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The Conservative. (M'connelsville, Ohio) 1866-1871, December 07, 1866, Image 3

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KMioai In A met lea.
The resolution nf Cnrgrsn protesting
against pardons b? ' foreign OiTtpriimenls, ot
ptisoni convicted ol infamous offenses, on con
ditioD ol emigrating- to our couhtry, ban been
communicate J to the fetatea with whom we
maintain interi-nursc, and the : practice,1 bo
justly the subject of complaint on ur part,
htp not been renewed.
Tin congratulation 'of 'Jotirrs ' 'o'fbe
Htnper.ir of Uu-taia, onon bis e.-tenpe Irom at
tempted assa'aii a'ion, Lave been ptcptitid to
that limnanc and enlightened .ruler, and nt
reived by him '.w'nt rxilretiOs' of J grateful
'I'ue Kxecutivfi war-iej iif an attempt j
Mparjijo American aJvanltirori to .Induce, tin
un'gration of frerdntur) of the 'United States
10 a foreign rounlrj, protected uguinil .the
)ioj.fl one whirl , i consummated, would
tedut-e ll.etn to Untidiiye nert trtin-p opptc,siVe
Hum lHroirtwlrch liny liv jiit bevrt re
lit ved. AiFutnnce Imi been received from (lie
Jurrrnnifiil nl the cine in wiixh the W
u tirn'mid, that 11m ' pr-iwi'line 'will meet
ne it I, or lit
enroiy auyiiK-hi npr yppmvul. It
is a (I'e aium worthy
ol your ci'inidiratiiti
hi l her i ur teat nrtnii ".litis an1 ject nru ode
U'te to tl.d pievtiiiion or puni.d went ol the
crime thn tnedita'ed. . v
In ti.t moil ; h o I AjulJ. im', oS . Cinitwa-a is
nwuie, a blindly arrangement was . in nil be"
ireu the r.inptror ol h renew oud the PrTR
den ol tbr Uuite Ifc'iatcs f.,r the withdrawal
from Mrx:ci f tl s " ; t-'i.ivli ujA-ilitihiiiiTy
iiiililary foices. Thia vetibdrawal was ro be
firctid in iIikc deist l.tncnta, lli' firl-"rt
wh'ch, Ir was ut deMltl, wnu'd trove Urtxiin
itt Ni'vynilnr. in w petr n il tlin" je.-onoj s In'
Hard. i xt. and the thin) nu.l Intt in Naveia-
iirr, tmimUiiitely upon the cum ttul ion
t liie tVaciiaiiou. the Frt-nch '-'(loverly mtl
w4 to ivsume the suriiij attitude of njii injer-l
e-uili.n. in recurd tu VexiOH. as s be'd hi
tlit Uoveititmnt ol ifiTyiiitrd Statu. r-IlJ-pen
ltd ukiUTances. Imrp been i v e-h jy the Km'?,
per'or, tinee- llmt i greemeiif that 7l.c wTuiM
sOuiphlf tU- promise 1 "-hv!utiwiwNiIn Jlic
uT!.od niiiuiotii-d, or Fooncii . i
;. tl ws reasotiulily-expected that'1 tin- pro
rcet'inpi I fi iii fui.lf inplutfj .would ' 1 1 r xT ii 0 ( ti '
erif's of g-cat political iineit-sl in the Rep'uti
lie o! Xlexico. Tlie newly appointed Y.itilntef
of the United Statet, Vr. ypinpboll, was
l1iejrir'e acM forward, .on the 9lh iluy of No
yembrf Inil, '.o assume liis proper liinciuMiH
ji ;initer rionipi.uniiury of ."ale t?nilcif
pistes to i.liai Uepnlilii;: li v.ns also ihrtugM
.txedient tltul be cUuM be otit-tid.d Uv the
Yiciti!s( of Mexico by tb Lieii naul UenesOl
VrT-thJniiy of Ihu t'niled Statea, w i fH 4i
nii a t l i bibii n c HUih iiilorinal'i n aa might
1 Impurtiint ip Uuiermine Hit vo.iHse to be
f uraaml b)ytiie United ri:ou a in ri tublUli.
It and uiuifctkiiili. n;! CKoTy . und proper
iiiteiconrw wi'h llie Ki public f Xftxic'i
Jldeply in'erei el in tie ctu ol licr'y and
I tin nniiy, it iciinid t ndbvioiis duty on our
art to rxeicis w
lfYr u lluenca trc ios-km.
f..r'tbetvMrntioil iliyl p-iinu,irirt iijb.lsji.
iii'Ul in thai country ol a d- nifitie ,. uJ repuu.
iiiau form of gove-tnilieHt. . . k
.uniii res ,tj.e rotiji I it-n i-l i fl. iu ill tiviud
"'t;'.'.1;' J "'li a ui icniid
'fo Vexico." alien.' on ll.c 22d ol 'N uvt'litliVr
last, iffi-iiil infoinmlion was recuived lionij
I'oris tl ut the Kinpcroi l' Kiatue h:id . aie
line before iL-ciibd mil to withdraw a dciR.;!:-.
infill ol Ills lord's III tin month (.f Nnveniber
p8i,-iiei;ordjigio Xipajieinriji.-uryjlirti ilr
Jcciaiou was ibndo wi-)i iliu purpose of witbi
drawlOK.tbe wlioU.f tbufC ftrcee- in lliO.cn-
iiing spring. 01 Ibis I'ctejiiiinn' ion, Iioh
ever, the United Stalin bud nut received ut.y
. notice or inliniation; and an soiir(ns tliu .iufor
mat ion" was icci-ivm . ly -.lie 'lii'ivt'rmruiit,
' cure was lul.cn to inuke loiowu its dioiit to
llie fcmperor or I rsi.ee. - ' ' v.'t'l'i.: i
. .,,.1 . .
I cannot forego the I.Ptif uhaf 1-1 aiti-e III
r. colisiiler lljV'fubpcl IllnVaiPA aeine ri'o
lotion in regard ly 'thr ev'nciiali"'. of Mexico
t ii)i. i it ' Veuily eonfni in with ibe
i siMlng r,(jagemeni, and thus ineei the just1
fXpi'ctatioii of lb Unit ell, Siin. The pa-1
pera relating lo..tio ubjeet will be,Jak lieloie
you. It is behVvid llmt, wiib tuo evauu ution
ol Mexico by llie , expeditionary. ifriM, .mio
nibjeel for a'-rions il.lh'rencca between fim:fe
anil the United SiaUs would reiniin. l Apres-
between Kemichatka and
r.eH i s oi ..e.iuitMor Mio nropic ol r riinto
a hope tho' tlie JradUioimrJr Tr I hd
ship between the two ct untrics miulit in that
. case be.riiK.wji. and pcrinuDeutly rciitored. '
A claim of a citison of the United Ptate.1 for
iiideinwily for s')i)iKtions tnmm'itlcd' ori 'Xb
high ica by tbts Freiico aulhvrilfes fit the ex
ercise of a beUijjtreut power-Jigoinst Mexico,
has been rW( ly tho Ciovcrnment of Erunee
with a propositiou to .dijfer settlement until a
luutual convention for the adjustmeiit of all
johvlim of citjxciis amlsbjiects of boU)colill-ies,
' arlking out oMbe rcentwan'on this eontiUcnt,
hull bn agreed upoa by. tho two eouijyios. Tbe
surgeetrou itiiuti domed AiureasauusVle, but it
belongs to Congress to direct the manner in,
which claims for indemnity by foreigner, at
well a by citisen of the United States, arising
oulofthe late civil 'warf shell be adjudicaled
and determined. I bavo nodouU that the sub
ject C all sucVjfaiitt w"iir etigaiei jTiSi't atten
tion at a convenient and proper time.
It is a matter of regret that noconsidcrable ad
vance is been nif do towards au adjustment of
j lb difiureiirea-lctTiien the-TJnttprt; flthtpaiuiid
Great Britain, arising out of the depredation.
1 . Hutivi... iuiiiinrrio iuu uiiicr ires
pasees committed during our civil war by Brit
. '"A syojocta, lo violation of International law
' ami ireaty obligation,'. ( Tl( ddty, however,
may. be Vl'fv4 to havo'reullei' in Vo small
degree frui , the douestiOj aituation of Great
Britain. An entire cbangeof ministry occurred
' in tliat country during the last session of -Tar-liameot.
' .Tb atteuticn of the new ministry
es called lo tb subject at an eerly day, aud
there is tome reason to expect that It will now
be uonider'd ; in a becqnilag ah4 ', friendly
'spirit.' Tti Iniortsilce of an earlf- dfspoiltion
ef the question eeanot he ex;gersted. Whet.
'",vr Wii-rVi tr la wish Af tit ' tn ftvrn
gf niilitary aervice under eny foreign Oovern
arrt (JuLnf, lo long oVtfe doer:tiotVolvnTorily1re-
U.-L.L. .J.L..V "J l.
nritt, it it manifest that good will and friend
bip between tbs twg coftnlrie cannot b estab
lished until a' reciprocity in I lit practice of
good faith and neutrality, shall be restored be
tween tho respective nations.
On the Uth of JuneJnttjJn violation of our
neutrality law, a military expedition and en
terprise against the British North American
Colonies wee projected and attempted to be car
ried en within the territory, and jurisdiction of
tlio United States. In obedience,, to.th oblige
tiotv Itni ose l dpo the Executive by the Con
stitution, (i) see tint iba laws are faithfully ex-,
ecutcd, all ritiicns were warned, by proclama
tion, against te king part in or aiding such un
lawful proceedings, and the proper civil, mili
tary and naval ollierrs -were directed to take all
necessary measures for the enforcement of tho
laws. The expedition failed) but it lins not been
without its painful consequences. Some of our
citisens who, it wh alleged, were engngVl in
the expedition, wero captured, end have been
brought to trial, as for a capital ofl'eiise, In the
Province of Cnnnda.' - Judgment and sentence
of death hare been pronounced egninst some,
while otheranaV been acquitted.- Fully be
lieving in the mnxim of government, that se
verity of civil punishment for misguided per
sons who have eng-ged in revolutionary at
tempts which have disastrously fni cd, it un
sound one tuiwiir, ucb representation bnv
been mudu lo tho Tiritiuli Government, 1ft be
half the convicted persons, as, being sustained
by on cnlightcued and humane judgment, will,
it is hoped, induce in their eases an exercise of
cUmencv; and e, judicious amnesty to nil who
wfje (iiigaged in (lie! rnl.vrnu lit. "' -Counsel Lai
baa etoau emiiloyed the Covelu(hi,tH'to de
feud citiiene of the t'nitcd Btatea on trial for
copilul oll'ensci in Canada; and a discontinu
ance of the prosecutions which were instituted
in tho courts of tlio United States against those
who took por4 in tb exueditioir.'htie been di
rected. I have regarded tho expedition as not only
political in Itn nature, but as ulso in a great
lncusure foreign from tho United Btatea. in its
CI,u-' eburocter oudobjects. Tho attempt vms
uiiuersioou to ue ninuo in sj nipainy wua an in
kurgent parly in lrclniid,unil tit Striking' at a
Iirilinh 1'rovinee on this continent wasdesigncd
to aid in obtaining redress for political griev
ances which, it was mi'ujDcd, tlii peupk of Ire
land had suffered at the .hands of the British
Government during a ieritii vf several eentu
rirs. The persons gn'agej la-it wero chiefly
natives of that country, souio of whom hnd,
while others haile not, beome citisens of the
Vnited Htatea tiiidor our general laws of uatur
alixulion. Complaints of mis-government in
Ireland eimtiuvally engage the attention of tho
firitikfi'u'ulit-n, aad so great an agitatiou is now
prevailing In" Ireland that the British Govtrn
uicnt have sloetned it neeessuiy to tunjiiiul the
writoi baflJcajtVisfpus, iillitil -tmntrj' . ybesc
oiteumstiiiices must necessarily modify tho
opinion which we mi-hl otherwise huye eittir
toined in regard to an expedlfioA "expressly pfo
hibited by our neutrality luws. Bo long us those
laws remain upon our statute hooks, Uuy should
be fuithfully executed 'ar.ej iC 'tly operute
humbly, uhjustly or oppressively, Congress alono
can etijiply the ii-medv, l.y, thc;r . modification
or repeal. '"'' i ' ': " ii
l'clillcul and commercial interests of the Uni
ted (states ary not uiilikoly to ttlcctcd iu soino
do;Mt fy ceciitswbh.lv i$ UiUipiring in the
i.nalirn t-itivit.tia (if Voi-ntm. nurl Ihu fin, A itlnl
,fl ,,... .,. mlr r,v(.rlimen. m,.ilt to
4,BV' "J.T.ifo" diplomats representation in
-phis Cvv. rjitnent bss cTaimed fy)) persons
not cSaVrctnd.Tr sfl-rnlert.'jr ukpee-ted of crime,
' on BD,l''u, political right of self-eipatnation,
and a choice of new naliotial allegiance, aiosi
Ififllin t-'ni-niiean Htntea have liasented from
thta nriltrtvilr. 'anil tinve t'LiInii'd A r44llitO bold
i .,.'., .,, .,.i.i.. ... ,-ve iiin..i?raied to
; and leeu naturalized lu the United Stutes, aud
ai'terwarda returned on transient visits to their
native countries, to the performance of military
servico in like manner as resident subjects.
Complaint arising from the claim iu this ro
sped made by l'orei-n-Mtes, have heretofore
been matters of controverey between thcUuitcd
Btatea aud a-uie of tho European rowr, and
the irritation consequent upon tho failure to
settle this question increased during the v,ur iu
I which rruasia, Italy and Adntriu were recently
angd'l,vwnii1 drVtt Uritain'has never ac
knowledged the right ol' expatriation, -slio bus
not practically insisted upon it. Franco has
been tqually forbearing; aud Trussia ha pro-
Ruaed a eonipromise, which, although evincing
l4)ra(od'liboyrJuamH "Xeeiy aiiieisfiib,
thol'riitTir Bone's. v- Tfaec fi "hnw -rrreailing
everywhere in Europe, and the present seems
to be a favorable time for an assertion by Con
gress of the principle, o long maintained by
the Executive Department, that naturulizntiou
I by ono Stato fully exempt the native born sub
ject of uny other State from tho performance
nounce it right and benefits
In tho performance of a duly imposed upon
ine, by tho ('oistitution, I bavo thus aubiuittcd-
w iuu ivjiruBuiiii(iiveBvi ihu oiniita anu oi me
people aueh informiition of our domestic and
foreign all'airs as the public interest seem to re
quire. Our Government is now undergoing its
most trying ordeal, and my earnest prayer la,
that the peril may bo successfully aud finally
puascd, without Impairing its original strength
aud symmetry. The interests of the nation are
best to be promoted by tho revival of fraternal
relations, the complete obliteration of our past
diflereuces. and tho re-inatieuratinn nf all Ihn
Jicii llfjet'sjfc ,'Hi( ttorte the
early accomplishment or these great ends, let
us endeavor to preserve harmony between tbe
co-ordinato Department: of; the (Jovornmept,
that each iu it proper phere" may cordially
ro-operate with tho other tu securing the main-'
tenance of the Constitution, tho preservation of
tbe Union, and the perpetuity of our free institu
WiauiHOTOJi, December J, 18tSB. , I
Btajr It if tho custom in Enerland for
tht driver to tako tho left of tho road;
inu noi mo rtgnt, as in this country,
hencb arose, the couplet: ; ...): , .-,
The rule of !tbe roue" Md a'naradox quite,
lu driving your carriage along.
If you go to the lelt you ui o sine to bo rieht.
ii yuu go to the right you aie wiuug.
. , . si s ,.s . . , ,,, . r ,
'lx& A young gent in Arkansas, in
attempting to scaro a young lady friend
by crawling into her window a la ghost,
was , yearly scMJdr to death by a
Iwu katlirdiot riWtfi,
W$ Conserktik
. - DKC. T. 1888.
Ver Busir.efls notices in tho local
column of Jinn paper, not contracted
for by' tlie yehr, tvill bo cdtnrgod 10
cents per line. No notico inserted for
less than ono doHnr. ,
Jtjj-All advcrtiscnicDls nnd notices
intended for this pnper mtf be hnnded
in b WcdnepUy ; noon, for iircuii
ttjnces compel us to , go to, rjress
1 o'clock on Thursday'. ' "
. tST Some Advertisements arc
voiditbly Jeft Qut this week.
. i :iirm"m ' v C
The Eoiiemi'a.n' Glass BL0Wr;ft3J.:
ThU trotipo bns been giving a series of
entei tiiinments ( at Town Hull this
week, nn l we at e glnd to bo able to
sify that they have been weUltcuded,
for their pci'lbrinance is instructive as
well as amusing. They proposo to
night to givd a boatltiftil glatm jirescnt
to the best looking gentlcniiin in
tho room, and on to-morrow even-
iog im,ilar, pi faffjt to the beft look.
ing lttdy. Wo advise everybody to
Dki-ity U. IS. Marshal. General
llickenlooper, U. S. Marshal for the
Southern District of Ohio, bns appoint
ed Capt. Daniel JI. Sheets, of this place,
Dtputyr Witrshal for this , county, in
)int of Juiuis A. Ali'', laij,., ti moved.
This is an appoinltuent fit to bo made,
and we are pleased to see Capt. Sheets
tints partially rewarded far hi services
in the field. :-.
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obtain u thorough practical knowlcdo
of Book-Kipiu fihui))d pottbrgatthiit
S. K. Joni-s' Coiunicrcial School will
comptenco yn Monday Evening next.
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chase their goods. ... i ,
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intending alter tho first day of Jiui na
ry to sell exclusively for ( or. tip-
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quest those indebted to them to cull
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a. a. ADita.
, .. , , , bRALIRS IN r , ,j j
Wall Paper, futlerj, A,
Adjoining the Firt 1 National' Bank,
M' 0I,SVII.LE, OHIO, i ,
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Hooka, winch i liny isell -al. publisher's
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M I i
liNVEtorns, '
ef all kinds is complete and the beat in the saaiket.
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rill incline to purchase of na, aad be satisfied with
what tiny t, aud lell tlitratbbor to fgud
do likswue." "''lit
nnd ZancsvlIIo
f1 Tw
Tbs ew passenger stssraer
sinnf a v . .
every mprnios), Huadsy (aieQted, a bK
paal Or ii'ilock. irntinj at Zorsville ut II A. M.
Itcturninff, will leav Zauesville at 1 P. II. Per
sons haviiisT IviiaiiifK tw transact In Kanesvllle can.
by I'm b04t.ro and return th same day . tlierel y
saviuc; a grirt deal nf linit sad expanse.; j aoi
, utit:v Aiiatniurniy, ,
ioUtiLW; HwOi, u l- I KKOIiit JiiVnes.M.
vs. I Oayloid.'J. V.,
The Union l and t'omny.) Morgan Township,
Morgan roiinty, (Mini, tin the 2ltli day or iNovem
liei , A l. Ikti'j. anid. Justice iKsucd an order of
attaehraeat in the. BbAve action, tor tb sum'of
I'l tt. and the ruin of fjo 00, prnhable costs.
Onlcr, Ac, letnrued served, and case contiuued
uutil the 101k ol Jauuarv, 167.
bT 3w .. (fa rJ.i ri!i: ; iVintilT.
Adtulnlstrntor'M Snl of llcul
Astute..; . '.; ; t.i ,-.
IN pursuance of unorder of th ' Prnbiit' Court
L nf Morgan conn y, OniJij I will otfer for sale, at
puiilic auction, ou Sntnrriuy ,tio twenty ninth (2'.i)
ot iieceinoer, a. i, tein. ai ten (tni o clock A. M
upon the premised, tbe" following declined real
extate, stituntud .In Ibe coanry of Morgan and
Maleol Uluo, in wit!,. Using the east Inilr of the
southwest quarter of section thirtr one (ill ). town
ship sevsn (7), range leu (10), ex. ept thirteen (H)
arcrea aota on llie norm ot said ball section, now
uwueilhv W alter UantliiKS, tho latent contain
Ing sixly-seven (07) acre more or lea; apntaised
al thirteen bundled ami forty dollars (tl,31'i);
said rule lo be subject to widow's doirar, and upon
ine loiioiriiig lernis. in win tuie-tliird in Dnd;
oiie-uuru m one year; mnldnv In two year from
liointheday of sale; defes red paymtnt to bar
loieresi uorii uay oi saie, ana lo oe securea ny
mortgage ou aaid iremute.
- ' ' :idminitiatir of lb slpi,of
nu30-w William IUkt, deceased.
Wliiskeis and .iMiislacliPs
Ir0rtCEP to grow upon the smoothest face In
from three lo flea week by using lr. SB
most wondnru discovery tn .modarn(scieuoe. act
ins; iiioii the' Ueard and llair in -ah atinoat tiifracu
lou iiiauner.. It baa been used by the elite of
Paris and London with the most Battel ing success.
Name of ell purchaser will he tegistured and If
entire satisfaction is not given in every Instance,
tho money will be cheerfully refunded. Price ty
mail, ssale) arid postpaid, $1.-. iMMCriptive tircu
lai and itTXV.iuuUinl mailed frea. Address IW-'.K-tiKlt,
ty UTTd i'.to.. CbetnieU.'No. 216 itiv.tr
itreet, Tro, N..V Hole agents for tbe United
u..... 1r t
V- t
nu30 .
" -"r
j. jyjtgv& Co.
no Ab '.NOTICE,
VVOTICF. Is1 berehy give tbat tbare will be a peli-
11 tion presented le ine oominiuienera or Mori
ion present
f, Ohio, at
county, Ohio, at their regular eeaaion en the Brail
Monday of December, Uitr asuiSK for a. review
ud alteration of that purl of the Hidge Itoadi
leading lrom Jd l.OBaelJ.eiu u .Oaysport ttuu lie
between at Uonntlavillei and th county lins, soa
tlneiiig said alteraliou to a grad of o Ufgre
from ih horiao. .i i - i
. aoliw- u .u . HAVX PtTITIOHEV...
. . a n. i KisTn a rr iif vatipk
Jl4.ti f Mertaa enntr. Ohia.
a.ii'i. muu.m
'a '
' w
::.:: m-r
. . 1
: - ,:i r
net, lfAjttf ftim.
HVXZ aiACO " ""wl-ile,.""
still continues to it cemmodate the poblie with
rnTOBArus, , , ,
' ' FKRUOl t PK8,
i KM8, o.,
which cannot be surpassed1 wnvwherev
jr He ha perfected arrangement wfirrebf
any one esn he accnaimodaled with the finest of
oil painting and India Ink Work.
IlOOllS, lii J. C. Stone's Ilulldfng,
Natlh Center Street, over Doene' Saddler Simp.
Invite th attenlioa of all who wish to obtain
PHOTkWtiS, i' ,U V-'l .'I , y
. .v..,,. ABBROTTrES,
' " " " ' " "AND GBHS,
that will Kiv entire satisfaction. My motto la'
"To (ire satisfaction or no charge "
nni H. 8A YltKS. '
04'Jil .a, i
no 8
U. M
"J a .10 HPT
ii n
0- I
i ' 1 1 - a
. r :-.
' . .-.... t ,
, A'Cqnnolpville, O.. .
V i k U. h. s'J fi v ,.. w. fT
Dlil.ll IX
lo 1
. i r.rn tr i.-
Part' Wk. fintl
J(For Medicinal
Purposes Only,)
GLAUS, o.: i- ,. . b.', i .,,,.,
purrv, , r ,
"'PAINTS'. '
' ':'"Jlv,-o: OllaSa .. . -Ji a .
VARNtSDEs). '"
. iifo ornvva
-o ;A r-A 111 i JTr j 1. .
' sToV Ap., 4o.
II ba.. also, constantly on , hand
large stock of " "
oo up, TAmziM wivdow rixriwti.
y 7 Vsf
. ; w5 . T7TVr
. ' . ; . .
',' pvfj .
a, . S. - - is- bsa, ...
Hm BX33B
" ' J,i'SS '':'''-'cca '-: "
: t. out.
EVANS'. &-J0KES, ,3
OFFICE, one door vest of 'Robertson's
J)rv store,
POST 110 USK,.
CENTER ST., Nrar Steamboat Wharf,
M Co.i:rsriLi.E, oiiio
. 3IBTQLP, Prop'r,..;...M. H. KBTCilP, Cl'k.
Mr The above bouse la commodieos. with ceod
FTaBI.INU connected. Special efforts will be
made lo supply the want of guest.
Ulcrchnnt Tailors,
Center St., MTonoeliTllle, O.,
one door west of J. B. Stones 4 Co't.
' M ' J '. 'r - T j
They ar alwsrs ready' to accotbmoJaf taetr
(Ostomai at the lowest easb rites.
v-A KIT always warranted. " 'ao '
i -i
CTJS,.tw eontinn to offer hi professional
FwZzJ eervtoee to tbe public la all the
LjJXzXj varietieandlyIeof wSNTsSTBT
rfear I'artlcalar attantioa riven to tka aoaaai
lion ef teetk en ItL'UBlH fl.ATKB.' - t 1 11
Center Street, .tt'ConneUvtlle, O.
. . . ......
orncE over ELrmiii mmv im.
J; E Wl NGj M. D.,
3?hyBiciau and Surgeon
OFFICE, Id Bait Boom of Ilanna'i Liw BtUdliX-
aTr'rofe4iona) Calls promplly atUndsst te'1
" J" Particular attentien fivea U
of tbe tangs and Chronic Lisse. -
1BK8IDEKCB, ak tba PatUrsow HatSM,
Adam 4k Kahler's Btor.
B0' ' !.! ,,'. ' I , . . , .
Fbysician and Surcroo,
. ..I u 1 l,.j;.'ii 1 Jy, . ,
Special attention given to tb Irealnaat eat
Profeesional call promptly responaterl tu.
CPFICK lo'nthwtat Corner'of thf Public SquaM.
:' ' 1 1
I. at. aTAstacaT.
v. w'; rrii
OFFICII Ihos. llory ef"Borrti" MilU,
1- Lsital bnlau Dromotlr attantfad t. aal
pesiatatienMssi tivanto lb oollert f all imitf
fat slaias.
;; aaS-ly
TUB riBlST 0 1
' AMD 6M1,
fr , .. i !-i'i
.1?'; ;i i a .1
Aloprfct AVBROTTPE8 UV.n la teolsaas
and Bratpin. , My price ar cbcapar Itiajs Urn
ebauaal,and Diy work la warranted lo f Iv aat
faction. Tba publio will profit by oelllog oa sja
before going elsswhsre.
.l..i!aj J 1(568 W. li'COlaAi,
Kasoctfutly offtr hi professional rvieea ia
lb citiaaus of ilcCondlsville and vicinity.
Oflleii, tho Mrqtiar Uoaaa).
,:b. F.-Po'ArEK;1
attoHn "it'.! AT ' ' l'Aiv,
OFFIl'B trlth I. E.' Eon ol, ftf ITh,
aal ly
W, B. 1IEDGKS, M. D.,
Physician and Surgeon.
I , l I ' ) O '
fj.lpsclfully orTs.1 Mis ProfMslonal sr4iolU baa
ailiseus of J"Counlvilb and vlciotty.
W1j b eaa b found at all t'im, day r stlflsi,
b act pevfmlaaally atxrewt. j
J)"- 'W .......a

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