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I oLTibid cn C uuuly '1 ickfct.
MAjor J. AV. Stixchcoib, of Logan,
Hocking County, will address the peo
ple on the claims of the Prohibition
rvlT, at
on .S.l TUJtDA Y EYEXIXG, Septem
ber 21th, iu fron of the Court Uouse.
The Mnjor will address the people o
( 'lir'str field,
on Fit I DAT EVEXFG, Septembe
rs.!. TITflY OUT! every one. and
hear the Doctrine of Prohibition ably
set forth. By order of
irc''onn"lsvi'l. Sept. 16.
Prohibition Candidate for
Th Proliibitionints, of this, the
J5?h PiKlrict, hnve nominated Dr
Isaac Parker, of Chester Hill, thip
co'utitr, as their candidate for Con
press. Dr. Parker has been a prac
licjnjr phjniciun, located in Cl'8ter
II ill, for about twenty-five yearn,
and in wall known and highly es
teemed throughout that section of
country. Ho is about fifty years of
ago, and is a man of more than or
dinary ability. As a public speak
er, he has probably but few equal
in the District; and, should he take
the stump, as lie probably will, he
will make things hot for his oppo
nents. The Doctor's nomination
vrill nd J great strength to the Pro
hibition cause throughout th:s part
of Ohio. i
Kast Saturday, an examination of
applicant for certificates to teach
school, was held in the Malta school
building, the result of which was as
follow :
Number of applicants,
" Ceitificates granted,
" J-'ailurcs,
" First-class certificates,
" Second class "
" Third-class "
" Sulcj ibers to Educa
tional Monthly,
Applicants who had read no
Professional works,
Applicants who are taking no
journal of any kind,
The above is rather a bad showing
for those who aspire 'o become teach
ers of the yoath of Vorgan County.
More than half of the whole number of
applicants had never lead a Profession
al work! More than half of them do
not take & newspaper or journal of any
kind ! onsidering these facts, it is not
strange that out of twenty-two appli
cants, only one was able to obtain a
first-class certificate. School teaching
is a vocation that calls for more than a
mTe smattering of Arithmetic and
U.-ography in those that design follow
ing it. Even should an individual un
derstand thoroughly the branches to
be taught. yt he is not fit for a teach
er unhss he is acquainted with the
best method of teaching, and he can
not be adwised of Faid methods unless
ha is a constant reader of ue or mote
of the Educational -Journals of the day.
There is' such a thing as progress in
Fchool teaching, as well as in all other
professions and callings of life, and
thoie who desire to take unto them
selves the emoluments of the calling,
should fit themselves to properly dis
charge the duties thereof. .Further, it
is a little remarkable to us that one who
Hspir.es to bean instructor of the Amer
ican youth, should undertake tj get
along without keeping himself, or h'-r-eelf,
informed on the current events
of the world, as a knowledge of them
can be obtained through the newspa
pers of the day. It ie a little singular
to us that a inind capable of teaching
school, can be content without the food
that can only be obtained from a news
paper; or, rather, it is prima facia evi
dence that such a mind is not fit to
preside over a schoolroom. A man or
woman who is deaf and dumb to the
world outside his or her immediate
circle, is not lit to instruct the youth of
America. Had we space, we would
publish the list of questions propound
ed to the applicants on last Saturday,
just to show the character of the exam
ination they had to undergo; but they
are unimportant, and our limited space
Kecause we have seen proper to
place the Prohibition County ticket at
the head of the local page of our paper,
the Herald attempts to convince the
Prohibitionists that we are duping
them. The people of this county, thai
read the county papers, know lull-well
the causes tha led to our supporting
said ticket, and we will not occupy
epace with restating them. Wt; take
it for granted that the Prohibitionists
are well pleased with any support the
Conservative may see proper to give them;
and we doubt not but that they would
e en return thanks to the Herald, with
all its whisky propensities, should it see
proper to support any, even the least
of their measures. The idea of such
men as Dr. Branson, Dr. Parker, Arza
AldeTman, Vm. II. Cool, and numer
ous others, being duped by the Conserv
ative is so completely ridiculous, that
we forbear replying to it.
S. It. Klddoo' Concert in the
Town Hall. n Tuesday evpnintr ?.
, -i
fterved a more liberal patronage than it
received. !
Tbree individuals took quarters in
the calaboose on Sunday.
Dr. IT. A. Ill-own is visiting his
relatives here, lie has been living in
i Washington, D. C, for a year or .wo
Married September 8th, 1870, by
Rev. J. M. Woodward, Mr. Adam
Orandstaflfand Sliss Maggie A. Jaques,
of Morgan coutity.
C. I. Hall started East yesterday
morning. He will begon a little over
a week, and expects to bring back with
him an extenMve Ftork of goods.
A Small, red co. with a star in her
forehead, aud white spots on both
flunks, the one on her right flank being
the shape of the etter V, the property
of C W. Cromwell, McConnelsville
Post-master, strayed away on last Mon
day. Any intormation relative to her
whereabouts will be thankfully receiv
ed by th,e owner, and liberally paid for.
: . , r
i tie tntry liooks oi tne morgan
County Agricultural Socety are now
open for business at the Book Store of
Adair Bros All who intend competing
for premiums, should make their en-
tries at once, so as to save confusion
during the first days of the Fair. So,
make it your business, the first time
you are in town, to ma'-e your entries.
The Zanesville Signal, .Tamks T. Ir-
visk handling the scissors, didn't come
l,and last week Wonder, now. if
the Signal has suspended, or if the De -
Mf.,..i.;..m t,,- iAA
mocracv of Muskingum have concluded
T.ro T p It miv b. th-it'
ua vuiuj, .
Jamks T., has concluded to cut our ac
quaintance. Should the later b the
cause of our not receiving the S'-gnal,
we will feel real sorry on James T's ac
count. It will necessitate the discon
tinuance of the Conservative to hi" ad
dress, and then he will not have an op
portunity of stealing any more of our
articles aud palming them oS as his
A sad accident occurred at Sulphur
Springs, on Sunday Creek, Perry coun
ty, on last Friday, the 9th instant.
Lewis McDonald, a store keeper there,
kept powder for sale. A customer
complained to him that his powder was
not good would not ignite. In older
to show that this complaint was un
founded, McDonald poured some into
a paper, and set fire to the later. The
powder exploded, and blew the pnper
up to the ceiling of the store-room.
The paper descended in a burning con
dition, and lit on the top of a keg of
powder, on which was scattered a few
grains. This caused the explosion of
three kegs of powder, w hich caused the
death of five persons, Mr. McDonald,
and his little son aged four years, Geo.
W. Gordon, son-:n law of McDonald,
George Gaver.and a young man by the
name of Priest. The store building,
which was of brick, was blown in all
directions, and the entire stick of goods
was consumed by fire.
Morgan; County Fair. At a
meeting of the Board of Directors of i
the Morgan County Agricultural Socie
ty, held on the I'2th inst., the duties of
the several Members of the Board du
ring the Fair, to be held October 4th,
5th and Cth, IS 70, were assigned as fol
lows: James A. VcConncl -General Super
intendence. Edwin Sherwood, J Sale of Tickets and
F. M. Kahler, f Finance.
John s. Adair -Entries.
David L. Jenkins - Floral TIalL
James J. Ilufiman - Cattle.
Eli S. Fawcett Sheep and Hogs.
James C. Loughridge Horses.
Samuel II. Scott-Farmer's Hall.
Joseph Keed Teams.
J. B. Goudy -'arshal of the Biding
and Driving Ring.
All exhibitors and other persons hav
ing business with theSociety will please
note the above arrangement, and that
each member has special superintend
ence and jurisdiction over the depart
ment to which he is assigned, and gov
ern themselves accordingly.
JOHN S. ADAIR, Sec'ry.
We notice that J li. Stone is in
receipt of new goods of all kinds
and qualities. I
Notice is directed to John tly
au's Card, found in another column.
John is credited with being the
bc6t cobbler in town
One of our liquor venders was ar
raigned beforo Mayor JlcCarty, on
Wednesday, for unlawfully Selling
'pizen," and waving nti examina
tion, he was bound over to Court.
Kev. G. J. Sin ilh, ol the McCon
nclsvillo Protestant Methodist
Church, will deliver a Temperance
lecture at tho Cirovo Presbyterian
Church, on tomorrow (Saturday)
Kev. King, of Zanesville, preach
ed in thd Universalis! Church, ol
this place, on Monday, Tuesday and
Wednesday evenings of this week.
He intends preaching here three
nights every" other week, during
the Fall. A week from next Mon
day night, he will preach on the
question : 'Ioes the Bible tench the
doctrine oi endless punishment."
An individual, living in McCon
nelsville. who, for some lime back,
has been in tho habit of getting
drunk, going home and beating his
wife, tried the experiment to his
sorrow, on last Monday. Some la
die, living in ihe neighborhood,
wiio had become disgusted at 6uch
condu'-t, repaired to the scene of
action, armed with broomsticks
and bean-poles, and gave the indi
vidual a whipping that he will not
forget in all after years. Served
him right !
TftE White Stocking Baso Ball
Club, ol Chicago, beat the Ked 1
Stockings, of Cincinnati, recently.'
j-Under the leadership ol Alwjor
F. 31. Kahler. a Concert was given
in Shtpard's Hall last evening, for
the benefit of the Presbyterian
Church. Every body was well
pleased with it, and epoke c! it as
well worth the price ot admission.
To nitrht, another one will be given
lor the samo li.uciaOlc Object, aiia
there :8 no doubt but that it will bo
well patronized.
' " " -
R. L. Jenkins, tbo Muskingum
Y-illcj Queeiisware man. announces
himself as an Independent Candi -
date lor Congress. lie says the
reason h warns to go to Congress
i, that he wants to procure the
. . .,, .i ,
paaii;e ol a Dili, in the shape Of an
Amendment to the Constitution,
providing that no person shall use
a set of china, stone-china, while or
nti-llien Wnn for a lon.rer neriod
thanoneyear; and, further, that no-
. .. ,f i. ,.i
peiu... ... .., n ..
lowed lo ell goods of that character
on ttie Muskinrum Valley, unless
tIlt.v ,nlJ ,1C Trertsury of the
Suited States twenty-fivo per cent,
Of their monthly receipt.,. (Inly made
out ui.d sworn to. He promises an
Internal I'evenue office to every
rtan that will vote for him.
The Main election has termina
ted m a tain ot 5 000 lor the Dcm-
!TnT - Ms,in t-''9.
Oino!' is ait olden liuio esclama-
i it wt i 1 4a 4i . niititn i in i fvfiririii.
-'"- "v.. -
von n(, "ou" 11 provo uue ims
.1,. n.,mn.f,.r iri mpi-v
x.ii, . vuivt - j ..... j
Ohio by a joi-'d, largo majority.
CS?" A fi'-e oceiin cd in Pomeroy
the lora part ot this week. Five
building we r destroyed.
BgU The land uppi aisctnent in
Mut-kinum. county shows uu in
ci iace in value of S3 1SS.913.
8$. During the month of Augnst,
the number of beer, tobacco, and
cigar stamps sold in the Third dis
trict, was us follows : beer, $3 418 ;
tobacco, S1LS06 40; cigars, 3.797.
This is an increase over the same
month last v"r.
llj'drophobia is developing a
new and alarming phae in Si. Lou
is. Persons have contracted the
disease and died of il without hav
ing been billen. So far as the knowl
edge of the patient extended. Hie
idea that the disease is liable to
spontaneous generation in man is
too drjadful to contemplate.
tSr Tho cii3 ol Cleveland hsiv
inr developed the handsome figure
of 93,000 people by the rc-ent
censut, the old phraseology, in
tended, in laws, to apply to Ham
ilton County silur.c that is, to
cotii.lies having over 100.000 peo
ple will have to bo ch-inged to a
much nigher fiiMiro The county
f Cuyal oga. wo presume, will
have 130. COO people - a"i legist..
Cleveland now has nearly as many
people as Cineinntiti h.itl in 1850.
Sr General Bmhr threatened to
take charge of the Fitchhuig ll.iil
way and run it himself, it the Di
rectors didn't arrange the trains to
and from the M;ssirhu-cits militia
eiicj'inpnient to suit him. He told
the Din-ftor? "he had some expert
enee in railios.ds." We thought it
was xperieiice in canals upon which
the General plumed himself.
ZSfAn exchange, mentions it as a
singular fat that all the roughs
wh have, at different times assault
ed Mr. John Morrisey, have died
violent deaths shortly after. Bill
Poole. Paiideen, Bill Mulligan and
John Caso3 have all gone that vay.
The fa-t is encouraging. :.nd it N
pity that some of the Washington
tmeves in public places can not be
persuaded 10 iry tho experiment.
iSSomo le itherbead is trying
to frighten the women by a state
ment that milk in a cup of tea. com
bined with tannin, foi nu s leather
in mintit flakes, and that enough
calf and solo will be imbibed n the
course of a year's drinking to make
a pair of boois. This rhvniical fact
will probably account for the tann
ed and leathery appearance ot a
vet ran tea -drinker's skin.
The most sensible thing the
smiling Vice President has ever
done in the publication of his reti
ring letter, unless, as we fear, he
has published it in the hope of
hnngig out a. violent protest.
Like the frog in the table ho Ii.-im
swelled lo hi utmost capacity, and
now the slightest thing in the
world even th tickling o' a straw
would preeipiia'o an exphismn.
followed by sneh a (ollapno as
would defy the mieroseope. in an
attempt lo discover what had be
come of him.
SOU The return ot tho censu
takers reported nn to Satnrdav
evening to the United States Mar !
shal. show the cily of St. Jjotiis. to
have, with an incomplete enumera
tion, a population of 274.856. Ther
are about s;x wards in which the
i-numeration has not be-n complet
cdt and the total population may
perhaps bo brought to ucarlv 300,
Yt'hat ba become of the
Alabama claims against England
that the present Administration
was going to collect? Anwer, ye
Republicans 1
BU. Twenty-six German Profes
porn of law and medicine at Munich,
Bavaria, have added their signa
tures to the protest of the theologi
cal faculty nga;nt the results of the
Ecumenical Conned.
Tho French cable betwern
St. Pierr and Dnxbnry is now re
prired, and the tests are perfect.
II thrte of the Adanti cables aro
now in compb'te working order.
BraStibseribii for Ihe COrSEu -
rrivLi . 11 .t t 1
AllVE if you want all the local,
political, commercial and general :
news of the dr.y. J
Somebody, one dav last week, stole
three hundred dollars of the steamer
Wm. Fox Two men were arrested in
Muskingum County on a charge of com
mitting the offense, but we have not
heard whether or not they were bound
over to Court.
Equestrian Committee. The
following Dersons were selected bv the I
- ;
Board of Directors of the Morgan Coun-
ty Agricultural Society, on the 12th
inst ,toserveasa Committee of Awards
on the exhibition of Female Equestii-
an;sm at the Fa!r tobe heldon the 4th,
5tu anj 6th of October next: Rev. L.
Mc'uire, A. S. I)ickey, Jesse D Thom-
as, Oscar .- herwood, and Townsend L.
As this promises to be an important
feature in the entertainment of the So-
. .
cietv, it is urged upon this Committee
- c
to put in a prompt attendance,
Tlie Misses S. k E. llolbrook are
ma-ing strenuous efl'orts to meet the
v .iti 1Tiwv.....,, -
v iurn iij.jMu.ii.i'ii.j. . "
trade. and jU(g;ng flom tti,iT past
succes'S) we'Iiredict they will e able to
0 80 Already they have bought ex-
tensivelv of the latest styles of Hats
and Bonnets, and will be in receipt of
.. . ...
mem tuis ween-, en eeK uiey u.
receive a large stock ol other articles ol
female apparel -all purchased with a
view toward satisfying the fancy ol the
most fashionable, as well as that of i
those who do not pretend to follow the
fashions. Notwithstanding these large
purchases, they stared for-lhe East on
Tuesday morning, and design spending
. Uv..j fc. .o.e.. .t. ...b
imiti.i. -y aii t n m . ft irr wtioiki n fr
a couple ot weeks in rniiaueipina, -ew
v. i. ...1 n. .. : i.:i. ..1 .1
xOlKaiiU i)IJ&WU, 111 illi U llVL:a Liiej
will endeavor to select the largest and
'most beautiful stock of goods ever
brought into this market.
Wendell Phillips on the next
Political Struggle.
In a late number of tho IJaticnal
Sta?nIarJ is an article from the pen
of this gentleman on ttie next polit
ical struggle. Mr. Phillips may be
regarded hs u!tra in bis views, some
what "ahead of the age," but it is a
well-known fact that he but leads
the v;.y, and the cautious and loose
who look to present personal advan
tage more than he, in due lime have
to come up tJ his ni::r!c. Head care
fully what Mr. Phillips says:
'It sceniH now a it Temperance
and the struggle between capital
and labor would form the basis of
the next parlies.
'At out time, whether woman
should have the ballot scented likely
to be the next political question.
And no doubt that movement is
writing its own rapid victory upon
every statute-book. Still no sepa
rate political party far that purpo.-e
is proposed anywhere. If nny new
and iiiUtnous outrage on woman,
like the contagious diseases, laws of
Great Britain, should re use popular
fueling lu re, possibly on sucli a wave
the movenunt mitht rise immedi
:.telj to distinct political character.
It is nioie probable that gradual
hangeb in tho laws will render iiiiy
Mich mustering into political ranks
".Meanwhilo several angry issues
will crowd out old questions, and
make the national eliCion of 1S72
turn largely on the claims ot the
working-men. This jcar Massa
chusetts will follow the old lead 01
Maine and divide at 1 he ballot-box
on the question of Prohibition.
' It is lull time that it should be
so. The Temperance movement lies
at the very root ot popular govern
ment. This vice is the tool by
which bad men wield our cities for
every vile purpose. Tho money
power buys up legislatures. Incor
porate wealth is the great, danger in
tune to come, threatening toswallow
up legislative indepemlt nee. The
H'.rnglo between that and the mass
es will yet b6 terrible, and bow
much popular victory in that strug
gle may di stroy , will depend on the
education and self control of that
day. Unless we are to be a calmer
and more discriminating mass than
any history shows, the victory will
be a mad one and make a wide rutr.
The giowf ot repudiation a few
years ago is indication enough to
warn the most listles. Tlio gov
ernment, or any other 'cock-boat
built ol banK-notes,' wilt find it hard
Mo sail t hoes fiety seas. "
"Bt.t there is a lower tier than
legislatures the masses ut the bal-lol-box.
The grog-shop is the 1 cadi
est means to manipulate tlu'S'-. You
Can not rest a ballot-box on a drunk
en people. Neither the wealth of
New Yotk nor it virtue will ever
redeem that city from the control
of its criminal classes white these.
last can undermine law, defy justice,
and monopolize ffict by ni:!:ing an
election a drunken riot, .Wifiout
the help of ton thousand grog-shojv,
crime could never put its agents in
lo the City Hull and police offi-e
Paris i ruled by a despot, anil Lon
don by a company of titled cousins.
New York is ruled by drunkards.
n wiiom murderers servo ttiat
1,,eJ mi,J. n1 oecanse tney nave.
oeaped the gallows, role the city
The ribald crew wnieh holds them
np could neither stifle its own e.m
seienco for rally its retinue I tit for
tho help of the grog-shop. Uopiih
lican institutions, undermined by
this social vice, are obliged to con
foss tha. thej' have never governed
a great city bore on the basis of uni
versal suffrage in such a way aa to
preserve order, secure life, and so
cure Iree speech.
'Temperance men in smaller Cit
ies have failed to see what goes 60
shamefully up and down the streets
of Now York. Hence they havt
toiled to bring now one and now
another party to adopt their cause.
Tho movement has been always
chented. At last it wakes up to the
fact that it is warring with that
which in many cases is the sole ba
sis, and in ail cases is to some ex
tent the bais of party strength.
The people have twoenemies, wealth
and rum. The first grinds them" np
into dividends. The second betrays
them shorn lo their enemies. The
battle against this has beL'un. But
.u . .1 -ii -
the truth will nover cet frankly
ppoken till wo launch the discusion
in tho political arwnB."
John S. tiny lord, formeily of this
town, Lut now of Litchfield, Illinois,
has our thr.nks for a copy of the "Heg-
ulationsand Premium List of the Litch
field Agricultural Society," of which he
is Secretary, for the current year.
Fin. II. ICanna, now cf the firm
of J. L. 11 anna & Bro., Insurance
Agents, at St. Joseph, Mo., has our
thanks for Missouri papers at divers
We receive the Manet' Times about
once a month. It is a very good pnper.
truly; but, still, we think Mr. Hoot,
can afford to exchange with us on a
basis nearer that of equality.
a a i v Kin i evi's.
Giviqisr ur:
That JOHX UYAX is the BEST
I OISIIEEK ever in 32cO.VEEi-
He has const mtlr on hand a good assort-
nicut of Fiue and Stogie !oots. of 1ms n
manufacture, which lie t otVrinp at tin-
jowest i ASH rates
lowest i ami ri's. oive nun a rim i u
eBtbli,l.n,e.,t Xonli-wwi .-..riK-rof Tub
liesKs70-VTl,cUvil,':' 1U0'
The nnderficn'! has iiecn rptmiii'ril ti'
oti'ihliail na I' T. niOif i n tl.p i-ttti ( J -lit.
jj;llkhur., ,.t . ot htr,. v.t. tv. d"-
IT met) ,
Rep? 2 - 3w.
During the Fchool year lif-irinnlni;
.... - . .
ce, tij,cat.s will i.e conducti
in wi 1-
ting. Thre will be oi,!v
cne exami-
...: : l ,,.
iiit.ivu iikjiiiii
I'ho examina
tion will be held on the second Satur
day oF the month, beginning at 10 o'
clock, A. M. in the school I uiluhig at
Malta. Certificates, or notices of
failure, will be sent to applicants,
during the week following the ex
amination. N. VcLArnill.IN,
AKTIirii FuSD,
flor id of Examiners.
Scptcmner 2, I S7' - 2m.
o u ;n in') Wi iei !i i l-V hli eit-StS 113 a
inon'l ly ihuJca!, 1 i.lnr.'cri its s;il;(tv i.f
tl-e'nl-0M aiiil ehiO'l' l ti n wtl k-y 0:1 th
1G h ol Jjly tup'. Ti-is j irfi.l. iiiilinni-me!'t-d
y ffly 'oeal'Z'tijl i-flu- tKC.J, is 11
X.itioi'ni E Mi a r in hmuilfst sei se.
It po't'r sive, iiwructivi", miJ etitr-ii-ia'n.
a: d c o.n.rt luil tn p!a a'l w!u
take Hit int" ti1-! -id tc:-i:tifi- rrsnrcS
the best literature, it 'u nliient loiiul ini
lPvrtni'iit. As i j ll i::il for tl:n f.imi'v
ciirle it I :i-ii' i-i;ri i t. I'..r i.nly 'I WO
! LI. R" n yenr in pui.lM.ot x. . II.
Ti-rxkr & Co., 415 Iest St PiiiiaJel
jihia fri'it'sli over 23rt) t'ok taesi-f
.ery excellent read'iisf, nhiih. il txmn.l
ti-daeiin form. wouU nmke a vnl'imc
evcn inelii's in t!ii-kne.. D'afcing it tn
only tho R KS T but the ClIEAPlitiT
pnpr ol its class in Mi? world.
In order' 10 i vnr O'tr lender', and
increase iheritcnlatii n of Cns'i v;iiv:-.
we have made arnmsc-H nts tvit'i the
I'nMi'-liers of il;e Kduct;.n.u. Uazettk o
send tliui ex.elietii IbRt Iv p r and I In
Cmiservntivp, hnMi f"r t)i f a-. I t S3 25
t' Mirli s'i'serii.er. Wp Iripe our lii-pd
w:l' f!iw this 1 Iwrnl ffr In their f i-nd
Htid npiiflitioni and send to (. M.T'irni" &
C"..415 L 'ttHi S rer, I'liPaiVI'lii'i. r'r
tnilf C"jiy; lntt t" av-nl y nrelves of this
nCi-i , tTti ill""- Mi'Y r;in r- jt:-- -t- fmf
hx. Addiess 0ui.itaiivc. VcCcuutUville,
Siptmh?r 2 lTO-Cin.
Mierifl'ti atv in rartlliuu.
William Camrbe'l. et al.. v. Llizabeih
Camp'!), el al.
Hy virtue of an order 1 sell nrd to ni'
d rect'd friiin th Court of Crntmii l lcas
ol M 01 Kim Cut.'y, 0 io. in tlie ahnve c -t'tl'd
bclioti, 1 will rfler for snl at etj-ilic
aurtion, ut the door f t'ie (!"iiri lleu.-- i.i
McCoiineUville, in sd i-mnry,
On Monday, tlie 3d day of Oc
tober. .4. E., IStO.
t 1 n't!.k. P. M.,0' sa d i.'uy.tlip f.ll iw
i"g dt-scrihed real et-e. s'tim'e , Jntm
Township, Vo L':ot I'mi'i'V anil S'iiif -l
Oi.io, to wit : le-"g o ptt i f rec'i"'t 24.
township 8, ration 1 3 -t huuls -io'd at Zits
ville, Ohio.Hiui botiiu'e l as li.!uVy, ie-w:(
fji-ginning at h o iii ill N oi 1I1 Ii mhiJ
ary of h Smi'lieasl quarter ol s il sict'on
ixty f GO J pftrhe In 111 t'ie Nurrnst cur
lier of aid q't jr'er, thence .v0'i h C3 1-2
-ixtj-'hree and n h H ercl'CS 1 Ik ! in n
.'ontiei'ttrly din c iri td'n iy ikt-cIii-k
10 a point oil he ia'i l a(-k 1 I Wolf
t'tet-k 111 the No: 'hern li'U'diiryof land
contyid hy Jaiiie (Vinti'-eil I'Nk'iilsre
To-tiert. ihniee a WVs.ily dinctioii with
a roeky ho i -w to the Wes'ern tiomnhiry ol
Said tjanrier to a i'n' eri.'l t" jf-Oj peieliis
Ninth of the 8 'M'litrn Im u 1 ry of said
sec'i"r, tli-nee Xorlh with t'lfW.s'ern
liouniliiy ol .'a'd SiMitliexst q iu.-tir to a
stone pla'i'ed eiht !8 eh lines ai d tor'y.
eiirlit 4 link Sown of iIih North. west
cortii r ! (-aid qnnrler. tt-t North fty
ei2ht nrd n la! 48 1-2 iei.oee:t Vt
twelve 121 eli:ibn nnd eiglitv-oni' IS!
lii.k l ! Northern liu 1 :ry )t tin
Snii'liwest qn-irter of sird ieelinp, thence
West on f:a.tJ to'ti'di'y lite to the Smi'li-.
et crr.er ol xht N'irihw t quarter oT
section. tln-tne with the WesO-rn
oundii'V ot said -N"r-hw-"t qttirtcr to a
p. lint ill Silid h- ttiidnry. li'lr jn(l pcrchi-S
in'lt ! the N'rthwc-t co-ner ot s'd
Viirthw.st q'tirter tn-iu-e Kit eiility
s'Ol rod-", thiliee N &r,J Oj rin 10
i'ie Norilt t101111l.11 v of uid seeti.m, thertce
Kiist on snM N'thb 'nndnry tnthe Nurtl.
east curt cr 'f tie N'-r'hwp-t q-iT'er ot
ituid sectii'li. llietie" Sou'h on '1 E is crn
Ik.U' il.iry of sad NorihwiS' qicirter to he
Southwest ci'rni'r f liiiiiN eonvi-yid ty
lami-s Canin'iel! to Wm t'orner, I.V de. ,1
"Kcia-e Smi'li seventy-sx jTOJ drones Svi!
to the Snuthi ns ff.rt.cr 1 f -aid !a d c con
veyed ly ('niphpll to Corner, there North
on the Kisteru h.umdury of Faid tJiT'ier'
lot lourtien 14 prehrs to tin- Northern
h.ilitidniy of -aid eftto't. ihtfe Kst to l!:e
NorthPMSt cortiT of ltf West led! of Ihe
Northe ist qti-irter of said secion 24. thrnep
"'f'U'h on the K'istern 1-oimdHry id sad
Wfi luilf qnnner to the S titla't corner
thereof I hi n-e Kat on th N'he'n hoii'.d
nry of the So'tt'-es' q"ar,-r of S'tid se
'i ll to lliP pimv- 1 f tM-rn:n!ng. Ctin'oimn
iwn hundred and i-'everitj-fivet'.rics nvir or
less. A ppiBi-d ut 1'nrty l.i!ur per ncre,
ani'-nnting to Kh-ven 'I h 'tHHul I"IInrs.
The s.id pn-tn'ses t he so'd snv-j'ft t
thedi were-ta'eof ihesuiJ Kli2beth Cun p
h II. then 0:1 ussiirned.
Termsof Side : Qn -third d wn one-'h:rd
in one yenr and opp-'hird ir. two ye's from
dy of s:de ; delertf d tmyn-rn's la-ar in
teret from date and be secured hy mortgage
on the t-r"niics.
Poet?, Cor,.r & Foulke, Att'ys f-r phffs.
Ve pt 2. 1 87') - 5w.
IflRVET DaRI.IXGTOS, Ccptritl,
Will make regular weekly trips be
tween Zanesville and Pittsburg, as
follows: Leaves Zanesville at 8 o'clock,
on Tuesdav mornings; and, returning.
on 1 uesaav mornings; aim, ri'imniii,
t:..'i ,iL rin..
at 6 o'clock. '
August 19th. 1S73 -3:a.
i-ri?ii$m:vc & ritixTixc:.
rnMinhrd evorr Friday ninrning in
t-ff McConnel villi-, Ohio. on the Co OpeK
r:ttivc Plan of publiiLiijg a couuty
ifir- JCcwspajier, coutjiu
i5i.i 1 I hi it
CIAL, Ilcsldcs a Greater Tarlcty of
Foreign and'J-Iome.
Than tny rrer CJeT u') n
Morgan County.!
Agents "Wanted
In Hvcry Touvnslilp In thin
County r
To fissist mi eitlnr!tnt! the circulation of
this 1'iijitr, uui to whom
will le paid.
Fob Printing !
While we r" prepareil to lo all ltin of
p'ain J'-b Priut'iJS neatly aud esjpeditiom
ly, we call
Special Attention !
To uir fucilities fcr printing all Vlnda of
I'OSI KIt-5.
ani;sucii JOB
WorV in general, a we aro iip.l:J wilh
the heat aud largest assortment vf
For aueh purpose, that erer wai ia Mc
C011 -.cist
Arril 0, 170.
Highest Prices
i "oiuitry Produce
Soitli-"West Corner
April 23 -tf.
111 :! i I
Mt be fonnd ut h'w ofilce on
or tb
Public Square
At all times, when not absent on Profeai-
i -111 a I businesa.
Sept 24 l?C9-tl
1?0. Summer Trade. 1STO.
Aflams fc TCn Tiler
Iibvo a well ele'trd sioclc f 7rT Goods,
"Jriieeries, Queens ware. Boots and Shoes, Ac,
STORE : Xorlli-Vt'cst forncr of Center and
EunI SJrrrt.
H'Cflnnelsville, Ohio,
april 23-ly.
aks the p il'Iic to r:i!l mid examine ?iia
sjipcnipti riiotngrn jihs, i'errctypes, Ani
lirotvjifs, Ciems. ii-., Jcr., which rannot l.
st:t tasked any whore. Jin has jierfdeil at
ranpcnietit heruby uy one fau lie ac
(oiiioil, toil wilh the fi uet of Oil Pointinct
ml jiii'turt' of Imiia Ink Vnrk. Kooiiiit
over Kooiie's Suihller t-hoj-, in J. C. Ktotie'
l'uililiiig, Center Street, 2I"CoUijeIsvilid,
A;r;I 31 r.
" &.
all articles pertaining lo the
DRUG trade:
He has on hnnd constrnit'y a laro and
extensive stock of all orticlon pertaining to
the btisiness, at tho LOWEST Cartel pri
ces. ALSO
Patent Lamp Shades
For ssle only ly Dr. J..hn Aloxander.ia
Jiorsnn i-ounty. nihrll,l70-ly.
The subscril er has opened a store in the
ITambleton Building, North tide of Teiitor
Slrt ft, above the Bi.nk. Mcfounelsville, O.
and has op n-d out n li.rge stork of Qukkns
wcrc ol the tinest qunl'ty, to which he in
vites tlie 4itfi;fir.n of tlie ritizous of Mor-T-.iri
TV-iwiTv, ITiTjTI-ir4 tliefr patronage.
Intending to mnketbe l.uiuesH a specialty,
he will sell bis goods at as low rates as they
c:iu be posssbly be procured for elsewhere.
The Queeiisware h oC'era took the
Gold Medal
At the Paris exposition, over all vmpett
torn. a the very best Enelish Ware. Also
wii! keej a full stock ot'Giiiss. Yellow and
Stone Uiire: French China, J-ava Ware,
Vases, Mantel Ornaments, ami China.
Toys; and, from time to time, will be added
other articles generally connected with the
business la: ties purchasing can alwaya
be certain ol replacing any article that
111 ny be broken, as one cup, saucer, or any
other piece belonging to a ict will he sold.
Don't tail toex.'imiiiA our goods and prices
before purchasing elsewhere. Goods sold
for cash or country produce, at market
rates. p.. L. JENKINS,
may 20-Gmo.
. Ii. HALL,
Wholesale and Retail
JL-ty 7, lSG9-tf.
1 . j
I 1 JA
00 e-s
. o
And .
Blank B00U. Manufactory,
Our specialty. Music, Magazines, 1c,
bound in cy style and at the cheapest
rates. & Blank Book for Connties.
Banks. Merchants, 4o., beat paper at th
lowest rate.
ZaaMville,0t. 15, 1389.

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