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(Ore Olonscrlmfik
KnitUY -
- - JULY 2,7 Isnn.
i 1
Nr. Tver.. Ocr mw Ivjio is ordered .and
txpected daily. Wo Impc onr readers will lc
putienl, as wo are ooing nil in cur power to
pet tip ft rcrpcctnblo paper In nppcurancc as
well as otliorwioo.
.Judicial Convk.vtio!. 'I'ho Democratic
Otitial Committees of MiisMntrnin, Mnrgnn
unil Noble Coimlln, linvo nftmiRcd to hold
tlio Convention for this Judicial District fit
llio Towc Hall, M'Connclsvillo, on Tlitirsiluy.
Vic lCih of Aujrust next.
Krl'"tr! sugar cured
t MonTi.f.Y'n.
dried focof for sale
' ty-Tlio heavy rnirn In this section of Ihe
connlry for the loot right tlajs haveraiwil nil
Ihc runs and crfckslo an unusual height, and
r lenrn much damage has bocn done to Ihe
ftronlng crops and lhat Iho hoy harvest lias
been greatly retarded.
f"5T" ft will lo seen by our advertising
columns thnt IIol.uv.s &. Ptauks hnvc opened
tip In the rioot nrd Shoo business In ihe toon
next door to the rVMollh.'e. From the ap
pearand) of things there, lhc?C pontletnon in
tend lo be un with the times. Uivc them a
call.'1 '
J. Ai.r.XAxrtKii't Pimo Stohr is still well
anpplicd with a largo stork ol drn(;, medicine1,
wallpaper, pntcnl medicines, puinta and dye
-stuITi and all articles pertaining to the Drug
Call an J get Itiiijjs Unrivalled Hair Koto
fi57A few kittsof new mackerel, ennght
last month, nst received at the 'Jroccry Store
of D. II. MoilTt.KY.
8(3yBacon. poik liunu nnd lor J lor salo at
ItgQuTwo tierces of extra family ennvased
Lams just received nt Morti.kv'i Grocery.
A, J. Yasaway k Co. are selling out their
stock ol fuii'ily groceries low, ns they con
tcmpluto (-hanging their business. 'I'Le pub
lie will find it greatly to their ndvantugc to
call before buying. elscwlicro.
Our Tow n is a ktatr rv Kxcitkmrnt A
t imoNKn s Coi'RT IK skiok. It oppenrs
1 liar a short time tsinco a yout.g Indy, of Ibis
place, by tho name ol Adalino Davis, daiigh
ter of Willium Duvis of this place, went
Zancsville, it Is said, to obtain work 01
senmytrcss. Upon Inst Monday the wus sent
home a corps and wan Interred on tbc same
evening. On Wednesday her body was do
Ttiniidud of ihegrnvi' and a post mortem exam
inntioo held by lln. litown nnd Hedge.
Hevernl witi.is.-Ct being called llio Investiga
lion Hill goes on. What, if anything, has
been duvclopi 1. wo dim t know, n; the pro
cccdings of tho Coroner's Court are kept
secret. We ore not awnrc of Iho object of Iho
secrecy, hut suppose it is all right. Wo will
not pretend to say more until wo know the
fids, oh wo might do somebody Miinjury,
whtr. theio Ih nono intended. Next week
will say more on Ihe suhjoct.
Pt.At a Deniocrulio Mass Meeting', held
recently at Keading, Katiteili I'eniisylvaniu,
largo number of soldier were present giving
ountcnnii ic and encuurugement to tliccll'jrts
being muilo to rcstoro tho Union under the
Hug nnd the constitution. 'Tho Soldiers
marched ui ilcr a banr.cr enscribed;
"1 he beiys In blue,
Yote, as 1 1 icy fought,
For iho Union!"
BfX.Thc licrmaii voters of tho country,
heretofore acting with tho Republicans, arc
every whero having that purty and rallying
to tin) support of the poliey of tho President
in regard to the restoration of the Union, and
to the Democracy as their only Bulcly iu the
enjoyment of their rights.'
Wv copy tho following items Irnm the Zancs
ville Signal :
' A son of 1). It Linn, I&fj., about five years
old met with a ccrious accident 0110 day lust
week. W liilo ut play he ran upon a steel
rako, lying in thegnim, two of tho teeth en
tering bis foot, one going entirely llirougli.
A uegro .'i"ing iu Pit nam, named Forlain
was ak lust ucck on a chaise of bcutir.g
Lis wile, and ultcr cxaiiiinutiou before Ksrjiiiro,
Iirge, wag conmiiUcd lo jail, in dtluult of bail
iu the sum of two bundled dollars. Whero
the Froidnicu'a Uureau ngenl T
Mr. Gcorgo W. Aduiiu, of Dresc'cn, nhipped
last week his clip of wool lor llio present year,
uniouiiting to 21,'ini jiounds, thu prcducl
0,300 sheep, realizing then fur, at -15 cents
per pouud, $15 835 20. Mr. Adams expects
to lucrcaso his clip another year to fi 0,0
A young bnbe was left ono night this wek
on the front door steps ol the residence
lira. Van Durcn Seventh street, with a note
directing it to ihe euro of a young gentleman
ol this cily. Upon impiiry, it was found that
the reputed fa 1 her hud left for poiU unknown,
Aud the child wus taken to a respectable color'
cd woman to bo cured fur, until other arrange
ments can he mude. The uuuuiurul mother has
not becu discovered UJ yet. but dtcps will
tukcu for that purpose.
Information to Invalid Pensioners.
Congress lias just panned a law niiienilin
existing Pensiuii laws, and very much iiieicus
ing die rule of pt-usiou.
J liuoteu lu advise you of somo of ils pro
vibiuus, us fullows:
J at. A soldier iu tho line of duly who
thiill Luve lust the biijlit of both eyes, or whu
shall hnvc lost both hand?, or been pernms
nctiMy nnd tolnlly disabled In tlio cnmo as lo
render them utterly helpless is entitled to Ea
per month.
2d. A soldier who, Under like circum
stance, shall Imvc lost both feet or one hand
and otic fool, or been totally nnd permanently
ilimibltd in the some, is onUilcd to $20 per
3d. A soldier who shall have lorf one hard
or one loot or been totally nnJ permanently
disabled in the .mo . or who is in
to perform manual hvbor cciiiiviilent lo the
oss of a hand or a foot is entitled to 015 p'.'r I
4th. The act ol July 4ih, lfC2, In amend-
muut so 04 to ernut reunions to an orphan
brother or brothers and also til tlio father ol a
deceased officer or soldier dependant npn him
for sepport, in whole or in part.
Other nniohilincnts hnvc been mule to cx-
ieting pension law of grent Importance' to
soldiers and to deceased soldier's widows.
heirs, 'p.
Those invalid sol Tiers knowing themselves
entitled (0 the increase J pension, will call aud
sec (he undersigned in re gard to the snme.
Licensed Claim Agent.
M'Connelsville, O., July 27, 1866.
Missing Ship Monarch of the Seas—728 Persons
Supposed to Have Perished.
Tbe Anicrlrnn eni!puii ship Monarch ot Die
Fc. which left l.iverpm.l , New Yoik on tlic
r.ftnrnoon of the ll'th of March last, will, a vnlus
hie carifo and six bandied nnd sevcnty-fnnr
scnRers, Is now hcking but two days 0.' four nmntlia
nt sen, and us yet notliinjr has been hrnril nf licr,
It la feared tliat toii'.c disnstrr iniixt lutvo occurrid
to the vcavl. mid that she has pme down with a!l
on Imnrd. The M"iiati h of the Seal w.s, witlmat
exrpptlnn, one rl the fmet rinigr.mt thips tint
ever left ihis 1101 1. SI10 wns under tlio rnnimnnd
of Captain Molieit Kirknbly, a clever and cxper
lenced scainnn, nnd w.is In cvciy roiieet a first
cl.i vessel. Hho was linilt in til Is city by Mcskih
Riioscvclt A Joyce, In ltf J; n'oA A I. , was cop
per nnd Iron fatMi)d; 117'J to is hind en, S23 feet
in lingili, 4.1 feet In l.vca: III of jr.im, T.I leet dejith
of linld, and bad Ihiee full decks. The Inl islllg
vcul sailed from l ive, nx.l with about l.CO'J tons
of ficiglit, eoiiHic'ncd lo II. I. II. Trunk ,1 Co. , and
was valued at $ I Kite wiu owiled by Mvuits.
A. Taylur A Co. of Liverpool
Terrible Tragedy near Marion, Alabama.
I lie Murion (Jommonwenlth, ol lliursii iy
refers to the fact Ihut Jin, Mary Kcnuingion,
living near Murion, was brutally outraged by
a negro Inst July, who was arrested, but sulv
seqiiciil:y csenped , and was heard ol no more
until about ten days ngo, vlu n he wns rccon
nizul in the neighborhood, nnd thus gives the
sequel i
On Ihe night of the 211 ultimo, about nine
o'clock, srtnio person onkiionn entered tho
residence of Mrs. Kenuingtnn, and with sonic
blunt piece of iion probably a hatchet
crushed her skull toapicccs. The murdcicr
then attacked the children, a little boy aud
little girl, aged, respectively, right nnd
years;. Jhostiiill or Iho boy he crushed
two places, but fuil.-d, as tho surgeon thinks,
to inflict lalal injuries upon tlio girl. Iu
Iioilsc, at the same time, was a vciy old Indy,
llie grandmother, we believe, of Mrs. Ken
ninpton, and bcr daughter, Dccky Narrnmnre,
an aunt of Mrs. Keniiinglon . The skull
the lu'cr was crushed lo pciecs above the eye-
biowa, but the presence of. Iho old lady in
limifo not being suspected, she escaped.
When the bodies of tho dead ei.il wnunjed
were found next morning, Mis. Kennington
was lying across her bed, her legs swinging
off, ns though she had bum in the act ol rising
wheu struck down. 'The blood from
crushed skull had run through Iho mattress
upon which Eho wus lying, auJ formed a pud
dlo upon tic floor. Persons who witnessed
the scene say it was shocking beyond expres
sion 'The negro has tinco been arrested, and
is now in Perry County jiil.
JT7A P-r;a letter of a icccnt date
contains tlio following amusing anecdotes
illustrating the shrewdness of and Aus
trian detective :
"A fiifil young nobleman of V'enna,
over htnd arc! cart in debt, nnd famous
foi his success with the fair sex, received
n perfumed roso colored nolo, whose con
tents inn : "Sir, jour agreenblo face
nnd lluro have nindo such an impression
on Die, I oninclly 'lesirn to make yout
acquaintance. Come this evening 10 the
Vienna thcnlor. I have taken stall No
78 in ihe pareiuelte, and I have asked tho
tieLed-scl'.er to keen No. 70 for n gentle
rauu who would Htk for it; Raying No.
fur evil, i IriiK'. I may havo the plens
uv of eeoing you. Etnnin.' Tho dandy
dressed liimeelf in n most elegant manner
nnd soon as tlio doors were opened
applied for 'No. 79 forivor,' and received
it. As tho curtnin toso a gentleman
came into the Ihester nnd took tho sent.
As bood ns he was nt his ease lie bent
over and whimpered in the dnndy's ears
'I niii constable I have been Lunting for
you theso tiftocn dHysgone, unsuccessful
ly. Don't rr.nke a scandalous sccnu here
fur I lull yon I have the warrant for your
arrest in my pocket. If yuu be quiet you
may hoar llie opera out. . 'J lit fast runn
stared wildly enough for n few moments
and then seeing resislnr.ee utterly hope
less, he remained quie', until the end
llie opera, when lie followed Ihe constable
lo (he debtor's jail "
Among the losers by tho fire in Portland
wus Alien., the sculptor. His studio in Ihe
City Hull was entirely destroyed with all
contents, including not only his finished and
uiiliiibhed woiks, but letters from his brother
Puul, anil many other minioriuls of Irieudnhip
uud travvl, wbioh cuu Lever be leplucid.
Arrival of the Hermann.
The Latest War News.
Nkw York, July 21. lty the arrival of
the steamers Hermann ai d City of I'oris, wc
have L'uropoin dales of tlio 12ili iiielunt.
No armistice has yet turn agreed upon.'
Negotiations coiiliniio, Italian , papers stuto
thai Prussia 1ms dcclir.cd the armistice.
Ecmi'-'.nioinl V lenna pipers thnt Napoleon
lias taken frcslt stops, nf an enigmatic clmrac
ter, to (fleet an armistice, nnd armed media
tion hns becu announced at Prussian head
LoNnojf, July 12. No praciienl rculis
from tt.e iiegotiutinus fot an urmislicc arc yet
The Ci'h l'c belli ves lint the Continent is on
tho brink of a general Kuropcnti war.
Prnssin centiiiues firm in her demands.
'The Italians arc advancing in spite of the
French orders
The French iron-clad squadron woh orderad
to Venice on (ho night of the 1 1 ih instant,
The Cherbourg squadron hn'i also been or
dered to sa I. Its destination is unknown'.
It wax slated that Iho J Indians were
marching on Frankfort-on-thc-Main.
Tho Monileursays lint attempts nrc Still
being made for tho peaceful settlement of the
'The Austriaiis arc evacuating Vcnetia, but
nrc leaving the fjrlrcsi there well garrisoned.
The Italians nr" advancing in forca in spite
ol the cession of Vcnctin to Fianvir.
Tlio Ylei.sa Vain land says Iho army of the
north is still 200 000.
A fiorencc dispnlch of Ihn 10'hsayai This
morning the Austriaiis made a reennr.oisHnce
iu strong force, witli artillery, m Ihcdiiccliou
of Lcrydonc; they were driven lmck with the
bayonet by the Uaribnhlinns ns fur as lauy.i't.
which place wns occupied by Ihe volunteers.
Ooribaldi was prercnt, tint had to remain in
CMTV a eoneipiencc of his wounds.
The operations of the Italiun army agnlust
Unrgoforte were being continued.
'The Italian troops on the 10:h captured
assault tho village of Muttegratio, near
'Tctc-dc-pont, nt Pnrgnforte.
Vikxna, July 10. 'The Kmpcror of Aus
tria has issued n munilcato, in which l.c says
the heavy m if for I uses which havo befallen
army of Iho north moved, to its inmost core
hid heart, but Iho reliance Lu hod placed npon
Iho devotion of his people, the courage ot
army, upon 'ji d and his good and sacred
right, bad not wavered a single instant.
hud addressed himscll to Iho Kinpcror of
French, repnesting Lis good offices for bring
about an armistice with Italy. Not
had tho Fnipcior readily responded lo
demand, but cffcreil (o mediate with
for a suspension of hostilities, end for ppenin
negotiations for peace. This offer he
and nnnoutices himself prepared lo take
upon lion oral lo conditions to prevent bloodshed
and the ruvages of war. liut lis
not inakc peace by whi ch Amitiia's position,
as a great power, would bcihukcn.
limn this he would curry ou the war to the
mogt extremity
Allavailuble troops oro being concentrated
nnd the gaps in llie runks filled by conscription
and volunteering, called (0 arms by
newly awakened spirit ol patriotism. Austria
has been severely visited , by misfortune;
she is not humbled nor bowed down.
Pkstii, J,-!y tl. livening An lmpeiial
proclamal'.., calls upon vulunlcers to hnstctf
to enroll themselves under Iho banner of
nrmy, in order to protect the fatherland
which is threatened by the events of war.
'The La -Vance slates that Iho Derby Cabi
net has strongly recommended Duly to ucccpt
Xnpoleon's nudiuticu.
Prussia does not stny her victorious march,
making Pardubitx her headquarters. He:
aims cither huvo tukcu possession of 2'raguc,
or will shortly do so. Princo Charles holds
the railroad to Prague, and tec in a likely
march direct south lo Vienna.
'The proportion of wounded in Ihe lato but
ties is eight Aus'riuns to one Prussian.
'The cholera couMuucd lo 1 ngo at Uttltin,
and nt lieilin was rapidly increasing. On
7th 113 casts were reported at lieilin,
which 71 proved la lal.
Tho Austriana hnvc beaten the Italians
Iiargofortc uud Mi nlo Suello. Tlio Iluliuiis
vicru repulsed fivo times at Rargofbrtc.
General Ciahlini crossed llio Po on the
into Vcnctia nr tho bend ol his urmy corps.
A telegram from Asso'.o, of July G, suys
Italian losses iu ihe attack upon liurgufortc
were two killed and thirty wounded.
'Tho assertion of La Frunco that France
has recommended Italy not lo uttussk Vcnctia
is discredited in liciliu.
All tho folds ou the Kibe, between Purdu
biu and Elbetenii,, aro iu the bauds ol
Murbhul Jienedek appears (0 be withdraw
ing toward lirunu, followed by both armies,
A telegram from Shunghac, of Juno 7, says
lloang Ih iu danger of capture by tho rebels.
Fi.oiiknck. July 9. 'The looses of llio Ital
ians in the battlo of Custo..u are ollioiully
stated at C51 killed, 2,00'J wounded, aud
4,252 pri&ouurs aid missing.
'The London 'Times correspondent's account
of Ihe battle of Sudowa says the- Prussians
hud engoged about 250,000 men, and
Ausliiaiis ueurly us muny. Near 1,500 guns
were iu uctiuu, of which 750 wwe l'ruasiuu.
Lord Derby mode n statement In the JIoifc I
of Lords on the 9th, in which after deluiling
the difTicultirs he met with in forming a Mm-
fatty, ho said Hint iu foreign afTaira ho held it
lo be the duly of tlio connlry to maintain am-
icnblc relations w illi all foreipo counlri-i
to avoiu enlargement with foreign disputes,
and to abstain Irom nil vexations and irrita-
ting Interference or odvi?o with respect to tlic I
war in Central J'nrope. 1 lie Uuvcrnment
would maintain a pcifect neutrality, but
would bo prepared, in conjunction with other
powers, whenever ft favorable opportunity
preEcntcd itsvlf, to ( (Ter Us good offices for the
restoration ol peace. Commending the notion
of Iho United Hintes (Jovernmctit in relation
lo the Feninns, ht pnid tiibutc to the loyalty
( f llio Canadian volunteers, adding tin expres
sinn ot his desire that a confedoralioil ol all
the Di iltndi-A mcriciiii colonies might soon
bo accomplished.
The Paris Prose nys the following is the
basis of negotiations suggested by France utid
eommniiicated to tho renresca!utivii of the
beliirercnls :
The Germanic Confederation lo be dissolved
and another Confederation to be established,
of which neither Prussia nor Austria should
foim a port. No territorial cejeion to be de
mntid.'d of AusUiu. 'i'ho abandonnieiit by
t' o latter of liir rights iu the Duchies, and
to replace the war indemnity demanded by
Prucsin. Prussia to incorporate iSihelswig
llolstcin, Hcssc-Casscl, IIihsc-Dnrnihtadt nnd
P.nins'vick. 'J'hc population of Ihe Prussian
Kingdom would thereby be raised lo 25,000,
000. Tho Rhine to constitute tho western
frontier e,l Prussia, niui llio Provinco between
Ihe P.liiuo and Mesne to serve as tin indem
nily to tbe sovereigns disojsistcd by the
An exchange of territory lo lul;o place be
tween linden nnd Ilavnrin, which would give
Ihe formet nearly tho whole ol Iho Renish
Pnlntinate, Haxony, Hanover, nnd Ihe Diuh
ics of Bnxe, lo conclude militnry conver.tious
with Prussia, tho ir.hibitau is of Iuden to
chooso Whether they shall belong to Fruuce or
lo linden; tie population and tho valley ol
the Surro lo choose between Franco aud the
Rpnish sovereigns.
La Kinnce says tho Prussian conditions arc,
the exclusion ol Austria from the Germanic
Coul'ederafiot' -'.ho cxclusivo command of t lie
military end nuval forces of tho Co u federation
by Prussia, the diplomatic representation
Germany abroad, end the annexation
Prussia of the Duchies and part of the terri
tory a heady occupied.
La Franco also soys the Kmpcror Napoleon
at once ;nt there conditions to Irt. Petersburg
and LonJon, as raising questions ol Kumpcau
interest which can only be settled by conceit
of the great powers.
Fkruara, July 11. General Ciahlini
mnrehing upon Rivigo with an nrmy ol
than 100,000 Italians and 200 guns.
'Tho Auslrinna have evueuated the whole
territory between tlio Minciooud the Adije
The creator part of tho Auslriun forces
stationed at Padua.
From the Atlantic Cable.
The French Fleet Gone to Venetia.
The Position of the Prussians—Their Army
Continues to Advance.
Nkw York, July 23. Tho eteamcr Scotia,
(rom Liverpool on the Mih, nnd via Quccns
toivu on the 15ih, arrived this evening.
'1 lie telegraph fleet snivel oil" Valcntia
llie 13th. 'J'ho cable rras successfully fplictd
to the chore end, nnd Iho 'Great F.astcrn had
cammenecd psyii'g cut. Signals through the
whole cable wore perfect. Keligious service
took place ot Valcntia prior to tho commence
ment of operations.
Kuglish politics arc unimportant.
The Government stated in the IIoujc
Lords that pteparations wcro making to arm
tlio I'rititih troops with breech-loaders.
- Another ccrious bunk tnrpeiision, lhat
the llirminglium Hanking Company, was an
nounced on the morning of the lit!i. 'The
liabilities ore computed at over 2 000,000.
This is a severe culumity for large Birmingham
Accotrits as to the pi of rest of iho French
mediation uro conlliciing. Nothing authentic
has transpired. 'Thu threatened armed inter
ventieu of Franco is not confirmed, but French
vessels have gone to Vcnctia.
It is reiterated that Prussia has declined
the armkticc.
Tho French journals daclaro that France,
Prussia and Italy have cnmo to an arrangement
upon proposals to bo mude to Austria. Upon
this basis Austria is to bo excluded Irom the
German Cunfcdcrution.
Tlio Times declares tlia'. Knglund would not
lullow Franco in un intervention lhat is calcu
lated to nggmvuto evils.
The Prussians had rested at Scwittnn,
their hcadipiarteis, but hod icsuined the
march, and tho vanguard was reported
Gen. Ilcncdck's army was rnpidly reorgan
izing. On tho 1 1th his force was computed
1G0.000, cxclusivo of cavalry and arlillei y, and
daily increasing.
'Tho Loudon G lobo regards tho Prussians
as being within a week or len days' march ol
Tho Bavarians assert that tho battle near
Kitiscngen had no result.
Giuldiui occupied llovigo.
Fiiuj uiluuiu.: c( the Nuliuuul Ituliuu
Cnard lind successes over the Amtt ians near i r.
I,aleit by the Scotin via Liverpool
,nioi, ,T-.i'y 1.1. The mediations fur pence
mVe made no apparent progress. The Prussian
army coutinrtes lo advance aud tho Aujtriain
Drc regaining strength
''. pnris Monilcnr sys that negotiations
nrc slji progressing, and the bret feeling pre
vaiis bet rem Fiance nnd Prussia
I Very Ijitrst via (Jnccnslown.
I.OKnnx. July 15. 'Iho Vienna Pressc ol
the I4ih siijs that the proposed mrdialicn ol
Napoleon is emUd lor the present, and Aus
tria must trust to her own strength and re
sources, hho has resolved to make tl.o moat
strenuous exertions lo mnintaiuhcr position ns
a great power.
The Italian (JvncrnI La Marmora hns re
Ctnlditii occupied Pudua.
Tho Acs'siiins aro conccntrnung tlicir
forces lor ilic protection of the 'Tyrol and
QiT.r.XfTr.rv.v, July 15. The Great Kuslcrn
is paying out tho cubic. 'J'ho rejiorts of Sat
urday afternoon from her arc that one hundred
and thirty-five mile have been Inid, and that
the signals are perfect.
DIKl): At his residence in Centre township,
e'li the 17th instant, Futkr I!si.'., in the
47ih yo ir ol his nge.
Mr. Dell was stricken with pahcy, on tl.c
10th instant, while at work in his cornfield.
He was curried to his homo, but was liol able
to converse, nllliotigh conscious of his nn
ptocchir.g dentil nnd recognizing his friend
mi'il nearly the lust.
lie was m.o of our be?t ciii-m and a
christian, being a Ruling Lldcr in t lie Cross
Road Presbyterian Church.
Few mcy. have been so nrVh respected ar.d
beloved ns a citizen, neighbor, friend, hiibuud
nnd father. Jlisunilorm gentlenc:i of dispo-
pit ion and childliko faith lu his Rr-decmcr will
cheer his bereaved family, while they have the
assurance that I10 "rests Irom his labors" in
those heaveuly mansions which Ihe Baviorhns
prepared for his luithful disciples; 'The re
membrance of such a life is imperishable;
ttensnro which cnnuot be tukin away. His
dear futility, in hope of a better resiircction,
and in Ihe ossuraico that lo ilepait and be
with Christ is fur belter, may well await with
patience a reuuiun in another and a Imppicr
' Precious in ll.c sight of ihe Lord Is the
death of His saints." " Ro ye, therefore, fol
I lowers of God, us dear chilJrcn."
W. M. G.
M'CONELSVILLE, July 27, 1866.
Fi.ora tlS 00 Kxtm per barrel.
Whicat S'i SO perlitishcl.
')ats 4.1 cents per bushel.'
('i,HsMI rents per tui-hel.
Ki.x Hkbo H CO per bushel.
IlAiii.nr-Sprlng.l'iiii; Fall, 1 per bueh.
Iliv-H IH) to lo 00 per ton.
IimIkii Ai-eim-tJ ul) per bashel.
1,1'TTKH '.'u cents per pound.
Knos 13 cents per do.en.
I'liICKENS Live rrutu,
I'ul h:k W to 3.1 cfiitH.
Corsiiav Hoap H cents per pnnnd.
ProAR !i to ccnU per pniiml.
HoaiifM 60 cents per -iilluii per barrel.
,ahi M cents pouinl, In Jars anil keir. ,
C'anii,ks (liillow) 'ill cents perltihy box.
' " 'ii cents al retail.
(Star) 3' cents per III. by box.
" 3i cauu ut Ktall.
Fo r 13 to 20 cents per bar.
t'liKKKK '21 cents per puuud.
Halt 'J SO per barrel retail.
Htonk-coai 12 ei tiUt per bunhcl.
Hamh H to T ei-uts ul retail.
Hums l-i couu per poaiul.
HlKlt'l.l'KKM U to l.'i cculj.
'J'ai.i.uw to 10 rents.
Wiiikv--I1 '-') per xiillon.
Dkans ti 00 per Liaalioi,
j.inrs uoi.MRS-
L 1 NKXT TO TltK I'DST-OFFICK, aud havinj?
puicliuNeu 11 u cxcoiicni uxumtim-ui 01
Leather and Shoe Findings
Wc aio piepnred to make to order, on tlmrt nolieo,
uny linilt iu our line.
Of our old customers we Invito a continuance of
pati'onae, and to those whu wili lu be entirely
;ili lied with their purchase, lu filvo us a trial.
None Imt Ino best steck und, uud unuo but the
very beat wuiluuen uuiployud.
of the tK-st manulactnre kept constantly on band,
uud wi;i Ul ttjld cheap ad thu chuapvat.
w. A. BIt.l..
F. SILL & CO.,
Pry fietiiis, (iroffrirs, Notions, Tinware, Trunk
(llipnrllo ort Ilonsr, St'Cniin.lsvlllr,.
.i?o tr
Physician and Surgeon,
resperlfulty ororshis frofe'-lonnl services to the
ciu.Cinm m tonnelHvil'e nnd vicinity.
iirncr, host norm over. stoxe'S stohk,
Where lie ejin bn finml al nil times, iiiy or n!;rtil.
V lien not pn,!'.':nluniilly nlisent.
At the old Klmifl. In Ihe llirro. stnry Illicit, nenly
D. II. !ORTJ.i:Y
re-peclfnlly Informs the citizens of M irr;iin eonnl f
Hint he keep- roii-talitty on I1.111J a lull .wntineiil
-f llie viukpii. nrlii lc-ii-ii.illy ;c,l in a In tel. is
lirt,eery Hlore, ennMis'lni; In inrl of
Ten. ( "lice, Hnijiir, K-h. hoilri, plc'', t'anneil
Fi nitii , .'live ujs-iem. Hi nips, Cilie.c.Ct.tck-r,
ll.iin, V-niilr.in-, '1'oliceo, e,'i;f.rs, U.i
cls, I.'i'Io rmvihr. l!!.i:,tin i'uwJer,
Fue, I'liekin-,' Vurii, UeJ
Cord', tluuill.i iiopo,
I mil Oil, CaihnD
- Oil, fte.,
ill nf which will he "IJ nt the very loweil price,
cither al wholcalo or retail, lor cmli or approved
conn try pn cluco.
The hiclie.i niailot price liaij for all kiudjuf
Country l'lojnev.
r.very aitiele n!.l nt tlila Cstal)!ihineut U W.l!
ItAN ll.il as icprcKcutcJ.
ST,lli:.llL.T IIK Till'. I'OSDITW.I
I.oi illiiid Fire Fnsiirmicc fompaiij.
Oa the 1st day of January, TSf.il,
made lo tlio Auditor Ohio, pur
suant lo tlici Statute of
that Stato.
The namo of Iho Company Istha l.nnii.i.Aiin Finn
Insikam;k t'onii'ANV, uud la located No. 10!
l!ii-aiway, New Tork t'ity.
Tlicn.iionnt of its Capital Stuck, all
paid up, is II, f 00,003 00
1. Onidi of the Cnmpriiiy on hnml.
and in tl.o handa of Agents aud
other pei Hons
?. Ileal Ktntennlncnrntiered
3. The Hon, Is nnu Htorks owned by
llie Company (as per vouchers ac
companying,) 4. Debts ilua tlie Cnmpnny. rnre,l
by mort irago, (as jier ucconipiinyln
5. Del.ts olherwise seeure.1, (as per
vouchers Hccinmpanylii;:,)
(I. PcbU) f ir preiiiiiiiiis
7. All nttier Hcciuiiles (Interest
tioi,r,ii m
l,uau on
C0l,2iO 00
618,! 00 00
rn.nor) or)
r,ou ut
s.t.nflfl co
Total AmcIs nf th" Company
nr. u.um.mF.9,
li,iui,i;bi 1.1
51,0j0 01
Loscs nnadjustcil
IV. MlflCF.r.r.AVF.OUS
Tho Cfatet nmnunt liu-nred In ay on( risk no
conlliiT b) clreiinistancos.
Tho Kielet ammint allowed by the rules ly bo In
Hired 111 nny ono city, town or villago accord
ing to cireiiPlHtuncrs.
Tlic K'eatcHt nniouiit allowed to lie Insured In any,
line block aceordin-; to i:ircunist.uicc-s.
Tim amount of Its capital or carainu's deposited la
any olhe I titato an accurlty lor loanes tlimx-in
Tho Chaiter, nrAct of Incorporation of said Com
pany ou lilts
Cuc.ntv of Net Voiik
c.iur.ir.E xonwoon
rreshlent, nnd JOHM C. slllj.a, Secretary ol llm
.m iVii. rf Fir Ituuraurt CVwinni, being severally
sworn, tblioso nnd sny, that the fnrciroliiii is a full.
true and correct aletenicnt nf tlio hIIsim of thn
said Company, that tho xaid InauVauee tlompany in
the bona Odu owner of at least One IIo:ruh Tun-
ISANI. Hoi.i.arii of actual Cash Capital-Invested in
blocks nnd lionds.or in Moittranos ou Heal Est.iU',
worm ui-111,10 iho ninoii.it fur which tlio nuniu is
inortKiipcd i and that they aro the uhove described
Othceis raid Insurance Company.
UAltl.ll.n ND'tWOOD, Prni,Unf.
JOHN C. Mll.l.a, ,-n7.i.v.
Puhserilied and sworn bcl'oro uia. this .11 li dav uf
Jauuary, lsi'..
LJt.lL J sTAMCl R. U. PrCDDF.y.
Rotary I'uMir.
Office oi tiiu ArntTin of State, I
Ciii.i mii:-s, O., January 'J, lsilu. f
tt Is hereby eertilied, that tho fore.-oinir Is a
correct copy ol Iho Htuiunuuil ot Condition of tho
I .itililrtnl y-'ie M.icancc l'tmpnni o!' Mew York,
inii-le to and Hied in this OMico, lor tho year li-iii.
Witness my hand nnd ' il oill'lally.
l-sfAfc. J stajii-.I JAS. ll.i.'OODMAV.
Audittf if &7iie.
(To expire nn the 31st day cf .'auuftry, 18C7 )
OKl lt'E (IF TI1K ArplTrill OP HTATR.)
CoT.Diiu-si ()., Jaiiunry !, Imh;, )
WurilRAS, The l.nrilhiiil 1'ire iimnlnn lUn-
j'nii.i, loeuled at New nrk ( lty, lu the State of
inch- )o:k, lias tiled in tins om-a a sworn hUii,--ment
of its condition, as required by the first nee-
iion 01 tne act " 10 icfima'u inbiiiuiice ( ompaiucs
not Incorporated by tho Klulo of Ohio," iiasHt-d
April H, I -Ml . 11 ml iimemled I'ehrnaiy :i, IrtHI ; nml,
Wliereus, xaid Coiinianvliaii fiiruilicd tlio umleiHiu'ii-
ej .utlv'actory evlileiicu that It U pimsuasuit .ol at
leant one huw.lt nt tiuniaini iluHui t of actual cull
ci'iiitul mnrtiii lu stocks, er DdiiiIm , or In nioit
caues nf renl ettato, worth douljia tho auiuunt lor
which the snme Ih m-iiiii','Cil aud,
H iiniKAs. riii.l Coinpitiiy U.u liled In tl-lio.Tlco
1 wiittcn instrnment under Ils carpomto Men I,
til-lied by tho l'resideui and Kecretarv thoivol.
niilliinl.iiin any scent or nutuits of said Cuiimanv
In this Jlat lo aekinwleduu service of iiwn-. tor
aud in liehalt of aid Cumpany accordiun to Uij
tin mi of said law .
Now. therefore. In nurmnineo nf th OiSt aei-ttnii
of the alorosaid act, 1, J auks 1 t.oiiUAN, Auditor
of .State lor Ohio, do hereby certily thai and l.o
rill id d Fire liisumnce 1,'oinimiiv ut No Vork. iv
uiithon.od to tninsaot the ininne-is of Fire Insur
ance III this Ktate u-ltil tlilrtv liml dav of Jaauiuv.
iu the ycurouo Ihou.-uiiiJ oilil bundled and ixly-
In witness whereof, 1 huvo hereunto aiOiscrihoil
my uuiitu und canned llio soul ol lav ollice .'. bo
alliAcd thu day and year ahovu wiittcn.
JAM. II. iijmm M, , Mflilor ot Ml.ite.
JAM KS WA'l'lilMd.Ajreut.UUuuucUvillt, U.
jy'Ju Uw

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