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South-eastern Independent. (McConnelsville, Ohio) 1871-1871, October 20, 1871, Image 1

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.-I f
SHfetoKra sir.. 111 m ) fe- jv F
t tt i r " ' ' ' ' .-- L-i . I- : , I, i 1 - - i i
i eoiifitv the elections: resulted
1,14 fA; Geeree W. M'Cook
It I w Rti nv jt-.u "am a o v I ' v ct v
LUsi jiLi -
on T. Stewart. 11.9.
Ztrvtenaii Cowrnor Jacob Mueller re-
ry0tiiaiUiUteDlulrf. jllunt, 1,753;
J- u 1 l.ti 1
iii AucfUor of-StaU Jm ttiliiams rccciK-
ZYcorcr 0 jitote imc neiearenviw
J, US rotes; GueUv Bruehl, l,f TlibmM
attorney General Fraffcii Jj. Pond re-
" K. Homer i
rcceiT. a i.iii Toies; rrair
Hnghee, 1,747; L. B. Silver, 1PJ. I4 i
vS WitJ,r.5fciuill-iaiii
- m Clcrl SuprtKC Court K
Su artruc Court KouiKI oo re-
eeired J,13a rotes; Chdrle
9ka- Arm Alderman. 202.
Atei fbiRiniioacr Cbnu School
Tlirvinai W. Harve" received J2.144 otes:
Conttiialional Contention, Xts, 3;i77rW,
159. ' . , .
Senator Eodnry M. Stimson reeew4
' thii county, and tbt portijn .of. MA IS
- - . that Totea witb.B4 tAa'Tlea! P. E. Buell,
J,M; William Peniwe 183. Xlr. Penroe
; . LtI not reeeifnri4ei in Soble.
Ayresatire HienarJ Stjjton receirt
J.77 otej hfltlejUIItll, l,bi0; Daid
MammeT.-lSl. '
tufe q.CtjWTnon J'JrttJ WilRatn U. Fra
aier received 2.181' Votea: Joli4 O'Neill, 1
a . t ' '-
Ckrl of GMtr-X'yms 31. r.AierfTre44
ad 1,103 rote: Samuel iiorganf-i,o;
JamiAdfcy, 192. : -.h; fis rr-.Tl
For SkeriJ A-ugustua D. Havener; xe-
r aired T.i'if rotes; Davis i. '-i- M'Ji ti'-1-
James D. Maria. 16-t.
. . j?or Auditor James B. McGiiew reeeiveil
i,088 rles; Thoma V. Chambers, l,77Cj
7faomaa Ilammond, 201. . I
JCVCtA Jkn CowuniAtio tier David Smith reeired
3,105 rotee; William X. Durliu; 1,768; Hob
rrt Lotion. 20L !
For iwjor-Arthnr Pond.lhe fEepub I
liea candidate, hariug no oppoaition,
ceived 2,176 votes, a very lutle nur i jman ,
iiia parly'a atrenlh."-' . "
For Ingrm-Mry liirector James C. Loujrb.
ridga receired'a,.12 rotes'; James Gormiy,
1,761; U. P. Dearborn, IS I. '... .
For Coroner-Alexander Hijjgips ,rceiri
d 3,12V votes; Curnelius HcaJ, 1.704; Wil
liam Cuppv, 1 9a., ,
in I
ti I
The'RenofcUcan State Ticket i elected by
from li.OOO to 29,00. Tbe Hejiublicaua,
will karr a majority of elevou he
Uonse, and it will be a tie in tbe Senate
The f riiibitun rote in the State will o
' "'' upward of 5.0D0, as now eviiieuced by tbe
- meagre ao-ounu '-lie old party ;spers gir
r-ntatire to it.
' A correspondent of the Q'tpeioniiti
r- 'i' Gaidtc, in lit-t Monday's issue cti that
paper, in referring U the Prohibition
Tote, and the general tejidenry of tiie
- . people to independent political action,
ayji ; err:
"The people of Ohio hars exbibiUd aa
independence In the matter of vcue (r
perkona to hold the diSWrent ociea,-sbu.ti
is perhaps utparalleledia the b:!,ry of ourf-
"utv 'hia.iU buen'spituou8ir;-J'thQ:'3jvocate
k r & mi li. f,. 1 Ai. ... T
J a, ScqmpaBng tae otlor ovvernor iu eacu
r county with the vote fur lleprajeutative
. . la nearly erery case tbere is a raarktd diff
erence, arjd in very many cases the d;iier
ncc ia such as to be very signifies nt'.jjjt
viiJ',sT efs'cu"tA'IV i.t bald ck totai--':iaua tceu
able to appeal, to jb ptople oa the.cn4iud
ef tha great iuiporaance of tho-heltiir
r just elected an importauca- srisich i iu
deed exceDtional in view of tbe cuoica tf
United States Senator, and of tbe pendingj
, rvuiatricting 01 un ctatd or- TPcgruaii
mera wouiu nave been sacii a -iwetiiuug a-
WJ irem party lies ana trammels a wuul
sare utterly aatounded pi't"'j-'trv
and falaified all prerioos caiculfeUouu as lu
TMUltS." .;" "J,! - I ; 'J;.
- j
Fsnnsylrania has gone Bepdblicaa by a
large majority. j .j ? it (
wm jEircsi uepuuiican msnriiv 01
NOMINATION! [From the St. Louis Republican. (a Democratic
paper,) of October 12th.]
5 1
active canvassing of uiodU
rd a tee fef tiie Democratic President
tial" nomination in 1872 'Jut, tugij
place prior to tho election Cti-d
lorma and ilaine has been ioliorvcr
- Sr?7'f nroi e careful reCociioifl"p'i,tVv
Whole eubject, and one etarU-iiiijiij
...I. -1 . 1. : - , . - -
. duiii wi tuia recoiibiuuiauos is a eegi
gestion of the question! whetb'w
.tX.OJ K 3t5ejEe onght to be a Democratic nom
ination at alu the idea f si art'
ling, because ic is without 8ftciW
dent in our national politics, d
proioanaiy interesting as .lui-iys.--
s a pecodonUtstjif. The
f-- T rM lrl-n Pycsv i-nrar inal4
jnfpprUnt contests boLli partieaU"0
mast place tickets iu the field, .evea-ion
Iia v- -);i"J8..of . Condi tionaw wliu:li .it,
betteXpr Pnq.. party -nst to-tnaktva
nomination at all, but loa've" tho
field to its antagonists, in tL'o'alruost-
aosolute certainty that its aatagonvj
IStfl will then divirln nn.l : Vninf l
ro tickets! i f '
Wiiile, Isbwever. there is no
vionai precedent for such ac course.
- ue experiment is not an untrie
a3Vd.pn tb:ercarapatn;iii faU in Mia
' t-vfoeopc,
.OBI 4
soun furnished a though exjunplo
tf fflA TI OTr ill., it fftnyl ir , a 1 1-,'A' -..'..
-at'-':.-' beneficent and generally eatifaU ,
-au: orv result fifthab eTamrilfl iiffir, - h'a
suggested a repetition of it
V5ld- to-- BWWftifirui. in' btrakiBlr tl.' -
pow-erorRchsm m Missonrl be
. I 1 . . . - , .i
I , 'I TI 1 1. Q I - J n. , c. 1 ' .1 1 r. ' . I I I . I
Boouia nottno waote conntrvanopi
T w ajniiwiirRnws'wnfirn - n T -1 T-T r m V T B 1
w-hti-(ri;r,:.:.i'v;;:i'..Vi. .j.-.s.-'j
stavt-i wu ukjutwutiuunt sKiLa. DUiM ii ti -' van riiM -,
Tectivujway in which a single Slitto
found such delivewtnce? '
iwriv ?taii ot tne piiXfrooTi cmctiop in Ujio
b-r.a.v,; iva. U i.-ieriait.lfcAi R'adid
T-.;. .A .iL. '.'KXf.... rj:Jf.. i
j, c-CTcf,, au,v Twwvi utira - r
-wrsaii-tf.th.weieiUa" an
-vA SiikoftUesV4BeOMMcir4sf cpnciim
,enife0O6r wlff-amcrrrgtBe. peoplo,ir3aracs
-K 5Bd ihe rviriF)fa'i.r,ei31-f8l inter-
t '"jsfii'poilfe. 'aflatrWilia looaXdn
-s? i 'C.?1 y st1 S4te-f!??d ; -f
XhoBe . ArollO qncstions Wbtch
tC tUbj nii noiB toa
' - I ( . ,
.ihnssquri; a liberal ana patli6iifCd;
followed the itribrnph of the
are consequences which vindicate
tho wisdjrn of the" cxprnActf- in
ilibsonri, ana, at leaBt, snjsesl'
carnftiiVn in a l.ivrrn -finM THa
tare of tbe y: vfral Stato Platforms.
bi&inoctilit and -
. I . i - . , n I.
past few months, ekow that both
mcnis and the legislation of Cdi
gresd since the war have, eliminated
severnl very importai&fiubjoeta ol
difference and ditipute from onrna
,tonalpoIiIes,nd.Ue result -
vcamn wKicU orJiie both paj
trig. IhctyionjAoDrWinvictrCn
in the Republican parly is that it
occlit to bo-kct in power, to l'ivo
jivcn us in tiio past, six yoars; and
the preeminent conviction ot "-the
Democratic .rartv. to. -whith ...ill
f hfJ -it ;.!J! 1 urn. T ?'!"..
lion nnu jorein relations are sab
1 r f i n n . - tL n f . U n - T? it
ptiriij ouht to be overthrown, and a
and a gentJer policy snbstitnteiTfOi
jn tbyir J.ite S'te y-rjIT1 $ 1
c! i 6 (6 of 1 1 I'll e 3 1 ua f reVoi d ti on
amlontentedithuineclvee witktmx-
laiiVing as.Uieirtole pltformt.-ppr;
poiUfti to K:idicaitmn. . Vvlbe fact
xpi-essesn comcdbn: rJcAOcrat'k; ut
Vtinct, and t-xprces, too, a fec-lingl'Py
Trttyll Hie .ibcr-TrTelleTlTiT
element of InVlftcf-attlfc . ;jJartp
rBbarc9." i3ut' how, m-tliis opii.itii-
HUII LI, Fkvgwuii, . , I w , ,WUV I
RepubJioan i)artyto-"likgif p3cd?J
lion: i6fuch a conc-umniation to be
whrcu U tdtji rf?th
riXro94 serti-jvifiitauy Ia,"Ti which
t has devised, expressly to enable
i tto carry cJeciioos anil protott it
self from defeat? "-How .is the., A.d-
rniiwtrirtioriparty;xo d iK5htea,i:i
1S72, wben tue people bait-tieheve
llir iVv4lI tio -Jnoinit' lo' defeat, :
and will uphold President Grant in
(any measures he may ,tuk to avoid I
l vroven u wu, couia into- a
perfectly freo election in all the
States,' witlioutT Exo$ilis a interfer
ence arid (With tth! certatntyt-41tat
the party in power would cho?rful
ty sdnrfttt to the" rehiflt wiat aspr
aniur have the DemocAta that I hov
can carrv tho councrv .'With'ajioni -
iuee of their Dartv. iil-the-Jaca of
xOriWcfct-lhey btivO -receutly ? to.
codnierei s Gahf-jiVnra, Potripyl-va-
ion policy ass inemscives:
evottlCtiejjT avTiotrd&;!iisstai,(:
the merits of that policy, they are
wett',"mnd;a yefirvc(t-'i"tii
thougblfully-t'infl'erdrl."'lt itrreo
tryT&ft-5Uffafei8Ae lbrrijnii
of Kudica! rule," with- tho 'Union
tnaiusutdcd'ia iU-TVr&nt itttnorfn'Al;
twrestolvtt'iion'Ku- Kliiir'tlf
r . '
nvxl.r6 COmKletfTaiRr'tnat it Ahcse
tlHngara.tobe'arreMre'd atlall r.tbo,
Rifciic;. patty wsMTh4seatefl pt
Washinffton, j;ust as it wapivieatf
edr illissbrrn J TfitTj ta Wejiripcxatfl
Tnutbn, and- ieyiD?:!.th xinnina.
tiou-ot:' tiefcet which ttcw niav
eapporfrt to -he ijnpral eremenP.foj
.thii oUiorarfyEi-rjf JLhaDora.'
"to norniViiitfl". m
- i,t . n I - i 1 r T 7 .
ii.. jr.it:.i..i r i , . - . ,
ot nttocir, iieiierttvu;,
or CUase ,:or ny;" oir-elrfo aL. the
'aMdri srotrM nbt'tCi 'cp5y,viU
.ced, b' 'rDpty- fiii& ' Jbairatt'
, J'rKi.'-'.iVf ,4:,rf' i1 fi ' ' - -1 .
Ir'a'ton' ha'rttr" iiVprwl.ATniirKrltr ill
faroitM'tfeni in
forderf! find Kii Klnx lawi(i!iirn.il I
eeuUrrtDterJeren".e presisted
in& CL "progreSi -of - oenfraliz tion I
Avion frMion )4-
trariou over airuni? On the.alhcr
pub!iu.j made; P?esufWlti lOpJ',.
Domoorats and Liber-
fjtnjtp varfprcss, wpiildT nof
ttjoiti -a faji Democratic' r,I u rafjbi,
ey :-wbuId :n jj?i);tdiake:byt
wpuia jpftt tUeivapTJtMrverehcD'o!
harassed Sdntiierh StU'eP- and their
resroratoh .W'tbe; co'-eijuali'Cyf and
jign'ty.'sjIiey : -sriu bov JebArred
;'',' uaimrjwrt eompensation
for,thenb icorir'aRsii-i;n? .'AniT wruilil
not thtfrtf retdriion of tht'T7iuon
pony 00 nsprepctnai ciaira on
tbogrntiiuJoand'couSilcnca of tho
peOUef ,-.-i-'T ! .,. ,
c. I
I .
paper,) of October 12th.] LIST OF
FOR 1871.
FOR 1871. List of Premiums Awarded
by the Morgan County Again
by the Morgan County Again cultural Society, at their
Held at McConnelsville, O.,
Held at McConnelsville, O., on Wednesday, Thursday
and Friday September 27th
28th and 29th, 1871.
Class A, No. 1.—Thoroughbred Horses
iThl.frbJPt5U'c,c?J w r,OOJ J i ai
CI LougAide, MorvaftiJiJ
riT3 - i'. T.Vf rVJJW.fbu
DAinc, uijiu vTcr j.'nB,A.u,
T". i'-
yiyilllUlU.v ,-r-, r
LTmj broof mar?, Istr p'rc'Vi ; l, $
ro n "
Same. fincklincrai41.lli4Mww.lf ' Ut
- .
' iaifnff
lp., -fstnlrtjn .over -tarsji-lsoaqiii
tJW r nrOfdtr T5as,lBtorii
--..ujo--.1 .ooH
iortr wel
rzrVt .-rr
Jioa pYPC 4.rt"a 4et pwi.r.
clare 0Vtr J vears, J pro.',.. , 2
mare over
inj"TfrI3rcConffelRvife -
gater smgift harness,, 1st nre-
pretmam (t
JohaH Thompson, ilfijsrijlo
mre otk vh, jiu., t
iLlirs JifUirscsj.ir au. worn.
In ef LAn . T- .1 .1 .u- .1 " ' f
prenirjjai .
PopV Thornton, Meijis
'J1 isJit&Ikad fever 3 viare. 1st
William T. Kennard
tp., stallion over 2 years,
William iilcvcy, renn tp.., -stallion
over 2 J'ears, 2d pro. t 2
osRh ,T, ire afc- Wu5t,a;' tp. (!
y.irlTTig stallion" colj, lai "pre. 'i
47fllhim-R. Smith? MaitWtp. b"
gelding over 4-years, lstj Jf.",',06'
Ti! i j. m- 1 J : V A . i
n " Jl ! i u uJJit E I-Vt. -J-HT',
id pceminin -a 1o 4
E zy Triplitt, MorgnKr.u P itJ
5cldi.nfexj-osrat;l!p.rq,, 5:1S
IV"t-! STW'rA W.5'f.-'l :P
2d pra.t.jw .
oiiepB-jMnnevjiHOOiH tp.. reu
mvW-2.y.rV. k-proT;
4 '
f5aieSO. Lough ridge, piorffin :
tp.. tuare pyer 4 yesr. 1st yro.:
Jtlsttis Ciiat'vf'ct, Windsor tp-
rr.ftre ovcr 4 years. !4d pre.-. . 3
,-!Kft-ryjliIler,.iLlLip irrnre
t)vcr 3 VfSt lf pfehiium .; 3
-Twt"'. lst Pmiu-ii .
-JogepU fSinitb, l?.I:iri.)ri'"tp.1'"
mare over 2'yca'r"3,'21 prel' ' ""l
DaVid Head, lloraan fn.VTcar-1 5 J
lintr n-are colt, 1st pronuorn'' 'sn ;2
ii! i am b. Lioznton, MhisvuIo
Ip yearlins' rnare'eoit, 2l pre -il
"llarrtT'Iilfcr, Ali-.ka tp., brood i -mare,
lt premiuai : : 4
Hiiiamin- Bailev. Prr.n Jrj.
Biooil mare. Cl premium
Enirrnt Jliiicr. Malta f p., sack-
Jintj ctflt, 1st premium
ilenjiimin Builoy. :Pcmi' lr.,
sucklinsr r-olt, "21 "prcmiam .
. filyC Jmes: C Jjdncliridaro. '
Uorg!in townrtlnp. cziiibited in this
ti.uss a PUt.'hon over 4 years'whioh
tK ' ptjmhiittee decided to, io the
best atii.mti! in tho craK', l;at as 'I e
uud been r awarded preniitswi- in
anotlicr. cUsfl on tho -' same "snima!,
!"e ws excluded
from ajprchiiVa
10 t,,is das.
.,(!,. V, 4 ?7rary DrnugU.
Imi v i , P l'itjcccj U o ton p sir I- ,
iniii urn t vnrj ' iei Tire:u;iisi cu
FjT21.1 tarti 5erce,""Uniori .tp.",
eitiin;: oyr t y ers, 1st pre. 5
Orseftn M-tVor. Windsor ID . .
go'aing oyrr 4 yours, .I pre.
... . a
amuel ilarr;. Ponn tb.- uair
pf liraogltt-rorireBiVjat-pi-ciiHurx: 8
.rA'.!s J, JVb 5 Harms. Aoj-'-xi:-
iPr.t if 'ca marcs, for glt' ,;'
lirtrneni', lt premium. ;--
h Tbanaf4ioiIjb(t,'wario.n'i tjr.j-'5
pair maCck iuarrd Surr. light har-' 1
uCSb, premium .lO;r.i ;r
LutL'q'r"B,.Sinnsan, Penn -tp.-;
'tp Baddfo'gefdicgist pfehiiam :i
Vata'eVC- LourioVo'.'mor'an ' '
preraatirti F20
f- JieJviHe -XOuillrKJr ' Morgan ' v
ioi; trotting iiorse, ""doe;' ffboker,"
, 1
iAjXi. Xyte, .iie Con nelav Ule -fas U- v
estTiaeiui -Uoib, lst.preriurn, mjIS
Frank' M.'Befiiis,' IfcConneUville. ,
naeintf tAafe; 'Daisy,"- 2Jpr ' .,10
- 'Wav wiinje-iiriiTi 1st premium JJ
oaareu-ju PenjruB5ili : --5
t.Wtf utr. -.jtr-rtues pqa hisses.
T Jebn Iar.derman..Vprk;tp.1 jack
1st premium , - . .. ; ' 53
.Nelson .fceott, .Lnion tp., pair
oUnules orer'3 years; 1st premium :
' barle -iertiam-. ".fcConnelsville,-
a of mtIe overs year, 2d. pry.-. 17 8
...FViliant Venire, Blootn ri,, pair 0f,
JlinjleB.over5-yers, 1st temium- , i,4
20 pre-
JbbtfTrahr.-' feferfie! if tp'. year-;
..!! 1.-.-.: , . -
EnmuletrtJ JiffrpVeoriuTiv 1 'n
Iiiohard--fJeElhas.v,"T UlooTp. tp.j-. .
y tiiu mulhrealt, ,2U premium ., . . 2
same, suckling mule cJ,t. ltpre. Z
John ".Rald'erson, ''Windsor p',
pair of JetiAets, premium ! '--fl- ;:'5
TTf ClaMf, Jo. I-Mori ITtrrni. ' "
,jvE!zy TiiplitfcMirgBnilpiDorbam 4
ibu.l: over 3 years ltyr. ) t ' lo ? ; $-3
J5r:. Walter IH. Buchanan, .ofWafc
erford, V'nhqgt6b Oounty, Ohio,
had tho finest short horn' .bullion
tu priunas, but in ;6Pequorce jof
his be.ug"'A non-resident, of the.
County, tne animal was inaligiljle
f.kacoapete lor-preTamirxs biitillio
iKinrd deem it tBf't3ifty: tq -coni-TOCTid.
the same to tho -attention ,of
csittTo' producers bour . unty.
riM. vi mal is 3 yeiirp 0i4. nl "
weighs 2300 lbs. V ' ,ts- 0
Xrilltarfc-tfiSiflauV Moisvillo"
fpV'lniyi'Bi WhTnTai pre 2S
riioCIitsTflToe JCaCiGuOt?
Ja jti.cupxiaociijap.,. fatn 1
ywefwoHe axen; 1st -premium cp
k.Oibvi.'bji'n1ilprem:uja'-liI ti
nJnifOiir.MoUuae'i JaacmiT.i.' ,ttt,""' ,
cow,.,Ut pimttHT;-)7ol !n. ?,,-
rK-ii-.i-s VlM!rtv . .VjTf-t-r-lTX 1
if -VV"i'M' niuuui.Jii
. EcaiiiiiB, juioomtp..
'fiorTk4j oxew fi'fim'o
rt-fr-dHet-rfliehW. ro!
JxiViss 'A. MoOofcrieK 'WrtCtimnBlaJ e
.vilie; d oanvpkMi Jbf ionedvtr&m ojaei jl
I3t li.Fawc.ett, Jon tpjmerm
: w -. -awtaa st- - ujwrx l. t va A
gyldi'n'g Tdr Binld -LirncsB, 2d ! '
j-ir.i-runT' f1.''1 ' " ' :c:tS
-VTllfani1 Wfrfn"a.Tirn.?c-;ff..--''
H', miuuiv iure, prcniium. . 4
WartiMAVrwiilfarn lP:: ftf'
eeitiotfin norse, Jjt
J.T'WVPfop itp-., mule,. .'
Ust i rerutum 5
Juseijli, lieedy :lp"ran- ,tp., rrmle. - '
.v .-.-- . . t . - , ."I f ' 1 - . fj
bulJdcV.a Tirmiwfm ' - 'f-uZ
rfrMir Htrffma'it. -lrToom;rt;o'.!l'"
UUttt, lOl 1I1C J I. "1 -T .
ramas Btit.ifeS'Jipre'." v
. ISlfprA
Jxio v-ity-inifSy J94.13.1
sume, tinee - merino Eprin? uuck
!lab1,' 1st prenaitai-;-" '-' ! ",-,a 3
ltafll31sir:fiiuir,'',t' j 0j -bjfu3
l.WLs 2ilj,remiuni . . " "
lcieMer jiuck.7ls' rjteifiiuro, 6
James J. nuftinan. Bloota'-'frj;;
IeTcester duck, zd premium, '-4
same. Uireojcieeater epriiig buck
l.tmbs,4stpMniiuni, ,j .-. ,-r.,7-3l)
J'samc; inree" leiaester spring ewe
lainbJplstTirerarurrj,- J w. I t
9aatm1vMr,i?,cff epring ?ew.if:
inJr; UartM; Fenirr'tp., cottarfs
, BameHtUKvercoitiwal4;JeweS, 1st
n.Amii1 !
nrvme, U'e? muriiioewes, dj
olcicestc-r ewes.lJa preinrumj .t"-,s
tLa-x-n uc. lslTir. i
.-JiiaeaHl Uuiiroan.. cioom tp.,
Fjicien-01uUorijl3rpt..14ttpreJj 0
.Trtrin TJ(ibort5. Rli.nm f, ; RrtAi-i--
imctf of thnttoir ineep, ?d1e. ""''jf
"'V.'P. Iliat IS EfV.,' Mitribn tp-3ii;
Ceeceof wool irom 4fk,lst pre. 2
. nam, fleece of wool from Luck, 2d
premium, ...... . . . :..! 1
'same, flefce of -wo6l front ewej '
. same. Cecco of wool -from ewet 2d" '
i V.l'ltlj.l,
premium, .. -t
.J, , I II I l , JJ'tl.Ullll.11, v, if hit
erlord. W aijhiucton Lo, U., 'had a
Very finoLciccbler bueff, on Csbi
bUion, r.ttortcd "by' pedigree, two
car - old, iinfl ' weighing 300
pooods- Arso,; 'komo " Leicosiar
owen. .'Tho Bi.urd of Director unite
m a vote of tlutnks to Sir. Dncb'un
iD for his attendance-, at the -.Fair
with bi9 sloi kj .- I , - ,''.:.'
.. .... . Class E. jSWi. ; vt. ?, .
J6r.as Phar le, iloran Iptoar,- ..
1st premium, ",
-- Julm T.' Kean, Windsor t p., boar,' .'
2d premium. - '. '.. ' -- '4
Ja-iiea A. JlcConnell, McCcnneU-1 '
vjile, mapee sow, 1st premium,-' " 5
'.William Ii. SuiitL, ilalta t.j wwr; '.
21 premium, " ' 11 " - i-i-: 3
Andrew Elliot. Me'svi.leitp, fire,,:
piiia bctweeu and (i months, 1st
premium,: . 6
- James J.. Palmer,. Malta tp.'; fivo
pids between 3 and 6 mouths, 2J pre. 4
William it. hinilh, Malta tp., Rf.ee
lmen of stock Loge, .let premium, v-6
James rarr, liorgtn tp., specimen
stock bogs 2d premium,-
- Jitin'es" J. Palmer.- Malta fp.', sow
n.t Utter of pi, Jt premium,
! John liyair, - ilcUomielsville, sow
ami litter of 1. mis, 2d premium.
:,.jAiepU- Wagner,.-dfeigsv;ire tp., "
boar,. meritorious.. ,..,.,u.' .
..same, sow, merito:ious.
' . . ' . C.'iiSi r. Pon'lri,-
' Jobn' B. Vromwell,' XliiConnels.,
vtlle," bar.tam tsb and chlclteii?,-.,
premium, ' 4" . "' . : '- I - -
"AVllliitia" TWn, -Keipsrillf? Ip5.
siTTifative cbiekirfj 1st p"epn"ra,"; 1
ars. ijicey Dame s, ma ta tp., pair
cf fed turkeys-, i. pteeaiuiu, e; t.- 12
:,it4aniea: faUafSoo,- Jicigs- .1-;.
i!lc, tp.;,oaii of t,tikej'H2d pr. J 1 1
lieomo'U. jiatson. '..Biistoi tp.,..
pair of whitd iei'uotu fowl 1st- p re ' at.
''li6;vis' lI.'-'?iiurry,'j'jicConne's- ' ;
viild.palr whif6''lesbotr4'fowls; 2d
premiuin;'" ' j 50c
-Cla-ie-!"Ua31iUy," c-McConneli-. -vilUscage
of cttasry btrds lst prd , 1
uo Birarriiiiueic n icasor- in., pair
of white guinea fuwla.lst pre 5 ' fi. X
; J, 4 bert Dickey,. Morgnu tp, dis-, -.
play of ca'tive or roiien ducksj' pro 1
'ctsi 'a -Pic. ;- '
"'T'rowlj iianly' rlow' ,Co:J aalt a, .7
"ji'q.? for rtnieial piifpo'sps 1st ro So,
same, ro. 4sieei center piow, -a
taini, doubV shrrl plow.'pre 2
.same, side hkll plow, premium .2
tv,CJas JlmFarn-i Implements;'3 ' "
,-JJrowiirMaBly Piow Cu, mittta,'i
thr.esJiing maeujne-(PiU'sPt- -
cut) Ist premiutft.: 1 1-..- j-6
threxliar.ir macluno (Kal-
eton's Patent 2d promiuin:,"'" "' 4
ttelavnieV'&uiriir cane-'raillwrf ltrcon
r'-r-.-. i-3
Drown-Manly Plow Co.: cialla, .
BUffar cane mill, ZJ premium, 2
A.' J. Lawrence,, morguh tp.,
ox yoke and "bows', 1st premium, 1 2
, , f .'jk on a S St" ro n g, "tu c Co n a e I s
villp,; vfisron lor ; farm purposes,
ISt'prbmium!". 1 ',., , , 5
Jo!iu'"E.'-Thoma9, taaftiyenrlsgf " '
wagou,,l?t preminifl - 5
Malta Wagon Works, ?r9 four- J
Slj-reni'uHUwj ,c v3.
.Cass. Ir- meclianiet and nuiHttf.iclurcs.
f ". William P: Garfpit, maila ip..
.aeecoMK cornIoKv.T8l ptFm'unit.
u. uiinsm.oor, s .aony maita,
bureau, prc.:: ,1.;',', j -I .v 5
,, sanie,.ha pi:OT.ir!1 prei ...... ;5
.',.",Jihn slitt.v, nictj-onnvlsvinb, ,'
carriajje ;inada. ip;.coiinty,'11 lt': ?
premium',, J. ' y.'t'',' :'" "-"'-5
eamc, pair of mrn'sfinu twotj,--:
H premio.ni; ''H ! fUr-
,Cufb.ran,Bpaman Si Co. picCon
itetey'illo,' cook Biovo for' wood.
let pnemlu ni,, ? - '"2
same, cooi stbTo.for coal,' pro:" 2
i.i.icQ,tru .pujzic. -,iiiar,iOQ..4K-K'ii
carriage Uorne.8,l, premium.,,
,, same, crriitgp narnegs, -j pro. .a
BTtme, horse collar, premium., n. 2-
anrad.iaii?rtidiflaylatVir(.. . 3
.sraum'milSiWjiiuttli. 9.A rJr'.'n
,1 sflm, ady'a(idi 14 iprft"J3,:J 3
(jiimf lJ.v's adiileiSJi pro 2
r-,'Ml.li.4-1&.'ttrtrilrifi.-ina . n. !
i.fC ; ." !. i j n. mori
ef.Xli inijsan j White j-.lamt. tp.,
Daic of.raea'a.t-QurJi iLoBts.'; leV'S
vi.(lctf wir-srlaharne to - fi
TCbobBa4.:BaAtuiB&Go4 HoCop.,
l-Kriinet. iiA.iuiur il lv ". mer-
.4 . " . . . , ZT.OTlll-
torJofts. .t;oc3 L-iamob ui . . , . .
ijlet ol 3 comofi beiihb'
1ajtKtiro l)ondermeritonoui.,i f
aasae, 6.wcdse:bIotk, moritortousa
(inn. wiuou h:irne. s fur ener-
uacy.iniu',-, , - 51;
..stCW. w. igon, batnedaTor: sen ce-.
era! use. 2d uromiuhi. 0 ! -... '.l,3i.tp
ebme, ti.fr iaanilr.lt, tnrUo-, i I
: W? W;.W. .aualt.,;
irne jnf ol
? Wrv iiary
canned :
7. p-mot -lvu pieces of celiur.win-f
tjo.w csetinifs, nieritorioutvf,j .,...:,.. ;
.' '-3alta Wagon Workg, muHa, ,
da-r'Hiij'made m coatiy. 21, pre f3
f J4ifgS-A. Powell; : iriclCyniiels
Tiiic, est of bugtry epringB,' mori".'
tor,tpca e r c-,
j'C7it3 X no: 1 D.-Bli
mes(id -JnanufatfLnrilsvi
rDTeTTrCTierpiiHit, Penrt tp;-f
jjf jjfpt',Kyi.(l.ltIllm8 Pr- - .11
saiutvjar of tomato jollv 1st n
pmiririv n - ,j C-i 7 ' 1
K(oeep-fFj Yeat; ; mal ta t p pre-., .
6erveK-eH.ron3, premium; . , . ,1
rmiaa1 Sarah lioi brook, mcfJon-
nelsyUIeloaf of brqwn bread, 1st
premium..,,,, "'.f
iame, crab applo Luttcr me'rU'
iohW"'- --'. - ' "'! i
f flnjo.-'jai' of qumco butter,--merfMn-inm..':-:!
j.'.' j ;
Kr5-iiry. A. Rusk; maltit tp ' :
jar of peach preo;rvt-, 2d; pre. . 5'Jo
jarfef apple butter, premium, . .. 1
same, sweet applo tuolacees, 1st ,
61m!ain', V '-r,iv. ! 1
cisanvOi.JaroLtouiato.' jcllrT'Co" 1 w
renuum, , ,w
same, loni of l)read,'2(i pre. 50c
mrs. Ji scph llei.cry, VLodiOr n,
tf-. jar3 f 'quinoe presoryes, 1st
premium, , ,ri 1
. . some, jar, of preserved cher: r
rics, '. prrniium, . - 1
mrs. Lewis' Tompkins, Ponn
tp , loaf of bread, lt premium, 1
-mrs; Joseph Noyes, ' meigs-
yitte tp'i jar of quiiico jellyi 1st '
premium, : j- -. )
same, jar, Qi pear preserves, , r
premium -- '. i l
"' same, cabopple jejly, mtrit- .
6ri"ui.' '".' "' ".;'.'.
. William"' Rrowii, ' Meigsvillo
fp."." sweet.' applo molasses, 2d ;
premium, - " J , 50c
"eame';"Jnr of pickles, 1st pre.. 1
. "pam'o, ar of quince Jelly, 2d-"
preniin'm, ' ' "'" ". " 50c
-inr(.'Jonhna ITall, il organ tp,,
jar of preserved poaches, 1st pro.,- 1
J Sirs..' Sarah A. Thompbon, t .
Meigsville tp:.' four pounds of
fri'uli "batter, 1st prvmit:m," ' '."!J
..Frank Motcaif,' y McConnls '"
vrllo. soda witter syrupR, miiii
itonoos. '.' ' '. ' '-' . .-, : ,
"' JlrA.Lizzio Qainn. Pcr.n tp.,
jar of currant -jelly. 2d pro , 0.!
Mrs. T. White, Pcnn tpjjar of
quince preserves, 2i pre , " ' 50c
"same, Ppocimon cf trapd wine,
fls prtiniab,' '' ' , ., , ,- I
same : Bpeciman or curraut -.
wine,-premium, '- ;''! ' 1
J Mrs. Geo.; J. Henderson, 'Fris- '
tol tp.; jar cf currant jelly, 1st-"
premium,"- - ;. 1
-) Mrs. 'K. :'R,jbfnBon7'lj,oora Id.
jar 'of 'apple jelly, niferito'Ciouii.
Sili.3 JjibbiO tjgudy, Jloigs "
viilo I p. jar of pickled, 2 i pre, 50c
imrs. ll'D, IIair m JuJ, "JloCon- -n
hefsv illo, f peCimen ot b!aji;kterry
winc tucritoriou.H! . .,, ..
' ;Jo?cpl'Sigler' Moigprille I p. "
s'pc'ciiuea' of rapd - .a9, 2d '
pro'wrum","' '" 'v'," - ' ; 50c
wrah Sitba-' A. : Rcc j, ! ilorgan ... ..
tp. four pounds of frceti butter,
2J premium, - . .1
iviniss. Mutrgio.Wagnor, UcCon-" '
ntjlsville, loaf of brown. : bread, ' '"
2d premium, 1.", - 50
Ctiiss Jt jVL.' 2. Domestic ZJanvfac-
J-JtJharles W. McCarty, -Meigs-.
viile.tpi bo.x of bonev 1st pro, il
Glt. Ponton Elholl,; ilorgan
tp. canned tomatoes, preQimrar
..-Mrs. Jonah Tayenner, Malta
tp. jar of soap,' 1st' premium, :
) same; d'fulfiy. ot horao-niaio
soap. 2d premium,- ' 50c
: Mrs.; Dr. , W. WWood, Malta :
tp, cir:'ne l apples; premium, rr ,;
A.' J. Lawreiice; ; Morgan , tp.--.,
hn'U-sallon ; of maple' mowsses. ..
l-cernittmi-.r'.-r' isn a: i " - .. 1
- Mr A1003 e .BlV-iIIta tp.""
Jiar.Qfapap.2J premium,., i fo.'-
- Hrs. -Uary fattorson,. ..loigs- ,
Villo tp. two bams of meat,.. 1st
premium,-' !-! 1
; ilrs. -Fonton Ethe'l, Morgan
tp. t-aunrtd qttinc.is, 2d pre,, t- -60c
, Mrs. Joshua ll:tll,.M.(rgan tp.!
canned peaches' 21 pre. '. ! ,j 50o
LArriit' ; 'r!ihniil rfiAfrien.- T icm.
, r -j-.-- v;
iim.-K -- sr-it - 1
Joseph -. Dewees,: Malta; '
tp.-Uloii sorghain syrapprem-'-
iiiwl... '- -ir.-w 50e
Mrs, Thompson White, ;Penn
, Smue! U,.SnoUv lYtndsor tp.
box of hon-jy, 2 l.premiurt,' ' '"50c
"'Mr-. An lrew J. Havener, ifalo s
taj'xanned qiiinces. lt pr, rss.i-l
Josepl Siirlor, Meigsvilie tp,, ..
eannnU grape, nuntor-ioo.
,, Mrs. Mary -Stgler.i e'g-villo
tp. canned plums, merilonohs. i'."1
'eime, oaii.nu4 "raspberries, ' j
meritorious. '1 '; ;i ' i .. .--.,
.ime, -canned b.aekberries, ...
tneritpriQiis.- .;?. ,i . "'
jflirs, Johjr. Toung, McConneh- L
vui... display, of bome-mado ''
1st pre. , I
lard, pro. " 4
Sigler,:,Mtgsvi;lo ,
lHl!rur.-p:l,. pre. - i
Thomas Hammond, JVLoCon-"- '
nelsville, gallon of carbon. il,;-i-i
premiumj ' ' " " ; -, J
'31rfe"iii.zib Qainn, Pcnntp. -canned
pearB, pra ! -;v : ' ' Jl
iClttss J No. Z.-JDoju&stic ilanvhc-
'.-' ! V- A. i- '. 1. 1. . j
Jofjepn X. V vet, ;i lia p,'
pa'r ofplaid blaiikeis, l.n pre,; a
twmb,' flVty' yards' ''of flant
l8tpr3miuiri,' - o?- rJ s '
Charles W."3iTurtjri ?-.
vjUo .ti.-pair cofiiTfl?un.'lioaie- !
Imade blankets, ,1st-. pr. n' .---n'tl
,?(rs. 0 ilson 1 -J,i:ipatif
tiin tp, , pair .01 woQicn,, bocks,. r
lab pro. .1 ju
Elf Shields, JUaridn tp., pair
of taomoj-mado liaetPBheeu, pe-
c Bpe, lipen tabla clothr pre. 1
. ; nirt,nk ALciL, iieCoonuUt .-
vi-lle, Hn4 rug, moritonous; t
.inrrt. Qeorga Janeway IcCdn"-''' '
nelsyillo, borne, wrqught". rng,"c'
premium, ; !:.. r;l2
ie,. rag' carpel,' premium. , , 2
i.' John' 11. Hanna,: McCon- ,
ille, bod':qtiilt, 2d preniiuni J
iira. O: Mi Lovell, "Malta Ip.," " '
I pair of woolen stockincs, pre, '1
, - Miss Margaret AJ Smiley, Bria-
tol tp:, bed qailt, lst-premium 2
lira. Mary PaUersoa, MoisviiTo
tp pair, -of , bou.e-maie ' linen '
sheets,, meritorious.., i T
eam'oi.ljincu table clolb, merit- ;:
onOua. . '.,' ., , : .. .
' "sirs Lizzie Qiinn, Penn t,, .
bed quilt (silk), "merilorious.'"
Mrs. MarytoiTee. 'Union- Ip. 0
pair of woolen mittens, pre. ;J '1
: Mrs. Mary fi. ' Milncr, Wind-
sor tp v pair doablo coverlots, pre. 2
. same, domeatio tarpet, pre. 3
! Mrs,. Mary. UoiTuej Union 1p., '"
home w rourb t r ug, .men toriou
, .Mrs. Win. llciiderspa, Multa Ip.y :
puir.bf.platd, blaokttSj 2Jpro,; ; 1
; 'eamerJfwi' y'artli' 'of flannel, ,(
ikl- pyr,,nM,,P r5 TIT ! . ',
cibnParmitcr, Bristol' tp
pair of.eiagle cevcrlutu, rro.
name; p.xir of plain homemade. .
blankets, -21 preni:nm ' 1
r ' mij Margtret J; McMurray, inc-
Connelsville, pair of Cotton stuck
ings. oak leaf pattern, premium 1
' i mrs. IImin:i!i Whipp'e, raor-'-' '
gan tp., worsted bed quilt, mer. ;.
itoroua' '' :- ..(. ,.:
..'oirs..u m. nuff, morgan tp. wors
ted bed quiil, meritoiioos. u' "'
Jerome B. Powell, MtConnel "'
ville, rag carpet. ' Vner : tqr.oa9.l-i I' .1 ' '
mrs. Hoses 'jrcDariiel,' stair raj
carpet, meritorious." :';'-H : .
Clii-a.Jy Jio. L-'Dom;Mnniiforiu'rcs
Kisses S. & E. Holbrook, "BcCon-
nelsville, ailk .bonnet, premium 'J3
same' velvet bonnet, promium 3
same; trimmed straw bonnet, pro 2
. same, trimmed gimp bat. pro 1
i eaaie, tap, premiura '."'" ' 1
, same, velvet hat meritorious.
Mrs. Wilson Triplitt, "lor'an tp
slnrt, premium " ' ... . .2
' Srn. S. E. Guyton, Horgan.. tp.,.
embroidery -on collar premium ', 1
..same, .embroidery, oa ..muslin,
meririous .-vr.'v '
" Mra, Frank xell, vcConnelsville,
silk and velvet crib spreads pre 1
is Lina Iie"j;y, ic Conne'sv'il'n;
p:tir of cheneille emlirotdtred slip- .
pets, premium : . '' ' 1
. ; nine, ciieupille j.in.c usbion,'meri
toriou!, '.....'.:- '"'
Mrs. Wm"P Sp'tairie, nrPonntjls-. r -viile,
embroidery on muslin. pre 2
, mIsj Iiattie,I... Jones,-acConneIs-: 1 '
ville, tidy, meritorious : : :
' sartie, worsreJ mbreiderV. pro ., 2
; )usi Kvt herwood.r Morgan tp.
auiH i, jirf-imuiu , , , 3
viss ilfiTia irnikerton," ve rvnTtels-. :
ville, embroidered aprbn,.f rem .lira I
., iiiss Elixa A jnkerton. JuoGoiiucIi
vll'e, xejihyr imck. premium ' ' 5Ce
f--m'ra.-lJate"W.,srttKehs'rrn'. mcCon- ,
jneiisviUe, ipeciaBen of leather work,
premium,.,, ,,, . : " ' 1 ; t
m:i;j Jiell i, Uirkeron, met onnels-
ville? Wofchet trork, premium. .: '--,,!
. Mm tltttui llrtTfiixifl, HctJouDela
viile, worsted wrcaih, preuiiaoi, " ' T
s.me, iii?T, premium,' ' '-' i . ' '.1
Iis ie-tnie Stone,- MeCooorlivilb, ( .
pair of toilet mti, premium; " ' 1
JVrome E- Posrell, . MoCcnneUvilIe , ' -
w!l l'ae)t. prtimima t r. 1
Mrs. Franlt " Mail.. McComielVi(re,
disnlny hf wax flower;' lt premium. 1 X
"Jtiliit-B. :nhnii')K,Gfme,Vil!e. dis
play algren hou-w.iiUiHs, I"s4 pre . 1
me: fl.iwrte Inn.), preriiura.. " T
Wrr f. it. Ii'ivf-ll," Malta tpi, artangf4
doquet. lt, preminm. -1 . , 1
aaQi..win' hoqn' t, preminin, ' ' 53e
' aiss Eva S!icrwooi, MiresQ tn..Deci. :
irirtn ofpeneil drawing, lit frem:um, . 1
i -ar., . Pyle. oCooueli!eJ ail
paintinip. 1-t premium, r.-.' 1 3
Charles' E.'-KHhler, MiConnelsville, .
spfrifiwa f nrfntfr.-re'miit!.', ! . . ... ,2
Omslter, premium, . . .'' !o'
a:s3 Harearefj. TTenderioh - valla
tp:. specimen pencil drawing, 2d pre 50c
Mrs D, U , aortlev- KcConnelsviIIe,
dip'av of dahlia. 2d premium - - 50o
miss Laoy n. Tlarfter, stcCdimelaville,
oil paintinffi 2dfremum- . ' 2
siisa arv Welch. stcConaeWillt.
specimen oi"Wax"work.2d premiom 50c
.ss".'EIIa-'nBe.- of?oiine'sville.
specimen of crayon drawing 2d pre SJo
same, specimen crayon drawing, 1st
premmTn':-'- J vui i" ' "' .-H,f---, ; I
I Mrs. rranV Jefjers; JeCoaaelsville,
box of flowers, premium ? .1 1
miss Kebecca J. liuchri.iee, nor
ran ttC, arfanred tMioMe; 2d pvn-.' 50c
same, eolWtioniof nowfrs. mpro.i
same, display or drihnaa. 1st pre
T 'irn,''o!ispav bf roes, premium 1
;Wkltiam :0 oTVeaixa.-' TrMOoine's-
ville. dipnlny ofphntonraphs, Jst pre 2
isrs. tjiinert ttitler. iicUonncia--vill,;
ro"t rennium, premium . . . 1
Mrs. fc.- K. IV ooi, r MRConDelsriile,
water color painting, 1st premum 2
same, water co'or painting 2d pre 1
t.'':"" Chus L- Fruit.
KTi, -t. E. Cuy ton, Morgan' tp- dis-
p'ay of grap-s, 1st premium , , !f3
Josepb Moves, Meigs. Me tp., eight
kinds of al apple, 1st pniiBiuui ' 9
sum?, ten kinds of winter app.es, 3-1 pre 1
aim;y display of -ffl pears, 1st pr - 3
samei display of winter pear, 11 pro 2
c Eaa.e, dlv Us of arapea. 2i preminiB' 2
" Siime, iji6p!ay of q.iinCB-i, premloin 'l
same, onpiay 01 piuni-, 11 pri-unum 1
aauyj di-pIoyotpeuclHW.'Ktpre.,,,,, 2
Uie,- di'pljy of (mil, lit pr.-cium 4
A. T. Iwrence, llortan tb eiirht
liiids-ol fall apple,1 2d premium 3
snnie. ten-ktudj ef -wiater ap-'
pies, d premium- :, . : -' 3
Same, displ.ty or plum. 3d pre SUc
sarn. display of troit, M pro .3
Wiiliam. K. - Smith, ,altiIp., ten f
Kinds of winter apples, lstpre1-'- S
mime, ui"piy winter pears, 4u pr 1
Jp-rtun Jla'UMOrcati .tp. .' dj-.ojty .
of f il.pea.rss2d iremiua .,: ' ', .2
-1 I. 1 - - l.'J A
saoie, msjuay 01 uiiicea. ist ' to &
"I'samBdiAilayof pV-ai-het-V rl pre - 1
earner. ctirlAyil; fruit, dpreinjiim 1
Ueo. ll. ilatson, lirittol tp , dis-.
play 'bf 'a'pple trees,' premium ' 1
Joseph ijrfer, ifeii3 ville 'to., ei?iit'
kiipda of fall apples- 3d pretaium ' 1
ffjxs H VcgctMcs, f,.'
Nathan B. tlartery, Wihdsor . tp
display -of pumpkins. 2d premium . 50o
Joseph T.. fst,Maltatp hall busb-'
el Kova Scotia petatoeS, meritorious.'--
ndrew I racey, Bristol tp., half j
same.ihalftnahelpf early rose po
tatoes, premium wl
i'smei half bushel of Shaker russet
or Rowan potatoas,jmeritorious.
"has. W. xcCarty, eigsville tp ,
half bush. Sbotwell potatoes, pre 1
Joseph TiVesa, alta tpL, display
of citrons, meritorious .
m. m. nuff. Morgan tp.i half bush,
early Gocfrich potatoes, meritorious.
- John B. Farra, Morgan, tp., display
of puiiipkins, 1st premium -I
same, display of black squashes,
meritorious. ' - "..
. I,eroyS Crai)7ri Windsor tp, dis
play of onions, 1st premium al
" William Woodwartl. f'earfield tp.,
half bush, peach blow potatoes, pre I
Wm.Goldei BJoom tp.diplay of
onions, raised from seed In 1371 2d
prolurura : '"'' 50o
. JoaeU .Nyes.-Me'gs?iUi tp., ais
nliir of tomatoes. 1st premium
iame.'display of turnips,
premium, ' -; . ' . '
- .same, display of gonrds, mer
itorious. . ; ;j I -:
William Brown. .Meiersvil'a
tp.. display of winter squash
es, 1st premium, 1
f Amos P. Balli Malta Hp., balf
bushel of .garrison potatoes, mer
iloriaua. , , .1 .-
J' same, .half bnsbol of.nb3hanock
potatoes, premium,' ' I
- joehua Hall," Morgan tp., dis
play of pepper and atalk, 2d
premium,. ) ;- , .0 - "o
same, display., of litra beans,
meritorious.' : , ,',' -
Mrs. H.' P. Doudna, McCon
nelsville,--' display ' of winter
sqiia8besv2J premium, ' 504
Dr. X. MeNicho.9 ti tp..
display ' of , sweet, potatoes, 1st
premium, '-,- - k' 2
-Tames' C.Loui-hrldge, Mor
gan tp., display cf. swcot pota
toes,. 2d premium,, -( 1
. David N. Gregg, Morgan tp.,
display of kidney beans, . pre. 1
! Wm. M.' Culbartson, McCon-
nelsville, display1 of Valparaiso
sqnaehe", mritoiooii. r
Miss O. Scott, Windsor t p., d is
play of pepper and. stalk, let
premium. ' . 1
James Parr, Morgan tp., dis
play of citrons, preminm, 1
Joseph "Noyes, Meiggvillo tp .
display of , California equasbei,
meritorious. ' , .
J; Albert Dickey, Morgan tp.,
display of cabbasres,' 1st pro. - 1
Miss -. S. Ilia- A. Reodr' Morgan
tp.. display bf lima bc-aos. pre: 1
13v:verly lloeman. McConnele
ville, dlfpl:y of beets,' 2d pre. 50o
' George W. Conk'.ir, Morgan
fp display ' of boets. lit pre. 1
' Mrs. II. Ia Jone;' afcConncls
ville, radish, rneriloriona.
Wiiliam Simpson', Penn tp.
onnhol ofoals.-tja'proj1- ' 50o
""Mi jr. HiilT. Morgan ipr'v bushel
of rndian corn; 2d preminm. 1
. Absalom H.Clancy-, Morgan tp ,
bflshel ofr-ed wheat.lst pre." 2
Baraewbnsh' I of rye 2d, pro. 50o
' 'Joseph Parmilcr, Jr.'ieig9
vi.le tp , busbel of ro J wheat, 2d
preminm i t n-.i-. rcn 1
. William Woodward, Derfield
tp., bushel of white wheat 1st.
prcm.iuo. ' ' . , . ' '
Jsame, buahelof buckwheat, 1st
premium; - 1 ' ' - '
1 name, bnskel Of TTO,- 1st pre..
. Eli Shields, Marion tp., dis.
play of pop cori. premium, 50a
' William Brown, Meigsville tp.,
bushel of polarid 0at9, Itf pre. 1
.'Willianr If. Smiley: Bristol tp.,
bushel of while wheat, 2J pre. 1
David N. Gregg. Morgan ip.,
bushel of Indian corn, 1st pre. 2
John McComas, Union tp, bu
shel .Df timothy -. seed: latpre. 1
Samuel H.. Scott,. Windsor fp.,
display ol wool corn, inejilorU
ou. . . r
' John Parmiler. Bristol tp., .
lislf 6usneI"of while beaSs pre. 1 m.
" Je"rgo V.r- Cbnklir,vtiorgan
tp'displayol swewt,crivpre. 50o
, .same, 4ti-playji'ppp coro. mer
itorious.. ,
.Female Equestrianism.
Miss OHio' Walter,"MOT!tan tp.,
easy, graceful, a Btfeomaly eque
trnnne,"'t?tpTe., silver castor
liss. Laura, B. Chad wick,
Windsor tp,,u easy'," grar-eful,
and tomely eqae8trienno,T2d pre.
silver cake stand." " " V
'H.-Duhanioof & oc, Malta,
dicing- room extension 'table,
premkira, " t"r "'"-' 3
. -Andrew B. nammond, mcCen
aalsville, spang 'a cabinet organ,
meritorious. .. . - -. , . 1 ;.
Mrs. Frark Mell,. mcConntls-
ville,' wreath of. hair ; flowers.
premium, . , r. . - o0a
. miss Jjuia'Ttackey,' mcCon-
nelsville, pair of watch pockets,
bead work, premium, ' ' 60o
; mrs. George Janoway.lncCon
nelsville, picture 1rama, pre. 75o
same, picture frame, pre. 50o
mrs. John E. Banna, meCon-
neUviHebox and sbella. .pre.' 50o
prauk MotcaiL wild oberry
cough bafsaoi, raeritorioua.
8me, spragee s. broBCUial loz
enge, meritorious. .. t.
same, ohlo farmers . condition
Powders, meritorious. ,
mis Amy mrrriam, mcCon-
nelxville, hanging basket, pri 50o
Willie Yoanjr mcCoJineisvilIe,
plum, seed chain, premium, 50a
mis. Annie. iPowell.-.ttrtCon.
aelfiTitle, eomb caae, ineritorious.
Hattie Eoaman, nicCon- .
nelsville, wire basket, pro. 5Co
Tbe firegoipg premiuaia are now
ready' for. payment, and al persona
entitled to the 'same can reeeivt
their, money by', calling on; F. JT,
Kahler, tho Treasurer of the Soci
ety, fct the atore of Adams ' k Kah
ler. ''All pretntam remaining nn-pard-oa
thalsii-of January, 1872,
will bo forfaited to the- Society.
JoHsS-nara, Secretary,
' Oct, 9, 171,' -i V4

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