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Tke toice of the Ptople istlir 8u)u.c Law,
E. A. IHIATTOX. Editor.
U'AHTIIL'R, APRIL 6, 1855.
Impipu Bnbwnplloo and Adv.rrising Agfncr
Philadelphia, New York, Boston ami I5al
timori. is our authorized agent to receive ml
receipt for subscription and advertisement for
the Democrat.
For Governor,
For Lievtenant Governor,
For Supreme Judges.
For Auditor of State,
For Treasurer of State,
For Secretary of State,
For Attorney General,
For Board of Pullic Workt,
(CTThe following is the result ol
our Township Election, on last Mon
Justices of the Peace,
Euas Waltz.4
John Eaclebebry,
Jacob S. Hciin,
A. Perky.
J. S. Hawk.
Township Clerk,
G. V. Shockey.
Benj. Ward,
Geo. Ullom.
Those marked with a ttar are Dem-j
Had the Democracy organ-iceived
ized, a very different result could have
been effected; as it is, our Old Fogies
are exceedingly ioyful, as it was a com -
nlptp k'nnw Nntliinrr trick. TIipv ohev.
edlheceneral order from the Grand
Council at Cincinnati, to wit: "You'an
must put on your ticket some true
ocra s, n order to decoy the voters ol
.u- t. :
me uemocrauc party into your sup-(
How do you like it, fellow Demo.lcret
crats? To have a few Demagogues in;
midnight council to dictate the men you
shall vote for to fill even your petty olj
fices. Let Whiggery and its co adju-
lators revel on; there are honest men
enough on our tickets to head them,
far as Vinton county is concerned
That there is true and noble Democrats
and honest Whigs in our county, who!
will regulate these matters, there is
Township Elections in Vinton
To little Brown all honor is due, for
her noble conduct in declaring for hu
manity and Democracy, last Monday,
by the election of every township of
ficer, from the ranks of the True Dem
ocrats. Other hearts beat with enthu
siasm at the thought, that there are
some patriots left, who are not afraid
to declare theii principles in open day.
'Tis to such men as these of Brown
that the American people must look for
defenders at the point of the bayonet,
when occasion requires it. We can
not depend upon the prowling midnight
scoundrels, who meet at a certain place
not far distant, when honest men are
enjoying that rest, from their labor, that
the God of nature has provided for
The election in Brown proves what
we know to be true, that when the De
mocracy organize, they are invincible.
May the Democracy of Brown live
long and die Freemen
Madison Township. i.i this town
ship, on last Monday, .the Democrats
elected all the township officers they
wished. Our friend, J. J. Allison,
was elected Justice of the Peace.
This was an excellent selection. Mr.
Atwov is a firm and reliable Demo-
crat, well qualified, and will make a
good Justice. Well done for Madison
CCrWecall special attention (hi
week to new advertisements.
Friend McGillivray keeps on hand
everything in the. line oi baddies, Har
ness and Irimmmgg, of every variety;
be is determined to give satisfaction,
and at prices to suit the times. Give
him a call.
The Railroad Time Tahlt is impor
tant to our business men, who may re
ly en the Times ai published.
McArthur Election.
On last Monday the late Village
Fathers were ousted.and an entire new
Council elected, who we notify in ad
vance: that if they don't walk in the
narrow path, they will have to give an
account o! their acts. I he removal
of the old Council has satisfied a num
ber that Know NothLigism has a strong
hold on McArthur The town is, we
belive, ol full age,over twenty-one, and
full grown; (until a more liberal course
of policy is extended to new-comers,
by the olJ Fogies; ) and the old Coun-
i i i i. : .... 1
t'li aone more lor me imnruvt-iiieui "
McArthur than all the previous im
provements made in the place; but so
it is. How truly is it saiif, that "Re
publics are ungrateful." We trust that
portion of Democrats elected will pre
vent the Whigs and Know Nothings
from dipping too deep into the pockets
of the people.
Mr. Bhown, the Mayor elect, is an
Ami' Know Nothing his election set
tles that question although the Know
Nothings all supported him, aim men
basely stole the names of some good
Democrats and put them on their tick
el in order to carry out their designs.
Graham's Magazine. The April
number has been received, and is deci
dedly the best in 1855: it contains a
beautiful plate of Mary Stuait, Queen
of Scotts, a splendid romance by Win.
Dowe, Esq. Every body should sub
scribe for Graham; we can furnish it
and the Democrat for $3 00 per annum.
Know Nothings Defeated in
Chili-icothb a Complete Roct.
The election of Messrs. Skerret.Sproat,
Blacker and Bader, on the general city
ticket, is a loud rebuke to Know Noth-
ingism, in Chillicothe one which,for
a time, will doubtless cause "Sam" to
hide his diminished head in yet dens
er darkness.
Highly Important from Washington—
Autograph Letter of the
Emperor Nicholas to President
Pierce—Revelation of a Conspiracy
of the Western Powers
against the United States.
Emperor Nicholas of Russia, and re
ocrats. by the last arrival from Europe.
organization against this country,
Wadvd and encouraged by EngJd"'"
extracts are given Irom letters sent to
, the home government, by Russian se-
employees distiibuted throughout
the capitals of Europe. It is to show
the friendship and interest which the
Emperor leels lor ihe success of the
Uimed States, that the matters set forth
soipierce are revealed. It is further sta-'f
'led that the British, Austrian, and
' Spanish Ambassadors were present at
audiences rivfn U T.nni Nannlor.n
nojaud that iUo tiie French. Austrian and
The New York Herald has a cor-
respondent at Washington who makesL,
some revelations wiucn are iiigmy im-
portant if true. The substance of li i s j
disclosures is as follows: The writer!
says that a few evenings ago, Presi-
Pierce invited to the White House,
Senators Cass, Mason and Douglas.'
The President, the above named Sen
ators and Secretary Marcy, were the
only individuals present. The Presi
dent placed belore the gentlemen as
sembled, an autoizranh letter, signed by
t The letter was also accompanied by
official communication from the Em-are
V - ror's Minister for forei affairs,
'.miimiiiiirat; o il.a IlnltoH ..
1 Secretary ol Ki.it.. th nartirnlaro r
and France. To Drove the statement
I . 10 Frme.ll,e5laltlnen'
in Ins communication to President
Spanish Ambasadors had been rece
on ollicial visits, by Lord Aberdeen in
. ii i . .
uuuuuu, ouu uiui uiiau ueen recoin-
mended to Spain, by these high tunc
tionaries, to practice a protracted dtplo-'as
matic policy with this Government,!
at the same time, as soon as the
force could be spared.France and Enz-'
i land would increase and divide their
strength in such a manner in North and
South America, as not to awaken sua
picioo, or excite alarm. The designs
of the whole matter is, in a word, to
practice acts ol aggiession and violence
towards tins country, whenever the op
portunity arises that will enable this to
be done with any show of reason, and
check its increasing strength, its grow
ing prosperity, and its commercial im-l
uoitiince. TtiP rnrrocnnnHpnr nf I In.
Herald, also suiests that these ditclo
sures may have been made to Russia
by the Austrian government, which
notwithstanding her assurances to the
allies, is secretly the friend of Russia
That England, France and Spain
should unite to prevent the acquisition
oi iiiba by tne United States, is vert
possible, but that the knowledge of
such a combination as above represent
ed, should be made known to our
government through the Emperor of
Russia, needs further confirmation.
War with Spain Threatened—The
Administration bringing out the
Big Guns—Secretary Dobbin
Secretary Dobbin is still confined to
his house. 1 lie president had an in
tcrview with him to day.
It is rumored that orders go out to
Havana lor the naval force there to seek
reparation for the 2,7 Dorado outrage.
The steamer Pri.icelon, with ten heavy
irnna ie filrpuHtr flip.-n ilia tldamai1 X7-.
ton, with live guns; the frigate Colum-
bia, witu blty guns; and the sloop tal
mouth with twenty guns, are either
there now or will be very soon. They
are all under command ol Commodore
xNew ton. There is an additional force
of fifly-lour guns at Norfolk ready, it
wanted, at short notice. The Admin
istration is fiery, but I don't know how
Special dispatch
to the New York Daily Times.
Eight persons were convicted end
sent to the Penitentiary at the Cominuu
t To rdo. Fortr-one timr
At.VW.V.U. - - - . '
been convicted and sent from Lucas j
oun'y the past trir.
From the Zanesville Commercial Aurora.
An Essay on Know-Northingism.
'g'ment must necessarily revolve it-
wer with Great Britain, Jen Jackson,
wh0 was a son of one of Erin's exiles,
not only secured the Palm of American
victory in one hand, butlikewise pluck
dent ed the Laurel Wreath of Fame from the
anpression, contention riots, and sacrilege,
reigning tyrannies in opposition to
human and divine law. If a Jew or
hold ,fm ag natives; and our Iree
statesmen should not make distinctions
regards the degrees of latitude or
longitude, for Libebtt cannot be check
while, ed by the Zones, or bounded by the
The existesce of this singular politi
cal element cannot ba doubted, and its
destiny, like every other compound, in
of uncertain duration. Notwithstanding
man's wise administration in the affairs
of our political world, the spoils of of
fice appear to represent the character of
republican freedom; and unhapilyRs
lioioh form one of the principal ingred
ient! in this organization. Since the
Constitution of the United States was
adopted, this is the first instance, in
which the sacred relationship of Creator
and w orshipper, being introduced in the
political campaigns of our be lovrd coun
try. Here, e have the conferral!
principles of Liberty .vsd Law, diffu
sing their benign influence throughout
this unbroken Union: and here we
have a vital representative society of
ill ages, nations, tong'ifB. and kindred,
w hich distinguishes the native or adopt
ed ci lizen of this country from any other
inhabitant of the globe.
The Native and Foreios Born resi
den'.s of this magnificent Repubic are
so linked and interwoven by family con
nections and interests, thai it would
seem futile to engender a spirit of diss
cord among the pacific relations of Amer
ican domictl. Unless emigration is to
tally abolished, and- extended frobation
concernin the rights of citizenship would
only preve deleterious in its practical
results. We want to qualify Citizens
instead of Paupers! Five years proba
tion enrolls an exile into the ranks of a
citizen, and twenty-one years delay may
lender a foreign-born stranger Into the
abject state of nuturalized pauperism.
The Know Noihing Party is compell
ed to admit that a Roman Catholic dis
covered this country and moreover
that it bears the name of a Roman Cath
olic Americus. During the Revolution
ary war,' Gen Wasiiinotos, elevated
himself above the narrow sphere of big
otry, and upheld the banner of religious
toleration a banner which appears of
late deserted by false deciples of every
sect and every creed. Eight signers of
the Declaration of Independence were
horn in England, Ireland, Scotland, and
Wales; fort) -eight were born under the
British flag of the North American col
onies; and a majority of them Catho-
It ..a VnianAnft Mini TI ii a 11 ttnnifl Purl
a1(1 p.thikerg. Duling tba u8t
vanquished brows of the "flower of the
British army," with the other hand
TnuTH is the same infallible witness
of time, whether it dwells in the obscu
rity of the past, or in the brilliancy of
present, or in the impenetrability of
the future, And what are the politi
cal billon s of man's lifetime when com
pared with an ocean of eternityt Op
f-hrisiian differ resaectinir th rhHranicri
of the son of God. the result of this dis-
Personi Der4Usr' "J
.,.. 'Christ came.' Th? controversial
Israelite rejoins, and says, 'Christ will
Man knows nothing, sure enough, if
he is left to his own individual pres
umptive nothingness. He would remain
ignorant of the fact, that, his left hand
is not his right hand, were it not on
account of ths tradi:ionary knowledge
venerated forefathers and foreign
unreslors. The Holy Bible ii a foreign
work, ar.d everv Author of this inspirerj"'Jer-
volume, from Moses the Egyptian down
to Jesiu of Nazareth, is oforiential biri'i
and parentage. In the civilized conn
,, P ir - .
of Europe, our American Ambassador
are respected a? foreigners, althougt we
Ecliptic: Where Liberty dwells, there
is my country,'
The writer a( this Essay visited twenty-seven
Stales of the Union, during the
past twenty-seven years, and familiariz
ed himielf with the charactei and stand
ing of thousands of Catholic and Pro.
teMant Bishops and ministers in public
and in private. He has found all of
them equally disposed to uphold the
banner of the stars and stripes; and glo
'ry in the pathway of religious freedom,
He has heard all of them exclaim against
tern poral and spi ritual despotism. He
has not loimd one advocate of monarchy
a..,ong them all. But he has beard them
repeat, 'we are created after His own
image and likeness.' No christian
would oppress the strsnger--no citizen
will insult a citizen and no man will
disfigure the image of God in man.
The Catholic Church in this country
has admitted into her fold and received
into her communion avast number of
converts. Several of these neophytes,
unwilling to become humble believers
in the faith of antiquity, arrogantly fore
ed theinFelves into the high positiouof
the faithful ranks, ss leaders of the flock
and editors of the Catholic press. This
engine of public opinion, the press, be
comes potent, and is not solely employ
ed by the'm for the purpose of dissemin
ating religious intelligence, but is oft-
times used lor the base purpose of pro
mulgating vituperations, slanders, in
vecuves, and personal recriminations,
to the detriment of their Protestant
neighbors. The members of the Catho
lic Church are in justly held responsible
for the abuse published by those rene
gades from Protestantism. Hallucina
tion guides their pen, and self-interest
conducts the sordid motion of their mer
cenary press.
Wbeu Catholic or Protestant editors
resort to the barbarous custom of carry
ing deadly weapons, to vindicate the
uucertain character of their cowardlM
person, in the presence ot virtuous peo
ple, Religion weeps for her perverted
followers, and Firtire anathematizes her
scandal-mongers. The spirit of Know
iSothiugism seeks the arena of strife,
aud in tbe moment of excitement, Sndea-
vors to build up a Parly of Prejudice,
arraying one portion of mankind against
.11111.61, I.HIIW. ..I.6IIIIIIIIVU,.
tributes of mercy, or ihculcitine the di-
another, withut subverting tbe noblest
vine precept, and consolatory admou-
iton. "Love tht Neighbor as Thy
1 remain, Mr, Editor, yours truly,
More Exposures.
[From the Dayton Empire.]
Editobs Empire : Enclosed you will
find correspondence between Council
No. 42, of Know Nothing aud myself, in
the form of charges preferred against me,
and my reply, which you will do me the
favor to publish. ; I request this from
the fact that members of the order have
reported amongst outsiders that I have
been expelleJ; who, not knowing the
reasons, may attribute it to causes that
do not exist; therefore I think in justice
to myself the whole matter should bit
laid before the public, that they may
judge of the facts for themselves.
That I am now an outsider, I think
there can be but little doubt.
Respectfully Yours,
honorable men, who joined out
Gentlemen, when first I joined your
order, I supposed the object of the as
sociation was intended merely as a tem
porary expedient to check the dishonora
ble means frequently resorted to on the
part of politicians to obtain' foreign
votes; but how sadly have I been de
ceived. This question of Knom Nothing
ism and its principles, as they are being
developed from day to day, iuvolves
more of the future welfare and liberty
of this country, than many of you gener
ally suppose, The framers of our gov
ernment were men who had bitterly ex
perienced the great tyrmy and injustice
of other governments had studied well
those fundamental principles of human
right and equality so necessary to hap
piness, and we were pre eminently pre
pared to institute a government free
from civil and religious intolerance a
government that should receive theap
plause of all just men and become a
burning light of liberty to the world
a government the justice of whose prin
ciples should make the very thrones of
Europe tremble, and '-become the fund
hope of the oppressed of every clime."
How have they succeeJed ? The annals
of ancient and modern history present
no account of any government rising in
power, numbers and influence like this.
Our institutions giving greater freedom
and security to its people than that of
any other, attracted the attention, con
fidence and sympathy of the democrat
ic masses of other countries, who sought
oui shores by thousands, periling life
and fortune, that they might escape ly
ronny and oppression, and enjoy civil
and religious liberty. We extend to
them a hearty welcome gave them the
same privil'ges we enjoyed made them
our friends, and they hue proved irtia
to our wisdom and generosity, by rie
feuding our institutions, shoulder to
sltoulder with the American born citizeu
upon every battlefield from the Revolu
tion to the present time, and never an
Arnold wasfouud amongst them.
Shall we now labor to check this
mighty current of liberty and prosperity
1,1 our country, by proscribing men sim
l,l. 0" BCCut of ihe accident of birth
'J 0 f'. thus creating ut
Lf " 'r i r i
u' 8e' "f designing political dema
gogues, who woula subvert every princi
ple of our government let loose the
wild passions of religious bigotry and
intolerance-drench our country in blood,
and entail upon our children eternal
slavery, that they might obtaiu place and
Gentemen: In conclusion I would say,
that I have. I know, many personal
Iriends of buth political parties in the
ol curiosity, ora mistaken notion of its
principles; some of whom 1 know will
never visits lodge again. Others will
leave the carcass as soon as they discov
er its real rottenness, and the character
oi me propelling power, as rats tto a
sinking ship. All now that holds the
infamy together, is the strong desire ol
its leaders for office, and their appeals
to the religious prejudices of its mem
bers. I have now given you some of mv
views of the order, upongeneial princi
ples, as well as a brief reply to the
charges, and leave you at liberty to ex
pel me, or draw black lines around my
name. Uut 1 should prefer that you
would bleach the whole thing from your
books with oxalic acid, that there may
be no traces left that I ever was a mem
ber. One thing more : What ever 1 may
think of the biudiug character of the ob
ligation, yet I feel iu honor bound, not
to reveal the names of those I know to
be members of the order.
Respectfully, yours,
Effects of Whig Rule—The New
Effects of Whig Rule—The New York Canals an the Railroads.
Gov. Clark, ol New York, has sent
a message to the Legislature of that
State in reference to the great decrease
in canal tolls, ow ing to the large amount
oi ireignt carried on tne raiiroaos. lie
recommends an imposition of canal
tolls upon the railtoad tonnage on all
ihe railroads diverting business from
the canals.
He speaks, in gloomy forebodings,
of the financial prospects of the State,
and anticipates a large deficit, and ot
course a new public debt. A few years
ago we heard of nothing but the en
largement of the Erie canal, and the
universal prosperity that was to follow.
The Constitution ot the State was
over-ridden the Democrats turned out
of office, and the great enlargement
commenced with all its debts and cor
ruptions. Now we have the final in
this special message ot the Governor.
Black mail is now advised to be levied
upon the railroads to save the sinking
ship. Imbecile and financial quackery,
it is well said, have got to a pretty pass
in uie Dtaie oi new lorn, when a
Whig Governor is compelled to make
O. States.
They have a good joke un Dr. Agan
of Chicago; he is a great land opera
tor, as well as a most successful physi
cian. The doctor prescribed some
pills for a lady. She asked how the;
were to be taken? 'A quarter down,'
said the Doctor, 'and the balance in
one, two, and three years.'
Later from Europe.
News Death of the Emperor
Nicholas Confirmed.
Differences Between England and Napoleon.
NEW YORK, March 27.
The Atlantic has arrived with dates
to the 19th.
The Czar expired shortly after noon,
rriuay, ftlarcn ahi. ms uisease was at-j
ropby ol the lungs, lie had Oiity a lew
days' sickness. His last words to the
Empress were, ''tell Frederick, King ol
Prussia, to continue attached lo Rutsia
as he has hitherto been, and never for
get bis father's words." It is said that
a few days before the Czar's death, he
succeeded hi effecting a complete re con
ciliation between his two sous, Alex
ander and Constaniine, who were at
The news of the Emperor's death was
receiv'd in England with demonstrations
uf joy. Several theatre mauugers came
belure the curtain, and announced the
fact, which was received with tumult
ous cheering. The Berlin court plac
ed itself in mourning, and on'ers were
issued for the whole Prussian army to
wear symbols of mourning for our
The Emp'eror Alexander the second
succeeded peaceably to the Russian
throne. He has issued a manifesto stat
ing that he will adhere in the policy of
his lather Nicholas.
Coustanline and the other brothers
and efheera have taken the oath of al
legiance. 1 j
Alexander has confirmed the diplo
matist Gortshukoff's previous instruc
tions to negotiate, am1 the first prelim
inary conference has been held at
Vienna. Nicholas had recalled Meiiochi-
kuff, and appointed Gen. Gor'.schukolT
to the chief command, Ostensacken
second, and Luders to the ccimniMid in
i ! .
Alexander had appointed Cen. Rudi-
mer Minister of War.
The Allies have ordered tTieir Gener
als to push fur ward the war. There
had lieeu more fighting in the Crimea.
Hie trench stonnei:
!d u redoubt skillfull)
Russians during the
i I i ,
erected by the
night, and several hundred were killed.
O '
There is a strong rumor that the Grand
Duke.Michael is wounded and dead at
A U.ge force of Russians threatens
Bulakluva. The blockade of the Dan-
ube is raised. Uroussa is destroyed,
with most of its inhabitants, by un
...... '
earini ,e. ,. . , .
A speck of disagreement had arisen
between Aapoleon and England. Kj -
puieon out a the armies siiuuki not uct
together, if Roebuck's committee pro
cteded. Clarendon went cxire.-s!y to
Boulogne and nude nutters straight.
Meantime the committee proceeds, but
it is thuuglit Parliament will be dis
solved. The ambassodors announce the new
Euiperoi's accession A synopsis ol
Alexanders uuuileMo received via.
Konigsburg, declared that ihe weihruol
his Empire is his only object, and he
will endeavor lo maintain Russia on the
highest standard of power uud glory,'
and aim lo accomplish ihe incessant!
wisiies una views of lus predecessor,
and hopes all his subjects will uoiist
hi in therein.
Immediately after the dcuth of Nicho
las was know in Paris, orders were sent
toConroberl to press on t!ia seige ol
oeudbiupui wiiu i ne :miiusi vigor.
News from Sebuotpul, lo March 5th, j
reached Paris on the 7th, stating that 1
5.UU0 Russians threatened tiie Luglit-h
lorces at Balaklava. Bosquet was en-,
lo gel his corpin the raurot (
the enemy, with a view of cutting them
ufl'lroin reinforcements, uud becoming'
the attacking party, the weather was
very varia ble at the latest dates. A
line cuuvoy of 200 wagons had succeed -
ed in euteriug Seoastopot
the firing couiiiiued on both sides
with more steadiness. Duiing ihe night
uf 2 1st, the Russians threw up ml armeil
redoubt on the flank of the fortification
at Sebastopol, and on the night ol he
21 ill it wasul'acked and stormed by the
French. The accounts of the event, are
directly contradictory. Menschikoll
says the French were repulsed with the
lues ol OUU men; while the French ac
counts claim a i iclury, w ilh 100 ot their
men killed.
The French likewise destroyed the
work around Malakhof, '.he lower fort,
with great luss, ou the 2Gi.li of Februa-
Arrival of the Asia.
Arrival of the Asia. PROSPECT OF PEACE!
HALIFAX, March 30.
The steamer Asia arrived at thii port
lust night.
Public attention rentured on Vienna
Conference, aud hopes and fears are
about equally balanced as to the proba
bilities of peace.
Austrian and Prussian circulars indi
cates peace, but the manifesto of the
Czar Alexander to his army is interpret
ed as very war-like. The Vienna Con
ference has held its firat formal meeting
on the lCih insl.
GortschakufT the Russian ambasador
was not present. The Allies reopened
Ore on Sebastopol wilh effect.
The Congress formally met on the
Present. 1 French, 2 English, 2 Aus
trian, and 2 Turkish Representatives
Russian Plenipotentiary not (resent.
Telegraphic reports say that the dis
cussion on tbe general basis of negotia
tions, terminated satisfactorily.
Rumors are current that Austria
wishes England to be louteul with the
demalilion of Sebastupol.
On Friday at Conference the Pleoipo
tentiary exchanged power and proceed
ings eiMered upon the four bases, and
interpretations given them by tbe Allies
having been set forth, the Russian repres
entatives accepted them verbally.
One uf the Plenipotentiaries hereup
on was deputed to draw up a minute
proteclorial, which was- to be siged the
first thirg the next itj, and this docu-
me nt will constitute the basis of nego
tiations for peace.
Prussia refuses to iccede to the
Treaty with the allies, and will not
therefore be admitted to participate in
in the conferences.
The French has stormed the Rus
sian redoubts, and finding them untena
ble, blew them up, and retired, willt
a loss uf 100 killed and 300 wouuded,
Two Russian officers had deserted to.
the English.
The seige of Sebastopol was proceeding
with great activity. -
Prussia has issued a circular tr diplo
matic consular sgents, which gives rea
son to believe that the negotiations now
progressing will terminate in peace.
The British Committee of inquiry af
ter a 10 days' session continues. Eml
Lucan, Cut. Kennock, commisserait of
Tier, and J. McDonald, ol the London
Times have been examined in evidence,
which fully confirms the worst report
of mis-managrment.
Madrid correspondence gives the de
tails of recent conspiracy in Cuba, and
says that confidential communications
have been received from Coucha, which
state that the excitement on the Island
is considerable; and that the Cuban De
puty, sent lo the Spanish Cortes, begs
the Government not to emancipate the
slaves, which he says would bea fatal
measure, and cause ths inhabitants to
seek admission into the United States;
and that if the Cubans be not pacified
by concessions, he says that 20,000
troops could not retain Cuba to-Spain.
On the2uthult., by Rev. C. P.Taylor.Mr.
David M. Collins and Miss Ann Eliza
Nickell, all of this county.
1'tTO t VH f 1!!C1
. li.ilj A) t.lIOi
The finest Silk and Fur Hats and Cnpi;
ulso, CV.Iunere, Unuliuid Cotton Huts and
Caps, (mens' and boys',) at prices twsuitciiii
deavoring turners.
JlOOTStind SHOES, Mens' and Boys,
Womens' and Cliildiens, of every possible
I! I ! .
THE co-partnership heretofore existing
between the Mibsi ribers, under the firm
of S. S. Demuth & Co.,vas this day dissolved
bv mutual consent; S. S. Demt.th having sold
'his entire interest to E. A. D-ration, by whom
ciauna win ue seuieu unu an nenm collec
ted. S. S. DEMUT1I.
April 1st, 1&55.
E. a. BR.vrrox.
Ipriug Trade foriSoo..
wish to announce to the customers nf
S. S. Demmh cV Co., and the public, that
' nave bought Mr. Demiitlfs inten
pml ,1,e 'j""? 1,l,si"7
JJ'ue Cornpr will "push hlonc and
interest in Saul
sss at the
; ;, ,, , 1 S 1 T
I iiu ' ivi III tPP tliiiPQ I tVikJl tri m:iliP ru liwrra
irillJ r.mwJ ,IS f)rUliei)(.e will per.mi
Uie-e times, and in order to do so must have
IM .4Nty; I ,ou'i want 10 per cent. Judgment
notes, nor unytliiii of 'lui kind; 1 neither
Rive nor lu!.e tln-se notes from our friends.
I l'0 lho.-e who wiil r-ce lliisnoticp.will mire
'f u r;ut,if 1101 B,u vJ,ti" memhess la
ttw next three weeks, during which time, 1
will sell out ot coU. nmt lower than ever
U()l)1, lvwe b , in t(lis plu( f()f r((,h
niril5.tf. E. A. Hit AT ION.
llm Cokmii Ekect!
WILL keep constantly on hund ii lurgv,
vu'll R'lecli'd, iiml seusouuble stock of
Su. h un Co.'iv, CmMmerrs, Vesting, Suli-
,!!, filninm. A! ptiais, Je Luinr.s, Cush-
mtrrs I.uvux, (Hrhnms, Culiccis. Luces,
UrocaJis, tf-c, c)'-c. A choice selection ot
0'!fvZlc' Will''''
, VXT k v
llM)UrAnE.-Sw3, Axes, Hatchets,
Knives and' Pinks, Pocket Knives, Rasps,
Piles. Aiiprs in f-liori,eeryrhingiii this line.
WO OA'S, School Books, bong Books,
Mielui:eons Books of all kinds; Prints,
Quiils, Paper and Stationery of every variety
qaauiy mn pruu.
Rio CofJ'.-e, Loaf Suir, New Sugar, Rice,
Imperial, Youni; Hymn, and Clack Teas, best
quality; New Molasses, Pepper, Spice, Giu
;i'r, S ileratus, all of the best family Gro
ceries. E. A. BKATTON.
ami 6. tf.
At hit old 3-and oppoiiis J. K. tt D. Y7lll',
) ifTTS forms h i s numerous'its
J y- Customers and the public, generally,
liut lie is now prcpnrud to supply all demand
in ihe way of S:tl!lt's; Butigy, Coach, and
Team II;irnt's;Coar, Whips and Spurs.
and every other article connected with the
Prude; all Manufactured out of tin be3t Ma
terials, and by the best of Workmen. Call
and examine Work and Prices, before you
purcha.e elsewhere.
CQ" HIDES, &c, tnken in exchange fur
work, at the highest Market prices.
I WILL SELL the Store Room
Dwelliie' House, located in'
. ill " '
1'i attsvlllo, Vinton co., 0., and
now occupied by J. A- S. Sivepston.fiSi
1 KATTsviLLE is situate.l six miti east of
Mc Arthur, on the Athens road, and about
two miles north of the Vinton Furnace; it Is
a rich and fertile neighborhood, and is one of
the bust locations in Vinton county for a
Store. The house is well finished and very
convenient, and 1 will make the terms to suit
the purchaser. J. J.ALLISON. "
April 6, 18j5.-3w.
OF THE Marietta & Cincinnati R. R.
'I'VMJuuiiy Trains between Uillliculhb
1 htid Cir.i-innati Tavpa fhillirnihft nt
6 o'clock a. m., and reach Cincinnati at 1 1
o'clock, a. m. Leaves Chillicothe at 1 U o'
clock, a. in., and reaches Cincinnati at 5:40
r. ivi.
Returning, leaves Cincinnati at 9 o'clock
a. in., and reach Chillicothe at 3 :25 P. M.
Leaves Cincinnati at 3:20 P.M. and reach
Chillicothe at few: P. M.
April 6, 1555. tf. Superintendent.
Ihave a small Stock of Ready Made Cloth
inz left, that 1 w ill sell out at Cost, full
aud see at ..... . .. MAT I ON'S;

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