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BEBim & 7ITE,
A. H. Wilson, -
- Editor.
Wu acknowledge lto receipt of
nn invitation to attend ho banquet
to bo given by the Jackson Club of
Columbus on tbo evening of Jan
uary 7tb 18S7.
CohUMiiUH is having u fine timo
over tbo mutter of Firo Chief.
"Witli a llepubliean Mayor and a
Republican Coiinell and a Rcpttbll
can Fire Chiuf tho Democrats can
well afford to let tho war go on.
Fiyi: while owls have been killed
by sportsmen nenr Columbus the
past week. This indicates tho near
approach of a session of the Repub
lican legislature. The members are
yiso as owls and harmless as serpents.
J. B. Sin:nii)AX,Reprcscntativo to
tho Sovereign Grand Lodge T. 0. O.
F., from tho Patriarchal Branch of
the Order in this State, was in town
over Thursday night. Joseph is a
grand good fellow and should be
re-elected at tho coming election.
Thk case of Tucker vs. Colum
bus & Hocking Coal & -Iron Co.
This is a case that grows out
depositing the slack nnd waste
the coal initios on tho borders
streams so that it 13 lloatcd
during freshets and deposited
along and over tho low bottoms of
Monday Creek, to the great injury
of lands for agricultual purposes.
This Columbus Sunday Capitol
announces its intention to support
tho Democratic party in the future.
Wo presume that means Auditor of
State Keisowetter, J. Il.Outhwnitc,
M. A. Daughterly, and a host of the
other Democrats in and about tho
Capital city. "Wo feel as did John
the Baptist in regard to tho hypo
critical Jews and say to tho Cap
itol "Bring forth fruits meet for
Bko. Eagan, of tho JiordcrNcws,
announces tho advent of a daugh
ter in his family on tho 21th or
November, weighing 11 V pounds,
and does some tall bragging.
Wo see nothing wonderful, but
admit tho y.oung"lady is a very re
spectable size. Wo aro ready to
et a pint a of peanuts that when
dressed, she weighed more than
Bro. Eagan's Thanksgiving turkey
when in tliosamo condition.
Another Outrage.
A recount of tho ballots cast at
tho recent election in tho 3rd
Camden, N. J Assembly District,
by the Supremo Court, wipes out
tho alleged Republican majority
of 5 1 and elects a Democrat by a
majority of 10. Tho errors were all
found In three Republican precints.
This gives tho Democrats a clear
majority on joint-ballot in tho leg
islature of that State and insures
the election of a Democrat to the
"U. S. Senate and gives tho Repub
lican press ti chance to howl about
another Democratic outrage.
Com let Labor.
For many years tho skilled lab
orers of tho Stalo havo been raising
their voices against tho system of
labor carried on in tho penitentiary
of the State, declaring that tho lab
or of the convicts was brought in
competition with that of tho honest
mechanic. That this is truo nono
can dispute, and yot tho remedy
for the evil does not clearly appear
to tho thoughtful mind.
d'he law requires, that thoso who
aro confined in our penal prisons
shall be required to labor and
to labor meting to produce. So
long as this is truo and so loug as
tho production of articles requiring
skill is continued tho mechanic
will be forced to bear tho reduction.
This will remain true without re
gard to tho system adopted, so long
as convicts aro worked in the
branches of skilled labor, and tbo
adoption of one plan or another
can but mitigato tho evil.
Iteduco Tho Taxes.
'Wo havo no war, but wo havo a
tax-rate basset! upon tho colossal
expenditure mado necessary by
war. Money Is now pouring into
tho National Treasury at tho ratoof
91,000,000 ft day so fast that tho
(jxiiondlturotj authorized by Con-
gross and tho Intermittent call of
bonds which tho Government still
has tho option of paying do not pro
vont a rapid accumulation of sur
plus. AH of tho bonds that may bo
paid will soon havo been called for.
What Is then to bo d'ono? Shall
CongroBS engage In extravagant
pehomes of outlay In order to keep
dowu tho plethora In tho Treasury,
or shall tho exhaustive drain upon
tho poekota of tho peoplo bo stop
ped by reducing our Jncomo to tho
measure- of necessary expenditure
fyt "proper purposes? Upon tho
mnv In ivlilrli flin r("tnnnatlilft m'.
question will depend tho mnnnor
In which (hn peoplo will hereafter
drl with that majority. The tuxes
must bo cut down, and tho peoplo
bo relieved of tho unnecessary
burden of war taxes.
Viulou County lloomlwr.
Wo clip tho following from tho
MeArthur J)cm-Enquircr of Thur
day, nnd If (hero Is no mistake our
neighboring county Is on tho boom.
Tho Ohio Drill Company of Ilum
den Junction, in connection with
parties here havo succeeded in de
veloping one of the finest tracts of
mineral laud ever discovered in
tiie Hanging Rock iron region.
This tract contains about eighteen
hundred acres, beglning at MeAr
thur on tho C, H. V. & T. Railroad
and running east three miles to
the C. W. & II. Railroad. Tills tract
Is underlaid at a depth of from 70
to 115 feet with what Is known as
tho Wellston coal, in thickness,
from 40 to 48 inches, and of ex
cellent quality. At a distnnco be
low tho surface of about fifty feet
is found a vein of cannel coal, run
ning in thickness from 1V to 0 feet.
At from 80 to -10 feet nbovo this
vein of cannel coal is fottud another
vein of bituminous coal, of extra
gootl quality, 4 feet in thickness,
upon which rests a vein of gray
limestone, averaging 0 tect in
thickness. On tho gray limestone
rests the red limestone ore, of
fine quality, from one to four
leet in thickness. This makes an
average of from 20 to 22 feet of
mineral on this tract, and is claimed
(o bo one of tho finest "finite," over
discovered in lids mineral region.
Our Presidents.
The passing away of ox-President
Arthur brings again forcibly
to tho mind tho tendency of tho
tho American people to exalt their
Prcsidcn' when in ofiice, to forget
them when their term expires and
to pay litem tho scanty tribute of
three days hero-worship when they
dio- We aro not qttito so bad as
tho wanton enchantress spoken of
byMaculay, "who when iho forty
days of fondness wero over, not
content with dismissing her lovers
condemned them to expiate under
cruel penances tho crime of having
pleased her too well;" but wo d
dismiss our somelimo favorites
with scant courtesy and few re
wards. What is needed is less adulation
towards Presidents in ofiice and
more regard for ex-Presidents who
havo served their country faith
fully and well. The President of
the United States is not a king, nor
oven an uncrowned king. Ho is
simply tho servant of the people
their highest servant, but still a
servant. The office is neverthe
less the one most honorable in the
world, and its occupant should bo
treated with tho highest respect
and deport himself with proper
dignity. But the eager curiosity
manifested as to a Presidents daily
doings; tho sickening sycophancy
with which he is treated by the
men who surround him; tho cour
tioting that is resorted to to secure
his favor, and tho laudation of all
his acts, without reference to their
justice or wisdom, by personal and
party friends and organs all theso
show an unrepttblican view of the
ofiice. Tho man is idealized to fit
the station. And then the station
gives to its holder greater power
than any monarch possesses tho
virtual appointment of moro than
100,000 officials. It is to this fact
that much of the undemocratic
adultation of the President is due.
Multiply all the offices by all the
inen who want them and all who
wish to control them, and there
are at least a million peoplo direct
ly interested in toadying to their
President. That the adulation is to
tho official, not to tho man, Is shown
by the suddenness with which it
ceases as soon a3 tho President re
turns to private life. If for no oth
er reason than to piesorvo a truer
ostimato of tho President's official
character and functions, this enor
mous power of patronage should bo
taken from the Executive.
Tho American peoplo owo it to
themselves as a nation of solf-gov-orning
freemen to correct tho ten
dency into which they havo fall
en of treating their President as
though he woro tho shadow of a
king. Ami thoy mny honor the of
fico witli equal justlco by showing
constant romombranco and respect
for living citizens who havo wor
thily filled it.
Olilo'u Natural Itosourccs.
According to a recont roport of
Pofessor Orton, of tho Ohio Geolog
ical Bureau, tho natural gas field of
that Stato Is commensurate In ex
tent with its geographical limits.
Tito geological formation belongs
to tho Silurian uge, and lips In tho
neighborhood of Cincinnati COO feet
below tho surface, and at Toledo at
a depth of from 1100 to 1200 foot.
Tho points around which thoro has
boon tho greatest dovolopment of
oil and gas aro tho towns of Lima
and Fludlny, In tho northwostorn
part of tho State, not fur from Tole
do, Li tho Lima region moro oil
than gas is being produced, ami not
le$s than fifteen Joint stock com
panies havo already been formed
for Jta development. At tho bond
Oil Company, which is preparing to
gobble Up all tho rest.
Tho natural gas region of Flndlay
hits nn extent of twenty-six miles
in length by sixteen miles In
breadth. Of tho twenty-seven gas
'.Veils that havo been openonly two
havo failed to realize tho hopes of
their owners. The most prolific
dally produce 111,000,000 cubic feet
of gas, others 10,01)0,000 feet, tint!
tho rest a somewhat less dally av
erage. By its cheapness nnd abtitt
dauco tho gas has banished all
other material of Illumination as
well as all other fuel for domestic
purposes and manufacturing. There
Is not a gas meter In tho town of
Flndhty. Tho inhabitants use much
or little, at pleasure, paying $1 n
month for its mho for cooking, $1.00
a month for healing and 00 cents
for lighting the whole house. Not
withstanding this cheapness of
supply of light ami fuel the peoplo
complain of monoply and organiz
ing to resist its exactions. As every
owner of a house can sink a gas well
in his own garden for about 1(100
there is no trouble in starting op
position companies. Nearly ovory
considerable manufactory in tho
region has its own gas well.
So great is the extent of this nat
ural gas territory that apprehen
sions of an exhaustion of the re
sources of nature in this regard
have almost died away. In the
Findlay region there has been an
extraordinary industrial dovolop
tnont, new enterprises springing up
almost every day. Yet Pittsburg,
with its own supplies of natural
gas, nnd with its manufactures
fully organized, will havo little to
fear in the long run from the com
petitiqn of now regions. If tho gas
wells in tho immediate vicinity of
Pittsburg should fail in course or
timo the prolific Ohio territory
could be drawn upon for fresh sup
plies. But in all manufactures in
which fuel is an important element
in cost of production successful
competition with industrial centres
possessing abundant supplies of
natural gas will be extremely diffi
cult, if not impossible. It wiM no
longer bo a question of excluding
foreign products by prohibitory
tariffs, but ono of home competition
among rival centres of industry, in
which the weakest must go to tho
wall. Tariff or no tariff, England,
Belgium and Germany, whoso
mamufneturers must pay dearly
for their coal, will be unable to
compete in iron, steel, glass and
many other products with a coun
try possessing this great advantage
in fuel.
30 'SO
Illinois Letter.
Stowurdson, 111. Nov
Mr. Editor:
As wo are alway.s glad to read
your paper, and would not do with
out it for twice what it costs, I will
beg space for a few notes from this
The weather is cool with some
Tho farmers aro almost done
corn husking.
Tho growing wheat looks splen
did. Somo of the farmers aro plowing
ground to sow in oats ne::t spring.
Tho yield of corn this season
will bo from 23 to 00 bu. per acre.
Wo havo had a very nice fall so
fur as weather could make it.
This country is wonderfully ad
apted to poultry raising. They
hatch chicks by machinery ami
poultry is so plentiful it can hard
ly bo disposed of at any price.
Wo had an alurm of firo on last
Thursday night at about 10 o'clock
Tho fire was in a dwelling 4touso
which with a portion of its contents
was totally consumed. Loss two
thousand dollars. No insurance.
I met Fred Crites, of Sugar Grovo
on our streets tho 22d. Ho has
bought a farm here, moved his fam
ily from Ohio, and will mnko this
his homo.
Jerry Carpenter and W. M. Mur
phy and wife, of old Hocking stop
ped and paid us a flying visit a
few weeks ?!uco, when on their
way to Kansas. They say they
liko Illinois bettor than Kansas or
Ohio, if thoy had their houses here.
AVo tiro always glad to moot Buck
eyes nnd give them a hearty shake
and welcome. Sunsommm.
Nov. 211880.
Mr. Frank Lohmuu has returned
after a pleasunt visit with his broth
er In Jay Co. Ind.
Miss Ilattlo Dawloy was tho
guest of Miss Dora Dawloy last
Miss Satllo Brady left for Znnes
villo Tuesday,
Tho ngont for tho Cincinnati
SVeokly Telegram Is canvassing all
the mines in this locality.
Tho men at tho.MorrJs coal mines
havo boon on a strike all this week.
They aro having somo trouble
about tho cheok-wolghman, but
hopo to resume work soou,
Burglars tried to outer tho house
of John Blossorjono night laut woek
Tlie Attention of All Those Who Desire to Purchase' their
nf TFemTrfiwr CirrA
otions, Boots, Shoes, Ladies Wraps, &c,
m q Pfflj H .
" ra ra EJA W if3 fY Vvf3 Fh spi I r r3
t1' km hj pisi y Wdb R37 yUti feydm V b
oa large supply of Dunklrlc Prints at lie. per yuru.
fi7From tho Cheapest to Finest of Fabrics!
Cotton r'nids, of good weight, in all colors fie. per yard.
Twenty-eight iticih Cashmeres at lie. per yard.
All wool Tricots in Black and colors r0e. nor yard.
In Fancy Dress Goods wo endcaver to carry a lino that can not bogA good Assortment ofPnrolo Gin ghams fie. por yard,
equaled by any house outside or largo cities. . ,
Wo havo now; on exhibition all llio latest novelties cntorncetl in tiusguruwii wuuohd o, u, o, av, ise. pur yarn,
line such as Jlmno Simns' Wldo Wnlc i Diagonals, Alma Cloths,AU wool Scftricfc Flannels from 20 to 40c. per yard.
Knicker-Brocker Suitings, Mnrtel's Silk Mixed Goods, etc., with alii ,
tho now and beautiful trimmings to match. Yurtl wldo Brown Muslin 4c per yard.
Jh-onclc Wraps J.75, Q.sr, V.76, 6.50 and COO Dollars.
JYcw Marke'is Jt.25, 6.2J. 0.00 7-00,8.00 Dollars, in fact me have them at all prices.
We buy only of the best manufacturers in New York where fitting is carried on to perfection and you knoio that, is everything in a wrap or cloak.
We desire to slate that we have this week received a complete line of Quilted Farmers Satin Linings in blue, black, cardinal garnet, old gold an d
brown, suitable for linings and fancy work.
Boots and Shoes in endless varloty as cheap as tho cheapest. Give us a call and be convinced that wo aro tho cheapest houso in tho valley
the folks waking up and moving
about tho house. John advises all
bnrgulars to give his placo a "wide
berth. This is tho second time
they have called on him nnd he
will give them a warm reception
should they return.
Our Neighbors.
Fnlrflcld County.
Ohio Enjjle.
There tiro 572 boys at tho In
dustrial School.
Mrs. Bushu superintendent of
the minding department at tho
Stato Farm, last week received a
pension of 12 per month and an
arrearage of i;1.777.G7.
Pleasantvillo is now an incorpor
ated villago and held its first local
election lust Saturday.
On tho 28 ult, a little daughter of
James Black was horribly burned
about the body by her clothes
igniting from a firo in the yard.
On Saturday last a little boy of
Jacob Goodllve, of near Bremen,
was killed by a vicious boar; the
littlo fellow was lileraly torn to
Burglars attempted to effect an
entrance to tho rcsidouco of Mrs.
Kate ColIin, on north Broadway,
Sunday night but were driven off.
Vinton County.
Dpmeornt Umuilrcr. ' '
Tho Quarterly meeting of tho M.
E. Church will begin on Salnrday.
If 300 eats catch .100 mice in
800 minutes, how many cats can
kill 100 mice in 100 minutes?
Mr. J. Ira Bell, of this placo made
an assignment for tho benefit of his
creditors, on Monday last, to Mr.
H. W. Coultrap.
A s-on of Isreal Patton, of Pike
Run, who was an inmato of tho
Deaf and Dumb Asylum, Columbus,
O., died at that institution last week
from brain fever, aged about 15.
Tho measels havo arrived in
town, in timo for tho holidays. So
far, tho disease has appeared in a
mild form only, but, without proper
precaution and cure? it may become
virulent and fatal.
Petitions aro in circulation for
the authority to hold an election in
MeArthur testing tho sense- of tho
peoplo on tho question of- prohibit
ing tho selling of intoxicating liqu
ors within the corporation.
Kempcl's Opera House Ba
zaar. You nro cordially invited to call
at tho Opora Houso Bazaar Store,
and inspect tho grand display of
Holiday Goods, comprising every
thing in kind for tho Holiday Sea
son from tho cheapest ponny toy to
tho most elegant gifts for the young
and old. Our display is not excel
led in 'Southern Ohio.
F. F. Kempel.
Mifflin fin . no
uQ&'JVUUvytu'l w3i
iilfci VtB
Goorgo Fox'Q WJoat Storo,
John Uckor'o Wloat Storo,
Tho Peoplo'? Banl or with
Our constantly increasing; trade convinces us that our
efforts aro appreciated and stimulates us to greater excr -tion
to satisfy the continued demand for all goods kept in
our store. "We buy only from reliable dealers, and most
of our goods direct from the manufacturers and by so doing
arc able to give
f (' iiriw MwannuriJr
P1PP1 Oil
mm Oil
In spite of our warm Fall, our sales are largely in excess
of any former season, and still our stock is unbroken in all
M grades for men and boys.
Ha Goos
i ii wkw kitotm MeMinnmMin,maHHai
stdttss xjii?: suits:
In great variety of styles and qualities, and in sizes to
fit. all men, boys and children.
Gloves and in fact everything
kept in a first class clothing ami
airmailing store.
In endless- variety and vt aston
ishingly low prices.
Needs no further mention than to say that our stock and work is be
ing kept uy to it3 usual high standard.
KfKP & mi wir
Next to Court I-IoxTse,
Logan, Ohio.
r 0-mr TTTYTT O
io ou ruM
i, in
lift ClWUQQ fcU
w ipff
mmm !
a uajaonicii i
Having decided to closo out our present stock of thoao goods, thoy
aro offered at LESS THAN COST, Now is your chance to purchase
a garment that will last a life timo. Grasp tho opportunity.
'is Ai ii Firfiiii Dolmans
Genulno Siberian Squirrel, Beaver-Trimmed, and all Sill? Dol
mans, fur trimmed, and Now Markets, from $10,00 to $20.00 less than
cost. Thoso goods must bo sold. Call and examine. A full lino of
SEAL SKIN SACQUE8 now In fitoolc, Excollont facilities for repair
ing and retrying Soul Skln.Sttcques. Solo agents for tho Dunlap & Kuoy,
lurtis & Bowen,
No 49 North High Street.
Corner HIqIi and Gay. Columbus, Ohio
rjV ! mi i i ii ii i wm 1 1 i
(-'r-i'inCpnsri.Bfl du.lj U u.

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