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Spanish postago stamps bear tho plot
uro of tho baby King.
Chicago In its present boundaries con
tains 173 square miles.
The city of Philadelphia Is to havo a
school of paltcontology.
The now King of Portugal is an Inor
dinate clgarotto smokor.
Tiin Eraporor of Gormany loft Turkoy
for Grecco, tho other day.
A Chinaman Is about to ontor tho law
department of Michigan Univorslty.
Seciietaiiv Blaine has moved into
tho old Soward houso in Washington.
PiirEitoit William's visit to Constan
tinople cost tho Sultan ovor 81,000,000.
Seven million porsons aro omploycd
in tho cultivation of tho vino in Franco.
Idaho, "Gem of tho mountains," is
tho nccurato translation of tho Indian
A branch of tho Knights of Labor has
boon formed by tho ropo-workcrs of
The United States is credited with
10,319 papers of all sorts, 1,404 of them
bolng dallies.
The expenses of a fashionable funeral
aro almost equal to thoso of a fashion
ablo wedding.
Chicago is going into ecstasies ovor
tho prospect of having natural gas in
tho near future.
It is claimed that cranborrlos can bo
kopt sound under wator in jars tho
winter through.
As a rulo tho cattlo-doalor makes a
fortuno out of his pon a great deal fastor
than tho author docs.
Pennsylvania's autumn Arbor Day
resulted in tho planting of 24,100 trees
throughout tho State.
A fifty-year-old grapovlno grows in
Gormantown, Pa., on a trunk which
measures 2 feet round.
The manufacture of sugar by tho dif
fusion process in Louisiana has resulted
in a great increaso of output.
The London authorities will not al
low Barnum to parado his exhibition
through tho strcots of that city.
About two tons of frogs' legs havo
boon shipped from tho bay district
to Now York during tho past four
The most interesting exhibition in
Europo noxt year will bd tho Loan Ex
hibition of Tapestry at tho Austrian
The largest family in Wotzol County,
W. Va., consists of eighteen porsons
father, mother, eight sons and eight
Among tho freshwomon ontorcd this
torm at Nownham College, Cambridgo,
is Miss Chamberlain, a nicco of Josoph
Plymouth Church, Brooklyn, has con
cluded to go back into Congregational
Ism, from which it declared its inde
pendence some years ago.
What with tho great undefoated El
Rio Key and tho now wonder, Sunol,
California seems to havo fairly earned
tho title of ruler of tho turf.
San Francisco, with a population of
about 400,000, has only 120 churches,
with a seating capacity of 40,000 and an
avorngo attendance of C5.O0O.
PRINCE 1IATZFELDT is .1 blondo Of ma-
dium height, of squaro and symmetrical
figure. Ills hair parts in tho conter and
rolls back in tho Gorman way.
The finest collection of postage stamps
in this country is said to bo owned by
Georgo Gould. His father's collection
of stajnps is also a notablo one.
A Gekman professor has discovered
that Mr. Gladstone is a direct descend
ant of Edward III. Lord Tennyson is
said to bolong to tho samo family.
It has been resolved to erect a monu
ment at his native placo of Elsloben to
tho momory of Frledrlch Konig, tho
Inventor of tho quick printing-pross.
One of tho chief industries of Sicily
is tho mining of sulphur. Tliero aro
GO" mines in tho country, and brimstono
Is ono of tho most important exports.
Miss Mary Clymhr, recently wedded
to Ex-Secrotary Bayard, is thirty-nlno
years old. Ilor distinguished husband
was sixty-ono years of ago lost month.
Geneiial Rosecrans, Register of
tho Treasury, bw decided to introduce
tho uso of electricity in his oflico as a
motive power to run tho punching ma
chines for cancelling tho redoomed
treasury notes.
The young Emporor of Germany, al
though ho has dono considerable travel
ing, is having an immonso steam yacht
built and contemplates a cruiso around
tho world beforo his cravo for sight-soo-ing
is satisfied.
Of Cuba's 43,000 acres, 4,000 only aro
cultivated. It has no gold or silver pur
rency of its own, depending upon S40,
000,000 in notes issued by tho Spanish
liank. It la not prosperous and its popu
lation is diminishing.
Two studios of heads ono of an
Amorlcan lady in pencil, tho other of a
Maltese girl in wator-color havo boon
contributed by tho Princess Louiso (of
Lorno) to tho Royal Scottish wator-color
exhibition at Glasgow.
In sawing a spruce log at tho Bru
notto mill, Victoria, 11. C, tho saw
struck an iron bullet ono and threo
quarter inches in diamotor. It was shot
from a culvorin used by tho Spaniards
100 years ago, and it was fully olghtoon
inches from tho surface.
Theiie aro 1,400,000,000 people on
earyi and all theso, as homo ono com
putes, could bo gathored in a Hold ton
miles equaro or in 100 squaro miles of
Some of tho eastern papors aro urging
tho advisability of holding Sabbath
ovonlng services at 0:30 in order that
business men may spond at least ono
ovonlng a wook with their familios.
A I'liocijss has boon invented by
means of which photographs can bo
printed almost as fust as a nowspapor,
and without dependence on sun or
light. Thoy aro said to bo of tho first
Many of tho school-houses of Dakota
aro bolng provided with barrels of
water, potatoes, beans, coiluo and coofc
ing utonslls, and in cabo thirty or forty
scholars aio ponnod up by a bllzzaid for
two or three days this winter there will
bo no danger of starvation.
Geneiial Chant was no admlror of
Statuo of public men as ho had soon
thorn in tho United States. Ho onco
said that when ho thought of doath,
among tho dread plutuies conjured up
was that of himself in bronze, mounted
upon ono of thoso sorry steeds, of which
there uro too many in tht Washington
AooordlnR to tho
Through ou a
Ofllolnl Tote lie rails
Margin of Forty.Ono
Columbus, 0 Nov. 14. Tho official
roturns from tho olghty-olght counties
in tho State, comploto and verified so
far as thoy rolato to tho Lieutenant
Governor, show, that Mr. Marquis ro
colved 375,009 votes and Mr. Lampson
875,110 votes, giving Mr. Lampson a
plurality of 41 votes, and thoroby elect
ing him Lioutonant-Govornor. Chair
man Noal, whon askod last night if Mr.
Marquis would contest, said ho could not
say; thought thoro was good ground for
a contest, but Mr. Marquis must dccldo
what coureo ho shall tako. Thoro boing
no doubt about tho election of tho other
candidates on tho Republican tlokot, bo
low Lioutonant-Govornor, tholr voto has
not yot boon tabulated, and it will bo
somo tlmo boforo it can bo known. Thoy
aro all elected by from 2,500 to 4,000, and
Mr. Campboll's plurality will bo in tho
uolghborhood of 12,000.
A Number of Boys Kxporhncnt 'With
Natural Gas With DMnstrous Itcsnlt.
Waynesbuko, Pa., Nov. 14. A nat
ural gas explosion at Mt. Morris sorl
ously Injured a numbor of boys. Tho
little follows had rigged up an old feed
cutter and placod it in an abandoned
building. Natural gas was brought
through a plpo laid from a woll near by,
tho plpo boing placed so that tho oscap
ing gas would strike a fan wheel and put
tho cuttor in motion. Fivo boys, named
Donnoly, Fox, South and Bnrrls, visited
thobulldlng in tho ovonlng to sco how tho
thing worked. Tho gas was turned on,
and ono of tho boys, whoso curiosity was
not satisfied, struck a match to further
Inspect tho now invention. In an In
stant thoro was a flash and an explosion.
Tho feed cutter was blown to pieces and
tho building fired. Tho flames spread
bo quickly that tho boys had to mako
their way through tho firo to escape.
Thoy woro all terribly burned about
tholr heads and faces, but it is thought
nono woro fatally injured.
Fivo Men Terribly, I'crhnps
Wheeling, W. Va., Nov. 14. Yester
day afternoon an artificial gas genera
tor at tho iEtna rolling-mill at iEtna
villo, opposlto this city, exploded. Tho
generator was surrounded by olght or ten
men at tho time, and thoy were scat
tered right and loft by the
concussion, somo of them boing
hurled a considorablo distance. Fivo
of tho workmen, named B. Caldwell,
manager; Thos. Johns, assistant mana
ger; Win. Howoll, onginoor; Timothy
Minor, foreman, and Charles Smith, a
heater, woro terribly burned about tho
faco, arms and uppor part of tho body.
Miner's injuries may result fatally, as it
is thought ho is also hurt intornally.
Tho men prosontcd a sickening sight
whon asslstanco arrived. Tho mill
property was not damaged.
Iowa's Offlclalt Voto.
Des Moines, la., Nov. 14. Official re
turns havo boon recoived of tho voto in
nlnoty-cight out of the nlnoty-nlno
counties of tho Stato. Tho voto of tho
remaining county Butler has been re
coived unofficially, and will vary but
llttlo if any from Uio official voto. Tho
total voto of tho Stato for Governor Is:
Hutchinson (R.), 174,122; Boles (D.),
170,920; Boios plurality, 5.804. For
Lleutonant Governor: Poynor, 177,410:
Bislow,175,184; Poyncr's plurality, 2,210.
This shows that tho wholo Republican
tickot, savo Governor, is olectcd, and
tho other pluralities will reach nearly
Extensive Forgeries.
Pontiac, 111., Nov. 14. WlllUm IL
Fursman, a prominent real estate and
loan agont of this city, disappeared
yestorday. It Is now claimed by Wil
liams & Burr that by means of forged
mortgagos ho has swindled thom out of
largo sums of money. It is estimated
that tho forged papor will exceed in
amount 550,000 and may run up to S100.
000. No Monoy to Spond for Prayer.
Olympia, Wash., Nov. 14. In both
houses tho question as to whothor tho
Constitution pormltted tho expenditure
of monoy to employ chaplains came up.
Tho voxed quostion was settled by invi
tations bolng extonded to pastors to of
fer prayer for nothing.
Jersey Murderer Hanged.
Wooihiury, N. J., Nov. 14. Josoph M.
nillman was hanged hero yostorduy
morning for tho murder of Poddlor Soldo
man. Tho crime for whloh Ilillmau suf
fered tho cxtromo ponalty of tho law
was tho brutal murder of Herman Soldo
man, a Polish peddler.
Car Bobbers Arrestod.
Chaiii.esi on, W. Va., Nov. 14. Early
Robinson, colored, and Wado Charleston
aro under arrost hero, charged with bur
glary and boing mombors of a gang who
havo been stealing froight from cars on
tho Norfolk and Wostorn railroad.
Billed the Town.
New Yonit, Nov. 14. Forty thousand
blood-rod Chicago World's Fair postors
woro plastored ovor tho city botweon
midnight Tuesday night and daylight
Wodnosday morning.
National Orange, Patrons of Husbandry.
Sacramento, Cal., Nov. 14. Tho Na
tional Grango, Patrons of Husbandry,
convened hero yestorday, dologatos bo
ing presont from nearly all tho Statosof
the Union.
A Thief Captured.
Monticei.lo, 111., Nov. 14. Thomas
Russoll, tho loader of a gang of thiovoo
who havo boon doing Central Illinois,
has beon captured and jailed In this city.
Treasurer of Pennsylvania.
Harrishuho, Pa., Nov. 14. Govornor
Boavor has appointed Win. LIvosoy to
bo Stato Treasurer for tho unexpired
term of tho luto Win. B. Hart. " '
Diphtheria at We3t Point.
West Point. N. Y Nov. 14. Fivo
doatlis havo occurred in tho family of
Sorgoant Emorluk, of tho Engineer
uorps, or uiputhorln.
Sugar Will bo Choapor.
PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 14. Tho first
involco of 1,000 hogshead of sugar for
tho Sprockles sugar roilnory is now bo
ing received and weighed by tho public
weigher. This Is an Indloatlon that tho
new roilnory will soon bo running, as it
Is tho preliminary cargo for this pur
pose, Rollof for Stanloy.
Bermn, Nov. 14. Tho Emln Pasha
Rollof Commlttpo will instruct Captain
WfQEimnvin in .Kunntj.li UfMli nil vwicfatl.1i.
I speed a caravan to tho relief of Henry
M. Stanloy and his party.
Armod ForcoB for Hours Battling
in tho Stroota.
Barricades FromWhleh Deadly Volleys nro
Toured, Until tho Kvorsolcs nro
Driven to tho Mountains.
Hazahd, Ky., Nov. 15. Tho circuit
court convened on Monday, tho 11th
inst. Judgo Lilly, tho regular judge, not
bolng prosont, tho Bar olectcd Captain
W. L. Hurst, of Wolfo County, to pre
side. Thoro was a good crowd in attend
ance, and every thing started oit sorono
ly, with apparently no dangor of troublo
botweon tho warring factions. Qoorgo
Evorsolo, tho loader of tho Evorsolo
faction, camo into town on Monday ovon
lng boforo court with fifteen armed mon,
but ns most of thom were undor bond to
appear at this torm of court, nothing was
thought of it. Tho Evorsolo party kopt
Increasing in numbers until it reached
thirty woll-armod mon. Thoro woro
only a few of tho French party la
town. It soon bocamo apparont that
thcro would bo troublo. Fronch was
awaro of tho warllko preparations, and
placed himself, with a strong force, in
easy roach of town, so as to bo ablo to
rellovo his frlonds in ovont of troublo.
Thursday ovonlng Wosloy Whlttaker, of
tho Evorsolo faction, fired upon Honry
Davidson, of tho Fronch party, who
was standing in tho door of tho jailor's
resldonco, a fow yards from tho court
house Whlttaker had barricaded himsolf
In a small log houso on tho opposlto sldo
of tho streot. Davidson was soon joined by
Tom and Bill Smith and othors. Whlttaker-in
tho meantime had also been
joined by sovcral of his frlonds, and a
llvoly fight took placo botweon tho four
mon of tho Fronch party and tho Ever
soles. Tho court, which was in session,
stampeded. Tho fight lastod flftoon
minutes. Whon tho smoke cleared away
it was found that Ed Campboll, of tho
Evorsolo party.had boon klllcd.Thls fight
took place about 4 o'clock In tho ovonlng.
Tho parties rested on tholr arms till
dark, when tho fight was ronowed with
increased fierceness. Tho Fronch party
had boon roinforcod by tho Davidson
boys, Josso Morgan, brothor of E. C.
Morgan, who was killod by tho Ever-
soles, and othors. B. F. Fronch himsolf
camo into town about 12 o'clock with ro
inforcements, to tho rollcf of his bo
lcaguored frlonds. At day broak tho
fight raged with now fury. Tho Evor
bolo party was stationod in tho court
houso and in J. C. Evorsolo's old fort.
Tho Fronch party occupiod what posi
tions thoy could find. But tho main
fight took placo botweon Jesso Fields
and Tom Smith, who occupied tho
top of tho hill back of the posi
tion hold by tho Evorsolo party. Smith
and Fiold occupiod a strongly fortified
position commanding tho oncmy's
works, and thoy kopt up a stoady firo on
tho Eversolos. Tho battlo lasted about
an hour, whon tho Evorsolo party boat
a hasty rctroat, fording tho river on
foot and disappearing in tho mountain
on tho other sldo, loavlnir their dead.
Ed Campboll and John MoKnlght woro
killed. Several were wounded on tho
Evorsolo side. Josso Fields, on tho
French side, recoived a flosh wound in
tho arm. Court broko up without cero
mony, tho judge leaving for homo as
quickly ns possible.
Four More New Steos.
Santa Ti:, N. M., Nov. 10. Anthony
Josoph, Now Mexico's Dologato to Con
gress, in an intorviow says: "Immedi
ately upon tho assombllng of Congross
In JJeconibor 1 propose to introduce an
enabling act for tho admission of New
Mexico." It has alroady boon tacitly
understood botwoon tho Dologates in
Congress from tho Torritorlos of Wyom
ing, Idaho, Arizona and Now Mexico
that tho Omnibus bill for tho admission
of theso Territories shall bo oarnostly
pushed forward.
Robbed the Mourners.
St. Louis, Nov. 15. A thiof, who has
successfully oporatcd for two months in
homes where death was a visitor, wa3
arrosted yesterday. Ho gavo tho namo of
Paul Barton, and was takon in at tho
obsequies of Mrs. Hare, on Ninth and
Mound streotB. Barton was drosscd in
black and carrlod a full sot of burglar
tools. During tho two months ho has
oporatcd in St. Louis ho has committed
over twenty robbcrlos, and tho valuo of
tho property takon Is estimated at
$250 for Killing a Negro.
Annapolis, Md., Nov. 15. Bonjamln
F. Lawson, a woll-known cltlzon of
Princo Goorgo's County, was convicted
of manslaughter for causing tho death
of Samuel Uodgo, an old colored man,
on Juno 21. Tho judgo fined Lawson
S250 as a punishment. Tho ovldonro
showed that Lawhon found threo nogroos
at his corn-crib, and that ho struck
Hodge a torrlblo blow on tho head with
an axo-handlo.
Big Capture of Wild Sucks.
Faiubault, Minn., Nov. 15. John
Benson, a Rico County farmor, per
formed a most romarkablo foat on a lako
two miles north of Fairbault yestorday
morning. On looking out of his win
dow ho saw u great bovy of wild ducks
attempting to oxtricato thomsolvos from
tho lco which had frozon about tholr
legs during tho night. Solzing n corn
cuttor ho rushed to tho lako and cllppod
oil tho heads of 131 of thom.
The Voto In Iowa.
Des Moines, Nov. 15. An official can
vass will bo necessary to decldo tho
Lieutenant Governorship of Iowa. Tho
Houso is a tio, and tho Senate four to
six Republican.
Struck Gas Near Chicago.
Chicago, Nov. 15. A morning papor
Bays that, whllo boring for water, a man
owning a farm about twonty-Ilvo mllos
southwest of hero, has struck a voin of
natural ga which I flows with such forco
as to throw dlrtand gravol fifty footlnto
tho air. Tho woll is so near tho farmor's
houso that ho has not dared to light it,
but a plpo will bo put in and -i tost mado
of tho How.
1 (A Bead Chief Justice.
Raleigh, N. C, Nov. 15. Chief Justlco
W. N. II. Smith, of tho North Carolina
hupromo Court, died yostorday at 13
Three Killod and Others Injured.
Jackson, Miss., Nov. 15. A special
train on tho IllinoisContral branch from
Abordeon, Miss., collided with a switch
engine yostorday, resulting in tho death
of Patrick Redmond, engineer on tho
6wltoh onyino; Tom Tofilngs, switch
man, ana an unknown negro. Jim
Smith, E. Ualsoy and V. Thoimw and
several othor persons woro injured.
Kled Aged 104.
nuNTSViLLK, Ala., Nov. 15, A col
ored woman naiocd Nottlo Kldridgo, 101
yti-ira old, Hod at MorlO.ianvlllo, Ala.,
A. Illntnic In Ilrnrll for tho Kstabllshment
of a Itopulillo Tho Army Supports tho
Movement, mid Is In Control.
London, Nov. 10. A prlvato cipher
cablo dispatch from Rio Janeiro states
that a rovolutlon haB broken out thoro.
Tho dispatch gives no particulars. Oth
er dispatches from Rio Janeiro assort
that a movomont in favor of a ropubllo
an form of government has rocontly
boon strongly fomontcd, and is tho solo
causo of tho rising. Up to tho present
hour, howovor, thnro Is llttlo informa
tion of a tangible character. Tho an
nouncomont is made in tho olphor cablo
already at hand that tho Brazilian Mln
lstors havo tendered tholr resignations,
and thnt tho situation is controlled by
tho army.
New Yokk, Nov. 10. Messrs. Charlo3
R. Flint A Co. recoived tho following
cablogram yestorday, dated Rio Janolro:
"Rovolutlon has brokon out horo. Tho
Brazilian army Is in control. Ministry
has resigned. Tho rovolutlon is for tho
purposo of forming a ropubllo." Messrs.
Hard & Rand recoived tho following
from Rio Janolro: "Rovolutlon ha3
brokon out horo, Tho Brazilian armlos
in control. Ministry resigned. Mlnlstor
shot. Attempt to establish a republic."
London, Nov. 10. Lator dispatches
from Rio Janolro fully confirm tho pre
vious reports. Tho rovolutlon alms at
tho overthrow of tho Govornmont and tho
proclamation of a Republic. Tho army
supports tho movement. A Provisional
Govornmont has boon established, in
cluding Senors Da Fonscca and Bonja
mln Constant. Among tho dispatches
recoived, but not yot officially confirm
ed, is ono stating that Barun Ladario,
tho Minister of Marino, has boon killod.
Devilish Outrage on Hebrew Merchants
Louisiana Stores Fired Into and tlioOc.
cupnnts Warned to Leave.
Lake Phovidence, La., Nov. 10. Mr,
Louis Hornthall, of Vlcksburg, camo up
tho road yostorday, from Tompkins
Bond, and reached Provldonco by noon
to-day. no roports that about 1 a. m.
yestorday tho Alsatla storo was shot in
to about fifty or moro times and pla
carded: "No .Tows aftor tho 1st of Janu
ary. A Dolhl warning of firo and lead
will mako you loavo." Tho Ber
nard & Block storo at Good
rich's Landing, was also shot into. Mr.
Gus Bernard, of tho firm of Bernard &
Block, at Goodrich's, tolographed that
about twonty shots woro fired into his
dwolling near midnight, ono of them
passing nearly over tho bed whoro his
family lay. Thoro woro flfty-fivo empty
rlflo shells found on tho lovco this morn
ing in front of their storo. Tho
operator at tho Alsatla storo was
ropeatedly called, but did not answor.
Wo hnvo not heard of any personal in
jury or tho destruction of any property
further than tho effect of tho Winches
tor rlflo balls on tho buildings and the
things inside that thoy camo in contact
with. Our peoplo denounco tho mid
night outrago in unmeasured terms, and
prompt stops will bo takon to fcrrot out
tho wrong-doors.
Bolzbay Confessjs.
Beshemeh, Mich., Nov. 10. Rclmund
Holzhay, tho "Black Bart" of Wlscon
son, on trial hero, has confessed to tho
murdor of Banker Flolschbln, of Bollo
villc, 111., and tho robborlcs of tho Go-
foblc and tho Wisconsin Ccrrtral train,
ho bandit poor thing claims to havo
recoived a fall from a horse, which in
jured his head so that ho is subject to
"spoils," during which ho doos not know
what io is doing, and it was during
theso periods that his crimes woro com
mitted. Fast Mall Servlco Inaugurated.
Chicago, Nov. 10. Tho fast mail ror
vico ovorland from Chicago to tho Pa
cific Coast was inaugurated at 3 o'clock
yestorday morning ovor tho Burlington
road. It is expected to diminish tho
tlmo botweon Chicago and Portland,
Ore., nearly ono-thlrd. Gonoral SujKir
intendont Boll and othor post-ofllco of
ficials woro aboard the fast train, and
will go to tho end of tho route to oh
servo tho workings of tho now plan.
Oaths of tho Mormons.
Salt Lake, Utah, Nov. 10. In con
tinuanco of tho Investigation into tho
oaths administered In tho Mormon core
monies hostllo to tho United States,
yestorday Lovl Axtoll sworo that tho
ponalty for divulging tho sccrots was
doath. It was understood that tho sot
ting up of tho Kingdom of God on tha
ruins of tho Unltod States meant thai
tho Mormon Church was to rulo.
Cadets Ato Unrips Apricots.
New York, Nov. 10. A special from
West Point says that tho recont mys
terious Illness among tho cadets has
beon found to havo boon caused by tho
eating of unrlpo apricots stowed in milk.
Tho number of cadots affected has beon
exaggerated. Only sixty required med
ical troatinont, and all but six have
complotoly recovored. Tho othors will
soon bo out.
Pennsylvania Official Vote.
Harrisiiuro, Pa., Nov. 10. Tho offi
cial roturns of tho voto for Stato Treas
urer havo beon recoived at tho Stato Do
partmont. Tho total voto was: Boyei
(R.) !M,2M, BIglor (D.) 280,318, John
son (P.) 22,401.
Lampsou's Mujarlty Reduced.
Colujirus, 0., Nov. 10. By an orror
in tho voto of Washington County Lamp
son's plurality for Lioutonant-Governor
has boon reduced to 22. Marquis, tho
defeated Democratic candldato,will con
tost. Moonshiners and Outfit Captured.
Birmingham, Ala., Nov. 10. Unltod
States ofllcors captured an illicit distil
lory in a cavo in tho mountains near
Cullman. Thoy dostroyed -150 gallons
of boor and captured a largo supply of
corn. Two young mon, Wlloy Harbeson
and Tom Qontry, weio nsloop whon tho
mon ontorod. Thoy woro brought hero
to-day and bound ovor In 8250 each,
Left tho Amorlcan Association.
New York, Nov. 10. Kansas City has
withdrawn from tho Amorlcan Baso-ball
Association and joined tho Western
League. Baltimore will probably with
draw from tho Association.
George Washington's Sad End.
Maonolia, Miss., Nov. 10. Georgo
Washington, colored, was found yostor
day morning hanging to a treo noar Mo
Comb. Ho was in jail charged with at
tempting to outrago a whlto lady, Tho
Jail was brokon opon last night and
Washington takon out and oxceutcd.
Ho confessed his crime.
Englnoer and Fireman Killed.
Alexandria, Va., Nov. 10. Freight
trains on tho Virginia Midland railroad
collided, killing Englhoor Rasters, of
Madison I(un, and fatally wounding
Fireman Evans, of Aloxanartx
Ho Loavos tho Throne of Brazil
and tho Country.
There is no Doubt of n Successful Kraott
at Rio.
Lima, Nov. 18. Via Galveston. Ad
vices from Rto Janolro, dated Novombor
10, 0:55 p. m., aro to tho effect that tho
Provlnco of Bahia is opposed to tho rov
olutlon. Viscount OuroProto,ex-Mlnlstor
of tho Interior, and Sonhor Mavunck, a
bankor, havo boon arrosted. Tho Em
poror is lookod on with suspicion.
Tho Provisional Govornmont has
abolished tho Monarchy. Tho Revolu
tionary Commission nddrcssod a mossago
to tho Emporor tolling him to lcavo tho
country in twonty-four hours. Tho Em
poror acknowledges this, and loavos by
tho packet Alagoas, accompanied by tho
ironclad Rlaohuolo. Tho Brazilian Ro
publlo will givo tho Emporor a certain
amount to livo on In Europo. Tho Revolu
tionary Commission has boon sworn in
boforo tho Chamborof tho Municipality.
Tho Republic is a certainty, and groat
enthusiasm provalls.
London, Nov. 18. A dispatch from
Rio Janolro says: Dom Pedro has de
parted from Brazil. Ho sailed direct for
Lisbon. Boforo his doparturo ho was
formally notlfiod of his doposltion. At
tho samo tlmo ho was informed that tho
civil list would bo continued. Tho
Provlnco of Bahla opposos tho Ropubllo,
but most of tho other provlncos havo sig
nified tholr adhoronco to tho now regime
Doctor Barboza, now Minister of Flnanco,
announcos that all contracts entered
into by tho Imporlal Govornmont will
bo maintained. Tho city is quiot. Tho
ovorthrow of tho Monaroy has temporar
ily paralyzed business.
London, Nov. 18. Tho British Min
ister to Brazil has confirmed tho ro
portod revolution. His dispatch to tho
Forolgn Oflico moroly stated that Dom
Pedro had beon doposcd and a Ropubllo
Mrs. Parsons Still Having for Liberty
Through Anarchy, Which Illood will
Malco Supremo.
Chicago, Nov. 18. Mrs. Lucy Par
sons ontcrtainod tho members of tho
Arboitor Bund, who gaMiorcd at Turner
Hall yesterday afternoon, with a vory
lurid address. Sho abused tho pollco in
torms that havo become familiar from
frequont repetition, roforrcd to tho red
flag as tho only bannor that would load
to freedom, and vontured into tho realm
of thoology as sho spoko of hor doad
husband and child. "Doyousupposo thoy
kissed each othor in tho beautifully de
scribed horeaftcr?" sho said. "Bahl
Don't bo docoived. So-called Christians
will toll you such things. What wo want
aro homos in this world. Lot God, Christ
and all religious functionaries tako caro
of thomsolvos. This is tho teaching of
Anarchy, and as such it will live. Tho
principles of Anarchy will provail, oven
inougn u laices moon to maKo tlicm su
premo 1"
Children Burned to Death.
Archie, Mo., Nov. 18. Last night
Josoph Hodges nnd his wife, living
about two miles north of hero, wont to
spend thj evening with a neighbor a
quartor of a mllo away, leaving their
two children, a boy and a girl, aged
olght and six respectively, alono In tho
houso. During tho ovonlng thoy hap
poned to look out toward tholr homo
and saw a blazo. Thoy alarmed tho
neighbors and ran to the house, hut
reached thero only in tlmo to see tho
roof fall in. Both children perished in
tho firo. It is supposed that tho llttlo
ones woro asleep when tho firo broko
Walter Ellis a Cook.
Kansas Citjt, Nov. 18. Edward Gregg
was snot ana killed last ovonlng by
Henry Robinson. Robinson was a col
ored waiter at tho Contropolis notol,
and becamo ongaged in a quarrol with
David Davenport, a follow waltor, and
chasod him into tho kitchon with a ro
volvor. Tho fugitive, arriving in tho
kitchon, ran behind Edward Grogg, tho
second cook. Just then Robinson dis
charged his revolver. Tho shot took of
fect in Gregg's broast, and produced a
wound from which ho soon died.
Woman Frozen to Doath.
Wilkesharre, Pa., Nov. 18. On
Thursday night Margaret, tho wlfo of
Patrick Cannon, of this city, whllo on a
sprco, procured a bottlo of whisky and
wandored into tho mountains back of
tho town. This morning her body was
found in tho woods. Sho had disrobod,
thinking sho was at homo, and had
frozon to death, Persons living a short
dlstanco from whoro tho body was found
had heard hor moans, but wero unablo
to locato thom.
Cotton and Corn In Alabama.
Montgomery, Ala., Nov. 19. Tho
Stato Dopartmont of Agriculture has
completed Its Novombor roport. Tho re
port shows that but 80 per cent, of a cot
ton crop has beon mado In tho State, tho
avorngo being reduced by tho almost
total falluro of tho crop in somo of tho
cotton-producing counties of North Ala
bama. Tho corn crop is abovo a full ono,
tho roports showing an avorago of 105.
The Pope's Messenger Presides.
Philadelphia. Nov. 18. Twonty
thousand peoplo woro prosont yesterday
at tho laying of tho cornor-stono of
tho now Thomas Acqulnas Roman
Catholic Church at Eightoonth and
Moirls streets. Tho ceromonies woro
conducted by Archbishop SatollI, tho
papal delegate to tho American Catholic
Mall-Clad Desperado Dead.
Birmingham, Ala., Nov. 18. Thodcs-
porado killed in Marshall County is
prosumed to bo Roubon Burrows. Tho
shooting was dono by D. A. Scott.
Whon tho outlaw foil, mortally wound
ed, ho said: "You think I am Roub Bur
rows, but you aro mlstakon. My name
Is famlth." Tho doad dosporado woro a
shirt of mall.
Intoxicated Man Drowned.
ICno.vvii.li:, Tonn., Nov. 18. John
Woods, i farmor whoso homo Is sovoral
mllos from this plnco, foil in a crook
last night whllo intoxicated and was
Victory for Dressed Hoof.
Leavenworth, ICas., Novombor 18.
Judgo Plovco, of this county, rendered a
deolslon doolaring tho city ordlnanco,
whioh provided that all fresh moat sold
In Loavonworth must bo inspoctcd on
tho hoof within tho city limits beforo
tho animal is slaughtered, unconstitu
tional. .i i i
Huntor Drowned,
iNPiANAroiJS, Ind., Nov. 18. Frank
Holfman, a woll-known young man of
this oity, wont hunting yostorday, and,
whllo crossing n small stream, slipped
Irora a log and was drowned.
Tho Pan-Amorioon Dologatos Rot
turn to Washington.
Their Sessions Wilt Begin on Monday
Work or tho Ilody to Ho Kept So
erot Europe Anxiously Watch
ing Its Actions.
Washington, Nov. 14. Just forty
two days aftor tho morning of Ootobor 3,
whon, tho special train boarlng tho In
ternational American party pulled out
of tho Pennsylvania railroad station
in Washington, tho Bamo tpln. headed
by the locomotlvo which had drawn it
nearly 7,000 miles, rolled triumphantly
into tho capital city and drow up at tho
station, having successfully completed
tho most interesting, and from a railroad
stand-point, tho most extenslvo trip
ovor undertaken by ono train.
Tho sessions of tho Fan-American
congress aro to bo resumed Monday.
Tho meeting of tho congress will bo
secret and only snch results as may
seem judicious will bo given to tho
press by tho officials. This systom was
agrocd upon In tho bollof that thoro
would naturally bo many dolicato and
important matters dlscussoft which
ought not to bo mado public during their
inception and progress toward comple
tion. It is vory ovidont that tho pow
ers of Europo aro watching tho congress
and its prospective work with a great
deal ot interest, and also with no small
anxiety with roforenco to tho gonoral
Chicago's T.nto Triple - Millionaire Dis
poses of Ills I'roperty In a Munificent
Manner Ills Kstato Valued at S3,SOO,-
OOO Churches, Hoipltuls, Asylums and
Societies ltcmcmbcrod by Substantial
Chicago, Nov. 14. Tho late John
Crerar loft an cstato worth $3,650,000,
which has just been adjudicated in tho
probato court by Judgo Knickerbocker.
Colonol Huntington W. Jackson
and Norman Williams appeared in
court and petitioned tho judgo to
issuo lottors testamentary on
tho cstato. Letters wero granted in bond
of 7,000,000. Tho petitioners stated that
tho real cstato amounted to $50,000 and
porsonal property worth $3,500,000. Thgy
also showed that ho loft him surviving
Mrs. Elizabeth Buiwan Mead, of West
Charlton, N. Y., and Mrs. Agnes Bun
ynn, of tho samo place, and others whoso
names aro unlnwwn. Tho will is vory
long and was mado August 5, 1880, and
Georgo Sturgcs, William F. Dnmmer
and Arthur Wheolor aro fho witnesses.
Of the cstato S20.000 goes to Rov. S. J.
McPherson of tho Second Brcsbytorlan
Church; to tho trustoestof this church for
tho bonoflt of clinrch &100,i00, to
tho samo foe uso of tho mission
schools, SdOOjOOO; to tho Scotch JVorf
byterlan Churah, Fourteenth street,
near Sixth avenue, Kow iork, S25,Cy0;
Chicago Orphan As-ylunj, 830,000; GH
cago Nursery and Half-Orphan Asyluni,
S50.000; Chicago Historical Society, S25,-
000; Chicago Presbyterian Hospital,
S25.000; St. Luko's Hospital, $25,000';
Chloago Blblo Society, $25,000; tho
American Sunday - School Union,
$50,000; Chicago Roliof and Aid
Socioty, S50,000; St. Andrews' So
cioty of Now York, $10,000; St.
Androws' Socioty of Chicago, 510,000; Illi
nois Training School for Nurses, $50,
000; trustees of Chicago Lltorary Club,
$10;000; Chicago Manual Training School,
$50,000; Presbyterian Leaguo of Chi
cago, $50,000; Old Pcoplo's Homo of Chi
cago, $50,000; Chicago Homo far tho
Friendless, $50,000.
In addition $100,000 is bequeathed for
tho ereotlon of a colossal sttuo of Lin
coln, tho location to bo solooted by
tho trustees; Young Men's Christian
Association of Chicago, $50,000; Greon
wood Cemetery Association, Now
York, SI, 000, for caro of tho family lot;
and for tho erection of a frco publio
library in Chicago, to bo called tho John
Crerar library, all tho rost of tho cstato
not otherwise bequeathed.
Thrown from a Horse, Sho Is Drugged to
Don til Ilefore Aid Could Uo lHmdered.
St. JoiiNsuunv.Vt., Nov. 14. Wodnos-
day afternoon Miss Bertha
tho daughter of Rov.
Gates, aged 21 yoars,
ato of Wcllesloy Collego,
A. Gates,
M. A.
a gradu
and a
most estimablo young lady, was
thrown from a horso horo boforo hor
parenis' eyes, mtd, hor foot catching in
,ho stirrup, was dragged through tho
etreotfl by tho frightened animal and
shocltlngly bruised and mangled. Whon
tho horso wan caught Miss Gates vrai
When a policeman shoots it is safest
to climb a telegraph polo.
A deal of vulgs. slang passo3 in
thoso days for small talk.
Manual labor Is not half as hard as
striving to keep up appearances.
It is a mystory how so many pooplo
.can koop up with tho procession.
j The wrltors of trashy novols appoar to
I havo got to tho ond of tholr ropo.
I Men anxious to bo sons-in-law in rich
familios aro unusually numerous.
' Many a laundross suffors bcoauso hor
oustomors havo "hot on tho races."
Natural, unaffootod girls aro vory
fow and sadly far botweon in socioty.
It is a mlstakp to imagino that tho
high-priood hotels aro always tho host.
Marriages of affootlon in fashlonablo
lif o aro f owor and f owor ovory soason.
Tins girl of tho porlod has altogothot
too muoh f roodom nnd social latitudo.
Some ot tho handsomest houses aro
ownod by peoplo who aronovorin thom.
It is a grba't, mistake to onvy all of
thoso who nro within tho "high Uto"
olrojo. .
'l&Un'PTWn lini-nna nni nflflnrvnal In
thoso dors does not uooossarlly moan
wealth, i -s I
Campbell Over J'oraUer, 10,873 lMlirnl-
Itles of tho Other ltopiibltrnn Candidates
on i tho Stato Ticket lUrtult on tho
Tho following is tho footings of tho
voto cast for tho sovoral candidates oa
tho Stato tickot at tho lato election:
Govornor. J. B. Forakor, 308,651; J.
E. Campboll, 370,424; Campboll's plural
ity, 10,873.
Lioutonant-Governor. E. L. Lamp
eon, .175,000; W. V. Marquis, 375,008
Lampson's plurality, 22.
Stato Trcasuror. John C. Brown. 377,
102; Wm, E. Boden, 373,400; Brown's
plurality, 3,030.
Supromo Judgo. F. J. Dickman, 370,
C58; M. D. Follott, 873,805; Dickman'a
plurality, 2,703.
Commissioner Common Schools. John
Hancock, 377,107; a E. Miller, 373.39H
Hancock's plurality, 3,710.
Attornoy-Gonoral. D. IC.Walson, 877,
180; J. M. Lowls, 373,330; Watson's plu
rality, 3,803.
Clork Supromo Court U. II. ncstor,
377,021; I. S. Shumakor, 373,147; Hostor'a
plurality, 3,574.
Board of Public Works W. M. Hahn,
377,059; Frank Roynolds, 372,050; Hahn'a
plurality, 4,400.
Tho Prohibition candldato for Gov
ornor received 20,504 votes, and tho
Union Labor candldato 1,048. Tho voto
for biennial olcctlons was Yes, 257,003;
No, 254,215; majority for, 3,448. This is
not a majority of tho total votes cast in
tho Stato, and under tho precedent it
would bo declared lost. It is undor
Btood, howovor, that tho Supromo Court
will bo asked to pass upon tho quostion.
Tho other constitutional amendments
failed to recolvo a majority of tho votes,
cast. Taxation amendmont Yes, 245,
438; No, 273,270. Legislative districts
Yes, 245,345; No, 259,420.
Mrs. Jeannette Brown was burned
to death at Hlllsboro.
Tin: Shaker sottlomont, near Clovo
land, established in 1832, has been
Conrad Dratiiman. aged eighty-ono
years, was killed by cars at Dolphos.
Mrs. Sarah Grant, olghty-ono yoars
of ago, cut her throat at Cardlngton.
John Mack committed suicldo at Ra
venna, by shooting himsolf.
Samuel Lockwood was killed by cars
nt Martin's Ferry.
The biennial election amondmont, if
declared carried, will extend tho torm of
Governor-elect Campboll and tho incom
ing Logislaturo from two to threo
John Krepser, a recent convict in tho
Ohio ponltontlary, is under arrost a6
Millorsburg, for threatening to kill Mrs.
Cathorino Lautcnschlagol and b urn hor
proporty. i
A f'our-yeaii-old girl named Rogers
was accidentally killed by hor brother
near Outvlllo.
A nio doal in tho Ohio oil fields has
been consummated, by which J. O. Mc
Klnney, of Tltusvlllo, Pa., and Now
York and Philadelphia capitalists se
cured 20,000 acres of torrltory. Tho
company will orect rofinorlos and opor
ratc as an indopondont concern. Tho
land is situated in Findlay and vicinity.
Henry Hooper has beon appointed
Second Assistant District Attorney a.
Cincinnati, vico Harlan Clovolaud ro-
signed. mj.
State LinRAniAN Doane has lxinded
fa his resignation to Governor Forakor
to tako oifect December 1. v
Mrs. Ruff, an old residont of Maxlon '
County, slipped off a stop-laddor and
broo her neck.
Mrs. Thomas Gladdish, colored, aged
forty-thrco, dropped doad suddonly at
Mason. Heart disease is tho supposed
Ed Little, a farmor, suicided art his
homo south of Van Wort by hanging to
a treo. Ho leaves a widow and olght
While hunting rabbits noarDonnlAn
David Hlto accidentally shot Wm. Nor-
rls. Tho chargo of shot ontorcd Norrls'
breast and abdomon, and thoro Is llttlo
hopo of his rccovory.
The real strength of tho Labor party
in Cincinnati is shown in Mr. Stovon
son's vote. Mr. Stovonson was tho Na
tional candldato for Stato Senator. Ho
was given 1,057 votes, nlthough but 148
votes wero cast for John A. Rhodes, tho
head of tho Stato tickot. Tho Prohibi
tionists polled 383 votes.
Criminal Bailiff Bowman loft Cin
cinnati for Columbus penitentiary, a
fow days ago, with thirty-nino prison
ers, tho biggest batch ovor received
thoro in ono lot. A special car was char
tered. Tholr crimes wero from murder
down to criminal assault and grand lar
ceny. While hunting near Mt. Gilead, Will
Hildobrand was shot in tho faco by
Herbert Lovcring and dangerously in
jured. Ho will loso ono or both oyes.
Joseph Moore, aged threo years, was
drowned in a feedor at Nowark.
Moore Bros., of Poland, had a $4,000
stallion burned to death.
James Booth was killod by tho acci
dental discharge of a gun whllo hunting
near Washingtonvillo.
Upon tho oxplration of his torm Gov
ornor Forakor will renow his legal prac
tico in Cincinnati.
William Carmichael, a stonomason
of Akron, was badly injured by a fall
ing dorrick, at Now Portago, a fow days
Cracksmen blow opon tho safo in tho
Toledo & Ohio Contral railroad oflico at
Grassvlllo, bu failed to socuroany thing"
of valuo.
Camprell's official plurality in Ham
ilton County is 7,253, and his majority is
0,009. Marquis' plurality for Lioutonant-Governor
is 3,512. Schneider and
Dunn are tho only successful candidates
on tho Republican tickot.
Margary Biiii.i:, ngod twonty-two,
committed suicldo by drowlng in u small
Btream ncartlio homo of hor psronts, in
Koon Township, Coshocton County. Tho
body was found in watdr not moro than
twolvo Inches deep.
The President appointed Charles Hipp
postmaster at St. Mury'fl vico R. B. Gor
don, jr., removed, und David J. Davis at
Wapakonota, vico Samuol W. McFar
land, removed.
Mhh.Wm. Parker, of Armadalo, Kan.,
Is in Sprlngilold visiting hor brother,
Wm. Sharp, whom sho had not soon for
forty years, Sho located him by por
sistont lottor writings to postmastorsnll
ovor tho country. Thoysoparated whon
Jjo was twonty months old,
At Akron, Michnol Leo, who had a
habit of putting iv fow drops of oil of
vitriol in water boforo drinking, ovor
dosed his c&tfoo with tho drug. His re
covery is doubtful.
David Love, aged sovonty-slx yours,
of Mcchaulo Township, Holmes County,
wai) """ken with paralyse on bunday
wiiilo t oburoh, anrt ulcd on tho

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