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Kt m$txfotkf
- BEPI. 7.
Wm. CI EN H : : i l l : it Editor.
Democratic State Ticket,
' o iRcumiT or rtxTx,
Ot Shelby County.
Of Hamilton County.
Of Ashland County.
Of Washington County.
on mom rtEAS jrnoF, r.ioirrn distiikt
AlftlSTl'S r. 11LOCKSO.W,
Of Muskingum County.
. For Trobato Judge,
For Auditor,
For Treasurer,
'. For Prosecuting Attorney,
For ComminRioner,
For Infirmary Director,
Tbt National Colon Contention, aow'asscmhlad
la the city of Philadelphia, composed of delegate!
from every Btata aud Territory la the Union, ad
non tubed by the solemn lessons which for tht last
Are yeara It baa pleased the Supreme Buler of the
Universe to giTe the American people, profoaadly
grateful foe the return of peace, dealroua aa ara a
large majority of their fellow countrymen, la all
sincerity, to forget and to foigivt ibe paat, revor
Ing the constitution aa It cornea to na from oar aa
teators, regarding tbt Union, In lta restoration, aa
mora aaored than ever, looking with anxiety into
tba future aa of lnatant importance, hereby laanea
and proclaim! the following declaration of prlncl
Ipletand purpoaes, on which they bate with per
fect unanimity agreed
1. Wa bail, with gratitude to Almighty God, tbt
nd of war, and the return of peace to our afflicted
and beloved land.
1 . Tbt war just cloned hat maintained the au
thority of the constitution, with all the powers
whiuh It coufera, and all the restrictions which
Imposes upon tbt general government unabridged
and unaltered, and It baa preserved the Union with
tht equal righta.dignity and authority of tbt Btatea
perfect and unimpaired.
I. Representation In tbt Congrats of tbt United
Btatea, and in tba Electoral College, I a right rtc
ognlied In the constitution aa abiding In every
Btate, and aa a duty Imposed upon lta people fun
damental In lta nature, and essential to tin exis
tence of our republican Institutions, neither Con
gress nor the (ieocra! Government has any power
or authority to deny this right to any Btate, or to
withhold Ua enjoyment, under tht constitution,
from tbt people thereof.
4. We call upon tbt people of the United Btatea
to elect to Congress at membera thereof none but
men who admit thia fundamental right of repre
sentation, and who will recommend to seats therein
loyal representatives frera every Btate in allegiance
to tno United Btatea, subject only to the constitu
tional right of each Houst to judge of tbt election
returns and qualifications of Its own members.
6. The conttitution or the United Btatea and
.awe made in pursuance thereof, are the supreme
iJjwwofthe land, any thing la the constitution
. laws of any btate to the contrary notwithstanding.
. A1J powers ut conferred by the constitution upou
. IhettVenera! Government, uor prohibited by it
. butea.art reserved to the several Btatea or to tho
. people thereof ; and among the rights thus reserv-
- ed to the btatea la tht right to prescribe tht
. qualHlcaticoa for the elective franchise therein,
which right. Congress can not luterfere with.
Btate or combiunlion of btu has the right
- withdraw fioje the Union, or to exclude through
their action. in Cougress, or othorwiso, any othoia
Bute or fcuihes from the Union. The Union
, mese tiau is iwpeuiaj and can not be dissolved.
. .;fcucb aanjudwauts to the constitution of the
United plaits may be sssde bv the Deoul llxrc.m
: aa they ny deem expedient, in the mode pointed
out by its. firovmion ; .and in proposing suck
anienuowuis, wueiuer uy tuugrexs or by a conveu.
tion. ana in nuiryi,gitt$iMuw, all the btatea
the Uuu) have au Kiuaj.aud an iudefeoaible right
se THin uu tuh tuvreon.
7'.'r-lavery la abolished and iorever prohibited.
, There is neither design nor pur.uuke, on the part
af flie Boulhern Stales, that it should ever be
established upon tbt suit or with tht jurisdiction
oi tue uuiwv Buties, aia uieeiuraucuued slaves,
" in all the States of the Union, should receive,
- common with all their luluibitunts, equal pruteo
- tiou, In every light of. person and property.
8, While wt regard ts utterly iusslid, and never
to be assumed or mode of .biudiu Juice, auy obli
gation incurred or uiiderlakeu iu making
-against the United btates, we hold the debt of
- nation to be aacietl and iuviolabie, and wa proclaim
our purpose, iu discharging this duty aa in
forming all other national obligations, to maintain
unimpaired and uniui.eacbed tut dtauur aud loitU
o( the Kepuplic.
V. It is the duty of tie National Government
recognize the services of the federal soldiers
Bailors in the content Juct o lowed by aieoi Ing promp
tly and fully all their Jut and righuul claim
AjrVlcts they have rendered the nution, and by
to those who have survivod, aud the wid
ows and orphans of ttiost who tell, tht most gene
rous and considerate cara.
' 10'. Id Andrew Jubnaon, Freuldentof tbt United
Bt&tet, who In bis great ouict has proved stead
Hi his devotiwa to the Coutnilgiiou aud the
sts of coUulry', unmoved by persecution and unde
served reproach, having faith uuusailed In
people aud ttw pi iuciplt or free goveiument,
lecoguiaea Chief Magistrate who is foHUV of
nation, aud equal to' the gieut crisis uyod which
Lis vl I al, uud wt'teuder to him lb tho
of litaa high aud responsible duties our
Voad reptct, aud tht ansuiauct o( tut tvtutsj
vu1 rtuwrj oyv1i
Henry Ward Beocher is out in an
ftblo letter, addressed to. tho Special
Committee of tho Soldiers' and Sailors'
Convention, to beheld at Cleveland, O.,
qiv, iitembcr 17, in which ho heartily
indorses President Johnson's recon
struction policy. There is no man who
has a greater influence with tho Repub
lican party than tho eloquent pastor of
Plymoth Church,i Brooklyn, and his
support of tho Trident shows how
serious the division in that party has
become. Wo regret tkat wo did not
receive it in time for this'week's pnpor.
We will give it in full next week.
Peace and a Restored Union.
tending last
rhaige Tho Radicals now, as they have ever
been, are restless and seem intent on
keeping up strife and dissensions be
tween tho North and tho South. Tho
course and conduct of a sectional party
of the North, togcthor with a willing
ness on tho part of desperate Southern
leaders, brought upon the country the
late civil war. Power and place is
what they most coveted. Slavery as it
existed in a portion of the Vnion was
tho pretenso with theso desperato men
North and South. 'Agitation, excite
ment, discord and violent were the
means resorted to for tho consumation
of their devilish desires. They plunged
the country into a bloody civil war, at
tho loss of a million of lives an both
sides, and a national debt, with all its
harassing consequences, of billions of
dollars. Theso are some of tho results.
Now theso leaders "of Radicalism (a
now name for old Abolitionism) live
and move, and expect and hopo to re
tain power on tho samo principles that
governed their movements in their
warfare commenced in KanBas and con
tinued with tho John Brown raid into
Virginia. Instead of ' blccdingKansas"
wo aro tohavo, if poesiblo more bloody,
tho samo warfare and excitement re-enacted
in tho South. It is all planned
hero in the North, iu tho hot-beds of
Radicalism, that emissaries aro to bo
sent from tho North to tho South to
stir up dissensions and strifes between
tho whites and blacks. Tho largo
towns and cities of tho South are, liko
Memphis and New Orleans, to bo made
tho frequent scenes of riot, blood and
murder brought on by secretly arm
ing tho blacks, sending them forth to
insult and over-awo tho whites.
The obnoxious, expensive and har
assirg Frcedmen's Bureau and Civil
Rights laws and other odious and un
necessary measures (passod over tho
vetoes of President Johusou by a Radi
cal Congress) are intended and calcula
ted to keep up strife, turmoil, hatred
and ill feeling among all classes of peo
plo in tho Southern States.
The pooplo of tho South aro at this
timo situated liko unto tho pooplo of
tho Colonies, where, iu the Declaration
of American Independence, they say of
King Georgo and his Parliament :
"Ho (Congress) has erected a multi
tude of olliees, uud sent hither swarms
of oflleers to harass our people- aud cat
out their suuHlunco.
"Ho (Congress) has kept among us
in time of peace standing armios with
out the consent of our Legislatures.
"He (Congress) lias cncctoU to ren
der tho military indepodeut of, and
superior to tho civil power."
Theso Radical leaders seem deter
mined that wo shall not have pence,
nor a restored Uniou of tho States under
the constitution. At this moment, in
tho history of our troubles, how moan
and wicked and devilish Radicalism ap
pears whoso very foundation is strife
and bickering, hatred, malico and re-
vongo; whoso watchword is. malig
nancy, and whoso weapon is persecu
tion that doubts and sneers, and never
forgives that fans tho ashes from the
fires of discord, thai they may not
slumber that cloats upou havoc,
banishes toleration.and "shuts thogates
of mercy on mankind."
Thus we think, and thus we moralizo
upon the present situation and pending
dangers of a once prosperous and happy
people. Wo warn all good and patriotic
citizens of dangers ahead if Radicalism,
as now developed, should bo permitted
in the coming political strife to succeed.
Put yourselves upon tho watch-tower
and cry aloud, "we must and we thall
have pcaco and a restored Union."
j3f""And we write as we do, simply
because Mr. Plants is an honest vutn
and because as wo think, the great in
terests of tho country demand that
honast men bo sent to the Congress of
our country." Morgan Herald Aug.
31, 1800.
Very woll, Mr. Plants is an honest
man you say. Well if Mr. Plants
an honest man why docs ho not do as
did Mr. Hubbard, member of Congresa
from West Virginia, return to tho
Treasury the 12,900 extra pay, over
and above what he agreod b would
servo for when elected? Hubbard is
truly an unest man, but vie, and not
only tee, but many others, havo doubts
as to tho honesty of Plants. Fork over
tho extra pay liko Hubbard did and
perhapt you may havo causo to blow
your horn about Mr. Plants boing an
honest man.
Many of our tax payors . think this
thing of taking $4,000 extra pay for
about cloven months' scrvico is not all
together honest, and some of them call
it stcalinj.
War Threatened.
Wo cut the following article, except
tho interpolations in brackots, from ft
Radical paper published not a thousand
miles from this place!
"Tho Union people who fought
throucrh tho war and saved tho Gov-
crnment may just as well prepare for
another conflict. Not by substitutes
in tho hundred days' service. You
have cither got to sacrifice an vou won
by your arms or sustain it by your
ballots. Neither can bo.dono by a
substitute. You have been mostshamo
Ailly bclrnyed by the traitorous fool
whom you elected to tho Vieo Prei
doncy. andyou must havo norvoenough
to withstand his most appalling and
shameful treason or clao lick tho dtmt
of his traitor-trod shoes. Which aro
you prepared to do? Having whipped
the internal murderers oi our young
boys who went out to subdue thewo mis
creunts, shall we now vote for and with
them? No substituted admitted here
Shall wo vote for tho murderers and
starvers of our soldiers? fNo placofor
a substitute. Shall wo? No I" No
substitutes will bo allowod in this new
army about to bo raised by R. C. B.
There is war in tho above article aud
no mistake. Tho languago is of a bel
ligerent character. Wo can't say that
wo admiro tho stylo of tho writer. It
equals Billingsgato London. It smells
strongly of saltpeter and othor war
materials. It makes us feel all over
as though wo word again to bo called
to the bloody battle and tho deadly
breach. Wo have so far luckely es
caped tho bullets of these vile rebels,
and we don't want to go auin into
danger. Please brother B. don't insist
upon taking us out again. We now
protest in advance. We will, however,
cucourairo vou in takinrr tho field if
t a w
you are determined so to do. And
whilst you aro far away in tho land of
the enemy, eating nothing but "hard
tack and sow-belly," we can sympa
thize with you, well knowing tho con
dition of your bowles. We only ask
you not to press us into this new war
you aro about to get up on your own
book. By uo hook or crook can we bo
persuaded to pitch in. You may press
or draft us into this next war, but if you
do we must send a substitute.
The notico taken of our worthy
Chief Magistrato, Andrew Johnson, in
this delectable nrticlo, in our opinion
to say tho least of it, smells strongly of
tho odor of treason, as that olTuuso has
been understood of lato years. Did
any one ever hoar tho government so
badly ubused. This is worso than .the
copperhoad slang during tho udminia
tratiou ot Jlr. .Lincoln, lheu it was
it a man talked uaratnst .Lincoln as
brother B. docs against Johnson, ho
would have been denounced as opposed
to tho Government, as a traitor, a scces
sionist,- a rebel sympathizer, a vile
copperhead and a nasty butternut, und
the first thing tho unfortunato and in
discreet follow doos know, ho finds
himself in the possession and in tho
strong grasp of some Provost Marwha
or his deputy, being dragged off to
Fort Monroo, Fort Lafayette, or to
some jail or Stato prison. W would
caution our excitable friend against a
too freo uso of such harsh and out
landish lunimugo. There is no know
ing how bad Mr. Johnson might fee
if ho should by chauco seo the above
article threatening war aud denounc
ing tho Government. You do not know
what danger you aro in by opposing
tho Govornment. You must recollect
that Andy Johnson is the Government
now it is no longer Mr. Lincoln.
It was at one timo fashionable, and
that to in tho memory of man, that
when a newspaper abused tho Govern
ment, ulias tho President, liko j'ou do
Andy Johnson, tho press was stopped
tho oftlco was tore down, it was scat
tercd, it was hushed up, and its trash
was interdicted from passing througli
tho mails. And wors,o than all that,
tho proprietors and editors wero
mobbed and ill treated. But brother
B. pound away, you will not be mo
lested our word for that.
ftcfg.Wliile tlie aristocratic Cora Bxolianga
Philadelphia attempted to insult the Prer
idetit by declining to take any part in bis're
ception. the journeyman tailors, a body of I
people to which the President belonged,
fironiinent among tboee wbo delight to do biin
tonor. The Trade Union repreaout
masses of ilia pcpple the Corn Kxchanga
privileged few. With tba backing- tod In
dorsement oi Ilia former, the Pteeideoi
wall dispeosewltl) tba (qttcf,
Hon. T. A. Plants and his High
Wo stato tho fact, and wo can provo
whit we say, that, Tobias A. Tlants,
tho Rndical candidate for Congress in
this District did reccivo, tako and carry
away, from tho public Troasury, tho
sum of $5,000, boing the amount of his
firsj year's salary of this Congressional
torm of two years, and that no was
absent from homo only about eight
months. That on tho 4th day of March
next ho will receive, tako and carry
away the further sum of ?5,000 his
salary for tho second year of his Con
gressional term of two years, ho being
absent from homo only about three
months, from tho 1st of December 'CO
to the 4th of March 1807, making the
total sum of $10,000 for eleven months
service, being over $30,00 per day,
during tho timo employed. This sura
ho takes from tho Treasury and appro
priates to his own uso, when ho agreed
with tho peoplo of his District at tho
timo ho was elected, that, ho would
only tako tho sum of $0,000 for his ser
vices. Mr. riants has, thoreforo, or will at
the end of his prcsontterm, havo taken
from tho over burdened tax-payers
tho sum of $1,000 more money than
ho contracted to tako at tho titno of his
This is not all, this samo Tobias A.
lanta who is now going through tho
District soliciting tho vote of tho pooplo
for roveloction, pretending to bo par
excellence tho friend of tho soldier, vo-
iu Congress to givo to tho . negro
soldier tho snug little sum of $300
bounty. Tho negroes being considered
and held in certain quarters to bo tho
cst and most valuable troops in the
scrvico, X his samo jit. Hants sat in
theHall of tho Houso of Representatives
and pormited tho paHnngo of a law
giving to tho white soldier boy; .Avho
faithfully served his country for three
years or during the war tho. pitiful
ttlo sum of only $100 bounty. Plants
ia tho friend of himself first to tho
amount of $5,000 per yoar. Second to
the negro soldier to tho amount of $300,
third and lastly to tho white boy to tho
amountofSlOO. Lotthe white soldiers
aud all thoir friends remember litis
man Plants on the day of election.
A Clerical Radical.
Ilio war is at an end und pcaco
reigns through tho land. Wo havo
had blood enough, and thought and did
hopo that when pence como to tho land,
that the numerous blood-thirsty preach
ers, that havo greatly disgracod their
calling, would becomo inoro modest
and mock. In this hopo wo havo been
disappointed. Tho spirt somo of thorn
manifested during tho war has not
been extinguished by tho cessation of
hostilities and tho return of peaco.
Tho Buffalo Christian Advocate, edited
by a Christian minister, in ppcaking
of tho President and his policy says :
"If any man!wants ofllco bad enough
to go in lor the blood-stained, uod-dis
honoring traitor-loving, trcason-ro
warding, loj'alty-hatoing policy of An
drew Johnson, ho is welcome to it. Ho
pays for it at a doar rate."
Tho samo paper closes an artielo on
President Johnson's address to the
Committee of the Philadelphia Con
vention, by remarking:
"That speech shows cloarly what ho
has the disposition to attempt, if ho
lias courago. It ib that wlncli cost
Charles I. his head, and may yet make
one tailor lees.
Tho priests' sneer and tho priests'
bloody-mindedncss como together very
patly. Tho reverend editor thinks
that if tho life of tho President were
taken it would simply bo to "make ono
tailor less." What an admirablo spoci
men of tho clerical Radical 1
[For the Conservative.]
Mb. Dditor: It is now quite mani
fest that Radical Congressmen and
others of liko faith and practico.ure mak
ing depcrato efforts to cscapo thatretri
butivo justice which tho naturo of their
crimes demands, and an outraged pco
pie seem inclinod to inflict upon thorn
Like felons yet at large, conscious of
their own guilt, they aro devising all
manner of disguises in order, it possi
blo, to ovado tho scrutiny aud cscapo
the clutches of tho publio defectives
Honest pooplo of all parties should
soo to it, that tho pernicious sway of
radicalism should not bo permitted
longer to pervert tho purposes of a wiso
und benoficcnt govornment, and to
transform it into an ongino for tho ag
grandizement of a most vilo and un
scrupulous party, and the oppression
all who yet havo tho manhood to resist
tKnir encroachments. Tho Rudiefil
party, in view of its emergencies, does
not scruple to avail itself of tht) daring1
of tho bnrgler.thefawnlnffand flattery
of tho sycophant, tho moannoss of the
parasito, and tho trickeryof the juggler,
in ( order : to sustain its desperate
cause, and psrpctuato that fatal grasp
within which it holds tho destinies of
our now distracted country.
In varification of tho foregoing it Is
only necessary to read the speeches of
their candidates for Congress, (nomi
nated by acclamation, of coarse,) thoir
Governors, and their stumpers in gen-
To "the boys In bluo," who havo sur
vived and have ballots to bestow at
tho coming cloction, thoso Radical
troasury leeches aro making thoir most
obsequious appeals, and aro reciting
with miserly exactness tho many acts of
generoHity they claim to have bestowed
upon them, and in this enumeration
they havo not failed to mention that "we
havo furnished artificial limbs to thoso
who havo lost their natural limbs by
tho war." What Congressional gen
erosity to tho soldier ! In view, then,
of thia act of Congressional mumflcenco
can any boy that has worn tho national
blue object to tho fact that Cougrossraon
added onlg an extra two thousand dollars
to their own salaries at their lato ses
But in order to prosont in n littlo
clearer light tho claims of the Radicals
to tho gratitude and support of tho
surviving "boys in bluo," as well as
the public in genorul ; and as I trust
that tho timo has past by when to mur
mur at official outrages was denounced
as treason, and to fnvoko tho protection
of law was hold to bo disloyal ; I will
venture to present for tho consideration
of "till whom it may concern," a few
items which tho Radicals havo omitted
to mention, but which now belong to
O 'ing to tho changing vicisitudes of
tho war, thero was a period when largo
numbers of prisoners wero held by both
parties, who, according to usago and
tho rules of civilized warfaro, wero en
titled to a Rpeody oxchaugo, but un
fortunately a portion of those held by
tho rcbols wero of tho "boys in black,"
who they clatmod as their property
and refusod to exchango, and bonco a
disagrcomout botweon tho Exchango
Commissioners. Subsequently General
Butler was appointed exchango officer
on fho Federal sido, (a man whoso de-
groe of woll earned infamy was scarcely
excelled by that of his master, tho Sec
rotary of War,) and Boon after this in
strument of tyranny had boon selected,
aud at tho instanco and demand of rad
ical fauatics, it was determined that no
exchanges should bo made unless it
was douo without respect to color. And
although tho rebel authorities wero
anxious to effect an exchango of whites
for whites, so long as their respective
numbers would admit of it, yet, in view
of all tho diroconscquonccs to tho white
soldier that they know mustinovitably
ensuo, that most barbarous determina
tion was adhered to and persisted in ;
and when you add to this paltry quib
ble about tho colored prisoners, that
characteristic declaration of tho cold,
implacablo and callous hearted tyrant
who presides over the ar Depart
ment, namely, "That ho would not ex
chango healthy robclprisonorsfor d d
skeletons," you will havo tho official
reasons for tho failuro to procure tho
release of tho "boys in bluo!' from tho
rebel prisons.
This act of this baso and cowardly
abandonment by tho Foderal authori
ties of truo but unfortunato American
soldiers, is unequalod lor atrocity in
any civilized country. It was, indocd,
equivalent to a sentonco of -death, by
torture of moro than ten thousand of
thoso bravo boys nt Andersonvillo
prison alone; who, by tho dictation of
fanatics, wero thus stricken down, and
hastened to to their rcposo in rudo aud
crowded scpulchors.
But iu conclusion allow mo to in
quiro wiiut Atadicai uongrcssman,
stumper or press throughout our wido
spread country has ever condemned
these enormities, which aro bo abhor
rent to our sonso of justice and hu
manity? On tho contrary, tho Radi
cal Legislature of Ohio, at its last ses
sion, has insultod tho memory of tho
dead and tho moral sonso of tho living.
by tho passage of a resolution coinpli
menting the Secrotary of War, (Stan
ton) who has been tho principal in
strument in inflicting thoso barbarities
upon his countrymen
Let tho "boys in bluo," and all othors
who revere the memory of thoso bravo
boys, who havo fallou by tho fratrici
dal hand of Radicals, soo to it, that
they shall not again b entrusted with
that power, which In tho past they
UV' cn anusoa
vr. w, rati
giltontciis at i'ato ,
OFFICE Second Story of Sforrli Bnlldlmv
t.tfral business promptly attended to, and
special attention uiven tu the collection of all dmilit-
rill ciaima. ' en3-ly
t. A. XR't.LY
OFFICE Southwest Corner of PuUlio 8qirs
. ...AT
I it malt a.
r. SILL.
w. a. tii.t.
Drj Goodi, firoccrifR, Xolium, Tliwitrc, Trunin-
Opposite Court House, M't onnlsvlll,0
r. w. WOOD.
v. i. roxr
Attorneys and Ccunselora at Law,
F. B. POIND, Notary Public.
v;b, hedges, m,dh
Physician and Surgeon.
Respectfully oilers his ProfeMlonal services to tht
Cltizcus oi M vouncis mo auu viciuuy.
Where bt can lie round at all times, day or bight,
w lie n uot prolesslonaliy auaenl.
0. B. SAHCL1T.
I. h. Biaar.
Attorneys at Law.
OFFICE with J, . IlQuna, Center Street,
JOSEPH Is herel.y notified that rtaehet
Uennct has this day tiled In the office of the-
Clerk of the Court or Uoiniuen l'luus for Moriren
county, Ohio, her petition praying for a divorce
from said Joseph on account of his wilful nlisenoa
for more than three vears, last past, which cast)
will be beard ut tho Noveuihor torm, lHim, of aul4
August 21.1808:
Bounty! Hounty!
SOLDI 1CR3, WIDOWS, 4o., iutcreated la
the late law equalizing bounties, are Informed
that tho undersigned is prepared to attend to that
kind of I usiueta with dispatch and on. reasonable
Widows, CIiiMrcn tir the Parents of Soldiers
who died in service of disease or wounds contracted
oi received lu Hue or amy, will receive me same
amount us would have beeu paid the aoldicr busy
self bad bt served bis full term of enlistment.
auS Claim Agent.
1,000 A-cres of Land,
For Sale or Exchange fur Town Propirtj.
Hulivmi. Dates and Vernon countlHs, Missouri.
It is well watered and timbered. Ihat portion in
Veinou county is within ono mile and a half of
Nevada t:ity the county aeat. Yot further partlt
ulars call upon tht subscriber' Terms easy.
u1-ui JONAS l'OWKEf..
John UcDerinott, P'tfT,) Before E. C. Davla.Jurtle
vs. V of tbt 1'eace or Wiudsor
Peter E. Nnyes, Deft. ) townshlp.Morgan co.,CMil
ON the Sib day or August, A. 1.1hiM, said Justice
Issued an order of attachment in the ahovt
j action for the sum of thlrty-tvro ($:) 40) dollars
I and forty cents, and fifteen (112) dollars tht pro Is
I ablt amount of tost. ,
J suit JOHH Mff)WMOTT,

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