmccsttor'a Katie
The eadsrstcasd baa tws duly appela
ted eaecator of she last will aad tastaatsnt
of Jeaaph rrisey, late af htorgaa coaaty.
apt. ll.IRfl .
Farm for Sale !
vI.Mv?"? -lo'- towniaip 110 of
ihleh la ala.TxI.l. A .n . 1...
- --.-.i.nj, su avrae uoiwm,
. I SK. Ann , V .
, zr. "T"' w cvas oana. rriee
LOUU. i if Tn.ntl ..w I v ,,
and somebody wilt get a barrain.
rer particulate, call on S. M. btanbe-
r, ateuonneisviiie, Ohio.
July 7th, 1871-lf. '
Lr'gal Notice.
WlUlam A. Starf ton. Admla-
I , Probata
iiwswr oi j-siai. oi Kiabafd
Daaaiagtoa, daeaMad,
AUjiana Duanlngtoa, t at
rvriTloa to siu tsBw
Alaldanav Dnnninrtnn. J.n,..
coj;ad tatnual Cunaington, who resida
,n D etaleof Iowa,
William N. DsiBiMlnn. vkn : J : '
tba Bute of Indiana, and Parley Dnnting-
ki .iio..d iiihi ana DaTid Castor
who residaln tba 8 lata of U inaasola, will
take notice that I, ae; ddmiaisirator as
aforesaid, bare tU e psutioa ia tks
Court of PrnbiU nf a. 1.1 1---. - r u
Ohio, against th.ro and olh sr., thaohjact
mmm y'mJ" wai.a ias ooiaist- aa .rd.r
laMlllaSir j.k. lh. rnlinv:. - , . .
Uta, altaata !a the towasklp .f ..
buuBv oTf aa, aaa arasa or Ubio, to
wit i Ssiai part of fractloaal 'sani.on jfw
It. teWn Ho. i a Mita. Nn. 1. i.
sold at SaoNTina Ohio, eorjlainlof on.
ere.aaore ef ie, kaisg Us .aaaa laad
sold anil coaT.yad by Trantla A. Barksr
saetii a ka.: .a. a. .
DusaUgtoD, duidt V dfjsf dated the
8iad7f July, A0.f 183f.id reordd
in Raenrd ! ' HmmM.mAm tt ruj.
- f swa-w va ksvus V Mi UI
gsacoacty, Ohio, at page let, to wbiah for
hrieci cscnpuon rsrerenra is
ll.r.K. . J . 1 . V. . k . . " ..,
r v , "u ro"on win
BS lor b.srineoa th. 14ik da of n-tnhr
8sz,atlS'alob,A- M.
W.IU.IAH A. eTUBGXOy, Adramistra
ler of fiich.rd Dnnniagtoa, dassassd.
Poas a Cbaaaa. IU'tu
e.pt. sib, lsn t.
Ira Boot, of Ionia, in tba flute of VI icht-
tan, will take nolire that David If nmm.T.
ot tba cconiy of Morgan, in th. BUI if
vnio. aia.ea toe Bth day of Auiutt. 13T1,
ni. oia p.niioo in ID. tour of Common
Pl.ss.wiibin and forth. county of tlorr.r.
Ohio, against the said Ira Root and tbe
MeConnelsTilla Carbon Oil Co..d.fnlaU.
s.tting forth that said Company is ineopor
aUt nod.r tha law of Ohio; that it ia tn
d.blt to plaintiff in tha sum of $1, 83T.it
and inUrsal th.reoa from MsyIit,I88S;
that said Cbmaaay is insolvent and has no
property withia reach of any process of
tbo Court; that said Ira Bool ia a Stock
holder th. rein, having tw.nty-one shares
th.roof of th. nominal Tain, of tw.nty.oD.
bsoJred dillars j that said Root has paid
no part nf tba creditors of the said Com
pany, and is liable to tha creditors in the
sum of his said stock i aud praying jujpe
ai.ct againt said Root for said sunt of $1
617 At and interest from tha 1st day of May,
19; tbat an order of Attaebment has
b..D su.d out. and unless said Root shall
answ.r by the list day or next October, the
pstition will he Uk.n as truaand jurig.meut
rsod.raii teeordiogly.
By X. Is. Ptisssit. his Alt'y.
apt. 1st, 1371,- w.
1 .
w as
CD id
i i
5 S S 5 2
9 P3
O. I.. HALL,
Trhle?al assfnetall
Nov. 11 l70-tf.
Human Misery.
Jasl published in a sealed snv
slopa. Pries six canta. A Lee-
tureontne jiatare, Treatment
and Radical cure of seminal weakness, ar
Spsrmatorrhea, indued by selfabose, in
vaiuntary amissions, iinpoWney, nervous
debilitv, and imp.dim.nts ta marriage
g.a.iaily ; consumption. spilepy,and fits;
mental and physical incapacity, Ac By
Rob- J. Culv.rwell II.. P., author of th.
"Grsra Bask," Ac.
Tha world-r.aowned antbor, in this ad
tatrabla laetara, ai.arly proves from bis
axoari.nea thatth.awtuleoBsr3ene
aa of self-abuse may be effectually remov
ed without medi.ina, aad without danger
ous surgical operations, bougies, instrum
ents, rings, or cordials, pointing out a mode
of bursal one. certain and .Sectual, by
which averv suc.r.r, na matter wbt bis
s.ndition may ba. mar eura himsell chea
ply, privately and radically. This lecture
will prove a doom v iuuumuui auu iuuui
aarla. B.ot nn.l.r ssal. in a plain anv.lona, to
any adJrs, postpaid, on receipt of ( cent
or two postag.stamas.
Also, nr. ini'Srvui i juirn.g. uuiur-
pries It cents.
Aaarsss to. ni".
Chats. J. C. Kline A, Car,
lit tewmrr, Vir Tork. P. O. Box48S.
Are Becleled access !
TRULY IbeoM mortar ef "Bad Htdi-
tt lii broken, if adieins must be
rftetoal f but II is eo longer necssaatilj
laaceaet, psiniai or aisgastiog. i ne ra
taerkeale Nerve tonie aperienl assists the
araaaaa af diftatloo, aud is conducive of
tbe eroel parftel physical and asnlal sondi
siaaa. laty aura dyspareia, bsadashe,
aallearesee, biiieusnesa end irrefniariliaa,
hat Ihair arreMaft raseaaa ia la actiae as e
prsseaattes af tease disorders. If eol found
at the east art Proag ktst. saeias nny eat.
te Calahar Oral t Co.. Marietta, Okie.
April nth. 1 871 T lata.
HOOFU.fD'8 COI,t79t.
SATED I Jt it tnc of fJUfa
mtrktbla facts of ibis remarkable aer. sot
merely that so tneny persons are the vietlms
af djspepeia or fodigeaUori. but ita wiUiBr
vlclims. Now, wu!d nolbaaod-rslooa
te ay tbat any one regards dyspapila with
favor, or feels d-spowd to rank U emorsg
the loxnrlea of life. Far from it. Tkote
ho bete Sspeiienead Its tormsnls woo'.d
aeool lochan Idea. MarkTapley, ehowas
jolly aader all tha trying eirenraslane la
which be was place.), never had aa aita. k of
dyspepsia, or his jnllity would have tpeedW
ly forsaken him. Men and women some
limes suffer its tort area uncomplainingly,
but wheever beard of a persoo wNo anj-tyad
tcernf Ufall tbe atsitiaVioDs dieesjes fe
wbieh tbe soman system ia liable, there ia,
parhape, vooe to g eoerally prevalent asdy.
pepie. j: mere is a wrsiclitd oeme ia the
worlj it I
A Confirm! DyfprpCi I
Bat il Is not r-ar Infentlnn to rlrnant na
he borrort cf ritpepaia. We bave said
that djlppsia Is tsrbsoa the moat nnlver
sat of hnmao dlssases. This ia emphatiee
ally Ihe ease In the United States. Wheth.
er lb i general prtvalcnca ia doe to the
ebaraeter of Ihe food. Ihe method of ite
prroeration, er lbs tasty maonti in which
il Is esaally swallowed, is ant onr eroviare
to explain. Tbe great fact with which wt
axe ealltd lo deal is this:
Dytptpti PrtraiU
almost anfveTaally.'Xsarly every etb pen
tea yaa meet It a victim, and apparently
a willing one ; for were not tbia the rear.
ky so ntny safferere.wlieuarerUia apee.
dy end la fa remedy ia within tha ease
reach of all wb desire lo avail lbemeives
01 ill But thsoiaiorltv will not. Blind.
ed by prejudice, or deterred by some other
unexplained Infisence, tbty refuse to ae
cept the rtlief proffered thm. They tur
tdrar ear to tbe testimony of the thoa.
and whore saffericfi bsve been alleviated.
and wi'h srsoge infalastion, appear te
eiing who oesperaie determination to their
rnthleje tormentor. Bat ears t djsneptis
Wkai is this remedy 7 to ebith we reply
This great alleviator ef bomae tnffjring" is
almost as Widely known as tbe English las
3ae. It baa allsyed the sjonWs of tion.
tand,ead ia o-t'ay earrying comfort sgd
encoararfatset te tboawnda ol others.-
Thi. tckeowledgrd psnscst it none other
TXan XV. RrtLm&i Gtrmm Billtrt,
Would yoo knoar mme of lbs merin e
Kie wnndrful mec!icice than can he leara-
-d from the axnerienea of o.bs t Trv it
yoorielr; and whea it bss (.ilea ta fulfill
the faeasare ef its efCea.y givea hyrke
proprietor, tka ahasdea ktitb ia it I
lf it St Rtmmnltrtt,
Sr t of all, tbat IIOOFLAXD S wsrwao
Bjttara is not e,ruin etree. Th.y are
not aleohntie io any tense of tha let m.-.
I'hev are fr-aiposed wholly ol the para joiee
r vital principle nf root. This is note
mete SMeriloo The txtrscts frrrn wYt
they are eoraponiided am r-n pared hy ore
of lh ah!e4 tererman ehem1'.. Unlike a.
nv other Riners in the market, they are
wholly free from spiritnnns ingredients.
The objeetinns ahieh bold whh o aisck
force against preparation ol tbisslra.,
amelv that a desiie tor intoxicating
drinks is stimalatrd hy their o. are sol
valid in tha ease ef the German Fitters.
o fsr frprn enenrsg.y or iscnlenting a
sste ar deaire for iaeeriatint; heveraese.
itmaybe aorflJeoily rud that H-.ir
daey it ia e d'atnetrleuM ersoeita di
laealoe. Their euWs eaa be
Bmefcel OnTy -
in all eeapf tha biliary svstsai. Raaf
land' Geinma Bitters s'rsd wiihoat se
qiial, aolinir promptly and viirorantFy apan
i he Liver ; they rrmive i's torpidity and
eaave healthml aeereiioa of I ile tberrly
opplying the aloaaeb wiib the most indis
pensable elements nf - soend digestion it
P'oper proportion'. They give lo.f a Ihe
omach aiimalatlng it. Inactions, and
.cabling it to perlorm its duties as oalare
designed it hralij do.
Tlaf Purify tht BhJ,
eleaasisg ihe vital laid ef all fsrtfsl imp-,
aril ; aed rapplaotipt? 'hm with tba sh
airets of geanie.e bealthfnlnfs.. Bui ia
that most generally rirrvalent. d.slreseic,
and draadal disease, tv5pepaia,
They Stand UnriraM.
Jtow. there are eertaia FlaiKes tf perfect
re whnwt extreaie Bittera are not only so
natalahle, but who C id il imporirl. te
take them without positive direomfo
Forsoch Dr. Hoofland t German Tonie hS
hero specially pr pared. This prrparation
is not oti'y palatkble, ut comhio. in .
difiei! form, all the virtue, of thf Ueriaae
Bitters, la cae of lunco r oreice-ivn
drhilitr, ehsre the syteui appears to have
hecome xhensted of its energ-es. Ilea
flSBd's Tonic ae'8 wiib 'mot marr
elfinrnC. I gives g'rtBgi b toireakaesa
and thro" diponderey to - the rinds.
Bat Dr. Hocliad's benelartionte liiehu
man rae are not cofined lo h'rs celebrated
Ciermrtra Bitters, or hi. invsinsfele
l'i mca lie ha prepared anoil.er ssedieire,
which h rapidly wira'ag way to popular
famr benoe nfi'a in'rin:e merits. This
is s. IlooOand'a I'odeplsyllla
Pills, a perfect suhetiinte lr meieury,
with-'Ot any of merrnry'a evil qnalitirs.
Thee wHiderful Pills, which are intended
to ae upon the Liver, are melnly eompoja,
ed of Podophyllin, or th Vital Principle
nf the Mandrake Boot. It is tbe medieia
al virtue of thi heaIthgiTing plant.
Tre Phodpbyllin seis directly on the Li v.
rt. Tbe extract ol Maodrake contained fa
them is skillfnlly combined with fonr O'hsr
extracts, tuns producing a pill that inffa
eiiCes ifce entue digestive ai.d alimentary
sy9tem,and in its act ion is entirely tree from
nanee. roeeaiiig these much desirable
qualities the Podophyllin rw comes invalrt
ah leas a Family PILL,- Ne
Household sl.oald be wiihoat thrra. Thsy
are ferfeetly safe, r quire bat two for aa
ordinary doae, are prompt and tfScirit in
action, and wbeo used in connection wiib
Dr. UocSaod's Ormsn Biltrrs, or Toaiet
may be regarded as certain rpee lts in all
eases of Liver C-mpl int Pyspep-ia er sry
of the disoidsrs to which thesvsiem " ord
inarily subject. Tbe rOaxOPIl
LLI.Y Pills act npna the etnmach aed the
bowels, while tbe Bitters or Toai pait
the blocd.
having provided internal remeiiea for d
rase, baa given the wotld one snainly ff
external application, io tba wood 11 pre
paration known as
Dr. Hooaand's Greek Oil.
This Oil is a sovereign remedy for pains k
aches of ail kinds. Rhajimaiirm, 'enrai
gia. Toothache, CtiDdains, Sprains ami
Burns, Pain in the Bark asd Loins. Kii'Sj
wnrm, Ac , 4c , 4c, all yield to its exter
nal spplica'ioD. Tbe number of enres et
fected by it ia astonishing, acd tbey art
increasing svsry day.
Taken internally, it is a en re for 17 earl
horns, Sidney Dire, Sic-k tlesdschet
Colic, Dysentery, Choice Jaorbus ant
Cramp, Pains In the stomach, Cold, As
Ibaa. Ae.
Tha Greek Oil is composed entirely of
healing gams snd essential oils. The priae
Ipal ingradiednt is aa oily substance, pro,
cored ie th southern part of Ureere.
effects as destroyer of pain are truly msgte
csL . Thousands bsva been benefitted by
its as, aad e trial by those who t re skept.
ieal will thoroughly convince thsm of Its
insstimable value.
These remedies will be sent by express l
any loeality. apoe sppliastion lo the pria- -aipal
onto., el Ihe Uarmaa Usdieisekitere
No 111 Arch ausat, Phila.
CH 18. M. VANS. Frey r.
fessterly 0. U. Jeeksee h Co.
These aesaedw are for sale by Dregf Ueaj

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