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South-eastern Independent. (McConnelsville, Ohio) 1871-1871, November 17, 1871, Image 4

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The Old Story.
Beside the Tina frimMl wrinrViw -u
Ta wanton sunshine with joni ourU ooquet-
And there Ton rtW wonr neArliA n .nt Vm'f
VTtulp r and there your doft white togera
A lovely picture in a lovely sett inc.
VThen, anaware, yonr gTnltlew lips lot drop
oome tender strain, of melody ontgnshing,
My oriental birds grow mute ana stop
To baton, poised upon their swaying prop
xumD praise tbat well might move yonr
cueea iu oiusmng.
Ton wear a smile noon vonr tianor h&
Ton newer knew the pain of vague regretting,
Kor earn nnr oriaf have lt.fi. trm aliia MU .
Thus I, a worn oat worldling, read yonr face-!
iuur sou ut joy oas never Known a sotting.
Sometimes yon torn yonr sweet sad eyes this
And huDlv enw me mv state and o-Wr
Ton do not see the thorns that hedge my way.
Tia only, after all, the samenld story.
I wear a smile, as ioTlera women miv
Ton do not see the worm beneath the blos
som ;
Bat oh 1 the wonnd that rankles niirht and dav
Bat ohl the heart that aches from dawn till
E'en though I wear a gem npon my bosom.
Farm, Garden and Household.
Shade Tbees. Plant shade trees, ex
cept evergreens, as soon as the leaves
fall ; if done carefully they will hardly
leel toe enecta 01 tueir removal.
Muffins. One teacup of yeast, three
egrsrs, teacup of Hour, pint of sweet milK,
teaspoon of salt : let it rise until it is
light, and then bake in muffin rings.
out in rows five feet apart each way.
Make cuttings as soon as the leaves fall
off. and plant in good soiL Prune old
- bashes in good shape. ,
Federal Case. I pound of sntrsr
1 pound of flour ; I pound of butter : 1
gill of wine; i gill of brandy; f pint of
cream or nou mnit; j. nutmeg ; 1 pound
ot raisins; 4 eggs; 1 tea-spoonful of
Cbtjiaebs. pint of flour; 1J pint of
eugur ; a pints oi mi IK ; o tea-epoonfuls
of baking powder; cinnamon, a little
nutmeg. Flour enough to roll out ; but
iney ore Detter not very stiff. Boiled in
not lard.
iiAXTXEE. If the orchardi&t wishes for
a good crop of fruit, he will find it ne
cessary to give his trees a liberal supply
.-. nr.. : i rr J
AunuuLc iuoutuiug 11 ui only pay3 in
the larger quantity of fruit, but also in
me nner quality.
Orapes. Prune as soon as the leaves
have fallen. The vineyard ought to be
Buauow piowea, ana if any fertilizer is
used, apply ashes or ground bone. Re-
more tender vanelies from the treilis:.
and cover with earth before the ground
i bench IiOAF Cake. 1 pound of
sugar ; j pound of butter ; pound of
uour ; o eggs ; z ladle-spoonfuls of milk ;
J tea-spoon of soda; the rind and jnie
vi a jurge lemon, .mix sugar, butter,
yolks then the whites then lemon and
flour. Laot, the soda in milk. "
Bcknixo Bones. An inquiry was
Made of the Farmers' Club as to the
value of bone ash manure. Mr. Curtis
stated that while bones lost some part of
their ya!nj by burning, the ease with
which they oould be crush 3d afterwards,
made this mode of preparation advisable
in some cases.
Btrjru Cake. Cream together one
pound of sugar and one cup of butter ;
when very light, add six eggs, beaten
very light Beat all together, pour in a
teactipof rich cream, sour is best, with
one-halfateaspoonfulofsoda. Mix with
a light pound of flour ; one-half tea-m-wnful
of cream of tarter ; season to
Tovb Babs. Make your barn tight,
especially aliout the top, and your cattle
will eat less, be in a better conditio,
and bring a larger return in milk or
meat Radiation from their bodies be
ing reduced, health, comfort and hap
piness will return to them, and money
to you. A barn full of cracks is an
offence against science and your pocket
LrvE Stock. The present low prices
ere only temporary, and now is the time
to prepare for the reaction which ia sure
to follow. Select the best cows and
sows for breeding ; use only thorough
bred males ; feed liberally, and take good
care of the yonng stock ; when the market
changes for the better, you will have
something that will bring a good price.
Husking Cobs. 'Where a farmer and
his bo s do the hnsking, it is a good
t.1-".. t ,-T for thp firRt daT or twn
to husk for only a few hours at a time
au tueu go to some other job. In our
own case, we find it cheaper to let out
the wor by the bushel -taking care to
see thai the corn is hnsked clean, that
the stalks are properly tied, and the
bundles made into compact good-sized
etosks, with two bands on top.
Chandlers Scraps. A gentleman
asked the Farmers' Club about
for fowls." He had understood that tbey
were unwholesome. Mr. Bruen had ti se
ed them for his fowls without any bad
effect ; he had cooked them with the
other food. Dr. Smith explained that
these scraps supplied the natural demand
of the fowls for animal food which they
fot ordinarily in the shape of worms,
ug, etc. Withoat this they would not
produce eggs, as their food would be do
flcient in albumen. Mr. Ely provided
his fowls with a scrao-cake, which he
placed on a raised platform, where they
oould help themselves when they wished.
Pbesebvtno Egos nt Wisteb. Apiece
of lime, as large as a quart-dipper, is put
into five gallons of water, and salt added
until an egg will float This is strained
and put into a cjean keg, into which a
loose head is made to fit easily ; a knob
is fitted tolhe head for a handle. The
eggs are put as they are gathered, into
the liquid, and the loose head placed on
them to keep them below the surface.
The keg should be kept in a cool place
in the cellar. The liquor will not freeze
exoept at a lower temperature than
freezing point Egps thus preserved
will sell readily as " limed eggs" until
fresh eggs come, and are almost as good
as fresh ones.
Water. A proper supply of water is
an absolute necessity. Animals can not
thrive if compelled to drink from a hole
chopped through the ice on a pond or
creek. They are cailled through by the
freezing water, nor will they sufficiently
slake their thirst unusually increased by
the dry feed they consume. A cistern
now made will be filled by a few rains
and will furnish a supply of water of a
, proper temperature through the winter.
It will without any doubt in many in
stances, save its cost the first season.
Besides the barn-yard will not be a mud
hole after every rain, and the manure
pile will not have half its value washed
out on to the road.
Fattino Hogs should be pushed for
ward rapidly, and sold early. We shall
probably be obliged to accept low prices
mis season, xn our section we are feel
ing at a decided loss. With cood nips.
it requires from seven to eight bushels
ox corn, judiciously ten, to make 100 lbs.
of pork. If a fat hog is worth one cent
per lb. more than a lean or half-fat one,
it will pay ns better to make him fat
than by selling him lean. We shall
Jrobably lose money in either eases, but
ess by making the hogs fat than by sell
ing them lean. This is emphatically
true in the cheap oorn sections ef the
West... Besides, meat is very high in
Europe, and wages are advancing, and
there may yet bo sufficient foreign de
mand to give us fair prices for our pork, i
News Summary.
Tax National Labor party will holl a
Convention in Washington Dec. 5.
The Rnssians are going to try another
" vmiu a a air iu iuoscow next year.
"Virginia boasts a calf fi ve months oil
wftica yields a quart of milk a day.
The census of the German Empire
Ml 1 i 1 .. ...A- -
wui oe tasen on tlie 1st ot .December.
Sas Francisco has contributed S120,
000 for the aid of the sufferers of Chica
go and Wisconsin,
English speculators propose to con
struct a narrow gauge railway to India
via uie waraen oi txlen.
The shade of red called "Rnnir de
Prusse is very fashionable for silks for
street costumes in Pans.
This year's sugar crop of Tjouisietia is
said to be lamentably below the average
ootn in quality and quantity.
Two men were killed and several
wounded in Montgomery. Ala., by the
explosion of an anvil, which was used as
a cannon at a political meeting,
Focbteex thousand families, or about
63.000 persons of all acres and sexes and
colors, are now rece'vin? aid from the
Chicago Aid and Belief Society.
The convention for the sale of the
Dutch Colonies in Sumatra and Guinea
to Great Britain has been signed by the
representatives of both countries.
The shipments of California wheat
abroad this season amouut to 470,000
centals. I he available snrplns now in
the State is estimated at 60,030 tuns.
Intelligence from Alsreria announces
the entire suppression of the insurrec
tion in that department The natives
were, generally, resuming their agricul
toral labors.
The President hns appointed Wm.
Presoott Smith and John W. Davis Com
missioners from Maryland to the Cen
tennial celebration of Independence, at
Ada Brown, of Back field, and Anna
Wood of Hartford, were seen to leaD in
the deepest channel of the fulls, at Lew-
lston. Ale., with their arms interlocked.
They removed their outer clothing be
fore taking the fatal leap, and left it
on the rock.
A New Yobkeb. who keens statistics
of municipal crimes and all manner of
moral irregularities, states that the num
ber of "mysterious disappearances" of
persons, never heard of or from after
ward, is, on an average, nearly 50 a year
auoui one to every wees.
A Curious Matrimonial Question.
The San Jose fCal.) Mercuru eon tains
uiis singular story :
lhere resides with his mother m San
ta uara, cuaries . aiEes, a young
man of good reputation, worthy and hon
est, Dut ot bumble circumstances in
life. There also resides in the same
town, with her parents, MissHattie Bur
nett, a granddaughter of Governor Bur-
nettT au estimable young lady of eight
een, oi nne accompiisnmeats and un
sullied character. These young people,
it is asserted, formed an attachment' for
each other, against the wishes of the
girl's parents, who sought, by various
means, to break the intimacy between
them, and they had to meet clandes
J. his state of affairs existed for many
months, until the 4th of September last,
when Mr. Sikes, aecom anied by a
yonng lady who gave her name as Hattie
Burnett, called at the law office of C. C.
Stephens, of this city an acquaintance
of both parties and stated as their ob
ject in calling the intentien of being
united m marriage. Justice Stewart
was called in, and the parties were duly
married. They returned to Santa Clara.
remained throughout the dayt the
young man's home, aad then the lady
went to -her own home. Kew comes in
th mystery, romance, or what you may
call it of the whole affair. The fact of
the marriage leaked out for Sikes made
no secret of it and soon reached the
ears of the girls parents. They asked
her if it was true. She said no. and
seemed greatly surprised at the intima
tion. Sikes claimed that she was his wife.
and the cirl was broneht to confront
him in the presence of Mr. Steuhens.
Here she denied everything relating to
the alleged marriage had only known
Sikes as a passing acquaintance never
intended to marry him the whole thing
was a fraud some woman beanner a
resemblance to her had been procured
to personate her, tc And in this she
firmly persists at the present time. The
parents believe the girl the public,
mostly, sympathize with Sikes. Some
think that her fears have been wrought
upon until she dare not own the truth.
Others don't know what to think.
Flashing the News. Here is a man
sitting in a darkened room at Heart's
Content The ocean cable terminates
here. A fine wire attached thereto is
made to surround two small cores of
soft iron. As the electric wave, produc
ed by a few pieces of copper and zinc
8t Valentia, passed through the wire.
these cores become magnetic enough to
move the slightest object A looking
glass, half an inch in diameter, is fixed
on a bar of iron one-tenth of an inch
square, and half an inch long. On th'8
any glass a lamp is made to glare, so
that its light is reflected on a tablet on
the walL The language of the cable is
denoted by the shifting of this reflected
light from side to side. Letter by letter
is thus expressed in this fitting ldinm in
utter silence on the walL There is no
record made by the machine except as
the patient watcher calls out to a com
rade the translated flashes as they oome,
and which he records. It seems a mira
cle of patience. There is something of
awe creeps over us as we see the evi
dence of a human touch 3,000 miles
away, swaying that line of light by
such a delicate prooass as this.
Massabd Roofs. It is stated of the
Chicago conflagration that the heavy
Mansard roofs invited fire and added
material to it This, we hope, will check
the passion for Mansards which has con
trolled the architectural mind f this
country for several years, and which has
resulted in the most astounding medley
of building abominations conceivable.
In a certain class of very large edifices,
with suticient stretch to warrant them,
these roofs, if proof against fire, are
sightly ; but when it come to a Man
sard for everything from a church to a
woodshed, the general effect is rather
The Whale Fisheries. The Regis
ter of the Treasury makes the following
statement in regard to the whale fisher
ies of the United States : In 1868 there
were 823 vessels ; in 1869 311 vessels ; in
1870 299 vessels ; in 1871 249 vessels.
There appears to be a gradual diminu
tion in this once important national in
dustry, dne to the discovery of petro
leum and the manufacture qf coal-oil.
The whaling vessels of the country are
entirely owned at eight ports, viz: New
Bedford, 187 vessels ; New London, 22 ;
Barnstable, 20 ; Edgartown, 5 ; Salem,
; Nantucket 5 ; San Francisco, 3, and
Sag Harbor 8.
In Trouble The American Home
Missionary Society makes an urgent ap
peal for the immediate replenishment of
treasury. It owes $40,000 to mission
aries for labor already performed ; and
many of these faithful laborers are suffer
ing severe physical privation. Some of
them have already sacrificed their furni
ture and books, and have even (old the
horse and the cow that are indispensable
a missionary on the frontiers, t obtain
the necessaries of life,
A Double Suicide.
A Lewis town (Maine) paper Bays that
Mr. Cobb saw two young ladies sitting
on uie AuDurn shore oi the river, on
the very verre of West. Fitch. Mr.
Cobb s daughter also noticed the girls,
and thought it very strange that
they should be . sitting so near the
very dangerdus place. The more notice
able oecame the fact when he saw them
jump up and trip lightly. and carelessly
down the precipitous, rocky, and slip
pery bank, where they removed their
outer garments. Miss (Jobb then said to
her father that she believed they meditat
ed drowning themselves, and so possessed
with this idea was she that she resolved
to still watch them and see what they
were proposing to do. After removing
their outer garments, including their
hats, she saw the girls return to the spot
where they had been sitting and resume
their seats. In a few minutes, not far
from 1 o'clock, the train from Bangor
came thundering by, the track being
about V.W or 300 feet from where they
sat Miss Cobh says that while the
train was passing that point she saw the
girls rise, each throw her arms around
the other's waist and in this embrace
tht-y, with apparently one consent, leap
ed lrom the snore into the tails. Alias
Cobb turned to her father, "Father,
they have jumped together into the
falls. Mr. Cobb, who a moment before
had seen them sitting on the shore,
looked at once out of the window, com
manding a full view of the scene. No
girls were to be seen nothing hit the
garments they had left on the shore.
The facts speedily became known, and
crowds gathered in the vicinity of the
seene of the terrible tragedy, but noth
ing could be seen but the garments.
bearing silent and at the same time sad
witness of the tragedy.
An examination by Mr. Cobb, who
saw the movements of the girls, and by
one or two other gentlemen, who noticed
where the sat but did not happen te see
them when they took the fatal leap, es
tablished that the two suicides as they
seemed to have leaped from the point
where they first sat down threw them
selves from the flat rock which forms a
level platform close to the water's edge.
near the foot of the first descent of est
Pitch, which, as everybody hereabouts
knows, onsuts of two falls. Xbe first
is a slight plunge npon a table-rock
then a lisrht full of a hundred feet more
or less ; then a great cataract, with, at
present a fearful fall of water, rolling
down into a chasm many feet from the
base of the first falL Here, just beyond
the base of the first fall, they seem to
have thrown themselves into the river.
Miss Cobb saw them no more. Late in
the afternoon. Miss Starbird, from Au
burn, and others, ident.fied the clothing
left oy the suiciues on the est Pitch
stone as belonging to Ada Brown of
Buckfield, and Anna Wood of Hartford,
young girls U and lb years ot age.
Miss Brown's eldesjt sister has been at
work in the city, and is frantic with
grief at the sad tragedy. She left in the
afternoon to carry the sad news to her
parents. We understand both the Wood
and Brown girls were at Ada Brown's
room, on the Bates Corporation, Thurs
day night reaching there at ten p. m.
Friday morning the elder sister of Ada
carried Ada's breakfast to her room,
where both the girls then were. She
left Ada with the understanding that
she would be in the mill at 8 o'clock.
Ada did not go into the mill as promis
ed. As she did not make her appear
ance at dinner, the elder sister became
alarmed, and going out learned of the
suicide of two girls, whom she at once
surmised might be Ada and Miss Wood.
A. party of lumbermen, in a batteaux,
dragged the river for the bodies Friday
afternoon, but discovered no traces of
them. The cause of the sad suicide is
only conjectnred as being the " old
story " but will lemore definitely known
when there shall lie an inquest over the
bodies on their discovery.
Panic in a School Building.
A panic occurred among the scholars
a Louisville school that made the
whole neighborhood temporarily a scene
of wild excitement One of Miss Jen
nie Howe's scholars, in the third story,
named Minnie Barton, was taken sud
denly with a spam. ihe teacher un
derstood the nature of the attack, and
called to some of the girls for water.
The girls, too, commenced calling for
water, as several ot them ran hastily
toward the bucket Others in the room,
not understanding the cause of the con
fusion, rushed into the hall and called
water," and " fire." The cry of " fire "
was instantly caught np by the pupils
in the adjoining rooms, and they rushed,
panic-stricken from their seats, and pell
mell down the stairs, screaming as they
went Before they had reached the
landing of the second floor, the scholars
there had caught the alarm, and they
too went rushing headlong for the stair
case, joining the affrighted crowd from
the third floor, all screaming at once,
the cry of "fire" rising above the din
from about 300 throats, as they all went
tumbling down the steps together. The
scholars on the ground floor, when they
heard the tumult on the stairs, and the
screaming of their schoolmates, terrified
at the thought that t he house was falling
in npon them, ran for tueir lives out in
to the street, closely followed by the
head of the panic-stricken column of
girls and boys still rushing headlong
down the stau-wav. During the excite
ment most of the teachers 6eemed to
preserve their self-possession, and en
deavored to calm the tumult and pre
vent the precipitate flight of the scared
youngsters. But all efforts to that end
were in vain.
AHindostan Hotel. The following
notice to guests is posted in a hotel at
Lahore, Ilindostan, kept by a native
landlord : " Gentlemen who come in
hotel not say anything about their meals
they will be charged for, and if they
should say beforehand that they are
going out tD breakfast or dinner, etc.,
are if they say that they have not have
anything to eat, they will not be charged,
and if not so, they will be charged, or
unless they bring it to the notice of the
manager of the place, and should they
want to say anything they must order
the manager for, and not any one else,
and unless they not bring it to the notice
of the manager, they will be charged for
the least things according to hotel rate,
and no fuss will be allowed afterward
about it Should any gentleman take
wall lamp or candle light from the public
rooms, they must pay for it without any
dispute its charges. Monthly gentlemen
will have to pay my fixed rate made with
them at the Kim, and should they absent
day in the month, they will not be allowed
to deduct anything out of it because I
take from them much less rate than my
usual monthly charges."
Riskt. An adventurous sailor once
climbed from the topmost opening in
the spire of Trinity church. New York,
the cross to which he fastened a flag
staff. When the large flag was displayed
the bold man climbed to the arm of the
gilded cross that surmounts the spire,
stood on the arms of it, and then stretch
ed out his own arms, making a cross
noon the cross. Hundreds of people in
Wall street saw the man, and loudly
cheered him when he safely descended.
was understood that he received a
large sum of money (it was said a hun
dred dollars) for his risk and services.
"When a distinguished American
dies, " said a shrewd and sarcastic ob
server, not long ago, "bis admiring
friends and countrymen immediately
resolve to build him a magnificent mon
ument, and then they don t build it
Counting Defaced Money.
While I was in the Treasury Depart
ment at Washington, writes a correspon
dent the contents of a safe which was in
the Chicago fire was being counted.
There was national bank notes, United
States Treasury bonds, nickels railroad
bonds, and postage stamps upon the
tables. All these must be sorted aud ar
ranged, counted and the value estimated.
Such work as this, as may easily be be
lieved, is no light task. The notes are
baked to a crisp, and are perfectly black
and the idea of separating them and de
ciphering the engraving on their faces
seems at first utterly absurd. Some of
the packages are in tolerable order, in
other cases three or four hundred notes
which have been carelessly thrown into
a box are so melted together that it
seems impossible to separate them : in
others bonds have been tied up in a rell
for convenience1 sake, and are in the
worst condition possible to be separated.
And here 1 would give a word of warn
ing. Anybody is liable to be burnt out
any fire-proof safe is subject to being
brought undex extreme heat and its con
tents roasted, so that all persoss having
notes, bonds, or postage stamps put away
for safekeeping should bike the precan
tion to keep them spread out the full
size, one placed neatly over the other,
and in case of an accident or a calamity
such as that at Chicago, very little will
be lost in the process of redemption.
All notes, whose valne can be made out
are redeemed at full value. There is no
discount on burned money, as there is
on mutilated money. The safes or the
boxes oontaiuing the money are sent at
once from the Treasurer's office to the
ladies, whom long experience has proved
qualified for the dwlieate and difficult
task of handling it and deciphering its
value. They take it carefully from its
receptacles, and proceed to separate the
notes with the ntmost skill. Those notes
which are so far gone that they crumble
at the lightest touch have their cinders
carefully pasted together on sheets of
tissue paper. Great care is taken to pre
vent the loss of a single note. The ladies
are supplied with various aids in their
work. Each has a magnifying glass
and several small, thin, sharp stee in
struments with flat blades, which last are
indispensable in separating the notes.
With national bank notes the name of
the State, the bank, and denomination
of the note must be deciphejod, that the
money may be returned to the banks
which issued it for redemption. The
counter certifies to the number of pack
ages, of pieces, denomination, and the
total amount In the caso of the Trea
sury notes, the counter furnishes a sche
dule for the Office of the Secretary of
the Treasury, another for the .treasurer,
and a third for the Register. These
schedules are carefully looked over in
these bureaus, signed, and afterwards
the notes are burned iu the presence of
representatives of the three officers above
named. This work is not only compli
cated, but imposes great responsibility
upon those having it to do ; nevertheless
is proper to state that the ladies re
ceive but tiKX) per annum for their labor.
Late Fashion Notes.
Surplice trimming is much used for
Crimp is again fashionable as an article
Ruffles continue to grow in favor as
trimming for dresses.
l eathers and laces are very popnlaras
trimming for bonnets.
Flaps and pockets are mostly used on
jackets and coals for ladies.
flats seem to be trimmed with imita
tions of every flower that grows.
All wool delaines are quite popular for
Pale green is a fashionable tint for
note paper.
monograms are still much used on
note paper.
Silk dresses are mostly trimmed with
materials of a contrasting color.
Camel's hair wool fringe is to bemu'jh
for the trimming of outer garments.
The moderately wide flounces seem to
the most popular for trimming of
Jackets are to be embroidered with
both silk and braid, generally of the
same color.
Jackets of soft Freuch beaver are be
ing made up in large numbers by our
Alternate flounces of velvet and silk
are vi-ry. popular for the trimming of
velvet costumes.
Overskirts are being made with
pointed bottoms. They are mostly
edited with a heavy cord.
Overgarments for black silk suits are
mostly made with a basqaa front and
polonaise back.
Black silk suits are made with the
flounces and breadths of the overskirt
profusely embroidered with silk and jet.
Very long trains are still worn with
morning costumes, ior street wear,
however, they are entirely out of place.
The Canadian Militia. As asserted
a cotemporarv, the. chief object in
devising a militia system is to discover
method whereby the whole able-bodied
male population may be trained to the
use of arms without any lengtneneo ae
tention of the men from their industrial
pursuits. The "people of Canada seem
have come nearer to the attainment
that end than any other. The real
militia of the Dominion is organized un
der a law which orders the enrollment
discipline and payment of forty thous
and men. The law requires of these
men but sixteen days drill in the year,
but the spirit of competition among the
men lead's them to drill at least once a
week, while tbey spend the whole of the
time for which they are paid under the
canvass. The officering of this force is
provided for by military schools. Une
the best features of this system is the
constant target practice to which the
mm are subjected. The expense of
maintaining this force amounts to a little
less than twenty-eight dollars per man.
The majority of the men drop out of the
ranks when "their terms of service have
expired, leaving their places to be occu
pied by others, so fliat at least five thous
and men are added to the drilled force
every year.
A Panic in a Chcbch. A column
supporting the main floor of the African
Baptist Meeting-House, at the corner of
Fifth and York streets, Louisville, Ky.,
gave way, creating a panic in Che con
gregation, who all rushed down two nar
now stair-ways on either side of the
door, the men, in their fright trampling
upon the women and 'children, 11 of
whom were killed outright nine women
and two children. The column which
gave way was set upon the lower floor,
between joists, and with nothing to sup
port K but an inch flooring.
Desperate Struggle with aDcbglar.
James Lyons living in Christian
street, Philadelphia, was aroused in the
night by a bnrglar in his room, who pre
sented a pistol and threatened to fire if
alarm was made. Lyons seized the pis
tol, and desperate struggle ensued,
during which both parties rolled down
flights of stairs and out into the
street Lyons keeping hold of the pistol,
which was finally dis ;harged, wounding
him (Lyons) in the foot The police
were aroused by the noise, and captured
burglar. Lyons was seriouslybrnised,
two toes of his foot were broken.
It is related that when Beecher was in
country last summer, he lost his hat
found it in about a week in a barn
where he had left it but with four eggs
it This is as it should be. Beecher
just written a eulogy on the hen ;
why shouldn't the Hen-re-ward Beecher ?
Capture of a Sepoy Chief.
The Iudia Pioneer says : " We have to
announce the capture in the Bombay
Presidency of Moulvie Liaknt Ali, the
Allahabad mutineer of 1857. Since that
year he has been wandering up and down
the country, preaching hostility to the
British Government From the narra
tive of the 6th of June, 1857, to be read
below, it wiO be seen how important the
captura is. At 9 o'clock on the evening
of the 6th of June. 1S57, the mutiny
broke out in the station of Allahabad. A
rocket was seen to be fired from the
direction of Papamow, and quickly in
answer another shot up from the canton
ments. The flash had hardly left the
sky when the roll of musketry told that
the bloody work had begun. The ac
cursed Sixth Regiment of Native Infantry
bad mutinied, and the officers fifteen in
all, were being murdered in their mess
room (now Bank of Bengal) by the men
who, threw hours before, had bad read
to them on parade a letter of thanks
for their loyalty from Lord Canning, and
had cheered lustily, crying ont to be
led against the rebels of Benares. Next
day the green flag of the prophet was
flying over the city Kotwalirand not a
European (except those who had on the
4th taken the telegraphic warning of
Gen. Wheeler, from Cawnpore, and were
safe within the fort) was alive in this
station. Allahabad was in the posses
sion of Monfvie Liakae AIL This ruffian
is a native of Mahgaon. the most dis-
aflected village of Chad, the most disaf
fected pergunah of the district He
was a weaver by caste, and in 1S57 was
by trade a schoolmaster The excessive
sanctity of this bigot had gained for him
the respect of his village, 60 that on the
first outbreak of the rebellion the Maho
metan zemindars of Chad, only too ready
to follow any leader, placed Liakat Ali at
their head, and, marching in to Allaha
bad, proclaimed him the Governor of the
district in the name of the King of Delhi.
His head-quarters were fixed in the
Khoosroo Bagh, and there the rebel
court was held. Two nine-pounder guns
which had been sent by CoL Simson the
day before, with a party of the Sixth
Native Infantry to Doragunge, were
dragged by the rebels to the gardens
aud put u inside Uie gate. For a week
the Moulvie was in power. Fires, mur
ders and rapine filled even the natives
with horror ; but there was no system in
the outbreak, no concert between the
mutineers. The Moulvie headed tha
Mohonietans, while the Pragwal Brah
mins carried with them the Hindoo pop
ulation. The troops fought on their own
account On the 11th of June Col.
Neill arrived in Allebabad and assumed
command of the fort On the loth a
graud attack was made by a party of
Fusiliers, Sikhs and irregulars of Kyd
gunge and Moteeguhge, supported by a
steamer moving up the Jumna with a
howitzer and some riflemen on board
The rebels were beaten at every point
and our troops followed them up closely.
The terror of approaching punishment
soon broke np the Aloulvie s camp in the
Khoosroo Bagh ; and on the night of the
lbtn ijiakat Au and all bis followers fled,
leaving behind them the two guns and a
number ef prisoners among them the
brave young Cheek, who died the same
evening, his body covered with wounds
and sores, and his mind wandering.
Conductor Colemaa was al& among the
Moulvie's prisoners, and died soon after
his release from the wounds he had re
ceived ill his capture. Meanwhile the
Moulvie had escaped : from the 17.h of
J une, Vial, up to Saturday last he has
been wandering abort the country try
ing to stir np the people to bring back
old days when the hold ot the rSntisn on
India was being loosened, and he (Liakat
All) was reigning in the h-uoosroo Bagh
at Allahabad."
The MoBiroNS Some eight or ten
years ago,a sailor, of the name of Gibson,
who had had some rough but romantic
experience in the island of Java, went
out to the Sandwich Islands as an am
bassador, from Brigham Young, to nego
tiate for the purchase of one or two of
those islands. I be idea with Gibson
was that a group of tropical or semi-
tropical islands in the Pacific Ocean was
the manifest destiny of tbe Mormons
because it was only in some such desti
nation that- tliev could live, nrosixjr and
be recognized by the civilized world as
an independent State with their poly
gamy, to the fullest enjoyment thereof.
If Brigham Young were in his prime we
might look for some such exodus as this
from Utah ; but now it would be too
much for him. His community is too
cumbersome to be shipped off, still,
something must be done.
The French Government. A move
ment baa been initiated for the submis
sion to the people of the question of the
future form of government of i ranee,
to be decided by means of a plebiscitnm.
The plan, as far as perfected, proposes
that the people shall decide whether the
country shall remain a republic, as at
present constituted ; whether it shall
become a kingdom, with some member
of tbe Bourbon family upon tbe throne ;
or an empire under Napoleon. The
movement finds many supporteis, and a
strong effort will be made when the Na
tional 'Assembly convenes to secure the
adoption by that body of a measure
which will carry the scheme into effect
It is stated that numerous agents are ac
tively engaged in the provinces, endea
voring to enlist popular sympathy in
behalf of the project
Well Broken. Customer to (Horse-
dealer's Boy) " Sent this horse to show
me, eh ? Where did jour master get
him ?''
Boy " Don't know sir."
Customer " Is he quiet in harness ?"
Boy "Don't know, sir."
Customer " Will your master warrant
him sound ?"
Boy" Don't know, air."
Customer " Confound it boy ? What
did your master tell you to say to me
about the horse ?"
Boy" He telled mo to say " Don't
know, sir," to everything as you asked
me I
Spot ox the Sex. There is now a
large, pear-shape spot on that side of the
sun that is turned toward us It is about
40,000 miles in diameter, which is equi
valent to three-quarters of a minute of
arc ; equal to the angle subtended by
13S inches at the distance of one mile
from the eye. It is a very good test of
the vision through smoked glass, requir
ing an eyesight of a little more tbau tbe
average penetration to see it without a
magnifier. The spot is a little to tha
left and about the same distance below
the apparent centre of the solar diss.
Otjick Time. Daring the late confla
gration in Chicago two fire engines were
sent frm Bloomington, Illinois. in
two hours and forty minutes from the
time they started, in a special train, over
the Chicago, Alton and St Louis Rail
road, they were throwing water on the
fire. The train made tbe run, one hun
dred and twenty-six miles in two hours
and ten minutes ; and the run from
Bloomington to Joliet, eighty-nine miles,
was made in eighty minutes.
Lately, while three children, two boys
and a girl, were in a field near Fish River,
Ala., they heard the growl of a panther
and immediately fled. Ihe boys ran in
to a house near by, closing the door,
leaving their sister outside, and as she
has not been seen since, it is supposed
she was earned off by tbe animal.
A sensible ladv of mature years says
that it does net look well for a yonng
lawyer to put his arm around a girl at a
circus and comb hor hair with his fingers.
Insanity of an Actress.
A Washington paper gives a sad nar
rative of the first exhibition of insanity
on the part of Alice, one of tha well
known Logan sisters under circum
stances partlcnhirly distressing. On
Thursday night she was found wander
ing by a policeman in the streets, and
when questioned made no. reply except
" It's a plot to ruin mo. It's A plot, and
I was almost married to him." Seeing
that she was laboring under severe men
tal excitement, attended with insanity,
he took her to the Central Gnard-housa,
where upon being further questioned,
she incidentally remarked th it she had
been almost married to Albert W. Aiken,
playing the " Witches of New York"
at Wall's Opera House. Mr. Aiken was
immediately sent for, and soon arrived
at the guard-bouse, where he informed
the officers that she was his wife, and
had been married that morning by Rev.
Mr. Addison, at the Trinity church, cor
ner oi Anira ana u streets, and was for
merly Alice Logan, who took a prinoinal
part in the play then progressing at the
Opera House. It appears that after she
was married in the morning she rode, in
company witn her husband, to the St
James Hotel, where they were stopping,
accompanied by a gentleman and Mrs.
Celia Logan Kellogg (her sister) who as
sisted nt the marriage, and that the then
Mrs. Aiken sV owed signs ot indifference
to Mr. Aiken. Mrs. Kellogg noticing
mis waikea witn her to a mend s resi
dence on Ninth street near K, where she
remained several hours. Mrs. Kellogg
oeing called away about 8 o clock in the
evening, left Mrs. Aiken m the house,
cautioning her to remain there until she
came back, and then to accompany her
to the theatre, where she (Mrs. Aiken)
was to take her regular character in the
play. Iu the absence of Mrs Kellogg.
Mrs. Aiken became unmanageable and
left the house, roaming about the streets
nntil met by the officer. Upon the ar
rival of her husband she scarcely notice!
mm, aad reluctantly accompanied him
to the St James Hotel. Mrs. Aiken is
now under medical treatment, and it is
sincerely hoped that she soon will recover
her mind and health.
Paralysis a Cause of Theft.
Some celebrated European phvsicans.
applying the doctrine of the conservation
and correlation of forces to moral mania.
have recently contributed some impor
tant articles to medical science, showing
mat certain physical diseases are the ac
tual causes of klepto-mania.
Prichard cites the case of the wife of a
man of fortune, who was in the habit of
stealing on all occasions whenever she
visited shops ' la this case, paralysis
(partial) and softening of the brain ex
isted. Ihe husband was so verwhelm-
edwith grief and shame that he left the
fascinations of the city, and banished
himself to the country, where there were
no shops ; but the mania remained.
It is a curious fact that in one stage of
paralysis a delusion always exists in the
niiud of the sufferer that what he steals
in his property, or has been stolen from
him, and that he merely reclaims his own.
Sometimes he imagines that God orders
him to steal
Paralysis is sure to cause stealing in
some shape or other ; and stealing, in
deed, may be sometimes regarded as a
symptom of the disease.
This is an important subject, and one
of unusual interest-.'worthy of the care
ful investigation of the medical scientist
The Whaling Fleet Disaster. The
disaster which occurred to the whaling
fleet it is said, was fully predicted by
the Esquimaux, but no attention was
pail to the warning. The Esquimaux
ere boarding the ships and carrying
on everyimug ot vaine to tnem, whe:
the crews abaudoned their vessels.
Ixcueab&es Restored. Do not des
pair because your physician shakes his
head. Professional opinions are not
infallible ; and they are never wider of
the mark than when they pronounce
chronio dyspepsia an incurable malady.
To mitigate its pangs the faculty usual?
lv prescribe air, exercise, and brandy.
The first two are God's medicinea. The
hut is satanic poison. The only medi
cine needed in Dyspepsia and its con
comitants, is Dr. J. alkes s Califor
nia Vinegar Bitters the great vegetable
tonic of the age.
How to obtain a
For particulars address
COLLINS & Co., 212 Water St., N. Y.
Information about any Railroad Bonds
can be obtained if yon will write to
Chari.es W. Hasst.eb, No, 7 Wall Street,
New York.
Investment Securities.
Jat Cooks a Co., an now suting, aad reoomnMnd
a profitable And mJ investment tor all elaMM, th 1 Fint
Mortcai 7-K GoM Bonds of tha Northern Piciflc
Railroad Companj, baarin Serea and Throa-Tmtba
pr oenL gold Lntrrwt (mor than I per oent- correneyl,
and eeenrad by first aad only mortem on tha entire
Road and eqnlptaettxa,and oo aaora than 33,00) Acres
oi Load to orer mOe ot tree, or HO Aerea of Land to
each 1,000 Bond. Tha kigheat enrrene price will be
paid for U. 8. Fire-Twenties, aad all other marketable
Securities received in excaanee. Pamphlet, napa aad
full information, as well as the bonds themsehrea, will be
tarnished on application by Jat Cooks A Co. Phila
delphia, New York aad Washington, and by saost Bank a
and Bankers throoarhoai tbe eona r
The Markets.
BnrCa-rrxa Prime to Extra..... .f .11 as
Flrot quality.... 11 t,o)
Medium...... .10 m
inferior.. OS
Mtirl COWS. 35.00 86.00
Huus Livk .T .07
Eraued.... ...............
Cotto Middling
.05 07
M a ( 65
Flocb Extra Western
State Extra
a. 60
a 161
Whut Amber Western. ........
White Gcneaee Extra ...
a 1.65 i;
a 1.63
a l.oo
a J
Rtc Western ....
Babxstt State...................
Co as Mixed Western...
Oats Western.... .
Pubk sfcae 13. iO ali.00
Lard .11
PrraOLXUM Crude 14 i Refined .23
Bcrrm State. ...
Ohio. W. B-.
" Fancy
Western ordinary ......
Pennsylvania nua......
Cheesb State Factory
Skimmed ...... ...
Eoos State..-
FLOCa Fnperflne.... ........ ....
Eati a.. ....... ...
COIHM..M.I. ........ .... ....
Cuu FOSK..
IjASD.. ...........
BuTXES"Cotnmon ....... ........
Choice Lota
Egos) Wretrrn..
QsasB 6xaM Ciorrr
Timothy.. ....... ...
Red Icp. .-
Eat Choice.............".
. 5 SO
. .77
. .64
. 17.00
a 150
a .73
a .70
. .osa
. JS a
.5 a
.15 a
, J7 a
. .10 a
, 8.90 a too
. 5.50 a COO
, 30.00 o39.00
, 20.00 a23.00
Bcsr .....................
a 6.80
a 800
a 6.50
a 1-34
a .45
a .75
Hons Live. .........
Fixjrn ...
Wheat No. 1 Spring
Oats .-
a .65-
a .95
a .75
a .90
Rtb State -
Cor Mixed -
Baeixt State.............. -
Oais State
FTjocb Pran. Extra -
Whcat Western Bed.... ..
White ...............
PTraoT.xcat Crude... .
a l.to
a 1.65
1 40
nVrenrjed. 2
Cottes Low Middling
Fiona Extra -
Wheat Amber
. 18 V -
. T.50 a 3.00
. 1.55 a LK0
. .65 a .10
CACtioif. Druggists are sometime
careless and in purchasing their stock
get hold of an Imitation ef Dr. Sage's
Catarrh Remedy, or a counterfeit article,
and innocently sell i t for genuine. Never
buy a package without seeing that the
name printed upon it is Dr. Sage's Ca
tarrh remedy, and not Dr. Sage's Catarrh
Cure, New Catarrh Cure, Catarrh Re
liner, or some other similar sounding
name. . Also that it has printed both
upon the wrapper and also the TJ. S.
Government Stamp, which is npon it
the words R V. Pierce, M. D, Buffalo,
N. Y." In this way yon will be sure to
get the genuine, 671.
Mr. Stover, of New Sharon, Franklin
County, Me., a few nights ago had
twenty-four turkeys his whole flock
killed by a fox.
"Mercy to me, missus, what nice bis
cuit I have made from j. Monroe Tay
lor's Cream Yeast Baking Powder."
Butter and cheese are almost indis
pensable articles of food. Prorierlv
used, they are nutritous and healthy;
but an inordinate use of either causes
is digestion and dyspepsia. Pabsox's
Pproattve Ptt.t.h, judiciously used, will
remove both of these troubles.
Scdpen Changes is the Weather aie
productive of Throat Diseases, Coughs
and Colds. There is no more effectual
relief to be found, than in the use of
" Broirn't Bronchial Troches."
Chasped HA3ro8, face, rough skin, pirn
pies, ringworm, salt-rheum, and other
cutaneous affections, cured, and the skin
made soft and smooth, by using the
JuxrpER Tar Soap, m.de by Caswell,
Hazard t Co., New York. It is more
convenient and easily applied than other
remedies, avoiding the trouble of the
greasy compounds now in use.
Have yon ague in the face, ' and is it
badly swollen t Have you severe pain
in the chest, back or side ? Have yon
cramps or pains in tbe stomach or
bowels ? Have yon bilious colio or
severe griping pains ? If so, use Johx-
What Dyspepsia may End In.
lndiA-vHuja is aot daaj-eroQs, eaj the faculty. Perhaps
not la itself, while it remains mere nrfiarstioa : bat
look at the eonseqoeneee to which it saae lead, and el ten
does lead when it becomes a chroa'e disease. spark
cf Are is a small thing. A prearare oi the foot will pot
it oat ; a breath will extina-nish it. Yet ft may ire a
powder auD, or kindle a name that win eoosntae a eity.
ot toe stomach, eoogeatioa ei the boweia, apoplexy.
liter disease or other daaceroaa mtlsdiea la it not
wiee. then, to check it ia the germ? Sothiag more
dearly and indispntabty eetabliel-ed taaa that Host ot
ter's Stomach Bitten wiS eradicate dyspepsia mall its
stages. Tha trae policy, howerer, la te extinguish It in
tbe first stageewith this wholesome, powoif ul, i nd lav
feJliblo tonic and alterative. It ia easier to quench a
spark thaaaflame. and it ia easierte core dyspepsia
when it ia first developed, this when It has made head
way by aeglect, and beooaae oosapUcated with ether ail
ments. There ienot tha shadow of a doubt that the
bitters are as directty antagonistic to dypep;ie as watar
is to fire. There are thousands oi cases oa reoord prov
ing this fact. The remedy ia safe and agreeable. AO
the Bqaom off eommoroe prescribed ae stlmnlantsy
leave a etinc behind. Kmt the ating ia taken eat of the
spiritnoua basis of this great reme ry by vegetable med
ieation, and, moreover, the stimnliat thus medicated is
of exceptional parity. Of all tonics taken as asJegaarda
sr remedies for fevar and agae, bilioaa remittents aad
other fall eptdemica. H ia the only one that e a anixorns-
fy be depended anon.
are to good rehanle agent -
. 14 Kiibr St., BoacoaTMaa-.
Publish "The r-ATisr htas, aau
Eire prorirabie aa-nciee to canvaweTa.
OPIUM EATERS." to be cored of tbe
hb uaddiaea T. E. CLARKE. M. P., Mt. Vernon. O.
A6 E X TS WaatesV-Agents make more money at
work fur us tnan at any th ins: else. Parti ulars free.
G. Sres-os A Co.. ie An PMtttnrt, Portlan . Maine.
I)VILDIe fl.LT (SeTar) For Owtalae
m wurk, in-ide instead of plaster,
mats. Ac. C. J. PAY. Camden. Ji. J.
A K.T9 WASTED to wtl bm tiiitutuMW
ll. (ireaM kxtrcUtr. Tbe M and only miaou arti
cle for reroTiiur urease, paint, pitch, tar or taiM from
all fanncs wiiooat imarr. 11 worvt use mama
tvn-aslmr auvrl Utryr. auiilnfea. RI'TTRICK' at fXY.
No. 43 Qaml Hk, cot. Ha 4 won, y. T.
(WOMCTMINO JflCE. The Little ForHe,
(C7 Mu.
ia.icuJ Buz. taiavriiiaT two beuitifai tone, will be
to ut adtire-M dun ox the next 60 dajs. prepaid, ior 7a
Our object in mIIidc at that price for wo short
to introdoo tnem tAiMchovfc the Ui
Fi0w .mm- i wraryavntaxi- Adiireaa
G. W. J SWELL A Co.. Aatenta, Mutt -on. Ind.
Rend far free mridI eorvT ef the fMMrlalf lAiPEI.
a tint claaa world loarna.. Dvbkahed ttf the New York
Scate Convention oi Universalis.' a. and coataininff th
! rroooe of Dr. K. H. Unamn. Term f AX per ear.
AidreM, PnlWber CHUaTlAJf IJwtPKS, UN &tMwa,
New York City. .
The hest MnsMmJ Jretrnst nobliened. Beat three BsentAS
on trial for 26 cents, or two montna rrer te all wbo mo
scribe be ore Jan. L ti worth of Music, sheet mus e
siae. in each volume, glperyeir. Hen! for New Pre
mium hu. W. W. WHITNEY. Publisher. Tosedo, O.
An Invaluable Cvre for
Saras, Scalds. Sprains.
A single application allaya the paia from a barn the
mstaal it Sf appueo.
BLISS, KEENE A CO' 8 rial Id fti-c, tbe wo
ricer, Pmlwenary C nltiwtav4alt KteiM,
rlrii femedr for Cea ?.
and ail ChtreMlc If tte Icmm9m pnpaftreat frota
tii fieaatftae) t'liairim Rtmrk from Loja, Eo
oador, eeoiuvd by the inutance e the 'aathoriuea f
tiat ooantry. It the nort fesriec, pnmtpt md a-ft
alteratiT ajid bloe4 parlfter known. Sold by all
Dnijnrvta. in pint boMtee, bavmf oa tbetn oar name,
tradeinaxkanadirwcttona. Send .or a aueuW, OAom
and Laboratory. Jo. 60 Cedar ht., IV Y.
i Remedy Found at last !
It will Cure yonr Cough.
It fill PreTent aM Cure CootM
Tha Cma, w -.? ymm are ae1tatv.
talt la tmtai ueaaAa.pcieBa Jo
are)p RMeljr 1 aet aacaV
Why saci-lalee yaar Ufa
waea year-lteaMeaa ba
care, a aaie., hi a
TVneke. aarKrh arrB MaA-9 wtth a Gbub OT wftb COB-
trampfrkm read the toUowlna' latter from a I hi
awrcoaatof amarwe viy. mioa.. "w - a-
r Wr. Th Allen' Lane Baleani ha arrfred. I
I not like to be without it, for it baa aad my Hf.
I took a bad eotd, aad a ooach, aad nally etmaamiHioa
ev rytafnc that wa recoouietMaWc ana epent Croat
deal oi moony, aad cot no help. I had Allen 'a Lanjr
tafkl noon me. i wa in wry dm a otea
Balaam for Bale, bat I knew notaincor na menta, t ata
not. tike to take it wtthoot kaowta mor aboot H. I
ttmA w.A er, rf a IwvtlJsm. When TOatT ftftllt Called OB M. I
told hun I oonld not eeil a medtcma I knew aothinc
ahoat. He nrged ma to tfT it myw I. l om : aad. t
my fT Hal rpriee, th ttiet hoc tie etovped myeoaaa ;
and, before th thrd bottle wa taken, my lanira wt-r
heied aad wll ; aad I mm now apeak kn -wmaiy to my
fneixifl ard aatoa.ars. of the rood aai)tieeot Allaa a
Los Baaaam. I remain yoara, reepe trolly.
Va J Wl A T I -kmt
It warrantee: to break oo the meet tmobleaeine Couch ta
an incredibly h-rt time. There ia ne remedv that eaa
anew more evidenoe of real merit than thH BALAAM,
for eunn OuHatratrrioa, Cocoas, CoLca, Anarau.
Caocp. Ac . .
It r only about seven year stnee the Bum waa Brat
offered le the pubiso ; and. a this short time. It bee be
come kwHrn aed .r-preriaeed in nearly every town and
villaee throughout the United Steua aad t a Domiaioa
of Canada. Hundred, of thousand of bottles am an
nually sold : ana thoeaaade ot wtlmaase testify to It.
anequaled cower is healinc the disease that U isrse
oaunended for.
It I Harmleaa ta tka ateet aellcaUe CkllaV
It contains ae Optvam la any ream,
It la Bel ky KeeUelae Poalera geaereJty.
-a It tha a-esa aweAtwame, nvamr. Wy. tWw w. a wg
Mm t7j 1 tftrBWDT 4-s.fW ,h mis a-aa. la alai t eapa.e
I3 jiZr Carnal syatak-Saa. eteal snoytsK gfassl eeBenl all on a aaeaft
I- -4w 1oJ;3g emaa. WAtaU.mDMa.Me I 4 t
V 5 , f .. s4w r-ry a-e-i-tVe toe svw. jr.-. H. -tl Tt, -
rfVT aa ' J vWt lrfaw.fi ef ai i as m -.He. Ia a a. osaaa. a I p 1 1 1 aaf
VWMM fc ib.1l.li nr i- ' Elisi a) OU.. Bsmtmtmam. Tt,
1. w una. rravHMc. - H. MrtMrtu O.. pnsxMsw
Um Amu. Aw frm. e miimi wm. .
MILLIONS Bear Teatlataay ta hetr
V underlet C-rutive Effeeta.
Tbey are ex artle eaacy Driak, Made at Peer
RaattWhiakey, Proof Pulrlte aad Kefueer
Llaaern doctored, spiced and ewstcjicdmpiesjais
taate.oaHed "Toidee." "AppetimrsT" "staorcra."avo,
that lead the tippler on to drunkenness and ruin. but are
a true Medclne.made from the Kative Boots and Hatha
ef California, free) (Veen all Alrehelie Htlrnw
laata. Tbey are the GREAT BLOOD Pl'RI
a perfect nenovator and lnvtgorator of the System,
carrying oft" all poisonous matter and restoring tbebtoeal
to a healthy condition So person can take these Bib
ten according te dlioctiena and remain sang nawelt,
provided their bones are not destroyed by mlaaeeA
poisoner ether means, and the vital ergaae wanted
beyond the point of repair.
They are a Gentle Pargaitwe aa wetl an -j.
Teale, possessing, also, the peculiar merit of artmtj
aa a powerful agent in reUevu g Curweetic. or Inaaan
metion of tbe Liver, and ail the Visceral Onrana. -
old, married or intHtle, at the dawn of womanhood or ai
the tarn of life, these Tonic Bitters have no equal.
Far laiaaaaaatery aad Cbraaic Rbeanra
lleaa aad Ueat, Dyspepela. er ladlseetioce
Bilteae, Remittent aaet lateraniiteat re
vere, Dlweaaee ef the Blew. Liver. K iti
nera aad Bladder, them Bittern have been moat
sneoeaafuL Hack Dlaeaaea are canard by y ll luted
Bload, which ia generally producrd by dersgeaiens'
of tbe Directive Ortaas, '
tefae. f lis m the shoulders. Coaxba, Ttgbtnea, J
Chest, Dizziness, Sour Eruetatioae ef the Btouatch.
Bad Taste m tbe Mouth. Bilious Attacks. Palsitatlea of
the Beart. LnBammatioo of the Lune-s, Para ta the re
gieaa ef tbe Eklaeva. aad a hundred ether aatnfal war
toaia, are tbe ottprtnss of Dyspepsia.
Tbey invigorate tbe Stomach and stimulate - torpid
Liver and Boweia, which renoer them of uxwausllejl
eaVucy ta eleaaaiuc the blood of ait impurttlea. and im
particg new life and vizor ta the whole system.
FOR SKIN DISEASES. ruptlena.TeUer. Salt.
Kbeom, Blotches. Sputa, Pimpica, Pustules, Boila. Car
bundea. Ria?-Wonna. Scald Bead. Sore Rvev. Erysipe
las, ltce-ecurfa, liiuroloratlous t the kin. Humors ao-l
biaeasea of the bkin. ef whatever name or nature, are
llleraliv dor ep and earriej out of the erstere In a short
time bythevseol these Bitters. One bottle in such
eases wtK convince the moat increduioua of tueir cura
tive enecta.
Cleanse tbe Titialcd Blood whenever you f ai Its (to
pnrttiea bursting throuxb the- skin in Pimples, Erup
tions or Bores ; cleanse it when yoa find it obstructed
sndstuxgtsh In the veins; dsensn It wben it Is foul,
and your fcelinga wiU tell yon when. Keep the blow,
pure, and the health of the avstem will fellow.
Pin. Tnpa, aad ether Wtnas, lurking hi the.
system ef so many thousands, are eiTectuaJlr destroyed
and removed. Bar a distinguished pbrsioleeist.
tiiere ia erareely aa individual upon the face ef the
earth whose body la exempt from the presence of
worms. It ia not upon the healthy elements of tbe
body that worms exist, but upon the diseased bnmors
and eUmr deposits that breed these Urine monsters of
disease. No Srteal of Mediciie. no Venn if lures, oe -antheimlntica
will free the system from weraaa like
them Bittern.
1. WALKXB, Proprietor. B. B. McDO.VALD CO.
Hi ugla la and den. Arrets. 8an yrsrjci.ro. California,
and 1 and 34 Commerce Street, hew York.
aVySOLD B Al.b PBUlXlTi'TS At PKtl.gwe.
ReltovM and tmrrd br Dr. 9hermana Patent Appliaao
and Compound- Office S7 Broadway, N. Y. bend 10e.
for book with ohotorophw..kwetB of cases befoieantf
after cure, with Henry Ward Beeoher'B tetteenand
porwauu twin ot iatcud; irapimoTi, wita pginvv
oare bean aawemts of Dr. Sherman.
AT ta f tor nrst-etaae Pianos.
Sent on trt-tL
Address U.S. PLA.NO Co,
Broadway. S. Y.
0tr Agenta.
A WEEK for rich monthly, nruvtratedwith
new noeltie. Ac Addreaa Yariy, Saco. Ma
MUX A CO.. rMMlaherw Set
31 fara mow, 3. i ., 001am
i" axperienoa, Tt7tnin oonti-.
ererrwhere. Twentj-ntw
lgnt Lai aSrd fo- T -
Agents I Reaa Tins!
If at iftw pew week and ex
at sjsto new week and exnenis. or allov a
lares oommiaaion, to sell our new wooderful inventHi
Addres. M. TACXKB A Oil. lroxll. Mict
Th Hrstory of th War between France and Germany,
rmbracinr alao Pari ander the common. ISO illustra
tion ; U2 pts ; pnc. 92.SO : frKtUOoop already aold.
Th only eomplete work. otliinc aooaU it to aell,
Makinc ItX'-tiu ooprea per month now. In EnsHsh and
German. Ternie onaiid. Out tii $LTS. Addnaa H.
8- jyOODgPEEP A CO., 3T Parte Row, ?iw Yt-V.
We are manofaotoha rery asperior Paint at half
the pnee of ordinary mta It ia Brown, bat by th
addittoa oi dry paint- eaa be marie habt0r or darker. It
m mixed reorfy Mr w, and t aold by the galsOn. It ia
euitablc for booaea. barn, fence, freight ears, depots,
bovlen. trnoke etaclo, metal roof, Ac We alv. mann
faetor ear oel6rtd BE.1UT ROOFIMtt for
eoreniic all deacriptioa of roof. For pno lacVMm
plea, etc.. addreea the Rkady Boons GX, So. 64
Coortlaadt Srr-t. JOw Ywk.
I (anted te arad hie afrea and ret1 le Free and
P a Inge Paid a oopy of th
American Farm Journal,
The most Preetieal. the Bet and Chear-eot U)otrst-d
Aaricultural paper in the Coiled Stat. Only IA
r year, awea irr a wpeeimeu cony, aoarnsa
Toledo. Ohio.
with the Gm ra Iwsoe. The
bit Th Imported. ss-V awrv-
s-Aers. And ioraalewholeieleonly
bv the ereat Atlantic and!
Vavclne Teat Cev, a Church St.
ew York. P. O. Box. woej.
.wf Mr ree..Vw rtmeVtr.
Great Saving To Consumers
aa. ami freMrlnf Price List and a Cfub form will
accompany it, eoutaiaina: full dirvctionanmlrina; a lanre
savin to ooestunereaod remunerative to eiuborsaniaerr
Great C
Mcago sal Its
eft tea, and a detailed, mraonwtantial and vivid account
of rta dee tree by fire ; with aoeo, incident, te
OTT Of t
By Mmm. Ooibef t cuambertin. City fcditorooi voi
cajro Tntrane. folly UiaMAMil from rvuMmoam
ken n tbe apot. aftn wnvt.
j j rii'v-trTi: DDAa V eVnaT If a
AAMLZeeB JS AVy AI AaS AXl-rn. D vi 1 I a.
A a bam, 5. T.
Onremos-eubieete I.IFR SlZE-eiquiJite of
erieinal OuPamtmsa, ei YJLS A 1 te every subeeri-
Henry Ward Beecher's
Apm ii liiilin ii il iiniiiasi' Oaetorkl.ni
names in S mouths ; another sxa) in weeks : another 119
m one week ; one 47 in one day. and many others equally
well, vaaaina from 4 aad 1 to 40 per day. Take on
flit' An oM scent who t. ears : I think it tbe
alsi( gwiretrt eew qrferei. Sorry I did not en-
me sooaer.' Par better tnaa any book acency. A
res eaaeej s ainl-l sssery.
InwTtirot ami aad womea wanted erywber. If yoa
wlh mod territory, send eori for etferilar and term.
J. B. FORD, A CO.. 37 Park Place, X. Y. ; M Bromaekl
St.. Boaloa ; HM W. Ml-oa 5! Cojc4ro.
A TVesrtrakte Rleaw-Tbere ie tb bis at rkSenle,
tbe bias of sonro, th his of snakm in the cram ; but
tbe mast deiightfu! htm a tiAt of
TuTaatl Iffsryewoent Seltxar Aperient
the sparkKnc sjoMet, rirme assurance to the invalid
that hie thirst will be delicioealv sesussrad : that hie
etomsob will be refreshed and punned : that if he is f.
veirh. bat body will be eooied by healthful evaporation :
tbat if be ia eonstinated. the diAcuiry will am away
without a nana : and tbat if tbe condition of hie sneral
health ia impaired, it will be apeelily restored. Of
ae will take ear to as aeara nam aau tee
H.Y.tt.U. PovW

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