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The Tolee of the People U the Supreme Law;
E. A. ltlMTTO. Editor.
raTULIt, J.1X, 12, J855,
TTawipapar Sabaeriptlon aad Aditllnj Agtocr
timobe, is our authorized agent lo receive and
receipt for subscription end advertisement for
the Democrat.
FltODUCE OF ALL KIMJS. i$ rtctlc
ed at the teiyhightst marktt priet$, on .Su6
teription or Advtrtismtntt, at lhi ojjlct.
Monty it not rffuitd.
Masonic Literature.
We publish tigs week, on our first
tane, "The Mason' Widow," from
the pen of Bro. Moore, of the Ma
sonic Review, a work that only costs
$2 00 per annum. How so many of
the Craft can admit such a magazine is
published in their own country! and
not subscribe for it, is more than we
can account for, unless it be from
sheer indifference to the principles of
the Order. The magazine teems with
such choice Literary productions as
the one we copy. We ask for "The
Mason's Widow" a careful perusal in
hopes it may strengthen the brethren in
that true friendship and eAary,whicli
will be alone acceptable lo the urtai
Grand Architect.
Something Wrong!
We are sorry to say we cannot insert
-the Advertisements of Messrs. Buskirk
& Davis; cause, no paper to copy
from, the, Triouic has not yet reached
C3 Our readers must excuse us
this week for lack of Editorial; the
Editor is absent, and our Devil is "on
a bust."
053"Ve call attention this week to
the Advertisements of R. Davison, of
Chillicothe, Ohio.
(CT The papers in various directions
ttre filled with statistics of the past
year, giving the remarkable events, ac
cidents, incidents, fires, &c, through
out the country. The entire loss from
fires in the United States for the year is
estimated at about $25,000,000. 'There
were also 83 fires in which loss of life
nsued, the number of victims being
The number of railroad accidents
was 193,killin2 186 persons and woun
ding 689. In 1853 there were only
138 similar accidents, but attended
with the loss of 231 lives, besides 490
The steamboat accidents of the year
have alarmingly increased, the total
number reaching 48, with the loss of
587 souls and 22o wounded, against 31
accidents, 319 killed and 158 wounded
in 1853. Crime, too, of every grade
foots up a fearful catalogue. There
were 682 murders and 84 executions
during the year.
Arrest for Robbery of Letters.
The firm referred to in the following
is Messrs. Williams J- Guion, 40 Ful
ton street, New York. The Agent of
the Department, to whose vigilance
and address the public are indebted for
the arrest, is J. Holbrook, of New
York. Among the letters stolen are
some which had been mailed at Colum
bus. '
A young man in the employ of a
well-known and respectable firm, en
gaged in the shipping and emigration
agencv, in this city, was detected, on
Saturday morning last, by the special
agent of the Post OlEce Department,
in purloining money letters addressed
to the firm, received from different
points through the mails, and delivered
through their box at the post office.
For several months past, complaints
have reached the post office here, thro'
the firm, as well as from their corres
pondents, of losses of letters contain
ing remittances to them, and to their
rare. Suspicions having been enter
tained for some time that these depre
dations were committed by some one
in their employ, an acenrate list was
kept at the box delivery of all letters
delivered, when it was discovered that
tjuite a number of the letters thus de
livered failed to reach them. Tha par-
j Mvvviv.vi t ') via wuiiuaj ill VI III lig j
watched and traced on bis way from
the post office to the place of business
of the firm, by the special agent, when
he was soon to break open one of the
letters and abstract money therefrom.
The money was subsequently found
upon bis person, and also the letter in a
mutilated condition.
We learn that he has made a con
lession, by which it is satisfactorily
shown that scores of missinz money
letters directed to his employers have
been taken by him.
Many .of the losses now explained
were sustained by 'persons in humble
condition of life, and some of them of
a peculiarly distressing character.
That restitution of the various sums oi
money thus abstracted will be made by
the respectable firm alluded to,we have
New York paper.
An Englishman's "Platfobm."
Sir Charles Napier is a candidate for
Parliament to the borough of Marly
bone. His programme, forwarded per
telegraph, is" War lo the knite with
Russia-extensive reform vote by bal
lotshorter Parliaments and general
educaUca. .
Temperance Movement in McArthur.
thur. .
Pursuant to previous notice, the
friends and advocates of temperance in
the Village of Mc Arthur and vicinity,
met in the M. E. Church, on the eve
ning of the 4th inst., to devise means,
and adopt measures, to suppress the il
legal traffic in intoxicating liquors,
which, of late, has been so alarmingly
on the increase, in said Village anJ
vicinity. At a very early hour the
house was filled to overflowing. Tits
ent were to be seen the Merchants, Me
chanics and Professional men of the
Village; a I no, the sturdy and honest
farmers of the surrounding country, all
of whom had quit their ordinary la
bors and pursuits at an early hour, and
resorted thither for the purpose of ma
king a united effort in ridding, our oth
erwise peaceable & growing village of
the Lligliti i' :u.l Jfinoraliziiig curse of
intemperance; and it is worthy of re
mark that a goodly number of the la
dies of the village, notwithstanding the
inclemency of the evening.quitted their
parlors and pleasant firesides and graced
the meeting wijh their presence, there
by lending countenance and giving en
couragement to the philanthropic and
laudable undertaking.
Whereupon, the meeting was organ
ized by calling L. G. Drown to the
chair, and appointing John P. Ply ley,
Secretary. The chairman having sta
ted the object ol the meeting, the exer
cises of the evening were opened by
prayer from the Rev. Nathaniel West-
erman, wlio also imerestea ana instruc
ted the audience by a short lecture, in
the course of which, he dweali upon
the demoralizing tendencies of intent
perance, demonstrated that it was 8
fruitful source of crime, wretchedness,
disease, and death; that burthensome
taxation was one of its necessary and
unavoidable concomitants; and in short,
that it was a reproach to any commu
nity, and that it was fast proving such
to Mc Arthur, and concluded by an
earnest and eloquent appeal to the
friends of the cause, to immediately
bring into requisition the means pro
vided tor suppressing the traffic.
Mr. D. J. Edwards, of Cincinnati,
was then called to the stand, and made
a few very pertinent and well-timed
remarks. David Jones, Esq.. also ad
dressed the meeting to some length and
in a very appiopriate manner.
On motion it was ordered that the
chair appoint a committee of three to
wait on those engaged in the illegal
sale of intoxicating liquors in the vil
lage and vicinity, and in a iriendly and
becoming manner request them to do-,
sist therefrom, and report at next meet
ing. Jacob anocsey, u. w. uenni
son, and Jno. P. Plyley, were appoin
ted as said committee.
On motion a subscription paper was
circulated to raise funds to defray the
expenses of prosecutions against all
those who continue to sell in violation
of law, within Elk township; which
resulted in raising some 600, which
has since been increased to $800.
On motion the meeting adjourned to
meet on Monday evening next.
Monday Evening, Jan. 8th.
Met pursuant to adjournment.
Prayer by Rev. Mr. Hall. 11. S.
Bundy was then called to the stand,
and treated the subject in his usual able
and pathetic style. Messrs. v. J. re
wards, Dr. L. Holland, and O. T.
Gunning, were respectively called up.
on and responded by a few well-jimed
and appropriate remarks.
The committee appointed at the pre
vious meeting reported, that they had
visited the persons engaged in selling
intoxicating liquors contrary to law,
that they found four persons thus en
gaged in the illegal traffic, that they
received but little assurance that the
traffic would be abandoned by them.
On motion Dr. L. Holland, Owen
Dowd, and E. F. Bingham, were ap
pointed a committee to enlist the co
operation of the ladies in this laudable
On motion it was ordered that the
proceedings of the two evenings be
published in the Mc Arthur Democrat
and McArthur Herald. .
On motion the meeting adjourned
L. G. BROWN, Chairman.
JNO. P. PLYLEY, Secretary.
Austrian Treaty.
We give the followinz svnoDsis ol
the much talked-of treaty between
Allies ana Austria: By the second
article Austria pledges herself to defend
the frontiers of the- Princioalities
against the return of the Russians, and
con?ents to the formation of a mixed
commission for the regulation ot all
exceptional and disputed points arising
out of i:s occupation bv her trooDs:
and by the third, the powers mutually
pledge themselves to sustain Austria in
the event of hostilities breaking out
between that power aud Russia. It is
clear that the contingency provided for
by the last mentioned article is not
likely to arrive unless that contempla
ted in the previous one should come to
pass. For the present, Russia will
take care to avoid eivin the stipula
tions of the treaty force by entering
the Principalities, and therefore Aus
tria will still be virtually enabled to
preserve her neutrality, although osten
sibly committed to the alliance. The
object of the treaty, -as far as she is
concerned, appears to be only to gain
time: and in this respect she seems to
us to be still playing into the hands of
Russia. The tenor ot the document
is not, on the whole, one that is calcu
lated to reassure the public mind in
England and France.
It would, therefore, seem that, the
interpretation given to this treaty ; by
ijord jonn Kussei is me correct one;
and (hat there is not much in the treaty
Satates. and Dem.
Eighth of January!
Democratic State Convention!
The Couventon assembled puriuent to
the call of the State Central 'Committee,
tt the City 1UII iu Columbus, January
8ih, 1355, and organized by appointing
Col. U. L. Yalandisoham, of Dayton,
Chairman pro (.
On uio'iou, G. W. liill of Ashland.
J, V. Kees. of Clark. N. C. Ryan, ol
Butler, and W. 11. Gill, ol Columbiana,
were appointed Secretaries pro ttm.
On motion of Col. Morgan, of Kcox, a
committee of one from each Congress
ional District was appointtd to report
permanent officer and rules for the gov
ernment of the Coineiitionj alio, a like
committee oq Keaolntiout.
Mr. Allen, of Harrison, submitted a
resolution relative to Kuow Nothing
Dolegatet in the Convention, which was
icferreJ to the committee ou Reolutins.
On motion ot Mr. McGregor, of Mark,
the Committee on Resolutions was in
structed to report a Slate Central Com
mittee for the ensuing year.
Ou motion, the Convention took re
cess until ' oVock.
2 O'CLOCK, P. M.
Mr. Bircbard.of Trumbull, from the
Committee on l'ermanent Officers, re
Henry B. Payne, of Cuyahoga.
Vice Presidents:
theithe Democratic candidate for Judge of
(One from each Cuiigresiuuel District)
1st Win. It. Lytlr;
2d Win. F. Converge, of Hamilton;
3J Richard Cunningham, of Preble;
4lh Joseph Richardson, of Allen;
5:h J. W. Riley, of Lucae;
Gth Granville Stokes, of Warren;
7lh M. It. Davis, of Clermont;
8th A. Woodworth of Union; .
9th -Robert Lee, of Crawford;
10th Lewis Siflford, of Risj;
1 tth-S. D. Foster, of Fairfield;
12th II. S. Kuapp, of Franklin;
13 tli John Whilbcck, of Huron;
1-1 ih Win, Given of Wayne;
15th D. P. Leadbetter, of Hoi men;
lGth Judge Springer, of Muskingum;
17th R. J. Alexander, of Bellraoul;
13th F. A. Nasler, of Summit;
19th S, 11. Webb, of Cuyahogij
EOth Joel B. Buttles, of Trumbull;
2 1st Dr, Finlej, Harrison.
Stcrttarici ;
G. W, Hill, of Ashland,
John W. Kecse, of Clark;
M. C. Ryon, o( Butler;
Win. It. Gill, of Columbiana;
John 1'. Slough, of Hamilton;
A. W. Dennis, of Licking.
Mr. Means, of Jefferson, move that
the Contention proceed to ballot for a
candidate for Governor. Agreed to.
The following persons were announc
ed as candidates:
Col. Wm. Medi'.l. of Fuirfied; Col.
Samuel Medary, of Franklin; Col. D, P.
Leadbetter, of Holmes.
The vote being ordered by counties,
resulted as follows:
For William Medill 177 votes.
" Samuel Medary 69
D. T. Leadbetter 12
Col. Win. Medill. having received a
majority of all the voles cast, wasde.
dared duly nominated as the Demo
cratic candidate for Governor.
On motion of Mr. Foiled, of Licking,
the Convention proceeded to the nomin
ation of a candidate for Lieutenant Gov
ernor. The following gentlemen were aa
nouueed as candidates:
James Mytrs ol Lucas; Wm. Sawyer,
of Auglaize.
The vote being ordered by counties,
resulted as follows:
For Jamea Mycr3 212 votes.
" Wm. Sawyci 42 '
Scattering 3 "
Mr. Myers having received a majority
of all the rotes cast, was declared duly
On motion, the Convention proceeded
to nominate a candidate forjudge of the
Supreme Court, for the unexpired term
of Judge Caldwell.
The lollotving gentlemen were an
nounced as candidates:
R. 15. Wardin, of Franklin, . II. Le
laud, cf defiance; C. W. Searle. of Musk
ingurr.; H. M. Hedges, of Pickaway.
The vote being ordered by counties,
resulted as follows:
For R. B Warden 113 votes.
' K.1I. Lelsnd 3
' C. W. Searle 31 "
" Jl. M. Hedges 15
There being no choice, a second rote
was ordered which resulted as follows:
For R. B. Wardeu 13 1 i rotes.
E. II. Leland 107J '
" H. M. Hedges 18 "
The name of Mr. Searle was withdrawn
before the taking of the second ballot.
Mr. Warden having received a major
ity of all the rotes cast, was declared
the Supreme Court for the unexpired
term of Judge Caldwell.
On motion of Mr. Oilman, of Colum
biana, the Convention proceeded to nom
inate a candidate for Auditor. .
The following gentlemen wero an
nounced as candidates:
Win. Morgan, of Columbiana: Mr.
Webb, of Trumbull; A. P. Edgetton, of
Defiance; C. R. Deming, of Ashland; D.
K. Keraley, of Crawford.
The vo:e being ordered by counties.
resulted as follows:
For Wm D. Morgan 20 1 votes.
" A. P. Edgerton 43 "
" D.R. lversley 8 "
" Scattering 2 "
Mr. Mor-on having received a major
ity of all the votes cast, was declared
duly nominated as the Democratic cau
didute for State Auditor.
On motion of Mr. McLaughlin, of
Richland, the Convention proceeded to
nominate a candidate for Treasurer of
The following gentlemen were an
nounced as candidates:
Wm. Brnshuell.of Richland, John G
Bresliu, of Seneca; Mr. Chamberlin, ot
Delaware, huson Goyt, of Hancock; Mr
Cleveland of Scioto.
Tli e vote being ordered by counties,
resulted as lollonrs;
For John G. Breshn 143 votes.
Wm. Brushnell 78
Edson Goyt..... 18
Mr. Cleveland" 15
Mr, Breslia having received a majori
if of all tha votes cast,, was decland
duly nominated as the Democratic can
didato for Treasnm -af State.
On motion of Mr. Jewett, of Musklng
nra, the rules were suspended, and Wm.
Trevitt was nominated at the candidate
for Secretary of Slate by acclamation.
On motion of Mr. Wallace, the rules
were suspended and G. W. McCook was
nominated as the candidate for Attorney
General by acclamation.
On motion of Mr. Jewett, the Conven
tion proceeded to nominate a candidate
for member of the Board of Public
Thefollowing gentlemen werejpres
anted as candidates:
Jamas Gamble, of Coshocton; J, B.
Steedman, of Lucas; J. J, Hoffman, of
Stark, J. M. Ruosa, of Warien.
The vote being ordered by counties,
resulted as follows:
For J. B.Steedman 164 votes.
J. Gamble 46
J. J. Hoffman 16 "
' J, M. Rooa 22 "
Mr Steedman having received a ma
jority of all the rotes cast, was declared
the Democratic candidate for member of
the Board of Public Works.
Time and space prevents U3 g'ving
tlie resolutions adopted at tins Convention.
From California.
The Daniel Webster arrived from
Califomie, with date? to the 8lh.
A Russian privateer arrived at San
Francisco, having escaped from the
allied ileet.
The frigate Columbia with Wheeler
Falkner aboard, arrived at Grey town,
in which port were three British men-of-war.
The Princeton was at Aspinwalland
was daily expected at G re) town.
Notwithstanding the continued ab
sence of rain which was beginning to
be severely felt, tits mining news was
The railroad from Los Angelos to
Colorado was favorably thought of by
the inhabitauts of San Dieo who are
also projecting a railroad to Colorado.
The telegraph between Columbia
and Stockton is to be in operation by
the 1st of January.
The adaptation of the soil of Sac
ramento Valley for cottou growing, has
been demonstrated by the exhibition of
samples growing therein.
The Russian account of the attack
of Pelropaulowsky is published in the
Polynasian, . It represents matters as
quite dUll'rent, and says that two at
tacks were made, both of which failed.
The allied force was much superior.
Royal Bridal Festivities is Prus
ia. The King of Prusia's nephew,
Prince Frederick Chartes, was recent
ly married to the Princess Maria Anna,
of Anhalt Dessau. The festivities
and pomps were remarkable for an at
tempt to restore the taste for mediajval
barbarities. One count, high in mod
ern dignities, was appointed to have
the honor of handing the king soup at
dinner, and another of handing him the
wine; other nobles were to render a
similar service to the queen, and oth
ers still to the bridal pair. When the
soup and the wine ale disposed of,
dancing commences, and the king and
queen, bride and bridegroom, the Min
ister of State, and all the royal family,
the King of Hanover, and other illus
trious guests, unite iu a torch dance,
gliding about the brilliant rooms with
lighted candles in their hands.
How the Types Work. The Sa
lem Journal, the other day, sentenced
a poor fell ow to six months in the house
ot correction, tor "iraqrancu." and
the Boston Telegraph, tlie other even
ing, gatherea all tlie particulars ot tlie
oss oi me ucean up to me nour oi
going to "dress."
Tub Lrie VVau Rknkwed. There
iias been a repetition of the Erie dif
ficulties, on a small scale, within a few
days past,and the bridge in the borough
winch was the cause ot so much trou
ble last winter, has again suffered from
the the ruthless touch of the destroyer.
Santa Anna a Negro. A Vera
Cruz correspondent of the New Orleans
Delta has been making inquiries into
the pedigree of the Mexican hero,San-
ta Anna, and has discovered that his
Serene Highness is a mulatto! The
writer has no exalted opinion oi the ad
venturous Mexican, aud says that "the
first that was known of him, was when
le was court-martialed lor pilfering the
funds belonging to his company, tor
stealing pigs and chickens, and for for
gery of the signature of his General."
New bogus gold dollars have made
their appearnce. The metal of which
they are made is copper, and a thin cov
ering of gold to couceal it. The gold
covering is sufficiently thick to resist
even the action of mtuc acid, without
scratching. The weight of the ringing
will detect them.
Trouble Feared is the Methodist E.
Church. Another breach is expected in
the Methodist . Church. Rev. Dr.Bond,
editor of the New York Christian Advo
cate, in noticing the oppotsiton to the
appropriations of missionary money to
preachers laboring in their sluve-noiuing
conferences, says:
"We have seen strange things in the
lapse of three score years and ten, but
this caps the climax of the marvellous,
and though we are no prophet, nor the
son of a prophet, we venture to predict
that mischief is brewing in our Church
agitations, convulsions and disr tip
tionp, such as we have never witnessed
Arrison still complains of feeling
very much indisposed, and is rapidly
failing. He paces his cell two-thirds
of the time, and exhibits a great deal
of distress in mind. He expresses but
little hope of escape from the sentence
which now hangs over him. He is
only visited by his attorney and the
young lady ot whom we spoke a few
Arrival of the Asia.
More hard fighting around Sevastopol.
The Cunard steamship Asia baa arriv
ed, with ont week's later dates.
The foreign enliatmeut bill has awak
ened angry discussions in Parliament.
Prussia has dec-lined to join the tri
ple at iance, but kas sent Baron Autedom
as a special envoy to London, to estab
lish the conditions for a special treaty
vith England aud France.
Affairs remain unchainged before Se
bastopol. The weather has been very
bad, and much sickness prevails. The
Russians make frequent sorties from Se
bastopol, chiefly against tba French
Reiuforceraents continue to arrive for
both the allied armies, but the roads are
almost impassible.
Lord John Russell has made a sheech,
ia which he announces an alliance with
Austria, offensive and defensive, before
the opening of the next campaign.
The Loudon rimes' correspondent, at
Sebastopol, under date of the 231, gives
a gloomy picture of the Allies. The
seige was practically suspended, the bat
teries used up, the army exhausted, but
were quite able to hold their position
and chastise their assailants.
A desperate affair occurred between
the Chasseurs da Vincennes and the
Russian riflemen, lasting several hours
On the night of the 2d, the French
penetrated behind tha outer entrench
ments and ther established themselves
for the time, but as there was no prepara
tion for a general assault, they with
On the 23th and 29th, deiperata tor
ties were made by the Russians upon the
rreuch, which were repulsed, with con
siderable losses on both sides. The
Russians defences have hucn much
On the 2'Jih, a sortie was made by the
Russians, 2,000 strong, against 700
French. They weie received with a
deadly volley, and then attacked with
the bayonet, and compelled to retreat.
On the 30th a heavy lire was opered on
ihe French. During the night, the Grand
Duke Michael was observed making
recon nuisances at a distance.
Later form Europe.
NEW YORK, Jan. 1.
The ste mship Atlantic arrived at this
port last evening. She met with an
accident to her rudder, and put back to
Liverpool, where she did not leave till
The British Parliament had been open
ed. Ths Queen'i speech ws wholly
occupied with the war question, except
one sentence, where she says: "i nave
concluded a treaty with tha United
States, by hich a subject of long and
difficult discussion has been equitably
adjusted." The rest of the speech speak
of the army in the Crimea with admira
tion and gratitunde, and the co-opera
tion of the trench. 5he says she has
concluded a treaty with Austria, and
calls for instant re-inforcements for the
The speech had no effect on the funds.
The debate on the address was iu'.er-
A bill was read the sccona tune in
the House of Lords to enlist a German
and Swiss legion; also, a bill in the
House of Commons to send militia to
garrison abroad.
There is no news of the slightest in
terest from the Crimea. Affairs wiihtn
and without Sebastopol remains precise
ly as they were. Occasional shots are
exchanged when a mark presents, but
the firing has ceased to be continuous
on either side. All field and Beige op
erations are suspended by the heavy
rains, which have rendered the roads im
passable, and have filled the trenches of
the besiegers witn water, ine uesieg-
ed avail themselves of the respite to re
pair their their works. Cholera and
scarcity prevail within the city. Des
erters report that Menschikoff has re
ceived considerable reinforcements, but
they arrive without supplies and almost
destitute of clothing. By this time the
Allies must have received 13,000 to
20,000 additional troops, besides an a-
buudauce of supplies, warm clothing,
nd wooden huts to stclter about half the
rr a a . . t 1
army. His amrmeu out is prooaoiy
an exaggeration that tha French force
will be augmented to twelve divisions,
or about 120,000 men, which, with the
English aud Turkish re in fore me nts, will
make the strength ol the Allies ZUU.UUU
men, an army which is considered well
equal to any thai Russia can bring into
the fneld.
The Empress of Russia is sick, and
lies at the point ot death.
The King of Prussia is sick, and con
fined to his room.
A letter from Bucharest, under date of
the 11th, mentions that Omer Pasha
that morning left Bucharest fur Varna,
where the remainder of the nineteen
Turkish bultalions ordered to Crimea
wire bthiL embarked. Thirty .five thou
sand men are to be gent. .
The embarkation of troops and militas
ry stores continues with greater activi
ty than a i any period since tba com
mencement of tba war.
The following "news" Is telegraphed
from Madrid, tlih, .o the French and
English press :
A couspuacy in Cabs has ueen sup
pressed. .!-:
"Two United States packets have beeu
seized at Havana, for hiving couveyed
arms and seditious proclamaioas.
"The principal conspirator ia a uatite
of the United States, named Scott. Ibe
proclamations comprised a seditious
publication of New York, named La
Fraud. Note on 'The Calhoun
County Bank,' purporting to be located
at Marshall, Michigan, have been exten
sively circulated. They are of various
denominations, and are well got up,
There Is no bank of lhat'name in exis
tence.1, :
The Queen's Speech.
"Mr Lobds ao Gsmtlimih i I have"
called you together at this snusual par
iod of the rear, in order that, by ouf
assists n ce, I may take och measures aa
will enable ma Jo prqecuta tba great
war in which w are engaged with tha
utmoit vigor and effect. This araistancv
I know will be readily given,, fur I can-
not doubt that you abars my convic-
lion af the necessity of sparing no effort
to augment my forces now engaged la
the Crimea. Tha exertions they hava
made, and the victoriea they have won.
are not exceeded in the brightest pages
of our history, and have filled ma with
admiration and gratitude.
"The heart, and efficient co-operation
of Ihe brave troops of uiy ally, tha Em
peror of the ciench, and the glory ac
quired iu common, cannot fail to ceraeut
s'ill more closely the uuion which hap
pily subsists between the two nations.
"It ia with satisfaction I inform you
that, together with the Emperor of tha
French, I have concluded a treaty of al
liance with tha Emperor of Austria, from
which I anticipate important advanta
ges to the common cause.
"I have also concluded a treaty with
the United States of Americi, by which
aubjects of long and difficult discussion '
have bean equally adjusted.
"These treaties will be laid before
'Although the proiecntion of tba war
will naturally engage your chief atten
tion, I trust that other matters cf great
interest and importance to tba gtuaral
welfare will not be neglected.
"I rejoice to observe that tha general
prosperity of my aubjects remains un
interrupted. Tha state of the revenue
affords me entire satisfaction, and I
trust that by your wisdom and prudence
you will continue to promote tha pro
gress of agriculture, commerce and man-'
" G ent lint n of the IFoun of Co :
In the estimates that will be presentej
to you, 1 truit you will find ample pro. '
vision has been marie for tha tiigeucit
of the public service.
"ily Lordt and GtntUm.cn: I rely
with confidence on your coufidenc oh
your patriotism and public spirit. !
feet assured that in the ruo.nntous con.
test in which we ara engaged you will
exhibit to tha world tha example of a
united people. Thus shall wa obtain
the respect of othet nations, and may
trust that, by the bleaaing of GoJ,. via
shall bring tha war to a tucceitful ter
mination." The Queen having delivers!! her
speech, rose, and giving her hand to
Prince Albert, lalt the buuae. Tha bril
liant assembly then dispersed.
Democratic Prospects.
Ths Cincinnati Commercial is begin
ing to find out, what those observant of
the political signs have I on j s.ncs obiv
ed, that a coalition between Ftea Soil
and Know Nothing is utterly impneai
ble. It also discovers the fact (hat a
large portion of Free Soilers are Know
Nothings will distract the counsels end
weaken tha force of boih. But, if tt Ia
true, as appearances indicate, that Free
Soil will coma nut clean from tha lodges,
we agree with tha Commercial iu pre
dicting h success of the Deu.otralia
We confess that this prediction is not.
novel lo our thinking, Wt have given
it expiration before. We based it on
an understanding of the objects of tha
two organisations. As well sxpectoit
and water to mix, as alt meute so antag
onistic. Our position in this approacninj cdrf
test is one of prida and principle. Of
pride, that witout compromising a alio -gle
jot or tittle of principle, we tan con
tend against the ambuahtd enemy, by
the sida of men or any set of men. wh i
regard it as inimical to civil and reli
gious freedom. We have, from the first,
occudied our ground. Unquestionable
opposition to the baneful proscription
will still ba our inspiration. It mt
ters not who may join us as allies in
this warfaie. Wa have but one object
tha overthrow of secret political ma
chinations. We can stand shoulder to
shoulder with every true American
in this battle; for that battle wa hava
with us the feu lime nts of the best teach-
ere of Demecracy and the cheering e.wilee
of the genius of our institutions.
Whether the Free Soil organisottorj
become co laborers with us, oi in their
own mode charge upon tha common en
emy, we regard the prospect of Demo
cratic success in tha fall as sura aa trjtli.
Kino or Shbeos awd Patches."
A eenllemau in a private letter from the
Sandwich Islands, speaking of the King
Kainehameha, says: "He loafs erouue; ,
the town of Honolulu peeps into a
tavern, and is readv to takea 'nip' with
any body that asks hiin. Ha isn't worth
'continental, and auctioneers won t '
take his bid at an auction. Poer fellows
Steamer Fired Into.
New York, Jan. 8th. The ship
Golden Eagle, from St. Thomas, re-
ports that a lew days before she arrived
the American steamer Bern. Franklin
was chartered by the Royal Mail Com
pany, to lake the English mail arid
passengers to other of the islands, and
was bred into by the authorities of tha
island when leaving port. One- ball i
passed through tha stale-room in whieh-
were an English lady and child. Tha- .
Ben Franklin was detained for repairsv
1 lie reason given tor tiring into her '
was, that she had no right to pass. ;
ENTERPRISE. It will t seen by reference
to advertisement in our paper of to-day. thai - -the
Committee appointed by the Shareholder
at their last meeting, have issued a call fore
final n'n.gol all interested, to get tntr in
structions in reference to the distribution of
the Gift property. We ere pleased to find
the matter so near a consummation, ana nope
that Mr. Pkbham will receive the patronage nef
so well deserves for the liberality and energy '
displayed in getting up and prosecuting this '' "
stupendous - enterprise. Orders for tickets,
should be sent in immediatelj. There are1'
fortunes in reserve, for somebody. 1 - f. )
OI YOKES. . . .. .
t YANKEE. Ox Yokes, at the Gik A'nvi
litm. ; ;.: ,v
:. .;,- :i.- :-.t

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