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The Conservative. (M'connelsville, Ohio) 1866-1871, August 03, 1866, Image 4

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;lVni." GLENN : r :
'Mi lor.
Democratic Stale Ticket,
j-t.r.poN1, u!k.pay. octopkr! V.
ron irrnpTAiiY rr rtAtsi.
Ol Shelby Comity.
rnn n-r.pjit, ivnr.r,
r i. ...THOMAS M. KIT, .
Of llomilton County.
ton itfvnrp. lOMitt ir rrrt.tr wort;',
Of Ashloiiil Ccniitj.
Political Conventions.
.. A Convention lo nnniimte a rnndidnte for Con
rri" la this Itlie l.iih) UiMrict mil be held in
A Convention Innnmlnntes enndldiite for County
Auditor, Tieiisuror. l'lowc iitlne: Attorney, Com
missioner, riohatu Judge ii nO Inlirmury I hector
Will I li 1. 1 st
Town Hull, MTontirlsvillr, Snlitriliiy, Aug. Wli
A Convention ) prtit candidate for the
r.fHee of Jmlfc ol tin Court of C'nimn I'leas will
be beld at
AUGUST 16th.
lilvrecardintr, ell former differences nn politicnl
irtieswwms nd iesn, we Invite Demociats and nil
mm of eoh-ervative views lo assemble at I lie usual
place of holding elections In their respective town
ships ou
Saturday, August 11th,
And Him and tbeta felect two di lepnles In tho
I'nnK'c-hiti'il i 'tent inn, elttht doliKHti's lo tli
County Convention, and twa delegates to tlx Judi
till Cuvvoutiou.
Tlie time hss rr ire when an rattiest nnd pntiiotic
rftott shnttld be mmle to revere the I'niun on a
just mid eipial basis. Tim restoration r "I i"J of
I'te-iiih'tit Johnson hhnuUI be indorsed 11 lid ii'lirlil.
Tli principles enunciated In litis Veto Messages of
lli I- ifi dtnen'a Hunan sn.l Civil lti;;lits IIMIk so'in
to I e rmltrt and proper, snd slimitd lx Hl.tiilni-.l.
All vctem, willnn:t ilintinc tion of pur'y, who .e
lievr tlmt it le'onifs exrlunlvely t I lie eveiMl
htnies ol tM 1' Linn to diteiniincVni'li fir iUell ilio
ipinlil!i alion of vili-i snd nli'isie opposed to Ibc
ciiltrrini of ll.e riulit ijf T"t'UR upon tli nearn;
tlnivs kIio. St the picent time, nrj opposed to ill
sniemlmi Ms ol the c oniiMitin rr
Mt, liiW len Ktiitus of thia t'nlon tie rx
rlmlrd Snd tcfuix d s Toiie, by their Senntors snd
lleprtefitalirs in tbe pre position of stiitntme nln;
those wlio pto ippoi'tl to the exemption ol
'1 llliKK III'Milihll MILLION DOLL A 1(4 of Hie
wi'alili of the ttiiiiitiy Hum tuxntlun, nnd are in
furor of nmkinR sveiy specU-s of wealth lur lla
fuir unit eip.ul thsre ol the bnrthi'i'S ol Inxstion lor
all purposes, are toidially invited to uuite iu an
i Ilui t tu i j ci lioin pla e and xer the uuwurthy
afieala, li seem tr U'(,'Hla'e and govern for their
oHurpcivl beuttit, and tor tbe perpeluattou of
, I'y older of Ilia Prninoratic Centml rommittee.
J AM. M. liA VLuIiU, llininimn.
J. I). COl'DY, becreUiy.
the L'nlteitlrtnd
AT THE HOUR OF 3 P. M., President Johnson's Message on the Admission
of Tennessee.
To tin- Ilnti'C of Ili'i'iotntattrn :
'J'liu fallow j lint ri-suluiion, restoring
7 tu no nee lo ler lelmijr.s to llie Untoo,
wh Usl vviiing irisciited for my np
j rovnl :. . . .
Wiikkkas, lo llie j car 1CGI lli Gov
ernment of the S ftte of Tennesvee wax
i ix-'J upon and taken posesstion of Ly
persons in lioslilitT (a tlie United Sutes;
and the inhabitants of (aid S'ate, in pur
tuunce of ho act of Cungrera, were tlLclar
ed to be in i alalv of insurirclion against
llie United ift'ee; and,
WhkReas, " d State GuvernmeDt can
only 1)8 restored to i'.s former political re
Intiyr.s in llie Uiiion by the consent of lite
law-making pnnir of ha United States;
nnd, '
WjiKiitAi, Tlie people of anid Slate
did, on llie 82d !aj- ofl'tbruaiy, ICC5,
ly a Inrge pij,uUr vole, adopt nud ratify
a Conui'u'icu au'J Ooveinment nliciely
Klarery waa bbolUl.rd, and ordintnees find
Uws i ( iccei't'iou, and ilib'B contradicit d
under lite ehtii r, wne decliireJ Lull ard
voiJ; and, ' '
Win k as, A S'iHlr evtrnment I.hs
been organized under raid Cotutit alios,
winch lias ratiiuu inu aincnaiiuiii to i lie
Consliiution f llie Uu'tt'd Stales Kbolisli
in fclxvcrj, at)') u! j tlie aniend.'ttenl pio-;u-ed
by li e XXXIXlli Congress, and
lias done otlirr acts procltiinuig uud de
noting loyalty; therefore, be it
Unsolved, by the Senate and ILjiuo ol
Ilepi ercntniivt of die United S etes in
Concrete asftmbled, Tlmt the .S.tt'.o ol
Tennessee is hereby leslorud to Ver fmi-
r practioitl :eIatioos to Ike Union, and u
i.gHtn vjiabUd to bo represented by Hhih
turs and llepiesi-nUiives in ("ongn t-s,
.The pieumble ccnsiutu simply of Btote
menu., toine of which are aatumed; wli'di
tho mi! u lion i merely declsrniion ol
oiiiiiion. . It comprises no Irg'uhiiiun, roi
does iv confer any powei which is binding
upon the respective Houses, the Kiecutivr
or tbe tatv. It dee v. t a 'mil to llio'u
seats in Congress the ijennttir and up-
estate 01 1 eiinssrf :
for, notwithstanding the passage of I lie
reioluiion, each House, in the ex-rcisoofl
tbe Consiiuuional righl to judge for itself
of i lie taction returns nnd (itiHlificatitri
of ili member, tnay nt its dircietion
admit them or roniinuu lo rxoht lu them
If a joint resolution cf this charneter
were rierrssary ar.d binding as a condition
ptecedtnl Id the adtrtission of members
of Congress,, it wmilij linppen, in the ctciU
ol a velo by the Executive, thai S nntors
and Hepre acntnlivei could only be admit-
. i . t t 1 1 -1 . t . .
teu to tne onus oi -orgress oy . a lao-
. 1 . 1,
tiiiras to e oi eacii oi tne two nouses.
Among oilier rtaions leciled in the pie
amble for lbs deulMRlion contained iq llie
rf,.lu'ion is llie raliflcalion by the ti(e
Covci nment of Tennessee of the amend
ment to ihe Cor.stilntion of the United
Mti aboli?liic; slitYcrt. and nta tlte
amendment proposed by the 'J ln'i ty liintli
Congress.' If, ni is ulso tftcbtred in the
preaniblfl, tnid tol fiovcrnmctit can
only be resiorrd to i's former poliu'ca! re
lations in the Union b the content of iho
law niHri'ig power of the Unitid i-tnlca,
it sronl j reiilly sceDi to fullo.w that the
j tint rest lution which at thia late day ha
received the sanction of Congress should
have Lorn pissed, approved and placed on
the ila:'.e books before any amendment
to (he ('oiinimiion was submided to the
Lgi. l.tlurc of Triinetsov for rnlificntien.
olhrrwisr'ihe inferenco-is pln?nlydedocla
bit tlmt, while in '.he Ojiinion ol Congrcsi
the people of a S'ata may be (o strongly j
disloyal to be entitled to rrprcceiilaliun,
thtV may, nevr rlhclcss, during (lie sus
(ctikion of iheir former practical relations
to the Union, Lnve on equally potenl
voico w ith other and loyal Stale iu rop-
osiiious tit ndmtnd tiie Cor.stiiu'ion, upon
which so csstntitlly depend the ilxbility,
popeiity and vrry existence of the na
lion, A biief reference to my inaugurnl
message of DiCemLer 4, IUC5, will show
the steps taken by (ho I'xectnire fur the
restoration to their con:titu:ionnl iclnlions
of the St tlft that lud been nfTvO'c J by the
Upon the tesaaticn of active luiiliiies
Pi o i-iuiil liovernors were appointed,
Conventions called, Governors elected by
the perplf, Legislatures RisetiiMed, rnd
Sixalort nr.d K prert ntntives chosen lo
t'uo Congiesi of llie United Flutes. At
lire same lime the Cou;t of the Unite!
Stales were reopened, tho bl'icknde re
moved, the custom-homes re-rsiHbliahed,
postal ' opt ralinlis resumed. 'Ibn
auit ndtmnl lo the Constitution, alolii-liing 1
sUvtry forever within the limit! of the
ccuti'ry, wns also submilted (o tho Sutes,
nnd tl t y were lints iuvi'.ed (o and did
participate in a ratification, thus txeicis
itig the highest functions pertaining lo
Stale. In addition, nearly all of lliese
States, ihrnigli their Conventions and
L-gitl,itures. had adopted and ratilicd
constitutloos of govercmort whereby
hIkvcij- was abolished, and all erilitinncis
and laws of seceshiun, mid dejjla cuu'iac
ted under tho snme, were declined nuli
and vo:d;
So fir, then, the politic! existence of
ihe Stitis, and Iheir telniions lo the Fed
eral Government, been fully nnd
completely recognized and acknowledged
by the Ex.-cutive Department of the Gov
ernmer.t, and the completion of the work
of restt ration, which bad progressed so
fiivorriblv, was fcubmilted to Congress,
ufoo li'ch devolved all 'questions per'
taiuing to ihe rnJini. iiou to thtir scats of
the Si'iiators and U proBenlntivts choKcn
from the Slates whose people I. ad engaged
in the rebellion. All these step had
been taken when, on lie fourth day of
DectniUr, IC65. llie XXXlXih Congress
assembled. Nearly eight months have
elntsdd tinco that lime, nnd no other phm
having been proposed by Congress for
tho measures instituted by (he Executive,
il is new declined in the joint reso'uiion
submit :ed for n:y approval, that the Statu
uf Tennessee U hereby reetortd to lur
fuimer prncti 'al relations to the Union,
and again tniiiled to be represented by
Senators nnd Krpresentalives in Congress:
Tint a, afur tho 'lapse of nearly wight
months, Cnig:esa prrpoces lo pvo the
vfay to the aduiimion of the representa
tives of one of lLo tltveu States whose
ptople anayed tl.iumlvcs iu rebellion
against ihe constitutional authority of Ihe
t'ederil Government. Earnestly doiiing
to relieve every eoe of further delay,
whether real or imaginary, on tbo part of
Congress lo the admission to si r's of loyal
Senators and Itepicsentatives from the
St ue of Tcnii('avc,. Imve, nolwilhUiid'nj
i he anomalous cliuineler ol the proceedings,
.illixett my siginiiiiie lo thu remilui ion. My
iriiiiovul, however , ia mil lo be construed as
an ucknowledgmeiil id the right ol l.'ougress In '
pass laws prcliuimitiy lu the adiuissioifol duly :
r.cpiikciilnllvej from any of llie j
uicj. Neither la it lo bo coi MiLnd us '
comiuilliiig Uu lo utl the Btuleinculs mude in
ihe preumble, some ol which uie, iu my opin
ion, without foundatioo in fact, especially the
I uciiiuo that the State ol Teuuessee bus ruii-
jned tb-
ud'outit to the CoUilitutiuU ol th'J
1 Uiiihd Siilcj jni'pii.iut by Via Thirty -fiiuth
Congress. ...... ,
No offlrinl nolle of such rftiificnfion lifts
,''c,n',piv1 h? '' Kxoc.live, rr tiled in ll.O
Depnrlinenl ol Stole. On the oontrnry, m.uni-
slul In lor inn! inn In m most relinblo sourcX's
ii.dnees the Lelief that Ins ntl yet been
coiisliljtlonally annul ionnl liy the Ijislulnre
of Tennessee. The rij;!il ol each Il ni--e nfuler
the Constitution to j jdo cl tic ch'elion re
turns and qualilicalions of ils own ;m0 nibcs I
iindoulitrdand my npptovul or difnpproval of
Ihe resolution could not iu the slighto decree
incrcnie or diminish , ll.o anlliorily In this re
sjiect cotiferrcd upon llie lw braiiclrTs of
Jo conclusion, . I can not loo cnrnesily re
peal my reconinifuihitii ii fur tho ailinis.ion of
'iVnnea.-tco and all o'her Stnlci bi a foir end
fijiml pnrticipnliou iu the National Ligialu
tnie, when they present llinnselvcs In tbe per
sons of loyal Su.'utori ut.d Itepres-'ntutives,
wliiteiin comjily with all the rcqiiiiernenlt o!
Ihe L'ouai'k'ution snd tho laws.' ! tl.i.j menus
harmony and reooncilialiirf will t ffecleeJ,
the praelicnl rela'.iuns of all llm Blutis to Mm
I'Yc'rrtil Oovcriiiiutit ifrstulil'shed, and the
woik of realoraiinn Inn'ipnrnlcd upon the
t rmination of Ihe wr siiecc-iiifiilly eoniple
led. .
WASHINGTON, D. C., July 24, 1866.
The Philadelphia Convention.
The New Voik HcruUl tulies a very proper
view OlIliH duties ol the n ptrnrhing I'lii'uil U
phiit Convention of Angmt J J. Ilislolc
simply a confi renca of, the whole country lo
opiuss approv il of the iunnnliHtc restoration
n 'I icy of I'le.-id ii I Johnson. 1 1 ic intinded to
ainrg'.hcn liis p"8ilion, nnd lo hrinp lo hit
Mipport in the rpproacUieg CMfprosh nnl nnd
fstu'c elections ihut aid. lii'iinl end politicnl.
) ii L will secure the sucrcs t f Ihvt policy. It
iiiulics no difTi-rrncp, therefore, who otletid,
either fioni the 'Norlli or South, only II nl
thty iiippot'l the policy, ai d are ready to give
Iheir ossictancc in bi inging nhout on riuly rcs
tntntion of the ctiuniiy. 'i h it is the point a
issue. The Herald sya :
The convention, doe's .not n'tnbli! lo or
guniz a distincl p.it'y; to promiilgnle new
idi-as.oi' to rnii-C netv issue. All of these
poii.la oro ae'.llid in adrurce of tho itKct't-g.
It ia simply a palhrring lo expriss approval ol
the sets nf the Kxeru'ivp, ri d to show "hit
th cuiitry is with him. The larger the
runilicr Ibul a'Und lie heller, aid ll.o Ij-per
the imnihcr iT political fuctim.s ilml ore rep
resented, the riitiigvi i!lbthe inonil force
of llm (XprtSbirtl i f i' piovul. Wc would ul
mil evl-ry bi.dy who conies, whether from the
Ncr.lt oe the .Suili, p" idi.d Ihry briny with
ll.rm ev dinie Hat Ihy it .!mse this i lie ptin
ciple. ' '
Jt lms only ti ptochiim its confi lo vec In
ond support of the restoration policy of the
Kxccutivc, and ifsr.c an nd Iress to Iho people
in which ahull be combined l tnii-d.KilK end
slim looming ol Ihe presmt Itudical Congress
All these arc lour.d In tho rccoids of that body
ntid i re only to b" arranged in iho lorm Of nn
iiiilielnicnt and snliiiiitted lo n jury of the peo
ple nl the coming election. 'I his is all that the
Convention has lo do, end in I his manner as
sist ond Instcnlhe n''juttn'ut ef our internal
troubles, by prgcpnting the whole ijiiCHlioi) 'id a
pinclicnl loini to lh people lor them load
upon at tho ballot box."
That is pimply ihe L tig and (he short of the
whole uiTuir. No lit w pnrly is lu bis f irmed
no tie"v itUas pit.iiiu'gutel, no now iss-ces
rui.-cd. A II tlics-.- points ore u'f ( inly fettled
It is to show tl at tl.c couu'.ry is w'nh the
I'icsiilei.l and ng liiist Congress, on iho It
irutit u olicy, und to agree tipiui a milled
efljrt, In the approaching fill s-lli-ctions, to
maintuin Iheiiolicv of Ihu Ficidi lit as the
heller plan for llie speedy resloratiou of gencri.l
peace and Iwm.my.
i i i
[Pittsburg Correspondence Louisville Courier]
An Illinois Young Lady Deceived and Deserted.
of f' itjhletiiiig Ihu girl lo fcoino extent, nnd,
finally, al the entreaty of I Karen, she eotn-en-lujlifeil
led lo go aitli him to Cmcitinuti, v.hcrt they
wort) tu bo named iuiinediululy on their rn.-i-
A yeung wotnaii iniiued Mary Slelviu ap
peared at the e lliee of Aldeuiuu' Donaldson en
Sulni day evening, ond itiadu the following
stultinint :
About two ntnnths since, while ut the home
of her parents, iu Cc.itruliu, llliuuis, the made
the acquaintance) of a young man named Fiunk
llcrr u, ih'.u employed u ebttk ngiiit on tbo
son' Lorn brunch of Iho Illinois (.'cnlrul DiiU
rtii.d. Alter a time I let ion begu'u to nhow n
di-poii'.ion to puy loverlike attentions to the
deponent. The fuel become btit'uti to her
parents, wheu her father oNeitd her to elia
m'os llurion, on bis utniui vi-i; ui.d l o tlo
t;i mined to lorbid him the house in ease fb0
won Id rot comply with bib puiin'ul oidc r.
On occusiou of ilerron's next Ul, Mi.-3
Melvin ii.finnied him of the oppojilk u hor
Ii ioiids expressed lo Ins suit, nud ri"Cslcil
liimttolto c iino lu the house, but ugicid
lo meel hiii the following Sunday. evening nt
u place culltd Oiln, roiiiu u vea miles tlistiml
cm tbe line ol the Ohio ond Mits'na-ippi ll.il-'
ro. d, where tl ey r'opo.-.ed to huve on tii:inter
i i(t ej lulk over theil lit ut mil dlliculllcs.
Acoordiug to agreement, the twrin mot iu
OJin, slid forthwith enguged a room in a hotel
lor Ihe purpo-e of pa-fing Ilia day in tueli
olhei's ancielw. In lh evening J'tiry prnposrrl
riMuinhtj to Ci nlruliu, bul llciron tipiortd
ihe pioposiilon, culling her lo mind that her
father had been inforined of her Vihereubt.uls,
and would, us a mailer ol courts'?-, be greatly
iiici iivd at her eoi.Juft, 'Phis bad tho ill' cl
Ou reuching Ilia Q iecu Cily, llicy put up ul
l-in')t:rton Home, on Diosdwuy, where they
inuiried. The thud duy alter the nuptial
tettuioi.y, liuiiuu left bin biidu uUiting Ibul
le wns coming lo 1 1 1 i city to into businers
and would sen ! lor l.er in ?he conr.-e ofu
acek. ' . 1 ' :
A few dnya after fhe received a leltr
ffoni him, drttid Ilrrisbrh', bul post-mn keel
I'lttSbnrp, ill tvhich ho inloimcd her that he
hnd a wile in Kcheticctudy, New York, snd
IhfX'lore, their nmrr'nje wns null and Void.
He concluded Iho tavnlier ppistlc by ndvis
1'ijJ her 10 go loftr pmcnl. ,'
Uellcvli'g florron lo bu In tho cily, she
procnted a loan from a lady boarder tit ti e
IVnbcrlon llonse, to vhom shu mptlrt known
the fuois, and taking, the evening Irs in ol
Cmeitiiinli, alio arrived in Ibis city on Sutur-'
d iy nlicrroon. liesirous of having Ilorron
arrested for bis baseness, the iiir.nircd for a
Magistrate's ofl'ie?, and a-ns fhowu to that ol
Alder man llotin hlon, Viho ifPiicd a warrent
for the arreer of Ilorron on a charga of dc
sort ion. ' '
If the ohovo story bo Im, it shows a wnnl
of disc-relidti on the part ol the (.irl, wliieli la
olnn.-t viiniinal, while Won! uro inndtq ato
toixprtfs tho coutcopt vt Kcl for lur de
Miss Mclvln, or Mis. Ilorron, l. qn! e
yoing, m l more than sovenlce.i, atid oub -le
s lieloiigs t) I hut iitinicrotis c lass Lo -el
isidu llie advice of their birds and L c nie
ihe Vie; ' tins of lovesick Trniin cntalisui.
has been arrested in Albany, N. Y., for pet -were
peitaiing a new dwlje. He lubtened brislleson
J- White women In N'ew York arc esrninr
eleven cents a tl y making rli'nts, nntl that, lot,
ttbile the llndii al (.'pnjrrewi In v.)iii((nwiiy niilllnns
of tlm money wnutir by piiev us tnxntioa out of
the people, ineliiiling llic -e poor' women , to support
In Itllentis lnzy I Imkn. l-.ttvcn cents o day for
hind winking wMlo wmnen! Seven million a
year to fnrnMi l.r lilaeks with clolliiiiif and lu
tlolis, tlie hitter iio.linliii "wliito siiKnr !'' ,
S&.Tlic I a tiilnrky tli ;;i-lfr, in cnniiect'tin en
the erape pronpei t, mys tlmt a good ninny vine-
yard t'w nen a.e arninrt inlher Inns; faces thin
Miuiincr., lire nvm iii lias lnu 11 tlecidL'tlly unf a vol u
ble for the Kinpu enii. The continue j cold ruins
ol hot nioiitti Injured It imitciiully. The. cmly
ain , coining is lien the (trnpes were in their mo.-l
tender ktate', einoed klichts ami fliildeir to lotne
extent, while the hitter rains so aft. clod them as
to funic, ninny to full orT.
Akotiikk ri.Acii. It is laid that ,th
grassboppi is have appeared iu the vicinity
of the town and atv invading the coinGulds
in fuatful numbers. One getleinnn says
thai bo docs not think there will be n
blade loft on t!,t corn in a thirty-acre Geld,
by Monday, so guitv me thu ravages lii
buigiy insects are innhing f ,v ns-l, ville
Union. ... (
I'imiinu ok a TiK Tiie Ciiiviiinali Com
menial mjs that tho tus.' of tome auteilolu
i.tii tn jii.-si ei .i y was luiind hy souio woikmcn
on the lillle Miumi Uiiilnnid 1 eir the fiirui of
Mr. Iliiihhiiid, tear Milfcrd, t-n Tuesday last, j
It was protedimi Iront out ol a bank, and I
I10 woiknn ti tlnl not seem to ' cteein thu
relic' as. fit lor :c lint to Moil the grovel
lib, by . wrenching; Il to ni.d Iro,' so us to
euvc nnd cc 1110 down. Friiguieiits 'broken
oir wire taken to Dr.' Kltsteii;, of Oulntnb'is,
who -'started T r Iho pra7et bank In order
to exhiiinu the m nister iuk, whether of the
iiiiltndi n or sonio other opd even Rrca'er
uti'cdhiviiin iiniiiial, we cu'in t b l'. The Dr.
srciircJ il nftcr three hours' liuid labor, nnJ
tho ugh but thirtysix Inches long, it is of a
shop c snd weight to wurrunt the cnncliiKioii
that it must huve btctr originully eight feel,
being Imu'y-lour inches in diameter und
weigh'tig ft.y p iuibli. l.i'.vcrci.d was eiuht
leel, utid thu upper end fivu leet or si limit r
the J futfi ce, uud us white, pere tu hok ut
us Iho liv-ohcst, linest ivo'y.
i?"A man named . Johnson, Cf-y six
years old who lint! been Ion fing and beg
ijr nbuut fc'ti Joseph, "without any visi
blu uic ini of support, "vv.ts aircstid on
chnrgu ol vagrancy, on Saturday last.
On searching li:m, 81,2-17 in gull an 1
S.33U in currency was found in n belt on
bis pc isod. Jle was discharged and bis
money tUposttod in a safe place for him.
lie Hinted bo hnd hnd a part of tho coin for
over forty Jems, and is said to be deran
ged on the subject of hoarding mat.cy.
S.maut t'ooi.. 4 V illiam, look ! tell us,
wht) ni' tie you, do you know I"
William, who wn8 cc-uslilered a fool, screwed
up his luce uud looked thoughtful, and, tome
what bewilduied, Blowly uiiiivcrid :
"Moses, 1 s'posea, ''
"'J'hut will do," raid Counselor Giuy, nd
tlres i'ig Ihw coui!;"lhe witness says Ilml be
Mippf sec 11 ul Motes inu k' li'in. That, ec;
tu'nly i:-on intelligent uLswvr moie Ihiin 1
lappo-t d him t npvhlu of giving: for il shows
I in. I lie hnd aouiu faint ithu of Kcripliite; but
1 mu.-t admit lliul i: is not nifl'Kknt to entitle,
him to be sworn ss a wiluess cupable of giving
"Mr. Judge," said the fool, -'may J us the
uvtcr u tpiiviliou 1''
. "t'ertuiiily," suid the j'ldge.
' Well, ihen, Mr. J.iwi'oi, viho u'o you sup
pose miido you t" t ,
"Aaron, 1 sVpose. ' . suid Counselor Gray,
iiuiiuiiug tho ii neve.
After Ihe mirth had somttwiiut subsided, I he
rt it in si drawled out :
" Wull, mow, we do teod iulhcgotd Hook
that Auron uucei nude a cull, but wbu who'd'a
Ihought the ci ill ;r pot in here?".
.'I'pc Juiljie orier-;d Ihu wilnv'ss to be tworn.
. fitiJrA wag Huya tlmt in j mriiey itig lolelj'
1 o was nut iiito an oinnibus with u dozen
perron', oT whom bo did iot,know u single
one. Tnrniug a corner, shortly after, be was
lipid. And ilieu," suid be, 'T found them all
f-.T A young man, by thu iininu of Johnson
lie tail of u lut. und thru (old il lot u fipiiriel
JtncNTtrs to Nrn Fnoi.ii asd 1'knnsvltakia
-The New Yoik tlcmld very Jn-.tty mys : ' ' '
' Tlin people of this ceuntrj would prolit by a law
of this kind t , ,
"Bo It enacted hy the ffennle and House of fep.
vefciitntives, In C tin press aocemhleil, Tlmt M0,-
roo.fino la annifllly approptbtrd of any mutiny
hot ctliclwle aiproprinlcd, (nlhe Iron snd Con! In
terests of Pennsylvania, and tho crrtlnh 'antt wool
Inteie-ts of Newe Knslund, iu lieu of all protection
and prelilMtnry tJiiTs. ' ' ' ' ,
"The full csl of the ticunllcs we row Rive to
prop tip these Interests I over f 300,fli):),nno In the
enhnix enient of prices', and hence the (tiving of thia
sum outrig lit would be a profit."'
11 would, bci-ldea, he far more hone-it, as letting
the people know exactly whnt th'ey glvo to those
enimomnl Interest , whose destiny seems to bo ever
to roll them. - ' i
Kuskin's sly is sharp, he says In one
of It is most recent essays! "You women of
England ato all now shrieking with one
voice jou aswl your clergymen together
lie c,u?e you hear of your Tables being
Hacked. If you choose to cbej jour
Dibles, you will never care who attacks
Iheto. It 'a just because yon never fulfill fl
s'ngle downright precept of the book llint
3 on sie so careful of its ci o J it. Tlie Bible
tells you tu eJress plainly, and you ro
mad 'tin finery;' the liihlc telta you lo
hsv p ly on the poo'.nnd you f rush them
tinder jour curing wheels; ihe Eibie
tells you to do judgment nnd justice, and
you do not euro to know to much ns
what the I3;blj, word justice means."
BA (jood Excu-ie. A por fellow sent
to jail for marrying two wives, excused himself
by sr.yii'K thnl when ho had on", she longht
h'lti, but when he hud two, Ihry lenght cuch
CPH-l''you have none balferjry at not hnv.
ing won jour sweetheart as a wTe, rt member
you might havo gono llie oilier half if jo'n
had succeeded.
Tim shrii k of a locomotive ao fright
ened t liillo boy in Lancnstcr, Tonney!.
vanin, tbnl lie died.
f.Sngnr Weddings which Ii he place al
the end of the hone v n oon, arc now lu vogue.
We suppose they will become an instit-ttion,
lor In Hi in era rf divnrera tho likelihood of a
eonplc reniiiir.iiig united till Iho j toper time
for a tiu wedding is extremely problematical.
P. T Hahmm is bui'ding his own mon
ument in Diidgrptot.
Ladies are supposed to look most kill
ing when ihey nru ready for sleighing.
St'MKTiiiNti Fish. In tbe old Deciley
ninnjioh.st Ksiz ibeth, net many tliiys nL'O, a
a i-.ir ion wiis lemoved, bi inging lo light a
fouled olo-tet, In w hich wns u fivcpnll on deuii
j ihii bem ing Ihe dale eif 1 Till , uud eoi.tuiiiing
uboiil twoejiorts tf whitky.- Tnuton True
American . ' 1 ..' t .;.' :.
8,The number ol pcisins ndmitted 10
the (Jriti-di Muaeiiin shows a rnnlftmal dc
crcasc. In If? 05 the numher woa 370,000, er
nearly 170,003 lewer Ihan in ISf.O. Ihe el
crease in the number of visits lo the tending
room wi'hin (he same period has not lets ex
traordinary. .
IAMKS noi.Mt A-
nooi AU
KKXT TO THK POST -OF t-'lt'IC, and having
purchuHtd au (xcefleilt a'.soitmeiit of
ill '
w.l . -i
: . ' -i '.. -vi
Leather and Shoe Findings
We mil piep.ircd to m-'lte to Aider, on short notice,
tiny thing in our liuu.
We tliallfiige Coiiiprtilion,
Of our nhl eiiHtomeia we Invite i roiilintinnce of
piitrouue, and to thoau who wib lo tin entirely
sutislied with their purchase to Kivo us a lliul.
None but tlm W-A t-k nei,aiiet uoue . bul the
vciy beat wuikmcii t-uipbiyed.
of the best initiiuhtetiire kapt conslautly on lmnd,
uud will be sold cheap as the cbcapcit.
IN 11 A L T A.
i i.i
jvaVJsiijm.w ' svus-riiiM
' . vd ' i
j,:u..,t - ''" ' ""' '- '"'"
. ' , . yiu ,i'
w. a. an.L.
F. SILL. & CO.,
' 1 ' DEALERS IN- ' ' '
1 " ' ' ' '
Dry Goods, Croccrirs, .iilions, Tinnarf, Trank
and .;! ' !";'.
Opposite t-onrt Home, M't'oiinelrvllle.O.
Jj"2v If ' . . .
Physician and Surgeon,
t ' l
Pespeetrulty nfiers 1,1a rrorcslonsl acrrloes to the
citizeusur H'CoiniclBvil'e nnd vicinity
orricE, rnoT r,nnn over sTors store,
Where lis enn be fonnd nt nil times, day or night,
ucu nut profession.;! I ly aliactit.
JylOly . , ' .
At the old Hand, in 'the three slory Inkle, nearly
t'pposilo the Tost House.
resptel fully liifoims tho citizens of llorRsn rtinnly
thai lie keeps eon-lnntly on Iniiid n lull a-sorlment
of the vnii.oiMirlii lea tiBii.illy kept lu a flratclaM
t.roeery Store, eonsla'lii In uni t of
Tea. ColleB, rio(rr, Fish. Hilda. I plees. Cnnned
1-1 1. Its, ( ove OyateiM. Hi rujis, Che -se.Craikei a,
L'li-lna, IV nod ware, Tohneeo, (Mjrnnt, ItasW
els, Hilly I'owder, lllastinK Powder,
t'li-e, I'ackiiifr Yarn. Iled
Curds, Muni i Hope,
Laid Oil, (athou
Oil, Ac.,
all of whh li will he sold At the very lowest prices
either at wholesale or retail, for coMi or spiiruved
country in tliiet)
. The hiahest niuiket price paid for oil kinds or
( oiinlty rio.liiee.
.. Kv.r.!'r'.n',i' ''" '"u "l ihu establishment Is WAtt
It A N I M) as repicntiited. .
Jyvo tr
Loriiliinl Fire Insurance Comp.my.
On tlie 1st day of January, I8C0,
made (o the Auditor Ohio, pur-
Pliant to the Statute of
The niimct,! the Coiiipany Is the LoHti.r.inn I-'ihn
Inhijasck CoufsM-.uml la located .No. 10
Ilroinlwiiy, New Yolk Cily. , . ., .. i
The amount of lis Capital Flock, all ' '' " ':
. I'lidtip, is i. M ll.fOO.OO OJ
It. ASSET3. f
1. 'CiisTi nf Iho Compiiuy on hand,
and in tie hards of Asruli mil
'other pei sons
1. Ileal KslutH nuliii"ini1erctl
8. The HuiiiU and Hloeka owned by
, llmConiiisiiy (as per 1 vouchers ao-
com pinyln, )
4. Ilul.ts duo tha Company, secured
by inorlinise-, (aa per accompanylnij
5. Debts oiberwl o secured, (aj per
vooehera aceonipnn)iiijr,)
Ii. Iiebla for premium
7. All other HecuritlcS-(lntorest
f 101 r,2!1 nd
' i ijoo bit ;
" I t
001,150 00.
618,100 00 '
S'iftfl 00 '
lo.OU 61
. S3,!1H0 eo;
Tulul Assets of tire Cnmpan ' tl,l02,ast J.I
I.osces iintnljiisUiI 1 J3,o.50 00
The crrnto.it amni:nt insured In any one rUk o
eonliiiff to cireiinistitnres.
The Kteiest ainnuiit. ullowed by the rnlea fo lie In-,
sured in any one city, town oi vilh.go accord- '
Ins to eiiTiiiiistuiif cs. ,i
The KteHlest aiiiuioit allowed to be Insured In any,
one blm-k aeeoidiriir to elrctimstiiioes.
The amount of its capital or earniiiira deposited In
any otho I rtato assiduity fur hisses thstcln '
The Charter, orAet of Incorporation of said Com-'
pauy on flici. , . , .
Cor sty or Nbw Yons.
riChldcnt, sod JOHN' C. HILLS, H-cretary of (he
l.urillarl1 t it ' nsiiranre e'tm;(;(ini,l eil((everally
aworii, deijoHe and fay, that the InreKoinii la a full,
true and coriett alutumeiit of the nflutrs of the
aaid Company, that the said Insurance Company is
the bona fide owner of at least Onk IIcnkiikii Thii-
i SAMi Poi.i.Aim or aiiuil Cash Capital luvestod in
eiocKa auu uonus, or in Mortgages on Heal Kalule
wort n nnin.iQ me union. ii tor whim the same
mortgaged ; und that they are tbe above described
uniccTS fuia inniraoee e omnany.
CAIII.II.IO OtlVOOI), Pruithnt. ,
j'elllN C. MILLS, Srrrelary.
Subscribed and sworu before me, this 61b day of
Juini.iry, l-iii'l.
SBAI, (sTAiir.J n. II. HEDIIKV.''
A'otary i'utlic, , ,
Okitcs oktiib At niTOR or Statu, I
Coi.i ant's, ()., Jiiuury 0, H0(l. ,j
- II Is hereby eclHlleil, that Ilio foreolntf la a ,
eon ect rniy of the Htittciiient ol' Condition of Ihn
Ijiilllard i'irt Intitrunrt 7mjun; of New York, .
made to und filed in this CJrtice, lor the year IMS.
Witness my hand aud seal icli-ilnllv. .
1kai.. J lviiic JAS. ll.iiDDDMAV.
fuiifu- of Statt.
(Tu expire on the 81st day t f Jiiiiiiary, lflrj )
OiricK sib- TinfAtniTon or Statu,) '
ISil'HJNUK llrtl'AHlKKNT. . Y '
Ci'l t'Miit'sj O., .luiiiiwy II, )
WiiKitaAS, ' The iM-illartl Fire Imaruntt Com. -puny,
located at Ntjv York Cily, tnt'.ic htnteof
tirw 'i: k, Iiim tiled in this oflhua sworn atal
incnt nf Its iMiuditlon, ns rerpiired by the Unit sen-''
lion of I hu ui I "To ri'Kuhilu lii.nriiice C'nmpanies
Slot incorporated by the State of Cllilo," paaaed
April a, iM.'.ii.Hnd ami nded Kebruary ti, ldiil ; and, ,
Whereas, aaid Coiiipaoylnia fiiruihed the uuiIcisikh
ed atlsfnctory evidence that It Is poiweHsed of al '
least nn hvntliid Ihuuiantl dnll.rt vf actual tatU .
cwpi'm iinmhd in slocks, rr bonds; or in niort
Kugea of rest estate, worth double Ihu amoiiue lur
which tbo aiiiiu) iu inortKuKed; and,
W iii.iiKAH, Hnid t'onipuny has filed In tbUcifflcq
a willttn instrument uiiilur its corporate nxul,
rik'ued by the I'leHide'ii. and Kccrrliiry lliereul,
Kiitlioiir.liiK any aiient or nceuts of aaid Coiuimny
In this Mtule lu aekii'iwIedKesei vicsiof piw.ew, for
and in belialf of aaid Company according to the
U-i'ina of mild luiv. ' 1 L-' ' ' '
Now, therefore, la iuiiico f the Ucat secllon ;
of the utoitMnid ct, t.dAitui Uopman, Auditor
of Mate for Hktio, On herebyceetii'y tlmt said l.o.
lillnid Kire liisoiance eioiAiiiaisy, ol Ne York, Uf
authoi'isod to transact llm buiuesa of f na Imur
lihee in Ibis Htutu uii' I tkhty-Srsl dajr of January,
iu the year one ibouxaud eilit buudie4u,d sixty-, i
),i witaess V1ioiebf,T have hcKinto atilwrllieit
I,, y uspie and caused the seal ol my otUce tu bo
allixed tint duy and year above wrilteu.
JAS. II l.DDM i.M, Auditor of St Hie.
JAM I'S WAYKIN--1. Acut,M CuuuiUvillo, U
..-. .v.' :x- "

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