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FRIDAY ilt)NINi i'- l OCT. lj'
fan l.i l. I ,,!,... I
Temporary Suspension of the
Temporary Suspension of the Conservative.
lil,TMa "wilt be the last number of the
r f i- , . .
CofisgavATiVK for 5ur we,eks. -' lusi
-tareaji the -circulation Or atop the
ubjiMtjiori'bfibty (aper.1' I am aory
t thai I am obliged to suspend for the
'present, r but Ucmocrats can "blame
f . . 1 V I-' , i ,. . - .1 !., ! I I ,
.themselves, and, not ma. Aloney is in;
vJiApensble, and tho Democrats'
jPPar to. have a desire to takej hold"-
'with them rests the responsibility, arid
, not me. " This pHper has been tn opci
i ation Ihrtio months, it a cost of not less
jthaiilea dollars per week over and
above the incopie vf the oflico, but not-
" withstaftdYrtg' this, if we can bare an
; assure uce thftt we can make it pay w
will resume th publication- at the time
Election News.
r Election returns oohio: in slowly.
1 We bad hoped that; by delaying tho !
' hYsdfng ofth'e paper one dayy we would
have been a bio to give a lull 1 and'1 ac
curate cppuiit,"". .'B jft t is . wo( cannot
r learn, any, of , the particulars we - will 1
. Lave tOjnsk our readers to put up with
the last dispatch, which is as follows :
ej Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and
i.Iowahavo all gono republican with in
rereased: 'majorities.'''.: , ': ; .
Wedding Ceremonies on the Alps.
There are still nianjr of the old cus-t-toms
remaining, of w4iRh ono of the
tnost peculiar is the wedding which has
BOne of the features of -those in the
'northern part of Germany. An orator
"is the btmrer of invitations, who is often
'the village schoolmaster. He makes a
'formal : speech ' before : every1 house,
. .which all the people rnn to hear.
. On the morn ing -of the" wedding be
accompanies the bridegroom and
T grooniHmen to the house of the. bride,
j' where they breakfast together; niter
'-'which bo makea'a speech to the futher
' and mother, recourttin to them all the
' noble Vitalities of the bridegroom, and
bosoochlng them to give their daughtor
r;willlngl- away,'as bo is snre a long life
' of happiness is in store for her.: i .
f '.' A rator then 'takes the word,"
and pi'uentj tho dark sido of tlie pic-
ture, all tho dittieultios of the nowpoei
' - tion, and tho virtues of th bride;" v i
After thia "parlimentary" discussion
r the bride departs with tier betrothed
" for cbnrch, amidst prayers, and tears,
k and good-wishes vaud to-keep. up : her
spirits, musicians cheer her. way i with
song. ' .1 , ; : . :.-..
ti'i t -r J ' J ''
Desperate Encounter with a
[From the Ean Claire (Wis.) Press.]
One of most dnrinjr' encounters
i Jneident. to hunting life jthOugh .for-
innately resulting in notbing serious
that we have heard of for a longtime
occured in-tb viciaitr-of Mud Greek,
onoay .last tweelut. Mr. EchiXicholU,
-w.foi-mely of thia. place,, e tart xb out one
1 morning with kis dog, through a piece
of woods near hm furm. Scarcely bad.
he entered the forest, over a mile, from
fi his 'habitation," when suddenly np
sprung a large buck from ' bis conceaf
'ment, and confronting him face to face
t-'foran inBtant, made a fearful dash at
-- 'bim. ; Mr. Xtcholls, thodgh having no
ta weapon of defense, never once thouirht
"of retreating, but firmly grasped one of
ine animni s gigantic norns, while the
. 50 dog took hold of his - throat. Por a
d" whilo tho Btruggle between ; three was
; most teartul one moment the mdn had
the deer downv but the deer, possessed
''sbf tbat'dexterity and nimbleness pecu
liar to them, snralic to his foot' a&Ain
and again, usmg all "bis. endeavors iu
. twh-ling bis antagonist 'around; Mr.
Jt'iN.'dare not looe his bold, and the only
f 1 hope to save his life was by encourag
ng the dog-which mean while hung on
'to the buck's throat with canine tenae-
' -i.ty. '- Tff worry the buck to exhaustion,
t' with the nssitance of the dog, was the
oaly weans of conquering his adversary
' ar.I after a long and tirsotne struggle,
. -wan finally successful, when be1 got a
-' club and knocked the the animal in the
" bead.' "At the end of the' combat. Mr.
V-'- 'Klcbolts clothing was ; entirely1; torn
t f from bitn, and be bad co'thing; to cover
V 'the eostume which' nature 'furnished
--' him."1 He returned home through by
ways and called lustly to bis wife to
Tii'furnish him with clothing, 'and thea
r - 'returning he brought bis' renison
home, which, alter being dressed,
weighed over two hundred 'founds
When we take into consideration the
' - ' laot that Air. jn. is a very small ' roan,
' Weighing ; only about One v hundred
ttounds. this was a ; cour&Cetfus Under
taking, and courageously did be meet
Ul It hittuuUr wm a cWiitn. ' . J "l ;
u-ui 'K,'iA bt'lt ':wmWf 'HoeftW' wtt
'3'"m)f:'t -'ii'",i ' ' lii'-.o til j t,,,)
[From the Ean Claire (Wis.) Press.] HORRIBLE DARING.
Prisoner Attempting
to Make Way Through the
Sewers of-A Bold
Stroke for
[From the Buffalo Express of Friday.]
..A tnis naaad John Roee was arrea
ted at Evans during the early, part of
thvtfiontui T(hargea With stealing a
horse from United States Deputy Col
letor TUrenn, who-Lad..atirrd,t,hfl
same at the .AfJffK IV'k ftSYY for the
nxm-pnymcfit .,., cjuUes., ri. lie wai
brought before Justice, Albro, who) on
the tth ot o,ptembor, fully, commixed
Innv tojail t await trial on the charge,
i vilercraaioedin jai) without anything
oaaeual Jiappeuinit until . rcstctday
afternoon., whea at. th usual bour of
letting 'out tha prieonors ho went down
into the privy,, taiing . with, . him the
rope from his bunk. i.-i.Jio tcn pulled
up a couple of rotten boards a pd fas
tened the rope to a piece of . scantling,
and lowered himself In to. the , horrible
vault.1" Tho ropo was. found attached
to tho scantling but a short time after
his disappearance, and "search was
commenced-Imroodiately.for the priso
ner. . .'v.v: ,:... i i : j
The 'Vault i- aw exceedingly "lnrge
one, and has not been cleansed for somo
time, and the accumulation of filth
rohdered the stanch unbearable. - Fur
ther examination demonstrated that
the mott had not only descended ' Into
thb depths, but that he had disappear
ed in the eower, which is onljf sixteen,
inches' Square,' -connecting tho Tault
with the main sewer on'EHicott street. I-
A )ong pqlo was procured by the offi
cials, and an effort mndb to reach him
by thruting it mto the apperature", bnt
without success, une oi tho prisoners i
waB-induced to cntcTtho sewer to ,see
if he could find him, but bo was unable
to resists the influence of tho fetid at
mosphere, and cam out . gaspjng for
breath. ' ..... " . .
From the description of tho sewer it
seems almost inevitable that the man
must have suffocated before . reaching
tha main, drain in F.llicott street; or if;
he did not, he must ..have experienced.
some terrible sensations in forcing his
passage through. ... , .
lie is dcscribea as being nve teet
eleven inches in hight, and proportion
ately stout, and it would seem almost
impossible lor such a person to Bqeeze
himself along the harrow passage from
the vault to the main sewer; but if he
did succeed in accomplishing bis object
what must have been his horror to find
himself in tho passage, when perhaps
he thought the small passage tormina
ted somewherd'abbte ground. lie may
, r j . l : ..." '. t i
nave reacnua ino large sewer, oui in
thr.t event, his futo could only Bo a
nioht frightful loath, in the most disaial
placo to bo c juceived' of the , dark
sewer of a Jnrrro ' city, surrounded by
myriads Of rutatw,hu;h, he knew; would
soon feaat upon bis Jeadbody-7-perbaps
would .not even wiat tor bis death, but
attack, him. while still alive ... . . . .
Whatever may have been bis fate,
the incident mubt' bo regarded as one
of the rtiOBt horrible- bat has every oc
curred in our city ' "-S " 1
[From the Express of Saturday.]
:.. Tb man. Rose, referred to . in our
last edition as having made is desperate
and novel attempt U -escape from the
Erie Co. jail,- was discovered, in . the
vault yoH!ev..!-ay, about half past' ten
o'clock.' Isems that instead of enter
ing the branch sewer, as was supposed
by the pfflccrs7hel:limud . up to, the
flooring 9!' another privy adjoining the
oae, through which be bad entered the
vault. -Jle found an opening, and suc
ceeded in reaching a placo where he
staid,- hoping that , somctiiing would
turn up that would favor his escnpo.
The privy jnto,whici he climbed bad
not baen used for a number., of years,
and tha door .had boon . walled. np close
with bricks, there was no way of get
ting in the roannor pursued by, bim or
that th officers afterwards pursued in
guttihg.bimojit, vizj, knocking a hole
through the. partition.,.,. His position
was discovered by .tapping around on
the walls and floor of the place until it
was discovered by the sound just where
ho was lying. A hole was made largo
enough to permit his egrets, and be
was extracted like a -wood-chuck from
bis lair and returned to limbo.
Getting out of a Scrape.
The dootrine of inetempscboeis,' or
tranEmigration Of souls, is still taught
by the lrahmins of llalabor,; and an
English captain bad nearly . fallen a
victim to- its effects.- - ' -
'- Trading along the coast, he one da'v
went ashore, when he unluckly shot a
bird eaiied perumei. which is supposed
to carry one of their gods of the first
rank'. " A Malabrian saw it: and accus
ed him of - tbe enormous Crime: the
people in the neighboring 'village im
mediately assembled, soized the sacri
legious Englishman, and would have
sacrificed him on the spot bad it 1 not
been for tbe presence of mind of a Jew
who chanced to be present. He ad
vised the captain to confess the crime,
but to assign as bis reason for commit
ting it, thlt bis: father who had been
dead borne time, was thrown into tbe
seal and was become a carp ; the pern
me! was going to devour the oarp be
fore bis eyes when the recollection
bis lather rushed upon Lira, ana ' he
shet tbo bird I , The judges, wero struck
with the apparent justice or, the , plea
aiK insvanuy paruoneu tue crimiuai;
tfTirae is said to bo monew Cer
, j tatnly--n'ota fewtuo it la-yiogthix
eOr.o"' J'i i rlmm )9 u.u wj
Getting out of a Scrape. THE LOSS OF THE EVENING STAR.
Getting out of a Scrape. THE LOSS OF THE EVENING STAR. On Sixteen [...] Known to
Getting out of a Scrape. THE LOSS OF THE EVENING STAR. On Sixteen [...] Known to be Saved.
ing dispatcn has been received oy the
Trwisuitf "of-" tb New --Ter k- Mail
Steamship CompUYiy
;- The Evening tar went Uowo on the
niofnlhg Of theSd'ri8t. la a hurricane.
Sixtwoii ohly 'ar kiioWm to bV saved;
nine of -these are wonven.' 'Ten ofiour
party arrived in -a schooner yesterday.
All are suffering, but their : wants are
bciiig rblieVod. iWl expect to leave
for !New York-to-morrow;. ' I have tel
egrorbed fo.Jtow 'Or-loaM.' ' 'f y!.'
Getting out of a Scrape. THE LOSS OF THE EVENING STAR. On Sixteen [...] Known to be Saved. E. S. ALLEN
Purser Evening Star.
: , It is hope4 ihat, others than ',( those
above' mentioned are saved, as the
Evening Star had six large sitbil me
talic lifeboats,' ' '' , ';;.V '.-.;':
;. Among tho passengers on the . Even
ing Star were the French opera troupe
of Paul Alliaisa, :which arrived. -I here
just before tho'eailing oT the Evening
Star on the steamer V H de Paris from
Franco. There were ully-nine mem-
bijrs of the troupe, i..; i- '
Dr. Spaulding'e circus company of
thirty persons took passage1 on ' the
Evening Star. , They had, it is said, all
their paraphomaliay but no horses. . ; ,
The following additional particulars
of tbe'ioss of .the steamer Evening Star
are'froni the '. Ilayan'a JTcwacTl this
morning, and embrace tho latest - de
tails-of the disaster; The steamer
Evening Star, on the 2d insuat en
countered a sovere galo,'' which com
menced at two o'clock in the afternoon
when she was one hundred and eighty
miles cast of .Taylor ' Island. After
weathering the storm some 'elevon
hours', she foundered at six 0 clock in
tho morning of tbo 3d, with' two hun
dred and ettveuty souls on board. Only
seventeen persons are known to. .have
been saved. ' ' ' '-'' " t.J.1-
' ' It'says there were Only three. or four
life-boats on board, In one of which the
chiof enginoer, the purser,, .six of the
crew and -two -! passengers succeeded,
after capsiting several times, iti Ifep
ing afloat until tbey wore picll' up.
by the Norwegian..' bark FlccU w;;,
from which they were transforro! tD
the schooner 3. i, Warnings and ar
rived hero last evening. Tho follow
ing is the' list of those saved Von the
purser's' books: ,.. ., t ; v ...
Robert Finger, chief engineer;. Eller
S. Allen, purser 'r John Lang, ' water
tender': Frederick Shagcr coal-poHser;
George Smith, seaman j joUn Powers,
seaman;. Dennis Gannon, j waiter;
Rowland. Stevens, waiter; Edward,
Horner, passenger;" S; H.', Harris, pas-
"' ' . - " ;. '. . ,'!..
WngW;, .,-.,; , -. !; ... ;
1 A second . boat took sixteen persons
from tbe steamer among whom .were
tho captain and third mate; This boat
was' capsized "twelve or thirteen times.
The enptuin was. lost on ,tbo fourth
was lost on the fourth time. - vi;,, j -
This bout arrived at Fornandina on
Sunday morning, with six persons and
two dead bodies on board. Only one
passenger was saved in tho second
mate's boat" His name is Frank Gor-
ard. The following are. tho names of
the survivors in this boat: , . . . .-. .
' Thomas Fitzpatrick, second tn&te ;
John Dempey, eenmah ; John Camp-
boll,, seaman; James Howe, sehman;
Chancellor Main,' steerage steward-' '
flvitaitD ' amq mi r tx si. Tbe
' Cbam-
bertbure (Pen.) ttrDoiitorv ibtii
Mil. Mary Andrews died it Stratburg
tbit ctonty, on tbe 22d alt at tbe adviopad
age of 105 yeara With what reapeel' aad
we iDuuia poor noanniiy 100B apoa ncl)
duration of lii'e Uoro two years betre tbe
eoa 01 uii rteach aad Indian war, four years
before lbs laoutM tQjp act was paited! fif-
teea year belort tbe Declaration of Indepeo
dtnee, tbirty-eigbt year before tbe death of
Washington, fifty-one jeart beloie tbe' War
ol lBl. and oue hundred years old at the
ouihreik of ibt Southern rebellioa. What a
loofc-, long, wiatj pilgrluigel
Tas Con w.Ltim i,Niv Yoatr-
Uouas riot it ttill toormous la New. Yob
tbt rate ranging from 11,600 to 13,500 a year
for nufarnlibed teoements b good oelgbor-
boodt. l bs prices demanded by lbs board
ing-houM ketpers are ever more extravigaot
than Ibote atked by , landlord! suiti of two
or I brae rooms being, held at from tlOO
200 a week, or ftom 15,000 to f 10,000
year, for famitles of moderate tiie.
" Fromlnttt - among tbs pattengai
the tralu rteeotlf wrecked on the New York
Central Boad, was a ntaq ; wboe only Injury
was a coat badly tpiu 1q tba back and arms.
us was wuaiy wimiog. ma . auio. or a crl
txclaimiog; - It will cost this coi'ifulii'."
pile ) Kltla wlth me. I tellyoa, it ill cost
A Mountain of Pure Salt in Nevada
—Letter to the Postmaster
SAtT LAKi CitT.pteftber 8, 1BG0
Tt'....' iiyW r:.Ji. ii
S(-hayth8jlayx jt into thf
mail a small box containing speolmons
t . . . a. I !,. . T .1
01 mountain sail irom mo ru
Kane- f
gat.njhjir.jf reaioas brought, by
me I
.v.. .v v, r f
mo piqupva-1 1 irom wucn it - . (
ken ; the other pieces were taken back
from henffHoe;-,rfJ''v! r.'.il- "
This "halt came' from a', roountarn,"
pure salt, several layers in extent, and
several thoupand ejt in bright, f t The
whole mountain is pure salt, and Is
situato in thq extreme Southern part of
Nevada, between Ibe'llSta and ' 116th
degree ,pf wept longitude. tJ ,. (
.1 These are not sent as, fair, specimens
but in my next trip to tliat region," In
the latter pnrt'of tluC 'autamn, If wilj
undertake to procure a block cf a foot
square, of such! transparency that , a
newspaper .can be read through it.1 - -
My object to procure thia . Is,' that
you may present it to. the Smithsonian
Institute., ,1 1 m,,-..j ; .t s -t .-. j
' Should this ; bo agTeeable - toi your
. t.-.i. .ti
wishes, Jilease signify the same, and 'l
will endeavor to have the same mined
and duly forwarded. ,
Very respectfully, . your obedient
servant, ' ; A. G.-LAURENCE, J
7r'! '' Special Postoffice'Agent. !
The Sudden Death of Prof, J. S.
,,Thc celirbraied hopie timer, Prof. J.-8.
(Urev, died very toJJefily at 93 81,' Clair
street; 00 l'liardy alieooon. , IVceovf
bee hitheilb was snattriallj, Impaired by a
wverc stroke of palty. 81 net thrt date a hat
Uvdc-d contitoily-i hoping a change - ol eh
ant, wtier sod diet, with the best medio I
treatment tlisl roald b procured,: Would rt
it or hit lormer youthful vigor. Uu. Will
iams, a widow and a pice of Mr. ItareyV,
wh LU itteodiQi, and wit ilwijt nnceiting
ia tcr tU.)r8 to mika lit Im( diy pleawnt
11 poMible. Tbey arrived In Clee!ind lii
wnki ago, look roomt at tbe Wed Jilt Uoow ,
ud'tougbt 1 be adrlce of in eminent phyiiciio
of Hii city, Fiodiug ll difficult to get op aoJ
down tbe itilrway at the Wtddell to Uku bit
aeoimoined h- leback rlJe ' acb diy, they
procured apartments at Mrs. Soobofu't on
fit. Ciir ttrett, when the 'pbysician i.onlln
oed 10 diilr. Until an honr before bii
lieu 1 h, Mr. ' lUrry reiaiued, to a glial extent,
I lit uiuai briljiant colloquial , power, aud (if-
t mi amoied and ed iQcd I hose by wbora be wa
LOuttitnllT turroucidel.wiiu itoriet of UU aj
Ti-nioreiln tliit lod foreign lindi. -Yet be
txlieved :lie hour of dea th was near at band,
and freriuentlr allnded te lb fact tbal b bad
II Ibe bear! could with fjr bot health. L
At .two o'clock oo Tborvlay be walked eat
complained of a pato la bit bead. Aftir ' bt-
lug reated a few miouiei be raid ra i'
ing" airs. Williimt called for. help, laid bim
00 a louiige, and, immidiately inmrnoocd tht
Dearett phyikiin, while a neawnger wat
alto SPQi for tbe rcsalar plitiioiac. , Life last
ed one bour aat IwSoty mjootea..: lit ipoke
bat a few wordi, cod thutc were rcls'.itc to
bii mother, Uia brother arrived soon after
hit deatb, and eonieytd lb eorprt to' UrOTeo
port, near C'oluoibut, wberc tbe deceated bid
erocted Una bouie. preparatory to retiriug
tram the excitement of an cvtniful life. Ua
wit lo blt . thirty-eight yiir. ind died a
bachelor. ' - . i. ,. , , n,
. , .: i. . 1- 1
Tbs Riuiit w air a' Ciuvn to Diim
roa mot Bitiso 'its Panaa. Tbe Orleaoa
Circuit was Ir, iemlou lait' week. Tba caie
o( Llodiley, the child ' iiiurJ rer, ' Wat pre
Muted to the Grand . Jury r uud ai iudicttoeat
for maoilaiicbter r waa . relurne.l, iiinuaUy
wat arraiuged,' aod pleaded to tha, indict
ment Dot guilty. .Jt ia said that be. declare!
tbat Le was folly juitified in wbl be did.
In other wjrdt, tbat b bad a right-to whip
bit child to death to oompel its obedleooo to
any conjmaud tbat be gave.- Tit at -quenlioo it
ti bt dec ul td in court when tbe case oomet
to trial. Tbt ume judicial lavor that bat at
tended Lindttty all ' tht way through; en
abled biia to get hit trial' put ' over to ' tlie
January Circuit . ft will be ' said tbt ' Ibti
was but lo accordioce with cottom, that a
criminal ibould not be tried at tba came, that
witcn be is indicted. ; Lludiley aud bis cpun
sal bad a right to, aaticlpale an indictment,
and hav bad months. to prepare for trial.
The advantage tbey expect to derive from
delay is a subsidence of public Indignation
toward this monitor, sod - perhaps ta ' ab
tencs Of witoeuaa ' for the prosecution.
Rochester Union. '
BA.A man who has boen living in
the Indian country for about twenty
years, ana has lust returnoa home, says
the most notable feature in the march
of civilization during that period, , has
boen the advance oi the bustles then
worn by the ladies to the back of their
neacs: ana he aae that he aont think
the progress' has been Very - groat. It
is quito evident that, tho fellow wh6
regards tho "bustle" as the parent of
the "waterfall,": has been living among
th savages, and that be has no appre-
ciavion oi me nno aris. -
ibi raoriT or a hacb juomi.uv - aa ao
eouut filed in tba Probata Court . at Chicago,
la connection with tba leUlemautor tba estate
vl 1 ruiaell, tba owner vf balr of the famoui
rai-. horia Pester, it apaeart tbitr ft-oia Jyne
aj,, iae, to taa nui or th aecouui
'f-i:r monthi, tba hone earned for
aecouut, Irii than
lied for hit owner
21,T77 4J, wbila- bll'aanania were $S,rus 10
".Uvsi'Tj Uj I'.i
Rarey. The Chemical [...] of a Cup
of Tea.
""fThe'cupf carva drink, according
to' chemical analysis contains volatile
Pit, cbjoropfiyl, wax, rosin gum, tanin,
tlKine, xtj)8ctiri(, apothemo, albumen
''.Hnrnn rhAnf .nni,.i
' . J . . . .
nd ohosohato of lime, carbonate ' of
magnesia, manganeso, and , silica-
twenty different articles. TKi peculiar
m l- . At . . 1
DUTor oi let urptoai on mo voiauie
"--i-i --1 - .
a lemon-yellow coljw, and the smell of
tea. Liebig is of tho opinion that tea
is not only an aBtrlngant and dilutent,
but poasosscs nutritive properties of no
mean kind. A great deal of profound
chemisry is connected with the subject
of theine, as it exists in tea,, andcaffe
ine in cofleo; both of the same proper
ty, or substance, contained tn.diBsrailar
vegetable productions-r-the leaves of
oh tree and the berries of the , other.
Tea and coffee act upon the braia, and
nave aqsicaehing ana rctreshing in-,
fluoncej ,but taken la excess,- result in
excitement prejudical to : sleep and
rest Green tea ie considered more, in-
juriouC to persons of A highly nervous
temperament than the black. Uhcmt
cal News.- ! ..;. ;
t :j)
It hat been baerwd tbat the grsMhop
pert, eu their trip toward tbe raising- tor,
bare bot dtttntben the sorghum field, ' .while
they stripped tha corn growing a!pcgide. 1
- Bisbask and Mr. Motley, United Btatri
Mluiiter at Auttrla, were schoolmates in .Ger
many, !.- , . 1 1,, .
Tbr Brat poblie telrgram ever sect over
tbe wire was on Ihs Uth of June,: 1644. ahJ
directly tbertafter a well-koowo member ol
Uonirrest irom lad una was delta ed for rt-
election inconsequence of bis vote tan lin
ing an approprlalbn of tweotyflrc tboaaand
dollars' to aid tbe enterpriie, on ;tht ground
that 'fa man, who could .be, made to beliire
In toca a bumhog, 111 loo big a tool 10 , go
to Congrett.H ; ; .. .., .,
- Less ra Monuiio Some Hmt since
we publish, at tbe requatt of a Irieod, a re
eiept to core nearalela. Half a drachm cf
tal ammonia. In au euuee of camphor water
to be taken teaipoouful at. a dote, sr.d the
duae reatid several timet, at interval ot fire
minntat, If tha pain be not relieved at onot.
Half a' dcten diffurent periof.i , bivt since
tried lbs receipt, aud iu rve tytate an imme
ditte Core wit tBected. In one, tha tuflerer,
a lady, bat been iflicted for more tbao a
week, and berpbytician wm ooable toallevU
ale ber tufforing, when aaolution of sal am
moqia In camphor water relieved ber in a few
minute. Alta Calilorniaa.
A NAWnrrts in EnglinJ wound up sn
account of a mu'dorer with this colJ antl-ell-max:
"For tbe talety of society, It It impossi
ble mere ean be eiteodcd to bim rihe con
demned J in ibis world; beyond ' tbat, the
provicce Of the journalist does notextend,. :
I-., i 1 m m 1 i .-.
, Quiditiis.- -A tea-party without
scandal is likoa knife without ahandlo.
Words without deeds aro Jiko hufaks
without seeds. : , ,
Features without grace ore liko a
clock without a face. - : j. ; .' r
A lajtd'without laws is like ' a cat
Without her claws. - , '
A man without n wife is like a fork
ithout a knife. - -
A woman without a man is like a
handle without a pari. '
Vf Why1 are tbe French lomawhat iwinUh.
according to their own Meal f
Becauie they eotliider tba Rhine at their
batural boandsry. ''
: J. SKIV1NGT0N, M, D.,
Benpectfullv ofTeri hii prof'tlonl inrvieoi to
tba eitiieniof MuCoudelsvilla and vicinity.
Offlce, at tbe Marquart Iloase.
iJavixo lkaskd tub room
puroluiea an exceueni aatonuieoi oi i . ,
Leather and Shoe Findings
! tvm j)ripard to' tn k t4 order, ihort Mtlct,
muj wiiU vui huh
I Challenge Competition,
Of my old eaitomen I Invite a continuance of
patronage, and to thou who ub to ba enliral
MUnflod wllb tbelr purcbaaei to i-kvi me a trial
H ooa but the beat atauk "ed.iad iiu bu tba
very bet workmen ewioed.
J3A.STJ5HN" work;
of the ceat'ihiDnfaetnfaiept eoaitintly pri band,
, . aaa wui bt apia cneaa aa tue aaeapeii.
U'AA'Lh i 'IA 'iO H.ii AJl
' . Y H T H O
have removed their stock, of J3rocorio
to the room 'formerly occupied -by A-
J. Yanaway & Co., Southwest corner
of tho Publio Sittare, next door,; to Jh
Central ndnse, wber lhsf Invite tht
C) ....iV:l i,., . 1 ! iiA
attention Of tho -public to their ' new
i 1.i -ili I
-i.i-i 4 t
o l. id t ii A.
stock of it
1 pi
consisting in part .. of
Tea, " -V:j':;i-ColTccf
I. d It .
:1 'H
Canned Fruits,
Tobacc, :'::::'
Cigard;;: f:;;;;:"
..v'''"',':-.''.v.';.' Hams,
6cc.j &ci9 &c:
All of which they will soil at cheap aa
tho cheapest.1
Jr. It
We.havoalso just received a'larra
took' of . . .. - .7.,.
-i i
which- we ore1 prepared to sell low for
' ,.' Kept onstantlv' on hand.
. All kinds of !
Couiitry Produce
'oi fi.
boughtand sold, Give us acalt-r-Dont
forgot th place,' '
li 1 . f '. 'ro ! 1 -.- t " i ' .:'
mi mi . to ,nz . xwm ','norjB,
r) C"!t - . - r i-ri-itl ...
f) 0C , . Mil : I I I""'' J li'H
H tit . . . . . in-1 ',- 'fi vif-j;0

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