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Hi l oin o( the l'cuplc it Hit
Siiiirrmc LiiW.
"" '
E. A. lillt I TO. Editor.
H'ABTtO, APRIL 13, 18.
lUwspapsr Subuription and Advertising grncv
Philadelphia, New York, Boston and Bal
timore, is our authorized agent to reieive and
receipt fur subscription ami advertiei ment lot
th Democrat.
ed at the tery highest muikit pucn, on Sub
tcriptionor Advertisements, at thin cjf'ce.
Monty it not refused.
For Governor,
. MED L L .
For Lieutenant Governor,
For Supreme Judges,
For Auditor of State,
For Trtasurir of State,
For Secrttary of Stute,
For Attorney General,
For Board of . Public H'orAa,
Messenger Correspondent.
The mean, skulking, cowardly,
molted faced, luina hived, wlio does
up the dirty work o the federal Know
( ' V tl J ' ...
Nothings of McArthur, is respectfully
informed that we will publish his ar
ticle entire, and have a word to say,
when room and leisure permits; his
lies about our county oflicers needs no
refutation where our officers are known.
The thieving propensities of the Mcs
ttngtfs correspondent is such that we
have no doubt it has fixed the idea in
his mind clear as mud! that we should
steal for a living, rathtr than charge the
county a fair price for the county prin
ting, and materials furnished. We can
say that the people of Vinton county
will sustain us: because we are honest,
and all we regret in this connection, is
that the said correspondent is not honest
nor truthful. Wonder it he would like
to have a lew of his acts published?
.':. tuf 'DrvnrnA r.' ri to Auril
11th. lfaJS:
J. P. Glafgcw, McArthur
J. W. Swepston, do.
63 on
E. P. Bothwell,
Jae. McGillivray,
Henry Lantz,
J. R- Vanatta,
Joel Deringer,
Robert Buily,
Evans Archer,
2 oo.'ao
auu.j l
3 on. i
I 00. 5
100.1 I
1 00. ,r0
75 33
100 t
3 00.! i
1 00 10
1 CO.! 1
1 00 1
1 00. 30
S. S. Murry, WilkosviUe,
JohniHull, do.
S. C. Hard, Winchester,
John Stevenson, Berlin,
B. F. Scott, Hamden,
Gabriel Bowen.Bloei's Store. 1 00. 3i
JoMcGleauglilin,rratsville 1 00., 19
Adam Hill, Vinton Furnace, 1 00.;30
J. Wilkinson, Gilcopiesvillv, 1 00.) 1
We publish the above dig at
Press, torthe especial benefit of
dirtu, lank coward, who, under
anonymous name, wrote to the
Athens Messenger that the Democrat
ic Press of this county would not
stand "over a twelvemonth." Wonder
if the Biped who subscribes himseli
"Vinton," has any stock in the Her
ald office, that lie is so anxious to put
down the Democratic Press? That lie
is a Federal Know Nothing, dyed in
the wool, quite a number who know
liim here can testify. That he is a
cowardly, skulking dog, his course has
proved. Citizens of AlcAttliur, with
out respect to parly, mark him down
is sucn, because lie is atraid to come
out ot the K. Ns. den and make his
mark. Why did not this whelp write
Ills own signature, instead ot the as
sumed name of "Vinton?" Come out
of your dens ve vrowlino thieves ol
human rights; or else retire to more
denser darkness, and more damning
Our Railroad.
We call special attention to a very
able report on the tirst pnge of tins
week's paper, in regard to the S. & II.
V. Railway and the Mineral region
through which it passes. We hope our
citi2ens will do all in their power
advance the interests of this road,
upon its completion depends the com
mercial prosperity of our coun'.y.
It will be seen by advertisement in
another column, that the election tor
officers comes off on the 9th of May
next, in Portsmouth,
Sweetb bier. This excellent horse
lias been bou ght by our young friendj
J no. T. Comes; tin's will give the
farmers of Vinton an opportunity
improve the breed of horses, there
room for improvement in tins kind
stock. Sweetbrier is a thorough bred
horse. See advertisement.
- OCT Col. Plumfsteao requests
to say tbat sportsmen are reviving; and
that tht Lruer Law is "tripped up."
[From the Dayton Empire.]
Rich Exposure—Leaving the Dens.
Messrs. Editors: I hare ever btliev
ed that when a person finds out that he
is in trior, lift should renounce it. 1
even go larther: it (he error be serious
one, and ihreating the best iuterests of
the community , it should not only he
renounce 1. but denounced. This being
my numoie oeiiei, conscientiously en
tertained, I will proceed to discharge
w hat I coueeive to be my duty.
I reside in Salem, Randolph township
Monttoinerjr County, Ohio. 1 am, in
: .. - .1 . u... I .U.
pe II 1 1 lle ii iv, a iic iiufi. i j i , uui Biiuir ui iiir
acM not principles of the party not
exactly coming uu to my notion of
things, I became dissatisfied. I was
ready lor anything that promised what
1 wag pleased to call reform." About
this time the Know Nothings, or Union
Savers, came into notice. I read and
heard a crest deal about them, until 1
was almost persuaded to join in with the
affair. It was to ut a parly w hich was
to put down oflice-seekers, renovate the
lody politic, put a slop 10 abuses, and
in a xtord, "clean things up hansomely.
This doctrine just suited me, and in a
thuuuhtless moment, I told a certain
hardware" in mi of our tilage Mr. S.
that I would try the Know Nothings,
as they are called, I was assured bjr
him that it was "0. K." and he invited
me to go to Dayton tube initiated in
organization. Having business with
Messrs. Loo mis li Co , he said it would
be a handy matter to fix me up, as the
Council. No. 12 , to which ha belonged
was held in the garret over the hard
ware store- As I had taken one urong
move, another one was easier to take,
and I "pitched in.',
On ihj ereuing of the 22d of Septem
ber last, I was put through on the 'holy
cross," in thu garret over Loomis cj- Co's
store, nearly opposite your oflke. b a
jccrloin young lawyer, formerly ofGrenn
! rillc. Darke co. At the limo I thought
he made the affair unnecessarily impos
ing, ond I could not audibly or mental
ly affirm the oath he gave me, Altho'
I had, to my shame taken a step from
political rectitude, I could not take the
despicable oath of Know Nothingism,
although I seemingly acquiesced It is
hardly necessary for me to say that the
loath, &C, of the Order is the same as
j those which have been published pre-
Icisely. In that Counc.l (No. 43) I saw
l. ISCI Sit !' WUIIV.I .11S- J
mailT nien j v0, city, who would not
: have their connection with the Order
Luown for any amount of cash. I have
heard them disclaim connection with
the Orderon ihe street.
The week after I was initiuted, I again
attended Council No. M, and, while
there, was particularly asked what news
paper I was taken, I informed my
questioner a respectable, influential
and pious old Whig that 1 nasal press
e ii t taking the "Weekly Empire," He
said it wus a "bad style of a paper." and
proposed that lie pay my arrearages, stop
it, and '.hat I subscribe fur another paper!
1 tgteed to the urrungeiueut, thought
lesly, and he cave ine a one dollar bill.
jl then asked him what paper 1 should
,e- He said "The Gazette, by all
menus the Journal ain,'. sound!" I
tl,,i'e'1 ll,e E,n,i,f " ,h? f"?1 of lbSl
October, as jour bouks will show.
But, Ism loo lengthy, and must bring
my article to a close. For some time
lmst' 1 havo
been on the "stool ot re
1 have "seen Sam," and
found that he is a dangerous individual
'and that he cannot be relied upon.
jTliut instead of cleaning out office-seek-ers,
political hacks, &C,, they are prime
! movers, and leaders of the party. The
recent conduct of "Sdin" and his friends
in Cincinnati has iilled tha cup of my
di.-gust to the overflowing, and I de
uounce the whole affair to the dangerous
you have represented. For my error, I
ii in ashamed, and 1 trust I am forgiven
i will sin no more that may he depen
ded on, In proof of my sincere repen
tance, I aided in giving "Sam' particular
bad lits in Old Randolph; and 1 will con
tinue to evince, on etery proper occa-.-inn,
my haired to an institution that is
calculated to subvert the Constitution
h ml the Laws.
You will please send the Weekly Em
pire lo my address, as formerly.
lours truly.
Clayton, O. D. L. HOOVLER.
Cincinnati Election—Democrats
Sworn in.
Certificates uf gir
en to all the Democratic candidates iu
Cincinnati. Mr. Furan has been sworn
into the office of Mm or, and the oath of
ollice ha i also been administered to oth
er gentlemen declared elected elected
Returns were made out and reported by
the proper officers for the Eleventh and
Twelfth wards. The Judges mid Clerks
of the Eleventh filed a certificate set
ting forth the state of the polls for all
the candidates, which certificate is pub
lished in full, and signed. Mr, Fa ran
enters upon the duties ol his office on
Monday next, (to morrow.)
Messrs. Fries, Brown, McDowell .West,
Snyder, Craven, McGibbous and Todhun
ter were also sworn in.
The Know Nothing candidates, head
ed by Pap Taylor that virtuous old Ro
man, who, "it was said, would not
claim the office "under the circumstan
ces" couldn't resist the lemptatoin of
demanding his certificate! Nothing but
the purest impulses of modest merit
could have influenced a man of Pap's
uniformly unassuming demeanor to the
assertion of his claims to the Mayoralty
"under the circumstances. It is beau
O. Statesman 8th inst
Know Nothing Definition.
"Footprints of bam" The Know
Nothing lints in Cincinnati.
"Americans must rule America." De
stroying ballot boxes and defying civil
authority vide Cincinnati election.
"Sons of Seventy Six" Firing cannon
loaded with brick-bats at defenseless
women and children.
"Purity of the ballot box" Destroy
ing il where the anti know nothings are
likely to have a majority.
Munroe's Funeral—New Mayor.
The funeral ol Muurue yesterday pas
sed uu" quietly about one thousand per
sous in the procession.
The new City government organized
and went into operation today. May
or Faran, in hia inaugural, announced
his determination to enforce the city
[From the Vicksburg Sentinel Extra.]
[From the Vicksburg Sentinel Extra.] BURNING OF THE BULLETIN!
Great Loss of Life!!
SENTINEL OFFICE, Vicksburgh, March 25.
The Memphis and New Orleani pack
el Bulletin, Cpl. C. B. Church, whilst
on her downward trip, and near islands
96 and 97, look fire on Saturday alter
noon, about 4o'clnck, and was totally
consumed. In addition to tha destruc
tion of the boat, wa regret to have to
record a great loss of iifo. The fire was
first discovered, in the third or fourth
tier of cotton from above ant in less
than five minutes, so rapidly did it ex
tend, that' the boat was almost entirely
euveloped in flan.es.
Below will be found the proceedings
of a meeting of the passengers, which
contain a full account of this sad casual
ty. The books and a greater part of the
papers belonging to the boat, were des-j
troyed, together with the baggage of the
At a meeting of the surviving passen
gers of the ill- fated Buleten, Gen. Wni.
Virk, of Uollivar county, Miss., wascal
led to the Chair, and J. M. Craig, of Chi
cot county, Arkansas, and was chosen
Secie'.ary, whereupon the following pro
ceedings and statements were had: The
boat was found to be on Are when near
the Islands (JG and 97, about four and a
half o'clock, P. M., the wind at the
lime blowing hard. Capt. C. B, Church.
gave the order to make the shore aa soon
as possible Mr. W. J. Millet, ihe pi
lot at the wheel, stood firmly at his post
until the boat struck ihe shore, and then
made his escape from the flames by
jumping oil the hurricane loof f t the
stern of the boat into the ri-er. He ex
ercised aa well fine judgment in the se
lection of a point at which to reach the
land, at or before which the bust was
eucompas-ed in flames, having on board
about 600 bales of cotton.
Some of the passeuge.a succeeded in
jumping on shore from the forecastle.
but tha large majority were cut rT from
their escape fonva.il, by the flames, be
ing in the river part of the boat. Ca pt.
C B Church, together with Messrs.
Freleigh, Porter and Robinson, clerks,
Mr. Brown, the mate, as well as all the
other officers of the boat, worked viih
faithful fidelity in saving the passen
gers from a watery grave. Capt. Church
with Mr. James Howard, tho steward,
were the last to leave tha wreck, and
aftei rendering every assistance possible
in his power to others, jumped into the
river at a distance of some two or three
hundred yards from the shore, and but
for the timely aid rendered him by a
skill' going to his rescue, was in great
danger ol losing his own life.
This ill fated accident occurred near
the landing of Dr. Keeue, go me 12 miles
below Lake Providence, at whose house
as well as that of Judjo Morgan, every
comfort was rendered to the pa6seniters
under their hospitable roofs. During
the scene of danger, very great assif-
tance was rendered by the limely aid of
the o liners of the steamer Falcon, by
picking up, by means oi her small boats
many persor.s who were struggling in the
river, bul for which the number of lives
lost would have been much larger.
Great assistance fas also rendered to
the sufferers by the captain and crew
of a coal boat, which was floating in the
river near by, whose names we have uol
the pleasure to know.
The number of missing, as near as
can be ascertained, is from twenty to
twenty-five persons. The lady passen
gers, by means of life boats and cotton
bales, were all saved, for which we as
cribe great credit to Capt. Church The
boat, cargo, and baggage are a total lo6S.
The wreck floated down five or six miles
grounded and sunk. We are pleased to
lesrn that Capt. Church has insurance on
his boat to the amount of 20, COO.
Upon motion, it waa resolved that
the Vickhurg, New Orleans, and Mem-
phis papers be requested to publish iheselor
proceedings, together with a list of the
saved aud missing.
Upou motion the meeting adjourned.
WM. VICK, President
J. M. CRAIG, Secretary.
The Murderous Triangle.
The pavements of our city, especially
tha corners of our 6lreel3, were found
lo be thickly strewn yesteiday morning
with the Murdtrout Red Triangle pei-
ces ol paper used by the Know Nolhine
Councils, and distributed at midnight
when honest men are in their slumbers.
These red triangles are warning! of
danger; every Know Nothing is, upon
their appearance upon the corners of
streets and alleys, to rush to his Coun
Night oefore last Ihe K. N.'s had a
large meeting at the Shanghai Lodge in
this city sentinels were pacing the
pavement in front of the Council, urg
ing up every follower of the clans. We
have not understood the design of this
sudden movement, hut it is reported
that MEN and ARMS were lo be sent lo
Cincinnati if necessary!
Can these things be and not alarm ev
ery true patr iol for the safety ol our .ree
iiri i mi ' ii i
The same rd triangles, savs the En
quircr, were aroppea at tn corners in
Cincinnati before the assault on the
Great Victories over the Know
In Dayton, we are glad to learn, the
Know Nothings are svept from nearly
every otnee.
Chillicothe has done ihe same-
We learn, also, that Sakduskt City
has done the same thing.
These are prophetic signs.
Tirrm City, that last fall gave t large
Know Nothing majority, is brought
down a few rotes majority now. These
are encouraging limes.
What is a woman's surest euardian
ariffir inatnertnc.
Are We to have War with Spain.
From the language of the Washington
rt9Mof the 7th init , we are of the
opiuioa that the Cabinet at Washington
adpreheuds that our difficulties with the
Cuban authorities may involve' us la a
war with Spain in very short time.
If so, we hope that there will be ample
preparation made to meet itat the drsl
onset, aa becomes the occasion. A pro
tracted war at our expense will be whol
ly unnecessary. Cuba in our possassiou,
and Spain could give us very little troub
le. Without it, we should be placed in
the same category we were in, while in
the war with Mexico. Had our arm
pushed lo the city of Mexico and taken
possession of the capitol, the war would
Iroin that bour have been at an end, so
far as fighting waa coucerned. With
Cuba in our possession, we would com
maud the whole Gulf, and all other na
vies would be driven from it except our
own, ana there would leaiiy De au euu
of the war. While Cuba is iu the pos
session of any European Government,
we shall uever have peace for our com
merce in the Gulf,
li lakes no prophetic eye Ij see this,
and the soonr an end is put to the lur
moil, insults and diplomacy in that Is
land, the belter. It there is an occasion
for war, no time should be lost in meet
ing it, and not an hour's unnecessary de
lay in taking possession ef that lslaud.
Without it, we might have trouble en
oug and a piotracted wai. With it,
we would not be assailed wilh impunity,
aud no European Govermeul coulii stand
a protracted war ou this side ol the At
lantic, and mere especially Spain. Cu
ba in our possession, and ntgoiiatious
would be easy, without it our Govern
ment could not honorably negoliute al
all, Shu would be in a worse fix than
the allied nations before Sebastopol,
wilh a peace Congress at Vienna,
If we are about getting into a war
wi'.h Spain, and suiel) there are reasons
enough lot it, ui us not dull into it by
degrees, as though it were a necessity
wilh us but lei the work be done as by a
thunderbolt, when not expected, sud the
contest will be brief aud brilliant.
Cuba in our possession, wa "ill then
talk aDoul what we shall do wilh il
Ohio Statesman.
Michigan Redeemed.
From tha returns of the spring elec
lions Irom all parts of ihu State of
Michigan that ihe Deiroil Fret Vreet
continues to to publish, there seems lo
be no doubt that the Know Nothings are
badly routed a complete revolution
since the Fusiun triumphs ol last full.
It is not to be wondered at, after the
monstrous silly conduct of the Know
Noihinit Legislature of last wtnier. It
was as silly, '.hough not so wild as the
Legislature of Massachusetts now in
Michigan Redeemed. LATER FROM EUROPE.
NEW YORK, April 6.
be repeated that ihe question of peace
, will not be decided until the
The Baltic lus arrived with dales to
the 24th. The St. Louis arrived out on
Ameiican stocks active, prices un
changed. Iron sligh'ly advanced from
large orders received lor Welsh ruils
quoted at 6 10s. Welsh bar iron on
board ship, quoted at 7. Scutch Pig
Iron on the Clyde 57s 6l,
The Czar had made several speeches,
milo to the diplomatic body, and strong
to the army. On th nhule his lauguage
is interpreted in a pacGc sense.
The first of the four points which
have been unanimously agreed toby the
Vienna Conference, reads us follows:
Abolition o.' the exclusive protecto
rate of Russia iu the Moldavia and Wul
lathis. Privileges accorded to those
I provinces by the Sul'.un being pi need un
der the guarantee ol llie live rowers.
The second point wus either settled
to-dar. or will be to-morrow. It must
third point is settled.
The new Czar gave strong evidence of
abidinit bv the plans traced out by his
father, and it was thought that he would
make no concession.
Rumors are current uf a new basis
arrangements, including the freedom
the Buck Sea, the opening of the Dan
ube, the erection of Turkish furls, Jc,
in Asia.
Cohstantisople. Advices state that
the Pone is determined lo maintain,
undiminished, its sovereignty over the
Darduuells, and protests against the
Chiisiiaus of the Empire being placed
under any foreign pioiecliou.
Official reports of the storming of the
Malkoff redoubt, on the night uf the 23d
February, by the French, as published,
exhibit one of the most gullaul aihieve-
uieuia of the campaign.
Gen. Ostensacheu telegraphs to ot.
Petersburg: "Ou the uigtil ol the lOtli
we erected e new redoubt about 300 yt.s.
in f ron t of Korusluff bastion. Our works
are being carried ou with success."
Raglans last dispatch, dated Bui
March, says the weather is Cue and dry,
ihe sick deriving beneti' from Ihe change;
that a uew British battery uf three guns
had caused two small Russian 6leainers
to leave their moorings; that the Russi
aus were receiving large reiulorceineiils,
provisions aud munitions ol war.
In the House of Lords, Lyndhtirsl and
Clarendon had spoken seveiallr against
the vaciliuiiug conduct of the Frussi
France. Napoleon recieved the im
perial guards, and made a short patriot
ic speech.
The Russians had sunk three or four
ships of Wai at Sebastopol.
The French hospital at Constantino
Die bad been burnt to the eroucd.
persons perished.
The Pope had sent an embassy of con
dolence and frieudship to the Czar Alex
NORFOLK, April 5.
The Jamestown sailed this morning
with sealed orders, it is uudeistood, di
recting her to touch at Havana, received
from Washington.
The officers of the Columbia were de
tained and granted three mouths fur
lough. Sixty tbiee cases of yellow
ver were sent from the Columbia to the
Naval Hospital. Pita deaths.
Later from Havana.
Consul Robinson, under instruction ),
deinauded his tiial under treaty stipula
tions, bul notwithstanding his protest,
he was tried by a military court and con
demned. having confessed his design to
secure the independence of the Island.
Ha showed the greatest indifference to
his fate. Al the execution, he showed
an intention to adiliess tna muiiiuuo,
when the drum and trumpets were or
dered to sound. His voice was heard
above Ihe din. shouting "Liberty for
ever! Deatn to all king"!'
The other prisoners were condemned
o a long imprisonment.
From Cincinnati.
Rosella is set free by the United
Stales Commissioner I'exddv, in" de
cision he made to day. This girl would
have been set free days ego had the law
been permitted to take its course. But
in the struggle to see who should have
her, the case has been a long one, while
Kose'ta was enjoying w iih muth good
nature the play uf tiie lioness.
Fiqhti.no Continued and the Mi mi
tabv Called out Anothek Ballot
Box Deotboyed. The Know Nothings
hate destroyed the Twelfth .Wurd bul
lol box, and declared Pap Taylmr, the
K.. N. candidate lot Mayor, elected.
Desperate fighting continues between
the parlies aud the Military was called
out. The scenes are feu rf u I , and the
whole city is under the deepest alarm
NEW YORK, April 9.
A Culholic riot occurred al oxfurd, in
this State, on yesterday, in cunsequeuce
of an excommunicated member being
ordered oul ol Church by the Priest.
Services were bUMciide l, uud a general
row ensued outside the building between
ihe Catholics and Pioiestiiois, No se
rious result.
Latb. The Irish Priest and several
others were bald to bail in & 1 ,000.
merriest wds suu5eiue.nuy urresieu
. , .i .i
for (.r.vslt! damages '.o nil IriMiinuii.
Intense excitement prevails mid more!
attests are expected.
BOSTON, April, 9.
The Massachsetts innate, today, uJup
ted a resolution with only una dicta
ting vote, that no foreigner shall be el
igible to ollice.
Win. Dunbar, Esn.. of Ml. Vernon,
has been appointed U. S. Cominiajinncr
(or the Northern District of Ohio. Au
excellent appointment
iMnTssuinw mnisjii iiiwuiii himiiiihuii 11
Fine Farm for Sale.
Cfo 1 am authoriz'-d to sell n grind S
Jsff' i Fium of Dlliicri. Iviiinim-
4fcslidiaU'ly wot of Pruttsville;
25 ucies cleared, u cuhiii house, slid) e. goml
orchard, and on excellent well of water; I
hind lies well lor tilling nml i well watered,
being in a good iieietilioriiooil,n;iil on'v uho.it
three miles Irom the M:irn. !t.i & Cin. H. 11.
For Teiius uud price ca'l im me ut Mc-i
Arthur. E. A. Biiaito:;.
April 13th.18o5.-tf.
lot i, i in I
ILL be found tl.e eni-uing smson lit
the following ldaie-;, to wit: On
Mondays find Tucduts at Li!rtv Hall St.i
bles. McAitliur, O., on Wednesdays ut Piuts
ville, on Fridays ut Morris Oman's, Sivun tp..
on Saturdays at the reside nee of the subscri
ber in Kilt tp.
Terms: Four dollars for in?urnnrp. N mi
i l tend. i nee oi purling ilh the ruimtil It-lore
known to l- wilh fnul forfeits the ini-uriime.
I'EDIUHEE. SwiTiln ier is u beauti
ful dapple dun, black leg'', iiiuue and tail, 17
bunds high, 7 iears old. a fust walker uud g.iil
ed, well calculated lor the saddle or harness
He ik of a Ktriiin of hoi.-es of luir-t - lliiil mi'
among the best in the Union; he recommends
h.iiiU'lf when t-et'ti, unit has tiiken a I it iuiiini
every year but two since lnuldnl: hissiro wus
a thorougii lue.t liorse. Joius I. Loltlr.
opr. I J. 'im.
Scioto & Hocking Valley Railroad
Scioto & Hocking Valley Railroad Company.
to and Hoi king Valley Railroad Com
nany, ore nereny notiiit'd to meet at me mure
of the Company in the city ol Portsmouth,
on Wednesday the Uth day of M.iy next for
the purpose of electing nine Directors for the
ensuing tear, onil al.-o lor tha tranuclion ul
any busine.-s that may be prpfiitei,
Apr 13.'05. 4iv. U. A. M. DAMAIUN.
L a lot uf Fiesh Flour, from Holland's
Mill, Ross co., O., and for sale at tne lowest
ureat 13 RATIONS.
'llicMUcof Ohio, litiluu County.
John Winters, Plain-"j
tiir, I
against Civil Action.
Lucinda Miller, and (
jitters, Delendants. J
HE unknown heirs of James Miller,
deceased, are hereby notified that
i lie said John Winters, on the first day
of February. 1855, filed his petition
against them and others, in the Court
Common Pleas of said county of Vinton;
i tie object and prayer of which, is
correct a mistake in the description
the folio wing premises, tow-it: The south
west quarter of Section lhirty(30),TuWi
ship elevea (It), Range seventeen (17),
in said county of Vinton, in a deed exe
cuted by said James Miller, deceased,
and wife, Lucinda Miller, to said John
Winters, on the 16th day ol August,
1843; said mistake consisting iu the
substitution iu the above description
the norA-west quarter for the soufA
west quarter of said Section, and the
said unknown heirs of said James Mil
ler, deceased, are further notified that
they are required to answer said peti
tion on or before the 9th day of June,
A. D. 1&55.
April 13,S5. w. Ati'y for PlVff.
The State if Clilo, Vinton County.
Alexander Vaodeiford"!
ana who, r p,..:, 00.
f J.
Rebecca Dixon, eti
U E defendants, Rebecca Dixon,
dau&hier of Joseph Dixon, deceased,
- ... a. er
Jiiie Dixon, imam uixon, jacuo liix.
on, Ruth Drxou, Joseph Dixon, Mar
Dixon, Margaret Dixon, Emily Ann Jix
on, minor heirs of Joseph Dixon. ttec'J;.
John W. Graves and Nincy Grues, mi
nor heirs of William Graves, deceased,
Eleanor Graves, widow of William
Graves, deceased, and Rebecca Dixon,
widow of Joseph Dixon, deceased, all
of the county uf Vinton and Slate of.
Ohio, will take uotico, lint on the 31tlt
day uf March, A, D , 133j, the saii
Alexander Vanderfonl and Nancy Van
deiford, filed their petition iu the Court,
of Common Pleas of Vinton county,
uforesaid, where the same is now pe,u.
ing. demanding partition of the follow
ing premises, situate in said county, to
wit: The west half of the north-east
quarter of Section fifteen ; the north
east quitter of the north-west quarter
uf Section fifteen; the south west quir
ler of the north-west quarter of Section
ni'teeii; the suuih-easi quarter of the
north-west quarter of Section fifteen,
thi east half of the north-east quarter -ol
Section fifteen; the north east quar
ter uf the north east quarter of Section
twenty-two; the south east quarter of
the south west quarter of Section ten;
ihe north west quarter of the south east
quarter of Section ten; the north west
quarter of the south west quarter of Sec
tion ten; the north east quarter uf tha
south west quarter of Section ten, a it J
part of the south west quarter of the,
south east quarter uf Section ten. be
ginning al a stone at the south west
corner of said quarter, t lie nee running
north sixteen pules aud leu feet to a
stone on the western line of said quar
ter; tliPiico Stirling at the aforesaid
stone, corner of stid quarter, running
east iweiily-o.ie rods aud four feet, to u
stone on the southern line uf said quar
ter, thence on a straight line across the
comer f said quarter, lu ihe same stone,
on the western line north ol the corner
stone, sixteen poles and ten feel. All
j gaj(j
tracts of laud lying and being
iu Township nine (D), ihii Range nine-
lJtn . , (J , of guiJ toun,y, n,ul being ia
lu aboui four hundred ud eighty-two
lucre uu J 47-10D of an acre. mre or
i less.
The said petitioners demand that par
tition be muile of said premises as fol
lows: To said petitioners, Eleanor
Graves, and the said minor heirs of Jo-
seph Dixon, deceased, each one equal
luurteeuih. To the said minor heirs of
William Graves, deceafed, esch three
equal twenty-eighth ports; to Rebecca
Dixon, w id'uv of Joi-eph Dixuu, deceased,
dower in the whole, and to Eleanor
(irate dower iu three equal undivide l
fourteenth puns of suid premise.-. An I
Snid defendants are fur'her notified thai
dt the next term uf said Court an appli
cation will be made by the said peti
tioners for an or.ler that partition may
be made, cic., t.f fuid premises, and fi t
all oilier orders necr.-s irv snd proper iu
the cate. E. F. BINGHAM,
Ail'v lor Deinandertts.
April 1.1, 'V, 6.v.'
t'uurl of t'ouiiiiuii l'li is Cintim County, Uiiia.
John Lord, riaiutill","
ugiiusi I
Rich 'id S. Vun Vey-& J-Civil Action.
Catharine Van Wcy,
Defendants. J
V HE said defendants who reside in the
county ol Panola and Stute of Tex
.is, are hereby uotilied that the plaiuiill',
John Lord, uu the 12th day of April A.
D. 1S&0, tiled his petition against them
iu the Court of Common Plea?, of said
county uf Vinton, the objeciund prayer
..r .. i.;. i. : ...i n... .;.i ,i.,i.,.i
uiils to convey to the plaintiff all their
right, title and claim, by virtue uf the
heirship of the suid Cathuri'ie lo tha
estate of Nathan Lord, deceased, in tha
tollouing premises, situate in the cotin-
! ly of Vinton aud
State of Ohio, ant
dekcribed as follows, lo wit: Being a
part of the west part of the south east
quarter of Section twenty-eight, Town
ship eleven, of I'auge seventeen, end
lie ing ull tie land contained in the west
part of said quur'.er, section designated
dtid marked as belonging to John Lord
upon a plut and survey made by Samuel
ii. Pnideu, formerly Surveyor of Athens
county. UUiOrdaled reuruary bth, 1631,
excrpt eighty acres theretofore convey
ed by Nathan Lord, deceased, lo John
Lord; containing fifty-two (D2) acres,'
more or less, or that in default of said
delendants conveying their interest and
state in said premises to the. plaintiff
uy a short day to be named by said Court,
then at the Record in this cause ope
rate as such conveyance in the hands uf
'.Im plaintiff, his heirs and assigns. The
plaintiff demands a conveyance from
defendants as aforesaid, by virtue of it
certain bond, executed by said Nathan
Lord in his lifetime, for the conveyance
ot the aloresaid premises to the plain
till', for a valuable consideration then
laid by the plaintiff to suid Nathan
Lord, since deceased.
The defendants are further notified
that they ere required to answer to said
petition on or belore the 9 tit day of June,
1655. E. F. BINGHAM.
aprl3 6w Ati'y for Pl'i'fT.
The Stute or Ohio, Vinton Count)'.
1 Court of
Com inon
P I e a a of
Vinton co.
Defendants. J Ohio.
J Civil action.
THE said Lucinda Miller and the un
known heirs of James Miller, deceased,
are hereby notified that depositions will
be taken by the plaintiff in the above
case at the ollice of the Probate Judge,
in ihe town of Jackson, Jackson county,
Ohio, on Saturday, the 5Ui day of May,
1855; between the hours of 8 o'clock A.
M. and 9 o'clock P. M.,of said day.
aprl3 3w Ati'y for ITt'ff.
!J00 Hides Wiuicld!
For which we will pay 4 & 8 I'enU rx rib.
December 22nd, 1S5I.-U.

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