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A. H. Wilson,
)ATUltrAV, - ULY lit, 188(1.
II Slilieit
" ' i . i ii i - . 7
The Salvation Army will invade
Logan, July 17. Whey will stay six
inontliH or perhaps longer.
Ni: a uia' every Bcpubllcun school
teacher (Hit of u Job in Ohio, talks of
running for School Commissioner.
The Teacher's institute-will con
vene August '2 ut Logan ami con
tinue i'or two wcekri. Ci. P. Color
will be the intructor.
Oim subscription list, though
large, Is not quite full. Like the
proverbial street car, tljere is al
ways room for one more, Send in
your names.
Wi: learn through the Clucinpnti
Enquirer Unit Lancaster is to have
a new Democratic paper, with John
C. TuthiU as editor. If so, it will
be woH edited. We wish it success.
fTur. output of coal in Hocking
county, according to the annual re
port of the State Inspector of Minos,
was in 1884, o72,G!)4 tons, and in Wi,
uT(i,ll tons the greatest increase
in tlit State.
Tnosi: of our citizens who luivo
rend our flrnt issue express them
selves in the highest terms of praise.
Wo expect to improve and continue
to merit the kind expressions so
lavishly bestowed.
Judge John L. Green, for twenty
five yeurs a Judge of the Court of
jCommon Pleas at Columbus, died
at his home in that city, Friday,
aged eighty-six years. He was ono
of the ablest jurists Oldo has pro
duced, and he mado an excellent
dispenser of justice.
Fjtz John PoiiT-r.it has at hist
been vindicated. In conformity to
the recent legislation of Congress,
the President this week nominated
him to bo placed on the retired list
of the army nsaMaJor-Genoral.IIe
will, when confirmed by the Senate,
bear the same relation to the army
of the U. S. as if he had never been
We Arc Woiitleriiifr.
Will Gen. Logan be invited to
stump Ohio for the Republican
ticket this year'
"Will lie be nominated for Pre.-i-
dont on the Republican National
'ticket in 1888..
Will ho be talked about in every
conclave of Republican politicians
as the great and good John A. Logan.
Oivo t! a llest.
We have n row Bcpttblienn neigh
bors who are determined to sec no
good In the Democratic party, and
to set tldlvn every Democratic per
formance as bad. Whey are Just
now engaged In proclaiming a weak
theory that Hon. Derlnh Wilkjns
was renominated for Congress Jy
fraud. Of course they present no
proof, and not even suggestlwis of
proof. They never do. They slin
ply rise up on their hind legs urn!
yell "fraud!" There was u very
warm contest in the convention
which recently nominated Wllklns
for the third tlnie. Holmes, Co
shocton undLleking counties all had
strong candjdates fo whom they
were devoted, and as Mr. Wllkins
had ' already been elected twice,
they pressed their men with un
common vigor. The contest had
to come to an end some time, and
if It luul closed in favor of Judge
Hunter, of Newark, there would
no doubt have been as many charg
es of fraud as there are now. It is
claimed that the votes which final
ly renominated Wilkins were cap
tured from Licking county, through
tlie machinations of Col. Isaac R.
Hill, a very "slick" politician, who
now occupies the position of Asslat
ant Scrgeant-at-arms of the Nation
al House of Representatives, and
who has the threatening front of
Jove when ho goes for refractory
members with the mace. Isaac
once facetiously observed that he
was for Wllkins in Washington and
Hunter in Newark, and we verily
suspect he was for Wllkins in Co
shocton, where the convention was
held. Ho no doubt influenced a
number of Licking county delegates
to leave Hunter and vote for Wil
kins; but ho influenced them by
his persuasive eloquence, and not
in the mercenary manner remotely
suggested in the Republican prints.
Isaac lias a tongue as wheedling as
that of the duke of Gloucester.
Licking county has no great
ground for complaint. Indeed, our
understanding is tiiat Judge Hun
ter and his friends are not "kick
ing." It is the Republicans who
are throwing their boot heels into
the circumambient air and squeal
ing themselves hoarse about fraud.
We pause to inquire, what busi
ness it is of the Republicans, any
how. Don't they know that not one of
their party would have voted for
any one of the candidates even had
lie been nominated.
Another Schooner Seized.
Lei ii8 Have Peace.
H.VMKAX, N. H.,.Tuly l.-lt In learned that
luxt evening thv Aim rlrnii llhliiir ncliouncr
rlly Point nut Into tint Hliclliurne Imrlior for
wnlcr mill ri'inilri, mid that hiip vim mirM
mill H Mill liciil l;y tlio nonunion crnixer,
,jici;l k
Kfrui'tloiiH from Otlinwi.
f. tinllilltlif 111
Is iiiiifpnityxMl (Tint her ullenxo wtin tuuliifj
wnlcr on hoard hoforn licluir rcmirluil It) tliu
ciixtom lignite. E.xcluiUKi'.
J lift how long the government of
tho United States will remain quiet
under the repeated insults to our
flag, wo aro unable to tell, but) there
Is n point at which forbearance
ceases to be a virtue.
England should be meekly solicit
ed to keep violent hands off the
property of the citzens of this common-wealth,
and if she continues
to presist, Canada should at once
bo annexed to the U. S., and an at
tempt made to civilize her people.
The posession of tho vnstteiri
tory known as British America by
tho Government of England is a
standing menace to our Govern
ment and should not bo tolerated.
We are for peace, permanent peace,
if it takes every soldier and gun in
the U. S. to bring it about.
Democratic Unity
The Salvation Army.
The Galllpolis Journal thus de
livers its opinion of the Salvation
army as run at Galllpolis:
We have been told that the Sal
vation army is about to fold its
tents and steal away. "Laus Deo."
They came hero without the solici
tation and they will leave without
being regretted. They may have
done some good, but we arc sure
they have done much more harm.
Some members of Christian church
es at first encouraged them, hoping
that they might have accomplished
something, but very soon dropped
them in disgust. We believe them
as a rule, to be persons who are too
lazy to earn an honest living, and
who find it easy to impose on per
sons, and "steal the livery of heav
en" to servo themselves and the
devil in. It is a matter of almost
common knowledge hero that their
conduct has been such as to shame
the cause they pretend to advocate,
and should have earned for them
the distinction of having been run
out of town with n coat of tar and
feathei on them.
;At 3 3-4 Cts. Per Yard,
1,000 Yard Best Standard l'rlnts.
A.-fcl- cts. T'oi Yard
HOO Yards Good Apron Gluthams.
Ouv Nation's Birthday.
fiince our last issue tho United
States has passed its One Hundred
and Tenth Anniversary, and not
withstanding so great a period of
time lias elapsed since that mo
mentous era in the history of the
world, tho day has not been for
gotten by the people- who reap the
blessings of the act, that separat
ed us from the Mother Country'
and liierallycarried out the injunct
tion inscribed on tho old "Indepen
dence Bell,'' "Proclaim Liberty
throughout all the land and the in-
inhabitants thereof,1 nnd the boy to
day is as anxious to expend his last
penny in fireworks as was his fath
half a centuary ago.
But how many of our young
people now ever think of tho stern
heroism required by tho men who
sgined their names to tho Declara
tion of Independence.
No wonder they hesitated in
.view of the responsibilities of the
No wonder that tho dobato was
Jong and earnest, and tlmp all the
eloquenco of Adams Jefferson,
Pjneknoy and others were required
to induce- tho cohvention of patri
ots to jUgroq to its passiigo,
Eacli one kjjow and felt tluvj; by
placing ills name to the document
he yusjfn event of the fnijuro of
' tho struggle, signing his name to
his own death warrant ' nnd entail
ing on his children a horjfngo of
jgnoimuy ami tyiiuiiie.
'.'" America, was tjrtoon colonies,
sparsely populated, poorly equipped
and provisioned, (mttling hgtilnst
tho .Nation who dojighted tq ifoslg
' unto herself as tho mightiest of tho
'"earth, and mistress of the sens.
What fujfh in their cause, and
irust in success of tho right anima
ted tiieso uieiij wo may dimly see,
, hut l'j,ll)!ii tW) never fujly nppro-
elate, r' '
Hupjjy Indued ijr.o. wo that qur an
cestors liu(i the hurplsm to (joclure
and tlo ' presistunoy to establish
and ijmlutaln for uh thosu princi
ples, of government, which is, or
&muld lie, tho prldo of ovory Amer-
For many years the custom lias
obtained in the Democratic party
of determining in advance of the
election who among its numbers
shall he permitted to bo a candi
date for tlie sufVerages of the peo
ple at the general election.
Tills custom lias its origin in the
sound Democratic truth that the
majority of those Interested in any
matter should control.
This is not only Democratic but
the true policy of all free govern
ment. Were the Democratic party al-
wavs iroverned by the maxim it
would bo invincible in this county
and we believe would soon become
so in the State and Nation.
But unfortunately there arc those
among us who hold personal prefer
ment at a price greater than the
good of party or State.
Wlillo humanity exists and we
have human naturo and propensi
ties wo will have combinations
and 'cliques whoso only power is,
sometimes to place upon our ticket
a candidate who is distasteful to a
great portion of tlie honest voters
of the party, nnd by this menus
weaken its (the party's), power for
There is perhaps no specific for
this evil except external vigilance
on the part of the great muss of tlie
voters of our organization, who lire
among the nou oflico seeking class,
and who vote the ticket because
they believe in tho principles and
policy maintained by their party.
Those In ottlce or about to offer for
oflico, aro as a rule too anxious for
votes to leave any chance untried
that promises to increase their
chances at tlie ballot box.
Then let tho honest truo Demo
crats know and feel that it is their
duty to .attend and vote at every
primary election, and In castinghls
vote lot Jiim bo govorened by his
honest; convictions of right, Let
each ono closely scrutinize t)io
merits of each candidate and bo
goyorned In his. sejoctlqn, nqt so
much by personal likes and dis
likes iiff by tho honesty of tho can
didate and his fitness for teju)sl-
iiou nu scokh.
Nclsontllle News.
Mrs. Minnie Sterrett, is tlie guest
of friends in this city.
Mrs. Suo P. Dillon, of Adclphi, Is
visiting friends in Nelsonville.
I. G. Poston, of tho Hocking
stock farm, was in town Thrusday.
Dr. 0. W. Cable received tho ap
pointment of medical examiner
for tlie Brotherhood of Brakeinen.
Dr. R. W. Hansen and lady, of
Columbus, were in town several
days this week, looking for a loca
The work of sinking the gaH well
Is progressing slowly, In conse
quence of difliculties that have
been encountered. At present work
is somewhat' retarded by tho ex
cavation being filled with salt
water, but that will bo cased out
and work proceed more rapidly.
They have reached a deptii of
about JJ.)0 feet.
JLt O 3-A cts. Iei' Yard
700 Yds. Lancaster Gingham.
Jk.t SO cts I?ei' Yard
300 Yards Red Table Damask For
mer Price 40 cts.
At 2 1-2 Cts. Per Yard
1,000 Yards Fatten Figured Lawns
.A.t C5ctM. Iei Yafcl
2,000 Yds liest Lawn, Former I1 rice 10c.
A.t G cts. 3?ei YswdL
GOO Yds. of 3o in. White Lawn
mer Price 8 1-3 ots.
Fo -
A.t 3 1-3 cts. Per Yard.
300 Yards Good Towl Crash
At 12 1-2 Cts. Per Yard
lliOO yds', crinkled seersucker Drees Goods.'
At 75 cts. Iex DPair-i 4
One irnndredjJ'alr Mens HeavifcShocs.
Atl.35 I?ei' Iali'
300 Pair Mens Congress, Button,
and Lace Shoes
A.t S cts Each
100 Mens White Unlaundried Shirts.
The above prices will positively be for the time named only.
F. J. Harmison & Co.
Acker Building, Logan, Ohio,
Iia:snm, ()., July 8, 1880.
En. Dr.MocitAT: Most of the
wool raisers of Washington have
disposed of their wool at fair prices.
Tlie wool crop in this township is
no mean part of our products.
The wheat is all in barn or stack
at this time, and the yield was gen
erally good.
Corn in this township is not look
ing as well as usual for this season
of tlie year, because of the ravages
of the grub-worms, which have
worked great injury to corn and
We, however, hope for tho best,
and with occasional rains, wo may
yet have a reasonably fair yield.
We are happy to say we have no
deaths or serious cases of illness to
The Dkmochat appears to please
the people, and if kept up to its
present standard, will, I believe, be
well supported. Q.
(Jlblsonilllc Glonnings.
Ginisoxviw.ii:, O., July 0, 1880.
Farmers have almost completed
their wheat, harvest which was
plentiful and good.
We think the Ohio Dkmocuat a
boss paper, and will do all In our
power to increase us circulation.
Tho store formerly owned by Mr.
T. D. Woods, has passed into tlie
hands of W. P. Hood.
Children's Day services will bo
hold at tho M. E. Church of this
place July 11. All aro invited to
Mr. Win. Brashares and his lady
love, Miss Berry, are spending a
week among friends at Cireloviile.
They ex'm'etto return the 10th inst.
A woltdfng is predicted in tho
near future. Ak Ed K.
A tend of Normal School will be
taught in i our district by W. E.
Engle, begining July lil. We Nor-miltcH-expect
to learn till con
tained In ourtext-bdoks, beside lots
of fun. '"' '
Foinohow.tho young men of our
vielnit.v"l:a!i- lfot find pleasure in
any tliliig buf pitching horse shoes.
Well it is rather warm to work,
Isn't it boys?
Our district boasts, of four school
teachers: AVhat country school can
beat it?
Any 9110 who enjoys tho beauties
of nature should pay our town and
surrounding country a Visit in the
spring and .summer.
Good bye. CijAit.
services were conducted by Rev. T.
L. Hass. Text 2 Kings, 4: 2ii: "Is
it well with tlie child?" and sho
answered, "It is well." The funeral
was well attended by sympathizing
friends, who assembled to pay the
last tribute of respect to one so
young. His brier lire ended after
a short illness. But we know that
the blessed Redeemer who knowetli
all things doctli all things for our
good. Then In tlie language of the
poet let us say:
"Ami whoii tlir nnsri'l of ituuimr,
llcMH Ills feet nn wiim'N mid Hlmre
Anil ouri'yi's uniw llm Willi watching
Ami mir liciirtu fiilnt ut ttic onr.
HnnpylHlip wlinliunreth,
Thi! hIkiihI iiflilK ri'llof,
lit tlm licllmirilip Holy t'lty
Tho pinnies or uuriml iiciipp."
If all iur Democratic voters, yilj
act on tho aliovo honest independ
ent principle, wo shall know of de
feated' candidates, and bolting Jb
tjeket at tho general election, only
by the tradjtlons that como to us
from tho ypiirs of tlie past, and tho
star of hope aud promise will con
starttly Illuininuto tlie path of the
A New Newspaper.
Wo are in receipt of the initial
number of "The Valley Itegister," a
new, five-column quarto, published
at Nelsonville, Ohio, by Messrs.
Tullis and Mains. The paper be
fore us is good In mechanical exe
cution, interesting in matter
and independent in politics.
Wo heartily wisli them success in
tho now enterprise, and may their
subscription list he large and re
Members of the Hocking County
Service Pension Association: The.
regular meeting of tho above asso
ciation will hereafter bo on tho
Second and Fourth Saturdays of
each month in Phillip Slishor's
Hall, at 2 o'clock p. in. All ex-sol-dlers
and sailors are invited to Join,
John H. Wom'K, Pres't.
Ed. Davi:ni'oht, Hec'y.
Kent QimFityrtSuoaiy hent.
of Martin's Amber wheat, .White
Farmers desiring to secure the best
vhoat, also tho projlfic, hardy
can se-
Europpan wheat, for seed,
cure (lie Htimo of Col. Beinpel, at
his yjiro house in Logan, 0, The
crops of tho above wheats for tho
seasons of 1885 and 188(1 have booh
very" satisfactory and largely 'be
yond the product of tho common
wheat herotoforo raised in this
county, Como apd oxumjne it,
South Perry Notes.
South Pkiuiy, O., 7, .", 1880.
En. Dkmooiiat: Having re
ceived a copy of your paper, I con
gratujate'.you in tliis glorious strug
gle in upholding the sterling prin
ciples of Democracy.
Our schools are rather slow to bo
taken up this year. Tho following
are tho lucky teachers so far: Mt,
Union school, Simon Steel; Dry
Tavern, IW111. Itunimel; Poland
Itidge, Allen J. White.
Mr. Wni.IIoey and wife wero
the guests of John A. White and
lady July 4th.
Mr!' Benj'. white of Logan is
spendfiig.tjiis season in the back
woods stiirvlng grasshoppers and
making hay. Guess lie will got
Our venerable Pete linden jr.
lays claim to tho fact that he lias
the. finest Clydesdale horse in these
Tho M. E. Sunday school picnic
which was to como off in the near
future has been postponed until
after camp-meeting.
Miss Lulu Marshal has returned
from Darbyvllle.
.Mr. John T. Hillhird, one of our
most acconiplished young teachers
has returned from Texas where he
lias been for'somo time past.
Miss Belle Deirenbaugh and Miss
Delhi Wllliard are at present the
guestSr.qf ltev. l. M. urasiiares, 01
West BAishvllle, O.
Miss, Ida B. White is making her
homo iiit present in Haycsvllle,
Ohio. 1
QultiVii stupendous affair came
off at the residence of Nets Fother
olf'iinthe form of an ice cream
party,ia few evenings ago. Quito a
numuor-oMino young ioiks iuui as
sembled aud we had an enjoyable
tln.10,.,, The hours passed so swiftly
uijd plVaHantly' tlint tho guests
(dmpofgo't to return Homo.
Soon tlie Clmnmion reuper vlth
sharpenqd , , sickle Mill have
gathered 1!9 golden grain, which
is 11 fair crop,
Our village was alinost depopu
lated pf, young folks on July aril.
They had gone to tho Itock House
.James Cr'olghton, the llttlo son
offftev.iJnsoph A, and Maggie M,
Wolf, was born July 2, 1?W, died
June 2, 18$ll, aged 11 mouths and
t days, To funeral took place
Saturday (jfternoon he 2Uthj thp
Wlint They Say of Us.
The first issue of tiik Ohio Di:m
cuat, a now Demcoratic weekly at
Logan, Ohio, came out on the 3d
inst. Tlio proprietors aro Ex-Mayor
Hrohin and City Solicitor, John
F. White, and the editor, Mr. Alex,
Wilson. It is a bright, spicy sheet,
with a true Democratic ring. The
proprietors and editor aro gentle
men of standing in Hocking county,
and the success of the new paper
seems assured. Here's to the Di:m
ochat. Dally Cincinnati Enquirer
July 7.
Tin: Ohio Dkmoiuiat is the
title of n paper which mado its first
appearance on Saturday at Logan,
Ohio, with A. H Wilson as its
editor. Tlie Democrat is a seven
column folio, and is devoted largely
to Hocking county affairs, and the
preaching of the Democratic gos
pel. Somerset Press.
Two new papers have appeared
in a generous effort to help supply
tho demand in the Hocking Val
ley, viz: Tlir. Ohio Dkmoouat at
Logan and Tlie Valley Gazette at
Nelsonville. They nrq both bright
and interesting papers. Athens
A bright new paner called the
Ohio Diimocuat lias just been
started at Logan, Ohio. It is an 8
page quarto. Messrs Brchm nnd
White are tho publishers, and A.
II. Wilson, editor. Ohio Eagle.
The first number of Tin: Ohio
Di:mouuat, published ut Logan, 0.,
has made its appearance on our ta
ble. Brelmi & White aro the pub
lishers, and our old friend, A. II.
Wilson, is tho editor. It is a well
printed and ably edited paper.
Wayne county Domocrat.
S TOT? 17
1 n'i
India Linen, India Mull, Swiss, Jaconetto Embroideries.
Towels, Tablo Linens, and Lace Curtains. ALL BABGAINS.
Wo will Close out our Stock of Carpets at very low prices, to? jnnko
room for oua Fall Stock. Now is the time to buy, if yuo wish to savo
money, caused by the advance in wool.
Wo have added to our immense Stock of Dry Goods and NotIous,,t
Stock of -t x
v-Tho health of this locality
unusually good at this time.
The thirty-third, and last liquor
dealer In Hocking county has paid
his tax.
A son of Harvey Stuitz, while
attempting to board a train at our
depot, ono day last week, came
near losing his foot between tho
bumpers. Tho timely signal of a
brakeman is all that saved him.
As it was, his foot wis severely
bruised. Moiial Boys keep, away
from the moving trains.
Also, White and Colored Shirts and Qvernlls. Which wo guranteo
to be mado from tho BEST Goods. NO lIODDY.
Do not bo deceived by those houses tlwt ndvertlSo goods at 20 less
than they are worth, thoy are delusion? nnd.snares, whon you want to
purchase goods at a fair price, just what tuey aro worth, call ht tho
Corner Store OPPOSITE THE COUr HOUSE. We, haven't tlmo to
measuro our goods to toll you how ,iany yards. We have enough to
supply all our patrons.
-ti 11 fi
The ylllago of Trimble has a
real sonsation, In the form of an
attempted elopomont by a married
man, named Scars, who kept, a
Hotel in the place, and his kitchen,
girl namid Mary McDonald,
l'lour. l'ntoiit
Cam Miil ISultoa
ti 11
i'Mtn ,
OlltH '
Now I'otntoou
llimm APlli)i
llri'iikfunt Dacon
Wool, Kino l!iwnlicd
Wool MtHllum "
Wool! Tub WaViod
Wool Fi scu Viuthcd
11.00 iwr blit,
v.o. a
.a (a .31
Hocking Count)' Democratic Prlmar
Election, Saturday, Aug. 28, 1880.,
Wo nro mitliorlzcd to nnnounco tho nnmonf
lli'iiryTrliiiniariU 11 riuulUlittu for ro-tml-iiutlim
lor tho ottico of County Coinmlsulmi'r,
mibjt'ct to thu UucIhIoii of tho Oumoorutlo Irl
jimry Kleellem. I
Wo urn authorized to nmimincu thp nuiu of
Ainoa Kline, or l-mirul tmnmhlp, imu cnml
Unto fur County Commliwliinar, mibject t1lio
iloclHlonorthqvok'rn ut thu l)mocrutloi'rl
mury Ulcctlou. I
irt'.goniiKli. I
Wo nro nntlmrl.i'il to iiimnuiico tho najo of
'Hquiro lluiijuniln Helmut, or KiiIIh towiihln,
UH a cumllUuto for UiH-uriler. Hiibjoct to tl ilu
vlutonorthu DumocraMu Primary,
Wo aro aiitliorUi'd to auiioiuiro thaLOco.
W. Lloyd will bo a cumlldatu tor Hoi" nler,
KUbJeet to tliiMkii'lHlimortlio Democrat! 1'rl
mury Klecllnii, Aiiifimt tfrtlh, lU.
Wo nro autliorUed to iiimiuiiiru tho nu 10 or
nuiniuu mrumey, 01 urwii luwimiup, m 11
camlldato for llis order. Nuhjirt tu Iho mi-
iuiioi iiiu jjeiiviuniiui atmuiiiv r.ii'vimii.
Wo loam from our oxchaigos
tjiat the Domocrntli Judicial Qm
volition will bo held at Chllllcolie,
July 28, but li'flffl!l !lPteq of ttio
ovout juts ye,t roauJKHJ or conmit:
1 . t 11'..
Corg;e Fox's Meaiit6r0,
.John Uoksr's Mator,
ThPop'Brik,br Wltr
J i

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