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- - AlKI. 31. 1hi!.
JtZS All business pertaining to the Cokrib
Tatiti offiea (during our absence) can be trans
tod with R. B. Moon. '
M8i(nii.f. Aoainrt tiik Woiu.d Joseph
Sigler, on last Saturday, exhibited on finr la
ble 23 varieties of clioice fruit 22 difierciit
species of apples and one or pears. The lar
gest apple measurcil thirteen IncliM In cirCnm
ference.., Ilvd to bcutl Bent It. who cnuT
; FIC-ISlCs ''he Piesbytcriuti Suwlny
School, In connection with the Teacher' In
filiate, had a plo nio at Duncan's Fulls, on
Tuesday, the 28th Instant. Two hundred and
Mitrfy persons roglsU red their name on the
book of the Steamer Mink, from IcCouncIs
tillo. They hud the freedom of Potty's (Jrove,
and eatables in ahumlince, t ogciher, wiih hut
coffee. Copt. Darlington invidd them to hi
home, where they hud it guu.l lime generally.
' Thing went off very ogrrvritily niid peacea
bly, as they ih'-.nlj di, gud nfli cied much
credit n)nn .tflb associat'inn?.
Ornc or Trrtrr (.r'l.i.Krron w Iniibsai. )
Rkvcni'i:, Fiiitkknth Distmict,
M'CpSNELsTiLLK, Ohio, August, 81, IM. )
The animal Hcvoii Tsx on Ineoints, Car
riages, Wati lies, I'iniiojy Ac, is iiow duo nnd
payable. All persona In arieurs are hcrnliy no
tified that unless payment be mal within ton
day f.-oiii the date hereof tun per cent, Trill be
added to thu tax. -
I may be found iu my office, in tho Court
Homo, between tho hours of 8 anA 12 A. M.,
and V.i and 1 J'. M.,
, Deputy Collector.
"' Ify tho Into Act ( Coiigi't!e, improved
July JSlh, I6CG, every soldier who enlisted
,:to the aimy after tLe 15tb of April, 16CI,
for the term of three year and who served his
term and wui honorably discharged u entitled
to a bounty of one hundred djllurs.
Every aoluier who enlisted after tlio tame
time and for the came term, who was dis
charged oo accuuul of wound.'t received in tle
line of duty, and the widow, minor children
or parents of such soldier, or the heirs' of uny
soldier who died of OiKa'e cr wounds con
tracted lu the line of duty is entitled to ono
hundred dollars bounty.
Every soldier who enlisted into the at my
afler the 19th of April,- 1PGI, for a term, not
less thun two yours, and who bus beeu honor
ably discharged, alter ncrvbg lvo years, It
entitled to filiy dollars bounty.
Any soldier who enlisted lor lets than two
years, who lias W-eu honorably diicha'gcd on
account of wuutids received in thb line of duly,
cr tlio widow, minor children or purctiii ol
any such solditr who died of wounds or dis
ease commoted in tlie service, is entitled to
fitly dollar bounty.
All persuns entitled to these bounties cuu
bavo them (iromptly collected by calling upon
Office South-west corner ol Public Stpiaio.
Railroad Meeting.
Pursuant to a resolution udop'.td at a meet
ing oo lust Saturday evening, there will be a
meeting cl th fiiemTJ of the Southern Kuil
road at the Twa Hull, in McCounelsville, on
Wednesday, the fitb duy of .September, 16b'C,
at 10 o'clock, A. M. Reports from the oOiccrs
of the Cjnipuoy will be presented to tho meet'
log, and there will be speeches by gentlemen
from distance, showing the pructibility ol
(he enterprise. All who fuvor the construction
of a Uuilroud through our county are invited
te altcud and heir what tun be cuid upou the
lubject. Bring jour neighbors with you endlet
us coke it a meeting of thu people.
I. O. F.
The several Lodges continuing the Cist
District ol the Older of Odd Fellow will have
grsmd Demonatiation, Otuticu aud Pick
Kio Dinner at flUConnclsville, Ohio, on
Wednesday, September 19th, 16GG.
The order of precession and programme
will be published in due tliuo.
The members of the oidcr, their fami'.iis und
risuds are coiwiully invited to be with and
participate la the festivities of the duy. -
Good music will bo ou lined, und everything
neorssary to give iupplrulicu and resl to the
Ci nie, brothers and friends, and let us have
gala duy tUat we cun remember with pride
and pleasure. By order of- the Executive
Committee. -
J. B. GOUDY, Grand Marshal.
Zanesville aiid Marietta papers aio rujucsted
to copy. '
''And Tits Blind Shall ckk" by culling
00 T. T Noti, at Morris' Jfardwaro Store,
wlio. it is generally known, bus beeu nlllicted
with sore eyes for twenty-live years, and hnv
log been cured by the uso of J. V. Hardy's
Eye Balm, takes pleasure in supplying any in
need of a cure.
J.'Alexamdkr's Vhvq Storm is still well
applied with lnrgo stock ol drugs, medicines,
wall paper, patent medicines, puinu and ilyT
tuffs and all artiolcs pertaining to the Drug
trade: '
Call and gel flings Unrivalled II air Resto
rative. lejf-Bacop, pork haun and lurd lor sale at
BtifA few kills of new mackerel, caught
last month, just reeeivrd at the 'Iruccry Store
4f f. II. MeatLKT. .
Equalization Bounty Bill.
Apn?neil by Ongrc?9 July 27t.li, 13C0, give
100 additional bounty
: To every honorably dischflrged aoldior who
enlisted in the army of tho United Htntoa sines
April 19lh, IBM, for throe years, and served his
term of enlistment, nd who hea recoivod or
wna entitled to reccivo'.but $100 bounty.
To every sueh soldier who has been dis
elmrged on account of wounds received in tho
line of duty before his term of enlistment ox
pired $ 100. . ,
To the widow, minor children or parents, in
the order nnmcd, of any such soldier who died
whilo in the service or from womidi received
or disensc contracted whilo ill the service. of tho
United States f 100.
has also been granted by a recent law
Ti w idows of soldiers who bavo died in tho
army, or to tho children if the widow has died
or remarried $2 per month for each child
under 10 years of sue.
To soldier who huve lost a fool or a hund r.r
been disabled ojiinl to tho loss of a hand or foot
114 per month.
To obtuin tho inetearc pension a new applira
lion imibt bu made,
hss been granted every odincr w ho wns in com
mission March 3d, 1.1(15, and resigned or lens
honorably dinehnryod nf: r April Vih, lr.CS.
The uu'teidi).iie'l will jn-ionpHy attend to nil
vulid cluiniH tiuder the several luws of t'ori'i-es
grn tiling bounties, pensions, e.itrn pny, Ac.
Itiing with you nil pnp-r in your possession
Such ns discharge.,' Ac as to fnuko out
oorreet aliotis.
Authorized Mililaiy tluini Agent.
M't'ulllifdaville, l.'llin.
bkkd W hkat for su!o bv J. 1'. Sonnax-
iti.hk, M cCoiHicldville.
t'-iy Txlra mgur-cured dried beef for sale
at AIoiiti.rv's.
lO-Two lieiees of extru linn ily eimvned
hums just received nt Mor.Tt.iCY'H Grocery.
Democratic Nominations for
Congress in Ohio.
The following I'elooeriitic liomination
C'i'ligress huvu been made in Ohio: t
ftth tiiUriet t'ol. V.'illinin Miinci'n, .
6th " C .l. William Howard.
"til " Th'iiniM Miller.
Hlh " Col. William 1'. Rcid.
'Ulh T 'Ihoiiim 1. Kiiiefroeli.
loth " (i.-n. 11. ,S. 'ouiniiii'i-r.
Hill " Col. i.cnr 1". Moore.
- Ilh " l'liilaih Iph Vim I'ruiup.
l;ih " tien. Cem-go 'W. Jloraan.
14tli ' John II. Vonng.
Ulh " M. X. 1'ollet.
intll " C ton les II. Mitchener.
l"!h " Louu richrcler,
Tho vliauc'j of eloction of all thcjcgentb
arc g'id.
Disastrous Fire in Zanesville.
'Che most d:n. ihlions f.re tiial lias visited
Z-mesviiiu for M'iny yearj occuied on Saturday
night. About ten o'clock Blundy's Muchiuce
Works on Underwood Street were discovered
to bu on lire. Tho (lames sprcud with grea;
wilh greit lopiiiily, und iu a very shoit time
the main biuhling was in luins. The fouudry
end the lilutksmith shop, were dumuged, but
he cuu lepnir thim in a lew days. '1 hero are
various report in regard to the origin of the
Qro bu' the most geuorully received opinion is
that it win occidental. Thcro is no doubt
that It itart'.'d in the paint room pro bu lily
from souio person being Iu there with a light
or from spontaneous combustion.
The loss of tho Messrs. Blandy will probably
be abeut $'.'00,01)0, on which they had 15,000
insurance. To tho lurgo number of men
thrown nut of employment the loss is incalcu
lable. It is fortunate that the fi-ni own the
extensive Machine Works at Newai k, where
a number of the wuikmeu huve gone, and
which we understand will bo run night and
day, wilh u double set of hands. Tho Works
hero will be rebuilt with u!l possible di.-puttli.
The President's Tour West.
At tho Cubincnt meeting toduy, Friday, it
was determined that it whuld bo impolitic for
more than three or four members of that body
to uccoinpnny the 1'iesiJent to Chicago. As
now arranged, Mr. toward, Mr. Welle and
Governor Kind. ill are thu only members that
aro to be of the 1'iesiduiitiul party .
Of thu President's household, only Senator
Batteison and Mrs. Pultersou will go.
Mrs. Well.'s ia the only ludy of tlio family
of the Secreiiiry of tho Xuvy that will be ol
tho company.
It is not probable thut any of Mr. Seward's
futility or of thu family ol Governor Banlull
will go.
The President has named hut throe persons
as his gu'-sts besid" those ubovo suggested.
tuner ii I Grant, Admiral Farragut, and the
other military and nuvul ofliecra and their sev
erul wives heretofore mentioned, m.iko up the
entire parly, which will number about sixty
At Philadelphia tho party are to be enter
tained at tho C'ontineutal, where they remain
from Tuesduy afternoon -until Wednesday
morning, w hen they will leuvo at eight o'clock,
und arrive ut noon in New Ymlc, putting up
at Del niouico's.
A Government boat is to be provided at
Now Yoik to convey the party to West Poiut,
where u miiiluty review takes place und a
collation is to be served, aud the pnriy then
proceeds to Albmy, rumuiniug all night at
tlia Delevun House. At Auburn, Mr. Johnson
will be the guest of Mr. He ward, tho balance
of the party being provided for by the citizens.
While here ihey iviil make an excursion; on
Luke Owasuo. They then proceed to Niagara
Fulls, and put up at tho Cataract Douse,
where they remuin during Siitiday. On Mon
day they go to Bufl'ulo, wheie the Common
Council and citizens give a grand reception,
Here delegations from Cleveland and Toledo
meet Ilia paity and escort them to those cities,
wero receptions on a grand soulo are Iu prep
aratmn. At Detroit the purty put up at the
Russell House und rcniaio during tho night of
the 6 It of September, au'l theuce go to Chicago.
COMMUNICATED. [For the Conservative. ]
Mr. Editor : 1'csmit me, through the me
diuinof your conservative journal, to call
public attention to greater activity In regard,
to the present arid prospective Interests ol our
citizens In the Muskingum valley. And al n
preliminary to tho performance of this sell-'
imposed task, I wish It appeal earnestly t"
the great ma of rur citizens, ftho aie eo
deeply interested, that they discoid at once
that s'tipenduons fallacy, which now seems to
pervade the public mind, nnmely, that tl.eir
paramount public duty is to assist in working
the political aud pnrtiwn ninchin-ry by meuns
of which tho oflieial "hmves r,nd Odies" are
dispond ol.
As 1 have tu'.A, on a r i tn--r occasion, I now
repeat that the Mo Vinguin Improvement,
constructed slid kept iu repair in nccindmte
with tho original design. , has in tho past sub
served and und inbleillf would In the inline
subserve, to a greater extent, all the greiil
interests connected with tbm-e of agriculture,
commerce and iium tt furl n rc !, tlinn any ollur
svateni or charat'.ter ol inn tovements that cun
po.-sibly ha censliuetcd.
Itj u.lvan(ii,:rg i,r t on'y extend thrrri"h
vaet seopetfT -jirodu' l ivo Ivrri'oiy, In. I ftie
mote divereitled an.! nwire pal licitiurly lid ipt-
ed to the wants mill neeisiilies ol our cil jih
than is likely to, or cun ho sulstituted.
I udmit, however, that with respect to
cons'ilciaMe portion ol the Public W'mk",
owned by the Slate, they may have become so
tu r Kiipi reeded or rivalled by cxlsling ril
roiidj as thut their lunger preservation by the
Htnlo mny not b.! drrtiunded by coiieideralions
connected with the public interest, but I lit
Mmkingnui Improveiniut is not uno ol tlw
Slate works llnil is to silualed.
tin the coiitrory, so far from lining u.iy tiec-
esi-ury r , v n i r ,. ormlv.rs interosis, but ween
t'uis Iiiipioveuieut. and the iu ilr imls llint erosj
the valley, limy are suxi'i'irios in the interest
of each other, and lln-ir raciprocul advuetages
may yet bu vastly incecsed.
The distance between M.uiuttu lii.I ,a:.e
ville, by the v ilUy is about suventy-Uvc miles,
slid the principle imiiket lor the hurplm pro
dueU of B wid .' range of l.-rtile eniutry.
each side, h is been :ip!i the liyor, urn! jet,
purti.il us s mo of our principal cioj s were
lust seasou, ul leusl four sieainbuit s, d'nii
this Hummer, have lound their employment
and moved constantly between Zinesvillu oud
Parkcrsburg, thus clearly indicating tho im
portance of this Improvement aud the n.xcs
ity of its repair and I preservation.
But if il should be tho policy of the State
fiee herself Trom lbtjjwneieliii aud supervis
ion ol her Public "vVoiks, undr thu Influence
ol a vicious und peiverted political system,
sho has never bcen-uhle to mnnuge wilh fidelity
to the public, it docs not necessarily follow
thai i-he miiit let them all full into decay und
disuse. But let the Klulo enforce her con
tract wjlu the lessees, or otherwi-.,w j ut this
woik la good repair, and its importance will
Uiervlie nmnifested und its utility felt and up-
Hfeeiitted, and then il the Slate should desire
(lupoid of it she ear. do so upon eueh - con
ditions as will secure its preservation and
perpetuate Us advantages to the public.
Aud l'.eie I will lake leuvo to suggest that
among other possible plans by which these
importuut ends muy be secured, (here m.iy
iniido sume equilublo urriingi'incnl between tho
Statu and tho three counties through which
tin's work extends by which it may be projerv
ed. . Secondly; thu Baltimore aud Ohio Kuil
rood C'opipany, which, it is understood, holds
a controlling interest in thu Ohio Central,
may, in view of tho business to be thus secured
,o their several rouds, become the owner and
adopt the Muskingum Improvement as aa in
tersectiug lino between PurkersTjurg and
Zauesvillo uud, thereby, secure to themselves
the import and export business of this vulley.
Other ruilroads.-wliicU htcrsect this valley,
are each and all more or less interested in th
preservation of this woik.
Iu any ovent, our citizens should see to
that this patient of theirs ahull nut bo placed
in tho bauds of un unlriendiy nurse, uud that
uuy measure, which publio uuthorlly nmv
adopt, having in view the abandonment
this Impioveino.it, thou Id meet with prompt
and tlioicut resistance. II.
Secretary Stanton.
Special dispatches represent that President
Johnson is desirous of ridding his Cubiuet
tho miscreant Stanton by giving him such
appointment as will fend hitn out of theccuntry.
It bus been often intimated thbt Stunlnn
dreads to leuvo the protection ol the War De
partment, fiom very abject, personal fear
cringing, puling, sneaking cuwurdice. He
sees an ubsassio in every shadow- ho heuis
musket iu every flre-crucltor fuels a rope
every jugular throb 1
Por devil 1 Don't bunlsh Mm 1 Confed
erate cruisers might bo encountered, wero
sent to a foieign obscurity. Tho ghosts of his
thousands of Rtiiivcd und rotted prisoners
Libby, Sautsbury, Andersouvillo, ic., "uriued
cap-atpia'' would stulk befnro hie distempered
vision In tho vigils of the night. let him
live: It him retire to some dread retreat
his owu country some luaccessiblo cavern
Mummotli Cave, some deep recess of
Siorra Nevada, or louely isle of Utah Luke
anywhere beyond tho busy haunts of lin-n,
where but memory and couscieuce shall
his drrnd companion. But hurt Llin not
distub not his soul wilh kicks or stripes
"The Devil'B Own" should be left to a devil's
fate! Dayton Empire.
t.There is u great deul of theology in the
idea of tho little gill who wished she could
good without obeying her grandmother. She
said it was easy enough to .cud good books
and pray, but it was pretty hard to miod
Banks on Red River.
The Philadelphia Age reproduce the fol
lowing Irom the evidence belore the Coinmit
e oo the Conduct of the War. Jt refers to
Banks' lied Ilivcr campaign, and shows Low
liewug after cotton and the Presidency, in
that famous whaling expedition.
A.lmirnl Porter tcsiilicd:
When 1 got to A h xaedritt I found the army
in a great state of stampede. J did not see
anything lobe frightened at myself, but the
army wna going to cl.nr out at oneo end go
down the river. I told General Bauki that
wajoutoflhe i''siion. There was the. mont
perfect siatnpcdc 1 evi r saw in nn army" that
wus in period prepui a'ii'ii to go into battle.
I wroia to Genarul Bunks pretty stiffly on
the snt j' 1 1, hi d told him il he did go end de
sert the flirt the people; of the Uuiied Stales
would never forget him long a bo lived.
General II ink.-' Inol ennie up Umj river Iu
the stfnmcr H ack llawk,. loaded with cntloe.
speculators, la gging, hoping, chiiinpnguo and
ice. Tl.e vrhdln nflair Wis a cotton ppceula
tion. Cotton killed tho expedition, in my
Captain ihee-oof the Novy testified: On
o:io cerii'ion (Jjtcrr.or Yntts came wilh a
Uunn r, and uuiiilier ol prison with him,
t.,;l wanl-d to n.ino up. 'Ihey hud permits
from so'iie miliary authority, which the na
tal oCiior i the mouth of IV d Ilivcr would
not recognize. Tory then went down to Xcw
Orleans, he) u c inference will. General Banks,
and then cuine up. The arrangement come
Lto wai ibis: There tvnt t- le an tffort mide
iu ti e coining Presidential campaign to nom
inate (i.ieral Bunks. Mr. I.iucolu was to ba
the ovlemible noniinec, but no ono hod any
expeelatiou ho wou'd be successful. There
fore, I hey wero goiu;; ostensibly to push him
us hard ni, they coulil, but in the end they
were going to bring lerwurd General Bunks,
whn whs tu bun compromise candidate, and
their- was no doubt he would be elected. But
they wnii! i il money to puh tl.e thing through
und they wuntid General Banks' iiillucuca to
he'p their l. ienl. The i bj-'ct of Governor
Yalesp iitr, ns I untletstnod il. was to pur
chase cotton to promote the intfiest of G ;ne -rul
Bunks ns the cciuprui'd.-o candidate for
the I ifi'l-nfy.
'i'he U.dical pupcra try to create tho Im-
pre:s'nn llint the Houtliern Htutes will, if
ullowed Ucprtseritatives in Congroes, woik
to upndinte tl.e l.alional debt. It is true
tlu.l tho Baiiicalj put Inrll.ens, in the way
of tuxcj, on the Houtb, tut rut on tho North,
us it lor the purpose of forcing from it soma
expitRsion ucninst pfijiug tho public debt.
They huve imposed a tux of three cents per
pound on cotton, which is a soro burthen oo
the rjjrieutturu of tho 'South. No such tax is
put on Northern ag rioultu;e. To grind the
Soe'.li to complaint aud rebellion, is what the
Radicals want.
Bur, if repudiation come, which God lor
bul, i L win ,egiu ai the iortli and then biuiply
bjes no Hit p-ioplc cm not mjet the tax
rcqtPred 10 pay the Interest. TLo people
will pay while tl.ey can. It is neither in
their cbi.ractrr nor tb eii disposition to repu
diule. But it is wilh them as with every
hod else, necessity knows no law. Such extravagant
Congresses M tho present one,
whose prolligucy Scouu'd to know oo bounds,
would soon compel repudiation. The labor,
industry, trade, commerce, manufactures and
agaiculture of the country can s'anj much,
but oppressive taxes is a consuming cancer
that dcslioys hope and energy. And we
must return us soon ai possiblo and thut is
jinmediatly to economy, retrenchment and
reform la Federal, Stnto uud muulcipal ad
ministration. In tint is the only salvatioo,
financially, of the Government,
'o must confess we are surprised at the
iud flereiieu of the people on this subject, and
especially of those win are engaged in labor
ious pur ui'.s, such us mechanic and agricul
ture. They certainly can not comprehend
the burthens that direcily nod indirectly are
imposed on them, to pay tho useless extrava
giincu of those whoma Ihey elect to ofiieiul po
sitions. If they do, they ore more willing
slaves to party than we hu l supposed. We
ute sometimes ulmnst inclined to believe they
are infill-rent lo their own manhood aud in
dividuality und cureless as to their own pe
cuniary interests, iu a bliud uttachmcut to
faction. Cm I'.nq.
PC9uTlioe who are accustomed to speak of
the gross ignnrun.'o of the Sjiu:iish peoplo,
will bu tuipihcd to find thut amocg them a
prisent population of 1G 000 .006M here are Dot
lui-s limit !).3M uiiihurs, f),G73 lawyers, and 47,
$12 students.' Whether the 123.000 clergy,
men, who aro supposed to ui 1 tho spiritual
gro a-th of the people, are of much assistance
in pii'iuotiug their mental growth, may be
luir ly doub'ed, but beyond u II (juestion tho
niiijority of the clergy ore cduiutuil men to a
cei tuiu txteut .
Hung by the Populace.
Tho piipulaco of Nebraska CUy ar
rented, formally tried and convicted a
man named Casper Simon Frederick
Lireks, charged with killing a lad
named ilnmiilon aud stealing a num
li;:r of cattle grazing in tlio vicinity.
They then gave him two hours in
which to prepare for execution. This
liuvitiging expired, they took him from
tho jail und hung him in tho Court
hottHO Hquarol
Dircks, beforo tho execution, confes
Bfd to stealing tho cattlo, but denied
nil connection with, or knowledge of
tlio murder. Tho testimony, which
was taken and published, is by no
mettus conclusive of his guilt of tho
murder. JJeforo being banged ho reg
ularly mado uwill, loavinc 28,000 to a
) M itss EIlenllonderBon (probably his
lady loye), $2,100. to., a brother, orul
81,000 to tho "TniHtoefl of tho First M.
E. Church of Nebraska City, Otoo
connty, N. T." '
An liour hoforo liia execotion, Dircks
Kavo tho foUowincaccotintof liimself:
1 was born inOcrmany; am twenty
seven ycers ohl, the son of n respecta
blo parcjitu; ran away from ltom
enmo to America, entered tho regular
army and served five years under Col.
Uobert Leo. At tho out break of tho
rebellion rniriod it company in the (ifith
Illinois, with tlio cominisHion of First
LieutennTit. Last September was mas
tered out of Hervive as Lioutennnt
Colonel. "Was - a member of Andy
Johnson's body-puard in Tennessee,
nnd ncconipiucd him from that Stato
to VU9lim;;l.on.
JfCT-Two "b 13-11 1' Jviuisaiis wero cap
tured ut LiiMTenco on August 20, hav
ing in their jios.session two valuable
horses w hich they liad Ptolen near
Springfield, lie. These fellows have
not torgol'tncir old tricks yet. Ihey
were ijre.t iicrri, and named JJamel and
Woody Viiurjiiiin.
t'Congrets has fought a good fight and
remained victorious to tho end. Springfield
(111.) Journal.
Yes, the hist set of its mombers was a tre
mendous victory. Trey stole from the Treas
ury twenty-eight hundred lollars apiece bod
escaped the penitentiary. Hut the peoplo are
aner tneni, and will arrest them at the next
elections. Qilney (111.) Herald.
BW Tlio Confrrcssional salary crran.
says the IN'ow l'ork Tribune, wns "n
very unwise, cowardly, unprincipled
act. is not the lribuno a triuo too
neve upon its radical, disunion co-la
borers in Congress ?
ah 'Jl'traok. According no tho rocent
whisky tax law, every distiller Las lo pey
hve dollars a day lo a detective, who is ap-
poinleJ a watch over him, InsUnd ol the
Govctimcnt's paying out of lh icueral tux on
whisky ne htreforel This law causes much
Uis-mtisfaction among our small Bonrbon
County distillers who make purer brands then
the more extensive manufacturers, fhoy sav
they will be compelled to dugout. What
think yn, toiling millions, of un Abolition
Congress that volet c.i.OUO a session to Us
own members about $40 a duy to loaf in
Washington, and even S3 a day to a !oufer
to lay arouud a distillery, while you are taxed
npou what you buy with your small wages
to cat and driuk to pay for it? Paris
(Ky) Flag.
Ji'iTA "Would-bo-ngrccablo, taking
his scat between Jladamo do Stael
and tho reigning beauty of tho day,
said: ''J low happy am I lo bo thus
seated between n tvit and beauty
"yes," taid Madame do Stack "and
without possessing cither."
of August, 1GC6, by John O. Ford , J. P . Mr.
Philip Wiekershum and Miss Rebecca Kbox,
all of this county.
McGRATII Of Consumption, on Friduy,
tho 27lh of July last, Ln vina McGrath, daugh
ter of II. and &I. McGrath, aged 27 years, one
month and ec7cn dovs.
DIED. Commercial.
M'CONELSVILLE, Aug. 31, 1866.
Fi.oitb 113 00 Ext'a per barrel.
Wiikat ii 30 per bushel.
OsTir 40 cents per bushol. f
Cons ho ceuts per bUHhel.
Flax Paisn 1 1 UO per lnihlicl.
IIakley Spring, KOc; Fall, (1 per bush.
11ay-H 00 to 10 00 pur ton.
lliiien Ari-t.ES-13 ill per bubol.
lll'TTKB i(l cents per pound.
Kuus 1'- cents per dozou.
I'nicKKNS Live 23 cents.
(wn:t-:5 tu 3'J cents.
Cocnthv hoAf 8 cents per pound.
bt'OAii 15 to til ccuts per pound.
Houiii'M 00 cents per gallon per barrel.
L a ii i lei cents pouuu, iu juis and keg.
Canolks I'iullow 20 ceuts per lb by box.
" " 2! cents ut retail.
' (Star) 30 cents per lb. by box.
" " 3j cents at letail.
Boap IS to 20 cents per bur.
t'liKKsK 'ii cents per pound.
Balv t'i ju per barrel retail.
Ptons-coai, Vi cents per bushel.
Hams IS tu ii ceuts ut retail,
feints 13 ceuts per pound.
Siioui.iiKitH U to 13 ceuts.
Tallow s to 10 cents.
Wuibkv t'i 'ii per Kullon.
llSANS t't 00 per bushel. -
At the old "laud, in the three-story brick, nearly
opposite tin post House.
respectfully Informs the citixeaa of Morgan eonnty
tli.it be keeps constantly on hand a full asortuieiit
of the various articles usually kept in a tirst class
(irocery Store, consisting tu part of
Tea, Cotl'ee, Sugar, Fish, hoda, rpices, Canned
Fruits, C'oveOjstcrs. tiyrupa, Che-se. Crackers,
Itusins, Woouwaro, Tubacco, Cigars, Bask
ets, Hill Ponder, Blualiiig 1'owder,
Fuse, Packing Yarn, lied
Cords, Manilla Hope,
' Laid Oil, Carbou
Oil, &e
all of which will be sold at the very lowest prices,
either ut wholesale or retail, for cash or spprovud
country produce.
'1 lie filulieNt uiuiket price paid for all kinds of
Couutry I'rodiico.
l-A-ery aiticle sold at this establishment is WAK
PA.N1KL) as reproeuted.
A Few Soon East of Pott Honw.
jSt'CaHlin So' Kouts
Invite the attention of the publlo to tbetr new stock
Of Brat ulaas
enihractng everything In tha grocery line neafed
for fam.ly eousuoiplion, Wa Lavs just received a
large stoek of
Everv kind of Coontrv Pridoca bouiht had SoIiP.
Oiva us a call.
an 21 if
Tin. Copper and Sheet-Irou Wart,
of all kinds executed wltk ooatoaM an! dlspatsa.
He Leeps cocstatnly oa band a tsry Jargv '
meat of
Cookinp Stoves,
rarlor btovea,
Heating i'toTes,
Firo Fronts,
Stove Pipt), '
Coal-Buckets, - '
Hoca, IJnkcB. Forks, ; '
Brass Kettles,
Applo raircrs, Nails,
Japan Ware, Ceo.
Brilliant Coal Stovo
Indianola Wood Stove.
cow Mini:s, run patknt
And many other articles to
numerous to mention.
All work dona in tbe best manner
I will snare no patua to 1)1
those whn
favor rue with a call.
Opposite tho "Buckeye atock," It'Oonnalsvllla, O
wm. srAaaa
purchased an excelleut assortment of
Leather and Shoe Findings
We are prepared to make to order, on short sotloe,
any thing iu our hue. .
Of our old customers we Invite a continuance of
patmnuRe, and tu those who wish to b entirely
witistled with their purchuses togiv"aus a trlul.
None but the best stock used, aud uouo but tbe
very best workmen employed.
of tbe best manufacture kept constantly on band,
aud will be sold cbesp as the cheapest.
. i

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