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the democrat:
Tie roico , of thi rcopU h the Supremo Ur,
K. A. KUATTO. Editor.
M'ABTiO, Jl. 20, 1855.
Jttwtifr SabMtytloa and Adrtrliilnf Aftscy
FHHAOtxrau, New Yogk, Bostos ind Bal
tiuose, is our ituhorized scent to receive tnd
receipt for subscription and idverlisement Tot
the Democrat.
. PR OD ICE OF ALL K1SDS. it rtcciv-
td at tht veryhighett market price, on SuV
ttrtption or Advtrtitmentt, at thit offltt..
Monty It not refined.
For Governor,
Tor Lieutenant Governor,
; Fop Svprtmt Judgtt,
For Auditor of Statt,
For Trtaturtr of Utatt,
Ftr Stcrtttry of Statt,
For Attornty Gtutral,
For Board of Pullit Workt,
Taxes in Ohio for all purposes, in 185-1.
amount to only the mug little lutn of ten
niUiont of dollars; and the pamen t oppres
ses tlia people the enormous levy take the
State through, about double that of three or
four years sluee. The Democratic" legislation
of the past Jew years, is now on its
last leg;" Republican Legislature will as
semble ai Columbus n.nt wiiiter, and put
things to rights." lrontotRtgittcr.
Know Nothing sheet, the Reg
ister is just now teeming wilh such ar
tiest as the Above, and predicting that
the next legislature will be Whigs Fu
sion. ;;A great death-struggle it seems
is to be made by these .Ga(phins to get
at the State Treasury,naw.that it has
some money In it. They wish (as
bag ever beeaihe case.) to Galphinixe
the Treasury, nd instead of paying
off the State debt transfer it to Jueirown
pockets, and compel the people yearly
to pay two millions cf iKSt,
of reuu t ing the nrincnaj of the State
debt as Democratic policy and the
Constitution requires. Don't be alarm
ed Mr. Register, the people don't want
the midnight caucuses of such Know
Nothings at the Capitol, to squander
their funds. Your oaths and bonds in
your midnight conclaves are not made
for the true interest of the State or they
would not remain a secret; and men
who swear to trample the Constitution
and laws of their State under foot to
carry out their miduight combinations
ara not to be trusted.
Paper Money.
"Of all the contrivances for cheating the
laboring classes of mankind, none is so effec
tual as that which deludes them with paper
money. It is the most perfect expedient ev
er invented for fertilizing the rich man's field,
by the sweat of the poor man s brow."
Daxiel Web pteb.
Wonder if Mr. Webster had not
those modern, midnight, political
knaves in his minds eye, who nave at
present the control ot our Banks, and
are now organizing secret political
society, for the purpose of batching
out some more whelps of the same sort.
To prove this their object, we quote
below from the late message of Got.
Biolxr ot Pennsylvania; where it is
said offers of $5000 have been lately
made for votes in favor of Bank char
ters, la God's name we ask when is
this swindling of the people to end?
The Governor says:
"An extensive increase of banking capiul
and other expedients will,doiibtless, be press
ed upon vour attention; but it is hoped that
no such fallacy may find favor. Nor is there
any sufficiest reason tor the alarm and sensi
tiveness manifested in certain quarters, the
teal wealth of toe country still exists, and
tbeaeHufal elements of prosperity are no
lest than heretofore. It is the shadow, not
the substance that is passing away. The
business community should look the danger
bravely to- the lace, ana by their energy, nuu-
esty sua .enterprise, overcome it. Mutual
confidence and fo.-besrance should be cherish
ed by all, as a jueans of accomplishing this
desirable end.
Presidents of the U. S. Taken!
Not in war. reader, but in Deace. bv
R. II. Sat & Co., publishers of Gra
ham's Magazine. It is one of the
most beautiful parlor pictures.and may
be seen by calling on us. It is worth
all voueive tor Graham Dr vear. it
Belt. .We concur in the lollowing re
marks ol ft cotemporary:
i Tt mnaiaU nf a moat ei nuiaitetr en era ted
plats of the fourteen Presidents of the United
.States, from Wesnrogton to to present in-
Miirh.ni. Th likeiubuea of the distinguished
ma who have occupied that exalted position
ire rnosi perieci, anu uu wunmumuii
most finished specimen of the engraver's art.
' In nMitirin In tht nnrtnlfa i a verV beaUU-
ful view of the Capitol at Washington, as
Tia.ibt viih dw HtiJ a iiritii of General
" vTsshlhgtortiat Newbury, an engraving ol
.urn iia&unai sua jjuujuji wm wwumtui.!
and oUiej beautiful e vices. The whole af
fair is most tastefully gotten up. and will
prove an ornament to the parlor ol any pat
riot tn the country. Each new subscriber to
the JInjrflsiiM wilt he presented with i copy
f this brtutifurertgraviirg." :. "'
Bottom of the County Fell Out!
How extremely interesting it 53 to
hear men prate about hard fimer, and
the want of money, &c, in these days.
We- would say to all such gentlemen
that they are certainly hoaxed pretty
bad by being shaved and shorn by In
diana Bankers. Our losees on Indi
ana paper, especially, is great; but, at
the same time, we cannot for a moment
believe that the bottom has fell out of
the country and let all the real wealth
throughno such thins. There : is
just as much money in tbe country now
ss ever there wag, and a little more; all
you have to do is to work for it. It
you are in professional business, attend
to your office; if a mechanic,)' our shon j
it a tarmer, your farm; ana our word
for it real money will soon ho clentv.
and hard times vanish a? the mists ot
the morning belore Wis'.it sua. Let
us set on .ione, iiuludfrious example lo
posleiityj l.rid down lo them a pure
Democratic Government disconnect
ed from Banks and special corpora-
nuns ana prosperity ana nappiness
will attend us, nationally and individ
ually. Do these things and oflr word
torn we win near no more croaKing
. t i
about Hard Timtt.
Excitement has Subsided.
Dor slicks savs Damphool has been missing
from bin laborious poaf, for some two weuks
past. Cfand t lam Dialer.
All ruthi: lu was seen going through this
city last wees; saia ne was going on a train
Slatctma and Democrat,
. . a. ! - T
Not right, Mr. Statesman; all a mis
take cents., for we have proof, posi
live, in our possession that the Jack ol
the Athens Messenger has not been
Irom home lor three weeks last past.
Mkthodist Revival. Quite an in
teresting revival is now going on among
our Methodist mends in this place, un
der the auspices of Bro. Hall, who
has labored zealously. We sincerely
hope many may be brought lo that re
pentance which is alone acceptable to
the Gtrer of all hUningt. Pure and
undefiled religion, which leads to
coed morals, correct walk and conduct
through iiie. and vanishes hypocracy
and other sins from our midst, we hope
will be sheJ abroad in '.he hearts ot our
Elopement of a N. Yorker's Wife
with a South Carolinian.
Tbe Sun says that on Tuesday aftsr
noon a merchant in New Yoik, doing a
large business, was waited upon by a
young man at bis store, who handed
him a letter and immediately left. Not
suspecting information of any consider
able importance, be continued filling ao
order which he had commenced when
x.he letter was put into his hands. As
sooti as be got through with his business
he wsnv into bis office and opened the
letter, and Jound it was Irom Ins wife.
.It contained the intelligence that she
had that afternoon coucluiled to leave
bisihouse for ever, jndilu'Ould he of no
una fux him to. attempt .to.sea.ruh for her,
as she could not be found, The mer
chant, alarmed at the contents' nt the
letter, and feaful that she. in I fit of in-
canity, had taken measures to commit
suicide, hastened home. There he found
the doors unlocked and no person in.
On the table in her room was another
note, similar to that which she had sent
bim at the store. All her clothing and
some valuabla family relics, tugetber
with a smalt sum of money kept in the
bureau, were gone.
Tfre thought struek him that she had
eloped, and, with a view of ascertaining
tntJact, in a stats of unusual excite
ment, he went into an adjoining house
and inquired whether they had noticed
anything peculiar going on about his
house that day. person seemed to
know anything more than that about one
o clock a carriage stopped there a few
moments and then drove off. They did
not know who was in it, or whether any
person got out or in. Ue then related
the circumstances of his position lo the
lady of the house, and she informed bim.
on reflection, that for the last several
weeks, at different tiroes, she bad uotic
ed a carriage stop at the door, and a man
allight and go into the house, stopping
mere a short time, and then rsturnmi
to nis carriage. He was advised to go
into the other adioiuine house and make
inquiries there.
lis did so, and then learned verr
nearly the whole of the facts of this sin
gular proceeding. They stated that the
man notified by their neighbor to enter
his house had been introduced to them
by his wile as a Mr. William Thornton,
of Charleston, S. C, as a relative of bis
family, putting up at the Howard House,
and visitine different connections and
acquaintance in this city. The injured
man immediately went to the telegraph
office, and had dispatches forwarded to
Boston and Philadelphia, describing both
parties, with directions to the police to
stop them both if in the cars. He has
always lived pleasantly with his wife,
and keenly feels the wrong she has don
liiui. Ue is one of the oldest provision
dealers in the city, as well as one of the
wealthiest, and is determined to make
an example of the parties if be possible.
Sromocs Bans. Bills. The Ciucin
nati U ait lit makes tbe following start
ling announcement: "The most startling
discovery of the age is that by which a
bank note or other writing or engraving
is copied to such perfeclioa ss to defy
the best judges Last week a photo
grapbist copted a note of tbeStste Bank
of Otrio, aod tbe spurious bill was pre
seated to and received as genuine by
hree of tbe most experienced bank tell
train this city, and even afier being
told that it was not genuine, they con
tended that it was good.
The vagabond Angel Q abriel." whose
peregrinations' throughout the country
have been so prolific to mischief, adver
tises himself to "depart from America,
in tbe stesmet Glasgow on Salurnay
next. ' This is about the only sensible
thine tbat the fellow hat ever been guil
ty of on this side of tbe AMantic, aod
tbe great misfortune Is that those who
were led to riot aod bloodshed by tbe
blowing" of this wretch are not going
Later from Europe.
The Allies Preparing to Storm Sebastopol.
bastopof. .
HALIFAX, Jan. 17.
'The Royal Mail Steamer Canada, with
advices irom Livtrpool and Loudon to
the 6th iust, arrived at this port ibis af
The a J vices from the sett of war and
diplomacy, by this arrival, possess but
little u( Special Interest; snd the inter
ettiig features of it may be summed op
? the two following points, namely
the allies, at the latest advices, btd
three buudred guns in position, ready to
open a fire on Sebsstupol, and wert on
ly waiting tor a favorable moment to
After bombardiog the city and forts
forty-eight hours, night and day, they
would then storm the city on tht south
sidt, while Menschikoff would be at
tacked on the field ou the north. The
whole programme bad been arranged.
and a full determination arrived at, to
make one grand attack immediately.
the result was looked for with intense
anxiety, at the fate of the Allies wts in
volved in it.
The other point is, tbat the negotla
tions at Vienna had bean postponed
fourteen days, to give tht Cztt ont more
chance to coma to terint.
On tin lSih, the Austrian, French
and Knglnh Plenipotentiaries met, and
drew up and signed the interpretation of
their Goveruuaents of the four poiute.
Tbt Auttri.n Minister carried the doc
umeut Ij Gurtschakoff, who wit in com
pany with Count Arnira and Monttufltl,'
the representative of Prussit. The
Austrian Minister explained tht pro
position! to. Goittchtkoff, and asked II
lie waj prepared lo accept them without
modification or teterve. Gortschakoff
replied tbat hit instructions did not go
so ftr. A fortnight's time wat grtnled
him to comiuunicite with bis Govern,
ment. lq the meantime hotlilitiet were
to continue. Tbe terms proposed ere
understood lo be neither herd nor humi
liating. TheUuasiaa inttrpretation.it
it is said, differs but little from that of
the Allies.
It is sisted that a Iretty ij actually
signed between France and Austris, ths
former guaranteeing Auttris't possession
of the llalina provinces. The London
Timtt disbelieves it.
Austria his called upon Prussia to
place her army upon a war footing. Tbe
Prussian semi-oOicial journals ssy that
Prussia will uot consent.
Eight thousand French arrived in camp
between the 13th and 20th, besides
others at Constantinople. Tbt French
on the 2aJ, had only 1400 wounded tnd
1300 sick. On the 25th Conrobert
writes: "I'll soon be tblt to tike the of
fensive. and make good our losses, more
promptly tnd mora solidly thin the ene
my cm. We ire full of confidence."
The Allies, on the 25th, bad opened
their fire. The plan of operation it
that the fire be continued without ces
sation forty-eight hours, followed by a
general a;8"" D-n ty the nenca aod
A Jet ! from the SultaH C the 25lu,
orders Omar rtcut tco immediately iu
the Crimet, tnd concert mea!t"l wit
the Allied Generals, -
The Turkish Government is using
great diligence in providing supplies,
ammunition, etc., for the Allies.
Tbe Bavarian arny m being put up
on a war looting, i he rrussiao uov
ernment had issued notice, calling at-
tenlion lo the law forbidding Prussians
to enlist in foreign service.
An Imuensl Kussiau manifesto was
issued ou the 28th, calling on the nation
to make every sacrifle for the war. Ad
ditional revenue it to be raised on sVt
and tobacco. The export of furs from
Poland is lorbiden.
Congressional—Indian War.
from tbe President trsusruitting a letter
from the Secrettiy of War in reference
to Indian hostilities, representing that
vigorous measures and won mm will be
required at once to protect emigrants
overland to California, and tht tettltrs
tloug the route.
lr. Gwtnwtt glad to ue the Presi
dent taking prompt measures Upon tbe
subject. ' A greet many emigrants htvt
been robbed and murdered tbt last year
along tbe routt to California. At I un
demand, the President propottt lo call
out voluuteers. Mounted men stould
bs sent into tbe field it onct tod chat
line the Indians. We can have inch
body, under tbe command of tech offi
ceit it ire iccuttomtd to border wirfare,
and have prepared meaiurtt to get
rapid route overland to California; and
hope these troopt will be caliea oat at
once and restore tafety ind security to
our people along tbe route.
Mr. Weller. At a member ot tot
Military Committee, I shall endtivor
get early action upon tbt recommenea
tious ol the 1'resident. it congress win
carry out the viewt at ouce, they will
do ouJy that which ought to bavo beeu
doue lone aiu.
Mr. Rank. I hope tbe uovernment
will also include those who suffer
their hornet from the depredations of In
Tbe Speaker lsid before the House
message Irom the President, transmit'
ting a communication front the Secrets
ry of W.r, relative to the probable re
oewtl of Indian hostilities, tnd liking
lur additional force to hold the tavtget
in iheck.
From New Hampshire.
CONCORD, Jan. 18.
There it
amusement here by the discovery of tbe
fact that Mr. Moore, Know Noting nom
inee for Governor, it ineligible
Conttitutiou requiring a residence of
years, whereas Heir candidate moved
to tbe Stale wltm ttve years.
From St. Louis.
ST. LOUIS, Jan. 18.
The monttiry ptnic bts tobtided, lad
more money le now deposited in bins
inc institutions thin it withdrawn.
Tbe banking houses that sospsnded will
r ' j
Liquor Case Decided.
Supreme Court of Ohio.
SATURDAY, January. 20, 1855.
Present Tburmao, Chief Jui;iee( and
Eanoey, Banleyw Warden, tnd Kennon,
JuHget. -
No.- 148. Frederick Miller v. the
Sttte. Iu error to the Probate Court o!
Clermont county.'
No. 179. Levin Gibson v. Tbe Stats.
In error to tbt Probate Court of Uoiou
county. , . ..
Tbe plaintiffs in error wtrt prosecut
ed for violations on the 4th section of
the set of Msy 1. 1654, entitled, "An
net to provide against the evils resulting
from the salt of Intoxicating Liquors in
the State of Ohio;" which section pro.
vldes: "That all placet where intoxicat
ing liquors art told in violttion of this
act. abtll be takin, held, and declared
to be common nuisances; tnd ill looms,
liverns, etting-houses, bazaars, restaur-
ants, eroceries. coffee-houses, cel.ars. or
otbet placet of public resort, wherein
toxicatiugliquort are told id violation
of thit act, sh.ll be shut up- aud abated
at public nuitaucat, upon the conviction
of the keeptr thereol, who than be pun.
ithed at hereinafter provided,"
Being convicted, they were, respect
ively, tentenetd to pay finee tnd be im
pritontd, tnd ordert made that the rooms
by them kept thould bt shut up until
bond and security should be give pursu
ant to the 8th section of said act. To
reverse which tenttnees tnd ordert these
writs wert brought.
Thvrmsn, C. J., delivered the opinion
of the Court. Held
1. Tbit, lor tugbt that ippttrt in the
journiltof tbt Senate md House of Be
pretentttivts of the Geuertl Assembly,
the act ol May 1,1834, entitled. "An
tct to provide tgalnst the evils result
ing f rout ths sale of Intoxicating Liquors
in the Statt of Ohio," wtt consiitutiou
tllytntcted. 2. Thit tht provision of the Consti
tution (trt. 3 ttc. 46,) thit "Every bill
shell be fully and distinctly read , on
three differtnt dayt, unless, in case ol
urgency, three fourths of the House in
which it shell be pending shall dispense
with this rule," Joes not require that
every amendment to a bill shall be read
three limes.
3. Every rttsontble Intendment is to
be made in favor of tht proceeding! of
the Legltliture. It it not to be pres
umed that the Asstmbly, or either
House of it, bit violated the Constitu
tion. When, therefore, it appears by
the journals, that a bill wat amended by
striking out ill after the enacting clause
and inserting a "new bill, to called, it
cannot ba presumed thit the matter in
setted wss upon a different subject from
tbat stricken out; especially when the
matter interted it consistent with '.he
title borut by tbt bill beford such amend
ment. This is the more obvious since
the Consiimion provides that, "No bill
thill conttin more than one subject,
which shell be clearly expressed in its
title." (Art. 3, sec. IB.) Nor does the
fict thit the inserted matter is called
"new bill" prove that it wis not in
4. No bill ctn become a law without
receiving the number of votet required
by the Constitution, and if it was found,
by sn inspecUon of the Legislative jour
pats, that what purports to be a law up
on the statute booS was not passed by
the requisite ncunber of votes, it might,
possibly, be the duty ot the courts to
treat it it a nullity. But it does not fol
low thit in act that wtt passed bij
conttitutiootl majority it iu valid, be
cause, in its consideration, the Assem
bly did not strictly obseive the mode ol
procedure prescribed by the Constitu
tion. TbrteafS provisions in the instru
ment that are directory in their character
the observance of which by the Assem
bly it ttcured by their sense of duty tud
official oalbt, tnJ not by my superviso
ry power of the Courts.
9. Neither the 1st, 2d, 3J, 4ih, or 8tn
sections of the act under consideration,
properly construed, is repugnant to tbe
Constitution. In saying this, we do
not mean to af&rm that the Legislature
hat tbt powtr tn wholly prohibit the
traffic In intoxicating liquors in this
State, Without deciuing whether tbe
Assembly bit say power over thit sub
ject in virtue ot tbo general grant of
tegitlitive powei in ate. 1 oi trt. 2 of the
Constitution, wt bold that the enactment
of tald sections of lbs law is authorized
by tbe tiprsai gnnt of powtr in tec, 18
of art. 19, iu these wonts: "No liceust
to trifle in intoxicating liquors shall
hereafltr be grimed in this Stale, but
tbe General Assembly may, by law, pro-
vide leiintt evile resulting therefrom."
6. k violttion of either of the 1st, 2d
or 3 lections of the tct, tubjectt tht of
fender to the pentltiet mentioned in the
firtt clause of tec. 8. It is uot necessa
ry, in order 19 incur these peniliies,
tbat all three ttctiont be violated.
7. If a tile violate ill three lections.
the offender msy be prosecuted under
either of them; and bit conviction,
acquittal, will bat a prosecution, for
ibo-timt tale, under eituer 01 tne other
two tectiont.
8. But a convictlod, or icquiltal.un
der the 1st, 3J or 3d sections is no bar
to a prostcuiion under tbe 4th.
9. To convict lor 1 violttiou ol tht
tection, it it necessary to aver in the in
formation, ind prove on the trial, that
tbe teller knew tht buyer to be 1 minor
nd to convict for 1 violttion of the
section It is necessiry to tver end prove
in like manner, that the teller knew the
buyer to be intoxicated, or in the htbi
of getting intoxicated, (otrney s case.
8 0. B., 237, followed and approved
10. To convict for a violttion of the
4th section, it is necestry to aver in the
information, ind prove on tht trial
that tht place where the liquor wtt told
wtt a place of public rttorL And
proof mutt tlto show that it was a place
where liquors were labltually sold
violation of the act. ' A single sale does
not snake tbe piece nuisance, or the
teller e "keeper, within the' meaning
of tbe tct. A tenet 01 sales is eecessa
i 11, No ordei to that up, or ibitt th
plice, ctn rightfully be made, unless
tbe nuisaact coetiuuti to exist at
' time toeh ordet It made. L'cUsi, thrs
fort, the Court is SAtisGed '.bit at the
time of miking the order, the place it
kept for tbt tale of liquort la violstion
of the act, 00 arder should be made. For
it it tht unlawful business, (ind not the
place, per it.) that creates the nuisance;
a.J hence, wbere tbe business bat ceas
ed, there it no nuisance to ebate. No
mtn't properly can be forfeited at a pun
ishment for crime, the Constitution pro
viding, that no convictions shall work
pa "forfeiture of estate." (Art, I, sec.
12.) Hence there is uo power to de
prive 1 mn of the use of his property,
unless it be necessary in Older to abate
ar? txitling nuisance. '
12. The order it not to be directed to
tny officer. It it not in order to be ex
etuted by an officer. It is in order tn
the person convicted, obedience to which
msy be enforced, if tbe nuisance be con
tinued, by ittachmeu. for contempt of
Court. The order being nude, if tbe con
vict cease to step 1 bouse of public re
sort, of the chancier named; or referred
to 10 me 4in section, he need gite no
bond, tnd having so ceased, no attach
meutcan properly be issued against bim.
But if he desire lo continue keeping
such house of public resort, he must, in
order to svoid an attachment, give bond.
He has his election, to quit keeping a
bouse of public resort, or to give bond
and keey it without violating the law
14. A prosecution under this act can
not be commenced in the Probate Court
It must be commenced before Justice of
the Peace or Mayor. But no very strict
conformity between the information and
the original complaints it necessary. If
th charge it substantial the same in
both, there is no room to quash the in
formation on the ground of variance.
The proper rule upon this point hat al
ready been Mated it this term, in Gatet
tndGoodnov. The Slate.
Aul ticl record is not a proper repli
cation to the plea of former conviction
prescribed in the Probate Code. For
there is no profcrt of a record in the
plea. The nropei replication is a gen
eral denial of the allegations of the pies,
and tbe issue thus made up is to he tn
ed by the jury empanneled in the case,
Effigy Burning in Cincinnati
Property Being Distrained for
French, the Couucilman who in
troduced the Mitchel resolution in Coua
cil, was burned in eRigy last nlhl.
The Treasurer is disdaining the prop
erty of those inhabiants who resisted
the paring of taxes, causicg a good deal
of exciteineut.
Dispatches from New Orleans say that
Shuitz, Haddou & Lading have resumed.
On the 22nd inst., tt the residence of Dr.
Wolf. McArthur, 0.,by the Rev. C. P. Tay
lor, Mr. G. B. Botiiwell, of Westly, Tenn.,
to Miss Sakah Mabia, daughter of Dr. A.
Wolf, of thit place.
Tlie bride has our best wishes and
sincere thanks for her bountiful pres
ent of choice cake. May she live
long and die happy.
To the groom we would say:
lie faithful still,
And ever let this bridal vow
Be sacred held in after years.
Remember il is no common tie,
Binds Sabaii's youthful heart;
'lis only one thatfruiA should move.
And only falsehood part.
At Bloomincville, ou the 1 Uh inst.. bv the
Rev. G. G. Uardner. Mr. Georgb W. Lacy,
to Miss r I AiiY jAsr Patteh'on.
May the God of love guide (hem on
their way rejoicing to happiness.
On the morning of the 19th inst., at his
residence in this place, Wm. R. Drake; aged
ruil Trees-Good Frail.
S$V ra'irrriT!7T?'Srt,M,.ATTIT1
XT ub and vicinity havest last
livxcelleut opportunity to obtain rne ol the
greatest luxuries of life by a small expense
und a little attention, i here is nothing con
ducts more to ihehtulth. comfort andnovpi-
nest of a family, as plenty of good ripe fruit.
And the effects of Ornamental Trees on tne
miud ever produces cheerfulness ; then why
not set out all the vacant parts of our lots
Ornamental end Fcuit Trees. Mr. Gbioos
offers fcr sa'e Trees and Grafts; Apples
20 cts. per tree, insured; Grafts, bffit varieties,
at 2 cts. per Graft, insuied; the best Cherry.
ftor.iJpncotsand flumbs that can be ob
tained, at bl cts. per craft, insured: two
the hnest varieties, at D cents per tree; Ho
ve y s seedling Mrawberry: the hnest end la re
nt in the United States, 25 cts per dozen
62 per hundred. All will be ready to deliv
er to subscribers in tbe spring; it is desirable
to nave tne names, varieties and number
u.e tst ol march, tiand in your names
my Agents E. A. Bratton, McArthur, James
Hays, or Washington Deuisoo, in the vicini
ty ol McArthur. Make your choice from
UltV.Illlg IIBW
Aulnmn Sweetine, September: American
Golden Russett, winter; American Summer
fearmain, August; Baldwin, winter; Black
Seeknofurther, do.; Black Gilliflower, do.;
Ueiuiower, yellow, do; Bftbant Bellfiower,
do; Belmont or eate, do: Bullock's Pippin.
do; Stack, do; Bull's Sweet do: Borovitskv.
Summer? Benoni, do; Bailey Sweet, winter;
moadweu oweeting, no; Borassa, do; Cooper,
Fall; Cumberland Spice, winter: Clark's
Sweeting, do; Ducbet de Oldenberg, Fall;
iwnver s VVmter oweet, do; Detroit, do; Dr
eror Pound Royal, Fall; Downtown Pippin
uo; cngiisn neustreax, winter; isopus Spit
zeuberg, do; Early Strdwberry.Sumnter; Early
t M 1 ; I i . 1 1 .
Harvest, do; fall Wiue, fall; fall Golden
Pippin, do; Famause or Piomme de Neiee,
Art' Vnvfa H at u'inttrn-irtlot. ITI nL'e
uu, . vj m A.U ot um..,ot .it .v., A till, a fcjiMimg,
i!o; Flushiui; Siiiixenbere, do; Federal Pear-
main,do;Ureen iMewtown nppin, do; Gate
or liclmout, do; tiu.ueu Sweehng, buniiner
Uoiuen Uilviiie, do; uravestein, tall; Huh
bardston Nonesuch, wiutert Hoop Apple,
Honey Greening, do; Hays' Red Winter,
Jonathan, do; Jersey Sweeting, August; Ka
ighn s dpiizenburg, winter; king s bweet
rail; barge raradise, winter; Lemon fippin
do; Little Greening, do; Lady's Sweeting,
Lippincott, dummu; M)we,i or Urange, frail.
Murphy, wiotei; Milan, do; MiyappleS.veet,
do; Male Carle, do; Norton's Melon, do; Nor
thern Spy, do; Neverfail, do; Newtown Snit-
zenburg, do; Putnam Russel, do; Pennock's
Ked W inter, do; reck s l leasaut, do; Posey
Winter Red Sweet, do; Prior's Red Winter,
do; Pound royal, or Dyer, rail; Porter,
Red Doctor, winter; Rhode Island Greening
do; Ronr.amte, do; Red Canada, do; Roioe
Ucauty, do; Kiimsdell s Wiuler . aMeel,
KeinetteTritm pliant, do; Reinelte Canada,
do; Beam't Red Winter, do; Rambo, do;
Aslrachan. eummer; Supero Sweet, winter
fScarlelt winter sweet, do; Swaar, doj Sweet
- - Prermein, U; Suow Ajp!, do; tneoawttrr
summer; Seever'si Redstreak, Fall; Summer
tweeting, summer; Tewkesbury winter Bluh, .
winter 'Pi.ln.hnmn tn. TrA'..'. . . .
uucicre, , i mier ureenin.ao; White
Pippin, do; Weslfleld eeeknofurther, do; win
ter sweet Paradise, do: winter sweet Hmhn.
do; Winesay, do; winter sweet, Hodee's. dos-
""- i.rciuiK. uuj iTcsiem spy. do;
Winter wine, do; Whitmers sweeting. F.ll;
Wagoner, winter: Yellow l&.in.n Plnni.
do; Yellow Bellttower, do.
' PEARS. .
Ananas, October: 3artlettSntiTM. Tt,.
relel, November; Bloodgood, Aug.ietj ; 1W
re d Areimnbure, December: Buer rt Ren tarn .
September, Bourre Bose. October; Dearborn't
Jersey, October; .Vte,,heus' Gnrsee. AVrtem-
t L. .l.ll:ii: " J.. 7."
uci, u..ic,uu; ? ii-insou,iovemcr; White
Doyenne, October, pmcs. 25 to lt Cntn.
eacb. '
Yellow Alberte. Grar Mrw.n-
George. Crawford s early Meloeoton, early re.l
Uureripe, V.ndmark Clmg.very large, Ward'
,!e,FT' whirling, Purple Alberge,
Old Zack, Morns' white. Fsee, BuVe Pineap
pie Cling. Monisania Pound, tarly Tillotson,
Crawford's Late Melocotoii.Cable'e late Cling,
"w" Muitnpcuaiijnnne, oaienam euros
M ignonne, Ptwther's Cling, very fine, Heath
Early Yoik, Jaques' Rureripe, Teton de Ven
us. PaiCC, 10 CIS. sillBle ftlO oer 100.
White Bigarreau, Elton. Aav Dutie. Blynr.
reau or Grallion, Belle 4udigeoise, Belle de
iuoisey, tveuAigtirreau. Warper s Bigarreau,
Amenian ztinber, Black Tartarean. P.irr.
22 cts, each.
Chinese iilantbus, Calalpa.Cypiwe, Euro
pean Larch, American Larch. Silver kf M.
pie, Rose .dcacia.Colluted, Weeping Willow,
Labarnuin, Tulip Tree.
J!.vj!.kukjsjsin ORNAMENTAL TREES.
Balsam Fir, Norway Spruce, Chinese Ar
borvite, American do; Scotch Broom, Dwarf
Box, Austrian Pine, Hemlock spruce, Scotch
Pine, Corsican Pine, Red Cedar.
CQTl have a few choice Plum trert, Cuince
Bushes, Isabella and Catawaba Grape Vines,
Cuirent and Gooseberry Bushes, Strawberry
Plants, Fig trees, Hydrageus, Dutch aspara
gus, c;-c.; also, twenty varieties of Noiseltee,
Chinese, Tea, Burbon, Scotch and Climbing
January 26, 1855. tf.
For the r.pl.l Cr. af
BRovcnn is,nioopi.VG-corcif,
fRorr, astii.ua, ad
WE invite the attention of the Public to
the Certificates anpfniled below, and
bespeak fur them thut cemliil considerutiou
which their honest frankness deservc-i.
Men in such stations as irmny whti volun
tarily briir wilucss to the eilicacy ami vilue of
Cherhv Pectoral, do not wantonly trifle
with, or diMOri mcts, nor oveistate their con-
ictmns. Judse then, w nether this is not the
medicin to trust when you must have relir-f
for the throator Iuims; ju.lRetoo, wheihaet-
ery family ought not to have it by them es a
safeguard against the everywhere prevailing
enemy, which steals with fatal frequency up
on almost every flock and carries oT the lamb
frnm many a hornet
lukson C. H , Jutkjon City, 0 . !0lh Nor.. Hit.
Dr. J. C. Ayeb,
Sir The. Cherry Pectoral is much
red after. Several of our best Physicians'
have used It, three of them in their own .
and always with the happiest effects, tho
numerous patent medicines always before
ineiu, ieau 10 increauuiy in regard to eveiy
new remedy; and it is only after undoubted
evidence of value In any article.tlmt any thing
like general confidence can be excited.
1 he unrivalled excellence of this comb na
tion of agents, (in the Chnry Pectoral) proved
bevond cavil by repeated trial under their own .
observation, has compelled medical men to
proclaim abroad its usefulness. It is bevond
all doubt the best general remedy we have for
the Pulmonary AilectioniQf this climate, it
the tame time sedative and expectorant e
rare combination of properties.
In hope that it will prove its own reward,
subscribe myself.
Respectfully your obt. servt.,
JAS. H. U. M1LLE1.M. D,
Allegan, Mich., 10th Jan., ISM.
Dear Sir No one, no not on mtu, wom
an, oi' child can be found to deny that tlm
Cherry Peclorul it all lhat it claims to be.
there it much used in this vicinity although
not known until recently. The couitauiiiir
should know itt virtues,
Yours truly,
Jour R. Reixooo, H. D.
Let gtntlentn of At Legal Proftttion nark
(All COM.
Williamsburg, L. 1., Sept 3, 1852. .'
Dr. J. CAter, ...
Dear Sir Over application for the past
three yean lo my duties it an advocate brought
on some eight mouths sgo a severe irritation
ot the bronchial tubes, which wet a constant
annoyance to me, and fast becoming source
oi great apprehension. very remedy tried,
failed to even relieve me, till 1 used your Cher- -ry
Pectoral. This has not ouly relieved me,
but as 1 trust.w holly cured me, 1 care noth
ing lor the reputation of advocoting Patent
Medicinesjud this is at your service. 1 shall
reccommeud it to members of the bar, and
others whom I may meet, laboring under!
similar indispositions.
xours truly,
R. F. Joies. '
South Paris, Me., Aug. 18,1850.
I have no hesitation iu saying, that 1 regard
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral as decidedly the -test .
remedy within my knowledge tor the cure of :
chronic bronchitis, coughs, au4 ell diseases of
the lungs. M. A. Rust, M. D.
Montgomery, Ala., October 4, 1849.
Dr. J. C. Ayeb, Sin I have used youi ad
mirable compound extensively in my practice.
aqd find it to surpass, by far, any other re me- .
dy we have for curing diseases upon the lung.
i our obedient servt., K. Is. Jones, al. U.
Whet -?t remains to convince the most in-
cridulous that the Cherry Pectoral is all that
it purports to be, v'rx: an unequalled lemedial
agent for all duseuses of the throat and, lungs.
The experience of years, has proven il to be
n. u 1 1 l VE0"" Angouleme,
October; reUerlckof Werlemburg.September;
Flemish Beauty, September. Louise P .'liinp riff
sucn, ana wesuomn u io uw peopie, oeniv
ing that its virtues will fully rurfntain ite
Prepared by J.C AYER, Chemist, LowelV,
MassacbtirtM. ." ' ' - ; ,'. ? '
CQT" Beware of wotihress- tjieparationi
attempted to be palmed, otf undc u similar,
name. "" ' ' '
- Scan Bt-'.' ."
F, ECKSTEIN, jr., Cincinnati; O. B, WILL. f
McArthur, aod by dealers in Medicine ersrj .
Jaa. 2fi;o5-4mo.'

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