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Th: tolce fthi People bttv Supreme Law;
E.A. C1UTTOX Editor.
I (till ?, 1
KtmpapOT Sabttrtptloa and Adrtitlito Atncy
Pnila Delphi a. New Yobk. Bonos and Bal-
twobb, it our authorized agent to receive and
receipt fot subscription and advertisement foi
the Dkmocbat.
ed at the ten highest market prices, on Sub
scriptionor Advertisements, at this office.
Monty U not rrusrd.
For Governor,
For Lieutenant Governor,
For Supreme Judges,
For Auditor of State,
For Treasurer of State,
For Secretary of State,
For Attorney General,
For Board of Pullit Works,
To Free Soil Democrats.
Just as we expected, the Free Soil
Democrats are now petting their eyes
opened to the rascality of Whigs and
their Know Nothing allies, in the last
fall elections, by an exposure of their
duplicity and double-dealing. The
National Era, the leading National
organ of the Free Democracy, conies
out boldly against this spirit of pros
cription, assumed last tail by the op
position. It has ever been a leading
lu: , wu: ..l iu:. n: "
uujcn mui:Koi it iiilis ouu mill omic?,i
to deceive honest Democrats and Free
Soilen into their suDDort bv lies
misrepresentations : whereas, on the
other hand, the Democratic party has
ever taken open, honest ground; at all
times meeting the Free Soil party with
a frank and open acknowledgment of
their principles. Why cannot our
Free Soil friends see this? We know
"ifiey hold human rights too sacred to be
frittered away by the midnight cabals
of Know Nothings, to allowed an
accidental birth in Europe to take away
man's freedom. The Era says;
Tow the Current is Setting.
There is now berdly a doubt that the
anti-slavery men mean to cut loose from
She Know Nothing Whig organization,
which his agreed, both North and South
to act as a body upon Ibe basis of ignor
ing the slavery question. The editor of
the Nationul Era, the leading abolition
paper In bis laat issue asyi:
"Tbe public mind continuea to be agi
tated by Know Nothinism, Our cor
respondence on the fourth page of the Era
abowa how the current is getting among
anti-elavary men. We have no hteita
tion in announcing that the great body
of the old antl-slnvery men are taking
ground againit the new party."
The Era appeals to such anti-staverv
net) as are in the order "to come out a nd
be separate." The ami slavery nan in
Ohio will probably answer the appeal
by nominating a distinct ticket from tbe
Snow Nothings at the neit eletion.
A late paper from Columbus informs
os tbat Gbeinkr of the Matt Journal
was put into a clairvoyant state, by a
Mr. Kino while delivering a lecture in
the Presbyterian Church in that citv.
It it laid he has given a-full account of
his peeps into futurity, while in the
mesmeric state, to the X. Y. Q. P.
(an officer) of the 1st Council of Know
Nothings of Columbus; and that a copy
in his usual gibberish will be sent to
til the Lodges in this Stale.
OCT" We had a flying visit from Mi.
D. 1. Edwards, the Daugerrean Art
ist, the other day, and he infonns us
tbat he doing a the business at Ham
den; we are truly glad to hear it, and
we caa assure our readers that if they
really want a fine picture they cannot
do better than to get a likeness of Mr.
I he certainly is one of tbe best ope
rator! that has visited these parts.
Read an excellent tale on our firs
rage, and see that you don't miss send
me out the Valentines. We know la
dies and gents, that are expecting them
There is any quantity on hand at S. S
DitMDTH's.at prices from 2 to 50 cents
Call before they are all gone. Don't
forget tbat the 14th (next Wednesday)
if Vauhtm $ day.
Messrs. Shades & Rstkolds re
Guests tit to say tbat they will have for
; sal at Auction, on the It
J7tb inst., Pry Goods, Hardware,
Queens ware, Hats.Caps, Boats, Shoes
and Groceries; in fad everything tbat
a pan peeda in bis family. Now is
tba Jim to get good bargains, and buy
Good at your ownp-iices, Call and
see ior yourselves.
;' tCT Gov. Shannon will please ex
cept thanks for Public Documents re-
eiytd. v
Graham and Godey.
We have received the above works.
(or February, and they are most beau.
tilul numbers. Headly's Life of Wash-
i net on is continued in Graham, and is
more interesting as the history progres
sea. Godey teems with interesting
matter, and contains beautiful Fasion
plates for the- ladies. You can have
either of the above and a copy of this
paper one year for $3. Call and let us
send on jour names.
Masonic Review.
For February, is on our table; the
Craft will find it more interesting than
ever. 1 lie back no. ot tne present
volume can be supplied to new sub-sen
bers. TtRMS.- $2 per year.
We call attention to the "Greek
Slave" Advertisement this week. The
Gilt Distributions of this association
will come off positively on the 28th
inst.; it was postponed from unavoida
ble causes.
Area's Cherry Pectoral. We
believe this to be an excellent prepara
tion, and shall therefore not hesitate to
recommend it to our readers. It has
been tested in numerous instances in this
city, and in several which have come
under our own observation, it lias ac
complished what other popular mrdi
cines and some of cur most skilful
physicians bad failed to accomplish
a penect cure, in cases oi (apparently)
confirmed consumption it is the only
medicine for this disease which we can
Advocate, Prov. R. I.
Says lie's Been Tricked.
An old Whig friend who fraternises
in religious matters with the Seven Dy
Baptists, and who joiued the Know
Nothings with a view of preventing tlie
Pope liorn being elected President of
the United States, now cure that lie
ibiukt he baa been sold out, since the
Kuow Nothing! of Bal'imoreare admit
ting native bom Catholics to the privil-
egesoflhrir order, it is now preiw
well asscertained that the whole thing
a tjsiero ol bargain aim (dies, in
which a few unprincipled demagogues
realizes all the proGti. Stutteman,
The above expresses our sentiments
exactly, and what is every word truth,
as we believe.
News Items.
Usury Ward BeecLer, a distinguished
andlPresbyteiiau pieacher, of New York
A desperate battle hod been fought
near recoa river, petween a pari of run
pciaand Texas Indians, which resulted
p . .
in tne victory
set eral Indians and
took many prison-
city, sayS that an honest man inside of a
Know Nolhiog lodge hue "itie peculiar
advantage that fiiea have in spider's web
the privilege of losing their lees, ol
buzzing without flying, and being eaten
at leisure by tig lellied spiders."
Wheat at PrrTmuiia The piis-
in the victory ol the former, who k lled!ltcl
burg American says that over 100.0uuiDeen
bushels of wheat have been brought
tbat market and sold within the last
three weeks, at prices va ring from SI "'o
to 81 90 per bushel.
Tbe Chicago Tribune thinks tho let
ter of Mrs. Brigham Young, twelfth or
fortieth wife of the Governor, and Miss
Williaws, to tbe
Boston 7'tmcs, is ''a
New Counterfeit. We ware shown
yesterday, says the Wheeling Intelligen
cer, a nv counterfeit five dollar note
ou the W7ellsburg!i branch of the North
Western Bank of Virginia, intended for
a fac simile of the genuine. Vignette,
female and Indian reclining; the female
supporting the Virginia coat of arms be
tween thein! Locomotive and medulion
bead on left, and medal ion head ol
Washington on tbe tbe light. Signed
D. Lamb, cashier, J. C. Campbell Presi
dent. Dated March 3, 1854. Filling
up toe signature all done by the same
hind, and very well done. The engrav
ing is coarse, paper thick and dark.
Gen. Willson was elected U. Sr Sena
tor by the Massachusetts Legislature on
the 31it ult.
The Supreme Court of Wisconsin
having issued a writ of habeas corpus in
the case of S. M. Booth and John Rye
craft, a ti'.ort time since convicted by the
United States District Court for the
District, on a ciurge of aiding in the
rescue of a fugitive slave, they were ac
coinpanied on the morning of the 22th
ult., by a procession of 2,000 citizens
and a bend of music to the Railroad De
pot, in Milwaukie, on their way to Mad
ison for a hearing before tbe Supreme
The Sew York Herald of Sunday pub
lulled translations of Mexican docu
menls, to sbow that Sania Anna is sell
ing tbe lucatan Indians, cantered br
his troops, at so much a head, lor slaves
According to tb e New Orleans Delta
the Captain General of Cuba has been
officially notified by the representatives
of the uovernmenta of France mid Great
Britian tbat within fifteen days there
will appear in the port of Havana a Franc
Eii'lish aquadrun, composed of two
ships of-the line and seveiat smaller ves
self. It is intimated by the Spanish au
Iborities thai this squadron lias sent to
the coast of Cuba as a guaranty against
tbe ambitious views of Americans.
Most Atw States. The House of
Representatives has passed the (PI 1 1 a u
thorizing the people of Oregon to form
State constitution and prepare for ad
mission into the Union. This bill will
accepted, and Oregon will doubtless
be admitted during the next Congress.
The admission of Minnesota ranuot be
delayed more than two veer. Kansas,
Nebraska and Washington Territories
will soon follow, and then our Union
ill consist of thirty-nix sovereign
Stales! states man. .
On the 3d, as a large party was skat
ing on the Schuylkill, above Fairmount,
tbe let broke, and Mr. Earls S, Sinn,
druggist, and Miss Buisell, his wife's
sister, were drowned, biie was on a
sled, and be was skating and pushing the
fled before h i rr. . ' . '
What are the Whigs Going to Do!
Thai's the question about w hich we
are somewhat curious. e should
a. a .
line to Know wuetner mey intend to
rally under the "Republican" or the
"Star bpangled bauyer?'
Whether they intend to favor the
charter of a national bank ?
Whether they intend to favor an s
srmption of the dells of the States?
Whether they intend to favor an in
crease of the tariff?
Whether they are in favor of a home
stead law, or of granting the public
u..main to ran roan corporations
vv miner mey intend to lavor a re
peal of the naturalization laws?
Whether they intend to join the
chiirch-Lurnrs, or to surrender, as in
18i)2, to the magic of the 'brogue, and
the wet t scent' of our German fellow
Whether thev intend to favor the
and consenuentlv enemies, instead of
friends, of the half million of foreign
ers who annually seeK our snores!"
These are political questions, in
which the people Jiave an interest, and
all politicians w ho are honest, and not
engaged in any thimble-rigging cpojpi
racy to obtain power under ulsepre
tenets, will have no objections to make
response, and 'harg out their banners.'
The Democratic party, and the Free
sou party, have, met all these and oth
er questions, frankly and fully, and
their banners float in the sunlight.
Where is Whiggen? Will somebody
Horrible Accident—A Woman
Burned to Death!
remains were taiien to tile
reaching tor some article on the
tmantle, when her clothes caught from
Never have we been called upon lo
record a more melancholy and heart
rending death than occurred in our
neighboring town, Washington, on
Monday morning last. About ten o'
clock smoke was se?n issuing from the
dwelling house of Mrs. Mary Collev.
The alarm of fire was given, and the
door btirsted open, when a most appal-
ing spectacle was presented to view.
iMivelopf-u in llames lay the bedy ol
Mrs. Colley. By means of a hook
her burning corpse was dragged from
the room into the street where the snow
extinguished the flames surrouding it,
leaving it a cienuded.cnsped and black
ened object, frightful to look upon.
Alter the consternation created by such
a sudden and unexpected siht had sub
s,uea Bnu 1
sided and the tire in the house subdued,
i. i;ivi i .
house of Mr. John Barton, and on the
day following, conveyed to the silent
tomb, followed by an only daughter.
and a large concourse of sympathising
menus ana neignuors.
The deceased was in the forty-seventh
year of her age; very corpulent,
wekbiwr some
tOO lbs., and easily
(Overcome by frisht. Her daughter was
absent from home at the time of the
accident. It is supposed that alie had
the hre in the crate, and that in
to reach the door she tainted and fell
beside the bed, which took fire from
her burnirg clothes and was consumed.
V enly, this is another verification ot
the addage, that "in the midst of life
Guernsey Jeffersonian.
Fire at Athens, Ohio.
We clip the following particulars
of the fire from the Athens Messtnqer
oi me za inst. ;
Last night (the 31st ult.) about 12
o'clock the Post Office building, in
which was tue 1'ost Uince, Uemocrat
Printing Office, and one of the work
shops of Mr. A. Cochran's Boot and
Shoe establishment, was discovered
to be on fire. The fire had so far pro
gressed bclore its discovery that the
entire materials of the printing office.
(except some of the books) including
a large siock oi paper, were totally
destroyed. The building was all wood
and burned with tearful rapidity bare
ly allowing sufficient time to remove
ttie greater portion ot the mail matter
lying in the post office before the press
and oiner neavy materiair in the print
ing office fell through into the post of
fice apartment. The Post Alaster in'
form; us that all the matter of theprin-
cipai mans was saved mere bein
possibility that some ot the matter of
some of some ot the way-mails is lost,
m' -i i .i
wi tins, uowever, mere is yet some
Of the origin of the fire, nothing is
Utunueiy. Known, vvnen discovered,
we understand the press-room was
nearly enveloped in flames, and it is
supposed that it either o-iiginated there,
or communicated from some of the fires
below. The workmen in (he press.
room left the office at 11 o'clock, where
they had been engaged in working off
the paper for distribution this morning.
The night being exceedingly cold,
and the fire occuring at an hour after
most of our citizens had retired, the
people labored under great disadvanta
ges and encountered great difficulty in
saving tue large residences oi Mr. de
tteiguer and Airs. Atkinson, immedi
ately adjoining the burning building or
ither side, i litre was fortunately a
sheet of snow on tne buildings, which
proved a great protection to property in
the immediate vicinity.
e are rejoiced to learn that our
cotemporary, Air. Stedman, has an in
surance of $800 on his office, which
will be a great relief, but yet will not
indemnify his loss. Mr. de Sleiguei's
loss is some $800.
The New York Board of Emigration
estimate tbat 80,000,000 in money
have been brought into this country, in
the last year, by German emigrants.
Even So. Tbe New York Mirror
thinks that just now, instead offending
luxuries to tbe "fat and jolly brethero."
we had better keep the American poor
from atarving. Sensible, that. - ),
News from the Sandwich Islands—
The King's Proclamation.
NEW YORK, Jan. 25.
e nave later news from tue van
ous South American ports, but beyond
the contradiction of the reported sale
of the Gallipagos Islands to the Uni
ted Slates, wt find nothing of import
We have Honolulu dates to the 9th
of December,
The Hawaiian government, appre-
nrnsive or uuuusier invasion, issuea
the following proclamation on the 8lh:
"It has come to my knowledge, from
the highest official sources, that my
government has been recently threaten
ed with overthrow by lawless violence;
and, whereas, the representatives at
my Court of the United States, Great
Britain and France, being cognizant of
the threats, nave offered me the prompt
assistance of the naval forces of their
respective countries, I hereby publicly
proclaim my acceptance of the aid thus
offered in support of my sovereignty.
v independence is more firmly estab
lied than ever before.
"(Signed,) Kamehama."
This fear of filibusters, the Alia
California says-comes from the for
eign residents tor the purpose of awing
popular opposition against annexation.
XSothing is said as to the treatv witu
theUnited States, except in a letter to
the San Francisco Herald, in which
it is affirmed that the treaty is signed,
and its consummation rests altogether
with tne authorities at Washington.
The police of Cleveland made a de
scent upon a den of counteifeitera on
Friday last. The Plain Dealer says:
"The officers have been some time
on the trail ot this gang, and yesterday
by means of a post office trap, the res
idence of the chief counterfeiter was
found to be in this city, at No. 28 Sco
ville street. His name is E. J. Som-
ers, alias J. D. Miner. The Sheriff
and his party went noiselessly lo his
residence la.t night. A gentle tap by
one of the party, brought a very polile,
nice little woman to the door, who said
Mr. Miner was not in. in the mean
time Mr. M. was making his exit out
tbe back way, and was arrested by one
of the deputies.
1 he beseiging party then 'pitched in'
to the house, but found the inner room,
containing Mrs. Miner and a Mr.
Kosecrants alias Nicholas, locked, and
admitance refused. The order was
given to burst open the door, when it
was quickly opened by tbe lady. In
the s'.ove was found a roaring fire, all
of ntie bank bills, just put in. Kose
crants and lady were seized, the room
searched, and about twenty thousand
dollars ot prettily printed bank bills, all
on Xiasiem nanus, were - ioudq reauy
tor circulation, and a whole trunk full
ready to be filled out.
"On Miner was found a letter from
one of the gang, ordering a large
amount to be remitted to him, as he
was going East via Philadelphia and
Baltimore, and could put it off like hot
cakes. A list of retail dealers, custo
mers from abroad, who were patroniz
ing this wholesale house in Cleveland,
was also found."
A New Device. Eastern papers
say that is a fact susceptable of proof,
that a brisk business is carried on in
the manufacture and sale ot "brandy
drops" a kind ot candy, or prepara
tion oi gum, containing about a thimble
lull of brandy, or seme other kind of
intoxicating liquor. A very few of
these drops thus throughly medicated,
will produce intoxication, Instances
have been known in which the v have
been dealt out to children, even young
girls.who became drunk in consequence
oi it. i nis is a refinement ot deprav
ity which should make Satan ashamed
ol himself. e are no great friends
of the neck-stretching business, but
feel that hanging is too good for those
wno engage in such a detestable traffic
as that. Let the true friends of sobri
ety be prepared for a thousand and one
ot these convert violations of the law.
If we must have intemperance, let us
have the old rednosed, bloated, loath
some kind and none of this susar-
coated trancendentalism in the line of
Cleveland Plaindealer.
OCT Dr. Alcott, the dietician, says
that saleratus in bread, used for the pur
pose of lightening it, is poisonous, He
does not furn ish the proof; but gives
the statements of a clergyman who saw
certain ill effects produced after eating,
which be attributed to this substance
in bread. On this Dr. A. bases the
calculation that out of three hundred
thousand persons who die annually in
the United States under ten years of
age, one hundred thousand are victims
of saleratus- . Some doubts arise
whether it is used to the extent this
calculation would warrant. If it is,
the 80onerthe fact that its qualities are
injurious aie determined, the better.
Too Wooly.
Frederick Douglas delivered one of
his lectures last week, in Biddeford, Me.,
and tbe morning aftewards stepped Into
the barber shop of a Mr. Bunker, an
Ethiopian with a slight European alloy
iu hit blood, who absolutely refused to
shave him, at it was agaius the rules of
the establishment lo ahave colored gen
tlemen. Fred, left in a very wrathful
A man in Wapello has for some time
been amusing the boys and silly ones.
by running a long spindle down his
throat. A few days ago he bet a pint of
whiaky with boy, that he could run a
bar of lead down, He did so, but lost
his hold of it, it slipped into the stom
ach, and there it is. Tbey hart suc
ceeded in keeping biin alive thus far,
but it is expected he will submit tot
Kcokuk Dispatch.
Wonderful Escape.
We publiah tv-day foil account from
correipondeot of the New Yoik Herald.
of lb recent balloon asceuston of Miaa
Bradley, at Eaition. It is a narrative
of the moat extraordiaary and perilous
aerial voyage on record, and for atarllinf
effect completely eclipses the eiploitt
ol all previous cloud-scaling peregrine
I sea that you hate to your telegraphic
column oi to-day 'a Herald a brief ac
count of the balloon aicenaion of Miss
Louisa Bradley from ibis place on the
25th. Her eacapa was ao miraculous
that I think you will 2nd a more de
tailed account interesting. Miss B. fill
ed her balloon entirely with gaa from
one of tbeatreet mines, and at 11 o'clock
stepped fearlesaly into the car. She la
small, delicate looking woman, and
was dressed: in a Bloomer costume of
scarlet and blue. Tbe balloon, held by
a rope, was then permitted to rise about
twenty feet from the ground, wben she
made a abort address to tbe crowd of
people. It then ruse gently, still held by
the rope, until aha was one hundred feat
from the gronud, when she cut the cord
and the balluon rose perpendicularly
with great velocity, uo'il she had reach
ed a mils or a mile and a qurrler, as it
was estimated by those pre seul who were
best able to judge.
It would appear, from ber own ac
count, that r tie knew very little about
the busiueaa she bad undertaken, or of
the effects likely to be produced upon
he balloon when it reached the tanned
atmosphere. The balloon was au old
one, and tbe silk had become so rotten
tba it was wouderful that it would bear
inflation at all.
When she retched this height she
states tbat the balloon, which was not
entirely filled whea sbe led the earth,
expanded uutil the gas began to escape
at the seams, and became very offen
sive lo her. She had become so absorb
ed by the euchauting prospect spread
out beneath her, which she said was mag
nified beyond the power of language to
describe, tbat she had not noticed the
balloon. Tba escape of gas alarmed her,
and she pulled the valve rope, but per
uiitteJ but little gas to escape, as sbe
was afraid she would fall Into the Dela
ware, which was directly beueath her.
In a few momenta after this the balloon
collapsed, and to our berror and alarm,
we saw her fall with frightful rapidity
for tbe distance of six or seven hundred
feet, her progress then being checked,
from what cause we below could not see,
although we then observed tbat she was
descending quite alowly. It seems that
when the balloon burst it was torn iuto
ribdou. except the lower part or neck
of tbe balloon. So completely was the
upper part torn to piecea, that large
pieces ol ana blew away, ana the re
mainder hung dow j even below the car.
Wben she bad fallen this distance tbe
neck of the balloon suddenly blew up,
turning inside out, and catching against
tbe net-work formed a parachute, which
bore her safely to the ground. Sbe came
down iu au open field, aud so lightly
did the car strike the earth, that abe
says there was not tbe slightest jai. Her
presence of mind was extraordinary.
After thie fearful fall, and when the
balloon was descending with fearful
velocity, abe threw out her aand-bagt
and anchor, aud then with the upmost
caluinesa commenced singing byrcu.'
She alighted abut four miles from this
place. The tup must be considered a
quick one, aa at a quarter past 12 she
rode into town sale and lo fine spina.
Wonderful Escape. Condition of the British A my in
the Crimea.
BOSTON, Feb. 1.
Tbe Africa arrived here this morning.
A letter iu the Fayes, dated Constan
tinople, January bin, says that a column
of Riflemen bad taten possttsion of tbe
important pusilion of tbe Camera, near
Balailava, after driving out the Rue
sians, who occupied it. The enemy et
periencea severe losses, and were com
pletely put " ruut. The loss of tbe
Russians at ?.bastopol and neighbor
hood, during the laat days of December,
is estimated at more than 6000.
The Timet, in a leading article, drawa
a most deplorable picture of the state of
tbe army in tbe Crimea. At the begin
nmg of January it could muster only
14,UUU bayonets. The artillery and eu
giueers bad been reduced in the tame
proportion, aud the cavalry no longer
existed. Ibe deaths amounted to 60 a
day. The number disabled by fatigue
and aickness 1000 per week. This ratio,
Ibe limes thinks, la rapidly ou tbe in
crease, aud it computed that out of 14,
000 nominally fit for the service, on 1 j
2,000 are in good health, ll saya the
army was au army of invalids at tbe be
ginning of tbe month, although tbe
trimea winter bad not set in.
The Triple Alliance in Defence of
A letter in tbe Lopes invaaion of Cu
ba, written by tbe Duke de Valencia to
the then President of the French Repub
lie, end tbe answer of Louis Nopoleon,
appear now in English, it is said for the
first lime. The following it tbe answer
of Louis Aapoleon:
"Mr Dzab Does Like you I was dis
gusted wben I beard of the criminal at
tempt of certain American adventurers
to seize Cuba, and, if lhave not answer
ed yous letter vert promptly, it nag be
cause 1 wished to aend you the result of
my Council a deliberations in the mat
ter. It was decided some days ago by
my Cabinet to send three ships of war to
Cuba, to oppose any fotce tbat might at
teinpt the invasion of the islaud. The
English Government has imitated our
example, according to my advice, and 1
now hope tbat France, England and the
United States will, unite to preveut the
repetition of tbe attempts which would
entail the most serious difficulties be
tween America and tbe States of Eu
"My government is very disposed to
feel for its allies a loyal aud disintereat-
ed respect, and offer them ao energetic
support; but this, which is always a du
ly, is now a matter of sympathy, and 1
am instructed to convey to you itt friend
ship and esteem for the Spanish Gov
ernment. Receive yourself, my dear
Doke, the assurance of my most distin-.
guished respect and friendship. . .
Evidence of Hard Times.
Ingenuity exercised by tqciieuetrs,
in their endeavors to effect "sel,"U
frequently quite amualng. The other
day we watched for a little while tb
mencuvres of a friend of ours, who
stands in the very van oi '.be rea
peclable auctioneering profiteioit. He
bad elevated himself astride, a "noble
animal," and commenced harranguing
the crowd after ihie faihionr.
"Here, gentlemen you see before you
tbe noblest auiinal that - ever aanihilat.
ed lime and space. Two forty on the
ice, gentlemen, and nothing shorter.
Talk of your iron horses! tbey can no
more be compared to this fron gray.
tban a low-lived mule can be compared
to the forked lightning. To see him re
volve around space, you'd fancy at onca
that he nought be one of Colt's revolv
er, except that he won't kick, although
ho due go of about at fast. No, gen
tlemen, tbere aiu't a kick in him.
Nothwitha'anding hit fleetneia, a wo.
man asd 'one small children might ride
biro from Dan to Barsbaebe, and he'd
neversow any of his wild oats daring
the whole trip. Ile'e a modest family
horse, and ain't to be sold for say fault.
but because bit owner wishes to join
the Cubtu expedition. Tbe onlr won
der is, how they can get along without
him In the war, for there t nary horse
living that comes so near my idee of the
war horse, with tbit Alexander the
Great overthrew the Roman consuls in
ancient Scandinavia. He's euprosed u
fact, to be a lineal descendeiil of old
Bucephalus. 1 don't know the pedigree
of his dam, but one thing's certain; ht's a
d d good borse. Who'll start him at
two hundred dollars, genllmen, who'
(After a pause.) Who ayt one hundred
dollait, to alert this inagnifiieut aul-
No one teemed disposed to take the
magnificent animal" at a hundred dut.
lars, and, after waiting awhile, be was
bid off by a countryman for six dollurs
and fifty cents. 'Drefful hard lime for
mtrmy! remarked our worthy auction-
eer, with a furred smile, as he quie.ly
slid down, aud handed Bucephalus over
A Hard Question.
What ought to be done with gen
tleman who ergegeathe affeciiout of a
young lady, aud then leaves her? Ex.
1 he above question Is anawered pre
cisely the right way by the editor of the.
lew York Time. Here him: "Bleu
him and let him go. We always think,
iusuch cases, that a young lady baa
abundent cause for congratulation, and
instead of whining ana crying over'split
affection,' let her put ou ber tunny
smiles, and endeavor to captivate a mora
worthy beau, lou may depeud upon
it, that th man who baa no more stabi
lity of mind, or honesty of purpose, tnau
to act in tbis way to a young lady.lt
not worth a tear of regret, on tbe con
trail, she should be especially happy
that she has so luckily got ria of a par
sou who throughout his li!f,in whatever
he undertook, .would unqnettiouably ei-
labit the same irresolution of iniu4-
Love it like everyting else; t mail who
ia not to be trusted in that, is very like
ly to be unsafe in other respects."
A Capital Joke. The Know
Nothings of New Hampshire held
State convention a few Unys since, and
nominated a full State ticket for the
election in March next. After they
had all got heme again, and began to
discuss the qualification? of their sev
eral candidates, it was dircoer(-d that
should tbey tu n elect their candidate
lor Governor, Rev. John Moore, ho
cculd not lake the dike, for he baa
been less than five years in the State,
while the constitution r quires a resi
dence of seven, A well-named set
the party are, surely I
Siiockimo Acciuibt. We are indebt
ed to our friend II. O. Davy for the par
titulars of a fatal accident which occur
red on Friday afternoon, at the lnus
of Adam Johnson, in Porter township,
Delaware county, A boy aged sixteen,
named Robert Tortter, was avcidently
killed by tbe discbarge of a gun. lie was
in the act ot blowing iu the muxile of
the gun, when it went o(T, the ball en
tering his mouth and coming out at the
back of his brad, killing him inrtanlly.
There were seteral bos withiu a few
feet of biin at the time of the accident,
but Strang to say the lepcrl of the guu
eras not heard by any of them. Let par
enta take warning bow they ellow their
Vernon True Whig.
Fbozek to Death. -General report gives
out that on the 22d, and not far I rein
Opeisa, more than 360 fool soldiers and
several Jewish carters perished in a
snow storm. Tbe causes of death were
the want of adequate warm clothing,
and the audden eei iu of a frost; and it
is also said that the wagons and teams'
had gone on be lore the men, who were
thus left behind, eud as tbe soldiers bad
on wet clotbes from the previous rain,
they froze iuto a crust of ice when the
frost began. They looked abo'jt fur a
midge but could not finJ any. Tbe day
after groups of frozen dead bodies were
found, and between 20 tnd 30 men
English Paper.
Effects or . th Eastebm Was. A
New York corespondent writes:
"Several of the butchers of this city
are engeged in filling large orders for
teef on account of the British Govern
ment. The wants of tbe allies also be
gin to beue&t.our snipping Douses.
The French Government have just taken'
up the cipper ship White Squall, about
1,300 tons burden, to Carry provisions to
the Black Sea.
English Paper. MARRIED.
On the 25th of Jan., by Kev. C. P.
Taylor, Mr. ."hvin Clark and Miss
Mart M. l'yrriNBtaow; all ol this
IS hereby liven that my wife, Jane Canny,
has left my bed and board without any
just cause or provocation; I, therefore, fort-
warn all persons ot trusting her on my ac
count, as 1 am determined to oar no debts of
her contracting; also, against narborinz Hel
f.W fl H.K A II..MVUV
9, VU.T"W, rl- VA I .

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