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The Ohio Democrat.
mtniiM & viirrn, i-ubiishor.
Wisconsin has toa
than one year ngo.
loss post-o(Hcoe now
Tn Ontario Knights of Labor havo boy.
cottcd tlio Cblnoso.
A virTKKN-rt'Ait old Kansas girl sccuiod
a divorce rrccntly.
Tur. latcit ploeo of slang in Now York
City Is "foddorlng up."
Hawaii, with on!y (50,000 inhabitants, pays
tior King $S.i,000 n year.
A I'liiiAiiPLi'ittA sign roads; "Tcotb
pulled wbilo you wait."
O.VE-Tiiimi of Jay Gould's dally mail I
composod of begging letters.
Platt Coum, It l., has no nionoy in the
treasury and U four conts iu debt.
Tiirnr. is strong tnlk of organising a
leai-uo of colored bnso ball plnyurs.
CoCAlN'K was $103 an ounce. Now any
body can go crn7y on it at 3 an ounca.
Trs thousaud cattlo aro Lilted in Now
York City eery week for food purposes.
A nor In Tonncssco has a mouth which ha
can open to thoo-ctont of nearly six inches.
It is said that one-third of tho chlldron
of tho Mormons iu Utah aro outspoken infl
ilels. A St. Louis man ostimatcs that n Pull
man sleeper nots tho company $7,G'J0 &
Little bedpost bolls rung by olcctriclty
aro now lined to anakon heavy sloopors in
As much as fifteen conts each it paid for
jack rabbit scalps by county authorities on
tho Pacific Coast.
PnnsnvT indications point strongly to
ward tho nomination of a Labor Presiden
tial candidate in lbSS.
The Car has doclded against compelling
a reduction of tho sugar production in
order to improvo trado.
A petition in favor of reviving tho tax
upon bacholors in Franco has boon present
ed to tho Chamber of Deputies.
Jay Gould bcllevos, as tho losult of his
own experience, that "men apprcciato thoir
own earnings moro than a gift."
Doon ksocks of tho old-fashioned kind
are once moio appoaring on tho doois of
fashionnblo Now York rosidoncos.
Pitoours-uvE jack-straw parties ui o tak
ing the plnco of progressive ouchio partios
in fashionoblo Louisvillo socloty.
Boston hns coined a word for tho -aomon
who wear birds' plumago upon their hats.
U'hoy mo called "blrdlcidal women."
Homi: ladles' boots shown in u Boston
shop-window nro $100 n pair. Tho buttonB
look like diamonds, but urn't, of course.
Count Moltkr invariably begins oach
day with a visit to his wife's tomb, a
practlco ho bos observed ovor slnco hor
Fury-crvn emigrants from South Caro
lina to Ai kansas recently gave tho fear of
tbo earthquakes as their reasons for de
parture Tub news comes from Paris that Mrs.
Mackay compels hor drossmakors to pledgo.
thoir words that her dresses shall not be
New HAMrsnmn mlnlstors boycottod tho
Governor's Tuanksgivlngproclamatlon bo
aauso it contained no referenco to a Su
premo Being.
At tho end of 1877, 780 telephones oxistod
In the United States, and at tho end of ISSJi
thoro woro 82o,5"0 telephones and 782 tele
phonic exchanges.
Acoukt in Athens, Ga., had its atten
tion absorbed tho other day by a suit
brought by one colored girl against an
other for ton cents.
An nmplo volume of compilations from
Dr. Talmage's sermons mid writings will
hot tly bo if-sucd under tho title of "Shots
at Sunday Targets."
A. hex whose head and mouth aro de
scribed as boing in striking rosemblanco of
snake's is clashed among tho posessions
of a Pensacola (Flo.) man.
John Jacoii Astoh is rated at $lGO,cai,000,
nnd is piobablytbo richest man in Amer
ica. William Waldoif Astor, tho ex-llin-Ister
to Italy, is his only son.
Tub stomach of sovoral cattle whloh
died near Whitmoro, la., woro found to he
lined with mud taken iu with tho filthy
water thoy wero compelled to drink.
Hit. F. Goodman, aged sovonty-six, and
Mrs. Mary Iroland, aged sixty-eight, of
Farmington, la., had to ruj away from
thoir childi en in order to got man led.
"Tub father of tho fo-est" In Tulare
County, Cal., is the largest tree in tbo
State. It is 450 feot high and measures 133
feet around the trunk. It is a chestnut.
Tub Emperor William and tho Empross
Augusta will hereafter confer inodals of
distinction upon aged couples who
celebrate their golden or diamond wed
dings. Tns locomotive whistle now wakens tho
goblins of Mammoth Cave. Tho railroad
has got there, and civilization takes formal
possession of the largest known hole in the
Tub Indian and Colonial Exhibition, just
closed in London, after having been open
for six months and a half, was enormously
successful, its visitors having numbered
Tux fact that a paper devoted to tricy
cling published in Loudon has ovor a thous
and female subscribers indicates that the
port is oxtremoly popular among women
in England.
A man of Springfield, D. T., went to sloop
by tho roadside. When he awoke he was
astonished to find that a wagon had run
over his leg and broken it. The leg was a
wooden one.
It is estimated that fully 80 per cent, oi
.the world's ocean tonnage is now in com-
Ixnlaslou, against scarcely 60 per cout. a
ear ago. The tonuage in dry-dock is al
lowed for in both cases,
A deposit of puro aspbaltum, from fit
,teen to twenty feot thick, has been discov
ered near Thistle Station, in Utah. It ia
,sald to be worth -10 a ton, and the expense
of mining is only forty cents,
Noah S.Hunt, tho rich and eccentric New
Yorker, who lived utterly alone in the
midst of Gotham's millions, Is said to have
left u will locked up in a safe, tho combina
tion of which uo living person knows.
A Wbstehn man advortised thathe would
for one dollar mail information that wonld
make food entirely unnecessary. A citizen
of Jordan, Canadu, ss.it bis dollar, and by
return miU got tho direcUoM; "Take a
dose of poison."
IloswEi.t. BKAnnsLET, who has been post
master nt North Lansing, Tompkins Couo
ty, N, Y,, siuco Juno, 1S3, is the olden
postmaster in tbo service. The compensa
tion for his Borvice has always reuialnof
the same $100 u year. '
A sinoxb shoot of paper sevonty-two
inches wldo and seven and throo-quartere
miles long was mado without aluouklu a
paper mill at Watertowu, N, Y,, a fow days
go. The shoot weighed U,2U7 pounds.
A risu of unknown speolei is, It is re
ported, destroying young oysters in the
waters on the south side of Long Iiland.
It is ibarped-tootbod, and, after btlugoft
the edge of the shell, extracts tbs oyster.
Ts Centralis girl who deposited bot-a-aatrtmonlal
bid in the bottom of u straw
tWry-box last summer, not only captured
' m husband for bet-self, but enough suitors
tor all her girl friouds, and now proposes
to use tbeieservo fund iu wurryiug off bar
William Kurz Mnkoa tho Loap
-with Suicidal Intontion.
Astonishment of thn Driver
11 row fry Wagon,
New YottK, Nov. 2fl. A brewery wagon
sttirtod from tho Now York otitranco nt
1:40 p. in. to go ovor the big britlgo to
Brooklyn. After tho wngon passed tho
Now York plor n bridgo pollcoman noticed
something resembling a bundle of cats in
tho hind end of tho uagon. This bundlo
nssumed an upright position nnd turnol
out to bo a man. Tho mun jumped lightly
from tho ttngon to tho roadway, mounted
tho Iron girder that inclosed it, nnd, with
out hosltating a moment, leaped off. IIo
shot stt night down into the rlvor.
Ulllccr Ahliuio was tho only ono who hnd
neon thu mun loap. IIo lushed into tho
londwuynnd ordered tho dtlvur to stop.
The di Ivor was surprised nt tho ordor, and
dHiiumdcd an o-cplntiullou. On boing In
foimed it wu3 evident from his astonish
ment that liu was Ignorant of tha matter.
He wns allowed to proceed. Tho nnuio of
the niiiu who ui nil o tho lout'; Is William
Kur. An uyo-wituess who uns on tho Do
ver stteet pier said to a roporter: "I was
looking up at tho bridgo, and saw a mun
get ovor tho rnillmr tioxt to a lamp-post
outside tho Now York tower. Ho clung
to tho rail for a momont, nnd then lot
go. lie tin nod two somersaults in tho air,
and foil on his back in tin water. Ho dis
appeared nt onco. Tho ;ntor soemod to
suck him iu, nud the spray splashed up
suverul foot in tho air. Very fow people
woioon thoplornt tho timo, but several
htmdiod gathered in a Cow moments, and
thuto wa-. groat oxcltemuut." Policeman
James O'Nial, of the llrigudn Squad, ur
l i od a fow minutes later. Uo took the tug
Columbia out to pick up Kur. Tho captain
of tho lighter steamed out and picked
up Kur boforo tho tug arrived. The
jumper was undor tho wator ubout live
minutes. When picked up bo was frothing
ut tho n-outb, and was too exhausted to
speak. His faco bad yellow look and
hts oyes were glassy und vacant in ex
pression. Wbuu tho lighter lent lied tho
whnrf Km 7 was plncud in an express
wugon ami tukcti to the nuarost Police Sta
tion, and from thoro to tho Cuauibeis
street Hospital. At thu statlou hu was
ubloto tali:. Uo told tho ofllcerin charge
that he wanted to commit suio do Uo com
plained of a pain iu his head aud sido und
begun to ravo. At tho hospital ho wns
louiid to bo buffering from the shock of tuo
concussion. It Is thought that ho will le
cover. Whon abkod the ronton for the
jump, hoiupliod: "I wish I was deud."
A llnm Iu Uearsl. t.lves Whj, Washing-
Out be-nil llumlred Yurils of Knllroad
Auou.sta, Ga., Nov. 20. The dnm of
Lnngley Pond was biokcn this afternoon at
five o'clock, caused by the groat pressuioof
water ou tho now portions just complotod.
As will bo rcmemborod tho carthquaka
shorkson tho night of August 31 caused tho
water to ovorilow and burst the dam, de
ploying a mile of railroad. Tho new dam
bad ouly been complotod a fow days, and ii
full head of water had just been icceived,
when suddenly tho dam gave wuy, wash
ing up both the South Carolina and tho
Charlotte, Columbia nnd AugUbta lull
road trucks. The South Cuiolina track
In washed up ntwut four bun
dled yards, and the C. C aud
A. for half a milo. No tiains loft tho Uty
to-night ou thehO loudti, and it will bo to
moirow afternoou before any can go out,
although u fotco of hands aro now at work
lepuliing both tracks. It will take some
months to lohuild tho portion of tho dam
washed away. Tho theory is ibat tho earth
quako shocks of last night caused tha
Acccpiod Bids for War Ships.
Wasiiimiton, Nov. SI). Tho Secretary of
tbo Navy to day accepted tho following
bids for the const Miction of the new crui
sers and gunboats: CmisorNo. 3 (Charles
ton), Union Iron Works, of Sun Frauclsco,
ut $1,017,500; cruiser No. !i (Baltimore),
Cramp & Sous, of Philadelphia, Sl,32o,00U;
cunboat No. 'J, tho Columbia Iron
Works and Dry Dock Company, of
Baltlmoio, ut &M7,00. Iu tho case of gun
boat No. 1 no decision has yet been reached
ah between tho bid of Rcder & Sons
aud the bid of Cramp & Sons. Although
the Uniou lion Works, of San Francisc i,
put iu tha lowest bid on cruiser No. 1 (the
Nouark), yet, as tho flguios oxcoeded tae
maximum amount fixed iu tho appropria
tion bill, tho bcciotary was unable to ac
cept their bid. Ho will probably refer tuo
muttoi to Congress, with a statement of
the facts, audi ecommend that tho uppro
piiutiou for tho construction of ci uisei No.
I bo increased, or that tho Oovornmout ha
uuthoiized to build the vessel at one of tho
navy yaids.
Maxwell's Life Extended.
Sr. Louts, Mo., Nov. SO. An extension of
timo from January I to February 1 has
beon granted tho attorneys for Brooks,
alias Maxwell, the murdeier of Preller,
and Chyo Cbiayck aud Cbyo Goom, the
Chinese muidorors, in which opiepnio
tbeir trausci lpt of the testimony for their
appeal to tho Supreme Court. Tho delay
has been occasioned by thu sickness of the
stonogiupheraud tha amount of testimony
takon, theso being the longest criminal
tiials ever held bore.
Chicago Saloonisls' Narrow Escape.
Chicago, Nov. 29. Iu thu city council to
night an effort was mada to advance saloon
licenses to $1,000 each. For somo timo past
they have been givon for f 500. More than
halt the aldermen favorud tha advunco,but
a two thirds majorlt was ueccssary aud
the meusure failed by two votes.
Raided by Burglars. '
LirATETTE, lsi., Nov. 29. Burglars
raldedsoveral residences in this city, and
secured ubout ono thousand dollorb' worth
of plunder.
m m
Carlisle's Seal Will be Contested.
Cincinnati, Nov. 20. Geo H. Thobo, of
Covington. Ky., through his attorney, has
served formal notice ou Speaker John G.
Carlisle of Lis Intention to coutest bis weat
in the Fiftieth Cougiess.
Life-Saving Crew Drownoo.
Ludinoton, Mich., Nov. 20. A lifo-sov-ing
crew was capsized in the lake, and Cap
tain Flynn und Orrlu Hutch and John
Smith perished.
Stolen Diamonds.
Nxw YonK, Nov. 29. A tray containing
15,000 worth of diamonds n as stolon fiotu
J. H. Johnson's jewidry store iu this city.
t m
A Cincinnati doctor holds that it
Is po.saiblo for u somnambulist to arise,
dross, walk a milo to a girl's bouse nnd
ask hor hand in nuirrlngo without
waking up. That may bo all truo,
but wo wllf wapor a cunt against sovon
dollars ho can't rufuso to marry tho
girl a month later and go through a
broach of promise trial without
awakening. It takes ft doad man to
go through that oxporienco without
waking up. N, Y. Graphic.
A Now York dootor sttys that men
who liavo tha heartache, aro tho most
tfympathutic If thoro was aver a mun
with tlio hoadaoiio who oarod n copper
how soon tho whole world stubbed his
too and broko its noso ho ought to bo
put on exhibition. Detroit Free Press.
Tho Sultan of Morocco has six
thousand wives. It Is very annoying
to him, after flirting with a pretty
womuu whom hu litis casually met, to
find out that shn Is ono of thu numer
ous Mrs. SnUmuJJoaton Post.
Tho Apaclio Indians aro tasting
thn ploatures of civllUatlon. Tito train
which wus carrying them to tliolr Flor
ida homo went over nu embankment
She final Through Niagara Whirlpool
ItitpliW and Lands HespeiatelyBlck.
NtAOAtiv Fails, N, Y,, Nov. 28. Ooorge
Uiulott and Miss Hadlo Allan, of Buffalo
wont through tbo rapids nnd tho whirlpool
this afternoon In tho torpodo-shaped barrel
used by Uazlott nud Potts last summer.
Thoy wore In tho rapids and whirlpool flvo
minutes nnd woro taken out of tho eddy on
tho Canadinn sido just below thu whirlpool
throc-quai tors of an hour lator in good
condition. Miss Allen Is a rcspoctab'o girl,
eighteen years old, n petite Inunotto, and
pretty. Tho start wns mado f i om tha Mnld of
tho Mist Landing, on the Canada side.
Whon tho barrel i cached tho maelstrom It
shot right into tho center of thu pool, mak
ing two or throo turns. Loavltig tbo pool,
tho bnrrol followed tho cttiront out toward
tho Canadian nhore down to thooutlotof
thenaol. whon it trot into a lnrcooddv nnd
bobbed around for half an hour. Filends
near by shouted to tho occupants of tho
bnirel, when Ilnzlctt opened n small
door on top of tho bairol, and
Frank Lowson throw a lopo from tho
shore, which Hulett seem oil, and thu bitr
lelwas towed ashore. After coming out
of tho bariol, IlaWett and Miss Allen li id
n tramp of a milo nud a half through
brush and ovor bowldois bofoio leaching
tbo top of tho prcciplcs. Miss Alien,
whon sho appeared at tho fotry to ou
ter upon the perilous jouinoy, woro a neat
walking-dross. Tuklnj off her hat and
jacket and throwing u shawl ovor hor hoad,
she stepped lightly into tho barrel
tluough tuo manhole, tucking nor gar
ments closoly about hor, nnd laughingly
i emai king, "Come, llooi go, jump iu. I'm
lilt tlod." Soon nfter Uuaiga Hayloft
stepped into tho craft, fastening hlmsalf to
thu opposite cud to that occupied by Miss
Alien. Just thiity minutes from thu timo
the ban el was towed out into the liver it
reached tho whirlpool. Aftor landing.
Miss Alloa was takon desperately sea sick
"acts from thn Annual Itcport of tlio Gen
eral Superintendent.
Wasuinotov, Nov. S3 Tho report of tho
Genonil Superintendent of tho Lifo-suvlng
Services shons at tho closo of tho last fiscal
year tho establishment ombraced Sll sta
tions, 105 bolng on tho Atlantic, S3 on tho
lako.i, 7 on thu Puulflc, nud 1 at tho Falls of
tho Ohio, Louisvillo, Ky. Tho number of
dlsastois to documented vessels within
the Hold of station operations dur
ing the yoar was 'i!l. Thoro wore o i board
these vossois S,7Jt persons, of whom 2,oTJ
wero snved, und twentjsovon lost Tho
iiumbar of shipwicckcil poisons who le-coivi-d
succor at tuo stutloiib was M7, to
whom 2,000 davs'iollef iu tht ugjieguto
was afforded. Tho estimated valuu nt the
vessols Involved In tho dlsastors was St.
42S,:0, and thit of thslr cargoes W.OM ,
mukmg tho total vuluu of property impui
iled 40,50-2, 185 Of this amount 0T.1,078 wus
saved and 41,4-'),0")7 lost. Tlio number of
vessels totally lost Has olghty-olght. Tho
report saj s tho number, violouca and dc
stiuctlveucss of the utorms which occuired
during tho year oxceeded tho record of nuy
pievlous j oar slnco thu general oxtentiou
of the service to the t-ea and lake coasts. In
one stoini thero woro no less than thirty
shipwieckj within tho scope of the opera
tions of tho sorvico and in n singlo dav
(Jaiumi y D) thoi o woi o twenty-throe. Tbo
scrvloo, however, d d not fall to match its
fi evlous i-jcord of effectlvunots iu saving
ifo and proportv. Tho number of casual
tlek was greater by twenty-eight than that
of any former year, yet tho loss of llfo Is
fifteen loss than thu nveiago, mid although
the vessels und cargo; totally lost woro
twenty moio than iu any former )oar. tho
amount of propel ty lost wus only about
Siw.OOO greator than tho avoiagofor tho pro
coding v ears, w hllo tno amount saved is in
creased byneaily $2,000,000.
The New Two-Cent Postage Stamp.
Washington, Nov, 23.--Tao design for
tho new tuo cont postage stamp, which is
to be put into circulation about Jnuuaiy 1
ofnoxtyear, has boon soloctod. It was
pi-opaied liy Tfiruny o; Co , of New York,
and is said to be ono of tho handsomest
specimens ot issued by tho department.
'Vila desj'-u presents u embossed houd of
George washii-toii in piolile upouuhluo
tinted bnckgiouud.
Lightning Change of Partners.
WAHAsn, Im)., Nov. 2S. Mrs. John
Sophor was, on Satuiday, divorced fiom
her liustmnd In tho Wabash circuit couit,
alleging cruolty nnd lailuio to provide.
Tho lady was gi anted u decree xhortly be
fore dlun r, und at I p m. she was again a
brido promising to lovo, honor and cherish
Samson It. Suoko. This is said to boat thu
recoid on divot co and quick marriages.
Boy Burned in a Barn.
Mt. Vkkn-on, Ky., Nov. 2S. Granville
Brawn, tout teen, was burned to death
mysteriously lit his aunt's bain, near towu.
Ho had boon dispatched on an errand, and
a few iniuutus luter was hoard scioamiug
iu tho barn, which was in flumes, und thu
door locked. It was impossible to roscuo
him. No solution cun be leached by tho
m m
Swallowed Carbolic Acid.
Wahasii, Ind , Nov. 23. During tho nb
Rfluco fiomhotne, yosteiday, of tho mothor,
thu sovon-yeai-old daughtor of Louis
Hiuker, u Miami County Inrmor, sn allowed
a toaspoonful ot carbolic ncid, which tho
llttlo ono Mipposod to bo medicine. Tho
child was found ut tho point of dcutb.
Restoratives wera ot no uvaii, aud the
sufferer died this morning.
Burned to Death.
Evansville, Inu.. Nov. 2s. Marv Wil
son, fourteen years of ago, employed at the
homo of Mr. Johu Uaubsrry, farmer, living
two miles south ot this cty, was fatally
burned yesterday. Tbo gin was standing
befoio the grate, when hor clothing caughc
hie, and man instant hor clothos were a
mass of Humes.
Died in Poverty.
New Yohk, Nov. 28. An old lady named
Mrs. Margurot Jerome, who is supposed to
have boon the widow ot General Jurome,
the noted Confedeinti ofllcer, died Thurs
iay night in a garret in Goerck street,
whoio she lived in art eat poverty for somo
umo. iter nouy is nt tno moiguo anu win
bo Intoned i
in rotti
L-otter's fluid.
A Clue to tho Bomb-Thrower. '
CniCAQO, Nov. 28. The arrest of Henry
Jansen at this city, for the attempted
inuider of his wife, mav result In thidis
covery of the man who threw tho bomb Into
thu rauks of tho police at tho Haymarkot
An Engineer's Feat.
Niaoaka Falls, N. Y Nov. 28.-The ca
bios nt the northwest corner of the suspen
sion bridge have been successfully truuB
ferred from thu old stone tower to the aoi
iron ono by the use ot poworful bydiaulk
jacks. Tiafflo was suspended from yester
day morning until half-past ono to-day
Uthor transfers will follow at weekly
intervals. Th) old towers aro to be takou
ii m
Succl's Secret.
Pabib, Nov. 28, Sucoi commences bis
second fast to-night. The raodica! commit
too appointed to watch bim rofuse to do so
because bu declines to reveal tbo sourut ol
the liqueur used by bim. or to allow an
other to fast with bim undor the same con
ditions. Louisville Killing for Chicago.
Louisville, Kr.. Nuy. 8. Auout 4,60Q
bogs woio received here from Chicago to
day. Inquiry showed that heavy ship
ments have been coming in steadily from
thero for several days', ulso that the hog
aro killed, the mnut ulted a little nud tu
moat leshlpped buck to Atmoiir Co , in
Chicago. Itissaldthut Fied l.lub c Sou
killed about fifteen bundled hogs to-day,
most of whloh will bo shipped In this wuy
toAimour. ,
Tarred and Foathered,
Cokukna, Mien,, Nov. 28. A fellow
named Colemun, who had made hlmsull
obnoxious by too grout familiarity with
his landlord's wife, was driiKK'd from tied
by a mob, tarred und feathered, and iu
stiuctod to leayo tbo place.
Another Shocking Dlaastor In a
Pennsylvania Mlno.
Twelve Men Killed and n Scoro Maimed
anil Hoarrcd for Life.
WitKEsnAnnr, Pa., Nov. 20. Shortly
aftor fifty minors and laborers entorod tho
Conyngham shaft this morning, and wore
at tho bottom preparing to go to work, an
explosion at gas took place. Tho disaster
was caused by Cornelius Boyle, a mine
laboior, who stepnod into u worked-out
chambor, which was filled with gas, with a
lighted lamp upon his hat. Boyle will dlo.
Two minors, whoso names aro unknown,
aro missing, and it is bolloved thoy wore
blown into a dump containing 80 foot of
wntor nnd drowned. Foi ty-two mon woro
Bevoroly burned and others slightly In
juied. Twclvo of tho men will die. Tha
locovory of tiio following Is bolloved to bo
hopoltss: Hugh Swiftinoy, laboier; Edward
Kerns, laboiur; Hlchard Coulter, minor:
Condy Shutinonihoiuns O'Bilon, repotted
dead; Coruolius Boylo, miner, reported
dead; John Cannon, miner: Christopher
Brundagc, laboior; Michael O'Briou, la
boier; Uunlol Foiry, miner; John Dough
erty, laboier; Donfs MrCabe, miner. The
reported donths of BoIo and O'Brien cnu
not bu varillod. Tbo following unfortunate
mon are rcpoited moro or less badly bur I
ed: Wm. J. Evans, ilru boss; Win. Wil
liams, II ro boss, and tho following miners
and laborers: James Boyle, Jnmos El
liot, Patrick McCabe, Charles K.
Klluo, James Duffy, Cbns Duffy,
Matt MeConuell, Albert Ancnr, Henry
Miller. Peter Miller, Wm. Griffiths,
Patrick bwceny, James Duvis, Geoigo
Murlay nnd tho Frlol brothers, fatally;
John Williams, Kichaid Coulter, James
Davis and Mlchuol Clinton, 'lho names of
tho others could not be lent nod. David
McDonald, lusido foreman, was caught In
tho uf tur dump und was overcome. He was
taken out us soon as posslblo, and revivod
on roachlug tho upper air. His injuries
aro slight. Seventeen mules wore severely
burned, und muuy of them will bo shot to
relieve uicm irom tneir suuerings.
mm ...
SlnnUr of an I'ntlre Family, und tlM
House llurncd With thn Bodies In It.
Louisville, Kr., Nov. 20 It Is learned
hero to-day that tho family of e'ght por
sons, supposed to have been accidentally
burned to death in Knox County, a month
since, wcro muiderod; their throat having
been first cut fi om ear to ear. The faintly,
whoso name was Poe, had two neighbors
whoso reputation was not ot tho best,
nnd on this account they forbade them
entering thoir house. Those neighbors, a
man and woman, though not man and wlfo,
bad an illegitimate child, a boy, about ten
?cars old. They lived rome thirty yards
lorn Poo's bouse, and becoming eniagod
because of boing i efusod social recognition,
planned tbo damnable plot of murdering
cue entire lamny. i no uo, sunuring un
der a sevei 8 chastisement from his reputed
fathor, now tolls the whole etory. Ht
says his mother wns talking about
the matter for several days, and that le
culminated duiing n night when Mr. Poo
was absent from homo, aud that when his
fathor and mother left borne for Poo's
house th y foibade his goin; with thorn,
but that ho slippod along without their
knowledgo, and saw thorn entor the house.
Thu family, oil of whom wore fomules,
woro all usleop In ono room, and bis father
with a razor tut tho throats of each from
ear to oar, while his mother pick
ed tbo bodies up, placed thorn in tho
middle of tho floor, piled tho contents of
two bods on thorn, and then set lire to
them aud the house, aud that tho noor.
helpless llttlo baby screamed until the
flames smotherod it. 'iho mail aud woman
have not its yet beou ui rested, but a
sowing-machine, beds, and sovoral
other articles, recognized us bolonging
to tho murdered family, woro found
beueuth the houso of tho accused parties.
Thoro is no doubt of their guilt, and oxcito
mont bas leachedau intensity bordering
ou frenzy, fco that it is more than piobablo
tho Statu will bo saved the expense of a
trial. Further purticulnis to-night shod
additional light on the Knox County hor
ror, und mat:u It ono of tho darkost nnd
most damnable crimes ever committ'd iu
tho State, not excepting tho Ashland affair
somxyouis slnco.
A Suddenly Insane 3Iun Murders nnd Do--ourH
Ills Companion.
St. Louis, Nov. 20. A dispatch from
Huvousvlllo, a small town in Jackson
County, Kas., tells of a revolting crime
committed near that place last Wednes
day night. A young farmer named Rhodes
Cloments, while going homofiom prayer
meeting with another farmer namod
Samuel Gordon, suddenly becamo insane
aud killed tbs latter with a club Not 10
tuining home, n search was made for
CI nients, aud he was found soinu distance
from the road sitting bos.de the body of
tho man ho had murdered, eating his botrt.
Ho hud cut off the head from Gordon's
body, and had torn out the heart, lungs
and liver and was dovourlng them. Clem
ents was secured and Is now iu jail a
raving maniac
Substitute for Sugar.
New Yohk, Nov. 20 A company has
been formed in London and Antwerp for
the inanufacturo of saccharine, a newly
discovered substitute for sugar. It is a
chemical product of coal tar,
is far sweeter than sugar, and
though it can not et bo manufac
tured so cheaply as sugar, yot its great
sweotnoss makes it possible by mixing
small quantities of sacchariuo with lurger
quantlt es ot Chicago glucose to produc - a
compound sweeter ana cheaper than sugar.
Thu now pi oduct is expected to ditantious
ly affect tbo sugar industry.
Tho Fenians Fire Rossb.
New YonK, Nov. 20. At a general con
vention of the Feulan Brotnorbood, held in
this city on Tuesday and Wednesday of this
week, all official connect. ou of O'Douovaa
Rossa with tho Brotherhood was dissolved.
The government ot the rder was thor
oughly reorganized. There are various
rumors as to the cause ot Ross 's relega
tion to individuality in Irish matters, but
thu facts are closely guarded by thobe who
kuow them.
Cremated by Her Clothing.
Cium.OTTK, Mich., Nov. 20. Mrs. Charles
Smith met with a horrible death this morn
ing. Whllo working about the house bcr
rlothingcaught tire, and she was burnod to
m crisp.
The Wellind Canal and Sunday.
8t. Tuomas, Can., Nov. 86. Henceforth
no vessel will be allowed to pass through
the Welland Canal on Huuduy, except .u
case of distress, or wnero there is danger
of the vessel being froxou in.
Noble Bequests.
Puii.AUEi.rniA. Nov. 20. The will of the
lato Margaruta B. Lowis, which was admit
ted topi ubato to-day, bequeaths overivo
hundred thousand dollars to religious and
philanthropicul purposes.
Aged Lady Burned to Death.
Cleveland, O.. Nov. 'Jfl. At Meadvlllr.
Pa., yesterday, Mrs. Mary Bylloby, ng d
elglity-seveu, was burned to doatb wni.u
alone in her room.
i m m t
Counterfeiter! Captured.
Hoi.ton, Kib., Nov. SO, Two mon, uam'd
A, Hungerford and CbB. Ulckle, were u.
reited beie by Government deiectivos yes
terday ou the charge of miking count i-
-di-,cuiu. in weir uouso dies ana other
implements and one hnndred mid sixty,
thiea counterfeit bait dollau were found
'lho metal was found iu a bed whete the
wife ot one of the men was lying ill.
mm i
Would- Express Robbers,
Ban Antonio, Tb-.,, Nov, 9H, Arepou
hauieauhed heie ofun attempt to roll u
express car on the Mlsiourl Paciflo ra I
road last nght-, While tho tiulu u
standing nt a imall station two mon euto
ed the cur, but were arrested by the cot
ductor aud messenger,
The Writ of Bapertadm flranteil This
Will Delay Their Kxectltloii Unlll Hprlnr
Bloominoton, III., Nov. 25 At il o'clock
this morning Jndgo Seott grantad tho stt
percedeax In the Anarchists' case. Messrs.
Black, Swott nnd Solomon staitrd at otic
to Ottuwa to liavo the Clerk Issue the or
der In pursuance to Judge Scott's Instruc
tions. Tho oftact of tha ordor for tho su
persedeas will ba to dolay the execution
until tho full bench of tho Supremo Court
has passed upon the questions raised for a
now trial. It is estimated that in tbo or
dinaiy cottrso of procedure a hearing and
decision can not bo i cached for six or eight
wooks, and that oven though tho lower
Court Is sustained tho Bontcneo can not be
carried out unlll soma time in March or
April. Judgo Scott's ordor granting the
supersedeas Is purely fotmal. Without
going into any particulars, or giving nuy
reasm.s, bo simply ccrtlflosthat in his opin
ion "there is reasonable grouud for grant
ing tho writ."
Suffocated In a Flaming Car.
Mount Cvttitoi.t., 111., Nov. J.I. Upon tho
arrival ot freight train No. li), ou tho St.
Paul road, nt this place last night, Bmoke
wns dlscovoied Issuing from a car In thn
body of tho tiain. Investigation prov:d
that tho car contained M. V. Sea
voy, fiom West Liberty vlllo, III.,
several horses, foals and furniture,
billed for Dow City, la. A lot of hay in lho
car was found to be on flro, ovidontly igni
ted by a lantern, which was dlscov rod
broken on tho floor. The stock was dead,
suffocated by tho smoke. Mr. Soavoy was
found on his knees, near tho door of tho
car. llvinr?. but so much ovcrcomo that bo
brouthod only a few minutes aftor bolnz
takon out.
Terrible Mishap to a Hunter.
Dethoit, Mich., Nov. 25 Guy Colbum,of
Waverly, while out hunting Sunday, dis
charged bis gun at a squirrel. The breacn
pin blew out, striking him scmarely be
tween the oyes. Ho was found insensible
somo time nfter by his brother, who, with
some difficulty, pulled out tho iron, which
was imbedded two inches in Guy's hoad,
ponotrating the brain, Colbm n was con
scious throughout tho operation of remov
ing the broach-pin, and told bow tho acci
dent occurred. He is still living, and
soems in a fair way to i ocover.
High Art in Counterfeiting.
Nnw Yokk, Nov. 2i. A clever imitation
of a live dollar bill painted in oil b the
nrtlst Harhett, and owned by Thoodoio
Stewart, a wine-room proprietor of this
city, was seized yosteiday by a special
agent of the Treasurv Department and
sent to Washington. Tho Socretary of tho
Treasury will decide wbcthor tho attist
and owner of tho picture are liable to
prosocution as maker nnd possessor of a
counterfeitbunk note. Tho picture is val
ued at 1,000.
An Occasion for Thanksgiving.
TitBNTON, N. J., Nov. 25 Twonty-oight
convicts in the State prison have boon
pardoned by the Bo-ird of Pardons, and
were released yesterday. Tho mo-t noted
were 13. A. Condit, who victimized many
Wall streot brokers In ISS'J by clovor
forgerlos, and Wm. Sipple, tho telegraph
operator w ho sent a bogus ordor two years
ago to nn Erie railway agent in tho name
of an official, ordering money removed
from a sate and placed where Sipple could
get it.
Hoosier Frtzen to Death in Wisconsin.
Asiilavj Wis , Not. 25. Two plno land
hunters, while out searching for William
Goul, who was lost in the woods last Sun
day, succeeded' in finding his body to-day
about nine miles from this city und four
miles from Ary road. His bo'dy will be
brought here somo timo to-night. His pa
tents at Indianapolis, Ind., have beon tele
graphed in regard to what shall bs done
with the body. When foun 1 ho was lylnft
upon his back in tho snow, with bis rill
resting across bis breast.
m m
A Raw Bean Causes Deitb.
Kansas Citt, Mo., Nov. 25. The death of
Ralph Newman, a promising yonng busi
ness man of Kansas City, occurrod
yesterday from ulceration of the pit of tha
stomach. Newman had Incautiously swal
lowed, somo days ago, a raw bean, which
gradually produced inflammation sufflcieut
to cause death. Six of the best physicians
iu the neitrhborhood attended the patient.
but wore unable to diagnose the caso Tho
causo ot d -ath was not discovered until tho
post mortem autopsy.
The Atlanta's Trial Trie.
New York, Nov. 25. The new naval
cruiser Atlanta, which has been on a trial
trip in the sound, returned to tho Navy
Yard to-day. Her command -r reported a
failure to realizo tbo requirements of tha
conti act specifications as to horse-power.
She steamed at tho rata ot thirteen knots
por hour easily with 2,500 horse-power, and
it is thought that with some alterations
of machinery Bhe may realize the desiicd
rate of 14 7-10 knots and 3,100 horse power.'
Another Conspiracy in Bulgaria.
Sopia, Nov. 25. Anothor conspiracy
against the Government bas boon discov
ered. Two officers, one ot them n Russian,
organized a plot to kill Colonel Nicolaeff,
Major Popoff and the Regent The crime
was to have been committed at 5 o'clock
Ibis morning. Major Popoff discovered tha
plot, and caused the arrest ot tho two
ofHi-ers and two others who are implicated.
They will be tried in a few days.
i m
A Blaze in the Statuo ol Liberty.
New YonK, Nov. 25 The heavy cloth
curtain which, during tho daytime, covers
the eloctrio light lenses on the Statue ot
Liberty, caught fire Monday night and fell
on the light woodwork of the staircase in
the interior of the statue. It was only by
the hardest work that a bad fire was avert
ed and the great statue savod from rum.
IA Tough Engineer.
I.ANCABTHn, Wis., Nov. 25. The powder
mills at Flattevllle blew up last night.
Twelve thousand pounds of powder weio iu
tho mill. The engineer was the only man
aiound. He waa blown a long distanco,
and remained insensible for soma time.
Windows wore shattoied in houses miles
Nicholas Not Wanted.
Botia, Nov. 25. The Bulgarian Govern
ment, leplying to a note from the Porto on
tho subjoct of Prince Nicholas ot Mingre
lia's election to tbo throne of Bulgaria, ie
fuses to accept Prince Nicholas as a candi
date, aud says that Turkey's action iu the
matter is incompatible with the tieaty ot
The Devoted Wife Loses Her Reai,i.
Buchanan, Mich., Nov. 25. Boveral
weeks ago the body of a man was picked
up near tie depot in this city. It was sup.
posod to bo that ot Mr, Beardsman, a Berin
Couuty farmer, who vas away, and votd
was seut to bis wife. Mr. Beardsman waa
not the victim, bnt when he returned to bis
home to-day he found bis wife's ') ack hair
changed to snow-white, and tier mind shat
tered so she did not kuow him.
Killed in a Collision.
FiTTsnauoii, Pa., Nov. 25. Tho through
express on the Clovoland and PiltabiirgU
railroad collidod with u freight train, near
here, killing tho llreinun und severely in
juiiug the ougiueor und baggagomustor.
' m i
Fierce Storm in New Jersey.
I'llli.ADKi.fiitA, Nov. 25. A oyuloma
storm swept ovr Gloucester County, Now
Jersey to-day, damaging several buildings.
Charles Wynne, abilck-vaid owimr at lt
man, Hat probably fatally ciushod by tlm
buis falling on him. The windows ot a
railioad train uourUlasuboio woie bmfctm
by thu wind aud puniu occurred among
-.uo -lusst-tirf'-rst
i ii
Five Lives Losl by an Explosion,
New Yohk. Nov. 25. Tho holier of tho
tug-boat Hunbeam exploded this afternoon
ut the foot of Kightb stieet, Kust ifvur,
kinking (he tug und imtantly killing live
The Well-Ora-anlsed Union of MendteaoM
to tie Found In the French Capital.
It Ium 'struck every strmtgor ylslt!"
Paris, tho boggnrs ho continually mould
with In the livollcst nntl best quarters of
tho city, who oxhlblt somo physical In
ilnnlty as an nppoal to tho compassion
of tlio waylaror. Froquonlly ho on
countcrs women bearing in thoir nrms
n child cnvolopod in n rag Iu tlio neigh
borhood of tho ovchango or of tho
opoia. Tho stranger then enters Into a
philosophical monologue on Mm con
tiguity of the highest luxury and tlio
deepest misery in Inrgo ottlos, gives n
fow sous nud continues his promonntla.
Hut if ho sojourns longer in Paris, ho
soon discovers that it is not with lho
imfortunato nnd indigent that ho has to
deal, who, under tlio prossmunf ex
treme want, strotclt forth thoir ltiim!,
but with professional mendicant.1- who,
with tlio f.polls of tho comptmlotmlo,
carry on n Iucratle nnd constantly In
(leasing business. Ills always thu samo
pcoplo whom ono encounters in tho
samo localities, and who, in a
certain measure, Imvo acquired
vested right to the place, which thoy
zealously defend ogulnst evory possl
blo rival. To each and ovory luodlcint
it is known that after havinz workod
for years at a partlculaily remunera
tive spot nn individual confrere Ins
withdrawn from tlio business nnd pro
poses to increase his income from tho
prolits of his mend'eancy by foiling lilt
stand to a successor.- Thow beggar
stands are very much in icquest wh ch
are frequented by proplo of tank and
wealth, and tho Iwggavs complain that
thoy aro compelled "to pay hiro for
place of this description to the church
ad m nistration or Its representatives.
Meanwhile tho business nourishes de
spite nil. A stand on tlio princi
pal boulevards has mado of its occupant
n rich proprietress of real estate. Not
withstanding this sho continues tho
the business giving hertclf no further
trouble, to conceal her opulence, for sho
ordotsfor hor breakfast and tlinnor an
abundant nnd appetizing meal, which
is brought to her with a bottlo of wine,
and this slio consumes under tee eyes of
such of her patrons as may bo pass ng
nt tho moment. This woman has no
legs; it goes without saying that thoy
woro shot oft by tho Prussians at tlio
siege of Paris as a matter of fact, sho
sutlercd tlio loss as a child from fall ng
out of a third-story window. Other
beggars whoso ropulsive oxtcnor,
from -esthetic or other considerations,
banish them from tho boulevards
appoar elsewhere with a real Hold olli
ccr's staff, often of threo or lour per
sons, who sco to tho collection of tho
alms, or, more justly c.xprossod, black
mail. In tho class of "b'g beggars"
may appropriately bo included a mendi
cant who in Ills day ten yours ago
c-crrcisod his trndo on horseback, and
extended toward tho poor pedestrian for
h!s tribute a bug attached to a walk'ng
stick. A peculiarly impulsivo impres
sion is mado upon tlio mind by children,
whoso mendicancy is directed by azon's,
who naturally annronrialo tho lion s
shaie of tho "booty. How unquestion
ably it may bo assumed that the health
of those poor children suffers severely
under tho trial, and that no child iuthis
vocation can long survive. It never
outers into the mind of tho pollen
authorities howovor, or at least raroly,
to interpose in at resting this rovolting
practice In pitiful imbecility and im
potency tho Paribians aillrtn. that noth
ing can bo done to foil professional
boggnrs, because thereby tho non-professionals
would sutler. As if tlioio
were any ot tho latter on or near tho
boulevards! If a strango bezzi.r shoti Id
onco venturo to show himso'f thoro ho
would be so pounded and pummcled by
tho old settlcis that it is very corlain he
would never put in n second appcur
anco. Translated for Public Opinion.
How the Widow of the Great Dry Goods
SIcrrliant Spent Hrr Declining Da .
The Into Mrs. Stewart had a peculinr
abhorrence of dark colors. It has al
ready been noted that nil of tho Stewart
buildings wero of tlio purest white, nnd
sho hoi self avoided in her dress, as
much as possible, nil somber hues.
Mourning she always laid off as soonrw
conventionally permitted, and oven
during its term sho lightened its
solomnity at homo with whito negliges.
She was very fond of dress to tho last
momont of her life, and her jowols wero
superb. Her morning gowns
wero marvels of daintiness and luxury,
and of every delicate t'nt, rose, pale
blue and lavender, or whito und pearl
color, smothered in thn finest lnco. bhe
was a very protty old lady in theso
boautiful gowns, and astonishingly well
ptosorved: her skin was wonderfully
white, and kept its bloom, and though
sho was ovor eighty years hor teeth of
tho clenr, translucent, flinty sort that
will outlast a century -wcro in porfeot
condition. Her chostnut hair was
merely streaked with gray, feho had
all her faculfcs and was voiy active,
mounting stairs as nimbly us a girl.
Mrs. Stiiw.trt has beon accused of re
sorting to nrtlticial moans to givo this
impression, but that charge her friends
always warmly denied, und would ac
knowledge nothing: false except tho llt
tlo curled front ot hair that is worn by
women fifty jonrs younger than sho
and by many who have no need of it
except tho aversion to tho trouble
of curling thoir hair around tho tom
nlos. The Stewart houso was nover tho
scone of any festivities, anil tho lonely
occupant raroly wont nny whoio, but
Monday sho was at homo and was pleased
when people catnn In, and still more so
whon they staid to luncheon, its she
called the elaborate midday moal which
servod her for dinner. Thoro novor
was any meal called dinner In tho Stew
art houso, for tho next one, at seven
o'clock, wns known as tea, und was
only 'loss formal than tho luncheon,
Sho had pcoplo to these frequently, but
at all times, oven when sho was qulto
albno, thero . as the same succession of
courses and tho cont'ngent of solemn,
dignified mcn-Borvnnts.
falio nln ays spoke of hor doad husband
with rovoronoa und aQ'oction, and his
rooms after his death wero left undis
turbed and unoccupied Mrs, Stownrt
moving up to tha third iloor., .film
took (ho keenest interest in youngnW
rlod pcoplo and kept a wutohtul eyo"-on
tho husband, who if attentlvo, was sure
of hor distinguished consideration and
favor, Tlio bto watt picture giillory for
somo timo before her doatlt Imd been
closed to tlio public Thoro was no
private entrance to thu gallery, nnd
innny who enmo saUod upon the oltanoe,
against all protestations on tho part of
tho old htithir, to thoroughly explore
tho house, and oven upon two occa
sions to thrust thomsolvoi Into hor own
chamber. Thoy poked lho pluttircM
with tho'.r ennui pud iimhrolhvs. and
finally In despair sho closed tho duor-i
-NX, World.
All roots shonld bo kept t nmpcrn
luro hut n llttlo nbovo tho freezing, nrl
tho samo is truo of npplo Union Poet.
Small, sound potatoes fed to horse
in connection with other food will be
found very bonoliclnl and will bo thank
fully rccolvctl by them. h'arn Journal.
Washing soda Is very useful In deo
dorizing vases in which llowers have
stood loo long, cisterns which tho boat of
summer hns rendered foul, .and any
vosol which it is found ditlloult to
sweoton. Detroit Tribune.
Foil Squail): Cut ut), tako out in
sldo, paro tho piooes, and stew in a llt
tlo water for an hour, mash In tho ket
tlo and stir ovor the liro until dry;
season with butter, cream, salt nntl
popper. Sot in oven to brown. Albany
Journal i
Tho smaller breeds of 'hoop being
moro actlvo than tho largor bi ceils enn
bettor subsist on bnrren hillsides nnd
give hotter returns. If given pi oner
nltontlon nny ot tho broods will thrivo
wiicro tho land is not low nnd mnishy.
Wot feet oflon result in foot-rot N. Y. jd
Scotch short bread mnrlo by this
roolpo is rocommcntlcd: Halt n pound
of butter and a qunrter of a pound of
sugar mixed to a cream; and ono pound
of sifted Hour, knoad and roll It half nu
inch tli'olc. llako slowly. If tho cake
Is ptoforrod very Bweot uso six ounces
of sugar. The Caterer.
When croam is colder tha lho sur- .
rounding air, it takes up mo'stttro and
Impurities from tlio air. Whon tho nit
is colder than the croam, it takes up
moisture and whatever escapes from tho
cream. In tlio former ctv.e tho cream
pttritlos tho surrounding air; in tho lat
ter caso tho air helps to purify tho
cream. Cleveland Leader.
Uaithcnwnro is not suitable to kocp
fat in. as it absorbs tlio rron'io, and
eventually becomes rancid, and will
taint its contents. Tm Is bettor, bub
this must not bo allowed to becomo
rusty, which might happen if thoro wcro
any lcmains of water or settlings of
gravy. Hut fortunately for tlio tamU'il
bowls and plates chemistry comos ti
the rescue and restores thorn to good
condition by immersing thorn for some)
hours in a hot bath of lyo and wator.
Chicaan Journal. -it
Tho colt sometimes loses its dam,
and at other times tho lattor's milk is
Insuflioicnt for Its support. In ruoIi
cases cow's inilk may bo tiwd, but as it
contains less sugar than tho tnnro's, it
should ba swoutcned by tho addition of
small quantities of sugar or molasses.
It should 1 o fod often, livo or bIjc times,
a day, and the quantities givon nt each
meal should bo small, say half a pint
for a colt two or threo days old when
there is no supply from tho dam
Western liural.
Why the ConrWrciit' Ere Hlianld II
rloKil its Writ ns Ills Palate.
Solid food should nover be given to a
sick person without tho doctor's special
permission. He will suy when, in his
judgmont, its uso may be begun safely,
and thus tho nurso is relieved from all
responsibility. A convalescent's diet
should be digestible and tempting. Tho
nppct'to is betrinning to return anil
must bo encouraged, exempt nfter ty
phoid fev er, when it lias to bo sup
pressed. Dunns cxtrome illnaw fooi
is a disajrrceablo necessity, to bo d
nosed ot ns qukklv as posslblo. Thoro
is no (loslro for it, it is swallowed under
compuls on as a necessary but nause
ous medicino nud to cscapo from thai
Importunities of tho nuts J. 'In con
valescence it is looked forward to with
eagerness, and tho dainty repasts aro
tho events of tho dav. T"hoy should bo
made to look as ontloing an thoy can be,
'id all tho appo ntmouts should bo
daintily bright nnd clean. A tenspoon
ful nt tea spilled in tho sanoor from u,
full cup seems a trilling matter to u.
well pel son, but it is enough to sno'l
tho comfort of nn invalid's meals.
Food that is intended to
be hot must bo sorved very hot on it.
well-warmed plate .ct over a bowl of
boiling water nnd covered in its transit
from tlio kitchon. A cup of lukewarm
so nn would ho sent awnv untnstcd.
whereas if it had beon really hot It would
have been eaten nnd enjoyed. Things
that nro intended to be cold should be
left in tho ico-bo-c, or tho oool dairy,
until tho Inst moment bofore serving.
Tepid blano mun 20 is not an inviting
nrticlo of diet, nnd custard, wh'eh would
bo delicious ico cold, loses its attractive
ness whon it is milk warm. Strawber
ries aud all fruit should bo placed on a.,
plate ovor a bowl tilled with cliopped,J(r
ico, and sliced tomatoes should bo laid
on ico. Attention to these little points
makes all the diilcronce between com
fort and discomfort, between food being
refused ns unpalatable or eaten with rel
ish. Tito prettiost china that tlio houso
aflbrds should bo brought out to otubol
lish tho convalescent'), tray. Tlio eye
must bo pleased as.woll ns tho ralato.
nnd a victory is won whon the invalid
says: "Oh, how delicious it looks!"
Butter should bo rolled into tiny balls
with tho grooved puddles so'd for tho
purpose, and bread cut in delicate siloes
d'vided into four. Good limuekeaoinn.
How to Grease Wheels.
Lard should novor be used on a wag
on, for it will penctrnto the bnb and
work its way out around the tenons of
tho spokes, thus spoiling the wheel.
Tallow Is tho best lubricant for wooden
nle-trccs, and castor-oil for iron bubs,
but many of tiio patent nxle-groasos are
also oxcollont, nnd have the ruorit of
being cheupor nnd moro convenient to
handle. Just grease enough should be
applied to tho spindle ot n wagon tfw
give it a slight coating. This is better
Uinn moro, for tho surplus put on will
work out nt tho ends, nnd bo forocd by
tlio s'louldor-bands and nut-washer into
tho hub around tho outsidoof the boxes.
To oil nn iron n-clo-troc, first wipe thu
spindlo olean with a cloth wet with kcr
oicno or bon.lnc, nnd thon apply a fow
drops of castor-oil near the spindlo and
find. One toaspoonful is sufficient for
nil tho wheels of nny light wagon or
ovon of nn iron-axled farm wagon, but;
nover allow any nxlo to get dry beforo
applying tho oil. Farm, Ji'totd und
Most smokers nro proud to own 1
real umber niotithplcco. What would
thoy say to a room, wivonty-llvo or ono
hundred feot sqtiaro, lined on alt shies
with amber clear to tho "lotty poilliiur'
That is what fiomo Anutrionn tourists
saw tho othor day nt Toarskoo Solo, an
Imperial summer palace uoar ht, Pe
tersburg, Tlio precious lonsjl gum
Was cut und tlovo-tuiled so us lo mah-s
beautiful iimues of pitplds, fmlti and
ilowurs, Tha whole is in ti highest
tylo of polish, C'Afcatfo JJerafd.

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