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TfcHlci'tMai Pecpls Uilic Sc.-ircnu Lir;
,t : - r THtia MOTTO, "
E.A. UlUTTOft. Editor.
'fifwriTf r " . - -(--nr nr at jit jrjirjiruirti'
FEB, 2, 1855.
Xvi)pr libicTlpttea and Advertising Aftricr
timore, it our authorized agent 10 ret cive and
receipt for tubscription and advertisement for
the Democrat.
PXODICE OF ALL KIM) S. it, rtcrtv
ed at the very hiehtst market puta, on Sub-
striatum or Advertisements, ut this ojflce.
Monty is not rtfustd.
For Govtrnor,
Will. MED ILL.
Tor Lieutenant Govcrnort
For Supreme Juices,
For Auditor of Slate,
For Treasurer of Stale,
For Secretary of -State,
For Attorney General,
. For Board of Fullie Work;
"We have a large amount on onr
bo-oka that lias been tue us lor 9,
; and 18 mouths, and some for two years,
for publishing Notices lor Administra
tors, Legal Notices, Advertisements,
and Subscription, that must be paid, or
. fettled up. We hope tins notice to all
, who Owe us so long, will be enough, as
we must have money to buy paper and
pay hands, and other office expenses.
AntiReligious-Poiltico Mountebank!
A certain Mountebank, going over
litis lection of Ohio, who calls Himself
Alexander Henry, as wt are informed.
has been lecturing in McArthur against
Popery, as he adieiliscs in U'u bill?,
but which is a lie in fact, as lie abas
es all denominations, who do not pou
der to his requests. No sane man can
listen to one ot his lectures without
discovering in liim, personified, the
diiAefniakir. lus secret thrust at '
the Democratic pirtv aud the Admin-
istratiofi of Mr. Pikhcr.
We give one of his argument? against
the Catholic Church, which is some
tuv hiuiii; umiriij, which issorne -
thine like the following words: "An
tUftihtlie woman lud said over !,cr
Hil Mary so olen that her Poll Par
tot had learned it. Upon a certain
time, in the life of the Parrot, a Hawk
came hovering over Poll's head; when
Poll, keeping a close eye on his Hawk-
ship, sings out the Hail Mary, where
upon, tne Parrot's (being the servant
.of the most high) praters were heard,
Ind the Hawk fell dead at Poll's feet."
The saving grace of the Hail Mary
had killed the Hawk, and saved the
Peot. ' .Whereupon, this travelling
Mounleb&Sk exclaims, "what think
joumv people of flowing such an i.
norant set oi people, as tii.qe Catholics
and toreigners, to vote and act as uov-
ernori in our country. These asser-
lions we pass over without comment.
Not content with abuse of Catholics,
this itinerant scamp must publicly, at
tack our Methcdist friends, Lccause
they would not stop their "nonsensical
tomfoolery," as he called their protrac
ted revival meeting, through the instru
mentality of which, there has been
converted quite a number within the
past week. Still not content, this came
AntNReligious Political Relormer,
must attack one of our townsmen, Mr.
Jams Ma lone, who is our County
Recorder, well known for yeats t ) our
citizens, making public assertions that
he was afraid he was, or would be
poisoned by Maionk, through the in
strumentality of an Irish girl, at the
Hotel where lie stayed. Again, not
content with his fool notions and slang
of our churches and citizens, generally,
he, to fix his character without doubt.
makes the public assertion that we "are
Jesuit, Jn making this assertion
the Mountebank lied, most notorious
ly, as every man in McArihur or else.
-here knows, who is at all acquainted
with us.
The MiTia'bas cone, as he said, to
Athens, and there he said he. would
attack the Democrats, as he alleged
they were not numerically strong in
that place, and because that was aot r
place of much force at all events. The
larue thing, in one lecture, has said he
rat railed a Catholic; in another, that
be was raised a Presbyterian. Be
wa; of this "wolf in sheep's clothing;"
for iw fiot to be believed at all.
' We learn that the Mountebank said,
li be was leaving town, (hat the peo-
i ot this place were like tlie - Pope:
h y charged him high bills and gave
biu no money to pay them with.
- 1
I . mm . .... i. t
. , ue call the attention ol our readers
to the Advertisement of Bcrvkll f
Co'l Great Gift Distribution. - Here
is obanca lo make a fortune, r f
, 1-J f
Tlie rroypect for increased confidence
in the money market lookt brighter, ev-
ery day. Irt New York good paper
is i ashed at 7 per cent, per annum: and
the Batiks that are considered safe are
Iciuuin to'ijtue more treely; thi
lirig!itens tip the prospects for the com
iiif? venr. and hiffli lionet are entertain.
n w . . , c f "
ed that money will be much plentier
in the spring, and thai every branch of
indnstrr will auume its routine of bus
iness alTiirs.
For February, is on our table. it
is an excellent No. Those wishing tu
get the worth of their money in Liter-
ary productions, should send on imme
diately for this Magazine.
j'ianc 'or beginning, an unexpended
12,aild unappropriated lund ol three mill
Very recently, at a war meeting in
England, the Duke of Richmond made
a speech, in which he said that the war
against Kussia ought henceforth to be
carried on vigorously, and on a grand
scale. "Never mind the expense,' he
saiu; "inai is now a secondary matter."
And this, if the war is to be carried on.
was wisely said, Verydifferent.though,
was every ooay s language and thoughts
at the commencement of the contest,
ana lorsome monlliVoIterwards. This
war was to be carried on by taxation,
and that not very onerous.except to the
receivers of incomes; and they were
able to sland it; anJ, for the first time
within the last two hundred vears. the
English nation was to be treated to a
pny.ns-you-go-along war, without sad-
dling posterity with any part of the ex-
penses. oo said, ana so believed, ev -
erybody, with the exception of Mr.
urigni, ana tne uakers.and Manches
ter statesmen. So said the people, the
Parliament, the Ministry, and last, not
least, that very able financier, Mr.
Gladstone, the Finance Minister; and
last, not least, the London Times,
which is a sort of fourth estate in the
reahn.indorsed this very agreeable idea,
that all expenses were to be paij as the
war proceeded.without arrears.or loans
or postponement. And there was at
ions liiinK oi a surplus ol fourteen
-i i-ii -i
unions oi uunurs in mc urilisti Jvx -
chequer. I his was, of course, soon
pent, and how much more uo to the
present day, nouody Knows, except
those who do not like to tell.
We,t hough doubting whether a great
war can be carried on now-a-days, by
any nation, without resortinir to loans.
. I i a
still believe that all (he great British
statesmen, economists, and calculators
knew, to some extent, what thev were
saying and doing, and if they had 61
last to borrow, it would not be certa h-
ly within the first year of the war. We
are not a little surprised at th very
brief existence of the system of incur
ring no debts for the prosecution of it.
Not more than seven or eight months
have clasped belore everybody is say
uig uorrowi ixevcr mind the
" f " H l ? Dukf of Richmond,
' 1,0 woras.' o" yPsed
the idea that is now in almost every
man's mind. Even the Times, which
once thought that an exrjerditure ol
,on ,;n;"u ,..ij . , .
f" T 'en' ? ould enouS ! 10 .br'
" Ir; 1. 1: m!. Us a,Kl-
"c paj-as-i wu-co-aiongicrea, ana
i a . " .-
treats now as chimerical the notion of
getting along without loans -says it is
a fiction, and "that it is right that, as
posterity is to De benefited by the war,
posterity should pay the expenses of it."
These are the words, and very intellig
ible ones they arc. It is Dronosed bv
fome to borrow at once lrom twenty o'r
uiiy minions oi pounds, and to add, if
necessary to effect the purpose for
which the war was begun, (wo or three
hundred millions to the national debt;
and if the war is a long one, that ad
dition will be undoubtedly made.
England's great advantage if advan
tage it is is, that she can borrow
whatever sums the Government releases
from u.Jtish subjects. She is the on
ly hellir'erem' that can do that, and it
will not be long befce she will have to
t .1.. 1 -I - l
suosiaize iter Allies liioeja sue lias
already agreed to pay to France 0(ie
half the expense of sending the rem
nant ot fitly thousand troops, gone,and
now going, to (he Crimea. But what
will posterity, that will have lo honor
these drafts, say to all this
(QT A gang of counterfeiters are now
lodged in the Mansfield jail. A few
dav s si ice a clothing store was robbed
in Mansfield, and a man named Ser
gent arrested for tbe crime. Suppos
ing his arrest Was for his real sins, he
owned up lo counterfeiting and dis
closed the names of a large gang of vil
lains engaged in the "profession."
After some skillful mauceuvering nine
rogues and rogue esses for four women
aie among the "birds" were entrap
ped, and are now in the Richland coun
ty jail. The general rendezvous, it
would appear,' wae in Kenton, where
one ol the currency gentlemen was
traced and caught, and in his house
were found plates, dyes and all the im.
plements necessary for success in his
vocation. Large quantities of goods
the result of the thieving propensi
ties of the gang were also found on
the premises. This ariest undoubted
ly relieves this section of a dangerous
and rather numerous band of burglars,
counterfeiters and pickpockets. It is
surmised that not one third of the guil
The Orrosiiiov Uisbabjjkd! Since
(he Democratic nominations oa the 8ih,
the prospects of Wbiggerr, have become
so gloomy that the Ohio State Journal is
out 3t looted against making ibe Whig
nominations op the 22d of February, as
usuI, and protiuncf s in faror of post
poneraent until some lime next summer!
t idenrif acred!;a(Mai.' "
Exposure of the Mormons—A Letter
from one of President Young's
CHICAGO, Jan, 16, 1855.
Editob Boston Daily Times:
Allow me to trouble you with these
few lines, which I wish you to insert
in your Daily Timet. My object ii
this: : I bare been, lor the last ten years,
a tirm believer in the doctrine of the
Latter Day Saints, or rather Mormon
ism. My parents became followeis of
the celebrated Joe smith in an early
day and emigrated. After the death of
Smith and his brother we were , driven
from thence. The scociety split.
There were two who wished to take
their leader's place, and stand at the
head of the Church, but . could not
agree. Therefore they separated. . Col.
lute and ins lollowers that is, such
as believed in him went to Texas.and
are living in peace aud, prosperity.
Col. W. i a worthy man, compared
with our great, or rather notorious,
Brigham Young, notwithstanding he
has been tor the last three years my
lawlul husband that is, accord in to
their own laws and rules. But for the
last twelve months I have seen enough
to satisfy me; for what I don't know
about Mormoniiru is not worth know
inr. They have secret plots and ob
jects that they mean to accomplish.
l ney censure tne uovemment for not
protecting them in their hellish works.
For all tliis they mean to have satisfac
tion. My object in writing tin's is to
warn my female friends to beware of
the false prophets who are dailv sent
out from, the Great Salt Lake City to
deceive the people. It is my intention
'to travel inrougu tne United States.and
visit all the principal cities, and tolec
ture on this great and important subject
to caution all young people who should
be so unfortunate as to be led into the
ungodly trap. Beware!
lu Boston I shall deliver my first lec
ture, as that i my native city. I have
one young lady in company who also
left the Mormons with me. She lias
renounced the doctrines, and will help
me in my lectures. We chall both be
present, and show Mormonisni in its
true colors, which you never have had
in your enlightened State. Had it been
represented in its true lurht. and in oh-
. .-u .i .'
ijeci ioiu, mere would not have been a
follower left sweet New England to
tojoin8ucha set of impostors, for 1
can call them nothing else, knowin
them to be such. If there should be
any elders or followers of Mormonism,
1 hope they will come to the lectures,
and dispute what we have to say if they
can. We have and shall fetcli docu
ments to prove our assertions.
We shall be there in a few weeks.
We are at present staying with friends,
and as soon as we are refreshed from
the journey we shall start for Boston.
It is near two months since we left the
Salt Lake City. You shall hear from
me again, with more particulars. But
no more at present from your humble
servants, , .
The above comes to us from a res
ponsible source. The ladies mention
ed have been the victims of Mormon
ism, and are prepared to expose the
mysteries of the creed in a light which
win uouuiiess startle tne whole commu
New York Times.
News Items.
The Senate of Iowa has, by a vote of
17 to 12, passed a bill removing the
seat of government from Iowa City to
Fort ds Moines. It is supposed, says
the Debuque Express, that the House
will also fast the bill.
Mavufactobe br Liquors It is stat
ed that enormous quanttlr of forty-seven
million gallons of whisky, rum and bran
dy, and thirty-seven million gallons of
strong beer, were maJe in the United
States during th last year being mqre
than three gallon apiece to every man,
woman and child, black aud white, in the
Large Eobs.- French journals men
tion that the Museum of Natural History
at Paris, hat received the shell of in
egg laid by one of the gigantic birds pf
the island of Madagascar, which is re
garded as a surprising gift as it will
lioiu tn quarts. Oh! JUrnum, where
art thou?
Let us take our adorlgius! brelhernl
ihe ouly true natives of America
our hearts aud our councils, tear down
the. Washington monument, and ereat
one in its place to King Philip, thit
great Know Nothing w ho swore etrrnl
warapon an loreignerj Letter to uot.
Gardner, vide New Hampshire Tatrio't.
Unparalleled The engine "Himil
ton Ddvis," with six cars attached, ran
fourteen wiles in eleven minutes, on
Monday, over the New York Central
Railroad. This it very near at fait is
travelling it don in these dayt, wt
opine. 'Statesman,
New Counterfeits. Counterfeit $!0
bills on the Woodaiock Bank, Vermont,
are in iroulalion. Also, coiuttrfeii
twot, well executed, on the Cayuga CO.,
Bank, Auburn, New York. .
The effect of the npeningof river nav
igation hat already made iUelf very ac
ceptably felt at New Orleans. Busiaess
hat taken quite a start. The Picayune
says it it-assured, on the best authority,
that there wat more butinett done on
the levee on the 15th instant, tml in
wettern produre generally, than there
hat been on any previout day of the
season. The tame paper addt that
account! from til quarter! lead to the
belief, too, that the improvement will
be permanent.
Eastern exchanges wat lower to day;
some of the principal liousei checked at
J premium, and the demand wat only
moderate; but others continued to ask
The telegraph from New York reports
mouey very plerly, il8o9 per cent, for
first cl. is piper, and 7Percent. on call.
Cin. Gat. 251. ., ,
. ' '.-
Rag Money not the Source of
The Journal, la .an article, on the
none panic, glres . utterance to thi
wholesome truth:. . ..
'The East owe t Urea debt to Europe,
and the West owe the Stst. .. This is tin
circle in which we are forced to tread.
TLt dabt has got to- be paid; and econo
my and hare: tabor wilt, do it. . In such
crisis, no reliance needle pliptdou
uu. jo trsieaa .01 aninz- iinne
West Is alt wrong, lit (s based, fromJ
first to last, on fictitious credita, nd U
(he first to feel a revulsion tike the prea
eut. THe Iudiaila for an extreme exam
ple. Follow the system up through all
its workings.snd what do we Cud'' Noth
ing on which the business public can re
ly beyond temporary loans. . based, for
the most part, on a.i aggregation of de
posits. In a panic, these melt away
like a June frost."
The fuel that "economy and hard la
bor," and not the manufacture of bank
paper, are the means ty winch to pay
i'ebis, iaa new thing in the Whig idea
of political economy. Light ia break
ing! Courage, Democrats and hope and
labor on !
"Jn $ueh a crisis no reliance need be
placed on banks!" Good decidedly
good, aud as true as an orthodox aermon.
It is truth that will epply not only to
ihe preseut cisif, but lo all the other
monetary panics that hare been created
by the system. , .
"The system of banking in thi West
IS ALL WRONG." Right again, neigh
bor, anit yo-j will remembtr that, for slat
ing this very fuel, not four mouths since,
bout the commencement of the present
troubles, you arraigned us as a Vandal.
a foe to the business interests ol the
State, and as having uttered things lit
tle le6 criminal than high treason!
"The system of banking in the West"
iutludes that established by the Whig
party of Ohio, of course.
western banking, we are told, "is
baeed.from first to lus'., on fictitious
credit, and ulhefiret to jeel a revulsion
like the prestnt.". Precisely the Mea
to the Democrats of the lst General
Assembly, who comprehended the sys
tem, and foresaw the approach of the
alorin who realized the calamities that
theatcued the people of. Ohio, unless
there foreign notes, that formed the
bulk of our circulation, were driven from
our boiders. Hence the enactment of
the Snuli Note Uw. a law to fiercely
contemned by the Journal at the
time, as having a tendency to drive all
the "capital" from the State, and Uiv
the people of Ohio without the means of
psying their Uies!
Now, however, before a twelve-month
ha elspaed, we have the admission from
this same Ohio State Journal, the bank
ing svstein el the Weit "IS ALL
WRONG," and the Indiana wild cat
Banks, which had doluged the State with
near a million and a half of their rotten
currency, is held up by this veritable or
gan of Whiggery as "an extreme exam
pie" of the corruption of tbo banking
If the Journal and its party really in
tend to abandon the banks, they will re
lieve tlirniielves of some of the heaviest
inill sloiiM that are about thslr necks.
We hare our fi (hat ihli orthodoxy ts
only a spasm. We like to note it, nevr
theless, as an indication that the force
trated by the current events of the times,
have made their impression upon one
who has heretofore so remorselessly ston
ed.lhe prophets. Statesman.
Another Buckshot war Expected.
Governor Pollock a few days ago de
clared General Small the commandins!
ulT,ctt ot lhe seT,al military companies
in nularieiiihia, Known at
the "Irish
Brigade. " The men however
prefer Col. Cunroyis their comiuumler.
On the 22J, Cur. C. issued orders for a
parade, and Gen, S. issued orders that
they should not parade. The lat'er was
obeyed, but the companies assembled on
the evening of the 23d, to choose a com
manding officer of their own! Itissup
posed t court martial will be called to
settle the dispute.
Benefits of a Hard Money Currency
in California.
California it t-ne of the States where
they have no piper currencywhere
Bauk notes ire entirely dispensed with.
The people keep in circulation the real
genuine money coined at the United
States Mint, tnd, consequently, they
are not subject to the ruinous "expan
sions tud contraction!" of currency
whose effects are to ruinous to other
States. As in lows, Texas, Mid Arkan
sas, so in California, whers the exclu
de "hard mouey" policy has been tried,
it worii admirably. We ask those who
are friendly to" b?M ! iuk "J
are n evil that cannot tv "ai'eu
with, to read the following.VfoJ)ni:.,:
A California correspondent of the
Boston Courier savs:
"I am happy to inform you that finan
cial matters here are not so bad at you
represent thtm to be in the ' old Slates.
We have no bank nolet to jump up, or
down, but keep along in the even teuor
of our way, on a Aard money currency.
The New York Post, referring to this
happy state of tfTairs, says:
: "l be people of that State read of the
euiUairassmeuts, the scarcity of cash and
the difficulty of fluding employments on
this tide of the Rocky Mountains, with
somewhat of the same grateful feeling of
security that people have when the)
hear the roar of the storm without while
tbey are inugly tucked up in their beds,
Thev art torrv for the poor lellowt tt
sea in such tempestous night, but tbey
have an agreeable reuse of their own
comfortable condition notwitnilauding
"Notwithstanding the constant ex
norlation of gold from California, itap
pears that there is no tcaicity of specia
lor circulation. " ihey nave no oanu pa
per, tnd the gold hat never been expell
ed from the circulation by an inferior
substitute.. So it should be here. If
there wen not an actual deprecation ol
our paper currency tt the present mo
meol, coin would be abundant. It it
idle to trgua tbout the . matter the
whole mast of our piper currency at
this moment is tainted- with a certaiu
distrust, tnd accordingly specie, is it
QOtt ' "u
:!, .-, ! . .- , ' "
Later from Europe.
NEW YORK, Jan. 25
The Collins steam.ibip Paci6c hat arriv
ed with Liverpool datat ot the I3ih
int.:! " 'J ; '-" '-" ""
v Tha newt hi Importantr" ThfCxar has
unconditional accepted the four guaran
Vies;' but hia sincerity, is doubted, tnd
bos'.ililiss continue. S '.. .U
In a storm en the Oth,. wbiU the Paci
fic wit running ip the .Mersey in the
night, the rtn into the brig Corinthian.
The brig had a cargo valued tt 20,000.
She immediately tuuk, but no livei wtre
lost, .' .. . . . :-i
The George Canning, of New York,
wat lott on the Elba, and it it tuppot-
eJ hundred tnd Sixly lives were lost.
The Eattern question has assumed in
fntirely uew and most important phase.
The Czar has accepted, not only the
four pointt of guarantee, but also the io
terpretttion thereof, tt explained by
England, trance and Ajttna. No ir.
inistic, however, hat beeu granted, ami
hostilities consequently continue.
Some tccountt says it it yet doubtful
whether Russia's tcceptauce it uncondi
tional, or with a few unimportant ex
planations. The Rustims have crossed the Dan
ube, invaded the Dodrudtcba, tnd taken
the city of Badadagh.
Omer Pasha hat gont to th Crimes.
No change had taken place in the
progress ol the teige up to the -2d, al
though there tie rumort of the capture
of Sebustopul.
The conduct of Prussia and the Ger
manic Statet it still equivocal, and the
sincerity of Russia is much doubled.
The Allies, it is said, will insist on the
Russian naval power in .the Black Sea
being placed on a level with that of
other powers, at a proof of her sincerity
On this point it is expected negotiotions
will split, is Russia on no tccounl will
Great Britain.
The proposition of mediation by the
United S'.atet excited much less atlen
tion than might be supposed. The Lon
don rimes treats the questian with great
candor and fnirnest, and submits that
the United Statet must allow that such
an offer of mediatiou maybe declined,
in any apecial case, aud no disrespect be
implied, it it free to one party to offer
its friendly rervices, tnd equally free
to the other nut to tccept.
A terrible inundation along the Elba
occured on , the 2nd. The damage tt
Hamburg it estimated at tbout four
millions of marks. In Hanover much
damage was done, tnd many lives lost.
The Very Latest.
Pari8, Jait. 131 P. M. A courier
from Bucharest confirms the a counts of
the war on the Dauube ' having com
menced. The Rustiant in force crocked
above Tolvchi, defeated the Turks, ind
are now marching on Hutchlh'. The
Austrian! do no: interfere. The report
has caused some consternation.
Senate,. Mr. Chasa introduced a bill
for the improvement of the navigation of
the Ohio. Made the special order for
Monday next. It appropriates two
hundred thouseni dollars, and mikes
the Louisville tnd Purlhmd Canal tree.
Mr. Broadhead moved an amendment,
denunciatory of tecret political socie
ties. Mr. Walker also moved an tmeniincnt
taking strong ground agniust all sscret
organizations, as anti-repuMion, and
subversive of the liberties of the peo
ple.. Tha army appropriation bill was
again taken up. Various amendments
were moved and advocated. Mr. Shields
filially moved to place t force of 3,000
mounted volunteer! tnd 500 Indian at
the disposal of the President, for the
suppression of Indian disturbances.
un tins consideration debate arose,
and a proposition was started to appoint
commissioner conversant witn me in
dian character, to negotiate with the in
Without coming to a vote the Seuate
Which Church.
The Whigs tnd their Know Nothing
lilies, having oettrrained to disfranchise
aud degrade all who are of the Catholic
faith, are now in a quandary tt to which
creed to idopt, tt the church of the
State. '
In New Hampshire, the Universalists
appear to have borne off the palm, the
Whigs and Know Nothings of that State
having nominated t Universalist cler
gyman for Governor. Presbyterians,
Methodistt and Baptittt are now, there
fore, under the ban io New Hampshire,
equally with the proscribed Catholics!
In'lowi, on the other hand, the Pits.
bytcfians apper to have gained tha as
cendency, a clergyman of that denomin
ation, Mr. Harlan, having been recently
elecied to the United Staiat Segals from
that Stato. This mty be regarded it t
defeat of the Methodists, Baptists tud
A religious war is w aged against one
of the most feeble churches, is regards
numerical strength; ind before the thing
it fairly consumated, before the Catho
lics are banished, their bodies burned,
and theirproperty confiscated, a stauge
difference of opinion arising among the
majority, is to which ' church shall be
united with the State.
It is meet that til Whigs and Know
Nothings define their position, and make
a choice of the sectarian banner under
which they will hereafter fight.
The Ohio State Journal, a day or two
iince, seeing the drlemma in which its
proscnptive course had involved it,
proclaimed its hostility to all teligious
testi. Thii will hardly do, after the
conspiciout position which soma of the
editors of thit journal occupied in tbe
K.uow Nothing Lodges, and alux its vi
olent lirtdes during the last campaign
against Catholics and foreigners. Again
we say, let 'hose who have made t teat
agtinst a certain religion tud. birth
place; romt take in affirmative posi
tion, tnd do battle under tons banner of
the Church. Do not. fur heavu't like,
-i Most of tha Pittsburg iron manufac
tories hive returned operations. '.-
New Counterfeits.
'confidence mm" has recently hon
ored several of our towns tnd cities of
Northern Ohio with t visit, leaving a
number of mementoes in the shape of
counterfeit Sves, letter Aon the North
western Bank of Virginia, pnrporting-to
be payable at Welltiitle.' - The Sandut
by -Register- describes the ; spfirrons
emUsionti nearly1 t fac 'simile of the
th geiiuliia" note oTlhatTetrrrbut Tt'a
tixteeoth part of an inch lAtrfcil and
one-eighth inch narrower "Hit"
i:ne. ueneraj appearance gpq.l tnoygu
some of the aiigravjng :ls;raihei Jours.
It it well ctlcnlated to impose upon
those who are not good juJges of money.
It raiy be detected by thecd of. the pa
per, which ii harsh, wrapping piper
texture, aud by the scratchy appermc
of the medallion work in the corners of
Mr, Carpenter, in inteligent Whig
of this county, who has lately returned
from a tour, inrougu the bard .mouey
State of Iowt, where thev bava no bankt,
tnd consequently no financial embar
rassments such ts they hive in those
Statet where they cultivate those ulcert
upon the body politic, declare! that
henceforth, upon the subject of the cur
rency, he lit Democrat, ind shall vote
Mr. Cobden, in a recent debate in
Parliament upon the war, , remarked.
"There is uo country, except the Uuitid
States, where you cannot permanently
maintain a fooling better that in Rus
sia.'' ! ' l '
The Senate of the State of Indiana has
resolved, by a vote of 28 against 21, to
repeil the present Free Banking Law of
the State, which hai worked so admira
bly in robbing the people. Sensible
ct that. ; ' . ' i
Road Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given that a petition
will be presented to the Cominisioner
of Vinton county, at their next meeting on
the5tli duy of March, a. u. 1S55, for a view
of a County Road, as follows:
Commencing on the State road leading from
McArthur to Chillicothe. on the line between
lands of Robt. Aikin and Cluypool's, thence
to run on the survey of a County roud. (run
ted by a petition from James iiothwell and
others, to the line between cuid Clayponl't
land and George Brown's, thence the nearest'
and best rout, in a North-west direction to
the line of lands ot Win. Hays and Jessn
Drake; thence tho nearest and Best rout thro'
land of suiil Drake to a I urge dry white oak
tree, on the line between said Drukeand An
drew Curry, thence to a chestnut tree near
said Lurry s held, thence to the lane opposite
said Cuuy's house, thence with said lane to
the county road leading from Stephen Swish
srs to Aliens ille, opposite the school house,
and there to end.
Feb. 2, IS55 4w
takes tliw method of informing all who have
unsettled accounts on the Books of Swept ton
St Allison, that the Books urc in the hamii
of J. C. P. Brown, "it the 6iore formerly oc
cupied by G. W. & A. J. Dunkle, raid
Brown having full power and a itho.ity to
sett'e the sain. JOHN SWEPiTON. '
l'ebruary 2, !So5. Cw
having a Ticket j;et an Engraving world 41,
The proprietors tukj great pleasure in an
nouncing to the citizens of the Union, that
in coiuequence of the greut satisfaction man
ifested by the tkket-holdersof our first great
Distribution, und tlie m.iny thou sand solicit
ations from all parts of the coumrv, in rela
tion to whether we intend getting up another
Distribution of Gifts for the people, we have,
uftur au immense outlay, been euubled to oi
ler to our thousands of patrons the following
valuable, magnificent, and unprecedented
Brilliant Schemes, to be distributed as soon
as the tickets are soldi
List of Guts to be distributed by the Man
agers of Capital City Art-Union.
Tickets only One Dollar!
And every one entitled to a hamome Enjra
ving, and a share in the distribution of th
following valuable property:
1 Farm in the State of In lima. 510,003
1 do in Ohio-
1 do do
I Four-story Brick Dwelling &
Lot, iiiCulumbud, Ohio,
1 -do do . do ' ....
1 Beautiful residence in the
town of Mount Vernon..
1 Tivo storv Erirk 111111111117 in
Chillicothe 3.5PQ.
t buck MiiHg ami L.01 in Co
lumbus I do do do
1 Frame do .do do
- I Handsome Country residence
in Sego, Perry county, Ohio,
4 Splendid building lots in Co
lumbus, at $2,000
10 do do do $1,500
4 do do Cleveland.
1 Grand Action Piano (Chiik
ering's) I Gold VVatch, set with Dia
monds 5 Gold Watches, at 6500 cich
10 Rosewood Pianos, at (500. .
10 do . do at 400-.
10 do do at .100-.
50 Gold Watches, at 6150; . .
100 do ut 100
1U0 do at 75-... v
- 7,500
100 do at 40
300 Silver do at 20
500 do da tt 15
1000 Ladies' Gold Breast Pins, at 61
200 do Biocha Shawls, at 65,
5U0 do Silk Dress Patterns,
at 820
5000 Gold Pencils, at 63--
10000 Gold Pen's, with silver Cases,
at 62
20000 Gold Ring3, at 61.50 each-..
120S1 do at 1,00 each-
Every person, by paying ONE DOLLAR,,
will receive a certificate ol' membership, en
titling hirn to a -handsome large Lithographies
Engraving of the new and magnificent Cap-
Hoi of Ohio, forming one of the most
beautiful parlor ornaments ever Rotten up at
au engraving, and richly worth a dollar (tha
publisher t retail price.) rxicu tuDscnoer
will also be entitled to a share in the distri
bution of the cil ta enumerated in tbe Scheme. -
The Engraviug can be sent by mail lo any
part oi me country, ana we win commence
delivering them to thoe having tickets by
tbe fifteenth of January,
For particulars, Tickets, &c, &c.,call on
agent at . We will
send bills, circulars, &c.,' on application,
(postpaid.)' BURNELL & CO..,
February 3, 1855.-tf ' .r ' T -

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