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The Conservative. (M'connelsville, Ohio) 1866-1871, July 20, 1866, Image 2

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TP.IDAV V.OttXINO, - - - - JULY 2i).
W 111. fi L 1! X N
Democratic State Ticket,
rcn pkorktary or ptatr,
hkxjamin i.i ricviu:,
01 Shelby County.
Of Hamilton County.
ii;mhfh titur.D of rtiii.tt: won,
Of Ashlotid County.
Political Conventions.
A Cenvcntii n to non,in!it fftnoTliito for Con
fill iu lum t'I'c -I'.lli) lnli u I wili U- held iu
A Crnveutinn lnfiw!njli f inilhl .lf fivCoim'y
Anililor, 1 iftMim-r. l'msci ntii".; AKwiiov. :
miioner. lnhnlo Juilsc nnd liCirmnry Jiiicctor
will Ic held it
Town Hall, M'Connelsville, Saturday, Aug, 18th.
MririmrdiiiK furmcr ilifTerenoei nn politiinl
.,ticst :ons mul is'-ues, no Invite I'towx-mls mi.l all
juen of co .frrvittivo vicivi to n-"e nihie nl toe usual
place ol Holding ilcetinc'i iuitliuii K.spcclivo towu
hips on
Saturday, August 11th.,
Ani tlirn mid there releit J wo ile1crntr to the
rmiKicn.liMml Convention, Ci;:lit tlclcj.'.ilcs lo the
County Convention, uud two delegates to inc. Judl
ti il Covvcolioti.
The l! me ntis.com ivlten on fiirrii".t nml pxtiii.tu'
(troil li Mil.l t.i- iiuiilo to ti-toio tlm 1'iiion on n
JoM onrt cpuil Tlio ii it u.iti'iti inliey of
Presido'it il'.liiw.n M.nulil bo iinlnr-td mill upheld.
1 lio principle enuiu.iuli-tl in hi Wto ih's-ii;;c;j til
tho KrecmiiH Diiiciiu end Civil IUtIiN IlilM ni-m
to he concit and pni'vi .titid xlnnilil he mi stained.
All voter-), will-out distinction of pir'y, wlm lu
lieve thut It I cloHK I'Xi'lll'iVfly 111 till! FeVf-r-.ll
Mutes nl this li'l. lull to determine eachfor il-clf tlic
i uilillriitii.n ot vi tern, mm who uic opp"ed to the
tiiiilcrriux nl the licht of votitur upon Iho iir.rn:
those who. ul ilit pio-ent time, mo opposed to all
iinieiulnie nls of tho rutistlliitioii f 111 8 Vnitrtl
.sMiiIm. whllt eleven Kliiti'i of thin Union tnu cx
.rluiled mid n Infi ll n voice, l,y their Kiiiitoi i ui.d
l(i'.H'..'iiliiliv,'i ill the iriiiosition of iiiiiciiliut'titH;
tlioso who hio oii mmI to Urn rxtinitinn oi
I'llllKE IIHMiKl'.t) Mll.MoN DOI.LAliS ul Hit)
wcultli of tbo tountry finin tiiMitlon, mid nto In
Invor of inukiiit; cvory Hpt't'iea of tvcultli liir iti
t.iir uud tiii.il oli.ilf of 1 1 1 Ltiillit'im of Lixiitioli for
ull .ui jio!! s, uic coidiully luvittd to iiuito In tin
lUoit lo jttt from Jilute unit power tlio iinwoitliy
HHflilH. who Hi-cm t' K'Kln'u uud Kovt'lil fur their
own rpetiul Leuclit, uuil for tbo pcriicluutiuu oi
l)y ,oiltr fcf.tlieii-jnocintlc Crntrul rminiittco.
jTd. M. OA Vl.uKU, t'hauiuuu.
J.B. COLUV.bctitUiiy.
i.U.uiny, pctLap-t, be expected tLul wo cLotilO
coy lomulliing vvitli ri';urt to tLo iuMicatiuti
(if tllC CONREIIV.VTIVR. -Our attCWt'tOU LluS blt'll
callcJ, during Uic lubt year, to the (act lint in
tunny of llio town.'liips of liiiu county tl.crc
cxiftcd a firong fctlin'j iti favir of ;:-tliij5 up
pnper j tbcrcl'orc, ly the lulicitutiou of iiiat.y
OtuiQCints, ivo biivo purcbtiEcJ t!.c ptcca fonn
cilywuiid by 1). 1. Lion, ;..., v, l.ic'.i lu.a
now btcu idle nearly two ycurj. Wc have
undergone considerable CNpeiLC in C'.tii s up
Wc ittend to J u Ij t i a Ij a good, rcliuUc fiinilv
ncwRpaper, iltvotcd to puliiits, geneiul ond
local iiewd, v. UU a view to the uiurl.aa, Lome
ond abroad. Wo ilteii c to put this J xij.ei
iu tbc lmtid? tf every Ieiuocrat and ull others
tbutprc In fuvor oi tba union ol ull tU Stutcit
as propoftd by i'rc.iiJeiit Juliwi. We wiu.t
o.uuiuu Lut'jt), auj Lot a ii.vuiti oue. t c
wuut peace, uud iiwt eotitciitioii. NotAhli
eltiuding tlic wur h over, hnd bluvtry t-i ut ul
tiiJ. much vet tcmuii!3 to be doi.e in tic
threatening find dim fuluie.
Our nj'pcnl to tbc public i3 general, wc
want oil couser vulivc i:icn to sttij their uuuiis
to tbit efDco iuiuiciKulely, i:i ordir ttut you
uiuy get ti e next tmnibcr. Addrcw,
irCoiiuelsvillc, 0
They talk of nouiiuuting a Major Utn
cwil iu tueh of tho live t'tb"u,.;i)mil liialntts in
dun. Lfijui ill to sU;inp IVtiipyUxuia lii
tbo Itudiculs.
Con. Bpetd has retired from Liu olllec.iind
leaves for Kei.tin.Ky text Moud.iy.
The Seua'.e oo Tuesday paused the bill
creat iK tb now Military oi'.icoof Otutial. 11 will
lit luck to Jt!i Uoust fgr coucuirencu.
,-Tho Kheriff of ISuouo county, MLiiouii
Is defitullcr to tao tunc of. (13,000,
I'reaehers iu Missouri continue to be
buutcd down tn 1 u nested for pleaching uud rc
fuiioK.Ui taUj the It .tu.it h.
There la a report iu Washington that
tbo whole Cabinet wilj lct,l(;n, bo thai 1'iuxideut
Johnson will have tu opporluuity to rtfoim tlj
A Wurhingtoti Eeciul to the Ciuciunuti
'L'tuiulror fctates titut Ooucr.il Hiekenlooper will bo
kplioiutvd United Htutea llarnbal for the HoutUctu
Mctiltt of Ohio, iu place of A. 0. bauds, Ljij.
Tho llcpiibliean cuuotis In Conjrcfs have
dot i Jed that ..'uu;:i'-u niiiiU adjoutu ou tbo 2Jd
The Truslun rurliuxnut waa to meet en
the Istb iiiit., uud thu prluiury elect ious, hulf
which luvu talien place, uro dttididly uufuvoiu
J.lo to li onml.'s poln y ui tar iuktu d ( cv:m
ir.oiit-K'' J-
Jfoud (Stiller Ktrplie:ts wij MtriTnikred
to Hie Cutnt nt Huston on Hornby l.jr IiI.h ninety
nml In ili'fnult of the noecs-try nmoun! oi bail, U
wn lotiiiiiilli'il lo j iil.
1 lio noniinn'ion of Colonel L. A. WurriF
t Colic, tor of the I'iist Piitr'et of Ohio, w.i ro
r inniilerei by tho Feu.i'o ycsleuliy. Uau! i
tin. ii Tore not C.illertor Jet.
A New l'ork derate!" sys eirt.ineotts
dieJe4 Arc qui'c pirruteut thero from n;.or col
linn. Thero in nrsenic hi 111." colliim, whitli fli t:
on the oetk tlining per liritiiot.
Tbc ninotiiit of npiiiious ebctki if.-ued y
the West Hivcr Unuk, Hol.ol.en, In $!0'0eO. W
rfitet op' i.ut.n!) eic at the bottom of the conecin.
The Ttnne?. ee Iplslultiro coutinue'i to be
lefrnetovy. Ciunc nil Tlionm-i npplird tn Wusliln;:
ton fit iiuthoi ily to cnmpcll their ol.eilieiue toCie
liiwti of the Htutt!. Kueli In tiiit'tiotii were dtnleil,
on the pi'iunj that the peace of N'.i-uvillc beliinn
cxvli.-iively to tlic St,'.ta n.iV.iorily.
Tho l'emocrrUic orKutiization? of .Mnzuti
mill T.iiuinniiy Hall, New York, InvO furmed uu nl
l iiiiec, it l.i niiJ, for the fail t'.-ulmu in tl.atcily.
If so, tiny wilt cany nearly every ofTico.
Thtul. .Stevens has Mitten a letter, in
ivhluli be norcptn the nrmlnntioti foi Uiiilod Hlato-
Sernlor In lVnm-ylvniiin, hot ijs Ho man kIkuiKI
chliim for it pi ui i.iil'y. 'I'hin In o bit ut l'uii.e; ,
who in (k'iliL tli.it thiuK.
Oovernnr IHntiifOti I-. rppond to nny
Hpctiul It pit bit ion oi m Is if Cit.'-.h-' to bterleif
w itli tbc-l'icbleut' power of uppi.tntiiig and ro
Stciclmy I I.ulan wi.l, t U Sfil, nu
on the Dutli ult. ("en. tiunt wlil n'-t U'iiipui.iiny
.m t'c'rcUty of M'.ir af -rfl.uilou nnm.
IVni-j nrc Ml in New Voilt fur (lie raft ti
of I'm e.:uifri..ut 'iii(i Moiiai. Il ol fie riv,n, whi. h
mlleil fn in Liverpool for New Yoils uu the l:llh
of M.ueh last. Hie Nil OT 1 p i. eirjerH, nod 11
crew of A I men, Including oili er. Tho V'."tl va .
valutd nt ri"',(i'U, uud U l.iV.y in-rcil.
The Einpcor Msptileim buj 8:gtiifi''i hi
Intention of lltij present nt ti c experiment., of
the kiibuuriuo ton p.loen liiventcd by (.'ointnodoic
Mainy, an J li.u Cxtd n early day fur .kit visit to
Villtueitve St. Otoio forlhf pm iioc.
The report of tbo Cni.i in it-tec iuto the
Murvliuutx' NaMtnal bank t iudlf nt V.'ajliiiiton.
1I101H a nuiaiiiab-u toiisiiiiiuiy 4o ilelraud tlio
C.ivertiiueiit, lor the Unelit of Individ. iu!s, on the
paitof lltytli, l!:i)nc niid oHicik. Tliu hank ban
hecu retU'ii for many months, and t unjed up by
(overiiuictit fniulM, Rlileli went to B.iyno i Co.
Uov. Orr has wriltcu u letter in w hich he
i-nyi llieie U mmli need ol latiotm bi ine illiibu'eil
by the 1'iiedni tu'n Ueixtiu iu fc'ontli turolina.
The pjnipalbii.:! of tic ( if en ol Ijilaiid
tniiHt be i-tianely divdtd in tho Dinipetm conttst.
The lmshan l of her el.Hv t thunjlilor (tnnni indM u
divi. imi of llio l'riisKlati rumy, lu wl.ieli near rbi
livtH of her lute Inmliaiiil vet'iipy pnmiinoiit poi
ticus. The husband ,o! her ski'oiiU daii;;litcr has n
coniui.ind in tl.u Austrian nnny. 1'iiin.c Tetk,1
u-t nmiritd tu le i'liuceni Jlaty of Cnuilnitlo,
La, ner opted a cin.ii..uiil lu the Aik.trbin nnny, mid
net I out for the sent of war, with hm biide, be 'ore
tic houeyuooit i ball over.
A letter-writer with the rrupslnn army
wysthe marth nilhin Austrian tcrritoiy ban been
dislinyuidied by tho kuuio leKurd for private
property that w.n no ncriipuluusly o').'civcd In
Saxony. Tho Au-itiiin villascrh ut first lookt-d ou
llio iiriiptioii of tic in lay of tbt'.r norlhoiu Lius-
tnen ,liA' In fear, hill' iu cuiiosity, I ut nin they
came to bo r.u epeakiMi tcrins Willi the uolditrx,
und then wero tpili Vly ioen mipplyiii'r them with
diinkiiig water mid doing tl.cui other i;oodifivl:t,t.
Here is a Fpccimen of tho wny the pub-
lio b.ndd nro i;lvtn gwuy: In one d.iy Consresn
passtd tbc followi ng hills: Onui1 in;; public binds
In Xcvndft- pianlina landl to tba Iron Mountain
llaiiroad Couiiiuny of Mi,Rouii: fitautin lumls in
Mieb'i'au to aid in the conslrm'tiou of n bhlp nui.il
fioin l'oruio l.ubu to Lalo Kupcrior; ;;r.iiitin::
lunds to construct a can tl linr.l Lube .Superior to
Lu Uellc Lake; ci.iutiu,; l.iuJs to a!3 in biiihliu1,'
riilroail4 iu I'.'.une o'.a. 1'ittty fjovd fur ouo uuy'a
Philadelphia Convention-Circular from the
Bemocratic Male Excoulive Committee.
Uon.VS Of TI'.K JIlli't'P.ATU! 1
Coi.t'MiitJ, Jaly, 1C J
I'o llio JVrnocmry ofubia :
Your . lute S'utu t'onvtniioc iinuuiniouf'y
ud.iilcd 11, o fuilowin.o plutfoini, uli'eh, wt
believe, hu9 met your hiuriy upprovul :
1. Ileselved, ''but the l'cmoeiaey ol Ohio
will udhcre in the picjcatuud lu tlio future
us in the just, wit It unfalteiin; .fidelity ntul
linnnc.J to tho oruuizatioa of lb IXmocrutic
"nrty, uud to itu ti-jiiet.t find well netlkd
pi iii'jy Its aj enuiieiutid by Thomu.i Jeflvrsou,
tho grcut npoetlu of American lltti-.ocruey
aud cs neUnoivledi ged nod uccepted by Ihc
purty fioin tbc foundation of the (Jo vcruii.cn! ,
uud i-spcciully of rtptul luxtition, uud of repre
sentation of all Slutes subject to lu.vuliou.
2, r.ccolvid, Thut tho ouo creal quoiliou
f the duy Is the itniuediuto ond uneoiiditiouul
rtjtorntiou ol ull t' t Stutts lo the exercise of
thtir rights within the Federal Union under
tho Cuiittitution; end that wo coidiully uud
actively support Andrew Johnson, us 1'ft-ci
iieiit oi ic.utiitut ut .lua .UiiiteJ wiatta, i:
all uccctsary find proper means to carry out
his policy as dittctcd to that end; and cspeel
ully iu buuir'nx' immediate reprcsenlu'.iou iu
tho atlliito and llottio of ltepresentufivcs to
the eleven Ktutes from wbich.it is now uncon
sti'.utionully and urbi: atily withheld, uule.is ou
the derudiut; coudiliou of inferiority l.i tho
Union, uud of ncto political and civil ci'ua
lity enforced by the Federal Oovermucnt.
3. Uesolved, 'l'hnt for (he pnrpofcs
above Sit lorth, wo will cordially co-operute
in public meetings, conveiiliono uud ut the
polls, with ull men, without reference to past
party positions, who. honcutly, aud by their
beta and votes uh well is by their professions,
tupport tho i'reiideut iu his policy of resturutiou
us now declurei).
On the jlb ultimo n cull for a National
Convention, to be held ut Fhiliidclphiu, on tho
lith of August next, was Issued by the Exec
utive Coiumittcejuf tho Nulionul Union Club,
bupporters ot tho restoration policy of
Fiesidtnt, aud the lovitution to ecLd delegates
is uddicsstd to all, ii'ivipecUvo of party or
giujiatious who buppurt thut policy, und who,
ol course, oppoau the de.trutiivc uli! tliuunloii
' tchcunj ol the llj lieit'.s Hclievin'' that su
a t't uvi in inn would bo productive of noml lo
(he Country, und would in no wi.-o nlTt et tho
Integrity of tbo Jleir.oertilie pnrly, tbc IJemo
crntie Henators and UcprtvonlfttivAi iu Con
grefs indoriwd tt'id approved H.
l!y a Phbi'eijuciit eirculur of the 40th iiwt., It
is miestud "tlint it is desirable that tliore be
ent to tho Convention from tncli tntn,
four ilekiti'8 nt hi'g'l niid t.i from each
Congressional district, who fuvor tbo princi
ples Set forth in the cull, to bn taken ft )in the
sitpportrrs id Lincoln and Johnnai in 1RC-I,
und a I Lo Ji'imbor fron their 0 jionei.tp."
This plan, ffcanioJ out, ns there Ptems to be
no doubt il will bp, gives lo the licmociocy
four deb gates at large from each tstute, and
two deli jjtitci from cieh Contrtesionnl Die
Itiet. Under these vircmusliinrr ond The
Ileinoerney of (he other !5itc!i bnvir.o; ntronly
itiniigvriited nirasikres to bo repr' :enled In thu
Convention ynurRruto Central Committee
met at Columbus Inut week to consider the
subjet t, und, niter a very full iufrrclinnge ol
opinion iitnong its roemberM, nml other jromi
titnt nemnciats who attendid its region, tho
following resolution was ou tho l';h liu.ttunt,
uiHiii'iiious'y fidopted :
Itiolved, That for the pupoic ef carrying
out t!(c co-i prrnlion piff tnii) ty ll.e ptul'iioi
adopted at the itcul L'tinoemlif Hlole Cmi
ve titim; of Oliie, tlic fitute 4 N inoerutio Ex
ecutive Commitlte be uiitliof'wd In Appoint
four Sitoiial liel' gu'es to the' IMiiUTlelphiii
Nulioi.nl Convention of August 14, members
o I llie In nn cnilie party, ii, uceciduneo with
the stiet:e:itioi.3 of iMco-srs. Kii.tlull,, .Cuinpull
and I'.'nir on bchilf of the i.'utitinul Un.on
Clitnniillio, ond to isi-ne fa nddn.m to the
leinocnu7 ol the revcy Con git i"tiul l)is-
ti.'e'p, lecouiMieiioiiiir tLo np-potutuieul, by,
l!u ir s'.verul cininty Central CoinniHlots or by
Priticl CyiiveetioL,lwo lucuibci.i of the Dun-
uerutic petty ns delegates Lkiii tucli J)iitrietn
i.s ixko cii,:gejlel by eaid Nutiouul Uniou
in piir. nnnce of tho instruct ion contnined iu
tl.is restlutit n, the nndernigmd, your Stute
i'lxectilivo Cnniiniitee, w ill in u It w ib.ys, ip
oint lour meiubcrg (if tbo I)e:nocrutie pur',
Iclegulis fr the Sluto iti huge, It) mid Ccii-
veoliot:, being i'f pre portinti of such delegn'cs
as above s'i'neslcd, nml do hereby recommend
to the Dtuitierney cf the si vend Conj:ie'sionul
Itintriets of ll.e Volute to nppoiut, by the j i t
uelioti.of their sevvrul vo'.inty . oinuuttetM,
r by liinlrlet Coi:veutin, two Utiiioeruti'
Ironi each District cs deltg'itcs to cuid Con-
It pi,.y be proper, though k is pcrimpJ tin-
nienssury.-l or lib to mill in conelinu ti that nail
not ymtr fciluto Cenlrnl aud Lxccutive Com
mit tee been (ully tut'n ficd thut the proposed
Coiivcutii'ii h'vs lor its objeet u disbanding of
lie Dtiiiocrutic pui'ty.ui.d a merging in il n
new organisation, tboy would not lor a mo
ment, have given it their sunetiun. No one
inoic thuti they ri cognises and tin ri .las the
truth, thut thu tKmocriitie parly is iudes
trtietib.'e. Cut bc'ini-oat ulicil that the Con
VtutioU n ill be composed of patriotic men,
who, Irrespective ol party, lire lormcly resolv
ed to spure no tUort to maiutuiu '.he Consti
tution uuJ rescue tint coun'.ry from ,thu gru-p
ol the dinunioti Uadieuls, wboo doiiiiuution
ihteateiis utter luiti lo the people and their
Irec itihtilutioiis, and beliuvcing tluit the
Convention will -to not .only ouo .ol the ni'J-t
uble and itnportont lhat ever met lu the lie-.
publ e, I-ut will 1.1.0 Lo pretlucuvc oi gieat
;ootl, uud tlui tho llvuioetuey ofevuty other
tity will be represented in I', your couiuiiilees
arc of tho opinion thut the Dtliie ciuey of Ohio
hould ulso btjiepr scnled.
J.(i. THOMPSON, CLuirn.ao,
E. F. PINtillAM,
L. E. W1L.SUN, h-ecrctury,
Pcuioerctic Slate Cx crtire Committer.
Bemocratic Male Excoulive Committee. THE EUROPEAN WAR.
[From the Saturday Review, June 30,
Tlieio iu, if the ciecli.iuiions of I'f ussiu
nto to be believed, oue Cunfeeleru'.ion loss
in tbo world l!mn thero was n week or
two tick. Tlio German 'Uindout jrnel
unlly cliacgcd into tho Oeru.un Coufedc-
i (it ton Inn sudJciJy clmcil into eoiiic
Ihina clou nu yet wo ilo cot know iuto
what. lie must be a piopbet indeod
who can unduitnko to foiclcll the Hnal rc-
bult of tho pieeut wnr; but wo iiU.y
euftly vctitiuu ou one ncmive prodie
fion. Whatever linppens. ll.e moit uu
I'Lcly tiling of nil lo Impptu is that lio
Gei man Confedenition thoulj lo reulortel
ciiiit'.lv qs il stood LeToro tbo ibcuin; of
tho 1'iuiiS.iaii i!iriiiifesto. Wo uiuy sufely
put tlio German Cotifeilcrntioti naioii
tiling!! of tbo past. Jt bus gone; it Lnf
followed the Holy Rownn Empire, out of
wliioh it eiiiing. Indeed, of tlio two
thu Ki'.pirc is moot likely lo uppcr
The Gormuny of tlio futuro is not liko!y
to cull itself cither Holy or lionitin; but
it Is more likely to tuko llio folia of
Ctn ft deration: nnd if it does tuko tho
form of a Confederation, it . must bo
Confedei fttiou of it very dilfurotit sort fioni
that which Las just betu upset:
A corrcsrondoiit of tbo Daily Ncwe
Perhaps on nil tho lurfnco of this'
fcl.iughter-sntttrated ylubo thtio in not to
be found n spot which has boeil so copi
ou;.ly imiDurcd with bunion blood as tho
little bit of ten Hol y to the south of the
Lugo di Gsrda, between tic livers Mincio
und thu Adigo. Tho t fiino naines turn
up ni;uiu ui'J nrjiiin, on often n Eurt ic
convulMod by war tiie niL'ies ol obsra.c
litt'a liit.'igos, lieli, tht iing,i',k grow Ing
fnuiultss villngi s 11s lon' ns ptaco t nduios
start o:u:e Rgain i.;to a feveiiish find
ill-omened notoriety, ns soon ni tho blast
ot Bell. inn's trumpet la been benrd.
Let us pray for tho days when roboly
will nny ni ire know wheie Volin, Kivor
bellii, Vi'iejrjj'o, Coilo, Monzutnbniio or
C.iviinr.n.i are. Il hns been bad for Eu
rope whenever they havo 'been b until of
north of tlui Alps, er south of ll.e Co.,
[From the London Spectator, June 29.]
Iliili.'in failuro incniis, thurefoio, only
tho intervention of Fraoch, of n power
that i, with which Austii,- nlrondy blrii-
glinjj ng'iinsl ttfortboin Cutninny, would
find it Aiseless to contend. Of this inter
vor.liou tho Italians live in a .couUint
(Iron. I. Tbry know that tho price .will
be henvj, know tils i thut orve psid it can
never be chiined nguin. Tho Frer.chnian
nnd tho Jtuliuii 1110 to nearly nliied ft r
that steadiness of hairnl, that rtilidi'y of
renista:ieo which, hiico the llubcLstnu-T-ins
1 eii.hed, has balil d Geiuiatiy in the
IVninsiitfl. France, which can not col
on, ze, cun nttruet. Tho Fii abbuiher
boast in thick Ocrmnu thu; tho (rick oil
is inducible, A nl the Niard children
who now ( t that Gmiluldi it Ibeir
comntitriot, will gmw up to bo!ievc I'm i
tho ri nu r of ci.vilUation and '.he name of
Ftenehlil in tho hihe'l of cnrlhly In lior,
Above nil, tho Italians four the fnflucnbt!
wliieh Franco, if a second time their jcioloe
tor, would not fail lo eiti tj.-.e', uud .which
is to them Bcnrccly lens intoleiablo than
tho harsher but lest, desdvetivo dominion
of (ict pipn anldp rs:
They iv act to bo n nn'ion, not t pro
ftcLuio of Fitnce, lo &o their own WAy,
live their own life, take their own place
on cm ih, lo bo in fact, nnd not simply to
havo rn ncLiuiwIudjjed rilit lo be. They
will not summon Franco s ivc in the very
hist rcr.i I, yet, AiiJeFf. tboy e'tiiid up
frankly under this blow, refill tho wasted
ranks, repeat in some other foimtho ntUck
which I rs boon tcpuls.ii!, press on to
Venice ns the Nmlh pressed on to '.iieh
mond, thtoiij' defeat, nnd disea.ve, nnd
bankruptcy this Lj theU- nllernativc.
Their own national lifo will rue i go in one
whioh they adeuil to be great, nnd wi'.h
which they havo some iiurinccsof Hympa
thy, but which is not theirs, h, if even
loftier than their', far less lofty than
theirs might, in the bracing air of a com
plete freeduLi, grow to beer me. To call
In Franco is lo give up ot onoo a reality
nnd a dionm, to ciipplo tho natiiirml im
nginntioii 113 well ns weaken the nulionul
strength, to surrender Liguiiu mid lbs
future, nnd i bclioo thut until the
choice lies vibibly bvtncen Germnn and
Giul, Croi.t and juive, I ho Italians will
ocv;r yield, will rather jjiovo on pntiei.lly
i.upplyiug n l.i an for every man who falls,
producing elntcsiiiun ntid Gencruls to
iheir need, lis they havo nlivns donu nc
they i!id, for instaucu, from ICotl lo lbCO
uud weatiiif,' cut nlti.ck by n deadly per
sibleucy of defense. Their material re
sources nrc uuimpinrod, their ranks will
bo refilled 'u n viev-k. Tbey li-ivo lost no
General and btiueriiiun, no poaition -they
bud posicit. d, uu bo 0 they wi ro justified
iu cntcrtuinini;. Tho sacrifice is Ci.o of a
plan nnd 1.0000 men a loss not n
thousandth of that whioh full on them
w In n the blood -letters killeil the man
who iu tins hour would havo been Hie
equivalent of ftltnics. Tho nation which
suivived Cuvour will not despair because
of Custr zza.
[From the London Spectator, June 29.] THE INVASION OF THE AUSTRIAN TERRITORY.
Tho correspondent of iho London Times,
l:o is w'uh tho Prussian nrmy, thus Jo
scribes its cntrnnco into Austria:
To-day, with tho .First Prussian Army
ho has crossed tho frontier into Bohemian
toiritoiy. Tho troops wero ouily under
arms nr,d fell into their ranks n i;tllo after
dav-bicuk, under a steady di.v.nfall of
dii'iz'iiig rain. They had to nrirch many
miles fiom their billoti to llio places
ivhero they were lo form columns for tho
advance, but Iht-y stepped well over slip
pery grass and sloppy road-i, nml wero
rill rimmed in ( roper order close, to tho
Auctti-u fro.mier, ,bnt I till ca Sa;:on
ground, a liulo after eovcii. At six
tho Commnndet-in-chief left his last
night'k buarleia ut Hiri.cUfuld, nnd by (ho
Zittnn roud reached tho frontier n litll
bo foro eight.
The frontier is ruarkcJ on tho road by
toll-houso, iu front of which a lon bar
supplies tho place of a frnto. This bur
balances near its eii.i furthest ' from thu
toll-houso 011 a pivot, aud by ineauu ot
weight on tho end of its ohortcr nrm enn
bo raised utmost perpendicularly upward
when tho .road is to be left optn for n free
passage, (i
Ou this bur nro painted (la ultetnate
black nnd t'olJ stripes which nto-tho dis
tinotive colors ol) Austria. 'The bar wus
raised to-duy, but not luttc ill n vcriical
pobitiuti: E i uli oiiouoh to ulow a mnn
hoisebnek to lido tuidoi i', it Mill sloped
over ll.e loud. I
Will bile that Fliuctl
Fietl.eritk Cb?rlot Imik up his posiii-jn lo
-watch bis troops nmich ever l!.o border,
lis had btirilly arrived ihero before he
gavo il.o necessary orders, nnd i;l tt few
moments the L'lans, who formed iho ad
vanced rjtinrd f Iho regiment i ..thut
ninrched by this lino, were over lhe fron
tier. Then followed tl.u infan'.ry. As
tlio lending ranks of each b!ta i.n nnived
njilir f 1 it ptiinlt'ti the road from ivhieli
they caught sight of tho Aubtrian colors
thai showed tho frontii r, they raised a
cheer, which was ejuifkly cntigbt up by
those in- rer.r, and wus rs pent oil ngain
nnd again till, when tho men ciimo up to
the toll-hi uvo nnd saw their soldier Priyco
blinding on tho border lino, it swelled
Mi la n itoar of rsptuious del:ght whieji
only cesteil to be replncoil, by a martial
Ming thut was raught up by each bcl(nJ
lioii ns it poured into Bulic.nni. Their
chief himself stood by ijio roadside, cidm
nnd collected; but he gaized proudly on
tho passiiij tedious, nnd well ho might,
I'm never did nn nrmy cioss enemy's
dent iei betle'r eqdij ped, belter cared for,
or with a Jiighe r com no tlir.n thai which
matched oul of fc'tixony to-day.
I'r -M.tlie Autiudiiy i(eviw Juno ;0.-
Tho real weskmss.of l'ru si i Its in the
(li.iprof orlie n of ll,o woik it lias lo do to
too rei-vurces it caa commnitl. On tho
oust, tho Piussians Mo In great sinnglh
and Austria could not liupu to gt ;,i nny
cisivo" advaatatjo over them without
making nn i-,Torl which, if not sucoessfull
would bo very cosily nnd txliniiuting
Jut tho further wist we go :ho weak
er tho 1'iUbiins seem. They Jiuvo so
very much lo do. Tl vj Imve to wul:li
ie Ilanovurian nrms, end it is evident
nit -the ti.oo.p8 w hich they can employ
for rho purpor'so an not very numerous.
j htvoto prot cct thuir own Ilhinu
prov.uccs. liny have lo oppo:o the
b nil army under Prince Alt indol- of
llettc, nnd tho ji!ivurinu nnny now
stationed jioar Eairuuih. TLo Federal
oraiy may not in itt-elf bo a very danger
ous enemy, but it is led by a general sui I
10 bo one of iho best in Germany, nnd' its
stienglh is Jikoly to increnso us events
compel1 thoso who would wi lirgly bo neu
tral lo send in their contingents.
Tho I'rusiuns must employ a largo forcb
to watch this Federal army, nod there are
probably ulrendy fit least a bundled
1 011 bhihI men actually under aims ia the
eJual and Bavarian nrmiv. This is a
very sciiuus opposition to Prussia, nnd
if her enemies do but know Low to make
the best mo of their opportunity, ihcy
mii;ht inijiosc on Ler a buiden that sho
would be scarcely ullu to bear. If this ro
maincd us they nro now, time would
probably, toll iu favor of Iho Prussians.
At pieocnt they can not call julo piny the
reaourcis of lhe lerritoiies on .which they
invo se'zed. Tbo Huuovcriin nrmy ond
tho yaion nimy hice s tj.O fighling uien
of two imporiatit lovinces on (ho side of
Austria; nor ran tho petty contingents
which soma liny principalities Lave sent
lo the uid of Prussia do my tiling to ro
il row iho balances. But if 1'iussia is
permitted to occupy tho wholo, or almost
tho fthulo, of Nor; horn Germany for n
few months longer, to intiodueo every
where her syBli'id'of civil and military or-
ganiz ilion, lo levy and diill recruit", to
raise trxes, nnd to cull for supplies of nl)
kinds, throug Slates lhat Lnvo nn eg-
gregalo population of moro thnu twontyi
four mil. ions, sbo will bo nblo lo make
Geininnv do tuoro for her than it cun do
for Austria.
The critical qtirslion of Iho wnr is
whether I'riifsia will be nblo thus to con-
solidate herself, or whether sho will not
bo cxaustcd by tho scries o conflicts
which her tnciuics csa foico on Lor in tbo
went and conlor of her position, while
Bcnedek holds ia chock. tho main body of
her troepn on tho East: It iu said that
he did not th ink Bouthetn Get tunny
would bo ns contest nnd united in op
posing her as it has proved lo bo, Daden
alight Lnvo beeo expected to bo ronderod
iu recti vo by tbo private preposso' aious of
its ruler. But in Buden, as throughout
South Germany, it .is uot the ruler so
much ns the subjects lhat nro the one
mies ofPiusin, They rciird Prussia
with a inixturo of fear, disliko nndjndi;
nation, which goes deep iuto tho popular
hoaii; while in tho Uorlh Prussia no
whero excites enthusiasm and is oulysup
polled became a cunviclion is widely
sprgad that aho is tho necessary pioneer
of somo foira of ifulionul tiuily . Tho
impuho, therofoio, to humblo her; iu
stionger thm tlio impuluo-tp uphold .her,
ul the, outset this undoubtedly threatens
w'uU..it berioua dunger. Every thing;
however, lends to show that tho poli.ical
gniu w. 'oh pjussia Las ulrcoiry. achieved
is fubotnnlinl and indiupulablo,
Tho London coirospoudenl cf tho New
Yoik Times fuys ;
l.'eforc this war began I nio of iti
n Jijjiuiis linracW's . V'ej 1 ' litilo of Ik.,
nj i. nra on ti.u BuriTico, but it is, not
witbsUadiii, a slrono; element in thu
ci.nlcbi. Austria, nml the jGnrmnn Statos
with A ustrli, nro fotir-fifthii Catholic.
L'vi n the King nnd Quoen if fc'nxony nra
Celliolic, though t! e Unxons are mostly
l'rotesttiiits. PrusiM. nnd tb t tales sbo
has violently nnneitted, und, on lhe other
linnj three-fourths Protcsinnl. The Gov
or nin.cn t of Victor Emmiuiiic4 (hough nom
inally Cuiholir., by nune'einjj tho S'nle a of
tho Chinch, tbolishin rclio'totn orders,
and coHfisealing chuich property, hat nc-(juiri-d
Pitj'o. t ant synipnlhitF, nnd by thu
samo means tho, enmity of lhe Catholics.
Cut iho liberaljly of tho .Oovernments of
Auitriit nnd Dnymiii toward their Protest
imi subjects bos been so luuiked ns to
caII out spontaneous expressions of satis
faction niid lidtlily, Austria, thereforo
l.M tha rympthies of t'atholio Euiepo,
and so long ns ul.o adherca to a motteriiln
policy i" V1,7 doubtful if any Catholic
country cae bn bduced to join in iho wnr
against her. Frnnce, it may bo snid,
ireaied Italian unity- but ho who s'.uilies
'tf'inn:o to-day niust klj'om;ly doubt
whether alio would fight another battle of
Solfoiino ho may even iLmbt whither,
u.uler rimilnr circumstnnecn, sbo would!
repeal he campaign of I COII, Thq Aus
trian nimy baa never been faliifin! with
Hint campaign or its results. They were
bniely defeated, (hey had r reset vo of
ICO. 000 meu ouo day's . inarch in thuir
rear, nnd they bad Iho ftundiilattiiil to
full back wjon, which even Nj u'eiii
might hesilto lo at tuck. But tlnio wero
two Emperors, hoiriliud nt thu cumngo
of ll eir lirsl field of baitlo, nnd ouo of
them was young, and without consulting
Ministers or Generald, be made u b.tsly,
und, as tho Ausdinu Gereials 1 old ( imi
unnecessary penco, Lut ibis F,mperor of
Austiia is a frank, loyal nnd liberal man,
and it ia by no means impossible that bo
may wibh ut ihis mummenl lo do iuoio
for Italy ihuii he did nl Villi Fritiee
lo nbandon moro than In loBt ut Solfciiuo
Ius not iiripti'i'ublo that AustiU nuy
yeld btmoihinj on her souihein bolder,
while tho guins olreiiglh nnd becuiily
in tho north, fihu tuirhl rnzo ll.e Ouadi
iluteral, nnd freely give independence lo
VeiKtii, if by lhat moans sho codhl dic
tate tho terms tf penco nl Eei lin, nnd
placed LctBclf at the Lend of a new Ger
man coiifedciatiou. This solution, it
must bo admitted, would satisfy England
Fianco, L)tuuurk, Italy, nnd pel Imps
ltllflftio. I (In tit, f. ait v ll.ot ibi. la w,ouil,l..
but I do not consider it impossiblo.
Tub stibjoiiied disputelie wero foiwarJeJ
by Mat tha I Bcnedok to the Emperor Fiancis
Joseph of Austria during (ho action ot
ICigbt in tho morning Tlio udiou U
coiitiiic.iicinr'i.prav to Ood I
rs.oou 1 ipj tiattjiiiono nrc wavering; pray
to .God I
Four iu the ufternoon '1 ha Prucuiuns uic
beater; return t lumls to God I
Whnt of Ihc riibseejneiit bntilu of Ludowa,
where the Prutsiuus wires.) over'.vheliuiii'y
vietoriouf ? We enpposo Eencdtk's ehr.puteb
read romcthing in this wiuo :
Wo nro budly beulen. Goo Is with Iho
l'ruB::iaiia. Tuko eJ of yeurj'.lf ,lCiu,
ft..A French engineer, named Pcscn, is
exhibiting in London a bathing .oppraliit,
which is ol-to a life picnervcr. Il is of simple
construction, resembling a child's cradle, tho
upper part having a cylindrical coi,k-flouf,
cauviuad over, nearly mirroutnlipg tlm
machine, which keeps tho buther a lloul with
the greatest rule und safety. The body con,'
sits of a net, with light iron tubular jupes for
supports; und tbo bottom or bed ol a jntcc ol
twillted lick, ut tbo foot of "vlncli thero is a
screw copper .rudder, which turn .upon it
swivel, wilh a pair of cork soles tho thnpo of
the foot. Against this the bather places bis
feet, nud 13 ttis enabled to guide or steir Jiiru
self uny Oireetion, while by the use ofji liuudlo
uttached to llio, left sido ol tho nppniatua be
low tho ryhuder, he is euubled lo propel him
self or recede. This Invention can bo used iu
open sou, aj well as ou a rivet or lukc.
Jntiiiuustino Piscovkuv. A vcty curiont.
report comcj to us from Franco which, If true,
pretermits the silk-worui to its orlgiuiiluu
ilistitttlo d life, und reels silk lioiu tho mulberry
trco without the intervention of cocoon. A.
M. Uruuet ufliruu that ho has succeeded iu
reducing the linctextilo substances which ure
loiind i;i tlic burl; of tho mulberry to thu
fintiiers, durability nnd general oppcurunro ot
oilit by chemical und laecliiinictil processes,
and u'.icils bis faith iu tho discovery by
i i .... i n . t ,i. i i.
uiiyni'i upiuio ipi.iiuie9 til mo . uurit or
producing this description of til;. Jf the
discovery is real, pl'itita!lt,'pj of" .mulbcrryjwill
becoino numerous n all thoso broud degreed
where it cu:i grow; und us in this eouiitry that
belt is btitlr long and wide, wo thall havo
prolit fiom thu iuveiition. More atrmige
Vhiugs havo hiippeucd In Iho world's history.
A nrtjiio litis formally petitioned tha
Probate Court of Tullunatchio County, Ala.',
to be allowed to sell himself iuto slavery .
Ho snys ho is twenty two yours old, n'good
nth! lutud, nnd, ho bcllnVcs, worth ti thoua'uml
dollars. ' Hd says Ihoro nto too many
responsibilities surrouudiiig him, und thut lm
ij ilifisufiiled wilh bis present condition. 5b3
.Probuto Coiu t having no jurLJielion In ho
premibe.i, luis.'forwarded his 'petition to Thud.
riteveu'J. ' '

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