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The Conservative. (M'connelsville, Ohio) 1866-1871, August 24, 1866, Image 3

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&jc (ftonscrbatik
AUU.J4, 1W.O.
"?" All busine s pertaining to the Coxara
tativb office (during our ahsvur-r) can be trans
act td with H. B. Moon.
Soldinra' claims collected promptly and
ou reasonable fi rms. Partic-nlsr attention given
to the lut law cpuiliziiiR l.oimt Ac.
Office Southwest corner of Pu'l ic Hu,inro.
IMf'Joscjili Siglor of Jlcij.'Kville, linn
ur thfuiks fur t-lioic-o eating npIos
lirotight to thin oflicc.
Democratic Central Committee.
Tlio mcmlicr of tlie tral
Committee, of thin county, will
meet nt tlio Consuhvative oflko on
Tuemlay evening:, August 2Sth. nt 7
o'clock. Prompt ami gc iiiTiiliitUmlnnio
is requested, ns btiMini-HH of importiince
will como before tlio Commit lee. ly
order of tho CHAIRMAN.
Railroad Meeting.
I'm ritii:i n i to a resolution adopted ut it meet
1g on last Saturday cveninK, there will be o
fiuoting cl friends of tlio Soirh.rn ItuiN
road at the Towu Hull, in Me'.'uiinelsville, on
Wrdmnhiy, (lie 6ili day uf Ht-pti tuber, 18C(i,
At 10 O'clock, A.M. U-pllllF tl Hill till! I fib ers
of the Company will bp pioented In tlio nnt-l-ii'R,
and thcic le Fpci-lns hy (jciilliincu
Iroui disiuncu, showing (In- pmcii .iiity ol
tl.t- ititirprire. All who uur Hi- ciiuslrtictirti
of u'lCiiilroud through our count y ure tnviti.il
IC uttmd utnl In ir what cuii bj t-"ul upon tl.t
nil'ji'cl. IJrinjf join iifilili'irs v ith you and
let ut li.tike it a uu'Otinir i f tl.o penplu.
I. O. O. F.
The levpfalLoilgi-a compi isinjj t tic Gist
Ditttiut ol tlic Older ol Odd Follow v. ill Uvc
a grumd iMiioi.sltntion, Oiutirn and Piclt
Mo Dinner m Mcl'm ntUvillo, Ohio, on
Wednesday, fc'i p'm.Ler 19 li, 1
The older i f priro'sion nnd piogruinnit
will be published in due time.
Tlie n einLcis ol tlio cutler, their fiimi!ii and
friends are cordially intiud ti bu with m l
participate in li e fet ivitict ol the day.
Good music w ill bo on hni:d, ut.d i-verytliiou
ntcrwuii to give iiifpimli.'ii inn x t to the
C'i'liii', liroll'tis ami frii-i d', nnd let ua have
a gala duy tliut we run renn nibi r with piide
am' pleasure, l!y oid.r of the Ivvicutivr
J. B. GOUDY, Grand Marshal.
ZniicDV illn mid Mm ii-un pnpcii dip rtitpn'sti'd
la copy.
J. Ai.KXAndkk'h Det'O .StoiiK in till wn!!
upplird with A lurgo stork ol driij;, niidii'iniv,
Willi puper, putcnl iik 'iiL'iiici, pruts mi I dye
luffj end ull uiticlcii peria!ninn' lo llm Ihug
Call an J grl King UiiiIvh'!i1 lluir PaElo
ratire. KjJ Uucon, poik liutiit m il lunl h)i' E!e at
t$A few kilti of row nuckiTi-l, cuiihl
ImI oioulh, jngt rei'uiod at the ' recti; hlorv
f D. H. Mhti.hv.
Akd thr Uu.su t-ii.ii.i, run'' by culling
ou T. T Norr, at Meuia' llardwaru Store,
who, it i gi iK'ruliy known, Iiiih I.imi if1 icrit H
wlili oro eyes for twi'iity-h'vo yenm, and lmv
ing hi en cured by the iimj if J. V. Ilnrdv's
Kye Jiuliii. Ii'keii ioiiHine in rupplyiii; any in
need of a cm e.
Bkkd Wiikat for eulo by J. 1 Hosnan-
(tiki, McConnelavillo.
trFxtra tugur cuied dried boi( for ctlu
at Morti.kv'r.
BQ.Two tierces of extra luntily ennvaeed
lianis jimt received at Mokti.ry'b (JrO'.'cry.
Equalization Bounty Bill.
Aa panned by CoiigreM July 27th, 1800. t'ivt!
'00 additional bounty
To evry lionorubly dim hmjjod noldirr who
unlisted h the army ol' tho United Blutr finco
April ltlth, 1S61, for tlncc vcuih, uodtrvid bin
term of enl'mtninut, and who lom r.' i nl or
waa entitled lo rvcoive but S lot) bounty.
To every auch aoldicr who bun bui u diii-
ehnrged on account f womida rocoivvil in thu
lino of duty beforo bis Itnn of :u!i:iuei.l ix-
jdrd f 100.
To tho widow, minor chiblini or purml, in
the ordiir niiniid, of any s'uidi aoldii'r who died
whilin tho m rviiu or from wuiuidn i eeei vel
or dinonae contracted while in the nervioo of the
UciUid Btutus 100.
Jinn eUo been granted by a recent luw
To widows of nuldiers who huvo died iu tho
army, or to-the children if the widow liua died
or remarried a per month for cite It ehild
under T6 yearn of age.
To i oldiera who have lout it fuot or a bund
been dimibled equul to the loeii of u huiid or fpot
-$15 per mo ut h.
To obtain tlio increaco pennion a new applies
tion muat bo mudo, - -
Iiaa been grunted every eilicer who was in com
tuiation Mureh 3d, lb65, and reiiigued or wui
honorably diachurgud after April Uth, 1SH0.
The tuidereigucd will iroinptly attend to nil
valid cluima under the several luw 8 of Congreiia
graoliiig bouutiee, permioua, extra pay, ka.
Bring with you all paper in your uoaaeHaloQ
i-Hiuch an ditehurguB, Ac no un to make out
(orraetj appUcationa.
;. ; Military Cluiiu Agent,
M'Connelnvjll, Oblo,
Democratic County Convention.
Tho tlclogntcR ("elected by the scvernl
townsbips, pui'Bunnt to r call from tho
Democratic Central Cominittcu of tliis
county, adsembled nt Town Hall, In
M'Comiclavillo, on Saturday, Augnut
18, 1800.
On motion, Dr. J S. Abbott, of
Windsor townsbip, was called to tlie
cbair. . James M. Goylord, of Jforgan
township, and J. B. (totidy, of Meigs
villo township, were selected .as (jecre
tnrieh The Chairman tinted that tho object
of the convention wan to put in nomi
nation a County ticket to bo supported
at the ensuing election.
On motion, J. H. Ootidy, Coo. (ilenti,
George Jlalm, J. 11. Sell ami Daniel
LongHtroth wevo appointed a commit
tee on credent lain.
On motion, Jtimcs M. Cajlord, Alex
l'inley, Hickman Dtiltoeh, James Slur
ry anil Geo. A. iSodders were appointed
a committee (in resolutions.
On motion, the following rule were
adopted for tlio government if tho con
vention in the nomination, ol candi
dates, viz:
1st. Where there is more thun one
candidate tor nomination, tho nomina
tioii shall be made bv ballot.
2d. Jjiteh township represented
.'hall be entitled to eight votes.
ltd. A majority of till the votes given
snail be necessary to niai;e a ii"iiiiiih
Candidates before the convention
were announced.
On motion, the Convention took t
ret ess until one o'clock, i M.
At one o'clock, V. -M., tho Convcn
tion assembled pursuant to adjourn
Commit tei; on Credential made re
port that all the township were fully
represented, and, also, reported n lull
list of delegates 112 in nimtber.
The nanus of the delegates m e omit
ted. lor the present, for want of space
The committee on resolutions made
report iim follows :
JtcsolrrJ, That this Convention, rep
resenting the'views and sentiments ol
the Diinoci atic and Conservative vo
lers of 'vlongan cotintv, do hereby
unanimously endorse, the plattorni
adopted by the Democratic Mate t-on
vcnlion, hehl in Columbine, Ohio, in
lSGti, and will give a heart y and united
support to the ticket put in nomination
hy that Convention
Ju .ilf (l, That this Convention unan
inioitsly and heartily approve, of tho
J t.'cliirution of Principles." issued am
proclaimed by tho National Union
Convention that v.-.-
tii.i'l'.'ii in the city
of PI
of Pliilailelpliia, on the lill: :a-t., colli
ded of delegates from evevv State and
Territory in the Union, and wo will
use all lair ami honorable mcamj to
carry the same into execution.
The Niitiunal Union Convei.tion, now asKOmbleil
In the city of l'lil!nili'lihia, eoniponed'of delegate
I'niiii rsrrv Slato and Tenituiy in tlio Union, ud
limn !lied by tlie koleinu kio' nlileli for the last
live yearn It li.i.i pleuKtd tlie S'u leme lluler of the
Unlveie to k ve tlio A mei ic.ut people, profoundly
(; m' Tu I for ilie r turn of pc.i. e, 0miruua 11.1 ar u
huge iiujoi ily of their If ll iw-euuntrj men, In nil
eim .iily, lo Toifiet ui:d to forgivo tho pu. t, rever
ing the eon Mitution as it comen to un fnnu our an
cestor, n'i;:ii'i.iig li e L'l.li ;i, iu Ha lestorulion, u
more rucrcd ll.uii ever, hxdiing wi ih unxiety IntuJ
the futmo a4 of iiiHlmit inijiui luin e, hereby Ishucii
iiiiJ proi luitii.H tho following dei -laratioii of piinc i.
eiplen Mid purpose, ou which lin y huve wilii per
reel unanimity agreed :
1. We hall, with pnitltmle to Almighty Ood, the
end uf wur, nd the return ol pcui o to uur ulllieled
and beloved hind.
2. The wnr Jut elod haa maintained the au
thority -of tho coi.htltiiliou, witli all tlie power
which It coufcri), ami all the roHtrictioiui which It
Imposed upon tlio general government unabridged
and unullerrd, nnd it ha piesorvcil the Union with
tho cquul rlghlH.dlgiiity und authority of the (state
perfect and unimpaired.
3. Iic'prc'ciiUttiiu In tho Connrcm of the Uulted
Slates, und in the hi cc: oral College, U a light re;
opuizetl In tlie coiixtliutioii im ublilliig hi every
Slate, and a u duty linpom d upon Iti people fun
dmiient.il in linature, and eiteuliul to the exis
tence of our lepublicuii lii.oitnliuiu, neither Con-gie.-.s
nor Ihu lleneiul Government has any power
oi authority to deny this light lo any KUto, or
withhold IU enjoyment, uudor tlie constitution,
hum 11:0 people thereof.
i. We call up hi the people of tiic United f'tatea
to elect to Cmigrem 111 members thereof li nio but
men who u.l. nit tlm faudaiucntal tight of icprc
cutatloii, and who will recoiumend 1 1 nedts therelii
loyal represeiitutiveo hum evei y State In nlleglaijee
to the United Stated, auhject only to the coiutltu
tiuuul right ol lach House to Judge oflhu election
letuiiiH and ipialilleatioiH of ila own mcmhera.
A. Tlie Constitution of tho Unite 1 States and
laws made Iu pursuance thereof, ure .the aupreme
luw uf tho luuJ, any thing in the eou.-tltutiou
lu a of uny State to the contrary nutw itlixtaudi ng.
All po worn uot conferred by the constitution upon
the Ue iiiiul Coveiiinient, nor pioiiiLited by it
Blules, aie rcneivcd to thcueverul States or to tlio
people thereof; uuil umeng the rights tlim lenerv
4 to the Statca U the right to prescribe the
quulillcatluiis for the eleetivo fiuiuhue therein,
which right Congress can not interfere with. No
Btuto or couibluation uf btites has the right
wltiidruw from the Union, or to excludo through
their action In Coiigrotis, or othurwiai, any otliei
State or StutuH from the Union. The Union
them State ia perpetual and can not bo dissolved.
0. Such amendments to the constitution of the
United fctuto. may be cn.ida by the people theroon
aa Ihey muy deem expedient, la the mode pointed
out by iu provimou i and iu proponing auch
ameiiduteiits, whether by Congress or by a couveu.
Hun, and In ratifying the aume, all the Stains
the Uuiou have an npial and au iinleleaaible right
to a voice and vote thereon.
7. Slavery ia abulished and forever prohibited.
There la neither design nor purpose,-ou the part
of the foul hern Ktiiten, that it diouM ever ha re-
eatnbllahcrl upon the soil or within tha jurisdiction
of the United Btatea, and the enfranchised slave! ,
in all the States of the Union, should rocelra, In
eonimnn with all their Inliahitanti, equal protec
tion, In every right of person and property. '
8, While we regard as ntterly Invalid, and never
to be assumed or made of bl'.ejng foice, any obli
gation incurred or undortakea in making war
gainst the United States, we hold the debt of the
nation to be sacred and lovlolahlo, and we proclaim
our purpose, In discharging this duty as in per
forming all other nationul obligations, to maintain
unimpaired and unlmpeac.hcd the honor and faitu
ot the Itcpiipllo.
9. It is tho duty of tlie Natlon il Oo-vcrnment to
ecngnlr.e the services of the Fcdiial snldlera and
sailors la the contest jurt closed by nice lug promp
tly nnd fully all their Just and rightful claims fur
services they have rendered the nation, and by ex
tending to those who huvo survived, and the wid
ows and o-.pauaiof those who fell, the most gene
rous and considerate care.
10. hi Andrew Jobiiiwn,. President of tho United
Sliitet, who Iu his great office has proved steadfast
In his devotion to the Coiixtilution und the lut'-r-
ests of cuuntr , iinmoscd by pcrrociitlou and undo-
seived reproach, having faith iinassuiled iu Hie
people and the principle of free government, we
iccognixo a Chief Mugiitrute who Is woithy of the
nation, and equal to the great crisis npon which
his lot la cast, and we tender to him In tho dis
charge of bis high and responsible daties our pro
found reaped, and the asMiraiico of our coidial
and sincere suppn it.
Jtcsnlrril, That this Convention, feel
ing the importance of having a Demo
cratic paper published at tho county
seat, do heartily recommend to tlio fa
vorable consideration and patronage ol
the lieopie ol this county the Conskh
vativk iicwcpapcr, published hy c-upl.
W ilham (ileim.
On motion, the Convention proceed
ed lo tho selection of n county ticket
commencing with Infirmary Director
For Infirmary Director, John 1'.
Sells received 0! votes nnd William
Thompson -III votes. Mr. Sells, receiv
ing u majority of all tho Totis given
was declared the nominee of the Con
For County Commissioner Isaac
Hedges received 70 votes, J. 1'. Wea
ver .l.S votes, I . tjletin 1, and JiUlce
llreese 2 votes. Mr. lletlgcs, having
recived it majority of all the votes giv
en for Commissioner, was declared the
nominee of the Convention.
For lVoyocuting Attorney, Cap!.
I'enjitmin F. Dower, being the only
candidate before tne Convention, was,
by acclamation, declared tho nominee.
For Treasurer, Moses Ikilloek, of
Homer township, received 78 votAs
and Jesse Seaman i'.S votes. Mr. Dul
lock was declared the nominee.
For Auditor, John 1 Sherlock,
Center, received all the votes but eight
and was declared the nominee.
For Probate Judge, James M. Gay
bird, being tho only candidate, was, by
acclamation, declared the nominee for
that office.
On motion of Joseph Conn, of Penn,
the following named persons were se
lected as the Democratic Central Com-
mitteo for tho cisuing year, viz:
James M. Gaylord, Capt. lb F. Pow
er, D. II. Mort ley, Capt. Wm. Glenn,
C. L. Hall, J. B. .Goudy, JefVcrson
Stewart, A. J. Yanaway, Dr. Wm. K.
On motion of Ale:;. Fiuley, l'sj.,
Pccrfield, tho followjiig resolution was
Jt. -iilca!, That wo heartily reccoinlend
our fellow-ciii.i-n, the Hou
John E. Hann.-f, as it candidato for
nomination for Congress before the
Democratic Congressional Convention
to be held nt Marietta on tho 23d in
stant. On motion, the nomination of A.
Blocksom, Fsq., as tho Democratic
candidato for Common Pleas Judge,
this District, was by tho Convention
On motion, voted that tho proceed
ings of this Convention be. signed by
the ofilcers and that tho same bo pub
lished in tho Conservative.
J. 13. Goioy,
The Louisville Journal and the
Democratic Party.
Tho Louisville Joitrunl, for a tlilid of a
century tho nblo und cotu iy tin I opponent ol
Ibo Democracy, now, in the pre.ont ctHpoct of
utVrirs, niukcg tho follows!' coiifcraleii of
Di'innrratio faith. It soya:
'We heartily indorse, so far ns wo liavo
mci', every pint form laid down by ibe De
mocracy in tho Nor ih, Middle, Western and
Nortli-westnrn .States. Wo are for tho oblit
eration af the l''rcdiiicn'a limeu'l Hill every
where; wo are for tho ilifbunding of tho lust i.c
gro aoldicr; we oio for die ci-Fs.itinn of all mil
itary luw and the uuivemil lent or ut ion of the
great writ of fieedoni; we, aro for tha aninih
uieutofall coiifHi-atoiiif; we aro for tho equal
power and rights in id privilagca of tho whole,
people of iho old Union; we are for the un
coiiditionel puidon of all the puroled Confcd
urates who have kept their failli; we are for
the immediate unlocking of the prieon-doors
of all. prisoners held in captivity upon the
charge of tictuHon; and wo aro for the fe
eatabliahmuut of the ltcpublio upon the plan
which our nouio l leaidcnl nut rccoiiiiiu'Qdcd
and ie exorting (ill bii energies to carry out.
If to be in favor of ull these thing Is to be a
Democrat, then wo ato a Democrat, an earn'
est nnd zealous Democrat, ull the time a Dim1,
ocrnt, and ready to coop;raU with aii who
are willing to co-operate with ue."
Radical Finance.
Coven, i,i:;nt, undt'r lilack Itadical manage
niont, piiys i's bond-owners for each 100,
seven dollars nnd thirty cenrs; but first taxes
the people to raisa this funds.
A citizen of Ohio, not laclty cnongb to
b a bond -holder, who loans 9100, to hU
neighbor, is prohibited by statute, from
receiving but six dollars; out of which lie
Is tnxti not in. ly In pny t l.e (Jovernmcnt
bond interest, but for the support of State,
County, Towinhii, 'school and niiinicipnl
purpose from which the aforcside bund hold-T
is exempted.
Tho other diy at Cincinnati, the porter
of a prominent in?rchanlilu Hrm entered the
store, I'xcluiming, 'It beats all it beats all."
On being iifiod what b ini iit. ho meiil, lie
said I e had jo.it bi-n up to Hie tux cflice, and
llievetuw peor niin pnj ing licit nicn'l tuxes
and they diihii't nun to know It."
I.VCKY l!liND-Il l.DKll'l UxMCKY TaI
PAYKitf! Oaytnn Kmptre.
A WAnsiMi Yoke. The Hannibal
(Mo.) Republic, that seems to keep a
record of curious events, and havo n
natural taste for such things K. D. M.
Ins fir corn, wheat and population
Kt.Vi-iics, savs tlt.it"' within tho past
yi'.ir, three fnindered atid twenty-eight
Itadical lireachcrs of the (Jospel havo
been sent to tho penitentiary of tho
several States, and eight ol them have
been hung.
Hunt Day im Xhw Youk. ThcXew
York correspondent of the Rochester
(N. Y.) Democrat cays that under the
heavy advances made in May last, enor
mous sums were collected iu the metro
polis on the 1st inst. quarter day,
I'hc amount is estimated at forty mil
lions of dollarfj. And now that the day
is past and the rent all collected, the
landlord's misery removes itself-"threo
months before another dollar conies iu
how lontr. how loni;?'' Such are the
sorrows of the .Now York landlord-).
Sad and Beautiful.
Kx-Uovcrn. r Vance, of North Carolina, inn
recent nddrcM l.el'nre tho literary sneietie. of
the JoriU Caroliiin University, upoko ai h.l-
Iowl :
No iii"iio-jil. eif victory nro f.r its, no mi'.koihI
jubilee t-iiii o'.ir tmi.tictis Minir, or gtirlhiids of
Klory weave; thore is lot wolcoiiiiiii; nt reiurii-
ing cotiiiiiornrs, iinr rrccl ol triumphal ar
ches lor ii. lo eoiiiolo us foronr great nntl'orin.
Wo ure ull iilniie witli our gri al ili-lt nt utnl Unit
heavy ir.rrow whi-h, never Mil in;;, still is sit
l.iiir, in our lnoiHi-lo.l.l ; iiiul oil tliut wo have
l.:i lor our our eoiiilort is t-ho fiid yet tender
lifjil v. bii h plays uround the lueioory of those
uliodted to iiinke it otherwise.
A I'I.aim si'okkn Weiito iu preavber deliv
end the following from liit dcs'i: ' I would
uuii"iiiii-e to the cor.g relation tliut, rubably
by init'alii1, ll.cro was left at this in --t in if -linuf.this
iiiuri'ini.', a niinll cotton umbrella,
lunch dutnugrd by tiuio und teat, and of en
eicicdiiifily palo biuo color, ill the p'uee
wliereol was tnkcn a very larj;c, black silk
utnbrclla, jird of gient benuiy. lhuudcrs ol
lb' tort, I rriilhrcn und titles, urc jjcllihg
littlu to i -oniMoii.
lf;t pretty woman ask yor what you
will bet. answer that you will lay
yourhead to hers.
'1'ho fashiotiable houses of worship
in .New York will be closed during the
month of August.
sfcsJr-The Kifti of Willinm Couch colored),
i f Ihu'diiifr, ('(iiii.icticul, hecuuit li e tnoilier
ol u puir ol I wins on tho Kith of July, making
twenty-four children she has borne in the lust
twenty years. Ki'lil of them wcie twins.
ULKNN-Un the evvii'nir of iho 9'li inst..
ol old age ami general debility, at Florence,
Alabama, Y ai.tkb (jI.knn, aged cighty-hve
years. ,
M'CONNELSVILLE, Aug. 24, 1866.
Fi.oca IU 00 Exl-a per barrel.
Wiikat 11 'M per biiKhel,
ats 10 cents per bu-dH. '
Coiin s0 cents per bushel.
l'l.AX Sr.Kii li Ul) per bii-hcl,
IIaiii.kv Siriiiir, lioaj Tull, $1 per hush.
H iv-fs CO to in 00 per ton.
lhiiKO Ai'i-i.Kd-;) fiu per bushel,
lit rriv- lio cents per pouuj.
Moos 1'2 cents per d-acu.
I'uicKKsa hive Vi cents.
I'ou ki: -Jj to 311 eeuts.
C'ocsTitv Hoap S cents per pound.
Bin ah 1ft to 20 cents per pound.
Soman 00 ttntper irallun per Larrol. ,
I. au li ID cents pound, iu jurs aoU kcir.
C'ANiu.Ba t Tallow) 20 cents per lb by box.
" 2Wents at retail.
(.tiii) 30 cents per ll. by box.
" " !15 cents ut letail.
Poai' 15 to SO cents per bar.
(JiikiisK 2i cents per pound.
Haw 60 per barrel retail.
h'ruNK coal 12 cents per bushel,
llAMrt It to 21 cents ut retail.
Siuls l.'i cents per pound.
Hiioci.iiKHs U lo 16 cents,
Tai.i.ou s lo 10 cents.
V lllkV t'i 'i! per gallon.
liKANS f'J 00 per bushel.
A 1'i'iV Hours East of Tost Hoihe.
Invite the ut'.ciitlon of the public to thuir new stock
ol thai-clans
v a si 1 1, x a n o c u u 1 1: s
einhr iclne cvervthimt in the Kiocory lino needed
lor luiu.ly uouauuipiiuu. Wu have Juat received
Iuiku stuck ol
hveiy kind of Country Produce bought and sold.
one -as a can.
w. w. ryi.R.
itovneus at fato
0ITH1E Srtoml Slnry of 3Iorrli' Bnlldlnj,
avr I.ceal buslnrsa prnmitly attended to, and
spieial alti nti-oi g.ven to the collection of all doubt
ful claims. auH-ly
wm. ci'.aics.
J. A. KSM.r,
Ol'Fl'JK Siiuthwcal CorDcr of Public h'qnara,
M CON N VA.H V1LLU, Oil 10.
au3 ly
B A 1
l-G AliYS
I 17 II A L T A . .
(IBC9 BBiti
Jl's,T AlilUVIXO-CAhl
r. m. i.. m w. a. sii.l.
F. SILL & CO.,.
Dry Couth, lirocrrirj, Soliniu, Tinwarr, Tninkt
AXI) "
0iKislla Court IfoUM, I'ConiielsvlllefO.
Ji Jo tr
r. w. wood.
Y. B. roMl
illonirjs and Counselors at Law,
F. 1). lUND, Notary Public.
an3-ly v
Y. 13, HKUUKS,M.i)..
Physician and Surgeon,
Respretrully otTcrs his rrofcsalnnal servleoi to the
citizens of U't'uunclsville and vicinity.
OITH'K, riiO.VT 1100.11 OVEf ST0.L'S STORE
Where lie ran be found at all times, day or night,
when not profesNloually absent.
C. a. UAiici.ar.
4. I. liaHKT
Attorneys at Law.
orni'E oeh biieusteRiV Roberts store,
15. 1?. P OWE li,
Ornt'E with J. E. Duniia, Cculrr Street,
auJ ly
TOBEPII BEN'N'KT Is hereby notilled that Rachel
llenuet has this day Hied iu tlio ol)iio of the
Clerk of tlio Court of t'uuiuiau l'ieas lor Morgan
county, Ohio, lier petition praying lor a divorce
from said Joseph on account of bis wilt ill absence
for more than three yeara, last a-ast, which caso
win ue nearu ut ma rtovemncr tenn, lsiiu, or suiil
IlAC'llKh lihNNET.
August 21, 18CQ;
Sloiiiity ! Bounty !
SOLDI KR3, WIlToWH, 4o., inteceated in
the lute law eiuuli.iii bounties, are informed
tli.it the uiidersiKiied ia iirepaied to attend to that
kind of 1 usiuess with disputch aud on icasonable
Witlows, ('Jiililrrn or the Parents of Suldien
who died in fervlce of dieae or wounds contracted
oi received iu line of duty, will re eive the hi mo
amount ns would have been paid the soldier him
self hud he served bis full term of enlistment.
mi 3 Claim' Agent.
1,000 A.eros oi'Land,
For Jsule or Exc'aaiige for To'.vn rroperly,
rpur i.i is sin iTi:n it
I tSnlieaii. Uatesand Vernsu eouutlHS, Missiiiiri.
It Is well wittered and timbered, that portion in
Vei nou county is within one mile and a half of
nevuuu i iiy- ino county seal. ;'or Im .tier parll
mars call npou the subscriber Terms ey.
auto-Oil JONAS l'OWIOEh.
John Uclieniiott.r'ttr,) Before K. C. Pavia,Justica
V4. Vol' the Pence of Windsor
Peter E. N'oyes, Deft.) towUblilp,Mor(ran cn .uhio
ON the rtih day of August, A. D. ISUii.aaid Justice
Issued an order of uttuchmeut iu the ahovu
action lor the sum of thirty-two (131 40) dollars
and forty cents, and tlfteea (I IS) dollars the p rub
able amount of cost.
Tin, f opper and t-hcct-Ir on Ware,
nf all kinds executed wit neatness and dWputaU.
lie keep) conatuliily on hand a vrry laige amoit
nieul of
Cookin?: tstnvcf.
Parlor Stoves
Heating .VIovm,
Fi ro Front?,
Oral oh.
Hand Irons,
?tovo PifO,
Inc?, Ilakep. Forks,
lira's Kettle?,
Apjilc Paircw, Nail.-,
TIN - W A n n
WASH liOA i:i-, CbO I IIK-i
Japan Ware, ficc.
Brilliant Coal Stove
Indianohv Wood Stove,
8TKI' I.A DDI'.Il. SUG Alt
And many other articles to niitncrotn lo mention.
All work dune in the best manner.
1 will spare no paiui to plcuie tho who otay
favor me with a cull.
Opposite the''DuckeTe alocV." Js'P-itinotsniU,
v. srH
purchased uu cxcelh-ul nssorlineut of
Leather and Shoe Findings
We are prepared to make to order, on short nolle,
any tuing in our line.
W'c Challenge
Of our old customers wo Invite a eontinusnce rT
patrun-.tKC, and to those who wish lo be entire'?
sulixttud with tliulr purchases to (;ue us a trial.
None but tha best slock used, and none but tha
veiy be.it woikmeu employed.
of tho hast manufacture kept constantly on hand,
and will bo sold cheap as the cheapest. .
At the old aland, In the three-atory bilck, aearly.
opposite the Post House.
iepectfully Informs the cillxeoa of Morgan county
that he seeps constantly oa hand a lull assortment
of the variuus articles iitaially kepi, )u a lirstclaaa
(lioeery Store, eousislinK iu pari of
Ten, Cotlee, Huar, I'iah, tjoda, rpleoa, Canned
t rulls, Coet))sters. Hyriips, Chu sc,Crackera,
lluhins, Woudwara, Tobaeuo, Cieara, bask
ets, ltilte Powder, lilsutiug Powder,
r'u.e, Packing Yarn, bed
Cords, Haul li t Hope,
hard Oil, Carbon
Oil. Ao
all of which will be sold at the very lowest price ,
eiiner ul wnoicsula or retail, tor casa or approved
conn try produce.
un I i v prouuee.
TUe UiKliust uiarket prlc paid for all kinds of
Coiiuti v Produce
' Kvery aiticle sold at this ostabllshlMut ll tVAK-
ItANTKU as repisoted. .

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