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1BIDAT MORNING, - - - - NOV. 23.
.KEIXY Publishers.
Ronisn festivities at fit. Petersburg
..Lave beeo soddeolv (topped on account of tbe
erioui illoeti of th Princes Dagmar.
- Telegraphic "dispatches from Bombay, to
London, report tbe famine io India ebetto
: it-
..Tbe Government of Spate has taken
flroof meaaaree to prevent a threatened oat
brtak. '
A Washibjtop diipatch av : Mem
brra ot CongreM are beginning to arrive aU
m1tod act in teocaiing, will commence
eextfretk. 'Many members are io favor of
doing away with tbe Income tax, or of Baking
bolfaale change In tbe law, and tbe iri
tem tl stamp tax it to be Itoroogbly over
tec 'ed. ' '
i A Philadelphia dispatch tarn. Oar basl
beta men are tonkin? for a panic toon. St
era! large dry good boa set are reported juat
banging by th eyelids. ' Tbe decline io . the
price of Imported good and prevision con
. tinoce.and threaten disastrous effects to tbt
peculator. ,
Tla trial of Brain, tbe ellegeJ pirate ol
tbe Chesapeake, went over for the (present io
tbe Court of Brooklyn, on actoabt of the In
accessibility ot wilnesse.
; Tbe Herald bai tbe following from' Vera
Crua oo tbe lata It It rumored that Marshal
Bazaioe rent Maslmllian word that if be at
tempted to leave Mexico without permission
lie would be placed io antst; and that be hat
ordered tbe commander of tbe Austrian
(rlgte not to let Uaximiliao embark on hit
Anew a ud fatal disease it killiug tbe
hyga Io Fleming county, Ky. Mr. I). John
son baa lost one hundred and forty-eight hog
fry wbat be caJIt diptberia. ' Oo tayi be ex
amlned tbem very closely, and foond a yellow,
thick labttaoee artuod tbt windpipe, and
nothing wrong with their entraita.. They
ran a bloody substance from their eats aad
Bote! He feott ap bit lose le bog at ever one
thousand dollar.
Maximilian decline to abdicate in furor
of anyone except Itarbide.
Thtre are already four Radical candidate
fur United States Senator, to tucceed Senator
Brown, io the State ot Mistoori. They are
Uovernor Fletcher. 0. D. Drake, Heury' F.
Blow aiid Judge Newcomb. -
The followisg Itlegram Lat bt-eo received
at Renter's telegraph office, New York:
Xooom, November SO 'I be new Russian
loan of six millioot baa been announced. Tbe
Patch Chambers have been opened. Tbe
King, in bit opening speech to :bo Chamber,
expressed hopes for reciprocal confidence and
loyalty to tbe Constitution.
A St.LouIt corrrtpoiideut says: A peti
tion bat been tiled io one of enr court by
Miss Elisabeth . Percell, charging Mr. Bruce
B. Heagaena, Consul "for tbr Netherlandt.wilh
breach of premlao of marriage, and claiming
damage in tbe torn ol f 10,000.
. A miee ol stupendous frauds bava been
recently iuvettigated in Brook Ira,' N. T.,
whereby tbe revenue tax on the manufacture
of alcohol bat been evaded. Ostensibly the
partiea were engaged in tbe manufacture of
borulng fluid, on wbicb thert ia r duty.
npirits ot turpentine end other drups were
mixed with tbe alcohol, giving It tbe appear
ance of burning fluid. Alter taking it from
tbe distillsry, by a chemical process, tbe alco
hol wa separated from the other mixtures.
It ia said that the firm cleared in twenty dayt
ever 1400,000. - ;
The Tribune bat the following: Mr.
Chase' first interview with the President wat
merely to give the latter tome opinion io Ju
uictai matters. . j ue second interview wat
merely a friendly one. and Judge Chase took
occasion to advise Mr.' Johnson to depart
from bi present policy and .urge the Southern
Legislataret to adopt the Constitutional
amendments as a final tettlemeot of the prrs
e&l gimcumrs; tbst in ease they objected to
tbe teoond and third clauses of tbe ememd
ment, to compromise by substituting1 universal
amneity and impartial iiiffrag.
A New York, dispatch tays: Henry
Urinnell, ol tblacity, has received letter from
Richard fl. Cbsppel, of New London, Coon.,
wbo say that the whaling' bark Pioneer ar
rived there on the I5tb. .That veael felt
with C Uall, Arctic explorer, ot Cincinnati,
but brought no letters from bim. The Cap
tale ol the Pioneer saw Mr. flail and
party ot Esquimaux oo- tbe 26th or July,
tbe bead el Bepuli Bay, north of River V.'-
come. I'hey were then In good health, aud
engaged in fishing, Mr. Halt had become ac
coatomtd to the Knquimaux life, and bad past
ed tbe winter very comfortably. Last spring.
Mr. flail made e journey northward .toward
Committee Bay and Kiag; William's. Lapd,
bet waa obliged to turn bick on account
the native, wbo tbr salens,) Mr. .11 all t
lie bi lerored many relict of Frankllu't ex
ploring tipeaVtioo, and certain documents
wriileo, be sappoass, by Captain Ctotier, tbat
ill Jo muck toward clearinf ap the invstar
of tbefu'ts of tha nrifuriaiiate
the Lrebas an) 1'sriur. Hall
ieriniiiil to carry oot bit pis
duclare le
m, and will
stutah tbe iyIoretf?B lU eotuiof car,
A Characteristic Letter from
Gerrit Smith to Prof, Lewis.
Gerrit Smith ia out in a long letter
to Professor Taylor . Ire vv is, cf Uniori
College, Schenectady, on the aitiiatiGi
of National affairs. , lie snys: V 'i
I aee that yon cttiUhuc to wf ite for
the salvation of that dear country.'
Well you mhyl for ehe is, this day,
more fearfully imperiled than ehe waa
at any time during 'the clash of arms.'
I Lave read your pamphlet entitled,
'The Heroic. 1 crioda o & Nation Ilia
tory.' I wish. .every ono. could read
its wie nndhigh-aoulcd pages.. There
is, Lowevcr, ono blot upon tticm.
They favor the shedding of more blood.
You would have tho South punished,
after lavincr down her arms. Some Of
her moet prominent men you. would
have had punished with death. ,
"I wonder that you, who are eo la
miliar with the writings pf ' tho most
approved publicist, do not fall. in with
the conclusion that a strife, which has
reached 4he dimensions and dignity of
a civil war, and especially a. civil war,
which, liko our own, dividoe a people
into distinct and ' complete National
organizations, has outgrown the crime
of treason. Their arguments for this
conclusion, together with such an would
suggest themselves to a mind as en
lightened at your own, must, it would
seem, lack nothing to convince, you of
its entire soundness. I need hardly
add that I dissent from your definition
of a civil war.
"It is mainly the fuult of the Gov-
eminent, when one half of a nation
breaks away from the other. Ilad our
Qovernment been ever wise and just,
the great secession, which has soaked
Our soil with blood, would not have
been. When one half of England, or
France, or Spain shall break away
from the other the world's sympathies
will pretty certainly be with the In
surgents for the world will pretty
certainly infer tliat the insurgents
were wronger, alorcover, it the insur
gents should fail to maintain their
cause and to right their wrongs, the
world will pretty certainly feel that
their failure is of itself their quite
sufficient punishment. Who is so fool
ish as to believe that, bad the whole
history of ourJGovemment been bright
with wisdom and beautiful with justice,
there would have been this throwing
off of its restraints and this dcflanco of
its power?"
Pity for the South, not punishment,
ia then urged by Mr. Smith, who then
continues: . :
Ever sinco the surrender of the
South, I Lave felt that the first duty of
the IS or th and the South was a com
mon repentance for a common bin.
The discharge of this duty, together
with the mutual forgiveness which
would have instantly followed, would
have proved a mighty upward educa
tor of both North and South; and it is
for the lack of this very educator that
the character of both North and South
has all this timo been going downward.
From su:h repentar.co and forgiveness,
peace would Lave come lopg ore this,
and it would have been a " permanent,
because a pure peace. Such a peace
can now hardly bo looked for a peace
which cannot come until each section
shall condemn itself and forgive the
other." , . .
Next follows some good advice to
General Butler: . .'
Mr. Davis has, indeed, wronged
his country; and. through his misap
prehensions of him, has ' particularly
wronged General II u tier, liut so, also,
have the country and Genorul Butler
wronged Mr. Davis. I he country
the North as well as tho South mould
ed his pro-slavery character, and is
largely responsible for what has come
to him and his country from that char
acter. Our guilty nation, in looking
upon Mr. Davis, should rather pity
than hate its own legitimate offspring.
And General Butler, instead of invo
king punishment on the head of Mr.
Da"is, had better fall on bis knees be
fore him in penitent remembrance of
his own prominent connection with tbe
exceedingly wickod pro-blavery ' Dem
ocratic party."
Ihen as to Jeff. Davis bimself
'Jefferson Davis is kept in prison
because the North still refuses to re
pent of her pro-slavery wicked ness.
Upon that wickedness, far more than
upon other causes, is the rnin of Jeffer
son Davis and the South chargeable.
Repentance for it would quickly open
hifl too-long closed - doors. Surely,
surely, if the South will forgive the
North, the North can well afford to
forgtvo the South. But I am asked
whether the Korth should forgive the
cruelties of Andersonvule, ami. of the
ether terrible prisons of the South?-
Even those unparalleled cruelties she
should remember Were the crimes of
slavery, and that slavery was her own
is well as the South 's crime ay, that
even her churches were blood red with
it. The North, no less than the South
had the making of the monsters who
ruled in those prisons."
Next, as to the demand for the Free
ldent s impeachment:
"But who is thore to tmpeach htrn?
With what decency could a Congress
impeach him, both Houses of which
are guilty ot the same injustice and in
huniHiiity7 Grunt that tho i'iaidnt
plan of reconstruction is one which,
1 adopted, would throw tbe black saviors
1 oftneir etupeudiouoly-ungrutefur and
j infernaiJy-wickcii country back again
under the feet of their old oppressors.
bo, too, would the Congressional plan
Grant tbat tbe PreHidcut'e plan would,
Viv rnfusinir t.liA whitn lnvaliata
ox. me
, South the shield of the black
lnuve tuese loyaliste to ' be destroy
So, too, would the plun of Congress.
If I''n indeed, not so bad aa Lis.'
1 Uut in reJect to tneir gross violations
of the principles of Justice and human
ity, there is certainly too littlo differ
ence between them to leaTe iW all de
cent for Congress, tj Impeach, the Pres
ident. Those grout principles irppeach
aneVeonde'Dmi' bothv Lot('them- not be
so t self ignorant and shameless as
to condemn each other. At any rate,
let not Congress impeach the President
until it has first tried .the power of its
own repentsnr npoh the-heart bf the
President. While for one of these fol
lows trr unrighteousness to Ctlt)g Id the
runrighteousnessis to lead theother to
cling to it, the giving it op by the bne
would, more than any thing else, .'pro
mote Ihe giving it tip by tho ,othej I
greatly wonder .' that the , noble and
dear-eved .Wendell Phillips,.; who is
always'' for working with clean tools,
should urge Congress . to undertake
with its dirty hands the impeachment
of tho President. .The undertaking
would carry , no moral power, and
thereforo do no good. Thoro would
be nothing in it to inxpiro and el'vate
the people, but much to disgust, and
decrndo them. It would not pass for
a commanding duty, but for an un
principled party movement. It would
not allay or prevent a hazardous popu
lar commosion, but would excito it.
Then, as to tho so-called "Constitu
tional amendments:" , .,..'
"Now, of all political abominations,
I know of none more abominablo than
this amendment. If adopted, there
will be an implied Constitutional per
mission for a State to disfranchise any
race, African, Gorman, or other. And
then comes what is worso, the Consti
tutional, obligation not permission
to strike out tho disfranchised raco
from all political count, and , reduco it
to as complete a political . nonentity ns
if it were a race of brutes. Surely it is
better to go with theDcmocratsagainst
all the amendments to the.' Constitu
tion than to go with the Jlepublicans
for such a blot npon it as would be
this amendraont. . .
"I need say no moie. The North
and South must love each other, ere
they can be at peace with each other.
Statesmen are slow to Jenrn that .love
is the cure of all ills, as well those
which are National as those which are
individual. Indeed, they regard it as
entirely out of place in the province of
statesmanship; and all pleading for its
L A-MI. .
presence mere ns oiu Bitnncss or cam.
Nevertheless, it remains true that love,
aud love only, is, in tho largest ns well
as the narrowest of human relations,
'tho fulfilling of the law.'
"A dark day is upon our guilty coun
try. It will grow darker if the South
and North continue to hate each othor.
It will bocomo, all-, light when, they
shall love each other.. With groat ro-
. '!Your friend, GERRIT SMITH."
The New Radical Revolutionary
Programme—Wendell Phillips
on the Late Elections—
The President to be Impeached
and Removed.
[From the Anti-Slavery Standard.]
their veto on Johnaon, his policy and
his adherents. The .Republican party
has been. the mere channel through
which, as the mott convenient nnd
ready one, the nation has spoken. In
(act there are tut two parties in this
fight, and the Republican is not one of
them. The Prcsidont, as tho South's
coder, is one. ile seeks to shield the
South from all loss in consequence ef
er defeat, and to restoro her principle
of oligarchy a. white man's govern
ment aB uncuangea aa impossible.
Ho is one party to the fight. Thepoa
plo aro the other. They have, made up
their minds that having gotten thoir
hands on the neck ot this sectional oli
garchy, they will strangle it bofore they
quit hold. "They believe with Lander,
that "a Wing should be struck but once
a mortal blow," : They mean that sla
very, with all its roots, branchcstsuck-
ers, parasites ana aepondants, shall uie
utterly and forever I This is the signif
ication of our late triumph. It is more
than a partisan victory, it is tbe dec
laration of a national purposo. Con
cress and its ameutfraents were count
ed out of the battle. The President,
representing the South's claim to an
iramodiate return into Congress, bring
ing with it' tate Sovereignty still
strong enougu w npnoiu ongaruny ap
pealed to the people. They have an
swered him, and nailed Ins theory to
the counter as base coin.
Congress abdicated and left tho field
when it tried to stand neutral, assent
ing in its amendments to the South's
claim xf sovereignty over the law of oit
izenship, yet protesting against the
Executive'! usurpation of acknowlodir
IriL' it. From that moment the nation
ignored them, and tought its own bat
tle on the principle itself impartial
munhood rights the nation through.
W hoever will serve them in carrying
out this purpose they lorget aud par
don all his past,, however equivocal
aud take him to their hearts. Witness
that pride of the West General Logan
Whoever tries to baulk them in thit
effort, no matter what bis past merits,
l l I . . a.i I nr.
or luureis, no siuks out oi signt. mi
net's Boechcr lost in tho wave he fond
ly imagined he could stem. Wilncs
Grant unable to stir a plaudit on
Illinois prairies Illinois, his ow n State
from an audience ot twenty thous
and men, one-half his own aoldioi n.
Witness the New York "Times" sunk
fifty per cent, in value in six month
by its vaio attempt to oppose this
dumb but resistless movement of
nation. This fuet that, no name,
laurel, no services, weigh a foather
put into the scale Against Radicalism
is the most cheering and wholesome
characteristic of the hour. It is
that cheers ne-evea against- such -an
appalling fact as' that a million and a
balf of votrs-riioro Jhan six hundred
thouian in tho tww States ofNeW
York and Penbtylvania-are still cor
rupt and ignorant niiughi to support
the'mobocrnt of the White House. We
recognize the terrible signilicance ot
this fact. Put behind-such a mass, of
bosotted and corrupt tools, the patron
agodf the 'Government and the moral
support of theSouth If the word 'mor
al'1 call evef to hrtocrtir such "f'onnec
tion and its influence most Wforful.
Still the people have shown such true
instincts, such unfaltering devotion,
plucking out right eyes ana cutting off
right hands when they offended, that
wc catch fresh hone from theelectlons.
Maryland is herself A test imony to our
theory. That dpleat is a tit rebuke to
her faithless leaders. They swindled
the negro out of his-rights to conciliate
their oppohents:' They suc.coodcd in
preventing Congress 'from granting
suffrage in the District of Colombia for
the same purpose. 'They gagged tho
late Loyal Southern Convention' on
that question to propitiate rebels. Of
course, they enttroxl the canvass load
ed with tho odium of their suppoed
principles, and without tho strength
which would have come from' thoir
avowal. ' Such policy descrvoa and se
cures defeat. But this defeat will save
Maryland and TonnenBoe, Massncbu-.
setts nails her colors to her top-gallant
mast. First among the States dear
old Commonwealth she receives , tho
hated and victim race into hor Legis
lative halls. Whilo Inbunes and
Posts, while National Republican Com
mittees and State Committees were
welcoming rebels back to Congress,
even if they rode there over, the neck
r C....1. ;..) .
. vur.umj k"... !.., u
iiiiniiBtuuni-iis Bii'in iLimii pjTi;i uiuii,
oi such a model state- as the loyal mas-1
scs moan shall exist in the present ter
ritory of South .Carolina boforo they
begin to Inquiro whether it, said Mate
has chosen any fit person to represent
it in Congress. ,
Kcvolutions never go backward. ,'It
s equally true that Kadicalism travels
Westward. Personal liberty bills, wo
men's rights bills, and all such legisla
tion, started from New. England and
havo "swung round tho circle This
last Yankee notion will soon begin lU
travels, nnd complete them when North
and South know no raco beforo the
law: Then, when a million of black
men aid in shaping our National poli
cy, their raco will , foci the effect the
world over. Thcv will never leave
their brethren in. Cuba under the yoke.
They, will throw a 6hield ' over the
struggling nationality of IIaytVud
lift iirazil into harmony with theninc-
tocnth centurr. Then will the touch-
ing and sublime picture Maria Lowell
drew of Africa ceuso to bo true
"liar. great dark face no light.
From he sunset glow could tak j
Park at tho primal nlthi
r over tba earth God apako '
It areuivd for ber a dawn could jivvcr bruk.
Bo ait I dreary, dcaolatc, ' ''
Till tba alow iuoviag band of Fata. ' '
Khali lift dio from my sunken state." ' .
The dawn has broken, and will soon
ripen into perfect day.. 1 ;
Lven this timed ddtlx Congress,
which abdicated leadership and post
poned action till they wero "certain
tiro what the elections would be, can
now resume their places. Let them go
back and,' throwing this chaff bf Ite
construction out of ono window and
swindling amendments out of tho oth
cr, impeach and remove the rnoboerat
ol New Orleans and Uulumoro; toe
demagogue who, but for the marvelous
courage, raro sagacity and statesman
hip ot J uugo Dona, would have delu
ged Baltimore with blood..- ve nave
no words warm and strong enough fitly
to express our admiration, for Judge
Bond, or our sense of what the country
owes him tor this victory over Jixocu
tive troason . -. '
If cnouirh patriots cannot, be found
to impeach the President, then let the
true men of Coneress stop the supplies
refuse to trust rebels with the public
funds. This will check corruption and
bring the public creditor with his large
influence to our side. At any cost, take
the Government from the control of
Aided by a Forger.
't'hs Washington oorrexponlcnl of ibe Kew
Yurk llerald give tho following:
Some time ago, a geDtlemon from New
Yurk, having mc business belore tbe fcilete
Pepartuieol, arrived ia Ibis oitv, and took
room at Wi. bird's Ilotol oo the morning af
ter bi arrival in lbs city. At the breakfmt
tabls b was recogo:ied by a gmtlemaa op
posite to Lira. Ine gentlemen could not re
member bim, (apposing tbat be bad met bim
somewhere befure, as b was a person will
known all over the country. Thrj chatted
along, 'and tbe strange-r, according -to bi
story, represented biinvelf as ibe brother of a
proutiner.t Kew bngiand (senator, and kiuJIv
onerea oie aervicns iu nuip uur niena io prose
cute bi claim, ana turmer rt marked that, ss
be bad some business with Mr. Be ward Ibal
moruiug, be would get tba geotleman a loiter
Irota tbe lion, tiecretar to. tbe bead ol tbe
division where his claim was. . A few hours
afterward, b returned wi'lt -a letter of high
Ncummendntioii Ironi Mr. Bewurd. Uur
friend, armed with thii procerded Id the Stat
Uepartmeot, and upon the letter hi, business
was transacted la short time ' He imiwe.
d.uV'ly '.""k th train for New York, in the
uitim time it turns out lhat ibe'geiilleman rp
'resciitinif himaelf as th trotter of. the New
tliiK.uii'l Senator, is one of the most notad
lorger ii the country, end that tht loiter was
a lorgiry.' Ibe letter was taken to Mr. Sew
ard. wbo was surprised at me oioss resem
tlon, be war lomd to tbe "conclusion that ill
as.1 The forger,' being recogniaed b; tbe
vjolice, took tba terUt root to Biltimore.l
CENTER .S.,ATeSr Steamboat WiarA
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nude to supply the wants of gdeaU. ,
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do likewise." .
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mr A FIT always warranted. . i t
" 1DE1STTI rrn"5T. "
eontlnnee to olTer Ills profeeelonal
services to th ' poof io la all the
varlaUee and stylos of DENTraTBT
mr Pertleuler attention siren tt the eoastros-
tloo of Iseth ea RUBBER I LATE8.
, O p.P I C.E li ' '
Center Street, M'Connelsvllle, O.
ucossxLsriLLleroHio. ..
auJ-ly . .
J.:i:WINQ,M. Dm;
Physician and Surgeon
OFFICE, (a East Room of Oboib'iUw BnllJlm,
errrofeMionsl Calls promptly attends,! oW4
TV Particular attention civea to TJIseesea
of tba Lungs and Cbpejnio Diseases.
RESIDENCE, at the ra'tteraon Itofase, ever
Adaws a Kaber'a Store. . . . A
not . . . ,
W. . KELLY, '
3?hysicinn and Snrgcon,
Speclel attention given to the trcatmeut ef
Profesaiunal sails proruptlv tenpond'! fs
OFFIL'B Soalhwtit Cornrr of tbe Poblli Sqasri.
a. M. STASaiBT.
w. w. rti.a
llflrncDS - at ; $ikK
OFFICB Iriond Story ef Korria Eolldiii.
..." - i
tf f.tgal baslnesa promptly atteuded to, aad
pedal attention gives to tbe t-vlletUon of all doakt
fol claims. . . . auS-ly .
" HOOM8 IN '
Alo perfect AMBROTYPES Ukeo la Loeketa
od Dreaitplue. sly prices are cbeapar than tne
heapent, and my work ia warranted to . ive aavte-"
faction. Tba publlo will prolt by caliiug us aie
before going eliewbere. .
r. siLi..;
V a. aihi..
F. SILL & CO.,
It Goods. BfMrrici, Xotion, Tliwari, TrsiU
Oypoalte Cewjrl Haavae, M0eMSietevllU,O. .
r. a. rfty
, '. - . , ' at I
lUoraejs and Counselor h nt Law,
' ... . ,
. M CONNEIAYILJ.K, OniO.' , ' ,
F. B, POIND, Nolary Publlff.
OFnCK Southwest Corner of Public Se,ture4
B; 1'. TOWER,
: . I ....
OFFICE witli J. E. Emm, Center Stmt.
us-1; . ;

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