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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, May 11, 1855, Image 1

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no: 38.
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.rl . 'AND TRUsTpE ,COUYT ""'
3. . ...... ,
The M'Arlliur Democrat.
11.00 vr year, and if not thiytd xilhin the
ytr. vill It ehanid.
TUu Ttrnt nivalis utrictly emjli(J
vith, and no paper vilt bt ditxontinvtd vntil
4 arrtamrt art paid, unlet at tht option
OGr Ont tqvart, thirtun lint or let Artt
iAret inurtiw"" 00
Each additional inurtion 2S
Cards ont tor, (3,00.
A liberal deduction vill It nod t toper
km tdvertitlng by tht year.
All vdvtrlimtnt$ jxiyabUi eivnetor
m demand
Igrntsforlhe 'Kcirthnr Dmnil." .
- TV foluwlal Dniliui IU Btaalva ad leaatDt
lulibHi piloaa AdTHilMBtau, far lkla 1 a-
ft, id yiBioa vagary, uue. - -
rTTOA Cot,
Wm. Tatlki,
)to. Clabi,8..
J. Blow,
Adam Lvii,
J. EaSOM, .
Ml. Plesnt.
Harrison Township.
Bloers store,
WilkMulU. ,
b. r. HKW1TT, Judge of Probate Court
W.L. BDMISTON,CIik Com. Ple.i Court
B. F. BINGHAM. Prosecuting Attorney.
Wat. T1SUB, Sheriff.
JOSKPH MAOKE, Auditor. ,
J.SWKPSTON, Treasurer.
IAMP.S MALONK, Reioider.
t3EO. CLLOM, Coroner.
Cooiitt Couiminioneri.
School Examiners.
r. t. OUNMSQ. O. W.SliOCKRY odl
,IRQ K Willi ACS,
Witb their Poit Office Adresses.
. Cipji ATt Fvmacr. Westfall, Stew
rt 4 Co. Manufacturers of the best
oaaUtt of TiE Iron. Usmden, Reeds
Mill P. 0. '
Baci Fcssict, Stanley, Beutley &
Co. Manufacturers of the best quality
f Pig Iron. Kagle Test Office.
Vibtos Fuimack, Mesns, Clark cc Co,
Manufacturers of best quality of fig
lion. Vinton Pumice Post Office
BikOESi Fgsjiacb. Frasee, Tarr &.C0
Eearl'e Mill Post Oflire .
Bid Sabd Fvbxaci, Bartlet'f, Dana
Manufacturers of the lest quality
f Pig Iron.! Post Oflite at'Athi'ftl, O.
IS.Urt la Dry Oodt Hrdwi, Qn.iniwut, Boot.,
no, uectiit
McABTNCR.-JfhiiS. Hawk; J. K. rf- I)
Mill. T. A. Mart'ii. l'en Inud, J . t. P.
Bionn. E. A. Bratton, J. &. . Dodge, Shades
A rjuoldi.
fliUUlH. ten
mook, J. B.
u .. . .
nioe tn Gardnei. Frlum fk Ustlcy, James
1 1 1:11 n t t rri n n 1
. tiii, j. v. '
w. n.. um. ui. l.
c Kt... T.,i, n;i!,
fileakelr. Can & Slrunc.
Allutsvilli. reier Miller, Marcne Mil
kt. Joseph V ileus.
Mr. I'LtASAiiT. Diillin Sain.
rArrTiii.e. SwepMnu & Svei,ston,Il.V
Krvddanl. Hewitt c wmson.
Aim's MaL. J. Bluer.
Bmbmbmab's Mill. William Tisne
V.ckaTiiBB.--E. P. Buthwell. -
VcAbthcb. Q. B7Yil7.
DotB. Davis h. Collins,
ttairrvii xr.. Clinr &. Gardner.
klcAiTHPB.-J.U. Bweiland.B
Alio r.ncy at Law,
'vfin prsrtioeln Vinton and adjoining coun
C. Cifit
We. Office
Feb. 9. 1651.
ttip floors Km ol the fot
tntToii l. class;..- -juinr, fltlc
. AUorncjs at Law.
Will pracliic in partnership in A'inton Conn
tY; Office, lour doors east ol Sisson & Hul
Eeb. J1.ISM.
Febrnary S3." 1655. 4m.
Mlqrnc) at Law,
WILL practice iu Vinton and adjoining
countifs. Office, one door east of the
KoeiComer." ' ; ; ""
OuT Office, McArihur House.
. McABTIll'ti:, 0O,
Feb. IC. 1S55. It.
Wbolcsnle'Drnlere In ' '
' January 20, 1654. ly ", . .. . , ,.;
No. &5, Faoirj Siatirr, ...
AoaafrM. 4 K
I hr the far-off Tojigf r'l liora,
I tee the Yankee i trail
Ilia foot on evry inountuiu pits, '
On every gtrtura Ins
lie's uliinling round St. Mtrjr'i Fills,
Upon Ins loaded tmiii; .
Ile't leaving on vt Pictured Rock
U is Iresli IoDulco slum.
I hear tlie mattock in the mines, '
The aie strokes in the dell,
Tlie clamor from ilie In. Inn lodge,
. TU Jesuit's thapel bell !
I set the swarthy trappers corns, . , ,
From Mississippi's spring ;
And war-chiefs witli ttieir painted bows.
And crests of eagle wings.
Behind the squa .v's birchen canoe,
Tlie steamer smukes and rates;
And city tots are staked lur said
Above old Indian graves.
By forest-lake tnd water fall,
1 see the jiedlar's almw
The mighty mingling witb the mean,
The lofty with llw low,
I hear the tread of pioneers
Of nutions yet to be ; .
The first low wash of waves were soon
Shall roll a human sea.
The rudiments of empire here,
Are plastic yet and warm t .
The chaos of a mighty world
Is rounding into form. :
Each rude and jostling fragmeul soon
Its fitting plac shall find
The raw materials ol a Slate
Its muscles and its mind!
And wes'.ering still the star which lead3
lh new world m US train,
Has tipped with fire the icy spurs
Of many a mountain chain.
I .
The snowy cones of Oregon
Are kindled on its way,
A ''d Caliiomia's gulden sands
Gleam brighter in U way.
I. .. iu,n,l
.c.a.u ......
l.pt tlie reader turn I
(CT The Boston
an elephant's nest.
to Second Chronicles, xxi. 20th, xxii.
2d, and he may be able to see the lorce
.. . 1 .11 . 1
01 tne lonowiiig ;
Jemoiah's rcigh begun when he
Was thirty-two )eurs uld'j
lie reigned but eight, then died, as we
In Chronicles uru told.
His youngest son, netted
Then lortr-two, succeed ;
-Being two jests otdtr than
- A lact wlitcn rcw nave seen.
Sailing of the Baltic Fleet.
anxious thousands Croftdtd the waters
The Loi.don Times of April 7 say t
1 he Baltic Heet, the most power-
ful and i'.DDOsinz that ever left the
shores of even naval' England, sailed
iron. Snifhcad vefterdav ( Aunl 4) it
1 . - j r ' . 1
-.,..! tl 0, 4 niitra.lii.ir ttfrmiir V
p v
with the sailing ot the fleet last spring,
ii,n all ov nrt nrftmisinir and
nf ih Snlput Irnm all narts of the
kingdom, to give their last adieux and
p . 0 a . . 1
breathe lltetr cood wishes lor success.
The day was lowering and gloomy;
only two cay yacths braved the un
comtortable weather, and the fog shut
out the shores, the magnihcent specta
cle ot thirteen Itne-ot-battle ships leav
inc their anchorage under canvass.
1 here was no good tueen mere to
b' - -v - - - 1
wish 'success,' nor were the waters
sDOtted over witli boat loatjsoi wen-
. . a . a al I ..
wifiners, uui every man in tne ueei leu
u tli a p lowincr houe 0 returtnnsr in
-O.O.I ... .
the autumn deserv nir of be n we com
rd with toy and acclamation, aud lor-
ming another contrast to last year, j e
licet got under way at two o'clock, and
proceeded, without any pa.tcular order,
-a 1 . it
about six miles to sea. when it tell a
dead calm, and signal Was maue to gel
11 . 1 t I. I ..- A
up steam. iy lour ociock tne iug
I ,tA Heated awav. and sun shone w it la
. . . t . .
out a cloud in the blue sky to screen
his brightness. The ships shortened
all sail and proceeded 10 tlie east ward
J the Royal George the Citsat, the Col
tarn's l.Bi. tli RUnheina and tlie Edin-
all sail and proceeded
ia two lone lines. Tlie starboard di
vision was formed by the Dvke of
Wtllinaton (bearing the flag ol Ad
miral Jjundas, Comniander-in-thiel,)
leading, and followed in rotation by
o$sui, the BUnheing and the Edin
Asthe dove will clap its wini tu its
aide, ahd cover and conceal the arrow
that ia preying on its vitals, so it ie tht
nature of women to hide from the world
the pangs ef wounded affection. When
the deaire 01 her heart has failed;
the treat rbarm of existence is at en
end. She neglects sll the cheerful ex
ercises the, gladden the spirits, quick
en tne puise ana send me tiue through
the vein. Her teat - iS broken; the
swret refreshment of sleep is poiseoed
bv melancholy dreams, "drr sorrow
drinks her blood," until her feeble frame
sinks under the laai external assailant.
Look for her after a liule while and you
find iriendabip weeping over her untirr.e
!y crave, end wondering that one who
so lately glowed with ell the rvdience of
health end beauty, should now be brou t
down t "darkness . end worm."- You
will be told of some wintry chill, some
slight indisposition . that laid het low,
but do one knows -the i mental malady
that previously sapped her strength end
made ber so early a prey to the spoiler J
Washington Irving.
At a Bociat paity""one evening,' the
questMf ,was jjut.",hat s teligioa?',:
Religioa" replied one.' of the party ,c're:
I'reivn Js aoiebrarice aiaJnsVfire. iu the
next wona, lor wnicn nenesty is tne
bees poliey.'
As late
Asjnie as tlie j ear 1836, there lived
Western Virginia, a man whose
treugu, w . remaraaoie. as w wi
llie title ol the ' Western Samson.V
knew notlunxof his birth or paren-
tage, but supposed he was bom in For-
lugal, Irom whence he was stolen wlien ,0i
child, and carried to Ireland. His
earliest recCllettioni were those of boy-
I ! .1 I ....
ii. u... . .... tiM -i . i
iiuuu in uic loner vuusurv. Vflllie V CI I
I . . i. - .n.ii-vijM,.iv
iau, i.e apprrnucea nimseii to a sea hIj
cpwin, lor seven years, in ,pay lor ar,e-Dft.sented
;.... T r"i i. .... . i
for seven
passage to thfs Country
On hiaarriv.
hu i.rne and.servk-estvere sold toa off
Mr. W inston, ot Virginia ,n whose as
sen icv m ren.ainea u mi cue D.eaKing
adventurous turn ot mind, he sought
and obtained permission ot his master
join the atmy, and was engaged in
active service during the whole contest.
Jsuch was the strength and personal
braveiy, that no enemy could resist
mm. tie wieiueu a sword, tlie blade
which was nve leet
in lentli
s I
.. ;. i.-.i t - i. ..i.. . .7
iiiuujj.i u u au uvch .canter, aim every
one who came in contact Willi uini
(Jiu uic iumciiui ilia lllr. Al Oiuil I I
P11nt 1 1 a hi.. n n a nl f It n 1 h I'hi I .1
v.ii., ..e 11 u. VII. Ul iiiq IUICIUI II I i
..... . I
nope wmc i was advanced to cut I
away me .ua is, ana next 10 major
m I riixnri smaaiiaa imer ntrva ti.Ai
u,uw"i "a u,sk ",ou 'u ,,,c
. T I a a. a -I"
M uranaywine and- Won-
ttiniilla I. A AvhlhltaH lh at net raniUBa
...w.as.v, ..v .ut.tvu uiuciv icoiica.
uravery, ana notuing uul I113 inability I
write, prevented mi promotion to a
wviiHiiioaiuii. Aiaujiviicu UIC OUUUMIA
lietooKpart in most of the engage-
mania tn that eanf tAn anI I A ln I
...v.... ... .... v...v., u iUnaiUa uic 1
ujm ui ine war 110 was engazeu in a
wumesi whilu CAiuuueu in a Sinning
mamiur lata enl r nAhrilnn.iA .iJ ham. I k
nicaiiici taia act vnuuciiC ttllU VUUl"
dav. win e reconnoiennrr. he L;
i .... . ... .
HopH.Ud,IB ..ouseoia man uy tne
n,.i, ib .it VV , m ruiVal. i.i...cUua I
While at the table he was surprised bv
nine British troopers, who rode ud to
. . . . . . . ' .
Vllea f rancisco, 'ana give lliem to you
llL0 " use your pleasure.
1: 1 ... -i .. 1 1
JHC uu iuuc IliasilVC lVPr UI1CK-Inl
1... . 1 ..:..!.. j
1 uul "" BO,u l"e ""poor..
1 hey were the Eitt ot a Iriehd ' re 1
yu "ave 1116 power, l
tn. f i 1 a rtt In Anil n.A
(tie House and told linn he was tlieir
prisoner. Seeing that he was so great
ly out-numbered, he pretended to sur
render, and the dragoons seeing he
was oiijiareimy ery peaceiuny inciin-i
eo, alter disarming Him, allowed him
I . .
cousiuerauie Ireedom, while they sat
dowa-to partake ol ie food winch he
Iiaa lell H lletl UlelUI IjTOT VI ailUf rftiL'
uuv luiu me uuui-joiu iic was Bccosteu
17 me raymaster, wno demanded ol
.1.: -1 .1.
nun e.crjuiaigoi vaiue uoout mm, at
tne riFfc ol ins lite, in case ol relusal.
1 1 1 r 1
ii.ave noimng 10 give, said ran-
1 never shall; take
them if you will,
r, but I will never
rutting Ins sabre under his arm, the
soldier stooped down to take them.
rranciMo seeing me cpporiumiy,
. 1 1 1 1 . 1
which was iuu l'uuu 10 ue iom, seizeu
.1 a a . .. .. 1
tne sword, and drawing it with lorce
Irom under the arm ol the 6oldier.
aeail Hint a severe How across the
1.. 1. ,.1 .. . 1 , , 1
A"i"og' severely wotmuea,j el
c,"s , uiaguuu uirw
IQ nifilnl flllM A imu1 it ail Iklfl O nlflivnnirl I
w ...ouumgiiiiai,
"1,u woa luu ",r However,
1 I. . ..J .l. . .11 I
Bllu "s "c l,u,,cu l,,e gger, a mow
""UN i-ny aervea nis wrist
t port ot the pistol drew the other dra-
g0"1 i,,t0 yd,M well as W ,
a lm t hru llnrrbiiofAilfrt t kvvntii
miii-ket, which he handed-to one of the
soldiers aud told hint to make use ot
it. Mountini the only horse thev
could get at.he presented the muzzle at
the breast 01 Francisco, and pulled the
"W- fortunately it missed lire.and
Francisco closed In upon liltil. ' A
short struggle ensued, which ended in
His disarming and wounding the sol-
dier. Tarleton's troops of lour hundred
menwerenowin sigiit, and the other
dragoons were about to attack Ilim.
seeing his case was despfirlle, he turn-
ed toward the adjoining thicket and as
it cheering on a party ol meni be cried
'Come on, my brave boys, now's
1 your time; we will soon dispatch these
lew, and then attack the main body I"
at the same time rushing at the dra-
goons with the lury of an enraged ti-
ger. ''"
They did not wait to engage htm, nut
tied precipitately to the main body,
panic struck. and dismayed. Seizing
upon' Hie traitorous ullain, V 7-,
Fiaricisco was about to dispatch him,
but he begged aud: plead so hard, I6!
his life that he. forgave him, and told
him to secrete lor In 111 the eight horses
which the soldiers lelt behind them.
perceiving mat 1 arieion nau oespatcii-1
ed two other dragoons m search 61 mm,
he made off Into the adjoining wood,
and while they ' stopped at the house,
lie, like a lo, doubled open their fear,
and successlully evaded their vigilance
The next day he, 'went io W for
his.,. horses,,: who .demanded to, of
them lor His servisea , and generous in-leleven
lent ions. . :Finding his situation dao-
gerous,-and surrounded- by enemies,)
where Ire sNould Have Found friends,
Fraficisc was compelled to make the
best 'of it,3 and left' with lis horses, in-1
tendtngWilvemftlri W-"
1 at some luture time; dui' as lie saia.i
'Provide rire ordained that I abooW not
kby, a fall from .one of tlie very
!Ma'nyortIie aneddoles are told of
Ureiig-th and personal prowess.' At
Camden, where Gales tvis defeated ,l.e
retreated.ahd alter running aloH a road
lome :djrtance he 8 ddW tli hinl.
8er. He' was suddenly accosted bv a
Briilili dragon, who oreseoteJ a nia.
vI1j demanded hU in.me.liv ,r;.n.
liii 'executioner, for he ,;bn5ke liis
der. ; Iris gun being empty, he feign
ed submission,' and said lie would sur-
"- """"
rorwtr ill u ,m. I m..L;,.. ,l.ni
.univ nine iciiinmuu uiai
gim wis ot no fdiUler lise ,
it Videwavato tAatrounor.
i j - - i
who in rescuing ior it tnrew liimsell
l.is gkiartl, when Francisco, quick
thought; run him ; tl.r.uh with the
bayonet, and as he fell
from his horsp.
nlpil li
,rtaf. Ocert.kin,r his commanding or.
ficrf. Colonei Mlyo; of l0WmUai", ie
gavr ,iMI npllie anim, fo? wIlic!, att
Orge'lierositry tie Colonel 'ait erwards
pfesented him witli a thousand acres ol
land in Kentucky.
T.u lollowin? anecdote exemnl
It was told to
whilu he was still
.Buckirigham , county,' Vir-
... .
ilvm i
iiPi'Pll)l rmtnrn nnrl lii simn.itli ia
r- . v..
a,0 0, l.Vani.jst.0,
,wmnu oar Hn
vini . in
ma ,
K""--. f . ( i '
0ne day while working his garden,
w accosted by ,a atranser, . wlio
rode ud to the ence am Mini rprl n
W . -. -v "
i,;m ii h
an t .
name tt r rancisco uvea r
;.;,, Uimwlf iVm.i iiUwnrir .nri
eyeing fits interrogator.' who aoDeared
ho nivA nl UP l.1 . lArtO in a
lor- breed of .Kentuckians. he renlied :
n t . .
wuii, stranger, l don't know ol any
aiW tvi-ann v 1 hi nnn.o in !.,
narts Lut mv sr-
m1 n
Well, I reckon you ain I the man
tllM I U'AliL I Unlit tn itu ta nrnnl
.1. ...... !.. i.'..r '...n'.. "....1.
W! m,u w" '" ""
auut., The fellow they sav can whip
.. . .- . ' . ' r
all creation and Kriiluik to boot.
. 'I can't tell von str.mizer. where voti
will liud thai, man, 1 don't knowfiicli
a man aiu fraticisco, resumintz 11
work, as a hint to tlie other that the
conference was ended. But the Ken
1 am
tuckian was not to be bluffed off, as he
otild term It. .
, Look 'ere. stranger ' said he. re'
B7 O' T F '
inrnitiL' to the . cha.ee 'what - .tniMat
your given name" ho ?' . r' ..
eirrv nanTrr s lVtfrFr..ir..a. l innr
service. . :
Au ' returned the other; 'vnu're
. : .. 3 ' .
just tlie man I want to find,' at the
same time rtdin? inside the fence, he
. . o .
dismounted, and tied his animal-
ungainly Indian pony to one
posts. Mv name is Big B
all the way Ironi Uld licntuck
the Kentucky, game chicken,
1 can out run, out-hop, out-jump
knock dowiij drag out-, find whip any
nian in all, them diggings. So, as J
Ileum tell of a fellow down hearalinnt
who could whin all crea lion. I thought
h'J saddle old Blossom, and just ride
0ver and fee what sttifi he's made ol
. . . .
and here 1 am. And . now. stranrvr.
m - - -n i
I'm' must starved lor a fight," and I'm
imund to tee who's the best man. More
II a home. It's al iii rood leplin.r
- d . .... 0 . -
you know,' and il you lick -me, wily
x m satisuea, dui.
iC, . J ..a . , 1 t.
-oioua iiiuuiit-, Mningrr, bjiiu rran
ciSco, 'you ve mistaKen me man entire
. . ..... 1, . . .. .
Vt. 1 m no iignting man at ail; and 11 I
was, I've nothing against you to fight
about.' , . ., - :
'Well, I don't gnow; is there anv
other l'eltr Francisco in -.these parts?'
'No, not that 1 Know ol.'
Well, then, you're the man, and
voti mvtt filit. I've come all the way
irom Old Kentut k, and I ain't coins
which is the
back without k
best man.' '
' 'But I won't
fight. I've nothirifr to
fight abbht, and 1 tell bU I won't
Jightl .
, Darned, if you sha't fight, stranger
--I'm bound to lick you if I can il I
doh't you must lick me;'
By this time Francisco had become
angry at the importunity of his visitor,
and determined to put an end to the
scene. : Seizing his antagonist; there
out, lore.by the seat of his buckskin breech-
es, he threw lnm o'er tlie lence into the
road; then walking leisurely to where
his pony was tied, he unfastened him,
taking him up bvnMin strength, Mretr
I Aim ojltr Ins discombtted rider.:-,
he Keutucktan raised himself Irom
the gicund, perfectly dumb-lounded by
such an exhibition of strength and
alter rubbing Ins eyet as Ihotigli he
thought he might not have seen clearly!
I he mounted his pony; remarking,
V1I, stranger; I 'reckon you'lf do.
I reckon it's About time tor me 'to make
Jtrasks. ' 1 anybody asks you about
that great right, you can tell em you
licked Bill blokes, mustconloundedly
Francisco was a. powerfully built
I man, standing six feet and one inch in
height, and weighed-85U poonds. His
muscular system , wa . extraordinarily
developed, and he' had been known to
shoulder with ease a cannon weighing
hundred pounds;' and a gentle
njan ofnndoubied veracity, still living
in Virginia who knew him well, says,
1 'be could take me in his right hand and
pass over; tlw room with-me, playing
my head' against the ceiling; as (hough
I bad been a" doll-bitby1.-; My weight
was 190 pounds. 111s wile, who was
a wotnao of good aizi led fair proper
lont, he would take tn his right hand,
and holding her put at arm's length,
would pass around tlie room with her,
and carry her, up and down stairs to
that position. Ale would take a. barrel
rider by the chimes, and holding it
his. mouth, would dr ink from tlie'
bung a long and hearty draught with
out any apparent exertion.,,
Vi" ntw .11 i..' ..l 1 .
, .MieiiSui, lie was a 1
very . peacefully disposed nian ahd'
never made use of his rower, except
case of necessity about his usual vo
cation?, or in defence of tlie right. On
occasion 01 outbreaks at public gather
ings he was better ' at rushing in and
the public peace, than all
the conservative authorities on the
jronhd. Although uneducated, he was
man of strong natural sense, ana of a
kind, amiable dispositions He was,
witnai, a companionable man, and his
anecdotes and stories of the war. ot
which he posseted a rich fund, ten
dered him a welcome guest in the first
families of the State. His industrious
and temperate habits, together with his
kind - duposiuon, made mm many
friend?, and through tlieir influence he
was appointed Sergeant-at-arms of the
irgiuia House ol Delegates, in which
service he died, in 1836, and was buri-
d with military honors in the public
uurying ground at uicumond.
Not Bad.
appended negro story, copied
rom a southern correspondent of the
Host on Journal, is not bad :
General C -gave his blacR man,
Sawney, funds and permission to get a
quarter s worth of Zoology at a mena
gerie, at the same time hinting to him
the striking afiimty between the Simia
and negro races. Our sable friend soon
found himsell under the canvass, and
brought to in frunt of a sedate looking
baboon, and C)ing the bibo qudruped
closely, soliloquized thus: "Wi-
sure's yer born I i Feet, hands, proper
badlookinz countenance, iust like
nigger geltiti' old, 1 reckon I" Then,
as 11 seized with a bright idea, extended
his hand,
wnn a genuine souinem
"HOW 'ye do, Uncle C 1 lie Bpe Clasp-
eU tlie negro s Hand and SHOOK, it long
and cordially.
Sawney (lien plied his new acquain
tance with interrogations as to his
namei nativity and former occupa
lions, but eliciting no replies beyond a
knowing shake ol the head, or a merry
twinkling of the eye, and concluded
that the ape was bound to keep non
commital, and looking cautiously
, ' . . . ... I
around chuckled out; "He, he", ye loo
sharp for them, old follow. Keep
'dark if ye'd just speak one word ol
Ji.nglisti, white man would Have a Hoe
ter hand in less than two minutes."
A Capacious Carpet Bag.
Meanness occasionally meets wun a
shock that ia e lesson to all concerned,
especially to the victim. On the Cleve
land cars a day or two since coming to
UuIIjIo, was a stalwart man, going to
tew lurk to buy goods. He was not
"hat might be called a Stingy 01 close
man, but lie was one, who, when there
was a cent due bim that swindling
might deprive. nim on", would sacrifice a
ft 00 bill tu avb the cornier. Our friend
Iuu Ha 1 led Irom Cleveland withnu'. any
breakfast, and wheu Erie 'hove" In eight
he gathered himself up fm a general
bkii m'.sti for any and all kinds of pro
visiouH, He had a carpet bag with him
and going into theuininx room a'.lsvie,
deposited his carpet. bus. on one Chair,
while he took enother. by its side- .le
uas lost for a boa 1 ten minutes per.
fvctlv bblivolis to any thine, save that
he had a blessed consciousness ol some
thing rapidly and ngreeably Clling up
his '-inwards." About this. tiin. the
lauillnrd came around, and sropping by
our Ineuits chair, ejacuiaieti, "Duller
sir." "A dollar," responded the eating
man "a dollar- thought you only char-
ged fifty cenis - e- meat lar oue .lr
"Thafa true said meonncsi. "but 1
rcoYirTtVobr cari.ef baVo'nei sincel occu-
piese seat' ITIie table !waS far from
bing crowdad.l - Our frieni expostula-
letl. butihe landlord, iasi.ted.and the
dollai wastellictan'ly.brmighi forth-
The landlord passed on. Out friehd de-
liberately arose, and opening his carpet
bae. full in its wide moutb. discoursed
unto it saying. "Carpet bag-it seems
ou'rean individual a human t ud i i id
ual, since you eai at least 'I've paid
for you. ana now you, must eat, upon
which, he seized' everything eatable
witbiu his reach, nuts'; raisin's, apples,
cakes'. pie, and aifiiJ the roais of the
bystander,' the delight of His brother
itasidijtef', and riiscnmfitijre of the
laudlotd, phlegmalicallr we;il auit took
his seat iu the cars, lie said he had
provisions enough tq last, him to ,N.ew
York, after e buuutilul supply. had been
erced outiin Idecars. , There was at
least 18 worth in the bag upon l.ich
the landlord realUetf nothing in the way
i'f profit. So" uiuc
. 0
of profit.' So much 'for1 tteanuess.
Buffalo Rebublican.
Size of ' THkiWisfr-r Illinois wodld
make forty such Slates as Krode lslandj
ano ffiinesoia sixty, inusouri is larg
er than all XNew h,-nlaf)d. (Jliid .is
larger than aU Ireland, or Scotland, or
Portugal, and.tquals ..Belgium,' Scot
land and Switzerland togo'lter. Mis
sowi is more inaa naif as large as iiaiy,
and larger, thapenmark, Holla'nd,
Belgium. ahd(5fvjizetlarid.i Missouri
and 1 1 li nois are larger, (h a n ,', England
ireiana, ocouana ana. ivaie.
rya Ktt-bette daya " as . lha Ichap
said whea he aa klci'd eat of doors one'
r!ey dey,
Buffalo Rebublican. A Reverned Scamp---A Parson
Buffalo Rebublican. A Reverned Scamp---A Parson "Engaged" to Eleven Girls--Tragic
Denouncement-Fainting &
[From the Cincinnati Enquirer.]
U hb'a'rd yertferd.f' of i series of tII
Uie porphraiirait4jy t-woK ia
sheep's clothing, of a character to bring
the reveroeJ impMior, if caught. t the
I - II m w
ipenitBUiiary.. ins name is Jonu uowari
Wil,011- ,,d h. h.a
bee n preaching for
some time past al Cheviot; J Being en
dowed witb a soft oils ' tongue; and i
sleek appearance, he tried his killing sc
cumplishments indiscriminately among
the uumsrried belies of -that suburban
tillage with such sactets' that he engag
ed hinutlf Id d rn anied to no leaaihatt
eleven, sume of whom he borrovre4 mo
ney from upou pretense of making the
necessary eraugrtnents toward house
keeping. Of one young ladv he obtain
ed $30,. which he. Jaid between, the
leaves ofa Bible in her "parlor, ' to be
uied '.he day previous to the wedding;
but when, npori hearing of the pranks
of the sanctim'oulods'Luthaji'oslie look
ed ill the hiding place, the bank bill!
were no est.
ery of his multifarious engagements wee
that a couple of the ,bttothed met by
accident in a 'fushiouarjo'dry goods ea
lablishrrient in this city;. ''Alter mutual
itci'gnition, they proceeded to etarhina
various fabrics'eud 'make '"fthases.-
Singularly enough their, tastes assimila
toeiactlr that young' lady 'number
one remarked to young lady number two
that she thought l waggery strange.
Hereupon young lady number two repli
ed that bo it was; but.tf She (young la
dy numucr one) could keep a secret, she
would tell her one. , . . - 1
Number one promised (what feminine
would uot5) tht-4 ha4ips- hootd- not be
eternally sealed, w he r, .blushing like a
peony, her companioa whispered in her
ear that she was ruing to be married.
To whom?" exclaimed the eicitel
number one.
'Another pYo'ihise of' secrecy "and tlie
name if the Rev-.' John Howard Wilson
wae softly breathed. ' ; '
"Wbor exclaimed number one.fchile
her earnest gate betokened her astddUh-
The nam was a.aii. : ,n-..r.A .nJ
forthwith rotint ladv number ana be
came suddenly iizzy, end but for itbe
application . of si. volatile and; cold
wt", a fatiHing exhibition in the mar
cer's establishment would have ensued.
After awhile, when, when sufficlen'.ly
calm to explain, she informed young la
dy number two that she, too, was uuder
an engagement bf marriage to the rev-e-rened
deceiver, and she was then mak
ing purchase of her wedding garments.
Anntner Kettle 01 tun was tlie cbnse-
Jilioilic. BC.no Ul HD I1JB CUIUS-
queBce of this disclosure, for young lady
number two immediately went thrbunh
the same motions as her predecessor, 6s
again the pungent mixture and Cold wa
in per were in requisition, the disconso
- 1... 1... . .. .
laie uamseis reiurneu witnuut their pur.
chases to the quiet village, where ihey
speedily proclaim: the villainy of , the
rascally pastor, who, getting Wind thai
all was discovered, nude tricks' be 1 vera
two d4)6 during the past week. . .
Since his exit it lut been discovered
that he sometime ago forged I draft, on
Mr. Elliot, the Meltiodist buOft Concern
which was hnnered.' No Hdliigs have
been Heard of him alnre his atisqtiatula
tion, but we presume he will : turn up
uuder another name, when he discovers
a convenient neia to reap a harvest br
playing upon trie credulity of the sua
oeptiuie lemiiiincs wno nave a psncAaat
for lote and aaucUty;.' . ' '
Sinking of a British Vessel by a
The LnndorJ Khipplig. Gitette. of the
S6ih March, publishes the followina re
port of Captain Jones, of the . Jjriiih
schooner Waterlpo.'otPprtrnadov.wblca
was Sunk In the North tea 3'a whale;
"Tile -Waterloo Sailed front Linn for
Shiedam' (with barley,) on the 19lh in
stant. At IO.'a.'m., of the 2 1st'. Low
estoft brarliic W. by -il. distant
By '" if. distant about
6" ,ni,. ,od B.; Itrcfng gale end high
",Ml ,uuu" aQm ''' cautae,
1 0U a vijd, on the part tack, perceir-
lerge whale . tft mdtvtrd,-i coning
Uqnjorthvvesse partly put fthe wa-
"r- ,n,u w''"n''8 "'7 "Pi rels
hJ ' fr'J""i W
! UippedeoJ striicB the yefsel,.un.
e'. btn of the Tore tiging. on
l" H"" u" u"u' W,T '
lul blow' hin the vessel wa perceived
10 h"J Bd c end efler striking the
esel;lbe whale plunged in the deep
headforemost, and rose, his (ai 00 high
iitutly touching he'.fareyardi' aud tbea
disappeared. '," ; ' -'
The pumpe were fixed Brrdrwcrrked
but by half-past IB found'' she 'had Ave
(eat water la' the well,'' and ' eeltltne,
down fast, wherJ the long boat ark clear
ed and lashings cut iwey- end nearly
floated off the, decks: aiheo aiL; hands
(sit in fluinber) jumped into her,, with
out food or water, and the master, mate.
aria tup men without jackets, and on
ly one oar ana e piece of another in the
at. with me sea runniDB; very hign.
. . . . . . . , .
" eruuiieoy minutea atier ananaon-
ling tne vessel sue capsixeu,. ana noaien
fur about the tame space of lime oo her
' . . . J fl ' ' ': .11 ll.J.ji -
sine, ana men aisipncarea neaaioreraoss
at about hatf-paSt t K!n'."' 1 .' "'
At the time she capsized there waa
a French fishing boat about four ' milea
to- wlndrd, aud on perceiving her cap
Si, Iftmed.aialy OOre up Tor the awk-
lag vessel. v .The.boat ipisrfed1 tor . be Ho.
22, Captain Josephv Leetoiig.tiof Calais,
which took all the erew on board al
about 2. at htn-ihf -eTt kU moat
kiedlj Ireaterf, auj; landed ls CetelB et
Midnight,. whete' they .were provided: for
sad iu'pijshed, jitb, .jatketa .by 1.Bon
hiB),Mn.lUflfl. -il,censli snd aeot to
I J A A ...

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