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The Conservative. (M'connelsville, Ohio) 1866-1871, August 03, 1866, Image 3

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nirjAY -
aim. s, iKcn,
JlDiru. Coktjwtmn. Tbe Poniocrivtia
Cftitinl Committer! of Mu-kiuguin, Morgan
bq.iI Noble Counties, have an angcil to hold,
h Convention for Ibis Judicial Pistrlcl nt
tlio Town Unit, M'Coni-.clsvillo, on TburdaT.
he 1 Gill of Anfjnst fioxl. '" ., .
Unconditional Union Movement.
Wc publii-b Ibc mldiest of ;ljn suntnrlcrs of
l'rtelilcnl JplinsotV to) I Im Union electors of
pi.fr, in reference lo the great political Ihbuo
of tlie day. ; Tbo address is p!gnl by one
inndrcd end seven names by men who votod
(or Lincoln nnd Jotmi-on. TliO movemant is
one ol signiriunnco, nd promises to bs of for
nidble troprrlions. We understand Unit
ut lluco dvs were sne:.l in pelting the signa
tures to tlio address, nnd that other name will
o eddtd lo tbc list of premium I or.d well
Knoun citizens of the Btnte. It proini'cs,
lileo, !o be strong in the rqirc'Cnlutiott ,if tlin
'br.ys In blue.'' let us all lake courage, ns
filings ft:0 working fur tl.c good of tlio whole
Tiiiiniii..K Jvrt.nfto.. Fivo miles cast of
ant:f'ilio'; on . Wrdnws'fny, of laU wet It,
steam saw mill bliw np, killing two men by
Ibo nnnio of Ilarvcy and Martin, being Joint
Inwnrrs with' Charles 1'ullcison, foinierly of
'ibis eouuly. ' " , .
I i --
Kkkpii! Umu Vu'mo. At we pSSCd
clung the th'ccjs of ZuncM-il,lo on Moudny last,
wesnw bills' posted np wbicli rend ns follows:
"JolihFon Mcclii.w. W. II. I5.M.I. wi.'l ad
dress tlin people on tlio political Issues of tlio
unj on 1 ucHiny evening.
' i ,i ,
SSTCo '.o II. Julmson'e for fruit Cunt:
Tlio n publican Judicial Convention mot
in this place yeplciduy, and put In nomination
n candidate lor Common I lens Judge in this
Disttlct, composed of tbo Counties ol Noble,
Morgan and Muskingum.
We were present, but a friend who kept a
tally of the several bnllotings, I) 9s furnished
us with tbo following luforinution tu ifj'ir-J to
tho same :
Twenty-one ballots wero had. On tbo 1st
.ballot Evans hud 17 votes, danger had 1C
end llsyties 13, tbeso gentlemen wero real
dent can dUlutcs of Vu-l(ingum Coun'y, Col.
l'ond, ol M Jrgou, had 1C votes and Frezior,
ol Noblu, had 20. On tho 10th ballot Krans
I ad 27, Crni gt 3. Umviks wns d roped after
the 1st bullot. Col. Tend bad 32 and Frozicr
bad 20. ' On the ilslauJ lust ballot, Evans
had 9, Granger 43, Vol. Pond 4, end Frur.icr
26. U ranger was then declared tho . iiomiutc
ut the Convention, he having received a ma.
jorily of all the votes. In .the Convention
Muskingum was cutitled lo fO yoUe, Morgan
22, and Noble- 20.
3 be nominee, being preient, was called
tio i to. respond lo the nomination, lie niudo
a short political, not Judicial, speech; taking
litgh radical positions, declaring bimsqlf iu
fuforof ihe Ilurup Cdngrcrt amendim'tits to
the Constitution, ' ' ' ,
Our ppfljifl tbij week prevents us Tronr taking
limber notice Of tut Convention and its ex
traordinary and Jiiconsistcnt course. We
tliall tukc occasion to refer to it LcretV'.cr.
tV Go (0 II. JoUsod'i for Tin Ware.
Coroner's Inquest.
We stated last weik thx.t wc would say
something more about tbe Coroner's Inquest
litis week. From tbe great length of the evi
dence be f j re the jury we omit the publication
olitrandsny that there appears , to " bo no
irroo Implicated by tbe .testimony except
those mentioned in tht verdict giveo below:
f We, the undersigned Jurors, cinpanneled
endsworii on the 23th day ol July , 1 8CG, nt
the incorpnrstcd village of M 'Connelfville, in
.Morgan' township, Morguo county, Ohio by
1. L. Jei.kins, C'Jioner of Niorgan county
aforesaid, lo inquire and truo presentment
jnuke in what msi t er uud by whom Ada
jDavL), un adjlt femolc, who died in Z.inesville,
Mjiskingnin counl, Oluo," abojit Iho 2I!d day
of July, ItifiC, uinl wIiof.o hi(ly bad "bee;; In
terred in Iho cemetery at M'Counelsvillo ubuul
tbu?3d day of July, 18G6, come to her death.
A Tier bearing tho evidence aid mtkjnjf an
cxtmlnutiau of the body, we do find ai d sny
thai Haid decea(d cumo lo her death on tbe
' .
i.y cr Juiy.lSoG, at zanvi!
List fniiifa . MLi ' l,v fv.t . iivtl.i ,.'.. A:
:k4nettni ctAiisty, Obis; hj aa 'imlaiiiaforr dis
teso, produced bi.d' tailed' by'tbS obortiiJn or
prcmut-jro'' delivery 'of 'an immuturb, quick
child, with 'which the suid Ada Davis before
Dial timo hid bleu pregnant ; that 'said abor
tion occarrcd a short lime previous ' to ner
decease, at 'tho L'onse' of Mrs.' Arhick, at No,
Underwoo'd tlitet, Zancsvillc, ' Ohloj bud
which abdr'lTpn or inlochrriiige was . purposely
und' onlh'Wfully produced' by orie Jamet M.
Htoiit, ol .oiotville, Ohio, sud' thui tbo said
James M. Ulout was ubled and abttted in pro
ducing anil procuring sail ubottluu by Mrs;
1). 1. Amlck; ' ' ' '' ' ' -
. D. II. Mon.Ti.KV,
- ' ' lA.'KAHI.ItB, "
, ., W'okl.rey Adams,
. ... , . .; ' .;..' ; ' .j. n, .
1 ' 'J. O. tiro'sK, .
Auction. A77! Yanavtav ic Co;; having
determined to clmngo their business, will sell
their, entire stock of goods at auction on Thurs
day next, tbo 5 111 lust., Jt will bo a Fpkydid
opportunity to get good, bargains.
Extra kigiar-curcj dried beef for tale
at M.;j,Ti,K,'3. . ,
JtVGo lo ll. Jolimoii't fur Goods.
J. Ai.f..xasdkr's . Data tork Is still well
supplied with A large stork ol'driiyp, medicines,
wall paper, patent medicines, paints and dye
stufls and all oj tlclej prrtninlng to (he Drug
Cull and gel Itu.gs Unrivalled Ilnir l(csto-
t3 k few kil ts of new mackerel, caught
last month, j'inl received at tho grocery Store
Of I). I). M OUTLET. .
tyif' .Ijiicoii, pork hui.:t and lutd for cule at
J!orti.kvs. ' . . '
BuTwo tierces of . rxtru Inmily canvsscd
hnms just received at Morti.kv's Urocery.
A. J. Vara way k Co. are st-lling out their
stock ol fim ily groceries low, ns they eoi:
ttmplate clisngjng their business. pub
lie will find it grtntly to their oilvsiitagj lo
cull before buyiuj vlscwhore.
jftGci So II. Jobrson's fr S'oveJ.
Information to Invalid Pensioners.
Congrccs has jnit passed a law nmeiuling
existing IVusion laws, and very much Increas
ing the rdtfi of pi nsiun.
I huFten to advise ycu of some 0.' Its pro
vision, ns follows : '
1st. A soldier in the lino ol duty v.lio
fIiuII l ave lost tho eight of both eyes, or who
shall have lest both hands, or been pcrmn
nently and totally dual I. . 1 In the sumo as to
render them titteily helpless is eulilled to S23
per month.
2d. A soldier who, under lil.o circum
3Uuct'j, hIiuII huvu lot t both fe t or oiie hand
slid Ono foot, or beer, totully vud )crmnni;iiily
ilisabUd in tho suaie, is entitled to 520 per
'' 3J. A soldier who (.ball have lost ono baud
urouc tool or been totully on J pcrinunenlly
dibbled iu the same, or wtro is in any oilier
way so disabled as to render thuir inubility
to' pel form tnanuul labor cijinvuleut to the
loss of i. hiind or a fuot is eulilledto $15 per
mouth. " 1 ( '
' 4tfi.' TJu act of July 4th, lbC2, in amend
111 'Jut to tu to gruut Tensions to nn orphan
broth.'; or brothers and also to the father of a
deceased oCiuer or soldier dependant open biin
for Support, In whole or in pari.
Other iiiiieiidinents have btt.ni'idi' to cx
Isting pension- law of great Importance to
eotdieri ami lo decessed soldier's widows
heirs, fre. .. .
Those luvulid tol Jicrt knuwlng themselves
entitled to tbe increased pension, will cull and
tee the undersigned in rtgurd to the same.
JAS. M. tiXftpRp, I
J.iccLsed Claim Agent.
M Counelsvillo, O., July 27, 18C0." " '
Equtalization of Bounties.
Mus'Jp.Y sc'ditr cnlisied for Jess than two
4r J . 1 .
The following is the bill to oqu'iliie
tlx bounties of soldiurt and tailors wiio
servd in the late war against the rebel
lion, at it Until pasted both houses of
Congitsa j . '
Fxo. 1. Be it e noctej, tbo:. Thai to
each And every soldier lio enlisted inlo
the nimy of the United States sflor tlie
lOiliday of April, ICCI. or a period of
not lest than three yosrs, and .having
served Lit lerni of enlistment but .been
honorably discliorgod, and who but m
ccivtd, or in qtillt J lo receive, fiom the
.United &lates, under enisling laws, a
bounty of one hundred dollars, mid uo
more; nnd any lolditr fnli.ted for' not
lest than three years, who list been hon
o.ably discliargriln account of wounds
received in the line of duty, and the widow
minor children, or parents, in tbo order
nsaicd, of any such eoldior who died In
tho aorvice of (he United Slates, or of
diseaso ox wounds contracted wiiile in
.the tsrvico and in the line of dut shall
be paid tbe additional bouty of one bun
died dollars hereby authorized.
Ere. 2. That lo each and every toldiei
who'enlisted into the army of the United
Slatet afier tho 1 C tli or April, I DO I,
during the rebellion, for n period of1 not
lest than two years, ' and who it nut
included in (lie foregoing section and bns
Jjecn Jtip.nart5 bf djscrmrgeil ' ' the ;fioj.i
after tsrving two years, nnd who
bus received it it entiled '0 receive front
tbd United States, under exiting laws, a
bounty of fifty dollr.m and no rpore, nnd
years, Who 'hat teen lionorably (liscurged
6u account of wounds 'received ' 'in tho
line of duty; nnd 'the widow, jnin'or chil
dren or parents, in the order named, of
any tuch soldier who died in (he service
6f the United .'jptotes, 5 or "oi disease or
wounds contrtcled J.ila io the tervice of
tlie United States, snd in the line of dutv,
shall be piliJ. tbe) 'additional . bounty of
City dolla'rt hereby autlioi iici 1'ro'vi
dedvlia nny' soldier wholiaa barered,
told, assigned, ' transferred, loinedj ex
changed, ft given AWXy bit final &
charm papers, or ny interest f in - the
bounty provided by, this or any oilier net
of CoTigrcks, shall not be entitled lo re
cciyu nny odJiiiouul bounty wbulever: uud
''ill '. I ! II ' ! I .
wlien njiplicatibn is mndo by nny fobiiflr
for Ki4 bounty, be thn 1 bo required,
under tbo psins nnd penalties of perjury,4
to msko oalli or stlirmalion of bis identity
nnd that bo bat not to bartered, sold,
nsslgnod, transfercd, exchanged, lonned,
or giverl nwn'y c'bher bis disch'nrfjo papers'
or nny interest in nny bbuty nt afore
said, nnd r,o claim for such $ptiply shall
be enlerUined by the rayrunster-Goner nl
or other accounting or disbursing officer,
except upon receipt of the claimant's dis
charge papers, nccomnanicd by the ttnle
mcnt tindtr oath, as by this section pro
vided. Sec. 3. And be it furihsr enncled,
That in tbe payment of the addition!
bounty herein prpvipd, for, it shall be llie
duty of Iho l'ojmnstcr-General, under
such ruh-t nnd icgtilntiont ns ' may be
presciibed by the Sicrelnry of War, to
(auso to be examined ih accounts of
each nnd every tohlitr who makes appli
cation there f'.r, nnd if found entitled there
lo, pay said bounties.
S.to. 4. An I bo it further rnscted,
Thr.f in iho reception, examination, telle
ment, nnd payment of claims for said
additional hounlj duo (he widows or
heirs of deceased soldiers, tho accounting
edict is of the Vrensury shall be governed
by festrictinns prescribed for Iflo Pay
master-Gincral by ihe Sncretniy of War,
and the payment shall be made in like
manner under tho direction of tlio Sec re
tary of iho Treasury.
Radical Tit-bits.
Tbo Eey. cdjtor of Ihe Lileinrv Kicor-
o'er, 01 Meridcn, Uonnectleu;, writes as
follows of tbo Pf esideijt of l!ie United
"Andrew JoV.nson, of Tennessee, is 8
nmive of Italegh, N. G., nnd is fifty
eight yeart of ngp, n very good I'dlor, but
be sadly mistook bis calling when bo laid
down ihe goose nnd look up politics
Hit worst failings arc, on insatiate love
of wliisky, nnd nn uneoclroiUble temper,
He will be wiitlen in history nt the great
est traitor of tbo age, nnd the most heart'
ily execrated of nny American who ever
lived." . '
The Rump Governor of Tennessee tele
grapt romey : "Gio my respects to
the dea l dog nl tbe othe r end of tbe
At n schoo! exhibiiion teccnlh in Mat
s.iebusells, a cenllenian who ban beep
called on for tome fmaikt wound up by
saying "be bored ihoy tile bovs would
leaiu 10 make better Presidthtt tbtn tlif
presto t incumbent of that office."
In n p 01 m last wet k nt a New England
pollcge, the poet laid, describing t ieii
deul Johnson ns man,
"Whose dutv it is while bis Cabinet d"7.'s.
To dito'ii' Hii) and water and Call bimsulf
Thomas Jefferson was lbs subject of
like ribaldry nt tbe jiandt bf the old Fed
eraliitsi Andrew Jacson did not escape
lue inuccrncy 01 tlie party t lint wns the
regular duncftiidant of the old Federal psr
ty. It seepis that Andrew Johnson must
go through iho same crucible,' and doubt
less with like result.
The London Times thus alludes to tho late
visit of the American irou-clud Miautonomoh
. . t
in tho Thames. I', says t
The royal visitors at Sheemess, on Sotur-
Juy, as well us tho numerous plcuro parties
(lrteHiiiiij thither on tlierninoerruiid,saw u very
exfrafirdinary nnd wa wKh wo could not eel
it a portentous spectacle. They saw a fubi'lc
soineihinr between a ship and a diving.bell
the Romans would have called it a tortoise
ulmost invisible, but what there was of it
ugly, and at once iiiVuluorablu and irresistible
' that bad crossed the Atlantic sufely, nnd
ivub anchored iu our waters, with the Intention
of .visiting Russia, Round this feurful inven
tion wero moored scores of big 9hips, not all
utter antiquities, but modem for there were
auiong ihem slcamtbips, generally screws, and,
therefore, none of them more thau twenty years
old. Thcto ships foim a considerable portion
'e.f tho navy ol this great muritiino power, ond
there was not 0110 of them that, the foieigner
could not have sent to Ihe bottom In . five
iniuuUi, had ' its. erruiid 'not been peaceful.
Tbcro wus nofone of these big chips that could
bavo avenged the Joss of i la companion, or
sai'ed'itiJlf froiu ua.nictlialeilj' sj aiing Jts'fatji.
Iu fuct, the wolf was iu tLc fold, and tbo whole
Cock was at its mercy.
f " -
IKS. Tbe Prince Imperlul of France, who Is
now ten yeurs old, visited the American plc
nio tear Paris on the Fourth of July. He
was accompanied by his tutor and 0110 of tho
Emperors grooms. Ho wore a block suit
with red stockings and primroso gloves, uud
ihe low -crowned bat, kcowu hi tho Prince
imperial's bat. II 0 rat down by the sidu of
Mrs. Bigelow In' the daiiclrg teut, and saw
the children d once', "but did not participate or
' take of suy refreshments. Uo ,hat a rat,ber
lieuvy ulmond ehapi'd 'blue eye,' his' muniiert
are uiiexceplionally gr'aceful, null he epeuks
English very well'. As'bo 1t,ft', "thiee chroes
were given to bijn with a he,rty will. He
temuiut'd perhaps a qilurw'ol art hour.
. . 1 !
Josenb Brnllb , the sou of ths founder of (he
Hoinion Church, nays ul the book of llnroion
explicitly condemns aild furblits polygamy; 'wliicb
wus not held si an article or faiUi uutil llrlgliam
Vuung beeaius tho liuud of tliut part of tbe cbuicu
which went West witti btui.
' ;.' ' ' ' .1
The Arrival of the Great
The Atlantic Cable a Complete Success—Hispatches
from Cyrus W. Field.
Nsw York, July 23-3:30 A; M. The
following di)piilcli has just been received from
Cyrus W. Field :
llrtAHT't CoNTuxr, July 28. We arrived
here at nil. a o'clotk (bis morning, all well.
ThntiV'GoiI' lbe Cable hns been laid, and Is In
order." '
IIkaiit's Contknt, July 28. Wo oro In
telegraphic enmtmniicaliou Willi Ireland. Tho
cable is iu order. ' )
Ilia Kxcelli'ticy, Picsideut Jubn'soii, Wai;h
Ingiou, V, U. 1
fin Tlio Allantio Cable was successfully
completed this morning. I hope that ft will
prove a blessing to Kngluiid and the United
States, nnd increase the intercourse between
our own country nnd tho Eastern Hemisphere
Yours faithfully, CYRUrl W. FIELD.
Cyrus W. Field, Ileurt's Conlcnl :
1 heartily congratulate you, and trust ihnl
your enterprise may prove as successful as
yout e (Torts have hern perscverirg. May the
cable under the :c It mi to trroinoto hnrmonv
between the Refiublid of the West and 'Ihe
Governments ol the Eastern Hemisphere.
To tho Hon. Win. U. Seward, Woshington:
Tho lelegroph cable has been successfully
laid betwtcn ,relund and Newfoucdlutid. 1
retnembtr with graiiludu your servicet In the
Senate of tlio United Stales, In Iho w inter ol
1S57, and rccolect with plensure the sp;ech
you then nmJe Iu favor ol the telegraph bill
rhatyo'i may never havo rcusou to regret
what you have done lo establish conminnicu
lion across thu Allantio, is 'he wish of your
friend. ' CYRU.S W. FIELD.
WASHINGTON, D. C., July 29.
"Cmu W. 1'ikld, Heart't Content
Acknowledgments nnd congratulations
if the AtUnlio cable bad not failed in
1 D 68, European Slatet would not have
been led in I CGI into the groat error of
supposing that ll.O civil war in America
could eitber perpeiuite African slavery or
dividb tin republic. Your great ncl.ieve
ment constitutes, I (rust, nn fluctive
treaty of inlernAtionnl neutrality nnd non
intcrycnllon. ' WM. JI SEWAHD."
IIiakt's' Cqstkkt, July 27,
The Honorary Diroetoit of the Atla'niic
Ttkgrsph Company : I congratulate
rou on your tuccctstul completion of th
telecinrhic communicn'.ion between lie
Innd and Newfoundland and hope, within
two weeks from lb:s lime o Inloira jou
tli tt tbe cable lost last year bflS been re
covered, and that a second line it iu ope
rntion acron the Atlantic. I nswue jou
that nil on board tlio telegraph Quel w
do all that (bey CM- lo accomplish this
ol-jtol. CYRU3 W. FIELD.
The Dialects of Italy.
Tho Italian Government office for statistics
has just publibhed some Interesting parliru
birs reupcoling iho vaiious diulccts of lCurope:
'The Ilaliau diulecls, not alone from a bir
loricul, but prineipally from n philological
poiut of view, may bo classed Into tix futilities,
in which classilication, however, the sub-dialects
of foreign origin aro not counted; the
dialect spoken in Venutia, Friuli nr.d Cor
sica luvo likewise been Ou itted, being under
a foreign govt rniiieiit, oftliough ol.I'uliuu
origin. The six linguistic xlivisions are: First,
the Ilnliun. Celtic dialects, spoken iu the ptov
inceof Turin aud other . purls, comprising 0
territory witl more than eight millions of In
hu.bituuts; secondly, tho futility or tho Leguuriuo
'diiilects, spokcu along tho coast ol Gcnoa-Mona
tone, and iu tho district of Novi; thirdly, tbc
family of the Tuscan-Roman diuleots, which
iire again divded into threa types bf the Tits
'ccn, iho Umbriuu and tbo Marchlnisalunu,
rpCkeu in the provinces of Florence, .'.'ita, ko.,
a district inhabited by fully four millions of
people; fourthly, Ihejuujlly of tbe.Nc.polituii
dialects, among wliieh is prominott Ihe t'iulecl
or the Abrui, that of the Pula, and tho
Neapolitan or Campoithrd proper, spoken by
lully six millions ol inhabitants; fifthly, the
family of the Siciliuu diulecls, rich In varieties,
Lut with Iwo principal types, tbo Culsbrariun
and Siciliuu, spokeu by more (ban three niil
linns of people; sixthly, the family of the Sar
dinia diulccts, spoken Jby core than half a
uiiilion of iul:ubituitts.n I '
frji.ll is understood that Ocnci'ul Dm bin
Ward wilj bo the iioiiiitit'o for Congress
ol the couacrvalivft Pepublicans and Dem
ocrats in the Thii a "District of Ohio.' lie
will prove nforiuitbiblo oppomut of General
Scbeiick. Oet-.tral V'ard is a luwyer offiue
legal attuiutueiiti, nnd has given iiraclic'ul
prool ol hid pauioti.Mii end deyotiou to' tile'
country, by aii bonorublo service in the lule
war. He w us badly wuuuded, and lost the
um of ono bf Lis arms
Bfa"A negro iu Fage caunty, V"a., it turn
ing while'in'Spols. Several wUilo spots have
alreudy epeared on bit body, and his left arm
is white ,p to the elbow. Supposed to be
caueed by the civil rights, bill. Exchango.
ff he expects to enj by' equal rights, add re
tuYu tlie sympathy of his Uovcrtiiireut, bo bad
better' black over the spots, and ituy'iia he
wns. Macon (Ua) Telegraph. ' ' '
the. Ibid Ual reti bliceu flump In sometimes
facetiously tailed CougiiiM. ' H ibuuld bu t'Migo
ress.' . ,. , 1' ii 1 . ,
1 . .
Ibicvop, were nrrratej near Oxford, Mis ii'sippi,
ccntly, nt tho tormer't residence, by n num
ber of citrons from whom Ihey had just tto
len horses. Uixn the cltir-CDt approaching
the hntipp, 1t Is said that lloyd and Wynn ran
in and closed Ihe dooM, bat 'the eiiisent de
claring Ihey would barn tbo bouse' induced
Ihem lo surrtnder. I he bodies of these' two-
nnfortuna'c mod havo since bocii found. They
ereuppocd lo have been bang, and tbe head
was tevoied fWm the body of the former. JJoyd
was' a man' about twenty-tight years cl age,
nd Wynn was a young man aboil Dllccn
years orape, loth were well known ic lUis
county, and wero connected with families ol
respectability hud slanjir.g.
I.kad. Tjist week lead ore, in considerable
qnoBtiiy. was discovered on tL land of Mr
A btier Hngnrd, near Newberry, ia this county
die vain ilieuvers it iu tho bed of White
River, is very rii-li, being estimated to yield
about ninety per cent., and at tbe point 0eued
Is ionic six'hel thick. Mr. 13ogard has long
has long suspected tbo presence ol lead on his
aud, nnd Ims made frrrpient ftttemptt to di-
rover its whercuboutB. 11.0 land Is under
leapc t a Cincinnati company, under whose
"prospecting" the discovery was made. It
is the jrciier.il supposition that lead will be
found in Inrgo quanlitie't in the above local
ity. Green County Indianian.
Tug New York News saje that everything
Indicates mnre cluarly every day that tho
Miiludelpbia Convention will be composed of
the ablest and best men of tbe whole country
representing faithfully uud well tho gicit mass
ol tl,u Southern people ,as well ns every North
ern mitiwii ici'ly approvej tho Piesidi ut't
plan of TvMtoraliou, an I who patriotically do
jiics the rc CEtAbTebment cf pcecful uiid friendly
rehitions Liiitwcco all tlio p;op!o of our com-
moo Coautry. A COnvculion compohed of such
men ns 'hcT, and inspired by such feelings
will nccesurily be hormnniotis, and will read
ily agree npon and announce n policy which
will not only deserve but win the support ol
a majority of ihe Northern polp le.
Editor of Couservalive : ' ' .
1 ' . ' 1 Please nnnonnco the
name of Jong IJ. Hana as a candidate lor tbe
nflico of dSilita cH the Court of Common
I'lcas, for' the subdivmiin cotislsllng ol Mor
irnn; Noble and Munkingum eonnlies, snbjrct
to the diei-ion of a lohlical (Jon vent ion to be
buld a. M'Couui'ltvillo on Kith iur.
Tin, Copper and Sheet-Iron AYare
j 0 b wonir
of all VindJ execilod wltk neatneas and diipatcb
lit keeps coriblatuly (n band a very largo a.scil
' "'.'." lilut of
. f I .
Cookinpr SfjOvea.
I'arlor Stovc
' ' Heating Stoxcp,
" Firo Fronts,
' Oiatof,
' llantl-Irons,
Stovo Z'jpc,' '
IIocs, Knkcs. Forks,
Uragd Kettles,
Apple I'aircre, Naild, ' '
T I N- W.'A-RE
wash DOAuna. .vjlotiiks
' .,;- . '
A LbO ;
Jap an TJure, Sic.
Brilliant oal Stovo ,
AND ' .
Jndiaiiola Wood "Stove.
And many other ar tie lea to numorous to nicutiou.
All work li.ua iu the bent maimer. .
1 will miaru UO uuius tu liloase ILoo nho mav
fnvur me with a cull. - 1 ,. ...
Ojiprail Ic tbo "Buckeye CJock," li'CounelsvUle, 0
. aulltf , , .. , .,
t. N. Tl'ook', riolntilT,) Dsfor!?. C. Davi,JaytIce
' , ., ff tbe-l'eace of Wludour
retor I'.. hoyet, Def t, luwunliin.UurHau co.,Wio
ON the lid day of Jmly, A, I), lutiu. nald Juma
tmued an order of aStavhmert Li obrf above
scti.ni lot the aum of eU-Igm: li S7) doilait
NKXT Tt) THR I'OSl' OFFICR. aud bavioi
purcbascd an excellent aortmeut of
. . ' . t . ; . -.
A3 WEi.b AS A ritlME STOCK Of
Leather and Shoe Findings
Vft ore prepired to m.Ve lo order,' on short notice,
nny iiong in our line. ,
' "1 " 1.
or out piil cnslomers we Invite a eontlnn.inra of
nutronnec, and In tlinm wliu winlr to h rnliirlv'
pntisllrd with tticir pnrelowps to r'ne us a tii.il.
iMone but ine mhi nii:K 'umil, atul,iUvriq bainlle
wry b.-l noikuieu eutidoycd.' 1 I,
of the lie-l mnnufartiire kept consUntly on luud,
and will bc.suld iheaf'BS lbs. cbeapost.' '
I10LME3 if. SrARKS.
Lorlllgri) Fire Insurance company.
Oa tlie 1st dav of Jonuary, IffC,
" niaao 10 tno Auditor uilic',.pur- .
euant to the' StatutcoC' -:
" that ' State.
The name of th Company la ths t.omi.nnn Fml
IsstR.iME t'oui'AKv, and la lotuttd Mo, 101
Uiuaiiway, New York City.
The smonnt of Its Capital Block, alt
(mid up, t
I tl ,000,009 00
1. ('null of lbs Company on band,
and In tho' hands ol- Agouta aud
other peiaon
2. Ileal KnUtc nnlneum'iercd
i. The Uonda and Stocks owned by
the Company (oa per vouebere ac
companying,) ,.
4. llcbta due the Company, secured
by nini'tgaco, (aa per accompanying
Voucher.). , ,
S. 1 IMa utherwlae secured, (as per
vnm herw tcnaipaaylng,)
fl. Delits fur preniinii, . ,1
7. All other bvcuritles (Interest
tint flU an
Moo eo
691,210 00
618,100 00
8s.nno oa
Sl,9! A
Total Assets of tbe Company
li.iuj.nsi 13 '
Lonaei nuadjuftcd
13.OS0 00
The (riTaie.it amonnt Insured In ay ono r!s!: sc-
enrdinjr Ui etrcmiHtiinrea.
Tho Rrcntcat amount allowed by the rulea (obo iu-
fired in any one city, town or vIllagOT-fSocord.-io,ireiimlani'e.
.,- 1
The fcfMteMt amount allowed to I. e Insured jo any,
one block aernrdiua: to circumatancua.i 1 ,i -The
amount nf it capital or earning il.'pcwited In
any otho 1 Etnte aa eccnrity for loaapa thrcin-
The Charter. orAct of Incorporation of said Com-
puny ou Die. .
Coistv 09 Nsw Xouk. I
rrtildciit, and JOnN C. MILIH, Keerotarj-of (Im
l.vrilluril h'irr Innirnnrr Cinnqani.liciiifr nevcrally
swora, dcuose and nny, that the f.rR04na la a full, '
true and correct atatoment of the arTiilr of Iho
xuid Company, tlin t the nid '.lfimiuce Company ia '
Ihe bona tide owner of at !. Ox a IIi'nkkkii Tho
hand 1101.1.AIIM or actual Ccjti Capital iuve-iled.lii
Stocks sad btnds, or Iu Moiicue-ea on Ileal rituta
worm a. .11010 me amount t,.r whli.li the nuiuiJi
inort'Sired ; and that they are tlie sbove described.
UlUmsaaid Insurance Coinimnv.
. J1UM C. MILLS, Hrrrtlarg.
SuhiicrHicd and sworn before nie, this 5th diy eif
January, IstiU. , ic 1 . '
bSAL. irTAUr. R.U. HEDUF.y.
A'o'urj i'liiilif.
Ornct ovtuk Acnima op Btati.I
CoLfUiifa, O..Junuary 6, lCU," f '
It Is liereby eerlllled, that th foregoing 'Is a
correct copy .f the Statement of Comlitiuu "( llm
I Milliard l'tu Vnnra(ice limtpuuy of iiW i'.nk,
laiide lo uud llled In thl OITii-e, for the year lStio..
Wituc.ia my hand aud aenl uniolnllr.
'jiutlitvr 0 Statt, (
(To explro on t ie 31 at day tf January, 15C7 )
. . .' Orri' k of tuu Ai;mtou or t'atb,
i IKHI'K A S'OE lKl'AlirVV.ST, V
('.n.t'ktua O., Jiiuiiiiry 'J, IwX. j
WuKi.kAS,' 't he LorUlard t'tn na-ana Com
fmnv,. located rrt Nw Vork City, luUie HI ale of
New Yo:k, liua tiled In thia ollioe a sworn atitlr
moiit ol iU condition, as required by the Hint aeo- '
liui) of tbc act "To n guLilu Juaurunre Couipaulea .
fiU incciiorntt'J l.y tho Ktnte of Ohio,'' paaw
.Ap.il a, lh.ii. id amended r'cliruary u, lttl',4 ; and,
Ylie.nx, aaid Coitipanyhus fiirnihed the undenii4-
d'PalNfiietiry evldenee that It Is pnaat sed ,0l t
least trnt huniirnl thoutimH Hull ,r uf oetmil cwh'
cujiitul intfled In Blocks rr b'liidi , or In limit
Riif.'ea of reut ulule, worth douUe llu uruouat for
m! l.'u Ihe autne Is ninrtiiro.l; end, . ,c-
' Wiikmka, huld t'oinpany hita Hied In tblsonic
a wimcif liiHtHinicut undur Ha. corporate , apuL
, slKUcd l.y the 1'ieuideu' and Secielary Ihcroor, "
aulhiii iitiiiit auy teut or ai;eiU of aaid (Jomujuiy .
ill thia State to acknowledtie ervice-uf procviui, for
and in half of aaid Company acuordiuj to tba
terms of said law. ..,..'
Now, thorerore, In pursuance of tbe firtl acctlo
of Ihe lifore.tald act, I, Jamh H. Uukxa, Aadjtyr-,
of awe for Ohio, do hereby cerStty tl(t mud l.h
lillrad Fire I iisumuoe Company m Iork,'.U
aulhoriuoU to tran.iiet tla buncM of wFir Imar
once in this Sut'ou'itil lliirtyrxt diy or January,'
. iu the nr ci.f j.liov.ii'.ud.t:iuM. hundred and sixty
aeen, : ,'..' ,
I la uvVUieia whereof, I huvo hereunto iniliacrihail
,uiy .iiama imd cuucd the beat or my olllcii U ta
stllxt'd the day and yar hIiovo written.
JAK. H. (ii)HMAM. Auditor or RUte. ,

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