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The Conservative. (M'connelsville, Ohio) 1866-1871, November 02, 1866, Image 1

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On efduma tat year
Hlf column one year
' Quarter eolumd on year .
Special Notices, per Una ,.. . .
Biinlnfta Card" of nut more than alx line
for 6ne year . . .
Marriage and death notice free.
Jl Y, a O O D B
NOTIONS, HOOTS, siloi:g,
I'KSTEIt S T R i: R T,
vn i'oor vest or Altxnimcr'i Priiir fill,.
1 Atixnnrtcr'i
noS i
. .
List of Awards for 1866
List of Premiums Awarded by
the Morgan County Agricultural
Society at Their Fourteenth
Annual Fair, Held at
M'Connelsville, Ohio, on Tuesday,
M'Connelsville, Ohio, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday,
October 16th, 17th and 18th,
October 16th, 17th and 18th, 1866.
Jeflerr.m Brabham, Center, gelding
over 3 years, 2d pretn 82. " .
I'eter Syphers, Marion, Stallion over
3 years, lid pre $.1.- , ; , s
Uobert M. Durbin, Morgan, Ifnrc
over 4 years, 1st pre (f t.
Wilkes B. Bichardson, Bloom,"marc
over 3 yearn. 1st pro 3.
Charles I'. fceolt, McConnclsville,
gelding over 2 yearn, 1st pre 2.
Nelson Scott, Union, mare ov.-r 2
years, 2d pre 1 . ; ( . .
Richard McKlliinoy, Bloom, stallion
over 3 years, 1st pro 5.
. ltichurd II. Dodgo, JlTVunielsviHe,
brood niare, cult (13- her side, L'd pro'l.
1 Peter Kidd, Meigsville, gelding over
2 years, 2d juo 1.
Joseph ' C. Thornton, ' Meigsville,
brood maro, colt by her side, 1st pre S.
. John F. Woodward, Decrfiol 1. geld
ing over 3 yrs, 1st pro 3.
K Hezckiah Duugherty, Marion, stal
lion over 1 yrs, lat pro 10.
James J. Huffman, Bloom, more over
3 yearn, 2 J pro 2.
Wall. el Bald a in, Mai ion; stallion
over 4 yrs, 2d pro 5.
Samuel .Bono, Bloom, maro over 2
yrs, 1st pro 2.
' S. M. .Spencer, Meigsville, stallion
over 2 yrs, 2d pro 2.
Nathan B lleiiery, Windsor, stallion
over 2 yrs, 1st pre, 3. ,
t'John Buck, Jr., .Windsor,' ReMrn
over 1 yrs, 2d pre 4.
John Dearth, Windsor, gelding over
4 yrs, 1st pro . ? S
' Bobt. Ilendeieon,' Bristol, maro over
4 yrs, 2d pre 3.
CLASS A—No. 2.
Boss W. Gray, Bristol, gelding over
4 yrs, 2d pre S3.
John JL Thompson, Meigsville, geld
Ing over 1 yrs, 1st pro i.
Richard II. Dodgo, M'C'oiiiiclsyillo,
stallion over 1 yrs, 2d pio f.
ThomaB Ethcll, Moigsvillo.puiV draft -mares,
lot pre 10.
James A. McConnel, M'Conii'dsvi'.lc,
pair draft-horres, 2d pre G.
Levi 1. Pierce, Union, Btallion over
4 yrs, 1st pro 8.
CLASS A—No. 3.
Wra, F. Hedges, Homer, saddle geld
ing, 1st pro
Jonas Powell, M'Connelsville, pair
match horses for light harness, 2d pi e 5.
llobcit llanther, Meigsville, baddlo
iraro, 2d pre fi.t ,
T. B. Ilammond, Bloom, maro for
hinglo harness, 1st to 8.
- John Lovcll, Jfarion-, pair match
horses lor light harncBS 1st pro 10.
F. A. Porter, M'Connelsvillo, gelding
ior fiingle harness, 2d pro 5.
CLASS A—No. 4.
Howard Lcmcrt, MConnolsvillo,
pacing marc in harness, 1st pro 23.
Samuel White, Znncsvlllo.O., trotting
William A. M'ConnehM ConiK'lBville,
pair of mules, 2d pre f I; pair of mules,
1st pro 8.
Jos. F. Sonnanstino, M'ConuclsYille,
jack, 1st pro 10.
Joseph Heed, Bloom, mulo 1st pro 5.
John M. Rood, Morgan, mulo, 2d
pro 3.
CLASS C—No. 1.
'James M'Cuno, Bloom, durham cow
oyer 3 yrs, 2d pro 3; durham cowovor
3 yrs, 1st pre ti; durham heller over 2
yrs, 2d pro 3; durham bull over 1 vr.
1st pro 3. - (
John E. Thomas, Malta, durham bull
over 3 yrs, 1st pro 10; durham bull
calf2d pro 1; durham hoifer over 2
yrs, 1st pro 4; durham hoifer over 1
yr, 1st pre 3; durham calf, 2d pro 1. ,
CLASS C—No. 2.
Wm. Z. Robb, Doerfiold, Cow over
3 years 2d pro $3.
Eeekiel Ztovol, Bristol, Cow over 3
yearn 1st pro C.
CLASS C—No. 3.
David L. Jenkins, Bristol, Bull over
4 years 2d pro $5.-
, James C Loughridge, Morgan, Bull
over 4 yoars, 1st pre 10
John B. Farra, Morgan, HeiAir over
mTITTim ifT lTri ir.vn a: nnrfirr rrTi "
-'VOL. 1. ; !'. .
NOVEMBER .2, 1866.
. 1 1
- t
NO. 14.
1 year, 2d pro 1; heifer over 2 years,
2d pre 2. 3
O. M. Lovcll, Malta, bull over 1 year
1st pre 2; heifer over 2 yyus, 1st re
Peter Kid J, Mcigsville cow over! 3
year, 1st pro 6.' 1 oi1
John I. Willis.
Malta, bull over 3
years. 1st pro 4.
O. M. Lovcll, Malta, calf, 2d
cow over 3 years, 2d pre 3.
Joseph "Vngncr, Mcigsville,
pro 1;
over i year. 1st pro 2.
Charles Kiiwll, Bloom, calf. 1st pre
CLASS C—No. 4.
Nelson .Seolt, Union, fat cow. 1st pre
L. I). I'ccd, Morgan, yoke yearling
steers, lut pro 3. j - . .
Cliarles M Carty, Meigsville, fat bul
lock. 1st pro r; th'l bullock. 2d rc 3. '
. Edmund Wheeler, Homer, four yoke
oxen, i si. pre,io; yoe wptU (Oxen, 1st
pre o'.'
(. Iiarles Merriam, I nion, yoke work
oxen, 2d pre 3.
James M'Cuno, Bloom, Spanish Meri
no Buck, over 2 years, 3d pre 5; Span
ish Merino Buck, over 1 year, 3d pro
1; Thrco Merino Ewes, 2d pro R: Threo
yeai ling Merino Kwes, pre 3; Fleece
of wool from Buck proiiO cents.
John B. 1 arra, Morgan, specimen of
mutton sheep, 2d pre 3.
Lzckicl Duvol, Bristol, merino buck.
1 .year, 1st pre 3: three spring lambs,
1st pre 3.
John Robcrts,-BIoom, tneruio, buck,
1 pre 10; merino buck, 1st pre 15;
three merino ewes, 1st pre 10; three
spring lamb.. 2l pro 2; floeco of wool,
1st pre I; tleoco ot wool. 2d Pro y0 cents.
John M. Reed, Morgan, specimen of
mutton sheep, 1st pro T.
Koss v. dray, Bristol, yearling
t panish buck, 2d pro 2.
. John II. Thompson. Meigsville, boar,
1st pro F8. y
O. M. Lovcll, Malta,' sow, 2d pre 3;
five pigs over 3 and under G months,
2d pre 3; specimen of stock hogs 1st
pro 10.
A. 8. Bickey, M'Connel.-.ville, speci
men of stock hogs, 2d pro 3.
John I'. Davis, Meigsville, boar, 2d
pre 4; live pigs over 3 and under li
months, 1st pro ti.
Reuben Tom, Malta, sow, 1st pro 0.
Frank Mai-quart, M Cuiinelsvillo, pair
oi jJiu-kH, jst pre ?l.
Lampoon W. Brent, M'Connelsvillo,
pair Diuity cnicKens, Jst pre I.
Mary Ann Cochran, M t'oinu lsvillei
Lago t uiiary birds, 1st pro 1. 1
A. S. Dickey, M'Coinielsville. six nn
tivcb cock and 3 hens, 1st pre 1; pair
oi luiueys, 1st pro 1.
Ross W. Gray, Bristol, triple shovel
plow, 1st pro &2.
Bi"wn, Manly & Co., Malta, plow for
general purposes, 1st pro 5; double
shovel plow, 1st pro 2; plow for. gene
ral purposes, 2d pro 2.
Ezekiel Devol, Bristol, spring wagon,
1st. pro 5.
Richard H. Dodge, . M'Connelsville.
display of garden implements owned
by exhibitor, 1st pro 3.
Doudna & Harper, M'Connelsville,
wagon for farm purposes, 2d pre 3.
Rccso Barkhurst, Bloom, wagon for
farm purposes, Jst pro 5; spring wagon,
2d pro 3.
Brown, Manly & Co., Malta, sugar
cane mill, 1st pre 3; sugarcane mill, 2d
pre 2.
Jones & Bush, M'Counelsvillo, dis
play of inarblo work, pie C5. ''
Baylor, Lindsey& Co., Malta.bureau,
1st pro 5; bedstead 1st pro 2; center ta
ble, 1st pro 4; sett of chairs, 1st pro 2.
John N. Thompson, Meigsville, half
dozen corn brooms, 1st pre 1.
N. C. Lukens, M'Connelsvillo, car
riage made in county, 1st pro 5.
William Farra, Meigsville, fly-brush
(peafowl leathers) 1st pro 1.
CLASS J—No. 1.
imen of grapo wino, 2d pro 81; speci
men of currant wine, 2d pre 50c; jar
currant jolly, 2d pre 50c.
Mrs Andrew Q'racy, Bristol, sweet ap
ple molasses, 2d pro 50o.
Mrs. R. H. Dodge, M'Connelsvillo.
jar pickles, 2d pro 5Uo.
me. James i'atterson, MeigBVille,
two hams moat, and how cured, 1st pro
1; apple jelly, 2d pro 50c.
Mrs. Jonah havener, Malta, display
of homomado soap, 1st pre 1.
Mrs. Eliza Shepard, M.'Connolavillo,
apple jolly, 1st pro 1. ' .
James Ralston, Union, jar soap, 1st
pro 1.
John Ralston, M'CoVuelBvillo, ' can-
nou poacnes, ist pro 1.
Mrs. James J?utterson, Meigsville, jar
currant jelly, 1st pro' 1. ' ' "
Charles M'Carty, Meigsville, box of
bonev, Jst pre 1.. ., , -t
John Nooly, Meigsville, ' jar quinco
preserves, 1st pro 1; jar tomato jelly, 2d
pro aue , ... ,,- y.
Harriet Hambleton, Windsor,-jar of
grope jelly, 1st pro 1.
. Elizabeth J. . Wcthcroll,. Malta, jar
lard, 1st pro 1. .',..''-. '
Mrs. Joseph Nickerson, Center, jar
apple butter, 2d pro ode.
John Furthcsius, M'Conticlsv.llc.lfiaf
bread, and how made, 2d pro 5ie; lont
brown bread, and how made, 2d pro
60c. .
Mrs. I). It. Morlle,' M Connelsvillo,
jnr quince jelly, 1st pre 1; jar.qu'mcc
pi-cfcrves, 2d pre 5oc.'
John S. Shartlo, Morgan, specimen
cataba grape wine, 1st pro .2,,;
William Farra, McigsviHe; wep.t ap
ple molasses, 1st pro l;jar npplo butter.
1st pre 1. -Mrs.
John Hall. Malta, blackberrv
jelly, 1st pro 1.
Jacob I'.Mummey, Moigsvillo, gal
Ion sorghum or china sugarcane syrup.
2d pre 1. ' 1
James Singrcf, Meigsville, Jar inny
butter, 1st pre 3; display homemade
soap, 2d pro 50c; jar soap. 2d pro 50c.
Dr. James .M'Wurray, Morgan, cur
rant wino. 1st pre 1.
Mrs James M'Murray, Morgan, jarof
quince jelly. 2d pro 50c.
.M i Itelit'ccs J. idifo.Morunn, fmir
pouiuls lr,-h biiltiT, let pre 3; Imil tireml. Hnd
In.w iiiM.t.., Ihi prn 1 ; j.ir Inrd. 2d pru fide.
l.nimi ilci.eiy, Wnxhor, fur hmimI (u tU
hulli r, '2J pre 2; uiiilon mrg limn or cliimi hj
Cuicbiiw nyriip, in pro 2; j.ir pear niceivm,
pre 1.
Mr. ft. F. If unM.'Inn, Vin,lnr. Jir inmit
in jelly, 1st pre lj cam.ed ' peuclic,' 2d lire
DOc. . . - 1
Mifi Mary V. Ad.iir, M'CnintlavilV, liul
brown bnnd. 1st pro 1.
Mr. U. W, Cui.klin. .Morcnii. iur iii. k!i
ut pre I .
CLASS J—No. 2.
JneobP. Mntiiinry, Meigivdlii, pair home
niuiio blii,k:l, 2tl pre $2.
S.mlili. Jei.liiii. lUUhd, puir douUi)
cover Wp, fre 2.
Mis. tlninr PnttcrfOn, Me'Sviik'.' ,1
quilt. 2.1 pr 1; inir li. mi mude lur-n st.tf ts
pie 2. .
Jolni I'nrrnitpr. BrUtol fivo jmd (l itiinl.
2d pre 1; u!r bomcmaJe wl.he blui kou, li
T- 3.
.Miirtim It.:kln, M'Comn-h-ville. rng cur
prt, pri' 2, p.iir wooVn mittriia, pre I; Inmit
timili' I i i it-n itiidid, piv J.'ij,
i rs. it
rnu . pru
liuiikinuur, Multa, lionio wri ul'IiI
Kz-kii-l llev l, Briatol,
iiinib' Ii iiii". lit me 2.
Ave jard liome-
Ji'lui I'miliciiiis, M'Coiiiii'Isville, pair Cut
Inn l cUit(r. pro 1.
Klimr J. Sliie.'dj, Marion, tire yn.-ds linen.
2d pie 1.
Nnrnli P. JciikiiiR. 'BtUtol, pair wo iVu
sti'cUinira, pre lj pair woolen ocka, pre fit)
limn Inlili; clutli, vie 1; puir lionicinudu plain
lilni.kna. 21 pre 2. . ..... . . ...
A. K. niiib, Morjimi, five yard. or fl.nriet.
1st pre 2.
fsMnili Cuniiinglmiii, Diiati I. bed nui!t. l.l
pre 2 1
S. M. Triiver4i, M 'Cunne Ivvi'le, puir wool
en iMiff-i. pie 2fle,
Hiiminn i 1'rlcn, IVcrucM, flvo yardi linon
pre 2
Nunry I'uticracm, M'(,oi,htlfvile. l,f.fnc
iiiiidu couiiteipniit!. pre 1.
Mis. Win I Undersoil, Mu!la, puir gingle
i"f verlull, p-c I.
CLASS J—No. 3.
Sill, M C'l'iitielaville. einbmidurr on
111111111 ui'lit drtsi yiiko, 2d pio 1.
Mr. Amanda Kni-'g M'Couuelsvilli.. tidy,
11 pro 1; pmr lump maU, 1st pie, 1; pin
cu. liHiii, pre 75a.
Mr. Il.TOt.t Jolingnn. M Connelftllle. silk
einliroidory, lat pro 2
Alias .unili lloluioolt, M CiinncNvillo.' bun
net in H;lo und Umkiinr. lit Die 3: cam in
si J lo und uiukiitfr, 1st pro 1,
air. t.lii K. Wood, Sl Couiiclsvilli', kirt
Irliiiininy, pre 1 .
Alius I.o-.tie II. Morrow. M 'Cmiitiavll'e
pin cisliioii. pre 1.
Mr; Jano Alurnnui'l. M'Coiinelsvil'i'.
lino but, pre 1.
Mirii Nuuev Ixiucliiidire. M'Conuplivilln
ClOlcbel lidv. Sat nie I: lidv 2d III 1. I
A.J. Hurt, Muilu.muile alnil, lt pro 2-
Mr. Jauie M'Murray. Murita-i. ek;rl.' lit
pre 2.
Ann Olivnr. U indiOr. einbriiidi'iv on inn..
lin, 1 it pro '. '
eruvon ilru wini.'. lnt urn il.
8 H fciayre, MXVuucl.viilc, iikotnitrouh lit
pro 2.
MU Nflia Wo'jdi-uff, M'CouiicUville, oil
painting, 2d pre I.
Win C Trcaie, M'ConntlavllIo. nlmf (tfrl'lltill
2d pre 1. . . ' r ' '
Mi tlla C M'Carty, M't'oniieNville, pencil
drawing, lat pre 1. .
Miaa Jennie titruhl, M'Couuchvllle, oollcctinn
of Uowurb 2d pre 1.
Misa Lou Koliinann, Blooin, oil puiutiug, lat
pre 1) oil painting, 3d pro 60c.
llaltie tborleiu, MX'onuclaville,pcncildraw
ing, 2d pru !i)c.
Mra U W t'ouklin, Morgan, display duhliaH,
F Blono. M'ConnelavllU.
color painting, lat pre 1.
Mr K W Wood, M'C'onnelaville, collection of
llowera, lat pre 2; collection of roses, 1st pre 1.
Cioorge Bicler, Moisville. uluht kin, In of fall
upplea, 3d pre lj diuplny fall peuiii, 2d lire 2;
Uinpluy winter peura, lat pre 2.
Mia Mary U Biglor, Meigeville, display of
quiucea, 2d pre 1,
A J Lawrence, Morgan, eight kinds of fall
apple, 2d pre 3.
Joacpb fioyea, Moigaville, ton kind winter
npplea, 3d pre 1; dtEpiuy of fruit, produced by
Jeaae Kiubree, l'eiin, eight kinds fall pp!e,
lat pre j ten kind winter upplea, Ut pre ti; ilia
play full puara, lat lire 3: ditiluv ni inm
duivd by exlnbiior, la, jire S.
Oeorge b Corp, Center, ten kind Winter p
ple, 2u pre 3; uispluy of grape, lat pre 6; dia-
piuy oi h uh produced by exinbitor, 3d pre 1.
J (J Whilelock, Maha, diapluy ol quince, lat
pre 3.
Jua McMurruy, Morgan, diaplay of granei Id
pro 3. - i , ,
Richard II. Dodge, M'Connelaville.dinplayof
eaultUower, tat pro jl. , . ' , :
Mia Mary C bigler, Meigaville.dibplay oniiina,
lati pro 1 diapluy pepper und .lulk, let pro 1.
A J Lawrence, Morgan, diaplay. of cilbb..,
2d pr 6(lo.
Hi" '.VOroy.nriBtol.'lisplaybecta.Jdp 50p
dinplnr of pumpkin, 2d pre 40e. , .
fnlmu'l II Hoott. Windsor, dinplny of lrill
poinl(!i, 1t pre a. - .
?li)iiy J'owoll, MrCniinclavillF, dip!Ti of
enM'ntfcf, 1st lire 1.
J' ln'i Clivor, WlndJr, apvoimen J
1t pr 1. i
lo lirana,
aniUcl 11
flott.: Windor.
diaplay wihtrr
.lolin H Sluirlle, Mirf-nn', diBpinv lurnipi, Jt
pri 1: diilny pnrtipkhi", ?. pre ftiip.
Jti.a l.inliii.,i'hn, dikpljt-.wot t potjilntj,
1h pre 2. . , . ; ..
J"K? h Pmitli. MXuniiflnvllle, dinplay of aweel
poiitt.it. 14 pie l. ' -
lr.ln!icili Km i Hi, H'CinneNnlla, di inlur ijy
perni'd l.iik,2.l pre I ,
tie-ifft-H c, r;, IVntri'. tll'ph'v Irl-iti ti'itatoe.
2d 2 diipluv i f n-rial'lr. M pre 1.
J.i s n;r-. v.i.(iii' liiy a.iloiwid pi iOc
J V Whilel-.rk, Ma'tn d nplny j m n i j . k i 1 1 . I it pre I.
Pamtel iacnr. MeiK'Vill, difplay of lia
lt pre I .
Ja l." I jdnidgn, Moigaa, di-plnr lima tt.iua,
lit pie !.c.
It F. UxniMi'ton, W indsor, diplny kidni-y beam,
1st il1HHIIi I
"' M'Murray, Hofin, dloplpy of turuira,
2d premium aoc. . '
llftln'. lit lire 1.
Ja (: I.oiiRlirldjfr, Slurgui, two bualirla Iudian
co n in car, Jil pi II,
(i M l.evell, Ululln, two limlicls Indian rem'. Ivt
premium 'i.
li oiuili Tarener, Mnlta, j buih wliita benni,
lat piriiiium 1.
A J I.Nwrruce, M.njt.in; ItiMliot -wlirnt.Jd pre 2.
, J'.l.n S''.y. .l,'eiKk'i . ImuIi .I uts Ut pie il;
liuilinl tiiimlliy mtj !! j,io 6llc: dinular ul V'U
cum. Kl pre I . ' J ' r
Aliiuiu t-nn ix , llliMim, lnli of (, 2d tiro t :
bio hi' I ul tinu-tliy in id. lit pie I.
A F. hut-Hi, Mi ipiii lmli l.mkwlicnt, lat pre I.
lU-uice UVhvitil, M.ilu, hidU wbeut, lit i,i o J;
biliel !! OurkM lii'ul 2J p,e I. .
Alix lligyn.j, ilng-villc, Liis!i rye. premium 1.
Mia Emma Tbcnipana ri'onnelivllle,aieclDh-ii
hair iiiaidinz. p c n i i in ow.
lm ( al(il;nn 1 llouiiMiii. M'L-bi.ntlvi::r. I.'.l,
wn'itli. in Mliuiil I.
I'rl) liitlDMii, N't'cniK'UYille, diKptny of dcu
lixtry . pii nilum 1 .
Mm Kuie Ad.uiii, WC' iintlnviile, Luit nno'.tii
st awl, ni iniiiii I .
Mix Kate t'onklln, Murfiau. nmaa ottiiKe, pra 1 .
Mia In- t Iihh LolerlMUi, Jl'Ciiiiia-vu.e, knit
tr liir lnwl. piviiiiu ii I.
AO Jobu Hull. l ntn, be id banket, pre 1.
.V.ny i; Kiif.il,i.,..Malu, upe.iiufii bc.ij woik,
pii'iini.tn .'ilio
Mia Almtliii Cannon. M'ronaeUvllIe.luijr wreutli,
pi i mi. nn I.
Jiiiiic-. I'littciKin, M't'rutu Kvi!lc.,'V pnllun black
leny vinrgar. pie 60c; bntlie Inn hi biiiu.i ut.
lit W ,N II. mil, 1,1. 'U. M'l niincUville. iliipUy ut
liciili-ti v, i iL'iiiuitn I; Uiutr iKe piuinliiiu nUc.
II '.V ruitiTsOti.M't
wm k, liv I. v
Wm C J ifhize. M'(V.i.riel-.vii;c, 1i-lrjuliv wiuh
hut lntie, ifii iniu,
t a C.'iIjs. M'i onii -leviHo, Rudr State wu-h-iK
niut liine, iUMiuii.
Sucker's First Visit to a Theater
' Well, I've been thar," said tt Sucker
to his crony.
"Whar, down to Sent Louis?" in
rpi'u'ed J irn. , , .
n, no "What else," was tho ; ans
wtr;iid I've seed somcol'thodurn. test
things you've ever heard on in all tho
hull animal creation. "J
Well, what wur they like?" inquired
'O. all sorts of Joins mixed up sorter
everyway, out uic thing that just talc
me straight war r.eoin' a flying woman.
Al ter tho tlatboat war hitched, I sot
lookin' around, and pooty soon I seed
on big boss bills stuck agin houses
that it feller named Dan Soos war a
goin' to cut up some of the tallcstkind
ofshiiulys. I war nattcrly bound to
find out what it war like, sol axod a
feller roadin' it and he laughed ho
said it war the the-a-tre. Si s 1, that
ar u show, ain't it? and, said ho, it ar,
and it ain't no circus show, nuther,
but all sorts of handsomo show, held
in.a place us big as our county seat
court house.' 1 jest made up my mind
I'd go ten cents straight. I found out
whar they kept it, and up I goes, but
tluir they told mo tho lowest notch war
a cool quarter that staggered me, but
I gin it. Koot or dio when you're in
for it, sos I, so uii I goes' the alflred'st
lot of stairs I thought arter tt spell
I'd como out sotnewhar neer the inoon,
hut, by truwdin n spell, 1 got up whar
lot of folks wur. It looked to me
liko a moetiu' with throe galleries, lit
up liko all out of doors in daylight.
A lot of fellers Addled away a spell . by
thenisclves'but cuss me if I could see
whar that fo I for, Han Soos, war, anil
jest as I wur going to ask a chap whav
the show war, up rolled the hull sido
of tlpv house right nfore nie; and out
sliditgulon her tip toes, whirlih'
about liko as if she Couldn't keep down
to the ycarlh. Tho way sho handled
her piiis jest sot ino roarin' it beat
Mary Sellers all holler, and she nin't
slow. I axed a feller next to me who
sho wur, and I'll swar ef ho didn't say
it wur Dan Soos! which instead of be
ing a man's name, wur French for a
dancin' woman. I didn't notico at first,
but arter & 6pell, I seed tho reason she
couldn't keep from jumpin' it made
my har kind o' rise sho wur not only
angel lookin' erittur, but. Jim, you
kin believe it or not, boss fiy, I'll de
clare sho hal wings!" i
"Here," ses Jim, "you can take my
hat." - it' . '
"I knowd nobody would believe me,"
said tho Sucker. "I jos' knowsd it, but
swar I seed her take hold on the tip
of her wing, spread it out and jest fly
liko a bird clean across the hull sido of
tho liouso.. A feller wur chasiu' her,
but bo couldn't shino. Sho shuck her
too at him, and slid right out of sight."
"Thar," says Jim", "that'll do I
know'd you could do poorty well' a
lyin', but that last effort kin take the
cukes I'' . : . . .
."I'll swarlseed it."
"Seed thunder T shouts Jim. "You
seed what tho doctors coll a olfactory
: A A-icnd gives ns an amusing account
of his csprriofieo with a dog which ho
bought from a dealer on the assurance
ttiat lio was "such a ratter." Ho had
some trouble at first in getting an "an
imile" upon' which to try the pup's rat
ting propensities.
. llowcvor, otio day I was fortunate
enough to scenre from a boy in in the
market a fine old lino, bob-tailed rat,
wnoso lu rtous desire to chaw every
thing within reach gave promise of
glorious sport for !Nip. Took the rat
home, called my dog, and told my
wile that it she wanted to sec the way
terriers did ruts, to come down in the
basement. She came down and shut
the door just in time, too; for, assoon
as Nip saw tho rat, he, Kip, my ratter,
for which I paid tho old gent ten dol
lars, made most unmistakably cowardly
movements toward the door. Wife, on
a chflir, said tho dog did not appear to
free the lat. , ,
Told wife to keep her breath. Thought
I would not give Nip uny reason for
not seeing the rut again, so I tied the
string Unit bold tho rut to the dog's
hind leg. . He f aw the rat that time,
and jumped on tho chair by my wife.
U'tl',. t.. 1. .1 ... l i
" iiu iviit:;iicu. ami s tovoii inm tilt.
1 iv.'d the stove next. Cot off tl
without bcin shoved. .Tho rat, how
ever, being tut old stager,aiid not being
used to such treatment, made n dem
onstration on Xip's rear; and I don't
bclievo little "Flora Temulo" ever
made better time in tho samo limits
than that dog aud rat made around the
room. .
First heat, do.? had the lead, cloud v
followed by rat, who, on striking tho
half-mile pole (footstool in tho comer)
broke badly in fact, nearly broke his
back, and beforo he could'bo broturht
down (ho was sliding on his baclO.dosf
ie;i nim ny wnoie length ot string.
Didn't stop for wind, but started ou
tho second heat. Got off well together
(tied) and went finely around, neck
and tail, until they reaehodthe judge's
stand (wile standing on a chair),
against which d: brought m solid.
bringing the judge down in a stvlc pro
eminently sudden, if not dignified. The
heat was decidedly a-rainst tho doir.
you bet, and it was only aflor much
t-iii..ii,i.,!i.n if... i i. . t ii
i'i i ."uutmuii uKu ujcjuugo wouiu again
take the stand.
The third heiit maybe amply termed
a 'lead beat. They got off as -well a part
tia tl.s. l.w ........ : .1.. I , i
f., vuH 1'iiieiiuy; ijaiu, unci
sliNed lively unt'ijust as they struck
me nisi quarter, when tho rat, which
ran about ns well on his back as his
legs, shied tho track and cot rather
queerly around a table leer. Doer went
un as iar as mo su ing ana length of his
hind, lea would let him. On r.-iisin.r
i no rut u was louuti to oo totally uo
futt iji fact dead. Kip was not much
bettor oil".
Wife said that dog couldn't kill n
mice. Told her ho had certainly killed
that rat; but, on viewing the ieat in a
scientific light, I must confess that I
did not feel quite stttisiiod with tho
performance of my pet, and tho next
morning gave him away to a milkman,
who wanted a ratter to free his stablo
from the depredations of the vermis.
I have not been able to ascertain which
lell him first.tho rats or tho dog. Kx.
. I .. I . . i . , .. . o
Tame Wolves
A couple of tamo wolves havo been
objects of curiosity in a yard on Mul-
oorry street, lor a tow days past. They
aro very tamo so tamo that they are
"nicest pluy -things in tho world." Ou
katuriluy it gentleman went down to
sco them, and tho lady of tho house re
marked to bun that they were very
tame. "Just see here," said she, and
sho fondled them as if they were inno
cent little babes. "You putyour bands
upon them, and sco how tamo they
are," sho invitingly said to the gent.
Of courso ho would, but, as ho np
proachod, four rows of teeth admon
ished him to keep a safe distance. At
this, the woman assured him it -was
only a playfuf demonstration, and, to
show him how exceedingly well tamed
they were, sho entered tho house and
returned with threolittle kittens, which
sho placed beforo tho wolves. Then
she engaged in further conversation
with the gent, and, soon aftor, both
hearing a taint squeak, turned around
just in timo to soo tho tail of kitten
number threo going down tho mouth
of tho tamest wolf. Tho visitor im
mediately ' took his departure, after
making o liberal otl'or for tho wolves,
to tako homo for an infantchild to play
with in tho absenco of its mothor.
Now Haven Journal.
One cp the Foi rtii Street Belles.
She wore a . Gothic waterfall, and
hoops liko a Sibley tent, and down her
back, oh! sluvery, a big chain clanked
as sho went. She bought her waterfall
newly built; methinks wo can see her
yet, though we saw her but a momont"
with her big black chain of jet. Sho
wore a bat a pickle dish as largo us
a threo cent pie, and wo thought wo
should soorefinpire as her big chain
rattled by. A scoro or more of 'silver
doves held hor dress from mud and
rain, tho innocent birds were fright
ened by the gutta porcha chain. Oh,
fashion,' mistress fashion,' havo; pity on
Mary Jano;' wo love thy tilt and . saw
dust calves, bUt'takc buck that jetty
chain. Kx.
't Cjonscrbatibe
()ltW, atnthweit orii.r mt Public Sqnar
T V. It M H i ......
Fr on year, payable In ailmnce - - - ll 00
or l inontli't, pajable In advaure ,t 1 O0
For line muntli. pnvalile In advance - -. - 6V
. . . mim k KELLY, roblkbrrt
One More Unfortunate--A Seducers
One More Unfortunate--A Seducers Victim--A Shocking Suicide
of a Young Woman.
Therjairsville, (renn.) New Era
publishes tho following shocking csso
of seduction and enicido : '
In tho beginning of the present week
ft Miss Ferguson, whose- purent a
mot her resides in Livcrmorcr West
moreland County, but who for several
months has been staying iu Uluirsvillu
findirtg that she was in a condition
likely soon to becomo ft mother with
out being a wife, loll thin place and re
turned to her home in Livcrmoro
Her mother, discovering her situation,
induced her to confess her shame, and
ulso to implore tho forgiveness and
leniency of the other members ,of the
family. - This was not granted, and
even tho mother becamo indignai.t ;
harsh words and abusive langugo
were used toward her, and finally tho
inoihcr and sister left tho unfortunate
girl alone, refusing to stay in the house
with. her. She begged of Uicm to re
main with her, but of no avail j she
then threatened to destroy herself if
left aloiK and, as the sequel will show
fully carried out her throat. Beforo
leaving Llairsvillo, sho visited a drurr-
gist and procured an ounce of corro
sive sublimate, concealing it upon her
person. When abondoned by her
Iriends, she swallowed a tcatpoonful of
the poison, lingering in osmiy and
worked in soasms. bafllinc nil medical
skill, until Thursday morning, when
she died. Before death, however, shn
became the mother of a child, which is
still living. Sho pesistently refused to
reveal tho namo ot the father of tho
child, until tho repeated entreaties of
the medical attendants induced her, a
the last moment, to discloso to them,
but under promise of secrecy. It hus
since come to light that tho seducer of
this young woman is a married man,
who is extensively known in this
county. Wo have no comment. If the
man has tho heart and soul of a human
and is susceptible to tho stings of
shame, ho should, if bo docs not, suffer
tho w hippings of a guiity consc.icnco
ulong with richest merits of the
Why docs not tho editor of the New
Erugivo tho scoundrcl.s name, and
thus hold him up to public scorn and
contempt? That is 'about tho
punishment ho will ever got in
world. ' ' .... . . .
A Eriior-EAX letter-writer says: For
a month wo havo had . nothing but
wind and rain, and cold, stormy weath
er, from which everything that isgood
for food fir both mail ami boast is suf
lering. A flood on tho lihine has de
stroyed acres of vineyards, and tho
grasses in nearly every purt.of France
uro thought to bo ruined for this. sea-,
son. The price of wine has already
risen, and potatoes aro very dear.
If the prico of bread rises at Faris.
the re will bo great troublo and suffer-,
inc. In Germany, thousands of acres
of vines and grain havo been trampled
by soldiers, and tb cattlo-nlacruo has
broken out in Hungary and Bohemia.
in inuia reigns a leartul fa mi no, from
tho failure of tho rico crops of two sea
sons. I housands havo already died of
hunger. Tho cholera is still lingering
in all tho cities of Furopo, which havo
had this j'ear the throe scounrosof war.
pestilence and famino.
A Magnanimous Darkey.
A friend tells tho following good5
story ,f which merits being put on
record : '
A centleman of tins citv. owninrr a .
large plantation on Santee, gave a good
house, tovmcny tho overseer s, to a
trusty negro, ono of tho superinten
dents of the cstato. A whito family '
of squalters, however, held possession
of the house, and tho frocdman was de-'
barred from enterine on his rirrhts.'.
He went back to tho planter, his late
master, aud complained, when- tho fol.j
lowing dialogue ensued:
l'lanter "But, Fompey, the houso is
yours you are tho lawful owner, and
no ono has anjr right to occupy itwith-!
out your consent."
i'ompoy "ies, massa, I done tole ,
em so. But ho says hq won't go," .
Tlanter "Well. Pompey, suppose:
you go to tho I reedmens Bureau,-
state your giovanec, and apply for us- -sistance
to have this man ejected."
iompcy (beratcliing bis head for
some time In an uneasy statoof inabili
ty io maico up ins mum,; --to, sau, l r
can't do dat; 'I wouldn't liko to tako
advantage ob my color." Charleston
paper. ; .. . . .
' DiAtoauE. Mother Hero, Tommy, '
is some nice caster oil, with oraugo ;
juice in it. ; .j . ... j
.Doctor Jfow, vomenibor, don't give
it all to Tommy, leave some for mo. . -y
Tommy (who has "boon, thoro")
Doctor's a nice man, ma; givo it all to
him.- ; - 1 - 1
. By A pretty littlo Jewess has been j
detected in attempting to Bmuggl)'
about ?I0,00a worth of laces into Kow '
York.- -'i 1 r " " "- - - ' - - ---'''
ar The
y aro boring for petroioumfv
Why don't thevtrv the Isles
in Italy,
of Oreoco?

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