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Arohblehop Glbbono' Report to tho
Vatican Authorities. '
Tlio nrcnnlintlnn Not Contrary to the
Cntlinllo Cliurcli-T,cttr Which Will
Iio limit With Intereat by
tub CAitniKAt.'B nrroitT.
Nr.w Yoiitc, March A. Cnrdlnnl Gibbons'
favornblo report to Popo Leo in to tho alms
nnd Btandlnn of tho Knights of Labor, sot
forth In cabol dispatches from Homo, wns
received with muehrojolclngbytho knights
In this city. It has been thought by muny
of tho lending knights that tho McUlynn
controversy and thouttacks mndo by Henry
ueorgo on tnc church
would hnvo prolu
diced tho authorities
nt Homo ngnlnst tho
ordor, nnd this four
wns aggravated by
tho fact that Cardinal
Taschcrenu, who sail
ed In company with
tho Amorlcnn Cardi
nal, had announced
his Intention of on
doavorlng to influence
Homo through It 'in
his light with tho Ca
nadian knights. Tho
position taken by Car
dinal Gibbons, thoy camiin.u, oiiinoxs.
say, will Rottlo the wholo matter.' Ho Is nn
especial favorlto with tho Pope, nnd his nd
vlco us to tho treatment of any matter in
which tho United Statos is concerned will,
It Is declared, bo takon ns it la given.
In addition, Bishop Kcauo, of Richmond,
nnd Bishop Ireland, of 8t. Paul, who nro
both friendly to tho knights, nnd who aro
recognized nt Rome as representing tho
moro progressiva element m tho American
hierarchy, aro with Cardinal Gibbons to
support him in tho position which ho tako3.
Cardinal Gibbons is In a position to spealc
moro intelligently of tho principles of tho
Knights than any othor churchman. Uoioro
leaving for Homo ho carefully examined tho
manual of tho order. Ho also hold a long
conferonco with Master "Workman Pow
clcrly, whom ho regards as a dovout and
and conservative Catholic. His present
position Is tho result of his Investigation.
It is said in clerical circles that tho knights
had powerful enemies within tho Vatican.
Many of tho Cardinals thought tho ordor to
bo of a eharnctor similar to tho secret so
cieties of Italy and Bpain, and opposed it
for that reason.
Tho following is tho Cardinal's letter to
the Propaganda: ,
To His Eminence, Cardinal Rimonol, Prefect of
tho Holy Congregation of the Propaganda:
YOUK EMINENCB In suumlttlnp to tho Holy
See tho conclusions which, after several months
ot observation and deep reflection, secin to me
to sum up the question of the association of the
Knights of Labor, I am' strongly convinced of
the vast Importance of this question, which
forms but one ring In the great chain of the so
cial problem of our day, and especially of our
country. In Judging this question I have taken
great euro to use as my constant guide the spirit
of the enqycllcaU In which our Holy Father,
Pope Leo XIII.. has so admirably exposed the
dangers of our time and tbelr remedies, and has
explained tho principles by which we shall be
guided in distinguishing the associations con
ticmncd by the Holy See. Such, also, wero the
guldes'of tho third Plenary Council of Baltimore,
in Us teachings about tho principle to bo fol
lowed and the dangers to be avoided by tho
faithful In the formation of associations toward
which tho spirit of our popular Institutions so
strongly impels. Considering tho fatal conse
quences that might result through an error In
the treatment of the organizations, which ofton
count their numbers by thousands und hundreds
of thousands, tho council wisely ordered that
when nn association hnB sproad Into uoverol
dioceses, no single lilshop of thoso dioceses may
condc mn It. but must refer the case to the per
manent commission of all tho Archbishops ot
tho United Statos, who in their turn are not
authorized to Issue condemnation, unless their
decision Is unanimous, and In default of such
unanimity only tho Holy Sco Itself can Impose
such a condemnation, so that error and con
fusion in ecclesiastical discipline can bo avoided.
The commission of Archbishops met toward
tho end of the month of October last to cspo
chilly consider the association of the Knights
of Labor. Wo wero not led to hold this moot
ing by any request on the part of tho Utshops,
for none of them did demand It, and It must bo
udded that ot all tho Bishops only two or three,
wero known to doslro the condemnation. But
the Importance of the question In Itself, and In
tho estimation of tho Iloly Sec, tnudo us ex
undue it with greatest care. After our discus
sion, the results ot which have already bcon
communicated to tho Holy Congrcgctlon ot tho
Propaganda, only two out of twolvo of the
Archbishops voted for tho condemnation that
is to sny, tho Archbishop of St. Louis nnd tho
Archbishop or Sauta Fo who followed suit for
reasons which in no wuv persuaded the others
cither by the lustlce or prurience of such a con
ventilation. In the considerations which follow
I wish to glvo In detail tho reasons which de
termined tho vote of tho great Majority of the
commission, tho truth ana force of which do not
scorn to me loss powerful to-day. At the samo
tlmu I will try to do Justice to tho arguments
advanced by the opposition party.
First Although there may bo found In tho
constitution, the by-laws and official declaration
of the Knights of Labor, certain assertions or
regulations which we might not upprovo, wu
huvo not found therein the elements which the
Holy See so clearly designates an condemna
tory, and the formula of their organization eon
talus neither oath nor obligation which pre
cludes those who do not belong to it, oreron
their enemies, from becoming acquainted
with their affairs. Catholics are not forbtddon
to divulge everything to competent ecclesiasti
cal authorities, oven outside of the confessional.
This bus been especially explained to us bytholr
oflloers, no promise of blind obedlcnco is re
quired. The objects of tho association and its
rules are well und distinctly established, and
the obligations of obedience do not trespass
their limits. Not ouly tbelr object and their
rules are not hostile to religion or the church,
but the very contrary. Tho third Plenary Coun
cil forbids that we should coudemn any associa
tion without giving its officers or representa
tives a hearing. (Coryphees vol socils pnecl
puis, No. 234). Their Master Workman, In send
ing mo a copy of their constitution, took occa
sion to sny that ho'profcssos his religion faith
fully and receives tho sacraments regularly;
that ho belongs to no Masoulu association or to
any other otherwise conricmnod by the church;
that ho knows of nothing la the society of
tho Knights of Labor contrary to regulation
of tho church, and with filial submission
ho begs tho pastors of the church to exam
ine all the details at their organization, und
says if they tlnd therein anything roprohcnslblo
to point them out und ho will faithfully promise
to hava the proper modifications made, As
suredly this does not look llko hostility toward
the authority of tho church, but, on tho contra
ry, a porfectly laudably spirit.
After their convention in Richmond last year
many of their most zealous ofllccra and Catho
lic members made the samo declarations re
garding tholr sentiments. As for the proceed
ings ot tho convention themselves (which we
expect soon to receive) wo can no more tlnd
therein any hostility to tho church or to the laws
of tho land. Not only tholr constitution and
regulations contain nothing of the sort, but tho
heads of our civil authorities treat them and the
cuuso they represent with tho greatest respect.
Tho President of the United States told roe
personally, u month ugo. that bo had then un
der consideration a law tending to remedy cer
tain social grievances, and that ho had Just hod
u conference with Mr. Powdcrly, the Gcnerul
Muster Workman ot tho Knights ot Labor, on
tho subject. Tho Congress of the Unitod
States, following the udvlce of tho President, Is
now considering measures loading to ameliorate
tho condition of tho working class, the founda
tion for muny of whose complaints Is openly
acknowledged. And tho political parties, far
from looking upon them us enemies of tho coun
try, vie with each other to obtain for them tho
rights they aro so clearly entitled to, for It is a
fact well known that tho poor tollers have no
inclination to resist or break tho laws of tho
land, if but simply to obtain equitable legisla
tion by constitutional and legitimate moans.
And thoso considerations, which show that ths
organization does not contain ant of tho ele
ments which the Holy See condemns, bring us
face to face with the evils the society Is com
bating and tho real nuture of the conflict. Tfcoro
exist In our country, us in all others, social
fineranues which are grave nd menacing, pub
io injustices which uhke require Urra resist
ance and legal remedies, all of which none
would gslnsay, and tho truth of which has al
ready been admitted by Congress and the Presi
dent of tho United Statos.
Without entering Into the painful details of
those wrongs the vrosent oceaslon not requir
ing it It will sut Ico to mention the fact that
monopolies not onln by Individuals but corpor
ations also, have already excited complaints
from tho workmen and opposition from publlo
men and national legislators as well. That the
efforts of those monopolists, nai always unsuc
cessful to control legislation for their own profit,
cause a great doul of anxiety to tho disinterest
ed friends of liberty i tbut tholr heartless avar
ice which, to Inorouu' tlitlr revenues, ruthlessly
crushes not only the worklngmen representing
tho various trades, but oven the women and
the young cblldrou In their employ makes It
plain to all who love humanity and Justice that
not only bus the worklngmen, got a right to or
ganUo for their own protection, but that It Is
the duty of the publlo at large to old them in
finding a remedy ugalnst tho dangers with
which civilization and tho social order are
mouoced by avarice, oppression nnd corruption.
No quo could truthfully deny the existence of
these utlU,.tha right' of legitiimito rcslitunou
and the necessity for u remedy. The most that
we could do would bo to doubt the legitimacy of
'the means of resistance employed and of the
remedies applied by th Knights of Labor,
Tho following, men, will be tho next point of
nnr examination! Second, It enn scarcely ho
doubted that tho forming of associations ana or
ganisation ot tho parties Interested Is tho boat
means of obtaining a publlo object of any kind,
tho most natural nnd efficacious. This Is so tivl
dent, nnd besides 10 much In accord with tho
spirit of our country .and society In general, so
essentially popular that wo need not dwell upon
the fnct. It Is, wo might say, tho only means by
which nubile nttcntlon enn bo attracted toward
tho end desired to bo attained t by which force
can be given to tho most legitimate resistance,
weight to tho most Just demands. There exists
on organization which represents a thousand at
tractions, a thousand advantages, but which our
Cathllo tollers, nnd with filial submission, re
fuse to accept; It Is tho Masonlo organization
which spreads nil over tho country, which, as
Mr. Powdcrly explicitly said, enlist tho em
ployer and cmployo In a fraternity which Is very
advantageous to tho latter, but which has
scarcely ono Catholic In Its ranks,
Tho Cardinal then rings somo changes on tho
favorlto Catholic theme, tho danger of tho Mo
sonlo brotherhood, and next ho passes to a
point which will appeal mora directly to tho
average feeling of Americans. Ho makes a
stirring appeal to tho church to bewaro of got
ting herself branded as "un-American," and
In terms which, oven through the Impcrfoct me
dium of lndlfforcnt French, are eloquent, re
minds tho Propaganda that tho greatest and
fxandest end ot tho church to tho affection,
ovo and dovotlon of Americans Ilea In her bo
Ing above nil things "the friend of tho people."
Various considerations, moro or less of ccclosl
ostlcul interest, follow, somo a trifle redundant,
nnd then tho Cardinal closes: To sum up, It
seems to mo plain that tho Holy Sco oannoi on-
icrinin mo proposal 10 condemn mo associa
tion : First, becnuso such n condemnation docs
not appear to be Justified by tho letter or by tho
spirit of Its constitution, of its laws or by the
declarations of its heads. Second, that such n
condemnation docs hot appear necessary In
view of tho transient form of tho organization,
and of tho social condition ot tho United States.
Third, that It would not bo prudent
on account of tho icallty of the
wrongs of tho worklngmen nnd tho
fnct that tho exlstcnco of such is allowed by
the American public. Fourth, that It would bo
dnngcroUB to tho reputation of tho church In our
democratic country. Firth, that It would bo
powerless to compel the obedlcnco of our Cath
olic worklngmen who would regard It as falso
and Inlqultuous. Sixth, that It would bo de
structive instead of beneficial in Its effects,
forcing tho sons of tho church to rebel against
their mother, und to range themselves with con
demned societies which they have hitherto
avouicu. Hovcntn, timt it wouui no ruinous to
tho financial support of the church at homo nnd
to tho raising of Peter's pence. Eighth, that it
would turn Into doubt nnd hostility tho marked
dovotlon of our people toward tho Holy See.
Ninth, that it would be rcgnrdod as a cruel blow
to tho authority of the Illshops of tho UnlteU
States, who, It la well known, protest against
such a condemnation.
I trust that the considerations hero presented
hnvo shown sufficiently clearly that such would
be tho result of tho condemnation of the
Knights of Labor of tho United States. There
fore I lcavo their causo with a full conlldenec in
the wisdom and prudenoo of your Eminence,
and of the Holy See.
Archbishop of Baltimore.
Report of the House Committee A Review
of the Strike, Its Inception nnd Progress
Combination 3k Labor Against Capital
Washington, March 4. Chairman Cur
tin, of tho special cominlttca of tho Houso,
appointed at tho first session of this Con
gress on tho Southwestern railway strikos,
submitted a report yesterday. It Is taken
up largely in a review of tho strlko, Kb In
ception and progross, with which tho
country is familiar, and states that tho loss
tothoU,GOO men engaged In it oggrogato
$000,000, whllo tho non-striking employes
suffered $500,000, und the roads suffered to
the extent of $-.',800,000. Tho loss to tho
public was great. Combined lnbor against
combined capital is Indorsed. Tho commit
tee obsorrcs that whntovor in'ay bo tho de
fects of tho Intnr-Stato rommcrco law, a
commission will recommend prompt legis
lation to give the protection needed to thoso
who aro interested only in tho proper opera
tion and management of the ruilroadii.
Tho committee concludes that arbitration
cannot be effective, bocauso there must bo
two parties to tho arbitration, and either
may decline, and whon disturbances occur
It would not bo effective in redressing
wrongs or restoring tho moans of transit of
persons or property to tho people. It is
concluded further, that thoMissouriPaciflo
employes had grievances, of which thoy
had just reason to complain, and thattheso
mny havo extended tho strike. Tho goncrnl
oppression complained of wns geuorally by
subordinates who had power over certain
persons employed on tho road. They w,erp
usked to work without pay and without
sufficient sleep. Tho Texas Pacific; hud a
"black list" containing the uamcB of somo
persons who had grievances, and tho report
declares that tho listing of an Amorlcan
citizen as unworthy of eraplojmont, cannot
bo justified. Tho report Is u unanimous one,
but somo of tho commlttco rcsorvo tho
right to differ from tho conclusions of tlfa
a e
The Railroad Employes at Republic, Ohio,
Excited Over Danger Hljrnnls That urn
Displayed Near the Late Accident by
Unseen Hands.
Tiffin, O., March 3. Tho village of Re
public has a ghost, which stops trains, and
thoro is great excitement there. A fow
nights ago, when express No. S (tho samo
train that was wrecked January 4), was ap
proaching the sceno of that horriblo disaster,
tho engineer saw a red light, tho danger sig
nal ahead, and applying tho brakes and re
versing tho cngino, tho train came to a stand
still on almost tho exact spot of the great
wreck. Btrango to say, when tho train
cuino to a stop, tho light had disappeared,
and could nowhere be seen. Before stop
ping, both tho ongineer and fireman noticed
that tho light appeared to bo carried by n
woman in white. Puzzled by tho disnp
pcarancoof tho signal, tho conductor walked
over tho track for Borne distance ahoad, but
could discover nothing.
Tho train then backed to Republic station,
and tho operator was questioned, but ho
assured them that no signal had been sent
out. Tho train thou proceeded on its way
cautiously, tho engineer keeping a sharp
lookout, but nothing moro was seon of tho
mysterious woman. This strange appari
tion has appenrod on thrco occasions, nnd
has greatly oxcited trainmen. A posso has
wutchod tho pluco for several nights, but
tho ghost hus not slnco appoarod.
A Message From the Pope Which Induce
the Parishioners of Nt. Stephens to Re
lieve Dr. McUlynn Will bo Reinstated.
New Your, March 4. St. Stephens
parish was thrown into a stato ot wild ex
citement last night. Bonfires wero built
and general joy prevailed. Crowds of tho
parishioners gatbored and congratulated
ono another upon tho receipt of a cable
gram from Rome, addressod to Dr. Carey,
chuirman of tho Parishioners commit too, as
"Tour telegram was most accoptablo to
the Sovereign Pontiff, who, roturning
thanks, imparts most lovingly his apostolla
boucdlction to tho Itev. Father McUlynn,
to you and to all tho faithful of tho Parish.
"H. Mocbnui."
Fathor McQIynn was highly delighted,
and attributed tho message to tho repre
sentations of Cardinal Gibbons, who Is now
at Homo. Ho also believes that tho church
will be most lenient to the labor unlonB,
and that the Popo is being onllghtcnod on
American nfuttcrs. Tho parishlonors look
for a speedy reinstatement of their pastor.
Eighteen Horses Ilurned to Doth,
Bitkalo, March 4. A flro occurred
Thursday night in the brlok burn in the rear
of No. W Elm street, owuod by Brlnker,
Moore tfc Co., coul dealers, and containing
olghteen horsos, harness, hay, etc. All tho
horses were smothered to death before thoy
could bo rescued. Fireman Hughes was
found unconscious la the barn, narrowly
escaping suffocation. Tho building was'
damaged 1100. Loss on horses, etc,, be
tween a,ooo and (4.000.
i a a.
l'rlco of Wiro-KalU Advanced.
PiTTsnuKQii, March 4. The Amorican
Wlro Null Association hold u well-attended
meeting In this city yesterday, The reports
presented Indicate a good trado with prices
well sustained, Owing to the recent ud
Vttiico In ruw mutcrlul, tho price of wlro
nulls was advuucod twuiity-tlvo cents por
Ue us ugrced upon ut tuuJiuiuary ineel lug.
Popper Aduttoratlons.
Dr. Cnmpbcll Hrown, tho public mm
lyst of Liverpool, recently gave evi
dence in sonio casus of popper mlultor
ntlon. In ono CK80 the pepper which ho
liml oxmnlncrt contained upwards of 05
per cent, of l'lco nnl 4 per cent, of a
lianl ligneous tisstio resembling ground
ollvo stones, llo explained that this
worthless substaneo was Imported Into
England under tho nanio of polvrotto,
or popporatto for tho purpose of In
creasing tho weight and bulk of pop
per. Ho hnd much difficulty In ascer
taining tho exact natiiro of this com
pound, which Is advertised In circulars
sent from Italy to Knglisii pepper mer
chants. It seems to consist of somo
kind of ground frult-stoncs or nut
shells, but ground ollvo stones seem to
pi'oduco a substaneo most like It. Tho
price of tills rubbish is ono penny a
pound, or less than one-twelfth tho
price of pepper. K Y. Post.
How to Clean Engravings.
Putthe cngravlngon a smooth board,
cover it thinly with common salt finely
powdered. Squeeze lcinon-jutco upon
tho salt so ns to dissolve a considerable
portion of it. Elovnto tho bonrtl so that
it may form an nngleof about forty-ilvo
degrees with tho horizon. Pour on tho
engraving boiling water from a tea
kettle until the suit und loinon-juico bo
washed ofl'j tho engraving will then bo
perfectly clean and frco from stains.
It must bo dried on tho board, or on
some smooth surface gradually, not by
tiic liro or sun, or it will be tinged with
n yellow color. Scientific American.
Tho greatest discovery of tho ago
wns inado in tho Bud Lands the other
morning. Two hunters who havo been
camping in that region for several
weeks wero awakened by a terrific
shock and a roar that sounded like tho
rush of a mighty torrent. Running out
of their camp thoy saw a stream of lire
over ono hundred feet in height shoot
ing into tho atmosphere. ThN immense
blaze poured through the crust of earth
for over an hour, when it ceased. In
about five minutes nfter the cessation
another eruption took place, tho llamo
being about thirty feet high, but this
was followed in about ten minutes by
another blazo nearly ns high as the
first. Bozanan (M. T.) Courier.
A number of Boston capitalists arc
building a railway car of steel. In
stead of forming their car by tho cur
rent square-box pattern they will use,
ns far as possible, a curved design.
Hot-air pipes will heat the car, and a
compressing platform will render tele
scoping an impossibility. Tho general
adoption of such a car would be a most
desirable result. Boston Journal.
A. C. White, Agt., D. &T. B. R. Zonla,
Dhio, writes: ''ItcdStnr Cough Curolsn,
most cfilciont romody for bronchitis; tho
first doso relieved mo." Price twenty-llvo
July 1SS1, wroto Thos. P. Glostor, Hol-
yokc, Mass., 'ln thrco dnya cured an abcoss!
on my arm with St. Jacobs Oil." October
9, 1SS0, ho says: "'Wus entirely cured of
tho terrlblo Buffering by it." Prlco fifty
m i
Somb men nro bora crc:lti but thoy out
grow It. ruck.
Vk can not renow youth, but wo can pre
vent gray hair by using Unit's Hair llo
uowcr. Ayur's Pills aro a novor-falling remedy
for headaches, caused by u disordered
The flrat thing a ahocmakor uses in bot
toming a shoe is tho last. Loiecll Courier.
CoNsrMiTio v may bo avoided by tho timely
usoof Halo's Houoy of Horohoundund Tur.
Piko's Toothache Drops Curo lu ouo minute.
m i
' JtiMriN-o nt a conclusion A dogtrylng to
catch his own tall. A'eu Jlami jW-kw.
If afflicted with Soro Eyos uso Dr. Isaac
Thompson's EyeWater.Druggists sell it. 25c.
Ax editor makes on incomo when he
makes his ink hum. WhilthaU Timet.
As x raindrop forotolls a storm, so docs
a pimple upon tho human body indicate
health-destroying virus in tho blood, whicli
can bo neutrallzoa nnd expelled only by Dr.
Harter's Iron Tonic
It 1b the spnr of tho moment that makes
tlmo lly. -V. 0. Pkayune,
Fiso's Romody for Catarrh is agreeable
to uso. Iciocot aliquld or a suulZ. 60c.
LIVE STOCK Cattlo Common?.' OT O 3 73
Clioli'ii Butchers 3 85 fo 4 50
HOOK Common 4 OI dil Ji 00
.jood Puckers fi ,11 b m
SHEK1' Clond to choleo 00 $ 4 7S
VLOUK Family 8 liJ (fill
UUAIX Wheat So. 'J red :.... & h-.'tf
No.Ilied 78 bl
Corn No. 2 mixed ij fill
Oats No. S mixed SO Sc may,
HAY Timothy No. 1 10 !M tell 00
TOBACCO Medium Loaf 0 00 it. 7 90
Good Leaf B CO fc !) 7.1
PKOVISIONS-Pork Mess till) UO
Lard Prime Steam 7 ii.1 Ot 7 37' J
BUTTKU- Cliolco dairy w 'J4
Choice tu Fancy Creamery.. S3 &i fit
APPLKS Prime, per barrel 2 ml 3 00
POTATOES Per bushel 50 fo M
FI.OUU Stato and Western S IS a S no
OKA1N Wheat No. 3 Chicago... fo WIS
No.liri'd fo njii
Corn No. a mixed (tl :)'i
Oats Mixed .' fo 37'
POKK Mi-k 15 50 (JtJ.1 75
LAUD Western Steum W 7 UTli
FLOUR Wisconsin winter RW 4 00
fJUAlN-Wheat No. 3 red w) fo HOtf
No. 2 Chicago spring, 7U'ifo 70
Corn No. a 35?fo :wj;
Onts No.2 31 fo yii
PORK Mess fo30 W
LAUD Steam fo 7 50
FLOUR-Famlly ti BO fo 3 6S
OKAIN-WhtulNo.3 flOVfo 1
Corn Mixed 4lifo 47
OaU Mixed 34 fo 30
PROVISIONS-Pork-Meis'..... folfl GO
CATTLE First quullly 4 75 fo 6 U)
HOUH ;., Qy,ia fig
OIlAIN-Whcat-No.3red .. fo KS
corn Mixed fo auft
Oau mixed fo yj
FLOUR-ANo. 1 tlOJ fo4t
UKAlN-Whct-No.3red.,.,. fo
Corn mixed..,,,, fo ;wi
Oau mixed , fo 31
I'OUK-Meh , fo3 iu
LAUD Steum , fo ti OJ
TOllACC'O-Commonl.UKS 1 00 Slil
Medium Leaf,, , i) 50 fo 4 50
UoodLeuf,,,,,, ,,,,, 1 5'J foOOJ
Why did the Women
of this .country use over thirteen million cakes of
Procter & Gamble's Lenox Soap in 1886?
Buy a cake of Lenox and you will soon understand why,
rMtllenco That Wtk In Darkness A
Destruction That tViMtns at Noonday,
Wo hnvo published In our columns from
tim! to tlmo different advcrllsomcnU in
regard to Bright' Diseasa nnd Its cures.
What 1b this terrlblo disensol
Wo havo takon tho troublo to mako nn
Investigation from tho best sources and
wo glvo tho results to our rcadors.
What astonishes us is tho gciiornllndlf
foronco given to kldhey disorders. Tho
kidneys do not sound tho alarm of tholr
diseased condition, owing to tho fact that
thoy havo vory fow norvea, honco few bus
pect that thoro is any dlsoaso in thorn.
Irritation, Inflammation, ulceration sot in,
ami men tnu nuio tuuas, oi which ma iiu
noyn aro full, nro destroyed nnd thrown
off, and from thU fnct nru called tubo casts.
As soon ns thlB begins to tako placo It is
only a question of how fast decomposition
ocn on boforo tho dloaaso rosults fatally.
tho propor remedies aro token boforo
final decomposition or wnsto of tbeso tubes
commences or becomes too fnr advanced,
that is tho only nnd last chaiico for rellof.
It is at this point or boforo that Wnrnor's
safo curo proves so beneficial, nnd mny
curo or stop tho wasting uwuy of the kid
neys if it has not advanced too fnr.
Tho most romatknbla thing of all our In
vestigation is tho fact that tho patient with
Bright's dlscaso has no cxulusivo symp
toms, but has tho symptoms of ovcry com
mon disease.
First ho may posslby feci a dull pain in
his back, generally upon ono side, which
docs not dollar him from his usual business
routine Af tor a tlmo ho may begin to fcal
neuralgic pulns, or havo a slight attnek of
what ho may cull rheumatism, or hcadacho,
with high or dark colored urine, with un
unpleasant sensation iu its pasiago. nnd
niter sianuiug snowing nn unnatural con
dition. Later on, come tlrod toolings, loss
of ambition or vigor, or loss ot or failing
eyesight, which 1 very common, with a
distressed condition of tho stomach. Any
ono ot thoso symptoms Is llaulo to occur.
This no doubt accounts for tho propri
etors of Warner's snfo curo curing so many
diseases. By regulating und buildlnguptho
kidneys, symptoms of general llt-hcalth
disappear. Thoy justly nccuso tho medical
prolosslon ot treating tho effects und not
tho cause. Finally If this dlsordor is neg
lected tho patient cither dies of npoplaxy,
pneumonia, heart dlscaso, blood poison,
consumption, or any other disease that tho
system Is most subject to.
It appears that Goneral Logan realized
his condition, and "was well uwaro that
his dlscaso was of tho kidneys, and :
pressed hlmsolf in indignant terms nt tho
lolly of tho doctors lu treating him fnr
rheumatism when it was tho kldaoy that
caused his attacks."
Wo havo no doubt that vory many peo
plo In this country hnvo tho Biimo troublo
as tho General, but llttlo Importanco Is at
tached totltls malady by tho medical pro
fession becauso of their inability to copo
with It, cither In its first appcarcneo or ad
vanced condition.
Thoro appears to bo somo ono causo for
nearly every other uilmont of tho human
system, but up to tho present tlmo no ouo
hns been able to fully account for this tcr
riblo ninlady. Wo understand that tho
pcoplo of Germany havo becomo nwnro of
its fearful fatalltv, and havo offered 400,.
000 marks ($100,000) to any ono that cos,
satisfactorily explain tho causo.
A Bi.rxi man In Iowa can tell tho color
of a red-hot stove simply by touching It.
I'uek'n Annual.
A Cooair, Cold, oh Bonn Tiihoat should
not bo neglected. Bhown's UuoxcuiAL
Tkociiks uro a simple romody aud give
prompt rolief. 25ets. a box.
TnB groat Amorican dessert pie. Texat
Oxyoi-.x CmiE. Thront, lung, nervous dis
eases. Book frco. Dr.Uepncrt, Cincinnati, O
Somk farces aro properly called little
laughter pieces.
ALL cf Ihoso Piinful
Delic&to Complaints and
Complicated troublo and
Weakncssoi so common
emong cur Wives, Mcthtrj,
and Daughtors.
Jt will cure tnttrclv
troulUc, Tafia m m a
tlon ana Licera
tion, I'a'Miig and
Cvn$ojucr,t tplnal
Vtakiict,tnd is
-o,'a,illI to ths
Lawks, rrwn
Woman's Curo Friend
enenpo oj IV.
WJU-SOTPEEroRM icr.r.icit. orcr-iTi o oa
cvnK CAKcr.n, tot it wiumnint all cmcrusTixcra. act
ixiusiioxTvnTiiroiiuiTBorNATTmz. BnuxTiwcuwi
on muMKa to 1, nsixa run, wnoirr axs bickaou,
3T6oId by Drasclets. Price 91 per bottU.
Mr). 1'lnkhsm's Liter Pills cure conetloatlua. 5c
ratwuKi- . ?
Th nrateit, nulcket. infest and mot powerful rem
edy known for IUiuniatiKiuf Weuriry. Keur&lpta, Lum
buffo, Il&ckncbe, Wakne, cold In tli i lit ft ana all
m'hefl and pain, ttiulorsed by MOOrhyntoIan and Drujf
tints of the hlulic-t repute. Bi axon's lMavtcnijiniinpt
T relieve and cm e wlivre other planters una ervajty
aire, Ihilinenttt nud lotion, are absolutely uxclena.
beware of Imitations under similar Kountiintf nnmcrt,
auch an Caplcum," "Cupuclli," "Caii-delne, 'a they
are utterly urthlwa aud intended tu deccU o. Auk you
bKAUUUY & JOllSbUN. lTopriour,orT York.
ELYS Catarrh
A particle la applied Into each nostril and I atrruable.
Price f0 cent at iirui;e;Utiti by mull. ruricti'rtd.COcffc
Circulan frtc. hLV lUtOS., prutrgbu, Uwego, K. Y.
for LlT.r, Title, Jndlrotton, ete. FreofrnuiUercurri
eoaUitt. onljr'Puro Vegetable iDcrvdlenU. A;rvut--CUM.
Piso's Remedy for Cntarrh In the
Best, Eutoet tu VJeo, and ClicaiwoU
Bold brdragfrlnU or .rat by maU.
GOo. K. T. Uuoltino, Warren, fa. Jj
proflubl. .mploTKunt to r mumiiI ut In orcrjr
cotwljr, HUuy fit iwr intuitu aud cipoukw, or
Urro oouuiImIob ou m1 If prp f .mtl Good ftteplt,
kt err on. kura. Outfit uidl rtlrulanl'rt's.
ufAnalflu BiLvmwXiut cu.. mttbtt. iuaa.
l)n. JoHirn A. bewam.'i Tiieatikie on
Bent Free. O.B. Junes & Co., Uloowlnulou, 111,
uriUBJ NArionuui
I BAM'rAIIIUl,lu Man!
20 Tenrs rST-w
v tjM "ik. Jti-C
V?"S4' -5cOTf
Ncfitnoss pays. Kcop your stock
curried, strtblcs cleaned, rulibUh picked
up nnd roadsides nnd mowing fields ires
from bushes nnd weeds.
Olngcr Snupsi Two cups of mo
lnssos, ono of lard, n tttblespoonfiil
ench of glnpor find sodn, the latter dis
solved in ns llttlo hot water ns possible,
flour to roll out very thin. The Caterer.
Soda Jelly Cakcsi Ono teacup of
sweet cream, two of suenr. two circs,
half a tcaspoonful each of soda and
crcain-oMartor sifted with tho flour.
Flour to tho consistency of batter cakes,
and bake Immediately. Iixcliange.
Flat-irons that show a disposition
to rust may, while yet a trillo warm, bo
rubbed on tho edges and face with tal
low. Whon put on tho fire again thoy
should, as soon ns warm, havo tho tal
low wiped off with an old cloth, when
they will bo found bright and smooth.
Ileal will fatten old sheep better
than wholo grain, ns they can not mas
ticate tho grain woll with their poor
tenth. Sheep disliko to cat meal, as it
ilios up into their nostrils. This troublo
ran easily bo remedied by wotting it
slightly, or, what is better, cut tho hit),
wot it and sprinkle tho meal over it.
Ban Francisco Chronicle.
It is said a small lath loosely sus
pended about eighteen inches above tho
porch of tho rooster will prevent him
from crowing at unseasonable hours.
Tho lath will not interfere with tho
bird's roosting, but tho moment ho
stretches his neck to crow his head will
come in contact with tho lath aud ho
will desist. Chicago Journal.
The Spanish method of making
paste for pics is as follows: Put two
pounds of sifted white llourinto a bowl,
cut iu it half it pound of lard and four
spoons butter, six beaten eggs, half
pound white sujrar. Knead this a loni;
time until well mixed. If the paste is
too soft to knead, add sufllcicnt Hour to
handle. It is said to bo excellent.
Very few animals aro as dainty and
choice about their food as the sheep,
says a contemporary. .At times thoy
will lcavo a handful of feed in tho
trough when a close inspection may
not discover any tiling wrong with the
grain; but the sheep have found some
thing in or about it not suitable to their
taste, and so it is left. It is generally
true that what ono sheep refuses nono
of the Hock can be induced to eat.
Western Rural.
Dr. G. O. Frasor,.of Randolph, O.,
says: "Seeing difl'ercnt remedies rec
ommended for boo stings, I wisli to say
that I havo tried alkalies, soda, am
monia, liquor, potassa, honey, rub
with an onion, bruised tobacco, etc.,
and witlt thirty years' experience can
say that a' small amount of oil of cinna
mon, applied with a small straw, end
of knitting needle or small splinter, is
worth more than all the rest. Uso only
a little, for it will blister. American
Medical Journal.
Ilculthnnil Growth nri'lg Dependent Upon
the Prevention oflmllgenttoii.
There is no animal on tho farm moro
likely to bo ncgli'clud thnn tho, hog, and
j-t't in muny sections of tho West lie is
ono o tho many sources of income. On
this account it is important that ho
should huvo better care, whicli would,
in many cases, prevent the heavy losses
that occur from disease. Swine
breeders do not, as a rule, consider that
tlio hog is, by nature, an eater of green
food, and dependent in a great measure
on grazing.
The villager knows how eager tlio pigs
shut up iu the pen during tlio whole
year aro for tho grass and weeds from
tho garden near at hand; and partly
because he wants to get rid of his weeds,
and partly because ho thinks the pigs
will like a little green stuff, ho throws
the refuse to them. He does not reflect
that green food is tho natural susten
ance of tho hog, as it is of tlio cow,
while by feeding on corn alone, he is
keeping tho pigs under an artilieial
Tlio question is, how best to supply
tho hog with food that will most nearly
answer in the place of pasture grass,
for tho natural instinct for jrrcen and
soft food should be gratified through
whatever material may bo at hand.
Health and growth during tlio sum
mer may depend largely upon tho suc
cess in preventing indigestion, and tho
morbid state of tho blood which comes
of this. If no vegetables can be spared
for this purpose, it will pay to buy
them, not on account of tho moro nutri
ment contained, but for tho dietetic aud
sanitary reasons mentioned above.
Coal ashes, charred coal, and charcoal
from wood, should bo within reach at
all times. In a goneral way, and by
tho uso of divers suitable agencies, tho
bowels should bo kept in a condition
tlio opposite of being constipated, that
tho blood may bo neither improved nor
charged with unhealthy secretions. By
acting with discretion in tho manner
pointed out, and protecting them from
inclement weather at the same time,
thrift during tho ontiro season is likely
to bo tlio result. National TAvc-Stoch
Itecent Experiment! Sliowlnc That ths
Tiro Ulteniiea Are Not Identical.
George Fleming, LL. D., principal
veterinary surgeon of tlio British army,
regards as untrue tho generally ac
cepted theory that small-pox in
man, and cow-pox, are one and tho
same disease. Ouo of tho best authori
ties quoted in support of tho theory
was tho late Mr. Cocly, who reported
that ho had succeeded in producing cow
pox by inoculating a cow with small
pox matter. Dr. Fleming beliovesthat
Mr. Ceely was misled in this experi
ment, and that what ho really used was
vaccine, and not tho virus of, small-pox.
Ills experiment was subsequently re
peated ou twelve heifers by Dr. Klein
under Mr. Coely's supervision, and,
though small-pox matter was inserted
abundantly Into the Incisions, cow-pox
wus not developed lu any of the animals.
Similar experiments have been per
formed lu Franco and Italy, and the re
sults have all been tho same as thoso in
England. Dr. Fleming holds that all
thoso experiment go to show that the
two diseases are not Identical, nor can
cow-pox bo produced by inoculation
with HinnU-pox vinw. Science.
What, a vnst nmount of pain nnd MilTcrlnir
-mild be molded If tho above "Word to Do
Wlsr" was heeded In time by everybody. The
most serious ullmcnU are at first slight, and It
Riven proper attention might be cured and life
prolonged. Hood's Sarsapurllla Is peculiar In
the rcmurkablo cures It accomplishes, wholly
unprecedented in the history of medicine.
March April
Arc the months In which to purify the blood, for
at no other se.ison Is tho body so susceptible to
benefit from medicine. The peculiar purifying
nnd rcvlvltiequalltles of Hood Sarsaparilla nro
Just what aie needed to expel dlseasu nnd forti
fy the system apalnst the ucpilltallRe effects of
mild weather, t:ery year Increases tho popu
larity of Hood's Sarsup.irilln, for It Is just what
people need at this scaon. It is tho Ideal spring
medicine. If you have never tried It, do bo, aud
you will be convinced ot its peculiar merit.
Hood's Sarsapai
Sold by all druggists. il;slxfor&3. Prepared by
C. I. HOOD &. CO., Apothecaries, Lowell, Mass.
IOO Doses Ono Dollar
Sunday School
Find pleniurf tn Ha Mnilc. Ilrfaht Honfr
mako ths CMlrire i huppy. If jim uro lu
need of n new act of hlt)(tltif;iSouUi exam
ine tho fulluwlnui
A0 DrnmleA 'or Fundny trhnnlfl,
OT rrOmlSlJa Prnvfrnntl itanfrrunra
MeettiiK'. Hy J. H. Tennpy ami L A. Hoffman,
prlco 3& cent" t per.iiziMi.fcft&
bOMls UK lliuiisi; tilt till ncnuUful book ntl
they liitvo a u'rrut variety, Liwhm been ronlrlbutetl
tr mnny uble writers. The boot hus jfl) ttntieK, und
ll'J hymns, each with lt own tunc. Music und
words tnontly new.
Singing on the Way. ,
brook. l'rico:i cents! per dnz
Uy Mrs. Uello M.
Jewett und Dr. Hoi-
A cnnltiil book, contalnlne 111) iiHiis of excellent
10111:9, hymn, and "occunlotmr pieces, fiich n will
bo welcomed In tbo Hitwluy Bchuul. L'uth plcco
may bo pluyotl upon thoorgtin.
Qftncv Wnreliln For &""1ay BchooR Br J
dUllg nOlSniPf o. Kmer-on und W. I- Slur
win. Trice Itt cont; per dozen Mt.
A book thai U Intended to lift tbo cervlce of pons
In tho Sabbath pchool uhovo the ordinary Jovol.
without puulnir it beyond tbo reach of tbo an toa
Cracli KlAiware For Infant Clade In Rundar
rrSSlI IT lOWeiS 1 school. Uy Kmnm Put.
Prlce2. cent; per dozen l'2A0.
A dainty llttlo book, us full a tt can hold of awect
meUMles with pretty rerua et to them, such un
every child will uuderMund aud enjoy.
C. II. Ditsos & Co., 807 UroudwKjr, New York.
Will purlfr the BLOOD rrruht.
th. Liver and kidneys J
ilKRTORE tnHALTliUiavlU.
uuor zuuxu. jurirei.!a,wa&i
otAppetlta, IudlKtMitlan.LackoJ
oireDffin una urea rooting no.
oiuuiy curra: uonc, mc
aim ana noire, rocoiva new
force. Enllnrni the mlucl
k. ami onnnltM llrnln Power.
a - . -- -- unnenuK iron cuuii'iuiiu-
I AmSf& ptcnllar toth.tr -.iwlJIBnd
TONIO n afe und .peodycure. Oivee. clear, neal.
thy complexion. Froqnent attempt, at counterfeit.
inaonlyadd to th. populniitr ot the orllnal. 1M
not experiment cat tlio OaiQINiL aud Best,
m flunk (!anBtlna.tlntvT.tv. Camnlelnt and Sick
a n UBirrca e iuetd dii h
ll.adaoho. Bamplo Doto and Dream Booka
mailed on receipt ot two cenu tn poataga. ff
Due Agent (Merchant only) wuntca la every town for
Durlnor tlio lat year you furnltlicd mo with 07,0X1
'TnuhllrH l'uncli.' Tlila month you have fold mo
il.UOO. almoitt all of which havo hpuli aold. from ono
to flvo to vftLb porton. You will pica) chip f,(XI)or.
i-ry Mitunlny until further notice. O. ti. 1'IiuwiTT,
UriiEBlat. lhnvfr,Cnl.
Addrc.KU. W. TAN8I1.I. t CO., Chleaco.
(Eit!iia PENSION .
W-ite to TUCKER ft EVANS, Attorneys,
renftlon and Ilounty wrurel for Sold ten of )attwar
and their Krlrv. IVncionn Incmawl. ltcjuttvd t'bbei
roopened. KivafcdTUtiprunipily given.
Marvellous Memory
Wholly unllkcartlflcUlSyiteraa-CureofMInd Wan.
dermic Aar book learned In oue reading. Heavy re
(luctluna for poaul claaaea. Proaprctua, wllhopln
luua of Mr. Paocioa, tbo Aatrunumer, Itona. W. W.
Abtok. Judih P. IliMaHU, Dra..Muou, Wood and
otbera, tout poat mra, by
37 Firth Av.au. New York.
The Orltfluul and: Ouly Ccnulue.
lw.l Hallabl. D.wanurwMaltMlmltaUona. 1m-
Ml xta.UM tkaaar.. Pkllad.lDkla. ta.
R.ld by MnwaUt. evrrywh.f.. Aak for "Oklehrv
Ur'a KastE
vw i e.Hf ray.i a iim. ... nu uint
I'caur royal i'llU. Tko no uthu r.
RRIN(1 yur wn Bint,
wa...v Iteiil.Uyatcralbella,
tmAMAM Vloar audCur.
In the fa
In Ih. IH -S-V.& 1
(F. Wllaon'a
MM par
cent.rauninadiiln keeplnicuoMl-
trv. Alao POWXIt Mime and
fkkii HUiia, circiiiara anu Tcitinioniaia "jav
OD application. WllMOS UUOM., twHa, fit.
'.".::: isst-mtsfs mw filehs
to fllu Hand, Ulv, Buuh.r, lluck. Pruning aud all
klnda of (awaao thoy cut bettor than evar. Two
SllBra fniu for b. UluitnUod clrculara kltKS. Ad.
dru B. 11W1I A. lllto., MkW luriuui, l'.uo,
'i OKN'tVyoirVilM flnd Ju.t wiiaTynu want by ao
Aurtt.lug lu.uluivnl UalvraUuvvly Co., ltd, t'a
"I pladly attest tho peculiar bulldlniMip
power of Hood's Saronimrilla. For mmo tlnia
I havo been unable, lo attend to butlr.ois, but
llnally at tlio rofiuest of a friend I used pun of n
bottle of Hood's Sarmporllla, which kc toro
and strength to my system and made mi' MM
younp as when n boy." CIhanvh.i.k T. Woods,
0-1 and US Lodge Street, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Hood's Sarsaparilln Is prepared from Sarsaprv
rllla, Dandelion, Mandrake, Dock, Juniper Her
rlcs, and other well known vegetable remedies,
lu such a peculiar manner as tu dtnlvo the lull
mcdlcln.il value of each. It will cure, when in
the power of medicine, strofula. salt rheum,
sores, boils, pimple, all humors, dyspepsia, bil
iousness, sick headncho, indigestion, fcencralde
blllty,catnrrh, rheum. itlsm, kidney anullverconr
plnlnlK. Uovereomcs that extreme tired fecllai
caused by chango of climate, season, or life.
I Sold by all druggists. 81; six for $3. Prepared by
C. I. HOOD & CO., Apothecaries, Lov,cll, Muss.
I IOO Doses Ono Dollar
Internal or Eiterasl.
BOo a Bottlo.
Kor tho euro of-r.ll ilHorden of tlio Stomach, Liver,
UowolM, Kldui-y., llliulilcr. Nctvons IJIuac, Lota
or Apni'lltc, llcmlaihe, Costlvcnes!', IndlseMlon,
IllliouMieso, Vevcr. liitlnnininllnii of tlio Bowels
I'lleH, ami all 0'r.uieiiieiit of the lntonml viscera.
Purely vceutiiblc, urn tuinliii; 110 mercury, mlnerula,
ordeleterlous ilruHS ,,
1'rito, SO cents per 00. Hold by all dniSKlsts.
DR. HADWflY'S PILLS gSnafliff-SrS
.tore etrenuli to tho Ktomach and euablo It to per
form Ita functions The symptom of pyapepsla
dlnkpnear, and with them tho liability of tho nystcm
to contract dl.cacs
A poaltlve curo for Scrofula and ull Blood and Skin
BottCoufh Hyrup. Toateagood. UlO
in iimo. oiu uy uniiririais.
Hainrsvim.k. N. J,, I
October 15. 1SS0. J
E. T. Hazki.tine,
AVurrcn, Pa.
Dear Sir:
1 wan taken with a very
severe coltl last SprinR,
und tried cvory euro wo
bad in tho store, and could
get no help.
I hnd our village doctor
prescribe for me, but hept
getting worse. I saw an
other physician from Port
Jorvifl, N. Y., and ho told
mo ho used Piso's Curo
for Consumption in his
I bought a bottle, aud
boforo 1 had taken all of
it thoro was a change for
tho bettor. Thon 1 got my
employer to order u quan
tity of tho mcdlcino and
Itcop it in stock. I took
ono moro bottle, aud my
Cough was cured.
Phank Mckelvi.
M Boat Cough Bjrup. Toatea good. UlO
au inuniB. hoiu oyurucviita.
for aoldlera and wldowa of thi
Aloxlcan War aud llobolllon. AT.
kluitanf liiv.rnni(int ('l&ltna Col.
Iccted. circular of lawaonlfre. Kitzukilaui h
POWILL, U. b. Claim Collector., Indlananoln, lnd.
clrtular or Instruction., tttlllri
If you uant UKUKr
und ctntit at your
homo, amid for Dlt.
roauway, nuw ora.
one-font stamp, vrill brlnirby rtturn mall our book
oil rMlIri UalalM aa. Artlialal laaaliallii." and hand
aomo lllurd cat. ut lri.4 kittl.l.r la..bal.raa4
Auurcaa unauipion Jtrtf. uu.r uincy,iu.
ovvrliiyviitvd. luirllvut v.mltuur. aiopa
ratlllnu. Hlu-nuy. HainuliiiSi Icrmatoanenta
locta. etmi toc c.. 110 tutu, tt., cuiiiajid, 0.
Pal BaUlO od Jaraee itlyer, Vs., lu Clar.mont
FalHaalX IViloui. Illu.t-niUid Circular k'rofc
mil HI W J. '. alANUUA. Clurcoiunt, Vtt.
for (tale. H.7.Ind, Health, aodaty.
, t'ltr anil County booming. Uulla
ALKX. LKHUrl. Wklnnt0ll, lud.
ivr atauip,
A. N. K.-K.
TO Ma A DAT, Sample worth Ml,
FI1KK. Llunanotuinlcrthgliurae'.feel. Wrlta
WUIIItTWt turkfl tUUk UOUaJtto.,Uall;,llUa.
M BottCoufh Hyrup. Toateagood. UlO O
PCJ In tlmo. Bold by dnmglata. gl

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