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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, February 09, 1855, Image 1

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iU Mill -
ti SJ!!?Jtinf!r
VOL. 3.
V J iN TON CO., 0.
0, 1855.
The M'Arthur Democrat.
fcl ,00 Trr year, and if not payed vithin the
jt fc'2,00 wilt be ciargrd.. .
2'Aest Term mvslbc strictly complied
v'Uh, and no paper will be discontinued unfit
till arrearage are paid, unless at the option
frT" One squtirt, thirteen lines or r first
three insertion- a SI 00
Each additional insertion-25
Cards ont tar, k 1 '$3,00.
iibf rt ' dtductinn will ' be wads- lo per
sun tdvtrtuingby the year. . .
.jlii Dcii-r.ri;imnrf payable in advance or
on demand. . ,
Agents for the "Jltirtliur l!cmofruU"Th
7bt folUvlnsGentlomen will Reclrt anil Kectlpt
(or BaburipiioBi nui AdmrtUtmentt, for Ihii
pr, in Vin oa Ucuniv. Ohio. ,
Wm. Tavler,
J so. Clam, Sr.,
J. Hlokd,
Adam Lysis.
llannlen Furnace. .
Ml. Pleasant.
Harrison Township.
Blnrrs Store,
Swan. ' .
B.'F. HEWITT, Judge or Probate Court
J. A. W ALDEtf , Clerk Com. Pleas Court
B. P. BINGHAM.Proseeuting Attorney.
Wa, TISUE. Sheriff.
j;6WEFSTON, Treasurer. , ,'
JAMES M ALONE, Rcioider.
CEO.'ULLOM, Coroner. '
' ' " CountT Comniifsior.cr.
School Examiners,
. - EA. BR A 'IJNv
With' their :' Tort Office1 'AdrcssCs.
ClSriSNAM Fl KM ACE, WcS'.fllll, Sl6 W-
irl if- Co., Hsinden. Ue.rds Mill P. 0.
Eagle Fi-bsace. Stanley. Uemley &
Co., Miiufuitiirers of tbe test quality
of Pig Iron. Eagle Post Ofiice. .
YiaTon Fi'RM ace, Melis, Clark & Co
Manufacturers of bet quality of Pig
Iron, Vinton Fumnre Pot Oilu-e.
Uai.des FuiiSAt-B, Fruaee, Trr. & Co,
RnTs Mil! PostOll.re, .. . .
,I3io.Sakd FiikNACK, fiartlelt, Daa J
Co.. Mnuufacturcr df the best quality
oJPiglrou. Post Ofiice Ht Alliens, O.
. MKUi'iUNT.i (y ViroN, who AiiE
rilr In Irr Goods Katdwate, Quecmwaie, Boot,
hoe4, Qrocar.n, ati.
McArthub. John S. Uurtk, J. K. J- D
Will T A. Murtin. Oucil Duwd. G.W. &
A. J. Dunkie, J. J. SliPt-kev, S. S. Doinutli tt
Co., J. & E. L'oi'e, ttn.bfri,er J- Shower,
Shudea 6s Ke nolds.
Hamoem. Benj. Dill, D. D. T. Ihrd, II. TI
Moore, J. B. (J- W. B. V illbcn, Win. C
Cleason. ,
Wii rtvn t r R S Mnrrv. John CilliCi)
CJiiie & Gtmliier, Fclum di 'Lasilfy, Jumti
Bli-iikely. Carr 6. Mrorg.
Ai.M.KitviLi.F.. Ptttr Mil'er, Maicus Mil
ler, Joseph W ilcox.
' Mt. Pifaast. Phillip Snin.
FjATTiviux Swepstoo & Swepiton, II. W.
Aikfn Mill. J. IHorr. -
McAethib.-E. P. l't ll.v.tll.W.R.DrBbe
McAkinoH G. li. Wijl.
Hamdek. DavU& (.'o!liii8.
' WimthVii.iK. -Clini! 6; Gnrdi.er.
McAkthuh.-J. G. Swethtml. C. P.. CrtFV(
A t lo rney al Law,
' . McARTHUR. , OHIO, .
Will practice in Vinton and adjoining coun
ties. . Office tbre doors West ol tin Pool
Feb. 9. 1852. '31tf
viiolesalg itori:ii.s
' " 1 ' No. 55, Frost Steelt,
Jinuan-20. 1654. lv. -
Manufacturers and Wholesale dealtrt in
' No.. 316 BALTIMORE STREET,' '.
Between Howard and Libertv-sts.
July 8:53.-1 y. v.
; AtlorncTS at Law.
. r'l I -McARTHUR,' OHIO.! 1
"Will-practice-in partnership inrV'mtoo Coun
ty.-, Oflke, lour doors east of Sisson. dt Uul
Wrt'i Hotel. . , ,;i
, EA.,2t,IS54, . .,, , .1 ) 9.
;l:MES.LE; GllOCEliS r
'Commission Mcrclianls
Ro. 61 467 Water Street, NEW 0RK,
Tfebuary 17, '64. 1 y: " ".
,nna3 ti,B.BATTON,,
V; Attorney at Lw; J
.... n itMeARTHUTt, OHIO.?
fDTIJit' practice irl Yintpn an J, k&Jomuig
w jft ounUfs."" Office, one door cost pt the
"Blo Cornet.'
Go Torget me, why shotiht sorrow, '
O'er thy brow, a shadow fling;
Go forget me, and tomorrov, i :
Brightly smile, and sweetly sing.
Smile, tliongb I sliall not be upa thee,
; Sing, though 1 chiill nr ver hear ihee;
. . May t;iy soul, with pleasure shine, -
, Lasting as the gloom of inina..
.-' . .-. :!:. 'j
Like the sun, thy presume glowing. .
Loatlieb (he mfmiest things of lilit,
Ami when Ihoii, like biin art foing,'
' Loveliest objects, fude in night; " J
"."Alt lbing3 looVso b'rigbt about thee,
1 ' ' Thai they nothing srtm, without thee,
V'i By thntjmreand lucid mind,
'" Earthly' things are so rcfli'.ed. 'V
ti t ,i . i .. (.- fc ; .. i . ... w
Gotboiv 1sion wiUllTye&mitis, !uj-5.,
Softly onmysoul, that fpll;, i ; '. , -.60.
formenq lyugei beaming, f. - :;
, , Hoi olid beau,ty, fure-thce-well,
: , :. Go and claim, that one delighted,
: Go, and leave nie all licnigjued; ;
' ', Glory beaming, guncrous swell
Fancy and the lVt3 spoil.
From the Dollar Times.
'J etiosoptiat! hoys just , look',' at thai
thail' cxtlairaed Timolli)' Sniis, Hie
other day, holding up a magnificently
enveloped letter to liisshop-mnlcs. -The
letter he had just rcceivedlrom the hands
of the penny post, ar.d it was really a
pretty thing, and was directed in a neat
line hand as follow?: '' " ;' "
At Brown & Smith's Carriage Chop.
At Brown & Smith's Carriage Chop. Cincinnati, Ohio.
Belore I po farther t had better ex-
plain, .that Timothy i- aii appreiilke
boy at Brown, cv ; Sniith'3, (Jaiiiage
ManulUctqry. ,j Ui aeis eL'hteen.and
he had. always worked upon a ljni,
and had never Leen more .tha i' ten
miles away liom home, nrdil'lie tame
to llie city to learn Hie trad": 'which
was about a month o.1 Ai may' he
supposed ho was rather (jrtin as jo city
etistofns, and vel'V tas.ily' impojed up
on, lie was, however, ot hutli a pleas
ant tlisiioiitionj and, Loiq hi'instli' so
manly (OvvardjJ his s!iop-ii)iu?, , that
they did not teemed disposed to 'tun
him, I 8S is generally the taso in city
shops willi country lads, though thev
could not resist occafionalty plHyin oil
upon himj a little joke1, j'uit for mutual
merriment and fun. : ' '
For' everal days pieviotis lo the
above occurence, valentines had been
the principal theme 'of conversation
amnngthe hands in the shop, and some
curioMiy was maniiesled to know who
would receive the lirst one. Timothy
had hut iittlo to say on the subject, no v.
er having received such a thing in all
his life, -arid- knowing nothing about
them save what he ' had heard in the
shop. '
When the penny-pott entered the
shop that morning, all e)t s were anx
iotisly towards him, to see if he had
any valentines. ' He had but'one'and'
(hat was for Timotliy Siiuggs, and as
soon as Timothy 40 his eyes upon it,
he made.lhe evpies?ion,.,''j.chosophatl
boys, jua look ntt'iatthae.': - . ,
'Wliy, what's lhat, Tim?' said one
of the workmen, in apparent wonder. .
Why it's a valentine, an nothin'
shorter, en' Inl ha! nr' the fursl lo get
him hal ha! I13! v1io"d a (hunk that?
'By George it'is a' valentine," ex
claimed one of the. hands,-' while all
rushed (0 see it.' !
Hands off lhar now,6houled Tim
as seyeraUndtavored to take hold of
it, Must hold your bosses, till I wash
my hands, an' you can look it clean
throngii ' - ! , . .1 ' 1
Hurry Tim,' was the general res
ponse. ' 1 . ' '
lim washed his hands clean, very
lean and nicelvl latirrhin'" too 'all' dir.
time, for he' was'.'nuhtilr tickled,!and
Ihen commenced examining the valen
linei(v:.ivl in . itn.i.'i .:;' r
Jerusalfin,' said lie, 'but ain't it pur
1)9 Tho Uteris just as white hs snow
an? jtift see how'thfc little- qncerly-gigs
run clean armmd the'1 name ' fliar:
Whoop" but it s trcWhdbus ; liui'ty.'
print' in the' newspapers,, an1 Jicfp
sight niqer. An' by' jingo .kOiWalipps,
boyp, ' jusf look here on the'hiijd ,,'ide,
whar its .sealed.,','', .Thar's a. flywfr pot
and a wholeljunqh p pbj pies, ustj as
nat'ral as lifeP ,; u 'tl ,SJ,.,; v
fOpen it, Tim,' agerly shouted the
workmen,, who were liigMy; delighted
with his. enthusiastic; 'ov.'-t .! -i
1 Wellnpvr doti't be in A horry'w as
his-reply 'fori ar't;a goin'. to shove.
uiv c ifitr iiiu am i iy be Mil t
ed at ho- hovr, and by kritnah'y its' 166
purtjr to Hp. y ''' ' ; "' ,fV ''
''Guess you tvill' find fi'upiS'i lii(itv
sugg6ste4 Rhopniale:,", .
' 'O the poddes's tC.lvej'jntercupr
ted anollier..
'Or probably the heart of the.irl
luai.iove. a ypu moiL',s,a. a rird.
'. 'Nojokiir.now. hovs.reiiiied Tim.
r6rjt are,f serious, malier,(o rip.mh
a party ihmg, as Ihisf , J'JJ be d'ng,'tj il
I see now it j to cura open unless Uxfi
poppies ar& (areoi'noi o; i. -iuni.u m.
1 Never mind' the pbppies said 'le
perinyposl: Ti'hrt ( saw ' there was ''fan
aheack anttwaS tleterTdiKecf 6 i3eaH
oqf, you'wilnbjc)o)ub find 'something
Ml be'dod-drottfed if 1 s'oile
I fiat, said Timgazing with a joyous
looK upon ino really splendid cave. ope,
'for I'm bound to prcsarve it hull, ,au
show' it to tlie''ot( (oiks an' the irals
when I go hum. ,' They never seed the
likes on it, by Juniper! Ia! ha! but
ain't it puriv. ,
Open it you gump head,' s.ud one.
of ilia workmen .rather, abruptly.' and
who began Ip fear that their fun would
yet re spoiled. '(Jpen it lor the beau
ty is alwais oiithe iuside,'' ' ' T f
N-o-w,' quaintly said, Jim.",'.
That '3 a fact,' sild another, 'and
besides one carl see that's a love valen-
tine, and must have been 'sent by some
uiwiusuine young iaayj yvno nas7aiieTi
in love with our ' Hoosier whop-mate.'
'R e-a-1-1 !' murmured Tim, while
a smile played upo'n his countenance,
and his eyes were still rivited oii ihe
embossrd envelope'.
'i es,' cninifd in another, 'and she
would bo very :uch offended, if she
should ever learn lhat ' you refused to
open it for tear of spoiling the looks ol
a Iittlo bunch ol ilov. ei s..' , ,.
Taint possible,' was Tim's response,
keeping his eyes, fixed on the. delicate
embossed boquet. ;! f . .
, ! warranuts much the prettiest ia
ude,' suggested another 1. 1 .
N-o,' was the. short, reply ot the
Hoosier, whose heart seemed gladden,
ed with every word he. heard.
'1 II bcl livo to one it's .a Valentine,
and is chock full of love,too,' said one.
Dun't!' waj.Tiru's. answer.
'And I'll bet I can gupss ,who it is
lio:i),' siid another. 1 ,,. . ,
. '1 reckon you. couldn't; . Josh,' said
the verdant recipient, who n6w remov
ed his eyes from the. Yalcutine.
Yes,' but I am certaia I koow,
plica Josh,' . j '-"! 1
Who did you think it was?' . 1
'J lutgirl up there.' . . . .:.
Wharf' nsked Tim.r; . . . ,
J can over ap.J I'll tell you, fof
wont do to let all these chaps hear.'
iTim beiit over his head, while, Josh
whispered in his ear-r ' '
'The liltle.blatk-eyed, rosy-cheeked
Amelia,, up at the uoardjdg-house.
. 'i'ol' . , !; o,.r , . . .
Yes, indeed, for I heard her talkfn
about you last evening,', .; '
You don't say!' :.'. 1
. 1 es, sir, and she said, vou was the
best looking toauMrattiie hcuso.' -'il.il'
ha! now didhc by gol!y,did
she?' , 1 i -..r"'. 1 ' 1 ' ;
'Indeed, sho did, ancl l know from
the way bhe looked at vou at breakfast
this morning th;:t she is half dead in
love with you, bhe sent it.'
'Kiglit down saitiii.'.
'Sure as you live, Tim, and she will
l.e sure to ask me loniijUt," how you
liked il.'
'Guess she mought.' '. .
And if you don't open it' what .will
she tliink?'
'Riglit smartly hard, I reckon,' ;
'Well the will, so you had better let
er rip.' - . ,
'By colly I will,' enlhiiaiastically ex
claimed Timothy; 'lot I'll bet my giz
zard that its got nothin' in it . but love,
from the top clean down to the bottom
thar. Here sue cocs, boys, by ' . .
Atthis'pcint his firi''e'rs had cra'sped
the envelope and was about to, rip it
open, when his eyes fell upon, lire How
ry seal. He gazed at it ',' bleadily lor a'
tuomeiit or two, and then, passionately
exclaimed lUy thunder ! caS( sj)ilc
A hearty laugh Irom his shop-mates
followed (his exclamation', 'in. which
Tim was far from participating. , In
fact, It could not see anything to laugh
at, for lo him it secnied a burning
thaiiie todtbiroy such a pretty cluster
ot Hoimi. lie. had 'writ hiny, IeU
ters lo 'kin,' and had received many in
.... f . ...... -.
return, but he had never seen ' anything
to Le compared with that;, and he dis
liked to commit an act which would
soil its beautiful exterior.
One of his shop-mates at last i'olun
'.eered to break the seal' w'ithSut 'injur
ing the 'poppies,' to which Tim readily
consented. tliouh he doubted a result so
desirable. He would not et hi j shop
mat 0, however, touch the, valentine un
til he had washed his hands right dein
so that there would not be the least
possible1 chance of his soiling it. J Ta
king a sharp knife, tho workman pro
ceeded to his voluntary task By ex.
ercising fare, he succeeded in splitting
the wafer without injuring 'the paper.- '
:- 'Done, just as easy as hbgs lati' was
Tim's exclamation when the wbik was
linished, 'Kowj boys, we'll see the pur
lys.' ( ';.', " ( j ir.
, 'Get on a 'slobl,' said several,' 'so we
cahi all, sec, when ybu open itl'j. .
,'Saitinl wjll,. was .'the accomoda
ling reply, tu,action.accouipanying the
word. ...' ., : -.. .
A mother could not i have handled
hcr.inl'ant with more 'care, than Timo
thy Snaggs did that' Valentine.- His
heart seemed in his mouth, and his
hands, trembled nervousjyj as s'oftly and
easily he pulled (ha Valentine from its
richly. ornamerled envelope. : 1 t
0 fit's a 'turiiin)' said he, in at low,
though extited manner.' i'm'.' t,.;
1 -.l Look out for Cupid, siJ"6nei ''as
Tirn; sl&wly onfolded the. ' Valentine
ftd the pair fcf hearts','' tfhother-and
Are tla'sjje'd hinds made kjf iilVer'.V' an
tyher'ana !tlii love '.vefriei jf.rittftn
with gold dust,' ahbtlier 'aiid a kiss
tie 3 up in ribbons,' another
lace-edged paper,' another-
-'and the
'and Ven-
us with bare neck and
!Thnnderalion and ginger cakes!' ex
claimed Tim, while the Valentine
dropped from his hands; 'as my name's
Timothy Snub's 'taint nothin' but a
lah'inlion nitjyerV
A boisterous shout followed, while
poor Timothy, disappointed almost be
youj endurance, and vexed at tho mer
riment of his shop-mates, stood, some
miniiles, transfixed to the stool. Josh
picked up the Valentine, and exhibited
it tl aro ind. It contained a picture
of one of the fattest kind of Ethiopia's
datiliters, whose nose hid been well
nur'.2nat he eyes-.'ia. fine frenzy
llin, miht show to the better aJ-
vae.Vige. Her arms were outspreac ,
rwJ above her head were tho following
Ciin Kst on dis buzzum, rf.y own stricken
" (V jr.
Wid (! arms I'll hug you; you hab nuffin
to Mir,"
After this poetry lnd been read by
Jojj'i, in the most emphatic manner,
the workmen commenced running'
Timothy about having a black sweet
her.'; but he averred that he hadn't
talked to a black woman while he had
been in town. It was then charged
thJ a 'cullo'd pusson' had met him
sont'iwhere and fallen in love with him,
and, having chosen him for her Valen
tine, it necessarily followed that some
day she would be his wedded wife.
This somewnat roused tho 'dander of
Trmothy, and he 'swow'd' that he
would never speak to a nigger woman
again, if he died by it.
. A;ter taunting the poor fellow for an
hoar or so, Josh Id slip the secret. He
told Tim that his shopmates had sent
him his first 1 valentine to sound his
love affairs, and that if he did not
wish them to have a laugh at him, ho
miut when he received a valentine in
future, let no one see its cont- nls. He
will 110 doubt profit by the advice.
.ihe colored lauy was placed in
clnrge of Josh, who has no doubt by
this time forwarded her to some love
sick swain, to bring him to his senses
or make him love his sweetheart more
The richly embossed envelope with
the 'poppies' ail unharmed, was placed
upon the wall, above Tim Snub's
worlj-brnch, lo remind him daily of
Ul.sMj:iw alenUnt." .
Father and Child.
The Chicago Press relates the fol
lowinsr. affecting incident during the
trial of Green, the Chicago banker,for
the murder of his wife:
' "The prisoner appeared in his place
accompanied by his little boy ot six
years, who sat upon his fathers knee,
the only being in the world who had
afleetion enougU tor him to exhibit it
that dark hour. The Iittlo fellow is a
bright and handsome child, possessing
his father's outline of head and expres
sion cf feature, and yet in the winning
innocence of childhood. The simi
larity and contrast between the two,was
striking and painful. At some allusion
of the prosecuting counsel to the dis
memberment of his family, that stern
old man pressed his little boy to his
heart and bowing his head over him,
wept in bitter agnny. The lad unable
to realize the position of his parent,yct
with tho sympathy which distinguishes
childhood, burst into tears, and with
infantile woneler looked from his fath
er to the multitude and the speaker.
It was a sad and touching siht.
A'' Cask of Real Distrkss. A
Philadelphia correspondent wtites:
'A police officer, on Saturday mor
ning, observed a decent-looking man
take a small piece of beef off a butch
er's stall in Ihe market, and conceal il
under his cloak which he wore. The
official notified the butcher of the fact,
but the litter said that so decent a man
must have been driven by want to the
commission of the act. The officer
determined lo watch the needy man,
and following him for a considerable
distance, observed him going into a
house in the upper part of the city.
The policeman knocked at the door,
which was opened by the man, who,
upon seeing the badge, begged the for
mer 'for God's sake not to arrest him.'
Tiie officer went into Ihe house, where
he found a scene of destitution, in the
midst of which were four shivering
children eagerly devouring the raw
meat. ' This dark picture is somewhat
relieved by the fact, that the officer re
turned to the butcher, and told him of
the sight he had witnessed, when the
kind-hearted fellow gathered up among
his friends Gfteen dollars in money, and
a large basket of provisions, and sent
them to the famishing family."
' At New. lied lord, Massachusetts, on
the !4th ini-t., ' a ir.an by 'he name ol
Varniim Burpee, belonging in Rochester,
took passage la the 3 o'clock train from
that eity, and on arriving at Alattapois
cttleft the cars. The inward train due
at the. former. place at 5 o'clock, on tur
ning a curve a mile beyond Ma'tapois
ett, ran over man who wia silling on
one of the rails, and ai soon is the train
could be stopped, it waa found that he
was cut entirely in two, above his hips,
horribly mutilated, and life exlentj lie
prpred ($ be Burpee, tht same man who
left the cars at Mattipoisett. He had
bottle of brarfdy .with bim, and iras, tery
much intoxicated when be left the car a.
He Via abpl 4Q, year, of age, and bad no
A Dropped Letter.
BOSTON, Jan. 16th, 1855.
Son John I hare too much legisla
tive work to coma home on Saturday
nights aa I eiiJ I would so you must
mind the farm, nint to get
on a gou.l -ji.i.j luitiniii.ei. j to be
come popular by having my name print
ed oftner in the papers, and I manage 10
say something occasionally aun I have
leen my name 3 times printed in'.the
daily bee. American principles is look
nig up some here in Bolton and we are
going to discord all the foreign eliments
in our government (by the way have the
barn door paiuied over with some other
color - beside Spanish brown. I flont
like anything Spanish) The governoi
has made a lick at the foreign msliiia
and disbanded all the companies. ' (dont
use any more British oil for your deef
ness fori have thrown away lhat box of
Russian salve your mo'.her put in my
trunk to rnb my rumatick leg with use
American physic it is the best.) We
are going to have (ha latin lingo taken
of the stale coat of irmes and put plain
yankee english in Its place. We are
going ahead I tell you, and make a clean
swoop of every thing of foreign extrac
tion I have visited no place of amuse,
men excepting the live buTaloo which
is a regular native he looks very much
like a hairy cow only more so. Speak
ing of co iv a reminds me of our Durham
bull you may sell him to Wade the
butcher he is of foreign extraction. A
friend asked me to go to the Atheiieum
and see the library of pictars but I was
told nearly all the pictures are painted
by the old masters as they are called
and these I am told are withot excen-
lion all foreigners beside many of the
books are in foreign linguoges. 10 it if
contrnry to the spirit of my principles
to visit such a place. I was oing to
see Bunrards great painting of the Holy
land which is making some stir blit a
native aitist told me it was mostly paint
ed with Venetian red Dutch pink and
Naples yellow while! all the skies were
Prussian blue to,i much of the foreign
element to be iatercstin to me. By
the way speaking of paint have the front
blinds whi-.li I had painted wild French
green last fall painted some c,lix other
than I mentioned above. Stop the Zi-
ous lieralJ ana take the Yanhet pnva
teer in its pUce. Give my Marseille
vest to dick the plowman and tell him
to stone Jip the scotch tarrier off the
farm and to kill that Maltese cat.
from your affectionate lather.
Riot in Hamilton County—Destruction
of Liquor.
From the Cincinnati Enquirer, Jan. 31.
towu Mt. has
been, for the last few days, the theatre
of some exciting events, occasioned br
the antipathy of the inhabitants to alco
holic potations. The difficulty origin
ated ei follows:
Mr. Patterson, who has it sometime
past resided in Covington, recently
leased a tavern at Mt. Pleasant, called
the Van Kirk House, which it was hie
intention to open this week. Not know
ing the antipathy of the iuluui'aou of
that burg to wbiiiky, he made extensive
preparations lo start a bir.and according
ly engaged Mr. Daniel Lbaytaux to
haul a loud of liquors from Covington to
Mt. Pleasant. This was done lust Sun
day night, and the gouds were stored i u
a harbor's shop in Ilia village belonging
to Mr. Labayraux, In the meantime, it
having leaked out among the temper
ance population that such a load had ar
rived, much excitement prevailed, and
a party of men and women paid a visit
late on Sunday night to the tavern, but
not Hading any of the stuff-, they retir
The next morning however, it became
known tbat the liquor was at the bar
ber's shop, when a inixtd mass of men
aud women, numbering some eighty or
one hundred persons, armed with axes
and other implements, made an onslaught
upon the premises, which having enter
ed, they commenced staving in the var
ious barrels mixing the liquor iu style
never intended by manufacturers.' Mr.
Labaytaux was, at the time, harnessing
his horses in a stable hard by, when be
heard the rumpus, aud hastening to the
jcena of action was met by an infuriated
Amazon, armed Tilh an ax, who aimed
a blow at his head, which he very car
rowly dodged. He was then seiteJ,
dragged ioio the store, keockea down
upuu the 3 nor, which, at the lime, was
three or four iuches deep nitb the liquor
vthith'had flowed from the barrels, .and
only by putting forth an extraordinary
degree of muscular strength was he an.
ablcd to escape from his male and female
assailants. ' ' '"
A process has been issned for the ar
rest of the rioters by the Police Court
Cincinnati; the Magistrates of the neigh
borhood having refused to issue warrants
for that purpose. V e understand, also,
that Mr. Labaytaux has the names of
several females whom he recognized en
gaged in Ibe work of destruction, who
at tbs time shouted, "Horrah for the
MainLiquor Law!" "Down with Ihe
alcoholic poison!'' fur lie arrest of whom
he intends applying for a wairanU
Truly '.he g-hals in Mt, Pleasant are
not only stroog minded, but strong baud
ed women. t ' , : .,,
A Shrewd
Asiawku. Ihe following
anecdote is, we . presume, authentic,
we lake it from the "Weekly merican
Orgaa," published at Washington, D.
"A lawyer; somewhat': disgua ed at see-
f i . ..
ing a coupie or irisnmen looking'' at
six siueu Duuuing wniqn na naa poni
strucled, lined up tne window, and ad
dressing them: "What do you Und thea
fori like a pack of blockheads, gsxing
my ofiice, do you 'lake jt forVchdrchj''
raix," answered oue or them. "i was
thinkin so, until I law the deril gijke
hii head out of the window." '
The Hoosiers Strangling their own
Wild Cats.
Witbia the last fix mQiUhtt il,wM urged
b lh Indianepolif7rarnftitrr--Tgan f
the Whig party onndiarjk.thatpinbina
tjohs should be fojrm'edjiy.iu,aaiclaols
and.business men of thatSute, and their.
trade withdrawn from Cidcianai,. be
cause the Ohio' Legislature passed tht
small note law, and because broken ad
others of Cincinnati returned- the no tea
of their banks for redemption-, They ie.
lolved to annihilate Cincinnati and to
build up Louisville; because', tha busi
ness men of the latter city received (heir
utun paper as money. n t .
Pubic meetings of businss. me in
Indisna resolved that' tBey Would re
ceive for goods arid produca the notes of
their own banks, and lhat every
who resided wild cat paper'iWay as
Infe-rior to feold and silver, should ba
regarded as an alien and oat'etst
But a few. months hare vrTqnglHii great
change in the miuds of the-Hoosfert.
They have had a surfeit of their worth
less paper money. The bank mania hat
run its course in that State' .n .k-
present generation will riot revive in
Even the Indianapolis oirat L .ft..
the wild cats with a Ka)t.k
The Free Bankers who are hit h, ..
following excellent burlesoua fI .k-
Gohen Democrat, Won't mind it. and
those who are, hurt. ih nnhi;,. ...
mind, and oughtn't to, so iwe publish it
entirer .......
At another meeting of th Tt..w.
ers, held at the "Kankakee 'MaVsh." on
Monday, January (st, lS55,'tfo-devis
suitable means for the mora; UnbU pro.
tecuoa of '.aeuaaelveaat- hMt- ka-
increased, confidence, absotxT. nVon mn.
lion, the President -of the Bankcof Con
nersville was chosen President, and. the
Cashier of .tha Bank of Priors .,. was
'Tu r ,, , ,rjr 01 poriTSutlon.
no lUIIUWlHff OllCIt nna ...
pounded to each represiniative pre'sint"
and a writtea answer required tt iha
1110. I .J. ' $ '
Question Ist-haTa Vori iin'ie.:
circumstances ever redeemed--Ir1 nf
manner, one dollar or your issue; 6rdo
ever intend doing sol , The ansWit VasI
with one exception, "NoV-tha.-repress
entalive from one of the institution!
acknowledging that he lad bougtit JO
cenu' worth of matches of a peddlet and
paid the iath: This was deemed aa la
fringement of the rule, aodby a larM
vote he was ruled out. ' ' ' .
;: -Ques. 2d-H any oca ' iutAgi
discovtred, by accident or other wieeViha
precise location of your Banki,ng Uo'u'sal
if so, in what manner!- J .- v
n (Here the CashsietoftheCa'tSw-anTT
Bank" admitted: that . be was surprised
oue night by a mar) and his . boy, 1 who
were out hunting coonsi bat he wag po
hive they had no-carpet bags, not any
dishonorable intentions towards the con
cern. 1 -
' Ques. 3d-Whataretbesecurite.rda-posited
for the perfect and absolute ra
demption of your notes! .','.""
Ans The following undoubted sa
cnritief were some of the principal. -
Five hundred shares in Perham's Grand
Gift Scheme. ...
Six hundred Pictorial ; Envelopes it
old Jacob Townsend'sSarsaparllla.'
One hundred Sandy Hook 2 per ceal.
Five hundred Militia officers commla.
aions. issued during the Sock War.
One thousand Sons of Temperance
Traveling CarJs, 10 per cent dis. ' , '
Ten one thousand dollar "Bonds of
Philauthropy. ... . . .
The following resolutions Was then
unanimously'adopted: '"
JIssohedTliat no institution reprSa'.
enled itx this Convention, will aver ba
guilty extending any manner of accoia-
inuaanon to citizens who are in the
habit of, either directly or indhactrV,
countenancing the use of either gold or
silver us a circulating medium, our gVand
object being to drive all such trash Out
oi me country. , .. ., ;, iVr,
After, the above proceedings ware fiad
and the foregoing exhibit made of Uia
Sound coudition and commanding poj.
lion of the Banks, a motion was made
io adjourn, "tins die;" but the'proposi
uon met with considerable opposition;,
as soma could not nnderstand by What
right "sine die" could expect theui to' go
to his tavern, any mora than the grocery
keeper adjoining; but upon the kye and
noes being caNed.'Tie finally prevailed.
; 'Sahta Asha'aso ths Fa ef.do'h or tu s
PBxss.-Another decree agairjst the. free
dom if the press has just been Issued bV
his 'Must Serene HigbneSa' Santa '-Anna.
Tbs following ate the terms, as puWurS
ed in the He raider ; ' ;.: t .!i
i 'The- Supreme GoTynmeat has obdet.
ed with positive disjust:.thaiie. 'if
ihe periodicals and journal, pnUishaol
iu this capital, copy jnto theirxolumna
notices or articlef' taked Tiont foreign
papersof ithe same class.' Fa 'Vvhfch1 are
inculcated . and, ;meiataiQd; knarphUa;!
and rtisc.ord;begetUug doctrines, ttiamet
rically opposed to the ideas . whicJv,.dhe
present political administration X.eoi
country professes apd Maintains. Ue-
oer vuesa circumstances. and indrde.to
avota ibe'eyii that sdeh doclrin.ea' may
occasion, General.his Most Ser aaV HIeH-
nesg the President, has ordered "that ail
editors of jerioijicals. and "IjOotaals pub.
IUhed,iu.r,hi capilo; beadmpniabK ab
solutely to bslain from comnuttiag ike
offen sp pointed , ouf and ' informed, tbt
If ao ba'contravene bie' aupr'e'me.djS
terininaribn. he vijll be.hletlsed wSh
such se"veriry as the ctrcurnS'laace'sHf '
the case rJiky rJemendJ' h1" tii
i' Id tbe.snlt of Daniali WebsXer a'gaiiikt
the city, of. New Orleans . claiming Jifly
thousand dollars for ptofestwaal aervKat
in ile-Oalnes CJise: the'Jai Wefautidbla
fa' ggffe'J " JAi' '
-i j, ' ' "'" -' ;
Mrs. Bloomer has teen tecturrpg-Hfl

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