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This Sunday
Jesus Calls for Prayer, Luke 18
for Sunday, February 23:
This lesson consists of two para
hies, both dealing with prayer. One
addressed to his disciples o'n the
necessity of steadfastness, and the
other to his opponents on the neces
sity of humility.
V. 1. "And ne spake a parable
unto them to thi3 end, that men
cught always to pray, and not to
faint." Prayer is something more
than littered phrases it is the gen
eral set of our lives*. We pray
when continually mastered by the
urge of opiritual things. Not to
faint calls for a devout certainty
that God is both willing and able to
save. That urge for spiritual things
needs to be voiced in word and deed
and is seen in*action. The worth of
an uttered prayer depends upon that
spiritual urge.
V. 2. "Saying There was in the
City a judge whicii feared not God
neither regarded man." Because he
feared not God, justice was not ad
V. 3. "And there was a widow in
that city and she came unto him,
saying, Avenge me of mine adver
sity." .This woman was too poor and
had too little influence to bribe the
judge and so she resorted to the in
timidation of calling on him con
tinually with such words as "Give
me justice.*'
Vs. 4, 5. "And he would not for
a while but afterward he said
within himself, Though I fear not
God, nor regard man, yet because
this Widow troubleth me, I will
avenge.her, lest by her continual
coming she weary me."
V. 6. '.'And the Lord said, Hear
what the unjust judge saith." If
such a judge will in the end listen
to the prayer of a suppliant for
whom be cares nothing, will not
God surely listen to the repeated
prayer of a suppliant whom he loves
with a deep and enduring love?
V. 7. *?And shall not God avenge
his own -elect, which cry down day
and night unto him, though he bear
long with .them." To avenge is to
vindicate. We who would be God's
servants must be content to wait
God's time, and while waiting, pa
tiently go on pleading, sure that in
the end God will vindicate his own
elect, which «ry day and night unto
V. 8. '1 ttell you that he will
avenge them speedily. Nevertheless
when the Son of man cometh, shall
he find faith on the earth?" His
question really was, When I come in
the final consumation of all things,
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McConnelsville, Ohio
shall I find men expecting me? We
need to have our faith in the abso
lute security of God who will in due
time deliver us from all evil, even
the present terrible war program.
Vs. 9, 10. "And he spake this
parable unto certain which trusted
in themselves that they were right
eous and despised others two men
went up into the temple to pray
the one a Pharisee and the other a
publican." It is not going to church
that counts but how you pray when
you do go is the test of discipleshio
The prayer of the Pharisee repre
sents the prayer of the man today
who is formal, insincere, glorifying
himself. The publican represents a
man just the opposite of the Phar
V. 11. "The Pharisee stood ant
prayed thus with himself, God
thank thee that I am not as other
men are, extortioners, unjust, adul
terers, or even as this publican.'
His prayer was one of self-congratu
lation. One of the ways by which
Satan most effectively dulls our
sense of sin is by making us believe
that we have no sin.
V. 12. "1 fast twice in the week
I give tithes of all that I possess.'
His record was above that required
by law in that he fasted twice in
stead of once in a week and that he
tithed not in part but in all things
Wrong motives cancel all good rec
V. 13. "And the publican stand
ing afar off, would not lift so much
as his eyes unto heaven, but smote
his, breast, saying, God, be merciful
to me a sinner." The essentials of
en effective prayer of a sinner i«
first a conviction of sin and secondly
a confession of that sin with all
sincerity. If there were more thor
oughly convicted of sin there would
be more conversions. The prayer of
the publican was rewarded by th
pronouncement of justification as
seen in verse 14.
EYES SMILE, Too, When They're Healthy
No one can be happy if
they have burning, achN
ing, tired eyes. If yon
n«*ed glasses you're do
ing yourself a grave in
justice not to have them.
Let us examine your
eyes for your own sake.
G. Walter Fiske says: "Believing that in these days of threatened fam
ily disaster we can not put moral safety into our homes without the
safeguards and spiritual help of vital religion: we must therefore make
our personal religion more courageous, out-spoken, more honest and
frank. Only thus can we win our modern youth to a personal loyalty to
Jesus Christ and his ideals of living.
"We sincerely desire that sort of religion which is a human exper
ience of God's life and love in the midst of life's Ordinary tasks and
tests. We covet a vital, life-giving relationship with the Supreme Pow
er at the heart of life."
Why not accept, the invitation and COME TO CHURCH NEXT SUNDAY?
—I). Carl Voder.
JP'tmrr ft rtti MM
Sixty years of Christian service in
the heart of San Francisco's China
town afforded the occasion for a
celebration by the Chinese Baptist
church. Their first building was
destroyed by the earthquake and
fire of 1906. but the present strue
ture, costing $70,000, houses the
many activities of the church which
include a kindergarten, Chinese dav
and night schools, and a social hall
used as a community center.
For some years the Federal Coun
cil of Churches has been trying to
broaden the Mother's Day idea by
promoting "the Festival of the
Christian Home." Now it is propos
ing a "Christian Family Week,"
which will begin the first Sunday in
May and close on Mother'i Day,
Sunday, May 11. In planning for
this observance the committees
dejiling with the family life—of the
Federal Council of Churches, the In
ternational Council of Religious Ed
ucation and the National Council of
Church Women—are collaborating,
as are also denominational depart
ments of religious education.
The Russian Missionary Society
reports, "Probably the greatest re
ligious revival of modern times has
been taking place for the last three
or four years along the Russian bor
der. Thousands of Polish Chris
tians liave been conducting the
work, and thousands have been
brought into the kingdom of God.
These Polish contributors are pa
thetically poor, but out of their
meagre earnings they are financing
the spread of gospel intelligence
raong the Russian people.
luMLiSAi 4f 'SiRiAiih&W. V Win'*
.7» V
It is a matter of regret that t"h
Bible is not taught in our public
schools. Very few people of matur
years have ever received anythin
but a smattering of the teachings of
the Bible, gathered from time to
time in childhood during the fe
moments when a Sunday school
teacher endeavored to impress re
ligious truth upon their childish
wandering minds. Such efforts al
though never lost, come far short of
that which ought to be done, when
we consider that the Bible is the
universally accepted authority fo
human conduct and public morals.
Rev. C. A. Moore, the pastor of
the Malta Methodist church, has un
dertaken to conduct a series of
studies designed to bring about
better understanding of the Bible
these studies to be given each Sun
day evening at the hour of the reg
ular service, instead of preaching a
sermon. Rev. Moore was an educa
tor before he became a minister. He
lias been from time to time an in
structor and lecturer in theological
seminaries where young men were
being trained for the ministry, and
is therefore well qualified to in
terpret the Bible, and to throw light
on many passages that are difficult
to understand.
Suppose you were asked such
Questions as: Is the book of Genesis
a correct record of creation. Does
the Bible change its stand as to its
idea of God. Are there any mis
takes in the Bible. To what extent
is the Old Testament an authority
for moral conduct. The New Testa
ment, is it to be taken literally
etc. How would you answer these
Those who have the opportunity
to do so will do well to attend
these services. They will be very
instructive to both the youthfii
and those of mature years. A bet
ter understanding of the Bible, and
more thought given to our moral ob
ligations is the outstanding need uf
the times, and neglect of this is
largely responsible for the terrible
lack in moral poise observed on ev
ery hand in the life of today.—
John F. Gregg.
Malta Nazarene Church
Sunday school, 9:30 a. «. Dora
Kasler, superintendent. Preaching
10:30 a. m., and 8 p. m. Prayer
meeting Wednesday evening.—Chas
Hill, pastor.
St. James Catholic Church
Masses on the 1st, 3rd and 5th
Sundays, will be at 9:30 a. m. an-.l
on 2nd and 4th Sundays at 7:30 a.
m.—Fr. W. L. Thomas, pastor.
Trinity Methodist Church
Church school classes meet at
9:15 a. m. Junior church and be
ginner's at 9:30. Morning service
of worship at 10:15. Some of the
lay people of Trinity church wi'l
discuss some of the work we are do
ing. Mrs. A. H. Whitacre of Ches
terhill will also speak. Mrs. Clyde
Jones will speak to the members of
Trinity guild on Wednesday after
noon, the 2fith. The Men's Brother
hood will meet on Thursday even
ing. the 27th. If you would be in
terested in helping a community
choir sing the ''Seven Last Words
of Christ" will you please report to
Mrs. King Betz, or at the parsonage
Church of Christ
(Seventh Street)
Bible study at °:30 a. «. Morn
ing worship at 10:30. Leader, Har
ry Gordon. Lesson, Revelation,
2nd chapter. Subject, "The Church
at Ephesus.'' Evening service at 7
o'clock. Leader, Frank McDonald.
Lesson, 1st Saiuuel, 3rd chapter
Subject, "Thy Servant Heareth,
verse 10. Mid-week meeting each
Wednesday evening at 7:30. You
are invited to these services.
Malta Methodist Church
9:15, church school. 3. B. Smith,
superintendent. 10:30, worship
hour Laymen speakers. 6 p. m.,
youth meeting. Devotions followed
,y social hour. 7, Bible lecture by
Mr. Moore.—C. A. Moore, pastor.
Grace Methodist Church
Church school, 9:15. Wm. Reed,
superintendent. Worship hour, at
10:30. Evening service at 7:30.
Everybody welcome to all services.
•L. S. Wees, pastor.
-1 .-
Owner and Agent
Office at home In upper Malta.
Telephone 49-Green Y\
We find in life exactly what we
put into it.—Emerson.
Ralph & Baker
The Morgan County Democrat, McConnelsville, Ohio, Thursday, February 20, 1941
Presbyterian Churches
McConnelsville: Sunday school at
9:30. Daryl Daniel, superintendent.
Preaching service, 10:30. Prayer
meeting, Wednesday, 7:30. Presby
terian young people's entertainment
Monday evening, 7:30, Feb. 24. Ev
wybody invited. No admission.
Bristol church: Sunday school at
9:30. Mrs. Mary L. H. Flanders,
superintendent. Prayer meeting at
10:30. Mr. Herman Reed, leader.
Young* people's meeting in Zion
Methodist church.
Deerfield: Sunday school at 10 a.
m. Mr. E, I. Price, superintendent.
No preaching service.^—-Chas. J. Cal
lier, pastor.
Main Street Church of Christ
9:80, morning church service
Sermon topic, ''Faith That Includes
People." The Lord's Supper is ob
served each Lord's day. The study
ot the Bible rehool lesson by classes
concludes the morning service. 7:30,
evening worship. Sermon, "Be Like
Men—With Shining Lights." The
girls' class taught by Mrs. Mabel
Asliton will meet at the home of
Miss Dorothy McCoy Friday evening,
Feb. 28. Wednesday evening. Feb
26, the church is planning a supper
and program. The young people arc
having a half hour panel discussion
on religion as it touches life. How
My Christianity Expresses Itself,
The Measure of Myself, Where My
Christianity Begins and Where,It
Reaches, I Believe III the World
Mission of the Church, I Believe in
Giving, and I Believe in Tithing
are some of the thoughts that will
guide the trend of the discussion.
All the church families are urged to
come and friends are invited. The
supper will be a covered dish meal.
—D. G. Holman, pastor.
Pleasant Grove Presbyterian Church
Sunday, Feb. 22: Sunday school
at 1:30 p. m. Preaching at 2:30.
•H. E. Warner, pastor.
The regular meeting of the Fixy
Stichers club was held at the home
of Mrs. Lulu Best, Feb. 13. Fifteen
members Were present. Lila Scott
gave a recitation, and an exchange
of Valentines was enjoyed. Delicious
refreshments were served by the
hostess. The next meeting will be
an all day meeting with pot luck
dinner at Anna Greathouse's, Thurs
day, Feb. 27.
In their knowledge of spelling,
punctuation, vocabulary, grammar
and diction, college freshmen today
are lagging far behind the average
freshman of four years ago. Such
is the nub of a report by Theodore
Gates, head of the department of
English composition at Pennsylvania
state college.
With each successive year, the
level gets lower, Professor Gates
told the delegates to the college con
ference on English, which met in
Atlantic City, N. J. Basing his find
ings on the diagnostic tests given
each entering freshman at Penn
State, the department head reported
that only about one-quarter of the
freshmen get as many as 60 percent
of the answers right, while 16 per
cent of the entering students fail fo
qualify for college English, and are
required to take a sub-freshmr.n
This poor showing, in the opinion
of Professor Gates, is the result of
increased enrollment in high schoois
and colleges, with a consequent lack
of attention to individual instruc
tion. To correct, the condition, ho
suggested that high school teachers
concentrate on developing the abil
ity of their students to read well
and write clearly. In addition, he
recommended that requirements for
certifying English teachers should
be tightened.—Pathfinder.
i" 4P
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f-_ ^T" ri,»,,sT"s w,,v*" 7'" *""u..""
NEW COMFORT was the keynote as
we made plans for this year's Ford,
Get in, through the new wide doors!
Stretch out, in room to spare! Seating
width has been increased as much as
7 inches. Knee-room and inside length
are greatest in the low-price field.
Then the road and try its
At the meeting of the Morgau
County Fox Hunters' association
held here the evening of Feb. 11.
at the Boy Scout cabin, with Clif
ford Wallace, the president, presid
ing. Tiie following resolution was
adopted: "Whereas the increasing
number of grey foxes in this county
are becoming a nuisance and a
menace to wild life and domestic
animals and whereas the associa
tion concurs with the farmers of
the county who consider the quail a
song bird, therefore be it resolved
that the Morgan County Fox Hunt
ers' association favors a bounty be
paid on grey foxes by the conserva
tion department of Ohio also that
the quail be retained on the song
bird list."—Signed by Clifford Wal
lace, president of the association. A
copy of the resolution was sent to
State Senator Dr. H. T. Phillipf
and to Dr. H. P. Michener, Morgan
county representative in the general
Several farmers were present at
the meeting and made honorary
members. Dog Warden S. A. McCon
nell made a talk in which he point
ed out how people can handle dogs,
to best cooperate with him, and he
expressed his appreciation of the
work of the association in helping
him line up dogs.
The refreshment committee serv
ed lunch, and several good chase3
were ''talked." The next meeting
will be held March 11 at the local
Boy Scout cabin.
Funeral rites for Howard Glass,
of Malta, who passed away Tuesday
of last week, were held at his late
home Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock,
with Rev. L. S. Wees, pastor of
Grace Methodist church of this
place, officiating. A part of the
service'* was the reading by Rev.
Wees of the hymns "Safe In the
Arms of Jesus' and "The Lights of
Home." Pall bearers were Messrs.
Fred E. Smith, M. D. Martin, Ernest
Henderson. Robert Porter, H. L.
Cowan and S. B. Sheridan. Inter
ment was in Malta cemetery.
John M. Scott, well known car
penter of this place, has completed
a small wood plaque of floral design,
which is one of the finest pieces of
inlaid wood to be found any place.
The naked eye can hardly detect
the joints and it has more the ap
pearance of being a painted design
than made of pieces of wood and
u o e e W e n i o e s
i o
working with wood, Mr. Scott is a
Every week, 300 or more quarts
of a thick, almost colorless liquid
are being shipped across the At
lantic to England. It is not a life
destroyer this is a lifesaver. It is
blood plasma, the fluid part of hu
man blood. Six hundred donors in
America are each week giving up a
sixth to a quarter of their blood for
the aid of—who knows whom? And
more stand ready to do the same,
ehould need arise.—Norman Som
merville, Chairman Canadian Red
Cross, in the February Rotarian
A dedication service for recrea
tion room, for young people of the
local Presbyterian church will be
held at the church Monday evening,
Feb. 24, at 7:30 o'clock. There will
be special music by Att'y and Mrs.
F. S. Doudna, and W. O. Porter
will speak. The "Unlighted Cross,'
a one act play, will be put on by
the following young people: Daryl
Daniel, Jimmie Richardson, Russell
A soft, steady, gliding new Ford ride
that takes good road or bad in a sat
isfying new kind of stride. And notice
the quietness of this big Ford!
There's news at your Ford Dealer's
that's too good to miss! News in com
fort. News in value. And news in a
"deal" that you'll find easy to take!
Twin City Motor Sales
Your Dealer
Fool iinutebec Avenue McConnelsville, Ohio
S "j&L lfi
Shepherd, Mary Baker, Faye Knox,
Eldoris Snyder, Robert Daniel,
Mary Wilson, Carol Warne, Ray
mond Lyon, Bernice Ray, Jean
A!oor, Kathleen Phillips, Carl Bak
er and Tad Young.
The ladies of the church will
serve tea, and everyone is cordially
invited to inspect the recreational
room. There will be no admission
charge, but an offering will be tak
Miss Jessie Wells was hostess to
the New Era club Monday evening
and the program proved to be an un
usual and very entertaining one.
Miss Wells and Mrs. Gray had
charge of the program and had in
vited the members to come and
bring their dolls. Over 50 dolls
were on display, and many coun
tries and periods represented. A
paper on "History of Dolls" was
written by Mrs. Gray, and read by
Mrs. Frank Beckett. Mrs. Frank
Coulson told of a doll owned by
Miss Ethel Cope, and sold to an an
tique dealer which was later pre
sented to Madame Flagstad, the
noted soprano. Several members
told interesting things about the.'r
A new member, Mrs. James Turn
er, was welcomed into the club. Tha
president, Mrs. J. J. Christie, pre
sided during the evening. Mrs. F.
N. Gray, on account of illness, could
not be present. Club will meet iu
two weeks at the home of Mrs.
Chas. Dye, Kennebec hill.
Almost like fiction is the story of
Laddie, the old dog, slowly grieving
himself to death for his master,
who had gone to the army. Regula
tions were sidestepped in a most ap
provable humane manner and dog
and master reunited at Camp Ord,
Calif., after the dog was flown there
from Kansas by plane.
Unfortunately, Laddie was too
old to recover from the illness
brought on by lonesomeness, which
seems to affect dogs as much os it
does humans, but the gesture was a
fine one and no doubt served to re
vive in many minds memories of a
pet that was near human in its ac
The unthinking are apt to regard
all animals as dumb and incapable
of feeling, but anyone who has long
been associated with dogs and
horses, especially, knows that they
Of stars that gleam when day is done.
We'd sing to thee of every state
That thou did'st well in union mate
Of territories far away
O'er oceans where the white crests play.
We'd sing to Thee—thy date of birth
Will honored be thoughout the earth
Great statesman, general and man,
Concluding every patriot's plan.
Our selection of merchan
dise is complete, and our
service is yours.
&*• n
Great Father, harken to our praise
And listen while our voices raise:
We'd sing to thee of placid streams
.. and enjoy
a great
new ride!
1 A i s
-r .* «wr»- *-,•» w:
Page ThreS
may form such an attachment for
their master that they literally
pine away of a broken heart when
No doubt the sensibilities and rea
soning powers of these animals are
underrated, and huma* beings, by
ignoring these qualities in their
pets, are oftentimes guilty of ex
treme cruelty, when they give these
animals away or abandon them for
long periods. Who has not seen a
dog go moping and whimpering
about the house when some mem
ber of the family has gone away, or
has not thrilled at the enthusiastic
welcome accorded by the dog when
returning from a prolonged ab
We doubt if there is anything
more tragic than the distress of tho
little dog when his young owner
has to leave him to go to school. lie
just can't understand why he is left
out of this excursion when he has
been in the habit of going on all
The mind of animals has not been
thoroughly explored, and the case of
Laddie reveals that there are soma
qualities about brutes to which su
perior humans might- give sympa
thetic attention.—O. S. Journal.
Volunteer firemen are not requir
ed to contribute two precent of their
compensation to the firemen'8 relief
and pension fund, but may do so if
they so desire. Attorney General
Thomas J. Herbert, said this weels
in an opinion to the Bureau of In
spection and Supervision of Public
Offices. Trustees of the firemen's
pension fund may make contribu
tions to volunteer and part time
firemen regardless of whether they
have contributed to the fund or not,
Mr. Herbert said.
Township trustees may order the
construction of a line fence only
when the place where the fence Is to
be built is not in dispute Attorney
General Thomas J. Herbert held thi3
week in an opinion t® Harry A.
Mettler, Athens county prosecutor.
No power or authority is vested in
township trustees to settle boundary
line disputes, Mr. Herbert said. The
question arose, Mr. Mettler said,
when a farmer had a survey made of
bis farm and relocated his portion
of the line fence upon the lands of
his neighbor. The neighbor asked
the trustees to rebuild the fence in
its original location.
On which the brightest sunlight gleams.
"We'd sing to thee of mountain tops,
Of bounteous, yellow, harvest crops.
Of lakes that sparkle in the sun,
s A

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