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The Conservative. (M'connelsville, Ohio) 1866-1871, October 12, 1866, Image 3

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f B IDA Y - - - -
f."!T. S, 1808.
VaTiva offce (during our ebience) ea be tram-
The Fair Postponed.
In ei4nHKHJPftfi Bfojlnirf ijj high
water, which haa inundated ft portion of the
fair grounde, afla' fecrtered -lr9tHl'1'4ifc
tberuto ImpaMfiWe, the, Qeerd ofr Ilrcc,tye of
the MoTfa-t Cetitity Agrtcolhrar-xMy-wave
partpfwaa3JlV'WjtTt1r until Tuee
iav, We.lueeday and Thuradoy, October lA-h,
lj r.U.,
. . WBr. A DAI, SeTy
, -Jsi'4iri'fhel4e attn W,iArf,loat,
for sale by J, Son.nanstjni!. .
Notice Macaque.
wuo was ior several year wnntcicu
with tho old and original Signor Blitee.l)
ir Tucker, the Illusionist, '
,r several years connected
to the ladies
respectfully announce
M f ltyiMM fh" plcf that ( Be
Vrill give a Seriea of En'tcrtainmenlij,
in tho Town Ilall, commoncirig on
Frofospc-riT.ucker is h first clnss Mi
performances, efc press, themselves as
boini'tleliKhted and hope our. trtizcns,
"il 1 . t K..t
Equalization Bounty Bill.
Aa paataif lyCongVeaayuljr '17th,.lSe, give
'$1 adlltio41 bounty ::.; Ittu ' -..1 A ' , r I
To avarr hnnni ahlv dlacharffed 'koldirr who
. 1 r . r-rf. , . .
oliatcd In tba army of. tha, United Btpte ilnca
April IVih, 1861, for threa ream, aad aferrfd hit
'tuna bT"enlialiueLti"oniT" wh'iTTi'aa rctcWed t
wa antVla4 toracetva but fldo bountyi v
16 Try auch""aoldier wbS lai becnLdia;
ttharzed on account of wouoda received In tba
lina of duty before blf term of enliatment ex
pired $100. ; - ' '
To. tho widow, minor cliililren rraruU,.in
1 tha ordar nhrnod, of any aut-b aolaifcr who died
wbila in the avrVica or from woumle received
or diaeaae cbntriiined while la the aervice of tbe
Cni(ed Blatca.flOO. , f
baa alao been granted by recent law
To widowa of eohiiere a bo hare died, la tha
army, or to tbe chiluea4f the Widow baa died
or remarried il per month for tack child
TdTHdiart wKo'aavetoeta (UAwrahaala or
.eaa'aiaaSUa equal to (he to.'a of a hand or foot
To obtaiu the increati panaiou a u-w apphca
lion muat be inado. .....
tutai mortbs ma rT
,baa bevugrafcte e.vry om'er.,whwaa ia com
miaaien March 31, ISO; and r-eigncd or waa
honorably diaubarged al't f April Vlh, 184&. 1
The unduraicned will promptly attend to
valid claiina under thv teveral law of Congreta
ranting bountiea, pibatone, extra pay, c.
firing with you all pupera u your poateaiion
.i-wol aa 4icbarge, Jm.;-0 aa to make
correct applipationa. o AYLOnD
il LAuihoriitd Military Cluini'Agent.
''.'i.l-! Wt'onaedevUla, Ohio.
"Aoi '! , CiMikfr.
lly the late Aol 'd , C.MiKrri, approved.
JuW 28ll. 16C6. tverf. loldier bo .eiillstmi
iuto lbs armc afiVr tls 15b f April,- 1861
lor the term tif Ihrat J' art knil who Krved
term and on houorahlj diaclmrged Is eniille)
'". To a bounty 'tif ooe Lundicd dollare.!
kLA. . . k I'.. h
EVorf aoldftr whoenliareJ after the ame
time ard. for lb rams, ttrtn, . who was dm-
. . J- . . . .
barged on account ol wounda receivvd In
e..-i'ii..v -...hi,- H.inoe i-biMren
or brents If 'eucli eldiW,'w la'e Uiri of
i -Jn U-1a .it i.;.''a' ar.mu.ia rrtn.
.old.PKb M pi dww.fr aouuda cdo.
traded In the l.e of dm I. i-i.tnlcd .
boudred dollars junoty., 1
Every foluitr who ealitted Iuto tbe aimy
ri.flK'th i fvf.s.tefni,
Iraa lUan two jeara, aud who Itat been honor
ably diicliareod. tiaerWyiiui swo Viears,
ntiiled iofil!jdulirahoooiy. " .'
Anv aoldicr who enliattd lur leii tUaa
resrs. uo has Mtu unnorauiy aiicosrt-M
.ccouutuywounilarecfiveJ if th line .f duty,
of ill. lilia nuiinr .-lillilran ne Tiureuta
any erivb aolditr - who died ol wnaruli . or
ae contracted in tbe service, ii entitled
.. . j ,1 .
nay aoiiara oouni.yv
All perwina ruliiled
to llitis bountiea
, Atvsiipcm promptly collected, by calling,
i j i i. , .uucm ar.uijr,iii !
Office Suutb-weal corner ol Fuhhc Square.
A New Game.
1 . 1 "A Piece r irafcallty ; Was .attempted
upon n outriauw ti iivjuiuuu ih vmacur,
'Voar 'tsted If he'could,, give hirii
fives for a ten. Tte
few evooirigs slqcaUhich, however,
proved a failure ' llo had taken
''aeat in' private' car, when a person
e ever obliging
. . 'laKvaif loo 'a rb)l ! hh(m from
. cliV- -"I.-.! Iv aV' ' V-:-
to the-person; - receiving in exchange
tha tejv which. -ha rolled -up with
rest of his bills and placed in5 tl)0
pocket of his coat. On examining
picco jof black silk thread haa been
. through lholbill hot redoivAi from
Btrangcr, and that a piece of the
.about throe feet 13ng still remained
f, 1 1" TO li r. m l,a rhonivA1 4V.a t. , 1 1
v..nbv urn "
Joflbbc'bs; at favcablb o'po'rf unity
take bold of the thread and drag
t i ;Eote rollof Itllfl from'liU olket.which
. joould easily have been ecomplish-d
i , iad not, the thread, by soma, means
peen brokenDetrolt l'ost: J ',
YlU p tii i aa ia m .imii '
Jtr S eontaated with what you have, ei
k: fflt'jl,tttKl'p when, b Uft! hi till
.1 aa .' av;J
A New Game. Strange Freak of a Lunatic—A
Terrible Ride on a Locomotive.
k I I I I V I .'li. li
At lour o clock tins morn l no- a v&r
frinster inlkctirrploy ' of tho Illinois
Cetftrfil Railroad, at this plat,' H&vf- a
man, Qrijan, angina .that .had " slapl tip
standing tnAtjlT$(M.ltM vt"
Tli ynrd-master accosted him, and
told him ia get, off the engine.. , Th
man replied Mr 'knocfeine 'fdnvW the
yardmiWeer, rttMiing tih' Wiglne' cflt
on the main track, and starting north
wardiat! it) terj-ifip yntfi pf (speed. A
brakoman and fireman, were tying
alf)tp n th,e eriginobWtar..it)8tarte.v
They awoke to find luemsetves 'flying
tway with toll ihet spcod- of the twuid,
apd a' stranger ftt the" engine..'-On e:
aiulha'UuA.th.cy.iuiui(L..liLu :.to 1 be I.i
uxundum atono-mason of thiscitr, sain
trdFitr.pntrick.who has boon ravins;
withdeliruinl trtimarnsroCentlri ' The
two men or'tot first -appalled Hrith
.and drovo tbe eng
lie sounded the whistle at Central. City,
terror. . They appealed to tho mad-
rU0L toplVtW tfU hi ',hbt
',nj d,:ovo tU enginrf fuster and lastif.
the first station iiorthVbut did mot' lor
a moment hwrtft.se tho frightful veloe
ity of the engine. Atthejunctionjust
(iWto.JCcntraljC.ity the whistle ahnck
again, anu the engine sped like i can
non JjttU. toWard SnpdoTnl. TU4 sit-!
nation was now becoming Yonrfully,
n,telnaiae: ;ne;Uion left: the' cn
gir and turned tJpM-'thel brakithan
i c -V . . l . t I
NriicK iiiiu
struggle he was secured. Tho eng'mdl
was. ,BPocqi!y reversed ond brought
mck .toihis oitvr r.Centralia Cor,
'Chicairo Times. ""'
' '
Romance of a Pair of Boots.
cidentally, touchod .the, snowy, ,etoX'k-;
I g, tifhtl. fitting -to d 00nde4 Calf
OnVday- fast week aa a clorlt ia one
of our hundsorho dtores.' where - ladies
principally do1 their shopping, was sit-
tine oisconsoiaio anu niono, prouaoiy
all thintrs.or. nioBt ftrohnhhv thinkmir
how nico it .would bo tQ hrtvesomo fond
bpsoinon which to rest his wejtrj'.tioad',:
knd Honn kind cues to 1 into n ' tOj arjd
share his sorrows while thus occu-
D ud. a fa rv crefttiiro entered tho storo.
The, two were alone.. She.Was 'young,
lahgatshinr and ' 'beautiful . htf- was
Uii)and.i;VPUd,ul)e.COUed lor boots
and he piled up the counter. . She
won!crtry them -oti pho was - kind
enough to assist, and,. as his fingers tc-
and ankle, it would not be 'Vinnutural
lo suppose that a thrill penetrated bis
vitals. Finally a pair- was fitted to her
dtiinty feet. Sho yo.uld just .step out
... a ji . i. !...: -i . ' . :
a rooiucui. auu aK a irienn n vpiniuu.
Our clerk, seeing this charming crea
ture, m her innocent simplicity,'
nor pocket-book on tho .counter, was
..." . f rf- ..'al'u
stiU u)oro Charmed, , and awaited, nor
return witlumpatietioo.-. lho;.wijnutort
ouU netmed lonff t VCiLVi'iy long. VAnllOUr
pnsscd .way jw here -was Vho charmer?
. i, it . .. ' ; At .nu...iA'i.A Aa.1h
ded to look at tho pocket-book. Ho
.did fo atid found . it empty; ..- Imagine
his feelings.-r-rOinaTift (JNcu.) Herald.
a Woman Stole Five Pairs
of Pantaloons.
For tho last three j'ears Mr. F. Tour
ireon. drv-iroods merchant, Notre Dame
street, lius misHod lurgo -rpiantities of
coods. suspicion was nxeu upon va--
rious par4ie, among otluwa the -clerks
employed in the storo, and, in ; conse-
I . i i i
le I cuencc, u very uujhcuhhiii uuuany ioui- i
fiiliT Prevailed-, ks, t(f coiirse. t no one
any' knov.wlLo'was'to Clanio. One of the
clerju aeterncfl.fti lasr, ipput an ena
tbTaun(.owf01.taWo Btute 0V affairs
ope M Tourtooit has ft -number, pf girls
1 remoloved ltiakhiK up clothine at thoir
0 houses. . Mr. Joseph Labelle. the
net ciorkTh question, suspected that -some,
these might be the guilty parties, as I
i thev had opportunities when they came
to deliver their work to commit rob-
two bery. no thcroioro concealed nimseu
I In 4 (. a aA.AiAnn, ti tt K !ili t Ita rrifla rrsi I
on i - --"' "" fy.w-. ,
W Qiowes. W' co ney
ol I UlHo, auu rcuoivo hid viuhi tu in
due I tnuo up. While there a woman nam-:
to fed Herbert came in, and being, as she
thouKbtalone; lifted a pair- -of i trous-
ers and put them on, as if sue .would
like, although an old maid, to wear the
After dpnningtGegarnionts,
she pi65do'dc4 to rpol ijpj JllK) . legflj so
that they would not De seen below he
.Irona unil tl.nn fnktariprl tlm otliAP fmir I
Yfin uoder her hoops.. She- was apow
e io waiK aown to tne ironi, Biiop, -ana
Mr. Labelle bad this by no means bdU
Connqdienne arrested. ' Donial was ub
I liTna . i F.ul.fanna if hfll . iTTvilt. ' tuna Inn
, ,un ,Anfnaaa that . hnaulfla
two tb articles she bad then with 'iter, she
Sad;- -had committed' many other breaches of
bis lArvuhe bad,, ja fet, teeu doing a
L 'Uiola-alo buBineas. Montreal. Ga-
ii i i i
- 1
(n 1
Ao of Sheep Hew Dkiebmined,--
The age of sheep may be known by the
icont tcct. j.noy are eignr, in' num
ber, and appear all of .a sizo..',.In ' the
second rear the two middle onea fall
out, and thoir place Is supplied by two
largo ones.' In the third year a small
tooth oh each side. In the'fourth year
tho large teeth are six id number. ; In
the film year the whole' front Wth are.
lae, . in the sixth year the.whole be
Grin to rot worn. ' In the seventh Veas
the whole faJl out oc art) brpten. .It is
said the tenth of evres begin to 1 decay
fttAy.Wsiii thp8kpwo,herf at oy-
en..'" '! I1' ItfllT I J. 1. I .... I oil
,! IfftaTna pruHiwia lur itumureara not ' wir
noourgluJ lor nxt yeai'e wheal' crop, j At
yvt but Utile whwt bat been aowa ia 4ath'
ara .IudiaBS.' iPd but.Jitllo ground mads
ready tor sinrbir. .oa-ing to , the luiia-'coaita-
Md .f ti wralhrt.-- N w ,,Alhfiiy utriapa
el ,t o,
of Pantaloons. The Marriage Record of a Hardshell
thirty COUples, Ten Couples Of" thrj
EldcWri.'fct-ile, df Henriraon,
Ky.,,fTyoSih(TWlowSr5ff' a Als -perienco
in the marring Tine:. , .
-' Witl.in tte lasD IMrttr Vsara 1 UaVa
joined n marriago three bundred . and
above onmbev were ' married ali- my
ofneo, five at my residence, two o.u t.no
bank 6f the Ohio Jliver, standing' tin
der the shulter 4f &a vntbrella-, ir three
ease's 'married the 'same" individual
twice tholr parlfteM liaving " died.
M)Tiei maf -ooupie monxiaf . f Aiy
feeji In aljof the aboymfrrflaftcs bs-Vf
varied from 4hanky- up i to Z0 ' pea .
marriiie; " I mart ied 0flr3C rrtftti -worth
feom $8,000' to' $l0!,00tf, : fof ; which, hh
paid me nothing, because he said "Sal
(as he nailed her)' as- sickly." "Well,
I could not help that. Since that tiino
tnlr"-wa called home, pasaed over on
the otbir tide of !"thw Jordan," but he
is on this sido with another: wife.; ; Jrom
the best. Information Ivan get, about
ono-fourt h of (he above ti umber have
nasseri off the at ace of aetion. and kre
now.numDerea . with me aoaa. . mc
tran$it gloria mundi. .; io. .
An Unlucky Thief.
Lamirnde stole from ' the French
Bank 4W.000 franck. After lie abscon
ded, ho saw an officer in every one he
met, and he fancied that the CiiHtotp
laion of thisWesum a littl auspicious'
Ho therofore boueht six bocket-hand-
Y i I ' r . l " 1 nrn nnn
r Kcrcnieis, in on .. no inaceu it,uuu
francs, and thed ftlded it in thekther
hhndkorchiefs in.sucb a mnhner a to
(make a little packets The rest ho
kept In his pocket. Tho paekai was
II by his sido on tho scat of the railway
carriage, Avhilo pussing from Dover to
London, and. on reaching Loudon, he
Jgf't out o; hastily as to leave it there.
I lhrco minutes nAcr he discovered .his
J mistake und returned ; he found the
u i " imvunc. -
no more than 280,000; francs,. There
J Ws lawyers.took 5600 francs Out., of
mm attwo strokes. ,ineyv-maur mm
Py pneo more lo the , tuno; of 10.000
franca, and M. Melin captured 120.000
1 trancs when he nircstoa mm. n
the remainder he' paid his personal es
ponscs and contrived to achieve his es
f.capc-.. Jxi, mnilli vue roiurn voyage
without a cent of money tit his pockgt.
A Wonderful Kreain aad a War
row r.scapelrom Ueatrnctloaw
,i from the Dpjtna (Ohio) Janrnal.l .'
Mr. Robertson. Mail Acront on the A
6. VT; R6ad, between' k this ' city and
Cleveland, related To us, yesterday, the
strange item about a farmer, who pro!-
vented a terrible disaster on that road
hoar Man afield, Ohio, at the time of the
I recent Kcnoral freshet. We had beforo
seen a paraerapn roiaiinp: io tne am
gular auair.V Jlr. it, ct n versed . with
the farmer and hero ib "tho bturv
short:1 i '
r j,jie jai incr,(a rcnnsyivnnian; went
to nei .uuring tuo fieayy auu pruiruu
f01 Mn. d . Zm
wiirthat tho fill across a chusm, some
hundred feet docp, had given way un
dor a passenger train and let it down
into the abyss, he sprung up lo rendor
attisUnco to tho paasongcrs,. iuii to the
door, and was hastening Irom tiiohnui:
when his wife awakened hin. JI'm
lated his dvouro, and went tohod ag..in
duvsicpv iiuio.moro uurmtr mo niiic
Tho dream made such a doep: impres-
sion On nis mind mat no hastened
lit... -.' il;' t-i : 4
mo ciinnm ui iicak uiuruui mny
soo what conditidirit was In r but tho
road was. apparently; all rlgM, althoug
tne water was pouring ana. surging
through tko largo culvert beneath,
though it would wash the earth away.
Tuesday ..niffht the farmer could not
rest for thinkinir abouts his dream
tho proceeding night,, and getting up,
he procured his lantern and hufrrrd
off to tho chasm. When: he arrived
there he iound, to his1 terror, that
nuge nil naa peen wasuoa out, leaving
nnihinrr lint. IKa AnaiiYTT-tftt-f fA tiAm on.1
..v....fe ... .....rw.
tracs: over me cnasmi iwnag-xn
u am luuuutniit lunofu uibu muuii.
the farmer clambered across the dread.
ful break, and-running down the road
some distance, ho ajgnaled tho ap-
prone rung train to stop..-And sosnoit
was tha time, thai by the time the en
brooches. ginoor was able to "hold tip," the;
gino was but a few feet of the chasim
-The train was largo.and .waa filled
-Srith nnrttorin wlia hml lirinn ia tha (rr-ot
IJnion meeting at Mansfield.1, What
narrow -escape lacy au maue xj'om
horrible deaih I f- For the train tvould
have plnnL'od down. the. firiffhtful-nre
fipice, car. upon ; tari cruslung . all
death. in the ruins! c The passengers,
at oiy!o evinced thoir gratitude to their
prpsorrer, tlte Feunsylvanian, "by mak
ing him up a handsome sum ot money,
Bridging the English Channel.
M. Charles Bontet, of Paris,' who is
kpown for- his ingenioitB embrayage
ior railways and his-vcrv clevcp oon.
trivanco fbr socuring bbilere" arrainst
oxplosiori, has entered a greater field of
enterprise, and oners to solve theproo
:.-. . r !.!., .t . i' i t .
U8IUUUU4 wruifiiK luecunnnei Deiwoen
Dover and Ualais. -Mr. iioutet claims
that bo. can; at a coat,.' .of 16,000,000
construct a gigantio .pontoon -bridge,
wittt all tbe. .necessary appurtenances,
and gist the work open rut traffic In five
years.- There will be opening ibr tbe
convenience of ships navigating the
Channel at each end of the bridge, and
tha bridge will be provided with light
houses, refreshment buffets, ordinary
carriage ways, and, four ,, rows pf. gas
lamps by way of illumination. Mr.
UoutpJ considers the French will readily
alter the gatfgri of thbir railwava when
the bridge is c.pmpJoed.-rPris IJimos,
lii ii , . uj.TiUle' 1 0 V
VI ... .
ci.KJ ,
Peace Conquers War.
It li DnWenailT botir.Tti Vha( Lbnti Jfp.
fMiin(fnniittotl.arf,to wif", fcr OitrntfcJ
futpm tf clAral t; Vninm ftridt SaH Mrr ito-
rtaltfraaUntbt(;atl?H It' alManawally
andratdt4 that ,4tie iocUoationt ara hold in
abcraTM loUly J)t tha nracaftil intaaaaU of ,tb
PoJWU40raat Exb.tv.prnctyear tnyar.a.
pu, "r um lira iiiiiv im,'PV' mf it.
dfupotio will for war la festered by th concen-
tmtcd arta of p- i and w mar dPSlilnS from
th'enc h hnfi4, Vb'at all th Wally grt InMr
(Ht' $T rnankln Will yet be'att Inlithttirallr alt
r bj.artidMl. i, .TWs ajo. M'purUet)arly rich
in lh ibflMjiat .frtiilM of.. arflnfl dti vlliaailnn. I
iyl QMf.ita.Rrandcat .prornia t, that . atrita
bftwern pationa ipar nltiniatelr become next
io lmioibJ. tN . V.'Mfrpurr,
pF 8oniawhr In the Old .Teatument il (a
Itatcd thai Wi .Jawtah women war one pun-
iahjfd. for adoring a falaa call". tfbe laon ba
lit warning.
jr'jiysician-ona ourgeon,
i .. . i . . .
' ' :-m- I, .. .. ..
I r. . , , , . ,
Pparlal ' attention JriVM to tha traatiucat
f rvfeioual calla promptly raaponded to.
OFFICE "kfllliwf st Corner of IhePpblle Square.
rmmm 1
UL .,gj cn ,. .43. g .,
" an) ' ' 1 E
r' aiT' .FH O 2
tt. rr-
..MADAME K. F. THORNT0K, the great
EnRlish Aatrolograt, flalrvoyant and Peyxmom
etricinn, who haa aatouiabed the aeojontido
claaaea of tho Old Word, haa now located her
aclfat Muilaou, SIT. Madame Thornton poa
acaiee aucb wonderful power of eueond.' eight,
to oiiublo bcr . lo impart knowledge of
,'realeat importance to tho aingle or married
. . A U'LM. I . .... . .. . V. . A
ulincr avx. n una m vui.t9 v. n .ul. . mv
linoatea tha very foaturee of tUi peraon you
lo marry, und by tbe aid of an inatrument
interne power, known aa the' Payohomotrope,
guarantee to produce a life-like picture of the
tuturo buahand or wife of tbe applicant, to
gathef with data of aiar. lege, poaition in life,
b;ailiug troita of character, Ac. Thia ia no hum
bug, 'aa thouaunda of toatlmonlala can aaaert,
Shwwill arnd, when deaired, a certified certifi
cate or written guarantee that the picture
what il purporta to be. By enclosing amall
lock of hair and elating place of birth, age.dia
poaition and complexion, awl encloaing
cunta and at am pod envelope addreeted to your
aclf. vou will receive tbe picture and deaired
ihfermation by rotnrn mail. All eoiurounlca
tlona aacredly confidential...- Addreaa, in conft
donce, Madame . F. Thornton, V. U. Box til,
Pudeon, S. ,Y.. , ec-B-sm
i 'zj . i.i
:'V "-' tCSa'' ' 65 .
2' :Ei-'i
', " "jL ' i, ' r ' 9
. ,m VSBS fj iawra-aai
F-o,-.v5:! (SIB
S',W.- ;.w x
Pr.: i t : si
U"1' - '". p ipZaaaZalB 5"
viiM'v::. , r - .....
TfimOKK OP A'OVTII. A. eentls
X-J tuaii ho auSered for yeara trow Nervona
bllity , PaeniaUire, aud. all tha eflaou ot youUilul
diatrction, w'U f'irtha aake of auOorlug humanity,
aeiiS free to all who need ii, the receipt and
tioae for nukiug the aimpla .remedy by wtilun
waa cared. . ! bultetera wiablm to uroUt by the
verliaer'a a mat ten, can do ao by ddrMlug,ia
kwrlect cotindenoe. ' 1 JOHN B.tMjOKN.
!! ','fj f, XOyM t'eoar t,i New Torn
7 :tw,: . b.
( STAKBEUY & I'l'L.l'V
' t 1 ii' J
PFFIfS SftOfld SWrf , of Jlorril'' BntldlBJ.
' ' .' L
I.f Tl bnalnraa promptly attended tA, an4
(ajclalma. (y
rina to tba aodetUda of all doubf
. A. JtKtXt
f i .... ; j:1 n ' i .. ro " '!.
.:) ,') ,": ' ':')
f OFF1CU aeatbwKl Coftst of Pnblio Sqsars
ant' If -!,. -r:r i r, . c t
r.i aitt. .
i n : ri a l t'a , ; :
- w. a. siLU
F. SILL & CO.,
' DEALEB3 IN .!.;,
Drj Coodi, troeerltt, Notions Tinware, Tranki
' " and r . '
UppewIM Cwrt UtaH, M'CaUlll,0.
JyJtf .. : . .' I . i. j . . . .
y. . rev
ittorneys and Counselors tt Law
P.' B. POND, ! Notary Public
Wi 13, HEDGES, Al.D.,
Physician and Surgeon
Iteapectfally offera Ma Profeaalonal aervlcea te the
cltliena of M'Ciinuelaville aud vicinity.
Where be ran be found at all tlmee, day or night,
when not prvleaaioually abaeut. . .
MM. . , . ,
0. a. aaacLiT.
-1. t. aiaav
Attorneys ' at Law.
auS-ly' ' ' " ';'' ' ' ; ' '
: ' I - 'J .-;-.' 1
OFFICE with I. E. Hanm, Ctnter Street,
Bounty I Bounty
SOLDIERS. WIDOWS. Ao., interested
tbe late law equalling bountiea, are infonned
that the uuderalKutx) la prepared t( attend to
kind of I ualuete with diaualch and on reaaonable
terut. 'i r:..-
Widows, Children or the Purntt of Soldiers
whadleil la aervlc of dlaaare or wounda contracted
oi reoeirrd In Ili a of duty, will receive the
amount aa would nave been paid the eoWlier
eelf baa be eervea uie run term or eaaiMiuent.
... MUl'iij al, UAXbOUU, i
fu'r ' ' .; ii. .Claim Agent,
J0HF.PH BKNSET ia hereby aotlfled that naobe)
Uennet baa llila day filed ia the offlo of
Clark of the Court or Common Pleaa for Morgan
county. Ohio, ber petition praying for a divorce
from aaid Joaeph on account of hia wilful abaene
tor nure tnan three yeara, laat paat. which
will be beard at tbe bovemtar tfrra, IhHS, of
Court. -- - KaCUEL. B E.N NaT.
Avat 9.1,.tB; ' r-. -i .'
1,000 Across of Land,
... iqcATsb 'riyrxAJts aoo.
IV iSali or EittaB forL Towi Propertj,
Hulivaa. Bateaand Veraan oounttaa. Mlaaonrt.
It la well wateredi and timbered. Ihat portion,
Vemon coonty la wUbiu ooe nil end a half
Nevada City the eonnty awat. Por further partlo-
aiaracaii apoa u aaoavewar- 'maef)T
., auls-am , . .: . . , ; JONiU POWJBSU,
rpiIE underatgntd ha beet) appointed Admtb
J.' attator of the eataA of Jautea' E. fiVewart,
rtaeeaeed, la. ecrfaa emntT,Ohio, ;
s-i'Us L-'aul
ill " tl t: il A tl t
Korp eonaUntiy on hana Jaif atocl a'
At ;t6ff. fniCBIf
at their new itora-roomn. In the
Hank-Bniiding' ! ;ii
t t i : ! t . i. ,i .1 i . (
atand, la tha thraa tnry brUk
Plioati tha Foat Uoww.
i i .
' J
f "!
,' '1 . ! :;. J .'; ::
reitpeetfolty tnfbrma the eltieaneeif'MVgaa cenalv
that ha kerpe eonaiaiiUy ea hand a fnll aaaoTtiaeat
of tbe tariiMia articlea aaua.If kapv la a Brat cteear
llttitimr Rbttl Mnalattftff In l,rK uf ' I .
Tea, tieffce. nogar, riah. Hnoa, rpicee. bbw
mm. l"oe ) atara. yr ua. Ch e X ra!-,'
RaaLiia. Wood ware. Tobacco. CI Kara. BeaK
ala. Rifle Powder. Bleating fowdef; ' ;
fa, faokmg Kara.
Corda, Meal 11a l(pe, i ,
Lard Oil. Carboa. 1
Oil, Ao t, . 'i i.i . i i t
alt of which will be aold at the rf lowaal pUea-
iibaral whnleaale or retail, for oaaD or appro
eoiintir pn due. "f
Tbe Biglwat market prio paid for all klads of
Cminuy Pniiee. - '
Mni anicie aora at nie eeiauiiaaaieai m aur
RANTKUaareuieaenled. . ;. .
JyVS-tf . ; . " ,
sew goods::
Tin. Copper and SboeMrti TTart.-
of all ktatt seeuted with aeataeee aaa
Be keeps enaatataly ea hand a V tana
- of . .. . ..
Coottug Btovev :,
,,t .'Parlor Stovei ,rv.,
;,ueaung aiovett, . . , . ;
'','., i- . i!..Firo.. Fronts,, r .
'.. .- i ; - . Orates,- I
' ' ; " Ilandlrwewi,.
. . : Stove PJpj..'
IToe, Kakcs. Forks,
Crass Kettles,
Apple Faircrs, Nails, '
A L 8 O
if j
, ; OF, ALL DE3CUiPT10Ka. . '
: ' CORN-rOtTSUS, - ' '
A L80' '
moi or nocsB'riimmji ,or;ty
, -. . 4 . . . ; . .... . ' . " i
Japan Ware,; &6
Brilliant Goal QtqVd
.-!.; : i . .-ft t '-. . r-:.t
Indlanola Wood ; Stoo.
. .i ' -v ; : ' ' , ) j' .-i.
wagon, finoirs RiDTNtf triri.
' ,.' CTKP LADDER. 8UOAU ., ,
. MILLS.fANIBQ.V; . ,,,.
. . . . . i ,
And many other articlea lei aameroua ta tac
All work done in the beat manner. --
1 will auare ao peine to a'.taae thda whe'eaea
favor nie with a call. .
j ,(.'..., .-, t:. -s'i . ..'
Oppoalu lb "Buekeys aloekat'CeaaaleyUfa-, '
' Tha inn heretofor exlatinyutidar thenalaaof
HoLoa Arau baa been diaaolved by iqutual
ronaent. AH accounte of the firm will b aeW
tied with Mr, lfoiilaa, who will cilntiutie to
carry on the K0T and BHOX bitarseae at the
old aland, ona door woaV of the roatoibcev . Mr.
6rau, who ia acknowledged to be beat vork
man in town, will remain wltu him. ' -
aeli - HOI.M9 A SPAKCS.
THE vnderaigned hat been duly appealed
Adminiatrator of the eUte, with the will
annexed, of William Boite, deceaeed, laleaa
Morgan anuniy, Ohio. :.: .r 1 -'.J !. L
. aaJl-laoe -;:JOnT ?., 0D.
Job McPertaeti; P'UT,) Before t O. Davla Juatle
pr vne rn di vieaaor
.1 UmtaUtp.M'T-tfiOtaJ.tHile
. , i . 1 7i . ... 7. J )... t t.vW-j;aav,wriJr
nz lei 'iCi in: ilatanl.inftcb
Peter E. Nnve Oef'f.l
ON the Staday of AoKoat. A. U.lbe,eii Juatio
luued an ordar of attachment In the auov
aotion for the earn of thirty-two (tSJ Q) dollar
aad forty oanta. and afayea) doara. jrob-.
ble amotiat rw,

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