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SEPT. 28.
Win. 61 K m'i : i : s Editor.
. i. 1 . ,., .
Democratic State Ticket,
01 Shelby County.
; ' ton trrnitv jrjio,
i Of iUmiltoo Count;.
Of Ashland County.
Of "Washington County.
.: - Of Morgan County.
For Probate Judpo,
For Auditor,
For Tronsurcr,
For Prosccutin
ig Attorner, "
f. rowEli.
For CommiKBionor,
For Infirmary Director,
Tlit National Union Convention, now assembled
Ja the city of Philadelphia, compound of delegates
from Trjr Stats and Territory In the Union, ad
nenUlied by the solemn lessons which for the last
five year It baa pleated tbt Supreme Ruler of the
Universe to give the American people, profoundly
grateful for the return of peace, desirous at are a
large majority of tbelr fellow cuuutiynien, In all
alncarltv. to forest and to fomlve the naht. r Tur
ing (lie constitution aa It cornea to as from our an
eestors, regarding the Union, in It! restoration, it
more eacred than ever, looking with anxiety Into
the future aa of Instant Importance, hereby iuuea
and proclaim the following declaration of princl.
elplesand purpoaea, oa which they hat with per
feet unanimity agreed I
.1. We hail, with gratitude to Almighty God, the
end of war, aud the return of peace to our afllioled
and beloved land.
1 . The war Just cleeed baa maintained the au
thority of the constitution, wilti all the po a era
which it confers, and all the reatricllone which It
Impoaea upon tbegenoral government unabridged
and unaltered, and it baa preserved the Union; with
the equal rlKUta.dignlty and authority of the Stales
perfect and unimpaired.
I. Representation in the Congren of the United
Btatci, and in the Electoral College, la a right rec
ognized In tho constitution as abiding in every
Rule, and aa duty Imposed upon It people fun
damental lu its nature, aud oaaeutial to the exla
tenc of our republican InatUutioua, neither Con
great not the lieneral Government baa any power
or authority to deny this right to any State, or to
withhold Its enjoyment, under the constitution,
from IU people thereof.
. We call upon the people of the United States
to elect to CoDgreaa aa members thereof nona but
men who admit thla fundamental right of repre
sentation, and who will recommend to aeata therein
loyal representatives from every State In allegiance
to the United States, subject ouly to the constitu
tional right of each House to judge of the election
rtturna and qualifications of it own members.
i. The constitution of the United States and
laws oieas in pursuance tnereor. are tb supreme
law ol the laud, any thing in the constitution or
laws oi any bum to tue contrary notwilhatundlng.
All powers nt conferred by the constitution unon
the tllenera. Government, nor prohibited by ll to
States, are reserved to the several States or to tho
people thereof; audaun-ag the rights thus reserv
4 to tb States U tb right to prescribe tho
qiialiiicalious tor tb elective franchise therein,
which right Congress can not Interfere with. No
Slate or combination of States has the right to
withdraw from Hie Union, or to exclude tiiruugh
their action iu Cougreaa, or otherwise, any otheis
-Stale or States Hum the Union. Th L'uiou of
(Dene Htalci la perpetual ana cuu not b dissolved.
8. Such amendments to the conatitutlou of th
United fctutea may be mad by the people thereou
a they may deem expedient, in the mode pointed
ut by lia pruviaiun ! aud in proposing auch
ttci ndmenta, whi llier by Congreaa or by a eonveu.
lion, aud in ratifying the same, all th b tales iu
the Union uaveau equal aud au iudefeuaible right
o a vuice iuu rv .iicrvuui
7. Slavery is abolished and forever Drohllilted.
There is neither design nor purpose, ou the part
f Uie Southern but, that it should ever be re-
ksWblished upon tiie soil or within the Jurisdiction
of th Uuited States, aud tb enfranchised slaves.
in ail the bulea of th Union, aiioulil receive, iu
eoniinou with all tbeir inhabitants, equal prutec
.tiou, iu every right of person aud property.
tt. While we regard as utterly invalid, aud never
t be aaauuied or uiads of biudiug luice, auy obli
gation incurred or undertaken iu luakiug war
aguiuatthe United Stutea, we bold the debt of the
'nation to b aacred aud luviolable, aud we proclaim
our purHae, la dutchurging tins duty as in at
foiuiiug all other uulioual obligattoua, to nisiuUiiu
uuiwpaired aud uuiutpeaobed tne houor aud lailu
rf the ttepupho.
' V. Jt la tue duty of the National Government to
recognize tb aervloe oC tb Kedertl soldiers and
allots iu the oouteot jivt clu.-id by uiee iug prouii
tJy aud fully all their juat and rightful claims lor
service they have rendered th uutiou.aud by ex
teudiug to tuoe who hare survived, aud iu wid
ows and o: plums of those who lell, th most gene
rous aud considerate cat.
- I 'J. In Andrew Juhusou, President of tlie United
Btatet, who iu his great oilic ha proved sleadlaat
in bis devotiuu to the Constitution and the iuier
als of country . qauioved by persecution aud uudo
served reproacb. having laith uiuisaailed in the
people aud the prluciplu of free government, w
reouguixe a Chiel Magistral who u worthy of the
natiou, aud equal to m great eriais upon which
liia lot la caat, and W lender to bun iu til dis
charge of bia high aud nwpousihl duties our pro
vuus reapect, aud th Beauraac t our urdial
v4tmM supyvrl. i
A. P. Block8ora, Esq., of Zanesvillo,
having dociincd tho nomination tonder
od him by the late Judicial Convention
held in this placo, .the Democratic
Central Committees ot the Borcral
counties composing this Judicial Dis
trict, conforing togothor in regard to n
fntididato, (.unanimously present tho
namo of Judge John E. Hanna, of Mo
Connolsvillo, Ohio, as' th Democratic
candidate, iu the placo of A. P. Block
eom, Esq., declined. .
"ITe Vhnfijhlt unit runs avny
WUi hut to JtyM another day."
But suppose ho-docs not fight and
runs away, what then t Why, of courno,
he lives to denounce those who did
fight and stood their ground as allies
of "tho traitor hordes of tho South."
CANDIDATE FOR JUDGE. Bit by a Copperhead.
F. B. Fond awFrank Pond, A. J.
Gray alias Jack .Gray, and W. B.
Uedgos alias Bill Hedges, thrco loyal,
pntriotic, fighting black snakes, of tho
boa constructor species, seem to have
been bit and badly poisoned by some
vonimous rcptllo. They intimate
through tho llcrnld of last week thnt
all soldiers who refuse to vote for negro
equality, and who ro disposed to sup
port tho President in his patriotic
efforts to restoro tho Union under tho
Constitution nro tho allies of "the
traitor hordes of tho South."
Wo hopo that Dr. Bill will succeed
in curing himsolf and his worthy com
panions, and forever dispel tho virus
now coursing through their politrcul
A New Hand at the Ropes.
V'o notice that Eev. J. W. Henley,
Univcrsaliat Preacher of this plat e, in
conjunction with E. M. Stanbcry, Ksq.,
Prosecuting Attorney, is advertised to
olivcr a political sermon to tho deni
zens of Pcnnsvillo..
Wo do hopo that brother Ilenloy, in
his cfl'ort on that occasion (for wo
wish him success in all his legitimate.
undertakings) will bo ablo to get iW
tho Radical Republicans into hpaven,
and that ho will save all Democrats
from that other place whore there is
weeping, wailing and gnashingof teeth.
o nn'rstand it to bo Bro. Hen
ley's calling "to prench tho gospel,"
and that ho "would have all men to bo
saved." We do hope Bro. Henley will
bo ablo to save tho Domocrats from
that bad placo wo read about in tho
good book, and of which tho pnrtialints
liavo so much to say. it pohaps may
look gloomy to some of them. A bo
iover in tho doctrino of universal sal
vation suggests that it is the only doc
trino now preached that triK serve cer
tain Radical Republicans ho knows of
in this county. If it should prove to bo
untruo they certainly stand on slip
pery ground. .
Thero is a good opening at Ponns-
villc and the rcgons round about. Go
on with your political preaching. It
is a freo country. We advocate free
speech and bustain a frco press, and if
you forget your high callingjnd will
come down into tho political pool and
throw dirt you must expect to bo a lit
tlo bo-spattered.
Plants and the Bounty Business.
It is ascertained to bo a fact that tho
Radical Congress voted to givo tho
negro a bounty of 8300, and that Plants
voted against giving to tho whito sol
dier boy, who served thrco years in
tho war, tho small Bum of 8100, and it
is further ascertained, and tho fact is
brought to light, that Plants has iu his
pocket 82,000 extra, voted to him by
the Radical Congress so that ho might
havo that amount to aid him in carry
ing his election in this District. They
steal money from tho treasury of tho
pcoplo to bo used in cloctions. AU
tax-payers must shell out danco up,
no protest, support Plants and high
taxes. Plants says that a largo public
debt is a public blessing so it is, when
ho can get 810,000 for eleven months'
service instead of 80,000, tho sum ho
agroed to take when elocted. Danco
up tax-payers good times these for
the office holders.
Soldiers' Re-Union.
e notico in tho last Herald that
three men havo boen in labor and
1 i n i a
Drougnt jortn a can or a programme
for a soldiers' ro-union. In tho call wo
fiad tho . following very nice aud in
tcreting languago:
"Let all rally for liberty, Union nnd
the right. A momentous crisiss in Na
tional history impends. Tho traitor
hordes of the South and their Copper
head allies of tho North, beaten in tho
nckl, seek to accomplish their foil pur
poses at tho polls."
This is tho trio who sot themselves
up in this community to deuounco
about two thousand votorg of Morgan
county, including about one-half tho
ofllcorj and soldiers who -nvnX out to
put down tho rebellion, as tho "allies
of tho traitor hordes of tho South."
- These fellows, who assnmo to talk
so meanly nbont their neighbors, havo
tho reputation In a small circle of friends
of having been but and in tho Into war.
But history yet fails to notico tho fact
that either of these warriors performed
any very great or heroic exploits! They
fortunately turvlvo without wounds to
to exhibit to their numerous stny-at-homo
partizans. They canlalk glibly
and boisterously about their fellow
soldiers, and denounce them in con
junction with tho "traitor hordes of
tho South" becnuso tho bravo soldier,
who went out to put down tho rebel
lion and restoro tho Union, will not
vote for negro equality and will not
sustain tho efforts now making to pro
vent a re-union of theso States on tho
basis of tho Constitution.
Wo havo noticed that th Democrats
in all their calls for public meetings
havo studiously avoided tho expression
of anything calculated to Insult or ag
gravate any portion of gir people.
Not so with theso men. If they are
soldiers, and bravo at thnt, they would
scorn to use such disrespectful langnago
against hundreds of other soldiers.
Such languago, as is containod in the
above call, when applied to tho Hu
morous soldiers of Morgan county who
vote for tho Union and Constitution,
belongs to and is only used by tho
venal and cowardly, and by tho politi
cal charlatan.
Andrew Johnson
is one of tho nieancr and worse results
of slavery, n poor whito of tho Sonth.
Jlo is a representative man of a nice
that It in its moral condition of vicious,
gnornnt bigotry is fur below the neivo.
Born in a land whero labor is degrada
tion, he followed for a living that cull
ing whic h of all others is held in the
greatest contempt.
We cut tho above from a speech de
livered by a Radical etuniiH-r n few
days sinco in Bob. Schenck's District.
This Raical stumper has rather a eou-
temptiblo opinion of President Johnson.
Tho reader will bear in mind thnt thin
samo Radical stumper voted for John
son in lSii-l for Vico President on tho
ticket with Lincon for President,
knowing all tho timo who nnd what
Mr. Johnson was, Now this man lias
tho impudence to como out in a public
speeen and denounces tho President of
theso United States as la poor white
mart," that ' ho Js fur below the negro,"
and is a mechanic, "a culling of all
Others is held in the greatest contempt."
Read tho extract over again. It
appears from it that Andrew Johnson
was at ono timo "a poor whito man,"
that at that timo "ho was far bdow tho
negro," and that he was in his poor
days a mechanic, and followed tho
tailoring business, "a calling that of all
others is held in tho greatest ton
tempt." What think you of that kind
of talk, coming as it does form a Radi
cal Republican ? Hq attacks tho "poor
white man" and tho mechanic through
President Johnson.
We tako it when wo read and ro-
read tho abovo extract that President
Johnson must have been at ono time in
his life a Southern "mud-sill," and he
now stinks in tho nostrils of ono Col.
Donn Tiatt.
For proof of tho genuineness of tho
abovo extract wo refer tho reader to
tho Cincinnati Commercial of Septcnw
bor 17th.
terrTho Marrietta (O.) Times, in
speaking of tho Congressional canvass
in that District says:
"We learn that Monroo countv' will
givo Follett over 2,000 majority, and
tiiai J lants is no where, except with a
few sour buttermilk chaps. In Moreran
Mr. Follett will gain largely. Some
think ho will carry tho county. : Wo
uopo so, at, an events. - i
Mr. roilettis tho Democratic candi
date, and Plants is tjio Jacobin nomi
nee. 1 he other counties in tho district
aro Athons, Meigs, Washington, Mason
and Noblo. With 2,000 in Monroo to
aid them, our Democratic friends in
tho other counties ought bo ablo to
cary the District. Cincinnati En
quirer, Tho Enquirer is not well posted in
regard to tho counties compesing the
15th District. They nro WuHliingtun,
Morgan, Athens, Meigs and Monroo.
Monroo will givo Follett not less than
2,000 majority, and in all probability
twenty-flvo hundred. Tho Rads havo
tho other counties by small majorities,
t. - r w i
aim Jionroo will navo to overeoms
them, which she can do easily. Spirit
of Democracy.
Keep it Dofore the People, That those who
support the Radical ticket for State or.d
count officers, st the coming eleclioo. are in
favor of llifl Btevons, Sumner k Co., policy
of Dfgro suffrage, however much (be may
dfnjr tlie ehsrge. "A man is known by the
ocmpany be keeps;" sm if you "io down with
dog jrtu mart exff et'tb get try with fjoaj."
Can a Conservative Consistently
Vote for Mr. Plants.
At tho Inst Congressional election
thero was some littlo excuse for a pro
fessed Conservative voting for Mr.
Plants , .To begin with, Mr. Plr.nts
had then no .record identifying him
with tho most extremo of tho Radicals,
and his speeches wero merely pleasant
and harmless littlo essays indicating no
policy whatever.; ,
But it is very different now. Mr.
Plants is on tho record, voting consis
tently with the most violently Radical
men of his party, and always in favor
of the most extremo mensurcs in pref
erence to milder ones. Ho is on record
as bitterly hostile to tho Administra
tion, and to these samo Conservatives
whoso votes he now wants. Tho issues
between him and them aro clearly and
sharply defined, nnd upon every im
portant issue before the country they
aro directly antagonistic.
On every leading mensuro before
Congress Ml. Plants voted squarely
ngainst tho views and convictions of
the Conservatives in favor of Negro
Suffrago in tho District of Columbia,
fscgro bulirago in nino territories,
Frecdm'en's Bureau, and a long cata
logue of oilier measures tending to
Negro. equality.
On all theso questions tho views of
Mr. Follett nro in prcciso harmony
with tho views of tho Conservative.
. Woman Suffrage,
Negro Suffrage,
Negro Equality,
Indefinite, Disunion,
nro parts of Mr. Plants' creed as laid
down by himself.
We say with a firm conviction of its
truth, that tho professed Conservative
who votes for Mr. Plants, however high
ho may stand, or supposes ho stands,
subjects himself to a strong suspicion
of political dishonesty. Spirit of Democracy.
Plant's Millennium.
At the Philadelphia Radical Conven
tion speeches where niado by one Ne
gro nnd one masculine feminine I'red
Douglass nnd Anna Dickinson. Is this
tho beginning of 51 r. Plants' millen
nium when all races and all sexes
shall be enfranchised V Spirit of Democracy.
Do You Realize the Importance
of the Comming Election?
The timo is near at hand when ono
of tho most important elections takes
place, which it has ever been our prov
ince to record, one on tho result of
which depens tho stability and pcrpct
uitvofthe old Union.
: Tho1 old Constitution under ; which
we havo lived and prospered, as no
other nation has ever clone, is now
sought to bo changed by a Radis al
faction, who assumes to act for the
Republican party. Are wo prepared
to change the whole fabric of our free
institutions, and nro tho men in power
whom wo as old Whigs and Demo
crats, used to denounce as fanatical
Abolitionists aro they tho men to
dictate terms of tho new organism of
our Government? Tho old Constitu
tion is still held nnd reserved, as a
solemn compact, aud it has been the
Iiride nnd bonst of tho world, that no
tetter document ever emanated from
tho pen if man. It has preserved us
in times of peace, and through tho ter
rible perils and fire ordeals of civil
war. Then why seek to change it,
and particularly at thistime, when ten
State aro unreprensented in tho coun
cils of tho nation. Is it to perpetuate
and party in jiowr? Wo aro afraid
that tho generous impulses that gov
emd tho men who formod tho old in
strument, does not beat in tho bosoms
of those who now present tho change
in tho shapo of a Constitutional amend
ment. The radicals plainly see that
they are, ami will ere long bo in a
hopeless minority, unless their cherish
ed st?hemes of power succeed. They aro
nwnro that a majority of tho whito men
of this uittion aro a.ninst their mad
schemes and opposed to making this a
mixed Government. 1'or this ronson
they seek to incorporate tho negro in
to their party to voto tho whito man
down, and so that New Kdgland may
forever control tho legislation of tho
General Government. They want to
cut down Southern representation, so
thnt tho frco West will havo no formi
dable ally, to assist her when New
Knclnnd demands moro protection, and
patronage of tho Government. Surely
no man with a grain ot common senso
can ever look for justice at tho bands
ot JNew J'jnglnnd. hen was sho ever
tho ally of tho West, never, but tho
South has ever stood by tho agricultu
ral interest ot the grent West, and in
all questions affecting her peoplo, sho
has steadily votod with us against tho
encroachment of English and Yankee
capital. Rut if tho great West is not
truo to herself at this election and
votes against the radicals, her doom Is
sealed, and wo will becomo tho abject
vassals of tho Eastern bondod aristocra
cy. Signal.
fgl.Tbe New York Herald coutuint the
following rattier extraordinary and startling
"We learn through private channels from
Wnfliinglon that a discrepancy, amounting to
some :i0,()00,000, has been discovered in
balancing the accounts c! Juilge Chase while
Secretary of the Treasury or rather that hit
accounts do cot balance by Hist amount.
this report be true, it Is not strange that the
discrepancy wo not discovered before?"
ftQT Why Is a restless sleeper like
lawyer I . "Reeauso ho lies on one sido
and turnfjiand lies on tho other,
t& Baneroft'slast volume of United
States history is completed.
Another Rebuke to the Radicals
from General Grant.
Gnnornl Grant, having been invited
to attend tho meeting at Tittsburg of
tho Jacobin military officers, dictates
this letter:
"Headquarters Armt United,1)
Washington, Sept. 18, ,60. )
"To Edwin Dudley, Chairman Execu
tive Committee Soldiers' and Sailors'
"Sm General Grant dircctf mo to
acknowledge tho receipt of your invi
tion to bo present at a National Con
vention of Soldiers and SailorB, to bo
held at Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, Sep
tember 25, 1800, for political purposes.
He instructs mo to say that it is con
trary to his habits nnd his convictions
of duty, to attend political meetings of
any character whatever, and thnt ho
sees with regret tho action of any offi
cer of tho army taking a conspicuous1
part in tho political dissensions of the
"I am, sir, very respoctfully,
"Your obedient servant.
"Adam Badeac.
"Colonel and II. D. C."
This is about as hard a snub of tho
Radicals as tho ono they received at
Cincinnati from tho same source Gen
eral Grant will havo nothing to do
with them or their meetings."
As Ki.rction Fuko VoTKb nt Ci snit.
A good dral of surprise litis brcn cxpreosnl
that emigres did not pea' pone the vote In
rrotninp the pay of its members mi'.il the
next session. The reason begins to he appa
rent. 'I lia extra $2,000 was ncli;d l secure
their re-eli ction. Kach member tins Oil entn
extra, to be devoted to this specific purpose.
The Radical mcniVre are thus put;in posses
sion of a grand 'cnmiption fund, amounting
to something over 300,000, taken directly out
f tho public Treasury, and distributed
among (he members, ncirly every ,nu of
whom is to be a candidate for ro-eteclion. It
was proclaimed before I he session cloji d thnt
Congrerti must bo uiuined by the rc-elec-
tion t f iis present member. It is now clear
Unit this increase of pity w.n one of the pmo-
licit! measures by which this ro.-tult Is to be
brought about. New Yoik Times.
Radical Administering Law.
An old man named KwingTuclcer, livina on
the Dingo, In Morgan County, who lixd been
in the rebel army, ret u tied home last epring, to
learn that another old man, a neighbor nain d
Slocum, hud opprnpiiate.1 h: wif. I lie
mutter was compromised however, by the wife
romrniiig to her ordinal lord. Siibst(iienllT
Sl.icam induced her narsin to abandon her
huhund. Malthrs (ion Hum from some tlnii
when Tucker failing to t con re tho return of
his wife, on the 2Mb ult. took his rill", went
to Slucum's honsA, au l with fatal uitn rwit
the guy old I.othsrln to his long home.
I'uelier then went to his heme and awitcd thu
action of the legul authorities, by whom he
wua nromp'.lv arrested. On the night of the
27th a bund of assassins went is the home
of the ofllecr huving the prisoner io charge,
look him out and Mi ot him within a few rods
ol tho bouse, liierall y riddling Lit body with
piall-ballH. This was a Radical mode of
deponing of the case, und wus cxecated by
Radicals. Si. Louis Republican.
t!lThe Circleville Democrat trnely
snyn: " I lie Kkieg are or ignt.onu an ine-i gns
of the times imh-ato an oi l tuliionod Demo
crntic victory, l'roper organization and
well directed luboi will Insuro it beyond a
question. The Radical (lisunionist sro on
the run already, and on the second Tuesday of
October lhy will be utterly rooted if we only
organ!z! aud work. Forward tbenl Organize
thoroughly and at once in every ward and
towiiBhipl Work! Work diligently from this
if TE
1 cvj I
3 a ;
The firm heretofore exibtingumlor theuuu.eof
IT. i. u a. a-. i i . a ; .. ... i Tk ....
jniL.Mr.iB; Driiii uni uvnn uia'ii of viutuai
content, Ai( arrounti .1 tue urm v(Ui d i
Uu1 with Mr. IfoLurs, who will coutiBiM
oarry on tho BOOT and BIIOU builnenj at
ftlrl turwl . nna ilnnr svaJi fif I h A T'nx !. fit a
Bpakks, who ii cknawledceri to ba bet work
t 1 1 - t .
into in wi)i wui reruniu wuq nun.
w. w. rn.a,
,z . v-
OFFICE Second Story of Xorrit' Bnildlnj.
srr 1b-iI bnlnns emmntlT attend! to. n4
Pcial attrutluu a!tn to lbs collection of all doubt
ful claims.. au3-ly
vs. otsss.
J. A. KtLl.T1
OFFICK Southwest Corner of Public Sqnars,
a r
r. SILL.
F. SILL & CO.,
Drj' Goods, Crorcrirs, Kutioni, Tlawnrr, Trnokl.
lpMall C oart llou.r, !lt'Cnnlsvtll,0.
r. w. worn,.
r. n. rwMD
Attorneys and Counselor; at L&ti
F.D. POIND, Notary Public.
W, B. HEUliES, Mi I).,
Physician and Surgeon.
Hespeotfnlljr orTers his Profewlonal servlii tn UiS
citizens ut M't'ouueUil!e anil vtciniiy.
Where he ran hi foiitul at all times, da or nlglit.
when not imircwlonaliy absoQt.
Attorneys at Lav7.
OFFICE with J. E. Danna, Ceatrr Strict,
au.v ly
Bounty! Kounty!
SOLDI KR3. WIDOWS. 4c, InlcresleJ la
tlis late law eqnullzlnfr bounles, ara lufurmtd
that the unraiKnvl la prepared to attend to that
kind of t usiiiBts with disatcb and oa rcuaonabls
Widowi, Children or the Farrnti of Soldiers
hodtrd In (ervlcenf dlsesnerrwonndsrontrarte4
ot rvivrd Iu line ut dutv, will receive tha soma
amount s would Imvu beeu paid the soldier him
self hud be served bis full term of enlistment.
auS Claim Axent.
TOREPH BEN MKT Is herel.j notlllod that rtnchel
) llennet lias thixdy Hied Id tha offlcs of tjjs
Clerk of the Court uf Cmaiaon Pleas for aforxaii
county, Ohio, her petition prsylna for a dlvorc
from said J-Mcph on aioouiii of bis wilful aosenoe
for mure than three years, last past, which casa
will be beard at the November term, INIIU, of aald
Coiirt. ItACilKI. UCNillil'.
Aucust 21.1RC0:
1,000 Acres of Land,
For Sale or Exehaugo or Ttwa Projierfys
Tun i.ao is situatkA i
Bulivan.Uatesand Vernon counthts, Ulasourl.
It Is well watered and Umbered, 'ih&t portion la
Veinoo eounly Is wltbia one lulls and a liull ot
Nevada City the eounty seat, 'fax further partic
ulars call upoa the eubsuriber' Terms cay.
aul-4m JON A a POWKEt..
John UcPsrtnott. P'tl.l UeforsE. C. Dsvls Jnftlsa
vs. of tha Peace of Wludnor
Petes V. Koysa, DsPt. ) towuUIt.ktoiKua so.,Ohla
ON the Hih day of August, A. U. IK;. suUi Justice
issued an order of attachmeul io the above
action for the sum of thirtv-two (433 40) dollars
and forty eeots. aud tUsasa (1 19) dollsrs th prob-.
able aniount ol eurt. ,
otl , jmhv vamvojt.

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