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lublisliod Every
A. HOME I3-A.I?EIt Dovoted to Politics, News, Homo Interests, Miscellany, &e.
.T. ICclly,
Publisher. .
VOL. 1V-N0. 3.
S2.00 A YEAR.
Tjom1 Notices.
' hv i iv notice Uuit, in ron'"' 1"'" "
my will-, Smity P. Jlnrkhurst, having Kit
my lioil nntl LourJ mnl roimi to live with
mo. I will not I'C responioMo for nny nYlits
of lior coul n'ctitit. I wnru nil ii"riion -gnint
tiiisline In r on my ucrnunt; and no
tify tln tn not toilo an.
ZAtHAllIAU r. DARKurnar.
McCnMvr.un iLi.t. Ohio, Sept. 21, Y.U. Sw
Miirlha 1. Harry 1 Court of Common rii'R,
v. . - Morgan county, Ohio.
Fri'H'h N. J.h, J The Jelrn.lant will lako
notice tlmt Murtli F. Hurry iliil.on the Hill
day of Oi'lobor. 1S07, before James V. Tur
ner, J. l. file h r complaint np:nint him,
tlio ti i . 1 Knoch N. Lor, chnrctinp; tl i.l alio
win pregnant with rhilil, which if born n
livo wounl l-pn bsntnril, Ami tlmt he, tin;
nn' l Kimi-ii S. Leo, wsa the fnlhvr thereof.
The nii rotiitilnint wn lileil in tlio Court of
Common Tien" lor MorRnn county, Ohio,
October (Mi, IMS, and nn order o Attach
ment innicil tliorcon lo tho tilicrill'ol Slnr-
fnn ronntv, Ohio, who allai'loil crrtniu
illicit In mid cnutitv, bclimgiin; to laiil K
lioch . I. Th rWenilnnt will lake no
tice tlmt nt the November term, lsf.lt, of
tlio Court of Common J'loM for SI organ
county, Ohio, there will bo judgment uok
rd imiiiinl him unit in order of ule ot said
hinih for tho imiiiilonnnco of Raid child.
Pent. 21, lsn!i fUvj Atiy'a for l'luintifr.
(n r..
Th.iiiiiin J, Ihirril, l'luiiitil), 1 ThoStntnof
V. . Ohio, Court
Abigail', llai rii, Pi'fendiinl. J of Common
l'lciii. 1' Int defendant above nnmi'il, will
tnko notice, that on Monday, the ISih dny
of Oclobcr, lsi;9, Um plninlill' nbovo nnmed,
will take the deposition!! of sundry witren
ca, to bo ir.cd ha cvi'lenee in tlio nbovo
en', ul Hie oillce of L. Kulton, at tho town
of Amcville, in Athens county, Ohio, be
tween tliu In. lira of V o'clock, n. m., mid 4
o'clc li, p. m., of ;.;iid duv, and Hint tho dep.
oiiitiont; of runidry wituefiHcn will n!o be to
ken by Miid planitiH', on Friil. iy, tho 221
liy of ilca l i r, IbCil, nt the oll'.ce of Ciiorgo
T.i.'i-.nt, at l iiracrd.iir. West Vir jinin . be
tween li.e hour of Oo'ch ck, n. m.,nnd 4 o'-cl.-ek,
p. m., of Anid day, to ho unoil at vi
ili lice on the trial of tho nbovo cniio, And
thai the lakinc ol'auitl ilcwiaitioiis will be nri
j.iurin .1 from dny to duy, until the nine arc
C'.lllplctCll. lUi.t. Jc PoWKK.
Kepi. El, 'fill 3w Atl'yH for l laintfir.
J licori c r.urri", Karah I'.ui ria, I lie hciritat
luw of Marv IThIiicp, doccnseil, nud llm
hcirH at law ol Itobirt llriff. deccaned, will
takn noti.o that (ioorgu llriA, Willinui
T.iiidrey, J ill in n Limlpcv, Biiuiuid Jjiiid.a.y,
Fidney Lii d cy and Nancy Uriels have
file In pclitliu In the Court of Coninion
1'Ico.h, fer Moru'nn countv, Ohio, praying lor
a piiiiiiion ni tnc oittn i.nn oi mo ivorin.
et iiiinitcr of ecctimi throe, () in Town
ullip (level., (II) ill rialice twelve, (12) in
the Zaiicnvillo, Ohio, Li.l.d liinli iet, nnd the
chho will bo for li o:n i li e. nt il10 i,'ovoiiibor
term, IN.9, ol mud Court.
Attorneys lor 1'lainliiT.
Am;. 2'.'. IV.'.-t.
in mikuoM'ii, you will tnkn notice that on
the libdayi f Ann,, lMC.'J, llicr N. Diuiicl. did
tile her pitiunu in the C iii rt ol Common
1' I in .. , within n ml fir tho county of Mor-
t.n and btrto of Ohio, naiiiHt you, (the
anid Allen Daniels,) m.'ttini; forth that you,
the said Allen 1'unielH, did commit ndullcry
with olio K!.i.ul.clh la In, about tbu ilay
of June, 1n1., at ihc city of Z'tnchvi lie, f thin,
Mid tl:iiL you have miico lived with the
Hiid Kli.'.abeih lavi;, iu n slate ol ndulteiy;
and that about Uic 1 Jill duy ol 'October, l::il8,
v.. ii were Liiiltv ot exlrcinc crucllv tovnrdn
iliesniii V.icy S'. Panicls, niid limine that
the laid llicv V. D.miilii bo divorced from
you the biiirf Allen Iinuicln, nnd that proper
1 1 1 in. ii'.y be jfranted her by Raid court, nnd
von are hercbr untitled that paid tiatition
will be for hearing nt tl.e Novenibur lermol4
lolt of biiid court.
llirir N. Paxicib.
Bin. A- Pmvi:n, her AUorncya.
Meit. 8, I Mil, ItW. ,
.UTK 'li."
I I lei, co if, iiukiiotv u, ill notilied I but Mury
II. ll'.i i i i did on tlio IHihday of Ati(ui.l,
Isi.ti, lilo her petiliou iu the ofliiHi ot the
derk of Ihu court of Ci.mnion Pleat wilhin
nud for the county of Morgnu an't Slnte of
Ohio, cliaiKiiiif tlie niiid Foiitoii ii. Harper
with oduiterv with' ono Phelo K. Uobcrtu,
nud iikinR tlmt nho uiny ha divorced from
the unid I'ctitoii it. llarperj which petiliou
will Rlatid for hearlnp ut the next (Novem
ber) term of raid court. '
By J. K. i Fix. It. Hak.ni, her Att'yi.
Hi p. 17, 'f.v rtw.
In obedienco o the renuikitiou of nn act
of the G cncml A.biimbly of the Klale of
Ohio, pained May "1st, 1.'ia2, I hereby (,'ivo
noiico to the F.'ocinra of MorKnu county,
that lliey luueiiibh: iu llieir rcaiiLclivn town
nhip.at the umiiiI places of Jioldin" elec
tcelioii4 therein, on llio
lieiuK tin! 1 2 1 h day of unid month, there and
then to vote for
One Coventor,
One J.iLuteiiant Governor,
One Kiiproiuc Ju.lgii,
One Treiu iirer of Unite,
One Attorney Chncral,
One Weuibcr or Hoard of Public Worki,
tine Heuatnr,
One ReprcMeiilativa,
One J'robnlo Judgo,
Ono BheritV,
Ono ltocorilor.
One CiminiitiMionor,
One lutirninry Director,
, One ') ironer.
Tlio Trustee, of tho ncvcrul townships ol
MorL'im county will,cu tho tnrne daA'. bu-
lei t ami return lo the Clerk of the Court
Common Plena, the following number ol Ju
ror, to-tvit;
Civcu under tny hand thin 8th day
September, A. P., lfif.lt.
J. C. ML UPliCK, SUrrfif. C, 0.
In purstinneo of tho net of May 8, A. T.
1SI1H, Ohio I.awn, Vol. A5, pagoa 10A to HO
iuclutdvo, tho Cominlbniouurd of Moriran
county, Ohio, ut their Juno sceiiiiai, I not),
ordered thut said county of Morgan be divi
ded ( for the purpose specified iu mid act)
into T dititriuUi, as folluwa, to-wili
Ditlrict No, , Uloom, Malta and Mor
gan Towii8liiiii,
" " 2, Jlrittol nud Janehciitor.
" " 3, Center nud loiKavillo.
' " 4, Vindnor. J, Homer and
-Varion. 6, Peun and Union. 7, Docrfield
and York. The iialiflcd Kloclors ofeuoh
theiibovediatriotit will, nt tho tamo tiuiuand
plucea, elect odd person U u v i : i the ipiali
iicatioua of nn Kloctor, to serve aa Asuor
of lioal ostato, ni?reeaulc to the provisions
of suid net, Tho trustoea of the p.evorul
townships will prejiaro ju aejinrulo JJullut
llox lor suld purpose.
)iv order, of Commiaioncrn,
JA-UKS li. iuUliKW, Auditor, M. C, 0.
ticj l. 21 ;hv
of MurotT.
rem .irpfiE ofhi pkeme court.
WILLIAM J. ;ii,.Mor.K,
of Prchlo,
,sti:iii: iiiiiuLit,
flf t'll VftllOHH.
joii.v m. t owi i.L,
of l-'aii lii l I.
II. r. m HILL,,
joii.s mouki:,
of Mor;nn.
rromincnt among tlio o.Iitorial
squibs, in hint week's Herald, ia a
noiico claiming Unit tho Conskrva
TiYKB Contributor hns Bignniiy
fnilod to "prove Col, Tond's dorclic
tion ofdutynna IiOgiHlntor," whilo
a member o( tlio 1-itu Ohio Jjcgixla
turo. Tho Contributor goes, thin
week moro into detail. nnA hIiows
tho couro Pond pursuod whilo a
incmlicr ot tlio Legislature. Ho
showi that of tho Bcvcnty-Bcvon
laws which Governor Haven, nud
all tho Republican upoukcrs nnd nil
tho Ilcpubliean nowpptipors of Ohio,
cetidemn tit bad legislation, sixty
seven of thorn wero voted for by
Co, l'ond, nine of them lie did not
volo updu at till, ono ot them ho in
troduccd, nnd one, and one only, ho
voted ngniiihl. Considering these
tacts, which tho journal:) of tho
IIoudO of Representative show to bo
true: find considering tho "durc-
lection of duty," which tho Repub
lican party charges on tho last Leg
isliitiiro, because of the enactment of
there lairs for which Col. Pond voted
and wo in K if "Col. Pond's dcrelec
tion of duty ns tt Legislator" is not
proven ? It most certainly is pro
ven, if tho campaign cry of the Re
publican party, Legislative Extrav
agance!'' is into, hnd wo know that
tho Herald will not gainsay its
truth. Col. l'ond most certainly
stands in no very enviable position
!Io Is the 'jnndiduto of a parly that
condemns his every net ns a public
servant. Many men, under such
circumstances. would wtthdruw
from tho canvass.
Hut.thm is not nil. Tho Repub
liean party oi Ohio is crying outn
gainst tho Into Ohio Logiwlaturo for
receiving 85,00 per day for each day
of service each of its members ren
dered. Tho Republicans hro doing
this in tho lacoof tho notoriohs fact
that n Republican Legislature fixed
tho present salary of mcmbors o
lite Legislature ; and In fuco of tho
fact that tho sumo Republican Leg
islature drew tho increased puy for
their sorvico, which they votod
should bo paid to future Legisla
lurcs,.when they knew such nn act
to bo contrary to tho Stnto Consti
tution, which they had sworn
support. Thoy are itlso koeping up
tins cry in tho face of tho fact that
Col. F. D. Tond recti ved, probubly,
moro pay for his service, ns a mem
ber of tho Iut Legiblat uro, thnn any
other member of tho siitne.
Wo do not know tho number
days M r. l'ond was absent from du
ty, but this wo do know that ho
drow pay for ovcry day tho session
lnrtcd,nd besides that, ho drow
pay for milengo from his residence
to Columbus and buck, three several
times, nnd tlmt, besidoa his regular
pay of rivo dollnrs per duy during
tho entire session, from Iho first day
to tho lust," Sundays and holidays
included, when tho llouso was not
in session, as well as when it wus,
ho charged and received fifty dol
lars extra pay, for serving on a com
mittee ! For his three days' service
at tho November aossion, Mr. l'ond
chnrged, nnd was paid, thirtg-six
dollars and ninety-six cents, boing
tho ruto of twelve dollars and thirty
two cents per day I
Col. Pond's account of money ro
coivod for legislative Borviuo, elands
thus :
First DCubion, per diem naJ utile-
November eo.HBiun, per diem, 3
days, aud mileage,
Juuuary aeeuiou, por idiom, und
Committee sorvico,
18 8
dollars nnd
bund rod and fiftoen
eighty-eight cents
considerable of a charge for Col.
l'ond. His account, in which ho
ehurgod for ovory day, whothcr tho
P(tslaluro was in session or not,
or whether ho wn present or not,1
and fir cnmmilteo sorvico, and for
milengo, was made out by himself,
and was audited by tho Spoaker,
without question, becauso ho sup
posed Col. Pond would not forfeit
his honor for a few dollars, in ren
dering a false account,
Then, hero we have it -that Col,
B. Pond, tho Republican cnndi-
dato for Altornc) General of Ohio,
is denouncod by every stump ora
tor of his party, nnd all his party
papers, ns boing nn Extravagant,
Plundering Legislator ;anii as hav
ing pockoted moro of tho StAto't
money, for his sorviccs as a Legist
lntor, than probably any ether man
who was a mcmbor oi tho luto Ohio
Como, Tond I Bettor make your
Republican brothers censo thoir ma-
lignings of tbo lute Ohio Legisla
turo ; or forward on to tho Repub.
lienn Slato Committee your loiter of
declination as thoir candidato for
Attorney General.
In thoso days of opprossiv.0 direct
taxation, nnd of exemption from
taxation of tho Bonded wealth of
tho country, it is well to know what
every consumor, whether rich or
poor, whothcr laborer, farmer, me
chanic, businoss man, or man of
leisure, pays in tho wny of indirect
Under tho Protcctivo Tariff sys
tem, which tho Republican parly
h;is put in forco, every consumer
pays n tax, Wo give below a state
ment as to what tins tax is on a
number of the urticles in common
uho j und, when it is remembered
th ut nil duties on imports nre paid
in gold, the consumer will seu that
ho is enormously taxed in nn indi
rect manner, even if lio in not worth
a dollar in taxable property :
1. On teus of all kinJa, twenty
fivo cents per pound.
2. On nil otigar not nbovo nuin-
ber twelve, Ihiich standard in col
or, three cents per pound.
3. Oti ull sugar above Xo. twelve
and not nbovo number filloen, Dutch
stundard in color, three and u half
cents per pound.
4. On ull suttar nbovo numbertif
teen, not stove dried, una not abovo
number twenty, Dutch standurd iu
color, fourconts er pound.
5. On nil refined sugar in form of
loaf, lump, crushed, powdnred, pul
verized, or granulated, nnd ull move
dried, or other sugar nbovo number
twenty, Dutch standurd in color,
fivo cents per pound: Provided,
that tho standard by which tho col.
or nnd grades of sugur aro to bo
regulated shnll bo selected and fur
nished to tho collectors of such
ports of entry ns mny bo ncccssury
by tbo Secretary of the Treasury,
irom timo to lime, una in such man
ner ns ho mny deem oxpcdicut.
C. On sugnrt-enndy, not colorod,
ten cents por pound. On nil other
confectionery, not otherwise provi
ded for, mado wholly or in part, ot
sugar, und on sugars after being re
fined, when tinctured, colored, orin
any wny udultcrnlod, valued at 30
cents per pound or less, fifteen cents
per pound. On all confotior.ery,
valued ubovo thirty cents pur
pounit, or when tiold by tho box,
package, or olherwiso than by tho
pound, fifty por centum ud valors
7. Ou molassos from sugar cano,
eight cents per gallon. On syrup
of sugar-cimo iuice, moludo, con
contrntod melndo, or conceutrulod
molusses, tvo conls and a half por
pound : Providod, that all Byrups
of Bugnr or Bugur cano, cune juice,
concentrated molasses, or concen
trated mnlndo, entered under tho
nntno of molasses, or nny other
nnmo than Byrup of sugar, orofBU
gar cune, cano juico, concentrated
molasses, or concontrutod innlado,
shall bo liable to lorfeituro to tho
United Stales, aud tho same shall
bo forfeited.
8. On tobacco in leaf, unmanufac
tured und not Btemmcd, tlnrty-fivo
cents per pound.
9. Oti tobacco rnanufiicturcd of
ull descriptions, nnd stemmed to
bacco, not otherwise provided for,
fifty cents per pound.
10. On pimento, und black, white,
rod or cayenno pepper, nitoon cents
per pound : on ground pimento and
i i, t . .
pepjicr of ull kinds, eighteen cento
per pound.
11. Uii suit in sacks, barrels, ana
other packages, twenty-tivo cents
per ono hundred pounds. Ou salt
in bulk, eighteen conts per ono
bundrod pounds.
12 On rice, cleaned, two and
hult conts por pound ; or unclounod,
two contE per pound.
13. On blacksmith's hammers
nnd slodges, axles, or parts theroof,
nnd mnlcnble iron in castings, not
othcrwiso providod for, two cunti
and a half per pound.
14. On horse-shoo nails, five cent,
per pound. i
15. On cross cut saws, ten cents
per linoul foot.
16. On mill, pit, and drag saws,
not over nmo inches wido, twelve
nnd a half cents per Imoitl foot.
17. On nil lthiid-snws iiot over
twenty-four inches in longtli,scv-ontv-fiVH
rents nor tlornn. nnd in
nddition thereto thirty per centum
nd vnlorom ! nvnr twnnrv.fottr m-
dies in lonrrth, on.) dollar nor do.-
on, and in ituuilion thereto thirty
per centum nd valorom.
18. On all back-saws not over l)
inches in length, aovonty-flvo couls
per dozen, and- in addition thereto
thirty per centum nd valorom ; ovur
ton inches in length, one dollar per
dozen, and in addition thereto thir
ty por centum nd vnlorom.
111. On tiles, tilo blanks, rasps,
and float) of all descriptions, not
exceeding ton inches in length, ten
ccnl4 per pound, nnd in uddilion
thereto thirty per conlum ad vjtlor-
cm ; exceeding ten inches in longlh
fix cents per pound, and tn nddi
tion thereto thirty por ccDlum ad-
20. On pen-knives, jack-knivos,
and pocket-knives of all kinds, fifty
per contum ad valorem,
21. On needles for knitting or
sowing machines, ono dollar per
thousand, and in addition thereto
thirty per centum nd valorom
22. On iron squares marked on
ono eido. threo cents per pound, nnd
In addition thereto thirty per cent
um ad valorem; on all other squut os
ot iron or steel, six cents per pound
nnd thn ty per centum ud vnlorem
23. On cotton Bhirts, drawers,
braid", insertiiigs, Into trimming
or bobbinot, nud all other manufuo
lures of cotton, thirty-flvo per cent
um ad valorem.
21. On woolen cloths, woolen
shawls, und ull mnnulnclurcn of
every description, mado whollyor
in part of wool, not therein others
wiso provided for, tilty cent per
pound, and in nddition thereto.
thirty five per centum ad valorem.
25. On flannels, blankets, lints of
wool, knit goods, bulmoruls, woolen
nnd worsted yarns, - nnil nil mnuu
facturcs of every description com
posed wholly or in part of worsted,
tho linn oi tho Alnncn gont, or olh
cr such liko animals, Irom forty to
sixty cents por pound, and thirty-
uve per centum ml valorem.
2ti. On women's and children's
ilreM goods, and real or imitation
Italiitit cloths, tomposod whollyor
in part of wool, worsted, tho hair
tbo A Irme.'l gout, or other lino uni
mnls, 2."i cents on tlio square yard,
nud thirty-live per centum ad vulo
27. On clothing roady mndo, nnd
wearing apparel of every descrip
tion, and balnioral skirls nnd skirt
ing, and goods of similar descrip
tion, or Uaod for liko purpc-os, com
posed wholly or in part of wool,
worsted, tho hair of tho Alpaca
goat, or other liko unimals, made
up or manufactured wholly or
part by Iho tailor, BcnmxiroHS or
manufacturer, except knit goods,
fifty cents per pound, nud in addi
tiou thereto, forty per centum ud
vulorcm. 28. On webbings, beltings, bind
ings, braids.gnlloons, f ringes, gimps,
cords, cords and Inssols. dress-trimmings,
betid net, buttons or barred
buttons, or buttons of other forms
for tassels or ornaments, wrought
by hand or braided by machinery,
mndo of wool, worsted or mohair,
or of which wool, worKted or mo
hair is component mnlerial, unmix
ed with silk, fifty cents per pound,
nnd in addition theroto, fifty per
contum nd valorom.
2!). Tho duty on nil sorts of car
peting, rugs and mats, avorago
per contum ou firt cost.
Thoro is hardly an nrticlo enum
erated above but is used by tho
poor men of this country ; and,
is ehown, about all of them come
the consumor atdoublo thocont they
would if it woro not for the tnrirT
which tho Republican party hns
fastened on them. Tho poor men
of America, instead of not boing
tnx-pnyors, nro forced to pay,
indirect taxation, ono-half of thoir
earnings toward the support
Government and tho cnrichmont
American manufacturers ; nnd this,
too, whilo tho rich Rond holdcrs
have their bonded wealth exempt
from nil kinds of taxation t
Ir the sn mo ratio of liiulienl loss ob
tains here that obtained in Maine,
Pennsylvania is Democratic by 40,00(1
uthjoriiy -rittf.Toit.
li mm 'ni
It hns heon miguveHtod thut a vignette
of the lftta Ctenil'raX liaVillm Houll
iRf.,.,i ono of tho dcnoniinations
of tho new legal tender notes about
' bo issued. l'liita. Ledger.
It would bo much better and
moro appropriate than twinting
picture of a notoriously bad but
looking female, a resident of Washing
ton city, upon the eireu'ating notes,
has been done with tho hew ten cent
currency bills. This charge was mado
gome weeks ngo by a leading Republi
can paHr nnd remains uncontradict
ed r
[From the Cin. Enquirer.]
A friend of ours vtts on Saturday
informed by a wholcH'ilo grocery
merchant in this city, who has nl
wnyn been n Republican, that it was
his intention to vote, tho Democrat
ic, ticket nt tho coming election.
The rcuson assigned was tho nn
ernblo financial polity oflhoAd-
ministration, -t or instance, snys
the merchant, ''I had BOliiO duties
rV imported goods just nt
tho timo when gold wan ut its high
est point. Tho di'lferoncb between
it then nnJ what it was on iiumr
dny amounted, on tho good on
which I puid duties, to S3,lllili.
Now, my neighbor can propably
buy nt tbo preBcnt figure, and have
a very consideiuble advimlagc over
mo. W ho can do liusmess tinder
thoMs circumstances? 'Iho Gov
ernment collects f lSS.OOO.tiOO in
gold Irom customs. Tho only use
it has for gold is to pay tho inter
est on tho National debt, which ip
S120,000,V0O. It therefbro hoard
every year about $05,000,01 K), In
point of tact it lias carried, and is
carrying, about CI 00,000,000. The
immense amount, locked up in ilio
Government vaults, or Only taken
out in dribblets to influence the
market nt particular times, hns two
effects ; It, in tho first place, en
hances tho general demand for the
article, nnd, in tho text place,
makes its value ficklo nnd capri
cious, depending on tho contingen
cy of Governmental ltilerfei encc.
Herein is n fruitful source of corrup
tion. Tho Secretary of tho Treasu
ry, with hit friends, who nro se
cretly connected with him insec-
ulativo transactions, by their ubili
ty to control tho market, nro cna
bled to advance it t r force. n decline
nt thoir plensuro, thereby making
largo fortunes out of tho dintresses
of legitimate trnde. Tho Govern
ment should have no moro gold
thnn is required lor tho interest flu
tho debt, or, if it does collect more,
it should not liuanl it. Then the
market will obey tho natural laws
of trade, nnd not bo subject to this
one-man power. It is well known
that Iho parties in New York who
mado imiiU'tiso sums in tho luto
gambling transactions weio in the
inlimato confidenco of Boutwell, tho
Secretary ortho Treasury .
But this is not. Iho only funda
mental nnnne.iul blunder ot the Ad
ministration. It ) iiiHimo determin
ntion lo pny tho ririncii.ul ot the
bonus in gold is calculated 10 si nn-
ulnto the demand for them in Mil-
rope, and tho result will bo that, in
a tew years, tho most ol them will
bo held on that Continent. There
aro probably $1,000,(KIO,OIIO of them
there now, upon which we nro sub
jected to nn niii'iial drain in inter
est ol f liO.illMUMKi. 1 his, ol itsclt,
is a Irighllul tinnneiiil Inf.. It is
820,000,000 moro than wo derive
from tho mines in California.
No nation ever before, by paying
doublo tho rates of interest given
by any Other Government, offered
un imineiiso premium to havo its
debt held beyond its own domin
ion. The debt of Kngland und of
Franco is owned ut homo, by their
own people, nnd is spent among
thorn. A largo part of ours, ontito
contrary, goes to enrich foreigners
who never visit our shores. 'J'heso
points, taken in connection with the
Btendy curtailment of tho circula
ting medium, have n tendency to
tighten tho niotioy market nnd to
make business dull und precarious.
Thcro must be n financial reform,
or beggary und ruin will overtako
tho country. Tho tariff must bo
greatly reduced, tho hoarding of
gold B'.oppod, the bonds paid in
greenbacks, a fresh issuo of green
backs mndo, and llieir purchnso in
Kuropo must bo discouraged by a
tux, sny, of tbtrly-tliroo per cent,
upon tho interest derive! from
them. At present thcro is nn in
ducement held out to tho rich
bondholders in tho United States
to keep their bonds in Europe, by
some agency, under other names,
nnd by this avoid even tho fivo per
cent, incomo tax, which is now tho
only tax imposed upon them. JVI1
other proporty pnys n tax of at least
two per cent.., und bonds t-hould not
bo tin exception, but it should boon
tho interest, and so reach tho for
eign holder.
tt'Oi- The Prohi'ltiouistsof Ohiohnvo
now a complete State Ticket in the
field.' It ia as follows :
For (iovernor, Kiiinuel Scott ; for
Lieut, tiovoruor, Joshua Wadswoith
For Supremo Judge, ( lideoit T. Slew
art ; For Treasurer of State, Thns. Kd
mondson ; For Attorney General, Jus.
A. Sun. tier; For Koiud of Tub. Works,
I.overu 11. Silver.
8f9u On lust Friday there was great
excitement among the Hears anil Hulls
of Now York. Gold was run up to 111
in thespneo of a few minutes ; nn.l, in
equally tta short a time, it fell to lo9.
As a consequence of this, it is aid that
there hns been some heavy failures,
nnd that a genoral crash may bo ex
pected. Tins Cincinnati Times, Radical, gets
off the following conundrum :
If Goverumont saves tivo millions
per month when (i runt and his Cabinet
aro junketing at wutcr-pluces, how long
j would It tnko to pny the National debt
i if they never went near Watitiin'ton
: mi '
Orn Radical CI portent ate ped-
ling about nn electioneering pi.m. I
phlotol eight pages, called 'lo;u-.
1.' purportmy; to have j
been published by the State I moil i
Republican J'.xoeiilivc Committee?. I
This pamphlet, on its title page,
snys : 'rucls tor nil lax payers.
A Plain Record of tho Iv'trnviujaii
ccs, WnitetulliiosH nnd Trickery of
the fifilh General As.setnbly." nnd
much more, loo tedious tit print.
Col. Frank n. l'ond. candidate j
for Attorney Goncrul, on the J
publican ticket, was n member from '
Morgan county lo this Tiblii Gcner
itl Assembly.
In this pamphlet, issued by this
Radical Committee, at page 5, there
is a chapter or section, headed :
"Laws ov 1803 Loans a.nu Lev
ies AcTiioruzr.n."
Look nt each item, or charge, an 1
the reader will find to what they
refer, nnd in the list ho will find
that Hicy number 77 bills. These
77 bills, at tho session of tho Legis
lature m 1808. wcro enacted into
laws, which nro condemned and de
nounced by the State R.idieni Kx
ecutivo Committee us "A plain re
cord of tho cxtrnvngance.i, waste,
fullness nnd trickery of tho Fifty
J'.iahth General Assembly."
Ol tho 77 bills, 3!), or over one
half, wero Introduced by Radical
Senators or Radical Representa
tives !
Mr. Pond, the Radical Candidate
for Attorney General, was n mem
ber of the Judiciary Committee of
tho House of Representatives, he
voted against tho pnssngo of but
on i; c t tu cho 7 1 bills, lie introduc
ed one of them in tbo House, "A
bill Id authorise tho Town of Malta
to borrow 83,000 for wharf purpos
es." On tbo passage of nine of
theso 77 bills, ho did not voto nt
nil. But on the pnssngo of 07 of
thetio bills, or on nil but ten of the
wliolo number, bo voted "Ye.t."
A thorough examination of the
journals of both Houses his been
made, nud tho result of Mr. Pond's
action in regard to Iho 77 bills com
plained of, and denounced by bis
Iriends, is correct ly stated abuve.
Tho journals of tho Senate tind
House moreover chow, thut,uf;nin.-;t
II LilliS,
final li;:s
thiro wcro c:ii-t on
age, in tho two lion-
scs in tho aggregate, (..!; nays.
. Of these nays, lri:i were cast by
Iemocruts, and l.V.t by Radicals.--
Jleneo it w ill bo seen thr.t against
, these 77 laws, condemned and tlc
nounccd by Governor JInj'es and
tho Radical S'.uto Executive Com
mittee, the Del loci nlic me in hers of
iho Filtynhighth General Assembly
of Ohio cast three hundred nnd
thirty-three more votes than did
Radical members. It docs, there
fore, appear, h Iho nbovo facts set.
forth, nnd proven by the journals of
iho 5Hth General Assembly, that
Col. V, 15. Pond was tt ninmber of
that Assembly, is now tho Radical
enndidnto for Attorney General,
nnd is n party upon the "plain re
cord" showing tho 'cx!ruvng;inccs,
wnstef'ullness und trickery" of that
General Assembly, set forth, expos
ed, cotidemed and denounced by
(Iovernor Hayes und by tho State
Union Republican Executive Com
mittee. Now, tetany ono put in nn np
penrunco for Pond and show tho abovo
statement of facts, in nny parUctilar,
uiitruo. Yo havo clearly
shown, from tho journals of tbo Le
gislature, bow extravagant nnd
wu.itef'ul was Pond, nnd wo aro rea
dy to Biibmit tlio question for deci
sion to u jury of twclvo boneet Re
publican, llritig yours'dves up to
tho issue, gentlemen, und make
your defence against tho charge, or
forever ennso j-our defamation and
abuse. We want argument, reas
on und u display of some little com
mon sense, if you or liny one of the
Ring bus any t-uch slock now on
If there nro tiny Democrats who
had nny doubt of the wisdom of
union with tbo Republicans or. the
People a Jickct, upon n t'ouniy
local question of 'Pikes or no Pikes,'
they will bo dispelled when Ihev
see tho evi lenco of anger nt tho
movement which is displayed by
tho Herald, find tl.oso who nre
deeply inlerestod in the continuance
ot tho present Ft'ito or nllairs
Morgan county. No Democrat enn
hesitate ns to where the path of du
ty lies, when tho Hurni I is vehe
ment in its I'eiuiiiciul ions of tlio
whole. Ticket, nnil thos. who iniiir
bo iictivu and who take nn interest
I in its support. Its bread nnd buU
tor pluiideringrt about the Court
House rs in danger of being cut off.
It is always sale to follow tho op
posite course from that which is ro
commended by PyIo.& Co. Xo
Democrat cm bo wrong who does
so, and no Democrat is right who
chimes in with und folio ' tho
Hi ritlil in its devions und uncers
tain wanderings. It fails to meet
tho issues in tho proper spirit.
is entirely destitute of iirctimout,
, prudence or common sense, nnd
j seems to content itsolt in villiftoa
'tion, abuse nnd diil imution; n course
I pursued only by those wh . know
llUUi,.llns 111V0 united on n common
pMfl..vi.i. demanding " Rolronch
meiit.HO. .(.tlt nf)(, i(,rorm" 0f tho ex penscs
!lt,,i ntwl,M ,i. t,ur , :n,
unjust and utilena-
Pr.oi'i.F.'s Tickets nro becom
iik' quite fashionable in Ohio this
fill!. Tn 0oVi fill nf ihn rmint.ipii r,f
,i.:4 . ,., i).,n,.iC.r.ltA Tin.
i,,,1.,iu - idac.s and nro tolerated by a
party Hint has had full Bwny too
long at iho Treasury in cerlniti
conn lie.- in this Slato. The pcoplo
see ihi ncecusily requiring u new
dejini '.tire, nnd for tbu pisent huvo
put iimiIo pnrty nnd nro uniting at
,,, ,0 ;nnst ubout a ch-ingo
of nn n and measures.
The bu't grant! movo in this di
reelii. n was. tho- other week, in
llaiiiiltoti county, in this Htnto.
The I'omocracy, us tistinl, cullud n
County Convention and by n doci
tb'd volo determined to form it
People's Ticket, composed equal
ly of'nten taken front both politi'-al
parties. A liii'4'i number of lloi Re
uiblifiins ol' tlitit county, callitn;
Iheinsclves "munmrs," jn'csetited
to tho consideration of the Dom
ci'Alic Convention tho names oft
Republicans as candidates for Si t i -tors,
the names of fivo Republican
as candidates for Representatives',
nnd iti equal division of tho Conn .
li' lilicers to bo clcctc-d. The Iein
ocrulio Convention, by a vote of
two lo one, UL'fecd lo tin1 arrange
ment. Tho People's Ticket, in
that County, is now composed ot'
two Republicans and two Iieino
cia'.s Jor the Slate .Senate, and
live Republicans and fivo Demo
.ernls for Renn-sentutivcs, nnd tho
balance ol tho Tirkot divided equal,
ly between Republicans und Demo
Thus wo go, nnd thus will tho
various corrupt Rings, plundering '
and ruling llnmilton county, bo
pushed to Iho wall. Tho Ticket, no
doubt, will bo elected by a largo
majority. All Iho good, substan
tial i-.cn ot the county, represent
ing nil branches ct business, trades,
proleinns, Ac , are rallying under
ono flag, laying aside p:n'ty prefer
ences, pivjiidicc.i and prcd'tlccllor.B
und demanding Jiifnrm I
Ii' t tho supporters of lite Peo
ple's Ticket and movement in this
county tnko encouragement from
what is going on 1:1 other parts of
the State, and shako off tho influen
ces attempted to bo exerei.-iod over
them by old parly hacks. Tho
sliicsnie bright, nnd it now nnd
licno to the closing of tho polls on
the l'Jth of O.toher next, requires
tho exertions of nil who aro friend'
ly to tho People's Ticket lo iu
turo iu ccitiiiu success 1
Ir thcro nro nny Democrats who
are disaffected to the support of
tl.o "People's Ticnet," we would
advise them, us a remedy for thoir
dii-iilTeclloi',, to tho carelul rending
of the Herald. Serious disenses
sometimes requiro severe remedies,
nnd our friends, who may need
little whoh'stmio discipline in this
direction, should bo put upon this
regnnnii. There is no; a Democrat
nor even somo Republicans, who
can stand llio lletald ono Woolc
without Incoming tl.o rr.Oiit ardent
man iu the county in favor of tho
People's Ticket. Tho Herald
will operate ns un emetic, nnd also
as a calhnrtio. Rend llio Herald,
every ono of you I und euro thyself
of all disalt'ct lion that may trouble)
you !
their ciiuso i.s
bio I
v view of the iipproiuhini! centen
nial celubrntion in Hunger, Maine, iho
Whig hns begun to publish tho recol
lections of the oldest Inhubitiints. One
old ludy tells a story of her grandfath
t r who lived on State street, about n
mile fi out tho Post Ol'.ice. In 17T1 the
British KoUliets were about conscript
ing the colonists for service. Heaving
ol' their approach, the women of M
household induced her tuicei.tor to
tilio his bed, und they (bugged him
with hot herb drink ti 1 hi certainly
bore tho appearance of extreme Infir
mity. The soldiers appeared, and wero
inl'ormcil 1 1 1 ,i t lie was undergoing treat
ment for one of his rheumatic attacks,
when they withdrew, in disyuot.
Why nre f.nher'nen musicnl--Ho
cuuso they cast a net on tho high sea.
Tbo song of the Clerk Let ut
(i.itlter ut tlio dchk.
Why is n CaterpiHor liko warm
bread Recnu so it's tho grub thut
makes tho butt r Hy,
Fanny Fern sas: " It one-half
I tlio gills know tho previous lives of tho
, men they marry, tho list of old maids
, would ho wonderfully Increased.''
Whereupon Ihe Boston 1'oi.t fttks, " If
tho men know what their futuro lives
were to be, wouldn't it increase the lint
of old nuiids still further ?"
A Miirtlord four-year old saw his pa
rents preparing fur church, nnd naked
l!i. 'in to tuko him along with them.
He was tulil that he wus too little, and
mart wait till ho should grow bigger.
'Well," returned be, "you'd belter
Like me now, lor when 1 get bigger I
iiiuy nut want to go " 'J'he psroiiti.
-IU ' tl:.1 p'l'll! Ill HW, :1(1I1,

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