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The Ads in iMb paper—They
mean the same ae cash for you.
Volume 60
Court House News
National Ranks File 8uiU
The First National bank, Citizens
National bank, McConnelsville Mal
ta National bank, and Chesterhill
find Stockport National banks have
filed injunction suits against A, J.
Frash as treasurer of Morgan coun
ty, to restrain defendant from col
lecting taxes assessed against the
Shares Of national bank stock,
"which plaintiffs allege in petition i3
illegal. Plaintiffs pray a temporary
restraining order be issued, re
straining defendant from collecting
6f tax, penalty, or Interest, and that
upon final hearing injunction may
be made perpetual. Judg# Finley
being an interested party in one of
the cases, Judge C. F. Ribble of
Zanesville was here Tuesday, in
tvhich a temporary restraining or
der was issued as prayed for. Sim
ilar suits have been filed by many
national banks in the state.
In the divorce and alimony case
et Maude Trout vs. David Trout,
temporary alimony is ordered paid
to clerk of court,' for plaintiff, in
the sum of $12.50 per week, dating
from date of service of summons,
payable weekly. Plaintiff and de
fendant are to have use of dwelling,
fuel and light, as at present.
Asks Judgment for $1,30:3.95
B. C. Wait files suit against G.
W. Piggott, Bertha Piggott McAtee
and Rozella Pigpott, in which
judgment is sought in the sum of
$1,303.05. The plaintiff resides In
West Virginia, and defendants are
residents of Center township.
In the foreclosure cas« of the
Citizens Savings bank Of McCon
nelsville vs. Edgar G. Maxwell et al,
leave is granted defendants First
National bank and Malta National
bank, to dismiss first and second
cause of action of cross petition,
"Without prejudice. Sale is con
firmed, deed and distribution order
In the divorce case Wn. C.
Dutton vs. Lelia B. Dutton, tem
porary alimony of $35 is allowed,
payable in 10 days.
Partition is ordered fa the parti
tion case of Faye Pennel and Nettie
Johnson vs. Angeline McKibben et
al. Reverdy White, J. L. Burguin
*nd Clias. Chase are appointed
commissioners. Defendant Angeline
,McKibben is found to have no in
terest in premises.
In the case of Retta Pierpoint vs.
T. S. Spurrier and Ethel Spurrier—
foreclosure of mortgage, judgment
by default against defendants T. S.
Spurrier and Ethel Spurrier, for
,929.60 and costs. Foreclosure
is ordered. Premises ordered sold,
•unless judgment is. satisfied within
five days.
"tT -vvwy^r,-- -mrw* _••A«f»-^.friT-cTwrrr-fj***1 ,«wmg*v
"Edfta Walpoie is appointed ad-
of the estate of Geo. E.
oore, deceased/"" Bond, $16,000.
Appraisers, Clarence Schofield, Jesse
Wood and Joseph Bowman.
The will of Matthew M. McDon
ald is admitted to probate. Llewwel
la McDonald is appointed executrix,
Without bond. Appraisers are G. O.
McGonagle, E. O. McDonald and C.
M. Whitaker. Bv its terms, all
property of every description goes to
his widow.
Inventory is filed in the matter of
the estate of Emma Knapp, deceas
ed. Appraisal of assets is: Moneys,
$2,738.74 securities, $2,664.63.
Total, $5,403.37, less $500 set off to
widower in lieu of household furni
ture, leaving a balance of $4,903.37
The will of J. P. Hilaman, de
Ceased, late of Penn township, is ad
mitted to probate. Ail property is
lpt't to his brother Chas. E. Hilaman,
who is named in will as executor.
Owen H. Patterson is appointed
admini-strator of the estate of Al
bert Buchanan Osburn, deceased.
Bond, $9,000. Appraisers: F. P.
Parsons, Wm. Bullock and W. I.
The will of Anna Grimes An
drews is admited to probate. By
terms of will her daughter Mary
Chase Andrews is bequeathed the
family house i» McConnelsville, to
gether with all personal property
and effects to be hers absolutely.
Out of any other property either
real or personal are to be paid debts,
after which the balance is directed
to be equally divided between he
son Robert M. Andrews, and daugh
ter Mary Chase Andrews.
Application Is filed, by A. D. Blind
tor the appointment .off a guardian
for Wm. F. Knapp, alleging that he
is an incompetent person, and by
reason thereof is incapable of taking
care of his property.
The will of Jno. R. Sands is filed
for probate.
.Makes Assignment
M. D. Cain of Chesterhill has
made an assignment. Mr. C. A.
Ridgley is the
Declared insane
Robert Savage, McConnelsville, is
declared insane, and Wednesday was
taken to the Athens state hospital,,
for treatment.
Marriage Licenses
Ernest (i. Starling, barber, son of
Geo. P. Starling, and Blanche Hill,
telephone operator, daughter of
Chas. A. Hill, ReT. O. J, Moore Offi
William Bamfield, miner, Buchtel,
son of James Bamfield, and Vernice
Barstow, Chesterhill, daughter of
Edward Barstow, Rev. O. J. Moore.
Flavious O. Mclntire, rural mail
carrier, Malta, son of Geo. W. Mc
lntire, and Mrs. Wava Grandstaff,
McConnelsville, daughter of Benj.
The following road easements
have been filed, all to the state of
Ohio:' From H. W. Ashton, Owen
Leslie Allen, Chas. L. Allen, Walter
F. Burdine, Wm. F. Bell, Nannie F.
Burdine, Benton Cordray, Martha
Cordray, Centef township board of
education, Val Combs, Center town
ship trustees, Wm. Campbell, Chas.
E. Drake, Sarah J. Dye, J. W. and
Ora Dye, Daniel Daley, Vinnie Fer
guson, Carlos Glines, Irvin Hill,
A. Hastings heirs, J, Ludman heirs,
J. E. Malcolm, Minor P. Morris, W.
D. Molyneux, Sylvia McFerren, Chas.
M. Noyes, Jno. L. Oliver, Edward
Olriey, Harry E. Pennock, Osmer
C. Reed, Clement M. Reed, Win. H.
Ryerson, J. W. Stewart, Ella Simer
al, Fred Sherlock, Jas. L. Stokes,
Coolie and Hazel Silvus, Chas. E.
Stokes, trustees Cross Roads Pros
b'tu/ian church, M*ut£ie E. s^iwl Wm.
.Viv W "f A',^ t,V- 7jt jjrw-*» v i ^-4* --%-a «*•.
Mr. Harold E. (Fog) White, ot
the H. White & Co. store here, won
the second prize, a silver cup, in the
National Amateur Trap Shooting As
sociation of America meet, which
was hfeld. last week, Aug. 19-2 4, at
Vandalia. He scored 192 out *of
200 in the second day shoot. Since
there were 800 contestants with Mr.
White, he achieved a real honor.
Four participants tied, and the real
excitement began when it was neces
sary to shoot it off to determine the
winners. The cup represents the
amateur trap clay championship of
North America. This national shoot
is the culmination of all trap shoot
ing associations in the United States,
or in fact in the world, since shoot
ers are there from various coun
tries of the globe.
The gatherings are largely at
tended, the attendance last week
running about 15,000.
Funeral Of M. M. Huff
Funeral ^el-vices for M. M. Huff,
an account of whose death was
given in last week's Democrat,
were held from the residence Sun
day- afternoon. The services were
conducted by Rev. O. J. Moore of
the Methodist Episcopal church,
who read the scripture, offered
prayer, delivered a short message
and read a sketch of the life of the
deceased. "Music was furnished by
a quartet composed of Mrs. Chas.
Walker, Miss Ada Hatton, J. E.
McKeown and E. J. Arrick, who
sang three numbers: My Jesus As
Thou Wilt, The City Four-Square
and Jesus Lover of My Soul. Messrs.
Albert Price, Chasr. M. Whitaker,
John Clark, S. A. Finley, Frank
Finley and E. O. McDonald served
as pall bearers.., A large number of
beautiful floral pieces were tributes
from neighbors and friends. Burial
was made in the McConnelsville
Harold Finley To Northwestern
Harold Finley, aged 13, son of
jftdge and Mrs. Harry M. Finley,
has decided to enter Northwestern
university at JSvanston, 111., this
fall. He was considered strongly
for one of the ten Austin scholar
ships given at that University, and
the only reason he was not grant
ed one of these scholarships was
because of his Hjge. These ten boys
who have the Austin scholarships
reside in Hinman hall and have a
proctor. Since young Finley was
not granted an Austin scholarship,
he received the next best which is
a university scholarship of $200, and
which w^s granted him on his
splendid record as a student. He al
so had reserved for him, a place in
Hinman hall, with the young men
who received the Austin scholar
ships, and will be with them under
the same proctor.
M. & M. Stands Thinl In State
The report from the state-wide
eighth grade examination, given
last May, tha subjects being arith
metic, geography, history and gram
mar, shows that M. & M. schools
took third place. Newcomerstown
and Middleport tied for first place,
and M. & M. was next. The aver
age grade of the pupils of a scliooi
was figured as the grade of that
particular school. When it is taken
into consideration that better than
3 000 schools of the 8S counties in
the state took the same examina
tion, for M. & M. to stand so near
the top is a thing to be proud of. It
also demonstrates that the best
eighth grade students are from the
smaller schools, which show\ they
get more thorough training than do
the pupils of the larger schools.
Ttolnnsoii-Gillespie Wedding
The marriage of Miss Florence E.
Gillespie of Blue Rock and Granville
W. Robinson of Zanesville occurred
Sunday afternoon at Trinity M. E.
church in Zanesville, the ring cere
mony being performed by Rev. J. H.
Kinney. The attendants were the
bride's sister, Miss Rosalie Gillespie
and Herman Bush. The bride is
the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Orrie
Gillespie of Blue Rock, and her mar
riage took place on the silver anni
versary of her parents' wedding.
Mr. Robinson is employed by the
Fairmont Creamery company. He
and his wife will make their home
in Zanesville.
Freak Raspberries
Mrs. William Hamilton of Sayre,
mother of Mrs. "Walter FergifSon of
this place, presented this office with
a cluster of as fine raspberries as we
have ever seen in raspberry season
in the spring of the year, On this
twig are
perfect berries. While
the most of the bunch are ripe ber
ries, there are several just turning,
and a few green ones. The foliage
is also fresh and green. These ber
ries are from an ordinary vine, not
a monthly or eVerbearing variety.
Jos. Warne Breaks Wrist
Joseph Warne,/ 14 year old son
of Mr. and Mrs. 'Carl Warne of this
place, and the popular pop corn
vendor at the Twiji City opera
house, fell from a swing Tuesday
evening, breaking his right arm
between the elbow and wrist.
W. H. Morin Takes Office Monday
Monday, Sept. 1, W. H. Morin
will succeed A. J. Fra^h as county
treasurer. Mr. Frash has served
two terms. Mr. Morin's niece Miss
Elsie Morin will be his deputy. Mr.
Frash is undecided as to what lino
oi. business he will take up.
The First National and Citizens
National banks of McConnelsville
and the Malta National bank will
be closed all day next Monday,
Labor day.
R. Thomas, trustees St. James Cath
olic church, Chas. H. Thomas, trus
tees Smith Chapel, Everett E. Wil
son, John D. Wilson, Henry E.
Wainwright, Augustus Wilds, B. J.
and Rosa Wilson.
Donald Danford to J. E. Cowan,
.40 acre, McConnelsville, $1.
Sam McKibben and wife to J. W.
Frances, .18 acre, Morgan, $1 same
to Ralph Carpenter, .lit acre, Mor
gan, $1.
Eva Smith to M. g.«- McCall, 60
acre farm lease.
W. J. Hilaman Kemrow Co.,
22 acre lease, Penn, $1.
J. P, Keunard u, Jutland, and
J. L. Stokes, Palo Alto, Calif.,
spent the past weex at W. S. Dou
gan's. Mr. Kennard also visited his
nephew, J. L. Kennard. Wednes
day .The Marion township trustees
will meet Sept. 2, at 7:30 p. m...
Mrs. Lulu McCain who is staying
with Rebecca Worrall, spent Tues
day night of last week at her farm
near Bartlett... Blanche Schofield
who accompanied the club girls to
Camp Hervida, Friday, Aug. 16, re
turned home Tuesday. She left Sat
urday to visit her friend, Mrs. Bor
den (Martha Law) of Pittsburgh...
Lindley Metzger of Tennessee, and
Mrs. Lucy Davis of Long Beach,
Calif., called on friends Thursday
of last week, as they passed through
on way to see their sister Maria,
on the old hom« place on Buckeye
ridge.. .Jeptha Blowers and family
of Pasadena, Calif., and John and
Anna Crew of Malta, were dinner
guesti. of Mrs. Ann E. Dutton, Satur
day. ..Mr^. Lissa Thomas had as a
week end guest her cousin, Mrs. Mol
lie Scott of Bloomirigburg. O. ..Mr.
and Mrs. C. H. Peebles left Monday
for Canton, where they will attend
teachers' institute this week, as their
schools will not commence until the
!)th, they will return here. They
were accompanied by W. A. Peebles
who will visit his son Gerald, who is
clerking in a store in Canton... Mrs.
E. N. Williams had as guests last
week, Mfi and Mrs* Fred Frederick
son of Somers, Wis.. C. H. Shields
and family of Kenosha, Wis., are
guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Hiatt
and Mr. and Mrs. E N. Williams...
Dr. Ruth Bowman of Chicago, is the
guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
J. T. Bowman.. .Mr. and Mrs. James
McElfresh, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Hill
and daughter Alice, Mr. and Mrs. G.
J. Hill are spending the week at the
state fair...Mrs. Glen Hale is visit
ing her parents Mr. and Mrs. John
McDonald.. .Mrs. Lizzie Hann, G. W.
Patterson, Fred Antle and Miss Ha
zel Hann spent the week end with
relatives in Canton... r. and Mrs.
A. T. Schofield spent Sunday with
Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Schofield Af
Zanesville.. .Dexter Carr of Marietta
is the guest of relatives this week,.
Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Bowman enter
tained at Sunday dinner, Mr. and
Mrs. Ray McCune of Athens, Mrs.
Margaret Johnson and Mr. and Mrs.
Carl Bowman.. Mrs. Lenore Gib
bons and Lewis and Chas. Gibbons
were supper guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Harrison Hoon, Monday evening...
Melster McMullen of Clearwater,
Fla., who has been visiting his
friend Wilbur Kennard, left Tues
day morning for Pittsburgh, where
he hopes to find employment.. .Miss
Lena Reynolds, a former home
economics teacher, spent the week
end in our midst.Born to Mr. and
Mrfc. John McElfresh, Thursday,
Aug. 22, a son.. .Mrs. Asenath Mur
^5)hey who spent the summer at
Chesterhill, left Sunday- with Dr
and Mrs. L. A. McDermott and chil
dren, for their home in Toledo,
where she will spend the-winter..
Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Zumbro left
Monday for their home in Ravenna,
after spending their vacation with
home folks... Ray McElfresh return
ed Sunday to the home of his aunt,
Mrs. Mary Hoon, after a two
weeks visit at the home of his
grandfather, Dexter Carr, in Mariet
ta.. .Again the wedding, bells rani?,
Monday, when Mr. Ernest Starling
and Miss Blanche Hill, our telephone
operator, were united in marriage
in McConnelsville, at 11:30 a. m.,
by Rev. O. J. Moore. We wish them
a happy and prosperous 'journey
through life.. Miss Mona Mae Ewart
is visiting her aunt Nellie Lochary
of Stockport... Miss Grace V. Dean,
teacher in Lorain high school, has
been visiting at Rev. E. B.
.Tuesday morning Mr. and Mrs. E.
F, Hodgin and son Robert and Mrs.
Mary L. Smith left for a visit with
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Smith of
Kenosha, Wis., and Mr. and Mrs. A.
T. Smith of Fredericktown. W. H.
Smith who had a stroke some time
ago, is not so well. ..Mrs. Ella J.
Barnes of Stillwater, Okla., came
Monday for a short visit with old
friends in this vicinity. The follow
ing is a short account of the trip
she is takipg: In January, the Lar
kin company of Buffalo, N. Y„ made
the announcement that to all win
ning secretaries would be given a
free trip to Washington, D. C. To
be a winning secretary meant selling
a quantity of products, organizing so
many clubs all this meant hard
work, but also meant a wonderful
trip to the nation's capital, with all
expenses paid, including Pullman
and dining car service enroute. Mrs.
Barnes was one of the winning sec
retaries, and in a company of 250
guests and other secretaries, spent
four days at the Mayflower hotel,
had trips to Mt. Vernon, Arling
ton cemetery, and a sightseeing trip
of the city of Washington. Her triD
to Chesterhill was a side issue and
not included in the company's free
Church News
Prayer meeting Thursday night,
followed by a meeting of the new fi
nance committee. All are urged to
attend.. .Sunday school, Sept. 1, at
9:30 a. m. Church service at 10:45
Subject, "Working for God." Ep
worth League at. 7:30. Jas. Mur
phey, leader. Church at 8 o'clock.
Monday, Sept. 2, Rev. E. B. Dean
leaves for conference, at Broad
Street church, Columbus... No
preaching Sept. 8, it being confer
ence Sunday.. Mrs. Snyder, lay del
egate, leaves the 6th to attend con
ference... Miss Minta fioopes has
been elected superintendent of the
Sunday school, with J. .T. Bowman,
J. L. Kennard and Chas. Newburn as
assistants. There will- be an im
portant mnet of official board, Sun
day evening, after church. Ladies'
aid meeting is postponed one week.
Win Cunningham Of Sharon Dies
Win Cunningham, aged 74, died
at his home in Sharon, Noble coun
ty, Friday, after an illness with
cancer of the stomach. He leaves
two daughters-—Mi's. Grace McCall
of the home and Mrs. Noble Wheel
er of the Newark road, near Zanes
ville. William Cunningham of Ma
rietta and David "Cunningham near
Chandlersvllle are his brothers. He
also leaves ten graudchildi'Aft and
one great grandchild.
Funeral services were held Sun
day afternoon at the residence, with
turiiU. iu the sjbfT'ip cejfttiLcjy,
f-| jacyi,-v•»" '*~r^«3*
.1 ?»•«,'J
.4 i
-v r"
OF G. W. 1511 ViJ't KILLED
K. Ettgene Duvall, 25, of Zanes
ville, was. fatally injured Tuesday
afternoon about 4:20 o'clock, in an
auto accident on the Maysville pike,
not far l'rom Moxahala park. He
sustained a fractured skull, and in
ternal injuries. He was rushed to
Bethesda hospital,* where his death
occurred at 5:30 o'clock, without
his having regained consciousness.
With Duvall in the car, which was
a new light sport roadster, was
Walsh, 21, of Zanesville, who
while badly injured will recover, it
is believed.. It is stated that Du
vall lost control ot his car while
attempting to pasil another auto.
The machine turned over twice, and
when found he was under it. The
two young men were on their way
to the East Fultonham baseball
diamond at the time.
Eugene Duvall was very popular.
At the time of his death he was
holding a responsible position in
the chemical laboratory in the Pitts
burgh Plate Glass company plant at
East Fultonham, and he was catch
er on the baseball team of that con
cern. ITe was a fine athlete. While
in Zanesville high school he starred
as a basketball player. He was a
member of the state champion Blue
Devil basketball team in
Death has ended the mysterious
career of Dr. Mary Victor Mayfield,
who masqueraded as a man most of
her life. At her request she was
buried in masculine attire, but a
woman. Miss Fannie Vise, of Mena,
conducted the funeral ceremonies
today. She also took to the grave
with her-the secret pf-why she chose
to go through life as a man,*' Her
sex secret was detected years ago
during an illness. Dr. Mayfield came
to Mena, Ark., In 1916.She posed as
a man in Ohio, Wisconsin, Illinois,
Iowa and Texas, .before coming to
Arkansas, and was said to have
married a woman in Ohio who di
vorced her on the ground of de
sertion. She was believed to have
been about 82 years old.
Home From 10,000 Mile Trip
Saturday evening Francis Kraps,
son of Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Kraps, re
turned from an extensive western
trip. Early in the summer, in com
pany with Thomas Patterson, he
left by foot .for Yellowstone park,
getting "lifts" along the way. They
stopped at Eaton, Col., remaining
there for about a month, due to the
fact that the park had not opened.
While there they were employed,
and were also employed at the park
for a month. Leaving there they
headed for Portland, Ore., and went
also into Canada. They went down
the coast, and were in practically all
the far western states. At Reno,
Nev., the boys separated, Kraps go
ing down into Mexico and he was in
Arizona and Texas. Patterson went
to Eaton, Col., and then came east
to Indianapolis, Ind., to visit with
relatives, and was there at the time
Kraps got home here. In all they
covered about 10,000 miles, and feel
they had a wonderful outing. Both
young nien plan to enter college this
E. D. Phillips To Govt. Hospital
Mr. Earle D. Phillips, wife and
son of Windsor township, plan to
leave soon for Dayton where Mr.
Phillips enters the veterans' hos
pital for treatment. Mr. Phillips
who is a World war soldier, was
badly gassed whin in the Argonne,
from which he has never, recovered,
and he has been ordered by the gov
ernment to go to the hospital for
is family will accompany him,
and will reside in furnished rooms.
Mr. Phillips will rent his farm,
since he expects to be at th# hospital
for at least a year.
Alleges Assault
As a climax of scrapping between
the small children of Mr. and Mr3.
Martin Primmer »nd
and Mrs.
Howard Coulson of lower Malta,
Saturday afternoon, the mothers
became involved, as the result of
which Mrs. Primmer filed charges
against Mrs. Couis»on, in which she
alleges assault. When arraigned
Wednesday evening before Mayor
McDaniel, defendant pleaded not
guilty and was bound over to the
grand jury.
Walraven Property Sold
Glenn Walraven of Zanesville has
sold his property., located in Malta,
near the Malta M. E. church, to C.
W. Newton, of Marion townshjp. Mr.
Newton and family expect to occupy
the property as their home, and
will get possession soon.
The property was sold through
the agency of Emmett A. Taylor.
I Death's Toll
Aug. 22 to 29
Win Cunningham, Sharon.
Dr. Mary Mavfkid, Mena, Ark*
Eugene Duvall, Zanesville.
Chas. Dennis, Reinersville.
Edna Grubb Morgan township.
Dorothy Morris, Lowell.
192 6,
which won the national consolation
tournament in Chicago, in competi
tion with championship teams from
over the United states. .Following
his graduation he played profession
al basketball in Zanesville and vi
The deceased was a son of How
ard I. and Florence Settle Duvall,
and was born in McConnelsville
Besides his parents, he leaves one
brother, Belnion Duvall of Texas
also his grandparehts, Mr. and Mr».
Geo. W. Duvall of McCoun^lville,
and Beverly Settle and wife of
Funeral services will be held
Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Bur
ial yill be made in Greenwood cem
Dr. Mary V. Maytield Dies
The Cincinnati Enquirer of Aug.
28 carried an account of the death
of Dr. Mary V. Mayfield, something
of whose spectacular history is
known to many of our readers. Dr.
Mayfield was in her earlier life •lo
cated in the Neelyville locality in
this county, where she, or "he"
then, was a well known and suc
cessful practicing physician. The
account in the Enquirer follows:
Mrs. H. H. Choguill and daughter
Kathryn and Mrs. R. W. Devitt were
Zanesville callers. Tuesday.. .Mrs.
Oliver Ormsby of St. Paris, O., has
returned to her home, after ar visit
with Mrs. Martha Eddleblute... The
M. P. Sunday school will enjoy a
picnic supper at Embree park, Fri
day, Aug. 30. Supper is to be serv
ed at 5 o'clock.. .Miss Thelma Wal
lace of Zanesville, spent Sunday
with her mother, Mrs. Martha Wal
lace. ..Miss Thelma Williams of
Pennsville, visited this yeek with
her sister, Mrs. Marvin Gifford..
Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Bishop visited
Sunday and Monday with her sister.
Mrs. Thos. Hook .and family, of Co
lumbus. .Mrs. Wm. Thomas and
daughter of Zanesville, were guests
Sunday of Charlie Johnson and
daughter Gladys... Mrs. Richard Mc
Elhiney and daughter of Columbus,
were recent guests of her sister,
Mrs. Robert Durbin.. .Mrs. Harry
McElhiney and little daughter Ann,
of Cambridge, are the guests of her
A v
Eva McDermott... Mr.
and Mrs. Geo. Mills of Champaign,
III., are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Chas.
Bachelor. Mr. Mills has returned to
his home, his wife remaining for a
longer visit. ..Mrs. Belle Phillips is
visiting relatives at Meigs and Mc
Connelsville... Mrs. D. S. Van Fos
sen is visiting her daughter Mrs.
Dale Woodyard of Sharpsburg..
-Mrs. Charles Lyne is showing a lit
tle improvement.. Mr. and Mrs^ i3.
A. Scott and Mrs. Minnie McDonald
visited last Friday with friends at
Roseville.. .C. M. Kewberry and
daughter Marjorie returned Monday
from a visit with Wilmer Newberry
and other relatives at Kenosha, Wis.
/jvirs. Belle Rardin and son Fran
cis of Bartlett were recent visitors
of Mrs. Clara Swayne...Mr. and
Mrs. H. L. Mills and daughter of
New Paris, are guest# of Mr. and
Mrs. James McAnulty.. .Mr. and
Mrs. W. Z. Devoll spent 'Sanday in
Columbus.. .U. S. Stoneburner visit
ed Wednesday and Thursday of last
week with his brother Robert Stone
burner of Canton...Mr. and Mrs.
Harry Devoll and daughter Barbara
Ellen of Chicago, and Mrs. Mary
Devoll of Zanesville, were guests
this week of Mr. and Mrs. W. Z.
Devoll.. .Miss Dorothy Wilcox of
Indianapolis, Ind., is the guest of
her sister and brother, Elsie and
Fred WTilcox.. Miss Elma Budman
of Muncie, Pa., is a guest of Miss
Pearl Wilcox. Misses Pearl Wilcox,
Dorothy Lane and Elma Budman
expect to leave Friday morning for
Greenville, Tenn., where they will
assist in an evangelistic meeting..
Rev. .W- Eaton returned Monday
from the Ohio conference at Sabina,
and we are glad to note that he has
been returned to the Stockport
charge. Rev. Eaton and son Guy
Eaton of Athens left Friday morn
ing for Clarksburg, W. Va., where
they will visit,lii« ialighter and son.,
Clai» Hiatt, Dean and Clell Ben
jamin, James and Dean Dougan and
Ralph Wagoner are attending state
fair this week, with their sheep and
chickens... Mrs. Grace Mclnturf and
baby returned home Friday, after
spending a few days here, accompa
nied by her sister Lucy, who will
visit a while at New Philadelphia..
Mrs. Cornelia Davis and daughter
Lexie of McConnelsville, Mr. and
Mrs. R. W. Carr and daughter of
l'arkersburg, were veceiit visitors of
Dr. and Mrs. C. V. Davis.. .Miss Lot
tie Davis is confined to her home
with a broken ankle.. .J. M. Wil
liams and family had as their Sun
day guests, Mr. and Mrs. Turner of
Columbus.. Mrs. Lydia Sanders and
daughter Mildred of Texas, who
have been visiting relatives here,
went to Hemlock, Saturday, for a
visit, before returning west. ..Mr.
and Mrs. Cashus Barkhurst were
Sunday visitors Of Andy and Han
nah Lynn of Tabor.. .Byerla New
ton of Columbus is visiting a few
days here with his mother and
brother.. .Mr. and Mrs. Dana Sy
phers, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Dougafl
and Mrs. Carl Syphers motored to
Pennsylvania, Sunday morning, and
returned Monday evening. ..J. W.
Barkhurst is recovering from an at
tack of summer grip, and liver trou
ble. ..Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Dougan
were here over the week end to
attend the Newsom reunion, held at
Embree park, Sunday... Mrs. Harold
Pickering and%son Bobby are visit
ing her parents near Cambridge,
while Mr.-Pickering is at the fair..
Mrs. Fred Williams and Mrs. C. S.
Hiatt are at Caldwell this week,
with their show sheep and chickens.
.Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Thompson who
were visiting here, were called
home suddenly, due to the death of
their son Lindlay's mother-in-law.
Mrs. Eva Roberts returned to Fred
ericktown with them, for a visit..
Mrs. C. V. Davis is recovering nice
ly, after having her tonsils removed.
.Mr. and Mrs. Fred E. Williams
entertained Sunday evening at six
o'clock dinner, in honor of Mr. and
Mrs. Chester Shields and Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Fredericson of Kenosha,
Wis. Those present were Mr. and
Mrs. Shields and daughter, Mr. and
Mrs. Fredericson and two daugh
ters, Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Hiatt, Mrs.
C. S. Hiatt, Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Hila
man and two children. Mr. Shields
and Mrs. Fredericson are brother
and sister, son and daughter of the
late Geo. Shields, and niece and
nephew of Messrs. J. C. and C. S.
Rev. Dongas Returns Here
At the annual Ohio conference of
the Methodist Protestant church,
held last i^eek at Sabina, Rev. L. B.
Douglas was returned to the local
church, and begins hte fifth year
here. He had been requested, unan
imously by his congregation, to re
turn. Other.assignments ar^: Mt.
Vernon, Jc* Tolbert Stockdale
circuit, A. !r. Reed Catawba circuit,
A. E. Black Rush Creek circuit, C.
B. Sees Empire, J. C. Cottrill
Stnithfield circuit, F. B. Gijhousen
Pennsville circuit, E. A. Martin
Stockport circuit, J. W. Eaton
Zanesville, O. E. Ford Lemert, O.
V. Sharrock Coshocton, J. E. Tripp
Sherrodsville circuit, J. H. Longs
worth Uhrichsvillo, L. |3. Wees
West La Fayette, G. W. Beck
Waynesfield, W. J. Chessir Belle
Valley circuit, R. C. Dean Reiners
ville circuit. Dwight Jame& Ren
xock circuit, R. W. lJuff.
^""r %W,wx»T- ^3* *»"y»jt**-.»^ *"*Z.
While ott his way to Marietta
Wednesday afternoon, Mr. S. D. Tay
lor of this place, accidentally struck
Dorothy, seven year old daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Morris, near Low
ell. The child was rendered un
conscious. She was rushed to Me
morial hospital, Marietta, where her
death occurred at 4 o'clock this
morning. The child was on her way
to the home of her grandmother,
where she was to celebrate her
birthday, Saturday. Her grand
mother's birthday was Wednesday,
and there was tcf be a joint celebra
tion of the event. While on her
way the child got a fide in a Ma
rietta baking truck, and when she
got off the truck whfch had stopped,
she stepped in front of the truck,
and in so doing ran into the path of
Mr. Taylor's car. Mr. Taylor it is
stated is in no way held responsible
for the accident, and he is very bad
ly broken up over the affair.
Local Students Get Higher Degrees
Friday of this week Miss Minnie
Johnson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Wm. Johnson of Meigsville town
ship, will receive the degree of doc
tor of philosophy from the Ohio
State University. Her thesis sub
ject was "The Gastromycetes of
Ohio." M4ss Johnson majored lu
botony and this
lias been
nature director at Woodybrook
camp, near Cleveland. Miss John
son received her master's degree
from the O. S. U., and her bachelor's
degree from O, U., Athens. From
1925 to 1928 she held the position
of graduate assistant in the botany
department of the Q. S. U. As yet
she has no definite plans for the
Mr. Edgar Northrup, son of Dr.
and Mrs. C. E. Northrup, will re
ceive his master's degree from Ohio
State. His thesis subject was "Dual
Personality," on which he has re
ceived many fine compliments. He
received his bachelor's degree from
the O. S. U. Mr. Northrup has been
in that college the past five years,
and this fall enters upon a four
years course in medicine.
Dr. and Mrs. C. E. Nortlrrup and
sons Deane and Wayne and Mrs.
Wm. Johnson and daughter Miss
Catha Johnson expect to be present
Friday at the conferring of the
above mentioned degrees.
W. D. 'Miller Farm Game Preserve
It is stated that the William D.
Miller farm of 884 acres in Blue
Rock and Me!gs townships, Mus
kingum county, has been leased by
the state game department for a
game preserve. It is
jfT-*%, "•«*-.-«•»).. "-'»'3«gr* r,'jr *-*"*rJ^
0 0
ed with raccoon, squirrel, rabbit and
wild turkey, being the only game
preserve in the state possessing wild
turkey. Pheasants, quail and other
wild birds and game will be remov
ed from other preserves to the Mil
ler farm by the state,, it is Said. The
stocking of wild animals on the
farm will in no way interfere with
the owner's activities, which consist
mostly of rearing sheep. Deputy
Game Warden Earl Kinneer is in
charge of game preservation in Mus
kingum and Morgan counties.
Death Of Edna Gruhh
Miss Edna Grubb, aged 71, died
Wednesday afternoon at the county
hom'. She is survived by two sis
ters— Mrs. Allie Morris also of the
county home, and Mrs. Anna Rich
man of Columbus. Funeral ar
rangements, while not complete, will
likely be held Friday afternoon at
East Branch.
State Fair 4-H Wiimei-s
In the list of 4-H club winners at
the state fair we note that Dale
Strong won first on Merino wool,
and his brother Lewis Strong, 4th.
In poultry—-any variety, Ralph
Wagoner took 2nd, and Jimmie Dou
gan, 3rd.
The Chesterhill schools open next
Tuesday, Sept. 2.
Mrs. Delmont Skinner and son
Donald of New Lexington, who have
been visiting since Saturday at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis E. Rob
erts, accompanied Ed Roberts to
his home in Mansfield, Tuesday, for
a week's visit.
Mr. Lloyd Stallsmith who has
been employed at a Standard Oil
filling station, Columbus, and who
caihe last week to visit his parents
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Stallsmith, went
to work temporarily here Wednes
day at the Standard
Oil filling sta-
Mrs. Nora Earley of Columbus is
a patient at Rocky Glen sanatorium.
She is the mother of State Prohibi
tion Commissioner R. R. Beetham's
son's wife. Commissioner Beetham
has been here on several occasions
with other members of the family,
to see Mrs. Eaiiey.
Rev. Lawrenco Gale and son Lew
is, Ed Roberts and daughters Evelyn
and Dorothy, and Miss Bessie Rob
erts of Mansfield, Mr. and Mrs. Del
mont Skinner and son Donald of
New Lexington, also George Roberts
of McConnelsville spent Tuesday at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis E.
Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Love of Malta
entertained at dinner Sunday at
their home, in honor of Mr. and Mrs.
Kenneth Love, who recently return
ed from a wedding trip to Washing
ton, D. Cf The guests present to en
joy the elegant dinner, were the
bride and groom, Mr. and Mrs. C.
E. Devitt and daughters the Misses
Catherine and Evelyn Devitt, Rev.
and Mrs. E. F. Kendle and two chil
dren, Wm. Porter, Miss Oli^e Tay
lor and host and hostess.
Mrs. Thelma Fox and son Law
rence (Buddy) who spent a year
fcere with the former's sister-in-law
Mrs. E. E. Nash and husband, and
other relatives, left Monday morn
ing for Mrs. Fox's home at St.
Joseph, Mo. Mrs. Fox's sister Miss
Marguerite Marquardt who had
been spending a few weeks here, re
turned home with them. Mrs. Fox
and son will likely return here in a
couple of months, for an indefinite
stay. While here Mrs. Fox has
made many warm friends. She is a
registeued nurse, with exceptional
skill, and while here has often been
called on to nurse. Her services
have been ^lways highly satisluer
Situated ft jPicturesqua Valley
of Beautiful Muskingum
At The Churches
Malt*. Methodist Church
Church school at 9:15. Church
service at 10:30. This win be the
last service of the conference year.
Church service at Triadelphia at
2:30. Annual conference at Colum
bus. Sept. 3. —G. D. Clifford, pastor.
Main Street Church Ot Christ
Bible school at 9:30. Chas. Hav
ener, superintendent. Morning wor
ship, 10:30.^ Evening service, 7:30.
Prayer meeting Wednesday evening
7:30. If I knew you and you knew
me, how little trouble there would
be. We pass each other on the
street, but just come out and let us
meet at church next Sunday.—E.
F. Kendle. minfster.
Mclvendiee (liar#©
Worship at McKendree at 10:30.
Sermon subject, "Courtship, Mar
riage and Divorcement." This is the
last Sunday of this conference year
at'this place. Lebanon, 1:30. Same
subject. Emery, 3:30 p. m. Same
subject. Let subscribers to the Ad
vocate settle up now. We hope the
finances at each point may be
brought up. All welcome.—B. A.
Sherwin, pastor.
Methodist Episcopal Church
Presbyterian Church
Sunday school at 9:15. Rev. C.
S.- Nickerson, D. D., will deliver the
sermon at the morning church ser
vice at 10:30. You are cordially in?
vited to worship with us. No even
ing service.
Christian TTiuTejjvor Meet
The Christian Endeavor society of
the Presbyterian church entertain
ed Friday evening with a "garden
party," at the chttrdh. The beauti­M.W
ful chtirch jawn in the rear of the
parsonage was a scene uof beauty.
Chinese lanterns in red and blue
and other gay colors formed the dec
orations over the electric lights and
cast soft green and amber hues on
the gold, blue and white uniforms
of Malconta Post band and the
faces of the audience. Miss Franc
E. Stedman, the county president,
was assisted in receiving by young
ladies of the society, attired in the
state colors, white, with scarlet
and white tam-o-shanter caps. A
delectable supper was served the 7§
Mrs. Mark Strahl and Miss Elea
nor Frash, accompanied by the
Misses Forrest Perkins and Chris
tine Frash, favored the audience
with charming solos and encodes,
which were greatly appreciated.—
Discover 40 Pints Of Liquor
Last Saturday while several boys
were playing out the Zanesville
road, in the field at what is known
as the Ed Cox place, they found
hidden in the grass ten bottles of
booze, which they reported here to
Marshal Drury and Sheriff Henery.
That evening the officers named
went to the spot, hiding themselves
near by, thinking that the "cus
tomer," or "customers," would like
ly go to the place to get their week
end supply. While hiding in the
weeds and hedge, about 200 feet
from where the boys had discovered
the booze, they ran .onto a nest of
36 pints, which they took into cus
tody for evidence and safe keeping.
So far as we have been able to
learn, no one has gone to the sher
iff to ask for his "property." The
liquor is said to be of better qual
ity than the ordinary run of present
day whiskey.
Malconta Post Band Complimented
The Malconta Post band, which
was present at the American Legion
convention, attracted very favorable
comment. It was the, first baud to
arrive, and did the first serenading.
Malconta Post holds the distinction
of being the smallest American Le
gion Post in the state, with a band.
Wrhile the smallest in number of any
band present, the general comment
heard was that it was one of the
very best.
The band members, practically all
of whom are members of the Amer
ican Legion, and other members of
the Legion from the local post, all to
the number of about 40, returned
early Tuesday morning. The Amer
ican Legion parades, with their
bands, all in fine uniforms, are quite
an imposing sight.
Birthday Surprise
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Milligan,
Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Parker, Mrs.
S. A. Thissell and Miss Annie Lent
were Sunday guests of Mr., and Mrs.
Arthur Eppley of Roseville.
The occasion was a surprise on
Mrs. Eppley, it being her birthday.
A fine dinner, consisting of fried
chicken, salad, butter beans, straw
berries, angel food cake, peach pie,
ice cream, etc., *as served at the
noon hour. Mrs. Eppley was the
recipient of a fine clock with
chimes, presented by her mother
Mrs. S. A. Thissell. After spending
a pleasant day, all left for their
homes, wishing Mrs. Eppley """.y
returns of her birthday.—XX,
George Lovell's On Trip
Mr. George W. Lovell, W I IM and
sons Earle and John left Monday on
an auto trip to the northern part of
the state. They plan to reiura Ibe
latter part of this week..
*1 i
*7 If5 "*v
*. «-a¥-«»" *jv-
f-f-'.' -.^.V^kV ^S-'nv -r. ,/
\v* „. r* ,:r'
school at 9:15 a. m. R.
R. Bell, superintendent. Morning
worship at 10:30. The Holy Com
munion will be administered. There
will be a communion meditation by
the pastor. Evening worship at
6:45, conducted by the pastor. The
fourth quarterly conference will bo
held Wednesday evening, Sept. 4,
at 7:30 o'clock, Dr. R. F. Mayer pre
siding.—O. J. Moore, pastor.
Church Of Christ
(Seventh Street)
Bible study at 9:30 a. m. Morn
ing worship at 10:30, leader, Riley
Price lesson, Second Corinthians,
13th chapter subject, verse five.
Evening service at 7:30, leader,
Herbert Morin. Tou are invited to
meet with us.
Methodist Protestant Church
A study of the scriptures at 9:15.
Morning worship at 10:30. Evening
worship at 7:30. Wednesday night
service at 7:30. Preaching service
at the Pisgah church, at 2:30, fol
lowing the Sunday school. This
will be the first service of the new
conference year, and the pastor is
anxious for every member of tha
church to be in their place at this
time.—L. B. Douglas, pastor.
Number 11
Ji 1*

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