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Born Feb. 22,
**Conn«lrrtlU, Ohio Batablished 1871
RAYMOND DURBIN. Editor and U&nager
l*oo&ls among news
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Benjamin enter
taiued at dinner Sunday in honor
of their daughter Bernita's birth
day. Those present were Mrs.
Flora Carr, G. E. Carr and daugh
ters Arlene and Lois Ann of Logan,
Joyce Ililaman of Brokaw, and
Jilaine Ross. Afternoon guests were
Frank Carr and Mr. and Mrs. Jesse
Coleman and children.
Miss Llda Hanlin who has been
nursing at the Mrs. Lawrence Eve
land home in McConnelsville for
the past eight weeks, returned to
her home here, Monday morning.
Mrs, Edna Scott and grandson
Ronald Scott of Stockport and A.
A. Henery and son Lewis were af
ternoon visitors at the J. R. Henery
home, Sunday.
Mrs. Francis Starling visited from
Friday evening until Tuesday at Ma
rietta, with her daughter. Miss Max
ine Starling.
Miss Valena Rardin is at the Har
ry Waite home, assisting in the care
oi Mrs. Waite's mother, Mrs. Linda
Mr. and Mrs. John Barrett of Ath
ens spent Saturday night and Sun
day with the latter's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Vernon Ros% Mr, Barrett
who is a lieutenant in the officers'
reserve of the U, S. army, will go
to Ft. Ilayes, Columbus, Thursday
f®r physical Examination, after
•which, if he passes, he will go tft
f'hanute Field* at Rantoulf,lit,
•where he will fee stationed as Heil^*
tenant, Mrs. Barrett will refciaitt at
Athens, where she is employed in
Irlerk's o[£icf of itye state Uoa
jpital. «. 3%l"
Maurice Hanlin underwent a phys
'4-al examination Mohday for armjr
Service. It is probable he will leave
for military training some time in
Ularch. He has been employed for
several months at the Sandwich
JBhoppe, in McConnelsville.
Ivan Ball who is employed at Co
lumbus, spent the week end with
his family.
Mrs. Aliiia Kinney is quite ill with
Mrs. Mabel Scott, near Roxburjv
iras a recent caller at the home of
er sister, Mrs. O. V. Hanlin.
Miss Jean Kinney was a guest
Sunday of Miss Valena Rardi*.
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Died Dec. 14, 1799
Churchill Makes Promise
In two recent addresses which have been broadcast
to the world, Prime Minister Winston Churchill of
England has made it plain that they do not require
large armies from overseas. "Give us the tools the
prime minister says and we will finish the job. Sucn
a pledge is news to this country. Sentiment
in America is overwhelming in favor of furnishing the
"war tools'' to England and sentiment is just as
strong against Benuing our boys overseas to fight.
England is going to have a mighty big task to win
against Hitler's powerful military machine, which con
trols a large part of Europe's mines and mills and
coastlines and has harnessed captive millions to its in
dustry and agriculture.
Churchill knows that England's cause is hopeless
unless America supplies his country with war ma
terials, and America should be awake to the fact, and
the consequence that would follow in the event Eng
land loses.
Why Change R. F. D. Schedule?
We have failed to learn of a single good argument
advanced as to why change the time of the R. F. D.
carriers out of the local postoffice, as recently an
nounced. The suggested change would make it so the
carriers would leave before the arrival of the south
bound mall by train. Leaving just a short time before
this mail arrives would make patrons on the routes
get mail coming on the morning train, a day late.
That is, the mail would remain in the office here from
soon after the time the carriers would leave until the
next day. The suggested change would also work to a
The Civilian Conservation Corps
will conduct four intermediate en
rollments during the year 1941 in
addition to the regular quarterly
enrollments which take place in
January, April, July and October
The intermediate enrollments will
occur in February, May, August and
November and are for the purpose
of bringing Ohio CCC camps up to
full working strength in the period
between the regular enrollments
The county selecting agency, lo
cated at Morris building, McCon
nelsville, is taking applications for
youug men who are interested in
going to a CCC camp during the pe
riod February 18-28, 1941.
Friday evening riagtors at the Lee. urd^y {light, is much better,
Benjamin home were Misses Glady
Potts, Kathleen Burcher and Lu
ville Geddes of Penusville.
Latest mumps cases in this vi
cinity are Misses Marjorie Kinney
and Frances Hanlin.
Mrs. Emma Henery and son Er
nest of Todds, and Mr. and Mrs
Harry Hooper were Thursday guests
of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Henery.
Mr. and Mrs. Beeman Kinney vis
ited Sunday afternoon at the O. V
Hanlin home.
Mr. and Mrs. John Barrett visited
Sunday afternoon with her grand
mother, Mrs. Augusta Ross of Dale
Mrs. Ross who has been confined to
her bed much of the time, remains
about as usual.
Mr. and Mrs. Beeman Kinney and
L. V. Rardin and wife were Sunday
evening visitors at the Harry Waite
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Ray and
two children of Cloud spent one
day last week with Mr. and Mrs.
Edgar Chambers.
Charles Phillis, near here, suffer
ed a heart attack while at the Har
ry Grandstaff barber shop, Satur
Mrs. Emma Tannehill, who has
been quite ill for some time, re
mains about the same.
Annex Two Game's
Tit spite of the illness of many
team members, the Manchester var
sity team won two victories over
the week end. Deavertown played
here Friday night while Sarahsville
was the opponent Saturday night..
Both games were well attended and
the school is looking forward to an
exciting game with Stockport Fri
day night. This not only is Man
chester's last home game, but also
the last game before the tourna
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Mahoney were
Zanesville visitors. Saturday.
Mrs. J. B. Rohrbaugh has been
quite ill.
Mrs. Kathryn Wright and infant
son, who intended to spend some
time with the former's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Alfred Bishoff, have re
turned to Parker8burg, W. Va. An
other son, Glen Wright, renaiae4
for a longer visit.
Miss Ina Haines and friend Lou
ise Ray of Bristol attended a bas
ketball game at Marietta, with
Principal W. P. Haskins, Monday
evening. The girls are senior high
cheer leaders for the local liigh
Miss Evelyn Shrivers, who has
been ill for some time with a ser
ious heart disease, is much improv
The primary room of the local
chool, which is taught by Miss Lou
ise Crew, opened again Monday.
Several pupils are still out of school
because of sickness.
Peputy Sheriff Huston Croy and
nvlfe of McConnelsville were Sunday
guests of the latter's parents, Mr.
jind Mrs. Edgar Chambers.
Mrs. Lizzie Wilson, who suffered
severe attaek of indigestion Sat-
disadvantage, rather than advantage to doctors, mer
chants and others who want to send packages out by
R. F. D. mail.
If put to a vdte 6f patrons of the routes and the busi
ness firms here, we believe the result would show a de
cided sentiment against making the change. Mail ser
vice should be planned at all times so as to give pa
trons the very best, most efficient service possible.
Children And Juvenile Court
Eight points that, if followed by parents, will keep
their young out of the juvenile courts are offered by
Ernest L. Reeker, judge of the county court (juvenile
division) of Madison, Nebraska, in recent issue ©f
The Rotarian magazine.
"Wealth, position, and family are no defense against
crime," he stresses. "Children come to me because
their parents did not measure up to their task!** The
statistics show that nearly six million parents have
Judge Reeker places ''the meaning of true discipline"
and "the dignity of labor" as the first two of the fun
damentals which 16 years of daily association with the
problems have brought home.
Third, ''an awareness of the value of money," he
continues. Fourth, "stress self-reliance fifth, "en
courage curiosity." Judge Reeker does not attempt to
place the last few in any order of importance, but he
lists: ''Good manners-~vitally important" sixth sev
enth, "encourage a.spirit of play and eighth, relig
ious instruction. "The child a stranger to church and
Sunday school most often comes afoul of the lavtr."
But Judge Reeker emphasizes the fact that the par
ent, not the child, is the responsible party. "Correct
first the error in yourself then put your child back in
the parade of good citizens," he pleads.
Wendell Willkie Sweats
When Wendell Willkie was called before the senate
committee to testify concerning the Lend-Lease meas
ure before congress, he was put through hours of ques
tioning that kept him in a sweat most of the tims
Since Willkie's return from a whirlwind trip to Eng
land and other European countries he found conditions
over there very much as had been pictured by Presi
dent Roosevelt. During the hearing the senators who
led the questioning of the recent Republican candidat
for president, read a number of extracts from his cam
paign speeches in which he criticised the president for
his stand and attempted to point out where the chief
executive was wrong, and what he would do were he
We find quite a discrepancy between his campaign
utterances and his testimony before the senate commit
tee. When closely questioned Willkie admitted where!
he was wrong, and also is quoted as saying that certain
allowances should be made for statements he made dur
ing a political campaign. When he had finished it was
very evident that he not only wholeheartedly favors
the president's Lend-Lease bill, but even went further
in suggesting more aid to England, than the bill pro
Because Mr. Willkie changed his position, and be
cause he now sees as does the president, he is most bit
terly condemned by leaders of the political party who
did all they could for his election last fall. Perhaps if
those who are taking the lead in opposing the Lend
Lease measure, would do as Mr. Willkie did—take a
trip abroad and get first hand information, free from
political propaganda, they too would change their
The son born recently to Mr. and
Mrs. Harold Haines has been named
Harold Jay. Miss Janot Iiutchin
is assisting at the Haines home.
Mrs. Haines and infant son will be
brought to their home from Memor
ial hospital, today (Thursday).
Mr. and Mrs. A, M. Bankes visited
Thursday at the Charley Banke
home, near Ringgold.
Jno. Harker was a business visit
€r at Marion, Thursday.
Mrs. Carl Masterson and children
of Malta are spending the week witii
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. W
Greuey, while Mr. Masterson attends
the Farm Bureau convention in Co
Mr. and Mrs. Orville Davis and
son Roger of Licking View and
Mrs. Frank Davis of Westland vis
ited Sunday afternoon with Mr. and
Mrs. A. C. Warren.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Harrison of
Ringgold visited Wednesday with
Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Glass.
C. W. Cordray attended the stock
sale in Zanesville, Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Patterson and
three sons of Zanesville spent the
week end with their pareijts, Mr.
and Mrs. E. G. Patterson.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kuntz, Mc
Connelsville, spent Sunday at their
farm here, with the Kelley Jackson
Ronald Finley and Dwight Price
were business visitors in Crooksville,
Mr. and Mrs. G. R. McCall and
Wm. Forsyth were in Zanesville
Friday and visited Ernest Mclnturf
at the Bethesda hospital.
Mrs. Willard Fox and Mr. an!
Mrs. Ray McKibben of Dale were
unday visitors at the Ranson Lane
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Sands and
three children of Marietta were
recent visitors at the E. E. Barrett
Mumpg are still raging in this
vicinity. At present quite few
»re absent from school with them.
Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Price received
word Monday that their daughter,
Mrs. Rule Brown of Centerburg is
in the White Cross hospital in Co
umbus, where she underwent an op
Recent visitors at Harry Brock's
included Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Ross
and four children, Mr. and Mrs.
Harmon Brock and three children,:
Junior Stevens, Wm Nelson, Mr.
nd Mrs. Denzil Slater and two chil
dren and Mr. and Mrs. Roily Sim
mons of Zanesville.
The little son bom recently
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Greuey of Mor
ganville has been named Max Wal
Twelve ladies of the Sunshine
Circle sewing club assisted Mrs.
Kate Ford with quilting on Thurs
day, Feb. S, A very enjoyable day
and a bountiful dinner is reported
The next meeting will be Thursday.
Feb. 20, with Mrs. Elma Campbell.
Mrs. GoW*t, -it Poor
e a V i
Harold Bankes and family of J*»-
Jfhe Morgan County Democrat, McConnelsville, Ohio, Thursday February 20,1941
rietta visited over Sunday with
friends here.
Clifford Patterson Is under a doc
tor's care, suffering with cold.
Ronald Finley and family are
planning to move soon to Zanes
ville. All are sorry to lose theso
fine folks from our midst.
Mrs. John Harker visited over
the week end with her son, Fenton
Harker and wife in Zanesville, and
accompanied them to Newark and
I arberton tor a visit with friends
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Glass visited
in Zanesville Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Nixon and lit
tle daughter Patricia Ann of Colum
1 us visited Monday with home folks,
at Lyman Nixon's.
P. W. Patterson and family visit
ed Sunday at the Willard Patterson
and J. S. Phillis homfcs in Zanes
ville. Mrs. Phillis is in very poor
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Sands and
three sons and Mrs. S. C. Massey
j:nd daughter Gloria were Sunday
visitors at Mrs. Elizabeth Sands'.
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Buckley and
daughter Nita of Portersville, were
Sunday callers at Charles Buck
Mrs. Lena Clay and Mrs. Juanita
Fitch are ill with mumps.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carr and son
Garry were Sunday visitors at Ches
ter Carr's at Wolf Creek.
Carlos and Anna May Clifford
and Virgil Anderson of Oil Spring
run were Sunday visitors at Clifford
Mrs. Sarah Carr called on Mrs.
Lester Greuey, Mrs. Charles Buck
ley and Mrs. Ethel Jordan, Monday.
Visitors at Lester Greuey's Sun
day were Mrs. Fred Roberts and
daughter Frances, Miss Dorothy
Starrett, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Greuey
and four children of Deerfield, Mr.
and Mrs. Bernard Greuey and two
daughters, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Mas
terson and two children of Malta
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Greuey cf
Miss Martha Hartley has recover
ed from mumps.
S. C. Massey is ill with grip.
The. little son born, to Mr. and
Mrs. Lester Greuey, has been named
Max Wallace Greuey.
Eugene Trimper of this place.
Mr. and Mrs. Luther Rush of Sun
day Creek and Mr. and Mrs. Carl
Waxier and three children of Zanet
ville, were Sunday visitors at Wor
ley Pierce's, near Portersville.
The weather is so cjold and blus
tery that the workers "on WPA are
not getting much work..
Gold i ng-Cani fb41
Announcement has been made of
the marriage of Miss Dorothy Camp
bell and Mr. Golding, of Glendale.
Calif. Miss Campbell, jvas a resi
dent of this place vntil gjie went to
California, where she h^g been em
ployed for the past few years.
Attend Wrririrtlg
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse William's and
daughter Mary Eva attended the
wedding of Miss Beese Richey and
Vincent Sehlotterbeck -of Dayton,
which took place Saturday evening
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ber
nard Click of Killbuck. Mrs. Click
was hostess at a dinner at her hom
ou Sunday in honor of Mr.' and Mrs.
S hlotterbeck.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilford Mercer-of
Crooksville were dinner guests Sun
day of Mr. and Mrs. El^ood Mercer.
Jn the afternoon they attended th(
funeral services of Mrs. Clara
Swayne at Tabor.
Mrs. Helen Burcher is ill with
mumps. Miss Lila Scott is staying
at the Burcher home.
Delmar Archer is recovering
from an appendicitis operation ai
Good Samaritan hospital, Zanesville
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Ililaman were
dinner guests of her mother Mrr
Alice Rouse of Oak Ilill, Sunday.
Mrs. La Donna WU^gins of Cleve
land is visiting her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Arthur Dougan.
A miscellaneous showe^ was giv
en Monday evening at the home ol
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Dougan for Mr.
and Mrs. Ray Mendenhall (Helen
Dougan). They received many love
ly and useful gifts.
Miss Hazel Thompson spent Fri
day and Saturday with Mrs. Minnie
Brill of Stockport. Mr. and Mrs.
Will Thompson spent Sunday at the
Brill home.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Dougan of
Columbus and Mrs. Maida Gilmor?
of Philo were week end guests of
Grant Gilmore. Mrs. Emma Wag
oner and son Harold were dinner
guests at the Gilmore home, Sun
Mrs. Fred Williams entertained
at dinner Sunday in honor of her
husband and son Dana's birthdays,
each occurring the previous week.
Those present were Mrs. Adel Wil
liams, Miss Martha Spencer, Mr.
and Mrs. Dana Williams and son,
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hilaman and
two children, Mrs. Lucy Dougan and
daughter, Miss Besse Bingman, Mrs.
Hunter Leslie of Columbus, Mrs.
Lulu Hiatt ef Beverly, Mr. and Mrs.
C. S, Hlstt and Mr. and Jtfrs, Wil
i a s w 1 1 V V 4
Mrs. Goldie Dougan is at the Al
derman home at McConnelsville,
caring for Mrs. E. M. Stanbery.
Mrs. Hattie Adrean returned to
her home at New Concord, Sunday,
atter spending several weeks at the
home of her mother, Mrs. Laura
Several from here attended
funeral services of George Brill, of
Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Wilson and
family and Mrs. Edith Harkins spent
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Mrs. Mary Thompson entertained
several ladies Thursday with a quilt
ing. Those present were Mrs. Han
nah Archer, Mrs. Laura Pidgeon,
Mrs. Anna Mercer, Mrs. Hattie
Adrean, Mrs. Laura Davis, Mrs.
Lena Doqgpfe,
Helen Menden­
hall, and MlssHazelThompsonV,
A. Burcher of Pcnittr-
\iile will preach at the Church, cf
Christ, next Sunday morning.
Church services at ^he Methodist
ehurch next Sunday a: ternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm, Williams and
Mrs. Hettie Taylor ot Shawnee
were callers in this neighborhood,
last Thursday.
Mr. Wiseman who li^'es on the
Sears farm, sawed a set of wood
last week for Ivan Nelson.
Herman and John Richardson are
among the latest victims of mumps.
S. E. Appleman and family, near
Zanesville, and Ray Calendine and
family of McConnelsville. were Sun
day visitors at Lyle Martin's.
Victor Duff and family, were Sun
day visitors at Roseville.
On account of the epidemic of
mumps the intermediate gr ides of
school will be closci for a few days.
PTA will be held Wednesday ev
ening, Feb. 26. The M. & M. high
school band will furnish the pro
gram. Refreshments will be sand
wiches, pickle, pie and coffee.
Poplar Ridge
The Misses Ruth and Jeanetto
Porter are suffering with mumps.
Pauline has recovered and return
ed to her duties at the treasurer's
Mrs. James Love and daughter
Dixie Lea of McConnelsville spent a
few days the last of the week with
the former's parents, Mr. and Mm.
Herschel Taylor.
Bonita Ellis is home from school
suffering with mumps.
Lily Barnliart and Marilyn Geddes
are back in school this week, after
an attack of mumps.
Tommy Ashton and family have
moved from the house at Joetown
which is owned by Charles Weeden.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Massey and
daughter iPaula attended the social
at Smith Chapel church, Saturday
Dickey Copeland Is on the sick
Mrs. Clarence Ellis has returned
heme, after spending several days
at the home of her son, Curtis, near
Wolf Creek, while the latter's wife
was with her mother, Mrs. Roy
Fogle at Zanesville. Mrs. Fogle has
a fractured hip and had a blood
clot removed from the base of the
brain. She fell down a flight of
stairs at her home at Trinway.
Earl Kimble who has been ill
with mumps at the home of his son
Kenneth, has recovered.
Frank Kincaid has been in poor
health the past few weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. Dawson Cordray are
moving in with her father, Harry
Bucey, on the south river road.
Fay Walker and Bob Ullman of
Z&nesville were Sunday visitors at
the John Anderson home.
Mr. and Mrs. Forest Henderson of
Columbus spent Sunday at the Frank
Porter home.
22* At Community Dinner
The community dinner held in
the new community center Thursday
evening, was, by unanimous opinion.
»ii. fL# Daiz i, A u xl 'idr
Box equal, 2 99*»
lbs. in pods. fa
i sp&ifiL 20c
What flavor
Bo sen es
box (13 oz.)
one of the most delightfuU affairs
ever held in Chesterhill. Jn all 22S
tickets were sold. The affair itself
was an example of what can hap
pen when there is 10® s, percent co
operation. All committees worked
in perfect »harmony. The dinner
committee, headed by Mrs. Delphino
Shook, prepared a meal that could
not have been duplicated in the
county for twice the price of the
tickets, and the girl scouts served
if. with dispatch and such gracious
ness that it made it taste even bet
ter. People from all over Marion
township were present, and all left
feeling it was a good thing to hava
come together in fellowship. Ev
eryone on the prograxn responded,
and did his part well. Charles O.
Thomas took the part of toastmas
ter as if it were his every day vo
cation. Mayor Williams, in w welf
chosen words, gave a cordiaf wel
come to the people of the township,}
and Judge Carlos Riecker gave
most appropriate response. A moc.-t'
inspiring address was given by Rev.
Glenn L. Tennell, of McConnels
ville. There were four short talks
by the following: Josephine Smith,
social betterment Hiram Hart, civ
ic pride John Patterson, recreation
Mrs. Lena Whitacre, the place of
the church in the community. Sev
eral numbers were rendered by a
local male quartet. Rev. G. C. Nut
ter gave the invocation and Carl
Patt rson £,ave a brief- summary of
the evening's program. Greetings
from Frank W. Murphey and wife
of Pittsburgh were read,
George Fawcett was able to re
turn home Sunday and is quite im
proved, after having three blood
transfusions at Memorial hospital.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilford Smith an
nounce the birth of a daughter, Feb.
13. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs.
H. L. Smith great grandmothers
are Mrs. Amanda Smith and Mrs.
Lucy Starling.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Miller spent
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
"Goddard and children,
M?ry Emma Kille, daughter of
Mr! and Mrs. Earl Kille, has scarlet
Mr. and Mrs. F. E. ShftVers* and
dnv.^lTtor Dtih of Malta spent Sua.
day with Mr. and Mrs. ErneSt Kin
caid and family. ...
Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Zumbro, Eva
Zumbro, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Zum
bro attended the funeral of George
Brill, at Stockport, Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Miller and Mrf.
Lucille Vincent spent Sunday *t
Canton, where they were called by
the serious illness of Mrs. Miller's
aunt, Mrs. Rachel Griffith.
Mr. and Mrs. Emory Montgomery
of Columbus visited Friday at the
Bert Montgomery home. Mr. Mont*
jgomery is improving.
Mrs. Nellie Grigsby spent Satur
day and Sunday with her daughter,
Mrs. Lucille Hann.
Mrs. Mae Michener and Mrs. Al
lie Webster were dinner guests of
Mrs. Ruth Miller, Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. M. Scott t)f
McConnelsville were Sunday after
noon callers at Abbie Denny's.
The Chesterhill library will be
closed Saturday on account of
Washington's birthday.
2 1 9Cr?
6 boxes 23c
PUMPKIN—Mellow Glow
No. can_ 3 for 25c
3 lb. can 47c
Quart Jar 14c
Quart Jar..
Fairmont's. Quart Jar 25c
2 lb. bo* .. J-.1 18c
2 lb. box ..23c
'r£ALT Wj«^.
3 lb. box 9c
For Fine Quality MEAT at a Reasonable Price
Marvelous New Suds
Large i? Medium
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Zumbro and
children of Marietta, Mrs. Pauliufe
Harris and daughter were Sunday
Visitors at S. B. Zumbro's.
Frank Calendine who has been
sick at his home here for several
days, has pneumonia.
Mrs. Lena Whitacre, Mrs. Allea
Faires, Mrs. Sally Patterson, Mas.
Lucille Hodgin. Mrs. Alta Reed and
Marian Reed spent Wednesday a?*
ternoon with Mrs. Florence Ha*
mer, at Zanesville.,
Mr. and Mrs. Jo® Bowman wef%
Sunday visitors of Mr. and Mrs. A.
T. Schofield.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Talbott and
daughter Loretta visited Sunday
with Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Potter %nd
two children, at Newark.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Smith and
Clair Thomas of Cleveland spent the
week end with relatives here.
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Bowman ars
moving this week to the Chas. Glf
ford property, vacated by GeraM
Dorothy Calendine of Columbus
spent the week end with her par
ents here.
Martha Bowman, teacher at Ash
land, spent the week end at her
home here.
Members of the Sunshine Sunday
school class had a party at tha
Methodist church, Friday evening.
Refreshments were served to the
following: Marian Reed, Dora Bow
man, Lucy Hoon, Josephine Smith.
Mabel Howard, Dessie Smith, Racy
Goddard, Ruth Bowman, Vera New
burn, Zola Eckard, Mary EvanB and
Faye Harris. Hostesses were Edna
Ellis, Mary Williams, Helen Row
land and Hazel King.
Landon Long returned home SUP
day, after spending a month in Cal
Mrs. Sally PatteTson entertained
with a birthday dinner in honor of
her husband, Joho- Patterson, Sun
day evening, the following* ^Dr. and
Mrs. A. H. Whittfcre, Mr. and Mrs.
Carl Bowman, Mr. and Mrs.
Hodgin, Alta aud Marian Reed
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. JHoon hare
returned home,
after spending a
week in Virginia.
Widow of Jason Fawcett
,. Mary E. Fawcett, the widow of
Jason Fawcett, passed away at C©n
cordvilie, Pa., on the 9th fnst.' ThW
Fawcetts were highly esteemed resi
dents of our village for many years,
moving to Concordville about 3i
years ago. Since the death of her
husband a few months ago, she had
been living with her daughter, Mi^a.
Martha F. Shaw.
Methodist Church
Schedule of services, Feb. 831
Chesterhill Methodist. Subject,
"The First Deacons," Acts 6, 7
chapter. Worship: Oakland, 9:15
a. m. Chesterhill 11 a. m. Ames
ville, 7:30 p. m. Sunday school:
Amesville, 9.30 a. m.—Jessie Lorta,
superintendent Chesterhill, 9:45 a.
m.—Emily Kinsey, superintendent
Oakland, 10:20 a. m.—E. J. Ross,
superintendent. The CheBterhill
young people will have their service
at the Amesville church in connec
tion with the worship services Sun
day evening. All the young people
are asked to meet at the Chesterhill
church at 2 p. m., to arrange for
this service.—G. C. Nutter, pastor.
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A Fine Quality Blend
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