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T'll P fT. fl 0 OH JT
UL, U k Iff J U Oil H B
TaeToice of the People iifuPsupmut Law
E. A. lilt 4TTOX. i:lilor.
Wwjnpr Subscription and AdtiMtiinj Agency
Philadelphia, New York, Bonos. ml Eal
timobe, is our authorized agent to irreive end
receipt for subscription and advertisement for
tbe Democrat.
td at the uryhighnt matktt jxicr. on Sub-
Money is vot refvufd.
JJ oni off Blanks rtquirtd vnthr the Jus
tice' Codt.for Justices of thePcuce. are con-
tantly kept on hand and for suit ut this Of-
For Governor,
For Litvttnant Governor, '
For Supreme Judges,
IFor Auditor of State,
For Treasurer of State,
For Secretary of Stute,
For Attorney 'General,
For Board of Pull': Works,
Blue Laws about to be Enforced
In McArthur.
The svooieu corresnnndprit nf iln
A -- "
Athetis Messenger, who has adopted
"Vinton" as hifl cognomen, can have !
his lies published ot home, bv handinzM0
them to us. We nuLlish a free
per; give
ve all sides a fair and full inv'es-
tigotion, and shrink from no resDonsi
bility imposed on us, reserving the right
to speak freely on matters appearing in
our columns. "Vinton" is pectiliajlt
lucid in his tight, given to Jack of the hit
Messenger and its readers, for he says!
he will give them the political charac- !are
ter oi iHCArtliur and
COUiilv: and in
giving this history it seems ire,
Commissions, the Herald, and Cum.
ty Recorder, are the whole of the pol-1
itics of the county
We are creditably informed, that
is dated, the Antt-I-omgn Council, o
3IcArtliur, ol Know Notlur.Grs. rjassed'nti
.u. 1 1 : i .
mo luuownig resouuion, to wit:
"Resolved, That we will not cease
from our labors, cither secretly or pub
licly, until our county is purged Irom
the baneful influences of a Democratic
Press, and Democratic countv officers
who are Catholics: and tint nn shall !
endeavor to have candidates for office
Prnitni n,nr,.l, r i
Civinirt cfa th" !,
aiViDKUC laun.
Here we have a small fpnnkling oljire
the political character of our village I
that "Vinton" seems to have forgottenjthe
entirely. But as this resolution was;
intended to be "kept in the dark" ve;e
presume that "Vinton" will be excused
lor not enlightening Jack on thai sub
jecthe being W. J. C. on the night it
was passed Knew all about it. What
a beautiful Republican test thi resolu
tion contains, that dare not, under the
oaths of these scoundrels, see the light
of day, only by accident.
What better evidence of the falsity
of "Vinton's" .statements do the people
want man me tact that lie says:
"E. A. Bratton as well as our Com
missioners, will soon be made to leel
it, should they persist in perpetrating so
gross an outrage upon the people of
this county."
Reader, we want you to cipher out
the outrage, by reading the correspond
ence, we or the Commissioners have
perpetrated; it does not appear in the
earumunication what it was. '
Why don't this lying scullion'come
out and say to the citizens of McAr
thur and Vinton county a an honest
mail and true Patriot should do that
liRATTON and the Commissioners ol
the county haye perpetrated a gross out
raga upon the people, and ay what
that ..outrage is. Vhy not come out
like a man; not skulk behind the name
of "Vinton," and throw out slur and
stabs at opponents, in the dsrk, thus
exhibiting all the malignity of a heart,
blacker jban that of the midnight as
sassin. .
That "Vintou" maliciously iied
about our county Recorder keeping a
nouse at w income "ignorani,aeuasea
and drunken rabble congregate'' 47o
drink mean whiskey" and have "Irish
cheers,'' every man and women in Mc
Arthur knows full well, without our
spending time to tell it. Neither do
ne know it to be the fact that Mr. Ma-
i.owk is a member of the Catholic
Church, nor do we care, as we are con
ten. to take the Constitution of our
Country and State as our guide to po
litical tests.
"vttui skulking - Vinton" inform
us which of ourtouniy officer. (Old
Liners, as he termed them) congrtga
ted at these ttean whisky meetingst
Can't do if. IJack to jour den then,
,,n,il ucl1 time " ,lie tnP sound that
calls ye up to Judgment: when will
pass in review-till your ba-senc'lying
una nyjhKrisy;
' T was this dug Hell, and liiiitltcU all. Its
With wrath and incxliitgafiable'tlre!"
[From the Athens Messenger.]
"M'ARTHUR, March 19. 1855.
resu It.
Besides U this, Mr. Editor, we
blessed by Ihe existence of a great
thelichts." They meet occasionally at the
house of one of our cou.z'.y officers, a
n,e",b! r of 11,8 ""n Caibolio Church,
i(Yes, Mr. Editor, one of ouf county
or,!0""1""'4 ' me'u!b" of xlhsl 0"
(Uh cheers,. nd over, beyond,. nd above
mh.. n. .k- r-.. r i..
Uul U,e pe0I,U of "1U;le Vin,0D"
!be put a onark on Uiese men they
known and doomed, and the ides of
,.ext October will prove the matter to
sVifaction of all who may have
the temerity to place themselves within
reach of an indignant and outraged
-I uropose, through the
medium o7 jour excellent journal, giv
ing a short history of the progress, hopes,
,iid inttitutiont of our goodly village.
Hating always labored under the
disadvantage of en exclusive 'inland"
situation, the progress of M 'Arthur in
builuingsand population has, necsari
ly been slow. Our prospects for the
future, however, are becoming decided
ly brighter, aa we are noon to be placed
in closer proximity to the "rest of man-
kind" by railroad connections: Upon
litis subject, boiveter, I need not expa
tiate, as our newspapers era eonstauilr
(keeping this fact prominently before the
As the object of this rommunicaiion
is more particularly intended to'in'form
yourself .ml readers something of the
political character of our village and
county, lermit me to make the follow
iug extract frorii that most delectable of
sheets the M'Arthur Democrat. "The
people will susiaiii our officers irt pay
ing a fair price for this work." This
was said by the editor of the above nam
ed sheet in his issue of the ldh inst, in
reference to an offer made by the propri
etors of the craia for the printing of
i he Assessor blanks, tbe Herald men
ofTeriug to do the work for less money
ihaii has heretofore been paid to Bratton
The people will not sustain their offi
reis in paying a higher pike for this
work than that proposed by the editors
of the Herald; and E. A. Bratton, as
well at our Commissioners, will soon
be made to feel it, should ihey persist In
perpe'rating so gross an outrage upon
the people of this county. This effort
on the part of our democratic (!) editor
however, is highly characteristic of the
self-styled democracr of our country,
whether urCounty, Stata, or National
affuirs. The "hungry maw," of the pets
of the patent democracy must be filled
and trammed to overflowing; but when
he 'day (if reckoning comes; in other
words, when lax paying lime rolls
round, these tclfmaile leaders iraise the
cry of of" GaZju'n t'swi." '' Whig Kiww
Nothing financiering," f-c &c.
Now if,Mjor mutton and his tittle.
despicable, but democratic "nose rag'jof
should survive a.-iolher twelve
(wich by the way. fa -not very likely
'lPPn.) hH he mightilyedilled
'UC,J P"!.nat'0ns of the "causes
1 , "L!
itftuiu llvifirK iiiio.iiQijaiLciiicui, mil
course be raised- But it will be
kept in the dark ibat the Commissioners
Vinton county contributed lAeir mite'
ii, brlnaine about of such a denlora
tnsfifuion in our uidst, viz: the "aag
.v. ......... ... .,. u.
tng, together with the hope of gaining.
bold on the Treaaury teat, fulsome
adulation of foreigners and fareignism'says
poured out for the eager gulping of
the isnorant and clehiropd nnl rl rnnkpn
rabble who conmecale -in snch .nlaces.
bv ALL lheId liner office -holders of thejour
- - - - a a I
itou,,,y tu6elher wiih those who hopeiably
,such low end despicable applia
Pcs)!e lrulJ yours,
position by'up
appliances. !
Chance to Make Money.
XV i will
give a certain would-be-
doctor rf Jackson county $5 for each
and every aniuavit he
ran nroduci-.
sworn to before any officer
01 V niton i
authorized to administer oaths, by any
citizen of VitUon county, who ever
saw us cave it,skulketT, or heard Mr.
J. K. Will call ys a liar, on the
streets of McArthur.
In the iirst place: we never heard
Mr. Will call aray(aan a iV; it is
not his manner of speech. tyi Die sec
ond place: we never litany reason to
cave in, or skulk off, Irpni Mr. Will,
or any other citizen of McArthur; and
in the third and last place, we never
heve, nor never will, skulk from our
positions nor -acts, if we ke6p our sen
ses This modem Esculapiaror.Know
Nothing had better not risk peddlingf
rounu lies, scut aim uuui ine v nig
Know INothing Council here, it iie.ex
pectsto retain any character lor tr'trth;
our citizens move round, ana you will
frequently come in contact with honest
men troni aicArmur, wno may acci
dently hurt your leelings, by giving you
to understand you are talking lies.
Hadn't you better attend to Africa, eh?
SphiNO Goods. Jambs Pvkskll,
of Portsmouth. Ohio, it seems has re-
turoed fr0m ihe East with one of the
most desirable stocks of Spring Goods
ever opened in Portsmouth. Our
merchants and funace proprietors will
do weil to call and examine his stock.
We know a pretty shrewd dealer who
purchased of Mr. Pubskll, after vis
iting Cincinnati. See advertisement
in another column,
BOSTON, April 11.
The Barque Springbeck arrived from
the Capa of Good Hope with dates to
be 2oib of February. No political news
of importance. An epidemic disease is
raging amongst horses. Hundreds are
dy ing daily, and in ome localiliei there
is not a burse left alive.
The Herodias of Federalizer.
-Judge Douglass, at bis recent speech
at Richmond Virginia, said there were
a. great many honest men who saw the
dilenflfca in which their Know Nothin
ism placed them as good citizens, and
yet were deterred from leaving the Or
der from conscientious scruples in regard
to the oa ill ihey had raked in their ini-
? IS I a . . a .
nation, lie una no mink an oath to
violate one's 'conscience ought to he
obeyed, and m tiled the passage from
St. Mark, red ling the occurrence be
tween Herod and ihe daughter of Hero-
dias, as illustrating the fatal consequen
ces oi a vicious vow.
'For Herod himself has sent forth and
laid hold upon John, aud bound him in
prison for Herodias' take, his brother
Philip a wife; for he had married her.
For John had sain uoto Herod, It is
not lawful for thee to have thy brother's
Therefore, Herodias had a quarrel
against him, anl would have killed him,
but she could not.
For Herod feared John, knowing that
he was just man and an holy, and ob-
serves him; and when he heard him, tie
did many things, and heard him gladly.
Ariu w nen a convenient day was come.
that Herod, on bia birth day, made', a
supper to his lords, 'high ca ptains, arid
chief estates of Galilee-;
And when the dauiih'ie'r of the saiJ
Herodias came in, and danced and pleas
. f 1 t ... a a . a . . . .
eu nerou ana tnera inal sal with , him,
the King said unto damsel, ask of me
whatsoever thou wilt, and 1 will gite
it thee.
jlntf As we unto fier.whatever thou
slialt ask of -nre. 1 will give it ihte.eveu
unto half of my "kingdom.
And she went forih, and said unto her
mother, what shall 1 ask? end -she Said
the head of John the Baptist.
. And she came in Uraifihtwjy with
haste uuto the King, anl asked, saying,
1 wish that thou give me, by and by iu
a charger, ihe head of John ihe Baptist.
auu tne ft.mg was exceedmelr sorry.
yet for hiioalh'a eufo.and for their sakes
v hich sat with him, he would net leiect
The distinguished speaker advised the
Democracy aginst an unlawful alliance
with the Herodias of Federalism, and
against pledging themselves to the dam
O. Statesman.
O. Statesman. Know Nothingism in Union County—
Attempted Assassination for
the benefit of the Order.
sworn vengeance outright. Oar letter
one Ca; eno, present, "who is a man
jof no small amount, and would a little
'sooner havn nffir' than not." aild resseil
(K. NOnomiuaiioj hnve been honor
made, and you must and shall live
We have a letter detailing the doings
ihe Democracy and their opponents
of the "supreme Order." iu Mill Creek
township, Union county. This letter
came '.o lale in appear before the elec
tion and rs 'it 'is not uow necessary to
give the proceedings of the Democratic
Nominating Coirvention ox the towuship
we shall only abstract audi incideuts
given by the letter, aa will still inter
est the reader.
. It seems that tit the Democratic con
vention for nominating officers for the
township elections, a number of Know
Nothings were .present, most of them as
spies. Some of them however, who hail
become shocked and disgusted with the
atrocious excesses of the "Supreme Or
dpr, uianilesiJ a disposition to loava
it. nun ucuvciuun iu go nun me iJem
ocrais. This incensed the brelhern
present, w ho were still wedded to their
H.'odoo idols. Some mattered suppres
sed denunciations of the displeasure of
Ihe Order upon those who threatened to
obandon them to their iniquity some
r a ... I i . .. .1. i . i. . . . i .i ...
lone of ihe innnoHPi.1 recusants thus.-" Sivi
r r
to it; if you don't you are a perjured
mail, and you shall feel our wrath
indignation. The crisis ha. come, and
we must meet it."
Now see how they did meet it. The
letter says ''attempt was made this af-
le noon to -asaaasinaU
young man, Dy tne name
ruii'.a . 'ii 1110 r nnu.' vni n iwm
the oider. Waving beeu deceived in its
objects, it is reported, says our letter,
that he leaked some of its secrets, aud
hud left it. This in iIih Knnnnci.il ruin
reported to have beeu induced t0
.... '
the oulvoue assigned i, h hr,athree
assault. He was felled .,ii. a n,i
leit lor dead. Our infonnanl saw him
after the attack and says, "he looked
like death." So it goes Know Noth
ing mobs iu towns and cities destruc
tion of ballot boxes, aud slangier and
riot rampaul and in the country, as-
saas'Miauoiis: 4iauen l lite timid and
moderate portion of lite brelheren better
pass a resolution of ' pain and regret,"
ou accouut ot this incident uf tlieir
history in the rural districts. Throw
broad tast your triangular bills ofscai
let paper and call a distress council.
a respectable;,.
Ohio Statesman.
Election Returns.
J. A. Cole., the Democratic candidate,
ia elected Majot of Waterloo, Wiscon
sin. In Portage city, Wiscoosin.Mr. Dunn
Democrat,) is elected by one hundred
and fifty majority.
The Democratic city ticket, Sheboy-
gau, Wisconsin, has about two hundred
and fifty majority.
Among ihe cities iu which the Know
x-..i-: u ' i .-ii. - i .
nouiiuga nair iaie:y ueeH aeieaied is
Springfield, tbe Capitol of Illinois.
The Democrats have achieved a com
plete victory iu Dubuque, Iowa, at the
lale municipal election, carrying by a
triumphant majority, about all ol their
ticket over that nominated by the Know
An American Vessel Fired Into.
BALTIMORE, April 11.
New; Orleans papers of Thursday have
been received. The Uniunof this moru
ing announces another Cuban outrage.
The brig P. R Hickman, from Uustou.
for Maianzaa, when a few miles off the
coast of Cuba, was fired at three times
by a Spauish cruiser. The first ball was
thrown asteru of the brig,' when she
showed ber colors, the second bail fired
ahead, aud the third with supposed in
tention of bitting the vessel. After ex
amining ber papers, she was allowed to
Tbe polite of New York arrested 52,
712 per.ous lat year.
NEW YORK, April 12.
Tbe steamer WashrngTDn arrived from
Liverpool with dates to the 23th.
Accounts from the Vienna Conference
re unsatisfactory, me allied tto not
insist upon the destruction of Sebisto
pol, but propose other conditions disa
greeable to Kussia.
The Russians attacked the whole line
of the allies it Sebastopol, on the I7ih
of March, but were.driveii back with
great loss.
Projects for convening Europe (?)
probably Eupatoria, into a strong fort,
and lor the erection of extensive laud
aud sea fortifications at Sebastopol, were
favored by the BriiUh Government
Omar Pasha arrived at the allied camp
on the lath. On the 13th, ihe Rus&iana
opened a fire from the heights of Balak-
lava. The English, assisted by General
Kuoyes, routed them. On the 17th, the
Russians attacked the whole line of al
lies, and were drive a back with great
The alliance between Sardinia and the
Porte, was signed on the 1 5th. Prepa
ration continued to be made at Constan
tinople to receive Napoleon-; meaotirrre,
both he and the Empress visit Victoria
on the 16th of April. France agrees.
says the Morning Herald, to send &O.000
additional rroops lo the Crimea, after
ihe Conference, provided England fur
nishes die means of conveyance. It is
understood that the Conference agreed
upon the two first points and thai the
critical third point, on which the ques
tion of peace or war turns was under
consideration, aud would occupy sever
al days.
Sir Charles Napier stated it was ins
lended, as soon as purls on ihe Baltic
and White Seas opened, to establish a
strict blockade.
On the 14th the Turkish cavalry at
Eupatoria made a sortie aud were re
pulsed. On the 17th three Tegimeots of Zota
ves attacked the new Russians redoubts,
but were driven back wiih great loss.
Ou the night of the lbtli the French
iroops carried a line of ambrocades oc
cupied by Russian sharp-shooters; at the
same time the Russians mndt a sortie,
were repulsed.
Iu the Commons Phinu moied an ad
dress to the Queen praying that in tbe
peace negotiations exertions be made foi
the reconstruction of Poland. After a
debate, in which Pulmerslou opposed
the motion, on the ground of it treating!
. .1 ! fit .. I . i - - : . a 1 . I
greater difficulties, it was withdrawn
The Madrid correspondent of tbe bout
don Times,) states that the Spauish Cab
inet had beeu discussing the strong uole
addressed to the government by Lord
Hovvden, the British Minister, ou the
subject of the religious basis, &c, und
was a question whether the letter
should not be returned to the author.
llowden got seen; of this and threatened
such an insult were offered he would
within six hours. suspend all intercourse
witli tlio Spanish government
A sat
isfactory adjustment is looked for.
Still Later from Europe.
&c., &c., &c.
HALIFAX, April 13.
ous oiHicully has Btisen.nd it has been
andl1?""",1"81; '! urg, d the ses-
joil,iForeigii Affairs had been in London for
.nnfA.Kia ' am lair In.nwiltl tnm P. .Id
hours to-day.and subsequently had
arrived, with dates
the 31st ult
.1.1 I. . u I .1. . ir. .
Aiiuuugu mo miiu poioiiuioe v ien
na Conference tias been modified, a seri-
8l0U9.01 me ionierence nave oeen post
poneu 10 .wan a reply, although u is
probable the fourth point will be dis
cussed iu the meantime.
" - "
Ixiday night, wheii it is Stated that De-
coupes uci uuji, ur. rieucu minister oi
conference, and left to-night for Paris
He will remain in Paris for two days
and then proceed to Vienna. He was
closeted with iJie leading Ministers for
lengthy audience with the Queen
He will bear to Vieaua the irrevocable
determination of ihe Allies on the third
point. .
Tbe Western Powers did not demand
the demolition of Sebastopol, but the
reduction of the power of the Black Sea,
offering in return to evacuate the Russi
an territory. The Russian Plenipoten
tiary had no power lo act on this, end
remitted the matter to St. Petersburg.
Further News by the America.
NEW YORK, April 14.
'Che A omit arrived here at II o'
clock. Tbe position o( ttro Allies is now com
pletely shut in by an enclosure of form
idable entrenchments. New .divisions
have joined the army, and grave events
are expected.
1 lie liondon limes says we did not
raisb oar voice against negotiation upon
a Dasu wnicri ma net include the ties-
tructie-a of Sebastopel, but should the
conference be faoken off ultimately, the
importance attache? to our operations
in the Crimea, and Uieir result would be
come the teal criterion of success ot de
feat. There is, however, one further
chance for negotiation, and though faint,
not altogether Impossible that the an
swer from St, Petersburg may submit
some r.oua:r project, u which the dis
cussion may ke renewed; we do not,
however, expect any proposal at this
lime by tber Russian Government can be
regarded as practicable or sincere,
The Loudoa Daily News says: Ac
cording to most recent communications
from Vienna we see little .or uo pros
peel of peace.
The opinion is freely expressed that
any peace uow will ue precarious auu
A tornado at Nashville, lately, de
stroyed 110,000 of propeity. .
Bayard Taykx is said to have cleared
S5.UU0 bv hie lectures during the late
lectuie season.
The Poisoning Case in Piqua.
Few events of the kind in Ohio have
caused more loteris't or created mtre iu -
quiry than the recent case of ndisdhiiiu
at Piqua. 'Fiom the cha'racfer 'of the
parlies, Iftiug professors ot religion and
attentive 'Church ofrs, the surprise of
the commtfuity may well be imagiued;
[From the Dayton Empire.]
Tm Piqua Poisosiso Case. We
published, a abort time since, a short
account of he sickness and sudden
deain of a Mr. Ragan, at Piqua, Ohio.
Belore his death be informed his alien
din; physician that he was poisoned
but did not, if we are corretly informed
unci;, uiuiciun uoon any one. A nnst
moriem examination oi the deceased
. : r -
rendered it certain the i he had been the
victim of poisou. Circumstances exis
ted which had the effect of fasleiiinu
suspicion upon me wue oi the deceased
some lime since (in December last) it
was ascertained DerOnd much doubt
that Mrs. K. w rota's letter to a man by
me name oi mowrey, residing in Coles
. ...
ville. V nd a ho was family . loier
the lady,)in tvhicha proposition was
matfe lo despatch her husband by ad
ministering poifen to him. The letter.
by mistake, Iras taken from the post of
fice by a gentleiifan named Murray., the
address being similar to his own. The
extraordinary character of the letter
caused much speculation in a select cir
cle, at the time, aud the assistant post-
mas'.erat Iroy made a correct copy of
ine next link in the chain wis the
fact that Mrs. R. purchased poisou at a
drug store in Piqua, a Short time before
the death other husband. These sus
picious circumstances wens considered
sufficient to warrant an investigation
the affair, which resulted in her be
ing bound over to answer to the charge
The man Mowrey is now upon his
trial before Jusl'ice Sase of Piqua. chain
with being accessory to the murder
Arthur Ragan, The evideh ffi t!i ii a
far is strongly against him. and the prob-
oiiuy is nidi ne will ue held to answer
the charge. The follow ing, is a roov of
the letter, which Mrs. Regan has ac
knowledged she wrote to Mowrey:
PIQUA, December, 6th 1854.
Dear Jimmv: Once again am I seat
to write a few lines to you. I said I
would not write any more but y6ti know
can't refrain from it, anil as 1 have
been living in a perfect Hell, if you will
allow me the expression, it is a har J one
but neverthefess, true, and I have been
tormented day and night Since I came
home. He saw me kiss you and that
was en6ugh. Oh I have had to suffer
for it. I did not think he saw me. but
was watchirtg me. I am so near be
t V a- a a . .
side mysen i nardiy know what 1 am
doing, lie says I shall not go home
arty more, and he says he will not get
ine any more clothes and then I can't go
much as I' have- Now I can't stand
thia any lunger and I appeal to you for
help. 1 have thought of one more plan;
am going to make one more proposi
tion to you, and if you will do it I will
gfan you Ihe request you hare so long
asked of me, as soon as you do what I
want you lo do, or before, if you will
. -I.TI- '1. .-
only do aa 1 want you. Now it is this,
you make a proposition to him U go
with you to look at some new country
to Oregon or Wisconsin, or some otb
r place and name the period right ofi
if he says he has not the means you
him you w ill furnish him the means
he will go for company; then I will
pursuade iim to go, and then you can go
on horseback or on the cars, and you
can take ynur two horses and go part of
ine way on the cars, and you can .take
your two horses and bo part of the way
on the cars, and then tou can take the
horses and go the rest of the way that
is till you get t good ways from here. &
you can procure your poison and admin
ister it in ma oysiers and he will never
know the. difference you can eat -your
oysters on the road or you can give ihem
to some larm house, they will never
know the difference, and you can pre
tend lo take it hard to think you have
to turn back. When you can accomplish
what 1 have told you, then you can tele
graph te me that he is dead, I will tell
the templars and have them to mike up
thirty dollars and send '0 you to beat
his expenses; IfyoU will come up as
soon as you get this 1 will tell you all
about it; and then 1 will grant you the
request. Come up right away, I can
tell you bfctter. Now dear do Come,
you know IloVe you-yoiiare well aware
oiii. i win write no more till 1 see
rr. -ii 'i. ....
you. .'Come up right itvtr, M7 ink ia
pale. . Yours in life or death.
Irom yours, or one thai loves you.
Mrs. Ragan is thus described by the
Reporter of the trial for the Dayton Dai
ly Uazetle.
this morning Mrs. Ilogan, the widow
of Arthur Ragan, who was present al
though under arrest as the principal in
his murder, consented to be sworn. She
came into court at eight o, clock leaning
on the arm of her-falher. She is a lady
of about possessing a graceful figure
an intelligent countenance indicating
much firmness and energy. She is quite
attractive 111 uer appearance and man
ner, with bright blue eyes, brown hair,
and fair complexion. She was scarcely
at all disposed but seemed determined
to make . full and clear statement of the
whole affair. The following is her les
Mrs. Ragan Sworn.-I wrote a letter
to James Mowrey in December last fcoov
of the letter given her to read.) This
is a copy of-the letter I sent. I had
talked with Mowrey before. Last sum
mer a year ago I w.s at my father's house
anu nursing my couu, and ne came up
to me and declared bis affection to me
he said he had been miserable the. last
four years of his life; he took my child
and carried it to another room and tried
to have me follow, but I did not. I told
him'I was a Wife and mother and we
ought hot to think of former dais. Mr
child afterwards died, and 1 did not see
Mowrey again till the next fall when I
went to Tippecanoe to a Quarterly meet
ing, where 1 met him again, and be again
declared his aneciion lor me, and said
he was miserable unless te would be
where I was. 1 still told him it Was
wrong aud we ought not think tof our
former affection. I went down again
in the winter and attended a protracted
meeting. 1 was kneeling it the alter
al church and the all left but Mowrey
land I saw him, he wen', home with ma,
nd he again declared bit affectioil (hi
tol J me how miserable he was .way
'from me. He asked me to write to him
and'I tol l him I woutJ. In a couple of
weeks I wrote hi m a letter and told him
it was uo use.
Nots bv tii bepobter.- Mrs. K. has
fiuished ber testimony, and says after re-'
pete:I solicitations from Mowrey sho
I'dminWlered he poison herself, that
Mowrey was present wbeu she obtained
it, and asked her if she was going to dis
patch her old man now; ha told her how
to administer it and how many , grain
would kill a man. Her father was also
sworn, .ml substantiated her statements
as far ai he could from hi. knowledge.
Tbe parties are respectably connected,
and are members of the Methodist E.
Church. The moral sense of the whole
coinm'.iuity is shocked at ihe occurrence
of such abject heirtlessness.
Twenty-Four Hours in the Bottom
of a Well.
Last Saturday evening, girl went ta
the well of Mr. Daniel Drlscoll, ofi
Franklin street, in this city, for the pur
pose of drawing a bucket of water, but
found that the rope was fast at the bot
tom On calling Mr. Driscoll to extra'
ine the inistery.n man tvas found '.0 be
at the bottom of the well, and wiih some
effort he w.s drawn out. He protect tti
be Christopher Murphy, whose home is
near Maquok'eta, Iowa. He arrived Irorn
Chicago Friday evening, by the cars;
Saturday evening, in attempting to get
drink of water, he fell Into the well.
where he remained until 3 o'clock Sun
day evening, as stated. The well is sev-
enty feet deep, and the shaft is crooked
at that, and has but little water in it.
lln node was soinet'hat "barked," bur
otherwise hesus'ained no apparent bod
ily injur., The man was intoxicated.
when he found the above safe lodging
place, but he was sober enough when
Galena Advertiser 27th ult.
The following well-merited compli
ment to Mr. Morgan, Auditor of State,
we clip from that able and sterling Dem
ocratic paper, the Mt. Vernon Banner:
"WTiile hi Columbus, a few inontha
ago, a 'prominent Whig of that city.wlui
an honest and upright man, declared
to us that Wm, D. Morgan was the best
Auditor ihe State of Ohio ever had. Ho '
stales that he carefully watched Mr.
M.'s course as a public officer aud he al
ways found hi in iudustiious aud atten
tive t4i his duties and scrupulously hon
est and consciei.liotiS in all things. He
said moreover that host, of men who
differ with Mr. Morgan on ma'ters of
)olitifb, will vote for Ins re-election, be-
leving Inni to be eminently worthy uf
public confidence."
What is a woman's surest guardian
Galena Advertiser 27th ult. HYMENIAL.
"The S.lkeaTie thai Blnda two Wllilnj Hjuru."
Married: By the R.iv. C. P. Tavlor, o;i
the Kith inst., in the Presbyterian Church, in
New Plymouth, Mr. JESSE li.FINNEYtt.il
Also, ut tlie same time and place, Mr.
Flour. Easier bin not quutably low
r. Sales of 700 bbls. at &0 DOalO 00.
Receipts incieasiiig.
Phovisions. Firm with good demand
Sale.s of 200 hhds. bacon sides al 8aSlo
for ribbed, and Do. for clear including
packages, and 100 hhds. sugar cured
hams al lie. Sales of 400 bbls. mesj
pork it 1 5c and 5000 pounds sides in
bulk at 7c. Nothing done in Lard: keg
held at lOJc. and bhl. 9ic
Business generally is ve rv active. A
heavy trade is doing in Groceries, Sales
of Sugar this week reach 1,800 hhds. '
The river is stationary. Weather cloudy
and sultry; several heavy showers ibis
Front Street, PBHTSBUTII, Ohio. -
1HAVE just received and am nowopeuiug
the lariest and most desirable .slock of
Goods ever exhibited in this market.
Having made arrangements fo; a large trade
I shall oiler unusual inducements to cash
buyers, responsible parties lor negotiablo pa
per, or for Pig Iron 111 lots of 50 ions or up
ward. The attention of Merchants and Furnace
Owners is respectfully invited.
Apni vj, louo. u. j.a. ruuscLiij.
John Robbing") lu Vinton county Com.
vs. Pleas, March Term,
Margaret Var- 1855.
ner and others, j Pabtitioh. '
Iff Lane, intermarried with Horrace
Lane, Levi A. Parish, Isaac Parish, Jemi
ma Trump, intermarried with Jacob
Trump, Cynthia Augenbaugh, intermar
ried with . Augenbaugh, Anna
House, intermarried with George Hotue
and Stephen Parish, whose places of res
idence are unknown, and Sarah Varner,
of Muskingum couoty, Qbio, will take
notice that a petition we j filed against
them on the 23d day of August, A, D.,
1854, in the Court of Coinmdn Pleas of
said Vinton county, Ohio, by John Rob
bins, and is now pending, wherein said
lohn Robbius demands partition of the
following Real Estate, situated in said
Vinton county, to wit: Tbe north-east
quarter and east 'quarter of the
north-west quarter of Section 26, Town
ship eleven, Range seventeen, excepting
seventeen acres on the north side of said
north-east quarter, a id excepting, also,
one-sixteen'h of au acre of said land,
used as a buiyiug ground for Samuel Var
ner, deceased, and his family, .contain
ing cue huudred and eighty-three acres,
more or less. And thtt al the nexi term
of said Court application will te made
by said John Robbius for au order that
partition be made of said premises.
Apr. 20, 1855. 6w. his Attorney,

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