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Cjic Conserfaaiibe.
FRIDAY - - - - -
. . 1
FKPT. JS, 164.
JR All business pertaining to the Cokpfb
iVsrtrs bflice (driring our absence) tan be trans
Mtcd with R. E. Moom.
Tlio I'nlr Postponed.
In consequence of the recent rain Slid hlc,h
Valor, which has Inundated a .portion of the
fair grounds, and rccflcred. the rond lending
(hereto impasaablc, the Bonrd of Director of
the Morgan County Agricultural Society have
postponed the holding of the Kir until Tu-
day, Wednesday snd Thursday, October Cth,
;lTth and 19th, IHOfl. fly order of th Board. ''
Joux 8. Adaiu, Sce'y.
'., , 1'OLirilAs, MLi;iI.(;S.
, k .
MoetingM for tlio disetission of the
Poljticnt issued of tlic tiny will bo ncM
8 follows:
Dcartrtov n. Irlhiv, Oil.
nt 1 o'clock I. .11.
nnl oIIhth will address tliin mci-lip'j.
In rVriiliiAr 'of Kanio Way nl
TrlHilrlplilH. .
Illnpffold, pnturtlar, Oct. iiili, nt
1 o'c lock 1. .11.
In I'vrnliisr tI" the Sauir liny n(
.llomitavillr. .
- 11 .
Gnjlord, Cnpls. Power, Glenn and
ethers will addroHR these meetings.
Hy order of tlio Ieiiiocrntie ('ei.trnl
A Grand Rally.
' Tho largest Ueptililienn meetinp; of
tlio Kcnnon wits held nt Znneavillc on
lust Sat urdnj, tlio 21nt hint. Fred.
Dotiftliimt watt the chief bpenker. It In
snir! that the I?:idicnlHof thitt town were
In high glee. 'Wo congratulate them
On tho good time that it coming. Color
no longer an objection with nonwj of
these l'adieul Republican.
.' Xtw tiooim. They have just re
ceived 11 largo and we!I-rc!ectd stock
or Ev GOODS at IIai.ib Cheap
iMorc in Malta, which they aro pre.
p-ured to sell an cheap its tho cheapest
Tho public will find it to their ndviin
iivge 10 give mem a call, ns they ore
determined not to be undersold.
J3aiu:ainh. Tiorr Vt Cociiuax havo
Just opened n new Clothing Store
ono door cast of If. Spruce's hat store,
iwid scllii.g low for cash, their motto
being "rjuick Bales ami unal! profits.1
Gentleman in want of anything in tho
cTutliing line will do well to call and
vxamino their Mock.
The Out KsTAin.ihiiKi J'ikm. - ,
CireADLE & AVai.k tu having had nev--oral
year8' cxierienco in the tailoring
, business flatter thcjnselves that thev
V;an mako as genteel ,a mtit of t lothes
M any firm in Ohio, irtt l jiro deter
mined not to be undersold. They also
keep on Lund a large stock of ready
inndo Clothing, FurnishingGood, &c.
Call and examine their block before
'purchasing elsewhere.
- Blckkyk Block. Siikimrh Ik Sons
Lavo enlarged their More-room, and
Iihvo juM. received a largo and splendid
Mock of NEW GOODS, which they aro
selling nscheapas the cheapest. Their
vuriety is largo, and fresh from tlio
fashionable cities of tho East. Tho
. public would do well.bcforo purchasing
'tdsewLcre, to call and examino their
vflW'k of goods. .
By it Into Act "1 (Jougrcfi, oppioved
July 28lh, IfcCG, eirry aoldicr who enlinted
, into the nnny after ll.e I5ih cf April, 1801,
tor the term of three years Mid who Hrved his
"term and wn honoial'ly JiKtlmred is emitted
to a bounty of cue hundred dollar.
' Every soldier who enliid afi ll.e naino
time and for the Mine Una, wua ass i
r cliarged on accotiut u( y ounds receifed In tke
(tie of tluiy.fltid Jhe. widow, niiuor children
or parents of such soldier, or Ike heirs of any
soldier who died of disease or wounds con
traded in the line of duly is entitled to one
' limidred dollars bounly.
' Every soWier who valivted into the army
after the 19th of April, 1P6I, for a term, not
Ives than two years, and wbo has been honor
ably discharged, aller serving two jeers, W
entitled tolilty dollar bounty.
" Any loldier wbo enlisted for" less tlinn two
years, who has U-eu honorably ditcharBed no
eccouat of wounds received iu the line oMuty,
or he widow, minor children or parents ol
any stwh soldier who died ol wounds or dig.
are cootrscted In tho service, Is entitled to
fifty dollun bounty. , ,
All perrons entitled to these bounties can
have ihero promptly collected by calling upon
Office South-west coruer ot Public Sijuare,
, ,'An tiib Uunu Khali, riKK" by calling
00 T.T Nott, at Morris' Hardware Store.
fho, t Is generally known, has beeii nflllcted
With sore eyes for twenty-five years, and hav.
, lag beeu eured by the use of J. V. Hardy's
, f.jt Balm, takes pltuuuie lu supplyiug nry in
il dim ui m vurn.
Kirr-xtra njrar(jura dried : beef fu isle
Go to Siiepaiid & Sons'" to buy
Silks, Laces, Ribbons, Muslius, Prints,
Cloths, CllHsimcrcs and Skirts.
fcj A few kilt? of new mackerel, cangltt
lft mnntli, jnsl received at tke Grocery Store
of D. II. Mortlrv.
'J. Ai.MANnirt't Dma Stork i still well
supplied with a Inrge stock o( drug', mcdiciues,
wall paper, paleirf medicines, paints and dye
stuffs and all articles pertaining to the Drug
Call n J get Kings UiirivaUcJ Hair Resto
ftayBncon, poik hams
and lurd lor lule at
Skid VViikat for solo
by J. F. Sonrak-
tikis, McConnelsrille. -
BTwn tierces of extra lumily cnuvsscd
hams just received. at Morti.sv's (Jrocury,
Equalization Bounty Bill.
fit's ndditionnl bounty , "
To every honorably discharged toldiar who
enlisted in the army of tho United State iiinec
April lllth, IsM, for three yearn, and served lii
lc: in of enlistment, and who lift received or
Wo entitled to receive but $100 bounty.
To every such soldier who lina been tli
ehnrged on account of woutulu received In the
lino of duly before hi term of vulUtmcnt ex
pired $1U'J.
To the widow, minor children or parentK, in
the order named, of any ueh loldier who died
while in the (ervic or from wound received
or dlcue contracted while hi the acrvlce of tho
failed f Intel f 100.
Equalization Bounty Bill. AN INCREASE PENSION
him hIfo been grunteil by a recent law
To llowa of aoldiera who Iihvo died In tLe
nroiy, or to the children if the widow ha died
or remarried ?2 per month for each child
under lit year of nge.
To oldiers who have loft a foot or a hnnd or
been disabled eiiial to the lom of u hund or foot
1S per month.
,'J'o oUnin the Increase peniiion a new applica
tion must be made.
him been prnnieil every otlieer who wan in eom
miioion March ild, ISrti, and renigncd or wan
honorably dixehnrjred after April 0th, 1H0J.
The uridernisntd will promptly attend to all
valid ebiim under tho aewral law of ConreB
granting bounties, pvimioun, extra pay, 4o.
llring with yu nil pupem in your ponaeimjon
Ucti a iliacMnreit, One. o a to luuko out
correct applicMliou'.
Authorised Milhury Claim Agent.
MTonnvliiviUe, Ohio.
Andrew Johnson, the Traitor.
, a Sturgis,
nt a L'nion ratification meeting in New
York, that "J5oy in Blue," who saved
tho army of General Lvon, after tho
battle of Springfield, said:
'They call Andrew J ohusonu traitor.
If yon liavo read tho history of this
war, you will remember that in 18G1,
down near Crao Orchard, our rucn en
countered two or three httndrcjl poor
honest, patriotic, barefooted,' naked
Ti'iiucKseeans, who had been driven
from their homes by tho rebels. Who
was at their head? Not Jforaeo Gree
ley. Laugter. No. gentlemen; tho
man who led them was tho man the'
call a traitor to dnj' Andrew Johnson.
Tho same patriotism which induced
him to stand there iu lKbl . will enable
him to take the same stand to-day, if
you will only give him a little help."
Uf: Mr. Juhn T Doflinun, tlio Democratic
candidate (or O'ovi mcr of New Yntk, crlti
ciset the RepuUllcnn pliiiforni of this State,
becuuse it omits to dcultiru for iuipaitiul nf
fioge. The critiuism is junt. Mr. llolTman
and every Democrat knows that the Repub
lican party ii nt h t trt for impartial - suf
frage. X. Y. Independent (Uud.)
tin sIho to the point speak the Illinois
Stnfe Journal, the Itadicul ceura! orgnn,
Which illj'f!
Tfie geruloe Rcpuhticnn principle is nn!
verRul ulTi'iige, wi'.h.tiit legard to color.
lCvery person of Intrltletice knows that
the loundution stone el the liudioal party su.
pertiticture Is negro sufTingo. 11 llmt ba
sis weis removed, the whole concern would
full to pieces. If the Ildical party is not for
negro fiifTrnge, civil and political negro
ctpiniity, it is u humbug tiny, it is worsu
it is pure dib lom; for it ii setting the pas
sions of the people on The a of hell, merely lo
keep itself is power, and fulling la that to
bring abaut a civil wai! .
Harmony in the South.
A correspondent of tho Texas Herald
gives tho following statement of the
harnKui' which exists among the peo
ple of Texas.- It would bo universal
bttt for the Radical agitators i '
When tho war closed, many feared
that when tho soldiers thoso who
rent North and thoso who sought pro
tection in tho brush, from whut they
doubtless regarded as tyrunny and op
pression returnedto their homes, that
tt'l tho old grudgos and ill-feelings that
were created during the war would bo
opened afresh, and thut our towns and
villages would bo almost a constant
scene ot tho most serious riots and diffi
culties, but I am hanpy that I am ablo
to eity that hero sucu is not tho taso.
All have), like true uei, returned to
their usjiul vocations, and scorn to be
determined to let tho past die with the
past and sink iuto oblivion.. They
meet on puDiio occussions, . transact
their business witlyjcss bard lceling,
(apparently,) intoitipn and exhibi
tion of .desperation, if possible than be
fore tho war begun ; and although two
different parties have cvereinco the
close of tho war, and do yet exist hero.
not one singlo difficulty, that resulted
erwusiy, jiub uiiien pince in una count
Radicals and the President.
Tho Radical press and their stump
ers are trying bard to make tho people
ftnd particular tho soldiers believe that
Andrew 'mson has turned traitor,
wo wonl 1 .i lv what ho turned traitor
to? TJ.' 'mplo truth is that ho has
been tru i - tlio platform upoa which
ho was elect. I ind that ho has refused
to bo seduced I rom his llegianco to
tho Constitution of his oountry. purely
tho soldiers and people of Ihm enligh
tened country bavo not forgotten the
anathemas and Cry raised against
President Lincoln on tho reconstruc
tion policy put forth by Lincoln, which
was more mercifnl to tho rebels than
tho policy advocated by President
Johnson. So far did tho Radicals go
in tho matter, as to threaten imputch
luent against Lincoln. Theso sumo
men, Thaddcus Stevens, Sumner & Co.,
met in Cleveland and but Fremont and
and Cochran in tho field as candidates
for President imd ' J'ico President, on
tho same platf'rtnn now contended for
bj' tho same party in opposition to
'my policy" as they. call it Did the
Union or ' Republican.,, party indorso
theso proceedings then? 4 No, tltoy
mot in Convention and nominated Lin
coln and Johnson on the opposite poli
cy, upon tho policy enuncintedby Pres
ident Lincoln.
Lincoln and Johnson were clected-1-bnt
theso same ultrists hung to the
skirits of tho Union Republican part'
and camo into power. As soon as they
come into power they renewed . the
tight against Lincoln and subse
quently against Johnson. At first they
did not succeed very well. Tho leuit
ing papers of tho Republican party
were against them, and some of them
even denounced Thud. Stevens and
Sumner as fanatics and impracticubles,
but Thud. & Co. finally succeeded in
whiipin;them into the traces, and now
the soldiers and people are told that
theirs is tho same policy that con
troled tho country during Lincoln's
minimisation and that triumphed
in tlio success of Our arms over tho rc
hellion. "Who wo ask, in Congress
sustained President Lincoln against
the attacks of Henry Winter Davis,
Sumner &. Co.? You readers know
very well that it was tho Democrats
and Conservatives tho same men that
aro now sustaining President Johrvon
in a similar hght on tlio same (ques
tions. Signal.
Radicals and the President. The Radical Pilgrims-One of the
Party Becomes Alarmed and
Disgusted, and Leaves the Foul
Ono of tho Radical pilgrims designa
ted by tho Philadelphia Mulatto Con
vention to follow in tho tracks of the
President and address the people, ft
Mr. H. G. Norton: of Texas, has left in
disgust his fellows, and is going home
to denounce their hj'pocrisy and', self
ishness.' He has been speaking, bcd(
ding and eating with l'rownlow, Jack
Hamilton, Ilutinicutt and tho others,
attended their secret conferences, und
was in their confidence. Ho suys their
secret designs startled and disgusted
him. Their main object ho declares to
bo to live easy without work, and get
what money they can while tlio present
excitement lasts. In order to success
fully carry out this game, they are
ready to mako their speoclics to suit
the locality and ther audience Negro
sufTrugo-niid equality will be advocated
where Radicalism is rampant, nnd not
mentioned whero tho docrtrino is to be
kept in the background until afler tho
In their meetings among themselves,
they mako no secret of their determi
nation, titter tho fall elections, to incite
negro insurrection. They must bavo
immediato negro suiinigo or negro in
surrection. In their conversations,
they say this is a good wajto get a
living to-day. - When lhe l i.tions aro
over, something new tnojf t I
und their only hopo is in ;i
surrection. That will brin
pro in
u1 anotli-
wor, in which thoy expect tlio Southern
peoplo will be annilnlivlgd. -4
1 ho discoverw ol' theso desitrns, Mr,
Norton says, determined him to leave
their company, sc did not need tins
exjiosuro liy 5rr.. Isorton, of tho de
signs of theso torch-and-turpenline in
cendiares toward tho South. All thut
a person need do, to discover what
their aim is, to read tho speeches of
Jack Hamilton, Brownlow, and Ilnnni
cutt. They disclose the diabolical,
purposes theso Radicals have in view,
in their efforts to firo tho Northern
hoart. Ciiscinnati Prnfjuircr.
CJr"CJentk'mnn, I am SHhumed of you; go
home and bo ashamed of yourselves."
The above was the langunge of Oenorsl
(rant to the crowd wbol Insulted President
Johnson at In Jininpolls- Seymour ( Indiana)
. At Cincinnati ho told the Jacobins that be
was greatly annoyed at their pi etended honv
srje, aud would have none of it. At Wuch
ngton lie re fussed peremptorily lo atiiuiij the
meeting of such soldiers and sailors as could
be got together at Pittsburg to assail the Ad
ministration, and wrote a brief letter to that
effect. In December last he made an official
report that every thing was right at the
Bylfth tbe people were loyal and well-dig'
pond to Cioveinment, and wore qnalificJ
to resume their relations with it. Thus thu
head ol the army stands by the Presideot.
3r Atarocent publicmeeting an elo
quent advocate ot popular education
tlius delivered himself:
,"Mr. President I rise to get up, and
am not backward to come forwatrd in
the cause of education, for had hot
been tor education, I should be. as g
norant, as you are, Mr. 1'resido
A hah hanging is belter tbnu a faabonil
s bss visible means of support- ; .
Radical Moral Ideas.
As a specimen of the characters
whom tho Radicals delighted to honor,
and whoso expenses they pay to travel
over the country and spenk fo the peo
ple, we have Parson iirownlow. In
his New York speech bo said ,lho must
stop because ho had an engagement at
Iseccher s Church. He was going to
try to bring tho pastor of the church to
tho knowledge of political truth as it
was in tho Lord Jesus Christ. fA voice,
'three cheers for. Christ.' If I don't
succeed I shall decluro myself a candi
date in lleecher's place for tho pastor
ago of Plymouth Church." . Yells of
A C o u. o r r. n L a y w r. a A t m i t t e d t o t n e
Bar. The Montrose (Penn.)Indepcnd-
cnt Republican announces the admis
sion to tho bar of Jonalhon J. Wright,
"full blooded negro." The Republican
savs :
Mr. Wright began studying several
years ago, intheolllco of Bent ley, Fitch
& Bent lev; prepared himself for exami
nation ; but, owing to prejudice or some
other cnttse, was not alilo even to get
before a committee. Jlo then spent a
year in South Ciirolina, practicing in
the provisional courts ol that unrecon
structed State On his return to this
place he obtained a committee, passed
a creditable examination, and, on mo
tion of B. H. Bentley, was on Monday
last admitted to practice.
Occurrence New
Caledonia-A Boats's Crew
Eaten by Cannibals
Tht' Union Company's C'npe Itoynl mail
stcnni.ihip N'orseniftn, which erriwtl at lly
mouth, Kiitflaml, on Wfdcnsdny, ihi ISih
Joy of Aliens', with the Caprmnil, has news
of n frightful trsgpdy recently perpetrated In
New Caledonia, in tho Pacific, employed ss a
French convict entubliHliniciit. Ilis Imperial
MnjesMy'a Prenoh war steamer Fulton, from
New L'ulcdonis, via Dounboo, lor Urost, that
put Into Algoa liny on June 27, and left on
July C Bic.il, reported that while she had
duel) ciuiciig around New Culcilonln, n boat
was dispatched into one othj rivers out of
nil lit ol the shin lor snuio purpose, and, not
returning, much anxiety was fell rfspecling
if. 'I'hs stentner then went up the river in
H iiriti, and upon a snmll island was disor
crcd lbs remains, which li lt no possihiliy of
douiit llmt the unlorlncate seamen had been
captured' und thva killed uud eaten by the
The Fulton then procee.lcd further inlund,
and some nativsi who were taken admitted
thut the conjecture of thu nhip's cicw were
correct; that they had como stnMcii'y upon
the boot's citvf tektn then to no Island,
killed I hem there by splitting their skulls
wi'li axes, and hud then cooked and cnten
the in. 't'hs office's aid crew of tho ship,
highly exasperated at Ihrse horrible dstails,
proceeded to luke summary yfngounce upon
tlio savuges, and Killed every ono they cunio
in contact with, and set fire to their village
In addition to lbo who wers burned, no less
than one Luntlrcd aud fil'y were either iliot
or bnjoneted. " J
trn..Iil the rhiludulphm Uudical Con
vention, a resolution was cfleted, urging as
a reason for not allowing the Sou'.heru Sta'as
to be represented in the Scmto, that It would
"dangerous" "in view of the probable Im
peachment of a high i fTicer of tho Uuityii
Stale Uovtrnnicut." . .
of this kind came off before Lsouiro
Hand, on Monday, in which a blushing
black rose of tho female trender was
plaintilTand ono of our practical mis
cegenation white Abolitionists was
tho defendant.- Ho undcrtok to put
in practico the doctrine of Tilton, Fred,
llouglass and Anna Dickinson, that a
mixture of the race mako tho highest
type of manhood, and has got intc a
scrape he would give all his stock iu
the disunion party toger rid of. Mnys
ville (Ky.) Bulletin. .
Fashions. Notwithstanding the fuel that
the impress Kiigenic bus discarded crinoline
and gnady fabrie, the New York styles this
year arc more fl ishy than ever. W may
gladden the heart of both sexes by srunp
sizing an article In one .of the iirntls of
Uotbom, as lollows; Hoops are larger and
skirts shorter than bo (or.
shoes, whlcb will ol course bs, seen now,
are. worn of the same color with the dress pat
tern., The full styles for gentlemen' are eveo more
ridiculous and unbecoming than were the
lummer. Nothing unique In the hat lino
Last week a vou up; bull was picked on
sea, off Chebeagne island, coast of Maine
I lie animal was five miles from the main
land where he was overhauled and was bard
on bis way to visit hi I'uiglish, cousin
A Snakk in a Baby'b Bellt. The
Madison (Ind.) Press saj-s:
AVe were yesterday shown a snake
nine inches long and about one inch
in fircumferonco a common striped
water moccasin, wheih had been cjec-
tod from tho stomach of a little son
Colonel MnllenJ by an emetio. His
snakeship was alivo and crawling, but
was soon dispatched by ins lormer
proprietor placing bis foot upon his
bead. It is supposod tho little fellow
must have swallowed the snako when
it was quito young, whilo out hunting
with bis lather about a your ago. .
BiSy A merchant having sont, in obo-
dience to an ordor, fifty barrels of flour
to a grocer in tho rrovincos,rocently
received another order which ho thinks
has malice in it, or else tho man did
not got what be cjpected, via: "Send
down fifty hogs to eat up that flour.
flAfL7--M,C0!fJTKLIy On the 2th Inst.,
at tlin ro.Hlenr of the I rirlc's mother, by Kov,
John Kelly, Mr. Willi Bailer, of i9ansille,
to Miss Carolina A, M'ConnHl, youngot
daughter of the lata Alexander M'Connell.
M'COMELSVILLE, Sept. 28, 1866.
Ftora II J 00 Extra per bsrrtl.
Wukat 11 itn periaxial,
UkTV rent per bushel. I
(Yhn SO cent per bunhel.
Fi.ax Kkxb-S2 SO perbtishet.
rlAMi.sr Huriiifr, 'c; Fall, $1 pet booh.
IIT-H 00 to 10 00 per ton.
'Damn Arri.K-3 60 per bushel.
Bcttsk IS cent per pod nil.
Hook cent per dozon.
( iiicsknh Live 2.5 renin. .
C'orruK Ki to S3 cntn.
CouNTnv Hor S cent perponnd.
Hi oah l 'i to iO csuta per pound.
r1 OHotn i) cent per gallon per barrel.
L.AKO 10 i c nl pound, in Jar and keg;.
C'ahm.kn t Ullow) 20 cent per lb by boi. '
iicent at reUil.
(8t,r) M cent per lb. by box.
" " 34 cent at letnil.
Por 15 to 50 ctnU per bar.
t:imH 2.'i,ci-uU per pound.
Salt i bl per Wrrel reUII .
SruNK ciiAi. ) cent per bushel,
H am Is to i.i ceut at retail.
Siokh 11 ceut per pound.
Miori.nsK 1 to 15 cent.
Tallow s to 10 cents.
Wiu.-kv 'Ii per KKlon.
ISiamu U 00 per bniliel.
K.tOW THY Ii:STI.lf!
Knglish Astrolottist, Clairvoyant and rsychom
ctriclnli, who ha astonished the rcirtitififl
rlosscs of tho Old Word, ha now located hor-
If at Hudson, X. Y. Madame Thornton po-
esse soon Wonderful power or kecona (ignt,
as to euuble liar to imnart knowlvdiro'of the
if r nlut iiiitwrtaiiro totbe ilnelo or mnrried of
either sex. Whilo in state of trance hi de
li unites the verv feature of tbo eron you aro
to marrv, and by the aid of an instrument of
Intenso power, known as thn I'sycboinotrope,
frunrantuos to produce a lifn-like picture ol too
I'utnre huHband or wife of the applicant, to
gether with dute of ninrriniro, ponuion In lifo,
leadiuK traits of character, Jto. This is no hum-
bii)r, a thousand of testimonial enn assert
She will send, when desired, a certified cortiti
cole or written guarantee that the picture: is
what it purports to be. fly enclosing a annul
lock of hair and statins; pluca of birth, aee.dis
position nnd complexion, and enclosing SO
cents and stmnued envelope addressud to your
self, vou will receive the picture and dusirod
information by return mail. All communica
tion acredly confidential. Address, in cotili
denee, MadHine K. F. Ihorntou, I'. O. Ilox 2I3
Hudson, N. If. scIS-.lm
5 fA
- rT.
l I
IltROHS OF YOl'TII.A gentle--J
nisn wbo suOered for year trora Norton Da
bility, Premature, and all the effects ol youthful lu
discretion, will, forth sake of suffering humanity,
setid Ire lo all who need It, lbs receipt and direc
tion for making; the simple remedy by which be
as cureu. Minerer wisuihk to pront by tue au
veitiser' expei ience, can do so by addressing, in
perlect conlidencs, JOHN B. OtiUH-N,
No. ii Cedar at., New Voik.
Procluinntion is hereby mado to all ths qual
ified voters of Morgan County that a geuwra
election will be hold, a required by law, on
Tuesduy, tho 9th dav of October, A.D. 1S6, be
ing the second Tuesday of the mouth, at the
several place of holding election in laid
county, at which time the lollowii.g officer are
to bo chosen, vixi Ouo Secretary of State, one
Judge of the Supreme Court, one Member of
the Board of l'ublio Work, on Member of t'ou-
fret for the Fifteenth District, one Common
le-u Judge for tho First Division of the Eighth
Judical District, oue Probate Judge for Morgan
county, ono Auditor, ono Treasurer, ono i'ronw
ouling Attorney, one Commissioner, and one
luliriiiury Director fur said County of Morgan.
Tho Trustee of tho several townships In said
county are required to return' the following
number of Jurors from tUeir respective town
bipi . B
Bloom . . . J
Bristol '
Center . 3
lorlield . 4
llmocr 6
Malta ... .6
Manchester ? S
Windsor -York
. .
All of which notice I
C21-3W J. C.
iven pursuant to law,
CKDOCK, brid'.
rpHE undorsigned hs been duly apponted
X. Administrator of the estate, with the will
annexed, of William Hoile, dooeased, late
Morgan eouniy, unio.
se21-18oo . J0HK C. TOBD.
THE undemigned has been appointed Admin,
strator of the etaU of James E. Btowart,
aecsasea, isi 01 raorgap eouniy, t.inio,
ssU-l , JAM Kb 3. DTZWABT.
Keep eonstantly an hand a lafrge sloek c-I
at their nsw stors-rooms, in th
" i
33ank .I3uilclingy
itthsoM sUind.tn the three-story brio, smrtf
Of posit tat 1'ost Uouaa,
reipertfnUy Inform 0s cttltsn of Mor;n eonntf
thst bs keep constantly on hand a full a"ortmut
of tbe vnrlnu article nsuslly kept In a Brat clam
i.rocery more, consisuns; in n or
Tea, C'oOSs, biiRsr, Fish, Sod, f plcea, Cannsdt
Fruit, Cove Oj stera. Hyrilps, C'hrM .Crackers,
Itaaim, Wooware, lobucco, Cigar, Bask,
eta. Rifle Powder, Blasting fnwder..
Fuse, Packin; Yarn, Bad
. Cord, Ksnl IU Bops,
Lard Oil, Carbon
Oil. 4o.,
all of which will bs sold at ths very lowest prtoe, .
euner ai wnoiesaia or rewu, lor casn or approvaa
conntry pn dues,
The highest insrktt ptlcs paid for alt kinds of
Country Prnduce
r.very ai
BAN'I'KL) a repientuted.
Tin. Copper and ifheet-Iron TTart
job won n
of all kluJs sxecnted wltt nsainsas sn4 ftpMi
lie keeps eonstatnly on hand a very large msrU
Cooliing Stoves.
Purlor Stovc
Heating. Stoves,
Firo Fronts,
Hand Ironey
StoTO I'ipa, ,
Coal-BuckoU, , ;
rioea, Rakes. Forks,
Brass Kettles,
Apple Paircrs, Nails, . ."
TIN-w are;
wash uuAitu.i, uLuritra
Japan Ware, 5co. .
Brilliant CoalStovo.
Indianola ' Wood Stoven
cow hides, rnw patent
And mnny other article to nmarons tomsnttosu.
All woi-k done In tli besl manner.
I will apai-e uo paiua to ukase those wbo may '
favor mo with a call.
Opposite the "Bacttey alock," li'OonneiivtUe, 0
auaif li W
1 Few Doon Eatt of Pott Donie.-
IdvIU tb fctlcQtlon of tli public to thIr fu?w ktook.
of tlntl-cUus
embraorsg everythlns; In th (rrooery Una neadad
for family aouaumyiion. W bava just raoslvsa
large stock of
Ersry kind of Conntry rVaWNbewrtii ni sol
Give n eaU. , ,
Hr. ..;

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