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'Democratic State Ticket,
VI Shelby County.
Of Uuruillou Count.
ron 'vmrr.n poaud or rt m.tc works,
. Ol Ashlund County.
Political Conventions.
A Convention to nnmlnnle a cmd'nlute fur Con
Stun lit tills (the l.ith) District will be lirltl in
A Convention to nominates candidate for County
mlitiir, Tics-tner, rimrrulliiK Albiiiior. (in
tiiivclmirr. I'lolwte Judge aid Iiifiiuiiirj Liietli
Hill lie held jit
Town null, .liTuiinrlsiille, Snlnrilny, Aug. I S 1 1
A Convention to prrncnt a cotnli.l.ite for the
tlli-e of Jmlt;c ol t lie Court of t'ouiuiun Plea Will
held ut
.own Ian.. MToxxKi.svu.r.K, o. tui'im-
llAV, AUGUST lUth.
Dini-erai dine: nil former ilifTerenre on pnlitlrnl
wl:tnia and lasne. we invite democrat and all
en of roiirriviilirc view to assemble nt tlie usual
lire of holding clectioua ill their respective town
lia on
'atur day, August JLlth
And then and there acted two tlth-palr to tlic
I'miit'ik-tiMiiil Cimvr'ntlon. cirht ilclt'cute tnMlie
nuni y t'onventinn, nud tnu ili'lr;;utD to Hi v Judi
cial Condition.
The time linn romewhen an earnest anil patriotic
eflort nhiaild lie made to re.-torc the t'nion on a
jiml an, erpinl hat.. The restoration policy of
1'iTKiili'iit Ji'Iiiimiii should be Indorsed nnd upheld.
The principle enunciated in bin Veto Jles-iiL'e of
tlio Km-ilmrn' Itiircnu mill Civil l!iht llill serin
to be rmiccl uiiil proper, anil should Is? auMaiucd.
.HI voter, without distinctim! of pin'v, hIio be-Inn-
that it bcloiip exclusively to tho several
httilr ol tbia Union to determine each fir ll-elf the
tiiiulillcnlioii of vntnra, and whoaie opposed to the
conferring of the I iftlit of voting upnu the necro:
Ihimv wliii, at the present time, urn opposed to ill
luiiciidiiirnl of tlie Constitution of the United
Mutvs, In 1st eleven Ktutci of this Union arc ix-
'liiih-d unci refused a voice, by their henntoni mid
lb piti-cntiitivca in the pioponition of iiinentiiieiitH;
those who nie opposed to the exemption of
HlltKK HUNKIli;!) MII.I.IUN HOI.l, A IIS of the
wvullli of Hie country from taxation, unil nro In
lavnr of nwkiiiK every ipeeie of weultli bear 1 1
lairund eipiul share of the Imrt holm of taxation fur
nil pin posea, me cuidlally invited to unite in nil
i-lbirt to rjfci tiom place mid poncr tho unworthy
iifci'MtH, iio aecin to li jiWnio niij Boverii for tlieir
own special U-dcIiI, und for tho peipetuutiou ol
pun ii.
J'jr older of Hie nemncrnlir Cent nil rinnmiltce.
JAS. II. (iA Vl.uKU, (.bniiiuau.
J.I1. UOll)V,becic!aiy.
There is o scliemo on foot in Si. I)uis to
recruit men for the l.ilicrul urmy in Mexico.
Tlic lii o tlmt lion boon raging on I)n? I
land, N. Y., will di-stroy tiiulier, it U auld, tu the
niniiiiiil ol f.iUU,0:iO.
Tdrcn ciliicons of Piqnn; O., were killed
by liglituing, mi Mmuluy, while ataiuling uudcr a
bcuch trvo during tho rloint.
Tlic Ioc In llic lute bullies were eight
AiiKlriana to one Prus.siun.
The cholera is rogitig to ft fearful extent
nt Stcttlu ami Ik-rlin.
K nam lli litw iiurd nnaddrean to Lis llun
gnrinn friends, urging them to help Italy .
Tlic Piince Iinpoiiul of Franco wnj pres
ent nt the -till of July cc'.cbrutloa of the American
In I'urta.
The foreign news wc puMiKh today is of
a very interesting character. The armistice ha
not jet been granted, and a general Europcnn war
ia rrgailod aa immUieut.
i no AQsirinn r.mperor tins issucil a mnni,
feslu tu LlHaul jectH, calling ujion them to rally to
the defense ol tlieir country.
Gei.rgo Fenlioily has announced liia inten
tion to behtiiw t'0,0('n each upon Howard, Amherst
and William College, in MuMaaelmmtta, and one
tuilliouof di'llani upon Runlon lur liouaea Tor tho
Hun. Henry StsuWry was eonfiined on
Himd iy by tho Bcuato a Attorney (ioneral of the
I uited Blutea.
. ' -Jen. Kbermnn. who ia now In CnnmU
received entliusi.es: iciilly u gucbec .
Judge CurtM, furmctly a Rcpiililiran
n.ember of the Kupieme Court of the United StaUw
I rum ilanmcliuii'.tts, and who, with Judge Ml. can.
went aguina the fuinoiia I)ud Bcolt decininu, ia
oui in an noiu leltur rur llio rUiUdulibi Coiivan
tiou. Dr. Riiscll'a letter di-aeriliiiiL' llio irreiit
battle of Sadnwii from the Austrinii beutbiiaitera,
' miy it waa the greatest pitched buttle of modem
IJeticdvk taid after the defeat, lie had lost
ivurytljliig but hi life, and lie wished that had
been taken ul-u.
, 1'1'C l'reideiit hiu di toiniiiicd, it is aaid,
tu remove Isaac Newton, tho prcaeut Comuii.'isiuuet
vt Ag- rleultiire.BuU Juho Ocfree . the Biipcriulr-n
djnt of I'linting.
The Cotnniillee on Foreign Affairs in tlio
II i) use of Representative will i ecommend, it
mid, thorough revision of the neutrality 1 iwa.
U'e may soon expect to hour news ol tlie
Atluiilie telegraph, aa the Ureal Eastern lelt Val
entin ihiy on the 7tli inst., with It ou board, tu pay
it ixit lu the brum! Atlmtic.
i- -A Imlon eorreponiloiit of the New
Y'uk Tribune of Iho Info maiiiage of the
1'iinicui Helena, In Knelnftr1, Unit it la the first
lime that Mjrnmy has been winked at by the pre'
enttioynl Family of England.' lie la "raorgnnntK
cnlly'' mm -led already, and linaafnnil'y.thc eldest
a plrl, within five jearaof the apo of bia present
wife. Moreover, lie ia lllrgilinuite , h'n mothei
having been "inorp.n.aliciilly" married to bia
father. Them itch waa entirety of the Qucen'a
making, and ia furioimty unpnpi,lnr there. Chiia
tian ia regardcil na an adventurer, tho Queen
pronounced mad, and tbe wliole business oljoc
tlonnUci He will probably be Her Jhijcsty'a pel
i-on In-law.
Tie German population of rrnn?y1vatiia
arc represented aa a unit for Clymcr, the New
Vork (Icimana liaving urcd an elmndonmcnt liy
their comiltymen everywhere ol tho funatiisat He-
publlcana. The cftecla of the oxcl.o law arc felt.
Whiituver donbta liavo been heretnfoee felt to the
contrary , it ia certain ti nt the campaign In I con-
nyl van in luok decidedly better for tbo Uciuocnili
lluiil tlieir oppnncnU.
d'en, Iuti30fla was culled np on Sotor
bay to tho rtnr of the Hotue, to lepiloianded for
the mttanlii2 be cave Mr. Orlunell, of Iowa. t,en.
miaaean attrmptcj to ilcfcnd bin course In the
Iloime, and to reply to the abuao ami malignant
oiiduet of aundiy Radii-al'i, but be waa called to
order at every step, ami not permitted trt proceed.
He annonnceil that he bad acnt to the (loveinor of
Kentucky hia rc.itiintiun, and tlio reaigmilion waa
leadbv Ihe cteik: A Iter all Una "mm It adoalMiut
nothing' b) nieR:bers,the (Irneiul waa repiinmuded
y the Siieckcr.
We would call tlic attention of Democratic
ond Conferviitive Tolera ol tlic county to the
notice in this week's publication lor certain
1'nliticnl Conventions."
It is highly in-portant H al nil the townships
of litis rounty should be fully fpicscntcd in
each of iheec Conventions.
'Jl:e prospect for Ihe ftiecCfS ol part, if
not thif whole, of the Dctnucrutic ticket lb if
fall is (joitc encpuroinj.
Wc liavo only to itibmil lo Ihchoncsl volers
n ticket conipocd ol llu rtgh'. Liml of men.
and then rally with ull our slrrng'h, n?d sue-
com will crown our efforts. Ix;t the township
meetings send ti dclegales their best men, nod
let them council together lor the good of the
country. This full we hnvc a Congressman,
a Judgo of tlie Conunon Fleas Court, ond a
county ticket composed of tho most Important
offices lo elect, and all true Union men iit.d
lax payers arc ititcics'.ed in the. result. Wi'.h
Ihe Ri publican party longer In power, wc
huve no hope fur union, hurmony ond pi'nee ;
no expectation of economy, reform, or a re
duction ol the heavy but tl.ens now imposed
upon Iho laboring ami producing classes of
tho country.
The country needs' onily nnd peace. This
iiiipoitunt position, as o ration and people,
cubiiot be conmiimittd salisfiic'-orily tin 'ens the
people me ligiltmi to their inlcrosts and
rights. The picstnt Congress, In their legis
lation and gct cral conduct, have been a dis
grace to the country, A change for iho bet
ter can certainly bo made in thin department
of the tiovcrnmtut. 'I'hey aocm to ignoro the
iutcrcsi and rights of the white, ond legislate
exclusively ler tho bcuillt of the African ruco.
II the "boya in blue," who fought dowu the
rebellion, 1 rulore tho Uuiou nuj Constitu
tion and the supremacy of law and Older, have
any ' interest? to bo attended lo in Congress
they arc put off until the negro is heard nud
attended to.
The President lias been stiiving to rc-con-stinct
and restore the Union on a lair and ju-l
bnnia, but he has been met in and out of Con
grc9 by the mnH vindictive and unfair oppo
sition threats of u sassinution, impeachment
and civil war have been mr.do by the more
reckless ol the R ulicala against (he President
and the country.
We call tipon nil men to rally lo the rofcue
of the country, ond drive from power and
place by the Democratic ballot those who
disregard the interests And tho rights of the
white mun.
"Consistency Thou Art a Jewel."
A cotempotury sttoiigly urges the ...aims Ol
our worthy fellow-citizen Col. F. R. Pond,
for the ellico of Common Pleas Judge, in this
Judieiul District, ond emon- other things
says :
" c prc9f n t a man for the e.fficc who is
capable and worthy, and who hns been n gal
tmt and heroic defender ol his couutry, 'has
used hia dearest fictions on the tented field,'
and to whom in common with tho soldiery ol
the country, pledges and piomisig of civic
honors have been made becuuso of Iho duiigcrB
they huve piisscd."
Tho obovo is all vcty good, nnd fur that
paper, from which we tnul.c tho rsiruct, i
well said. Rut how does it look, when it ia
remembered that Cnptiiins Arrick ond Mc-
Carty ond I.icut. Ryan, "gallunt slid heroic
de lenders of the couuliy," were caiuliiiutcs be
fore the Republican County Convention lor
nominations Uiis coU inporury had uot a word
to th$ iu Uvor ol urging the claims of tliMt
worthy and vallieut soldien.
Willi Hi ib cotcmporary, perhaps, it has be
come unpopular to urge tho claims of privute
soldiers lo places of honor or profit. Now it
t, they wont thy votes and tho influence of the
soldiers to the advancement of radicalism, but
to filling civil staliouB the soldier must
stand buck, and Id the old stay ot-houio poll I
icul leeches, who have been sucking at the
troa:;nry teats for lliieo or four terms, have
a -little longer. tJivu! give 11 is the con
stunt cry of the horso leech, so it is with
those who now hold office in this county.
Two ond threo terms in a fut office h not
long enough to satisfy oo:nc gentlemen, they
must hold on a little longer.
What surprises ns tho mt of nil is, trmt
tk County Convention, like Ihul of the Repnb
lienn party, composed, as it was, of nono but
siniotv pure, loyal men great wur advocates
in Hie time tf war inter roir3 si ill frf war,
when the country wonts peace, and in fact nt
pcueo Willi oil the world. Yc ;ot tT.-.cllcott,
oro the oaly friends ol tho soldier, should now
when the soldier candidates fur nomination
are rumerous, and quite as worthy ami com
petent, discard nud rcpndiato "the boys In
blue," ond givo the cold shoulder lo thoso who
liavo by their cervices "In the tented field'
(shown themselves worthy of Ligh civil pro
Wc cannot account fur this inconsistent con
duct 00 tho pnrt of our leading Republican
friends, n ulcus it is that Ihry look to ''shoulder
s'nips," and arc thuf governed iu their sytn
pithy ar.d friendship.
Sacrifice of Western Interest by the Radicals.
The nadicnls in Congress linve propos
ed amendments lo the Federal Constitu
tion, (he most important of which relates
to the cbiuse concerning representation in
Congress ond Presidential electors. IJy
tlie third section of the first article of llie
Constitution, as it stnnds at present, both
representation nnd direct tnxilion a pi to
ho apportioned upon the basis of popula
tion. Tliis'o far ns taxation is concern
ed, is moit unequal. It should be upon
the basis of properly, and not number.
Is it just lo mn'uo ll.o two bundled
thousand eoplu in Minnesota, who are
100', largely in debt fur their lunJi, and
whoso wcnlih upon tbe tax duplicate does
not exceed Cfi nrJItons of dollar, psy as
nuch direct tax to tho Federal Govern
ment ns the two hundred thousand people
in Boston, wbo own some five) lundrcd
millions of real nnd personal propctty ?
Where is tbo equality or justice 111 com
pelling Ohio, with its ono thousand mil
lions of property, to pay twice ai much
direct tax lo the Washington (Joierrmtnl
as the State of Massachusetts, which bns
also its one thousand million, of p'operly
on the (ax-list ? It is obliged to do sunt
present, becauso its population is twice
that of Massachusetts.. In no oiler Gov
ernment on the face of tho cirib, that we
ever bear J of, did they make the poor
pay precisely as much tax aa tbo rich,
which It the case now, under tbo Federal
Cjtis'iiutioii. In its practical workings it
favor 1 tbo East, at tho expense of l! e
West and Soujj. The New England
Stutei have comparatively small popula
tions, but they have immenie accumlnled
wealth, which has been drawn from tbo
West and South by its tariff bounties nnd
navigation laws by tbo protective system
that bits poured into its lap hundreds of
dollars, filched from other sections of the
country, under a thieving nnd fulso pre
tense. The londing Western Slates liavo now
largo populations; but they nro ngriculn
turists, nnd bavo not the concectrated
riches of the etock-jobbinc, manufacturing
and commercial Eai-t. The conaequenco
is that the Wist and tbe otnli must pay
upon their property two or threo times ns
much as Now England, whenever direct
laxos ore called for. Wo can therefore
easily ice why New England preiscs ibis
nrrnngement. It is wonderfully t- her
inleiest. Rut enn any one conceive why
iv Western man would do so ? If there
are nny such, Arc they not opposed to
Iho interests of thoso with whom they
live traitors to the cemmuni ies in which
tboy rc-ido ?
This question can not but be nnswered
in the aflirmnlivo. Now let us sco how it
iifiects rf!o status of parties : The Radi
cals as wo have said, have proposed an
amendment to tbia clause of the Constitu
tion, where tho inequality of taxation ex
ists. Rut that nmrndmcnt, while it
chanj't.'S the bauis of representation in
Cungicis, still leaves the ban for taxa
tion upon populntiuu nnJ not wealth-
This the, Radicals do not propose to dis
turb. They nro snlitTu-d with it, iho
Western U-publicnns in Congreei Vote lo
continue tho present incjualily. They
vote thnt jho West tbnll pay (wo or three
times as much tax as tho F.nat on the
sumo nanoun'. of properly. They vote
thai the poor shall pay equally with the
The Republican Slalc Convention in
Ohio makes a eonslitutionnl amendment
which leaves iho inequality of luxation
unchnngo 1 tho issue of the election. This
is what we call upon tbe people lo t emt m.
ber at the coming election.
Our Western Republican member! had
on opportunity to lighten our taxation
burdens, but they refusod lo do it. They
deliberately act for a discrimination in
favor of Now England, and against their
own constituents. 'l'.iey are tied politi'i
cully to the New England car. Tho
patty to which they belong has its head
in New England and its tail in the West
The Utter wags according to tho wish
the former. UnJer Republican policy,
Iho West must continue to be "Ltwci
wooJ and drawers of water," to their
Yankee brcthr.-n.
The West must pay elouble price for its
eolton and woolen goods under the ope
rations of a New England tariff, designed
(r Increase the dividends of tbo manufac
turing millionaires of Ihe East. She
must pay double price for ber iron in or
der (hat tho Lirds of the forge and tlio
Furnace in Pennsylvania sbnll have larger
profits and make greater dividends. When
it Comes to direct Iniition tbo basis Is
numbers, becauso New England fins a
small population and immenso wealth.-
When I: ii rcprescntntit n in ihe United
Slnlcs Senate, the basis is not numbers,
became it would bo injurious to New
England's interest to hove :t so I Her
ibrce millions of people have twelve Uni
ted State Senators Iho four millions
of Ohio and Indiana hrvc bul four Sena
tors. Thus icpicsentaliuii and UxAlion
are changed each way in order to benefit
our Eastern brethren. When populn'ion
works in their favor wc have it, and when
it does not some other and different rule
in their f:ivor is adopted. Tbe success of
the Republican party perpetuates nil these
discriminnttons. Its lending Western
SVnatofs Wado, Sherman, Trumbull,
Chnndlt r, IIowo nnd its lending West
ern members are natives of New England
They vo'c in Congress for tho intererls of
whore l'.iey wero born nnd cmigrnto from
instend of the inti reals of thoso with whom
they live nnd who have mado them nil
thnt they arc. There enn bo no hopo for
the West umjl the rmnnripalcs herself
from this radical tbrn'dom. It must until
then, like Itsachnr, continuo to benr the
burden of (ho nss, ond must bo riddca by
New Engl.md Blasters, whoso fpurs at
every step of the journey w ill dinw blood
from thej'ided and exhausted peoplo.
ICincinnati Enquirer.
Johnson Convention at Indianopolis.
President Johnsons friends aro up and
doing. lime is n voice from Indiana:
A huge Convention of tho supporters
of President Johnson's policy met in In
dinnnpolis yesterday. A series of rcso
lutions were nJoptcd Tho first expres
ses ardent nllnchment to tho union of tho
States under tho Constitution ; denies
the right of secession, nnd holda nil at
tempt null and void; dec'arcs all tbe
States now States of this Union ns before
the rebellion; denies tho power of the
General Government to exclude n Slnte
from the Union or govern it as n Terii'.o-
ry. Ihe second expresses their confi
dence in President Johnson as vndimin
ihhed; npproves the general policy of bis
adminintrntion; iudortcs bis restoration
policy at wi.e, patriotic nnd Constitution-
link, in bnrmony with the loynl sentiment
nnd purpose of the people in tho suppres
sion of ihe rebellion, with the plntfurm on
which ho wns elected, nnd with the de
clared policy of the l ite President. Third
Under tli a Conslilutiou the tight to pro
scribe qualifications of electors is reserved
to ihotUleB, nnd it would be subversive
of tho principles of our Government for
Congress lo forco universal iiifl'rngo upon
any pnrt of the country in opposition to
the wishes of (ho citi. -ii thereof. Fourth.
Thnt nil Iho States nro entitled by the
Constituliou (0 rcprcicnUUon, nnd nil
loynl members duly elected to bo admit-
ted to Congress without unnecessary de
lay, each House judging cjf tho qualifica
tions of its members. Fifth. Thnt the
payment of the National debt is a sacred
obligation never to ba repudiated, nnd
no debt whatever incurred to nid trcaron
and rebellion ever be paid. Sixth, That
the Nation owesn lusting debt of grati
tude lu tlie soldieis nnd sailors. The
families of the fallen heroes should bo
enred for by he Government, nnd indorse
t he Piesidtnl's dclci ruination tu give
ofllces to soldiers, Seventh. Thnt the
delegates to tbo Philadelphia Convention
nrc expected to co-operate ouly wilb
loynl Union men.
(Joino Rai'k to Fiitsr Pin-f-iei.v.i.
Shoiily after the war commenced, the Ohio
Stute Journal was an udvocalo of secession,
und iu ou argument of a column in length,
urged thai the .Southern States bo ullowcd to
go out ot Ihe Union without further molesta
The New Fork Tribune; during tho dark
d.iysol '.he war, proclaimed that if the Bicedcd
Mates were not auiijugutcu within a given
tiniOjIhey should bo allowed to depart iu
peace. Ilieir.no pust-dl, oul still 1110 wur
continued, and it wus not until Sherman's
inn 1 eh to tho sin, and C rant's capture
Richmond, that the buck-bone of tlic rebellion
was broken.
Tho Sluto Journal and the Tribune ore now
urging thut seceded 8tutcs ore out of Ihe
Union, and nio not tc be ullowcd their rights
within it. Jn this they are consistent with
their former secession (cachings, although
inconsistent with Iho creed of tho Union
party, lo which they profess to belong. CitiH
fiunuti Daily Unioa.
A csntlomHii. walking with two Indies
stepped on a hogshead boon, that flow up
ana sirucK iiiiu 111 1110 inco, -uaou gra
cious 1" suid he, "wbiuli of you dropped
Religions Persecution in Missouri—A Number
of Sisters of Charity or Nuns Under
U'e lesrnflst considerable r.tcilement was
brought nbo jt nt Cane Uirarilnnrt by the repo-
fitlon of nn nrrest of tome of tho Wlstcrs of
tJhnrity, or nuns, attached os teachers to the
convent ol a Catholic academy ot thtit point,
(or their not Inking the oath picsrribtrt by
the new constitution. Tho exciti meuf fs re
ported to have been so great against Ibis out
rage pcrpi'lrn'.ed i-i the tiamo cl "law"' ngnii.s.t
a highly meritorious, benevolent nnd religions
oidor Christians, pell.-.pnci iric-iiig women, nt
t'lnt that IhofC who had them in chnrgc as
malefactors were compelled lo deal.it in the
disehnrge of a "radical duly" nt war with
every delicate nnd e'ecorons Instinct wc habit
ually practice toward iho sex. Tho mailer
was compromised by lbn?o "ofl.-nders against
the new constitution" giving bond for tlieir
appenrnnrc at the next "Circuit Court of
Capo 'Jiratdean Comity, to answer the crimi
nality of the e.ffetiFe of octing in the capacity
of teachers without Ink 'tig the convent inn
oath." Is there any other State in this eoun.
tty, even under radical rule, tho law of which
subjugates riflyioiH women and men lo the
indignit us of nr, arrest nnd iinpiiBonmrnt nr
the dis-ehiirgo ol their religious nnd blnli-css
nvocationsT Wc believe not; nnd yet wc Icurn
from Mr. Drake, ns the avowed 'exponent of
radical intent in this Stnto, that not ono lota
of this obnoxious law is to be repealed; that
the safely of tho radical party admits of no
nuch reform. Kansas Advertiser, July 7.
Tiik following correspondence, appears In
the papers :
To Hen. Horace Greeley, New York:
Dkar Sir I would rcppectlully ask if it be
true that you hove olTerrcd to go Jed. DuviY
bail fur his release? Also, if tho nbovo be
true, why you did not try to obtain bail for
Wirz, keeper of Jiff. Davis almightcr pen?
I ask these rtiestlons, not from impertinent or
idlo curiosity, but f.ir tho purpose of obtain
ing your views on so impnrtunt n point. Ii;
the nientitimc I remuiu, ' cry respectfully,
youra, J. Wilson, Jn.
To Mr. J. Wilson, Jr., Wmiltegnn:
Yes, sir; I would bail Davis, or you, cr
any other culprit that the Government would
shamefully keep in j iil more than a year, re
sisting ond denying his just ond legal demand
Ihut he be arraigned nnd tried or let gf.
Yours truly, Horac-r Grkklcy.
Morals of Washington Under Radical Auspices.
Ti c Washington correspondent of tho
New York Watchman, a religious journal
thus depicts tho stnto of morals at the
National Capital under Radical auspices:
'-Licentiousness and drunkenness nre
tho piominent features of Washington life
this Kpason. Members of Congress spend
their afternoons and evenings in billiard
and drinking i-aloons, nnd their nights in
bouses of ill-fame or assignation. Five
tcvents of tho Republican members of
Congress spend their nights in licentious
dissipation. While a mnjotity of the
Democratic member nre working for the
good of tbe country, the opposition, rely
ing on its majority, goes in for a 'good
time,' so railed. Washington, under
Abolition auspiccr, is the most licentious,
deprnved city in the Uuion. Drinking
saloons, gambling bouses, bouses of pros
titution nnd assignation nrc about tho
Ciiptinl ns side chows nro nbout n circus.
Ilnrlots nnd nignrs occup tho galleries,
smilo on their pel membori ou the floor,
nnd throw kisses to tho 'God and morali
ty' representatives of bont'bl consilium)
"Sad, snd indenl, but every word true
Let us hope that iho next e lection will
send here a different class of men.
iTfTThe radicals in tlio Tennessee
Legia'nturc have ndoplod tho Conslilu
tional Amendment. If adopted by
oilier Slates, so ns to (orm a portion of
ihe C'onsti'Vkiioti of tbo United Statos.
Tennessee will lose two members of Con
gross rod (wo membori in tho Electoral
College, uuless sho confers Ihe right of
suffrage upon tho negro. Thnt is why
iho rndiculs rejoice in ihe net, nnd why
that party in Congress is willing to nllow
the Stale ber right- in ihe Union, for Ihe
action of her Leg'ulatuto commits ber to
negro sbfTiage.
Half the World at War.
Thcro wns a period when the war spirit
wns so prevalent among tbo civilized na
lions ns it is At the present timo. Willi
nil Ihe enlightenment nnd boasted Chris
tiinity of iho present time, the bulbar
ism of wur still reiuaius, says the New
Yoik .S'un, and the world is making no
apparent progress toward thnt era when
"peace shall rein nmong all the nalions.'
In Europo tho lighting forco of nearly
0110 hundred million pcoplo nre now en
gaged in tho work of slaughtering 0110
nnolbcr. Pi u asm, Austtia, Italy, nnd
ti c lc.se r German States, have marshul
led their nrmies upon the battle Geld, nnd
n depcrato tiugglo, now progressing,
the consequence. Franco Elands upon
the brink ot tho Oermnn war, nna wo
may benr ut any timo thai it hns entered
tho liula. Rtijjio tands in n uimilur ulli
tude, lotiuy to eiiiko either i iuaau
Auni.-ln ns opportunity may offer. Ppoirt
hns nil it enn do to keep tlie1 kingdom safe
from revolts by the military nnd Ihe peo
ple, nnd nothing ia nppircnily needed bttt
the right kind of a I.iadur lo insure the
overthrow of tho Government. England
is just row ol pence, bul its Irish popula
tion nre ripo for rcve.lirlion, and they only
awnit n favorable opportunity to strike!
for freedom. Crossing tho Atlantic, wo
find fl.nl eight South .Amciicnn Nntions
nro now engaged (n wnr. while two or
threo others nro contending with rovolls
nnd insurrectionists. Rrnzil, Urugunry
nnd Iho Argentine Confodei ntion are nllied
in A wnr wkh Paraguay nnd Chili, PciUi
Ecqttador And Uolivia nro ahied in a dc'
fons've wr ngninst Spain. Coming;
Northward we find Mexico engaged in n
desperate struggle lo diaenpngo itself
from the yoke ef n.o.nnrcy, nud the senro'
resulting from the threatened compcsC of
Canada by tho Fenians has baldly yol
tubsided, nnd may break out afresh nt
nny dny. It is not far out of the wayr
tlirreforo, to say (hat half tlio civilzod
world ii at war. Zanesvillo i'gr.n',
[From the London Times, July, 2.]
Accident to the Prince of Wales.
An accident, of which tho consequen
ces might have been m very serious, hap
pened to tho Princo of Wales in Rotten
row, about n quarter pniil ono o'clock
yesterday afternoon. His Royal High
nc?s, who was riding at a foot's paco
with one of his equeries nnd two Indies,
hnd just reached llic ex'reme end of the
row, nearest tho Queen's Gate, was in
tho net of turning, when a gentleman
w no seemed to tiavo lost an control over
bis horse, suddenly duuhod nt full speed
down tbe incline, and into tho very midst
of the pnrty,
Tho Prince's borso being right in tho
pnlh of the chnrging horseman, nnd re
ceiving tbo thock cn its flunk, or should
er, wns inatnnlfy knocked down, turning
over like a rabbit struck bv a eliot, nnd
rtdpsicnlly lolling upon its rider, wbilo
the intruder pnsscd clem over both. 1'or
n moment it seemed impossible that tho
Princo could cscapo without injury tolifu
or limb from tho struggles of his own
horse. lie disoncaojed himself, however.
nnd got up without assistance, though nt
first I10 looked somewhat bhaken, and aa
if suffering from H blow on the head.
Recovering almost instantly, nnd never
losing his self-possession for a moment,
he seated himself on a bench close by,
wbilo the hone was being caught, and
bis hal aud cane picked up by the by- .
slanders. ' Long befora any groat crowd
of csquestrians had timo to collect ho hnd
mounted again, nnd, rejoining tho Indies
wns riding homeward us if nothing hnd
oecurod, but net without some vissiblo
traces of tlie fall upon his face nnd dress.
It wnst altogether a very narrow cicspo,
ns tbo fow who witnessed It can testify,
aud tho Prince's romposnrc in A vory
trying position did' great credit lo his
presenco of mind ond good humor. If
not quito unhurt, ho runy well congratu
late himself on having como off with
nothing worso than, a few bruises from a
collision that might easilv"bavo provod
Whether tho unfortuna'.o 'author, or
agent of tho cntsstropho hns been identi
fied, ond whether nny particular blatno
attaches to li'ni, is moro thnn wc can say
It wns natural, pcihnps, that bo should
appear elumulounUeu nt '.lie timo, nna
should have exhibited fur less nerve ihnu
His Iloynl Highness. It is nn unplcnsant
sensation, nt best, lo bo run away with.
nnd ono can not help pitying a man who
being run nway with, finds himself help
lessly tiding down the hcirn pparent lo
tho crown. Rut why should people tnko
borsoe into Rotten-row which Ihry can
nol hold 01 manage, nnd why should tboy
be ullowcd lo rido at a pace which en
dangers tbo lives of others ? These nro
quostijns which nre becoming very ur
gent, nnd tbo mnrvel ip, not that commons
should now nnd then occur, but that tboy
are nol of daily occurence. Nothing can
bo easier lhan to prevent gnllopiug when
the row is throunged, nnd still rnoie,
galloping on tho - wrong side. Why
should not the pr.ik keepers take riders to
tnsk for gros3 breaches of tho conditiou
upon which they nro ndmillod to what ia
vutually, during certnin lioursol lue etny
nn equestrian promenndo. Tho mere
dibliko cf being thus singled out nud be
coming tho objects cf rcmnik would gene
rally be Buflicient to deter persona fictm
offending, and such interference on tbo
part of the park keepers would certainly
bo supported by. Ihe grcnt majority of
riders. Let us hope thnt, nfler so nn
phnlic a warniur, better) discipline mny
bo enforced, nnd that His Royal High
ness may liavo tho sntibfaolion of know
ing that ho has not incurred the risk of 11
violout dumb in vain,
A punster say : "My oamo is Somer
set: I om a mirerr.blo old bachelor. I
can not marry: for how could I hope tit
prevail on a young lady poasouscd of iho
ttliifhtcst ef dcliuucy, to luni a tioiuei
bet?" . .

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