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The Conservative. (M'connelsville, Ohio) 1866-1871, August 17, 1866, Image 3

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jjc Conscrbalik
- - AUO. 17, isr.o.
ST All business ertnining to tlie Cokssb-
Tatiti office (during our absancc) can be trans
acted with It. B. Moon.
;jr9 Soldiers' clnims collected promptly and
on rnonsble4erma. Particular attention givn
to ths lata law equalising bounties, Ac.
Office SouthwcRt corner of TuMic Square.
Oil Strike. Kuhn & Co. made n
fine Striko of Oil, cn lust work, on the
farm of Joccpli M'Ciinloek, in Bloom
township of this county, ut tlio depth
of one hundred and fifty-four f.-ct and
'six iuchc3. The prospect is r.aid to he
a good cue.
Morgan County Fair.
1 he Board of D'ncetm of 1 1 Morpnn
County Agricultural Sociity tu1;(f tilons'ir.i in
. announcing to the public that they have m
, etfaird the Premiums to tc awarded at the
. coming Fnir
And widi tic introduction ol soma m w
(futures, feel ofurcd tint the. nit nti'.'( moot
will conduce to l lip holding of n successful fair
this lull.
Tli Fair nil! he In !d on Tuesday, WedinT
' 1T and Thur.d.iv, Octufer 2d, 3d and 4t.li,
' lf?G6.
' The Fidiiium L:st will In tuMMicd next
week.' liy o.der of tlio fi iard.
I. O. O. F.
'J'lit icrcrul l,f.ilgi'Sconiiriuipg tlic Cl.it
Dintiict ut tLe Oid'-r Odd Follow will luive
gruind I'unoi.&tmlion, Oiulicn nd I'u-k-Kio
Piiii.er ot MtOrm !i vi!!o, Olio, en
Wdiici.dnT, Pi ji'itiil-iT lOdi, JSCC.
The ord''r i f ir ce-ii'ii nnd pri gr.-imnie
will ha puMi.-le J in due time.
Tlie n'l iiilein id tho i idn, thi ir fnnii'.iii) nnd
friend) nrc coiiliully initid to liu wiiliuud
parlieipnle in tie festivities id the dny.
.ond niuiie will lie en bin d, and evcrythi-jr
Iifco.iirj tuii't in j.ii alien r.nj g vl to li.c
Cenie, brotlcrs and frimdi, end lot us l.avt
gala dny that we can leun mbi-r with ri!i
onj plejeure. 1'y oidir of tlie Fxecutive
J. U. 0UL;J)Y, Urm;d Marshal.
Z-tnt-ivillti and Muiietta puperi ate rciueted
to copy.
Death of an Old Citizen.
Jauk Jot, K-q , of Homer township, llii.
COUn'y, died very puddeiily ol Suvnunnh, Mo.,
ou tlic3d ins'. lie Jell lit lac on Mondny ti e
30lli.,ond wliil-j on tlio way was attacked with
the cholera, from wbie-h he died in a khort
time. It ii uaneeemary to give any account
of Mr. Joy's firmer lif, 01 ull llmt knew him
teppcuted him. liu w.ii a kuvcc-pIuI, Iidiksi
btnlncaa mnn. J i is ft i tuln arc many, lie
Icavuj a lurp fuinily lo mourn lie) lot of u
dorutud liushund und an ofTcelionalo lather.
Soldiers' Free Tuition.
The StutC ol Oil iu has - provided by law fur
the Fducntion ol tlio.se Volunteer tjulJie u,
who entered the tci vice at tin use, when young
rueo aie al ecliool or at college. W'e aio rc
qusted to publish the fullowiug lor tin ir in
lormation :
'"Any lionornhly di,thnrgtd Volunteer is
entitled to freo tuition in the Ohio Univen-iiy
at Atheim, for t long time ts he was in the
service under age.
'Soldieia nvnilint; thcmnclvcri el this pro
viuion niuat procure lietn tl.o Adju'aul (jen
rra! of the Slate, a certificate stating tho thic
spent in the service u a minor. This rertiD
cate will Lo their ticket of uihnit-.Mon to the
University. -
"AppllcunU for udniifsion to ho Prepara
tory Department ol ihe Univereity are i
quired to be ri'inontcd willi Arithmetic
through Vulgar and iJccininl Frnetions, and
- with Kngli.sh lo nu. nin- lliieiiK'li B'yuii.Ioy.
All who amy not bo odvuni-ed u far. t ir.di
catcd fthould cpciid ut Inint one term nl public
iCr other schoola, preparatory to npilying for
- admirsion to the University. Ti e law uivet
. tbem free admission lo the public sehonU. Tlie
Doit term will commeucn August 20 th.
Another Head Brought to the
Colonel A rtderson, of Newark, has
'Icon cjrointed Tot-linusler in that
place, C. il. (irili'm removed. Cause,
tho former Kustainsthe adminibtrf.ion,
Jutter tho radicals. AVho is to he the
next victim? Ve await with patience
tho announcement. All right, Mr.
Courier. Signal.
J. Alkxandkr's 11-u cioai? is still well
applied with largo stock nl drug?, nicdicinuf.,
wall puper, patent medicine), pitiuls und dye
stuffs and all articles pertaining to (lie Itrng
Call an! gel Rings Unrivalled TTuIr Itesto.
tGF Bacon, pork hum's nnd lard (or sale at
i& A few kitts Jt new mackerel, cnoght
last roonlh, just received at tks Grocery Store
cf D. I). MRTI.RV.
Democratic Nominee for Judge.
The Democratic Judicial Convention
held hero on yesterday nominated A.
P. Bloc ksom, F.sq., of Zmiosvillo. Pur-
j ticulurs nest week.
"And urn Hund Smau. c'kr"' by ellinf
(n T. I'. N"TT, at Morris' Jl irdwsre Store,
who, it Is f.( tiTulIy known, hns been I'ftfc.'ed
willi Fore (; i" for twenty. fiv(S yours, nnd Iriv
lrir been mud tf tlic nie nf J. V. llnrdy's
Kye Halm, takes .,lcnsure iti nj'lj lug any in
need of a cure.
Hrr.n Whrat for ?b1o t.y J. F. Sonn.vx
(tisk, McCotimdHvilU'.
Equalization Bounty Bill.
As rie..-.ed by f'oug;' a July !7tl, l?t, .!)
t'H'" additional County
T every hom.rc.b1y iiii limbed robin r who
diluted i:i iln' nriny of tlio t'uitrd f'li.ii since
A.ril 19!li, l-i'.l, fur tliric yi in , cud nrrvrd liia
ttnri of t iilirlriK lit. nli'l wlio linn rcoivtrd or
won cntitlc'l to n fivc lint jH'O l.onyly.
To rvrry aurli aoldlrr wlio lini b u dis
clinr'oil r.n acroniil of wtMiiuli ri'iMVod in Uio
lino of duty Ldnrv bin term of i n!it niciit rs
pirol find.
To tbc witUi, minor rbiMion or jmr. nt, in
tlio order nrm-' d, of nny m1i ildii-r wln diid
while in tb ki rvire or from wound ' ri-ci'ivi-d
cr dicno rontiiii tcd while in (l,o ici vioe of tlio
t'nitcd bti.ti r 100.
as istKri-.n rcxtitoK
hn nlfo brcn ninti'd by a ii'iint !,nv
To id'iwa of ri wlio bivo iii,d in the
nrniy, cr to tbo chililrcii if tlio widow Iim ili'd
or n uinrrioil .;2 mr month f"r inch rbild
n. . r i i i i f . ii
To kii.iIhm ln I.hvo 1' it n fe it or n hnnd nr
been diititblud I'ounl to tbu lo,n of i. luuel or fi it
'j n-r Month.
To obtain the incrente ppni'i'iii n i.iw npplicn
tinll I.lU'.t bo li'.lnl'.'.
TlialU Mo.MIll KXTIli TiT
ini4 ben cninti'd every ouV'.r who wr.n in rem.
mi.ii.ion Mureh 21, 1-CS, and ri-i)-iird or wio;
liot.or.ildy di ln.r-cd after April 9th, I'lC,:,.
The unili riif;nrd will r. ;:iUy atli iid to'nll
Vfllid . liiinis undvrtho si.vt i-i.l l-.v of f 'onro'.'U
;rH!iliti.' Ix.iit.tie-i., pt'.iioi.r, c::l..t pay, &.
i!:iiig wi;h you i.!l prpvri in jour ioi:ic .'jlon
1.11. h a iliHrhiiron, ho a to uialio out
"ifivt n; iiiea'.n t.s.
JAM I' M. f.AVI.or.Ii.
AuthorLut Militjry Claim Aj.'. nt.
M'i'oni.. i.-iville, liiiio.
ft.-;' l'xtin hi,
ut MouTi.rVs.
;ur cuied dried hevt fir F.ilt
l.CX-'l'o tierces of extra family canvased
lams just received at Mi hti.kv's Uiocery.
Poor Men Paying Rich Men's
Yc were struck yvlerday hy the
remark of the portci of one' out' 'Wal
nut street linns, who came into the
store saying, snlto rice, ''Jt heats all
it Ileal s all." On hcing asked what he
meullt, h said hi; luul jil-L heen up to
the tax ollti.e. and ho there i;aw poor
men paying rh h men's taxes, and they
didn't scent to know if. That was so.
There arc thousands of millions ol un
taxed honds held by tho wcallhy, that
draw from tho . Covernmeiit six per
cent. p r aiiiinm in gold. What they
ought to pay and don't pay in tho way
of taxes has to ho mad'' up hy thou
who are liirced to pay them. I'oor
men. laborer ;i.ei hanics, 1'armers and
small capital!.-;: h;ive to )n,y the rich
nieii'n taxes i. , v II as their own. They
may not uoo It just .now. nor feel it
either, hut they soon will willi such an
extravagant, proiligato and corrup
Congress ns now controls the legisla
tion of tho country. Cincinnati Kn-quire;'.
A Prussian Insult to the United
of n late, us it claims, outrage ott
ered hy tho Covcrnincnt of Prussia to
the United States. It says:
Purser AViechel reports to us that
as the steamer was leaving tho-dock tit
Brefhorhnven, on tho IHth of July, a
Prussian naval oliieer boarded tho ves
sel, which lay tinder tho guns of four
Prussian lui-ol'-wai' and demanded
that ouo of tho seamen, named Charles
Bcrger, shipjH-d in New York, should
he surrendered to him. Captain Jones
of tho lialtie protestod'agaim-t this out
rage, but us his vessel vas unarmed,
he could tlo no more than protest, and
tho seaman was finally delivered to tho
Prussians, and tri.io-l'e rred to the Prus
sian man-of-war .Nymjdio. .Mr. J!d
ward l.'lrichs, our Consular Agent, ac
ted dike a good (iennam burgher, but
not as an American citizen,' acceding
to Purser AViechol's account, and the
consular certificate which accompanies
his loiter certainly displays exl raordi
nary meekness. The seaman did fiot
wish to leave tho Baltic, but was drag
ged from beneath the protection of tlie
American Hag."
The Herald, not in 'the least afraid
of that needle-gun which haa used np
Austria, makes tho following sugges
tion : .
"In tho name of tho people, we de
mand that Secretary Seward f-hall im
mediately dispatch a special agent to
the Prussian Covermncnt with a per
emptory note requiring tho immedi
ate release of Borger, an ample apology
lor the outrage, ami such guarantees
for tho future as will prevent tho oc
currenco of any bimilur 'affair. Jt
would bo Btill better to Bond a messago
through tho Atlantic cable, accompa
nying it with orders to our lleet in tho
lloditerancun and to tho commander
of tho Miantonomah to bco that our tie-
mnnd is enforced In tlio most summary
manner. A lew uwU fiom our iron-
Mad will bo worth a thousand of tho
flashy letters that Secretary
Seward is in tho habit of writing."
Russia Dissatisfied.
The following article, from the Mos
cow (I'ussia) Cazetle, a powerful and
influential BifHiaii organ, confirm the
ideas wo havo heretofore exprcHHed,
that Russia will he nnylhin" hut satis
fied with the result of the late wnr;.
"Russia is threatened. C--rMay.
fitrong and united, is niprn.ii-hii.g
nearer to our frontier, and throa.vn. !
heeome masters of tlio. only pea which
secures our conimunication with the
world. The ties which unite the peo
ple and States of the Austrian Kmjiiro
will ch arly soon hi- hrokeii. and in her
jdaco will he estahlishod a lit'n'iii
Sli,t. whoso rower ir.ty he directed
against the ni'' t vil-vl and doanst in
terests t Rifsi-i, Two great provin
cisofhc Tut !.:'!. I-'mpire, wii"., !i were
hnthvtiy tttider (I'e u-tectorato of
Ikit'.sia, and (h'lieiidi'd ui iti more than
nn the Sovereign of Turky. havo hcen
trnnif.irmt-d ly fpiite an ai-hilrary m.'i
ncuver, conti-nry to treaties andlliede
ei'donofn Kttrojiean Conference, into
nn r.liiK"! indcu iidi tit slate, v.ndcr the
('yi'.af.ty of lI.iheno!!ern. In short,
tlio politir-al i.iti-.at,i"n varies every day
and always tithe detriment oft lie io
sil inn oi' Uu "ia iotiio world. et n.
therefore endeavor to Mm' yn pared
w hen Ih" t i iu- eece's and gel rid of all
internal ilifH' ttllii t. so ii.i t'l" uMo to
net wh-ti the i!eci-ie mf'tnenl is at
Horrible Scene.
The Cleveland I'laiieleah-r gives liie
part nii ar. of . exeeutiKii o M ( mi
iicil ni tjut city 'Oi Fridiiy last. lie
following is the clo.- ing s,' i no :
' f! kn i i.tm f. : I trust iti the L ifd.
I fi t-give till nun and won vn. I t! il
and I hope they i! do the f ame hy me."
The Mack cap w!. then drawn over his
f.'e. In the hi iifiiisiant that now in
tervened hclweeii earth and elernily.
he exclaimed in a hoi'
bye!" Tho trap w
half pfl-.t. twelve nVi.'i
s 1 .ii t alter a sick'-nip;
itself. The knot t ti
around in front ol' I he
e : ' ; . ood
fung at jii' t
c iin i iti an in
sight Jii-e-'elited
. n.i.i.-e i-li';'d
neck. co t hal I he
prisoner's iie k vas not broken, and in
eoiiserpi'-'u' c he died the horrible d'-itth
ol' strangulation. For full nine minutes
a heaving of tho breast and -way-ir:""
of tiu body-, w as niaion st- -t lie
blinds being tightly clasped, and drawn
towards the deadly noose, as far as Ihe
"wristlets" would 'idiow. It was Jill eon
minuter before life wr.s pronounced ex
tinct by Doctor- Si-hem k. 'arvhnil, My
ers, and Prentice, who had been selec
ted for that purpose.
American Circus has been traveling
about Switzerland with great . success
Ibis summer, but at Friburg last
month, tho Iiial-J elephant, over fatigu
ed by tho constant marching, and irri
Icd by tho rough treatment of his
keeper, suddenly seized his kei per, nnd
tossing him to a great height, on his
fall crushed his chest with his loot bo
lure any assistance could be aTi'orded.
As it is generally understood that af
ter once killing a man those animals
urn dangerous, tho director of tlif cir
cus decided upon having it kil!" '. ;:
for that jutrpose tqiplied to the an . " i
ties of Frihiirgh for a piece of caiw. ;
Thisveas granted, and the animal hav
ing ben enticed into a favorable posi
tion, the gun was lired und tho brute
fell dead.
Qi W
Tnr. Dot (.lam .Miim-mi-nt. The
Committee of Arrangements fr laying
the corncr-slone of the jiotiglas monu
ment announce that tho ceremonies
will take place on the Gth of Septem
ber. Secretary Sev.Y.rd has telegraph
ed that, the President and the Cabinet
will be present, and many other dis
tinguished persons are expected to bo
present. Tho oration will be deliver
ed bv (!cn. Dix.
An On, Stiukk The Athens Oil Co., have
struck oil nt While Oak. W. V.i. It' Is de
cidedly the bi.-Bt hIiow in the reglmi and yet
some ot Iho wells ifl pumping tUO b inds
per dny. This wellpunipd witlnv.it fed bn
101) barrels in eilil liours ami there i-i now
over 100 (ect nf oil in tho w.'ll. Tha Cmn
panj lire making prepsrat ions lo tavu the
well properly lested. It is suppom-d to- he
bettei liiku llnia tl.e P.irbcr well vl k-'l Rold
a few days since for V 50,000. Tim Oem
p.my alllivc in our phieo. A'hens Mc.sfen
A FKAtircr. Li:r Vt aho'it foe o'clock
this morning Miib Flizatieth Young, runtime
in Broudwuy, mar Manhattan Hreel wlrk
tenipornrily hixnnc. jumped out o' tlm ganvt
window of her r -Hsl. in o to tlie fitnrt, a 111'
tanci! of forty feet, with a ljuho ki.t nioiuli'
old iu Iht 111111?. She as picked up iuen.d
lilp tiy i tTiecr F.ldridj.re, of ihn T hii lieth Pre
elect, ami taken to St. I.nke's Hospital. The
mrgoon in a'tendanen. on i x miimitioii , stand
that Ibe wnninn wan internally injured, but
not seriiitidy. The lui'Hi did i:ot ruceivo the
slightet injury. N Y. Fxpie"?,
compelled to wear "full dress" at tho
j.hops that take place- this summer, tho
i gentlemen persist in wearing abbrevi
flirasy, ated btisinoBs coats. Tho tail less
"I'll ic Fc'inee of Wulcs was recently beat
a cricket mutch.
nn.Up lo Hi" firm i.r Anust3,aoo
had buj:i drowned in Nhw York.
BGy jrrs. Calhoun, tho widow of John
C. Calhoun, ded at Pendleton, S. C.,oii
tho 23th tilt.
To Tail Coats. Tho ladies in New
port eomolain that while thev nro
Organization of the Philadelphia
36 States in Convention.
Massachusetts and South Carolina
Arm in Arm.
IMi it.a i.r.r.i-irt A. August 11 At 12;ri0
P. M. Mr. Randall opened tho Conven
tion b-saying: (lentlcmen I have to
annoiii;c that the delegates from
South Carolina nnd lassaeliusctts will
now come arm in. arm in this Conven
tion. Thi--announcement was greeted with
great applause tho entire audience
rising to their feet and the band play
in;' "The flag of our L'ni"i."
Ib.n. John A. li'.gan from the stage
when ip;i"t ness bad become restored,
propo--'.-d throe cheers I"1' tin; thirty
six Slates oi'thii Union, till loyal, which
was nVhn.-iasticaHy given.
This was follow e I by tremendous
(.beers for Pre-id. nl Johnson.
Mr. Randall The Convention will
please come to order for the p'lrpc.-e of
etC'i ting a temporary organisation of
the Convention. I juipos the nanie
of Cciierul John A. Dix of N(v York,
a tenrp-irrry Chairman of this Con
vention. The ar.nouiu emcnt of tho nnme of
(iciieral Dix t;is received with the
gr. aic-l i. i.lhn -iasm.
(let'.ei sil Di:c c;.;"e f rvard and ail:
( reneih lie-11 nj' tl 0 (Jytiveiili.vfl, II 111
fellov.' ( ii 'ens of the whole Union
Aprlatts-oj I return I) j-ou my siit
ecee thanks fi,r tho l'.on"r you have
done me in (boosing me to preside
temporarily over your deliberations.
1 r. t,ai il it as a nisi met not 01 no orui
narv character, not only on account ol
tie high eoeial and political
.staii.r.r.gof the gentlemen who ( oni pos
ed this Convention, but because it is a
Convention of the people ot' nil the
States of this Union, applause, and
beeaus.' we cannot doubt, if its proceed
ings are conducted with becoming and
good judgement, that it w ill lead to
1 1 1 . -1 important re-ults. It may bo
truly said that no body of men have
met on this continent to consider
events so important, since the year lTTii
Applause. The year when our an-
ee'tors la-i-elnbh d in this citV to .h.Tl.i
a better government for the States
which composed the old confederation
a government which has been con
firmed and made more enduring, as.we
trust, by the fearful trials nnd perils
whi.-h is has encountered and over-
sc. The Constitution
winch they came here to Iramo wo nro
here to vindicate and restore. Ap
plause. Wo are hero to assert the
siiorcmacy of representative govern--;
-wo, all whoarowithin the confines
ifl'iO t'nion, aidause, a' govcrn
:e. , it which cannot, wit bout a iolalion
r its; f undamental principles, be exten
ded over any but those who are repre
sented in it. Applause. Over thexo
who, by virtue of that representation,
are entitled to n voice in tho adminis
tration wf public affairs. Applause.
It. was such a government that our
fal-heis framed and put in operation.
It is such ft government which we are
bound by every principle of fidelity,
und jn.-'l ice, and good faith, to defend
and maintain. Applause. Centlo
nu:i,we are notnowliving undjrstieh
(rovernnient. Applause Thirty
six Stales have for months been gov
erned by twenty-live States. Applause
Llcven States have been wholly with
out representation in tho Legislative
bodies of tho Nation. The numerical
population of the represented and un
represented Mates tuts just neon ciirmg
ed by the admission of tho delegation
from TcniH's- ee. A unit taken from
the smaller has been put to the larger
number, but ten Siatesare still denied
jeprer.cntation in Congress, to which
tliCy are entitled under the Constitution.
The President, not in pursuance of any
const il ul iomd power, had calle d on the
Confederate Siaten t. accept conditions
for their udmi-sioit lo tho exercise;
their k";-ilimal.e functions u-i. Members
of the Union. Tho ratification of the
nmendmcntto the Constitution abolish
ing slavery nnd the repudiation
debts contracted to overthrow the! !ov
crnnicnt, "Vero those condii ioiu. They
were met nnd accepted. The exaction
of new conditions is unjust and a viola
tion of tho faith of tho (iovornmcnt,
subversive of tho purpose i oi' oar pol
itical system and dangerous to the
public prosperity and ).e:u. Ap
plause. Kach House of Congress may
us tho judge of the qualification of its
own members, reject individuals for
just cause, but tho two bodies acting
conjointly cannot exclude an entire
delegation without nn 'unwarrantable
assumption of power. Applause,
Congress has not only done this, but
has gone further. It'has incorporated
new conditions with amendments
the Constitution, and submitted them
for tho ratification of the States. There
is no probability that these amend
ments will bo ratified by three-foiu ths
of tho States of this Union. Applause
To insist on the conditionsthey contain
is to prolong liuieiinueiy too exclusion
of more than one-fourth of tho States
from their riuht to bo represented
the legislative bodies. They had
right under tho constit ution : they bad I
a rioht under the resolutions p:e erl in
boll i Houses of Congl ess in IMil. Ap
phiiise. These resolutions wero not
concurrent, but they were Substantially
identical. Moreover they wei'cf ntitlod
to bo represented on other grounds of
fairness ami good faith. It is in this
wrong which we havo come to protest
against, and as far ns in us lien redress
it. Applause.
When tho President of tho United
Stales declared that armed resistance)
'o the authority of tho Union was over,
all the Slates bad a right to represen
tation in Congress. Applanse. Is
this the government our fathers fought
to establish? Loud cries of "no." Is
this the government wo have been
fighting to preserve? "No, no."
The President has done all in his pow
er to correct this wrong. Ho has dono
all in hi-, p aver to restore tho rights of
States in the Uegislaturo of tho coun
try, by giving to each flection its full
statu'. Lcgi'la'ion, without represen
tation, is an anomaly in .our political
system, and v.ndcr any ot' er form of
(iovernn-ciit it would bo but .mother
name for usurpation am! misrule.
(i( nt lemon, I trust that in your de
liberations here we shall confine our
s. Ivis tonne main purpose, that, of ro
drc?ing loo w rong to which I havo re
ferred. Ther" is much in the adminis
tration ot Ihe ioveriiincnt w hie h needs
aiiienoi.a iif. Somethings needs to be
done and olhers iici. to be nndoiio.
There are commercial nnd linalieia
I'll-lllS v
i are indii pensiole to tho
pnliKe welfare, bat wi shail not have
I ho po-.vi r to carry out theso until wo
change tho political complexion of
( ongre- s. A plan
bo our first and our,
so. J J HIS fcllOUl.l
, immediate aim.
It is in tlie Congressional districts
that the vital conte-t is to take place.
Tho control of one body will enable us
lo prevent pM-'ial, unjust and perni
cious legislation. Tho control of both
lloii.-es with the power to introduce
and carry out salutary reform ; to bring
the (invernnieiit back, in the language
nf Johnson, in the 'Republican track,
will come bicr. Applause By wise,
harmonious and judicious action on our
part and the part of tho. e v.e represent,
tfifit period need not long ho delayed.
1 believe that public opinion is ripe,
ami that it is only necessary to pre.'cnt
to tho people clearly the i.".sr,ts he
iween ns and tho other party 'which
con! rols the action of Congress. And.
gentlemen, is not tho object for which
we nro contending a consummation
worthy of our highest and our most de
voted cll'orts. Applause To bring
back the republic, pari lied and r-tremrth-
cned by the fiery ordeal through w hich
it has passed, toils ancient prosperity
and power, to present to the world an
example worthy of imitation. No Uto
pian vision of good government, but
tho grand, old, real idea of better times,
bringing tip tho memory of our fath
ers and the recollection of tho past,
and with tho p.'ist nnd the fut tiro insep
arably intertw ine I, one country, one
flag, one Union of equal Slates. Long
continued applause.
General Dix then announced that
the proceedings would bo opened with
prayer, and the Rev. J. N. McDonald
made tlie prayer, in which thanks wcro
rendered to God for Iho blessings
which the nation enjoyed, more par
ticularly in having been preserved in
the late troubles and also for tho as
semblage of this Convention to commit
for the public good. Ho prayed that
tho members might take tutton as
brothers, and as friends might
lay aside all selfish motives and all un
worthy personal and see tional consid
erations, so that tho union of theso
Slates may bo fully restored and bo
perpetual. A loud Amen from dele
gates. He prayed that God might
manliest his fjieeial favor on the Pres
ident of tho 1 nited States nnd ir.ako
him a great and lasting blessing to tho
country. Another "oud Amen. And
ho prayed for tho maintenance of tho
Union inviolato under tho Constitu
tion adopted by cfur fathers.
On motion of Sir. Randall, Fostniae
tr General, tho following gentlemen
w ro appointed Secretaries :
Me.-f-rs. Iv O. Perrin, of New York,
John F. Coylo cf tho District of Col
umbia. A. IJ. Potts of Pennsylvania,
and James 11. Oberine.
The Cholera.
Cixcinwti, August 1.1. There woro
fifiy-lbur deal hs by cholera ou Satur
day, and sixty-eight yesterday. There
have been six hundred and ten deaths
sinco tho 1st of August.
At a meeting of tho Board of Health
yesterday it was decided that cholera
was providing hero lis nn epidemic.
Tho number of Sanitary Police nnd
District Physicians were largely in
creased, nnd measures ad'.pieit for
cleansing the. streets, alleys, &c. It
Wiis also directed that foiitable medi
cines be propuired tuul furnished tho
poor gratuitously.
Nuw YoitK, August IT There were
eight ease: of cholera reported to the
Board of Health in this city yesterday
up lo five o'clock in tip; afternoon.
Six of them had proved fatal. Nine
certificates of death from cholera were
issued from Dr. Harm ol'ico yester
day. Only four cases of cholera in tho city
were reported today and,, no deaths.
Tit Brooklyn gown cases and four
deaths are reported.
Baooia.YN, August l.'l. Thero wero
;i"8 deaths in Brooklyn last week,
which 1F1 were from cho'era.
Ciiif'Aoo, August 13. Papers report
about twenty cases 7if cholera in this
city. Four fatal sinco Friday up
this morning.
New Orlkan August 13. The
morialitv is inercasinp; at tho rnta of
10 per cent. 50 deaths from cholern
during tho 43 hour? endiDg nt 6 tdi
La Cubssr, Wisconsin, August 13.
There were three fatal cafes of cl oWfi
on the (.(.emmer Canada, of tho not thern
packet line, from St. Louis.
Cairo, Illinois, Aogust 11. Tho
stpnmcr Continental, which passed
here last night with a detachment of
(inth Colored Infantry, had CO cases of
cholera, induced by eating raw Ctlbfi
sugar. Six deaths hn I occurred. Only
those who ate sugar were nick. Tho
steamer Henry Ames also had aicknoM
on hoard,
C-TT-Among tho delegates already
appointed to the Philadelphia Conven
tion, there aro eighteen who aro or
have been United States Senators,
thirty-nine Rcprcsenatives. andsevbn-ty-two
Ex-Governors of States, with
( tenerals, Colonels and other soldiers
of tho 'Union army without number.
So says the Cincinnati National Union.
There will be more talent in tho Phila
delphia Convention than in nny con
vention ever before assembled on tho
CSirTho Boston Post says that "a
felon escaped from u ch lcdive, arid
leaped from a New Jersey train into
eternity last we ok. The di.stanco was
not far.''
Tin: ennvirts in tlio Sta'u Vr'tun at
(,'lui Ic-itown, Mii'siirliuieiU, have contributed
S'-'OO lor the relief ol the Porllainl sufTrcrs.
PKNNKI. .TAl,L-On Sninrday even
iiii! Inst, lit li e rcHiilctiOn of Mr. N m. Dediiclc,
in Mct'rninolvil'rf, by damps M. Uaylord, J.
I'., Mr. I wi 1. II. Fennel to &l iss Ursula
Sull both-"! Mo-gan county.
J'jhil It'jl'rimott, Vttr,) IWnreE. C. Pavi" .Inftio
vi. o( tiio t'eni- of WimLnr
P.-tor V.. "ve, Prf't. ) t'iwnliip.Mi.rKan io.,ciiilo
X tlm silui-iy of AiiKimt. A. P. IsCil.p-.iid Juilea
Ii.ii.m1 i.ii ru-.icr or aitiiehnient in the aoova
n llon for tim uni of lliirtr-two (111 41) dollara
nnd forty n nt. nnd fifteen (?1 j) dollirs tlio prob
uljie nmou.'.t ul co.-,t.
1,000 -A-croa of Land,
Fur S:.lc or Excliangc for Tovta rropcrtr.
rriin mxi) is ssTriTcn in
1 Knlivin. UatcBTHt Vcriinii rouutisn, Minurl.
It l well wiiteieil and timbered. bat portion In
Veinon county l wltliiii onu mile and a lmlf of
Nevada Cilv- tlif county feat. Xor further partic
ular cull u'liuu tlio aub:ribcr Tf rma caiv.
B,i!d-rin J0NA3 rtJW'KEr..
iiAXiTACTcrtcrt op
Tin. Copper aud Slicel-Iron Ware.
of alt kinds txecuted wit' neatness aud dUpatch.
n keeps constantly on hand a very large assort
ment of
Cooking Ftoves.
Parlor Stoves,
Heating Stoves,
Firo Fronts,
Hand- Irons,
Stovo Pipe,
IToes, Hakes. Forks,
Brass Kettles,
Apple- Paircrs, Nails,
BUCKKrs.Tuns. cnun-i, BROOMS,
Japan W arc, Ccc.
T n K N O T K n
Brilliant Coal Stovo
Indianola Wood Stove,
tiTKP lA DDK.lt. SUll Alt
And manv other articles to numerous tomoatlon.
All work ia Sim best niuuii'-r.
1 will Hpuro no pulus to nlua those who miy
fuvoe uiu waU a eull.
Oppoite the "Buclifj-s Qlock'M'Connslsvllla, O

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