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The Conservative. (M'connelsville, Ohio) 1866-1871, August 17, 1866, Image 2

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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I- - -
w tn. C L E S : : i : : : : : I.hK-r.
Democratic State ri jckrt.
ton FrmTr or statu,
01 Hheihy County.
Ton rppFiK juPfl,
Of Hamilton I'ntiniy.
roR irnwnrtt r.oAr.t) or it rue rrnnM,
Ol AkIiIhihI County.
Political Convention.
A Contention to n"m;nrx a ranli-lni f t Tun-
reioln tliit(ili l-'.lli) tfti i.-t mil l.c liclj in
T! tlinr lin urn when (in riirnl nnl ji itrltii
eflmt fli niiii I mu'lc tn rtntorc tin- V.ii' ii on .1
Jn.t ana r'il Iijkk. TI11 ritor.iti-.n olioy ol
Prttiilmt J"lin"n h'il'l I e ln,.isl nml 1 n 1. I,;.
The frimi'tf rnum inO'd in III V.t JlfHjri i.l
thr Krvrduien'it limeim on.it'ivil Itiglili. i:i!! n't 111
to t corn". I unit )nopr. unit should be Mi.t.iiin-d
All voleri., willi'.nt ilii.tiuili.in of ir'y. tvhn lc
liev II, nt il IUhk xrni-iK'i.V 1" tin- nwo.1
Ma'" of tlil I'l inn to Urtr.tniiir i-itelt fr it-elf tin
qiiflllll, Mlt'Tl of v It- . U'.d l" mo n d In tin
cnlrrinK f Hi r:;kt of v.t-im ui-ii liio t-i-:
tVwe Li, l Hie jut-flit linn-.iirj t 1 "" ;l
umpndnniiit of il, c mi-li'iiti'iii of tlir I nitiil
f-l-f. xlul-t r-lotm M.il.4 "I Hii' I'ni niiio i-x
-!u,lvrl ami i,rii(l V'l'if, I V I'.n-ir k-cin.t. i u : . I
T.r i-rt riiTul. r- in ti e p" "-i!i"ii "f 11 no -MincM-;
tlio-e vim nto n-'"'il ti ill'- fX-in.to'ii nl
5111:1 I-. IH'MilUi' . 1 1 I. MS IMll.l.Ali Ml
Hfi.Iin .if i!ih c.i.hiiy In-ill t.ix;ti 11. mo it
tuvor f nuikinij on r. icc. 01 t-nill l i'.ir it-
fdll Ul-ll illul Vl'.ali' ol lilt I llltlicl'ii ol t.lM.ti"ll I'M
til 1 m 1 i--. 11 n- ioii!'ui.:j inviliil I" unite in nn
tlli, it In iji el 111-111 1 Vit .in-l .i.rr ilie oiittoriSy
HKPhtH, HliD nit 111 t Iti-I lC h:ni C"NHl f ti'fll'
o 11 t-ift-iui l,i:ul.t, H. d loi tl,e itii'i'.uuti'iu 0!
Ily t-i-ln of tin- riilti'iriiitic (Votiul ;-(-mmit!cc.
J A.-. M. I. Al lA'Ul', C Un 11111.
J. K. (inl'I)Y, Mxnliiiv-
Tlio lio!crii is i'U tl.o iiRTi une In ('in
Cinna'l llure worn c'nli'y-ix ill iidn from
$'x o'cl-xk mi Kuitiiil'iy tvciiir'i; to h'x o'clock
or Suuiliiy evening. "
Cliolim is nn t!i docroMo in New York.
On f unilny llicru were ot.ly fifteen Ji'atlu nml
iLiriy-uine ens!".
OfTriiilh.foi, nation Inn been received nl
the Stat I)riiirtrneiit in WnsMiitnn, of t lie
ina'ignrmiiin of lliu newly c!i clnl ituic clTicirs
C-f Tl'X.18.
A ipei-iul to tlni Now York Ilcrnl.l .y
the 1'nrifl Inli ui il fiiuinciul fuln tu? lnire been
pn-.-c.) by tlic t.'utiu Jiuu t'.irlijineiit in u lnoji
Jied form.
.'t is bi lii veil ili.it lh e Iton crop th'n
year will tint ex.'i'id l.riUO.dOO biil'i", ur only
about onc-tLirJ nf ivhul il usiil to bo be.'oro
the war. ,
Tliotc is n report tlait ilin. SIi'iMnn In?
renigned tin; ci. nan mil e-f - t!ie New Orleans
Dep.tr tin-, n'.
Tlic ni'i iific'-iit nrt K'ill"ry in Iri ft.lon lins
been noli) Id IIi'kI.huI, nml tlin li. ili.-li I-anbie-inlor
nun wutcl.us over lit fulo'y.
Ti.e reinrt of i Imiera cimea ut Ht. Lou in
liowi lliut tin) epidemic in inei cunin in lliut
ci'y. TliCni teem to be coaiudtaable aliirin on
account of it.
Two innro pr-eni'liPM ione 'jiun necitly
arrested in tlie State of M i.-sntiri, fur proiicli
ing million tnliiiift tin-odlli. I'lt'lnr IlillniT,
A (liillinlie f -r i . s I n n lon.-villi', Mls-mui, m il
Ke.r. Mr. Winn, a li t-Kl.y li-r imi pronlier nt
1'a'niyrn, wore i m ;.r :-ni:f it . r ju .-in-liii: wilf.
nut tuking the oath, but wuc nu!'i"'i'jiil!y re
reubfJ on giving luiil.
'I lie Into lYtran invusinn ai d tlic riunora
Cl an intend, d rene'TuI nf tlio I tempt lo enp
ture Canada, laive iilarnn d our nt-iliboro, in d
and tliey nr providing for the puriliie nnd
1 niainti ranee of jruo bout en thu laUe.4 nn.l the
river 81. Latvreneo, not, Loweer, williuut '.nie
opposition in their owu cump on the score cl
tlic cprnso.
... A Cuiro, 111., dnputeli s.ryj nador ilnio of
Austibt 12: "Iho eteiniiir Cuiiiirwutul,
which poured l ero Inst night with a tlu'&cli
- meiit of the f'Gili Colin id Inrunliy, hud sixty
cau of iliulcid, induct d by eiiting rnw Cuba
Uigur, fix iha'.ls hud occurred. Only those
who lind enten niinr tvure sit k. 'I ho elemnera
Henry Ames und 1'iuttc Valley nUo had itick
ues3 on boind."'
-An initii.rtanl. ikbato took . h.eo in .i.e
CaitHdiiui rurlminuit eonci rain.- th' concn -
- - - f -------
viol) receully ninde to the Anierictni flshernien
by Iho Kiitflinh (Joveriiuient. Somn nn niher?
anil it an ueeeiomry to nnike the coin enkinn,
,u u ..i. , w ,, oi.,,.-,. Ota,c,,
t HrhiUt lllhr infiiihinft until flu n iri.uM tiruTur
4,. n..l... I.. '..I. .1... IT..:... I c. .
, wur to making 1 tin concri-sion.
,, "-Over one huudreJ reiorlers liavo beta
rcgibttred for the Philadelphia C'Uiveiitiou.
Jenorul Uaird, the Fret dineri' Duron 11
Ctuiuiauiler iu Louihlana, lias been relieved,
o Tim Wiwem for tho aceiiinmodiii ion of
Iha Philadelphia Con vonl ionl ion 1 the Ijrgrst
- and A next building ot the kind ever erected iu
ihc country.
Among; tho jironiincut delegates to the
Philadelphia (Junvention.are U.-tf.Benulors.lS;
U. 3. Kopre-euUlives, 39; CoDcrala, 13; I'.'j
0ovrnor. 73.
Tlio New 1'otk Ilernlil's Mexican eorre
pmiile.il fays t!it th Amtriiin iiotn-of-w.ir
iJnrti'il'iii lii-n conio to tin aiirlmrnee at Vcru
Ci ii7, hi (I tn t it K tr ;r on hoard a 1 ri'r rjMiin -lily
of priiriioin. It nits reffnrd'd n a fixtl
fiicr tl ift MuxiMiilinii nixl 11 lrMe b -ily Kuan!
r l At.tri.iii,n.j,,woi,M po.. rl.,.iK-1. !. ;
f-r Ivifopo. On li,-- .t,or I:ihh1 il is miM
liiii. iiui I.-vi:i c wi I 0:1 . r in ilrl-'UMii liy
, . 1 . t. .. . . . .
no i 11 1:1 ( os-my
i?ev r.ii I-. Urr-(i "Hi !?ni;ii 1
A mm .irliiH in liio City if M-xko mnl
on ( inz Inn) li-1 n in'i
c! l-v Mnsii..
-Mv.rii'ur,-,,!.!,,!!! i.iKcn , Uc. ,,.,iu Aim .
1 f lll'i", In iir Jii';l
iiii.fi.tuiitl. n veml
iiiillioii. of ilnli'ii' in iiik' liy Uiij iiu'iiii i turir il
tin. Inicri.l ti.Mi,y. j
Critnin AV. XV. MrCurty. formerly
of tho TSth O. V. V. I., hits hfin n'--n!niri1
l)i'uly U. .S. tV, lector li-r
this tonr.ty in j'l.ioo of' V. I'. S;ir.ioui
rrfhn, '. Tlio Oij-tnisi was a g:ili;int
fo!uii'i' and his a; pf'iiitnuiit. was ono
i iiiinciitly Jit lo b.1 liKidc.
X'c rlip tl.o iiLovo ffini our noiii
bour to police tho way in which 3Ir.
SpiM.tlO il-t OUt Of tllO C1CC Of (Vim.'C-
tor. It i-j a niisi-ilvo to f-av that M
S'l-r I,, li,, ,:.;,:. 1 lf,!:,! -.-,,,.t. it.
I'l-.i'Mivn-wriji,'.. Jlediil r.opucli Hung, j
He v, -as removed. Jt is contrary (,)
nature of things to miv that tin of-
i-,.., I ...t .!.,, ,,r.i,.. i i.i: '
,vl " .ui'ii' -lit ji.i i(i
or,t:' Oftho olheo holders of that
1'arty it may he said, as TlioiiiasJoiTor-!
"m ?:'.il ol the old redeial varlr. "fciv :
of th.c :n die, and none i
A Wonderful Congressmen.
lion. (... ). Ilulioard. lh pre; ental ivo
om est ir.'tnta. relicvs to iiecent I
tho extra y:-y ctnl at the close of tho
session. Mini at-cordint'ly has returned
to the Tn-isary a draft for ..'.iT ti !.
setit him as the m t amount of in reas
od Kila ry.
I Ti re is (-:ii Iioncl, then fire '-a won
ih ri'ul" no l-.i'ier'of the IhimiijConirros.
uuiiijai il v -. 1 1 -.1 tho law to increase i
r,i , .. . i
thopayofl'.o member, so as to save
the small pi. -anco of S100 allowed to
tho soldier who served hi5 three year?.'
in!' .i nn ti.
This Yo-. Virginia M. C. refuses
to take thy ?2.(i'.ll (iii. the iinioiint j
of his inc re, 'd salary. Why does he
tlo this? Ho is -a wc'nderftilCon-ress. i
man'1 uniting no many rogues ami plun
derers. YVc suppose that, whi n Hub
bard was elected, he agreed Intnl. o on
ly flh'ihit tho HOMiion, or 8C.,(;oi) the
Congress. Huhhard has been too well
raised to take i.nd put money in ids
jtocKet that docs not licnestly belong ;
to him, and, thereby, defraud the l.ov- j
crnmetit ami the tax payers to the '
ainoiiiit of the extra pay.
He, in doubt, like all holier t men,
has il g .oil .nn stiliicieut reason to urge
why lie should not take that whh h
does itul .' .il ly beh;lig to li i 111. '-Thou
shalt not steal."
The li1 "publican Di:'rict Convcnlion
met at Marietta, on tie.' Kith install!.
nii.1 unanimously i'.omin:.tcd lor re
election tho Hon. Tohiu.s A. liar.ts.
l)....... ,.., ..,..!.!..... .-. .. f
..... t.ii.i...-.- mi v ..i... s,.
He. ofcoiu-e, ih-if s a re-eh,. i i. .,.
He want i voles. The stealings abort
V.'.n hin: t -!i have proved g.,od. IK-j
wa::ls to renew t,e loi, so to gntl.er an-
other crop, plants has pocketed n :ar
?:!.000 extra pay. tho amount oi'increas -
od salary, over nnd abovo what ho
agrc-ed to tnko wl.on ho was fleeted in
XVhy docs not. I'hinls d j ns the Hon.
t . '. iiuiiiarit, Ji-pr.-.-.nt.itiv. troi.i i
V cut Virginia, i.nd refuel to
this extra pay volul at the close, of tlic
K. .Oil .' t 1,1' I I I'l'if,; .... ... i
. i . it.. . . . , . ...
tne a rraury ino i'.n'.'i, on, or lilor.
he has taken therefrom.
r.. r.r,i i, :i . ..- ,. , i . i.i
' -oo.o iwu.eis, mo.
lux j'.iyers, way Plants does not dis-
gorge i no extra pay nmt uo as the lion.
..I. tiii i .-ir . . . .. . i
c . i. iiunnarii oi y, t st irginia
done; hut we are safi.-.fiod and all
nun nuisl look al it in thesamo light
that, the Hon. C. H. Hubbard is gov
erncd by hojiest principles, and that
the Hon. T. A. Plants seems to .el bv
tho contraries.
Hubbard lels go tho ' filthy lucre.
in ..... i .i i . . , i .. , .
j lams nouis on 10 "1110 root ot nil
-vil- '
ITul bard i.s liom-.'.t, as far ns a Utir.vn
ntoniher of Congtvsu can be. ami in this'
parue.intr iswor.nj 01 imnarion.
, , 1,... ,. , ..
I J -'uis seems in i e in t nig (Usiiomsl ly
' .1 . 1 . i. m i
I hum i-.i.uiu ii iiioi'u.
Tho soldier, who gets by tho saino
law, raising tho pay of members of
.C01 JV(j11 efi(1()l) l0 ! 0,000 per
: '
Congiva -. only 8100 for three vcnr.V
hard ai d bovere service; nnd tho t:ix-
payer, who is. compelled to pay an ex
tra alio wit nec8, just or unjust, should, at
the pollri this fiill, romcinbot tho Jhn-
vrahle Tobias A. Plants, the Ilepublictin
oa . liituti, t o. tt.. , n..o toori-ue
will not Bny Btolofsonio men look j
pon it as no Letter) nearly f 3,000 ,
from tho Treasury as extra pay for !
about eight months service, whilst tho j
. .. 1 . , . I
poor Boldier was put oft w.lh only ?100 j
three years' Bcrvice. 1
ii,i.... e... ft. 1... . .1.
[For the Conservative.]
p'.MisliM). t'.rc niiiUors thai liiivo Li'i ti loo
Vl L.;i lun to the DcMC-cracv of thr 1
,., ;,, ,,n v n,-:,t,,.t (,r want of violence j
,, inv part. The of.'er made bv Cap'.. !
Jin. EniTOii: 1'trinit 1110 tlirourrh
tlio iiu iiititii of your imiior to U'Mrofn
n W( r-1 of c xil:uii.tion to t!ic miljscri-
v,t.,s pf ih0 f tock of tlio 'J)finocr:tic
1 ....,, mm.-I:,I ;..r. nfMov-fin inn nlr:"
- - ..----- j j
1 i 7 -n , ,.
1 1 . 1 , 11 ill .r ,1 it L. 1 I I ( Q i - 1 1 ,1 I I , . n ! 1
( uiiv lam on uiiiii r w Iiicli tlii. jtt fiocia
tion ui-i!:'.i.'d tlio n: 3, tnil ilu eulj-
"oqtifin "ucn.j.t to uoq luie .wio ci
. , . . . i rt
t ic "Juquuvr, and its uiiittiaio eua-1
count v to nooi
1 .. :,,! l l i r
wns put in charge ot t.io oonfcra wuh
powtT, lioth oxj.r. f-9 r.tid iti'jdicd, to
make Mich a (ii-ri 'lion (-fit, oili.'T ly
...1,. or oiiic i-ivise. as iron!,! la-l p.-rvV
I 11 II' ll,,l OVllLV,l;UkA
.i . i i , ! . ! '
tlio .taliishn;iiil r.na mppoit of a,
sound Dcioeratio ,.,,. v .per. In I
.. , i r;
..ehaivv m tho dm., s '....,. a saiaed I ,
1 .......... i - . . . . r ..... , ' . . . 1
HI'-'mF I A I :
i.'.c r.n-' .
as f ir as jM:..iM-
ui' ilc eoi!ipi.!iV.
tin. j
i xprctiilionn
A'.i-i li owcvi r inn. h '
1 may have u ,1 m,:-i1 hi tn.a r.-i-j-cr l, J
am not con ciou tiiat il can ho r.-vi'i.)-
., ...
Miicen was ine tir-t aim oniv
one ilia, j
l,ad l.-en made which I could feel
wnrrunt.-l in ac't'iiling and I v t lo -
li.iv. i.n.l irnsf tl.t. it' tl.o I )..,. lei-n-r
the couiil V j ln.i! mi -'a'.n 1 1
(V.ptnin in hi li'ovt by a g nerou
support nnd j-atronage. a reliable Heiii
oer;;tic and i "'oiixervnl ivo nurnal c;.ii.i
i .:it t. ,.,;;,,; .1 ; .!,.. i,-
ol' .'dorian.
Tin- tin ier. i:i!ied will with iier-:ire
exhibit to any one inlercfu :! a (1-. tr.ile 1
t . . 1 1 incnl of the v. i i ij.ls ri;d 1 1 i 1 ti i-s-ineiits
made i n h hall' ' i Lhc (. ncern
ditrinrf the ji.-rhd ;lh:;-.hi-n in ;'..-
iharro. lie.- tin ll'.niv suhmii! 1 i.
[For the Conservative.]
Mr, I- litor: I like the tit!,
paper, because it implies a
tllil1 huiis to linve reet iveil. ". i . :
but Utile attention or lUvor, and. : .
,',.-,,',,,,,. ,.,. n,i- nenioet on tho nart
of oar public authorities, the material
ir.lerots of the pi oplo of this valley are
iikciy soon lo bjeoinv most l.i'aliy par
nlized. It ij veil known thr.t tlio only puo
lic i in I'.i'.viiii'iil, Staio or Nalioiiai, in
,, !,;, h wo havoa direct l--:al interest,
th.tt oi tho r.Iu-kir.giim Improvemenl.'
tV.iit in the con-. i alien ol'lhis work
ail have a (h ci end pci inaiu nt ink -est.
and if it is pt rmifled togointo lh;.!
decay and diiapi latioli, whicli it scetiiS
is now contiiuplated, the great inier
cufs of agriculture, commerce and pres.
eiil. ami pro -pert Ivo manufactures, mu -t
receivo a imt-l fatal paralysis. Ilail
roial may be coitriicted aei'Os the
va'iby and le.ve their a-lvMihig-.-s ! .
romniiiiiitv. bn1 i;o i-Y-t-.'fi t'l'raili o..o
. '. ...
,v.-vV,.. ,i. can jn anv toii-rainv
dog re- toti.-tilrte a hi subM it lit e for the
-kingnm 'I n.j.r.iv. in . nt .
'i hi,, v.-o. k i,; nor,- j.artialiy kei.tr,.
by a Vi ry .!,.. I. by sy;feiiiol'pit!.-!.v...rli,
jalid wli.-ihor ii in tho fault of Iho K-.-,
,'ts, , that of iiie Stal.t ani'boi dries, or
both, I do no! pr, (,-ad to le ide. hut il
j:, maiiii'. sr that il. is rr.pidly tending i .
l.'.e ;.!ii ti'iu. The lUir.l of i',.n.;,-
Works, who.-t. duty it .ioitbii-s ii i ,
;.fv that tl
-I norm
tin-ii" 111
gogi'im n
wi.h tin- !r. na.de their
ovi i-1 1, work soinv n.on! In;
, . .,
, ' i", .,.v; i,n- 111.1111.. ii iiii-tii-
... -.'.,, ..'.- .. . ' , I.
iiijH 'fi'OJH' Ul'. y K I .'Ol'llleii Uieii-ilo-
. . : , ; ii i ,i , .i
. i '
i is .11 K 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 : : I 1 1 , 1 ' T i -. . i , I .
1V than one o!t!,o Io,-K. , the night
.,,,, xsA, joo, wlihoul any pretense ol'j
examining the situation of ll
M111011 j
triietini K coiinecti.'d with Cue Iiiiprovi -nient.
The thri.e (oimlies thl'f'llgh which
this work- has b.'.. n con. trin.ted, nave
an aggregate taxable basin of ever
thiriy-one milli.,;is of ib i!ai'. and with
respect to the J'delity of tax-gatherers,
both State and National, no coinnhunt
n .
ol matti nin.n
has been IfVard. Then
why is if that, our intir.r!s an
iv ovorlookerl '! And again, in view o
the i'ma
facht, w hv is it that
' ul
''" '!
eiu so iiidili'eretil to th.ir in-j
. ...
li re -is tvnteii are now
1 -1
leoiiariil.eil ;
A V 1 1 v.
Ktt,niil jU(.lk.0. ir0 will never live to '
Lo tried by an .-arthly.tribiii.nl. Hois
I'm 'thoi on the road to the grave than
l'10 ""'si'lo world has any idea of; and .
IT" HT f '
tlio press tho Hullerings ct Jef.erson
Davisaroat an end, and ho will bo holler j
oil'. f Cor. Memphis P.ullet in. .
Tn k Health oi- J 1:1 k. Davis. An
proaohing )id Point Comfort,! could
keep from thinking of tho proud ,
neiu't heating tin re within those walls
like a caged ingle, and I
i.i 1
iialth was not what hul n ,1. , ......
,ctitedaiid that his life wuh g . , .!,dy
.ut surely oo.ing away. Man.- my
.reliction t Tho only trial Mr. Davis
will ever have will 1
' 'w
at tho bar of
What They Offered in 1864.
In July, 1SGI, Mr. Iloraeo Greeley,
tlio editor of tlio .New York Tribune,
-wliiuh lii'pcr now 'io.-.3 I'rcfidcnt
Jolinxon'" iml icy, bt'intiHO. mi il ullcgos,
it is too fuvovuhlo to tlm Sotitlt, wroto
the following letter to IVcsidcnt Lin-
nnln -
- --'
NEW YORK, July 7, 1864.
o;n. Jt'only with u vi'.w to tlii mo
iniu r.-.rntou:: cli mUn v:-on to m-i-tir in Ni-i Ui
"1- '1'lie 1'nion i.i jysloii ,1 itiid !e
thc l':,1'!" ", ,
'Nr I;:.u .Sir: 1 mtrcat
voit, i:i vour own lime rui'l jnnrni.T, to
p. ,1 1: hi , I i- i - i it i .
Rul.-ihit ovci lures I'm!' pacilica! ion to tlio
.. i.lf..,n..c,Urt. wIi.:h the innmr-
ti-tl pin. ' ir"H-n.m:o frniik isirJ ,"i nor
.,. (ii I n::, uiim i.h iiio man 10 vj rn.or
ili l r.u th
:r' .i m uio iric runes, iin' nn'uni in;
dc,;,,, J:l c.,.0 l v, 0lil,l J;iv the sato
0i ;! m ! iv(ii',nd i,y the r.-lul envoys
tit X i :;;ra rn. np'n tlnir paro'e lo avoid
i,vl il ''' li',lin !r',ni
.. , . ... , ,1
t"r.i:;!l!i, ii.ai ion uilii iiie'r r niiiil n i-I
, , , , . - 1
!". I' d? VA itilw"
V o,.l..iin-r l . l.ill.lM.,,,-
,hr. n..n t!.. 1 1 or .!hcr , c d-, .-.
T .... I i I.-,, '! ,.,.,1- (!.. ,,!,
I eii'i'e;:! von f.-: to iita.lco th" Null U
mi p,-iiile cc .i;p:-ehi nd th..'i yt'it l i d
f el in a:.- ;in;;ins lor jieac:.-, ami
,'. I'll:',! In T:'. a t 1 1 hi r.i! ! i -I-1. is. I vi li -
,,.,. , sl tK, ; .K.j-.viii plan i f
adiii--1 no nt.
- .-i.-.n;. n i.-i.-iiy atui ivro.'-r
j - , , i t ,, , . , ,
I I I ., I I. 1 l l I I I ' ' I I I I - n . I IIIM r", I , 1 I . ,
't. A coinnlete an. in .!. li-r all no
il!:c:tl oi'Vn-c.-. with a r." !". c( ion .fi:
the inliahita.i; i .f. ,tfh S:: le to all lh.
l i vih'gi.s 1 iti.;ei:s (.j t ,o
;..t. .0
!. The I "iii in I .i pay f'i'.i'
, . j
I red
itJiion Uo.lai s it it;.i,iai',i.o:i;
el' I erit. I 'lli!'. d States
slock (o
and feci-
the i
bde fiave ,Sa!c:. loval
lik-, to lo i.j.p.-.rlioise.l pro r
ita. re
-li 1'.
Cul'iiing JO t neir ! l;; e
Jiictively by the (el
ei.t,ili,'l:si,t inn fi r (li,
o( l-:.;o. m
iy- i s i i i : i e i r
loyal ei.ieir- by the ai.i'.li; i-'li ol'
".". T'le ;:.!! Si ;.! ii lo b
eid.i!h '!
liet i-ei u i a
i.iaiinii in l!,..
ti !r ti r..l, in
1 -li I :it ion, tho
JI..;:.-e on the ha- t.- t-t
stead of their lulu al
whole hciiiL.' now li'co.
"!. A National Com enlion. to h.
assembled as srioii a inay be, to ralily
' i i adj;:.-t:nent and make Mich chr.n-
m the ( 'otist ii r.i ion
may be I
..ceiaoti :i'l ve-alie. -
"Yut'.ri trill v.
The Kailiclihi would have aceeited
iheso terms, and yet they now make a
.'.re:il fu -s about President Johnson's
po'iey. which i not near as favorable
to the Soul h tin their own proposition.
"HORACE GREELEY." Sustain the Restoration Policy
of the President.
A'e noticed recently the significant
fact that John (Viimy Adams favors
tho l'hiladt lj.-liia Convention of the
I'Ji Instant. We are pleased to Ho
lier that the rhihnklphia North Amer
ican an old conservative, Henry
Clay 'Whig paper is compelled to de
clare that "our country has been so nn-accii-tonii
d to nn h burdens lis this
va.-i debt, that all who conteinplr.le it
as wo do. with uncas'iK-. the conipli
e.i 1 1 ! and c,m,',;M'. mass of taxes imw
inn'. le I up in i.s aa eon: cipn n'v of
tin.; i!i !t. not-1 be rejoiced at this noli-
'." I. ibid itig lo tile Olli'.-e of t he' 'i',.-i-
'o..t i i'i-!in t.oii being tin; s.'tih d de- j
I. rin. nation ef the l iow.-ni.ieiit." It
- j i' a .i d to a i i :
"i'i eijd, i, l .),,!. n. oil ha-i , referred j
the tlir. e! ati.l ' hvl'ias j.Ian oi'i'i'lri-ir.-h-I
-. i , i e i 1 1 itiiiii.il.'. i
of i'!!, r,;l:i:.
I e.el ton
.nt re
r lno (
f f: oni .
more on. Tons I, unions ol tr.xation.
."ive bin! credit lor Ibis nolii-v l'alii-
r than any one c hi i-an-e it wa.s a
:irv of ii i ,i,l
Whole I last loiitieal:
j , '
ei.e.i wie always rep!, ir
of low taxi-linn, ( In ai
in! sininlieily of iidurin-'
. r:.i Ive '.. rii
i.'ini .11 of the
1 '. .irn d' i-i a
ie c.-ii,iier, d Stat. on I he
ace, and ili.-bandnr nt of'
.ii- s iiiul i-wariiisof uhieiab,
nr vi.-t a;
, , t . ,
saving tlic nation hnn-1
i , ,. . i .. , ,
(ii".a. oi nin.ioi.s (. i (ioiiatv a:u
is we,
a.nr.,ve.l of his action the,,, w-t have
sii'.-e seoi. no reason t chait-o our
The people will'o.. in the abovo .go-"!
leas,, fur sustaining (ho J'
to rediH o the expenses of tht! ( iovern-i
and to thi:t 1 nd uphold his re--
lora'-rm i'-i.ev, v. en li. it it j.re ail.
save iiiiilions on millions ol dollars
to the public treasury.
Democratic Victory in Kentucky.
tion ami joy. This brilliant result in
Kent ueky throws a refulgent light up
11 on Iho tlarl; political gloom in which
w e have been lor long years enveloped.
H i'n r
niornl J ho days of bayonets, ot mar-
1 iu! law, of military tyranny, nro pass
for ing awny, and with them fado tho
cy and limlicals. This yeiir the Demoe
ot racy have a majority that runs high up
Noblv has Iho political canipni..i ofj
iMii; oiH-ned. The lirsi trial of stivn.'th
1. 1 no iirsi 1 rial ol strength
bet.wecn 1 he I'ri.-n.U and enemi, s of the
President's policy has risuhed in an
overwhelming victory lor tin; loruier.
I., r.ln.i- I,.,-; t.,..l..,l it.,. il
wi,', .irit ml lnomenl uui.
vi . 1 1 .1 - i',i" ri.u iv'i 1 1 1 j I'
It. inu d be taken up and rolled over tho
-Xorth and roilh-v,e-t, J,a,-t year the
wJ 1 .. . .. ..!.. . .. 1 1 . . I . 1 ' 1 . ,
noun w as nearly cijiiany ill vinen 111 I tie
political contest between the lemoera-
into t ho tons of thousands, ' Wo have
every reason to believe this gratifying
eliano,. ;., ,,liii, l m.ii,hiii i ,. ......
sister State is but its share of the poli-
tieal revolution that is to hweop over
tho whole country. It is, therefore, an
indication of coining; events that, is well
cah.tilaled to inspire general grntiliea-
hopr nnd prosjToets of that party
which can only titrivo tiion 'iolenco
und arbitrary t'orco. Vith free elec
tions tho J)cmocTiu'3' will tiain return
to power every-wherc, and oncn nioro
asserts its well-known and time-honored
ascendency. This is u very dilVer
ent coinnienecnient of the fall election?
fioin that to which the Radicals lmvo
heen for fioiiie 1 itno iiccuslonied. They
can dit cern in it the handwriting upon
the wall.
Kentucky leads the van. htiL in her
rear arc Ohio, Indiana, Jlli.'.ois, JYnn-sylv.'-.nia.
New Jersey tu.d Xew Voile,
which will, orelon:.'. cj-en npon .theinin
Mill horuur lnaocr:,t,ic tluinde;.. Tim
l.iial h hi'.otis which have prevailed
fue'iii:,' liirj'c rdasen of ju:nile arc being
(li:-pi. iled by the progrcea ( f evcnls.
There i t giiiheving in (lie political hori
zon a whirlwind of popular indignation
that will sweep them i'toiti tho Jiov.er
, .. ' ;i;,,ii ,. i.,,,, V , ,i r-.-i ,
tne - iitons they have .!.-r:i-otl. i lie
" ''V if"'"hl ilcrli";'
jisill.,,;i. f,,(, .,. l iiin-cHj-iiesI, ol'
, , , n!l0 m!o J1. v.
t 1 a o
tlr.v liav.'so tin wort Inly ueil. ati.l trotn
roi ii i,t.
The Kaiii'V.is
mav iiiv. ;.t n 'ir.t i :cu-
m tin y pb'a- e for thin Waterloo d.-feat
hat I hey .iil ten nalisty t'.ient-ielvos
m i 1 1 h s the ceinn-iinily. 'I In y may
y.'.y il wa.i a vii-lory oftlie gr.'iy ovi r
the blue of si ces-i'iliisl.; over the ln-i-
tiisls; bill i.ppci.eil to this hi the l'"'t
cf a majority el' lo.O'h) in a State that
si-.c.l t.i give lo.ooM jigMini-t i- ir -'.-in
a:,d for tho retention -f iho State in
lh 1 Cnioti.
Y. t,., ,1.1 0.,. ,.1.1 7." ..I.,.
ni r ii .ii, i.iii. .if. i-.'i jvit.iii,i.
In. i ben yuar t'oo.l fortune to lie
nr.- r atnoii : t TV Mates t ,iat Have I liro'.vn
i iie 1 ratnini Is of .1 ,i'-i .lii i.isni, nnd
again to s ; n i: 1 forth m the plen i! ade of
'oi;r alien tit d
I v and renown.
The American Nero.
1 1 1 i .ii r ori siioinii.tit ol
,, . ,-..'i,.-,l!v nioiis and niouslv radical
t. the New York I u h neiidetit. is
a,, . i( . , i n n si.-i-ionn tih i-io
cot i.,n;. i'i spoitiiin.; tit tho.icw
)i li'.n.s rii ! he ; ays:
'."ir. Sl.'.nton. wiio was r-:o bol l dar
ing the war. is trrnihliug with fear and
remorse in the shadow of his oliiee.
:: :: ..
The Kooret of hi t conduct is this: ho
was brutal during tho war, or ho is
tinie-servin-r now. and ho is nfrai I to
l.:ive t(, x-rimjirtny of Iho rrcsident.
S o long as he stands with Mr. Johnson
ho in Mire of protection nginst tho
Copperheads, who hate him. Can
Congn-s, or tho Radicals outside) of it,
protect him? J suppose not. Mr.
Sianton perceives tho fact, and menus
to save hirnst If from persof.ilion, if ho
can caring more for tho immediate
proi-oiit than lor tho future."
"Wo nro inclined to bclievo that the
Independent's correspondent give.-) the
true reason of Stanton clinging no de
terminedly to his ofiico. Il is fear and
remorse that makes him slick ho close
ly to JohiirMin. Tho President should
shako him oil", as well as th.t other
Tlisgraoe to the American character
Judge Holt, of iho Military liurenti.
He cmi lievi'i' In) warmed up to by
J 'emoornts, so long as he retains those
two infamous characters tibout him.
'iiiciiina'.i Kiupiiivr.
[From the Terra Haute Journal.]
Votes with such "Copperheads"
as Johnson and Seward.
;:;-0 p-,i;, vole this . fall, nnd with
lyoitr indulgence. 1 will answer lor my
i !!.! f throirrh your columns:
1 vo'.- d for' I.itwolii nnd Johnson,
;..nd I ftii-v indorse tho indiev of Mr.
right to hold property, enforeo con
l.nni. rael .-, and t e t y in cotirfs, but lam
j f.pposod lo his volmg and holding of
wi!l , lice.
j 1 am 1 n f..vor of admit t ing to Heals
1 in Congress, all hiyal rcprcprosciila-
j tives from tho Soiitliern State.s;and am
opposed to lYi cdnien's Ihireau bills,
!1" jtlu''' -ehonies, or taxing while
I !i:a :'.s!:"d dailv. how Johnson men
.loi.iiMiii. Sii.'li beinif Iho fact. I sha 11
vole for no la.ui ibis fall v, ho dons sup
port his i lui-ition policy, and oppose
the radio;. 1 and l'lininous ineinurea of
'Si.-Vi n... Smaller A." .'o.''
CiniT.ol tain the lien nosed nim-nd.
i i
m.-nis to the Coiifiitution Tor many
i i asoiio. 1 will name hut one here:
It is the nr.,,io-,ilioii to make all ''citi-
. zen;i in the I nil "d Si a tea and ol the
Slate-: in v. b.icli they reside. I think
his i ; i irtendod to give them Iho ritrht
of sulVrage. It gives neg'roos (he right
(., ho . a! I e er.i oiliees. from Presi-
dint down: and if it gives them tho
right to hold olTioe, it eci'tainly gives
thei.i the right lo vote.
j oppose all oipiality and iiirtership
with negrois in allairsof (iovi rnincilt.
I am willing lo trivo the noLrro an cnual
1 .. ,.iii.i.
men in support 1 no niaeics.
I am salislicd that the ih-iirest inler
e'loftho (oitidry, reriuiro all good
I ( itir.. 111 to forget past party alliliations,
i '".'".V to tl.o support of the veeon
sirucuoii jioni v 01 nn; 1. iwi 11 in.
J am of i. ii asked if I am goini.'jtosup
ptrrt "butternuts" and 'eopii i iieadH '!''
1 ain wer, that J support antl vote with
such "copperheads" us Andy Johnson
and William H. Seward; ami will vote
for and support tho men who are in
1. n . 1 ' I . 1 1 ;
'ivoro tlieir policy ol reconsirucuon,
regal'. Hess d' what views candidates
""'J' '"lorlained on issued that
1 111-0 l's'i',l K"110'
-' H i-s hard for one to eepnrato from
lllH 4)1,1 I,''d""'l ties, but I can not, and
will not support any parly or candi
date for oilieo whoso leaders denouiico
our iioblo President as n traitor,
f'.;3-A New Orh-ant iliHpaich BhttCB that tho
military null niilici hnd informed Mayor
MonrriO to mnko no more appohitnicpla, or
perforin any oilitr official acts, wilbout their
HUSLNESS DiuiscTouy.
k. m. rr,txnPBT.
w. w. rui,
ilonui)s at ?ato,
CITKX Srcjr.il olory of jlji'ris' Pai.'dinj,
t -7" t.n il l.i-.l'i.?m promptly nt!otnl"l to, ni
ni 1 1.11 11 iu iilinii ttiven to Hie culi'-i li'iit of nil d'nilil
f,il I'.liiim-:. 11 11 .1-1 jr
W. 13. HEDGES, M D
riiysiclasi mid Curgecn,
l:ei't rtltil'y cfToi M rr,ifelonal nerrirM tu th
fit tea. of M'C'uni.tUvillo ami vi jlnity.
11 1 it;:, n;o.T nco.n oven s:o.rs store
Wiiero 1.0 rnn 1,P fminil r-t nil lime, ilny or nielli,
V lion not prf'nXHioiniliy ul'itut,
0. H. r.M.Cl.f.
t- 1.. miliar.
attorneys at Law.
tnossKLsnu.r:, 01110.
13. F. r 0 W E 11 ,
(il i Ki: nilli J. K. Ifiintia, Ctiilir Slrfrt,
m c o n n 1: 1. s v 1 1. l r: , 01110
a;.:i ly
r. w. ,n.
r. n. roHD.
Adornrjs am Counselors nt Law,
F. B.POiND, Notary Public.
13 A 11 G A i JN S
WM. C.'.KSX.
i. A. KKLI.Y.
OITTCM Souihwcsl Corr,or of Public Square,
auj. ly
w. A. lull..
- r. SILL & CO.,
Pry Hi'cils, Crottricx, Xolions, Tinwart, Trnnks-
Oppo Otc o.irt llu.Ki', M'CoiinclHVllle.C
ISouiity ! Bounty !
QOLDIMUS, WIHOWK. &a., IntereRtrd In
0 the IbU' law rqiinll.liiR liin.iiMen, mo illforinfil
tlint Die uiiil.'isi).'n,l H piofuiioil to attend In tint
k i ii.t of I i:ineiit n illi tlinjiutiili mij 011 teaaoiiMljIu
til 1111.
Willows. C'liiltlrrii or llif riirouU of Soldirri
uiintlieil in it'i vice of illu-ac nr wnitmlii rniitracleff
01 rei i'hi'il in line of ilnly , will rm-olva tlio Mine
rannntil 10. vnnlil Iihvo lrf i n rniil rite Mihlier ltiia
Ki'll liu.1 l. H'lvi"! IiU hill ti'ini of enli-tintoit.
JAM lid M. OA VI. 01! 1 1,
nul . C'Utim Aisent.
At tin; old tand, in tl.o three utory brick, nearly
t'.ini.ile tho l'oi-t llouae.
romicetrully Infonrw tlio olttstona of Morgan county
lliut haliei'im oio.tiiutly 011 Intinl a lull u "oitnient
i-r On) Viii iii.inii ii. li- iwnillj kcot In a liit ehimi
tiioi-i-ry rhoie, cunnison in iinrl of
Ten, lUilli o, riiiKnr, Fb.li, Hodit, l.iccH, Canned
Fin! Ik, Cove ll mem. Kyi-unt, Che "e .Cracker,
1 us . ii, VVniifltviiru, 'I iil.ui co, c'litra, ltuk
tin, Killu t'owili-r, lilnHtiiiK I'nwder,,
Fn.e, i'utkii'H Vuru, lied
Cord-, tluiiilfi Hope,
J.uid Oil,. Cm Lion
Oil, io
Ac,, 0
all of which will be nold ut tlia Tory lowest pricci,
either at wliolesule or lunnl, tor cuU or a.nroveil
country pc. diice
'J he hiKlient mui ket prlct jjuld for all kluiUof
Couutiy 1'iojiice
l.vciy aiiiole told at tbli ntabllibmeut U Villi
rt ANTf.O an reiucseultii.
Jy'.'O If

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