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The Conservative. (M'connelsville, Ohio) 1866-1871, October 12, 1866, Image 1

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Quarter column on yar
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ft !'! 'i lilt Lb ;
[From the New York Mercury.]
"1 WHcT nr tWraVrftng,'Jv'"
f,f j ,wIOj wwtb Rf.driiei,f(ur,j
And ib lifte.l up mr dream ey
'1 iTljl0
vo AaoWw t.t I Wo. lhe.fc V jfJm?.'
I knew her heart throbed wildly,
For the daisies in her hand, 1 if
tropt a blossom to the oaken-floor
And broke tho snowy band.
And trembled at her feet,
While I etooped down and gathered up
Their blossoms pure and tweet.
"town &t the h.rttfok' ftety
One more eh stood at oven
In the golden-rifled light,
That trembled from the timid moon
Upon the hour' of night. l" "
Ieard her gently ilnging,
A sweet old long of yore, N
And my heart went out to her (gain,
As It had don bofore. f'j'IL
The vesper'bells were ringing;
Upon the river'e lidoj-v v f f
1 saw the eweet slarstoflt loifg J
Her fooe soenied glorified.
lb words that j, woufx say,
And in the glory of he milo
I gar my hcerj
f the wild rain sobbing
tr-0r Saturn
umn's buried flowes, '
That it nursed with soft caresses i
In aitraet A.prir fJ boury 'S j
Y can ftasr its-vad-ltiiniMiiiiig F '
Whur the struggling forests ware,
Scattering down their dappled lneButt f'J 1 t
Ovor each wild floweret's jraS-a-a.. ) JS. ,
While the fairy wind, with whispers,
Spreads the pall and imtjoOurp, itroud j
As with mental angebih 14 J. -.
All the treat, with ghostly sighing, '
Wave their, brartybcaio pqrt Jto
"While tUliaf cVdrri bollow, '
Fluttering, dancing, at they go, '
tod the trWni, wblj-h In ttlo summer j
t 'IUn,iw waKiliu'tf) iam ill plain, (
Choakcd with leaflets, rainbow-tintod, .
, ,IiI(jn itnd gurgles as with pain, 1
ll1ii through the clustering yinewreatb
With a murmur sad and low. t
Oa y brilliant.jjiqwing motscsj
fCsitia j JoaaJike stuirus tiow,J
VbUe the shining, golden jewels
- From the forest's kingly crown,
Fall to wreath the dying daisios
l tit AuflbaoipiieeSjgrowing brown,
Like a tbouiunil aiutod swallows
Bail the leaves o'er hill and plain,
Lighting in the glowing stubble
Of the autumn's golden grain.
A Hat Full of Beans.
Who ia 'Sauiro Blish?"
I askocl.1
"Who whb 8quiro liligh.you mean?"
returned my IVieud. "Sit down, and I
will tell you the story." (
So I Bat down, mid he told me kb
"followrfV uhd I h'auo beCri thiukliij' of it
over eince, and -reaving- if into r
thoughts with the nieoiory ot thwo
tiny children intent upon their
jtfvelouflicturti-looB. T v ' ,
wui 4'ff ?. ww. e-i?v tll V 'rr R
widow living in this place who nud an
only eon named Jack." 1
"Yes," I interrupted; "and ho was
an idle good-(or;nj;thing lad, alwayH m
mischief, and an anxiety to his moth
er." ,j
"Who told you eo?" asked my
-friend. r u j i 1
o 6nV,Baid I;odnitu the
etorv." ' U
"He went on doing little or nothing,
1 1 until, he vs :a,gceat-. follow.. QC'sbvon
toen or eighteen, his chief work being
to take the horses down to water fori
tne larmers round this he did nor
object to, as he could ride down to the
river and ride up again. One evenuig
in as usual, wheu, as he passed a cer
tain stile, he heard some one
"Jack I"
"Here I be," said Jack, stopping thV
fr 'ftra;cs' and forlm; rr-thB .direction
"tfoni'VlfeAcb'th'e' voido -fcitWe. -"Hoy I"
he ejaculated, in a tone of astonishment
and gratification, as his eyrj, foil upon
the neat littld figure of " the girl who
had been taken to help in J,h dairy.
"What be you doing here, Nelly?" f.
"Waiting to see you. Jack
iuat, s jtinu at any rate, ana It s
not jnanv wauld do it: But I'm a.
OUi0W bo one Vl4fiiiil4e
me, said he, somewhat bitterly.
"That's just what I came to
you, returned the little maiden.
. r." 'Then ypu don't caro about me?'
said he, with a.JitUe vexation 1 In hla
tone. ,,
" 'Care I why should I, for a lazy fel
jow nice you t i should think not. ,
.-oiim "'-out you miht JVelly.' . , , . i
r -J flight, indeed TI mfg:
ghtn t do any
thing of. the sort. At
any rate, I
,j j
M'Then what did you come
' 'To tell you you ought to be kihiim
4 at yoMjrieUV
.mi"i (i;M-,t7 j
iTu t;
I' f J' .ini" 1
(..'r , t
' 1 r r '
I'll If
UiLUi-JLJJilM '.Li,!' I LUUiJiJiJJL - UJlJ
' 'Yp'o ftrtt yoa dati'l hod ihtih, and
ybw'mlgntld lfi4ftji(k'.' Won't Yonipoor
TdorTikrtow vrhat 10 'begin 'atS
Tm 'VV irfofhr' ft;ftK; bit of iraf don
' 'I'W nothing-to put k 11 answer
Ja6k dciip6n!lrT)E:lv.'"'t1'''vi pi Jj i.t i
5'--'NQrihen,'Ba1d lelly'; I'what X faiDt
hWrt J6n T.avl'M rugWy)n ft lot bf
bfc.'th"tO lin'Xf ith.i ' You fnt:uryha
hcn'Wflrlind I'll t WcU in a mlrrato.V il I
'"."'So JfltkVuti 'Bp tH horso,'i and
"n'aKed'lif "Nelly.' PuMfcatlahe 0nmi
trij-Vpirig alobg with upron full of botd.
thittP.'J -'''I ' I'u.'J J;j-i!,-;-i r-r J '
'Hero,' said nhe, 'hold yoof 7 hat,
She poured thtrttcaim luto it; and he
M. cut homrf.-"i l'',r 0 "f " -f
'"""Ncdoy'clrtb'okrtf ''dpade , ani
mkrd afiiy diWht1y,fr t tTrjrti
'"What s come to theew iiiilif ,MuttDe
widow, as ho rrrmff trr;
h'unttry.'ib hiJ dinner,
trrall flushed and
Jack; 'and If ever I get rich I'll marry
her. ' j
""Thce gr-tTrcbr said 1 4 heT Wido
IUib and ho'httliiitip lier.)tai)d -de'
prwmtitiglyr.il-IWw r..liJ t;:...iil
,i L.'Strnsger, things 'bpppen yt. eompf ,
Jlipyja,' rvturno fJuck., tuid t he rei
finyiijqd his diggipg with renewed enert
irv. "All i h'nt iinrrnfiori' he 'dnV'kwnv '
n tfloul'h IjIk life ' depended Wif.1 i
jjUie Tie,xtquy no plan tea t nis ucans.
lie had eviduhtly turned ' bvcf k''ncw
leaf, and the widow and her riutghbort
thought tho laifwaff bewitched, as per
hrfps he might havtf-boerf. At any rato1
he "had sot to work in earnest, : bad ke
voon hkiind pluaty.to.do tho .furniers
Pvuig nothing otn to give employment
to Duo who, ai;spito his idlenevi, was 'a
gom 'rid fUvorite.'-' ' ' ," '' " u"--' ff " .
'Nclfy aMVe hcld'hl6of. Jacll'was
getting1 beyond her patrohage ;"he had
suddenly "become 1 moro manly, I'artd
seemed ma if he hud gmwn half a head
taller all at"nce, antf iNwllyi- turned
shy, and it was all no . could do i, get
u stray word. from, hor now undtlicu. ;
n "It was-tlearhat sho i would ;,;have
ntliing.toay to .him," which Jack"
thought rathe.hartj ufjtor "all" the
trouble he had Jnken to pleasoher;
and tbo.ruorelio 'jjoiulercd. Joycr ijt tho
less be could,. untor6taiil jt,' IQclly used,
o bt so frjcmtlVf 'Pprhaps !f 't were
a rich mair she .migVt 'give U 'thought
to me,' sftlcl Jiu'k :' arid so ho flcterniin-
ed to' go clrfe'where fb slek -hi fortdbc;
and returrf And make Nully'hte wifei ! '
f'Wheh ho wTitTO-eny -'Good-by tjo
bcri he did it rathcra bTuhderirr vinyl
'; 'Maybe I shall ' tihd yon "marrltsd
when 1 come home bgalh, Ntilly,' said
tho noor lad. lookinir wigrfullu at her. .
' ('llnybeyou will,' i-etorUdi Noll, 'if
1 find any one 1 like hWhust ytni :'
"And bo they parted, ani .both, ,re-
.1 Ti - i ! ' l ' S l . 1
iKinicu iiic,M,ipt.'evue8 wnen u wjui xqq
late to recall'them, !'! " " ; '
, v'Well, what is to be is to be ' soli-
1 : i m - .1
luqiiizuu juck, eiiueiivoriug to unucpn;
solution thereir 'jyil Nelfy's 'the' only
woiusji t)ui Jdiall evXr, bo, my. wifo.' !
"When Jack, was gone, .$elly Went
very ollcn to see tho Widow lihgh, and
was a great comlort to hor;. nud thoir
ii)y',Tiorrwoww;tsi-otwii iisMisa.a)taM,Ja:k.
ffA Vfrar.htHd-Jd WWiWpo tldingH
'dame' of Kiin. ' Thdn'anorlrer', a-rld the
twQwomcn did not talk so. much no
but they sat quitoly 4tt their work' when
ieu.couia ppnro iimo irom tne aairy,
iuiFlt'w'dih tUsoljitlon rj thbfcf W be
togotwpr rr : CT7-
"AC the-bglnnw of tlier next year
Nelly was summoned to her home in a
hfant jrquntyMlIer (nrtrthorwaB dy
ing, and as she did not come back the
Widow Blich .wus left to bear her
trouble alone; and through tho spring"
and into tho sum mershe watched and
watched :, and tivurif . m(u,fiin?r'(i8 1 shrti
opened her shutters aiiU let in Iho day"
iiLMii., biiu wuiiuuiuu wueiuur UlUt u
oAilrijy hit tin) 'daylight IJdod Uw
light, Bho wondered whether that day
elio said, 'He may come to morrow.'
'And at lehglrtHtheUmorrow carne
and a handsome sailor walked up the
telT) Unj sjrn( phispiothfiiootitgei
and soon tuo news spread abroad That
Jack Bligh had ,come homo with bags
of golden guineas,.,. Xiu 1 ;
"But this was not, . of course, true.!
The first porson that Jack asked after
was Nolly Giles';' but be could hoar
nothing of her. )
,rvOiTBvr miild beri ruek, taid thq
widow, who was quite content, now
that slfe had her ton, and. indeed; did
not pare much for a rival, 'she's hot
worth thinking bf ! ". hr.,
"But Jack waa riot'.of nfs 'molaer'i.
opinion, and he was scarcely fiorryi to
go away again, for the old place seem
ed very dreary. without Nelly. j j(
'This time he was able to write Id
bpi mother -oconiiiqnaljy for h had
brushed up his writing, and it 'was a
proud day for ,tUo , widow. when, tie
schoolmaster cams in to read her son's
letters. , " j
KAyqonl ffyjej Jacf Blgh came
norhe) hnd ihis timo-a'airod carriage,
lwlpttwith bpxes and .packages stop.
pJiwll5.1ij Ei,4w'B Poorer - was
prosperinjr. I""
v'Bnt hdtRrng' liad 'bein ' heard of
eily, and Jack could not boar the
sight of the fine things he brought, for
Jnf;k, 'that I oamo to sto awayJ
- L - IL - L' - il'iiJi ! JJj 1 . iLL ,.1
h6 had in'vended the"ht6fil of thrrl "fof
berl in) tv.in ;; r tuMd 't fi
" 'It's all througo these beajiB,' .thought
had he stayed at homo Irl idleness?
M "'Fiftiri years had pMid awaytnd,
acit raa proeporea so wIl thftt h ne-i
iidod upon giving up, his sea-life and
settjing jn bis native village. . So hi
iook ino jouy oia larm ana Tilled n
with his foreigr'fearlositien; ' antj'rth
wtaowitgtt presided over it in cTcat
state,;'-.,t i , ir..li
"And did Jack rnarry?' , I asked, i
"Don't interra'nt'rn:rt.''rfft!(rfii v fiinn(i '
or a long t!me'he dfd Tro,'aHhotfgli
himbthrr pointed tnit more than one
girt ln nclgborhootl , who would
makc,a good wile at Inst ho did,"r
"Oh!" said I. with k kind of sicn.
'WaIt, continued my frfchd. '
"One morning a pale thin ' womnn
enterod the villwsre. add when: she was
opposite the pld blnck-timbpred houspj
she asked of a, wagoner who was pass
ing, whether tho Widow 'Bligh wa
still living?" I Iiav ' '"n
"""Ay," epmjd the man "he boiV '
" 'And lias J aok coo, mhome j. ; '
'.' 'Jack, indeed r paidthoraan. 'Squire
Bligh's coma luune-and 1 he lives in
"lhepoor wi)mnn Jookod up atihe
suIstantKal dvcllin;9f the lad to whom
she had givcii'th hatflil f bdans'and
her heart .died wlthirr liVr.' "'t
''lMl h'ot care fdV the like "ot'ime"
safd shrj t6 h'crflelfae turned 'to-go
away agitiri; .; . .-.ti
' 111 Vl B 1 mi lr l. W, 1 nhAAfft . tnA . rrnna I
fnb hi-Anil tii wi.Wnnr. r-wn.T.or.,1
u k.d nhti.un .f.n i,nf,A
. ','Xho wngoner raij V l'Sr SBHistanco.
IIq raiscjdsher head, pushed1 back her
bonnet and, shouted to lh'6 .'aH6nishSd
'Squire who happondd Id" 6 returning
from hiV'morning's Btrbll.' '' ; 1
v '"Mertster, measterl"if here" beant
Nelly-onceP '"'" ' t-.-..
J "Ihi wan on a Saturday, (and how
it all - came tobe i omtngca so soon, or
whether th Siiolre ovea, anked Nelly,
I don't know j but tho next Sunday at
church .the .banrja were, put '.up an4 in
less than, three, weeks tne Squire, and
Nclly.wcro marric .And ,they live
at the old farm-house to this day, and
tho 'Squire changed ,'lts " namb " to the
'Bean Farni,' 'nnd - so 4 fts been' called
ever sinco. "'And they'te one daughter
ad bVight n lnsa n need -bet r.tSLe does
not wear li ttlo White J inon -.taps, :wi d
short put tiooata, H;hex uwiher. ueodto
do; .but, for all .thufc, ,ho , 'Sauiro , sain
she is ihojvcry.jnnge ;of . wfat eliy
piles was jvhon, she gave him tho hat
ful of beam?," , ' V
, 'And where had Nclfy boon
all these
years?" said IT' J 'uiJ' ". '' :
"Up1 far away In tho north with" hor
rather.' ' 'Ha "was tl poof weak body;
and she eotildnt 1erve him-till he died,'
And then h trnvjed Iow not Ion e if
Jticlr hai come hontef ifor? f oourno,
she kaew tbat -.Jaclc JlkodlHir, .and
would never marry ny.oQ elHo.-. Qnly
yQU Boehe speyer . expectedlvm, d
prosper as ho luia.done ' ; J'
l ;(iii?hif V J a.'" u'k '
Is And this . va. the story .my ; friend
told me, and'somehdw it wove itself in
to my mind in cojincction with " the
fairyicgend .wTlcirOiQ Jitte owcs lu the
U'air, haven werq p9uring over, .and I
rmingled fiction and fact lihtH Iroughr
myseu auuosi 10 Deiieve mat i .had
oen'tho herd of 'bean-stalk celebrity.
For ho dtd' hot owe" his prosperity to a
hatful of beans? "And had he hot loft
his" widoWed mother ift herlittlcettage
whilo he went into fur -off laudato bring
homgeli awd "treasures?-' Ancljdid
they noin4 ihcirt xluya. irtv afUueuce,
jUbt.iiKo Jack ana bis.t mother.
in. tho
tiwe-houored stom ; ., .. , ;
,Niwrou3(DLA1NDBABiEa.-The Heart's
Conteut cprroepndont pf; the Boston
Triipnal ttova1 'i
xvv. t.i. r
irsfm Iho.iA
houses Is the inevitable babV, 6rthe
houses the inevitable baby, or'the
twihei In 'arm's';';; There "Is' a baby is
evcry housd;1 arid tords 1 bf ,JcMldron
every wWere.i Hut all the babies are pf.
th same. ago PTO be sxire,- asthfe young
lady remarkedjit'bablcsrajranalwavB in
season i. v it did sttuui: ekrange ,that
tuy siuMiiu aii.pe tion about th same
time at.ilcart'a Content, Jfhe . life bf
the fishermen may possibly account for
this "infant jihenomenon." At' this
peasop, for instance, all the , boys, and
nearly all tho able-bodied men,' are at
Labrador! ' They lore abseut'all sum
iflcf. ;';;The,!etufn fd'thfall.' "And
this annual cjop of juveniles ,': as'TpHy
Weller remarked. Is "the consckaAs .of
thUt ere tnapeuver r ' " J ' '"" 1 ' r
1 1 I 4 . -J .i I'l r-..,,1, I H.C, I ( ,T),,J l"'
.j.Poisoseus CoiouwIiAWEs Dbkbsbs.
"It may. be interesting to ..sprao .of
Dar jrreauers: (Bays.; jjand and Water)
Vto knov that thel new grofto, so.:fash
ipnableXar.,:ladiQflVdrcsse8,'Ja jut as
dangerous jo its .nature as jhfl;:groen
wall paper abouWwhick so much was
writtenBorrte time sinoo. JIt ia pre.,
pared, wth 'a Jage,' riuiih1t.itV'of; .Mienta
andi we buvo been assured by t several
ot th' leading i dross-makers' that the
workwomen.,, employed ""'making
dresses of . this . cokr are' .seriously af
fected with all the eymptoms of ai-soni
cal poison."
Many'ruloe-.haye; beorueonstrpploq
for tiie. aVowedj purpose pf renabliug
thta who.traTeli.wltU , the. current
tru .loCto Mil ,woo,thly, butt , Myet
hene haveiall provodiAilUires, and
can Karorly'rteororhon -the followjig
role's m faoiljta.ingt)r felieitatmgt,,v,i ;
IvGourtih' i , thing ) that (everybody
abuv the innpeent v?e of ten nose cum
thin' about,. . it is the fust thing 1 a gal
thinks aboufl tyheh floe gite a frock on
that hooks 'uj) before; and the fust
thing a fuller thinks oV when' he gets
On a rtn-tait coat. I-In ' oonsideralion
wMaeahuy lack, Jf hava knm to the
konklnsion that I will giv eum rulc4
an.d instructions fur the 'gidehce' of
iouhg ahd iiilioccht chapi 'in -lW de
gtOfutbitfiMB'of donftin'i'rf -i.-.fH nil
i 4ux dame first ;,lVivdie. when
you Xull in (ut,.with a feller, go by the
folkiwinUruieSj.vU :' ' ' j
lly.'lWt looft at "hf' ln'meetin'
more ran' twice' a minit.'' '-iT ."y in'I ! ,
2ly. Don't look ict then look In' -glass
when you expect him more, than fDleett
times it's bad.oa the' eyes. ' ' . :
, 3ly. Be sure ind hiv on '1 ' waiorfat,
if it takes alt Iho'-old'ragrt in the house
tu rtiaTie itir" lri;''baren't gpt;rdgt
nof iQU qp with tdro-cobbfli:,-) , ,j p
1 4 ly, :JoH .t luflh t.it j tel Is , , you
he luvs ypu , if von do, he It think yoa
paint; but iust toll hltrl txi "git 6UtP : j
:' 5iy fDbnt exchange rings. nd lotel
gratis inorelth an eight' times In a nite;
Mvetime ovght tyi beo sufficient 7-.
U't "VK up in jiiz eyes iiKcyou wanted
tu, una inon Kinder aian t ; th
en;' say,
. . . .. . cr . '
n pi
ana tholauitcst tiluHn.pcsible,"l m in,
by jingo." ,fl1l,i, :., fl( , v !
i ;Now geutlciuep, I'll attend tu yu. , !
. lly, ;Wheu you fall in luv. with a gal
fur the fust time, ralz a lnugliish, If yon
haV tu pnt' a mustard -plaster' ori your
lip tu draw it but.; .i , ,1 . J
21y. Before startin'tu cce her, grccte
your boots with good hogs' lard .and
your hair, with Leers-foot lie.'-' . , , ',
; Sly." Make1 the old mah and old wo
man go tu bod.Mf you hav tu glv 'em
clbriioorm to dtt it ; if they won't go fur
that, try ratsbano..., , - !
4ly. Never tejl a gal Ithat you are not
gud eiiuffur, her. I ' dun that ' wunee,
and fchethot'lt Was So, and wouldn't
hiir - anything th ere ta I da witls me.
It s.a .bud nlan ta toll a iral tu . often
ijutt fhjo pooty it makes em, vane, j
m-. n,'.. i."!.. t...- n..'-
a minit when you're s'ittin up With, hor
its oad lur the stummiJt: J t i --" ri
f i Cljr- If you hav. a rivol boo persists
in stain ax opg az you, pull, ouyour
ooouj nu ttite two rocinn -cnair.. i
71 y, lf'ypu fallout with the gal. send
her fourteen pbcccS ov poetry, a black
ring, and a brass brospin, and if i she
tlon't tuake :hi fur - that,: you raa put
yourso.fowB tur a gono. sucker., n
bly, and lastly, it she sex yes when
you pop the question, immegiately put
your arms round her, and kiss her till
she turns pail ; if she sea . no-, go home
afid.t&ke a blup pill-r-Its sure kuro. , I r
' LAoii'no Our. A young IsdyV whb Jlv' Beat
a railway oroMlag, appvar to hava d6 aacapsx
ttoa ccpt pafpeusjly pobipg b4 hoai out of
tha window. ,. A wa th other dar hailed her
"Hallo, missr" ' r- - ( t i:-..: .vl
"What do you frantt" i said -.aha, after, tha
Qrst Hush of indignation at being s rudely ao
costed. .. " .' ,' .
"The bell ain't rung yet," was th answer, ;.
"What do you mean f" asked taiss.''. '
."Wby'roplied Un wag, "Jbat sign pays yov
ar V ool( out' when th bell riug'j, but you
are looking ouall the time." ' "
The young may aisappcnred wun a jerk, ana
th window went dnwn with a Slam. ' : '
How- Bwu. Moas ALi.i-Our friend can say
a good thing now and tbenv jfappeuing to step
in at a little ale-house one day, h called for -a
glass of tb refreshing beverage.' - After drink
ing it he said to .thVlaJldladrwjtk.'th air
of oe woo bs, sooia: great secret to ;oonvBU
nicaU. Jrt.-, ,l ,'i j.j ,..,.!
. ."Mrs. J., I'll tellypM bw youcau sell a great
deal more ale thau you do.'1 ',' , ' i
"Ilowfs that t'. she, askd.'-"iM ' ''"'; 4,1 " , .
'pa. ' Wall, -air,' Jesked.. a! noisy,-, disputant,'
.f'aob't you think that I bayjaaulcl,o7atag-
onist;lo0UM purjH)erjw,;i ,h ,,;.(, , !
j J'Oli yes," replied th; listener. 'Jrou ,bave
and if ever I should happen to figbt with th
rhilistiuos, I'll borrow your Jaw-bone I" " '
: ri . . j,. .... . :,-,.( -j
Dano ArrLiK-)Mfto-Freddi was told on
3d that he mustn't eat raw dried apples with-
out ohswlug tbm up very fine; on Ifcey "would
awsliin Jiiai-and ntako him very bign Twoot
three:day aftorward h ran ,houi hi a great
hurry, to hu,t he bad seen a great big maa,
"jnore'yi to big ('! stretching, bis arms at full
length j "and I suppose Jie'd been eatin' 'dried
apples'wihout cbewin' 'cm 1" ' ,!"'" "
- i',....U :- Am , m - ' - t
; A country; Mayor being wjy . got. into
offioe, that Jiifiht bs suon to do somethhig u
it, would pers.ujdeabjt.'pretbren to hav a new
Pir.of.gallpw built i, bad pn of, bo aJJerinen'
Mi that itbey had. t old. pajr Whieh would
,ery,we.ll enough,, .,. 'r.V I :' C
."Yea," said the mayor, "theold ones' shall be
to bang strangers on; and the nwpu-rt f5r bsand
ourheh-s ftr ever?" t " w 4 j
- -' l.irrl Il II llll I I A) ,.n.',,.. I
SIT Bomawhe iu th Old .Testauiept t'1(
stutcd that the Jewi'sb wonieif WerL6iicei ftth
ibd for adorfng'a fals calf! '.' Tt 1moo ba
IU warning. . .
Ask the Captain.
X writer in thV "ReTaiUatelli an, aneedole pf
Bob' that win,h:"'' '" L "',' "' ' '
"Wfcfl Crossing tb'p1a(n' te BawtsJ 7f, (fan,
TteHrnpyVa's Sotn'e dUUnce sheid with tka 4-
Vance gnarjyfhi of tkd' oftVr Wdngitog t
e rear Uiviaitni slhgtJ on Hob, and Sent aim
ahead with k letter to tfc-General "WIi
camW dp' with them ihf bid Mmptd, and Beb
'tauntm-d rrtto tbBtmMl'a ttftrbt 1 d'W
'We'r gitlili -along lght sharp, Mrlt"
Sadll."' '''.it' -i II lo fi ): ii (
'Ya, air answerad tha coromaBderJ-' i J '
1 wfoh yau-d list ltk at thai koM of mine,
Onotl,v said Bob,"Md gWf m your 'ptaien
hf bifll sUad ta raekaiolar Uuougb t whar
we're agoing." 1 i .1 m.. f.j... ; y , ;
Vltava yon i.tapMn aitha bead f year eom-
panyT" inquired the Osnerrl. im
Wlt, wehsr, hoas, aid hi' sov punkins,
ton, aolerd Br, J T -tdf.riii' '.il. !
"Wbeuerr'yU,wish to.learfl anything Ib mv-
gard to you morssaents, .llrnn' s M Pf'
trai, ihqairof biia. ,;,
t..Tsi'j militwj.ia HI" inquired JJob
"That W, WvUilrr, sir,,"; answered th Pen-
ral-:. .1 .?-,;,.- 1..J-... .i ... ii
,1'Well, qeneral, they gin ms a stUr for jou,
but sus af f f know, whethsr 1 p'ugbUr , gift
it to jou in pusson, or sn4 it through your on-
de,rly so 1,'tl go back and ask th Captain," and
back ba wctit, sur snoysby with h letter in
. NoVnisr. A. Vagabond-looking' feliow 'waa
broiight Wor a magistrate' at trowbrldg,
ngIand,on a charge of stealing turnips.'' 'After
triaking sum droll remarks,' h was 'asked' by
the magistral: . , n ',
'"via yoa hot tak th (urnlps fbunit ' In 'your
po&etsT" ii'-,t "'' ' I't'iii'rf fr. . j
"tertiinly1' not,'" 'replied ' tb 'pr'lwmer. '"I
went to sleep 'in tb field kmotig the' turnip,
and thesagrcw In my poekeW-th beat of my
boJy causing' tbeln to shoot Op faster tbaa brdi-
) steal turnips, your wofshipl ' T aeorn
tti lilca
CiOar o- If aM.t-VHpw, -.dreadfully that
cigar smell I" sinlaimed Jlobb to a CQinpanion;
"wby, its an, awful smelling thjjig.,' ,; , ..' ;,, ,
1 f'Xo,ao,:HBqt the . cigar that smoiU," was
th repl.-r. ,'-,', :;,,,,..,., j 1t (':. ,
:,iWbt fa.ly thaatinquircd Dobbs. ,..,! .,
i.-'.'Wby, i'tf your noa that smells, of court!
mat s wdsjuoso aa maa ir, ,
BIT- A man, when asked a few day Since,
what induced him to make' a barrister of his
son, replied; i ...... - , !
, "0b, he was aiway' lying "llttl fellJw
and I thought I would humor bis leading pro-
U,iiTVMf v 'v'1-' ''"-:
''K3-A. Dimibutis Lawyer anpaarlnr as
witness Id the cruris, was asked hy h ' Igantio
cnoostilor what crofrsgod ho Wa of: aqd ' har-
' .ii..i .i..fi.'-..:i L.tA.- ' '
', ' j" oq a lawycrl said Caiol; 'why; I could
put yau in uiy pocket.' ( ., , . i .'
'Very likely yoa mayj rejoined the other;
,nd if you do, you will have more law in yoar
notktl than aver yon had In your bead,'.
"Now, then, tny hearties' said a gallant
captain, "you have a tobgh battle bsfor you.
Fight like heroes till your powder's son
then run) .I'm a' little lame',' 'and' ftl start
I m
A Bgro, being azamiaed, waa staked
if bJs mastsr was a chriptisa. r l,' ir:-r -'
t.VKo, sir, h U a. nciu,ber of ,CoDgTess," was
the rpl.: . .", . n u ;' ii. -..- :':'..
. Hpumno Accodmt. Th valet of a ' man of
fashion' could get ,!ni ' money from' bim,kud
thoreforo told blm that he should seek another
master, and begged b would pay Tilm tha ar-'
rear of bis wages. ' The gentleman,' who liked
bl servant, and was desirous of keeping' him',
aM,' " '''' l":,-f' I;. XI. I
' ''Tyue, i am'in'your debt,' but your wag ar
running on,'" ""-' '' " '"J'- f" 1 'if! i'
' That's lb Very thing," answered th valet
"I am afruTd 'they are ruining so fast, that 1
balln4vr catch tbem.,:i-:(i; v.1? .' vn: -j-;
"'I'KTiq ' m , , " i - ,; .,
'.WWby are the Frenoh aomewhat swinish,
according to their own ideaa T -1 ' ' T ' ' : ' ' 'i
' Because thsy consider !tb Shin as their
hatural boundary. ' u-'n f-;i .:.: , .4,
Be eontonted with what yduheve, as tbf
rat aaid to tb trap, wkaa b left bi tail in It.
John Morrissey.
Tha New., York Citizen gives this
grapie picture pf John'jlorijissey : .,
y, Pressed in lrreproacheble: black, and
with a solitary diamond in his spotless
shir-front, half as big as & pullet's egg,
nero comes vne sinewy giaoiapor wjioe
Aspiration fo Congress are dqw throw.
thg all the circles of exclusive "roBpoor
tnhiIity" into fits of , th . conniptions.
Jle is boney and tuusouUr, with, heavy
masses of erisply ourling black mir,
black board perfumed .'glistening, cyea
of. clear ; haeel,( mottled r:Wth. black
spots like the egg of an English' thruahj
a completion .of. oxeolU'ut, freshness,
the white teetb. of an.Irieh wolf-hound.
nd a nose once sliapely,; and. straight,
nut now Doaring sotnq contortod evi
dence of early bttttlou.,u As bo, walks,
we observe that ho possassos tho grace
tvhich comes lromi porfeft holth; and
when he apeaks, tha .words , rumble in
the throat of this boareetvoiced, Spart
acus like tha echo, of dwtaa; thunders
in tho Catekill Mountains, . j ; -, ) !- .-
u s.is....i '.. n(i,i i ;
i ,
: .Ta proajel lor farmer are ao't very
encouraging' for lit! I year's wheat Crop; . At
jii but little Wat has boeo aowa Is "South
ierD.-r4auiapl ana . .put miloiftomid md
ready kif mowing, eaiut laa. lonx-coutln-ued
wt wtbet. Ne Jtlbany (Ijdlau'j
OOIm, SnvttiWMt CDr t rtlM laws
tveumzv 'trtPY- rfimt Koasisa.
W T x m ' '
Fr 07X yrft, In -Ht.w , - II 0
for six mrnitlfs, psy.iftla a4vM 10V
For tbrt snntb, Jmr')le In adranc - - -
Dan Rice's Elephant on a Raid.
... The TJtica Obscrvex aayai.
i tThwiiig .lepbant a4tache4 t.-.Dsn
Kico's Cirowt, that axhibi ted at (Jtica
lbnt Saturday, warluded to go on a raid
last night, llisakeepoi' confined him
ih tne tent; on the commoiis,1ackof the
reservoir, for tho bight, and then think'
ing his chargo wonld behave, went to
hi hotel.' In ' the middle 6f the night
the police : at" the 'station-housoi werw
aroused by a man rushing in so excit
ed that ho could hardly speak. lie
declared that the wild beasts had 'bro
ke loose, and that beaded by tha el-
hant, they had made an. attack on
,'orrt Hill ; knd that tho' Citizens of tbat
locabty Were fleeing wildly,, low ,tttr
liven, and that ho had barely escaped
loteilthet&lor v "' -'
''Tha driver of his 'elopbantehip vu
aroused, and, , on. proceeding to , tha
scene of action, the elephant was found
in a garden, corner "of Steubon and
Eagle streets, munching cabbage, turn
ips, and other "garden sass. Somebody
who watched his motions says 'fences
wore ho- protection at alb , . llo. would
qojetly pi-k up a length of, fence and
lay it to one side, and then "lay' - into"
the coveted" tffT)T)agr In a short tima
the contentlof ilirob gardens had bean -diepOwed
of, and be vraa looking about
for more' provisions, wbon tho keeper
arrived and reliovod the anxiety tha
inhabitanta.of that locality. '
: -.. Jl . . ,..t, a-t'ff i .'(; if
English Fashionables.
"Tom Hughes thus discourses' of tha
suramer'i-butihe of English1' fashlona-
bf08.'' 1 "" 11 , I '.. Mu IrMi u.J
: H'drdIttarilT. ' the marihoT of life la
Somewhat in thiswise! Breakfast from
nine to ten, the guests dropping down
and groupings tkaxQfiolves as they
plaasuy geuerally at tbrea br four-different
tables,, -,At half-past ten or eleven
the shootins and fishinir ' Parties start.
or the cricket , jnatch begins; , in tha
'aeantima tho men - etroJi about .tha
grounds with a cigar, or .visit the sta
bles and the kenneb), or join the ladies,
who draw, or work, ri road rthe , pa
pers, or gossip in the .drawing-rooms,
or on the carpets and cushions on .the
lawn,' under lime or cheetnnt trees, if
the day is warm enoagh. . Then cro
quet parties are genUralJy going bitily
and fltrtingly until.; the; nort general
gathering at two, fori luncheon, a meal
which the enortaman, . however,, take
under a hedge or behind a bay-staok.
Afterward the ladies drivo or ride, or
oemtinuo. . croquet ..with such of the
men as eschew shooting, until between
five and six, when there ia tea for those '
who like it, in' the house or on tha
lawn, i Probably the sportman will be
home before the pleasant loiteringa of
tea is over, and by this time morning
papers hava i arrived, ,j and perhaps
some now rues t, and thore is a talk of
anything that has happened:, in politics
or society.. liDinner at eight, or there
about, and afterward, in some houses;
you will havajnuslc, in others cards, in
otbejr,danung, uAt.il the JAdiofllik?. to
retire. Then the araon adjourn to the
billiaxd-room,, cigars and aoltxervwater,
mixed ( with more or less .sherry or
spirits.' Billiards lasts as long aS any
one likes to play, every mau uropoing
oiT at his own time" ' ' - ;-
Peace Conquers War.
ItUuaiversaHy blivd taat lyonis Xp
tens ioclinaUeni lean t sir, rbr tb prasomed
purpMw of checking S ruaslaa prid aad tariito
rlal aggrandiaeroenti and -it is also gaawnlly
understood that tbeaw inslinsUont ar beid la
abeyanaiiolaly by tb peaceful i&toseat of the
projeeUd Great Exhibition of nefct year ia Pari.
SoVfor tb first tisu n hjatory, an imparUUaad
despotio wjl fv war la fottarad by tb educsa
tratod art o poaoej and w may dua iron
thane th hop, that all tb really great is Ur
esis pf mankind 'will yet b so antithetically at
war w war itself that tb latter can only oc
cur by accident. .. This age is particularly risk'
ia the poblest , fruit of, rofinad oiviliaatioa,
and one of it grandest promises is, that strif
between nations may ultimately baoom. next
to'im.posibJrf IJSIX' Meroury. 'l y , j
The Six Days of Creation.
, Archbiahop Unher .computed: that
the earth was called into . being oa
Sunday,, 23d, pf Ootober, 6,804 -years
ago, and was oompleted ip it .rgani
aation ou the Friday- following". , , ,ilr.
Phillips, the- Professor of, Ceology at
Qxfprd, infers from the , rate at whichi
sediment in now. deposited in different,
water, that tho beds of coal, sandstone,-,
shale, and ironstone in . tSouth ( .Wales .
occupied flvQ huadred thonsand- years
in their, accumulation; : and applying
the same data, on a larger , scaled be
Hays,'1' Wo have the calculated antiquity,
of the base of the, stratified rooks 95
904,000 years,,,,.. , , ...
All theso. atratai, except,: tha Terr
lowest; are replete with fossils, jwhicu
wera at, first hold,. to bo curious sperts
pf nature, .but, afier ncourate reseniroh,
are nowxecognizod, m vestiges ,ojf the
innumerable yegotable-. and animal
tribes which occupied land ami .water
during the protracted . term of thoir
E reparation for j.tho-, abode- of, man.
Tew relics of previously unknown
species, aroalipost, daily discovered,
and, the whole are so scientifically clas
sed and arranged, thai the . nature, and
habits. of these mostly extinct races are
as clearly discernible as if thejr. w'
now liTinjf and tnovfajj before

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