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60 Cents a Year.
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"You shall not press down uon the brow of labor this crown of thorns, Y6u shall not crucify mankind upon this cross of gold." W. : Bryan.
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i.xyi. no. ii.
LOGAN. OHIO, THUliSDA-, MAKCll 10, 18)1)-
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Working On n Financial Hill Tlmt Is
Washington, Mnrch 15, 1899.
The roimbllcan loaders nre laying
the wires for a financial take that is
expected to tide the party ovor the
Presidential campaign. The caucus
committee of Representatives elect
ed to the next Congress, chosen to
prepare a financial bill for the re
publicans, met in Washington this
week and agreed to meet again at
Atlantic City the 17th of next month.
HOW this thing strikes a veteran
political observer may be judged by
the following words of ox-Congress-man
bolllvcr, of Mo., In relation
thereto: 'The republican cuueus com
mittee is now engaged in making a
pretense of doing that which they
liayo no intention of doing; the
framing of a measuro for curroncy
reform. They will do their best,
and I guess will succeed in staving
off any change in th6 financial
statutes until after McKlnley lias
been a candidate for another term.
Their heroic and vociferous asser
tion that they will do anything at all,
doos not fool me." It is probable
that the caminittoo will get up some
sort of a bill, but it will be purposely
made meaningless. Mr. McKlnley
has no idea of allowing any real
financial 'legislation before the
Presidential election.
BenatoVJones, Chairman of the
Democratic National Committee,
haB had a 'second nttiok of heart
trouble, similar to the one that laid
him up several, weeks before Con
gross adjourned, but neither his
pliysIcIun,nor his family regard his
conditlcjfu as dangerous us it lias
been representative to be in telegrams
sent fromAyVaslilngton. Tho doctor
thinks tlie Senator will be all right,
if he will remain perfectly quiet for
about-a month and not attempt to
attend to any business whatever.
Those.wiio.know the energetic make
up of the Senator will understand
bow difficult It will bo for him to
moot'tlie doctor's wishes.
Gen. Wllso'n, (Chief of Engineers,
under wboirjr Gen; Hale, who is
mnkfhg-a' fighting record in tlio'Phil
ippIne'aTservod from the time he
'graduated from WestPoii.t with' the
highest standing in studies ever at
tained, until he resigned from the
army to engage in private business,
at Denver; Colo., said of him: "He
was the most remarkable man I have
ever known, botii in his studies and
in his abilities and I am delighted to
hear that he has made out so well.
He.Uvyoung enough to attain almost
anyihnk' if he should stay in the
army;'' Gen. Halo entered the vol
unteer army as Colonel of the Flrbt
Colorado Regiment, and was pro
moted to Brigadier General last
August. He is only 87 years old.
It is reported and generally be
lieved In Washington that Secretary
Algor has offered to resign, provided
Mr". McKlnley- will allow him to
na'lnohls successor. How is that for
gall?. That such an offer should
have been made indicates that Alger
haB a hold upon Mr. MoKlnley that
compels, the latter to defer to him.
It would not change the situation
a particle for Alger to retire from the
Cabinet, If he was succeeded by a
man selected by lilmself'to continue
the system that has been aptly called
Algorism and to cover up all its past
defects. Mr, McKinley's wisest ad
visers are trying to get him to defy
Alger, force him to resign, and to
put a man in his placo whose name
will convince the country that he
Will not allow a continuance of
Algorism. This advice. would have
boon. adopted long agoi only it has
failed, to get tho endorsement of Boss
Hanpa.i wno alope knows bow many
dumaglng secrets connected with
,90"Xlger coulu and doubtless would
tollj'lf not let down easy. '
The report that the Attorney
General of the U. B. was about to
begin ' proceedings against the
Standard Oil Company for violating
theiAutl-Trust law was too good to
bo,true. Thero Is no doubt thut the
Standard Oil trust and a score .of
others aro constantly violating the
Autl, Trustluw, but tho obligations
of "thVprosent administration, to
trusts, as well as the close business
relations existing between some of
tho uf en wlfo now dominate the re
publican party with trusts, are such
that' nothing short of actual convic
tion oltlioin would convince anv-
boiy that any serious prosecution of
trusts win taica place ,unuer. this
administration. When tho PresI-
douifal campaign opens thero mayi
ue n oiun uiucio towards prosecuting
trusts, for tho benefit of the very
Mr. Daniel OILeory, chief faotory
Inspplto'r'or New York, testified be
for) the Industrial Commission,
noty'slttlng in Washington, that ho
had reported to tho War Department
orpe time ago that clothing for the
U 8. Army wus being made in tho
sw$Jt shops of Neiy"JTqrk oity.Svhlcli
shows how much sincerity "th"o is
In thVoIalm of the republican party
to bo-tho friend Of tho working
classes. Mr. O'Leary said tho prices
paid for this work; wore about ns
follows: coats 82 cts, infantry
pants 22 cents, cavalry pants from
20 to 85 cents, and vests from 11 to
14 conts. Nico friendship, to b a
party to making men and women
work for suoh prices, Isn't It?
Thorn aro reasons for caying that
Bomo sonsatioual testimony will bo
given in support of tho charges of
General Miles when tho Military
Court of Inquiry returns from Its
prosont noedless trip to Chicago.
The latest rumor Is that tho canned
meat which made so many soldiers
sick will be proved to have boen
horse-meat and not beef at all.
The Yoke of Gold ys Equality.
Joshua Well neighbor as near
as I can see through this "single
gold standard" scheme, It ia like an
oxcentrlc old farmer I one time
know who had a yullcr steer, he
Wanted to brake to tho yoko. He
put tho yoke upon the oxes neck
but what to do with tho other end
puzzled him, so ho finally thought
ho could balance it by slipping his
head Into the bow and drive und
lead tho ox and so ho did and start,
ed tho ox and after he got him
started he could not got him to
stop till tho ox was tired und the
fanners neck was broke. So it will
be with Uncle Bum, who has laid
tho yoke of gold upon the necks of
tho people and has had his neck
forced in tho yoke to pull against
them, and it will not bo strange if
he should got his head pulled off
while the money changers are put
ting on tho whip.
Samuel Neighbi r I think your
reasoning sound for the two metals
on an equality makes a gospel yoke
and easy to bo borne. If you would
yoke u goat with au elephant it
would be gross Inequality and if
you would yoke up two oxeu of
equal wait and strength and bind
one fast would give lilts mate great
advantages over him but no great
er than tho single stunrlard has.
V hear some men, talk about, in
trinsic, value, but we aaj,i tn.Ht i.9 as
circumstances make It, for a loaf of
bread to a hungry man is worth
more than a gold brick or a 100
pbunds of silver, but for money
d 8 theigold man wo cannot afford
two measures. Woliwho tsaid We
could, .we are not seeking that, we
are contending for only ope stand
ard of two metals; for Instance we
call so many grains ,of pure silver
equal to one" unit and again we cull
so many grams of pure gold equal
to one unit.Uhon we placo the mart
$i before the unit thus 1 which In
dicates that it is one dollar. Or
again wo use two ciphers to thef
right that are of no value without
niunltorlts multiple annexed to
the left, why-will not one cipher to
the right Indicate 1.00, because it
cannot represent more than OOcts.
Then If gold Ib worth'tvyo1 upIW to
one unit of silver, why not print it
$2 or quit using the$ on everything
btit a 100 ct dollar.
Samuel & Joshua.
A Feeler.
Hon. John Baker, late Demo
cratic candidate for dairy and food
commissioner, I sounding tho
Democracy of the state, or trying
to, on ''possibilities" for the Demo
cratic gubernatorial nqnjlimtlon.
Mr, Baker Is new in politics,
hence enthusiastic. Ho Is a Find
lay man and an attorney., He has
recently written to tho several
chairman of. the Democratic county
executive committees and others
asking them to unbosom them
aelveB'aR to wherthey' think is the
strongest candidate.
Mr. Baker is no very communi
cative. Hq does not indicate his
own choice or attempt to boom any
particular candidate and tho Demo
crats who have rocelve'd letters'
from hinxsay'that ho Ib a trying to
seo which 'way tho wind blows be
fore he lumps,
Columbus Democrats are not
hautening to anayver his coramunl
casions Col. Citizen.
Sudden DcaUi.
Whon Will Haynes went to tho
depot yesterday morning, with a
passenger, and ontorod the ooaoh ho,
was horrified to find the doad body
of an agoa man lyjng" by )ho stoye.
On .examination-the man was found
to be Wlllam Steele of Laurelville,
who has boon complaining all
winter. Dr, H'opimegor pronounced
the cause of doqtli as heart disease.
Mr. Steel was one of Laurolvllle's
aged and post "rospotojl citizens,
ttnd.promlnopj'm;oirioj:iof tho 'Odd
Fellows, under wjioso uuspicos the
fclhoral wiltbe held on Sunday.
Border Nows.
Railroad Humors.
iColUmbUB Clttten.
ItumorB of a consolidation of tho
Hbcking Valley, Ohio Central and
Columbus, Sandusky and Hocking
loads continue to circulate and
many prominent railroad officials
are among tho.stnuncli believers in
the culmination of tho scheme.
A Citizen reporter has talked the
matter over with no less than a
dozon high offlcluls and finds that
a very largo majority firmly be
lieve that such a combination will
be effected within ninety days, or
Just an soon aa the Columbus, Ban-
dusky and Hocking receivership is
lifteti. Some or these same officials
have gone so far as to prophesy
who the now officers of the consoli
dated company will be, naming
Mr. Monsarrat as president, Lonis
P. Eckert auditor, Hudson Fitch
general freight agent und W. H.
Fisher as goneral passenger agent.
Of courso this prediction seems
very premature, being made before
the consolidation is even decided
upon, but It is given us they pre
djcted simply for what it Is worth.
It is claimed that the Ohio law
providing ng(iiti8t the consolidation
of parallel lines will not effect the
proposed combination in the least,
but the fact remains that the law
did prevent the consolidation of the
Big Four und Cincinnati, Hamilton
and Dayton roads a few years ago,
despite the talk of maintaining
separate organizations under tho
A Handle to Ills Name.
It fieems that Kentucky is not the
only1 state which adds the prefix
"Colonel" to the names of her sonc
E. M. Poston, who is known to Nel
sonvillianoas "Mack,''ls referred to
in the following article from the
Ohio State Journal as "Colonel.
"Logan is to have a new natural
gas company. Tho Logan couucil
has granted a franchise to Colonel
E.JM. Poston of thisj city, whose
company owns the Sugar Grove' gas
fields and have a right of way into
this city .along the canal.
Logan people are highly elated,
for, they have been assured that tho
new" company will groatly rodupe tho
rato now being charged by the Logan
.natural uas company. Tlie now
company has purchased tho Logan
Gas Lightaud poke company plant."
Nelsonvlllo Roclster.
The Brewer? Must Pay.
The Supreme Court of the United
States recently rendered a decision
In an Ohio case In which it was held
that brewing companies having
warehouses in countieB other than
tlmse in which the breweries are
located must pay tl)e Dow tax. At
torney General Monuett is now re
ceiving lnqniries from the attorneys
for breweries wanting to know
whether the tax will have to be paid
for five years back. It is understood
that? the attorney general will re
commend to the auditor of statojthat
such an order be issued to the county
auditors. If the taxes on these houses
are collected for five years back It
will run up the revenue of the state
from this source Into tlie hundreds
of thousands of dollars. Col. Record.
Sunny Florida.
Wo are In receipt of a late copy
of The Bliss Magazine telling all
about Florida.' It' is illustrated
with nearly two hundred fine half
tone etchings showing tho old
Spanish and American forts about
Pensucola buy, the lighthouse and
tile oldest Amerlcun navy yard.
one of the most beautiful harbors
in the world, tho harbor and the
ships, the city and the sea, the fish
erits. forests, farms and many oth
er things of Interest. Any of our
readers who aro interested 'In the
"Land-Of Flowers," Its mild climate
its jrieaBant summer and winder
heajth resorts by. tho sea or as a
place to build a permanent home,
may obtain a copy of tills' work
free of cost by writing for it tq the
coUnty commissioners at Pensaco
la; Florida.
Loss Tian Half.
The County Sohpol examination
;was hold on Saturday March 4, and
on last Saturday tlo examiners, mot
atlthe Court House and graded the
work. 'Out of 24 applicants, bu$ 10
passed and were given certificates.
The following were successful for
one'year sheep-skins r Maggie' Loist,
0. B. Armstrong, Emum Thrush',
O.j J. Deffonbaugli. Charles' Sehaul,
Jolhn O. Pqttlt, Addessfyo, Du'Ueo,
Nelvalqnp. Qf)qdwat John W- 9"
and Arthur Murphy.
Fabio Komanl.
A brief synopsis of the great
master pleco which will be presort
ed to Logan theatro goers next
Thursday evening March 23rd will
wo believe interest our reader.", itncl
Aldun Benedict's Fahio Koinani is
a fine creation. It surpasses Monte
Cristo in its intensity of action, in
its subtlety of plot, in its' cause and
effect. There ure no chasms of se
quence, that must be bridged by tlie
imagination. ,It steps immediately
upon u high, artistic level of in
tense, activo interest, and keeps
that level up to the terrific, emo
tional climax, which is, the sub
merging of the expiring -.bodies pf
the principle characters in the roll
ing waters of the Bay of Naples,
amid tho crashing thunder of an
earthquake, in the weird light of
an awful eruption of Mt. Vesuvius.
Fablo Roman I is a tale of the
dead, founded first and .last upon
tho Judas like duplicity of woman.
Mr. Aiden Benedict as Fabio
Romoni, the wronged hUsband and
Implacable avenger, gives a power
ful representation of the' part. Mr.
Benedict has a magnificent physi
que. His acting is a combination
of the robust' and intense.
MIsr Martha Beauford as Nina,
the wife of the virtuous, trusting,
Ntudinus, rich Fabio, the woman
ivho bartered her all for the love of
gold, must be seen to ho uppreclat
ed. Nina is one of tho moit re
murkable impersonations we have
upon the stage.
Ouitlo Ferrari of Gilbert Faust,
the treacherous friend and villain
ous desecrator of peace tfnd virtue,
was excellent.
Of Raymond Gilbert, 2lespetli,te
Neapolitan ragpicker, ve cannot
Bpeak too highly. His description
oThis wife's infidelity,tho discovery,
his killing her, in theiar.iM, of her
lover and bathing his hands in her
warm heart's blood, is thj best
oiece pf acting, by far, that we have
witnessed for many a day. It is
superb, grand, terriflu. ,
Grace Hunter in her Spanish
dance in a dream of tho poetry of
grace and motion ; save Carmoncita
she has no rival on the stage.
The remainder of the large cast
is strong and even, the costumes
are rich and the stage settings
magnificent. Tho spectacular effects
of the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, the
burning lava, tho earthquake, the
sinking tomb, the struggle in the
sea, aro appalling and thrilling.
Barrels Of Samples
Over Two Hundred Thousand Trial
Kettles Sent Free by Mail.
By special arrangement with tlie
manufacturers of that justly famous
Kidney .medicine, Dr. David Ken
nedy's Favorito Remedy, tho read
ers'of the Ohio Dkmoobat are en
abled to obtain a trial bottle and
pamphlet of valuable medical advice
absolutely free, by simply sending
their full name and post offlco ad
dress to tlie DR. DAVID KEN
ny and pientionlng this paper.
Of course tills involves enormous
expense to the manufacturers, but
they havo received so inay,gruteful
letters from those who nave been
benefited and cured of the various
diseases of tho Kidneyg, Llvtjr, Blad
der and Blood. Rheumatism, Dys
pepsia and Chronic Constipation,
and all weaknesses peculiar to wo
men, that they willingly send trial
bottles to all sufferers.
Updn investigation it was found
that 01 per cent of those .who had
used tho trial bottle had record
such benefit from it that they pur.
chased large sized bottles of their
It'ipafters,not"how sick you are or
)iow many physicians have,foilod to
helpjyou.pond for a trjal 'bottle of
this great medicine, It costs you but
apqstal, card, and bonoflt and cure
will mrst certainly be the rosult.
Put some urine in a glass tumbler
and let it stand 21 hours ; it it his a
sediment or if It is palo or discolored,
milky or clouay, stringy or ropy,
your Kidneys or Bladder are in a bud
condition. Dr. jJavid Kennody's
Favorito Remedy speedily oures suoh
dangerous symptoms as' pain in tho
back, inability to hold urine, a
burning scalding pain in passing .It
frequent desire to urinate, espooially
at nlcrht. thd staining of linen by
your urlup and a)l tho unpleasant
and dungproup effects on tho Byatem
produced by the use o"f whiskey,
wlneor'B6or Dr. David Kennedy's
ForltReniQcJy Is sojd at all dr"K
Btpres at $1.00 for a largo bottle; six.
bottles for $0.00
Short items From All Parts of'ths
Civilized World.
Prenilcr Dtipuy lias begun an active
cniupaign against the monarchists .lu
The Scnnte by a heavy vote ninde the
Nicaragua Cniuil bill a part of the re
gular lilver aud Harbor Appropiiattou
Sir John Strutlicrs, Vice-President
of the Ito.val College of Singcons, Kd
hibcrgh, Is dead. He was hum In
Tllo tiansport Zcalandla, with 300
wounded and 'convalescent suUlleie
from Manila, has arrhod at Sau Fiau
Cisco. The Navy Department has asked
Congress to appropriate $1,123,000 to
lepalr the dnmagc by the lecciit
Brooklyn Navy Yaid lire.
Paul Julius do Iteutcr, Baron of the
Duchy of Saxr-Coburg and Ciotlia and
dhector of, ltcutur's Telegram Comp
any died at Nice iu his elglity-thhd
The National Steel Company In
corporated lu Now Jersey has In
ci eased Its capital to $o9,000,000, with
which to buy In several Ohio corpora
tions. Friends of the Nicaragua Cannl may
force nn extra session of Congress by
obsti acting the passage of nppioprl
atlon bills lu order to get the Canal bill
Tom Allen, once a champion pugllst,
shot and Instantly killed Tim Confoy,
a stage hand In at theatre, at St. Louis.
Allen also shot his bartender through
the hand.
Dr. Lyman Abbott preached his
jfarewell sermon ns pastor of Ily
moutli Church, Brooklyn, and bnid he
believed Christ to be "very God of
very God."
The Board of health, reports tlmt
there are more than 85,000 cases of
grip hi the City of Mexico. The dis
ease is proving fatal to many of the
poorer people.
Three attempts have been made at
Kcwanoe, 111., lu the past two weeks
to wreck No. C, the Huillngton road's
east-bound oveilaud Djer. Two boys
nave oecu a nested.
Gen. Correa, Spain's Minister of
War, has cabled to Gen. Itios, who
commands the Spanish troops In the
Philippines, Instructing iiim ro nciol
crate tho lepatrlatlon of llion troop
Tho Mexican Government lias Just
sent teachers to the Yaquai Indian
country, in the State of Senora, whciu
they will open and conduct schools
for the lnstiuctlon of Indian chlldien.
The Minneapolis Tribune building
,was destioyed by lire. There were
about fifty people employed In the
building.. All escaned wlthoutjnjiuy.
The loss on the Tribune plant is $300,
000. Ex-Coinmlssnry-Geiieral Bagan told
thecourt of Inquiry upon the beef ques
tion that ho never held any consulta
tions with the commanders of thoUnl
ted States troops sent to Cuba and
1 Porto Uico.
An avalanche on the Lasal Moun
tains, near Pails City, Utah, has un
cord ed a ten- foot copper rein assay
ing 20 per cent, copper and containing
eight-inch streak of glace assaying 70
per cent, metallic copper.
In his annual report to tho Legisla
ture, George W. Aldrldgo, former
Suneilntendent of Public Woiks of
New York, nsks for a suspension of
judgment on the canal scandal uutil
the Attorney General has acted.
LI Hung Chang is returning to Pek
In from an Inspection of the Yellow
Hirer flooded districts. Ho icports
that last year's overflow was tho
worbt In recent years. Thousands of
natives are dying of starvation.
Robert Breckenildgo Ilalllgan, of
Chicago, has wired J. W. McGarvoy,
Jr., of Lexington, Ky stating that,
should his name he perpetuated by
Kentucky Unlrerslty, he will make the
Institution nn endowment of 5300,000.
The management of the Swedish
Stntu railways Intends to buy twenty
locomotives In the United States be
cause the European, factoiies cannot
deliver engines with sufficient celerity
to meet tho requirements of the lines.
'The Dowager Empress of China Is
greatly Incensed at the action of tho
Ilusslans at Talien-Wan, on the Llao
Tung Peutnsuja, near Port Arthur, in
killing 300 Chinese during a conflict
which originated over a question of
The Bessemer Pumace Association
pf Sharon, Pa., of which all blast fur.
naces lu Chenango and .Mahoning Val
leys are members, has advanced wages
of 'nil employees 10 per cent., to begin
on March 1. About -1,000 men are af
fected. At Berlin. Ont., judgment was given
In "the case ofAdele vonWebeuau; Who
Is an Austrian couutess, aud Herman
P-alderhauseu, her uophuw, both
charged with conspiracy to dcfiaud
the Merchants' Flic Insurance Com
pany of. Toronto. Tlie accqs I wovo
fcenteneed to two months In jail.
The Secretary of State has transmit
ted to Congress a luenioilal frojn tho
Anieiican Chamber of Commerce In
PniTs, asking for n more liberal appro
priation for the Pails Exposition of
1000. Tlie efforts of Commissioner
Peck to Wuro additional spaco aro
hghly commended.,
The gupply steamer Iloanoke has
sailed for Manila from San' Francisco.
Besides a general cargo of supplies
for the troops In the Philippines the
Boanoko carried 17 leciults for tho
Fourteenth Infantry, 11 mcu for the
Twentieth Infantry ami two men and
07 recruits for tlie Third Infantry.
Army otllccrs who claim to liaro
knowledge of tho subject aiy that the
Comptroller of tho Treasury will de
decline to authorize tlie payment to
Brlg.-Geii. Charles P. Bagan, now un
der suspension from rnnlf and duty,
tlm salary of Co-uml88nrJ'-Gencral of
Subsistence, amounting to,?0,C00 a
Tho great sheets -of ice that formcjl
n Chatham Bay, Mass., during the re
(;qnt cold sunp not only destroyed rast
quantities of scallops, but has almost
rillued this lucrative business for
yijars to c-onif with the result that a
largo number of pshcrmen dependent
upou tlie' Bprmg eaten will ue rorceit
to .seekf other pmploymeat.
(Manna, neb. 24.--FQr.ppUtlcal rea
Bphs1 tho Oregon should be sent al
OttC,. Dewsii
'I lil I I rrnnl Urn V iir-.r.
Cheyenne, Wyoming, Mar. .The
woist storm 01 the scn-un Is raging
lu Wyoming. The wind Is blowing
sixty miles nn hour. All railioad
cuts aro lllled and no trains (un- mov
ing. Knllrond moll pronounce this the
wenst stoi in In ton .wins While dam
aging to the rallaiails. the stoiui will
nld the stockmen, as (ho vlml will
uncover tho ranges and will glw the
cattle a chaute to got at fied .
ltuilviril iv pi n j v mii in in tpiI.
Now York, Mar. lludyaid Kip
ling continues to hold his oyn lu his
light iignluM pneumonia, lind. while
his phjvM'Iilus conservatively lefuse to
say without tcoiw that theie Is
niaikod impiowmcut lu his condition,
they Issued n bulletin which was
taken to mean that he was really
much bettor and his ft lends ,woic evi
dently (ileum aged to hope that he
would win his brave baltfu against
Mlniillli-k SlmlN Kilt lny.
Manila, Mar. .The Insurgents
weio shelled out of Malabon Church
as a lesult of their thing upon the
cruiser Callao fiom the jmigle. Ad
miral Dewey was on boaid the Mou
adnock whon tho Hi big occurred. He
liuniedlatoly oidcred retalldtlon, and
tlie monitor diopped thtce shells
luto the chinch, demolishing the stiuc
tuie and killing a number pf rebels
who were Inside.
riilllpiilnn llnniil nt llony Knnc
Hong Kong, March --Professor
Schurmnu, of Cornell, and Dean C.
Worcester, of the University of Mich
igan, members of the commission ap
pointed by Pieslileut McKlnley as ,au
Advisory Bon id for the government
of the Philippines, have arilved'here,
and are the guests of Consul General
Gnrmnny tn Admit lnpxntnlnail Frtitt. I
Berlin, March .-Olilclals of the
German Foreign Olliee have Informed
the United States Embassy that the
GovoiLient vtjll henceforth admit
American oranges, lemons and raisins
without examination, and, also, that
all Ameilean fresh and dried fruit will
be allowed to pass In bond through
Germany without being examined.
I'npo nnrmil 1 rm !Vin Cnnfnr
London, Mar. ' The ' Pome
omo corre
spondent of the Dally Chronicle says:
"Holland has assmed Italy that the
Pope will not be Invited to send a rep
resentative to the conference for the
limitation of armaments." The Vati
can strongly dlsappioves the Intrigues
of the" Fiench pretenders, "Orlcanlsts
Acnfnaliln simrt -f "Amirnialtlon.
Manila, Mar. .The Insurgents nre
believed to be running short of ammu
nition, as their firing by night lias
been considerably slackened. The
Americans nre under orders never to
take the Initiative and to leply to tho
Insurgents only when their lirlng be
comes unusually active.
The Ornln Mitrliflt.
WHEAT. 'Weather nows had a
considerable effect upon the wheat
market. Chicago predictions Were for
n new cold wave iu tho Northwest,
which would be anything but favora
ble for winter wheat at; the present
time after having e.peilonccd a week
or so of comparatively mild conditions
with freezing aud thawing weather
In somo sectlous. But few actual crop
damage repoits came to hand, most
of the Western news containing mes
sages similar to those of the last few
days, indicating that wheat thus far
was In tidily good shape. In the last
six days I.lroipool has recelvel 72S,
000 bushels of wheat, of which 712,000
bushels weio Ameilean. CORN.
Speculation continues oxtiemely nar
row, aud prices vary but little fiom
day to day, Chicago being weighted
down with stocks of 12.S-l-l.000 bush
els In all positions nnd ciop nows not
particularly favorable. OATS. The
market wns quiet and uneventful, as
fAr as the futme list was concerned,
with spot propei ty also quiet
I't future,
PRODUCE. Wheat-March, S2H,
83; May, 77,i. 779',. Coin-May, -10V4.
10J1; .luly, -11. -11. Oats-May, 27',,
27-)i; July. 231., o,vj4.
BUTTER. Creamery, extras, 22;
firsts, 20, 21; State Dairy tubs extras,
20V: 21; Factory, Fresh, llrsts, 13,
CHEESE.-State-Full cream, new
latge, 10'.; small, HVi.
LIVE POULTRY.-Fowls, per lb.,
11; chickens, per lb.,10; tutkeys, per
lb., 10, 11; ducks, per pair, 00, 75;
geese, per pair, 51.12, 51.50; pigeons,
per pair, 25.
Western, per lb., 11, 12; broilers, Plill.,
20, 25; fowls, State and Penu., 10, 11;
Squabs, per doz., $1.75,"53'.75.
LIVE STOCK. BeeviM Steers, llVj
Qijrjc. per iu., tirosseu weigiu; refrig
erator uoer, (wave, per iu. calres
Commou to pi line renls, $!.fi0(3$8 00
per 100 Ihs.; diessed ei, 0l2c per
Hi.; mixed cahes at 07I(!C. per lb.
Sheep and Lambs Diessed mutton, 0
gfT'c per lb.; dtesseil lambs, 7(gSV4c
pr its.;. lambs. $4.O0Sj$7.50 par loo lbs.
Hogs, S3.8354.00
Oiiht Trial Acntn rut Off
Philadelphia, Mar. . The trial of
United States Senator Matthew Stan
ley Quay anil his son, It, It. Quay, ou
charges of conspiracy to mlssuso the
funds of the State and of the Peoples'
Bank wns postponed again when called
up before Judge Beltlor. This no
tion, which wns taken nt the request
of Dlstilct Attorney Rotherinel, creat
ed grant surprise In tho cburt room,
for it was the general expectation that
the long nwalted trinl would begin nt
Inst, it wns rumored after the post
ponement to April 10 wns nnuounced.
that the case would drag along in
definitely. lawn, Ton, Will lie Iluilixl to Dewey.
Washington, Mar. '. .-r-Presldent Mc
Klnley decided to send the battleshb
Iowa to Manila Just us soon as repnhf
now being made In the Mnro Island
Nary Yard can h completed. Orders
were sent to the Navy yard to rush
tho repairs and to take on supplies ut
ibo utjjjost meed.
Action .Hastened by the Outbreak
at Manila An Extra Session'
Probably Avoided.
Washington, Mar. '..The outtireak
of i lollug ntul incendiarism nt Manila,
coupled with a general recognition of
the necessity of some immediate legis
lation to strengthen the inllltiry ' re
sources of the Government, led to the
practical acceptance lu the Senate of
that compromise measure of Army re
organization which the moro cousery
atlw leaders hare for the last week
boon piepailng to offer In place of the
Hull bill. At a conference at the
White House, lu which the President
and Senators Allison, Hawley, Spoon
er, liaiina, Cnttcr and Piatt, of Con
necticut, took pait, the conclusion was
leached that the urgencies of the situ
ation In the Philippines compelled the
acceptance of tlie best possible scheme
Of Army reorganization which could
now be obtained. As both Mr. Coekrell
aud Mr. Gorman bad promised to give
the Administration all the men and all
the ciodlt needed to enforce authority
and maintain order In the Philippines,
stipulating only that the Incieaso
voted should be a temporary one, It
Mas decided to abandon the Idea of
permanent reorganization, nnd to of
fer to tho opposition a measuie ex
panding the military establishment for
a limited term of years.
The compromise scheme, the details
of which was left to the Adjutant-General
of the Army to All out, contempla
tes, In the flrst place, the extension un
til 1002 of the operations of the net of
Apt II last, raising the strength of the
Itegulnr Army to 02,000 men. In the
second place. It authorizes the raising
of a separate provisional army of 33,
000 men to serve for three years, either
natives of Cuba, Porto Woo nnd the
Philippines, or citizens of the United
States, to be enlisted nt the dlsc'tetlou
of the President. It Is believed that
the agreement reached removes nearly
all danger of an extra session.
MnaTliuiiiaml Itcbila Ar RcparUd Ra'y
to I ar Howu Tlnlr Arm,
Manila, Mar. ' . Nino thousand In
am gents who have been most active In
loccnt nttacks upou Manila have slg
the iccent attacks upou Manila have
signified their readiness to surrender.
There me signs also that Agulunldo
himself Is anxious to trent for a ces
sation of hostilities. Two commis
sioners arrived under n, flag of truce
fiom Malolos, the headqunrtcrs of
Agulnnldo. They report that the reb
els aie In a chaotic state of fright and
micoitatnty nnd that their leaders are
losing all control over them. Although
they express the belief that Agulnnldo
Is ready to accept pacific overatures,
there Is little likelihood of an oppoi
tiiulty being offered to him. It Is well
understood to bo the policy of Gen,
Otis to require that the first over
tures for n cessation of hostilities shall
come fiom Aguinaldo himself. From
the attitude of the commissioners it Is
evident that these overtures ou the
pait of the Insurgent chief may lie
made at any time.
Hickmin ? Me Rented Letter Jlox C
4r tit Niu if II. C. 15rit.
New York, March i. Roland Burn
ham Mollueux, has been Ideutilled at
the Poison lnipiost, as not only ,tlie
lessee of the letter box hired In tht
name of "11. C Baruet," at No. 237
West Forty-second street, but also as
the liter of the address on the poson ,
package scut to Coiulsh nnd of the
lotto! s which requested samples of
Kiituow and various other drugs sent
to No. 1020 Broadway aud 237 West
Forty-second street.
The Identification of the handwrit
ing ns that of Mollueux was made by
W. J. Kinsley, handwriting expert.
He declined that the writing In the .
"Itainet" and "Cornish" letters, th
polsoi1 address nnd the undisputed
iiaudwrltlug of Mollueux iNere by the, ;
same hand.
Nicholas 'A. Heckmnn, who rented
the letter box to "II. C. Unmet" at No,
257 West Forty-second street, made au ,
e.Ntianrdlnailiydiamatic scene by Iden
tifying Mollueux ns tho man who
i en ted the box. Mollueux was sitting t
at the end of the lawyers' table, be
side bis Counsel, Bartow S. Weeks.
Mollnoux's father sat on the other side
of Mr. Weeks. Heckmnn, pointing ,
his linger nt Mollueux, snld. "There
Is the man who routed the letter box '
from mo." Mollueux turned pale nnd
leaped to his feet. "It is a lie," he
shouted . "I only snw that man," ho
added, pointing to Heckmnn, "twice in
my life.
Mr. Mpllneux's lawyer, Bnrtow S.
Weeks, said that the arrest of Molln- ..
t'lix would not surprise him. 'An hn- .'
poitant city oillclal, while forbidding
the use of his unmc, said positively
that Mollueux ould be nrrested. The
end of I he case is In sight. ' '
Later Roland Burnliam Mollneux u
Is lu n cell In the Tombs, accused by r
the , ei diet of the Coroner's jury of ,
sending to Harry S. Cornish the pois
on that killed Mrs. Katherlne 'Adams
on Dec. 28 last. This verdict was tho
result of sensational testimony pro- j
dueed on the last day of the Inquest, .
and practically, although not tecliul-"
cally. accuses Mollueux also of poison- .
lug II. C. Baruet, his own aud his i
wife's friend, ' ;
TroUn.Y Hull!" Minn,
Havana, Mar. '-The American'
syndicate that has been puigbaslng
riiihoads In Cuba Is about to acquire,
the United Rnlhoads of Harana. Tho
pi lee to be paid Is $15,000,000. ThlB
makes the total luvestment by .sytidl;
cnte $20,000,000, The Cardeuas, aud
Jucaro line' Is to bo purchased later at
about 50,000,000.
The Top Vrrj III.
Rome, Mar. ..Pope Leo XIII. la k
very III. On account of the great aje
of tho Pope his slckncus Is looked von
wlili npprohenslou.
A rnllrond project Is on foot to con. i
ui'Qt Morrlstowu apd Patersou, New
Jersey, by the way of l.lttlo Falls and '
tho Erie Railroad. The projected dhle
will pass through many small towns
Whlclfaio uow remote from any rail

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