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L. and C. Whist-
The Ladies' niul Gentlemen's
WliiBt Club was entertained Inst
Thursday evening by Mr. and Mrs .
Will Keynoi. Whis't prlzjj wera
tnken by Mrs. F. F. Rempel and
Dr. Aplin. Cnrda were fo llowed
by an elnoornte supper. Miss
Miry J. JoneB, of NcwStrnitsville,
and Miss Emma Weatcnlmvor wero
' club visitors.
Odd Numbers- j.
The Odd Numbers bad n soiree
Saturday t.ight, celebrating the
anniversary of their worthypresi
dent, Mr. Samuel Voris, A sumpt
uous spread, in honor of the" oc
casion, was prepared by Mrs. nnd
Miss Voris. Club guests were Dr.
Frank Wright and Messrs. John
Wright and Ed. Doebelo. "
Twice Fiyo
The Twice Five Club had their
regular meeting Monday evening,
with Rev. nnd Mis. T. B, White.
On the subject for the evening,
'Public Ownership of Public Util
ities," excellent papers, for and
ngninst, respectively, were read
by Messrs. E. 0. Pettit and John
F. White. The papers were fol
lowed by an interesting and ani-
mated discussion of this live topic.
Besides club members Mr. and
Mrs. A. C. Tipton, Miss Kuth
Brooke, Mr. Wiil Brooke, Mrs.
George Reynolds, of Athens, and
Mr6. Frank Harrington, of Colum
bus, were present,.
Tourist Club-
The Tourists met last Thiday
afternoon at the home of Mrs. A,
C. Tipton. The Biibjeot for th&
meeting was "The Arts." Mrs.
John Smith rend. a very interesting
paper on the Roycrofters'nnd their
work; Mrs. Smith also -exhibited
several specimens of Royoroft
book nnd other matter, from the
library of Mr. John Dougherty
Mrs. J. W. Beem gavo-n talk on
Women Photographers that was
listened t with much pleasure.
Mrs. Silvcrthorno rend to the
ladles the poem of James Whit-
comb Riley, on Fame. The mu
sical program of the afternoon
consisted of vocal solos by Mrs.
Weitzel, and pinno duets by Mes-
dames C. E. Bowen and H. R.
Harrington. The progrnm was
followed by nji elegant lunch.
Mrs. E. O. Pettit. Mrs. Fred
Bright. Mrs. S. C. Bright nnd
Mrs. Price were club guest.
The annual election of oflicprs of
the club will be made nt the next
meeting, to bo hclcl Thursday,
March 22, nt the home of Mrs.
Ingoo cures Cntarrh.
Judge Wright wns in Columbia
on business Monday.
Clarence Kyle of Columbus, was
a Sunday visHor in Logan.
Iagoo cures Dyspepsia.
Mrs Karne Ferguson spent sever
al days this w.eek in Columbus.
Mr. Chas. Krieg of Columbus,
viBited relntivcs here Fridny.
Iagoo, the Best Spring Tonic.
Mr. Robert Kanode of Lancaster
spent Sunday at homo here.
Fred Ambrose, of Nelson ville
was a visitor here Sunday.
St. Patrick's Day-
Mrs. I. J. Lindley will" give a
St. Patrick's Day pnrty, Saturday
If you nre not already a
patron of our store, why not
try shopping with us. Our
store vi8 not perfection, but
-our nim is toward perfection.
A lot of best quality white
clover honey in sections &f
20o a section. You'll be de
ligted with the quality.
A rich and creamy cheese,
very appetizing aa an after
cheese and just the right
cheese for Macaroni or Welsh
20c lb
Merely mix with milk or
water, or equal quantities of
each. Always ready for use.
A great convenience to the
busy cook in the preparation
ofThe meal. The cakes are
Regular 10c pkg,
- Special 8c.
Sealahipt Oysters in the
Seahhipt carrier at Htfrt,-maim's.
Bowline: Party-
A pleasant time wns Bpent lust
Thursday evening by a party of
young people, at tho Brunswick
Bowling Alleys. For several of
the bowlers it was a first experi
ence, but some creditable scores
were rolled. Several experienced
some difficulty for a few days
afterwards in walking down stairs.
Those present were Mr. and Mrs
Cnrlton Bright, Mr. nnd Mrs.'Dill
Sanderson, the MisseB Rochester,
Ruth Brooke, Mamo Campbell,
and Ruth Henderson, and Messrs.
Meade Bowen and Irving KrTeg.
Engagement Announced.
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight R. Her
rick, of JPrice Hill, announce the
engagement of their daughter,
Laura Elizabeth, to Rev. Harry B.
Vail, of Delhi, Ohio.
The Cincinnati Commercial Tri
bune of March 8, contained the
above announcement. Rev. Vail
is a son of Mr. and Mrs. John
Vail, of East Hunter street, Logan.
Mrs. R. D McManigal has
cards ouWor a reception this aft
ernoon from four to aix.
Hefijjy Hartman; of Oreville,
was in Logan Monday on business.
Vnl McGee, oi" Logan spent Sun
day with his mother at Vinton.
We are rendy with fresh now
Ghrden Seeds, Bort ik Co. the
Miss Zella Schwenkc is visiting
her sister Nell, in Columbus, this
vIngoo gives you an appetite.
Mr. II. G. Hcnscl was a business
visitor in Gloueter, Snturdoy.
Conductor James Hiirtoo is on
'the sick last.
C. T. Stephenson spent Sunday
with rolntivo at Straitsvillc.
FOR SALE A six-room house,
good condition. Inquire of J. W.
March 20 at tho Opern House,
Porter J. Whito'o magnificent
Compnny in "Faust."
Phil Wolf, of Oreville, wns n
business visitor in Lognn Satur
day. Mr. DefSherrard, of Ftilton
ham, apenUFrlday and Sntnrdny
in Lognn.
Edward Bishop who has been on
the sick list tho Inst two weeks is
some better.
Business on the H. V. nnd
Straitsville branch is flourishing
at the present.
At Case's store you al
ways get reliable garden
seeds at lowest, prices.
Miss Grace Downey returned
last week after a visit in Colum
"j,i l.nm - ,JMfiiWTgWiyt'P'.i.;i 1.1 j.r-y
Messrs. Joe f Krishbaum and
John Acker spent Sunday in Nel-sonville.
Fresh, reliable garden
seeds in bulk nr. Cncn'c
Bo sure to see the great Iirokon
Scene in "Faust" at the Opera
House next Tuesday March 20.
Mr. S. S. Ruble mode u business
trip to Vinton, Gnllia County, Sat
urday, leturning Mr nday.
Special Japanese Sou
venirs given to purchasers
of Chase & Saneborn cele
brated high grade teas
and coffees, Thursday, Fri
day and Saturdav of this
, week at Tipton's.
Commencing Friday, March 16,
Erdittg R. March 23d.
The firsili
fj-r s34MLJ-.
The Euterpean Club held their
March meeting, Tuesday evening,
at thejioae of Mrs. G. C. Weitzell.
An interesting miscellaneous pro
gram was rendered, comprising
piano duets by Mesdames Wright,
Bowen, and Harrington, vocal
solca by Mrs. Weitzell, Miss Rob
bin Rochester, and Mrs. Blasius,
and vocal duets by Mrs. McKay
and Miss Dollison, and Mrs. Mc
Kay and Miss Brooke. Visitors
for the evening were Mrs. Sarah
James, Mrs. C. N. Bowen, Mrr.
Vallie Wright and Miss Tracy.
Little Six-
Mrs. Fred Rochester was host
ess of the Little Six, Saturday
eyening, with cards and lunch.
Afternoon Whist.
The Saturday Afternoon Whist
Club will have a St. Patrick's
party and pienfe supper this week
at the home of Mrs. Helen Bowen.
Ball Club Meets.
' mmmmmmmmmmmmmammm t
' ll I'll il illtiillMSBiilMiMW i Mill iilfiiJiiliil III liiilMii
Manager Kick Shorr, of the
Logan Base Ball Club, called the
boys together Sunday" afternoon,
to talk over tho coming season,
and see what materia is on hand.
Fourteen good players are avail
able, and there is every prospect
of an unprecedented base ball sea
eon in Logan. Manager Shorr
will have his contracts prepared
in a few days, and the personnel
of the team can probably be an
nounced by next week.
Hot tea and coffee served
by Mrs. Daisy B. Waite,
March 15, 16 and 17. Call
and be presented with a
Japanese Fan for the la
dles and doll for the babies
A. C. Upton
mhnth topnj)
ovotdd be' itched- to have the hano)
o ioia ttve'timtiti'Mrfce at thea oben
iny tfatttlday ateinoo7vrUlaich frf
T900, m, memo' o ?,. gFhadtif
and theC'o -4-tt rnvniveUa'ty afve'vi
o?ze comwzc- wilt- iecewe a tfaUfo o
fiee?i to extinrfuibt, AeMet ia?n tte
Mrs. George Reynolds, of Athens
is the guest of her Mster, Mrs.
John F. White.
Mrs. Walter Rochester and Mrs.
Fred Rochester were Columbus
visitors one day last week.
Mrs. F. Harrington, of Colum
bus, is the guest of Mrs. H. R.
Harrington this week.
FOR SALE. A good farm west
of Logan, nt n bargain. Call on
or address Riley Glass, Logan, O.
Mr. Lawrence Gnno, of Athens
was in Lognn from Friday till
Candies.' cigars, tobae-
ircos at the New Opera House
urug store.
Mr. A. E. Huls and children re
turned on Monday from Rock
bridge, where they have been vis
iting relatives for two weeks.
Miss Elizabeth Cochran, of Un
ion Furnace, wns the guest of Miss
Flossie Jadwin, Saturday.
Miss Vivian Wells, of Nelson
viile wero the guest of Logan
friendB. Thursday night and Fri
day. Mt&B Frieda Armstrong was a
Nelsonville visitor Saturday night
and Sunday.
Joseph F. Smith, violin instruc
tor. Prices reasonable. Resi
dence opposite Gompf'd green
Purity and accuracy our
motto. New Opera House
Drug Store.
MissHattie Welburn, of Wels
ton was tho guest of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Shotwell, Sat
urday. Mr. Fred Collins has aecentod &
position as furnisher in n furnit-pD-Vite! to
uie factory in Marion, and left for
that city, Sunday.
Messrs. Will GalTney and Roy
Rapey slartedMonday for Dante
West Virgiaa, where they will be
occupied on a surveying contract
for mwh Um,
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. G. Tennyhill
and son, of Nelsonville, wero Sun
day guests of Mr. and Mrs. I. I.
Bargain Guns and the report
"itjviil be l,eari1 airolh'Tength and breadth of Logan.
"This ad tells the story thatsayes yon money." A Thurness
Wright Co. bargain is something real. How well the public
know and appreciate the truth But read carefully every line of this announcement.
The time is short; one week of bargain temptations. Hasten your footsteps for the
crowds will be here. Try and get in the front rank.
Wo Bought Thorn Early That's Why
Wo Can Quote Such Prices on These.
Ingrain carpets good 28c values, Salo price from Friday, Alarcli 16 lo Friday, March 23
Heavy Ingrain Carpets good 38c values, Salo price from Friday, Alarcli 16 to Friday, March 2J ...
Strictly all wool Carpets good Goc values, Sale price from Jrlday, Alarcu 16 lo Trida), Alarcli 2J
Tapestry Brussels Carpets good 75c values, Sale price from Frlda), Alarcli 16 to Trlday, Alarcli 23
Tapestry Druggets 9x12 $12.50 values, Sale price from Trlday. Alarcli 16 to Friday, Alarcli 23
Velvet Druggets 9x12 $18.00 values, Sale price from Friday, Alarcli 16 to Friday, Alarcli 23
Axministcr Drucrcrets 9x12 S25.00 values. Sale nrico from Fridny. Alarcli 16 to Friday, Alarcli 23
Here we are on the threshold of Spring and that room needs a new Carpet badly. What a royal money
saving opportunity this is, and then an announcement like this from Thurness-Wright Co. means something
that's what makes it all the more interesting to the "one behind the pocketbook. "
Wait a Minute wo must not forget lo tell you about a
Lot of Odds and Ends in Curtains
Consisting of 1 and 1J and 2 pairs of a kind. Good materials, new patterns. Here they go for one week I
Ht, .... , .... unu-nun rncc
One Special Lot of Hamburg Embroideries and Insertions. .
x On Sale Triday and Snturda), March 16 and 17 Only.
Perhaps 2000 yards all told, good patterns and edges, widths 2 to 18 inches, now read t'.is carefully,
per yd ...... , 10c
We limit the amount to 10 yards to a customer have to do it so rs to give everybody a chance. Hurry
up they will go like the proverbial hot cakes.
Common.sensc f.-fshions find most de
votees the demand for separate skirts
Mrs. Louisa Hartmann is in
Lancaster this week with her
mother, Mrs. Fismer, who is very
never was so large as now. No need to tell you iiow much you can save,
in buying a ready made skirt here, rather than have a dressmaker make
it READ ON One lot black mercerized Petticoats So. to 11 in lengths
deep shirred flounce, accordian plaited ruflle, gored top and French seams,
good values at $1.25, our price for this sale
Every Ladies' Dress Skirt in Stock at One-Fourth off Regular Price.
It were useless to elaborate oit this mittcr. You know our policy is
"As we advertise so we do" there are no disappointments here.
Arc arriving daily, the newest, daintiest and exclusive creations in
Spring Jackets, tight fitting or pony style. Dress Fabiics and everything
in springtime needs are at our door waiting for position in this the
largest and most complete stock that ever filled a Logan dry gooJs house. There are no -'Left
Overs" with which so many stores are crowded, but the brightest products of spring 1906, creations
await your inspection and approval. There is a close partnership between this store and Logan
shoppers, and that partnership never shared in a store so lavishly interesting as is this store today.
The ThurnessWright Co
Hi 4'SrJ'rh
tgjr!- " fig
Paints, brushes, varnish
es, enamels. We have
them. Opera
House drug
Joe Savey night foreman of the,
Logan yards, reportod for
Monday after being on" sick
or a
Mrs. A. L. Cochran, 0f Union
Furnace, spent Sunday evening
with friends hereafter visitiiiK in
Haydenville for the day.
Sprlnff s coming and
you will want fresh gar
den seeds. You can get
the besyat Case's store-
Mr. Jafues Kimberling, of Des.
Monie, Ifuvn wne calling on Logan
friends ver Sunday. Mr. Kim
berlingvvaB formerly in here. He
has ben in Iowa for several years,
Mrs.jDora Wakely and daughter-in-law,
are visiting Jacob Fox
and frimilv. Mr. Tom Wakelv
l 1
. j-J
spent Sunday here, returning
Lancaster that evening.
The' nublic is cordiallv
to visit our store
March' IK 1K nnrl 17 nnri
17 and inspect our line of
ine tatnous Chase & Sane-
bom's jTeas and Coffee.
ifotteaiand coffee served
each day. Souvenirs. A.
u npu
Mr. Arley Stallsmith city sules
man for the McCauley -Wholesale
Millinery establishment, in Colum
bus, spent Sunday in Logan visit
ing his mrjfher, Sarah Stallsmith.
Mr. S. Harper spent Sunday
i'logan, having pjyed in Wells-
ion on the previous evening. He
left Monday morning for Gallipo-
lis. The company he is with
will make a tour through the
Once in a life time witness part
of the Civil Vnr in one night".
SpeciaKerviees at the U. 15.
Church next Sunday. It. A.
Powell, Pastor.
"Irence the Rebel Spy" wns
enptured last night. At Opera
House, Friday, March lfi.
Mrs. .7. Unger nnd 6nn FraneN,
wero in Gibisonville, Friday, to
attend the funeral of the formei's
father, Mr. John Hngley, of
Mr. Abner Spencer, of East
Howen Street who had a light
shokc of a paralytic nature, early
last week has recovered from the
effects of his illinees. Mr. Spen
cer is a Civil War vert&in ana is
seventy two years old.
Miss Rose Stalter visited her
mother here over Sunday, return
ing to Somerset in the following
day. Mrs. Stalter and her daugh
ter Ella leave next week for Somer
sat whore they will reside. Mr.
John Stalter and family als.i ex
pect to move to Somerset about
ipril 1.
Father Horan, of Shawnee, is
conducting the mid-week Lenten
services at St. John's Church,
Wednesdays, in the absence of
Father Richards, who is still at
the home of his sick m.iBtor in New
York. Services last Sunday were
conducted by Fr. Healy from the
New St. Patricks College, in Cl-
unihus, who will be here a
ext Sund
AH money refunded at the end
of the third act to those who nre
the least dissatisfied with Porter
J. White's production of ''Faust"
at the Opera House next Tuesday
evening March 20.
MissTarson's millinery opening
is on Saturday next. Rooms in
the store of Roche3ter-Lytlo Co.
Andy Marks was tho mean" of
stopping wuat inreaieneu to ua a
disartious runaway lust Friday
morning. The team started from
Keynes mill and ran up the alley
to Main Street. As they wheeled
into Muin Andy reized the nenr
horse, and succeeded in stopping
them after being dragged a few
Milllinery opening next Satur
day at Miss M. N. Parsons, with
Ilochester-Lytle Co.
Three thousand dollars reward
for "Irenn tho Rebel Spy."
T. C. Carter, of Chuttannogo,
Tenn., will lo. ture at First U. B.
Church, Friday evening. March 23,
1&00, Matrimonial Mistakes
on 2uct8t cbUUrsoJapts.
The Salary Bill.
The salary bill, as it passed
house, provides for a uniform
ary based upon population,
terras being as follows:
"Auditors, treasurers and pro
bate judges to receive as compen
sation $100 for each full 1000 of
the first 15,000 of the population
of a county; $(!,) for each full 1000
of the second 15,000 of pi pulatin,
ifrio for the third 13,000, lfor
the fourth lo.OOO, $35 forthe fifth
5,000, -1-25 for the sixth 15,000
and $5 for each full 1000 of popu
lation over 75,000, as shown by
the last federal census preceding
the election. The county clerks
receive .$70 for each full 1000 of
the first 15,000 of the population,
which schedule is reduced by $10
for each additional 15,000 up to
75,000, and $5 is allowed for each
full 1000 over that figure; The
sheriff's receive $05 for each full
1000 of the first 15,000, tho sche
dule being reduced by $10 for each
addffional 1000, up to 75,000 popu
lation, when the $5 schedule ap
plies. Tho recorders receive $00
for each full 1000 of tho firt 15,
000 of the population, which sche
dule ia reduced by $10 for each
additional '1000 up to 75,000, after
which the $5 schedule applies."
Hocking county, with a popula
tion of 20,000 in round numbers,
will provide the following salaries:
1 1 4Jn -iA VaJ
Auditor $2215
Treasurer . . . 2215
Probate Judge .. , 2215
Clerk ..., 1710
Sheriff . . ..jfJO
Recorder .-. .jBu
1 '
.1 '
the . H
sal- ,sl
its ,4

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