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FRIDAY. toOttWflG, l . h'-. O0T.12
Jim. OLE O t t t t i i i r Editor,
Mode of Writing in Ceylon.
Tbe.books .of the Cingalese, arp form-
ea to-aay, as they iav -befcik. lor' ages
past, or olas or strips taken from the
young leaves of the Talpat palm, cu
Tc!bro they hate ; ftcqnircd " thtf dark
shade and strong texture which belorjf
w tne lull-grown Irond.
After undergoing a process (one
stage of which consists in steeping
xnern in milk; to preserve their tlexi
Vilitjr, t3iey"ar'o(8ijhitted taprenfut-o
smootn. 'lhey are then cut into strips
of two ore three, inches in breadth, and
' from one to three foet lonir. These are
pierced with two holes, ono near each
end, through which a cord is passed,
so as to. secure them between two
wooden covers, lacquered and Jdrna''
mented with colored device. The
leaves thus strung together and secure
ed form a book, t .
On theso palm-leaves the custom is
.to write with an iron etilo, held nearly
upright, and steadied by a nick cut to
receive St in the thumbnail of ; tho left
band. The stile is sometimes richly
Ornamented, shaped like aft arrow, and
. inlaid with gold, oneblado of the feath
er serving m a knife to trim tho leaf
preparatory to Writing. V iTho ease is
sometimes made of carved ivory bound
with hoops of filigrecd silver.
Tbo furrow mado by the prcssuro of
the steol is rendered risible by therp.
Elicatlon of charcoal;, ground ; with a
agrant oil, to the odor of which the
remarkable state of. preservation in
which their most sacred books ore
, fonnfl, its aromatic 'properties securing
the leaves from destruction by white
and other insects.
-, - , ' f
Mode of Writing in Ceylon. Italian Heroism--Fate of the
Frigate Palestro at the Battle
Frigate Palestro at the Battle of Lissa---Her Officers and Crew
Devote Themselves to Death.
[Florence Correspondence of the London News.]
The story ef the Palestro at the bat
tle of Lissa has. bean by this time told
more or less correctly throughout Eu
nrpe. . But so was the Story of the
Vengeur, the heroic 1'rcnch ship which,
when hard pressed by its English eno
my, "nailed its colors to the mast," and
went down with its crew, refusing to a
man to surrender or be saved, and cry-"
ing with their last breath, "Vive, la
France I" That story was not only
,' told throughout Europe, but lived and
was bolieved, and did us good service
ih the world as a lie can do, for one or
two generations, till Mr. Ctirlyle, fcngry
that a lie should live so : flourishingly,
and continue to cumber the earth, took
the trouble to demolish it, and show to !
the satisfaction of every body that if, I
indeed, the.Veugeur did go down, the
'.crevrof that heroic ship wereand
were ready and glad to bo saved . by
the "perfidious enemies who sent their
vessel to the bottom." ' It was hardly
. more worth tho trouble Mr. Carlyle
took to kill it, than it is worth while to
kill a troublesome fly in summer. It
is not very difficult "to do; but there
are so many other flies.
But since such falehoods are foisted
into what calls itself history, and live
i there.- ft is worth while to nut on record
authentically a very similar ; story.
Tha Palestrq, arvi ifro Wftwand officers
oftnat'ill-fatetf shrj), really did what
the French of the Venguer falsely as
sorted themselves to have done.
The Tslestro, was teamer con
structed in Franco for the Italian Gov
ernment; of throe hundced horse power,
armed with four Armstrong 'guns, of
which two were eighty and two one
hundred and fifty pounders, and man.
ced by two h unbred and fifty ; men.
She was commanded by Captain-Ltiigi
Alfredo Cappellini, a Livornese, wnq,
at the time of the battlo, was thirty
eight years of age. His First Lieuten-
. .ia. . . i ....... n , . ' .. ,
The other officers were Vieeuzo Cac
ciottolo, of Procida ; ,'Antello Lano
EmanueleBarbaro, Carlo Jlarcelliori,
, all ofKaples ; Fabrizio Fabrizi, of I'al
ermo; Andrea Degwtina, and Pietro
" TfihmiH r.f "M or. loo . 1.V...I ; 1 "'
rilli, of Solofra ; Carlo Gloag, of Flor
ence: and lastly, Cipvarou Banver, of
t-Nanles. j :lvu:. UJ ,
Tho Palestro formed, together with
the iron-clad -Bo d'lulia, and the . San
Jllartino, a group against which the
. prinUDla iraDiiUia oftha. cnemv vm
. directed.) 'JniattAmpting.'to-jtttcuto a
maneuver for tho sunportinar ot the Be
d'ltalia, which was hardly.pressed, the
' Palestro became surrounded by three
- iron-ciaas ana the third partiallv ar-
toiored, Tho Palestro fourrht well and
.: gallantly under these difficult ) circilm.
" stances, and tho unequal struggle" bad
already lasted for a considerable time,
( when jt was percioved that a heap1 of
coals on board had caught . fire., , The
First Lieutenant, Viterbo, rushed with.
ooay oi men wnue ine action con
" tlnuea as hotlyaq .eyer Ho. extinguish
the-flre.' .But U hod. already, got ber,
... yond the moans available for'" its' cx-
tiiction, and Vitorba reported to tho
; Captain that all . .oirorts ' to subdue it
'were in vain.- By this time. tha Tules
" tro had become involved In ao 'densoa
body off meke that the AustriaoB, oon-.j
aidering that the fire on board would
do for them ail that they bad as yet
nillH SI llilji'
been nnable to do Ibr thmelvea.
Sheered off and abandoned the PalcstiH)
to herself. "Captain, said the -Lieu
tenarjtf;"jt'iBiti'.vaSQrb4 fir'e tan
be extinguished." ' "Ih'that caso''
tout. '"it. & ih tut i ini ,fi?o hannnt
turned Captain Cappellini, "we must
abandon the ship. Here- ar the In.ai--pentfents
and h Goverholi tl i aa'ad
First put the wounded on board of
them,' nndtben Jet the rest of the crew
-. ."And you, Captain ?", , , t,
''It is my duty to remain with my
ship.Vr.r . . .... , . . .. i
' "If so." returned the Lieutenant,
"rou shall not be alone." And thero-
- - . I! t.J . ' "
upon raising nis voice no irnuu. . ,
-. ."ilon of the Palestro, tbo fire is be
yond Of r powerr "WeoannotputU put.
Tho'Captain btoraiHf' ' TP i Vi.tm
selves on board the Indipendenza and
thit (tnornn)rt T fa will hiissolft Jiow-
evef, remain on boara the JPaiestfoJ i .
On that arose a universal cry from
the crew, "We will all remain with Lira!
Long livo the tho Captain I Hurrah
for Italy j'" ' "
And so they not only said but tlld.
The wounded, hrwerer, wero sent on
board tho othei-vessn". Thea Contain
Cnppell in i , In xi o u s Id nTil h ii J if I a n d
those of his men as dearly as possible,
directed his ship with all the power of
hec cginos, directly against tho near
est. Austrian vessel, i lint the J , Are ivn
oonra nis own was 100 quicK in no
tal proCTOse tr alhwT hnn even this
satisfaction. Before 'no could reach
the Austrian ship, tho fire reached the
magazine of his own, and the Palestro
was blown into 4J air, toget hen with
her noble-hearted crew.
Nevertheless, Fabrizio Fabrizi ' and
nineteen of the crew loll unharmed in
to tho water and wero saved. Lieu-
enant"Vitcrbo also fell unharmed into
the sea, but a huge piece of iron falling
on him. in tho waterj he was killod.
i Ids' is -a tro story of the heroism of
the Palestro and her commander, Lui
gi Alfredo Cappcllidi; and it i worth
preserving, oven in other memories
atvl records than those of the young
Italian navy, which assuredly will not
sutler it to die. " .
The Grass Tree.
Tbfl griMtret f XobllioreaJ. is to U found
io nearly all parts ol Aumrali. Up tu
lew monlhi kgo it was inpprmfd only to b s
iiteless rowtb, encumbering the land. ' A few
kutw( iruifl U btftcki itii, tontninaij a. rery
ten Aioud gfai-ibe tiHi k ipfd ii tan gluo for
uioinK phtn of llieir weapon; but It ii only
tviikiu Uie last few mcm'.hl lliat tka, -fullwlrg
valuable artiult hu7e been obtaineJ by a Mr.
Dodd. 'Tbe root i ibe portion uf-d in these.
exrwrimeutl, and uiuuily wciirha from ten.
ppundi to ffly pouTidi. "I lie root Ii comporad
of the iteini growing in a close muaa around
tbe inner purduii or kernel. Fropi v'ii' outrr
porliob ot ilia root gum shellac , in large
qu&utitie i oblaiuabl.ij llie reluid contain! a
larfjequtirtilT. of J ctn made avnil
abte for lighting (he works. ' Frriin t!e inner
portion i extraqted, by framing pr distilling,
a ll)irlt eqnil to the bt braii()y';'ul' alcohol;
ai'Utr diaiillicg, a Quantity of encchaiine mat
ter tenmins, Irom which angar cac b txtract
edr .1'be present tupty o( grans-trea io the
neighborhood of St. Roimn'a U computed to
be equal to a supply of lix huudred tuoi per
week lor the next ten ytar.
W&.WiKten reveled In Denver or. the 19th
ulL. Bays the News of lbt l.le:.'.::.
."As we write, this ionin, it , l (uowing
fust and lurious, hone Vf 'your litrie Kpnting
flnkei, but grat anowhal fill th uir. o
thick that one 'Cnn mV'fex;ngi.ize friend
ucro8 the street. 'I lie (lutrmunicier, too, i
rapidly lulling toward tha freziia point, ar.rt
the weather po ducidc-dly eut of joint, just OQ
tha eve of the Fair, too. constitutes a theme
loo diabolical to dwell, upon. - Tbe storm
Commenced lvh lain luxt midal);lit.' t
Texas Crops. The Anderson
(Oriies Ceunty) lloviow sow? r k
We do not believe tIeTo, 'will' be a
fourth of a crop of cot ton saved in this
cotiAty.';-'' " ! I '. ! r 'i
lbo lielleville (Austin County Coun
tryman, of tho 14th, says:- ' ' .
Kain Uh, the ratterinc Kam. It
seems that it will never stop raining,
Siwidaj'j Mmiday andy Tu?fi.djiy it ; has
rahel night aW day ' -V"Sa jnsti fcol
like it will nevr stop; when it rains
it pours. The' eottota crop is 'gono
done gone; and tho country is. ruined
-or rather its salvation from ruin
which we had hoped for, if we had
made and paved an , abundant crop i
alniont done clean gone forever." The
100 bale men now think if. they make
thirty to forty they will do first rate.
Bat cotton is bound to be 50 cents a
potmd, 'and that is some consolation.
The gooeo that laid the golden egg s
slain. Oh, the rain, the rain f And
oh, the worm, 'the worm 1
,WV.fche isn't all that fancy painted lerl"
bitierly exoiaiuied a rejected Iovtu;."snd wone
than that, she ma'tall that 1m paiats ber-
aelf."" ' , ... i
A PiTTBBt'RO giil lately escaped from a
band of gypsiee, with ,houi the had ' been
he kf aa a prisoner for ' Wur years. 1 ' 1
VST The Government is considering
and will prably adopt an entirely
tiew sys'tcul of small' coinatre: The cent
will have a jaised star .wiwivA .hqlo
thto'ugh it "in .'tbo center.," Tho two
cent pieces will have two perforated
stars, and tho ' three; ccti't coin three,
lh us, by holding either denomination
to the light, or by simply touching it
so ae to i'uol the holes, t$o yauo of the
piece of money will be . unmistakably
known.... .The. half-dimes and dimes are
a larger ..coin of n bettei- rnotal, but aro
16 be distihgaished by one and twoper
forated stars.
Matrimonial Felicity--Turn
About in Fair Propellar
Cap't and His Two Wives.
[From the Detroit Free Press.]
" For over a yanr It h b ksown to
many, ootobly ifl this eHy1, bat-throughout
the whole length ot'the lakes, thai' the well
known' captain of 'a . propeller," running Iron
yuflVo to Utiicago, baa deserUi) bis wile anil
family, who were residing her. . , Ho. Jiad
married wbeo young; and while at work aa s
painter, poor, bat boncst Virtaons girl.. ' Bb
had shared hit poverty, aided Io educating
himself and . the' "br'.L," ons after au
other, were given thera,
own hands to lay ap a
had labored withher
pittance lor a 'rainy
their united eflortt.
day. Success crowned
Fortune ' imiled upon
them, 'and the 6ncu
poor painter obtained Commatid of a ileumef.
ilia labors' were amply ' rewarded, anil a
towg-wad hmpff lUsVaa.ipaa..fu( .tUa.lliU!p
fiiinilv. i A. tikvasamr botno was earehasel
. 11.1 .1. ... ..-5 . -1 . ..'
where ipe, tajiB. .'wneotprougn avttu me
season's labore, could dwell 'midat the com
flirts Of :hoD 'neetli . b . ewoi nina. nd fjg
tree. But Ihil was pot to 1ml. "As be
Iravclid ove'bis rout, 'lie iiiddenl'found
that hit wife did not poswva that bvauty
which, thongh bt tkiu deep, bad churms lr
the captain. lie lujud that tha was not well
educated a sh(J might bare beon, , and, forget
ting all the affiKtuDce the had rendered him
rb the days tbry bad struggled together
against poverty aud want forgetting that to
bar wasdiir, at lenstn portiou4( hisucccss
he became di'cnnlcnted, and lnned 4a, cast
her oS-tthat he might revel iu the charina)(
aonie jouugerao l fairer daniMl..t order -to
give vUusibilily to nit ends, he-accutad"itr
of having TiolaKU-Iier marr;iiJC vavs, of
hdvit.a ciHuttd thtsu hivort ttf ollier,(.Uicli
viinuld be reserved trrMhu . hmiiand; itr fuel,
hp denied, that b was, tli-fstlier.uf-lwt.
olthachiKuea. v.y S
Ho attempted upon this plea io obtais, nil''
der llie lax laws ('CJudiaiM, a. divorce, bfli
'(U sonie fJTison it ftrtted. Fiirfle lacl'Vear
he haa entirely neglected U provide lur'Tifa
.iiniljj, nild still orliigi -thnngli aorrowin(
wife l as twen conrpetled lo do aIiMigv end
ulher work to keepNlie Wolf Troin lllc' door.
List vriu'e'r he be'Jatne 'acq'uIuleJ wit b a
-lair and cuarniing- girl, Hot jr oul 'trf- bei
teera. lie wooed -anil wpb lnir,. and al-er a
brief cuurtnliip he ninrriad her,, and hat kaep
her evltli hi in upon hi boat all Hie wrHmer.
.The captain, blind to all uvt his love lo- lti
arcon'd wile, bad r.o thoaKbt of the Gicklcne.at
nT wofhuiii hud HO idea that his new fii've
might", likahims'irrgrow tiredeud wearyof
llie Gist chosen one, ai.d so did iTot notice the
ntlcntions shown bta bride by tLe porter vl
his o'wu boat; haOJtt done to,' unJu4ibtnbly
the porief would rlavc been landed ' at -llie i
first point, aud liTirTTTtr one taught if wasible
to forget him. But love made him bliud
ttid one night, adout two weeks ago, the pro
peller wu without a porler andTtbe captain
u.Uiusa wife. 'I'hvy had eloped together;
'rho Mi but frail youtig" girl, bad departed,
leaving the guilty fau-btnid of two wives with
do out to comfort him io his louclluess. The
cptuiti has been paid iu bis own coin.
Is a Broken Neck Curable?
A Loudon letter in the Chicago' Ev
ening Journal has tho following ;
The old saying, that there is no cure
for a broken neck, has just been prac
tically disproved by a surgeon at
Greenock, lie was called to soe a
young girl who had juwt fallen a dis
tance of eighteen feet, and thoroughly
dislocated her neck. When ho reached
her tho face was nearly reversed, and
looking over the back. Ho promptly
supported the back wiih the left knee,
took a grasp of tho head, and began to
pull . gradually and pretty Btrong,
whereupon tho girl's eyes otened, and
there was an effort at breathing. In
creasing tho pressure, tho parts sud
denly came to their natural position
and afJwr;.ft,iinuto rorwo regular
breatlHnj'Waa established, Closo at,
tentiou 'w 414 afterward paid to thoV'tiso,
and afty?' Jmch fever . and occasional
convufeiolaiili( child recovered, iiad is
now n8,-R'Hji ever. I believe thAro is
not another similar cfiso' n recofd--Ofcourso
much ti'tne roust not elapse
betweeoho jnjury and. tbo treatment.
Dutch' Cttre foaTJnuNKENNTfls.-
The following cure for' flrunkennss is
practiced in ilolhind ' "
The-patient is hut . un in a iohm.
and debarred alL comuitinication, ox-
otpt with hia phyBician As often as
bo pVcases, fpirits brandy, whtnky,
gin, 4o. aro given rjhim'f but mixed
With two-thirds water ;;an other tliinks
such Us beer-coffee, wino, &o., araWiiiv
cu with one-third brandy. Tho various
Viands, too, thatjire furnished bim
bread... meat, &e. ara all prtnared
with brandy'; cohserpiently the pitiont
la in e state ot continual intoxication.
This lasts about five days; at the end
ol that time he asks with entreaty for
ether nourishment, without his request
being oniplied .with, and not until his
orgarMs-abaolutely abhor alcohol. . .Tho
cure 19 Coropjetiy and irom that period
me very ameu err spirits produces on
mm tne rreotoran eraetio.
- M6NA"nciI9 AT A 1ISC0Q"NT.-
Tha late
I'rusaiauUiumpiis have had a Viieer
effoctin.iua majesty : thAtt surfonnds
the kingly jftame. Tjie fdivinity that
doth hedge a king" is not worth much
nowadays. .Tho blind Kjog of Jlauover
old and' feeble,' baa to retire to Knuland
and private life; the regnaut Duke of
JNassau has to tako up his carpct-baE
and .walk ; the liUeoter of lfesse-Cassu:
is no longer oner of the elect, and vari
ous other fillers of thrones have to play
ilgrim perforce. We cry alas I for
alien greatness? but what shall wo
say for fallen littleness!
I il.) 4 .- ' 't l" ' ''"LI t
Special atlnntioa ivn fr tha ' traalmaat of
, .. OIIftOK Hi . 11SEASEU v . ,:n
rrofciBional calls jprowipUy aspomif d 'to.
OFFICE Sonthwrsl Corn'tjr tWPnWil Sqnar.
rnnoim of youth- aeaiie
man who , suflerrd for )ear Irom Nert nna Pa
Hilly. I'remature, and all the effects crt yoathlul Irt
JiMreliun, will, forthe sak bt i.fl-rtn humanity,
snd tree to all whu pwil it.tlia tciit and diiwo
tlons for mukim tha simple remedy lr whli h ha
la enreA. birflhren wlshlnc to lirnru t.y the ad
vertiaer'a expat leoca, :can d so by adilieMibg, ia
erlavt eooUdenua, , JOHN H. uiiUUi . . .
... lio.l'J ldars.t.,N York.
"WV-Sm ! - 1 : " J ' -.' ' l l-i "
' I '
Joba ilcPsrtnMt, l'Hh, 1 8fnre E. fc. ravlN.Juf IW
.... e, , , 'Vof Uia rear of wniunor
Peter R. Nnvea, Vrft.) lnwiiliip.M.itgan cn.,(;hn)
O.N the Hlhdny M AupcimS, A. IMHHS , aato Justlc
iamicd an rlr of aitaohmciit la the alwaa
action lui the auin- of lliii tv-two f 3 J 40) dullurs
anil fori cents, and Bftecu ($15) dollar tha prob
able amount of oust.
tull 4.0H.1 ilcDERUOTT.
I Q t y ,
- , , I I
I l ' J
. -9'
. . Oi ii
V. C" 1 l-"a-
: m
lUJ : kJ 0 :
H .-g..a o
q ,1?".
'CD J-
'. w ,
CD v '
- H
i:. - .UTJ.
cx3 ; -o
EnRliah Aatrolngiat, CUirvoyant and l'aycuum-
vtriuinn, who litis aatonmried tho wiciitilio
claucs of tbo Old Wont, haa now lorulod bcr
aolf at Hudson, X. Y. ( Mftdiimo Thornton pos
irsnra such woniliffnl towurs of aotfoud ainlit.
ns to enublo her to iintiarl' knowledge of the
greatest itiijiortaiica to the aiuglo or uiarricd of
miner sex. vviiue ui a sinio ol trance eno de
liueiitet the very fraluroa of the ni-raon vou aro
to marry, and by the aid of an luatruuieut of
nilenae powvr, Knowu a the I'svclioinotrope,
fruarautora to proilure a life-like jiieluro of tbe
luture husband or wife of the aipliennt, to
gether with dute of marriage, position iu life,
leading traita of churuvtur, ie. This l no hum
bug, aa thousand of li-atiinoniuls ran aaaert.'
She will send, when desired, a certified certifi
cate or written guarantee tbut tbe picture u
what it purport" to be. By enclosing a small
lock pf buir and stating luce of birth, age,dia
jiositiou and complexion, and enclosing 60
cents and tamped envelope addreated to your
self, you will receive tbo picture and desired
intoriuation ty return man. All roiiiuiuuiea-
tions sacredly confiduutial. ' Address, in oonfi
denco, Madame . K. Thornton, P. O. Dox 223,
Hudson,, i. . - . . ae2S-3ut
I I'M, I
.1 !
ufi - 1
a : I
. The firm heretofore existing under theaainaof
ii.m o'! uaa ueeu uisaoiveu ny rautuaj
consent. ' All aceonuls of tho firm will be set
tled with Mr.1 Hiilmis, who will continue to
oarry on tha BOOT and 8UOE buslaoaa at the
old ataud, one door west of tbe J'oatoluue, ; Mr.
BvABia, who is arkuswludgcd to be beat workJ
uinu in iuwuj wuj remain witn htm. ' ' A
seJ4 'i:i:mu.i:i. . HOLMES A BPAKKR.
,. ! 1 "
AbuiNis jjtATon notice.
THE undersigned lias been duly annoatad
Administrator of the ejtate, with the will
annexed, of William lloite, daeeued, lata ot
Morgan county, Ohio.
sefl-1894 iOHN C. FORD.
" " ' - i'a' 2
Urn I '-''
' ' g ' S P
I- y mm .. ; t
i!5' I
ro- ! - '-iris
'"' H '' " 1 ' ' 9
11 I
''hm-zzJ'' a
Lwwii ii'iil.i.i'a mmf ii iMiiSaiiai i .
a. m.stanbikv.
fi: !
STAM1EUY & PYLli)r '
iixrrnciis at ,
n't' .; Lm-
li! IU,, r,..,,; ),,. ,,, ,. .,.
CFPICE 1 ficcond SlofT of Morrli' 1 Enllding.
.' '.; " J I 'til (. ,! .''M - Hi i
' ' Wr lltl bnatneaa trmnptljr aUanflra ts, and
apacial attcutiaa giva totba coUettion of al) doubt
ful claims. au3l
WM. Ol.Hlv -I.. 1
. f-. i... .. .-;-..il.. .... I . . i, . 4
6FICli Southwest Coru'er of fublic Sqnare,
M,c6sN;tJ5'V!Ltr?,,'OlltO."-" '
. . '' '' 'I ' . M I
. 1 ' ' ' i in'i jY I ' "') i f,- i ,.j
, ., I" I-.., .... - ..!.:..:.
F: SILL & CO.,
Dry Goorli, Groceries; Notion, Tinware, Trnnki
, ' '. AND , ,
Opposite Court IIoum, U'ConnUTllU,0. '
r, w. wood.
r. . roND
Altorueys aud Counselors at Law,
F. B. rpiND, Notary Public.
W. B. HEDGES, Mi D.,
Physician and Surgeon,
Jtetipectfully offrra Ma Profemtonal servlcea to tha
i- ilb:eua of U'Conntlmriltt aud Ticluity. .
Wbers ba cun be found at all times, day or night,
wneu uui iiroicaaiuuaiiy ausoni.
Jy30-ljr '
o. a. iakclat.
Attorneys at Law.
au3-iy; ; '.; , I'.''
.B. F. POWER,;.
' OFFICE vilh J. Hannit, Center Street.' -
auj. Ij
) .i !.
Bounty 1 Bounty!
C0LDIKA9'. WliiOVVS.'io.. Interfiled In
O the lata law tqunllnlatf bounties, art informed
that tbe uudemiguod is prooared to attend to thai
kind of I uaiucia with diaualcb aud od reasonable
Widows, I'hililreo or the Farrnti pf Soldier
who died In service oi disease or wounds contracted
ot received In Hue of duty, will raueira i the aama
anioiiat aa would uave been ialu lue soldier uiui'
salf bad be served bia full term of enliatrpent.
auS . '' Claim Agsut.
JOSEPH UENKET la hereby nutlned that Raohet
Keunet haa this day Hied in the office of tbe
Clerk of tha Court of Common Pleas for Morgan
county, Onto, ber etltiou praying' lo a divorce
from aald Joseph on account or bis wilful absence
for mure than three years, last bast, wliicb case
will be beard at the November term, 18C6, of said
Court. . .. UAUHtL. Ubri
r August Jl. 18C6: .. . '
, 1,000 A-crots of Land,
Fur , Sale' or Eiclanje 'for Town' Property,
-1- Bulivan. Bates and Vernon couutlas, tllsaonri.:
It is well wateree) and timber. Ihat portion la
Vernon eonnty ia wltbin 00a Bfile aud a ball of
Nevada CUy- the eouiily seal. Vat further partio-
tilara call uuon me aubacrlber "run eaHv.
aulft-im ,., , . , , . JONAB PUWEKL.
' , ' A D M I N I BTB ATO H'S ' N OTI OK.
THE ubde'r.ien'od baa been appointed Admin
strator of the aetata of James 8. Stewart,
deeeaaed, lata ef Morgan eounty. vao.
sell-IBM JiUU . M1WAM.
"aAaaiww i
.') '
'' o '-.-! . : . v. . a l
Keep constantly en hand large steek ef f
AT liOTT ITilICBl, 1
-; i !i 1 a . .it.-. ,''.
at their new store-rooms, ia tha . , 1 r r . .. t-,-
'. Banlc.' Buildlngi 1;.
' ' M'COafELSTILlB, O.
At the Old stand. In tha throe-atory fries, nearlf
. epoait Ua Post Uouae.
t' :i:t.'-t..I ,,i . - ,
'' ' 1 ' ' -7.: v
!t ;fl f.i - .;.!!. v ., , -; ,. ., ... , , .
rMi.ectfnlly lofurma the eititeaaof Morgan coualy
that be keens conntantly oa band a full aaaortmeut
of lb various articles ixunlly kept . tu a flratclaas
grocery Mom, consisting In iiart or
Tea, Collee, Fu;nr, YH, Hoda, f plcea, "Caaaed
Fruits, Cove t3 aters. tjrrups, Chneiie .Crackera,
' Rasins, Woodwam, Tobacco, Clpue, Haak ' ?
,.,3 eta, ItlUe Powder, Ulaatlng l'owder,
Fue, Packina; Yarn. Ued " '
' ' Corda, Maoilla Baps), 'ii . ot
Lard Oil, Carbon
Oil, Ao., '
- " e. -
all of which will be aold at tha rery lo treat prloea,
either at wholesale or retail, for ca.h or auprorea
country pn duce. ' ......
The biglieat market prioe pall for all kinds af
Country 'nvtute.
Krvry ai tide sold at this establishment It WAR
RANTKU aa reniesented. . ..
JyVO tf .
.N12YF .GOODS. '
Tin, foppfr and Sheet-Iron YTarte
of all kinds executed wit a neatneae aad dlapateh
He keeps conatataly cn band a wj large teaart
i , coast of .
' ' - . .
Cookitiii Ktovc3.
Parlor Storey "
llcating Stoves, s
Firo Fronts,
Hand Jttmt,
Stove Pi p,
, Hoes, Rnkca. Forks,
Brass Kcttlc9, , .
Apple Pairors, Nails, ' ' .
' ' ''ALSO "' - '
BUOKKia.TOB. cnuiiNs, BROOyi,
Japan Ware, t5co.
) i ft
, ', ,TB U N OTBD . "
Brilliant Goal Stovo
Oi . t J v . .
t .-
Indlaiiola Wood'" Stove.
w.. -ii,, .ii''-.' .i:., M a' J J
. i ; - ,
And many other articles to numerous to m.otlea.
All work doae iu Ibt beat inanucr.
I will spare uo pains to please thoaa .wbe may
favor me with a call.
HElilifillT JOHNSON,
Oppoalta tha "Busksya alock." M'CoonsliTllie, 0
auStf . ..
1 Few Boon Eatt of Post Soon.!
.-. I to -j ii il 1 ,t t
.iiO 1 Y. ' 'j'.i' . 1 '( ' 1 1 -' j
1 lM,Oasliri; Fputa
' ' i ' I '. J'l " if
Write tha attention of tha public to thalt m ateek
. 1 of flrsl-claaa
vi.it fr.i.i 'ff '. -.it 1 - ..'! ,'
,i!..rf f... ,,. .1 J -. I ,v,
embracing tTerytbtng In the grooery Una needrt
fur family consumption. .. We bare hut raeetred a
largo stuck; uf . , , , , . .
SCC1E-CUEE0 tm m dejed eeef
! ,, . a . I . v i -., .
' Evar kind of Cwklry Pradnea koaglil H tjalsj,
Oie ua a call.

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