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TktToiti flhi People Utkt Supremo Law;
E. A. PHATTOi. Editor.
rAKTlllR, FEB. 16, 1855,
IUwFtpr SbdpUm and Advrtlaln iftocf
TIMORE, is our authorised agent (o receive and
receipt for subscription and advertisement fur
the Democrat.
id at th uryhighttt market pticta, on Sub-
tcrxf honor AdurUtmtnl$,iu tnu ojftct.-
Monty u not rtjuud
For Governor
For Lieutenant Governor,
For Suprtmt Juiget,
For Auditor of Stati,
For Trtaturtr of Slat,
Ftr Sertary of Stati.
For Attormy Gtntral,
For Boar A of Pulllt Work;
Two Railroads through McArthur.
The enterprising officers of the Pitta.
Mays., and Cin. R. R. Co. have been,
as we are reliably informed, pushing on
the worK vita all possible despatch.
Tint road our Iriends here will recol
lect connects with the Sleubenville
road nor far from Cadiz, and.runi thro'
Washington, Guernsey co.,., Ihence
to McConnelsville, thence it must run
Dear McArthur, and should come thro
Our town. No doubt but our citizens,
when the proper time come?, will take
the necessary steps to secure the road.
It will be seen by the following corres
pondence to the Cincinnati Enquirer,
thtvt the grade is nearly ready for the
rails from McConnelsville to Washing,
ton, near 40 miles:
Messrs. Editors: This town, with
the addition of its neighbor, (Malta, on
the opposite side of the Muskingum,)
will probably number from four to five
thousand inhabitant), aud, judging from
prrsent appearances, will greatly in
crease in size and amount of trade.
Visit this place whatever season of the
year yon please and you will see it
much more lively than most towns of
Ite size. At present the citizens here
re confidently looking forward to what
I hope will not be far distent a union
ky railroad to our Queen City. The
part of the Pittsburg, Maysville end
Cincinnati road is nearly graded be
tween here and Washington, in Guetnsy
county; and that part souut-west, I on
derstand, is not yet located, but, it is
supposed, will intersect the Marietta
toad at or near M'Artburstown, and let
it take any routs in any direction, it
anust pass through beds or rather fields
of coal of the choicest and purest quel i
Yes, if this roasl passess through
McArthur, it will pass within rifle shot
of Mr. John Lord's coal bank, one
of the best quality in the State, and a
even foot vein at that; and some half
doaen others we could name. Our
hills are fall of coal and iron ore, and
as these and our other railroads tra
Terse our county they are being sought
after and bought up fast. There is
till a large quantity of floe mineral and
farm land for sale at low rates; in fact,
w believe the best investments for cap
ital in the State is now in Vinton co.
Dead, ehl.
I'm done thinkinV AcJriAr Ihrali.
Shouldn't w onder all your Brother
Know Nothings are in the same fix,
about these days.
But. Tom. when rou eo to town again.
Just drop in and tell 'em to send me the Mc
Arthur Urald and Cultivator for oue year,
ere we two aouars. turou.
Damphool is dead. Stmt paper.
The question now agitating this Re
publican portion of God's heritage is,
whether he died since the last issue of
the Herald, or before? A wag at our
elbow wishes the question retered to
tbe next mtetm' of the McArthur Lit
rary and Scientific Association.
A Mr. Stivers, who lived in this
county between Allemrville and the
Bow county line, was killed on last
Wednesday; be was felling trees at the
time; his brother had been with him,
but left for home before tbe deceased,
who remained at work. When found
he was onder a tree, with both legs
broke and his head smashed, k is
(opposed he was instantly killed.
Small Pox!
We are informed that this disease
has made its appearance at Sand Fur
Dace, about niue miles north-east of
McArthur. A man come off tbe Ohio
river sick, and since he came to the
Furnace there has been three other eas
es. Our citizens in the neighborhood
of the Furnace, should be prudent and
cot expose themselves unnecessarily.
Small Pox! Col. Medary---A Veteran Democrat.
. .; crat. .
We hail the announcement of Col.
Mkdary's appearance before the De
mocracy ot Ohio at this time as Ldi
tor of the Statesman and Democrat,
as a harbinger of glorious victories in
the future for our party, and the rights
of man. The Col. has spent a long
time in our ranks, and is the same Re
publican still; no faltering from duty
on bis part,, Know Nothings and
Whigs are now making tracks to their
midnight dens in double quick time.
Lvery Democrat in the State should
take an interest in the circulation of the
Statesman. We copy the following
Irom the Daily of the 10th inst.:
A vast deal is expected of a paper
printed at tbe Capital of a State, and in
teuded as Central organ of certain seu
limeiits, or a great party. Great labor
and fjpen.es are demanded, absolutely
required, whether any compensation if
returned or not.
The pnl'tir of the Ohio Statcemau
will be liberal and radical in its senti
ments firm and decided In its positions
on all the great, new aud leading ques
tions that agitate the hour bold in de
fence, aud firm inattacks stating notb
ing but whet is believed to be in ac
cordaoce with truth, but open to correc
tions and even reproofs if the occasion
should justify them.
1 am free to admit, end "the truth of
history" perhaps demands the admis
sion, that I find the public miurl very
differently constituted from what it was
when I retired from the editorial chair
some two years ago.
1 freely admit tbat there is indiffer
ence, dissatisfaction and disorganiza
tion, to some considerable extent, iu
the old Democratic ranks. That there
has been a noveland secret organization
of politicians grown up in our midst,
unnatural end hostile, as 1 conceive, to
the true principles of our republican
institutions, need not be denied. That
onr system or taxation, tor perhaps
rather the amount of taxes levied,) in
our Slate, has caused no small degree ol
irritation and complaint, no oue need
gainsay, for all felt it, But 1 shall try to
meet every question, in as broad aiiu
comprehensive a view as possible; con
demn the wrong and defend the right;
aud, if possible, bring those of similar
views a .id sentiments into a united and
triumphaut orgauization.
1 do not expect to please every one
I should not attempt it if it were possi
ble but shall advance the euduring
principles of freedom, sustain the inal
ienable rights of mankind, defend tbe
constitutional prlvaleges of every citi
zen, without inquiring into nis origin,
birth-place or religious scruples. j
Terms of the Olilo Statesman:
Daily Statesman per year--- 86 00
Weekly " 1 2 00
Subscriptions must always be paid in
Fire! Fire!! Fire!!!
We call attention this week to the
Advertisement of the JEtha Insurance
Company of Hartford, Conn. This j
is said to be one of the best Eastern
Companies. J. P. Pltley, Esq., is
Agent for the Company in Yinton co.,
and will insure on liberal terms. Ev
ery man's house should be insured.
News Items.
The Post Office Department has dis
continued the Sunday mail over the
Central Ohio Rtilroad; consequently, tbe
Sunday train leaving Columbus at 10:10
A. M., have beeu taken off.
In the Iowa House of Representatives,
on the 22c ult., tbe bill in relation to
the observance of the Christian Sabbaih
being under consideration, the following
amendment was offered;
"It shall be regarded as a violation of
the Sabbaih for clergymen, ol any de.
nomination, to preach political sermons
ou the Subbsth uay
The yeas and nays being taken, there
were fourteen yeas.
Rnow-Nothingism is below par in
Arkansas. The lesislatnre of the State
has passed resolutions deoounciuz the
order, by a vote of 91 to 6.
The English Government, bars sent
Urge orders to the Xew York botchers
for beef to supply tho British army.
A bill has been introduced in the
Senate of Indiana, to break up the
Know Nothing Lodges in that State.
It declares it a conspiracy for persons
to bend themselves under solemn oaths
for tbe purpose of depriving any citi
zens of the State of political rights un
der the constitution.
Terrible Snow Storm in New York
Terrible Snow Storm in New York--Earthquake in Nova Scotia.
NEW YORK, Feb. 8.
A severe snow storm prevailed all
laat nigh'., aud still continues, but with
less violence. It is badly drilling, block
ing up tbe streets and railways. The
steamer Pacific, which started from this
port yesterday at uoon, had to put back,
and came to anchor for the night at
Gravesend Bay. She went over the bar
at eleven o'clock this morning. Tbe
sound steamers have not made their a p.
pearance, and those which were to have
left here last night were detsined by the
storm. Tbe steamer North Star was in
the lower bay at oue o'clock.
A destructive and severe shock of en
earthquake was experienced in Nova
Scotia, this morning. At Halifax, the
hstock wssalarming. Tbe shock extend
ed lo Maiue, and atSaciville, Sesstport
and several otber places, the houses were
severely shaken, and the windows in
many cases broken.
In the Legislature of Nebraska Terri
tory, notice has been given of a design
to introduce various bit Is-among others,
to "incorporate the Nebraska City Col
legiate aud Preparitoty Institute." To
give Mecoatics a Lien lor work done.
To incorporate tbe flatte Valley Rail
road Company. To exclude free negroes
front tbe Territory. To establish Code
of Practice, and vaiious bills of minor
mporteuce. A bill will alsa be intro
duced in a few days to incorporate a
From the Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Secret Political Societies.
Regardless alike of the advantages or
disadvautages of a frank acd intelligi
ble etpressiou of our views, and looking
onty to the great interests of our coun
try, aud of humanity, so far as ilt pro
gress may be alleciea oy me institutions
of freedom, we proceed to a considera
tion of matters Indicated by tbe caption
of this article. To prevent any inno
cent misunderstanding, of our views, we
would say, iu this place, that neither
our argument, nor the facts adduced to
sustain it, are directed sgainst organiie
'ions for bcnttvUnt or btmficial purpo
ses. Such institutions, whether servic
able or prejudicial to the the general
good, are not to be classed with essoci
aiious for political ends; ant! all ques
tions concerning their propriety, or util
ity, are to be discussed, aud settled, by
those w ho are better skilled in casuistry
ihau ouiselves. Morality, and the so
cial virtues generally, may, for aught
we know, need audi aids, againnt tbe er
rors aud depravities of the world; but it
is nut our business to cither advocate,
or oppose them.
Our views, in regard to Secret Polit
ical Societies, may be comprehended in
a few simple propositions. In tbe first
place, there is no necessity for them, in
this country, or under a form of f oveio
ment like ours.
Uuiier monarchical and despotic dyn
asties, where the natural rights of tbe
people are disregarded, or trampled up
on, there msy at least seeming necessity
for combinations of the weak against lb
strong. But even this admits of a doubt;
for, if we read history aright, such so
cieties have as often been instituted for
the purposes of revenge, or of unbridled
ambition, or for the substitution of in
anarchy aud lawless rapine, for the dull
monotony of despotism, as for the wor
thy and unselfish ends of justice and
philanthropy. At all events, a coun
try like this, and under a government
like ours, were every voter to become a
member ol a Secret Political Society.it
w ould amount to no more, and no lest,
then a combination of the-people against
Before we can admit that there is the
semblance of a necessity for such soci
eties here, it must be made out that
the people have become unfaithful to
themselves, aud trample upon their own
rights, privileges, and immunities.
This can never be done, for the reason
that no law, under our government, can
be constitutionally enacted, either for
the promotion of tho general good, or
for tbe purpose of evil, that shall not
touch the ixUeitsts of all alike as well,
and as effectually, those of the Presi
dent of the United States, as those of the
boy who drives bis horses or blacks his
Ignorance of this fact has led some
foreigue'S, we mean, especially, those
of the Red Republican school, into ex
travagances, alike rediculous and insult
ting to the intelligence of the Ameri
can people. To those who aim at the
destruction of all religions, and the sub
version of all governments who pro
fane the asylum to which they have fled,
by iufiJel blasphemies, and outrageous
assumptions, we say to their fates, tbat
they but imperfectly understand the na
lure and tendency of our institutions.
We speak of course, of a certain class of
German iraigrsnts as a large majority
of the German population of thit coun
try are eminently true to the principles
of American Democracy. Such merit,
aud will receive the, highest confidence
of the people.
It may not be new to all, and it may
be surprising to many to hear it said
that we have among us. in our very
saidst, Secret Socttiea of various kinds,
composed exclusively, of that clasof
roREioNEBs, whose principles, sims, and
purposes are of a character to excito the
most 6enous apprehensons in the midst
of all who have any regard for, or iou3-:
dedce in the principles of Democratic
Republicanism. And, yet tve shall not
hesitate to affirm, tbat such is the fact.
And il is painful to know, that such
men, tendered clannish by desperation,
are united, by oaths, and all the para
phernalia of secrecy, in political oi'ga.i
aaliono, for tho worst of purposes.
This might all be endured with pa
tience, aud tolerated by a discriminating
aud watchful liberality, were il not that
so foul a mass of political corruption
and rotteness has already become infec
tions. We mean nothing disrespectful
to tbe persous, characters, or motives ol
the Know Nothings, when we say, tbat
the plan by them adopted, to cure cer
tain evils which all have a right to com
plain of, was borrowed from that class
of foreign revolutiouists, whose princi
ples aud policy are confessedly execra
ble. And we have no manner of doubt,
that a candid examination will lead all
lovers of our republican institutions to
see, that such means, and appliaaces,
can never be safely resorted to, for the
purpose of securing any political ends,
however desirable.
We say this, because, the entire sup
erstructure of our government rests up
on the intelligence and virtue of the
people. None wbo are worthy to en
joy and exercise the rights of citizenship,
can be either led, or driven, an inch, in
any direction opposite to that marked
out by their own sense of duty and pro
priety. We submit it, therefore, to all
sound thinkers, tbat, in thoie political
associations, where the will of the is
dividual is subjected to that of the ma
jeitiTY in the diepoial of hit luffragtt,
he take tbe initiatory step in a tame
submission to one form of despotism.
And has it come to pass, that, in order
to withstuid the balful influences of
foreign ucspotism, we must become tbe
compiant loots of self-created on at
hornet Is there any necessity, or ex
cuse, even, for ttcrtt political organize
tions, when tbe very fact of their exis
tence is a virtual acknowledgement that
we have no confidence in tbe political
faith of our nation, and wneu the badge
of membership would burn, es it were
into our foreheads, the proof of our apos-
lacy from trut Americanism! And
shall we take, as our exemplars, those
who have fled from foreign tyranies, and
come here to teach us, by precept end
example, how to debauch and destroy
ourselves? if errors and grievances ex
ist, let thera be removed; but let it be
remembered tbat we have a way of our
ovn, to cure all political diseasss; which
i, not to hood- wiuk the people, but to
enlighten them not to lead them by
the nose, but to iet the in lead and gov
rn themselves not to barter away our
freedom for a mess of pottage, dealt out
to us by old political hacks, and unscru
pulous demagogues, but to to enjoy it.
There is but one course for us to pur
sue. Uur first appeal tnouia ce, ana our
last appeal mint be, to the mass of the
People. Concealment is always the re
sort of tbe weak, or of the desiguing
the latter as often as the former. A
Democrats, we repudiate it. We have
faith in tUJii if not in bis virtus, in
)ti iclJitKncsa. And the palpable and
comprehensible blessings aud blessed
ness of Aiuevtca a freedom are too pre
cious to be lightly esteemed. For these,
mong other reasons, we oppose, and
shall continue to oppse, every policy
that shuns the light of day, or attempts
to elude investigation.
Robert Wallace, of Covington, Ky.,
has sent us an address that be has just
published on Know Nothingism. He
says Statesman.
"It is admitted on all hands, that the
Whig organization is dissolved, but
where are the materials of which it
was composed? They have not joined
the Democratic partr, neither have
they retired from the political arena;
lor we see them as active as ever, and
exceedingly- delighted with tbe result of
recent elections. In lact, they seem
to vote the Ignoramus ticket to a man.
We are, tiierelore, forced to the con
clusion that the great Whig party has
either been absorbed by the Know
Nothings, or they have swallowed the
latter, neck and heels. This can only
be decided by observing who the lead
ers are of this underground, anti-repub-
i- t n';.i .i .i
i ican invention, it iiu us tney are me
most decidedold school Whigs, who
were never known to advocate a Dem
ocratic principle in all their lives. In
1840 tliey went for log cabin;, hard
cider and coon skins; in 1852 for the
"sweel Irish brogue and the dear Dutch
accent:" and now thev are down on
the Dutch and Irish rabble.
Are these heterogenous combina
tions, these sworn confederates, and
these secret conclaves to. govern our
country? It is not consistent willi the
character and safety of our republic,
that the will of the people should be
controlled by secret authority.
"It is unsound, unwise, unjust, and
unconstitutional, because jt destroys the
rights of others, and is at war with ev
ery principle of freedom. Secre po-
litical societies may be excused under
an absolute despotism, where the liber
ty of speech and of the press is prohib
ited; but there is no honest excuse for
them in this free country, where every
public subject can be openly discussed,
and the people have a sovereign rbht
to investigate their own affairs.
"borne of us profess to be sons ot
patriotic fathers, who 'fought, bled and
died" for our libeities; shall we soon
consent to sell these liberties for a mere
mess of pottage for a petty office, or
for the triumph of a party? a party,
too, which has been defeated and de
molished by the force of truth; a pari
ty which has ruined all the names it
ever assumed. It may seek some more
patriotic name than the present, but the
whole concern is but a new expedient
to get into power. We enn well fore
see how that power will be used. All
the old abominations would soon be
revived; a national bank a partial tar
iffa swindling scheme ol internal
improvement and a national debt
which would never be paid. Then the
laboring millions might toil to pay
their taxes; but the Lords of the Loom
and the holders of the public bonds
would ride in triumph over the hewcr
oi wood and tbe drawers ol water.
"There is no humbug in these senti
ments, neither is the writer of tliem a
demagogue; he never has asked a favor
ot the people, but he knows his child
renmust abide the fate of our republic
whether it be lor weal or woe."
News by the Mails.
News by the Mails. Later from California---Pennma
Railroad Completed.
The Panama Railroad was completed.
The first trein Irom Aepinwall to Puna
ma passed over on tat 28.h ult.
The passengers that went out by the
AoriA star, sua also tnose that came
home by her, passed over tbe road. The
time occupied in tbe transit was 4 hours.
From Acapulco it is reported that a
part of Santa Anna army, 2,000 in nuai
ber, bad deserted and gone to Alvarez
A portion of tbein reached Acapulso the
23d of January, and the remaiuder were
daily expected.
The miners were rejoiciog over recent
rains, and washing was going briskly
In some parts of the State the weather
was excessively cold, and snow had fall
en to the depth of from two to five feet
Tbe Legislature bad created great ex
citement in the religious world, by re
fusing to pay for the services of a Chap
lain, and iuvitini all the Sacramento
clergymen, tbe Mormon minister includ
ed, to officiate alternately. The clergy
men were delinmg tbe invitation.
Flour and grain were being experted
from California,
Admibable. He Is greatest among
us (said Henry Ward Eeecber lately, be
fore a New xork audience,) wbo, so la
from being an exclusive, is most a min
ister of social, moral and political ele
ration to others. If Americans form
with tbeir natural or acquired political
or moral gifts, a class or classes, they
forsw ear not only American iceas, but
God's ideas of religion, Surely we must
not repudiate the men wbo come here
for tbe reason tbat brought us and our
forefathers the love o: UDertv; our
principles as Americans are born from
that religion which teecbes the perfec
equality of all men before God.
To please a lot of school-boys turn
to and wallop tbe teacher.
Railroad Completed. The Devils being Undened!
Mr. Rickerson, of Greene County,
New York, a member of the House of
Assembly, read to that body the follow
ing letler received by him from a Know
Nothing brother. It illustrates in a
striking manner the base character ot
that organization. It will be seen that
it relates to his vote for United States
CATSKILL, January, 1855.
"Mr. M. L. RicxsasoN Lear
and Brother I regret to hear that
you have made application for a with
drawal card from your U . 1 am
pleased to hear, however, mat your
application was not granted.
"I learn, moreover, mat jou are
pledged, and were previous to election,
enour nomination,to vote for William
il. aeward.
"Now. I hope I am misinformed,
and that you may be true to the sacred
obligations you have taken, and to the
promises yo have made to me But if
you are not, you will not be permitted
to withdraw from your C , but you
will be expelled, and l otices will be
sent to every C in the State, ( some
one thousand in nunilier.) ol your ex
pulsion, and reason why namely: for
rjeinnr a iraiior ana a vervtr. aim
not to be trusted in any busl trans
action; and more than this, bur mem
bers swear they villi burn you tn tji
mi tn every village in the county, i
v ou do not prove true. Now, these are
net mere threats, to le forgotten, but
will be carried out t the; very letter.
Now, I sincerely hope yau will prove
yourself a man in this emergency, and
not be led by a party demagogue, who
has always been your most lAtJerne
my, and now makes his brags that he
makes you do anything he wishes, fn
spite oi an your obligation J anu prom
ises. Now. vou must be well aware
that if rou vote for Seward, it will be
your political death-knell. Besides, the
' .i a i j :n
promises tney nave maae you win uui
be kept alter Seward is elected, iou
can do.whatyou chose, for all they
"It is currently reported all over the
country now.that you have been bought
with money and promises to vote lor
Seward. .Lvery man 1 meet almost,
from the country, is asking about vou,
and it is believed you will not debase
yourself so much as to violate your
oath; and they all say you will do tnat
t you vote for Seward; and you arr
well aware ot this as i am. now,
remember that yon alone are to suffer
by this course, and I trust and hope vou
will not do what you will regret when
too late.
"I inclose resolutions passed by my
in respect to your vote. I also
nclose resolutions sent to me lo for
ward to you from Lexington they not
knowing your address at Aiuany.
"i ours, fraternally,
Later from Europe.
NEW YORK, Feb. 9.
The Atlantic arrived this roorniug,
with a week's later news.
The in Oft important feature of the
news is the resignation of Lord John
Russell from the British Ministry. On
Friday night he gave an explanation of
bis conduct, and the opinion is that the
whole ministry must go out. The pub
lic feelins seems tending towards peace.
Affairs before Sebaslopol aie quite un
changed. The British army is repres
ented as beingin a wretched stale from
The Queen of Sardinia is dead.
Considerable reinforcements are reach
ing tbe Allies. Oiiprandi nas again ad
vanced his outposts lo Tchernaya. for
ty thousand Russians, with eighty guna,
are said to be at Perekop. Letters state
that the French bad mined the Flag
Star! battery, and only awaited a favor
ble opportunity to blow it up. Sick'
ness was increasing in tbe camps.
Menschikoff is reported to have said:
Our troops may rest; Generals January,
February anJ March will fight our bat
ties far better than we can." The Rue
siansbave repaired and re-opened Q.uar
mtine Fort.
The Russians report numerous desert
ers from tbe Allies to the Russian ranks.
Odessa letters of tbe 9th says tbat tbe
Russians will shortly assume tbe oflen
live in the Crimea, having received the
necessary reinforcements.
The Admirals have declared all ports
on tbe Black Sea and tbe Bea of Aaoff in
a eute of strict blockade. The fleets
have captured several ships, ladea with
provisions for the Russians. Tbe Turks
have opened communication in Asia
with Schamyi, whose force numbers 20,
000. Priuce Perntynali, a Pole, a Lieut
euant in the Russian ttuard, bad desert
ed to the Turks. The Turks have a ru
mor that Schamyi is dead.
Russia claims the right to participate
in the Vienba conference, in hercapaci
it of a Kieal European power, and has
sent a protest to the Cabinets of Vienna
Paris and London, against any resoiu
tions passed without her participation
Natubalizatios Laws. On the7th
Judge Carter, of Hamilton county Com
mon Please, decided tbat if a loreigne
had come to this country five weeks back
and w ithin that period went away tern
porarily, he could not become a citizen
but if he bad been in the country a long
er period than tbat, and snow the fact o
bis being in the country at least five
years, then a temporary absence would
not exclude bim.
1 i
A lad in tbe state of mental absence
gave three cheers for the stars and stripes
during school hours, and perceived ni
error when he got the stripes wi'.hou
the stars.
.... Af Inwi mt.i flhWri last
susnmer.and the whole population found
to be 325,014; number of voters 50,000,
Inercaso of Cash Capital
To Half Million f Dollar! .
of Haitpoid, Coaa., having complied,
with the law to regulate Insurance Agencies
of Companies incorporated by other States,
passed May 1st, 1804, publish the lullowing.
as required thereby. The original statement
being on nie in the otate auuhui
with a duplicate with the Clerk of Commou
fleas, Uounly Uourl.
The name of the Corporation is iEtoa In
surance Company, located in Uartlord, Con
necticut. . ,
The tapital is Five lluudre4 Thousand iai
arf , end is paid up.
The Assets of the Company aae:
Cash on hand, iaSank, and in the
naniii 01 A pen is auu oiner ner-
sous ...e212,505 OS
Real estate unincumbered 16.672 Uj
Ti Mortgage fiouils, 6 aud 7 per -cent
in teres payable semi-annually
73.000 00
Debts due the Company secured
by Mortgage 7,311 17
Bills Receivable, amply secured
and payable at 15a uk 103,336 S3
Bills Receivable Premium Notes UJ
All other securities, viz:
500 shares stock, Hartford & N.
Haven K. R. Co. 157,500
315 vhares Brock, Hartford c ProT- -IdeuceR.
R. Co. 15.74
107 shares stock, Boston & Wor
tester 4 R,Co.....' 10,16
4 shares slick, New Albany aud
Solera R. R. Co..." 100
'200 slwrestiock, Connecticut Riv
er K. R. Co 14,000
300 shares, stock, Phoeuix Bauk of
Hartford 14,500
308 shares stock, Lxchange Bank
of Hartford 17,864
200 shares stock, Far's cc Meecb's
Bunk of Hartford 35,200
50 shares stock, Conn. River Bauk
of Hartford .75t
200 shares stock, Hartford Bank of
Hartford 5f0Q0
73 shares slock, State Bunk, Hart
ford P,('5i
100 sliares stock, City Bunk.Hart-
ford 11,600
75 shures stock, Bauk of llailioid
Co., Hartford 7,050
36 shares stock.Eagle.ProvIdcnce,
R.I 1,960 00
1C0 shares stock, Bank of Ameri
ca. New York 10,800
100 shares slock. Bank ol North
America, New York 10 000
50 shares stock, Biuk of Common-
wealth, Jew York 4j5WJ
150 shares stock, Bankof Republio
New York 16.500
460 shares stocs, Broadway Bauk,
Rew York U,BU
1G0 shares stuck, Peoples' Bauk,
New York 4,401
100 sliares stock, Hanover Bauk,
New York 9,008
4u0 bharesstock.Mct hanics' Bauk,
New York 10,600
100 shares slock, N. Y. Life aud
Trust Co., New York 11,009
($1,600 09
100 shares stock, StutTord Bauk,
Connecticut, 1st and 24 instal
ments paid in 9,000 00
50 shares stock.Coiin. River Com-
puny r.zov wi
1773,273 CI
The o mount of liabilities due oi not due to
Bonk , or other creditors. uotbing.
Losses adjusted end due, uooe.
Losses adjusted and net due (148,513 23
Losses unadjusted aud in
suspense, waiting lor lur-
ther proof 61,257 50
All other claims against the Company ara
small, sucu ouly as printing, &c.
Agents instructed to take uu risks overt 10,-
The amount insured iuauy city, town or vil
lage, depends on trie character, material
and construction of buildings, the width
of streets, the supply of water, ronditiou
of the fite department, and other circum
stauces. The amount insured in blocks of buildings
varies; the design is to limit the loss by any
one fire, to fclO.UUO or less.
The act of Incorporation is the same as filed
in July. i04.
Stati or CoKNECTicuT.HABTroso Coubits.
Habtfobd, January, 1855.
Personally appeared Thomas A. Alexam-
deb, Secretary ol the jEtna Insurance Compa
ny, and made solemn oath that the foregoing
statement, by hiin subscribed, is true second
ing turns best knowledge and beliel.
litlit fUWLttK,
Juttia if th Pac.
Auditor's CutTiricATt. From William
D. Morgan, State Auditor, his been received
in due lorm, legally authorizing the under
signed as agent lo transact business until 31st
July, lboo.and is on tile witn tbe Clerk ot
the Common i leus court.
All that hare property to insure, will please
inspect and scrutinize the preceding; reliable
expose of this old and long tried Corpora ¬
tion, rot useiuiness, security and prompti
tude, it ha ever stood first in its line of trans
actions and for ability and means will at
tract toe attention ol the insuring public to
confirm their coufidruce in iu . J.'he state
ment is so prepared any one can contrast its
condition with local and State Insurance of
fices if so disposed. Its Investments are of
tnat so1 id character as uot to be materially ef
fected by tbe late depression in that class of
The incieaseof its caniul stock to 1500.-
OOO.is a bona fide cash addition to the strength
of the corporation, and a permanent invest
ment lor the pledge and security oi its policies)
Tbe necessity and real benefits of insurance
are well exemplified in the tact that the com
pany has paid cash losses during tbe past year,
at its Western Branch office alone, in Cin
cinnati, to tho sum of 246,509 08, most of
which has been paid considerably in advance
of the time legally due, and it has bad no suit
or litigation, if all or any of these facts are
inducements to the continuance of its valu
able patronage, or its increase, they will find
its agents ever ready to attend totbe demands
of business as heretofore, with promptitude,
at as favorable rates and terms, as security
will permit. A. J. WRIGHT, Agent.
JO HN P. PLYLEY is the authorized Age n t
of the Company in Vinton co.,ajid all appli
cations for insurance in tbat company, are to
be made to him. The rates are as low as
consistent with the risk, and no souud com
pany will accept any other,
A.J. WRIGHT, Agent
February 16th, 1855.
OCT Office in Hulbert & Sisson's Hotel.

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