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The Conservative. (M'connelsville, Ohio) 1866-1871, August 10, 1866, Image 4

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''! "FRlpAY OUNlNtJ,'- ' AUG. 10,
Win. S L EX X ::::::: : UAa.
Dciiiccfalic 8(alc Ticked
( : (K'T.rTAiii rr ftte,
u kn . , ijk Km ami n l.tiVk v E r,
01 Shelby County. ,
' ron iri'iJ.Mir.n iMip,
,,' Of Hamilton Cinnty. .
ron mk.vi.kr noAiiD tr vt r.t.to worm,
or akIiIihuI ('uuiit;.
Political Conventions.
A Convention l niin:in!r n rnnili'lnte fr Con
tr.-.-i in tins (tliu l-Hi) ln-tr.U mill Lv la id in
A foiivriitlpn fo nominate 11 r-.i n .1 S .l.t t fnrC"iily
Jidit..r TreiiHiirer. I'liseciilnig Attorney. I'cm
lin inner. I'n'hute Juiljjo i.ud Infirmary Lileclor
mil be held At
MARIETTA, O., ON THURSDAY, AUGUST 23d. Town Hall, M'Connelsville, Saturday, Aug, 18th.
A CnnMi(i"il li resent n r.uuliil.ilo for tile,
s-llice nt Jinbe nl the Cocit of Ci.iiiiii. ii I'li'in will
be held i.t
AUGUST 10th.
Disregarding nil former .i 1T n-m'" on political
4pie-t :wi and 11. i M, c invito I . tik i-j :t I h and nil
in. n nf ri ii-erv:itie view In s--i uibte at lltf n-oul
placu ol' l.ulji: . cltclioii, in I uiif ri'j i li u town
Mil i n
Saturday, August 11th,
And then an 1 lime select two dilcrntes to the
t'nngiesfhuiiil CHiU'iilinn, ficttt ileleiMte to the
('mint? Convention, and lu liwk i-'.ilta tJ liw Judi
cial Covvti'.tioii.
Tlit lime ha come whtn tin etiiiest and patriotic
cflnit should If imulc tn restore tlic l.'inon mi A
Jiml niiii upml bai, Tho rrt oration tnlhy of
"I'rrsiileut .i 1 1 1 . ii should be Indorsed n ml iiil'lil.
The prlinlples enunciated in his Veto i'a;!U of
the I reedincti's Hineau mm Civil H i 'i t "Tin
to l,o correct iiml proper, and fliouUl Le siii-bilnt-d.
All volois, without tli.linrtiuii of )arly, who lie
lievM Unit It LdoiiK" eiltiivcly to H,o nutiI
ht;ilr ol tliiii I' nion to (hiiiiiuiht ciuli for i fell 'lie
iiiilili utioii ot voti i n, uml wlioniu niijiOHi-d to tlie
conferring of the ri(.'li of voting upon the ncgin;
thirnt wlio, nt llrt. ort'M'iit tinn;, m'tj iiii'flpil to all
iniicndniciiU ol tlie C'ouitiiiitiim of tlit I 'llitc.il
' Kkiiiit, whilst tlrtrii Stilts of III In L'liiun mil u
; 4-nnlid nnU n lnsf J n voire , hy their Hrmiton'niul
l:ciit-fcnuilivv in the iii.jiositiii of uiiicntiiieiilii;
llione who hio ojiihikimI to the ixi'Mtilio(i ol
THHEK 1U:NI'I(I;1i Jlll.I.ldX DOl.l.Alid of the
wealth of the eouiitiy I niii t.ixntioii. iiml me in
fiivor of milking every uperli of wealth I o n il.-i
full una final lmre ot the bin Uieim ol bixuiiou lor
all pin ji'e, me toiiilully inviteJ to nmto in tin
tUinl to eject limn phu t uml power the ninvoitliy
tcuts, who xein W Uhjule iiiul Kl'ein f r llieir
oivnrprui.il beuclit, omj lui the peipetuutioii ol
J!y older of the Pcmcrall.' Ccnlnil Ommlltec.
J AS. Jl. tiAVl.Oltl), Ctaiiinuu.
J.B. COl'DV, t-ecietJiy.
The Lost Oppornitunity.
Tho New York Evening ot (Kepublicun)
rcviewi with regret tho IjsI opportmiity ol a
great career, oprn to tho republican party
I the cloro of the war. It ?cy:
"It was the duty nod policy of the Repub
lican leaders to show that if it) war they
knew how to use v. i'.li ifkct tho enormous
power cf the Central Government, in peace
Ihey were equally ready to establish
quickly at possible that local nifc-governmcnt
on which, as the buhmee'-whoel in our pol
itical system, our true and eafo progress in
liberty depe"ud. As the party in power,
: during tho war, had been compulWd to
use force to an unlimited extent, it was the
more necessary thut ou tho icuorulion of
peace they should show a rcudincH to return
( onoo to itrict cciibiitutional forms, prac
tices and liniitutious."
' Tho Tost then, in ft ktylo which remind
os of old Deelniutiuit of Ii.deieiidetic, tkctch
cs the career and ttiinea ot the party with
which il baa been connected iu tcrnu no lets
causliu than truthful. Need we Buy thut
the inevitable und approaching end of n party
whose chief ami best udvnc.itg in ll.e (list city
ol the L'niou is compelled by a tense of tiulh
to speak thus of its associates. The 1'ost eaj
Hut liie policy imposed upon tbo party
Ihote lneu . who unhuppily lave seized
leadership of it liiu just been tho contrary
this. Their whole political theory ood pine-
two tcucl uungcrousiy io.vnra a conso.iJution
of all power and authority in ihe hands
tho Central (jiuvenniicnt. 'I'hey hnvo uiined
to leave nothing to tho Slutts, mdhing to
Ijocal Uuvcruinetil, which is our preut.-st
Sufeguovd again it decpotiiin. I'hc.y will make
ol the Ftidul Uoveraiueut, if Ihey have their
way, us ovcrshudowing uud all-devouring
monster us the Government of Nupoleon
iu Trance, they proceed upon tho principle
fhflt Congress is to legislate upon nil mullein
whatever; is to interior in all the relations
of society tmd life, to establish rule and
, lor every event under heaven. Nut only
v see a useless and ubsuid llureau of Agii
culture eatabliohed, nt uu e.vptnso of hundreds
c( tbousamls of dollars per annum, to prcputc
reports which nre published three yean
dale, and which, when they are fresh.
pt half tlie value of a good ngriculturul pupe.'i
aoJ to distribute reeds to farmers w'io
jtiile irtelligriit rnuugb to boy ihem; burt
ol cducution.ol mining, of iucuruuee, of stutis-
Ii:, ntp propnsul DtnJ tirgeJ. Thus palronnjic
ii Tii 67t & -e.T.l-R -t-tw 1-.tlr grow itwro mmiorou;
ihi iirttioli in rn nrlil inure lic.ivlly luxe J to
wippr.rt crowiU ol hungry IJ!et3 tLo ttcaluics
of CiTgress nml or llio rrmiJcnl, ihe political
item's of tlioi who nppoint llicm, corrupting
the luomlHof the im'iou nml robbing its Itnlui
try. Thin ia not oil. In piirimi)i:o of tl,o
(nine i.i!u peiilous lliecry of coi noIiJulioii
lii'.'JO iikii ecel; to ii'akn llu Uenctnl (Jovcin
r.iout ll.e pittroii uml t.ippoi ter of nil nmiim r
i f piiviiti; eii'ur)i'i.iea on, I poIk'uhs. Not only
mo Bleuiiirliip limn lii.'l other ptivulo n:iior
takings mljoiiirA l ; not only oro cei tnin linin
dim of muiiufactura scleclul ad ll;0 ol ject of
apeeial fit vol ilifin ul ll.e rijiCm-0 of pilHTiil
public.unj to tlic impoverishment ol ll.e Treas
ury, tlio evil cxkiiils niiivli furtlicr. If a
mining compmiy miJ copitul Curipif f 3 hi
ii ico iiiiike a grunt ol J ublio Intnl-: If (iimtlier
vt of ft eiilnloi? nj'penl fur land to pkuit
!iecs wl.icli Mr. Itiynr.l Tnylor inlntnu the
Tiiliuno nature Jues much bitler t'ongtes
li.i.-h'iis lo do tlnir bid lii, ,-. How petiTm!
such a ju'Loy is wc miy pee by reiewing the
lingo sli j 5 u'rcii.'y luh.cu ou Ut'.i tlowinvuril
The 1'iei-i'liet Iiih Jotio liis utmost to chrcli
the altrmpbi nl (Jotigrt'RS to coiieenti n'o nml
eciittaliZ'! all power in Wnshinlor. . Willi ail
Ins niiilnke in oilier repcefs, lie Inn fliown
a due uml Plntr-ri'imiiiliku Cuniprehuiiiuii ol
tiil (lnnrji r; l e nunlu hfi.'to to put out of hi
own ImniU nil ixtrnor.liimry pnver nml piit-
rniincgrti viii g out (f the wir; lit lin", by hi?
velon, pnvintul lis ccittim:it it M ot K'diip
mof-t iiii.'chievou.- measures. Hut the cenlrul-
ik;i'.- hnvc not lieukJ liii wnniingi1, am) il is
ie.li lime for llo countiy to nwuku lo Iho
duugers of their iMttr.ic. Already ivc see this
hi I c poliey I'Catmg Hint. II a citix.uv lintv
n diys fnikira wr.n g. he no I mger tinprnlj to
the luwj ho turi.i to thu CVntiul (juverniii":il
to protect him. The Civil llighls act has
bun several iiiiiahn in f..icc, but instead of!
rerpiun g tlio.-e wl. netJ it to set the courln
in inolion, Congrc 3 coMinucs Ihe rru'dniiii's
l.ureuu in opeintiLii uno;lii,r year. Tlnm, by
l-f 1 whieh u:o no loi.gcr impeicepliUk-, Ihe
eiti.etiB ii i o trail. ed !o undermine mid i!i.-re-gaid
ll.o laws, iil.ii to Cist nil the le.- onsilii!i
tiei of li.'j firm t'oli- own th' ulih'i'.i npois
that t'f Iho (Vntiul (.iovermeiit. Tint toad
h.nilj fia aiiri'K to iniik m tlii rt:,n . .11. .1 nk...
cession," which him Ii i:;htei:ed so imiMy incon
tiderale peojile fiom tl e ettfo ini.'.dle path. We
have no fciir but that Ihe country will tee
und escape 01, e d inger ni well s it did the
othet; but in doing so it will drop thu men
who arc le.idiug it Into unalc path. II the
Kepublican parly "booses to go with those
nun, !' , ..uight toward ruin: it will lou
incvilubly tho be.it part of it- followera, noi
will il need a Tribune to rend thee out of the
party; 'J lie country is uow at peacr; the con
dition of cilluirs is mieh thut men lute! no longer
tet a-ide ull other interests lo unite upon
ingle point. Sluvery bus gone down, rebel
lion linn been crushed, nnd Americ.m citizens
may once more turn Ihi.'ir'utteutiun to other
und tijiiiiMy inipoitutit ipiedtions. It i-i a mis-
tuke to a'.ippo-e that uny party can now rule
by thu ktule cry that the Union ,ij i.i daugor
from either bluvcty or rebellion.
Douglas in a Difficult Role.
J. Mudisou Cm ii has written, und hu l
published iu book foini, "a brief treutiso upon
cotistitulioiiul ond party qucotioiijt nnd the
history of political partie?, " in he reeeivtd it
fioui tho Henalor Klei Inn A. Iii.uirh.3, It is
Irom the publiid.i.ig housj of Applclott it t'o.
The author de.-ci ibes the following scct.e nt
Chicago, which ij cl.aruetciistic of the dis
til gui. ltd Scbutor. 'J'hu ri'poit w yivcu oh
rehitei.1 by Mr. I)otiglu8 hiuiielf :
When I rett'.n ed tJ Chicago I was tint nt
nuffulo by a friend, who brought letters from
other fi lends ut Chicago, protesting 'iguinst my
return, und wtirniug me thut 1 would bo inevi
tably killed if I did. 1 iiiiiaied upon going,
and did so. I arrived thetu in the morning,
went to my hotel, und after a few days, three
or four, issued u notice of u Fpeech to be mudu
by me In front of North Market Hull. All
the newspapers iu the city denounced me, uml
published duily urticks eiicutiriiging personal
violence, reminding Ihe peoplu thut in LS.'O, oh
tho putsage ol th') Compromise) Mcnauicv, 1
had letuined and buctcded in qif lliug im out
break ngain.-t those nitusurcs, and thut this
thing could not be d uiuu pecond lime. Know
Nothingui hud, pei .ling tho Ncbrutku bill,
been organized in tho L'uited States lor the
liist lime, and iu Chicago the uuti-Ncbru.-ku
men hud oigiiuiz. d into Know-Nothing loi'gc-1,
urn! probably included within thoae lodges
uiuu-teiitlis of ull the men iu tint city. Ii was
uscetluined thut they secrc'.ly determined und
bound theiiHelvi s by their oaths not to allow
me to fj . ul;; iiml it i known that ono ol these
thirty or forty lodges ordered by tolegmpli, and
j receive.) by expr,-j trom New Voik, the iii;;ht
j belore I w.is loip.ul., tno httndud uml lifty
uf Colt'i rcvolveu.
Vhc'll ll.e day arrived tlio flags were bung
at ball tmist on the thippiug in Ihe Lnrbur, and
lor eeverul hours before the time appointed
the church bills in the city were lelhdut
which signal Iho mob as-enibled in u f ree
about Uu Ihoii-inid. 1 hud forty or fifty men
who pretended to be with me privately,
not hall a doi-n were so openly, they wi re
tiliaid. At the uppuiiitud hour I repaired
the i.ieelit g und wCtil upon the sland, and
gieeted by that u.'n'iuihly yc II tought
pruciictd in the Know-Nothing lodges
howl no man cm imitute. 1 Hood end looked
nt Ihe mob until the howling censed. Yh;n
they ceused I commenced by paying, that
appear beloro you to-night for the purpose
vindicating tho Kunsas-Ncbraska uct."
tlio sentence was endul the howl U'gnu
uguiii. V hen it ctumd I would begin, nnd
toon us I coinmeuccd it was reucwej.
limes) I npprnlcd to their pride, as tlio ch(vm
pious of fi co ejieecli, for a Leiirii.g; tho howling
wai renewed; at oilier limes I would denounce
'.hem as a fot ol cowards who came aimed with
bowlo knives and pistols to put down one o.nn
unarmed alraid lo hear Iho truth (poken,let
ll.ero might l0 noni honest rucu among them
who would bo convinced.
At ono tinio 1 got a hearing for ten or fif
teen niiuiiloii, oml wnj eviiknt'y nmhinfj on
impression , upon tho crow d, when there
mm c'.ied in from the outside a body of three
or lour hundred men with red Hhiit.i, dressed ni
piiilor.', and thoroughly aruiid, who moved
ihiiiugh tho crowd immediately in fior.t, tin J
peremptorily ordered mo fo leave. 1 to d
and looked ut them until Ihey cm -nl yelling,
and linn denounced them, and put I'.iein at de
fiance, and dared I'.km to eh or t nn uiiormid
man. Tim pistols began to lira all arouud the
outside of the crowd, evidently Into tho air;
(pi; and flonis were thrown ut tho elmil,
puveml of them hilling men who wno near me,
and fur levcrnl lioui.1 this wild cmirunion and
fury continued. Tho wonder in, that amid Unit
vast exeiud crowd no oi.o wn no fur t-xuitcd
or maddened ni to fire a bull nt me. The
fund win crowded with my cnemic, reperlerj
nt.d newspaper im-n, nnd this Wits undoubtedly
my bent protection. I s'.ooj upon the front ol
tho stand, iti the iniJol of Unit cotifiiHion, from
eiglit o'clock i.i the evenirg until quarter pt
twelve nt nighl.when 1 ptiddrnly drew my
watch from my pocket, look'ud at it in front of
the crowd, und in n din I in el tone of voire paid,
u', an interm! pi hilence: ' It ii now Sunday
morning I'll go lo church ond you may gn to
lull !'' ond 1 leliixd umid the upirar, gi t il.to
my curiiimj nud redu to my In iel. The cro vd
lollowed tl e caninge, ui.d came iicaf tlwoiting
it i ft the bridge into Iho river at w crnrd;
ihey hi.d ic;7..:d il for lh.it pmpose, mid lilted
it, but the driver whi pel !iis hor.-i.-i violently
and diit-hcd thtonh mid over th' ni, mid went
to the Trcmr.nl ilott e, whrrs I retired to my
room. The mull, ut kuil .",(.iL"J, followed, am)
ceuuiii'bel their li'owlj in Li.kebtieot, fionliug
my room. Tho lundiord bivged 1K! 1 !m7e
t!m l.oiire, fearing liny would burn it up,
whi'i eupoii 1 ml.-id my window, v.,i!kcJ tut on
the ba'.cdiy, toil; ii gei d looli ut lb 111, and
told ''i'i:i that tin! d iy would come wh"lt they
would he.ir we, und then bade, thviu good
A Dead Dark's Bill.
The following bill lor services rendered, U
?:iid to have been pithed up n'tcr the adjourn
meiit of the lliiu.-i; of CougreM. under the
chuir of Thud. Stevens. Tho uttcutit ti of the
public is spcclully culled to the patriotic lubor
which a gttictous country duly opprcciulcs and
lev, aids :
WASHINGTON D. C., June, 1866.
U. States. To Col.J. W. rmcy: Dr.
I. To steady uud v'uuleut ubmo and mis
tepieseutution ol Iho 1'icsideut (or ei.v. months,
us ios'.ructed by thu Republican caucus
Notk. Col. Forney reajxc' fully calls thu
attention of the Committee to Ihe excoedinglj
reukouublo terms of this bcivito ubd solicits
Tiither orders.
". To can lal, Pu:i'.nincl nnd well direct, .
cll'ortt in wideni'ig the breach botween .', :t;.
ern ui.d .Southern people, ui.d c-peei'iy i.:
mUreprt-e.iitii.g, vililyii.g and uLiising the
.' tis of the .Sou'li ."jj.tJUJ.
3' To ate u ly und iudii-ti ioas elfoi Is to i i . -
flaino the C"l red population ol the South
uguinst their late masters and to break up the
!:o-jilecling which tl.ttatincd to txi.it between
t'.u-io fr'i.l'UU.
Nor;:. Col. F. vcntii: s 10 rt'iuiul .he
Committee, Bhouhl they olij. et to the mmunl
ol this item, that tho K ulical emieus was ex
tremely urgent uud explicit In 1st instr Jetious
to him on this puiut, und that ceue(pu !i!l' he
had snared uo labor or t-'ipeu-ro to cany out its
w islu.s
1. To writing 100 IcUer, tinted in vanem
pot lions of tho South, in d purporting to have
come fioul persecuted L' nionijl.j, colored nu n,
Scs , niwreprcBeiiling public feeling and iuvei.l
ing burrowing incidents 'il. O'JO.
fl. To furnishing, daily, thno iiarngruphs
headed ''fchocking btululi'y ol thu lebels"
f l,Ot"J.
C. To constant and general pruiionml glori
lieutioii ol the rulinjr mujoritiea in Congre.-H,
und especially for the liberal ueu of tho word
heruie" s"2.0UO.
7. To special and cxtravooiiht luudatinn ol
lluii, T. Stevens, Charles Sumner und olhuvs
8. To cor.Ft.uit ulvndei tied obtisc of Djuto
emtio nuimbers of Congre-s Cl.OOO.
11. To pteady, indii'riouiund pysumiit ic mio-
reprffleiiuilion in tueli usue ot thu v iioi.ingiou
Chionic'.u, us direct d Irom time lo time by Ihe
V. i lical C.iinini'.tC'j S:',".U').
XoTi'.. Coionel 1'. takes pleasure in coll
ing ihu utteu'iou 1'ljho C.on'uiiti.-.' to the ex
ceedingly low rate charged i:i the tilutl; ite:n;
uud lo bay, iu i ipl .uation, that long and eon
tii.uom experience in the above urt in.iblis Iiim
in perform such set vice on better terms than
any other person ol goud tcputulion iu the
10. To p.ui..T.g Jutljo Ui.dcr .vood So COO
N'orr:. Colonel 1'nriiey is uwuio thut this
churge iippcurs tsui bilui.l, but he can not ubate
one d ollur. 'J'liu CoiinuiUcu will IcMtify thut
he is not u.oully icrupiilojn or averse to dirty
work; but he bus bis private feelings, uud uiubt
be paid lor tucrilichig thein.J
App.oviid and ordered to l paid.
Chairman Joint Committee.
ftX. A lattlesnake, eight feet lonc was
killed by tho police in New Orleans on
11 th, iu a gutter iu the heart of tho eit'y.
Chairman Joint Committee. Description of Vienna.
A forclcl corri'spomleiit wiites: 1
Al'.houri'a Vienin is altenily a vast city of neatly
tLr t a miles clieuinfeicnec, yet the amount Of
im, rovi'jieut nml hulhling that is going fn ward Is
very pre i,t. Tlio old city ofStadtls about thro
mile In clrennifeieiieo, nnd was built thlrfly In
tlit tniit'll lorf", and wan, tnlwetiiienlly, itenely
packed ti tether within ft wall that wan cmctcd for
defen.-o. It Is a curious old honeycomb, that old
city. Tlio ntrectj run crowded about; thry am
gpiieriilly only from twtlvo to twenty fft wide
often lint nrue than o1l.'1iI ; tho bouses tower many
htories Liftli, nml away down tetwicn thou the
sun is fare ely ever seen.
Handled of liou.-es nrs built cntiiely over tlie
street, so Unit cinlngca drive directly tbruugli tho
Inline, us it who itinliT niched wayfl, long nnd
imri-nw and durk. O.is bains lu re day ai.d night.
It is siirpi istnjr what limited extent of room u
poor finally will on upy, thn tradesman woiking In
the no e room orsnoieil by bis family. Tleie you
are shaved for two and n uaiter cents, Jour boots
ti r e mended for live rents, you in.,l;o a Fiihst.mtlal
dinner of J soup, href, j'.otatoes and pudding for
fo'iilceii cents, and of.rorlh, Tne acme pavo
mm t of solid, Biimie stones, extends all tlit way
hi toss the streets, and yon walk In the middle or
ou the sidfl, as you can liud room niuong tho t .it
tliug can luges. You seldom cuter a hold or a
stoic, or n largo private dwelling from tho fi out,
but co in 11 n coaih way, which lends to tho inner
coin), and turn to tho il.-ht or leit.
tJ" A correspondent of tho New Orleans
Tiinej, writing from Alexandria, I,ouisinnn,
denies tl 0 truth ol tho reports Iron) 1'urit, that
Lteuuregurd had offered his services in tho flu
roprnn war. The correspondent Buys : '(Jen.
I'.enuregtud in tinder piirolo to tho United
S'ult's military au'.horilie.', and I ni visited
llurppo under the speciul permission of the
l'lisideut of the LTuitcd Stubs; and ho will
abide cspi eiully by thut purole nnd by that
pet mis-don. In t 1 1 its regard lie will not eogare
bis services to liny of the European, beliigi r
ents wiihout the cxprc i peimis.-ii n of the
Cn iideut. I write thin in justice to Cenerul
lteanregnrd, who, I know, will be lis fuiihlul
to tlm 'situatO'i ho has accepted under the
United .Stiites ns Im tvui to tho cause of the
South wheu h: esjionscd it."
What Mmiir ILvrt-KS. Tho New Voik
Commerei.il notices Ihe nice nivsago between
ihe Cjuimi, I'tcsident ni.d otl.'.r parties in
ordi-r to n. k:
How long, in c.nj of war brtirern Lnnland
and this C'liintiy, would Auierici.il di pa'.el es
bo tokrntcd on the submarine wires? Gro.it
I'rit.iin would nt onco laku nrni.d j ossession
ol both shoro em!1, anl we should busy nir
biilvcs wiih dispnt'i!!;; that pi a-0:siou, or iu
grappling iiI'it the cable in mid ocean, iu
order to sever the link that kept the mother
country iu hourly communication wilh her
colonUt. So if Great rituin were at war
with nny other nation, that a belligerent would
deem it a duty lo destroy the iron cord which
contributed to tho weulth and puwer of Kng
huid. As pion would her commorco bo al
lowed to go unchecked upon the ben, us this
great business lie bo allowed to remain nn
toched. No evidence is necessary lo show the
uttcf worthli ssuess of international declarations
wheu u resumed u.itiouu! iuterst is involved."
P.-.To Ex-tj'ovcn'r l'ullocit. Director ol the
United Stales Mint at rhiludelphitt, twice o
-y r cnn.rs n shiirnl ling, ill-elud ninn, who
. . i i to he entitled to tho interest on some
. .' ion of dollars, lviry ti-her ut the Mint
v.i him, und treats him wiih pympihy
and Underlie?, (iovurunr I'ulh ek coiivcries
wilh him kind'y, oml, wilh tho ufisurauco that
the Cover.Miicnt must 'very soon" be ready to
cit iu wilh him, ihe uiilortiiiinle monomaniac
lakes his leave'. lie does not rcuppcur for
six moulh-i.
The findim.'rby u dog, of un old pair
i f j iiiitnlonu-i bid iu a hollow tree, near Niles,
Michigan, has ltd lo thu arrest ai d probable
cuivictioii id u ruin nnnied M.v.tux lor n mur
il.T tMiiihiitted Over Iwclvo years ngo. -South
iJeud IViuni.
Z'J5' Vo hnvu lately noticed un it1 er new
style of bourn t a common white lundkor
chief pnssid over tho top ol the head nnd tied
under Ilia throt, with a wreath of roses In the
nhape of a hor.-icp hoc on tlr.1 top. They aio
period hives, i't ice only 81 9.
t'J' Tho wigwam for tho meeting ol tho
National Union Convention iu I'hilndelphin,
will be situated in Irotit of iJirord College, and
is being re.iidly but nulrsluiitiully constructed.
A'ccoiiiniodulious will be afforded lor 1.500
leli ,ntcs and 0,000 speotulors, and the build
ing will cotnpri.'O committeo ronun, nnd other
coiiveinenci s. Ihe place ot meeting cun do
reached by three or lour different lines of bono
CTThc skiilla of Spaniai da vary In shape
morn thuu those of ino-it nations.
IX-Oue graiu ol copper bus been obtained
from lour hundred grains of wheat usli.
Siiooii.so 1kiwki:h Womks. The San An
tsuio lluruid of the Qih 1ms the foitoniiig:
An unfoitumito shooting uHiuy oeeurcd
lust Thursday a few miles ubove the city, in
which Mrs. Marlbit Slcwurt, wife of Mr.
John btcwurt, of thut iicighborliood, wps
sliol by a woman, (Mrs. Roberts wo believe',)
the ball tillering the back unl coining out
through thu breast. Mrs. Stewtirt.was paus
ing ulong tho road, when .Mrs. Roberta, ac
companied by a negro boy, was met. liuth
of lbs lulter were aimed with six-bhootcrs.
Two or thno (.hots wcio Hied, when Mrs.
Stewart fell. From what we cuu hum tho
assault was entirely unprovoked. The of!end
ing parties woio brought lo town, and wero
to have been ttied yes'eiduy tvcLing belore
Juslieo Lcckio. Sirs. Sicwart ij in a very
precarious condition, but ills thought thut
u ith proper cure the will recover.
, A. fTKIXY.
i .-i .1 i -. !
OFFICK Southwest Corner of Unbllc Square,
MTOXNLLSVII.Li;', Oil 10." .
nu.1l ''' 1 ""
C?0LI)Hll?3, WIDOWS. A., inlcresli d In
the luto law C'jnnliziu;; l'oiii,;e-i, nio inr.,nned
thai th niidnistiMii'd is pn i'ai-rd to nttenil fo tliat
kind ol I uiinns Willi dUpi.tch und ou I i.sonuble
teruiK. ...... .....
Vii!ov.s,l'!i!i!itu or ihe Pnrrnfs rjf XoMirr
who died in pervb e if i!i-:C a'f or wounds ('"lit no-ted
oi rei eived in line of duty, will ir. -rive tho nirnn
anioniit as wouhl have been paid ti ti Fohlior burl
pelf bad ho MirrC'l Id ' full t"rm of enlitti'i'ni.
JAM KS M. OA'I.Ol:i).
u1 Claim Agent.
W. 13, HEDGES, 1I,D
Physlclr.n mid Curgccn,
resppeirully oners hU rrofesilonat services ti the
eili.eiis ol il L'oiiuelsv il'.o uud vieiuity.
MTiiT, mflXT uoa.u ovlr siaxrs srass,
Wheit be eati be foiunl ut all times, day or night,
when not piolessioually absent.
Tin, Copper nutl tliccMrcn Ware,
jos wore:
,f all kinds txeciile'u wit no.itnr. s nnd dbp iteli.
Ho k
,'tps ceti.'tatnly en b-md a very !ar,
im nt ut
c ii-sort-
Cookitic: Slove?,
l'ui'lor iStDvo?,
LI eating i"tovc,
Fire Frontu,
Hand Iron?,
Ptovo Tiiie,
Coal-IJuckct.-', ,
Hoes, lvnlc.i. Forkf,
Uni?s Kettles,
Aiijilo l'uirer.s, Nails',
ALL" K!US bl- lit) I SI! ITliMMIlXC HOODS,
t n i: n o T K D
I2r!lliani Voal Stove
indlanola Wood Stove.
And many other uiti.iles to minieroin to mention
All wt.vk ilouo in tho bc-t manner.
I will snare iio pains, to pleunO lho.-.-o who may
favor me witli a call.
Opjiosile the "Buckeye Uloek," MT'ounelsville, 0
At the ok) sbind, In tho three story brick, nearly
tppotilo the l ost llou.e.
lesnei tfully liifornn the citizens of Morgan eounty
III it he i.ei us ci ii -t ii n 1 1 v ou hand a nil! u-smtmciit
of Ihe vji ions aitieles ti-iiully kept iu a Ii 1st elans
iliutery Stoi'O, uoiiKisliug in pint of
Tea, (toil'i-e, bngiii', r'ili, Kudu, Ipleri, Caiinud
i-'rnits, Coie (Maters. i uii, t'he,M',t'iai:kers(
lla-ins, Woodware, 't ob.ieco, Ciears, basil
tls, liillij J'ow'der, BiiiKliug i'oe.der,
l-'u-e, i'uekins V urn , lk-d
Cords, Manill.i Hope,
Laid Oil, Caibou
Oil, &o
j all of which w il1 bo sold nl the very lowest prlees,
cither at wnoiesiio or iei.nl, lor cum or i.ppiovc.1
c uu ii try pn ihico,
The Ilifin t uiaiket pike paid for nil kinds
Country T'lojucu.
Kvei-y mtielu sold ut this cstablishiuont Is WAR-l!ANTl-:l
u.i lepiescDled.
jy.'un '
I. N. Hook, Platutlll',) llefoiol-:. C. Iiavis.Jii.-tii-o
vt. I of tho 1'eiino of Windsor
Peter K. Novcs, Deft.) towuslilp, Morgan c.i.,;hio
ON thu id'duy or July, A. I). said Jimice
irtsiu.,1 uu older uf itttai'biuelit in Iho uhovu
uetion jot ihe sum of eighty-four lii S() dollars
and tliiily ucvcli eeuta.
Sib L )i- UOOlv.
WM. fit.KNX.
W 11. .Sl'ARIK,
EOOT 1XD snoc .' "tsiroiucM.
nAVfNO ; LP, A S Ml") THK , ROOM
XfiXT 1 11 TfiB IMSTOITTOI-:, und Iniving
puuhascd an exi client- assortiuciil of
ah vrr.u. A?f a 'rtmiti gtcicii ov
Leather anil Shoe Findings
We are prpp,ird t" make to order, on abort notice,
uny thiug In our line. ,
Of nnr old cit-tomers wo Invite n- eontiiiuaneo or
p iloini;;i. Mild to those win wwli to bu entirely
Mili'lled with 11,, Ii- piii'ehiise to iiive us il trial.
None bill tho be-t steek used, and Hollo but Iho
very be-t woiUuwu einpt.iye.l.
of the best imitiiifrtetitre kept constantly on Imnd,
uud ui.l le Ovid cheap us the chuapcit. ,
STATDILXT W T.U l'l).!H;ii)X
o;.' tub
Lcrillaril Fire Insurance lampany.
On tlie l.t tiny of Jaimnry, l8(i(i,
maile lo the Auditor Ohio, nir-
Hitatit to the Statute ol'
tl.at iState.
The nnnio of the Cinnoiiiiy Istht l.ouii.i Aim Fma
l.-,-i ihnck i:oiii-am', una is iocuicci ao. ioi
Liuudwuy, New York t'ily.
The amoutit of Its Capital KUick, all
paid up, u i,vuo,oo) ui
... ... U. AfitiliT3. , .
(timli of th Company on band, '
and In tho hands of Agouti unci
other net sous WI,V2!l Wi
, Ileal Kstulo unincumbered' 1,000 to
Tho lbinds and stocks owned by
Ihe Company (as per vouchers ac-
coinnanving.) " COl.i.'iO 00
4. Debts due the Company, secured
byinorigiie, (as pei accompanying
voneheis.) Clfl.JOB 1)0
6. Debts olherivlso nur.iircd, (as per
voiu liurs iic'eouiiHiiying.) ss.i.nn on
DolltS lor pi'l'Ulllllll-l ll,Uli til
7. All oilier iecuiitles (Intorest
S3,!'U (11)
Tulul Asucls of tbo Company I,IU'J,(!1 U
111. LIAIIll.nilis).
Losses unadjusted 13,05(1 00
iv. jnscn.r.ANT.ous,
The gronlest amount lusurod lu n y one rlV
ronling t-i eireinn-tiiiiees.
The gi cutest i.inouiit allowed by th" rules fo be 111.
pared in nny one city, town ur village accord
ing to eirciilu-lalices.
The gieulest amount allowed to bo Insured In any,
ono block seeording lo elreiiiiismuees.
TliO umoiint 01' its inpilal or uariihigs depimited ill
any othe Ktuto. ussccuiity lor losses lluieiu
none. The Chaiter. nrAct of Incorporation of said Com
panyon liui. :
Cue st v of Nkw Yoiik. )
President, and .JOHN ('. MU.I.S, heereUny or (ho
l.orillm i Firr usiirmir Cciiifoiij.l cing sevoinlly
bivolii, il.'lioi-u mid say, that tlie loiugoing is u loll,
true and col lect Muteiueiit of tho Hllaiis of Ihu
said Conipuiiy, that tho said Insurance Company is
theVbonii lide owner of ut le ast (INK IIi'nimikii Tun
i h.imi ioi4,iin ofiietual I'nsli Capital Invested In
riloeUs and Hoods, or iu Moitjjuges ou Ileal Kstuto,
wortli d' tiblo tlie amount for which tho ssnio Is
niiiitguged ; and (hut they are the ubove dusuilbed
OUteeis said Insurance Company.
CAItl.ll.K NOIivVOOl), Pi-fiilrnt.
JelllN 0. llll.l.H, S.octuiy.
Snbsciibeil uud sworu before mu, this illi day of
JllllU.liy, iMili.
v J Notary I'uUUc.
Oiticb oktiik ArniTon op Statu,)
Coi.i Min -i, O.. Jttuuury !i, l-'dli. J
Tt Is hereby certified, that tlio foregoing Is a
'correct copy of the Mntcmont of Coaditioii of tho
ijii-llhu-tl t ii' lnnr;nrc Company of Mow i'ork,
iniiilu to and tiled in this (m'u-u, (or tho year HbG,
Witiics., my bund ud seal olliehlly.
Iseai.. J IsTAMC.J JAS. Il.tiOODMA.V.
. .dii.iiiw- uj bliitr,
(To explie on tho SUt day cf January, 1W7.)
Orrii K ol-' tiih Ai nrrou ok Statu,)
I.Srl'KANlB Dl.lillllll'M',
f'oi.iMi.rs ()., Jniiiiiiiy Ii, lsiiii. )
WiiKHRAR, 'Hie l.urill'tril t'irt linarunse Cum
iiiiiii, located al X"W York City, III tile Ktatu ol
New Yo:k, has llhd 111 this ottlco n sworn stule-
nient of its condition, as reipuiuu oy mo nisi sec
tion ol the att "To ie;iiliite liisiuuit' C Conipnules
not Incorporated by tho KUtu of Ohio,'' passed
April H, ls.Ml.iind iiinindcd February ti, Isill ; ami,
Whereas, said Conipanyhas fiiniilied tbo iimloisigu.
ed sull'l.ietoi v cvblelieu that it is possessed 4 of ut
least on- aonb ii (lousnio ifofurs actual ro
eiipilo jiii'rsfdf le ttocks, or bonds , or in inort
(Mlies of real estate), wortli doiiblu the amount toy
whloh Iho same is inoitKugcd; and,
Wiikiik.is, tiuid I 'onipuny lius liled 111 this office
a written instrument under its corporate mal,
Mgucd by Iho J,resiUeiii' and Heerelary tlienof,
uiilhort, ing any agent or iiggnts of said Company
in this Statu lei acknowledge sorvico ol prooens, lor
und in I'thull ot said Couipuny uccoiding to thu
terms of said' law.
Now, theiel'oie, iu pun uauce of the first HOe llon
of the iilinesald uct, I, Jauks II. (Johman, Auditor
of Mule for Olilu, do hereby coiuly th.i said Lo
lillruei Firu liisiirunee l.'wiuiiauy ol Now York, Is
uuthoiizocl to truiisucl tlio business of Fire lusur
unee in this biu'.v until tliirty-lirsl day of Juiiimi y ,
iu tho year ono Ihoeuiud eight huudicd uud uiily
seveu. In witiiesa wbiueoftI have hereunto Biibscillieil
my iiionei and cuiHed tho seul of my ohiee to b
ulliieei thu day und ycurubcive wrilUin. ' (
J ASi. II. (IDDMAM. Audilor of filuto.
J AM ICS W ATKINS, Agtut, M CouucUvilJo, y,
JAMKS llot.UK.4-

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