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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, February 23, 1855, Image 4

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Hints from a Young Farmer.
'TIs wid " wore to iba wis ia sufficient."
Always take one or more agricultural
faper, Iot every numrr will giro you
nfomallon which v ill bcuefil'rou in
Ba aJmonUhed that stitch in time
"saves nine, or iba lajiog up of a rail, or
-nailing 011a board, may lava the ninth
repetition and unruly slock.
Colts mucthavo great deal of exar
chs. Don.t be strata to plough deep. A
c more oata in the spring will make
many more at harvest.
Early fruit trees thoulJ be protected
from the frost by spreadirg straw around
the roots, which will prevent the buds
lrom atarting.
Feed your towls the tear round if yea
'would make them profitable.
Give your calves, which you Intend
to raise, a little Cne hay, aud as soon
sa possible turn out to grass.
Have a separate pen inio which jour
pig cau go and gel shelled corn and
Innovations upon old precedents
should be rare.
Judge not haalily, but examine well
before you decide.
Keep clear of Shanghais.
Lime should be accessible to poultry.
Make the moat of everything.
Never half do anything; you may thus
lose more in one day thai a month can
- restore.
Often inspect your stock and keep a
sharp look out for disease and accidents.
fure water abould be supplied to
Qali;, not quantity, should by youi
Pious Economy.
Our friend D. it a capital fellow, fiee
anded end hearted, but as full of devil
Vy the world ia of rogues. Not long
ego D. gotquite pious, joined the church
end behaved himself like a candidate for
the ministry, for six mortal months,
what 'a more, during that time he enjoy
ed religion as much as any man what
he meant by enjoyment, it would be
bard to guess, unless it was escorting
the girls to church. By some means
which it is not necessary to repeat, D.
"fell from grace," and an awful fall it
was, not that he does anything particu
larly bad but he has lost all his rever
ence. The other day meeting an old
gentleman belonging to e sect which
teacbes that a man can never fall from
grace, D. began e rallgioua controversy,
which ended in old deacon vowing
that D. ntvtr had anr trace, a Drunosi
tion that be maintained with provoking
pertinacity. Now, the deacon ia a close,
miserly old curmudgeon, with less prac
tical Christianity in his wbold body
than D, has in his little finger, eud our
graceless friend happened to know it;
so when the deacon continued to assert
that D. was never possessed of real pie
ty, the latter gotuettled and finally in
sisted, wi'h soma warmth, that he was
mistaken, adding with the solemnity of
a Judge
"Now, deacon, I'll (ell you how it
was. Yon are a miserlj, saving old
fallow I am not; and the amount of
piety 1 spent in six months, wnh your
economy, would have lasted a life time!"
The deacon caved in.
A Live Yankee and the Shop Girls
of Paris.
The Paris correspondent of the Boston
Post writes:
"Great art and eloquence are freqnent
ly evinced by those petticoat clerka in
the explanation of their wares I refer
to the bonbons. The devices upon box
covers, the inscriptions and illustrations
aerve them with sufficient pretexts for
the most seductive explanations and the
most winning exhortations. But the
true talent which they universally ap
par to possess seems to dwell in the
grace ana tact peculiar to all Parisian
tradswomeu. They are solicitous but
not presuming, urgent but not exacting,
end always good nalured, perfectly self
possessed, and never tired of humoring
your indecision or reluctance. They la
die out a pound of 'assorted' with i
polka like movemeut among the thou
sand glass jars, and smile bewitchiogly
upon yon when returning jour change
Very often a susceptible kind of a fellow,
inch as I em, feels mortified at the
trouble he subjectathem to for perhvps
hie small purchase, and yields to an in
clination to make a larger one, unless
be gets into the the street safe from the
rash infatuation incident to petticoat
Novel Law Suit.
A somewhat romantic suit at law has
just been terminated in Franklin coun
ty. It seems that one John Leacber be
came pierced with the arrow of rupid,
and, wishing to heal the wound by law
ful wedlock, be made propoaals to the
object of bis affections, which, it seems,
she received favorably; but the father,
Mr. Jacob Wyant, being a piudeot man,
fcf much foresight, required the said John
Lescher to enter into bonds of (300,
conditioned that the said John Lescher
should live with h is wife end tieat her
as a kind and affectionate buabsud should
do; bnt the parties, after living togeth
er some months, separated, and this
suit was brought to recover the amount
of the bond. The case was first tried at
the last April term of the Franklin
court, when Judge Kimmel decided the
bond to be invalid. The cese was car
ried to the supreme coutt, end it tvss de
cided that the bond "was good and val
id, and in accordance with the law."
The caie, therefore, ceme up again in the
Fracxlin county courts, when the jury
found a verdict for the plaintiff of
S79 75. The rtsuld of tbia suit may
five a valuable suggestion to anxious
lathers Whose devehtera are a.mshi
u p -
partners at the alter, and an immitation
of Mr. Wyent's forethought would show
a prudent concern for their daughters'
weiiare. (vdrnu rtnn$ivaHia) Ut
Cesar I wants to ax you a cenundri
Well Pomp, purceed, and 'sprees your
Why is colt getting broke like s
young lady getting married? Ouve -thai
Yes, I grebe that np 'fore yon. ax it :
,Kaxe ba ia joieg through the "bridal
cereatooey. ;
Fruit TriesGood ! Frail.
l'g and vicinity have at lust
an excellent opportunity to obtain one of the
greatest luxuries of life by a small expense
and a little attention. There is nothing con
duces more to the hralth. c-imfurt aiul happi
ness of a family, as plenty of good ripe fruit,
nd the effects of Ornamental Tree ou the
mind ever produces cheerfulness ; then why
not set out all the vacant parts of our lots in
Ornamental and Fruit Trees. Mr. Griggs
offers fur sale Trees and Grafts; Apples at
20 cts. per tree, insured; Graft, best varieties,
at 21 cis. per Graft, insiued; the best Cherry.
Piiir, .flpricofsanu t ibir.bs that can us ou
tained, at f cts. per graft, insured; two ol
the finest varieties, at 75 cents per tree; Ho
vev's seedling Strawberry: ihe finest and 1 ir:-
esl in the United States, 25 cts per dozen ur
82 per hundred. All will be ready to deliv
er to subscribers in the Fpring; it is desirable
to have the names, varieties ana number uy
the 1st of March. Hand in your naines to
mv Agents . A. Bratton, McArthur, James
Hays, or wasningon uenicuii, mine vicini
ty ol McArthur. Make your choice Loin the
following list:
titumn Sweeting, September; American
Golden Kussett, winter; American Summer
Peormaui, August; Baldwin, winter; Blink
Seeknofurther, do.; Black Gilliflowor, do.;
Belltlower, yellow, dc; Br?b:wit Ik-lltiower,
do; Belmont or gate, do; Bullock's Pippin,
do; diack, do; Bull s Sweet, do; Isoroviteky,
Summer; Benoui, do; Bailey Sweet, winter;
Broadvtell Sweeting, no; Boras, ilo; Cooper,
Fall; Cumberland Spice, winter; C'ark's
6'weeting, do; Duclies do Oldeutrj,. Fii'l;
Danver's Winter Sweet, do; Detroit, d.i; IV-
eror Pound Royal, Fall; Downtown Pippin.
do; biigM.su KeJi-treak, winter; 1-opus bpit
zenberg. do; Early Straw berry,Sumn;er: Early
Harvest, (10; rail Hint, iu;.; tall Uolilen
Pippin, do; Famauw or Promme do Neiiie,
do: Foy's Red winter.w inter: Fink's Seedling,
do; Flushing Spitzenberg, do; Fcui.ul i'.ar-
mam, do; breen ftewtown Pippin, ilo; Uate
or Belmont, do; Golden Sineting, Summer;
Goulen Lalville, do; tmvestetn, rail; Hub-
bards '.on nonesuch, winter Hoop Apple, do;
Honey Greening, do; Hays' Red Winter, do;
Jonathan, do; Jersey Sweeting, August; Ka
olin's Spiuenburg, winter; King's Sweet,
(all; Large Paradise, winter; Lemon Pippin,
do; Little Greening, do; Lady's Sweeting, do;
Lippincott, Summer; Lowell or Orange, Fall;
Murphy, wintei; Milan, do; Mayapple Sweet,
do; Male Carle, do; Norton's Melon, do; Nor
thern Spy, do; Neverfail.do; Newtown Spit-
zcnbnrg, do; Putnam Russet, do; Pennocl-.'s
Red Winter, do; Peck's Pleasant, do; Posey's
Winter Red Sweet, do; Priors Red Winter,
do; Pound Jfoyal, or Dyer, Fall; Porter, do;
Red Doctor, winter; Rhode Island Greening,
do; Romanite, do; Red Canada, do; Rome
lVauty, do; Ramsdells Winter Sweet, do;
Reinette Triumphant, do; Reiuttte Canada,
do; Ream's R"d V.'m'rr.Oo; Rnmbo, do; Red
Asirui.h.n, summer; Supers Sweet, winter;
Scarlclt winter sweet, do; Sv.-"r, do; Sweet
Pwnain 'do; Snow Apple, do; SniiFonwme'
summer; eever's F.edstieak, Fa,.. Summer
sweeting, summer; Tewkesbury wiu'.ur Blus.li,
winter; Tulpnhncnn.do; Trader's Fancy, do;
Vandcvere, ilo; Winter Greening, do; White
Pippin, do; Weslfield seeknofurthcr, do; win
ter eweel Paradise, do; winter sweet Bjvnho,
do;li Wiucsay, do; whiter sweet, Hodge's, do;
w ttneys sweeting, do; Western spy. do;
W inter wine, do; Whitmer's sweeting. Fall;
Wagoner, winter; lcilow Newtown Pippin,
cio; leilow jsuilliower, do.
Ananas, October; Bnrtlelt September; Buer
re Del, November; Bloodgood. . npt; Biicr-
re d Arcimiibi!r", JVccnil.er; Lu..no il:o..ii
September; Bouri-c I'' .-; Cctober; Dearborn's
seedling, August; Duchess de Angouleme,
Uclouer; r rPiN'rickol vvertemuurg.seiitembcr;
Flemish Beauty, September; Louise J'onnede
Jersey, October; Stephens' Genessee, iVeptem
ber; iS'eckle, do; Wilkinson, November; White
Doyenne, October. Phice, 2i) to JO Ccuts,
Yellow Alberge, GroiS Mignonne, Roia
George, Crawford's early Meloeoton, early red
Rurcripe, Vondmark Cling.very large, Ward's
Late iree, Late wniteuiing, i'urple Alberge,
Utu ack, Morris white, J?ree, liurre Pineap.
pie Cling, Monirania round, EarlvTillotfon
Crawford's Late Jelocoton.Cable'sliiteCiing,
Yellow Rureripe.early Anne, Batelmin's Gross
iiiignonne, Pvwtliet Lling, very line, Heath
Cling, very superior, CaWe s Lale JlA-locoton.
Larly lork, Jaques Kurenpe, leton de Ven
us. PucEj 10 cts. single SslC per 100.
White Bicnrreau, Elton, Miy Duke, Bicnr-
reau or Griifhun, Belle ndicet.Le, Belle de
Choisey, Red Birieau. Harper's Bigarreau,
American ilmLtr, Blatk Turtarean. Puice,
j cts. each.
Cll iiifcsC j4ilantlius, Catalpa, CyprbaS, F.nro
psan Larch, American Larch. Silver leaf Ma
lik, Rose .dcacia.Colluled, Weeping Willow,
Labarnutn, Tulip Tree.
Balsam Fir, Norway Spruce, Chinese Ar-
borvjie, American do; Scotch Bioom, Dwarf
Box, Austrian Pine, Hemlock spruce, Scotch
Pine, Corsican Pine, Red Cedar.
CC31 lUve few choice Flim, irws. Quince
Bustles, Isabella ana Cutanabu Uiape Jie.i,
Current and Gooseberry Bushrs, .VtrawLti.j
Plants, Fig trees, Hviiiuceus, Dutch Asaara-
gus, (fx.; also, twenty varieties of Noisettce,
Chincbe, Tea, Burbon, Scotch and Climbing
January 26, 1355. tf.
vnv fiAnnni rnrim n i tn n-nn
Aiw wm ittLU urn m
At the NEW STOKE of
JVat; Street, McArthur, Ohio.
Wf wish to announce to the citizens of
v v inton county, that we have perma
nently located in Mc ithur, and have just re
ceived from the eastern cities one of the Ian.
est and best selected stock of
Dev Goods, Habdwahe. Boots. Shoes.
QceehsWiBE. Hath, Caps and Groceries.
ever opened In this market, all of tihich we
will sell Joicr than the same articles can be
bought for in the County. We Till also keep
constantly on hand a good assortment of line
Cutlery; Gold and Silver Watt-hep. .!( -.vpirv,
&.c. &c. Our friends are respectfully iuvitiJ
to tail und examine our rtock before buying
elsewhere, as we are Jbterir.ir:c.! pi ve good
OCTr Cous-?.Y Produce of all kuius r3
ceived at li.e liij;iisst i-nsh prices.
Oct. 20th. lfcM. 6m,
Steam Cabinet Factory.
Cobies or Jf.iterson aso Secosd Streets.
CALLS the attention of the citizens of
Vinton ard irljinivg counties lo his su
perior stock of
tchirh he oiTeraat irhotal nr retail nn nai
onable terms.- Give him a omIL , t , . 1
March 24, 1854.- ly
rTllifc h;u:vh i!iratftl SihIiim tnirlhr
1 wi.hfijteenS.atHe.iesi;, llron. and
several hundred inagnifioent Oil Paintiu.
form the collection of prices to be distributed
among tlie members of the Cosmopolitan Art
Association at the first animal distribution ou
the 28th day of February.
Tht Cosmopclitan Art ami Literary
Organized for the EncouriiciMut and Gen
eral Vijfutiitm of Literature and the Pine
Arta on n uew und original plan.
'I his popular Art Association isdevigued to
eneoiiid-t; anil ponuntia i!,'j riMe Arts, and
disseminate wholesome Literature throughout
the country. A Gallery of Art is permanent
ly founded, and will contain a valuable col
lection of Paintings ana Statuary, for tbean
ni'.al distribution of each year. The best
Literature of the day, w ill ba issued lo sub
scribers, consisting of the popular Moutuly
Magazines, Review, dr.
The Committee uf Management have the
pleasure t'f announcing that the Firl Annual
Disuibiilii'ii wiil take place on tlieuOth Jan
uary next, at which time will be distributed
or allotted to members several hundred Works
of Art.aniong which is the original and world
renuwned statue of the Greek Slave, by Hiram
Powers, costing over five thousand dollbrs!
together w ith the beautiful Slatuea of Venus,
uarrtr.r.'e, Hebe, flora and tin Dancing bin;
nnd fifteen Statuettes iu Bronzeimported from
t ans; also, a large collection ot Uil Paintings,
comprising some of the bet productions of
celebrated American and Foreign Artists,
The Literature issued to subscribers consist3
cf the fc'!i,viii2 iVlonlli'v Murine.;: M .ro-
er's Putnam . knict'i iboilur l,iicko.),l -4
Gr..hmu's, ..!... , . , hu ! uodey'a La
uy's Bou!;, aiul the Quarterly Kevit-ws re princ
ed in New York: Edinburgh, Wesiniiuiein,
Loii luu Quarterly, and North British.
The payment of three dolbirs constitutes
ai,) o ',": u u.eiriL. r of this Aoc'mtion, and
entitles him to either one of the above Maga
zines for one year, and also to a ticket in ihc
distribution of the tatury and Paintings,
w hich are to be allotted to memb3 in Febu
ary. Tersons tal;ir.6 five memberships are enti
tled to any five of the Mjgazines one year,
and to six tickets in the distribution.
Persons, on becoming members, can have
their Magazine cmrmeiica with any month
they choose, and leiy on its being mailed to
them promptly on the first of every month,
direct from the New York and Plulud&lphia
LITTLLL'S LlV":f aGE. UMy.is fur
nished one j:ar and iwo memberebi, s for 6.
The net proceeds derived lrom the sale of
memberships, are devoted to the purchase o!
WorK-i .'.it for the ei,H'iiiir; .:.
Bocks open to receive names a, the Extern
office, New York, or Western office, Sandus
ky. The Gallery rr Art is locat'.J atSanduskv,
(the Wi'stem ofliceot the Association,) where
superb Grunite Buildings have been erected
f t t, nnd in whose spacious saloons the splen
diii rollectiou oi Statuary and Vaultings are
The advantages senued by becoming a mem
ber of this Association are
1st. All persons receive the full value . of
their r':l n;:lion at the start, in the shape of
sterling Magazine Literature.
2d. Each member is contributing toward
purchasing choice Works of Art, which are
to be distributed among tmselves, and are at
the same time encouraging .4"tists of the
country, disbursing thousand cl'ilo'.lau thro'
itr n'Piicy.
Persons in remitting funds for membership,
will please, give their posi office addicts in
mil, stat'i e ..fin"tti they wisn trie maga.
zinc to coii.,:ienc ." 1 write the word "Reg
loicreit on J:e envelop w c .. josr, on .he
rcceint of which, n icri'linilL of mcmbershio
together with the magazine desired, will be
lorwanie.il to any part ot the country.
Those who purchase Magazines at Book
stores will observe that by joining this asso
ciatiuii, they receive the Magazine and Free
Ticket in the annual distribution, all at the
same price they now pay for the Magazine
Persons stibscril.ii.g any time before lhe29 th
of Febuury, arc entitled to the Magazines for
Subscriptions will be received up to the 28th
Febuaiy, at which time the distribution will
ta,ke jiluce.
Ilhiblratcd Descriptive Catalogues of the
whole collection to be distributed, will be
sent free or charge on application.
CCi Ofiicesof the A??ncialion,at the Knic
kerbocker Machine ofllce,o84 Broadway, New
York, an ! at No. 166, Water St. Sandusky,
Uluo. iKkUess, (at either ouice,) for mem
(', L. DERBY, Actuary C. A. & L. A.
Dec. 2Uht, 1854. 3.w.
Imjioiirrs ond Wholesale and Rcluil lUlcn in
Hardware, gnddlrry, Iron, Glass,
cVc, iVc.
"1 ;TT OULD respectfully informtlieir friends
f v and the public that they have at leig.
got into their splendid new room, and lu''
fitted it 11? exr!re-.-'.y Icrthe Hcrdware trP'''' i:
t; :.t:iot)uiii'r U.e wan M : . diL'i
.- . i . t .:,s . ' Paii.t, tviweet. Wa'er
aim d sts, wheitt iney uiv. owning, in ad.li
tion to part of their former stock, a lar't n
desirable stock of American. Germrni imd
English Hardware, Saddlery, Iron and (.!ass,
together with all articles usuully kcot in l!?.rd
wt? st.-.ics, and invite all to call and tal.ea
look at their new room nnd examine their
1 hey have continued a stock of Goods
their OLD STAND, sign of the Mill ,nv. on
Tagert's square, (order th ir.-.m?diate rate
one 01 the firm) wheie u.cv have been soib-
erally patronized the past year, for which theX
lake this opportunity ot returning their sin
cere thanks, and solicit a continuance of the
same for both establishments, promising to
Keep 85 f,cuii uooiis anu sen as low as any in
this market.
May lo. 1653. n491y
A I v.1
Pry Coou's, Millinery CpgJs, Pifcnsware, China
end Carpets,
T7E V.ive just opened our first Spring
V Stock of the above goods and are now
exhibiting one of the finest assortments ever
opened in this place.
To accommodate our increasing trade, we
have converted our second, floor into two
handsome sale-rooms, on for theC-.roets. Oil
Cloths, Mattings nnd Window Shades, and
the other for Bauuels and ell kinds of Milli
ners' Trimmings at wholesale and retail. In
this department we shall hereafter manufac
ture or trim Bouuets in the most fashionable
?'yes. Milliners and others are invited to
examine our superior stock of Bonnets, Rib
bons &c, l lore puTChasingfrlf :. lure.
We shall continue a heretofore to supply
Housekeepers, Hotels and Steamboats with
every thing in the furnishing Dry Goods line,
Table ware and Carpets at the verv lowest
price. . J. F. TO WELL 6c CO.
JNo. 4 Enterprise Building.
April 7, 1854. lv - 6
JOB WOItK. of every descriniion ntallv
Mtcued, at this Office. i
1 No Bnck.y. Birck. r,om a.. p.o,..i. t.,2
Has on hand a complete aatortment of
Staph and Fancy Stationery.
I am confident that it would be foi the In
terestf of dealers in this vicinity, to make
their purchases of me, instead of coins or
sending Fast. The difference of time, the
cost of transportation, with the advantage of
irequem outers lor small quantities, make it
more economical as well as more expeditious
lo purchase in this market.
1 invite buyers to examine mv stock, and
comrwre my prices with those of .Booksellers
in Cincinnati, or elsewhere.
School and Classical Boots,
All the kinds in use, at the lowest rates.
A Complete Assortment of Lav and
Medical Books ; Miscellaneous Books ;
All thelfewand Standard Publications.
I have also, in connection with my Book
Store, an extensive Bindery, where Blank
Books of any size and Pattern of superior
quality, suitable for County Offices, Banks,
I'urnaces, insuarance Companies, etc., are
made to order.
Stvple and Fancy Stationery of all kinds.
I ofl'er the largest and best stock ever hro't
to our city, and will sell them eihter it Whole
sale or Retail, at as low rites as any house
v-esim me Mountains. 1 have all Kinds,
irom tie richest Gilt to the commonest kind
moiiiactmed. 1 purchase Ihera directly from
the manufacturers, aud cau sell them very low
to the country trad '.
It w ill afford me 'pleasure to show my
goods, and I ehull spare no efforts lo rendei
entire satisfaction.
Booksellers, country dealers anil private li
braries supplied at the very lowest rates, in
large or small quantities.
fshall be happy to receive orilers.'assuring
those who semi, that they will be filled
promply. Particular attention paid to orders
y Mail, or otherwise, for Quantities, or sin
gle volumes.
Portsmouth, April 28, 1854.
GIFT ; WSTFIBUTION. Every person
having a Ticket gels an Engraving worth til.
The proprietors take great pleasure in an
nouncing to the citizens of the Union, that
in conseijiirn'" of .the great satisfaction man-
1 tested by the .. .;;-.ioi,!ersof our fust great
Distribution, und the many thousand solicit
ations from all parts of the country, in rela
tion to whether we intend getting up another
Di .tribut ion of Gifts for the people, we have,
ai .er an imiueuse outlay, been enabled to of-
kr to our thousands of patrons the following
valuolle, magnificent, and unprecedented
Bu.luakt Scheuus, to be distributed as soon
as the tickets am soldr
List ok Gifts to be distributed by the Man
agers of Capital City Art-Union.
Ticket only Oue Dollar!
And every one entitled to a hansome Engra
iiu, and a share in Ihe distribution of the
following valuable nrooertv:
1 Farm in the State of Indiana.
1 do in Ohio
1 do do
I Four-story Brick Dwelling &
Let, in Columbus, Ohio,
1 do do do
1 Beautiful residence in the
town of Mount Vernon
1 Two-story Brick Building in
1 Brick Cottage, and Lot in Co
lumbus ( do do do
1 Frame do do do
1 Handsome Country residence
111 &ego, ferry county, Ohio,
4 Splendid building lots iu Co
lumbus, at 82,000
10 do do do 81 ,500
4 do do Cleveland.
1 Grand Action Piano (Chick
ering's) 1 Gold Watch, set with Dia
5 Gold Watches, at $500 each
10 Rosewood Pianos, at $500.
10 do do at 400..
10 do do at 300-.
50 Gold Watches, at it 1 50
100 do at 100
100 do at 75
100 do at 4U
300 Silver do at 20
500 do do Bt, 15
1 000 Ladies' Gold Breast Pins, at 81
200 do Biocha Shawls, at $25,
500 do Silk Dress Patterns,
5000 Gold Pencils, at 93
10000 Gold Pens, with silver Cases,
at 2
; 0000 Gold Rings, at 11,50 each""
12084 do at 1.00 each""
Every person, by paying ONE DOLLAR,
will receive a certificate of membership, en
titling him to a handsome large Lithographic
engraving ot the new ami inaguintent Cup
Mol or OI1I0, forming one of the most
beautiful parlor ornaments ever gotten up as
an engraving, and richly worth a dollar (the
publisher's retail price.) Each subscriber
will also be entitled to a share in the distri
bution of the gifu enumerated iu the Scheme.
The Engravings can be &ent by mail to any
pan oi ine country, aud we will commence
delivering them to those having tickets by
the fifteenth of January.
For particulars, Tickets, &c, &o.,call on
, Agent at . We will
send bills, circulars, &c, on application,
(postpaid.) IS U KNELL (x CU,
February 2, 1855. tf Columbus, O.
wmm a kd.,
Importers of. and Dealers in.
WE will duulicaie bills with anv renulai
jobbiug House in the West. Country mer
chants, furnace nrnnripfnra milriia it rrintmc
tors, anu ouiers, wiusuDserve ineir interests dv
giving us a call
May ia, 04. 1 y.
(Successors to Smith and Holmes.)
Tin, Sheet Iron, and Copper Wares,
Stoves, Gratet. & HoRov Wart.
8 164.-1 y.
Ejdro-Eltflrie Voltaic Chains!
ANEW and NOVEL mode of applying a
powerful remedial agent, so constructed
as to be worn under the garments, next to the
akin, producing a rniistaut uninterrupted cur
rent 01 .ieciro-iagneii8m.etm-tng
from ihe most acute cab. and also a rerman
cut cure of all
It seldom has failed to furnish altiost in-'
stant relief, and a Fisal Perxasekt Curb
by being uml according todirecttion, lo the
following diaeasesi
Kheumatism, Uterine Pains,
Gout, Sciatica, Palpitation of Heart
ParalvKis, , Periodical Headache
Painful swelled joints, St. Vitus' Dance
Neuralgia of the Face, General Debilelv.
Disease of the Spine, Tains of the Chest,
iDeafness Blindness, Hysterics, Dysiiensia
All Diseases that a re caused bvadefii
amount 01 nervous fluid. tre Ereat v h
eu, 11 not permanently cured simply wearing
- . . " Z---J --
me cnaina lora lew noun eacn day.
Bt rroHDEWTooothut it is not claimed
that it cures all diseases, but only those for
which it is recommended, aud moreover, we
boldly claim and defy, that no medical agent
orany kind has preformed o many cures dur
ing the last year, of lLose discuses just nam
ed as
Pvlv ebmacher's Electkic Chaijs.
And to prove this assertion we .defy anv oer-
son to produce so many veil authenticated ter
tijtcates of Scientific Physicans and intelli
gent patients as may be found in a pamphlet
of 36 pages, to be Lad gratis of (lie agent iu this
The Electric Chains were first introdih-Ail In
France in lb50, and after being sobjectej to
the most Thobovoh aso RioinTHiAL, by the
first medical men in Paris, they were lo';ml
lo possess strong and marvellous powers in
relevingpain, wherever applied, and by their
influence were idtroduced into the hospitals of
thatcity,and alro.seeured by letters patent by
the French Government.
Tbey are now introduced is almosteverv
Hospital io England, Germany, Austria,
Belgium, aud patented in those commies.
where ihey have bcome the
Most Popilab Curative Aoest is tub
They wers first introduced in the United
States about oneyeai since, and went through
- Ilk thm ,.;ui t v 1 . .
in, runic uni D,ifi Ajuri'icr, bum were a i
once introduced into every Hospital in New
York, w here they are now in daily use.
effecting even mors vonderfal curis thdn had
ever before been awarded them. They are
highly recommended, Profj. Valentine Mott
Van Buren, Pom, ai;d otherv, who have pub
lishcd their views of their power und value-in
several of the medical journals in thai city,
and are also in the daily practice of recom
mending their use to patients. A full ac
count of their oi-inion mav also be found
in every pamphlet, end btnt to tlw ail-
'.it-.s of any person in the State, applying
(post paid; to the agents. Tlw Chains
can be sent by mail, vitb lull description
for use.
CTT I.rc8 f Chains, S3 and 8
Physicians are politely invited lo call
and exumine their construction, and pro
uounce upon their merit.
vsn word more to IcivAMrm.
No person need fear that they will rot
accompluh just what it is claimed they
can do, and all person who have brcom
disgusted with a constant pouring down oi
patent nostrums (bottled swill) are kindly
and politely invited to give them u trial.
Card to Ladies. Ladies who are en
cieute, are requested not to wear them for
a great length of tune, for bu to doing.
miscarriage is frequectly produced-
N. B. One Chain vi lli lust for years and
lose none of its electric powra by use. can be
applied to either adut or .hiltb For K.le
in all the principlciiies ne the U. S,
J. Stcinert, Gen lej Agent. N. Y.
All communications (Post paid) addressed
to S. S. DEMU Til, McArthur Ohio, Agent
for Vinton and adjoining Counties, will re
ceive prompt attention.
June 30, 185-4. ly
A Public Imitation.
fj A ING just opened a Wholesale and
JLJ1 Retail HAT STOKE in Portsmouth
on Front Street, between Market and Jeffer
son, tney invite mi to can ami examine then
stock of
Hats and Caps, Straw Goods, Trunks, f.f
Valises, Carpet Bags, Umbrellas It., Vi
Purchasers can at all times find at our es
tablibhmeut a full and complete essorlmen-
of the richest and most desirable etyles, ai
well as the most common fabrics. Our lone
experience in the business, and knowledge of
iiioiiuiaciumig, wiin me laciiuies tor purcha
sing, are such that we are confident we can
sell lower tnan any other House in the West.
FURS of ull kinds wanted, for which the
highest pi ices will be paid.
Portsmouth, November 4, 1853. ly
HH. JOHNSON, (successor to Joseph
Jones) keeps constantly on hand a
large siock ot
Which he will sell at Eastern Prices. It is
his design to afford Country Merchants, end
puithasers generally, such facilities for sup
plying themselves with every article in his
line, as they have not heretofore enjoyed.
Additions are now being made to his stock.
which will make one of the Largest am? &st
in the western country.
As a mere outline, his stock will be found
to consist of
BOOKS Medical. Scientific, Law, Theolog
ical, School, Blank and Miscellaneous.
STATIONERY Letter, Cap, Biil and Note
ENVELOPES Buff, Embossed and Plain
White, and Govern meut.
WALL PAPER -A heavy and well selected
sleek, at prices ranging from 8 cents,
to $1,00 per bolt. - Also, Borders of
the greatest varietv, and Window
BLANK BOOKS Ledgers, Journals, Day
Books, aud Time Books, all of eveiy
PERIODICALS Tliose.issued Monthly, and
MAPS lrae Maps of both Hemispheres r-nd
of the United States; Small Maps of
each of the Western Sufps, and of
FANCY ARTICLES of different kinds.
ALSO Slates. Cony Books, Copper Plate,
Pencils, Gold and Steel Pens, Ink of
ell kinds, Inlistands, Wafers, &c, &c.
All of which wiii be sold low, at Whole
6&le and Retaii at Johnson's Book Store,
Jones' old stand, Paint Su.Chillicothe, Ohio.
Decembers. 1853. ly.
HATS & CAPS, of every quality and style,
ji'U received and for sale cheaper than
ever, at OKMUTH & CO S.
Nov. 21, '54. tf.
At Fhattbvii.le. wish Id purchase Hides for
which the highest Market price will be given.
January 5, 1856. tf. '
' aba rapid Car af
rorccs, r olds, iioarse.ess,
WE invite the attention of the Tublic tn
the Certificates appended bekw, aud
besnak for them that candid consideration
which their honest frankness deserves.
Men in such stations as many who volun
tarily bear witneM to the efficacy and value of
Chiubt Pectoral, do not wantonly tufla
with, or distort fads, nor overstate their con
victions. Judge then, whether this is not the
medicine to trust when yon must have relief'
for Ihe throat or luni;s; jiivlge too, w hethcr ev
ery family ought not to have it by litem as a
safeguard against the everywhere prevailing
enemy, which steals w ith fatal frequency up
on almost every flock and carries olf the lamb
from many a home?
JctWn C n., Jaeksoi City, t ,201. Sot., 13&
Dr. J. C. Ateb.
Sir The. Cherry Pectoral is much Inqui
red after. Several'of our best Physicians
have used It, three of them in their own caaa
and always with the happiest effects. Thai
numerous patent medicines always before
them, lead to incredulity in regard to every
new wmedv: and it is onlv after undoubtful
cvideuce ot" value In any article, that any thing
lixe a general commence can De excltetl.
The unri veiled excellence of ibis enmbina
tiuu of agents, (in the Clmry Pectoral; proved
beyond cavil by repealed trial under their own
observation, has compelled medical men to
1 reclaim abroad its tmeMlnrss. It is beyond
all doubt the best general remedy we have fo
the Pulmonary AUeciionao! thw climate, at
the same time sedative and txpectoraat
rare combination of piopertiea.
In hope that it will prove its owa rewwj,
I subscribe myself.
Rejpecifully your obi. "ervt.,
Altegnn. Mich., 10th Jan,, 186J.
Dear Sir No one, ne not m rooj, wom
an, or child ran be found to deuy tfiel Uie
Cherry Pectoral is all ti;at it claims l U.
Tin. re is much usuf in this vicinity sUbou
inn known un'il retently. The cootihduU
should know ill vi-tn.-i.
Yours truly,
Jou.-i K. KiiLcaa.X. D.
Let (intltnen of tit L'f tl ProftmAim tmrk
this CUH.
Williaii.:bug, L. 1., Sept. , 13StV
Dr. J. C. Aver,
Dear Sir Over application for the peal
three veers to in t duties is an ad vocals biouelit
on some riM months ago a U'veie irrUatum
of the briiuchial lu-j, rliicb was a oonaianl
,iMtia)ur to- rw-. and fast becoming a book
of j;ret aeprvheiwini. Kveiy KBiedy tried.
luilei toeveu reiii-ve mt.tilk 1 ureil your Cltcr
v I'ecitual. This- has not oiily relieved to a.
but a 1 truBt. wholly cured m. 1 nre noth
ing tor the lepu'owon of auvocotiug fa tea
Mviliciivs.Bi:j tliU is ut your scrvico. 1 alull
rrecommeud ii to members ol the bar, au-i
others vvhoti I may meet, Uburiug aodar
similar iuUspoi,itriiu4.
i.-'Uts uuly,
R. T. off
8nuth Paris Me., Aug 19, 150.
1 L vp no I rritation iu aaying.that I regarJ
Ayer's Cherry Pvi.loral as det-'uledty lh bee
remedy v iihin my kuovvleilge lor ihecure oi
(hroi.ic biouchitMi,ciiiihs, w UilirdK:t oi"
the lut'i,.'. M. A. Kl.t, M. D.
Monlgomrry, Ala., October 4, 1819.
Dr. J. C Aff.B, Sir: 1 have oset! yom ad
inirable compound ex trnsively in niy pmeiice,
mil liiid it to surpass, hy far, auy otlifi'teuie
ly we have for curing diseases upon thelimA.
Your obedient servt., R. U. Joe, M.l).
What yet itina.iis to convince the most in
credulous that the Cherry Pectord iaall tWl
it purports to l viz: an unequalled icmrdial
igent for all disease of the throat and lung.
Ihe experience of years, has proven it lu ba
-uch, and ue submit it to the people, believ
ing that its virtues will fully miioiaia is
Prepared by J. C. AYER, Chemist, Lowell,
(XT' Beware of worthless preparation
ilteuipted lo be palmed olf uudei a similar
Sold Bt
F, ECKSTEIN, jr., Cincinnati; O.B. WiLX,
McArthur. and by dealers iu Mediciue evtyy
vhcre. Jan. 26 '50 4rno.
KEEP constantly on hand the fotowlng
genuine and popular family medicines.
PILLS. Sellers Liver Fills, McLaiue'e
Liver Pills, Aver's Pills.
COUGH R'EMEDIES.-Seller's Imperial
Cough Syrup. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, Seller's
HivS'vrup, Seller's Syrup of Squills.
WORM MEDICINES.-Sellers Vermifuge,
McLaine's Vermifuge.
LIMMENT3.-H. G. Farrel's Indian Lia
iment, Gardner's Volatile Liniment, Red I way's
Ready Retirf. Pain Curer, Liquid Opidilduc.
HAIR TONICS. Lyon's Kathaimn, G, S
Also: A large and well selected stock of
Drugs, Medicines. Oils, PiinU and Dye-stgffr,
all for aale at the lowest prices.
Oct. 27th, 1854. ly.
IN order to dispose of the large quantities
of Me.chandise, now in McArthiir, wcaro
convinced of the necessity ol ottering induce
ments to customers, sufficient to warrant
them in coming from a greater disianve l-r
their supplies. To accomplish this we an
determined lo
With our friends. In other words, we will
positively sell, for Casli or Produce,
Generally charged in this region of country.
We say, to ihe Farmers of Vinton, we aie
prepared to prove what we say. Call and see
lor yourselves. And we hereby give notice
to oil concerned, that the day for selling
Goods, in McArthur, for 50 and 100 per cent,
is gone by. We have determined to sell for
5 and 10 pereenu and then muke money by
ma King more aaics,
Our Block is entirely uew, and we wilt, ia
wants of the people require it, renew.
- Call and see. S. S. DE.MUTH & Co.
Nov. 17. 1854. 6m.
"g ft YANKEE Ox Yokes, ai the Gilt, Anvi
Ju.yW ISM.

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